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My favorite & first anime, Fruits Basket, is getting a remake and season 1 aired almost exactly a year ago. To celebrate last year, I drew a zodiac animal each day to count down the start of the first season. Season 2 began airing today, so to celebrate the release of new content here are newly draw zodiac animals. PART 2

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Sometimes, I think a lot about how I read once that typically, predator creatures have their eyes facing forwards, while prey animals have their eyes on the sides of their head. Idk how accurate that is - but it makes me think about how dragons are often portrayed BOTH ways - with their eyes in the front, like humans do, or on the sides of its head, like horses do. So if eye positions DOES actually reflect predator/prey, what does that makes dragons? And if dragons ARE prey, what eats them?

This is the kind of worldbuilding I want to see in fantasy worlds, okay. Don’t just throw in a dragon half-heartedly. Go full throttle and show dragon food chains!

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I’m excited we are starting a new DnD campaign today via Skype. I’m going to be a female wood elf Ranger Beast Master named Thorn! My beast is going to be pseudodragon!! Her name will be Rose!

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While I’m working on the raffle pieces, I want to sketch some sticker designs for my redbubble!

So if you have any suggestions please send an ask!

What they can be:

Vampire Chronicles

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Inglorious Basterds

Something not from a fandom, like an animal or just creative piece!


My little Pony

Breakfast Club


My hero Academia




  • What I most likely wont do

No ocs please, these are sticker designs



Disney characters (I’m not really into disney 🤷‍♀️)

I will be picking a few of the requests I get for now, and the rest will be for when I dont have anything else to do!

So just send in an ask! If you want that is 🙂

Thank you all!

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My OC - new kind of dragon for HTTYD universe for competition game

Swamp Howl


Class: trackers

The maximum number of fire volleys in a row is 6, and the “reload” Time is 15 minutes.

The male color is more intense. When a dragon is enraged, the blood rushes to its crest, and it turns red. Horns are used for battles (hunters do not pay much attention to it, because the horns of the dragon are similar to the horns of a bull). The dragon lives in swamps and forests, feeding on animals living there (elk, boar) and some plants. They don’t fly very often, mostly during attacks. They prefer to ambush their prey. Dragons lead a solitary life.

If you tame it, you will get a reliable friend, distrustful of strangers and generally calm.

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First part of my Elder Dragons illustrations!
Originally I made them for my valentine’s day cards but then decided to work a little more on the rendering and here they are.

Those pretty dragons wouldn’t exist without ArenaNet! Send them love!
These artworks are sponsored by @guildwars2 !

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