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Seppia the Badass!!!! >:D

  • Seppia was just going for a nice relaxing flight but then suddenly a screech snaps her out of her peace of mind. She files down to the source of the distressed cries and is horrified to see her friend Illuso with ropes around his neck and three hunters trying to pull hom into a cage.
  • She over hears their bickering amongst eachother and one of the hunters is very very excited. “A Night Fury, a Night Fury! This guys gonna sell for so much, we’re fucking rich!”
  • Seppia growls and her pupils narrow as she sets her sights on the bastard hunter, “Thats what you think!” she snarls as she dives towards the hunters. The hunter doesn’t even have time to react when Seppia blasts him with her breath.
  • The hunter goes flying and lands into the water, several shark drakes are already swarming around him thanking Seppia for a easy meal.
  • The other two hunters grab their weapons off of their hips but Seppia has already pounced on one of them and begins to chew his face off.
  • The hunter that isn’t getting his face mauled is terrified out of his mind by Seppia. He drops the ropes holding down Illuso and makes a run for it, but Illuso isn’t going to let him get off scott free.
  • The Night Fury spits a blast of fire at the fleeing hunter and it lands right on his ass, searing his buttcheeks together. The hunter runs off screaming in pain and Illuso howls with laughter.
  • Seppia gets off of the hunter she was eating, he lies there dead on the cliff with no face and Seppia licks her bloody lips pleased with herself.
  • “Thanks Seppia.” Illuso says, “I don’t know what I would’ve done without you.”
  • “No thanks are needed! You save me once so now I was just returning the favor!” She says with a wink.
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This is my Ninjago OC, Era.
Because of storyline reasons tho I can’t say much, spoilers and all that xD

Name: Era
Age: Older adult
Gender: Female
Birthday: TBA
Ethnicity: European/Japanese
Love interest: TBA
Job: TBA
Personality: Responsible, brave, kind
Element: None
Family: TBA
Weapon if needed: Magic

~Art is mine
This is my original character
I don’t own Ninjago
Do not steal/edit/use/copy/repost ~

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049 edited icons of Jangmo-o in the Pokemon Anime. I won’t be giving access to the bases of these icons, so I would appreciate you not to ask. You don’t have to credit me for using them as if. I would, however, appreciate a like or even a reblog. If you do decide to further edit these icons then I ask that you credit this blog. GOOGLE DRIVE LINK. 

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