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Yang: You know it’s no longer pregaming if you don’t go anywhere right?


Yang: That’s just drinking alone.

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Yang: Oooh ara ara

Blake: *anime lust face*

Winter: oh how lewd! * makes it her screensaver*

Ruby: *BLUSH*

Velvet: mmmm big.

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I just finished Dragonslayer for the first time and…I don’t understand why everyone hates this book so much? Seriously, I heard part 3 was the worst part and?? Did I miss something? Personally I thought it was pretty great! Wren is amazing, love Ivy, Violet and Daffodil - SKY IS A BABY ❤️ And Murder Basket!! Gotta love Murder Basket!

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Ruby: cute rose noises*

Weiss: oh no.

Blake: *oh no. Im catchinh feelings

Yang: screams into a pillow

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Yang: *being forces to crawl on her knees* im gonna get him for this.

Jaune: what was that pet?

Yang: nothing master.

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Ruby: Cute Rose Noises!!!

Weiss: Cute Tsundere Noises

Blake: Smile

Yang: Happy Ugly Crying

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I see this mostly as a dragonslayer thing…maybe a bit of knightshade

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I wonder who would be the most sexual powerhouses?

Jaune and yang or jaune and nora?

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Jaune being a “pure soul” decided to show whoever ships you want that he can tie a knot real quick

Would any of those ships react in a nsfw way?


dragonslayer, knightshade, rogue knight, cloak and stagger and sherwood knight

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yang: *wears a cow bikini* hehehe moo!

jaune: y-yang!?

yang: hey loverboy. you want milk from the udder?

jaune: … *starts sucking her tit*

yang: *blush* h-hey!

jaune: what? you offered.

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Naughty Yang Xiao Long: Make Jaune have a heart attack from her brazen flirting.

Innocent Yang Xiao Long: Make Jaune have a heart attack from her pure adorableness

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My take on RWBY ships (part 1)

This is gonna be a remake/redo of my “RWBY ships and how I feel about them” post I did way back when. I’m still gonna include all the previous ships I’ve talked about, as well as some other ships I missed before. I’m also going to categorise them, but not by rank, you’ll see what I mean.

(Disclaimer: Just like before, this is how I feel about the ships. So if there’s a ship I say something bad about that you actually like, remember that this is My. Personal. Opinion.)

Just RWBY:

  • WhiteRose: You can’t go wrong with this one, it’s fun, cute, and overall a good ship. To bad it’s not gonna be Canon any time soon.
  • BumbleBY: Here are just 3 of the many reasons why this ship is the best: 1. 12th place in Tumblr’s top 100 ships of 2020, 2. It is inching itself closer to becoming Canon, and 3. You can’t ship these two with anyone else, Me & the RWBY FNDM won’t allow it!
  • FreezerBurn: It’s alright, but it wasn’t really going anywhere for me.
  • MonoChrome: Same as FB, Okay, but not doing much.
  • LadyBug: Out of the 4 ships in team RWBY that aren’t WR or BY, this is my favourite.
  • Enabler: Stay Away from your SISTERS!

Just JNPR:

  • Arkos: R.I.P. Pyrrha, you will not be forgotten.
  • Renora: Like Bumbleby, you can’t ship these two with anyone else, the FNDM won’t allow it, trust me.

Jaune’s other ships:

  • Lancaster: I don’t know Jaune, seems like a really stab in the chest to go for another red head after your previous one… well, got stabbed in the chest. (I’m sorry)
  • White Knight: You tried buddy, but… uhh- you failed.
  • NightShade: I prefer Blake being with this blonde boy than the blonde boy who’s to come later.
  • DragonSlayer: If Yang had to be with a boy instead of a girl, this would be fine with me.

Sun’s ships:

  • Suneptune: This is the most loved ship that isn’t either one boy & one girl, or two girls for that matter.
  • Black Sun: You thought Sun was hot & funny and you had no sympathy for Yang, to which I say… f*ck you. < “Sorry boys but, I already got a girl who loves me more than you” - Blake < *holding Blake up on her shoulder* “Hell yeah she does.” - Yang (Yang will always be top in my eyes.)
  • Sunny Kalifornia: Kali, I like ya, I respect ya, but you are the mother of all m##fs.

Ruby’s others:

  • Rose Garden: I prefer WhiteRose to this. (RG shippers, you’re entitled to your opinion, please guys have mercy.)
  • Nuts’n’Dolts: This ship has grown massively in V8.
  • Fallen Petals: Wait, why is this on here.

Weiss’s others:

  • Iceberg: Well, an iceberg sunk one ship, so about a few more, huh? (Again, how many people have done that joke now?)
  • Special Snowflake: Whyyyyyyyyyyyy?
  • Prismatic Ponytails: Two useless lesbians, sure — okay.
  • White Daddy: Hold o- What?! First Cinder, now Ironwood! What is happening today!?

Blake’s others:

  • Melon-Kali: Well… it’s better than Sun… Eh, f*ck it, why the hell not.
  • Tauradonna: Anyone who ships this… Leave! Now! < “She doesn’t belong to you anymore Taurus!” - Alex

Yang’s others:

  • Baked Alaska: You like seeing Yang get dominated by a short girl just because of that one episode in V2. (I’m starting to understand what we’re doing now: Ruby x Cinder, Weiss x Ironwood, Blake x… him, and Yang x Neo, it all makes sense now, we’re putting the good with evil. Great.)

Any of Salem’s ships (Witch’s Blood, Black Ice, Black Cat, Burning Witch, etc.):

  • You really have a hard on for Salem being top villain in more ways than one. (If I had to be brutally honest… Burning Witch would be my favourite Salem ship for… reasons.)


  • RoseCat (Mei Schnee X Li Belladonna): On one hand “Aww, there so cute”, but on the other hand “W-Wait… are- aren’t they cousins?”.
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dragonslayer concept; ren can litterally see the sexual tension between jaune and yang

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the scavengers all have names like how nonbinary people name themselves

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neo:*horny icecream*

blake: stupid. sexy. jaune

nora: 😛🥵

fiona: *dont think about how hot he is!*

yang: thats daddy right there

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ruby: hahahhahaha!

weiss: heheh

blake: *rolls her eyes


yang: fucking hell

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ruby: *sad rose noises*


weiss: Hey! no kiss?


blake: *sad kitty noises*


yang: *red eyes* I WANT MY KISS

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fiona: blush* j-jaune?

yang: damn jaune you look hot.

may: mmm mama likey

blake: damn it jaune stop being hot!

vevlet: fuck hes hot!

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jaune: *blush*


jaune: nice ass


jaune: *red face* y-yang?

silent knight

jaune: *gulp*

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