mystic2moon · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Toman's twin dragon
Coloring by me!
tap for better quality!
panel credits : @/uwurmy on twitter
(a/n : the recent chapter really hit hard :'l )
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unfinshedsentec · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
texting them “I haven’t been fully honest with you”
Tumblr media
a/n: I’m just posting something to post while I procrastinate
type: smau <3
characters: Manjiro ‘Mikey’ Sano, Ken ‘Draken’ Ryuuguji, Baji Keisuke, Chifuyu Matsuno, Kazutora Hanemiya, Rindou Haitani, and Sanzu Haruchiyo
tw: cursing
Tumblr media
Mikey Baji Chifuyu
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Kazutora Rindou Sanzu
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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adviswhore · 2 days ago
𝐭𝐨𝐤𝐲𝐨 𝐫𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐫𝐬
𝐃𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐜𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐧𝐬
Tumblr media
𝖈𝖍𝖆𝖗𝖆𝖈𝖙𝖊𝖗𝖘: idk nearly all of them
𝖜𝖆𝖗𝖓𝖎𝖓𝖌𝖘: crack, fluff, someone fights a child, mentions of drugs
𝖓𝖔𝖙𝖊𝖘: inspired by my first kiss scenarios and again trauma therapy for all the horrible dates I've been on.
Tumblr media
Plan the whole day out, from the perfect place to casually lean against to when you can start holding hands but get so nervous that they forget what they wanted to do and drag you through the city without a real destination.
Chifuyu, Takemichi, Hakkai, Angry, Kakucho, Senju
Have very romantic ideas and take you out on a perfect date. But also bring along their best friends/brothers casually. They don't see the problem.
Baji, Draken, Shinichiro, Ran, Smiley, Hakkai, Izana
Never asked you out. They just wrote you to meet up to get food together. You will never know that it was a date. Actually, you don't know you two are dating at all for at least three other 'dates'.
Mikey, Izana, Hanma, Rindou,
Think letting you sit next to them with a free drink at their job and watching them work counts as a date.
Kazutora, Mikey, Inui, Kokonoi, Wakasa, Akashi
Everything is over the top. The place where you eat, the bouquet of roses you receive, the staged kidnapping so they can show off while saving you?
Sanzu, Shion, Kisaki, Ran, Emma, Kokonoi
Ask you out to a nice late night drive out of town. Won't tell you where you go but promise it will be fun. After one hour you realize you're on your way to buy drugs.
Hanma, Kazutora, Sanzu, Smiley
Get some plans mixed up and invite you to a family dinner. Awkward at first but you're now part of the family.
Mitsuya, Akashi, Emma, Yuzuha, Baji, Senju
Start a fight with a child for unknown reasons. Lose.
Mikey, Takemichi, Taiju, Shinichiro, Rindou
Borrow someones car to drive to the beach but end up in traffic jam the whole day. It's still fun though. You eat and make up stories about the people in the cars next to you.
Inui, Chifuyu, Kakucho, Wakasa, Yuzuha,
Get drunk by accident and monologue how much they love you before passing out cold on the sidewalk
Kokonoi, Hinata, Takemichi, Akashi, Shinichiro, Hanma, Angry
Plan to ironically watch bad reality shows with you to make fun of it later but you both get super invested and end up watching all 10 seasons on one weekend
Rindou, Smiley, Kazutora, Draken, Emma, Wakasa, Izana
1 hour into the date you start falling for them. Hard.
Hinata, Mitsuya, Inui, Draken, Ran, Kakucho
Forget to drive you home and leave you alone in the dark
Sanzu, Izana, Hanma, Kokonoi, Rindou, Ran, Mikey, Baji
Tumblr media
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astheroid · a day ago
- tokyorev, various characters, fluff <3
Tumblr media
Back hugs, the sweet kind that make you melt into their arms.
↳ Baji, CHIFUYU, Mikey
As hard as they can at any given moment. You never know when to expect it, and they often make you stumble.
↳ MIKEY, Takemichi, Kazutora, HANMA
Firmly enough to keep you in their grasp for a while, but with a certain lovely gentleness.
↳ DRAKEN, Mitsuya
Gently, like they’re scared you’ll break.
↳ Draken, Chifuyu, Mikey
Rarely, but they knock the breath out of your lungs every time.
↳ Kisaki, Naoto
Tumblr media
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wearepurplejackets · 17 hours ago
The day Mikey decided to quit his hair bangs so his face doesn't have resemblance to his brother Shinichiro anymore, was a sad day.
I mean, God, look at him. He was so cute too with those two strands of hair raised like little antennas:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
How dare you?? To be this level of sunshine, sir.
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haitanix · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
so what was i to you? // Part 2
part 1 / part 2
Bonten!Ran x reader
GENRE: angst
WARNINGS: none really
DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of these characters; the story is purely fictional and created from my imagination
TAGLIST: @xenefid @kipani-snow-25 @bontensbabygirl @des-tru6tion @hell-temptations @mitsuyaswifeey @sunnydino @trashmemebitch @bontenacious @cursedlove37 @sh4nn @no-name-jack @q-the-rockaholic @a-cherry-blossoms @samceyy @raiiny-night @holytrinixty @imthebiggestsimp @sunnydino @kaeyaphilia @little-mad-queen-626 @angelmitsuri @sassyglassesbunny (if someone wants to be added to the taglist please do reply!)
It wasn't his fault, it was yours, you thought.
You never learn, do you?
Every guy is the same, right?
All they do is cheat and lie but are quick to sweettalk their way right back. Not every time it works, but with you it did. You were just a pawn on his chess board, yet he somehow made you believe you were his one and only. You lived in such a bubble until reality came crashing down that day at his office. Well it was now one year since then. You moved away right after leaving the apartment and with that the life you knew too. New number, new address, new look. Yeah some things did change, you dyed your hair, moved to the country side and of course you gave birth to your beautiful baby boy. It wasn’t easy at first. The fact that you were pregnant with all of the things happening affected you majorly. Pregnant women should avoid unnecessary stress at all cost, but he was the reason for every ounce of stress in your body. Nevertheless, you didn’t want to see his face or hear his name ever again. You decided you could do this one on your own, hence moving farther away from him as you could, a peaceful place where no one knew you and you didn't know anyone. A perfect start to a new life you would think. You got a small job in the town’s flower store. It wasn't much but it paid the bills that needed to be paid. It was owned by an old lady who was very generous to give you the job upon request, seeing you were in need. She even helped when you were going through labor and even now helps you take care of Ryo. Ryo, a fitting name you thought. It meant “exceed. survive. excel”, and he for sure was the reason you kept moving forward with a smile on your face once again.
You have to admit, as much as your time was filled with other responsibilities now, you would be lying if you said your thoughts didn't shift to him from time to time. Was there a chance he changed? You did subconsciously hoped for one.
In all honesty, you didn't even know what you exactly expected after you dropped that bomb and left. Did you hope that he would chase after you? That he would beg you to stay and feed you with more lies from those sweet lips of his? A broken relationship trying to be mended just because you both created a life together? No definitely not. But in all honesty I guess you did want him to do something, anything, just to show that there was still even an ounce of him that actually cared and meant when he said he loved you.
It's better this way, you thought.
Time passed and your little boy grew up. He is still just a kid but he would claim he’s a big boy now. ‘’I’ll protect and take care of you momma’’, he would remind you day by day.
You never had a talk with him and he never wondered why he had no father figure. All he knew were you and grandma. He was aware, the old lady wasn’t his actual family by blood but he grew to love her.
One particular day while you were working, a young man which you didn’t recognize entered the flower shop.
‘’May I ask for your advice ma’am? I had a certain argument with my wife and am looking for the perfect flowers to gift her along with my apology’’, he said you recalled.
‘’Well you are on the right track sir’’, you smiled at the customer, ‘’every feeling is best expressed with flowers, apologies included’’.
‘’I would definitely recommend the white orchids, they should represent sincerity and that should be perfect to convey a heartfelt apology’’
‘’Is that so?’’, the man came closer to exam the flowers you were pointing out. ‘’Well then, I will be buying all of them you have in your shop, if that’s okay’’
His words took you by surprise for a second but you didn’t want to seem out of place, so you quickly brushed it off and hurried to complete the man’s request.
‘’Of course, no problem at all sir’’, you replied politely
Going back home you were still thinking about that odd encounter at the shop but whatever at the end of the day it earned a lot of profit. As you came back to your house you felt a bit odd.
‘’I’m back’’, you announced while putting your shoes to the side. As you were doing so you saw a pair of male shoes which was pretty odd. ‘’Why would there be-‘’, your heartbeat started raising way to fast, you thought you would have a heart attack right there right now as you sprinted to the living room. As you came to see the scene in front of you, you were right to be feeling the way you did.
‘’Momma, momma’’, Ryo rushed to you, hugging you immediately. ‘’This man just came a few minutes ago claiming he was momma’s friend and he even brought flowers for you momma’’
‘’Ryo go into your room-‘’, your voice was shaky but you couldn’t let your little boy notice that
‘’but, but-‘’, he tried bargaining with you
‘’Now Ryo-‘’, you didn’t let him say another word, you didn’t want to raise your tone but there was no way you let him be in the same room as the man in front of you, more than he already has.
Ryo rushed to his room a little bit upset and closed the door behind him.
‘’What the fuck are you doing here Haitani?’’, you glared at him immediately
‘’Ouch- last name basis huh?’’, Ran could obviously not help but be cocky even in situation like these
‘’Get the fuck out now.’’, you didn’t even want to let him speak any further just looking at him right now made you combust with anger. The images from that day crawling back no matter how hard you worked on discarding them completely.
‘’Y/N look, I want us to work things out. He deserves a father figure in his life too. I want to help you-‘’, Ran insisted but you quickly cut him off.
‘’Well aren’t you a few years too late. You don’t get to do this. You don’t get to crawl back into our lives with some flowers as a makeshift apology and think all is well.’’, You spat.
‘’Please love, hear me out. I really want to change for you and Ryo.’’
‘’Don’t, don’t even dare and say his name again and don’t you call me love, you don’t have the right to. He is the only reason I pushed through. And where were you at the beginning, huh? Fucking someone else, tch, wouldn’t even be surprised. You have no idea how much pain I went through in the year long period after I left. It was hell on earth, but what would you know. You who had everything handed to him huh? You couldn’t be faithful to a single woman and had to resort to side pleasure. You make me sick.’’, one after another your sentences were bullets aiming to hit.
‘’Insult me as much as you want, hit me if you must, hurt me in whatever way you wish, let all your anger out Y/N’’, he moved closer to you, his body telling him so as he fell down on his knees in front of you.
‘’You- you-‘’, you wanted to hate him so much, you wanted to hurt him as much as he hurt you but you weren’t like him. No. You couldn’t make yourself do such things, even if it was twisted you still somehow loved this man. Your legs betrayed you and you fell to your knees right next to him.
He moved closer to you and immediately took the opportunity to hug you tightly. You started fidgeting in his hold wanting to escape it so badly but his grips just tightened even more. And suddenly the walls you’ve been building around your heart came crushing and tumbling down, that was your breaking point.
A loud sob escaped you as you started punching at his chest. He endured it all because he knew he deserved every bit of your rage.
And all the ‘’I hate yous’’ suddenly came to a stop as the only thing now to be heard are your sniffles.
‘’Why Ran? Why did you have to do it? Did I deserve that? Was I not enough? Is there something wrong with me? All I ever did was love you, was that my reward for it?’’
Ran was speechless for a moment, he knew this was not something simple words could fix but he wanted to try whatever other way would.
‘’No- you were way too perfect and I-‘’, he felt the pain in his chest for the first time. The man who didn’t care about anything, to whom a human life didn’t have any value since he could take it away without a second though. That same man now found himself caring for a woman and tearing up as he holds her in his arms.
‘’Please don’t give me that it’s not you, it’s me, I’m really not that shallow to take it anymore’’, you sniffled.
‘’You’re right’’, he breathed out and bit down on his lower lip, ‘’You deserve better, and I promise you now that I will show you that I truly regret my decisions with actions and not words, because words mean nothing unless they have something to back them up’’, his chin was now on top of your head, if he could pull you to his chest even more he would.
‘’Look me in the eyes Ran and promise me again you’ll be a better man, a man Ryo can look up to in the future and not the man he’ll be ashamed of’’
He slowly moved away from you, his gaze fell upon you, you can see a spark in his eyes, he was really determined this time. ‘’I promise and if I slip up I’ll let Rin have my head on a stick’’, he lowly chuckled thinking it would lift up the mood. What he didn’t expect is a soft smile suddenly decorating your face, and god how he wished he would see that sight every day from now.
‘’That’s all I needed to hear, I’ll hold onto that'', you spoke once again
‘’Don’t let us down this time’’
But an already rotten man with his despicable ways can't change much and we are back at where we started.
You never learn, do you?
Many of your requested I do part 2 for my story ''so what was i to you'' and here it is. I cant say this is one of my favorite works mainly because I never intended to make a second part I wanted to leave a story with an open ending giving yall a chance to imagine the outcome as you wished instead of making a definite ending which might not be to some of yalls liking or not something you expected.
But either way I hope you do enjoy!
Until next time :)
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kennyb0y · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Chance with you -> Chapter Eleven
Bike shop owner!Draken x College student!Fem!Reader (platonic mitsuya x reader)
previous chapter -> masterlist -> next chapter
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Permanent taglist: @bxnten @crybabylisa @lagrimasdeglitter @mizumellon @spookykoko @rozcdust @sugusshi @crybaby-mv @sunachokeme @heavensdark-angel @sweeneyblue1 @toobsessedsstuff @187skytree @kurokoswife05 @q-the-rockaholic @queen-flower
Chance with you taglist: @the2ndl @bubs-world @netzukochannn @hanmasangrysmoosh @snowbunnyboo @sh4gree @chaoticyuna @ikissdrakey @sisnot @shi-thats-kiera @dionysus-reincarnated @mitsuyasaxolotl @iz-ana @komislover (i still can’t tag you)
Taglist is open!
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kiluvent · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
✧ "just be friends" ✧
ft. kazutora, mikey, chifuyu, baji, draken
[angst, some swearing, unrequited feelings/rejection]
a/n: here's @sunnyophelia 's request. next time maybe remember to not add hashtags!!! i can't post your request directly if you do- anyway sorry this took so long but this was fun to write <333
Tumblr media
♡ kazutora ♡
always had a more one track mindset with how when he thinks one way, it's nearly impossible to change his mind on it- ex. "...if you kill people, that makes you a bad guy. but if you kill your enemies, that makes you a hero" thing
soooo.... he had really built up in his mind that the feelings he had for you for all those months were always mutual,,,
yeah, it didn't go over very well lol 😐 he ended up victimizing himself and shit-
"fuck, they want to be just friends??? 'just friends' my ass! it's all mikey's fault i got rejected, i bet-"
Tumblr media
♡ mikey ♡
what...? huh? just friends???? what??????
i mean, he's a great friend, 10/10 of course, but he could be an even greater boyfriend... i think 💀 honestly who knows on this one lmfao-
mmMmmMmm... time to have some good old denial about it :D
"they're probably just shy and embarrassed so they are scared to say how they really feel because it's embarrassing right??? right. so true. yep."
Tumblr media
♡ chifuyu ♡
bro ngl i have no clue how this guy would react to you saying "lets be just friends" exactly,,, i just feel like he would end up taking it EXTREMELY personal
Chifuyu: ✨Pick Me Version!✨Now with all kinds of classic pick me boy sayings for a perfect guilt tripping experience! Fun for everyone!"
says the stereotypical sayings like:
"that's fine, nobody wants me anyway 😔"
"i knew it, you're just like everyone else- i'm sorry i even tried. who am i to think i could ever be good enough for you after all 💔"
shit like that lmaooooo- 💀
Tumblr media
♡ baji ♡
"well fuck you too."
- baji, probably
idk if regardless of your offer to continue being friends if he would actually want to because you didn't want to date him-
"imagine rejecting me, how lame ://"
Tumblr media
♡ draken ♡
as per usual, the most chill about the whole thing- 75% cool about it and 25% salty about being rejected
mostly just shrugged it off; he was excited about the possibility of you guys being together ofc, he had a whole list of outings for you two in his notes app that he had planned out... so yeah,,, he was pretty hurt
told himself, "well at least they want to continue being friends with me, so that's good i guess..." he won't let something like this bring him down too much but it was disappointing- don't worry though, draken's not going to hold it against you
"oh... i didn't know you felt that way, draken..."
"y-yeah, i kinda have for months, actually-"
"ummm, well, please don't take this the wrong way but i really appreciate our friendship and i don't want to lose it... i'm so sorry...."
"nah, don't worry about it, i get it. you're loss though-"
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simpforchuchu · a day ago
Draken x Haitanis Little Sister
A/n: Sorry for the grammer or spelling mistakes.English is not my main language so...
Thank you and love you 🥰
Warnings: none
Tumblr media
It was a hot and sweltering summer day. The sun was high and the young boy was walking to the subway station to get home. Again, he was tired from trying all day to avoid his friends' silly ideas.
When he headed for the stairs leading down to the subway, seeing a few people on the right of the station squeezing a girl about his age, he sighed angrily and started walking in that direction.
"Come on honey, don't you want to have some fun too?"
"Leave me alone!"
The young girl cried out in fear as the men came closer to her.
"If my brothers find out what you did, they will kill you"
One of the men grinned and, laughing at the young girl, approached her.
"We would like to meet your brothers, but I would like to meet you first"
The young girl looked at the men in front of her with disgust and punched one of those who approached her.
As the man clutched his nose in pain and fell to the ground, Draken was surprised at what he saw and smiled. But his smile quickly faded because one of the men slapped her and threw her to the ground.
Seeing this, the young boy shouted and caught the attention of the men.
"Get away from her now or I'm not responsible for what happens!"
When the men turned to him and frowned, Draken had joined them.
"Are you out of your mind, boy? Get out of here!"
Draken grinned and rolled up his sleeves.
"Are you going away or shall I?"
As he said that, the men started running towards him. It all happened suddenly, all three of them were lying on the floor. The young girl looked up in surprise, and the young boy smiled and bent over her.
"Are you okay? Will you be able to get up?" The young girl nodded her head and grabbed the hand that was extended to her and got up from the ground.
Her hands hurt from falling on her hands. When Draken realized this, he looked at her hand and took a handkerchief from his pocket and pressed it against her slightly bleeding hand. When the young girl flinched in pain, Draken apologized slightly.
"It doesn't look too bad, remember to clean it when you get home so it doesn't get infected."
The young girl smiled and nodded her head and bowed respectfully.
"Thank you very much!"
Draken quickly waved his hands and said no need, and laughed nervously.
"I'm Draken, by the way, what's your name?"
"I'm glad, do you want me to walk home with you?"
The young girl shook her head nervously. "There's really no need, Draken-kun, but I'd like to treat you to something. How about ice cream?"
Although Draken didn't want to admit it at first, y/n convinced him and dragged him to a nearby ice cream shop.
After the two young people talked about something, y/n answered the text from their brother on her phone and turned to Draken with a smile.
"My brothers are here too, I will go home with them"
Draken nodded and smiled.
"I want you to meet them, I owe you after all, right? They will be very happy when they find out that you helped me"
Draken laughed nervously and pushed aside the finished bowl of ice cream.
"You don't owe me anything y/n, I just did what I had to do. It was also a powerful punch, it's nice that you could defend yourself."
Y/n shyly lowered her head and Draken smiled at her reaction.
"It was a compliment" Y/n quickly raised his head.
""I know!"
Draken was quite amused by the shy girl's shyness and laughed. But no for long time...
"Y/n? What's your last name?"
"Huh ? Haitani, why ?"
Draken stood up and looked at Ran, who was coming towards him. As soon as Ran arrived, he walked over to you and gave Draken a murderous look.
"Y/n? What are you doing here, love?"
The team was complete when Rindou came along.
"Onii-san, please meet Draken."
Rindou frowned and looked at Draken, then at his sister. Ran tried to hide his anger as he didn't want to involve his baby sister in gang affairs and always spoke lovingly to her.
"Ohh, we... Draken and we know each other well honey, don't worry. But how did you guys meet?"
As Ran looked at Draken angrily as he asked this question, before Draken could answer, the young girl answered in a sweet voice.
"Today, several men blocked my way. Draken-kun took care of those men and helped me out. I was thanking him."
Ran's eyes widened at what was said and he turned to the young girl.
"You... are you okay? Are you hurt?"
The young girl slowly shook her head and showed the small wound on her hand.
"It's not a big deal, it doesn't even hurt"
Ran looked at his sisters hands and frowned even more when he saw the redness. But he hid his anger from his sister. Of course he would have known and killed those who did this, but not now.
The young boy stroked his sisters hair and patted her head and smiled.
"Rindou, take her and pay for the ice cream please. I'll thank Draken too."
Rindou nodded and gently grabbed her sisters arm.
"Come on y/n"
Although the young girl was surprised, Draken smiled and she waved and she went to the cashier with Rindou. Ran stopped smiling and looked at Draken
"I'm not killing you this time for helping my sis" Draken laughed and looked at the boy across from him.
"You can try if you want... I seriously can't believe you have such a nice girl as your sister. I wish you could emulate her a little bit."
Ran laughed and cracked his neck
"If you want to push your luck...Thank you for helping her, seriously, but don't ever come near my sis again."
Draken frowned and looked at the boy across from him. After looking at each other for a while, Draken moved towards the door and turned to Ran and smiled.
"You say "thank you for the ice cream" to her... and ... don't look for the guys, it just makes her sad. She thinks you're a nice person, so let it be." As Draken was walking out the door, Ran angrily looked after him and cursed.
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gojosmoochi · 2 days ago
Tokyo Revengers how they met fell for you 💌
⭑・゚゚・*:༅。.。༅:*゚:*:✼✿  ✿✼:*゚:༅。.。༅:*・゚゚・⭑
- It was love at first sight, he just saw you and he just couldn't look away, Mikey just thinks your beauty was beyond and truly it takes his breath away.
- You have a thing for maybe bad boys, and it was surprising how everyday in Shibuya you see this tall guy every time you two bump you would apologize, but for Draken he was praising himself for looking cool or maintaining it, he plans it strategize it on how he's gonna get your attention, it ofcs it works for him.
- You and Mitsuya have a lot in common, you two have been friends ever since and you loved playing with him when you two were young only by then you would occasionally visit him to see Luna and Mana you always loved them you might have even said you would want a baby, and Mitsuya have already fallen in love with you ever since then. It was no lie for him that he thinks he has found his soulmate.
- That one guy you get stuck with in the classroom because you were also cramming for school work, you sit beside him but never had a time to talk to him. Your hair is all messed out but you felt a hand fixing your hair you looked up to see a guy with thick framed glasses and slicked back hair in a ponytail, nerd. You thought but you knew Baji Keisuke. He wasn't a nerd since you accidentally saw him changing up his looks. Baji has liked you since then, you were always his seatmate.
- He saw you petting the stray cats outside, he was just walking home but he stopped when he saw you, you were talking to them with a baby voice which makes him smile. It warms his heart, he has no idea who you are but he sees you everyday when he comes home from school or after Toman meeting, he was even surprised when he saw Peke J in your arms you told him how you keep him company and it makes him happy telling Peke J was a genius because he even got to know you more.
- You see him all by himself in the swing you saw how badly he had bruises on his face so you came to him, it warms Takemichi how someone like you came to him usually they would back off since he looked like a bad person or bad news but you didn't care about that because that time you patched him up you got his heart.
- The only way to be in his heart was when you stayed, you were loyal to him and he loves it. It was you who stayed even if he was sane or even if he was lost in his own mind you stayed and you help him out and it makes him happy to have you in his life, you were his friend but he was falling and you were aware because you felt the same.
- It was always you who make the first move, you aren't Yuzuha so he chickens out with you but slowly with time he'll get use to you, he's just shy but he would soon realize how patience and kind to him, it swells his heart with love and that's how Yuzuha sees it he likes you because his ears are red and his eyes are filled with hearts in it.
- 20 rejects, 1 accept. He was jumping, singing and all giddy that he finally got a yes from you, he was dressing up looking good as he was excited about the date, you always admire Shinichiro and how patience and persistent he can get. But Mikey can't handle a happy Shinichiro when he smother him with kisses on his cheek he would wipe them off or whine while he's doing it but Emma is all giggling, Shinichiro is a best boyfriend.
- You both throw insults to one another, how you bicker how annoying and loud he can get. His music was on his loud ass speaker while he works out, you knocked on his door but he didn't heard it again and again until you barged in and saw him shirtless, but after all these little fights you two end up dating when you admit you like him after he made you jealous and he likes you the moment you became his housemate.
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xheartoffantasyx · 2 days ago
New Hyperfixation: Tokyo Revengers
So here is a Hanma Headcanon for you
Hanma is the type of guy that would drink milk straight from the carton and put it back in the fridge.
(He would leave it there if it was empty too.)
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hatakemrs · 2 days ago
Tokyo Revengers Boys Saying "I hate you" in an argument and instantly regretting it.
Sano "Mikey" Manjiro
As we all know Mikey has the "dark impulse" thing so i think it will effect him quite often.
Even though he tries to keep his cool he lost it during an recent argument.
You both were fighting for god knows how long and at this point you both were speaking the things you didn't even meant.
In the midst of this Mikey explodes with "I don't care Y/n! You know what ?I hate you"
Regrets the second the words escape from his mouth.
He feels even more guilty when he saw tears swell up in your eyes.
"Y-Y/n listen I didn't mean it I'm so sorry" Hugs you so tight to the point you can't breathe.
You were still angry on him but when he shared his teriyaki with you it was just too cute to not forgive him.
Ken "Draken" Ryugji
Draken is probably the most calm bf you can ever have. He doesn't get angry often and tries to solve misunderstandings by talking it out.
But when he does get angry- oh boy get ready.
You and Draken were arguing about Emma and how she tries to always get close to Draken.
It generally doesn't bother you but lately you've been insecure about yourself and started to think you didn't deserve Draken.
So when instead of comforting you Draken started to yell at you it made the condition wrose.
"God Y/n Emma was just trying to help!Why are you being so jealous? I hate you when you become all overprotective of me."
The sound of your voice suddenly came to halt. "D-did he just say he hates me?" Were the first thoughts of your when Draken said that.
Draken didn't realize it until few seconds but when he did he became so upset. His face visibly dropped.
"Y/n. Love" he tried to soothe you but you slapped his hand away and stormed off his place.
Later he appeared at your door step with a boutique of flowers and a sorry note.(And the note was really cute<3)
Baji Keisuke
Let's be honest. This man has anger issues. And you can handle those quite well but most of the time arguments with baji were inevitable.
Even though you both did fight quite often (be it a normal fight or just messing around.)
You noticed that recently Baji had been pushing you away and ingoing your calls and messages.
First you thought it was because of Toman had another fight coming up so he was busy but later you found out from Chifuyu that wasn't the case.
Chifuyu was your and Baji's Best friend so when you found out how mercilessly Baji had beaten Chifuyu it made your blood boil.
You decided to meet Baji the next day to give him a earful and talk about his problem.
But the next day didn't went as you planned when Baji started an argument out of nowhere.
You were getting irritated every second by his nonsense but weren't going to give up that easily.
Though your patience broke when Baji said "You're so annoying Y/n! Always poking nose in other people's business. I hate you so much"
That's all he had to say? After all those days of ignoring you?When you tried to help him that's how he reacted? All this thoughts filled your mind.
"Fine Baji. Do whatever you want" Listening to his last name made him flinch a little but he didn't show that.
Later after the incident of Bloody Halloween you got to know the real reason behind his behavior and broke into tears.
hey guysssss. It's my first time writing something like this on this app. If there are some grammatical errors feel free to correct me as English is not my first language. Hope you guys like it <3
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haitaniswhore · 13 hours ago
draken’s first instinct after a rlly bad fight is to almost immediately go to u. yes he know its absolutely terrifying to u to see him in such a state but nothing makes him feel warmer inside than watching and listening to u flutter around him to patch him up. nine times out of ten it will end with him sitting on ur bathroom counter while he tries to catch his breath and relax from the adrenaline rush. always always always grips ur hips impossibly tight while ur cleaning him up w antiseptic,,, his eyes r always squeezed shut in a grimace but he’ll hide his face in ur neck (unless ur cleaning his face,,,, then he will just stare straight into ur eyes to try and fluster u) and yes he will b groaning the whole time and yes it would b v hot if he was not bleeding profusely and covered in bruises like everywhere,,, give him a kiss to his cheek and continue patching him up (if he’ll let u :0 good luck hehe)
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bontenofficial · 2 days ago
tr 238: or my love letter to mitsuya and the twin dragons.
of course it pains me to see mitsuya in despair but i've been waiting for someone to be truly shown grieving draken's death. i mean, it would be wildly ooc if mitsuya wasn't deeply impacted by it. after all, they met when they were very young and immediately bonded. they were one of each other's first friends. i would say that the foundation of their relationship is dreams.
Tumblr media
mitsuya met draken when he needed a brief escape from his household. for a child to be burdened by parental responsibilities at that young age... mitsuya was bound to grow up too fast. he probably barely had time to socialize, to play with kids around him, because he had little sisters to take care of in his mother's place. i'm the eldest child just like him, and that's why i sympathize so much with his character. i know how heavy it can be to carry the weight of responsibilities in the family. it hurts sometimes, yes, it requires immense patience, but it does build character.
and mitsuya, representing compassion and resilience, shows us how great of a character he is.
Tumblr media
then, the beginning of the twin dragons. i see mitsuya's painting the graffiti as an act to let out his frustration. unlike most characters who resort to violence as a means to express their emotions, mitsuya unleashes his creativity. that's the distinctive trait of him. and here's where i think draken's role is. he had always believed in mitsuya from the start. they developed mutual admiration, which grew into mutual trust. just my speculation but what if the encounter with draken was the first time mitsuya realized his creative potential, and made a dream out of it? like, it must be encouraging to see someone liking your design so much they got it tattooed on their skin!
Tumblr media
then he continues to inspire the people around him, like how the sewing club look up and admire him and how the shiba siblings respect him, among others. he's charismatic in his own way.
he said he'd always follow draken wherever he goes, but now that draken has gone where mitsuya can't follow, the least he can do is to fulfill draken's wish—which is also his own dream. that's why i think he should not join thousand winters and put his life in danger again. he's got something to pursue and live for. if he wants to help his friends, there's gotta be another way to partake. and, considering that this is the final arc, it would be a good conclusion for his character if he were to pay homage to draken and toman in the fashion design contest and/or to design tw's new uniform with pride and honor.
Tumblr media
the twin dragons have always had their own dreams and passions: mitsuya with the fashion design and draken with the whole bike shop business. they have clear goals of what they want to do in their lives, that's why it's painful to see how they end up in the final arc right after in bonten timeline where they successfully live their dreams. but mitsuya still has hopes. he still has a chance. he works hard but his grief drives him to the point of self-destruction. after helping so many people in his life, i think it's time for people to provide him the help and support he currently needs.
the twin dragons started with draken admiring mitsuya's design and ended with mitsuya pursuing his dreams for himself, for draken, and for toman. but as long as mitsuya's there—in pursuit of his dreams, and with the dragon tattoo still etched on the right side of his head—the twin dragons will live on, even as memories.
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astheroid · 10 hours ago
- tokyorev, various characters :p
Tumblr media
Snorer, sleep fighter, master at keeping you awake. They’re constantly too hot or too cold, and they tend to try and grab you in their sleep.
↳ BAJI, MIKEY, Kazutora, Hanma, TAKEMICHI
Relatively average, but they get a bit restless from time to time
↳ Chifuyu, MITSUYA, Draken
Completely, eerily silent. They rarely move, and are still cold even with layers upon layers of blankets.
Absolutely perfect. They’re the perfect temperature, perfect cuddling partner, and you always have the sweetest dreams when wrapped in their arms.
↳ Chifuyu, Akkun
Tumblr media
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wearepurplejackets · 2 days ago
❌ Incorrect Tokyo Manji~ ❌
Draken: WHY, would you give a knife to Mikey?!
Baji, shrugging: Mikey felt unsafe.
Draken: Now I feel unsafe!
Baji: I'm sorry…
Baji: Would you like a knife??
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introvert--weeb · a day ago
🐁//hi, I would love your work (*´˘`*)♡
I can request a draken, terano, taiju and Baji Seeing your s/o sad for not being accepted into college and these give her words of support , Hugs, Night walks, all to make your s/o feel good once again
Thank you so much! I'm so glad to hear you enjoy my work 😁
And of course!! Thank you for your request and I hope you enjoy the finished product!! ❤️
Draken, Terano, Taiju, Baji with sad!reader who doesn't get accepted into dream college
TW: mentions of manga spoilers and manga only characters (so far), boys not knowing how to deal with emotions but trying their best, alter in writing styles
Tumblr media
It had been a long day for Draken, dealing with all the customers at his bike shop. Thank God for Inui. If it wasn't for the other blond then Draken would have probably lost his cool at some point. But right now, all he could think of was coming home to his partner and winding down for the night. Maybe you could both watch some more of that anime you had suggested?
However, those plans were dashed from his mind when he entered the apartment only to notice you silently crying on the couch. At first, he was worried something drastic had occurred and that he would need to beat someone up for upsetting his love. But on further inspection, Draken had noticed the piece of paper you were clutching in your hands. It was as he caught a peak of the logo from a college that he realised what happened.
You had been rejected.
Now, Ken wasn't the best when it came to comfort. After all, he didn't grow up with it himself. But you can bet that he would try his damnedest. So, from his experiences with Mikey, his automatic response was to offer a bike ride. You looked towards your boyfriend with teary eyes, a soft smile on your face at the suggestion. Maybe that would help get your mind off the situation.
If the ride helped, great. However, you still were not completely over the rejection and Draken was trying to think of more ideas on how to raise your mood. What were the things you liked to have when you were upset usually? That is when an idea clicked in his mind. You liked comfort food when you were upset. And there was one place that instantly came to mind.
Ken parked up the bike outside of the twin's Ramen Shop, smiling softly at your confused expression. He was hoping that more ideas might pop into his mind while eating if this wasn't enough to make you smile. Sure, you would offer your boyfriend a smile every now and then tonight but he noticed how it never reached your eyes since he got home.
Greeting the Kawata twins, you both settled at a table and ordered your favourite type of ramen while Draken did the same. In all honesty, you were starting to feel better than you had earlier and had told your loving boyfriend. However, the blond wanted to make sure you were 100% back to your more cheerful self so continued to decide what to do next.
The meal itself was amazing, as it usually was when the twins made food. You promised that you would visit again soon before Draken had dragged you over to the park close by, leaving his precious Zephyr parked outside the ramen shop. Normally, you would argue that you both should head back but the weather was almost perfect and Draken seemed to really want to spend time together.
The walk itself was peaceful. Draken would tell you about the new models he was working on for clients while you brought up any topic that wasn't related to education. In fact, some of the topics included the newest show you had decided to start, as well as the phone call from your parents about something that had happened that week (good news of course). Everything seemed to be perfect for the young couple.
However, like all good things, the walk around the park must come to an end. You seemed to be back to your usual self and that in itself made everything worth it for Draken. He had accomplished his mission for the evening. So why not celebrate his success with a movie night? You seemed to agree with the sentiment as well. Even making sure you both stop at the convenience store on the way back to the shared apartment.
All in all, the college rejection was temporarily forgotten about and you were in fact feeling better than you had earlier. Thank whatever higher power for your boyfriend.
Tumblr media
Being the leader of a gang was not an easy job. Even for the infamous South Terano. In fact, he had experienced a bad day with Rokuhara Tandai which seemed to becoming evermore common these days. At least, that was how it seemed. South would have one main thing to be excited for everyday and that was the thought of coming home to his beloved. So when he entered the small home you shared to find you curled up on the couch, tears rolling lazily down your cheeks, he wasn't happy.
Before he said anything, his eyes scanned across your figure. Mainly looking for visible injuries as it was pretty common knowledge in the delinquent world that you were his. Great for keeping competition away, not so great when you would become the target of enemy gangs wanting to get to Terano.
When he saw no signs of injury on you, South could let himself relax a little. He didn't particularly want to leave the home again to beat someone up as it would cut into his relaxing time. Although, it did mean that further inspection was needed to figure out why you were curled up and crying. It was only then that he came to realise the paper you had crumpled in your fist. That is when it hit him.
You must have been rejected from the college.
South quickly tried to think of all the things you enjoyed doing when you were upset. Surely having dated you for 3 years would have provided knowledge of what you did when upset. Something that could put that gorgeous smile back on your equally beautiful face. At last, an idea had popped into his mind.
"Why don't we go for a walk?" Sure, the giant seemed like he wouldn't recall simply things about your relationship but he prided himself in remembering how you enjoyed going on walks with him. Especially if there was no real destination. You would tell him that you didn't care where you were, as long as you had him by your side.
Smiling softly, you decided it would be a good activity to get the issue off your mind. As well as giving you some quality time with your boyfriend outside of the apartment. That is how the two of you would end up at the park, your small hand engulfed by his much larger one. Everything about the scenery soothed your mind and the issue was pushed to the back of your thoughts for now.
South wasn't one for public displays of affection, however the situation seemed to call for it. And so, once the both of you were seated on one of the many benches, his muscular arms circled around you to bring you closer to himself.
The night would be spent talking about anything and everything under the starry sky. Soft kisses and sweet words would be exchanged before the two of you would begin the venture back home. With some persuading and pouting, you are able to get the gang leader to stop at the store and buy snacks. All in all, everything about the rejection would not have left your mind but at least your spirits were raised.
Tumblr media
Taiju is not used to being a comforting presence to anyone. The past with his siblings was enough proof of that. However, since leaving the Shiba home and meeting you, he was making more of an effort. So when he came home to your shared apartment to find you in tears, he struggled in knowing what to do.
The first idea that enters his mind is to take you to your favourite restaurant and hope food will cheer you up. After all, it would cheer him up if he was ever upset. Good food, a glass of good booze, and he would be sorted. He would let you order as much or as little as you wanted, even offering dessert as sweets are a known smile-inducer.
If that didn't seem to work in lifting your mood, Taiju would take you for a walk around Tokyo for some retail therapy. Anything that seemed to catch your eye and made the frown lessen, was bought without a second thought. Anime figure of your favourite character? Consider it yours. This man would definitely think that this is how to make the sadness go away.
The issue with Taiju is that he would not know the reason why you were sad in the first place. His brain short-circuits when faced with a situation which requires empathy from himself. Feelings and comfort is something he is unable to fully understand, and so his solution is spending money. Pay the sad away. However, if you need to talk about it, pull him to the side and bluntly explain the problem.
You won't get an empathetic Taiju. Simply expect a lot of money thrown around and some possible threats towards the object of your sorrow.
Tumblr media
Baji is not the sharpest tool in the box. Whoever tells you different has either never met the First Division captain, or has been scared into saying it. However, while he was below average when it came to academic smarts, he knew people. He may be violent but he is also very good at understanding emotions and whatnot. After all, he was Mikey's best friend.
So when he noticed how down you seemed that day, his need to make you happy again kicked in. Especially as the situation seemed big enough to alter your future plans. Every trick in the book would be used if necessary.
First things first, he would wrap you both up in blankets and put a movie you loved on. This method had worked on occasion beforehand and so it was a good go-to. Sweet words would be whispered to you, Baji letting you know how great he thought you were.
If by the end of the movie, you were neither asleep nor happy again, the next plan would be executed. Peyoung(?) Yakisoba. Keisuke would start up his beloved bike, you sat comfortably behind him, as he drove to his favourite eatery. Sharing a yakisoba was enough to develop friendships and should definitely lift your lowered spirits.
Munching on the noodles, a suggestion of burning cars would be thrown out casually. You weren't sure whether your boyfriend was serious in that suggestion and so simply laughed it off. Besides, neither of you had a lighter handy at that moment.
By the end of the yakisoba, you would more than feel better. Perhaps all you needed was your crazy delinquent of a boyfriend with you to forget about the sorrow. After all, you could apply to other colleges and still follow your dreams.
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drakenken · 2 days ago
I'm astounded at the fact that the Tokyo Revengers fandom is so staunchly anti-gay that they somehow completely overlook what would be a massive ship in any other fandom?
What fandom other than TR could deliver the dynamic of "I go over to my boy best friend's house every day to wake him up, do his hair (for some reason???), carry him to school, have lunch with him (and since I know he's picky I carry things that make it easier for him to eat), then carry him AGAIN to wherever we're going, also I was friends with his older brother, and he's one of the only people that's ever been to my house, also I'd literally take a bullet for him and think about our moment in the sunset as I'm dying, and also my death was literally the final nail in the coffin for him"
Only to have it largely IGNORED by shippers everywhere ???
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honeymeh · a day ago
Tumblr media
gentle giant <3
click for better quality ◜‿◝
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asuka-twisted · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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