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wishartszxxyuh · a month ago
At last, I realized why I wanted to be a cat since I was a kid.
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hisgoodpuppy · 5 months ago
• m i n o r s d n i // 18 + o n l y •
Tumblr media
soft doms draken & mitsuya that just lay you in between them so they can both give you attention. they lightly touch you, running their fingers up and down your body, the gentlest grazes that make you shiver.
soft doms draken & mitsuya that pet your head, tuck your hair behind your ear, kiss your forehead. they tell you how special you are & how lucky they are to be there with you, to see you spread out all pretty for them.
soft doms draken & mitsuya that hold your face & praise you for how well you take their fingers & massive cocks. they smile at you with soft eyes that make you gush from the attention. “that’s it, what a good fucking girl.” “fuuuuckkk yes, just like that pretty.”
soft doms draken & mitsuya that hold you close to them while your legs shake & tears run from cumming for the tenth time. one softly holds your knees up to your chest, kissing your swollen lips, while the other fucks into you so slowly you can feel every vein of his cock.
soft doms draken & mitsuya that carry you from bed to the wall to the floor because they know you’re too blissed out & weak to move yourself. they gently squeeze at the plushness of your thighs or belly, turning you over with care, lifting your hips up with their strong hands. it’s okay, you just keep taking all their cum, you’re doing so good.
soft doms draken & mitsuya that love how pretty you are on your knees for them. “so beautiful baby, open up that sweet lil mouth for me” they hold your face in their hands & bend down to kiss you before spilling all their cum into your hungry mouth.
soft doms draken & mitsuya that can’t shut up about how perfect you look & how amazing you are. they clean you up carefully & carry you off to bed. one brings you water, maybe a snack, while the other takes off your make up & helps fix your hair. they spoon you & let you lay on whoever’s chest is more inviting to you. they love watching you slowly drift off to sleep.
Tumblr media
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croixphobique · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
another installment of making my own food
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yayee-pspsps · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
A walk
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belindarimbi13 · 3 days ago
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How many papers were stained with his tears?
How many fabric had become the silent witness of his uncontrollable sobbing?
How many times he had to restart designing because he broke down?
How many dragons had gotten crossed out once they were born from his hand?
How many times he had to stop drawing because of his shaking hands?
How often he glanced at the picture of Draken, thinking he could do it, only to know he couldn't, without him?
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txixy · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
a/n: it’s a bit hc-esque and i decided not to add much dialogue.
Tumblr media
You decided to get the tat your right side starting from the middle of your tummy down to your hips and pelvis area. At first you thought that it was a bit too much, psychotic even but when you came to him with the idea, you were sure he was going to make fun of you. Give you that look he gives when he’s heard just about the most idiotic thing thats come out of someone’s mouth. You saw this look a lot when he was hanging around Takemichi or Mikey and in most cases both.
Surprisingly he didn’t do any of those things, he actually liked the idea of matching with you. He loved how supportive you were of his delinquency. There were many things to love about you; this was definitely his number one. Although he tried his hardest to keep you out of that part of his life, he couldn’t deny that he wouldn’t get a kick out of seeing you sporting his dragon. Everyone would know who exactly you belonged to and vice versa.
When you arrive at the tattoo parlor he just walks in like he owns the place like, “Hey! My wifey wants to get a tattoo. Make it happen or I’ll have to trash the place.” and your heart flutters in his choice of words, not even bothering to scold him for threatening to trash the tattoo shop, burying your face in your hands trying to hide the obvious blush you're sporting as you feel the heat rising to your cheeks. He gives you a puzzled look but soon shrugs it off not thinking much about how he called you his wifey instead of his girlfriend.
It’s now your turn and you feel your stomach doing backflips, he notices and tries to calm you down. Although hearing him tell you to “Quit your bitching” does very little to calm your nerves. Granted, he was much younger when he got his and he got it in the most painful spot imaginable, but that still did nothing to calm your jitters. So, you tugged at his shirt hoping he would catch on, he did. He held your hand the entire time, occasionally placing chaste kisses onto the back of it when he felt you squeeze a little harder than you already were.
After a hour that really feels like an eternity passes and your tattoo is finally finished and you’re both happy with the results, even though it’s the same tattoo that you’ve seen about a million times but, you’re still jumping around like, “Look! We’re matching now!” pointing between the two identical tattoos.
Draken already loved your crop tops, and tube tops but now he’s HOOKED on them, especially when your new tattoo was on full display. a crop with a nice pair of ripped jeans and his toman jacket-- instant nose bleed. Another thing he likes is when he's over at your place and you wear your sweatpants a little more below your waist than usual.
You were a bit nervous to show everyone at first but when you did they all loved it. They were more so surprised that you would even think about getting a tattoo let alone one to match Draken.
Draken felt closer to you after having experienced this. He didn’t think he would ever have been so lucky to find someone that would accept every part of him and you were just grateful that he would share these parts of him with you.
Tumblr media
BONUS: bc @thecrowcern brought it to my attention that Mitsuya also has a dragon tat.
Poly relationship with Draken and Mitsuya going with you to get their dragon tatted on you. They try to act like it’s whatever, not wanting to look “whipped” to the other but on the inside they are ecstatic to have something the three of you can share.
They both hold your hand the entire time, Mitsuya is constantly giving you praise and telling you to brace yourself when the artist is about to move on to a particularly sensitive spot on your body, while Draken is just sitting there face as stoic as ever.
Makes the three of you take a group picture to show them off, not to be cutesy or anything but just because he’s been wanting a new wallpaper for his phone and what better than a picture of him and his lovers sharing the same tattoo?
They loved coming over and seeing you in a cropped tank top or a sports bra, always savoring every moment that your tattoo was visible.
I also imagine that Mitsuya doesn’t necessarily shave his head like Draken but he does shave just where the tattoo is visible, just so people are reminded that he was part of the trio, and that you all were a package deal.
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randomtuna13 · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
I still text your number, hoping you to text me back.
But the tick won't turn blue.
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saiki731 · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
I... Just love them too much to not ship them hard
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popculturepunk · 2 months ago
thinking about how mitsuya will break down seeing the sight of draken’s corpse, very much in a mitsudrake way
and hez just there using his sleeves to wipe his tears and stuttering to the silence around them stuff like “god why did it have to be you”, “who am i meant to follow around now huh?”, “asshole, why’d you have to go on without me” and everyone is just watching him, either being too afraid to comfort him or leaving him alone to respect his time to mourn
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offtaskotaku · 5 days ago
tenjiku and final arc spoilers be careful loves
please be aware that heather is an absoLUTE doramitsu song? yes hello angst side of doramitsu. and no not the draken’s dead side of it (it actually is lolololol) but the pure jealousy side of it. mitsuya of fucking COURSE is an absolute angelic pure darling soul and he hates himself for it as well but he fucking HATED emma for getting more of draken’s love then he did?? well, he liked her cuz of mikey n that but if he had the chance to kill her for draken’s love, he’d do it in a heart beat. like, he met draken FIRST and then this pretty blondey babe comes in and YANKS him away. it fuckin destroyed takashi? he fucking hated himself for putting all the time he had with him to waste? HE WANTED HIM TOO?? JUST AS MUCH AS SHE DID AND MAYBE EVEN MORE?? buuuuut hez an absolute angelic pure darling soul and respected their relationship and draken,,, but when emma died? when she was HIT with that FUCKING BAT? he cried for her of course of course, but he thanked every god in the clouds, dirt and bushes and slowly but surely made draken his? it was an attempt yes yes but NO, turns put inui looks just like emma, and he likes bikes, and he has long hair, and owns a fucking shop with him ofc theyre dating living happily and fucking each other dumb behind the scenes. then draken died. andddddd mitsuya was so done with everything and was destroyed and hates everything and cries. he just cries. and cries and cries and cries. and destroys himself slowly because thatz how he thinks it should go as this is his punishment for being greedy and taking everything for granted. and because of mitsuya being an absolute angelic pure darling soul, he wasted the life of his real love and never ended up with him, but let other people have him. cuz thatz just what absolute angelic pure darling soul mitsuya does.
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leviskata · a month ago
𝙁𝘼𝙈𝙊𝙐𝙎 𝘽𝙊𝙔𝙁𝙍𝙄𝙀𝙉𝘿𝙎. ᴛᴏᴍᴀɴ + ʙᴏɴᴛᴇɴ
just famous boyfriend privileges...
ft; bonten!mikey, athlete!draken, designer!mitsuya, rockstar!baji, streamer!chifuyu, actor!ran, model!rindou, p0rnstar!sanzu, businessman!koko
includes: fem!reader, slightly suggestive for haitani brothers + koko, and highly suggestive for Sanzu.
a/n; I wanna be their little gf pls LOWKEY WANNA BE DRAKEN'S NBA WIFE?¿?¿?¿ Idk I'd be happy to be any of these tbh...
Tumblr media
♡ MIKEY — already famous
- He is your scary dog privilege in the streets.
- But behind closed doors, this man is severely touch starved for you.
- He may be the biggest gangster in the streets but he loves being the small spoon when you're cuddling.
- As much as he wants you out of his activities, you insist staying by his side.
- What's important to him, is just as important to you.
- The capital seat at the meeting room is your throne. Basically yours, you seat on it more than he does. and all you do is look pretty, just distracting him and his men during a discussion.
- Everyday is always a date with him. You never run out things to do together.
- From indoor dinners, movie bingeing, card games, and swimming in your million-dollar penthouse's pool to late night drive down the city, impulsive out of country trips, and trips to his favorite private spot at the beach.
- Although he disappears at times, it is to solely protect you from the dark impulse he had pent up, not wanting to have you around when he has burst outs.
- With you by his side, your relationship is a beautiful adventure.
- You're his escape, a constant reminder that there is still beauty in his life— someone worth holding on to.
♡ DRAKEN — the athlete
- We're not talking the university varsity boy, no.
- A professional athlete.
- You're the first person he looks for after training, and you're always ready to freshen him up.
- You're his number one cheerleader, cheering him on every score he makes and entrance in the court.
- The courtside front row is your throne.
- Wearing his jerseys, showing off that “DRAKEN” text above the number to show off you're his.
- Basically, you're an NBA wife in the making, yes.
- Cameras love you, showcasing the star player's pretty girlfriend.
- Training dates!
- Watching or joining him on training, forcing his personal trainer in getting used to having you around.
- Draken always takes you wherever he has a game, as he considers you his strength during matches.
- and when the team wins, he takes you with them to have a celebration party.
- and to show his gratitude, he'll treat you like a queen for the rest of your trip.
- Buying you anything you'd like, taking you anywhere you want, simply spoiling his number one.
♡ BAJI — the rockstar
- You're the rockstar's girlfriend, congratulations, what's that like?
- It all started when he made a mixtape entirely for you, easily capturing your heart.
- You often attend his band practices, getting a first listen to their singles and recordings.
- He is the bassist. and bassists typically have the reputation of being the favorite one in the band (next to the lead vocalist).
- and he was no exception to that.
- Girls at their live shows go overly crazy for him.
- You knew that, letting their screams of adoration slip as you didn't mind them.
- But throwing their bras at your man?
- Well, that's kinda hilarious.
- Baji just throws them to the vocalist anyways, and continues to play, occasionally keeping eye contact with you in the VIP lounge of the venue.
- Blows you kisses and sends winks, making the fangirls go crazy, thinking it was for them; which, you find particularly funny.
- But they all go silent when the setlist comes down to that one song— the tune he wrote specifically about you.
- He always looked forward to performing it live, as he gets to sing it especially to you in front of a crowd.
- But as the chords started play, with he could only focus on you entirely; pouring his heart into the lyrics as he sweetly offered them to you.
- They may perform it from night to night on different cities, but you'll never get tired of the beautiful masterpiece made for you, and still can't believe is loved by many others.
- You two have your own special bunk in the tour bus so you can share, leaving the other members jealous as they only get to have the cramped beds.
- But they genuinely adore their bassist's girlfriend; welcoming you as one of their best buds.
- Will teach you how to play the bass when you ask, which he'd been secretly hoping for sometime now.
♡ CHIFUYU — the streamer
- You make occasional appearances in his streams to play together, which his viewers love.
- The chat drowning in Hi's and Hello's every time you walk by the frame or leave Fuyu snacks and drinks.
- You're definitely a mod on his Discord server.
- His fans sometimes make edits and fan arts of the two of you, which you save and cherish dearly.
- While there are people who love the two of you together, there's also the ones who resent your relationship.
- Constantly posts you on his story to show em thirsty girls in his DMs that he's taken.
- Takes you to conventions and tournament events as his VIP.
- City walk dates every time he tours, even making a vlog for his channel to treasure the memories.
♡ MITSUYA — the designer
- we're talking.
- Firstly, you never run out of stuff to wear.
- Weirdly knows your measurements by heart from how much he's made clothes for you.
- You get first dibs on the first row seats on his runway shows.
- and he dresses you up all pretty too.
- Of course he's giving you the best pieces, almost outstaging his own models
- Complementing and matching outfits are a must everytime you go out together!!!
- You two make the articles and the "best dressed" lists.
- Taking you to runway shows and fashion week events.
- and the best one yet— he took you as his date to the fucking MET GALA when he got invited
- Slayed that event.
- Mitsuya loves spoiling you on trips he goes on.
- Which is a regular occurance. He loves his job so much, as he could do what he loves and still get to spend time with you.
- and your unconditional support means the world to him, he couldn't love you any more.
- Seriously thinking of proposing to you on your next trip to Paris...
♡ SANZU — the pornstar
- His contet started off solo.
- But his impressive performance somehow did amazingly well, making his way to stardom in the industry.
- You knew what he did for a living, cause, well, you were once just a viewer of him.
- So when you two got into a relationship, you didn't hesitate in making content with him when he asked to.
- Now, you have hundreds of thousands of people subscribed to you, with millions of views.
- You put out content at least twice a week but you had your own lives when you put the cameras down, of course.
- You spoil each other a lot with your hard-earned money.
- Mostly, he buys you the cutest lingerie sets you've been eyeing.
- and the most divulging ones he'd die to see on you.
- Getting recognized in public is really awkward, you got used to the— “Oh my god I know those people but I'm not gonna say from where” look.
- Livestreams... he gets feral during these.
- and you do go live regularly as well...
- Getting your pussy fucked on screen real-time is definitely one of the fan favorites.
- and yours, too, cause the donations ask not only to get you fucked by his cock but also some of the items from your impressive collection of sex toys.
- which you've been dying to try out every single one of, and every stream is that window of opportunity.
- One time, a donor asked him to do a line in between your breasts— which he did.
- and he's been obsessed since then, doing it regularly even off camera.
♡ RINDOU — the model
- Model boyfriend Rin... you're one damn lucky soul.
- You're always so mesmerized by his devastatingly handsome physique.
- So when he told you that he did modeling for a living, you weren't so surprised.
- He had quite the following and big brand partnerships, so you felt a little stupid when you didn't recognize who he was.
- Sends you the copies of his latest photoshoot to make it your wallpaper later on
- Always asks for your second opinion and lets you pick the headshots for his cv.
- You're basically his personal photographer, too.
- Loves to include you in his Instagram feed to show off the wonderful woman in his life.
- Well mainly to let the stalkers know he's taken.
- Lets you open brand deal packages with him and try them out together.
- Models' work is very unpredictable and often impulsive. You could be in the middle of lunch when his manager calls in for a photoshoot.
- Just like the other day, he was suddenly called in for a Calvin Klein photoshoot. He didn't wanna leave you alone and so he let you come on set.
- It's always a delight for him to have you at work, as he has all the inspiration he needed to get through the long shoot.
- Absolutely adoring the fresh photos displayed on the screen, beholding the beautiful sight of your boyfriend's fierce expression and poses.
- They let him keep the underwear along with some stuff afterwards, which you definitely tore off of him that night.
- Doesn't have a lot of friends in the industry, but when his close ones are with him, he doesn't make you feel left out, even showing off to them the love of his life.
♡ RAN — the actor
- His debut on the big screen was on a successful Netflix show you'd encouraged him to audition for.
- Since then, he'd have a huge following of people his performance and on social media.
- Your relationship with him isn't a secret but you two don't go flaunting each other either.
- He thought blancing being an actor and your boyfriend won't be an easy task.
- But with your support, you easily carried your relationship together.
- He hated paparazzis eyeing you around. Thankfully, that wasn't always the case. But when it happens, expect him to throw a coat over yourselves for privacy.
- You help him practice his lines at home, in the car, during a dinner date...
- He was beyond happy when you agreed to be his date at the red carpet premiere of his new movie.
- Everyone loved you, and the two of you together.
- On set visits are a regular occurrence. Bringing him food in his dressing room or to simply see your boyfriend and show up for support.
- and well, squeezing in a quickie in there, hopeing his co-stars and bosses didn't hear.
- You're more than alright with him kissing someone else for the film, It'ss his job. But, you just make sure you're not on set for that particular day.
- and he always, always asks you first.
- and when you happen to be on set, you make sure to give him a much, much better kiss when you get home...
- Takes you to award shows. You're automatically his date.
- Giving you the biggest kiss once the presenter announced his name, the camera panning to the two of you as everyone adored the sweet moment.
♡ KOKO — some sort of businessman.
- Owns one of the biggest night clubs in the city
- Along with numerous properties you're not sure what exactly are for...
- Makes deals and favors for people and meets rich personalities regularly.
- Basically, it's how he made a name of himself.
- You two are always at some luxurious hotel, spending the night at the best honeymoon suite after a fancy dinner.
- It makes you feel bad though that you're barely at your mansion, which is also an astonishingly lavish place.
- Shopping dates are your favorite. The both of you love strolling down designer outlets to buy yourselves (or each other) something nice.
- and after these, you bet there's gonna be a Versace on the floor later on tonight 😳😉
- That's not all, dating a rich man is living the premium life.
- He eventually gets you a black card of your own, even putting his last name as yours.
- Regular out of country trips. Craving for some Greek dish? This man takes you to the damn country. There's a summer festival in Bali? He's booking you tickets there. You feel like skiing? He's booking you plane seats to Canada right now.
- You also meet the other rich girlfriends and wives when Koko meets with their men.
- They secretly hate you, mainly for having your hands on the latest designer pieces, having a pass on the most exclusive places, and catching their mans' eyes...
Tumblr media
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miytsuya · a month ago
calling him a good boy
Tumblr media
cw: fem!reader, sub/switch/dom reader, rough sex, unprotected sex, creampie, praise, pet names, orgasm control (??) not really, again sorry if i missed anyone <3
Tumblr media
#꒱ he isn’t even phased
“wanna say that again, angel? couldn’t hear you over the sounds this sloppy little pussy’s makin’.” he mocks as he presses you harder into the mattress, his hips speeding up their already brutal pace. you try to gather the composure to repeat yourself but it’s hard with the way his hips are nearly knocking the breath out of you with every thrust. “‘s- a good b-boy,” you manage to slur out into the sheets. he chuckles and presses down on the arch of your back more, “that’s what i thought you said,” he says in a teasing, slightly condescending tone, “jus’ shut up and take it, yeah? like a good girl.”
hanma, south, ran, mucho, nahoya, takeomi, taiju, benkei
#꒱ praise kink unlocked
he’s fucking into you roughly, the tip of his cock kissing your cervix with every deep thrust makes it hard for you to get your words out, “f-fuck, makin’ me feel so good,” you gasp as you cling to him, “such a good boy.” his hips nearly still and you can feel his cock throb as he looks down at you, “fuck,” he moans, dipping down to press his forehead to yours. you wrap your arms around his neck and connect your lips with his. he picks up his speed again, moaning and whispering against your lips, “please say that again.”
sanzu, rindou, baji, kisaki, draken, mitsuya, koko, pen-yan, shion
#꒱ he actually malfunctions a little bit
“stop squeezin’ so hard, gonna make me cum if you keep doin’ that.” he mumbles into your skin. his face is buried in the curve of your neck so he can’t see the devilish smile that crosses your lips right before you deal the finishing blow, “then cum, baby. be a good boy n’ cum.” you whisper against the shell of his ear. your words send butterflies straight through the pit of his stomach and he lets out a broken whimper. his thrusts get sloppy as his high reaches its peak, he starts to babble into your neck again, “fuck- ‘m gonna cum, gonna be a good boy n’ cum f’r you.”
inui, shinichiro, kazutora, mikey, souya, takemichi
#꒱ he’s always been your good boy <3
you moan loudly as you bounce on his cock, your arms wrap around him and you lean down to kiss the sensitive skin below his ear, “so good for letting me use you like this, baby,” you murmur, “such a good boy for me.” he throws his head back, his grip on your hips tightening as he lets out a soft whine and starts fucking up into you weakly. he speaks in a meek tone, “fuck- can i cum? p-please?” he whines again when you don’t answer, getting more desperate to cum and craving your permission, “please, need to cum- wanna be y’r good boy.”
wakasa, chifuyu, izana, kakucho, naoto, hakkai
Tumblr media
tags: @tokyoredlightdistrict @harujuku @kazuwhora @z-na @angeltani @rindove <3
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atsymu · 5 months ago
How about some Tokyorev NSFW visuals.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
;featuring. present!ryuguji ken, sano manjiro, matsuno chifuyu, mitsuya takashi, hanemiya kazutora, haitani ran, haitani rindou + haruchiyo sanzu.
warnings. 18+ f. reader. nsfw links + twt pxrn, all characters are in present time therefore they are in their twenties.
note. ive just added tokyo rev onto my thirst list so i’m sobbing into my hands at these bye.
Tumblr media
draken breeding his needy princess in the back room of his shop, after you bent over one to many times infront of him in that short little slutty skirt.
he makes sure to fill up your pretty little cunt when he’s had to stay late at work, apologising for keeping you waiting by fucking you dumb - heavy balls smacking off your ass with each thrust.
he loves losing himself in your warm mouth while he devours your slick cunt, hot breath fanning against your clit as he groans out how good you’re doing for him.
draken makes sure to reward you when you’ve been good for him, fucking his load back into your creamy cunt as his mind grows hazy, cursing under his breath at how good you feel.
mikey makes sure to eat you out slowly, losing himself in your taste - burying himself in your warm cunt after a long day just to forget about everything but you.
you always know how to make him feel better when he’s in his head, stroking his cock while he plays with your pretty cunt.
watching him melt for you, knowing you’re one of the only people who get to see him so vulnerable - gazing at you while you fuck yourself on his cock.
letting him take out his frustrations on your puffy cunt, losing himself in the feeling of your tight walls squeezing around him - teeth clenched as he fucks into you mercilessly, hips smacking against your ass.
helping needy chifuyu feel better when he’s lost in the past, getting rid of any tension by knowing exactly how to have him crumbling at your fingers.
giving chifuyu a pussy job after a long day at work, knowing how sensitive he can be - falling apart from just the feeling of your slick cunt against his cock.
he loves eating you out, feeling the vibrations of his moans against your clit while your thighs tighten around his head - wishing that he can stay here forever just to see how pretty you look when you cum for him again.
letting him use you as you lie so pretty beneath him, just wanting to feel your tight walls wrapped around his cock as he fucks into you.
he fucks you so well - slow and passionately, always making sure his princess is taken care of.
he loves bouncing you on his cock, groaning at the feeling of having you held so close to him.
he always makes sure you’re looked after, kissing your pussy messily - only the best for his baby.
waking you up every morning by roaming his hands around your body, palms warm as he massages your pretty tits and pussy.
letting kazutora empty his balls into your pussy, knowing it’s one of the only things that keep him grounded.
letting him bury his cock into you when he cuddles up from behind, nothing feels warmer than your tight walls wrapped around him.
he can’t help but let his hands roam your body, sometimes he just wants to feel your back pressed against his chest as he rolls your clit.
giving him a pussy job when he’s mentally drained, assuring him he just needs to lie there while you take care of him for once.
ran fucking you mercilessly against the shower wall after you teased him all day, he needs to teach you how to behave and what better way than making sure that you can’t walk the next day.
you look so pretty when you’re blindfolded for him, pretty black straps on your body as he fucks into you.
he’ll finger you on his lap after you’ve whined all day for his cock, squirming as he growls in your ear that needy sluts don’t make the rules.
letting him grab fistfuls of your hair when he fucks you from behind.
rin breeding you on the table after an executive meeting, already pissed that you were squirming on his lap the full time like a needy slut.
he punishes you by cumming in your panties when you’ve been a brat, teasing him when he’s got shit to do - you should feel lucky he’s still giving you his cum.
he loves hearing your whines and whimpers when he slaps your pretty pussy, his needy little baby.
he’ll reward you if you’re good, eating your pussy slowly - savouring the way your thighs tremble when he teases your puffy clit.
letting him take his frustrations out on your cunt, always taking his cock like a good whore.
him fucking you in his car when he’s meant to be doing surveillance, but you just won’t stop rubbing your pretty little thighs together, fingers tracing over his cock the full ride.
you begged him for his cock, so you better take everything he gives you like the good slut he knows you are.
he kisses your clit before eating you out, teasingly slow as he kitten licks at the sensitive bud, smirking against you - he wants you to beg for him.
Tumblr media
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yayee-pspsps · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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belindarimbi13 · 3 days ago
Poetic Parallel
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Chapter 122
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Chapter 328
The longer I read the latest chapter, more painful it can get.
The way Wakui had drawn Mitsuya with blush-alike over his face on these two storylines. The way these two storylines both were told from Mitsuya's POV. The way these were probably how Mitsuya see Draken, how Mitsuya depicted himself around Draken.
The way these two flashbacks were about Draken essentially telling him to not follow him. The way Mitsuya did follow him anyway in the chapter 122. The way Mitsuya finally resigned and chose to follow his dream instead for Draken's sake in the chapter 238.
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kkusuka · a month ago
Some Small Fluffy TR Headcanons <3 
cw: mentions of fake pregnancy in hanma’s 
Before Baji realized he had a crush on you, he thought he hated your guts, so whenever you came around he would stare lasers into your head. It turned out he just really liked looking at you. 
Mikey has no shame when it comes to sleeping. It doesn't matter if you're in class, a meeting, or just sitting around, the second he’s sleepy that man is face down in your thighs. 
Draken has no idea how to be romantic, all he knows is flowers and candles. but he doesn’t know what flowers or how to make sure the candles don’t light other things on fire- but he’s definitely trying 
Kazutora won’t admit it but he adopted a cat because it “had your eyes” 
for the first three months of your relationship, Rindou stuttered every time he spoke to you. it got so bad that he would just write you notes or text you instead. he still doesn’t know when it fizzled out but thankfully it did
not once had Sanzu ever had a plan for a date; but it has led to some of the funnest nights of your life. who else would you have watched the stars with at the top of the tokyo sky tree or running form the cops because ‘apparently punching someone who was looking at you for a bit to long, is illegal’ 
Anytime Mitsuya has made you anything, he embroiders a small purple heart on it. 
Kokonoi gets really nervous whenever you get really close to him so he has this fun habit of throwing an insane amount of cash at you every time you get within a foot of him. 
Whenever you go out with Hanma and some other guy starts talking to you, he acts like your pregnant. like coming up behind you, hands rubbing on your stomach, dead eye contact with the guy just to ask how the baby’s doing. 
Izana makes sure that he has a matching outfit for everything you wear. he has to make sure everyone knows that you’re together 
When you agreed to go out with Shinichiro he fainted. Then woke up, asked you again, then fainted when you said yes again.
Kakucho can't fall asleep unless you've kissed his scar
The entire time Ran courted you he would say ‘Bro’ romantically
Whenever Taiju wants to apologize, he cooks a five course meal that his restaurant has never seen before. Not to mention the full ass cakes he buys. 
Takeomi can't stay awake through a single movie the two of you watch together. He really tries but at most the middle of the movie is all he gets through before his face is in your stomach and his arms are caging your waist. 
On your anniversary Inui filled your entire apartment with flowers, you were still finding petals months later. 
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takemittchy · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
featuring: Draken, Mikey, Chifuyu, Mitsuya x f!reader
genre: fluff / slice of life 
⚠️ warning: lightly suggestive!
Tumblr media
MANJIRO “MIKEY” SANO |  the air always hung heavy when Mikey is working out. maybe its the sudden intrusion of silence when he’s got headphones on or maybe it’s the way his brows furrow in intense concentration. either way, it’s hot  and attractive as your shirtless husband pushes himself up and down. Mikey smiles when you made yourself comfortable underneath him. “hi,” you mouth with a giggle. “hi,” he mouths back. mikey lowers himself back down again, planting a kiss on you before pushing himself back up. “hi,” he whispers this time, slipping off his headphones, “I'm just about done, are you comfortable here?” “mmhm, why?” “wanna makeout?” “always.” 
KEN “DRAKEN” RYUGUJI | the blonde’s loud, struggling grunts could be heard all over the house. and it’s been distracting you from your work. deciding it’s not worth it to keep re-reading the same sentence over and over again, you head out to the living room. leaning against the door, you watch as Draken whisper numbers out loud as he bends down, then up, then down again. At 100, your husband takes a little break and you use this chance to slide under him, wiggling until you find the most comfortable position on the wooden floor. he doesn’t say anything except restart his regimen. “babe, you’re supposed to kiss me each time you come down,” you pout. “I'll kiss you each time I do ten pushups. just stay right there, princess. you’re doing great.” “I'm not even doing anything.” “exactly, you not doing anything is doing everything. thank you, sweetheart.” 
CHIFUYU MATSUNO | you glance down towards your boyfriend. From his bed, you got the perfect view of the way his arm flexes with each downward movement and the way it relaxes as he pushes himself back up. It was evident Chifuyu was getting tired. And what kind of girlfriend are you if you can’t provide him some motivation to keep going. “Baby, are you getting tired?” “just a little,” was his huffed reply. “Want some help?” Chifuyu stops and smiles once he realizes your intentions, “yes, please.” So you slide under him and Chifuyu does one, two, three more pushups before collapsing on top of you. “I thought you were supposed to be a motivation,” he murmurs. “What do you mean? I am!” he leans down and kisses your pout. “Baby, you’re more of a distraction, a very welcomed one though.”
MITSUYA TAKASHI | random fabrics were strewn across the floor, mitsuya pushing away a patterned one as he lowers himself down to the floor. he’s been sitting at his desk for too long working on jackets. As you kindly like to remind him, getting up and getting in some exercise was important. And Mitsuya always listens to you. so push-ups were the fastest way for some excellent full-body workout. “Babe, are you in here?” The door slides open, “oh! Good you’re working out.” “Hi darling,” he doesn’t miss a beat as you wiggle underneath him. He smiles and places a small kiss on your left cheek before pushing himself back up. Then he lowers himself and kisses you on your right cheek before repeating the process. “Hey! You’re supposed to kiss me on my lips!” Mitsuya chuckles, “I’m getting there.” He lowers himself back down, this time using all his strength to keep himself hovered just barely above you for that extra minute of kiss. “Gotta save the best for last, princess.”
Tumblr media
masterlist | reblogs & likes are v.appreciated - thank you 💕
Tumblr media
© property of takemittchy 2021. please do not copy my works, themes & layout to pass off as your own. 
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gabytodd · 3 months ago
grandpa sano: y/n, would you do me the honor of becoming my granddaughter-in-law?
shinichiro: did you just propose to her for me?
grandpa sano: somebody had to shin.
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hanmine · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬: sano manjiro, ryuguji ken, hanma shuji, matsuno chifuyu, mitsuya takashi, baji keisuke, kisaki tetta, haitani rindou
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: mentions of alcohol, slightly suggestive in draken’s and hanma’s
Tumblr media
THE POUTY/CLINGY DRUNK: clings to you the whole night, pouts when your attention’s not on him, sulks when you talk to other people, death glares anyone who tries to get too close to you, and probably tries to fight someone at some point but he’s too out of it so you stop him before he makes a fool of himself
“mikey, can you at least stop leaning so much weight on me? you’re heavy,” you insist, sighing when his arms squeeze around your waist tighter. you run a finger through his hair as he death glares the bar tender behind you.
“bar tender keeps smiling at you,” he spits. “imma fight him, show him what ‘m made of.”
“you’re made of a wobbly idiot who can’t stand on his own right now,” you say flatly, chuckling when he whines and digs his face into your neck. “and it’s his job to smile.”
“don’ go falling in love with the bartender. love me, kay?”
“okay,” you chuckle.
“‘m still gonna fight ‘im. roundhouse his ass after his shift,” he glowers, tugging you closer to him with a pout.
Tumblr media
THE TEASING DRUNK: rare time he lets go and just relaxes, and he makes it his mission to fluster you. thinks he’s being incredibly funny, interrupts your sentences for kisses, compliments you out of the blue, makes suggestive comments, winks at you after saying something flirty, he’s just intolerable. but you love him <3
“babe, babe, guess what?” draken smirks, poking your cheek. sighing, you try to wrestle his six foot figure into the passenger seat, but he’s not having it.
“what? what is it, ken?”
“you’re really hot,” he says with a wide grin, hands wandering down your waist. sighing, you tuck a strand of hair behind his ear, rolling your eyes.
“thank you, ken. now please get in—”
“really hot without clothes too. take ‘em off,” he winks as he interrupts you, making you groan when people passing by chuckle. shoving him, you force him into the car.
“swear to god, ken. cut it out, you menace.”
Tumblr media
THE OBNOXIOUS DRUNK: it’s his life goal to let everyone and their mom know you’re his, tries to make out with you in front of everyone, grabs your ass, steals your drink, pokes your cheek, asks to go home so he can do other things, but you only drag him home to save your dignity
“yeah, have them screamin’ my name every night,” hanma grins, pointing at you with his thumb and making the couple beside you shuffle awkwardly as they give him tight smiles.
“he does no such thing,” you try to laugh off.
“oh, i do,” he calls over your shoulder as you shove him towards the door. “that’s why i’m being dragged out right no—”
“have a nice rest of your night,” you interrupt. “shuji, shut up,” you warn. smirking, hanma leans in and kisses you, hungrily trying to deepen it while you pull away.
“baby, c’mon,” he groans. “jus’ tryna get some.”
Tumblr media
THE FLUSTERED DRUNK: blushes when you grab his hand, stutters when you call him babe, practically passes out when you push away hair from his sweaty forehead. he probably forgets you’re dating by the end of the night, shocked to his core when you call him babe
“h-hi there,” chifuyu stutters, waving at you shyly when you walk up to him with a soft smile. stroking a hand through his hair, you move the sweaty locks away from his forehead. he gulps at the gesture.
“ready to go home, baby?”
“h-huh? did you say baby?” he stares at you with wide eyes, cheeks flushing a dark crimson at your words.
“chifuyu? are you okay, babe?” leaning in, you press a gentle kiss to his jaw, making his breath hitch. he stumbles back, making you furrow your brows, grabbing his hand and steadying him.
“wha—who are you?”
Tumblr media
THE EMOTIONAL DRUNK: tries to give you a whole emotional speech of why he’s grateful for you and how you’ve changed his life for the better and how much you mean to him, and you have to stand there in the middle of the parking lot and listen because you just can’t bring yourself to interrupt him
“and…and you’re so sweet, you know? you help me take care of my sisters, make sure i eat, gimme kisses,” mitsuya lists, putting a finger up for each reason he loves you. “and you always put ‘lil smiley faces when you text me g’night. those make me happy,” he rambles.
“i’m so glad you like them, baby,” you nod. “how about you tell me the rest in the car—”
“and when ‘m sad, we cuddle. and you play with my hair, and cheer me up, and then ‘m not sad anymore,” he adds, hugging you tightly and leaning his head into your shoulder. “gonna marry you some day,” he murmurs. smiling, you run your fingers through his hair, kissing his temple.
“some day,” you agree. “we’ll get married some day. but for now, we’re gonna go into the—”
“and i love how supportive you are too, ya know?” you sigh, nodding along as he continues.
Tumblr media
THE TIRED DRUNK: he’s always got so much energy, it finally dwindles when he’s too drunk, stumbling and almost falling asleep at every corner as you try to drag him home. tries to cuddle you and sleep in the car, doesn’t want to hear it when you tell him you have to get home first
“keisuke, lift your arms,” you scold, patting his cheek and forcing his eyes open. grumbling, he grabs your wrist and tugs, trying to bring you closer.
“‘m tired, lay with me,” he mutters.
“keisuke, you did this on the way home too in the car,” you groan, snatching your wrist from his grip. “just let me get you dressed for bed and you can—no! keisuke open your eyes this instant,” you warn.
“not my mom,” he huffs, “can’t tell me what to do.”
“baji keisuke,” you snap, wrestling his shirt off and making him slip off his jeans. you tie his hair into a ponytail as his head lolls from side to side while he fights off the sleep in his eyes.
“g’night,” he mumbles, falling asleep on your side of the bed.
Tumblr media
THE IN-DENIAL DRUNK: doesn’t believe he’s drunk, he’s low key a lightweight too, so he doesn’t wanna admit he’s this out of it when he’s barely even had much to drink. tries to do everything on his own, but you can just see him struggling
“gimme that,” kisaki snatches his car keys from your hand, fumbling around with them to try and unlock the car. raising a brow, you stare at him as he tries to find the right button. “can do it myself,” he mutters.
“tetta,” you sigh. “you’re not in the right mind to drive.” he scoffs, finally finding the right button and unlocking the vehicle.
“yes i am,” he argues. “barely had anything to drink. i’ll be fine,” he insists, climbing into the driver’s seat. he doesn’t make it very far, struggling to fit the keys and start the engine. “damn thing won’t go in,” he grumbles.
“tetta, baby,” you sigh, grabbing his wrist and taking the keys from him. he crosses his arms and stays seated. “you can’t drive. you’re drunk.”
“you’re imagining it.” he finally moves to the passenger seat when you threaten to scratch the car with the keys.
Tumblr media
THE AGGRESSIVE DRUNK: picking fights with everyone he sees, trying to provoke people. he’s causing a scene no matter where you are, everyone is either stopping to stare or trying to fight him. on the bright side, he’s a bit looser, and more expressive, so you see him smile a bit more.
“you got somethin’ to say? i can fight,” rindou calls to the man glaring at you both, making you sigh and tug at his wrist.
“rin, don’t start—”
“don’t worry, baby,” he grins, smirking over at the man that’s making his way over. “tough guy thinks he’s a match against me,” he cackles, shrugging his jacket off and handing it to you.
“rin, you’re gonna get us thrown out,” you pinch your nose. “you always do this.”
“wanted to order my drink before him,” he huffs. “not my fault he started it.” he knocks the man out with one punch, a smile erupting across his face as he turns to you. “did ya see that?”
“i saw,” you say flatly, rolling your eyes at him. but he looks happy, and it’s rare he smiles this big, so you let him bask in his pride for a bit.
Tumblr media
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fushigujiro · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
➤ INCLUDING; Mikey, Draken, Mitsuya, Baji,
➤ Warnings; Fluff, Crack, Suggestive themes, kissing, kicking and shoving
Tumblr media
→ will most likely kick you out of the bed💀
→ he wakes up when you are not in his arms or when he is not in yours. like he just literally makes a loud groaning noise and moves around to find you.
→ once he finds you he pulls you too him or he just climbs on top of you and just puts his head in between your neck, on your collarbone/chest, or just snuggled into your stomach and holds you tight☹️
→ you will find him mumbling in his sleep. you wonder sometimes what he could be dreaming about and he could be talking about the weirdo shit💀
→ it’s so random you try to stop yourself from laughing right there. He’s so adorable when he’s asleep though but when he wakes up this man is a monster👹
→ when he realizes that you are very tired or that you are in need of rest at the moment, he will quickly stop whatever he’s doing and just grabs you and pull you under the covers and will spoon you while giving you little kisses on your neck or behind your ear.
→ he cannot sleep without his trusty blanket. He will share it once in a while but in the middle of the night you both can be sharing it and he just YANKS away from your body and move away talking about “mine”
→ you both could be sleeping in the most casual way possible but end up in a position you only do in twister💀
→ overall = 8.5/10
→ lemme tell you from now☹️
→ his long ass legs is enough to satisfy you as a blanket 💀
→ i really don’t know how to explain it but when you both sleep, you both are facing each other very close, legs tangled, your head on his chest or neck his on your chest or neck.
→ he DROOLS!! but it’s cute and gross because it ends up on you but you don’t feel it since you are a very deep sleeper. you probably won’t notice till leaning when it’s dried up or when drill is still coming out his mouth enough to wet the bet💀
→ in the winter time, sleeps are better at those times for me🥰 winter and fall it’s just so peaceful and cooley. but as i was saying, if you guys are sharing a blanket? he will literally SLEEP FIGHT you over it☹️
→ like how are you fighting for something with your ass still in dreamland🙁 He will actually start kicking your legs or feet and be trying to “ACCIDENTALLY” push you off the bed and just wrap his long ass in a blanket burrito.
→ that’s not even the worse part, if you look close enough, he’s SMILING😒 this little bitch out here acting like he’s sleep when he knows damn well what he’s doing😭
→ when he steals the blanket and your shivering cold, you try waking him up but then he just rolls away acting like he doesn’t hear a THING
→ stingy asshole right there💀 when he acts like a little ass brat, you get up from the bed and walk to the door and open it… he’s wide awake
→ reason for that is because the door makes a little sound when it opens and another sound with it’s closed. so that’s basically what takes his bed brattiness🙄
→ he’s a sweetheart though, most of the sumtimes as well, he makes sure you have a nicest sleep ever. you in a uncomfortable position? he will fix it. your neck is looking weird? alright then, your head ends up on his chest or he will fix the pillow properly.
→ overall = 8.5/10
→ *dreamily sighs* i don’t know what to tell you guys😫
→he snores.
→ LMFAOOO sorry!! but yes he does snore but he only does that when he VERY much tired like, having to watch his two hyper siblings, toman meetings, his sewing club- OVERALL everything gets to him sometimes and he just blanks out the second he sees the bed with you sleeping in it.
→ When he goes to bed he can never sleep until you are sleep yourself. You tell him how many damn times that he needs his sleep because you can see that damn eye bags blowing up but it still makes him look beautiful like isn’t already
→ he moves around when he sleeps. kinda sleep talks too. same with mikey, when he feels that you aren’t anywhere near his radius he gets so whiny and starts searching for you.
→once he finds you, he brings you close to him so where his lips where pressing against his ear and you hear his tired and raspy voice asking where you went still with his eyes closed the whole time
→ when you don’t answer he tickles the sides of you and hears you giggle and smile, causes a chain reaction for him to do the same. Even when he’s on the brink of dream land, he will always have time for you.
→ when he’s gets tense after along day of hard working you tell him to take off his shirt because there goes his MASSAGES!!!
→ you can even be 1 minute in and he’s snoring like hell. Your hands are tough but soft at the same time- i don’t know how to explain it? i hope you understand but it’s those hands that just gets his muscles feeling not so sore anymore.
→ he almost cries about how good it feels and how he feels so lighter right after. He falls asleep to the massages yo give him and he’s waking up with drool, messy hair, blankets all over the place and you just facing the other direction on the bed with your feet to his face.
→when i say he moves a lot- he’s moved A LOt. man is like a whole tornado💀
→ Overall= 8.8 / 10
→ i have no idea what to say to you tbh💀
→ the little bitch sleep kicks AND punches☹️
→ it’s either him kicking you to the edge of the bed or him stealing the blanket from you.
→ he loves it when he gets to lay on top of you, y’know? like not all of his weight on you but he’s still on top of you. He loves laying his head on your chest or neck. neck because, it’s the best place for him to nip your skin and make you jump out of your sleep from the little pain. your chest because, he loves nuzzling into it and blowing raspberries on the skin or on the shirt which ends up having a large wet spot on it from the spit and saliva😭
→ he knows you have trouble sleeping at night so he tries everything he knows of how he sleeps and brings them to you. though it doesn’t work because he always ends up changing his mind everytime💀
→ usually when you both can’t fall asleep now, you both go downstairs and eat cereal and go to the living room to watch tv while eating half awake, half asleep.
→ baji loves feeling your skin just because he likes to know that you are actually there. for example, when he has a nightmare about something bad and he wakes up, he wants to make sure that you are alive, healthy and breathing and it makes him feel safe that you are there with him.
→ he has a thing where he loves biting your neck like what i said before. he does that when he’s tired or when he’s in the middle of sleeping. Sometimes your neck ends up bleeding a little because of his strong ass canines 😭
→ but he’s a adorable little menace🧸
→ Overall = 8.9
Tumblr media
keisukefushiguro © 2021 all right reserved.
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