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There's almost an equal split between the sexes on Tumblr - 51% male, 49% female.

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Hello to the diverse community of Tumblr!! May you be staying sane safe and strong! I am excited to finally start sharing my Instagram account- Loveshine_Artistry - showcasing my drawings, photography, art & adventures. Follow my Tumblr and Insta account for an eclectic mix of creative content from me and other artists I’m inspired by. I look forward to connecting more with my awesome mutual and followers. I have appreciated Tumblr for years & grateful to be finally able to bring my art to This global community. Art and photography prints will be available soon ☺️💛🌻 support our Artists!!! 🏳️‍🌈💖 All rights reserves to Aura-lea Loveshine.

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Via Flickr:
MAB’S DRAW HALLOWEEN CLUB DAY 21 PROMPT ~ YOKAI SUBMISSION BY Emma Belanger ~ M A GHOST, A WITCH, A BAT, A FAIRY, A CAT! 👻‍♀️‍♂️🐱🎃 A Ghost, A Witch, A Bat, A Fairy, A Cat! Little, mischievous cats on Halloween, they will do strange, magical things to get their special treats! When black cats prowl And pumpkins gleam, May luck be yours On Halloween! TRICK OR TREAT AND CANDY THIEVES ~ by Emma Belanger ~ M When black cats prowl And pumpkins gleam, May luck be yours On Halloween!

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Hi pals,

I’m really sorry to make that kind of post, I always want to resolve everything by myself but I can’t anymore.

I’m Lee, a 19 y-old bisexual enby, studying litterature, and is also disabled. I’m living in France, in an anti-LGBT family. I moved out and got an apartment so I could do my studies and come out of the closet and if anything went bad, I’d have a place to stay at. But I didn’t have time to do so. Several people in my class got infected by Covid-19, and since I have a cardiac malformation, I just couldn’t stay and risk my life.

I’ve left but my landlord just fucked me up. Instead of having a 1 month prior notice for a furnished apartment (which it, apparently, was), I’ve got a 3 month. So 3 months paying for an apartment I’m not even at anymore.

I’m already in debt and I can’t pay. This is such a shitty situation I’m regretting everything. I wish I could go and work but I can’t risk my health because of Covid-19. I have no option and I’m desperate.

All I have every months is 420 euros, I’ve been refused the Covid-19 aid and the social aid, no matter than I’m already refunding 250 euros every months because of lending. A month of rent is 380 euros. I’m in a big, big shit and I need your help. I need to get out of debt and manage to gather the rent, so 583.


Please help me. Even just 1 euro, just a reblog counts and means a lot. I really, really need your help, I don’t know what to do, I’m at my lowest. 

I can draw, do translations (french/english) and write fanfics if you want to, commissions would also save my life. Here’s my paypal and ko-fi:



Please, everyone, stay safe out there <3

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Research teams tend to wear hazmat suits as they explore infection zones to protect themselves from biohazards caused by monsters or from the spreading of the infection zones. It also provides a thin layer of protection from smaller monsters.

Giant claws may shred the suits but tiny claws are less likely to pierce through

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