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I finally finished this up!! May 22nd huh? Ouch I took a long while ^^’
I took awhile to finish this due to me trying to figure out the art I should be making, and how that will affect everyone! I want to make art that people will smile at! Not be bored and see it as repetitive, I’ve come to the conclusion that I should make art I’m happy to make. Canon or non-canon! So if anyone was waiting for this to be finished I’m really sorry!
-I was testing out shading! Making it more smooth instead of using the water color brush which  has a rougher look to the over all shading!! I can say this looks alright? I think I should have done just a few more layers but no matter what I did it just looked too messy so I kept it like this ^^
-Fun Fact! The lens was actually used from the sketch! I tend to finalize the lens when I draw Cory in my sketches because flat colors never look right on it?? Idk, but that saved me a bit of time! Minus having to adjust it to the actual line art ^^’
-But Yee! Again I was testing out perspective here (and a comic like look, that’s why there’s borders)! I think I did well! It’s just the antlers look too flat still! I’ve tried many times to fix this but I gave up in the end and just used the sketch as a guide ;^;
-Hm I think that’s about it! Have a great rest of your day!! Or night? Time zones are funky XD

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Time to draw a crow…🔥🖤🔥
#crow #thecrow #crowdrawing #drawacrow #drawing #drawingtimelapse #draw #zeichnen #zeichnenzeitraffer #krähe #krähezeichnen #crowtattooidea #krähentattoodesign #tattooartwork #tattooidea #tattooidee #tattooartist #tattoovorlage #tattoozeichnen #sarembaart #creativetime #becreative #letsdraw #makeadrawing #havefunwithdrawing #drawagain (hier: Lebende Kunst/ Miriam El-Maaroufi)

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Day 3 was supposed to be Aramis’s turn. I spent an amount of time gazing at the shot I’d chosen (clear, straight-to-camera, good light) and realised that I’m Just Not Ready For The Hat. So, even though this chap refused to look at me, and definitely was not up for smiling, he got pulled to the front of the queue.


Slightly different experience this time, not least because it was as though I could hear muted, aristocratic tones telling me to draw what’s there, not what you think you can see.


I also put more effort into lightly sketching an outline of the whole this time:


I’m still using the retractable pencil. I mean – I’m making work hard in terms of flatter side and sharper edge, but I have to start using Proper Pencils from now on. Unless there’s some weird Fear of Commitment thing going on here.

Who knows.

Anyway. Have a grumpy bugger. 😉

P.S. Hair is still bloody difficult.

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