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#drawing matthias made me cry
echo-bleu · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“A gambler, a convict, a wayward son, a lost Grisha, a Suli girl who had become a killer, a boy from the Barrel who had become something worse.”  
The Crows at the beginning of Six of Crows and at the end of Crooked Kingdom. I wanted to draw hands and it grew into something more. The designs are inspired by both the show and the books.
ID under the cut.
[ID: Three picture, the first is a looping gif of the other two. The second is a digital drawing of the six Crows' hands on a table in a circle, above a map. In the first drawing, the map is the Ice Court. Clockwise, Wylan is holding a pen and drawing on the map with one hand and holding a grenade with the other. Jesper has three playing cards and a revolver. Matthias has shackles around his wrists and bloody knuckles, and he’s pointing at something on the map. Nina is holding a heart, wearing the Crows and a rose tattoo. Kaz’s hands are gloved, one on his crow headed cane and the other holding a coin with a crow on it. Inej has three throwing knives in one hand and a dagger in the other. There are other coins scattered around the picture.
In the third image, the map is Ketterdam. Wylan is still holding a pen and his other hand is clasped with Jesper’s. Jesper has his revolver. Matthias’s hands are shackle free but they’re ghostly, and one of them is on Nina’s hand. Nina’s other hand holds a human bone. Kaz has his left glove in his right hand, above his cane, and his left hand is ungloved and brushing against Inej’s hand. Inej still has her dagger in the other hand, which has a ship etched onto the blade. End ID]
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thedelusionreaderbitch · 4 months ago
Kaz Brekker x fem! Reader - The Saints Of Freedom
Tumblr media
(Gif not mine)
A/n: So this just came up into my head... There's going to be so much Shadow and bone content I'm just saying in advance - I'm so sorry! Also Matthias is alive!
Warnings: Sexual abuse, abuse, harassment, angst, fluff, terrible men, death, blood, language I think that's it? You have been warned!
Summary: Some man from the Crow Club wants a good time with you
I take a sip of my water, sighing. Inej and Kaz are in the corner talking to each other, like they never broke up. Wylan and Jesper are in a couple seats over from me joking with each other like their lives depend on it. And Nina and Matthias are in a both in back, Nina trying to get Matthias to kiss her while he's trying to be decent. Apparently.
Why did I have to fall for the Bastard of the Barrel?
I shift around on my bar stool a bit so I can listen in on a conversation.
"Let's play a round of strip poker boys!" I flinch, nope not happening.
I guess I never really fell in love with Kaz, I drowned for him. Him and all his terrible ways and his broken mindset, I drown in that. I yearn for that death in an ocean of Kaz Brekker. Wanting that kills me, slowly although.
"James! Go get some Chicks!" I stiffen up and start to get out of my seat. I gracefully like a snake avoid anyone in the crowd slipping into the darkness acting as just another man looking for it's prey.
That way you go unnoticed.
A hand grabs me and forcefully drags me away from the entrance. Damn it, I was so close. I am harshly turned towards the person who dragged me away from my freedom. A shiver runs up my spine as a man with yellow teeth grins down on me. His left hand goes up and down my arm, while his right has a bruising grip on me.
"Your gonna come play some poker with us aren't you little- Umm let me think." The man pretends to think for a second
"Ah! Your a fawn!"
I freeze.
That's what my father called me when he use to rap-
Don't think about that you need to try and make up a plan to get out of here!
I realize that I'm dragged all the way to the back where a table is, too late.
"Come on girly, we want some." The monster says.
"Now." He growls.
I shake my head trying to get the thoughts out of my head from my home life. I can't kill them because their good pigeons to the Crow Club. But I can injury them if necessary.
"Your not even going to tell your name?" I look up to the man who dragged me over here, knowing that he's going to get me and will be the only one to get me. He got his prey now the others get to watch.
"It's James pretty girl, and take your pants and panties off now, if I win you'll get to keep em." The men around the table chuckle in delight knowing what will happen - he will try to loose.
"And if you don't?" I cheer myself on internally for not loosing it and keeping my voice strong. Stall, it's the best thing you get do.
"We really start playing poker than."
Lies. I hiss in my head, once my pussy is out he will do what ever he wants with me.
I place a hand on his arm, stall Y/n, stall.
"When does the game end?" I lean in and whisper into his ear like I'm trying to seduce him. Bile rise's up from my throat but I shallow it back down but then I realize it makes me seem like I'm nervous. Shit. He seems to have picked up on that though and he likes it. It means he has control.
His hand goes to my thigh.
"As long as I want." He pulls me onto to him and I struggle out of his grip. Five other men come and hold me down on the table. I attempt to wrestle them all and I almost get out, but two other monsters come up and hold me down.
"Let's give them a show boys!"
Tears gather up in my eyes.
"Monsters." I hiss at the men. One with blond hair punches my arm with the bed of his fist and a small scream is with drawled from my throat as I hear it... Crack! Fuck, it's definitely broken.
"You can't break a girl that's already been broken, you'll only get cut." I rasp my voice quiet but very, very angry.
"You litt-" He gets cut off from the other man who brought me to this torture.
"Gather round! People, gather round! Let's see what we can do to this pretty little fawn here?" The man - James says as he places a hand on my stomach. Mostly horrid men gather around the table but the odd woman is here too, probably the dumb ones. As soon as the predator got it's prey you run.
So your not it's next meal.
Struggling to try and get out of the men's grip on me, but it's hopeless. They have two on each limb of my body holding me down.
"Come on little fawn, it's time to play." The man whispers into my ear.
Memories flood into my sense's of my father. Doing terrible, terrible things to me. Marking me. Tainting me, as I learned not to scream anymore so mother wouldn't beat the crap out of me because if he couldn't get me - he got her.
The barbaric beast crawls onto me surely leaving bruise's and his hand goes to lift up my shirt and-
BANG! He's on the floor bloodied from where something hit his face. Hard.
The other men don't try and stop whoever hit the other vile man to the floor. I almost don't open my eyes to see who might be my savoir in fear that they just might want some.
I open my eyes.
Kaz! I think and I nearly sigh in relief.
"Let her go." Kaz says dangerously low and calm and the men practically drop me on the table.
Kaz's cane is still on the table as I sit up. Hi cane is pointed towards the men in question and at this point the other man starts to get up. Kaz nods to Jesper and Inej and she smiles a bit, always a pleasure to hurt some nasty men. Matthias seems to be guarding to doorway so now one can get out and Nina seems to go help Inej and Jesper as Wylan goes help Matthias with the door. Demo at the entrance, nice.
Kaz holds out a gloved hand, I take it and stand up next to him and at the angle we're at I'm pressed up against him.
"Come on little fawn." My father opens the door to my room slowly with a sadistic smile on his face.
"But fath-"
He lifts me up by hair and the cry of pain that would come from a normal child did not come, for they had not been train to be solider at seven.
"We don't call me that when it's play time. You know that." He growls as his hands start pulling off my shirt.
"Yes master." He takes my shirt off and h-
"Y/n." I voice says and I open my eyes and they lock onto some dark brown eyes. "Would you like to do the honours?" A voice rasps. I realize that Kaz is referring to the seven men lined up, held up my Nina, Inej, and Jesper and with some help from Wylan who has a grenade out to scare them.
I feel myself fade away like a I'm ghost.
Come on Y/n, be a good little fawn.
No. I think and push the memories back.
I go to the first three and I simply cut their throats with my double sided daggers. A man laughs and I swiftly turn. I then stab one in the stomach, the one who laughed while I killed the others. He howls in pain, I then simply kill him and the others till it's just the last one left. The monster. The one who dragged me away like a sack of kruge. Like I was a prize for him.
A ballistic smile creeps up on his face like he was paper and someone was drawing my nightmares.
It's my brother.
My brother who has the same smile as my dad, the brother who made fun of me at school, the brother who helped mom and beat me on his own accords as well. The brother who toke after our father in every way.
"You won't kill me." James smiles.
"You won't kill me." My brother says as I pull out a knife with serpent around it's handle.
"You still love me, I'm your brother." I drop the knife and he see's it as his chance and strikes.
The knives shake in my hands but I put them away.
"See." He chuckles like he knew what would happen. Imbecile.
"Your doing it wrong." Kaz limps up to me, the familiar pace of his cane hitting the floor. "You need to have a reason."
"I thought you didn't need one?" I sigh in disappointment of doing it the wrong way. Again. Kaz stares at me for a couple of seconds then shakes his head slightly like he's trying to clear his mind.
"No. You need a reason behind why we're here."
My brows frown in confusion. "What do you mean?"
Limping closer to me he places a hand on my shoulder.
"Why are you here?"
He walks back a bit giving me space to do my work. I suck in a deep breath, why am I here?
I release my weapon, an extension of myself and it doesn't hit the traget.
A man hits the ground with a thud, the man who tried to get a night with me yesterday is dead right on the ground. The blade embedded inside his chest and the snake sticking out.
Kaz flash's me a smile but I barley catch it and it's gone in a blink.
"Good, not what do you want to be called?"
"Serpent." I whisper as I look up into his eyes.
"The Serpent."
I take out my knife with a snake around it's hilt always looking like it's moving and ready to strike.
Why are you here.
I close my eyes and it's done in a flash.
His ankles and hands are severed off and they drop to the floor like their separate bodies.
I lean in and whisper into his ear.
"The Serpent as struck and it seems." I grin a little.
"She has not granted you the mercy of death."
I lean in closer so only he can hear as he howls out in pain.
"Eight years." I breath. I come back up and turn swiftly out of the Crow Club shoving past Matthias who looks to be horrified but I don't know beause he did survive hellgate.
I stumble into an alleyway and I grip onto the brick wall.
The wolf is no more.
Streaming down my face tears flood my vision as I weep for all the pain, for all the years of torture finally the last one of them is dead.
Thump. Thump.
I hear the rhythmic of the crow cane but it seems to stop.
I lift my head up.
"Breath Y/n." I gasp in a breath and I stumble forward into his arms. I tense up and-
"Come on sister time to be a..."
"I'm not him." He whispers and it pulls me back into reality like an anchor.
He goes to try and touch my face but he stops midway and takes his gloves off. He touches his ungloved hand to my face and I can feel myself losing him to the past.
Think, Y/n! Think! He helped you, he saved you from everything! From your retched family, from the men today! He made it so you could defend yourself! He-
"Sankta Kaz." I blurt.
His eyes snap open and goes to back away.
"No, no, no! You can't possibly think of me as a saint!"
Normally I would be discomposed and would already be running out from embarrassment but a weird calmness wash's over me and a strange sort of serenity makes me want to go swimming.
"You may not be a saint to them." I point out behind him even though there's no people.
"But to me..." I pause trying to find the right words.
"You are my savoir. You saved me from my family." I walk up to him. "You killed my father and mother." I keep on walking closer. "You saved me from myself, you saved me today, and..." I trail off realizing how close we are.
I look into those dark eyes and I barely breath out,
"You gave me freedom."
I hesitantly warp my arms around him and he stiffens up but he relax's in my embrace. Our face's get closer and closer then-
"Why are you here?" It's the question he asked when I first learned how to throw a knife: What do you want?
"I am here because..." I trail off trying to find the words.
"I am here because of the kids." A new found confidence builds up in my chest.
"I am here to help the children safe from their abusive homes. I will help the children of Ketterdam." A fire of passion ignites in me making me bold.
"Will you help me?" The words hang in the air and Kaz looks into my eyes with a calculating gaze.
"I run a gang Y/n." I go to look away my face burning with embarrassment.
"But..." He takes my face into his hands.
"This Bastard can do both I guess." I grin in happiness and our faces finally get closer and we kiss.
Lightning crash's through me but I think of Kaz and our friends. Our lips shift together and I realize now that...
I'm drowning.
I'm drowning in Kaz, I'm absolutely deep into the ocean, falling but never rising. I just keep on going deeper and deeper till I pull away.
We pull away and I feel like a wave just crashed into me Kaz smiled and I whisper;
"Sankta Kaz."
Sankta Kaz the saint of greed. Sankta Y/n the saint of suffering. Together they are the saints of freedom.
Words 2383
All rights go to Leigh Bardugo, Netflix and you! I just own the plot!
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grishaxverse · 2 months ago
!!!!PLEASE READ!!!!!
Today I will bring to you why representation matters.
The film and literature industry has made a lot of money with great content that they've given the world. But they've also brought about a lot of insecurity among people because of the lack of representation
All the fandoms that I'm a part of has white people as the majority part of the fandom. But there is one particular fandom that I would like to draw your attention to (I'll keep it unnamed because I mean no offense to them) And it makes sense why it is so! Because the characters that are talked about in this fandom are white and the representation of brown characters is neglected mercilessly
And then I finally decided to read Grishaverse. I realised that the void that I have felt within me is real and true, because the lack of representation that has made me feel this way is real. I thought that I will never belong anywhere because I wouldn't be accepted for who I am
Authors like Leigh Bardugo and Tahereh Mafi are a blessing and are Sanktas that I will worship all my life because of how they've made me feel at home with their characters and writing
In the above mentioned unnamed fandom, I started to despise the majorly talked characters (fan favourites, if you will). The fans in this fandom will never understand what it is to be disregarded because they've always been represented, and I've talked about this void and nobody gets it. The characters that they glorify are just a reminder of how white people will always disregard representation
When I read Grishaverse, I could relate to so many of the characters. Whether it be Alina trying to find herself/facing racism, Mal trying to deal with sudden changes, Genya realising the impact of the truth, Tolya and Tamar being on the righteous path, Zoya's character arc, Kaz's touch sensitivity, Inej's faith, Nina's love for food, Jesper neglecting who he is, Wylan's struggle, Matthias not being able to support what he wants because his people have different ideologies.....I have been able to relate to so many of these things and I feel at home here.
I feel safe.
I have long black hair that I always have in a braid. Growing up, I used to beg my mother to cut it short because isn't that what every book and movie represents? Having short hair is what makes you cool? I'd never come across a character that would represent that part of me until Inej. Now when my mom asked me if I wanted to cut my hair, I refused. I told her that I was proud of it....that it was something that I didn't want to change. The look in her eyes made my day. She was so proud of me because I had finally understood what she wanted me to realise whenever she refused to let me cut my hair
I'm overweight. I've always been insecure about the way I look, but Nina changed that for me. I've started to love my body for the way it is because that's who I am! The way I look has nothing to do with the person that I am
But coming back to Inej. Having a strong brown character like her has given me so much hope and motivation, and Amita Suman is an absolute goddess! The way Inej has been written has made me realise that I will be proved wrong one day. That one day, I will be represented in the right way and people will finally realise that what I'm trying to say with this post matters. If I ever meet Amita, I'll probably cry about the fact that she has made me feel at home. I'll thank her endlessly
The Grishaverse fans may fight with each other over toxic issues, but the people that I consider fans and whom I talk with, they have given me so much love and support that I no longer feel insecure! I'm proud of who I am and I've talked so much on the stories of my Grishaverse account, which I don't even do on my art/main account! I've talked about the stories that I write on Wattpad so openly because everyone is incredibly supportive
So that's it
The right representation matters because you will be changing someone's life. If you are a writer, please bring about diversity in your books, and not only for the sake of it. Understand why it is important and necessary that the society's mindset changes
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thewritingresident · 4 months ago
So while Six of Crows has been on my to read list for a while now when I saw that Shadow and Bone was coming to Netflix and realized they were all part of the same little universe I was like *rolls up sleeves* K guess it’s time to read five books in one month to prepare for this new series drop. (special shout out to @darklesmylove​ because it’s mostly your blog posts that convinced me I had to read this series...I give you this as a gift...) 
And now I present to you (in the order which I read them) the events in the Shadow and Bone/Six of Crows books that made me go ABSOLUTELY FERAL (wow there’s a lot more of these than I thought there were). 
- “The problem with wanting,” he whispered, his mouth trailing along my jaw until it hovered over my lips, “is that it makes us weak.” (unfortunately the last time I was seduced by the Darkling - NEVER AGAIN BAD SIR! But this was fucking hot) 
- THE. FIGHT. OVER. THE. STAG. (Just...Alina not killing it, the Darkling is here, now he’s going to kill it. NOW ALINA IS IN FRONT OF THE STAG SAVING IT. NOW SHE WANTS MAL TO SACRIFICE HER. NOW THE COLLAR IS AROUND HER NECK AND NOW SHE’S UNDER HIS POWER AHHHHH) Bonus: “Shhhh. Quiet now, or I will let Ivan kill him. Slowly.” 
- When Alina figures out the dream and TAKES THE POWER BACK!!! (yaaaaasss queen!)
- When the Darkling finds Alina and Mal in Cofton and that whole fight scene and her getting bit and then I had to WAIT UNTIL THE REST OF THE BOOKS CAME IN THE MAIL
- “From what I know of the Ice Court, whoever stole my DeKappel is exactly who I need for this job.” “Then you’d be better off hiring him. Or her.” “Indeed. But I’ll have to settle for you.” (I’m 50 pages in and in love with Kaz Bekker, someone help me) 
- “Not just yet, Inej.” The rasp of stone on stone. Her eyes flew open. Kaz. (ugh my cold cold heart is awake and beats only for them!) 
- Because I’ve been looking for an excuse to talk to you for two days. (literally like......)
- When Jordie and Kaz get tricked. (I mean all of Kaz’s back story but that was...ugh..........)
- It was because she was listening so closely that she knew the exact moment when Kaz Brekker, Dirtyhands, the bastard of the Barrel and the deadliest boy in Ketterdam, fainted. 
- When Nina runs into the guards and the alarm goes off and I realize that I’m an idiot and OBVIOUSLY THINGS WERE GOING TO GO WRONG. 
- WHEN INEJ TOUCHES KAZ’S FACE. His eyes were nearly black, the pupils dilated. She could see it took every last bit of his terrible will for him to remain still beneath her touch. And yet, he did not pull away. She knew it was the best he could offer. It was not enough. 
- He slammed his fist against the window. “Do not speak my name.” Then he smiled, a smile as cold and unforgiving as the northern sea. “Welcome to the Ice Court, Nina Zenik. Now our debt is paid.” (like FUCK MATTHIAS GOT ME TOO. WHAT A GOOD ACT!)
- I have been made to protect you. Only in death will I be kept from this oath. It was the vow of the druskelle to Fjerda. And now it was Matthias’ promise to her. (OMGGGGGG) 
- “This is going to sting a bit,” said the druskelle holding the whip. His voice was rasping, familiar. His hands were gloved. “But if we live, you’ll thank me later.” His hood slid off, and Kaz Brekker looked back at them. 
- The sun was out for once, and Inej had turned her face to it. Her eyes were shut, her oil-black lashes fanned over her cheeks. The harbor wind had lifted her dark hair, and for a moment Kaz was a boy again, sure that there was magic in this world. (YEAH OKAY. AND THIS IS HIS LAST THOUGHT BEFORE DROWNING.) 
- Nina on parem. 
- “I will have you without armor, Kaz Brekker. Or I will not have you at all.” (SCREEAAAAMS. BANGS HAND AGAINST BOOK. DIES.) 
- “Kaz knew the instant he made his that moment of threat, when he should have thought only of the fight, he looked at Inej.” (asdlfkasgkjasglk;sdfjl) 
- I’m going to get my money, Kaz vowed. And I’m going to get my girl. (YEAH BITCH!) 
- When Alina first sees the Darkling while they are traveling the fold (I froze, I read it like four times, I couldn’t believe what was happening)
- When Mal suggests they go to that stupid party and then Alina actually agrees (I literally was like...well something bad is going to happen and I hate it here) 
- When the Darkling shows up after Alina and Mal kiss. “Another otkazat’sya, Alina?” the Darkling mocked. (sdflkajd) 
- “I can’t decide if you’re an idiot, or an idiot.” (ugh Nikolai, marry me) 
- two pages later: “You’re a spectacular actor,” I said drily. “Do you think so?” he asked. Then he leaned in and whispered, “I’m doing ‘humble’ right now.” (FUCK ME)
- “I want to kiss you,” Nikolai said. “But I won’t. Not until you’re thinking of me instead of trying to forget him.” (Am I the only one who found this cute??? Why did Alina get upset??? Do I have Nikolai-colored goggles on??? Maybe...) 
- When the Darkling came to Alina in her sleep and then PRETENDED TO BE MAL SO HE COULD HAVE HIS WAY WITH HER?!?!?!?!?! (ahhhhhhhhhh) “I missed you too, Alina.” That voice. Cool and smooth as glass. (AHHHHH)
- Nikolai stood up, his chair scraping loudly against the parquet floor. “When did you lift the blockades? How long have the roads been open?” (LSDAKLFSDLFDKASLDKLSKLKLL) 
- “Not bad looking?” said another voice. “He’s damnably handsome.” Luchenko scowled. “Since when - “ “Brave in battle, smart as a whip.” Now the voice seemed to be coming from above us. Luchenko craned his neck, peering into the trees. “An excellent dancer,” said the voice. “Oh, and an even better shot.” (And then I damn near died.) 
- There’s a whole three pages (that I will not re-type here) after they arrive at the Spinning Wheel of Nikolai just being *chef’s kiss* flawless. Some great lines include: “Everyone needs a hobby.” “I thought yours was preening.” “Two hobbies.” “Should I be offended that he doesn’t want to dine with us? I set an excellent table, and I rarely drool.” “What a filthy mind you have. I was referring to puzzles and the perusal of edifying texts.” “Last chance to run.” 
- “Alina, I’ll be back to fetch you for dinner, but should you grow restless, do feel free to run screaming from the room or take a dagger to her. Whatever seems most fitting at the time.” (asldjkasl;dkfs;lkd NIKOLAI) 
- Okay gunna skip ahead - you can assume any time Nikolai said anything I screamed. 
- Nikolia’s second proposal (THE EMERALD!!! JUST HOW HE PUTS IT ON TOP OF THE WALL) 
- Nikolai’s third proposal. Nikolai’s skin was warm, his grip gentle. I’d wondered if I would ever feel something so simple again or if the power in me would just keep jumping and crackling. (THIS is why he is perfect for her - no jolt of electricity, just warmth and comfort!!!) 
- SERGEI!!!!
- When Nikolai gets fucking taken over by a nichevo’ya (I HATE EVERYONE)
- When Baghra sacrifices herself 
- When we finally FINALLY find out what makes Mal so special (I mean....his tracking was OTHERWORLDLY I can’t believe people weren’t more fucking freaked out by him) 
- “The Darkling marched on Keramzin.” (Literally screamed: “MY HEART HURTS.” I was crying. I nearly threw the book down. “BUT THE CHILDREN!” I say with my fists in the air. I am become a blade.) 
- Nikolai visiting Alina while he is the monster and trying to make himself better (ahhhhh tears!!! THE EMERALD!!!) The words died on my lips. Nikolai turned my palm over and slid the ring onto my finger. (FUUUUCK. PAAAAIN.) 
- “Please,” I sobbed. “Bring him back to me.” (lkadsflkj this was actually devastating even though I’m not a huge Mal fan)
- “We need more light,” he said. A choked laugh escaped me. I held up my hands, pleading with the light and with any Saint who had ever lived. it was no good. (UGHHHH. MORE PAIN.) 
- Tamar sobbed. Toyla swore. And there it was again: the thready, miraculous sound of Mal drawing breath. (and also the first time I breathed for an entire chapter!) 
- “Alina,” he said and kissed the scar on my palm, “I remember everything.” (Literally the last like twenty pages of this book I just gave up and was like actually Mal is adorable and I need to protect him at all costs.) 
- “Really I just wanted to look at the words.” (ughhhhh) 
- Once a man arrived with a fleet of toy boats that the children launched on the creek in a miniature regatta. The teachers noted that the stranger was young and handsome, with golden hair and hazel eyes, but most definitely off. He stayed late to dinner and never once removed his gloves. (NIKOLAI SIGHTING IN THE EPILOGUE MY HEART GOES ON)
- When Van Eck thinks Kaz is coming to get Inej and then he tells Inej and then she is WILLING HIM to not show up and then it is revealed he wasn’t there all along (BOOM BITCH THAT’S HOW KAZ BREKKER FUCKING WORKS.)
- “Those were my mother’s favorite flower.” 
- “Why the net, Kaz?” I couldn’t bear to watch you fall. (POETRY OKAY?)
- Jesper and Wylan going to see Wylan’s mother and just fucking everything about that chapter. 
- “Pick up the pace,” Kaz said, eyeing his watch. “If I spill a single drop of this, it will burn straight through the floor onto my father’s dinner guests.” “Take your time.” 
- “We’ll fight our way out together,” Inej whispered. Nina glanced from Inej to Kaz and saw they both wore the same expression. Nina new that look. It came after the shipwreck, when the tide moved against you and the sky had gone dar. It was the first sight of land, the hope of shelter and even salvation that might await you on a distant shore. (AHHHHHH) 
- Wylan’s first thought was that this boy had the most perfectly shaped lips he’d ever seen. His second was that his father had sent someone new to kill him. (Wylan you are so adorable it’s adorable) 
- Inej was moving before she thought of it. She couldn’t just watch him die, she wouldn’t. They had him down now, heavy boots kicking and stomping at his body. her knives were in her hands. She’d kill them all. She’d pile the bodies to the rafters for the stadwatch to find. But in that moment, through the wide slats in the banister landing, she saw his eyes were open. His gaze found hers. He’d known she was there all along. Of course he had. He always kew how to find her. He age the barest shake of his bloodied head. (THESE TWO!!)
- “My leg! My leg!” “I recommend a cane,” Kaz said. (cackling) 
- When Sturmhond (aka Nikolai ***swoons***) showed up in Crooked Kingdom. (What actually happened: me reading a description of a “fox-like” man with Genya and Zoya and screaming and saying to myself “OMG WHEN I TURN THE PAGE IT WILL CONFIRM THAT NIKOLAI IS IN THE BUILDING I CAN’T” (did I mention I’m in love with him??? already??? k))
- When Jesper and Wylan FINALLY kiss FOR REAL (this was a big chapter for me) This was the kiss he’d been waiting for. It was a gunshot. It was prairie fire. it was the spin of Makker’s Wheel. Jesper felt the pounding of his heart - or was it Wylan’s? - like a stampede in his chest, and the only thought in his head was a happy, startled, Oh. 
- CHAPTER 33 - just everything, everything about the reveals in this chapter. The money being funneled to the Shu, not being able to trace even the RANSOM NOTE back to Kaz. WYLAN SHOWING UP!!!! “ARE YOU SURE THEY WERE PEKKA’S MEN?” !!!!!!!!
- “Do something,” Matthias growled at Kaz. “This is about to turn ugly.” Kaz’s face was as impassive as always. “Do you think so?” (bahahahahaha) 
- Nina’s just complete glee over the chaos she creates!!! “She was the Queen of Mourning, and in its depths, she would never drown.” 
- Jesper using his fucking power!!!!!! 
- She stared up at him. He was going to miss that look of surprise. (HE’S GOING TO LET HER GO. HE KNOWS HE IS GOING TO LET HER GO.)
- Inej frowned. “I thought you and Nina chose four outbreak sites on the Staves.” Kaz straightened his cuffs. “I also had her stop at the Menagerie.” She smiled then, her eyes red, her cheeks scattered with some kind of dust. It was a smile he thought he might die to earn again. (AHHHHHHHHHHHHH) 
- “A sedative,” said the medik. “Is that safe for a pregnant woman?” “For me.” (This is just FLAWLESS in its depiction of people who don’t do OB care regularly.)
- Matthias saw the anger there, the rage. He knew it well. But he was still surprised when he heard the shot. (NOOOOOOOO!!!) 
- “Has she at least done it before?” said Kaz. “For this purpose?” asked Sturmhond. “I’ve seen her do it twice. It worked splendidly. Once.” (NIKOLAI I BEG YOU!) 
- When Matthias DIES?!??! (I’M SORRY WHO LET THIS HAPPEN??)
- “You will meet him again in the next life,” said Inej. “But only if you suffer this now.” 
- Wylan getting all of his father’s money because KAZ HAS BEEN PLANNING THIS ALL ALONG??!
- Jesper leaned in and said, quietly enough that no one else could hear, “I can read to him.” (alksdflk;jasfl;jkd that was hot) 
- “Well hopefully the medik will be here to fix my ribs soon,” he said as he headed back into the parlor. “Yeah?” “Yes,” said Wylan, glancing briefly over his shoulder, his cheeks now red as cherries. “I’d like to make a down payment.” (OMG WYLAN?!?!?! IN FRONT OF MY SALAD?!?! IS THIS ALLOWED?!?!)
- At some point, Jesper realized Kaz was gone. “Not one for goodbyes, is he?” he muttered. “He doesn’t say goodbye,” Inej said. She kept her eyes on the lights of the canal. Somewhere in the garden, a night bird began to sing. “He just lets go.” (TEARS.)
- She felt his knuckles slide against hers. Then his hand was in her hand, his palm was pressed against her own. A tremor moved through him. Slowly, he let their fingers entwine. (I gasped so loud i literally woke my cat up from a deep sleep.)
- “Wait,” he said. The burn of his voice was rougher than usual. “Is my tie straight?” Inej laughed, her hood falling back from her hair. “That’s the laugh,” he murmured. (THAT’S THE LAUGH. THAT’S THE LAUGH. AHHHHH) 
Okay done. Gunna go stare at the ceiling until tomorrow night/whenever I finally get King of Scars and Rule of Wolves in the mail (BECAUSE YOU KNOW MY SORRY ASS IS DYING AT THE THOUGHT OF TWO BOOKS ALL ABOUT NIKOLAI) 
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Hey! I honestly cry in the fic you made recently but i love it. Can i request MC secretly make herself a crew after she left the Poppy?
Written by @an-awkward-ghost
“But how are you so sure they won’t find us?”
“They won’t, trust me.”
“But how?”
You take a moment to admire the sight before you before answering your teammate. Five individuals, scattered around the living room of their rented apartment doing various activities. They couldn’t be more different. Some were even new to the business, just like the woman – Liliana – standing beside you, fiddling nervously with the end of her jacket and throwing the door worried glances, as if she was expecting the police to burst in at any moment. Some were experienced, just like the man standing by the window, his red hair falling over one of his eyes like an edgy curtain. Matthias (whether that was his real name or not was up for debate) was distant and sometimes rude but very fun to tease, as you had delightfully discovered when you met.
Other were eccentric, like the man over the couch scribbling furiously in some papers, frequently throwing glances at the various books sprawled around him. Carlos was often clueless to the word around him and its many signs and warnings and you had mostly taken him in out of pity, but he proved to be very reliable and fun to be around! And very excited to learn the way of thieves, too.
Finally, the twins. Mildly experienced, a bit reserved, but very nice and creative. The older twin, Akihiko, former employee of a security company, and the younger twin, Keiko, lively and very good with people. They had gotten out of tough situations thanks to their quick thinking, which you couldn’t be more grateful for.
You were still a long way from the sheer experience the Gilded Poppy exuded, but that was fine. Time and effort were everything in this world, after all.
With a quick, satisfied nod, you turn towards Liliana, noting how she keeps playing with her dark hair.
“They are too busy thinking we are still in Hong Kong. Believe me, we are safe.”
Liliana still looks unconvinced, but she relents with a soft, hesitant nod. From the other side of the room, Carlos springs to his feet, buzzing with excitement. You stare at him in faint amusement as he scrambles to make his way towards you, grinning widely.
“I know what we can steal next! And it’s in this very city!” He shows you his notes, filled with messy handwriting. Your eyes immediately focus on a clumsy drawing he has made in the top right corner. It vaguely resembles a two-story building, and you squint your eyes at it.
“What’s that, exactly?”
“Oh, well! It- no, wait, let me start over here. See the name?”
“It’s… um. I think it says… Acela?” The other part of the name is even harder to make out. You try your best to guess it to no avail. You stare at it for a few seconds before looking at him in the eyes. “You know, you should have been a doctor.”
He laughs. Clearly, it’s something he’s heard many times. “Vicario. Acela Vicario. She was a noblewoman. Her story is pure drama but long story short her family treasure was a scroll… it’s supposed to have incredibly important historical events. As in, people would kill for that information. That’s how important it is.”
“Oh, the Vicario Achieves, right?” Akihiko asked from his place at the kitchen table, looking up from his phone. “You’re right, it’s an amazing target. But I don’t think it will work out.”
“Ah, you think too little, my friend!” Carlos chirped, as happy as always. Akihiko huffed an incredulous chuckle, smirking. “See, with the correct strategy, even the world can be conquered! A little bit of parchment will be no problem at all, if we just-”
“No.” Matthias deadpanned from the window, frowning slightly. “We can’t. The scroll it’s already being targeted by another group of thieves. They’ve made a lot of progress already, it seems.”
“Oh.” Carlos visibly deflates, looking like a kicked puppy. He eyes the papers in his hands and lets out a long, resigned sigh, the sound so soul-crushing you wince in sympathy. “I… Oh.”
Though his expression is enough to make you consider stealing the scroll, it’s another thing entirely that piques your attention.
“Other thieves?” You prod.
“Yeah, and we’ll only bring trouble onto ourselves if we mess with them.” Matthias throws Carlos and Liliana a heavy glare. “And we are not prepared to take them on.”
“I think-”
“No, Carlos. We aren’t. Look, I’ll help you research another target, don’t make those puppy eyes at me-”
“Is it the Gilded Poppy?” You interrupt, carefully, your mind halting when you realize what that could mean.
Matthias’ frown deepens. “…What happens if it is?”
“Well, I think we could take them on.”
“…you are joking, right?”
“W-we only have a few months of experience.” Liliana adds, worried. “There’s no way we could…”
“I know their methods.” You grin, feeling especially smug when the experienced thieves in the room stare at you like you’ve gone crazy.
“You… you know…” Keiko narrows her eyes. They remind you of Nikolai’s critical glare, icy blue eyes and all. “Are you sure you don’t have a grudge? Choosing targets based on grudges is the worst thing possible, right after pineapple pizza.”
Akihiko appears to be extremely offended with that statement. “This again? What’s wrong with pineapple pizza?”
“Look, MC, I respect you.” Matthias said, idly toying with the handle of his dagger and ignoring the chatter around them. “But there is no way we would be able to best them. I tried once, and it didn’t end well.”
“Oooh, wanna bet?” You motion for Carlos to lend you his papers and examine them closely. It ends up being completely unhelpful since you can’t decipher most of the words, so you look at him again. “Er, I might need you to translate these for me.” He nods so eagerly you fear his neck might snap, and then meet Matthias gaze again. “Look, we’ll go find out as much as we can about these Achieves, and a plan that can get us to avoid the Gilded Poppy. We’ll explain it tomorrow, and once you hear it, you can complain if you want. Trust me?”
“…all right.” He shoves his hands in his pockets, grunting slightly. “Guess I don’t have another option…”
“This is nuts.” Akihiko says, sighing. “But sure, let’s hear what you come up with.”
Once Liliana and Keiko nod, you can’t help the giddy excitement that spreads through you. “Oh, this will be fun.”
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annoyedlord · a year ago
What would you consider your defining life moments?(if you feel comfortable sharing of course!)
Mh.... the date might be inaccurate but time/dates doesn’t work well with me haha Also bear with me: it’s long and not the happiest.
Tw: Suicidal thoughts, Surgery, Scariffication, panic attacks, parental abuse/father abuse
2000. Kindergarten. I go to the psychiatrist for the first time. I don’t have many memories of it aside of managing to get my psychiatrist to buy more toys for the sessions because there was only one dinosaur and it was unfair. I’m what I’ll call “A girl by default” but I hate it.
Somewhere in 2008/2009. I have suicidal thoughts and depression but don’t know what it is, I have literally a whole month where I don’t shower because I cannot, it’s physically and psychologically impossible. I’m starting my teenage years with the need to kill myself, the impossibility to do basic tasks and for the first year since my 6yo without any kind of therapist or psychiatrist. My friends at that time don’t deal with it, I’m kinda left behind. (But I’ll meet a better group later ✨). No one is alarmed by my comportment, nor the teachers, nor my parents who aren’t home. I write my first suicide letter. In a more happy note, I get some good ass friend 🐾!! In the following years I’ll date few girls, labeling myself lesbian or bisexual, but never liking it. Got into my very first and quite terrible unhealthy relationship.
2010. I meet my forever best friend, Matthias. I will die for this man.
2011. I discover Don’t hug me I’m scared. This will shape a lot of who am I today, weirdly. At this moment I’m also a huge weeb boy. Totally a huge UwU trash. Absolute garbage. I start to draw digitally by tracing over anime pictures of google. I do a lot of RPs of my OCs. I am also already talking of “becoming a boy when I’ll be an adult”. My mental health is going worst and I made few suicide attempts. I have my very first panic attack, very violent. I’m confused? But I’m fine. I cut myself for the first time.
December 2011. I get my second surgery. At the age of 15, I have to learn again how to stand, sit and walk. My body feels even less like mine, everything hurts and I spend most of my days on codeine and morphine to ease the pain. I stay two weeks at the hospital and I’m sent back home with the authorization to go back to school. I couldn’t stand or sit for long. To this day, I cannot sit, walk or stand for long, sometimes even laying down is painful. From disabled with a deformity to disabled but without the deformity. I have a huge scar going through all my back. I hate it.
2012. I get my cat Tacos Mozart and I will explode the world for him.
From here there is a huge gap of memories.
2015. I come out to my mom in the car. “Mom, I’m a boy.” to which she just “Okay but are you still going to pay McDonald’s?”. I start more officially my quest on “how to become a boy”. I find the term transgender. I don’t like it (for me) but I use it because that’s the only way I have to explain myself. The guy I’m dating at the time supports me (too bad he will cheat on me later haha), so it makes me feel confident. I get a LOT of refusal from many psychiatrists. In the meanwhile, I made even more suicide attempts and survive, get a therapist who will make me hate therapy and a psychiatrist who will basically tell me to go fuck myself. I leave the therapy center where I was crying of anger, frustration and more.
2016. Awful year, and yet, I survived????? @linkedsoul and I start to date I THINK?? because we actually don’t know?? when?? how?? , which is by far the best thing that ever happened to me tbh. Despite living in the same house than I, my father stops talking to me.
2017. I get myself a job at L#sh at the end of the year. First job where I am respected as a man, called as so... unless the customers call me a woman. No one corrects them. They let it flow. I have an awful manager but hey, that’s work. I see @borderline-rat in the shop one day and decide that he will be my friend. I manage to befriend him and now he’s stuck with me FOREVER. Good luck you bitch >:) for the first time in my life, I live alone (for 3 months).
2018. After years of psychological abuse and manipulation and after drying my mother’s bank account, my father kicks us out of the house. We are homeless haha. My mom and I end up living at my aunt’s for a while. My mom realizes that my father used her for so many things and start to heal. I start T. My depression get worst. I’m introduced to Jerome to who I say in our very first meeting “French dicks are ugly.” and with that he became my therapist.
2019. We find a new home. I get a new cat. I get diagnosed with bipolarity and PTSD. I start meds. My meds want me dead twice. I go so often to the clinic that the staff knows me lol I get my first tattoo in December. I’m slowly very very babily starting to heal. A brand offers me to work with them and I say no. Fuck u. I tattoo.
2020. I get my boobs off my chest with @borderline-rat . My kitten stinks like hell. My meds sorta work. I’m doing better. I have 26 tattoos or so? and at least 3 more coming soon.
I’m not a good person at all, but I’m kind because of what happened to me, I’d say—
Edit: I can’t find when but whenever I met @mother-of-all-monsters shaped me as a person because this fucking moron is my best friend for who I’d roll over a grandma if it was needed
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minisculeprintemps · a year ago
Full Disclosure
Title: Full Disclosure
Fandom: Hetalia
Pairing(s): None
Summary: Gakuen Hetalia; The main 8 get unnecessarily personal after getting stuck in a supply closet.
The eight men sat in a circle. Some stared at the floor, some looked around the room, and others (namely Francis and Arthur) glared at each other, as if silently blaming one another for their predicament. The utter silence was thick, thick enough to cut through. “Alright, guys,” Alfred said, his voice lacking its usual energy. “There’re no windows here, we can’t break the door down, and everyone else has gone home for the day. But here’s the thing: how do we know that anyone would come back? No one really comes into this closet, and the reception here is somehow nonexistent-which makes like, no sense-so we can’t just call for help.” Yao nodded. “Tell us something we don’t know. Where are you going with this, exactly?”
“We hang here, and just...get to know each other.”
“...We already know each other, though.”
“Yeah, but like, in the spicy way! You know, the juicy stuff!”
“Are you serious?”
“Totally! I’ll go first. Sometimes, I pretend that apple juice is beer and grape juice is wine because I’m not old enough to actually drink alcohol. Okay, who’s next?” Everyone else remained silent, staring around awkwardly, hesitant to follow Alfred’s example. Breaking the silence, Arthur spoke up. “I’ll go next. Francis, no matter what I’ve said, no matter how much I said that I hate you...I always sort of liked you.” Francis smirked. “I knew it,” he said. “Anyway, Arthur, I once used your hairbrush to brush your cat.”
“I take it back.”
“No returnsies!” Ivan cleared his throat. “Alfred, if I recall correctly, you often speak of having a girlfriend from that square game you like to play.” Alfred scratched his head. “Square game?”
“Yes, the one with the square people and that green thing that explodes.”
“You mean Minecraft?”
“Yes, that one! The “girlfriend” is not a girl. In fact, the “girlfriend” is actually me.”
“DUDE, WHAT? WHY?!” Ivan laughed. “I thought it would be funny! I cannot believe you fell for it!”
Yao sighed. “Honestly...mine isn’t that bad, but Kiku, when we eat together and you get distracted, I pick out of your food, even if we’re eating the exact same thing.” Kiku’s face reddened slightly. “Ah, that is you remember when you caught Yong Soo with some rather inappropriate material?”
“You can just say hentai, Kiku.”
“I-I know! Well, I drew it. And it is not a first-time occurrence, as I draw things like that quite often...” Alfred chuckled, already having gotten over his prior state of disbelief. “Ooh, looks like Kiku’s brewing the good tea! Which one of y’all can top that? Oh, how ‘bout you, Ludwig?” Ludwig shook his head. “Hard pass, but thanks anyway.”
“Come on, man,” Alfred exclaimed, pouting. “Why do you gotta be so boring? Everyone’s some tea to spill on themselves! This is your chance to get that embarrassing stuff off your chest!” Feliciano raised his hand. “I think I’ll just tell you what Ludwig did. I was there to see it. Francis saw it too, remember?”
“Hmm? Oh, right,” Francis said.
“So yesterday in social studies, we had to do a presentation. Ludwig, in his infinite wisdom, stored his on a...uh...what was it called again...?”
“Was it a USB stick, or something?”
“Ve, yeah! Long story short, he had the wrong one and everyone saw his porn.” It was at that moment that Alfred started laughing hysterically, losing his balance and falling over from his previously seated position. “Silly, stupid Ludwig! Don’t put your porn on a thumb drive!” Sitting back up, Alfred directed his gaze to Feliciano, his grin widening. “Hey, you haven’t told a secret, have you? It’s your turn now!”
“Um, I don’t really have many secrets...”
“Man, really? You too? Don’t be like that!”
“What am I supposed to tell you? I don’t really have personal stuff like you guys do.”
“Dude, you do.”
“...Okay, fine. Hey, Lud, remember that date you took me on-”
“Wait,” Yao interjected, “a date? You guys are dating?”
“Yes! No! I don’t know! Anyway, I kept the ring. I know you wanted me to get rid of it, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it! You gave it to me after all, so...!” Yao jolted. “Ring?! What is wrong with you two? Is this some sort of weird Western thing that I don’t know about?” Ludwig said nothing, sitting on the floor with his face buried in his hands. Feliciano shrugged. “I would’ve married him if he asked properly.”
Alfred pouted. “Man, I’m so jealous! You guys have the good tea while I don’t! Oh wait, there is one...Arthur, remember that guy I told you about?”
“Do you mean Davie?”
“Yeah, him!”
“Oh, I remember him. He sounded like a good lad. It’s a shame.”
“Yeah...we were such good friends too. But he just kept getting sicker and sicker, and...” Alfred rubbed his eyes. “Damn it...” Arthur, putting a hand on Alfred’s shoulder, looked towards everyone else. “You all might want to help me.” Alfred soon found him self in some sort of odd cocoon of seven people hugging him. Though tears streamed down his face, he laughed. “Sorry, guys...maybe I should’ve said something else!” His laughter eventually turned to sobbing, his body shaking with each sob.
As if on cue, the door swung open, prompting the eight boys to stare at the person who opened it like a deer in headlights. “Matt!”
“Uh, what are you guys doing in here,” Matthew asked, visibly uncomfortable. “Why’s Alfred crying? Am I interrupting something?”
“Oh, no,” Francis said. “We were putting some things away when the door closed behind us and we got stuck. Who knew that this door can’t be opened from the inside?”
“Oh. Well, it’s best we go home now.” They all exited the closet and made their way outside, bathed in the orange glow of the waning rays of the sun. “Guys, listen,” Alfred said, “if any of you see Gilbert or Matthias, can you not tell them about this? Especially not the crying part. It’s already bad enough that Ivan saw it...” Arthur put a finger over his lips.
“Our lips are sealed.”
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jflashandclash · a year ago
Tales From Mount Othrys
Fidget Spinners IV
           Once they were aboard the Ferry of the Dead, riding down the River Styx with Charon in his proper creepy and grim black robe, Alabaster stopped vomiting. The ship was an old Greek vessel, something Matthias could have identified immediately. They sat as far from the stern as possible. Apparently this boat was usually brimming with ghosts, but Charon had shoved the three of them aboard in such a hurry, less ghosts had flooded the space.
         This gave them the room to sit on the edge of the boat so Pax, Lou Ellen, and Alabaster could stare off at the inky, polluted river. They wanted to be as far from the ferryman as possible. Charon was cursing under his breath, something about children being electrocuted in bathtubs and getting into car accidents.
         Maybe, in a normal tour, Pax might have been excited by the black stalactites and terrifying horror movie set. For now, all he could do was rub Alabaster’s back. Lou Ellen sat on his other side, pulling one finger off and putting it back in a different one’s place, frequently messing it up. This was her way of acting concerned.
         After he was certain Charon couldn’t overhear them, Pax whispered, “You died coming after us?!”
         Before now, he couldn’t process what was happening enough to ask. The sight of Alabaster with his intestines dragging on the floor and blood spewing out of his mouth—it was enough to make Pax tremble more. And he was already trembling pretty hard in this cold cavern.
         “Of course I died!” Alabaster’s voice rose, making Pax and Lou Ellen flinch. “How else would I be in the Underworld?!”
         Tears threatened to spill down Pax’s cheeks. He could hear Lou Ellen sniffling. Crying would really make her missing-eye illusion less believable.
         Alabaster sighed. Pax thought he was reaching for something in his pocket.
         Alabaster wasn’t. He grabbed the end of his intestines. Casually, the child of Hecate wound them up around one wrist. Once he got towards the end, he ripped off a chunk.
         Pax shrieked.
         “Be quiet,” Alabaster snarled. Softer, he grumbled, “And Mercedes thinks you can keep it cool in enemy territory.”
         Pax wanted to point out that enemies (hopefully) wouldn’t be ripping off pieces of their organs. Was that a thing they did in Camp Half-Blood? Did Percy Jackson, in fact, an organ-eating zombie?
         Before Pax could withdraw his hand, Alabaster shoved the chunk into Pax’s palm.
         Pax almost screamed again. Maybe this was an experience he should have smiled upon—after all, it isn’t every day that your crush tries to hand you an organ, granted, a heart might be better.
         “I knew you idiots wouldn’t bring enough snacks,” Alabaster hissed, shoving another chunk into Lou Ellen’s hands.
         “Oh my mother…” Lou Ellen whispered.
         Pax didn’t want to watch as she held up the chunk for investigation. Then he saw what she saw. The scent of iron vanished like it had been a whiff from a distant breeze. That chunk had some kind of label covered in blood—not blood.
         Pax sniffed.
         The scent of barbeque sauce became overwhelming.
         He rubbed his own chunk with his thumb. The sauce smeared to reveal a packaged sausage, like the kind you’d have on a cheese platter. There was even a bright label on the protective packaging.
         Pax stared at his hand. The spell had been so convincing.
         Lou Ellen made a low whistle. “You’re good,” she said, “Titans, can you teach me how to do that?”
         “When you have enough discipline to pull off your nose instead of your chin,” Alabaster scolded.
         Pax couldn’t think about the spell or the sausage.
         He threw his arms around Alabaster.
         Alabaster made a grunt of annoyance.
         Slowly and firmly, as though not to draw attention to them, Alabaster removed Pax’s arms. There was an embarrassed hue to his pale cheeks as he scowled from Pax to Lou Ellen. “You didn’t come to me to devise this plan?” he demanded.
         “We thought you’d be mad,” Lou Ellen meeped. She sheepishly poked at the fake dent in her head. By comparison to Alabaster’s effects, hers looked like something out of a D-rate horror movie.
         “Oh, I am mad. When we get back, I’m killing you, and then you’ll have to march right back in there and explain to Charon how you’ve shown up twice, then you’ll have to see what he does with you,” Alabaster said.
         Pax couldn’t help but grin. Threats aside, he couldn’t handle looking at this very-much-alive Alabaster. It was cute thinking about it: Alabaster finding their, “Went to Underworld. Will bring back souvenirs,” note and stuffing a bunch of sausage links into his shirt, cussing at the confused centaur that could swear he just took Alabaster and Lou Ellen off the ship. He really cared. At least about Lou Ellen.
         “Are you making us go back?” she whispered, shuffling away from a wandering soul and closer to her brother. Pax understood. Everything here was cold. Touching another warm person was a nice reminder of the above world.
         “How, pray tell, am I to make you go back in our current situation?” Alabaster closed his eyes and rubbed his eyelids. “Mercedes warned me you’d want to go after Axel. I didn’t think the two of you would be stupid enough to throw away your life chasing him or smart enough to get off the boat undetected.”
         Lou Ellen and Pax exchanged a glance over Alabaster’s shoulders. Neither could decide if the comment was more compliment or insult.  
         “So, we’re going after Axel?” Pax clarified.
         “We’re certainly not going back the way we came. I have no interest in angering Charon on his own boat,” Alabaster said.
         That meant that Alabaster had come down here with his own plan. Even if he didn’t have one when he left, trying to catch them before they went into DOA Recording Studios, he would have come up with one by now. Before Pax could hear any awesome details, their ship pulled up along black sand.
         Pax guessed that Hades hadn’t heard the memo—that pink was the new black. If Pax ever got scared while he was down here, he would have to remember to visualize the Underworld in various shades of Easter egg with magenta stalactites meeting a sparkling, rose floor. His stomach dropped about what shade of pink the river would be with its thick eddies. That went too Mayan in his head.
         Alabaster tossed the plastic-wrapped suit backwards into the boat, quickly shuffling the younger two off. They didn’t wait to hear what Charon thought of the contents.
         They walked towards the airport-like security with ghoulish attendants separating people into various lines. There were signs above the lines, ones that Pax couldn’t read since the letters jumbled into incomprehension.
         A low whine, like that of an injured puppy, echoed around the chamber. Yea, there were wails too, but those were human wails. Pax was way less interested in those. He couldn’t find the source of the animal noises until Lou Ellen tugged furiously on his jacket.
         Pax didn’t know how he missed the view before. Unlike Alabaster, Lou Ellen, and Axel, he struggled to see through the Mist. Even so, the Mist deserved a pay raise.
         A few yards ahead of them was a massive Rottweiler with three heads. Maybe the truck-sized dog would have normally been intimidating; Pax had heard some intimidating stories about Cerberus. Instead, the dog just looked pathetic, curled up and nursing a paw. Pax could see why.
         There was a sword imbedded between two toes.
         “He’s hurt!” Pax cried.
         “Ajax, no,” Alabaster growled.
         Lou Ellen joined in the cry, “We have to help him.”
         “What part of—”
         “Please!” Pax and Lou Ellen said together.
         “Grant me the patience of the Furies,” Alabaster said under his breath.
         One of the heads must have caught their scent. It perked up and glanced in their direction, growling.
         The other two were licking at the injured paw still. He looked cute, the way a monster truck might if painted with bambis and rabbits.
         Alabaster stopped in his tracks. He fumbled with his intestines—sausages. Pax really needed to stop thinking of sausage as intestines. “Who do you think stabbed him?” he asked in his you’re stupid if you can’t answer this question and I know you too well to let you play dumb. “See many stray demigods wandering down here with blades?”
         “It wasn’t Axel,” Pax said. Axel was obsessed with mythical creature rights and would have known Cerberus was just doing his job. One caged animal to another—Axel would have likely tried to play-wrestle with the beast. “I’ll bet it was Luke.”
         “Yea, Luke’s an asshole,” Lou Ellen said.
         The two of them vigorously nodded their heads towards Alabaster.
         “Lou Ellen,” Alabaster chided, “I expect more creative insults than vulgarity. And you aren’t going to win me over by insulting Castellan.”
         Despite him saying that, the corner of his lips twitched into a smile. Until then, Pax hadn’t realized how glad he was to have Alabaster along. The Witch Boy would know his way around the Underworld, or Pax guessed he would. Alabaster held that easy calm, even amongst the dead.
         Pax and Lou Ellen would have feigned calm confidence. But, uh, that would have only lasted so long as they got closer to the line’s attendants.
         Another of Cerberus’ heads noticed their movement. It raised and joined in the low growl.
         The noise didn’t seem to bother Alabaster. “How were you planning on getting past?” he asked, gathering the rest of the sausages from his waist—he must have wrapped them under his shirt, and withdrawing them like a towel around a hand wound.
“We brought a chew toy,” Lou Ellen said. Pax could tell that she wanted to sound proud, but had realized a flaw in their plan. There were three heads and only one chew toy.
“Seriously?” Alabaster’s growl chimed in with Cerberus’.
“I heard it worked for Annabeth,” Pax said.
         Although Pax couldn’t see it, he could feel Alabaster roll his eyes. “The amount of inconvenience that girl has caused,” he said under his breath.
         Pax hesitated. Cerberus’ growls were making his body vibrate. This dog was massive, the size of a truck. Pax didn’t even come up to Cerberus’ chest and Cerberus was half-laying down. One of his heads still licked the sword hilt imbedded in his paw. Focus on that, Pax thought, and not on how his teeth are about as long as that sword.
         “We have a treat for you!” Alabaster called. His voice was way too cold for dealing with a ball of cute fluffiness and death. Pax had a feeling that Alabaster had never been allowed pets as a child. Other than Axel and Pax. Pax was fairly certain that they were pets to Alabaster.
         Cerberus stood up. When he applied pressure to his front paw, all three heads whimpered. They pulled the paw up slightly, to alleviate the pressure.
         “Go fix his paw if you wish. I can only hold him for a few moments with this,” Alabaster said. “If you take too long or are sloppy, you’ll get yourself killed.”
         For an instant, Pax wondered if Alabaster was nervous. The Witch Boy unwrapped a link of sausage and tossed it into the air towards Cerberus.
         The two heads less affected by the wound snapped at it, nipping at each other to bite it to pieces, probably the same way they would do with Pax’s limbs if he was caught.  
         Its breath flooded over them, almost as bad as Pax’s little brother’s, Hiro’s breath.
         “You suck at this,” Lou Ellen said, pulling a link from Alabaster. “You heard him, Pax. Have fun getting that sword out. Hey puppers! Look what I got for you puppers!”
         Her voice raised in pitch and excitement. The sentiment worked. Cerberus sat upright, letting his butt drop back onto the ground. From what Pax had heard of Annabeth’s interactions with this dog, he thought their red ball plan might have worked with Lou Ellen’s charm. Uh—natural charm. No witchy charm required.
         Pax puffed up his cheeks and popped them, realizing Lou Ellen had volunteered him for the harder job. His heartbeat pounded in his head. It’s just a cute, injured puppy, he told himself, It just so happens that it wouldn’t need to chew to swallow you.
         Alabaster gave Lou Ellen a look that might have been reproachful or approving. He handed her the rest of the sausage as Cerberus’ short tail thumped against the black sand, echoing around the chamber. Pax thought it was weird that interacting with this dog wasn’t a red flag for the Underworld Security. What dead person wanted to poke at the landowner’s attack dog?
         Alabaster made a few signs in the air around Pax’s head, muttering in Latin. Was he making him invisible? Or at least making him blend in with the stone? Or smell less like a delicious treat? Pax hoped all of the above. When Pax glanced down at his hands, they still looked visible and potentially delicious to a monster.
         “We don’t have enough sausages for you to hesitate,” Lou Ellen said.
         Pax swallowed. He thought about Juana, Axel’s jaguar. Their father bought it for him a few months after they were forced back “home.” Axel warned his siblings not to go near Juana without him, since she could tear them to shreds. Juana was a tenth the size of Cerberus.
         From what he knew of Juana, there was no point in trying to sneak up. He approached Cerberus’ injured paw, hands outstretched in attempt to look non-threatening. Not that a 4’7 rail of cuteness could look threatening.
The other two heads were locked on Lou Ellen, or fighting over bits of sausage she threw.
         The last head faced him. The eyes didn’t quite focus on Pax, showing Alabaster’s spell must have done something. Pax heartbeat thudded in his head as he took the last few steps to Cerberus’ foot. The dog hadn’t batted him out of existence yet.
         The head whimpered and pulled its paw closer to its body.
         “It’s okay,” Pax said, the way he did when his littlest brother had a nightmare. “I just want to help. It’ll be quick, like ripping off a Band Aid.”
         That felt like a threat to Pax. Just gonna take that sharp, pointy thing in your paw and move it around a bit.
         “Pax,” Alabaster said in warning.
         Pax didn’t look over to see why. He figured it had to do with how the middle head had turned to sniff furiously in his direction.
         Now or to Xibalba, Pax thought. He wrapped his fingers around the cold metal of the hilt and pulled up, trying not to twist the blade or yank at an angle.
         It slid out easily.
         Pax wanted to gloat about the Sword in the Paw and how he’d be king of the Cerberi.
         His mouth went dry instead.
         When he wretched the blade out, dark liquid splattered up from the paw. Something clear and goopy dropped on his head from above—saliva.
Pax puffed up his cheeks and popped them, looking up. The other two heads glowered down at him. Their teeth were barred within inches of his face. Their low growl rattled his skull.
He trembled, thinking at least one good thing would come out of this: if he died in the Underworld, he didn’t need to worry about going through Charon’s Waiting Room again.  
Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed! And I hope you and your loved ones are staying healthy and safe!
Stay tuned next week for part X!
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rebellect-writes · a year ago
[SIZE=1][b]Name:[/b] Jess. [b]Age:[/b] 21. [b]How did you find us?:[/b] I didn’t. You found me.
[b]Name:[/b] Ripley York. [b]Nicknames & Aliases:[/b] Rip, Ripper. Yorkie. [b]Age:[/b] 37. [b]Date of Birth:[/b] 12th of April 1975. [b]Gender:[/b] Male. [b]Sexual Orientation:[/b] Bisexual, though he’s more comfortable with males. [b]Occupation:[/b] Works in a bookshop in town.
[b]Animal Species:[/b] Spotted Hyena. [b]Animal Description: [/b] [IMG][/IMG] He’s your typical spotted hyena. Standing at 3’1 at the shoulders and from snout to rump, he’s 5’5. Ripley’s not very heavy though, only weighing in at 130lbs at large. His coat’s a lot softer then it looks, though don’t get any bright ideas and try petting without asking because his strong bite is worse than his bark. [b]Do you have a hybrid/alpha form?:[/b] Nope. [b]Rank:[/b] Rogue. Will join if the group returns.   [b]How long has your character been a lycanthrope?:[/b] 16 years. (Infected at age 18.) [b]Mindset:[/b] Both. [b]Power level:[/b] Beta.
[b]Face Claim:[/b] Matthias Streitwieser. [b]Description:[/b] [IMG][/IMG] [i]Height:[/i] 6’2 [i]Weight:[/i] 178lbs. [i]Eyes:[/i] Blue. [i]Hair:[/i] Brown. [i]Build:[/i] Average, muscled in all the right places. [i]Visible marks:[/i] He has a small black star on the inside of his right wrist, and the Chinese characters for ‘Ruby’ at the nape of his neck. Ripley also has faint bite marks along his neck and wrists that you can't really see unless you're looking close. [i]Style:[/i] Jeans, t-shirts and a thrown over jacket. Anything comfortable and practical is best. He will wear suits if he has to do so.
[b]Special Skills:[/b]  [LIST] [*] He does know Greek and Spanish, and he’ll remember how to speak it in his own time. [*] He does know how to hold his own in a fight thanks to AJ helping him out. [/LIST][b]Personality:[/b]   Ripley’s quiet and laid back most of the time. He’s been trained to value manners so you’ll rarely hear him forget them. He’s also been known to lapse into old tricks, where he won’t speak until he’s spoken to. If someone that’s a clear alpha or Master speaks to him, he will rarely look them in the eye unless they say he can do so and it’s little things like that that make things bearable for him. The last thing that he wants is someone to rip out his throat for something he didn’t even mean to do. On saying that, that doesn’t mean he’s completely submissive when it comes to those with more power than he has. Ripley has a deep rebellious and stubborn streak that shows its face at times, mostly when he’s in a sticky situation.
Some may even say that he gets mouthy and sarcastic when this streak of his rises to the surfaces, but Ripley hasn’t honestly noticed anything different except when people give him odd looks. When he’s around people that are younger than him in power, Ripley’s a little more open about things. He likes to laugh and joke around and even though he doesn’t out right say it, he’s the type of person that will give others another chance even though they’ve burned him in the past. Trust is something special to him, There’s only a couple of people that have his trust however, at times when he’s in pain or upset, he even closes down on them to protect himself. Maybe he doesn’t open up fully, but that still doesn’t stop him from being unspeakably loyal to the people that do him a good turn.  
What people don’t know is, and what Ripley doesn’t remember is that he’s got a bad side. He won’t hesitate to do something if an orders given, if that means attacking someone and drawing blood, so be it. Sometimes an order doesn’t have to be given, he’ll go on the defensive if he has to, and the offensive if he needs to, to protect himself and those around him. It’ll hurt him, sure, but half the time he doesn’t even register that pain. He doesn’t like seeing people in pain, but it’s a trigger that’s so deeply rooted in his subconscious that he jumps before he really thinks. Another thing that hasn’t shown itself is that he’s addicted to a vampires bite, craves it and has for over twelve years, will do anything to get the fix. No doubt it will show, but for now, Ripley’s just a mite emotionally retarded and no one’s complained so who knows what trouble he’ll get into.
[b]Likes:[/b] [LIST] [*] Curling up with a good book when it’s raining. [*] Being bitten by a vampire. [*] Cooking. He’s a natural in the kitchen surprisingly. [*] Being stroked in his hyena form. [*] Watching a movie when he can’t sleep. [*] Exploring Jackford when he’s not working. [/LIST][b]Dislikes:[/b] [LIST] [*] When he can’t sleep because of tension headaches. [*] Drama. He can do without it. [*] Others shedding blood for no reason. [*] When he’s reprimanded. [*] Loud annoying music. [*] When he’s talked over by people but he won’t say anything. [/LIST][b]Strengths:[/b] [LIST] [*] He knows when to keep his mouth shut and eyes on the floor. [*] Can follow orders to the letter. [*] Doesn’t let how much pain he’s in show. If he’s in pain. [*] Good at giving people a shoulder to cry on if they need it. [*] He’s got all your standard shifting abilities. [*] Keeping his inner hyena on a short leash and away from others. [*] Giving people what they want to hear most of the time. [/LIST][b]Weaknesses:[/b] [LIST] [*] Won’t hesitate to put himself in the line of fire for someone else. [*] Doesn’t have an alpha form. [*] Can’t repeatedly shift repeatedly in one day, the most is five times back and forth. [*] He’s a bite addict. [*] Silver. [*] Hasn’t even known a true cackle. [*] Doesn’t always tell people when things are bothering him. [/LIST][b]Family:[/b][LIST] [*] Manuel Lagana; Father, died in an RTA. [*] Lucinda York; Mother, died in an RTA. [*] Dominga Lagana; Grandmother, died of natural causes. [/LIST][b]History:[/b]  
During April of 1975, one man’s life came crumbling down around his ears because of a drunken one night stand with his best friend’s younger – and underage, at the time that things got hot and heavy in the bathroom – sister. Manuel came home one evening to find Lucinda on the couch, screaming and hollering as his mother and uncle scurried around trying to stop the baby that was coming one month early. One call was all it took when his common sense kicked in at the sight of the blood, to get Lucinda to the hospital and the help the teenager deserved. Despite the few complications with the birth and the consequences that followed, the baby now named Ripley, was allowed to come home just a little over a month later with Dominga Lagana – the baby’s biological grandmother on Manuel’s side – as the legal guardian, Manny and Lucinda being more babysitters than parents.
Growing up in Leeds; Ripley felt at home in the urban wilderness and it was the only thing that he knew. Lucinda always told him that she was his mum, he believed her, and he’d seen the pictures on Dominga’s albums. What he didn’t get though was why the York’s didn’t approve. They made it known that he wasn’t wanted when Lucinda had to take him along when she went to see her brothers or parents place. In the end, the strain that Lucinda was under, forced her to dump Ripley on Manuel and Dominga more and more, much to his Grandmother’s delight. She didn’t like the prissy little white girl or the judgmental patronising parents that sneered and crossed the street when they were walking the same way as them.  The tension lasted for almost three years and everyone suffered for it, Manuel tried to patch things up and show to Lucinda’s parents that he wasn’t trash and Lucinda tried to show her parents that she wasn’t a child anymore and could look after herself, it was a bit redundant really, Ripley’s mum was twenty and legally an adult capable of looking after the five year old boy with Manuel who was twenty nine at the time. Dominga didn’t like that one bit but there wasn’t much that she could do at the time but sit back and make sure they didn’t kill Ripley by mistake by giving the kid drain cleaner or something instead of milk over his cornflakes in the morning.
Even school wasn’t a big thing in Ripley’s eyes; he was in and out of it for a lot of reasons. The majority of the time though, was for medical reasons; sometimes he wasn’t there because of life at home. By the time he was fourteen years old, he’d been permanently excused from physical education due to his poor health, expelled from two schools and facing being kicked out for the third time because of his slipping grades and general attitude to authority figures in his life. Lucinda even went as far as to send him to see a therapist because of these things and it just sent Ripley spiralling down a path of rebellion and hate to for the world around him. In fact, the only time he really seemed at peace was when he was with Granny Dominga’s dogs and the old gal used that to her advantage. He didn’t go to college, there was no point. Education wasn’t really something he’d excelled at and he didn’t want to stay at home for the rest of his life, so when Granny Dominga offered him a place to stay and work in her small greasy spoon cafe, he snapped it up and moved in with her. It really wasn’t that exciting afterwards; he lived with his Gran and saw his mum and dad every other day when they stopped by after their shifts at work. Basically, it was a rinse and repeat life and that suited him fine.
Fine, until just after his eighteenth birthday. His parents had ‘kidnapped’ him away for the day to have some good old fashioned bonding time; the truck that hit them came out of nowhere. One minute Ripley had been groaning about Britney Spears on the radio and the next there was chaos and the world was spinning as the car was pushed off the motorway and then there was simply silence. Lucinda and Manuel had been pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital and Ripley was rushed into surgery for multiple internal injuries and head trauma.  He didn’t even know that his parents had died until he came around a couple of days later, and he’d had to plead with his Gran to find out what had happened to them. It was a shock, something that shocked him to his core because no matter how much of a brat he’d been to them growing up, he’d still loved them.
No one bothered to inform him, that the blood that had been used during one of several transfusions had been contaminated with lycanthropy. Maybe no one knew, but that was the hand that he was dealt. It probably would have been better if he’d know though, while he was healing up, because the following full moon after a particular nasty bought of the flu – or at least what he thought was the flu, little did he know that his body was changing and if he had, he’d have probably mad a joke about puberty hitting twice. – Ripley was locking up the cafe for the night and the hyena made itself known. It ripped its way out of him and destroyed the cafe when it found there was nothing to eat. The morning, once the animal had gone back, Ripley woke up in the remains of the cafe, sore and confused but feeling better than he had done in weeks, didn’t have a clue that he’d turned into a hyena though. When Dominga demanded to know what had happened, he told her that someone had broken in and trashed the place and that it had probably been a junkie looking for a fix.
The following weeks became a blur, more rinsing and repeating until one evening he felt an unmistakeable pull to just leave work. Just like that. There was no warning, no nothing. He just felt the need to go. He walked across the city to some seedy back alley dive that was home to all the drunken scum of the nation, or well, the city if you wanted to be technical. Defiantly not his place, and from the few others that were milling about that he noticed didn’t fit in, not theirs either. He found out exactly what was up though when they came in, lanky crew, pale, avoided mirrors and standing directly under lights, looked like the supporting act for the guys that did the YMCA. For a moment Ripley had thought that he was being set up by his friends, because bikers with fangs? Really? It was so wrong. So out there, so unnatural, and yet so normal all at the same time, and it just made Rip curious and scared for what was happening next. The crazy red headed chick in the corner that was cackling and stroking a flipping big hyena was even more out there and put the fear of God into him.
Ripley York never came home that day and wasn’t seen by his Gran again.
He was dragged down to Cardiff with the vampires and the red headed bint with a few of the other guys that had ended up in the bar with him. Mistress Ruby – the self proclaimed Queen of the merry little band – told them what was happening, how he’d service the vampires just like the others that had come to her call. Ripley refused and started mouthing off, and so he was punished. Ruby ripped his inner beast out repeatedly before forcing it back over the space of three days. Then Theodore – the king of the band, a big guy that could’ve snapped Ripley over his thigh for disobedience – decided that that wasn’t enough and decided he wanted a taste, and a taste he got and then some. Just like the rest of the rogue band that called the Hyena Queen and Vampire Master their leader because to them, Ripley and the hyenas that had been Called where nothing but animals meant to be used in anyway their Masters saw fit. Theodore didn’t just have hyenas at his beck and call, there were other shifters as well that were pets to the thirteen vampires that he ruled, while he was a rotting vampire, there were Belle Morte rogues and fear masters and beast masters to boot and each and every one of them where young enough to be a power to be reckoned with and still hate the way that the vampire council did things.
Over the next twelve years, between Ruby and Theodore the young hyena started to lose himself. The rebellion and need to fight what was happening to him died, painfully and slowly, but it did die. Gone were the days he had to go around wearing a collar and on the end of a leash and had to be escorted by one of Ruby’s older and more treasured pets. He was no longer handcuffed to the bed of some two-bit vampire Rogue. He was allowed to come and go as he pleased, because they had something he needed, something he craved so badly that he broke out into cold sweats, shakes and shivers. He craved them. Needed them just like the air he breathed some nights that he would go down on his knees and beg to be bitten. It wasn’t always easy either; Ripley would have to do things that he didn’t want to do but did it anyway. Mistress Ruby explained it one time when she’d been waiting for Theodore to wake, she told him that it was them simply asking for a favour because they’d given him a gift.  
That wasn’t to say that it was all doom and gloom, despite his current situation, Ripley made friends. One such friend was Sissy. It wasn’t exactly a fun evening for the both of them. Ruby and Theo’s second in command dragged him along to a local tattoo parlour that had a decent reputation in the inked circles. The Mistress wanted something new and exciting, and the vampire and Rip were only sent along as bodyguards for the crazy bitch. Ripley wouldn’t have done anything if the beast master male hadn’t taken a shine to the girl, oh he’d seen her, she’d been chatting with an artist or something, but the vampire took an instant dislike to her for some reason. The artist was rolled, mentally told to forget that they’d ever existed as the vampire went after Sissy. Ripley was left with Ruby and boy, did he want to help the girl.
The moment blood was drawn; he had an idea and turned to the bitch queen that had sat giggling the whole time. He bargained for her safety, offering Ruby anything she wanted in return. Liking that idea, Ruby pulled the beast master off the red headed girl, and after checking on Sissy to make sure that she was ok, Ripley turned to get what was coming his way. All she asked was that he get a tattoo of her choice in return for the girls life and safety, Ripley didn’t even question it and let the Mistress do what she wanted, sat through the rolled tattoo artist branding him with the Chinese characters for ‘Ruby’ at the nape of his neck, after his Mistress and the beast master got theirs. Theodore never noticed that his servant and queen had left her permanent mark on another man,  if he had then they would have destroyed the parlour, killed Sissy and the artist that had done their work, instead they stayed in town, the vampires and shifters coming and going as they got new ink and Ripley got to know Sissy a bit more.
Eventually the group moved on to a place called Jackford at the back end of 2010; they rolled into town and found that there was so much chaos they could create. They didn’t have to do anything; there was no time because Ruby, during a Christmas shopping break, was smacked down by a blonde harpy. The Oba of Jackford didn’t like another in her territory and she made that clear when she drew first blood, Ripley had grinned at that, seeing the scarlet streaks down on freckled cheek. Ruby didn’t have time to defend herself, and even if she had, Theo was the ruler and he declared no one was to help and Ruby was furious. She gave it all she had, but on her own with no vampires or hyenas to help her, Petra Graves whooped her skanky ass fair and square then told the rest of the mob to take Ruby and leave her town. Theodore was fairly reasonable, as an Old World gentleman at heart, he agreed and they made plans to leave though he requested a little time from Petra because it was Christmas. His logic being that it would be their first proper Christmas together and sadly, Petra agreed.
Over the next three months, the rogue band drifted apart. There’d been moments when Ripley had wondered if he could just slip away and make a run for the Kiss that had been reconstructing itself from the ground up. However he didn’t have to. In February, one of Ruby’s other pets made a big fuss about not being marked in front of Theodore of all creatures. Ruby, desperate to shut the idiot up, snapped his neck but it was too late for that. Theo had heard enough and dragged Ripley close to check and sure enough, the Master saw the tattoo was there. Theodore crushed Ripley’s throat and tossed him aside like trash to die in the gutter, before dragging his whore-queen off to deal with her. The two hyenas bodies where left in a semi completed housing estate, but that wasn’t the end of them, nobodies in a sea of silence.
Ripley should have died, except he didn’t. The male had no idea what had happened but one moment he was choking and struggling for air that wasn’t there and then the next it was daylight and he was blinking up at the faces of two werewolves that called the Fun House home. One of the wolves, Eric, had ripped Ripley’s inner beast out to try and save him and it had worked, mostly. As a result from the event, Rip didn’t know what had happened, who they where, where he was. Nothing at all except his name, and the flashes that he gets sometimes when he’s stressed, he hasn’t spoken of them to anyone at all. So here he is, in Jackford, a ward of the kiss and still a nobody.[/SIZE]
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dragoninawagon · a year ago
Frozen II Review
I saw Frozen II with my little sister and while I was mad because Frozen overtook The Lion King, and I wouldn’t want to support that, there’s a Lion King remake now that is higher than both so I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m on Frozen 2’s side, bring back animation to the top and pummel it even if it has to be Frozen's team in the end! I'm on team animation. I'll try to keep this as spoiler-free as necessary.
So I hear that the visuals are pretty stunning and they are but that doesn’t mean anything to me because you can’t sacrifice story for spectacle. However I will say, it’s not the animation that gets me, it looks great and all, to be expected but it’s what it does with it that intrigues me, some of it really taps into that sweet spot that Frozen 1 started to do. While I think the first one is overrated I have to admit that I always liked the way the music and visuals popped together which is best displayed during Let it Go, I cant really explain it but I felt good about it. In this one, it kind of follows in that same vein.
I don’t like how Disney tried to predict which song was going to be a hit because let’s be honest we knew at least one of them was, when last time Let it Go and Frozen itself were surprise hits. However the song they’ve chosen “Into the Unknown” is no doubt the best in there and seeing it in it’s full form definitely complements it. But it has a similar beginning to “Do you want to build a Snowman” with the piano.
There were theories when the first came out as well as Easter eggs, while I can say this one has Easter eggs (including a Baymax one!) I thought they confirmed some of them. They go back on that in this one and it kind of bothers me, breaks the illusion that Disney movies are connected in a way. I was afraid of that before watching it because I feel like you’re changing what you already somewhat established. Also nobody was revealed to be gay like some were saying fyi.
I liked all the songs in the original but it took time for them to grow on me, this time it might be the same thing but at the moment I only feel a draw to a few of them.
Another thing I liked about the first but was also a weakness was the way it was cut and edited, I liked how it was Anna then Elsa then Anna then Elsa and while the pacing was fine I guess, it felt a little whelming.
This one’s pacing was fine, I actually expected it to take longer ,but more seems to be happening. Having the characters together definitely helped, that way we didn’t keep cutting back to Arendelle, however while they showed it as “we stick together” they couldn’t resist. Yep they split them up eventually, no sense hiding it.
I'm a bit confused with the whole lesson because it does have some pretty strong lessons but one of them just seems to go away and that’s the “we stick together” thing because nothing seems to really be learned from that in the end, they kind of overlook it, I guess they just overlook it then replace it. Also one of the main plots has to do with a “voice” that Elsa hears and it calls her...
Tumblr media
Moana said that too but I think she was being figurative, it seems a bit weird if you ask me, I mean why is it just now calling her? Matthias, the new character was supposed to be trapped in there for 35 years but looks the same while all the others aged...
Olaf is the champion of this film. He asks questions, he kind of introduces the new stuff and goes over the old stuff then keeps it funny but he was easily my favorite of the film. Also who knew he was such a philosopher.
Kristoff...yeah his side plot didn’t interest me, I’ve seen it all before and his song wasn’t all that either other than the very beginning and that part wasn’t even “his song” it was everybody’s. I didn’t really like him in general and I think they just made the side plot up so that he would seem cooler at the end and yeah it is cool but was it a good enough reason?
Ok, ok, so last movie Elsa was my favorite out of the bunch, but I never knew why and I feel like everyone else felt the same way so I kind of used this movie to try and come up with a reason since they do go more in depth with her character. And I think one thing I liked was that she had villain potential. She wasn’t really “the villain” of the last movie but she was backed into a corner and she would fight back. I could feel that angst with Into the Unknown because of how determined she was and it seemed like she could get lost in it but then the potential just kind of drifted, there is no “Evil Ice Queen” like the original story by Hans Christian Andersen may suggest, I almost say that disappointed though I never really expected it. With that I would’ve liked to see actual Hans and what happened to him.
Anna is insecure this time around and at first it was like “Where’d her confidence go?” but then I started thinking “Man Hans really got to her. I would feel the same way tbh, I can’t blame her.”
I don’t want to say what has been said before from what I’ve saw of reviews but this seems to be for everybody, it acknowledges that the people who grew up with the first are older now as well as new people and I have to appreciate that even though I don’t fall into that category, the category I do fall into is the older audience and it accounts for them as well. It references all the characters in a similar way as Finding Dory. I'm trying to give you reasons to see it.
It had some really good moments, some I actually wanted to cry because of how powerful it felt, sounds cheesy but something about this movie got me. It has some of the same problems as the first but does improve on them and learn. This is the true sequel to Frozen in my opinion, it doesn’t do too bad though I can’t say which I like more. I certainly had a good time if that’s all you’re looking for. I'm doing a new thing so give me some time to get used to it but instead of numbers I'm doing pizza so the more sauce, the better, we want less cheese. I put a little Parmesan on there which I think all would have, it has some cheese on the side though like for example, there's a scene where Elsa and her mom sing to each other, I know little girls might resonate with that but I didn't, came off as cheesy. I'm thinking other than a few drawbacks, it's a game of tug and pull, it could actually be considered superior over the other one given a little time.
Tumblr media
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screamingatanemptyroom · 2 years ago
Restricted Magic Arc 3 Part 6
I finally had a moment to write! Yay! This part is a little short, but I’m hopeful i can continue it later this weekend, enjoy! 
Master post link to the rest of the parts. 
It wasn’t a fight. It was a one sided beatdown.
Small hands struck his chest, pushing him to the floor. The boy was young, but he was smaller, and his five-year-old frame couldn’t hold up against the larger boy’s strength. He curled up in a ball, protecting his head and his stomach as the other child kicked him over and over. A group of children surrounded the fighting pair, but no one stepped forward to help him.
“Monster!” One girl shouted with a cruel grin.
“They should have drowned you when you were born!”
He tried to hold on, but the boy lands a kick to his head, causing his ears to ring. Blood ran from a cut in his forehead to his eyes, dying his vision red.
He reaches out, grabbing the ankle of his assailant. The boy, startled, tried to pull it back but it was already to late.
His hand was on him.
The larger boy crumpled to the ground, unconscious. The remainder of the children stepped back, startled as he ignored his injuries and stood up, smiling, the coppery taste of blood in his mouth.
“You were right.”
The other children were screaming, running away in the face of his power.
“I am a monster.”
He was all-alone. Sitting at the edge of the temple steps, he put his face in his hands, and sobbed bitterly.
“What’s wrong?” A young woman, sixteen or seventeen years old, sat next to him, a soft comforting hand on his back.
He briefly explained what happened, hesitating to tell her the extent to which he hurt the other children. When he had finished he looked up into her eyes, his face sad.
“Maybe I shouldn’t have been born. They say I’m a monster, and I think they’re right.” He rubbed his tears away with the back of his hand, but his eyes immediately filled up again.
The woman didn’t flinch.
“You are what you decide to be. If you decide to be a monster, then that’s all you’ll ever be. But you don’t have to be.” She gave him a quick hug. “You could be a hero if you wanted.”
He pouted. “Easy for you to say, you were chosen to help my father with the Renewal. He likes you.”
“That may be so, but he loves you, so I don’t think you have to worry.” She chuckled quietly as he rolled his eyes.
Looking out at the ground, where his blood and tears had soaked into the ground  he sighed. “I hate my power. I wish I could be like you.”
“Everyone has a purpose. You don’t need mine, you already have your own.” The young woman shook her head. “Keep searching for it. And until then, if they come to bother you, try to make you cry, show them a smile instead, even if it’s a fake one.” Placing a finger under his small chin she smiled brightly. “Just like this. Let me see it.”
He smiled, and if it was a little strained, neither of them mentioned it.
“Good job Christopher, I knew you could do it! Now why don’t you come inside, I made some cake, my sister’s coming today!”
Christopher jumped up to his feet, excited. “Elsinore is coming?! That’s great!” He ran towards the temple, before pausing, a genuine smile lighting up his face. “Thanks, Sophia.”
Christopher woke up in a dark room, his face wet from tears.
Taking a moment to stabilize his breathing, he hid his face with his arm, giving out a quiet groan.
“What a worthless dream.”
He knew why those memories were suddenly bothering him again. The encounter with that boy in the woods. The one who was in love with Erin. It had been a miscalculation on Christopher’s part not to find out that there was someone who had catastrophic level Insight before coming in to contact with him.  
Standing up, he looked in a mirror. He smiled lightly, the false expression naturally appearing on his face.
Years of lying, pretending. Of being used by others.
He wondered if this was what Sophia had envisioned when she told him to find his purpose.
Of course what did she know. For all her beautiful words she never even got to complete the Renewal. She ended up married to a general and murdered in a foreign country instead.
Now the only hope in the world rested on him bringing her daughter home.
The Christopher in the mirror looked frowned. For all that Erin looked like her mother, she was nothing like her. The easygoing temperament, the friendly atmosphere… none of it had been passed on to her daughter. She was cold, her eyes seeming to study him as if deciding whether or not to kill him. It made him uncomfortable. She didn’t remind him of Sophia, she was a lot more like her father.
But she was the only one who could save everyone.
If only it could have been him…
His fist smashed into the mirror, breaking the smiling image in front of him.
He was not anyone’s savior. He was a tool. A monster.
That was his purpose.
He would bring Erin back to Merion. Or he would die trying.
“Turn your papers over, students. The exam is over.”
A mixed chorus of cheers and groans met the teacher’s statement. Erin had already turned her paper over a while ago, and had been waiting quietly for the test time to be over. She gave a small grin as she stretched in her chair. Nothing in the exam had come as a surprise, and she felt that her position as top student in the theoretical portion wouldn’t be threatened in the near future.
A loud, pained groan broke Erin out of her thoughts. She looked over with an amused expression.
“Still alive, Gerald?”
The young man in question had his face down on the desk. “Barely.”
She patted him on the shoulder. “I’m sure you did fine.”
Gerald’s head snapped up, his face lighting up with enthusiasm. “Just remember your promise!” Erin winced. “Yes.”
Her unenthusiastic reply seemed to worry him. “You said if I passed, you would go to the yearly Formal with me!”
“Yes. IF you passed.”
Getting a more positive answer, Gerald pumped his fist and cheered. “Super romantic date time! Awesome!” He and Olivia high fived.
“You don’t have to be that excited.”
He shrugged. “Yes I do.”
Sighing, Erin looked over at Olivia. “And why are YOU so enthusiastic about this?”
“First of all, as a supportive best friend, I cheer on all your positive life experiences.” She grinned, “Besides, more importantly, if you go, I get to pick out your dress.”
“Who decided that?”
Her face had a rare look of stubbornness. “You never had a choice.”
Looking out the window, Erin buried her face in her hands and sighed.
At least she would only have to go if Gerald passed the exam.
“I passed the exam!”
Several days later, Erin was met with an ecstatic Gerald and Olivia. Faced with their overwhelming enthusiasm, she could only nod her head, and leave them to their planning
As the night of the ball came closer, the group prepared for their trip to Merion. The “classes” with Christopher continued, with very little success. Despite his best efforts, the only person who ever appeared to pay attention was Gerald. Frederick and Olivia continued with their artwork, making a full-fledged comic series of Erin murdering Christopher in various painful and increasingly gruesome ways. Matthias slept through each class, attacking instantly with ice magic any time someone was foolish enough to wake him up.
As for Erin…
It was difficult for anyone but her to know whether she was there or an illusion. Both ignored everyone, quietly reading during the lecture, and left without a word. The group as a whole had actually assumed she never attended these classes, but on the week before the Formal, Gerald showed up with a drawing to add to the comic.
“See this is me and Erin getting married, and here are all our babies!” Gerald grinned proudly, handing the paper to Frederick who studied it closely before smirking.
“Why do the kids look like Matthias?”
“WHAT? No they don’t!” Gerald tried to grab the paper back, but it was held out his reach by a laughing Frederick.”
“They’re pale with white hair…”
“It was drawn with black and white!”
“I think Erin’s cheating on you.”
The paper in Frederick’s hand burst into flames. Startled, the group turned towards Erin, who they had thought to be an illusion.
“That’s enough.” Her voice was quiet, but no one dared to contradict her.
“Guys!” Christopher broke in with a loud sigh. “You realize I was still in the middle of a lecture, right?”
Frederick turned to him with a confused expression. “Sorry, who were you again?”
Christopher then tried to talk to Erin, but she had already switched out with an illusion and escaped.
The day before the ball, Erin was walking to the forest to practice, mentally exhausted from all the last-minute fitting that Olivia had put her through. The girl was normally laid back and cheerful, but once it involved something she was passionate about, she was an absolute tyrant. Erin stretched, wincing as her stiff muscles protested the movement.
“ERIN! I was looking for you!” A young man with golden hair and eyes walked up, a friendly, casual grin on his face. Seeing Christopher approach. Erin ignored him, continuing on her way towards the forest.
“You can’t ignore me forever.” He trotted after her, slightly out of breath following the pace that she had set.
“…” Erin looked ahead, refusing to answer.
“Fine.” Christopher huffed with annoyance. “You listen, I’ll talk. I know you don’t agree with this engagement, but this goes much deeper than just you or me. It’s fine if you want to keep your own personal life.” He shrugged. “Love is a fantasy anyways. People use each other, and when they aren’t useful anymore they are cast aside. I don’t know what you and that boy think you have, but once you no longer need each other it will fade soon enough.”
“So don’t ruin engagement that has far-reaching political consequences just for a simple infatuation.”
Christopher threw up his hands. “Why are you so difficult?! Look, this may be difficult to believe, but the fate of everyone, the world, depends on this.”
Erin finally stopped, and turned to Christopher with a cold smile.
“’Fate of the world?’” She snorted derisively. “A convenient phrase that sounds great, but at the end of the day is used by people like you to get what you want.”
“I don’t expect you to understand…”
“I understand enough.”
“FINE!” He turned away. “We leave in a week. In Merion, people will be choosing sides. I suggest you choose the right one.”
Erin watched him walk away, the restriction amulet in her fist digging deeply into her skin.
 It was the night of the ball. Erin stared at the mirror, feeling slightly uncomfortable.
“Are you sure…?” She trailed off at Olivia’s indignant expression.
“AM I SURE?!” She gestured at the reflection in the mirror, which showed a floor length dark red dress. “LOOK AT YOU! You look amazing! The cut is perfect, if I do say so myself.” She chuckled. “Gerald is going to freak out.”
“You look pretty good yourself.” Erin had to smile at the other girl’s enthusiasm.
Olivia held out her arms, twirling in a circle. “Do you like it?!” Her dress was wildly different from Erin’s, a light blue ball gown covered in lace.
“It’s perfect for you.”
“I know.”
The girls hugged each other briefly, and then parted as Erin glanced down at the amulet around her neck.
“Gerald is here.”
“Only Gerald would hand his fiancé a tracker that would let them find him at any time.” Olivia grabbed Erin’s arm, dragging her towards the door. “Let’s go!”
Erin dragged her feet a little, but allowed herself to be pulled out of the room.
It was time to go to a ball. 
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somuchtowrite · 2 years ago
Character Creation Tag
tagged by @thedrowningtsarevna and @things-waiting-to-be-written, thank you!! I’ll be doing this for my mc eli :)
1) What was the first element of your OC that you remember considering (name, appearance, backstory, etc.?)
I came up with his name and appearance at the same time, mainly because he began completely based on this kid I knew in elementary school whose name was eli (MY eli ended up changing so much that I can barely see the similarities, though)
2) Did you design them with any other characters/OCs from their universe in mind?
nope!! I came up with him because my english teacher started a writing club and told us to come up with a character at our first meeting. I didn’t do anything with him until I came up with lark
3) How did you choose their name?
again, 100% because of that kid from elementary school (who I wasn’t even friends with?? pretty sure he made fun of my hair once?? man idk that was a while ago)
4) In developing their backstory, what elements of the world they live in played the most influential parts?
well since he lives in the normal human world up until the events of the story, I wanted to give him a pretty average life/backstory. the only thing that doesn’t fit that is his relationship with his sister, which delves into some deeper things that I can’t get into without ~spoilers~
5) Is there any significance behind their hair colour?
nope!! just plain dark brown
6) Is there any significance behind their eye colour?
also nope!! dark brown to go with his hair
7) Is there any significance behind their height?
he’s pretty average height, which kind of goes with his personality? like he starts off average but gets more powerful and confident as the story progresses. plus, I wanted him to be shorter than lark at first (but he hasn’t hit his growth spurt yet, so who knows?? maybe he’ll pass lark’s 5′9)
8) What (if anything) do you relate to within their character/story?
hm, I’d say his relationship with his siblings. heavily exaggerated, of course, but there are definitely parallels between my sister and naomi and my brother and matthias (again, eli’s relationships are VERY exaggerated, my sister isn’t that much of a dick akdlfjsdjf)
9) Are they based off of you, in some way?
just the sibling thing that I can think of. maybe the lack of self confidence too yikes
10) Did you know what the OC’s sexuality would be at the time of their creation?
I thought I did!! I actually started out thinking that I would put eli and viktor together, but eventually realized they had approximately zero chemistry and figured out some better. now, I’d say he’s bi unless stated otherwise (like the rest of my characters sksksk)
11) What have you found to be most difficult about creating art for your OC (any form of art: Writing, drawing, edits, etc.)?
sometimes I have a hard time keeping him consistent when writing. other than that, though, I don’t think I use him in any other art forms??
12) How far past the canon events that take place in their world have you extended their story, if at all?
just my plans for the sequel, that’s all!!
13) If you had to narrow it down to 2 things that you MUST keep in mind while working with your OC, what would those things be?
uh he’s a dumb bitch but also he’s still powerful (sometimes I forget that like,,,,he has magic) and that he can’t keep avoiding reaching his goals (aka I can’t keep avoiding writing those bits)
14) What is something about your OC that can make you laugh?
man, every time he says “what?” (soooo often) like I just giggle every time. eli, you absolute moron. I love you.
15) What is something about your OC can make you cry?
it makes me sad that his biggest fear is that his siblings would have left him for dead if they were in his position (because what that’s so sad?? eli baby you don’t deserve that negativity??) but it doesn’t make me cry lol
16) Is there some element you regret adding to your OC or their story?
not that I can think of!! if there was, I would just get rid of/change that element, that’s what editing is for!!
17) What is the most recent thing you’ve discovered about your OC?
he gets really embarrassed really easily
18) What is your favourite fact about your OC?
probably that he’s a big history nut!! even though it has no relevance to the story and probably won’t make it into future drafts, I know it and that’s enough:)
tagging (if you want to!!): @sundaynightnovels, @plutocoeurwrites, @inked-waves, and anyone else who wants to do it!!
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anonimo-infinito · 2 years ago
Yeyeyeyeyey!!! Here. I translated it (Of course I used google translate so... um... don’t expect too much lol)
The River
After the disappearance of Nicole Hernandez, panic flooded in the most prestigious boarding school of young ladies. It was exasperating, for teachers and students, to see how the police continually interrupted the classes to get and interrogate a few of my classmates.
Nicole was the almost stereotypical perfect girl: perfect grades, kind, popular, with all the boys from the neighboring boarding school chasing her every day, loved by everyone (teachers and classmates) and with an incredible culinary sense - in fact, from both interned, nothing was served at the table that she hadn’t tried before. And I say almost because, when you think of girls like her, you imagine the white and tall blond girl with blue eyes, a fine nose, a role model, etc., etcetera. However, it was not like that, in fact, it was the opposite: she was simple, the shortest of all of the students, barely visible in a crowd (except for her high ponytail), curly black hair, she was chubby as every free time she had, she used it to buy one or another craving, but it has to be said, she didn’t care, her self-esteem was as high as her grades; sports was not for her, she was always the last one running, the one that failed blaying basketball and the one that missed the soccer ball before kicking it. Nicole had a remarkable feature, it was the characteristic that made everyone be enchanted by her: her voice; soft and sweet, like honey and a summer breeze, it is not a description that I do, it is an institutional agreement, however, it is true, her voice (and her hair) brought me crazy.
Everyone knew her, there was no one that didn’t know at least her name. Nicole was in charge of welcoming the new ones, participating as judge in competitions and was one of the main organizers of the extracurricular activities.
She and I shared the love of nature; she, on one hand, enjoyed it as a hobby while I, on the other, devoted all my study and thought to the idea of ​​becoming a botanist. We met by accident one night planned by destiny, and I don’t refer to “destiny” as a cheesy, I speak of destiny as a written fact, predetermined otherwise it would have been impossible to know each other -the only moment in which the two schools could They lived on weekends, only five hours (Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon, with a meal and rest in the garden) and, really, little was the coexistence, if only one to two mixed groups talking amicably , but the others as far away as they could.
As I was saying, Nicole and I found ourselves at the entrance of a cave passing the river. It was the second week and we both had broken the first rules of the boarding school. “The walks through the garden beyond the established limits will be punished with the expulsion from the school” and “any student outside the institute’s facilities more than 9:30 p.m. will be punished with the suspension of classes for one more week. cleaning of said facilities ”. But this, none of us cared. I discovered Nicole with a flashlight in her mouth, drawing lienas in a notebook; his drawing skills were not good, but he could capture the structures of what he drew. She jumped when I approached her from behind, thinking that the ranger had caught her. We spent all that night talking about our tastes and, she, just told me that she wanted to go into the different caves that were distributed in the territory of the school, believing to find some other evidence of ancient civilization.
The escapades continued and went from being weekly to practically daily. It was our shared space and, like a classic tale of love, I could say that I fell in love; However, more than love was admiration and devotion to her. I respected her deeply. Also, Nicole, she became the only person with whom I felt safe.
A few days after the complaint of his disappearance, a first-grade girl found a corpse on the shore of the lake while doing a practice for a subject; He shouted such a shout that he alerted both institutes and the gossip ran before the police arrived to see the scene.
And the endless questionnaires began.
At first I thought they would call me, but nobody really knew about our escapades, much less that we talked to each other. In fact, Nicole herself had told me that she would prefer not to tell anyone about me, since she felt that this would make recesses weird because her friends would playfully mock our friendship.
The police spoke with the director to find out who Nicole used to relate to, clearly, the director replied that her friends were the most popular girls at school. However, they also called a girl named Lauren, whom Nicole used to talk to often; according to her friends they were not so close and only helped each other to study, but I knew that Lauren knew each and every one of Nicole's secrets, in a few months they had become the best friends and they did almost everything together. Lauren commented that not only did she have friends at the Señoritas Institute, but also that there was a group of boys she used to hang out with. And so the police came to the building where I was.
Shortly after the in-depth investigation, those responsible for it, interrupted one of my classes for the first time and I felt that my heart would pop out of my mouth. Nicole was my friend, of course she wanted them to know what had happened to her, her parents had a right to know, just like Lauren, but she did not know if she would have the courage to talk to cops about anything about her. For the simple fact that our escapades were forbidden, not only would they consider me the suspect number one and a cold-blooded killer, but they would also expel me from school and any chance to get on with my school life. When the list of names was finished, I was able to breathe again, although, although I tried to return my attention to the class, my mind was elsewhere.
The investigation ended, almost a month after his complaint, with the police taking Matias Flores.
It would make sense that the police had hired him as Nicole's suspect and killer. She herself, by the way she referred to him, seemed scared of his presence.
That night, that of the supermoon, that of the departure that we had planned in advance to visit a cave slightly further away than the rest, she had not wanted to go. At the entrance to the forest he told me that he had spoken with Matías, he wanted to go out with her and, as we all know in both institutes, he does not have the fame of the gentleman if not the opposite. Nicole told me that they had argued because she had no interest in being with him, and that when she made a move to leave, he grabbed her arm and approached her violently, hurting her. If Lauren had not intervened, Nicole was afraid that Matthias might have done her some harm.
I told him that to clear it, we could go to the caves before it was done later and, with my continuous insistence, finally my wish was granted.
We crossed the first meters of tall, wooded trees, the fireflies and dragonflies met where it was in the river and illuminated, along with our lanterns, the narrow trunk that was on the bridge. We were moving away more and more from the limits to which we were accustomed. At first we thought we were going in a good direction, however, after wandering a few minutes, we felt completely disoriented, and it was, when deciding to retrace our steps, when it started to rain.
We kept silent, as if we were afraid that through sound we would meet another person who was not the other. Suddenly a light, which was not from the moon or our lanterns, rotated on the floor. "The ranger" I thought. Next, we turned off our light source and hid behind trees to see if we lost the caregiver, maintaining the hope that he had not seen us.
"Whoever it is, get out," he said in his thick voice.
We looked at each other terrified, but both, as if we read our minds, counted to three and we left running, letting the moon guide our steps. The man kept hurrying us in his step and ours too. We ended up running through the muddy forest; even without being able to see well where we were going, because the rain made it impossible to distinguish that there were three steps away. After a while of chase, we could hear the river running, as well as see the shadow of what the bridge was.
I quickened my step, with the idea in my head that nobody should know that I was out until so late. With the greatest possible care, I went through the trunk that creaked under my feet. I was so wet that I could not tell if the water that was wetting my sneakers was from the river or from the rain that fell on us. I stumbled over the bridge and kept running when a scream sounded in the forest.
"Nicole," I thought. I stopped dead and it seemed like everything else too.
Time came back to life and I fled from where I had come from, without bothering to meet the ranger. I heard the river again -bravo and scandalous- as well as gasps of unbridled effort to escape certain death.
"Nico!" I yelled and she responded with another cry for help so I could locate her. The force with which the raindrops fell had diminished considerably, so that I could already distinguish where I was. My friend had slid off the trunk and was holding on to the unstable land covered with wet leaves. The river had grown enough to cover Nicole's knees, preventing her from doing more than just grabbing and praying that the river would not continue to grow.
With my heart about to come out of my chest, I ran to the nearest tree with low branches; I tried to start one to help her climb. No tree gave way and the cluster of slippery leaves that I was walking did not help either. My head was spinning, I decided to look on the floor to see if I was lucky, but I only managed to get my clothes and hands dirty.
Another scream with my name alerted me because a desperation and terror trembled in the humid air. I turned in his direction, the water splashed the shore and there were only fingers clinging anguished to the earth that was falling apart between them.
I felt that I stopped breathing. It seemed that the space between where I was and where the river flowed was immense, just as every step, however hasty it took, took me further away from Nicole.
To top it off, the treacherous mattress under my feet, he played his game and I ended up with a muddy face. I got up without waiting for a second and flew to the shore. When I arrived, the river had taken it.
I stared at him, unable to process anything of what had happened. I stared at him while, this one, he played to cross the limit once again.
I returned with slow and calm step to the boarding school, without being able to contain the tears that ran for my face. Already back, nobody never suspected me, or the exits. I made my life again, I stopped going to the forest, like the idea of ​​being a botanical biologist and turned to neurology.
From time to time, in that time of tension, and even now it happens, they used to wake me up with the cries of Nicole asking for help and the cries of Matías praying for a little credibility.
In the end, the river took two innocents, a dream and a secret to the depths of its waters.
( @mkayisinsane please tell me what do you think! When you can of course!)
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Songday Sunday Collection (SSC) for May
So we’ve had our first two Songday Sundays last month and it’s safe to say it was a success! Looking at the amount of songs you’ve all sent in and are still waiting in our inbox for this month’s edition (10th and 24th of June) you can be certain we’ll continue this. :D
Underneath you can find every song once more for easy finding. And I made some banners for each character we’ve had so far to break the wall of text and links, so, long post ahead!
-Mod Kirra
Tumblr media
Anders Ever Dream - Nightwish God help the outcasts (The Hunchback of Notre Dame) - Heidi Mollenhauer (singing voice of Esmeralda)
x Hawke No Way - Fifth Harmony Irresistible - Fall Out Boy (rivalmance)
Tumblr media
Aveline x Ser Wesley Vallen Sweet Memories - Maiden Rose OST
Tumblr media
Blackwall x Inquisitor Can you feel the love tonight (Disney)
Tumblr media
Cole Not Too Late - Lemaitre Gasoline - Halsey
Tumblr media
Cullen Fix you - Coldplay  May It Be - Enya The Draw - Bastille Little Lion Man - Mumford & Sons Rear View - ZAYN Soldier - Ingrid Michaelson Hollow - Tori Kelly
x Inquisitor Rain - SID Can you feel the love tonight (Disney)
x Trevelyan  SPOTIFY LINK Ahead of Myself - Jamie Lawson Can’t See Straight - Jamie Lawson The Words - Christina Perri Hearts Don’t Break Around Here - Ed Sheeran Next to Me - Emeli Sandé Beneath Your Beautiful - Labyrinth ft. Emeli Sandé Be Still - The Fray I Touch Myself - Divinyls I Love You Will Still Sound The Same - Oh Honey Kiss Like Your Kiss - Lucinda Williams Bonfire Heart - James Blunt I Found You - Kina Grannis Forever Starts Today - Tim Halperin I Get To Love You - Ruelle Until You Came Along - JJ Heller Best Friend - Jason Mraz
Tumblr media
Dorian There For You - Flyleaf (friendship with Inquisitor)
x Inquisitor Death Of A Bachelor - Panic! At The Disco
x Iron Bull Love Love Love - Of Monsters And Men  Circles - KIRA Be As One - W-inds Can You Feel The Love Tonight - Elton John
Tumblr media
Fenris x f!Hawke Tale As Old As Time Intertwined - Dodie
Tumblr media
Hero of Ferelden f!Cousland Akatsuki no Hana (Yona of the Dawn OP)
x Ser Gilmore (also for f!Warden/Alistair) Sweet Memories - Maiden Rose OST
f!Warden x Leliana Tonight And The Rest Of My life - Nina Gordon 
Tumblr media
Hawke Human - Christina Perri Brother My Brother - Blessid Union of Souls
Tumblr media
Inquisition 10th Man Down - Nightwish Legends Are Made - Sam Tinnesz
Tumblr media
Iron Bull Look What They’ve Done To My Song, Ma - Melanie Safka
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Josephine x f!Inquisitor Tonight And The Rest Of My life - Nina Gordon 
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Varric Cry - James Blunt
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x Hawke Immortals - Fall Out Boy 
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Vivienne Walking With Strangers -The Birthday Massacre 
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mrjarviss · 3 years ago
TMI(To much information) tag answers
Questions were made by @youtubetagsxx​
Here you go, the thing nobody asked for, but I’m bored so I’ll still do it:
1. What are you wearing? > An Alonan-Marowak shirt and some pants. 2. Ever been in love? > Yeah. 3. Ever had a terrible breakup? > Yeah... multiple. 4. How tall are you? >Like, idk, 5′5?? pretty short 5. How much do you weigh? > ~52 kg 6. Any tattoos? > No. 7. Any piercings? > A lip piercing 8. OTP? > Clancy and Andre 9. Favorite show? > Duck Dodgers / Kirby right back at ya / Camp Camp 10. Favorite bands? > Mother Mother / AJR / Enej / Skillet 11. Something you miss? . > My trailer at the beach. 12. Favorite song? > I guess I like ‘Internet Personas’ by Atlas 13. How old are you? > 16 14. Zodiac sign? > Taurus 15. Quality you look for in a partner? > I don’t care tbh, I’ll take anyone probably 16. Favorite Quote? > “Oh YAS QUEEEEEEN!” -idfk who said that, it just became something I shout at my friends at school at some point. 17. Favorite actor? > Cory Michael Smith / Michael “Bully” Herbig / Matthias Schweighöfer / Jan Josef Liefers (lots of german ppl, I know) 18. Favorite color? > Black and Green 19. Loud music or soft? > I actually really like metal, but I also enjoy soft music 20. Where do you go when you’re sad? > I cry in my room, hbu 21. How long does it take you to shower? > If I hurry, at most 20 minutes. If I take my time, sometimes like 2 hours 22. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? > A few minutes 23. Ever been in a physical fight? > lol no 24. Turn on? > ughhhhghh cheekbones 25. Turn off? > German dialect (ew) 26. The reason I joined Youtube? > I wanted to upload Speedpaints 27. Fears? > Pigs ‘n Heights 28. Last thing that made you cry? > Something I don’t want to talk about, but it was today. 29. Last time you said you loved someone? > Today 30. Meaning behind your YouTube Name? > Idfk, I just draw shit. 31. Last book you read? > Need You Dead by Peter James 32. The book you’re currently reading? > see 31. 33. Last show you watched? > Idk, Rick and Morty I think 34. Last person you talked to? > @j-toxickiss-k 35. The relationship between you and the person you last texted? > Bff 36. Favorite food? > Anything aside from lamb 37. Place you want to visit? > America / Japan 38. Last place you were? > The mountains in Poland 39. Do you have a crush? > *cough* Andre *cough* 40. Last time you kissed someone? > do i look like ppl want to kiss me? 41. Last time you were insulted? > uhhhhhh, I don’t remember 42. Favorite flavor of sweet? > pepper chocolate 43. What instruments do you play?? > I used to play the guitar, but I dropped that 44. Favorite piece of jewelery? > I don’t like jewelery 45. Last sport you played? > I don’t do fucking sports. 46. Last song you sang? > Dear Happy by dodie 47. Favorite chat up line? > “Yo yo yo, what’s going on bro??” 48. Have you ever used it? > Yeah and I got a “no.” in response 49. Last time you hung out with anyone? > *snorts* dO I LOOK LIKE I HAVE FRIENDS TO HANG OUT WITH? 50. Who should answer these questions next? > @pumpkinsweets, @j-toxickiss-k
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sanctuaryforascrivener · 3 years ago
Word count: ~2k  Inspired by the last few lines in @ladyoftheshield‘s lovely fic Cacophony. I thought it was rather original, before I saw these posts by @the-redwaller, but whatever, I like what I did. Unbeta-ed, so any concrit is welcome. 
Snow lay in deep drifts upon the ground all through Mossflower woods. Through the bare branches of the trees, the slate-gray sky could be seen, heralding more flurries before the day’s end. Deep beneath the trees, far from any path, a young mouse was wending his way south through the snow drifts. Oftentimes the snow drifted higher than his ears, and he clutched his ragged, too-long cloak around his shoulders, the hem dragging in the snow behind him. His paws had long gone numb and ice rimed his whiskers, but he kept doggedly on, putting one paw in front of the other.
Head down, eyes slitted almost shut with exhaustion, the tiny mouse--only a child, really, five seasons at most--didn’t stop until he walked headlong into a low hanging larch branch. He went sprawling, sticks and ice-covered stones digging into his ribs as he lay on the forest floor. A weak cough shook his thin body, and he shuddered, drawing his knees under him as he tried to stand again. They gave out almost immediately, and he toppled forward again. For a moment, he simply lay there, watching the way each ragged breath formed a tiny cloud in front of his nose, fainter and fainter.
The wind whistled through the tops of the trees as he closed his eyes, haunting and faint but getting louder. Just for a moment, he told himself. Mama said the cold would kill--but, strange… He felt so warm, right now…
And then, faintly, in the distance but coming nearer, the little mouse could have sworn he heard… singing.
When the winter winds blow through the vale And you’ve roamed far from home There’s nothing quite like ‘Tober Ale And a place to rest your bones. Oh ice! Oh snow! Oh freezing rain! You will not bother me! For I have friends and food and love And they’re waiting there for me!
Yes, somebeast was singing. Bold as brass and coming nearer. The young mouse opened his eyes and blinked once, twice.
Someday soon the springs will come The white shall change to green The rivers shall swell and the flowers shall bloom And all the larks shall sing. Oh sun! Oh breeze! Oh gentle rains! I ever welcome thee! Come chase the dark and cold away And celebrate life with me!
The song cut off, and the young mouse heard steps on the path beside him, before boots stopped in his field of vision. They were a warm brown, bark and a bit worn, and the mouse tilted his head, looking up at the other traveler. It was a mouse, a plump little fellow with light fur, and a smile wide enough that his bright eyes almost disappeared in the folds of his cheeks. He was dressed in a green jerkin and green cloak, dark over light, with a hat perched rakishly over one large ear. “Well, hello there, matey,” he said cheerfully, crouching down closer to him. “You won’t get very far if you lie down like that, y’know.”
The young mouse took a deep breath and braced himself. The short rest had helped, if only a little, and he forced himself upright. He swayed, but steadied. “I liked your song,” he said.
“Of course you did, li’l matey, I made it up, didn’ I? Now, c’mon, let’s get you back home to your mum n’ dad. Bet they’ll be thrilled to see you again, eh?” The older mouse flashed another grin and performed a little hop-skip as he straightened.
“Haven’t got a dad,” the younger corrected him, a faint smile playing across his face in spite of himself as he watched him caper. “Haven’t got a mum anymore, either. Sickness.” He shuddered again, as much from the memory of his mother wasting away as the wind. He pulled the cloak tighter reflexively. “She told me to go to Redwall, but I got lost.”
Some of the madcap joy drained out of the mouse’s smile, turning it warmer, sympathetic. “Aye, well. If your mother told you to go to Redwall, she was a wise one for sure.” he said. “You’re in luck, li’l matey. I can definitely get you to the old Abbey. I’m a prince of pathfinders, just ask anyone!”
“There isn’t anyone around,” he said, but trailed in the other mouse’s wake without protest.
Laughter rang through the trees, and he couldn’t help but smile in response at how very free it sounded, how very hopeful. It was easier, now, to put paw in front of paw. The mouse turned to look down at him. “Excellent point, me lil’ matey. What’s your name, anyway?” The mouse turned and trotted backwards, hands clasped behind him.
“Matthias,” he said. The brief second wind was wearing off now, and he stumbled, and barely stopped himself from sprawling in another heap.
“Are you?” The other mouse slowed, but didn’t stop, still walking backwards. For the first time, he wasn’t  smiling--not as if he were angry, or sad, but simply thinking. The serious expression didn’t fit him, but it didn’t last long. “Is it that time already?”
“Am I what? What time?”  
“Are you Matthias, that is.” He grinned again, as if he had just said something clever. “No matter. C’mon, Matthias-matey. You’ve not got far to go until you see the bell tower. You ought to be just in time for dinner.” The mouse groaned in delight and placed both paws over his fat little stomach. “An’ oh, the dinners at Redwall are to die for. No better food in all the land! I ought to know. Hot cider with cinnamon an’ nutmeg, an’ a hot scone, right out of the oven with strawberry jam, or a blackberry tart with cream--nothing better onna winter’s night in front of the fire listenin’ to a story.”
Matthias trudged along beside the garrulous mouse as he extolled the virtues of the Abbey’s kitchens and cellars, mouth watering. He wiped his whiskers with the back of his paw and swallowed, teeth beginning to chatter again. His gaze wandered back to his feet, unable to keep his head up. It was easier to travel with a friend, true, but he’d still been walking since dawn. Matthias had woken early that morning to find himself curled against his mother’s stiff body, the embers of their tiny fire long cooled to grey and white ashes. He sniffed and wiped sharply at his nose. His throat was starting to burn again, and he coughed, trying unsuccessfully to hold back tears.
The mouse circled in front of him and paused, and Matthias narrowly avoided walking into him. “Chin up, Matthias,” he said, and knelt in the snow to bring them to eye level. “It’s hard, I know. I lost my mum and dad, too, but you’re not gonna be alone for long. We won’t letcha. It’ll be hard--by the fur, it’ll be hard. But you mourn, an’ you remember ‘em if you can, an’ you don’t let it stop you.” He smiled, paw resting on one knee. “You’ll see ‘em again someday, an’ when you do, you’ll have lived a life that’ll make ‘em pleased as punch.”
Matthias sniffed again, and combed claws quickly through his whiskers, trying to hide the fact that he’d been crying. “D’you--d’you really think so?”
“Think? Matthias-matey, I know so!” He straightened indignantly, paws akimbo. “Now c’mon, frozen britches. I’d like to get warmer before I get colder! We’re almost there.”
The young mouse stifled a wet giggle and followed, feeling just a little bit lighter.
His odd little guide turned out to be right. One more turn brought a red tower into view against the slate-gray sky, and Matthias almost burst into tears again at the sight. As friendly as his companion was, the promise of food, drink, and a warm corner to curl up in made the tiny mouse almost collapse in relief.
Matthias stumbled the last few steps across the frozen grass between the line of the trees and the northern wall, scraping his paws on the old red sandstone as he caught himself. He hauled himself along, using the wall for support, until he reached a small wooden gate and wedged himself against the jamb, sinking to sit on his haunches and pulling his cloak tightly over his ears. Rest. He’d just--just rest for a moment, before trying to get someone’s attention on the inside.
“Ahoy, matey!” Matthias startled at the shout. In the rush of relief, he’d forgotten about his guide, but the mouse was standing a foot or two away, neck craned back and both paws cupped around his mouth as he shouted. “I’ve got a delivery for you!”
Matthias leaned his head against the jamb and closed his eyes with a smile. Seemed like his new friend was doing the attention-getting for him, then.
There was a pleased, distant shout of greeting from far above him, and before Matthias quite knew how, there was another mouse on the sward. He cast a quick, friendly smile at the other, before he crouched down beside Matthias, concern painted across his face. “He’s half frozen, the poor mite,” he said, and Matthias relaxed into the jamb, feeling--inexplicably--as if everything would be all right, now. Though the new mouse was clad in a simple green habit, he didn’t seem to notice the cold, sitting in the snow without a second thought. “Running a fever, too. Oh, Matthias…”
Curiously, Matthias raised his head to look the other mouse in the face, regardless of the difficulty. Equal parts worry and love shone in grey eyes against dark fur, and a strong paw reached out to rest on a thin shoulder. “Come now, my little warrior,” he said. “We’ll knock on the door together.”
Matthias took a deep breath and let it mist slowly out again, before bracing himself against the jamb and pushing himself to his feet. The mouse kept his paw on his shoulder, moving to stand behind him, as they both raised their other paw to knock on the door.
“Please!” Matthias shouted, voice torn to rags on the gusting wind. “Please, is anybeast there?”
Another knock, stronger this time as the mouse’s paw tightened on his shoulder. “I need help, please!” Matthias toppled forward, braced himself on the wooden door, fighting to not simply drop where he lay.
“Courage, Matthias,” the whisper came from behind him. The young mouse forced himself upright once more, and slammed a paw into the old wood so hard it ached even through the numbness.
“Please!” He shouted, voice cracking. “Please!”
From behind the door came the sound of running, and then the most welcome sound in the world--a scrape as the door was unlocked, and Matthias staggered as it swung open. Strength and balance failing him, he tripped over the threshold and sprawled at the feet of an Abbey brother.
“Oh, my--” the brother gasped, before bending to scoop the youngster up in both paws, dashing for the Abbey as he shouted, “Father Abbott! Father Abbott!”
The last thing Matthias saw before exhaustion finally pulled him under was the two mice who had helped him, still standing beside the open northern gate.
Martin watched as Brother Alf rushed Matthias into the infirmary, arms crossed and eyes distant. So many threads being set in motion, tangled and untangled and woven together. His musings were cut short as Gonff dug an elbow into his unprotected side.
“So that’s Matthias, hm? Y’could’ve mentioned he was on his way, you know, I’d’ve kept an eye out for ‘im.”
With a huff of laughter, Martin turned and gave his friend a playful shove that nevertheless sent him staggering a few steps. “Contrary to what most creatures think, o pincher of pies, I don’t know everything.”
“Oh, no,” Gonff said, slinging an arm around his shoulders with his usual good cheer. “Just most things. Like Dandin needing to carry that sword. Or that it’d get struck by lightning and nearly skewer a squirrel. Or--”
“All right, all right,” Martin laughed, shaking his head. “But I didn’t know when, Gonff.” He fell silent again.
There was a beat of silence. “He’ll be all right,” Gonff said suddenly, uncharacteristically serious. Martin glanced at him and tilted his head curiously. “He’s almost as stubborn as you are, y’know. Got the same eyes.”
A smile twitched at Martin’s mouth, and he nodded, looking back at the Abbey as if he could see through the walls to the infirmary, where Abbot Mortimer was bending over the newest addition to their abbey, rubbing limbs and paws briskly to warm them. “Aye, he does. Noticed that, did you?”
“Hard not to. Suspected he might be Matthias afore he mentioned his name, y’know.”
“Did you really? Or did you finally pick apart am that is when he gave you his name?” Martin asked, deliberately not looking at the mousethief, though the worry in his stormy grey eyes had faded, only to be replaced with mischief.
Gonff huffed. “Matey, I’ve never been so insulted in all my years! How dare you suggest that I, the prince of puzzle solving, didn’t know exactly who you were talking about?!”  
Martin snorted and, with a quick movement, caught his friend in a headlock, rubbing furiously at his headfur. “You did, did you? So your endless pestering for the scores of seasons since you found the rhyme was a clever blind, eh?” Laughing too hard to extricate himself, Gonff pushed at Martin’s arm. After a moment of fruitless struggling, Martin released him, laughing as well.
“C’mon, o warrior,” Gonff said once they’d laughed themselves breathless. “You promised Sunflash and the babes to help build that rope swing Saxtus doodled.”
Martin stretched up onto his footpaws. “I’ve not forgotten, I promise.”
“Right behind you, matey.”
The pair of mice vanished back to the Dark Forest, secure that both their realms--Redwall and Mossflower Woods--would call if they needed it.
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ihavenosoul12 · 3 years ago
It only started when he dug up the grave.
The man had no job - he was unemployed and work was impossible to find - and his children - a son, ten, and a daughter, twelve - were too young and his wife too ill. Desperate for what little cash he could get, the man took up grave digging.
People in his village bought bones. Perhaps for hippy stuff, perhaps for medicines, anything. It didn't matter to him - it got him money in his pocket and food in his - or at least his family's - mouth.
Matthias - the name of the man - scouted the land for graves, shovel over his shoulder, strap of his bag on the other, beads of sweat dripping down his head. It was a common sight to see him like this - shovel, satchel, sweating.
He mostly went for graves separated from churches or ones that had been so long ago, they wouldn't be missed, or the ones furthest away. His newest victim - if you could call it that - was separate from the church. It was marked by a small, uncut slab of stone. The carved words were messy but coherent.
No name. No age. No birth date. Simply a death date and some words.
Death: 1987.
A son. A brother. His death was not in vain.
The words sent a shiver down Matthias' spine. His death was not in vain. Digging up graves usually made him sad. When he opened the coffin and looked at what remained of the person inside, he'd find himself wondering what life they'd left. He'd wistfully gaze at the name, the age, the birth, the death, the words.
"I'm sorry," he'd always murmur as he put their bones into his bag. "I just need the money. Nothing personal."
He'd laugh after that. Nothing personal. Of course not. He'd never met the person. They'd never done anything to him. He'd just taken their remains. It never haunted him.
Matthias was about to be proved wrong.
After... not a lot of digging, his shovel pierced wood. The wood was weak, the impaling had been accidental, and he worried that standing on it was dangerous.
He dug himself a little platform before striking the coffin again.
That was when the spiders clambered up the shovel and up the handle.
Matthias yelled with fear, eyes widening, and then threw the shovel aside in a moment of haste. He scrambled up and out of the grave and ran toward it, the spiders fleeing. He began to stomp on it to get rid of the spiders, killing most of them. They were black with plump bodies and lanky legs. No bigger than his eye but darker than his brown irises.
After reassuring that yes, the spiders, were gone, and prodding his shovel with his foot to reassure himself yet again of that, Matti picked it up and returned. He stabbed into the coffin a few more times and spiders began to flow out, like a river. He scrambled out of his hole with a few cries and watched as the spiders pooled out after him. He stomped on them and smacked them down dead with his shovel until most of them were dead. Those who lived scampered away upon seeing their fallen friends.
"Bastards," Matthias muttered as he slipped down into the hole and opened what remained of the coffin.
He didn't scream until he found the note.
Ripping the bones that would be sold best from the body - it was little more than a skeleton, head facing the side, body curled up, hands clasped to the chest, chin into the neck, knees into the stomach - it was only as he tore out the rib bones and arms that he noticed paper. Maybe that's why the person's hands were clasped up to their chest.
He skimmed through the note - perhaps it was something they had been given to hold by their family when they were buried.
Matthias nearly dropped the note with shock from what he read.
... I’ve been buried in a coffin, prematurely, before my death, twice...
... I’m really glad they gave me a big coffin...
... it rubs on my back and sides when I twist around but it makes writing easier and I can flop on my stomach and then my back...
... Guess wanting me dead runs in the family...
... twin sister just full on made me relive my childhood trauma...
... killing me slowly and purposefully by burying me alive...
Another shiver ran down his spine. ... I think my sister always wanted to bury me alive...
Matthias looked at the form of the skeleton, at what he'd left.
This guy was awake when he was in the coffin.
Matthias shoved the note into his bag, which he'd dropped a little way aways and buried it under the bones. He clasped the strap in his hands, balled them up and then, squatting, rested his head on his hands, breathing heavily and shaking.
"Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck..." His eyes should have been closed but they were wide open and looking around with fear. "Fuck, fuck, fuck..."
Something drove him to stand up. He removed one of the hands that was holding the satchel, bag trembling with his wrist, and picked up his shovel, beginning to tip the dirt back into the waiting hole. The skull of the man seemed to glare up at him, even when he threw over the flap of the satchel over it.
As he finished his work, he began to make his way back to the village to sell his bones but was stopped in his tracks.
A woman, probably a little older than him, stood, watching him. Matthias gulped slowly. How long had she been there?
The woman had blonde hair that was down and whipping her face in the wind - when had the wind started? - and pale skin that seemed unearthly. She wore a black dress that clung to her body and, over that, she wore a leather jacket. On her feet were cowboy boots with buckles. Her eyes stood out from the rest of her. Why?
She didn't have any.
The next few days, he saw her dotted around the area. She still had no eyes but her hair and her skin and her outfit changed but he always knew it was her.
Black hair, brown skin, jean-style ripped shorts, golden lapping shirt, denim jacket, trainers, no eyes.
Brown eyes, fair skin, sea colour sequin dress, red, sparkly high heels, no eyes.
Red hair, caramel skin, Stetson, baggy shirt, miniskirt, no shoes, no eyes.
No one else could see her. Ha. Like she was hard to miss.
She watched from afar as Matthias drank his whiskey, standing in between two arm wrestling drunkards on the table.
She watched from afar as Matthias sold the bones of the buried alive man, not bothered by the crowds.
She watched in his study as Matthias counted his coins and put the skull - which he could not part with - atop his desk.
She watched in his kitchen as Matthias made food for his family with what food he'd bought from the store.
She watched in his room as Matthias slept with his ill wife, lips turning blue and fingers going numb.
She was there.
One day, as he downed his whiskey, as his eyes inevitably fell on her, Matthias had enough.
That day, she was black hair in a pixie cut, tan skin, blue hoodie, denim jeans and, of course, no eyes.
He stormed outside, in the middle of a storm, and screamed to the heavens:
"Matthias." The voice was echo-y and low and gentle. It sounded demonic and yet peaceful. Its words were a hiss, spoken by a snake. Old met young, the voice tired.
He turned around. She stood behind him, the rain dripping down her face. The raindrops seem to fall into her eye sockets but he didn't want to ask.
"... Yes?"
She stared at him and suddenly leapt at him, grabbing his loose, shoulder hair in her claw like fingers and tearing through the stressed tangles with her nails. Up close, it was not just her eyes that were inhuman. Her teeth were sharp, canines even, her skin seemed to be cracking and maybe even peeling, her nails sharp enough to draw blood, her hair had the texture and look of straw and, while drool dribbled from her lips, blood dribbled from her eye sockets, fingers and lips.
Matthias struggled briefly but her grip snaked onto his cheeks and his throat.
"You... THIEF!"
"It was for a living! I have to! I have no choice!"
Her head slowly cocked into an inhumane angle. "You have... too many mouths to feed..."
"Too many?"
Her hand on his cheek slipped down to his neck to join its twin, claw-nails slicing his skin so he bled.
"Perhaps... you should have less mouths to feed." She grinned and cackled.
"If you hurt any of my family..."
"I won't. But they won't go free from harm. Just not by me." She leant forward to whisper into Matthias' ear. "Keep a close eye on your kids. Kids can be cruel. But so can parents."
She let go of him now and he choked out gasps - the hold on his neck had been tight and he hadn't even realised.
"I will be meeting you once again, Matthias. You will continue to be watched. Don't tell anyone of our discussions or the body count will increase. I don't want more blood on my hands and neither will you."
Matthias backed away, fingers trembling and lips quivering.
"You will regret stealing from my twin's grave."
He scared his wife and kids by dragging them into a tight hug and nearly crying that night.
"Daddy, what's wrong?"
"Matti? Matti, what's wrong?" Arlene - his beautiful, beautiful ill wife - stroked his bloody cheeks with her cotton finger, eyes widened with worry. "Why are you bleeding?"
She watched, smug, making the motion for him to stay silent. He did.
She nodded toward the study, where the guy's - her twin? - skull was used as a paperweight. Matthias followed her movement, glaring at his study door, white knuckled and shaking.
"Daddy?" His youngest child, his son Dominic, clung to his shirt and followed his gaze. He walked toward the door of the study and began to yank the door open.
"GET AWAY FROM THERE!" Matthias grabbed his son's wrist too hard and yanked him from the door, terrified. With the door ajar and its secrets no longer concealed, Matthias threw himself inside and shut the door, locking it behind him.
Arlene began to bang on the door. "MATTI! YOU HURT DOM!"
He didn't respond. The skull was looking at him.
The skull had piercing blue eyes.
Like my writing? Commission me! (
Check out @the-blood-series, the Tumblr blog for my book series!
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penguinsocksworks · 4 years ago
Diaries of the Unwilling
Awhile ago @handthigh requested a small sequelish thing to How to Win A Tsundere’s Heart so here it is! 
They’re the last entry to the Tsundere’s Diaries that explains their past a bit and how they came to be how they are. Warning:There’s talk of homophobia (not towards them) and this is def not my best work but then again when do I ever write anything good oops. There’s also not a ton of shipping stuff so.
Also, these sort of deal with a bit darker of topics. I am so sorry if I ever overstep bounds, I am getting all of my information off of either other stories that I have read or experiences from my own life or people I know. If I ever over step somewhere, please tell me so I may fix it.
Read on AO3 or
Dearest Diary,
Life hasn’t always been easy. It never really is for anyone, but it’s just a bit tougher on some people.
When I was younger I had three older brothers and another younger one on the way. And well… it wasn’t easy. My oldest brother had issues of his own that seemed to hurt me almost as much as it hurt my parents. Older brothers were supposed to be the ones who took care of the younger ones. Or at least that’s the way society and books always depicted the normal family household as. But I learned at an early age that books are an escape from reality, not reality itself.
My brother wasn’t abusive or anything, he just had demons I suppose. They haunted him, and made him do bad things like smoke and drink and have a shit ton of sex with random hussies. My parents had to watch him carefully.
The twins, my other older brothers, got into trouble in a different way. They seeked attention in ways that included breaking random things and blaming it on me or each other. Which demanded another good portion of my parents attention.
And of course, dear Peter. I despised him for a while. The only way I had gotten any real care from my parents was from being the baby. My parents of course were the best parents that they could have been. Wish they would've learned how to properly use a condom, or stop trying for a girl when they already had a few problem children. But they were parents I still wouldn't trade. Peter did nothing to deserve my years of detestation, and I realized that somewhere in my late junior high years. I wish that I had come to that conclusion faster, then maybe we could have banned together. He was the one who truly had it bad.
Yes, I had to take care of Allistor for a number of years. Grow up faster than I should have had to. But I was never alone.
My neighbor, Alfred and his younger twin brother Matthew were always there to play with me. To hang out with me whenever Allistor was acting up or the twins were being reprimanded. I always had a place to call safe and I was always surrounded by people who cared about me truly.
I wish I could have realized that I didn’t need my parents undying attention or love because I had someone else’s. I just never took the time to notice.
But poor Peter was always alone. Coddled like there was no tomorrow, but born so many years after the rest of us that he was alone in ways that didn’t necessarily mean not being surrounded by people. I should visit more often.
My childhood conclusion was that love was something to be desired, but never obtained. Because people can say that they love you, maybe even show it on certain occasions, but it’s something that was always taken back. Fleeting.
Allistor had come back heartbroken and fucked up too many times for me to not believe it. And my parents had broken too many promises for me to be skeptical of a ten year olds conclusion about one of the most powerful forces in the world. Universe.
And that was my belief on the matter for a great number of years. I saw no flaws with it.
But remember that childhood friend? My neighbor? Alfred, not Matthew (though I do care about him too). He’s weird. An anomaly in my otherwise perfect data. I thought of him as nothing but a friend for a long time, maybe because I’ve never thought that I should be liking people as something else. I was like my parents, never good with promises, so how could I promise my love to another person? I never allowed myself to think that way, maybe a passing thought if someone was particularly attractive, but I never thought that I should be someone who would be in a committed relationship.
It was just obvious to me, it was something that only truly great people were worthy of.
It’s not that I thought lowly of myself. It was more just a matter of fact for me. People who were in love or relationships we’re not people like me. Nothing in common. Simple as that.
Alfred had always been someone special to me though. My junior high self would have called it what best friends felt towards other best friends.  My last year self would have called it stupid, and just an Alfred thing. But my now self knows it’s much more than that.
As you have heard, my dear diary, there have been a number of events that have happened. Each one different and unique and leaving me feeling stranger than the last. This year was something of an adventure.
Alfred always had a way of making reality seem like a storybook.
He’s my everything now. He could have possibly been like this for me since forever ago considering the layers of denial i’ve been buried under. It’s weird for me to even say something like this in my head. It’s such a foreign concept, and I haven’t quite gotten used to it. Me, Arthur Kirkland, in a loving relationship with a wonderful person. It sounds like a lie.
He holds my hand now like he used to hold my hand back when we were kids. I was always a bit of a klutz and he would have to help me walk along the rocks whenever we played by the river. It makes me wonder if he’s always felt this way about me. And if he has, I wonder how many times he thought of just stopping.
I remember how hard junior high would’ve been without him.  He can make the rest of the world disappear without even thinking about it, and I’d only be able to focus on how much better he was than I at simple card games or drawing trees. It distracted me from Allistor's growing suspension record. The twins havok. Peter’s relentless crying. For the hours we were together it was just us two. He always distracted me from anything else going on, it was like he was magical. He is magical. The number of times I came to him crying only to leave smiling less than an hour later is too high to count. He was always there, and I took it for granted for many years without even truly knowing that I was. I wonder if he knew. I wonder if he ever was ever sick of me coming to him for help.
These past few months were something out of a hellish dream. Alfred pulled stunts that I wouldn’t have ever believed if I hadn’t lived through them. He’s brash and loud, but patient and willing to do anything for me. Which I think is the most wonderful thing in the entire universe. He never snapped at me, and I think he knew that I wasn’t going to believe that he loved me more than a friend the first time. Or the second. Or third. Or fourth. I must have been stressful and frustrating to deal with a number of times, but he never showed it. If I were to trust my heart to anyone, it would be him. I can say that now with confidence. I hate myself for making him have to prove it to me so many times. It wasn’t my intention to be this difficult. I wonder if he ever thought that I wasn’t worth all of this trouble.
I wish I could repay Alfred for not giving up on me, god knows it must have been pretty damn hard.
My life isn’t as sad as this entry makes it out to be. Reading this over, I sound like a rather depressing person with a lot of self-worth and emotional issues (not that I don’t have any). I’m actually a fairly happy person if you know me. Grumpy and annoyed sometimes, but I’m happy with how my life has turned out and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Especially now.
Alfred is going to call me from America in twenty minutes. And he’s going to make it seem as if the time and distance that has separated us is nothing more than a dream by telling me he loves me. And I’m going to say it back. And well, that’s more than I ever thought I was going to get.
Arthur Kirkland
Dear Diary,
I suppose I’ve only written in you whenever something catastrophic happens or whenever I needed to let something out. And this time isn’t really different.
I don’t have a problem. Or more like, that is the problem. For the first time in my life I feel oddly… at peace. Maybe this is more of Matthias’ doing.
I was a kid who was moved around for a good portion of my life and had seen some things that kids probably weren’t supposed to. All things for my growing years were temporary.
As I have mentioned briefly before, I have two mothers. You’d think that in this day an age that wouldn’t be a problem. Tumblr would probably have a fit if they found out what my parent’s had to go through while I was growing up.
Growing up probably isn’t the right term for it, maybe until I was seven and we finally settled down in a nice town that didn’t care about us. But before then it was weird. I never really had much time to make attachments and my cold persona that I put on kept other kids from talking to me. So I guess when Matthias came up to me that time during recess I was too surprised to say anything to thwart him off. I never made new friends. After you lose the first twenty from either moving or discrimination you learn.
By the time Matthias decided he wanted to be my friend I was already quite skeptical of affection. It was a word that existed in my dictionary, but was exclusively for family. My moms taught me that love was love no matter what and that they would love me regardless of who I was. It was unconditional. It came from years of being told the opposite and I wasn’t immune to hearing what people said about them. My mom and mor are the strongest people I know, and I hope Emil never has to see them the way I have.
Broken and damaged.
I love my mothers. I never want them to cry or feel bad. But at six or seven there isn’t much you can do. Other parents would whisper and I could feel my mor’s grip on my hand tighten whenever she would come to pick me up. On days when everyone’s staring got to be too much she would cry at night. She still wore a bright smile for me though, and I even got pancakes and a sorry. But she didn’t have anything to be sorry for.  I’m highly aware that people call me antisocial and I think they think it’s because other kids bullied me into being that way. I think my parents blame themselves for how I act now, but they really shouldn’t.
It wasn’t their fault. It was everyone else’s. All the people who didn’t see that love was a natural right.
I wasn’t sure who I could trust when I was younger. Most kids didn’t understand why I had two mothers, but if I explained it to them they wouldn’t really think too much of it. That’s the thing with most kids, they’d make a face at most, maybe the mean ones would tease, but more often than not it would be like explaining why it rained to a kid. Okay now they know, still don’t really get it, but eh. Whatever lets just go back to playing tag. Kids are one thing, they didn’t know about social norms, it was their parents that I had to worry about.
I protected myself from the ones that would be ripped away from our friendship the moment that their parents found out about mine, sure. But I knew that it hurt my moms more than it hurt me. It took me awhile to notice. Why all the kids wouldn’t want to play with me anymore, and then why we had to move again. We could never find a place to call home. A place where it was safe to be us.
I started to lie. A lot. I’d tell my parents that things were fine at school and that I had a lot of friends. I don’t think I’d ever seen them so happy or relieved. But the cold truth was that I didn’t make friends. I’d distance myself from the other kids, because I knew that our friendships wouldn’t last. My friendships with other kids had only meant pain for my mom’s, and I sure as all hell didn’t want to be the reason they were sad. It’s easy to say you’re just going to ignore what everyone says, but it’s harder to do it.  
I think they thought that I was mute at one point. I talked less and less and lost that innocent smile my mom loved so much. I knew everything people said about them and I hated people for it. No one was worth smiling at, let alone my words. I wasn’t that innocent anymore since I knew how hard they had it. The metaphorical truck of how adulthood was shit hit me with its full force.
We moved again when we adopted my brother. My lies had worked and the only reason we were moving again was to get a bigger house. I had put on my whole cold and stoic, don’t talk to me attitude and marched into school.
I lied and said that I made five friends that day when the truth was that I played all alone.
The next day my lie was less of a lie. That was the day Matthias became my friend. It shocked me how much I enjoyed his company and I couldn’t let myself cut him off. It was a risk that my younger self was willing to take. And I thank god everyday that I did.
And then, as if by magic, my lie wasn’t a lie at all. I made friends with Matthias’ help, and he showed me how it’s okay to trust other people. I met Tino and Berwald and they are now two of my closest friends. I was still on edge, but it was the first time I ever considered staying friends with people.
My mom said I was smiling again, she cried when I asked if Matthias could come over.
Matthias’ parents are never home. Maybe that’s part of the reason why I trusted him. He opened up to me the second day we hung out at lunch in a very Matthias fashion. Nonchalant for a serious topic. He still had his childish innocence to break. His parents were always away and his babysitter didn’t speak much english, only danish. That day was also the day that I learned that danish wasn’t just something I got to eat when I was good.
But I think it was around that time that I found myself in a place where I didn’t have to worry. I haven’t seen my parents cry in grief since. They’re happy. They have each other and that’s all that really matters.
To be honest I think they knew I was lying before at my old schools. But with Matthias around, they didn’t have to worry about me anymore.
That isn’t to say that being friends with Matthias changed everything I thought. I was still not sure who I could trust with my feelings, who would judge me for being who I was. If humans had the capacity to make others tear themselves up over something as innocent as love then what chance did I stand? I knew in my heart that Matthias wouldn’t ever, but my brain said that logically he could.
I’m not sure how long it was before I was undeniably attached to him. I was able to make friends and function better in social situations because of him. I was able to place trust in humanity again because of him.
Love was something that everyone had a right too, but it had to be earned. You have to deserve it. To trust it.
I will probably spend my life trying to make myself worthy enough to deserve the amount of love Matthias has given me over the years. Spend my life trying to repay him for what he’s done for me and what I’ve put him through. But I know I won’t be alone.
This year was something else, with all that stuff that he pulled. He was willing to make himself look stupid for me. Willing to let others talk about him for me.
Matthias is a gift that I don’t think humanity deserves. He always sees the good in things. I hope he never changes. All his quirks are things I can’t get enough of. I love him and no amount of whisperings will ever change that fact.
~Lukas Bondevik
Dear Diary,
This is probably the fortieth time I’ve written that and I still sound like a fucking chick in a disney movie.
Did you know it’s easy to trick someone into thinking that you love them? My parents for example. My mother was left pregnant with twins, abandoned by the person that supposedly loved her. And then us, Feliciano and I, abandon by her. Then a few years later I saw that bitch again when she dropped Sebastian off and booked it the hell outta there.
My grandfather said that's part of the reason why I didn’t think loves real. Apparently children are very impressionable, because young minds are like sponges or some shit like that.
I never really thought of how my childhood affected how I thought. I suppose that in a sense I never really believed people when they said they loved me, or anything. But I thought that was normal, I mean. My biological parents loved each other one moment, then they didn’t. Who was to say that everyone wasn’t lying when they said that. We all do leave each other eventually because death is still a thing. It’s even in wedding vows, ‘till death do us part’.
Love is a lie. That was my strong belief for a while. All the examples of love that I was given had been terrible. My parents. My grandpa was divorced. My brother was coddled constantly by everyone else around us so I hated him for a while for it. Loved him like a brother was supposed to, but to me it wasn’t real love. Ergo, every time I said ‘love you Feli, night’ it was a lie. I love my brother now despite how air headed he can be, but i truly disliked him as kids.
I didn’t think that my beliefs would ever change, cause why the fuck would they? I’ve been told I’m pretty stubborn. I’m not going to say that girly shit like ‘the minute I met Antonio everything changed or the moment I realized I loved him my beliefs were #shook’ (yes Arthur, Lukas, I read what you guys wrote you pansies.) cause that would be another lie. Things started to change before I met him, it started with my brother.
My brother is a guy who can easily love, which puts my grandpa’s theory of ‘Lovino acts like that cause abandonment’ into question. As I said earlier, I hated him. But I guess over time he grew on me, in his own Feliciano way. By the time high school rolled around he, Sebastian, and grandpa were the only two people I loved with all my heart as mushy as that sounds. The whole love thing was growing on me I guess.
But love leaves. Feliciano and that stupid potato bastard are probably going to run off into a field of flowers and chocolate and then Sebastian the same with whoever he finds to love. Then it was just gonna be me and our grandfather till he kicks the bucket. Sure they’ll love me, but I’ll still be left alone.
Point being, love that doesn’t leave is a lie was my new thesis in high school. Oh hell yeah it exists, but not abandoning you? Yeah right. Maybe that old guy had some truth to his own theory.
It came to the point of how do you know someone’s not going to leave? Cause you never know, never can know for certain.
But you could trust someone not to leave.
How do you trust someone not to is the real question then I suppose. I put little faith into a lot of people. I asked people to do things, keep secrets, but not really expecting them to actually do it. Antonio was a person who wasn’t much different from the others.
Antonio’s stupid personality though. He always made me feel oddly comforted and safe, and I hated it. I started to trust him, I could feel myself starting to whenever he smiled at me and did whatever I asked. He saved my ass a bunch of times with random things, like homework excuses or late night coffee runs. I trusted him to be there when I needed him.
I still do.
Isn’t that something? I trusted him even before all the things that he did this year. This crazy fucking year. But I guess I never would have realized how much I actually did if it weren’t for all that stuff. My stupid subconscious trust.
But I don’t think that I’m going to give up that trust. Not till I join grandpa up with the angels, and then maybe not even then.
Reading this outloud to myself was painful, mostly cause this was the most I’ve ever talked about my past and all the weird feelings I get with Antonio. He’s someone I trust and its just that easy. I guess I’m going to have to live with the fact that I trust him for the rest of my life, no matter how terrifying that can be sometimes. Cause I love him.
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egosofipliers · 4 years ago
I Didn't See We Were The Same 3
Google scanned over the ego in front of them taking time to note the puffy eyes shake in the others breath from trying to hold back tears and electric singes on his fingertips. A unfortunate less then quickly Scan of his system showed nothing out of the ordinary maintenance wise except for a tear in his synthetic skin. “were you messing around in my wiring?” Google’s eyes narrowed at Bim hostility rising in his voice. He could tell he was glitching but from the search it appeared that it was completely due to a need for a system update which he was not authorized to accept himself.
“I-I fixed a few loose wires.” Bim squeaked out in response this could have been his moment he could have told Google everything he did made them understand that it was him who helped them back together. But he couldn’t bring himself to, Google’s hostility remind him of a caged animal it wouldn’t be right to make him feel like they owed him anything. Maybe one day he would say something but that day was not today. He chewed his lips and looks down at his feet as he rocked on his heels.
“ Did you want to find a room for yourself? Or… do you prefer this one?” Bim wasn’t exactly interested in giving up his room but he supposed he would offer anyways. Google those seem to like that idea and looked around making sure everything was in satisfactory order, it was much better than the closet Matthias has let him use for the week he had been under his care.
“Yes this will do nicely will you be leaving now.” It sounded like a question but it was not one and Bim could pick that out easily enough. He gave a small nod taking one last look around the room before making the move to leave anything he left there he can grab at a later date when Google wasn’t present.
Bim ended up staying in his dressing room for the time being not really telling anyone he had actually given up his room. Maybe if he had people would have gave him a new one a lot sooner or maybe if they hadn’t been so intrigued with the new ego they would have noticed that he wasn’t actually returning to his room. Google didn’t even end up using it that often once the other egos figured out that Google would comply to any request they were quick to take advantage of it.
As the days passed Google was getting increasingly grumpy over the lack of being able to upgrade themself and the rudimentary tasks that were being given to him. When he tried to defy the orders though and Destroy things like he had done to make Matthias stop he was not met with the same Panic dismissal and he quickly fell into complying to what was said much to his own dismay.
Bim was not pleased with this outcome he did everything in his power to make the other stop but he didn’t hold that much power and was quick laughed off. In fact he was pretty sure he was making it worse as one day he just found Google standing in a corner just glaring at a wall… Turned out it was Darks idea of a joke and when Bim told Google they could stop Darkiplier threw a fit and demanded someone take the robot’s place, Bim complied it was all he could do. He was only left with a few options most involving taking the work that was meant for Google and though the Android gave him dirty looks they would not actually refuse the help. Bim was the only one to actually talk to them and refused to give them orders and the few times requests slipped out Bim was quick to catch on and tell the android the didn’t have to do it if they didn’t want to.
It was actually during one of those encounters when Bim had figured out the answer to the solution. Google Voice need for admin privileges a need that would let them control what they did to their own systems and what orders they would follow. Bim didn’t know why he hadn’t been asked before but he guessed Google just took the egos presumed ranks in the building and deduced that Bim had no real say and wouldn’t have authority to comply to their request.
It really was nothing at all to contemplate what to do in this situation. Every order From the egos just seemed to be getting darker and more selfish and Bim really couldn’t just stay glued to Google’s side to make sure nothing too bad happened and Google certainly wasn’t looking for his help but the show host just refused to look the other way. So he ended up looking up how to give Google admin privileges. It turns out only the actual owner was given the option invoking the privilege but there was a manual way to set it up in the Google units chest cavity only it was right next to their power source meaning it wasn’t something Google just willingly gave access to. It was a sticky situation on one hand everyone would figure it out right away that Bim was the one to ‘wreck’ their new servant and on the other hand he was actually going to have to order Google to let him see their power source. Everyone would hate him but the only other option was to ignore it all and he had already promised himself he wouldn’t let anyone hurt Google again and he had already failed so much he couldn’t just let them down again…
It was a rare night when Google was actually in to charge but here they were settled in ready to get his energy levels back to normal when they heard a movement in their room and a soft voice say a command and not just an off handed one ether the real one that couldn’t be fought “Okay Google, let me see your power source.” They were forced to comply body rigid and still as the scanners in their eyes picked up just who the intruder was.
“Bim Trimmer have you come to kill me?” there was anger in Google’s voice they could look back in their data banks and see that Bim had tried to destroy them once before and when he were caught he lied and said he had been fixing a loose wire. Google had accepted it at the time as their Callender had yet to update but then they found out Bim Must have shut them down and had tried to kill them for good but couldn’t figure out how Google’s system worked and as such had to give up. Bim must have been seething when he turned Google back on and when Google quickly took what they could only assume was Bims position in the building the egotistical little show host must have been trying to get focus back on himself by cancelling all the others orders…
Bim just swallowed at Google’s accusations he wanted to jump up and say no but actions spoke louder then words and he really didn’t want to risk anyone walking in to find out what Bim was up to. It took a few moments to find the controls and another few to figure out exactly what he was looking for before turning the administration privileges over to Google.
The Android suddenly found themselves in control of their own body and in a rage quickly wrapped their hand around Bims neck and slamming him up against the wall. “You missed.” Google hissed out as they quickly set to work rewriting codes and changing the primary objective a hostile smile crossing their face “I suppose I should thank you for that any last words?” it was more of a joke and chance to see their prey squirm and cower before it died. They loosened their hold on Bims neck letting them draw in a breath, when the others found his body tomorrow there would be no question on how he died as the bruises were already slowly starting to form.
“it’s okay… I failed to keep you safe like I promised… I’m glad they can’t control you anymore.” It hurt to speak even now Google’s grip was much too hard on him but he gave the android a weak smile letting his hands go of where they had shot up to try and pry the android off and closed his eyes trying to stop himself from crying again though he failed.
That had really not been the response Google had been expecting though they tried to tighten their grip once more Bim wouldn’t fight back though this wasn’t the actions of a person who had been caught off guard in an attempted murder and Google was forced to rego through their memories and redetermine what they meant. Bims head was starting to feel light and more than a little fuzzy when Google let him go he doped like log and the impact forced him to take in a breath it hurt each breath seared his throat sung his lungs before Google was picking him back up again and placing him on the bed or that’s what Bim thought he actually wasn’t entirely sure even when his eyes were open he could barely make heads or tales of the situation with all the dark spots him his vision but there was a general hum in his ear much like that of Google’s core and he really didn’t think he had blacked out in the short time he was placed on the bed but his thoughts weren’t actually confirmed till he tried to speak. “Why–?” was all he managed to get out before Google was silencing him telling him not to strain his throat.
“I was so sure everyone had it out for me I refused to look at the possibility that you may have actually been trying to help… I should have put more thought into My analysis of Bim Trimmer.” Google’s voice still glitched but they now had the power to fix it and they certainly planned to put it to good use as quickly as possible but at this moment they were monitoring the other egos who had seemed to have slipping into unconsciousness.
“You are lucky. One day you will die by me but not today I think you might still be of use… test subject 001 Bim Trimmer…”
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screamingatanemptyroom · 2 years ago
Restricted Magic (Erin/Gerald Story) Arc 3 Part 4
Next part is here! 
Link to Masterpost with all other parts is here. 
"Next, we'll discuss Merion's different greetings, and their cultural significance."
It was a tranquil scene of study. Sitting around a table outside near the practical field, Christopher stood at one end, lecturing with a serious expression. The light breeze attempted to push his carefully styled hair out of place in vain, having to settle instead for ruffling the papers he had organized on the table in front of him. As he brought the topic to a natural close, he looked around at the group around him with an eyebrow raised. "Any questions?"
"..." There was no answer. He sighed with frustration, not really having expecting anyone to volunteer.
"Erin?" He called out with a smile, trying to get some sort of response.
"..." Erin sat calmly at the other end of the table, ignoring him. She stared down instead at the paper in front of her, taking meticulous notes. Christopher had been surprised by the change in her attitude since the last he saw her. She hadn't even tried to kill him, simply sitting down silently and appearing to listen. She had ignored all of his attempts at conversation, however.
"What about you... Gary?" Christopher then turned his attention to the young man sitting right next to Erin. He was furiously scribbling in a book, which might be construed as him paying attention to the lecture, but given the pace of his writing and his enthusiasm, Christopher somehow doubted that his notes had anything to do with Merion culture.
"It's Gerald. And I don't speak to puppy murderers." Gerald grumbled, continuing to write in his book.
Christopher was confused. "puppy murderer?"
"Did you find any evidence?" Olivia looked up from her own notes, excited.
"Just because there's no evidence that he’s a puppy murderer doesn't mean that he ISN’T."
"Why...?" Christopher shook his head.
"Hey, if you can give yourself a fake title like... 'fiance'" Gerald seemed to choke on the word. "Then I can give you one too. And I choose: Puppy Murderer."
"Makes sense." Frederick agreed with a nasty grin.
"How does that make sense?!"
"Shut up, Puppy Murderer."
Throughout this exchange, Erin remained silent, continuing to take notes.
"What are you writing, if it isn't notes on the lecture?" Christopher couldn't contain his curiosity.
"Seating arrangements." Gerald answered shortly, studying the book before him.
"For what?"
"For my wedding to Erin." He looked up, glaring. "You're not invited."
Throwing up his hands with frustration, Christopher turned to Frederick and Olivia, desperate to get the conversation back on track. "At least you two were taking notes on the lecture. Do you have any questions?"
Frederick smiled. "I'm not taking notes."
"You're not?" Christopher had a bad feeling. "Then what ARE you doing?"
"Drawing a picture." Frederick held up the paper he had been scribbling on. "See, here's you, here's Erin, and here's Erin setting you on fire while you cry." He studied it with satisfaction.
"Who's that?" Olivia pointed at a poorly drawn figure in the background.
"That's me laughing at his misery."
"Nice. Here's mine!" Olivia lifted up her paper. "I drew Erin cutting off Christopher's head!"
Frederick studied it seriously. "Nice detail work on the blood spatter."
"Thanks! I worked really hard on it!" The two high-fived.
Christopher was starting to get a massive headache. "IS anyone paying attention to the lecture?! Matthias..." He started to ask the pale boy sitting to the other side of Erin, only to trail off as he realized that he was asleep, his head leaning, back, snoring loudly.
"Matthias, wake up! You're missing Puppy Murderer's lecture!" Frederick threw a piece of paper at Matthias's head, where it struck him softly between the eyes, bouncing to the table in front of him.
"Hmm." Matthias's eyes fluttered open, focusing on the crumpled up paper in front of him. Reaching out, the  paper ball froze into a solid chunk of ice in his hand, which he subsequently tossed back at Frederick. The other boy threw himself to the ground, barely escaping having his head knocked in by the piece of ice.
"Fine, go back to sleep!" Frederick yelled, protecting his head from further assault.
"Hmm." His eyes closing slowly, soon Matthias was snoring again.
Christopher sat down, his head in his hands. "What did I ever do to deserve this?" Looking up with a desperate expression, he moved around the table to stand near Erin, who throughout this exchange had not spoken a word, or even looked up. "Erin. At least you know the meaning of being polite and reasonable."
"I know you don't want to marry me, but you'll see, this is actually quite advantageous to both of us."
"It's totally going to be burning." Frederick muttered.
"Decapitation. No doubt." Olivia countered.
As money exchanged hands for a bet, Christopher ignored them, reaching out to try to grab Erin's hand that was writing. "I promise, if you just give me a chance... I'll..." His voice faded, his eyes widening in surprise as the quiet and serious-appearing Erin disappeared before him.
"Oh she's not here." Gerald didn't look up from his paper. "She left an illusionary spell behind about 30 minutes ago."
Frederick chuckled. "Probably practicing her fire magic."
"Sharpening her sword." Olivia shook her head.
"Raise the stakes?" They both placed more money on the table.
"Never mind! You know, these lectures were all supposed to be for your own good! If you want to show up in a foreign country, with no idea of what to expect, that’s fine by me!" With a frustrated growl, Christopher stomped off in the direction of the administration building.
As soon as he was gone the atmosphere of the group relaxed.
"Wow, that was fun!" Frederick grinned, leaning back in his chair. "We should torment people more often."
Gerald rolled his eyes. "Not all of us like to watch other people suffer."
"Not even the guy trying to steal your fiance?"
"He doesn't count. His suffering is for the greater good."
"How so?"
"If he doesn't agree to end the engagement, Erin might destroy the something... like the country."
He nodded. "Good point."
"Where is Erin?" Matthias had finally woken up.
"Trying to contact Aunt Elsinore. She's worried that this trip to Merion might be some sort of set up." Gerald's forehead wrinkled, as he looked around, concerned. "She should be back soon, I hope."
Olivia leaned forward. "More importantly, how do we destroy what's left of Christopher's soul during the next lecture?"
With slightly evil grins on their faces, the group began a serious discussion.
“What is it?” Aunt Elsinore’s voice in her head was sharp, distracted.
“Something’s happened.” Erin leaned back in her chair, still gripping the communication artifact in her hands tightly, looking around her room as if searching for answers. “A representative came about us winning the tournament, they want us to make a diplomatic trip, tour the country, work with other students.”
“Sounds foolish.” Elsinore snapped. “Trips and such, we’ve already wasted too much time. We have to start planning how to kill that bastard before he figures out your true power!”
“...” Erin was shocked at her aunt’s tone. Before, her aunt had always been focused on revenge, but had a patient, calm attitude. It was always more important that they slowly gather their power rather than strike quickly. “What’s going on?”
“Nothing. Nothing. Just not sleeping well.” Elsinore then started muttering, most of it below her breath, Erin couldn’t understand it. It almost sounded as if she was talking to someone else in the room with her.
“Is someone there with you?” 
It couldn’t be, Aunt Elsinore had been imprisoned by the government shortly after she had started attending the academy. They strove to keep her isolated, and was never allowed to have visitors. 
So who was she talking to?
“What?! No one!” Her voice seemed almost panicked. “So why did you call me? Is it just to report this field trip?”
“Well… not just that. It turns out that the representative they sent… he’s the fiance my father picked out.”
“...” There was no answer. Disappointed in her aunt’s lack of response, Erin pushed forward. 
“I’m worried that the whole trip to Merion might be some sort of trick involving him and my father…”
“MERION?! You didn’t say it was to Merion!” Her aunt interrupted. “Turn it down NOW! You can’t go.”
Erin shook her head. Nothing her aunt said was making sense. “Wait, why? We’re not at war with them. I don’t even know anyone from there, excluding this fake fiance of mine. ”
“Don’t ask why. Just stay away from that country, and their representative. Focus on your father.” Her voice started to trail off as if she was distracted, and then came back in full force. “We’ve been planning this for years, Erin. We can’t lose sight of our goal when we are so close. We have to kill him. Make him suffer.”
“That's the only way to be free of this.”
“The only way your mother’s soul will rest.”
“What are you…?” Erin kept trying to speak, but her aunt wasn’t listening.
“I’ll contact you later with more details. We will strike and we will strike soon.”
With that, the magic disconnected, and Erin was alone again. Letting out a shuddering breath, she rubbed her head, trying to think things through.
What had happened?
Her aunt had seemed fine when they had parted after the competition. What was going on that was making the older woman so desperate?
“Merion?” Erin whispered to herself. “What’s so important about Merion?”
None of it made any sense.
Should she listen, and try to find a way out of the trip? Somehow, Erin didn’t think not going would be a simple matter. The headmaster had said it was a big issue diplomatically.  What should she do?
Realizing that her thoughts were simply uselessly circling in her head, she stood up, preparing to go find Gerald. As she opened the door to her room to leave, however, she did not move forward. Instead she took a step back, her face pale with shock.
“Hello Erin.” The man in the doorway greeted her without a smile.
Calming her expression, Erin nodded back, standing her ground. 
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