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dragonspiritblog · a day ago
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Art by  AlectorFencer
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chaoticartdragon · 2 days ago
All of my attacks done during art fight last month! I didn’t get as many done as I had hoped. But I am very proud of these!
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Characters featured in this order:
Scallop - @guardianofenergy
Yoovee - @kaveebi
Silphy - @sharaxofficial
Vendetta - @vendettayeen
Blotch - @vinejay-vinewings
Aridias - @Skylarin
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bogboyleonard · a day ago
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Dragon thoughts 
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tanija-fr · 2 days ago
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FR commission for Luunai and their pretty Tundra girl!
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lynxfrost13 · a day ago
A portrait of the nightwing queen in my future Pyrrhia! I present to you: Queen Moonfall of the Nightwings
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aphoniaa-two · 7 hours ago
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batified and beautified Nightwing
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siltwolf · 4 hours ago
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Kaltblut doodle because I love he already
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mozziu-s · 2 days ago
Since moving into the rainforest months before, the NightWing tribe had flourished. Plenty of fresh air and water and food made quick work of their groaning bellies and sour attitudes. (Even to the point that the usually reluctant RainWing captors were finally beginning to tolerate them.)
They started to smile again, to laugh and feast! Sunspot had always dreamed of a feast when she lived in that horrible smoggy place. And now, thanks to their queen, she had not just one feast, but one every month!
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The full moon festivals had started again thanks to the elder NightWings, faithfully devoted to worshipping the moons in any way they could. Sunspot knew most of her friends caught on because it was an excuse to party- but she had been studying the ancient moon-worship recently. She studied the traditions for the festivals and made moon-jewelry to wear, and she found the old rites and rituals fascinating- the only thing moreso being the moon gods themselves.
Sunspot thought she felt a whisper on her neck as she rounded a corner in the road, but it was just the light of the moon peeking out to pepper her scales. She thought maybe one of the moon's agents had come to walk her to the festival, to guide her on her trip. Surely if they could deliver power as great as she'd seen, they could protect their worshippers. She wondered how many of them were out there now, giving gifts to the babies in their eggs, and how exciting it all was.
If only Sunspot knew, one of them thought her just as exciting.
(Below are versions of solo Sunspot, and Crescent at full opacity.)
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goatshrine-art · a day ago
In honour of Smaugust this month, I thought this feature could be an artist whose dragons I really admire. C.C.J. Ellis has various themes and styles in their work, but mainly it is steeped in mythical creatures, monsters and, in particular, Welsh folklore. In their traditional work they utilise a loose watercolour and pen style to bring the creatures to life in a swirl of smoky shapes and intricate details. These fine lines take even more of a centre stage in their digital work where it highlights every scale and skin texture.
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There is alot of charm and character in their spindly designs. Some appear friendly yet undeinably beastly, and others possess a very mysterious and unerving aura, leading you to wonder if this is the sort of creature you’d want to trust on a dark night...
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Over the years I have followed them I have watched them pour and incredible amount of time and work into their labor of love, Welsh Monsters and Mythical Beasts. This beautiful and intricatly illustrated book documents the rich mythology of the country. While Wales does have a red dragon on their flag, sadly many of their other mythical creatures and stories are being forgotten over time. Through a passion for their culture, Ellis hopes that they may introduce the legends to a wider audience. The book is available through Waterstones and you can learn more about it here on their website.  
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fourtytwo42 · 2 days ago
hey, i just want to say your song dragons are super cool! if you'd like to, could you draw a dragon for kill beautiful things by ded? thank you ^^
Absolutely loved this song! I loved drawing this as well, the words gave me like punk type angst vibes, so I made a dragon based on that. But the instruments also gave me a very freeing feelings, so I tried to implement that with a clear sky
“I'm a face, I'm a name
I'm nothing like you are
How you love, just enough
So cunning, why am I still breathing?”
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dragonspiritblog · 2 days ago
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Art by  AlviaAlcedo
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jellicorez · a day ago
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‧₊˚✩彡 I R I D E S C E N T ‧₊˚✩彡
actually really proud of this one!!! i think it came out super cute :) design by @/alienvuppy on twitter! link leads to the characters toyhouse :D
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tanija-fr · a day ago
Made my boy Flood a proper reference! Not fully satisfied with it yet, but there you go!
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fishtrouts · 7 months ago
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When you can't eat 50 baguettes 😤
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siltwolf · an hour ago
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It’s been a long, tiring day
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dani-m-art · 10 days ago
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Smaugust day 5 - "Small."
Very, very small.
Combined my love of dragons with my love of cell biology and sciart for this one!
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wizardpotions · 3 months ago
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Coffee and blue ink forest dragon <3
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