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character belongs to KobutaNori

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Hello les gens !

De retour avec un dessin, mon poignet est plus au moins à nouveau fonctionnel, donc j'ai décidé de le terminé, parce que ça faisait plusieurs jours qu'il était en cour !

On reste sur du Hazbin Hotel, avec cette fois-ci la version démon de mon OC Eclipse. Pour ceux qui se demandent ( même si c'est plutôt évident ), c'est une démone dragon.

Je ne fais pas souvent des dessin avec des décors, parce que je ne suis pas douée pour ça, mais j'espère quand-même que c'est pas trop mal pour un premier essaie.

Hello people!

Back with a drawing, my wrist is more or less functional again, so I decided to finish it, because it was several days ago!

We stay on the Hazbin Hotel, this time with the demon version of my OC Eclipse. For those who wonder (even if it is rather obvious), it is a dragon demon.

I don’t often draw with scenery, because I’m not good at it, but I still hope it’s not too bad for a first try.

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gettin ready for a friendly boppin, takin all bets
i drew this as a joke on discord to affectionately parody the almost perfectly balanced contrast between two of my friends’ usual tastes in dragon girls, and now all i can think about is a fighting game where it’s all dragon girls, which is the exact kind of idea i need to Not think about or i will get super distracted designing a bunch of fighters for it instead of the work i should be doing

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Quick late night kobold doodle

I started posting the timelapse of my recent art on TikTok, I’m @badtusk there as well! :3

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I blush! I also have a many shiny things that I like to share with my humans~

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commission for @ SquaredLame on twitter!  I loved coloring in the horns… I hope I did Lame / Noise’s punk look justice!

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Nobody needs you as much as you need yourself.
Eat, hydrate and rest ~
Respect your body and mind.
If you don’t take care the person within you how are you suppose to take care of the people around you?

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