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Don’t know how controversial this take will be but I think if you run a YouTube Drama channel you legally should not be allowed to own land.

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Hi, wow, this has been something I’ve wanted to write for almost two years but it always felt like there wasn’t enough stuff to go off of.

Before I even get into everything, just know that I’m completely aware of what this blog is and that it centers around drama. There’s a reason my content and the tone of it has changed throughout the past two years and we’ll get into that when the time comes. I’m also critiquing myself in this post, just so no one thinks I’m being hypocritical.

Drama channels got their time in the spotlight beginning in mid 2018 during the dramaggeddon one between Jeffree Star, Laura Lee, MannyMUA, Nikita Dragun, and Gabriel Zamora. That situation was huge at the time and it helped channels like Tea Spill get a lot of attention over the next few months. The hype around drama channels and the drama community continued over the next year during the Bye Sister stuff and Jaclyn Hill’s lipstick scandal.

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Not necessarily fundie related, but did y’all see that Katie Joy of Without A Crystal Ball is apparently being sued for defamation by Tati & James Westbrook?

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Not sure if anyone here is trash like me and watches drama/tea channels, but here’s my hot take: Spill Sesh is the worst one and I need to stop watching their content

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Yeah and here’s a short take because I have an opinion piece on drama channels and their Gabbie Hanna bias. 

1. Gabbie can talk about her music and the story behind it. Do I think she should have said it’s about Trisha? No, she should have just said it was written for another person and they didn’t want it. I will never knock a musician for speaking about their music. People being mad at her for making a song for or about someone should keep that same energy with all mainstream musicians.

2. Trisha is obviously so hypocritical. Keemstar had to defend Gabbie, which is weird, because Trisha was going off about how stalkerish she is and how she won’t stop talking about her. Just want to point out that Trisha kept mocking Gabbie’s mental breakdown while she wasn’t even on the internet. She talks about her unwarranted. I don’t let the “But she’s self aware so that excuses it”, no it doesn’t. Just because she says she’s aware she’s being a cunt towards Gabbie doesn’t mean she can say what she wants and not be held accountable. I shouldn’t be agreeing with Keemstar on shit, that’s fucking weird but here I am agreeing with his points.

3. Drama channels just need to shut up lol. It’s so annoying seeing them be silent when she comes back, but jumping on the chance to make a video the second this drama started. Gabbie isn’t even talking about it anymore but there’s still drama channels liking shady tweets, Trisha’s videos, and making videos about it. Spill Sesh made one in hours of the drama, but it’s Gabbie who likes the drama, right? It’s not drama channels fault that her drama always gets dragged out, right? It’s pathetic at this point and I feel like they’re doing what Trisha is doing which is trying to get her to react the way she used to again and they’re hiding behind the “We talk about drama” when they obviously don’t talk about all drama and don’t have to talk about half the drama they do. Gabbie’s line “My name makes you lots of money” is kind of speaking volumes to me right now lol.

4. I’m not a Gabbie fan still, but I also don’t have a weird-ass grudge about her because I don’t know her personally and it’s weird how drama channels act like she killed their cat sometimes. If Gabbie wants to work on herself, and from the last few days of research, it looks like she is and it’s working, then we have to give her room to breathe. Def Noodles especially has been milking Gabbie segments for a while and it’s weird because even if it’s satire, it comes off as him wanting to start shit. There’s actual newsworthy stuff and then just petty shit no one cares about and I wish he’d find a common ground between the two because it turned me away from his videos…and his heavy sarcasm did too. I still got criticisms of Gabbie, but I won’t aid in another mental breakdown or some sort of hate train. I’m letting her just live and we’ll tackle each new drama with grace.

Just my opinions, let me know what you guys think and I’m sorry to anon for making this so long. Just wanted to air my thoughts out before my opinion piece comes out. 

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There’s this culture on youtube now I find very disturbing. Commentary and drama channels have somehow gotten psychology degrees and are off diagnosing other youtubers and labeling them sexual or child predators. I’d like to see where they got those degrees. The times I do see actual professionals talking about these people (when asked, they don’t volunteer) they are way more careful in using these words and they never diagnose. Starting to nurture an extreme dislike for most drama/commentary people. Not Phil tho - Phil is responsible - at least what I see of him has looked that way.

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Hi, Black Lives Matter.

That gives away that I’m a Jenna Marbles fan haha.

I still have posts up with links to BLM petitions and resources.

With that being said, I’m slowly going to be posting normal content. That doesn’t mean I’ll stop talking about Black Lives Matter though.

So, I want to make this piece because I’ve had a friend of mine closely monitor the situation through her Twitter and I’ve been getting screenshots (and whiplash) all day because of it. I think a lot of this has been taken far beyond the original point and it’s frustrating to see two sides not talking it out and furthering the divide between content creators and drama channels.

This piece will come out within the next few days. I’m sure everything will calm down by then, but I don’t want to miss any new information that comes up.

All I can say is…Black Lives Matter and the movement still needs allies every single day. Thank you.

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if you know some fresh youtube commentary/comedy channels that are good–lemme know? 

I would really like more of that kind of content to watch while I work alone these days. It’s nice listening to funny people talk about inconsequential stuff they wanna talk about or do stupid craft challenges. And hey–if you like the same kind of thing maybe you’ll find more of it here 👉👉

Here are the ones I’ve already watched every video from:
• Danny Gonzales
• Drew Gooden
• Kurtis Conner
• Jenny Nicholson
• Liza Koshy
• Jon Tron Show
• Cody Ko
• Ally Hills
• Casey Aonso
• Jarvis Johnson
• Eddy Burback
• Gus Johnson 

For themed youtube channels with similar vibes I also like: 
• Read With Cindy (book drama)
• Bernadette Banner (historical clothing)
• Captain Midnight (super heroes)
• Mr Atheist (philosophy? rants)
• Ahmed Aldoori (art + mental health)
• Juns Kitchen (food & chill)
• Kitboga (cyber vigilante)
• Broken Window Theory (urban exploration)

For a bit of what I don’t want more of: iNabber, LeonLush, Michael Persad, BionicPIG, Amanda the Jedi, and D’Angelo Wallace. I’ll watch them every once in a while but mostly their stuff is too heavy on the kind of drama I don’t personally care about.

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Primink has a new video Owo

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