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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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#drawing challenge

Pleased Teen Loki, for your delight ❤️



Send an ask to request more expressions! ❤️

You can find all posts related to this challenge under the tag “#25 essential expressions challenge” in my profile (use the Search option!)

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🗒Day 1–Real Forms


DNI if you ship Dreamcest

HEEHOO!! HELLO!!!!!! Im back with a new post!! Im participating in Dreamcember, a Challenge created by the one and only Jokublog!

Dream Sans and Nightmare Sans belong to @jokublog!!!


This is what I did! I had issues with spacing at first because the canvas wasnt big enough I ended up needing to move nightmare. :-(

It took 2 hours and 4 minutes!


I made some little pfps too! If you use the Credit me!!


Originally posted by dukefavre

As always please to not Repost my art without my permission. Do not steal or trace my art either!! Tysm for looking at my post!! Buh-Bye!

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So I’ve been in a really bad art rut lately (it’s the depression) but I’ve managed to make a prompt game that’s sparked up my art interest again. And all you’ll need is a d20.


The  premise is simple enough. You roll a d20 three times to establish aesthetic and mood. Example:

I got 17 (Ice) 1 (Books) and 7 (Crying)

So I messed around with ideas until I came up with-


-An ice queen reading sad novels.

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hello ! i made super relax drawing prompts for myself this month and wanted to share with yall <3 winter can be cold and hard so i thought positive prompts would be nice ! it doesn’t matter if your a writer or an artist, these prompts are for everyone :) it’s a lot of self indulgence on my part, but yolo. i’ve also never drawn food/drinks/animals so let’s see how this goes …

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