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*BBCTB scenario*

Susanooh: Now all I have to do now is stay under the rader and not run around like a jackass saying-

Ruby: I’ve got the Keystone! *Runs past Susanooh*

Susanooh: …I was gonna say “Come and get me, little Raggy”, but that works too! *Runs after Ruby*


Adachi: Maybe that annoying brat won’t find me if I just lay low and don’t run around like a jackass saying-

Susanooh (running after Ruby): Come to papa, you little shit!

Adachi: …I was going to say “Come and get me, dumbass”, but that works too! *Runs after the duo*


*Smash Bros. scenario*

Pit: Uh…Viridi? A little help here?

Viridi (fawning over Link): Oh my god, he’s so hot! I just wanna grab him and-

Cloud (doing pull-ups): Sixty-nine, seventy, seventy-

Dark Pit: One time you’ve defeated me, Hero of Twilight. And that’s one time too many!


*Blazblue scenario*

Jin: Did you do anything to me when I was unconscious?

Ragna: What? No! GOD, no!

Jin: Oh, thank god. I j- Wait, what do you mean by that? Am I not good enough for you?!?


*Final Fantasy VII scenario*

*Cloud impales Sephiroth from behind*

Cloud: What was that? I couldn’t hear you over that hole I made in your STOMACH!


*Dragon Ball Super scenario*

Future Trunks: Now me put this in a way you’ll understand: I’m about to blow my load all over your insides.

Fused Zamasu: …What the…

Future Trunks: No homo. *Kills Zamasu with the Sword of Hope*


*Persona 4 Arena scenario*

Sho: So, what are you doing here?

Adachi: Oh, you know, just…wandering around.

Sho: Wandering around?

Adachi: Wandering around.

Sho: Thwarting my plans?

Adachi: Thwarting your plans?

Sho: Are you?

Adachi: No.

Sho: Good, ‘cause that’d be bad.

Adachi: How bad?

Sho: I’d have to kill you.

Adachi: That’s bad.

Sho: Indeed.


*Full crossover scenario*

Terumi: Which means…which means…!

Hazama (deadpan): He (Ragna) took the Azure.

*Terumi, in his Susanooh Unit, screams at the very top of his lungs, chasing after Ragna*

Noel: Uh, Ragna? Do you hear that?

Ragna: I FEEL that.

*Flash cut! to the world of FFVII*

Cloud (hearing the scream): What the hell is that noise…?

*Flash cut! to the world of RWBY*

Ruby: Ah, time for a delicious strawberry dri- *Hears the scream* Huh? What the heck is that?

*Flash cut! to a bad future of FE:A*

Lucina (reading through a book): Purgatory…hell… *Hears the scream* Morgan? Morgan, do you hear that? Oh gods, is that mother?!? LEAVE US ALONE!!! YOU’VE ALREADY TAKEN FATHER; WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT?!?

*Flash cut! to the world of Persona*

Sho: Alright, other me. Once I kill Adachi and take his persona, I will finally achieve the world I’ve been longing to recrea- *Hears the scream* …Daddy?


*Dissidia scenario*

Manikin!Terra: Lord Kefka, Exdeath and The Emperor are scheduled to arrive in five minutes.

Kefka: Thank you, fake maiden.

Manikin!Terra: Also, after rising concerns with our personnel…exploding, we’ve decided to form a union!

Kefka: …Adorable. *Blows up the manikin*


*Smash Bros. scenario*

Puppet!Palutena: Galeem, sir, we have another DLC character who didn’t get disintegrated.

Galeem: Oh, tell me you didn’t let him in here.

Banjo & Kazooie: Hello, Mr. Galeem!

Galeem: Oh, goddamnit!


*Blazblue scenario*

Terumi (delirious): I am here for it…

Noel: For what?

Terumi: Azure…I need…the Azure. Give it to me. I need to kill…that bitch…

Noel: Are…you okay?

Hazama: I think your rage broke, Terumi.


Noel: What was that?


Hazama: Eeeeeyy.

Noel: Who are you talking to?

Terumi: The Azure! Hand now, please.


*Dissidia scenario*

Kefka: Hello? Can I…help you with something?

Sephiroth: Yeah, the first thing you can do is go die, save me the trouble.

Kefka: Ooh! Ooh! Is this really happening? ‘Cause I really hope it is.

Sephiroth (laughing): Trust me, you don’t want a piece of what I am now.

Kefka: Then come on, bring all five feet of you. Or should I count your stupid sword?

Sephiroth: Pretty big talk coming from a bipedal clown.

Kefka: Big talk coming from all bipedal bitch.

Sephiroth (laughing): Oh, I gotta admit, you are the best challenge I’ve gotten out of the other fighters yet.


Chaos: Kefka! Stop making out with your boyfriend! I can hear it from here! It sounds like… *Makes a bunch of gargling noises*

Kefka (sarcastically): Thank you, lord Chaos!


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Finally trying out my #NintendoSwitch Online free trial because I wanted to see some of the stages people made in #SuperSmashBrosUltimate, and … wow. Genuinely impressed with how creative and fun a lot of the stages are. Here are some of the ones I ended up saving.

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