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rusya-pics · 7 hours ago
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Dragon Age: Inquisition | The Exalted Plains
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missgamerin · 2 days ago
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cybertwinke · a day ago
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Wanted to post all my protagonists from the dragon age series. From left to right is Evangeline Cousland, Lilith Hawke, and Alynna Lavellan.
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sangco · 2 days ago
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art trade with @red-sheba 👀
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kingscousland · 2 days ago
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"Use the mountain path. Work together. You all know what's at stake."
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yakuza-0 · 19 hours ago
Siding with templars feels so much more fun
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agirlwithachakram · a day ago
There's a part in dragon age Inquisition right at the end, right in the last dialogue with the advisors before you confront Solas, where the anchor is acting up and causing a lot of pain, and one of the options is to say "I don't want to die."
I really like that, this hero who has been through so much and come out triumphant, who fell and rose again and defeated a near mythical villain, who sealed the tears in the sky, who has become a legend themselves, now finally gets the chance to say that they're terrified and they don't want to die!
Except that's not the line. That's just what the dialogue option says. If you click it, you actually say something more like "I don't want to die before we stop the qunari. So everyone get your shit together while I go save the world again."
Can't express how infuriating it is to hit the "losing my shit someone please help me I can't be strong every second" button and get "I'm so cool I'm going to go sacrifice myself to save the world woo go me!"
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mrgamer990 · a day ago
Pop over to my Twitch and watch me play Dragon Age: Inquisition.
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skiitter · 2 days ago
My unpopular dragon age inquisition opinion is that I hate the Modern Girl in Thedas trope and have yet to find a single example that executes it well.
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fanfoolishness · 3 days ago
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I offer some Varric in these trying times.
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amphoraesims · 3 days ago
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I don't even know what is happening half the time and it's hard keeping track of the storyline so far but I'm enjoying this game!
The bad part is being a rogue archer means that Annora here doesn't really have much damage output as of yet.
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maleficarum-and-mythal · 3 days ago
talk about whatever ocs you want to infodump about!!
hehehe ok, so I’ve been listening to ‘Call Them Brothers’ by Regina Spektor and it’s gotten me thinking about Cylvin’s relationship with Solas
So, Solas and Cylvin more often than not do not get along on a fundamental basis. Solas who desperately wants to explain the real history of the elves, and Cylvin who hates having such things explained to him as though he doesn't already know them. The first thing Solas sees when they meet is Cylvin's vibrant red Vallaslin proudly adorning his face, and Solas feels a mix of disdain and pity for him. Disdain he understands, but Cylvin doesn't want pity, especially not from the person who so freely disavows his own people. To him, if either were deserving of pity, it was Solas; so stuck in the Fade and in the past, he can't connect with real people. Cylvin sometime wonders if Solas even has a real stake in the fight against Corypheus.
But I think in spite of this, there is, in rare moments, a sort of kinship between them. They both understand the weight of a title unwanted, even if Cylvin doesn't know it, and Solas does often feel something adjacent to admiration for Cylvin's stubborn kindness and pride in his culture. And Cylvin could sometimes find respect in Solas' conviction to his beliefs, even though it often put the two at odds.
Cylvin tries to close the metaphorical gap between them, listens to Solas' stories, shares quiet conversations in elvhen, tells him things he knows would dishearten any of the others in the Inner Circle. But like most things in their relationship, it feels like trying to fit the pieces of two different things back together. Sometimes the pieces look like they almost fit, but at the end you will not have a whole by any stretch of the imagination. In the days leading up to the final battle with Corypheus, Cylvin asks if they might have been friends under different circumstances, Solas lies and says yes.
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laviedeviv · 4 days ago
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A humble attempt at sketching (a melancholic) Flemeth 😇🙈 - sorry about the bad lightening, it’s evening already where I am.
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the-chantry-sucks-ass · 4 days ago
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My two beloved inquisitors I can’t choose between, Tae Lavellan and Asala Adaar (yes I just came up with that name on the spot. Tal Vashoth names are hard, okay?)
Picrew: https://picrew.me/image_maker/1564386
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madamtrashbat · 7 days ago
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I showed this screenshot to my friend Milo and he promptly said "but I believe Aang can save the world" and now I cackle whenever I look at it.
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alittlestarling · 8 days ago
WiP Wednesday
Me? Writing Dragon Age fanfic again? More likely than you think. I was thinking about some old ideas the other day, went perusing through the document where I have a partially written long fic, and now I've been pulled in. Technically, this little snippet was written in 2017 (?) but I've never shared it. Cora as a companion in Inquisition has been one of my fave things for her, and I'm actually really excited about writing right now??
Anyways, here's wonderwall the snippet:
“Yes,” Cora straightened a little, more sure about her answer this time than she was talking about her past. “I’ve worked with many different companies over the last few years. I’m on good terms and have people with ears to the ground who I can call upon. It’s not massive but every little bit should count, yeah?” She paused, adding quickly, “Also, please, I’m not a Lady. Cora will suit me just fine.”
“But as a Trevelyan,” Leliana spoke up for the first time in this meeting, arms folded over her chest, “you are part of a rather large noble family that is well-known in the Free Marches. Why insist on ignoring your title?”
Cora considered her words, waiting a moment as she slurped her coffee deliberately in a plea to give herself a moment longer. “As I’m sure your connections will tell you, my family and I haven’t been on speaking terms for the last eight years. I’m not certain but I’m pretty sure I was disowned. I haven’t lived as a noble for years so I prefer not to be called a Lady when I haven’t been one.”
“I see,” Josephine was diplomatic in her own reaction, though Cora wasn’t surprised. “I’m sure we can come to some sort of arrangement. I do not think we will turn away any help.” There was a brief exchange between the two women behind the desk: a pointed look from Josephine and a small sigh from Leliana before they both turned back to Cora. 
Leliana straightened a little, nodding stiffly, her lips curving only slightly into a very thin smile. “No, I suppose we won’t turn down your contacts, if you can reach them. I won’t say no to expanding our network, Agent Trevelyan.”
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mistress-light · 10 days ago
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