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This is my first attempt with the graphics tablet…my god it was one of the drawings I have put more effort and time in recent years haha. On a sheet of paper it would have taken me much less time but this depends only on the fact that I’m still not practical and also because my graphics tablet is not worth anything, but however is to make a digital drawing gives you the opportunity to do something much more precise and also make improvements on color, brightness, saturation and contrast. During the procedure I made a lot of mistakes, especially in the choice of the color that surely on paper I could not go back. Of course I could have made a sketch before on the choice of colors, but when I draw I like to improvise, even the colors do not want to be premeditated but that their combination is made according to the law of the moment and taste of course.

I really liked this sketch, the time was long but the result gave me pride, and also there is pink as the predominant color and … well, I love pink.

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Just some warm up sketches of one of my character babies. Trying to get back into the habit of drawing every day again. She’s an older version of Ophelia.

Soon I’ll be able to get a PayPal so I can start doing commission drawings if anyone is interested, so hit me up!! I draw characters, OC’s and plenty of other things. Feel free to contact me about any of it

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