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#drawing stan with long hair is surprisingly hard
delicateikemenmemes · 9 months ago
thank you @yanderepuck for starting this whole OC movement ❤ originally i wanted to do a historical figure from southeast asia since we get so little rep (not one from where i'm from tho bc my only options are either people young enough to be my grandparents or great-grandparents, or colonisers 💀), but then in my research i came across MARCO POLO, who is best known for exploring asia, including southeast asia, and documenting his travels in The Travels of Marco Polo. idk if anyone else is already doing or has done marco, but in any case here's my take on him!
some basic info about irl marco:
born circa 1254 in venice, italy. died on 8 january 1324, also in venice, italy.
his family traded with the middle east and 'acquired considerable wealth and prestige' (so i guess it was in his blood to go exploring asia 😂)
while he wasn't the first european to explore asia, his book made him the most well-known one, and it inspired other future explorers like colombus.
his nickname was milione (which, according to best girl wikipedia, means 'million' in italian). this nickname came about bc he kept going on about how kublai khan's (emperor of the mongol empire whom marco managed to get in good with) was counted in millions.
in 1295, venice was at war with the republic of genoa. he joined in the fight, was caught by the enemies in 1296, and was kept in captivity. during captivity, he narrated his travels to a fellow inmate. (the internet isn't v clear about this part) but it also seemed like he wrote The Travels of Marco Polo in captivity (i guess it happened when he was telling it to his cellmate lmao)
he was then released in august 1299 and he returned home to venice. his family did some Stonks™ and other businessy stuff, and soon he became a wealthy merchant too.
death: illness; he was confined to bed.
as for ikemen!marco, here's what he looks like:
Tumblr media
(i made ikemen marco using this picrew bc i can’t draw. if anyone wants to do art of him PLEASE feel free to do so 🥺)
and i'm putting the rest under the cut bc this is getting quite long
height: 178 cm (yes this is me being horny and wanting him to be a part of my golden 178 cm club aight?)
build: tall, lean, strong, masculine but not overly broad. he has great legs from all the trekking and adventuring he does.
hair: dark brown & wavy. he likes slicking it away from his face bc he finds it annoying when his bangs fall into his eyes. it's not shown in the pic bc the options were kinda limited in the picrew, but i like to think at one point he grows out his hair and walks around with a man-tail or man-bun depending on his mood. he lets it grow out to a little past his shoulders (above mid-back) before it becomes a pain to wash, so he goes and gets a haircut (momte is relieved bc he’d been nagging marco to get a haircut for AGES)
eyes: dark blue with little flecks of grey and green if you look close enough. i want him to be pretty so he has long, thick eyelashes too.
skin tone: TAN FROM ALL THE TIME HE SPENDS OUTDOORS (def tanner than how he is in the picrew—that’s the darkest i could make him without making him into another race altogether 💀)
fashion style: whatever is practical for travel, really. nothing restrictive or difficult to clean. as for colours, he favours subtle & muted colours like olive, suede and the like. 
he also likes accessorising, so he has his ears pierced and several different necklaces that take turns being on his neck (he changes necklaces every..... week or so lmao). he’s not a flashy guy, though, so his piercings are small, and his necklace is just a chain and a small pendant (or if he’s feeling wild, a fang that no one knows is real or not... who knows, given how many adventures he’s gone on? 👀)
his MBTI type is ESFP-A. 
Tumblr media
effortlessly charming, he's one of the friendliest and chattiest at the mansion. when he walks into the room, you can tell bc he exerts so much Presence. you could give him a topic about literally anything (the history of france, the role of art in shaping society, or even something random like paperweights), and before you know it he has you sucked in an intense conversation about it that can last hours if you're not careful.
and as you might've expected, he's very adventurous. he's up by 8 in the morning latest (on average he gets up at 7.30 in the morning), bc he wants to spend his day exploring what paris has to offer; befriending locals, helping out businesses, adventuring around the countryside. in fact, he doesn't even stay in the mansion all that much—he frequently disappears for weeks on end to travel to the other side of the country, or to a completely different land altogether. the longest he vanished was for 2 months, to spain. that is comte's geographical limit for him. asia is off-limits bc comte doesn't want him to stray too far (glucose guardian would only let him go when airplanes have been invented, so poor marco's just gonna have to be content with europe for now). marco takes it in stride, though, since he doesn't see a point in getting upset over something that's out of his control.
his good points!
super-duper friendly! he can get along with almost anyone. i mean, if you can make isaac feel at ease around you then you're doing something right.
open-minded & loves learning new stuff. his love for adventure doesn't stop at just exploring new lands; he wants to learn about the world as a whole. and since he came from the 13th century, he's got a lot to catch up on. he's aware of that, so when others talk he sits down and listens attentively. and he learns quickly too, at that, which makes his adaption to the 19th century a surprisingly quick process.
confident. even with the more... caustic members of the household, he usually just shrugs off their words and continues on with his life. i stan an unbothered king 😤
tying in with his confidence, he's also vv adventurous; unafraid to try new things and step out of his comfort zone.
intelligent & shrewd. he can almost go toe-to-toe with arthur in a game of chess. and he makes a great businessman too—he has a side hustle where he sells things like old artifacts he discovered in his adventures, jewellery etc. with his keen mind and smooth tongue, he can talk practically anyone into buying his wares for the maximum profit to him. (he and theo love talking business, discussing their experiences, and exchanging ideas)
emotionally intelligent too. though he acts all devil-may-care on the outside, deep down he's very much attuned to others' feelings (and this sensitivity only increases the closer he becomes to someone). if someone's having a bad day, he knows what to say or do to cheer them up.
his not-so great points:
doesn't do well with conflicts. he prefers it when everyone's smiling and having fun, so he gets uneasy when there's discord in the mansion. he’d rather quickly smooth things over and return things to normal... but that’s not how feelings work, so that more often than not results in an even bigger conflict.
related to his aversion to conflict: he has a tendency to bottle up his emotions. usually he’s a pretty chill guy—nothing bothers him too much. but if he IS upset about something, chances are you probably won’t know bc he’s keeping it all on the inside and has a smile plastered on his face. and he will insist he’s fine each time you ask him if he’s okay... only for him to reach his breaking point sooner or later, and that’s usually when things escalate into a bigger conflict. and him being him, once he’s cooled his head he’ll try acting like it didn’t happen, or brushing it off bc he doesn’t want to bother anyone else with his problems.
*slaps the roof of the mansion* “this bad boi can fit so many men with shitty communication skills in it.”
gets bored very easily. like, he’s picked up like 500 different hobbies and dropped them after two weeks bc they lost their initial ‘sparkle’ and he found something else more interesting to do. and bc he gets bored easily, he’s an absolute pain in the ass to deal with when he’s holed up in the mansion against his will, like when he’s fallen ill or gotten injured. he’d try escaping out the window dazai-style; and when he gets caught, his next plan of action is to annoy the residents into letting him out. he’d keep whining about how miserable and bored he is, to the point they’re tempted to just knock him out and tie him to his bed lmao
can be an interrupter at times. he doesn’t mean any harm, but sometimes he gets so excited by the conversation that he might end up interrupting the other person and derailing from the topic at hand. however, he’s a humble and respectful king, so he’ll apologise and back down when called out.
short attention span for things that don’t capture his interest—usually things that are very dense or ‘static’ (to him) like hard sciences. he likes knowing a little bit about it, and he loves it when you talk to him about it. but if you asked him to read a physics research paper, he’d read maybe the abstract and then vanish off to explore the woods behind the mansion or catch some tea with a pretty girl he met in town.
typical sagittarius (the internet doesn’t say when his birthday is so i’m saying it’s 29 november), can’t do commitment (more on this under his romance section 👀)
other stuff about him:
he accepted comte’s offer bc he wasn’t satisfied with how ‘little’ he got to see in his first life, and wished to see even more of the world
has a small scar on his chest from the time he joined that war and was captured. it’s on his left tiddy, over his heart; thin and about the length of his ring finger.
has some claustrophobia thanks to his time in captivity, which is why he raises such hell in the mansion when he’s forced to stay at home.
when it comes to alcohol, he can hold his own. it takes him at least 3 drinks before he starts to feel something. his favourite is rum, but he’s up to trying anything, really.
he’s a chatty drunk. as in, even chattier than before lmao.
a bit of an over-sharer. he’d tell you every detail of his adventures, down to what exactly happened in the toilet when one dinner during his travels in india circa 1276 went wrong 💀
(this one is my friends’ suggestion when i asked them what pet he should have) he has a pet parrot named ariana, or ari for short. cue plenty of ariana grande jokes/references when MC comes through the door and meets them lmao
ari is just as chatty as he is, which is a major F in the chat to isaac and mozart who like their peace and quiet (mozart has nicknamed ‘the noise pollution duo’ behind their backs). and yes, he’s taught her to say swear words for the lolz
speaking of chatting: his voice is quite low—somewhere between napoleon and leonardo—rich, and smooth. a little playful too. he also loves rolling his R’s (not all the time, just sometimes when he feels like it) to flex on those who can’t (i headcanon that theo can’t and it pisses him off when marco does it lmao)
smokes sometimes. not as often as leonardo, though; just whenever he feels like it.
talks with his hands. a LOT. (yes he lives up to the italian stereotype to a T) the only way to get him to shut up is if you tie his hands so he can’t move them (the residents tried this once, and the difference was so unnerving that they freed him almost immediately)
please don’t call him milione. there’s nothing WRONG with it, per se, but to him it’s like an embarrassing childhood nickname he’d rather leave behind in the past. you’re the only one who knows that, though. when the others (read: arthur and dazai) call him milione, he fires back with a good-natured quip or a nickname of his own (he can give as good as he takes)
his closest friends in the mansion are the van gogh brothers (and arthur too i guess, by association since he’s practically an honourary van gogh himself at this point lmao). he and vincent get along bc he loves describing the lands and sights he saw on his travels to vincent, who will bring those scenes back to life on canvas. 
and as for theo, like i said above, they’re both incredibly savvy businessmen, so they have plenty to talk about. that said, they aren’t as close as marco is to vincent bc they’re both very much alpha types, so they clash on occasion. plus theo, dedicated and hardworking as he is, doesn’t really like marco’s ‘flaky’ attitude. he won’t try to change marco of course, but he just doesn’t vibe with his no-commitment attitude towards life. (also he worries sometimes that marco is too ‘domineering’ for vincent and would drag vincent into his wild adventures, potentially distracting him from Arting)
he’s two peas in a pod with leonardo; they get along swimmingly. they can match wits and talk for hours, exhausting anyone who happens to overhear their conversation. however, as leonardo is also an alpha type, their energies clash sometimes, hence vincent remains marco’s closest friend.
tbh he gets along with almost everyone in the mansion. bc he can’t travel to asia, he enjoys talking to dazai, learning about how japan and the rest of asia has changed over the centuries. he helps napoleon and isaac out with their mini school/daycare whenever he has the time, and he’s great at keeping the kids entertained when they mostly isaac need a break. 
the only ones he doesn’t really interact with much are mozart and jean, especially mozart who finds him a bit of a pest at times. jean’s pretty indifferent to marco, though he has warmed up to him ever since marco took an interest (a brief one, as with his other whims and fancies) in fencing.
and now on to the fun part:
typical sagittarius he is, he’s quite averse to the idea of settling down. he doesn’t believe in being tied down bc to him, life is all about exploring what’s out there and that includes women. 
that said, he’s not a shameless playboy like arthur. he doesn’t flirt with every woman he sees—but when one catches his fancy, he’ll stop at almost nothing to win her attention... and then leave at the mention of anything that sounds like commitment to him. bc of that, he’s gotten quite a reputation in town for being a heartbreaker, yet the ladies can’t stop themselves from falling for his good looks and charm even though they know he’s only going to break their hearts sooner or later.
that is, until YOU come along. when you first catch his eye, he thinks it’s just another crush he has. and when you start reciprocating his feelings, y’all start kinda-but-not-really dating—basically making out and going on dates but without the commitment, like a summer fling. he tells himself that this is just a fun, temporary thing, that he’s just going to make some good memories with you and then let you go when the time comes.
but as more sand in the hourglass falls, the more the thought of you leaving and never returning hurts. and that’s when he realises that for the first time, he’s found someone he absolutely cannot BEAR to let go. him being him, though, that only makes him even more determined not to tell you his true feelings bc he doesn’t want to trap you here when you have your own world to return to. while he’d love to try following you back to your time (fuck what comte said about only you and himself being able to pass through the door), he doesn’t want to tie you down with the weight of commitment. so chances are, you’re gonna have to be the one to make the first move and tell him you want to be with him. it’s going to take some convincing, but eventually he’ll accept that you want to stay with him.
and for the first time (casually pretends his IRL wife and kids didn’t exist like cybird often does with their canon suitors 🤩), he settles down and devotes himself entirely to you. he wants to explore the world, after all—and as cheesy as it may be, you are his world, and he’d love nothing more than to take his time exploring you (and yes, he’s all for having comte turn you into a vampire too so y’all can stay together longer, if that’s what you want too)
there’s never a dull moment in your romance with marco! he always seems to know someplace to take you, a new sight to show you, a new dish to try together. but if you want a more quiet, lazy day-in together, he can do that too. he’d cuddle you in his arms up on the roof or in the backyard as he entertains you with stories of his adventures. and if YOU want to be the one telling the stories, he’s more than happy to shut up and listen. he’d watch you with the softest, most affectionate expression, like the seven wonders of the world are all contained in your smile. and don’t think he’s getting distracted well okay he MIGHT be getting a little distracted but he can’t help it that his tesora is so goddamn cute bc best believe, he’s memorising every word you speak, and then memorising those memories until they multiply (yep, borrowed that from an arabic love poem).
no relationship is smooth-sailing, of course. if you’re the more quiet, withdrawn type, then he’s probably not really for you in the first place bc my man is a SOCIAL BUTTERFLY. 
and besides that, conflict resolution is going to be an uphill battle. however, for you, he’s very much willing to put in the work needed to resolve conflicts. the last thing he ever wants is for you to be sad, after all, so while it’s not easy for him at all, he will put in the effort necessary to work on this with you.
and now for the sexy times bc i know y’all are horndogs
(i wrote this for fem!reader bc it’s easier to write the pet names like this and idk enough italian to see if there’s a gender-neutral option, but if you want this to be gender-neutral please feel free to imagine so!)
he’s as adventurous in the bedroom as he is outside of it, so he’s willing to give anything a try within your boundaries. bondage? why not! choking? sounds hot. degradation? i mean, if that’s what you’re into then sure!
usually he prefers to top bc he’s a servicer at heart; hence, he likes to be in control so he can ensure he’s giving you Maximum Pleasure. 
he’s as good with his tongue and fingers as he is with his dick, so be prepared to come multiple times, all over his hand, into his mouth, all over his hard cock over and over.
(yes, he’s left you barely able to walk the next morning on more than one occasion. in fact, his stamina is MONSTROUS; he can fuck you all night and day if you’re up for it. so if you’d still like to retain some ability to walk when he lets you leave the room, you have to let him know in advance not to go so hard. otherwise, you are getting RAILED. HARD.)
that said, if you want to be in control he’s all for it. he loves the feeling of you claiming him—it makes him feel so safe and treasured and loved 🥺 but don’t be surprised if he gets cheeky and decides to flip you over to take you to Pound Town (not that he’s bored or anything—he can’t be bored when he’s with the very love of his life—but he likes spicing things up, and he lives for the little squeal of surprise you let out when you suddenly find yourself under him again)
he doesn’t have a favourite position, per se. being inside you IS his favourite position. he loves missionary and other front-facing positions bc he enjoys watching all the faces you make in your pleasure (and teasing you about them). taking you from behind gets him up quicker than you can say ‘milione’ bc the view of your body bent over in submission is just so fucking hot. and when you’re riding him, he loves watching the way your breasts bounce and your thighs flex around his hips (he’d squeeze and caress them as he ruts his hips up into you)
he’s not particularly loud in bed. he’d let out occasional low grunts and growls and satisfied sighs, but that’s about it. he’d much rather hear the moans and screams you make for him ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  
dirty talk? YES, VERY MUCH SO. his is of the ‘praising’ variety (he refuses to degrade you unless that’s what you want, bc he’s a respectful king). outside the bedroom he mostly just calls you by your name bc there’s no other name more beautiful in the world than your own. 
but IN the bedroom? that’s when he brings out all the pet names and filthy talk to make you blush all the way down to your neck
“amore mio, you’re clenching so tightly around me... and i’ve just barely started. while i’d love for everyone to know how good i’m making you feel, i’d rather have all your moans to myself, so try to keep it down, yeah? you’ve made me quite a possessive man indeed... i hope you’re ready to face the consequences for that, and take all the love i’m about to give you.”
“my sweet little tesora, do you have any idea how lovely you look right now? sucking my cock so well, trying to fit all of me into your pretty mouth. ah... you’re so good to me. a—ah, i’m close... i’m gonna come... you’ll take all of me, won’t you? swallow down all my come so a part of me remains inside you even when we’ve physically parted...”
so that’s ikemen marco from me! if you have any questions about him please feel free to send them my way! i’d love to talk more about him, and the questions could help with fleshing him out even more 👀 and of course, feel free to make art of him (and be sure to tag me too bc i’d love, love, LOVE to see it 🥺)
btw!!! i’m tagging this post and any other future posts about ikemen marco with ‘ikevamp marco’!! so if you wanna keep up with this (or blacklist this 💀) you know what to follow 👀👀i 
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serenawitchwriter · 9 months ago
BNHA fusion (minor cast/Deku)
fluffy feathers
advanced shadow control and counting dark shadow, nine spirits that can come out of them
constantly playing with their cloak
swish swish
will cry if you’re nice to them
incredibly creative
good at drawing
fears their own power and is incredibly cautious as a result
writes poetry and short stories
a gentle soul
broods alone, looks kinda stupid
tends to get caught up in his own dramatics and forgets the world around him
gets along surprising well with the Aoyama
seems to be having fun
that frustrating friend who doesn’t believe you when you say they’e perfect
literally the smartest person you’ll ever meet
like Nedzu level smarts
probably has tea with Principal Nedzu
uses big words that you have no chance of knowing
talks to themselvesX2
long dark curly hair and freckles with an Elvin face
Rube Goldberg plans and strategies that run too smoothly to be real
looks yandere when they get serious or angry but isn’t one
so gentle most of the time
does crafts when anxious
the crafts get progressively more absurd the more anxious they are
Jirou walked in and found them working a loom. they could have just pulled tapestry out of their body fully formed but instead they made a loom and actually wove it
gives gifts and crafts to all their friends
made action figures of all their classmates
the prettiest smile
has a crush on Todoroki
still selectively mute
still literally a disney princess, constantly surrounded by animals
animalistic. izuku’s feral energy, and kouda socializing more with animals than people adds up to a person who moves and sometimes acts like an animal.
is particularly predatory when defending loved ones, children, and animals.
doesn’t need to speak to show emotions. is incredibly expressive
still has a rock shaped head, but is covered in a soft short green fur over his entire body. people are going to compare them to the Grinch or the moss monster in Creepshow. they don’t deserve that
baby with big green eyes
cries easily
deceptively clever
strong and fast. will tackle/pounce on you like a wild animal and you don’t stand a chance
draws a lot, particularly still life’s, scenery, and animals
surprisingly easy to make angry, they have a strong moral code and will get mad if you go against it
besties with the mutant types
old soul
probably knits to wind down at the end of the day.
master of giving dirty or sarcastic looks. again they don’t have to speak to express what they’re thinking. this is particularly funny with Bakugou because they’ll give him a ‘you’re an idiot’ look and Bakugou will yell at them to say it again even though they’ve said nothing
subtly manipulative. which is impressive given their muteness
probably has a predator animal companion. i want to say a tiger or a bear. bear would fit more aesthetically.
also has a ferret companion, named Lucky. whether that name is accurate remains to be seen
tol and stronk, boy is even more solid muscle than either are alone, could bench press a building
still wears a mask. green eyes, curly silver hair, might have freckles but the mask covers them
scarred arms
respects women
very gentle
insanely creative with their quirk. they use mainly Izuku’s tentacles and strength because their body can handle it and it’s so freaking versatile. add enhanced senses and they’re basically prepared for anything
has a crush on Tsuyu
spends most of their time alone, but in a content way.
likes to climb things, buildings, trees, walls. they like to be high up
will pat shorter friends heads, like the gentle giant they are
can absolutely still go feral but have to be pushed pretty far to get to that point
genuinely likes to study
is good at science
likes to clean and fix things
good at repairs
finds catharsis and improving situations
chronic pain
cloud-like yellow hair with glitter in it, they try to style it, but it actively fights them. still covered in glitter
a weird, nervous smile
long eyelashes and purple doe eyes
didn’t get the freckles but will draw them on with makeup
full of anxiety and fear
weird laugh.
genuinely doing their best
get’s frustrated with people who aren’t trying
loves bread and cheese
a fantastic artist. likes to paint
loves fantasy as a genre
prone to having deep fantasies and daydreams
they like to imply they’re magic/ psychic/ a witch and will read your palm and predict the future fairly accurately but really they’re just good at analysis
magic becomes their hero theme
can shoot lasers from any body part, can even make laser tentacles, but the backlash is bad
hates the hospital with a passion
struggles to ask for help or talk to adults
is actually pretty quiet most of the time. genuinely shy
don’t be mean to them, it’s like hurting a baby dear
has a tired cynical side but they don’t like that side of themselves
has a quiet sort of wisdom that goes far in helping their friends
invisible tentacles, also imagine getting his by someone with super strength when you can’t see them.  flout with invisibility is also a scary combination
really positive
wears way too many accessories
talks a lot
scary when they go silent, the type to spy and eavesdrop
will also just disappear sometimes. sometimes they’re just recharging after being too social, sometimes they are fighting villains
recovery girls nightmare. can you imagine performing surgery on someone you can’t see. if they just lose consciousness somewhere they’ll be hard to find
loves pop music
an all might stan
ships their friends
gets bored easily, will go and find trouble if it gets too bad
follows other chaotic people around, including the teachers. 
is considered really creepy, has definitely been called a stalker in the past
a master of psychological warfare
likes sweets
plays dnd and collects dice
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warmau · a year ago
svt ranked on grimmest most public places theyd makeout with you @ based on the one i did for monsta x and also i love torturing carats hiii <3
13) seungkwan he has class coming out of his pores there is no way on this green earth that you two are engaging in anything past pleasant conversations and jane austen-esque finger brushing in public ........ things of intimacy and romance are meant for the confides of ones home!!!! where it can be rose and honey scented and you can both put on an episode of the bachelor at the lowest possible volume in the background
12) dino just thinks its weird if u ask him to makeout with you anywhere but on his couch when no one else is home like um why would u want strangers to see us do that thats weird like the kid is normal dont scar him with a proposal as such ........ even if u were like gonna lean in to kiss him in the back of the car he’d be like no, jeonghan is in the passenger seat and he wont let me live it down if we do that
11) mingyu is surprisingly shy for as big as he is and how much space he can take up hes like id rather not disturb the nice people eating their applebees by indulging in mouth to mouth ...... and ur like baby please never call it that again. idk he just seems like hed be very timid about the whole thing and hed be like what if we get arrested like thats not going to happen but hes like what if. likes holding hands all the time though.
10) vernon says he could never disrespect you by making out with you in a place thats not like a park at midnight or under the fleece blanket he got as a christmas present from cheol.....ur like what? and hes like i just think its not cool to get all up on u in public like that and ur like but im cool with it and hes like but are u basically hes just too embarrassed to say “i know people think im quirky but i like keeping our kissing between us”. that one time he posted yall kissing in some museum was simply for the gram clout. 
9) joshua is sometimes beckoned by the idea of a little risky handsy kisses at the movie theater,,,,,,maybe a little bit of your teeth in his neck on the bus ride home.........but never anything dramatic, like he isnt about to grab your waist in public and go to town when there are children across the street like cmon ... though i think when u get all touchy with him before you two are going to go avengers 3 billion or whatever hes not opposed 
8) woozi has general apathy toward where you two do it, and this isnt just about pda this is literally about anything ever. you two could have a heartfelt conversation about your futures on a roller coaster and that mf would be like ok i want to marry you mid loop-de-loop hes insane. so if u wanna kiss up on his neck at the home depot while u r forcing him to pick out plants for his studio then so be it!!!!!!!!!!!!
7) jeonghan the first month of the relationship acts like hes never thought about anything but kissing you with his eyes closed, hugging with enough space left for the holy spirit, and most definitely tongue is off limits. hedonistic, if you ask him. which is a blatant lie because once the mark is up and jeonghan feels comfortable with you its like ,,,,,,,,, let me groan your name into your mouth in the middle of freezer aisle of this whole foods but i didnt mean it but im too in love with you to care
6) wonwoo would makeout with you at a gamestop dude hed make out with you in the best buy video games discount aisle lmfao half probably to flex on sad gamers and half because wonwoo is the type that would consider it a date for you to come and pick out shit for his computer setup. youll be like ok we can kiss while we’re waiting to buy you animal crossing for the switch but we cant kiss in the panera bread? and wonwoo is like baby please there is a family enjoying their grilled cheese in the booth across from us. oh my god wonwoo be like hey babe come here and kiss me and ur like ok and ur like wait are u streaming and hes like yeah say hi to my twitch subscribersjfdkhgjd 
5) seungcheol knows when and where to act up and sometimes the where is like ........... the baskin robbins ur in at 3 am after leaving some shitty house party. the employee behind the counter is like “how many sco- ok ill wait” he does draw the line at serious shit like office buildings and churches and friendly dinners because like listen jared at the baskin robbins isnt gonna say shit but hes like let me not get my hands up ur shirt at ur cousins barbeque 
4) seokmin is filled to the brim with love so its hard to stop him from kissing you regardless of where you are. anything is game. if you as much as enter in 5ft of him hes like hahahaha kissing time!!!!! the thing about him though is that he does have types of kisses that are ok like you guys can highschool kiss at some restaurant or date spot and then you can go all out, legs around his waist, hands on your ass kiss in the elevator to his place - and if someone comes in you both are like “wait for the next one”
3) minghao would be number one, but he has some off limits spots due to his need to keep up appearances like even though after youre done kissing him you look a hurricane hit you hes like wait lemme clean up and comes out looking like he just stepped out of the house fresh - thats why he doesnt care where, but it has to have a bathroom nearby so he can make sure he looks good. you know its true love when he starts fixing your hair and clothes too. 
2) hoshi will pretend to be coy and tease about it for like two minutes at most and then he’s like fuck it do whatever you want to me in the middle of this public swimming pool bro he’s so nuts he’d be like pushing your hands off his chest for the first half of the movie and then the next half the ushers are having to ask you two to please kindly LEAVE the theater. hoshi “no we cant kiss waiting for our fries” to “lets see how long we can make out in the ballpit” .....hes only number two because he plays like he wont do it but he will 
1) junhui will makeout with you at your best friends wedding. junhui will makeout with you in the middle of traffic. junhui will bite up your neck in the presence of your boss, guaranteed it doesnt get you fired. junhui will start taking layers of clothes off at a starbucks and then probably get chased up the street for public indecency if thats what you want from him. he never says no because he never wants to miss out on a chance to makeout ......... he’s insane he’d be like bleeding from his nose after getting hit by a car or something and ur like lemme call the emts and hes like what if you makeout with me instead nose is broken anyway ......... ugh we have no choice but to stan 
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fiddlepickdouglas · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Viva Las Vegas, Pt. 17 - With Him
Summary: Sunset Curve Alive AU, Willex, how will it go in the end?, 4.8k
@trevor-wilson-covington is the bestie who makes these lovely edits, we stan supportive friends
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16
One finger tapped on the strap of his fanny pack as Alex listened for the right bus stop to be called. If all those months since he’d seen Willie had been long, this past week had been longer. Especially since the news about Caleb had hit hard and every minute in the studio now felt like the band was precariously teetering on the edge of a cliff. He was going to try not to let any of that get in his way today, though. He’d made it to Saturday and Willie was only a few streets away, and he didn’t care what happened for the rest of the day - it was going to be good.
Finally he heard the next stop announced for where he needed to get off and he pulled the cord that told the driver to make a stop. Stepping onto the sidewalk, his heart bounced around in its chamber like the Tazmanian devil from Looney Tunes. He was glad that Willie lived in the basement of the apartment building he occupied because it would’ve been the worst if Alex forgot which room he was in and spent hours frantically knocking doors.
It was hard to tell if he was moving quickly or if his mind was just racing, but in either case, he eventually found himself at the door. For a second, he simply took a deep breath and ran his hand through his hair, trying to get a visual of Willie immediately pouncing on him the moment the door opened out of his head. It wouldn’t exactly be unwelcome, but Alex was realizing how desperate he was to be with him and was amazed at how it affected his imagination.
Lifting a hand, he made sure he knocked loudly. Soon after, the door opened, and Alex was greeted with shining brown eyes, silky, gorgeous brown hair styled into two braids, and a smile he could make home in. Willie.
“Hey, come on in!” Willie was saying, standing to the side and gesturing for him to enter. Crossing the threshold, Alex gazed at the humble space, taking in the details with heightened interest. “This is mi casa!” He began showing Alex around. “We’ve got the main living space, very cozy. The kitchen to your left, but no dining room so it’s all criss-cross applesauce on the floor - makes it extra chill. Bathroom through the back. The sink and shower handles will sometimes shock you, so don’t mind all the electrical tape.”
It was surprisingly accommodating for a dingy basement, and Willie had already made little additions that spoke volumes about him without words. A king size mattress sat in the corner of the ‘main living space’ on the floor with a small bookshelf beside it. The bookshelf only had a handful of cassette tapes and a Walkman lying on top, with a few sketchbooks on the middle shelf. Next to that, the dresser had a small collection of vintage soda bottles and a camera sitting on its surface. Glow-in-the-dark star stickers covered the ceiling above the bed. Even a couple cat toys could be spotted on the floor. Immediately, Alex approached the area where Willie’s desk sat surrounded by sketches hung on the wall.
“So these are your drawings?” he asked, although the answer was obvious. They were so good. Willie followed him over, the squinty smile still in his eyes.
“Yeah. Some are new. Most of them are attempts to recover what Caleb tore up.”
Alex looked at Willie apologetically, even though the loss of Willie’s previous work wasn’t his fault. Without warning, a pressure on his leg and the sound of loud purring announced Sheldon’s presence. The cat looked up at him and blinked slowly, already begging for attention. Heart melting, Alex bent down to pet him.
“Hey, Sheldon,” he said. “I forgot how cute you were!” He smiled as Sheldon rubbed his head against his hand with more affection that he’d likely seen from any other creature on the planet. Well...maybe there was one other that matched it. Alex had heard about how pets could take on the temperament of their owners, and suspected this was a clear example. “He’s gotten so big since I last saw him.”
“Yeah, he’s supposed to be almost two years old, if Escobar guessed his age right.”
Standing again as Sheldon pattered off, Alex returned his attention to the wall of art, looking at the pieces more closely.
“So which one is your dad?” he mused.
Willie untacked one of them and held it out for Alex to examine. “This one.”
Holding the edges carefully, Alex gazed in amazement at the detail Willie had caught. The edges were certainly less defined, but the scene inside the truck was so easy to visualize that Alex could almost feel the leather of the seats and the windchill from the window. He wasn’t sure what began burning in his chest as he peered down at the image, but it was profound and complex.
“I’ve thought about seeing if I could find him, but I think with my memory it’s kind of impossible,” Willie told him.
“He looks so happy here. I don’t get why you would end up as a foster kid.”
“Yeah, I wondered that too. Maybe he didn’t have a choice?”
Alex looked at Willie’s face, and he could tell half of him was lost in a world of what-ifs and other questions. He was always trying to seem so easy-going, and to an extent he truly was, but he couldn’t hide the constant sense of upheaval that rested on his shoulders. At least, Alex was picking up on it more, now that he knew the things he did. He may have been biased, but he couldn’t imagine anyone not fighting their hardest to keep Willie.
Suddenly his gaze was drawn to the unfinished work on the desk, and recognized it as a portrait of himself.
“Wow.” The word fell out of his mouth.
“Oh,” Willie started with a hint of shyness. “Obviously that one isn’t done, so…” He reached to put it away.
“You got that far off of memory, though,” Alex said. “I’m impressed. And you make me look good.” He offered an encouraging smile. “Maybe some time today I could be a model for you?”
Willie cocked his eyebrow, surprise and playfulness making an adorable combination on his face. It made Alex’s smile grow wider.
“Well, we’ve got a whole day ahead,” Willie said. “Your wish is my command.”
“Okay,” Alex said, leaning onto his back foot casually, one side of his lip curling with intrigue. “Well, I wanna see where you go around here. You seem to have a knack for finding the best spots. We can play it by ear.”
“What’s that one song with the one phrase?” Willie asked. “‘Any way the wind blows?’” He sang shyly, clearly playing down what Alex could tell was a nice voice.
“Bohemian Rhapsody,” Alex smiled. Willie’s job at the record store was at least giving him a good taste in music. “Don’t worry, you’ll know everything about the classics once you hang out with me enough.”
An emotion flashed in Willie’s eyes and after a moment Alex realized what those words were actually saying. He held his gaze, hoping he could communicate his intentions clearly, unlike the last time they’d seen each other. Willie swallowed, and his expression remained excited as he loaded his backpack and led them out the door, board in  hand. Alex followed him, deciding not to question which direction they were going.
First, they made a stop to buy a bunch of apples. In classic Willie fashion, he went to a bodega, and this time he communicated with the cashier in rough Spanish. Alex knew he was showing off, and smirked at the notion that Willie enjoyed impressing him.
“So what do we need these for?” Alex wondered as they left the bodega. “Besides a ton of apples for lunch.”
Willie’s secretive smile made Alex raise an eyebrow.
“It’s a surprise.”
A little while later, they stood before the most unlikely place in all of Los Angeles: a horse barn. Staring at the building as if it loomed fifty feet above him, hands in his pockets, Alex gulped and a lump of dread landed in the pit of his stomach.
“Oh no,” he muttered apprehensively.
“Oh yeah,” Willie said, turning to him with a thrilled grin on his face.
Alex wasn’t exactly afraid of horses...he just had no idea what to do around them and therefore was not sure what to expect from them. Also, he would’ve worn different pants if he’d known this was on the agenda.
“I promise, they’ve got some really chill horses,” Willie tried to ease his nerves. “I’ve gone on this trail enough times. Don’t worry, you’ll know everything about riding once you hang out with me enough.” He winked as he threw back Alex’s line with a sly smile.
Unable to argue, Alex shook his head and used the hand in his pocket to gesture forward, signaling to Willie he was up to the challenge. He watched him practically skip inside and he had to jog to keep up after him. They signed in and then were led to two stalls.
Willie immediately gravitated toward a tall golden-colored mustang stallion with a dark mane, apparently both already familiar and happy to see each other. Alex watched him gently greet and essentially coo at it while comfortably stroking its nose and then feeding it an apple. He longed to have that sort of talent with other creatures, and simultaneously realized that he yearned to receive that same tenderness.
Once the horses were tacked up and one of the instructors had given Alex some brief pointers on how to ride, he found himself following Willie on a trail while mounted on a painted mare. The only philosophy he could adopt out here was to be gentle and not get lost.
“Not so bad, your majesty,” Willie called over to him.
An extremely nervous laugh elicited from Alex’s throat involuntarily, only making Willie laugh in return. Alex rode a little closer so they were nearly side by side on the trail.
“I’ve been here once,” he said. “I think I was about twelve? My mom thought that it would make me change my mind about taking ballet classes. We rode for maybe fifteen minutes before I got so nervous we had to turn back around and go home. Never made it through the full trail.”
“Man, that sucks,” Willie commented. “I didn’t know you did ballet.”
“Yeah, that and a few other types of dance. I was forced to quit a little couple years ago. That’s about when we got serious as a band, so I just found something else to bother my parents with.”
He could see the gears click into place as Willie came to a few conclusions about his parents and gave an emphatic nod.
“Well, I’ve always wanted to learn how to dance. That was the one thing Caleb had promised to teach me. He’s the worst, but he definitely knows how to dance.”
Suddenly, Alex remembered watching Caleb’s movements when he’d served him and the boys at the diner. Of course he could dance; everything had been fluid and smooth. All he could say to that thought was “huh,” at first. Then after a few moments: “I’ll have to teach you one of these days then.”
Willie’s eyes crinkled at the corners, happy at the prospect.
“Yeah, okay! Add that to our to-do list.”
Alex chuckled. They had a to-do list now. He bit his lip as he continued following Willie along the trail. It was a gorgeous day and in this area the sky was so clear compared to further inside the city. Greatly contrasting his experience from years ago, Alex felt himself become much more at ease and felt confident enough to take greater control of his horse. Willie pulled out his camera and snapped a few scenic photos every once in a while.
Eventually, they stopped at an outlook and Alex had to take in an awed breath. The view was clear for miles all around them. Green hills spanned the landscape in every direction with patches of city speckled in between. Even the ocean line was visible from there. How did Willie know how to find these?
“Hey, Alex!” Willie called, lifting his camera. “Say cheese!”
Turning to face him, Alex flashed a genuine smile as Willie captured him atop his horse against the scenery. He was usually pretty camera shy, but this time he really didn’t mind. Keeping memories like this actually felt important to him, unlike the many times he’d been forced to pose with his family at functions he’d also been made to attend. Those occasions had always felt so insincere - less about enjoying the memory and more about trying to prove their status as the polished, functional family everyone aspired to.
He saw Willie dismount for a moment and stretch his legs. Gripping the reins and looking around in uncertainty, Alex realized he’d gotten on before ensuring he could properly get off. Thankfully, Willie noticed and came up to him, hands raised.
“Okay, so just...carefully lift your foot out of the stirrup and swing your leg over toward me,” he instructed. Sucking in a breath hesitantly, Alex did as he said. “Alright,” Willie offered a hand for Alex to grab so he could slide off with ease. Landing on the ground, he leaned into Willie to gain his balance, and felt a congratulatory pat on his back. It took more restraint than Alex anticipated to not simply wrap his arms around him and sit like that for an indefinite amount of time. They had all day ahead of them; he didn’t need the sudden fear of losing him to derail things out of nowhere.
“Sorry if I look like a wimp about all this,” he said, letting go of his hand.
“Nah, don’t sweat it,” Willie assured him, shaking his head. “This is...this is new.”
His eyes seemed to take Alex in from head to toe and Alex could’ve sworn the charge in the air between them would buzz if they got closer, spark if they made contact. It was almost like that moment in front of Willie’s door the week before. For a few seconds they remained locked in that trance before Willie took hold of the horse’s reins and handed them to Alex.
“Technically this trail could take hours, but I’m guessing this isn’t all you’re interested in today,” he said. “What do you say we stretch our legs a bit and then ride back?”
Looking from the reins in his hand back to Willie, Alex nodded.
“Yeah, that sounds good.”
Opening his backpack, Willie handed him an apple and then bit down into one of his own. Taking a bite, it was one of the most refreshing apples Alex ever eaten. They walked the horses a little ways and tried to get good pictures of the different views around them. Alex asked to try his hand with the camera and get a few good shots of Willie. He didn’t consider himself a photographer, but he doubted when the photos got developed that they would turn out badly. The way Willie smiled made him seem like he was made of sunlight from the inside out.
As they rode back to the barn, Alex kept replaying those moments where he’d refrained from making a move over in his head. This had been strike two. If he continued on like this, he was going to hate himself for the rest of eternity, he was pretty sure. Was it some weird kind of side effect of the whole ‘Willie come back to life’ thing? Watching him affectionately say goodbye to his horse once they were ready to leave, Alex looked at his own horse and raised a tentative hand up to her nose.
The mare gazed back, patience gleaming in her eyes. He finally set his hand down on her nose and gently rubbed it up and down, smiling a little to himself. This wasn’t so bad. He could do this - it was just a matter of getting through all the barriers he made for himself in his head. Moving his hands from the horse’s nose, he stroked along her neck, and caught Willie smiling at him from the corner of his eye.
“You wanna try feeding her an apple?” he asked.
Thinking for a few seconds, Alex nodded. “Yeah, sure.”
Pulling one out of his backpack, Willie placed it in Alex’s palm.
“Alright, so hold it out in front of you like this…” He positioned Alex to offer the apple. “And keep your palm flat.”
Alex uncurled his fingers and after sniffing at it a little the mare ate it out of his hand. He could ignore the sensation of her mouth touching him because Willie still had his arm around his shoulder to hold him steady. They looked at each other, and Alex wished he could get a proper shot at Willie’s face at that angle with the camera.
“Looks like you’re gonna get the hang of this,” Willie commended.
Alex looked back up at the horse, a little bit of pride swelling in his chest. “Yeah, I think I will.”
Later, they went to the beach at Alex’s suggestion. He was perched on the surface of a picnic table, posed as if he were looking off into the distance. Willie sketched with great concentration, having taken his hair out of his braids so he could run his hand through it. The late afternoon sun brought out all the best color contrasts in their surroundings - one of the things Alex loved about coming to the beach at this time of day.
“So I have a question,” Alex started, trying not to move too much. His tendency to talk with his hands kept getting him in trouble.
“Shoot,” Willie prompted him, not looking up.
“Did Caleb let you go to school or anything? Or did he provide any sort of education at all?”
Squinting, Willie looked thoughtful for a moment.
“So, after the accident, he told me that I’d had to be taken out of school,” he began, continuing to sketch. “Which makes sense, I guess, if I forgot everything. I remember some basic things, like math wasn’t hard to pick up again. Once I was recovered enough to go places, he just let me go to the public library and find whatever I wanted to read. But he always insisted on not having reminders of who I was before and said it was supposed to be helping me ‘become my own person’. He got rid of things like my school yearbooks and old journals and things. I didn’t think anything of it at first because he’d just called it useless clutter and I believed him. As soon as he decided I was fit enough to work in the diner and help out at the hotel, he told me to forget about school. Anything else I picked up was from watching TV, or listening to the radio, or something. Sometimes I’ll just remember I know something after hearing about it and it’s like it was just always there.”
Listening intently, Alex marveled at the whole thing. The fact that Caleb was not only negligent, but actively discouraging Willie from knowing anything, made him wish he could take down the man’s whole career. However, he figured Willie probably had a lot of his intelligence still untapped. If he’d been able to get away from Caleb and somehow create a life for himself in the span of a few months, Alex wondered what else he was capable of.
“What’s something you remember?” he wondered.
“I guess I used to be really obsessed with space. Just planets and stars and all that. I can spout off facts about Jupiter’s moons and stuff like that. Did you know that the moon Europa has a saltwater ocean under a layer of ice?”
Alex shook his head. “No, I didn’t. That sounds really cool though.” He thought of the stickers on Willie’s ceiling and smirked a little before reassuming his pose.
“I sort of wish I could remember being in school,” Willie was saying. “Everyone else seems to just share all of those memories and understand each other that way.”
Alex saw his brow furrow, and could tell he felt left out. He pondered on his own experience growing up in public school. There was almost no other way he would’ve met Luke, Bobby and Reggie if they hadn’t all attended the same schools. While he could easily critique and complain about it to no end, he knew it was a privilege.
“School is definitely hard,” he told Willie. “But I did get my friends out of it, and I guess that makes up for it. If it’s any consolation, you could just complain about Caleb like he was your horrible English teacher who thought he knew more about the subject of your essay, but you cited all of your sources and they proved him completely wrong.”
Willie laughed. “Why? Did that happen to you?”
Alex bobbed his head from side to side and feigned looking thoughtful . “Maybe.”
“I kind of like reducing him to a loser English teacher. He just sounds petty and sad.”
“That’s high school,” Alex confirmed.
Leaning back from his work for a minute to take it all in, Willie brushed a hand through his hair.
“Here, you wanna take a look at it?” he said. Alex hopped off the table and went to stand over Willie’s shoulder at the drawing and was immediately rendered speechless. The detail was impeccable, but Alex was more impressed by the feeling he got looking at it. Willie had managed to make him appear...handsome, and pensive, and fascinating, like anyone else could look at him and create a million unique ideas of who he was. However, it wasn’t anyone else looking at him, it was Willie, and what he’d captured felt like the truth. Alex couldn’t really explain what that meant, only that it was an honest representation.
“Okay, I know I said the one back at your place made me look good, but this is...this is unreal.”
He could see Willie trying to be modest, but the corners of his lips couldn’t stay down. Funny enough, he appeared even more unable to find words, and simply beamed as he looked back and forth between his sketch and Alex’s face.
A sudden impulse came over Alex, and he kicked off his shoes and pulled his shirt over his head, dropping it on top of Willie’s skateboard and backpack. Willie sat looking flustered for a moment.
“Wanna swim?” Alex nodded toward the waves, bidding Willie to follow. He didn’t wait for him to catch up as he immediately began running into the waves up to his knees. Alex knew his pants would be even more ruined the second he hit the salty water, but he didn’t care. Now the sun was beginning to set and the chill of the waves was refreshing, and he couldn’t express what he felt just then in any other way.
Willie tackled him from behind, climbing onto his back and nearly knocking him over into the shallow tide. Clambering back to his feet, Alex splashed water at him. They began a playful water fight back and forth, until they were both drenched. Eventually, Alex tried to catch hold of both Willie’s hands in an attempt to prevent being splashed anymore. He had the advantage of longer arms, but before he could get a tight hold of the second arm Willie’s leg swept under his and they both fell just as a large wave washed over them.
As the water pulled back, they sat in the sand in a tangle, laughing. All Alex could think of was how pretty Willie was in this light, hair swept back off his face with tendrils resting over his shoulders, sun gleaming in his eyes and constantly shining from the inside out. The laughter died between them and he caught a look in Willie’s eye that made him wonder if he appeared to him to be just as perfect in that moment.
This time his mind and body worked in sync as he lifted a hand and gently pulled Willie into a short, tender kiss. All the self-flagellation from earlier was washed away in one pure moment, and exhilaration moved into its place. It felt soft and sweet, just the way he expected it should. Just as quickly as he’d let go, Willie went in for another one, a little longer and a little deeper. One hand remained caressing his cheek while the other wrapped around his upper back. Alex couldn’t help smiling into another kiss; he was too happy to care about anything else. Hardly a week ago, this had been impossible.
As they let go, their hands came together and they looked into each other's eyes, both releasing a relieved chuckle. Willie looked at the rest of the beach behind them and Alex’s eyes followed, but at this hour there were too few people around and no one paying attention to them. Turning back to Alex, Willie sighed and shook his head with a smile.
“Wow,” was all he said, biting his lip.
“Yeah, I’d definitely do that again,” Alex smirked, until the joy in his chest converted it into a full grin.
A wave washed over them again and they both stood, shaking out their hair and trying to wipe off whatever sand they could. Heading back up the beach, Willie grabbed Alex’s hand so they could make their way up together. The sun was nearly set but Alex was sure it had just gone into his chest, bursting with excitement. Once they reached the picnic table, they gathered their things and Willie offered to carry Alex’s shirt inside his backpack on the way home. Thank goodness there were a few patches of grass so Alex could try to get a little more sand off his feet before putting his shoes back on.
“So how long have you been sitting on that?” Willie teased as he slung his backpack over his shoulder and they left the beach.
“Shut up,” Alex laughed, knowing he was being called out.
“No, really!” Willie bumped his side jokingly. “I want to know!”
Tilting his head back to try to remember, it didn’t take Alex long to give him the answer.
“Since day one,” he told him.
Surprise swept over Willie’s face as he looked at Alex.
“Seriously?” he asked.
Alex nodded.
“Me too.”
It was Alex’s turn to look surprised. Without saying another word, he took Willie’s hand in his and then kissed it before continuing back toward his place. The whole way they talked about all the different things they needed to do together in the future. Riding on more horse trails, dancing lessons, skating lessons, art modeling sessions, going to band practices and gigs, visiting the record store while Willie wasn’t working, etc. They both agreed that the entire day technically counted as a date, and all further plans would as well. Alex was reminded once again that he didn’t have a notebook to write things down in, and vowed to have one for the next time he saw Willie. Once they reached Willie’s door, they had already put their shirts back on and it was completely dark outside.
“Are you free any time next week?” Willie asked, still holding onto Alex’s hand.
“I wish I could say yes, but probably not. And as much as I’d love to give you my number, it’s really not the best idea.”
“Well, I could give you mine,” Willie said.
Alex shot him a confused look. Holding up a finger, Willie dug into his backpack until he found his sketchbook and tore off the corner of a page, quickly scribbling one down and handing it to Alex.
“It’s actually the one for work,” he said. “But if it’s what we can do for now, I’ll do it. Kyle won’t care.”
Looking at it for a minute and then stashing it in his now-dry pocket, Alex took hold of Willie’s chin and went to kiss him again. It was really hard to stop, but they soon broke apart.
“I gotta go,” Alex murmured.
Willie only nodded, squeezing his hand before letting go and slipping his own into his pocket.
“I’ll call you.”
Once again heading up the short set of stairs to the sidewalk, Alex rubbed his lips together, relishing in the taste of what he and Willie had just done. He couldn’t imagine anything sweeter.
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rhonda-sayeed · 8 months ago
Bloodbound: Queen's Heart Book 2 Chapter 20
Kamilah x MC (written in second person prospective like in Choices)
I don't own these characters. They are the property of Pixelberry.
Warnings: Some language maybe. SMUT. Spanking. This is fluffy.
1554 words
Tag List: @kamilah-is-queen @samanthadalton @somethindarker @witchesplayatnight @danna-min-sinclair @hellyeah90sbaby @glowriter @mrs-avamontjoy
You were sleeping so well. For once, when Morpheus lulled you into dreamland, Nicole was not taunting you.
Someone else was and she was over two millennia old.
“Amy. Wake up.” She shakes your shoulder. You tiredly try to pull away.
“Five more minutes, mom.” You grumble.
“Amy no.” She’s slowly losing her patience.
You tug the blankets over your head. “Ten more minutes.” You squeeze your knees to your chest in a tight protective fetal position.
Not wanting to lose the battle, Kamilah lifts you up and carries you over a shoulder. You dangle over her lethargically and don’t fight her.
Though you do pinch one of her ass cheeks.
“Why do you put up with me?” You’re tired and that is the mood you are going with right now.
“Every day I wonder that myself.” She is in no mood for YOUR mood and games.
“Kamilah!” You shout, when she smacks your ass.
She takes you to another part of her facility, one that you’ve never been too. You realize it is a small workout center.
She drops you on a pile of mats. The impact of your landing hardly makes a sound.
She tosses you, some workout clothes: a sports bra and skin tight workout capris.
It takes her no time to get into her own. You have to watch her. Especially how the spandex clings to her lower body. Against the curves of her ass, against her crotch. The bright colors accentuate her dusky taut skin. The muscles almost shine at her stomach.
She twists her hair into a tight bun.
“…uh…” Now you are more than a little bit awake.
“I am going to train you. You showed good form with the feral, but you still need a lot of work.”
She points at the clothes you still haven’t put on.
You roll your eyes. She narrows hers. She wins.
You stumble through putting them on. Kamilah can’t help but to ‘help’ straighten out your clothes. Her hands make sure the outfit clings to your body in the right way.
Slowly, you shake yourself out of your grumpy mood.
Soon, she is showing how to form a fist, and how to properly throw a punch. She’s a surprisingly patient teacher.
“This is great and all but I think I am ready to move on.”
Her brow rises gracefully and she folds her arms across her chest, “I wasn’t aware, I was wasting your time.” She’s sarcastic but not angry.
“I do think you are ready for something more challenging.” She turns away from you and walks up to a small wall where various weapons are hanging.
She comes back with two twin pairs of wooden knives.
With a smile she says, “Don’t worry, these are blunted, they won’t do much harm.”
With a sigh, you take your pair. She squats down, and spins the knives.
“Now, try and disarm me.”
“Wha—” You have no time to even finish the question, never mind getting into any sort of position. She comes charging at you, like a bat out of hell.
All you can do is yelp and flail your knives around uselessly. She easily disarms you and puts the knife at your throat.
“That was horrible, let me show you the right way.” A wickedly devilish smile alights on her beautiful face.
“You’re enjoying this way too much.” You react tiredly.
“Only a little.” The smile broadens.
You know you got one of those dumbass smiles on your face. You can’t help it. You’re in love. Even if she is kicking your ass right now.
“You will want to avoid fighting as much as possible.”
You nod.
“When someone does come at you, you want to move back and to the side.”
It is easy for you to absorb what she is saying, because it feels like you’ve lived through it with your shared bond.
“Next you want to slash your knife down to get them to drop their weapon. Ready?”
She charges at you and you step backwards and out of the way.
You feel her growing proud over how quick you are learning.
She comes at you with her knife, you hurry and stab at her arm downward. But something strikes you. The memory of your mom.
It freezes you and you drop your knives. Kamilah remembers too and winces.
“Hey. I am sorry.” She lovingly takes you into her arms.
“It is not your fault. I just.” You shake your head against her.
“For what it is worth, you are a good student.” She kisses the top of your head.
“That is because I am afraid of what you’d do if I were a bad student.” You tease.
“As you should be.” Your teasing is rubbing off on her. “I do feel a lot better, now that I taught you how to defend yourself.”
You raise your hand to draw hearts against her chest. “Thank you.”
With the end of her fingers, she raises your chin up. “Anything for you. Anything to keep you safe. I will make sure no harm comes to you.” You didn’t think you could be any more in love with this woman.
You reach up and brush your lips against hers. She moves and pushes you up against the nearest wall.
She pins your arms above your head and starts kissing down your neck. Her thigh presses firmly against your crotch.
You let out a squall of pleasure into her mouth. Your clitoris and folds thump and swell from the sudden attention. And a wet spot begins to form at the seam of the spandex.
“…gah!” Your scream echoes in the room.
Her free hand tears into your clothes. They turn into shreds being thrown across the floor.
She even does the same to herself. You watch her behind fluttering lashes in amazement.
“Now keep your hands above your head or else…” It is a warning. One you try hard to heed.
She drops down to the floor on her knees and pulls each leg over her slender shoulders.
Your shaky legs cross at the ankles. You feel her fingers squeeze at the muscles of your ass.
You feel her nose lightly press against your clitoris and sniff. And by god it feels incredibly good. You hardly have no time at all before you feel the lash of her tongue cleaning at the humidity of your rousing desire.
Before too long she takes your clitoris into her mouth. She sucks, while her tongue twirls around it in a slow dance.
You want to tug at the bun on her head. You want to smother her. You also totally forget about her warning.
You let your arms drop.
She pulls away with a glower twisting her face. “What. Did. I. Say?” You don’t even feel her move. Next thing you know, you are draped over her lap, ass high in the air.
Still with no time to respond, you feel her sharp palm come down HARD across your ass.
You YELP and try to squirm away. She rubs the spot to soothe away the pain and does it again. HARDER.
“…ah! Kamilah!” It hurts. But it hurts in a good way. “…sorry!”
After a few more spanks, she lays you out on your back, and slides down the length of your body.
“No moving.” She says taking in a breath before burying her face between your thighs.
It only takes a little more licking and a suckle here and there and you become spent.
“…Mmmmm! Kam—!" Your head floats to the clouds and your body falls limp. It is one hell of a knockout.
Later that night, you get ready for the ball or party. You’re not really sure what to call it.
Kamilah is wearing her old tried and true centuries old gown. You have to wonder how she has been able to keep it pristine.
She does her hair in the side braid, with the baby breaths twined through it, the rich blood red rose on the other side. It looks like she stepped out of a painting. She is the most beautiful woman ever. No one can even begin to compare.
You also don’t know how she found time to pick out a dress for you. A black ball gown that came out of a Goth girl’s day dream.
You happily let her do your make up, and then you do your own hair.
The two of you meet up with the others outside of her offices.
“Whoa, Ames. I stan one Goth queen.” Lily gives you a squeezing hug. She is starting to get used to her vampire strength and does not try to accidentally squeeze you like an almost empty tube of toothpaste.
Jax gives you a respectful grin and a thumbs up.
“Amy, you look incredible.” Adrian swallows sharply. You ignore the way he is looking at you. It makes you very uncomfortable. You utter a soft ‘thank you’.
Kamilah is starting to not like it either. You feel herself holding back, if only because he is her adoptive brother. Even without realizing it, she takes your hand and holds you close.
The lot of you gather into the carriage that arrives to pick you up, and head out into the night.
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thecurseoflife · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Okay so I didn’t see any actors au of TTS and that is NOT okay because I love actors AU, so I made my own !
And I regret it because this took me FOUR DAYS to make, which is unbelievable since I work really fast usually. I have a lot of ideas for this AU but I don’t know if I’ll be able to make them since it’s taking HELLA LONG.
So I decided to just give you guys my ideas and if someone want to draw them it’s like, YES PLEASE I WOULD LOVE TO SEE THEM <3 !
First for Cassandra’s and Varian’s haircuts, I actually just took the one of the concept art (so don’t kill me please) For the colors of all the characters I took the color palet of their actual ouftits in the show and I slammed it into modern clothes, and surprisingly it works very well !
Okay now the ideas X) :
-Jeremy and Eden pretend they hate eachothers but actually they have a younger annoying brother and older pissed off sister. But if one of them is hurt they worry for eachothers and it’s just sweet.
-Eden have the gay vibe
-Jeremy is a BIG fan of Adira’s character and of the actress Kelly Hu. He asked Chris Sonnenburg (Chris) when Varian would get a scene with her and Chris said : never. Jeremy smile just faded and he looked so down everyone on the set thought he was going to straight up cry. (Jeremy explain he actually did cry but later in the toilet, he was just very disappointed). So instead he came whenever he could to see Kelly play and talk to her afterward.
-Questions : What part of your character do you like the most ? Eden : Cassandra is very independant, and I stan an independant sword lady. Mandy : Rapunzel is so determined and brave, I find her really inspiring. Zach : I just really love how Eugene is attached to Rapunzel and how he’ll do anything to her, but ESPECIALLY the trust he puts in her. He has so much faith it’s... boyfriend material. Jeremy : SASSY VARIAN ! When he went “She’s right, dad” MMMH I loved playing that part.
-Questions : What was the hardest part to play ? Mandy : When the guards just take Varian away, while he was begging for help, it was just so... mortifying, we had to re-do the shot several times because I would break into tears. Eden : I don’t really have something that comes into my mind, Cassandra is pretty easy to play because I relate to her a lot, but if I had to pick one I think it would be in the last episode when she pours her heart out on Rapunzel, it was hard to just brutally change the mood and make her break. Zach : Eugene is really one of those character that is always smiling and putting a facade even when they’re sad or not feeling well, and I have a love-hate thing toward the moment he sung all alone in the castle, because it was so beautiful and emotional, but at the same time, it was like I wasn’t really playing Eugene anymore, it was a really special moment I think. Jeremy : I think it was all those moments when I had to be mean to Mandy in season 1 because she is just so sweet and nice, and I knew we were playing but I still didn’t really enjoy those moments. Although I do love villain Varian. If I had to pick one it would be the moment when he took the flower in front of her and just straight up said “I used you”. It always sent chills in my spine.
-Questions : What’s the part you enjoyed the most to act ? Mandy : I loved performing “Wind in my hair”, everything was so good, and I love the song so much. The... the desire of Rapunzel behind it was so uplifting and hopeful, I adored it. Eden : I really liked the moment Cassandra betrayed Rapunzel, I think it really has that impact, and right after she burst into “Crossing the line”. It’s one of my favourite moment. Zach : Like I said I have a love-hate relation of “Everything I ever thought I knew”, so it’s also one of my favourite acting moment. Jeremy : Obviously all of the Sassy Varian scenes, but also the moment he came back from the castle to find his father incased in amber. It’s the moment his whole arc of villainy began and I had to make the viewer feel his despair and anger, and I think I did a great job, it was really fun to do.
-Questions : Jeremy, you’re the youngest on set most of the time, isn’t that a bit hard to live ? Jeremy : When I first arrived on set, I was really excited because I love the character of Varian so much and I was so happy I passed the audition, and then I realised : wow I am the only kid here. I was very shy at first because adults I don’t know are terrifying. Of course my parents were there because back then I was underrage, so I was just stuck with them but there are moments they just can’t come with you, and I was on set, dressed as Varian, surrounded by all those unknown grown-ups. And I could see that the other actors were glancing at me but not confident enough to try to talk to me. So I was there, sitting on a chair by myself, fidgetting with burning stares on me. My first thought was “this is going to be an awful experience”. Then Mandy arrived. She said two words to Eden and Zach and went straight to me with a big smile. She shook my hand and introduced herself, talked a bit with me then dragged me to the group of grown-ups and very quickly I was integrated. Of course I was thrilled when Vivian and Ruby arrived, but I was also comfortable around the other actors. Thank you Mandy, thank you so much for that. Mandy, off camera : ;w; Aww, you’re welcome Jeremy, it’s a pleasure to be friend with you.
-Questions : If you had to choose one character to stan for who would it be ? Zach : Rapunzel, of course. Why do you ask all the actors are going to say the same thing. Eden : Rapunzel. Mandy : Rapunzel Jeremy : I stan one (1) fearless princess : Rapunzel
-Jeremy had just black hair and the first time the hairdressers put him the blue strip because Varian had one, he looked at himself and went : Wow I want that in my everyday hair.
-Mandy is really nice and sweet, a bit of an energy pile, friends with everyone. Really loud sometime when she’s excited. A really happy person.
-Zach doesn’t have to get his hair done much because he’s the one that just have the perfect hair for the character. He often tease the other actors about that. He’s very extra, personnality close to Eugene’s.
-Eden doesn’t know how to sit properly on a chair. She have a short temper, and despise shoes : whe nshe doesn’t have to wear them, she doesn’t.
-Since Eden, Mandy and Zach have a lot of scenes together and they met eachothers before everyone else, they have bffs vibes all the time and there’s often pictures of the three of them hanging out on their social medias.
-Jeremy is really friend with Ruby (Catalina) and Vivian (Kiera) and they’ve been scolded several time because they mess around on set.
-Ruby and Vivian are actual best friends in real life and they auditionned together.
-Sometime Jeremy makes memes references and Zach is the only one that gets it
-For the night scenes outside they had to sleep in tents, and one time they did a full sleepover. They were not fresh the next morning for the scenes.
-Jeremy calls Eden “Cassie” to piss her off and sometime the other actors actually call her like the characters. (CassANdra, Cass...). It works very well. One time Chris called her Cassandra by error and everyone exploded in laughter.
-That’s it for now but i may post more.
DISCLAIMER : This is in NO way based on the real voice actors, I just took their names and l slapped them into Actors AU. This is all in my head, NOTHING really happened as far as I’m aware
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agaypanic · a year ago
Hi can you write like anything with Stanley barber I love him so much maybe him with a painter reader or something?
Paint Me Blue (Stanley Barber X Reader)
Request Something!
Summary: Stoned Stanley wants to paint and he and (Y/n) seem like great canvas. Color selection leads to confessions and a mess on the carpet.
Stoned Stanley was probably the best version of him, because it was like the weight of whatever was on him had never held him down in the first place. He was goofy and happy, something I wanted him to be as often as possible.
Luckily, he was stoned about 80% of the time.
He invited me over because his dad wasn’t home. Of course I said yes, so I put on my shoes and walked across the street to his door.
That led to us sitting on the floor against his couch, smoke being a pleasant cloud around us. 
“So, how’s Syd?” I asked him, and it was hard to ignore how he perked up at the sound of her name.
“Oh, she’s doing good. Yeah, great. She’s great. Awesome. Love her.” He trailed off and stared at the floor in front of him. He was silent for a bit, his eyes clouded and his smile lazy. It hurt to hear the last two words put I pushed the pain away
“Stan?” He seemed to be in a trance of some sort. I put a hand on his shoulder and he turned to me.
“Can you paint me?” His eyes lit up and he looked at me like a puppy would when it wanted a treat. I giggled and crawled over to a small box by his record player. I kept some paints and brushes in it so in case either of us wanted to paint something, we could. 
“I can’t do people that well, so don’t get offended when it ends up looking bad.” I laughed and grabbed the box. I turned around and was shocked by Stanley leaning against the couch with his shirt off.
“You good, bud?” I put the box next to him and went to go find a canvas. But he grabbed my wrist to stop me.
“Yeah. Paint me.” He let go of my wrist and smiled as he gestured to himself. I guess he wanted me to actually paint him. I sat down and looked through the paints in the box. I settled on some pink and yellow.
“What do you want?” I asked as I shook up the bottle of pink. He just smiled at me.
“Anything you want, (N/n).”
I decided to just paint random shapes on him and go from there. I couldn’t help the heat rise in my face as I painted little pink swirls on his chest and arms. Despite him being pretty skinny, Stanley did have some muscles. He giggled as the cold paint brushed over his torso and I smiled.
Soon, Stanley’s upper body was half covered in pink and yellow. There were undefined blobs and little drawings scaled his figure. He was still so the paint wouldn’t crease as much, but I could see him nod along to Bloodwitch filling the basement. Stanley turned his head to look at me.
“Can I paint you?” I couldn’t say no to his bloodshot puppy dog eyes as they stared into mine. I nodded and played with the edge of my hoodie. Without thinking, I peeled it off myself as Stan looked through the box of paints. He looked at me and froze.
“What colors do you want?”
“Blue and gray.” He hesitantly pulled out the colors and started with the blue. He slowly brushed a horizontal line on my stomach.
“Ooh. You should paint abs on me.” He smiled wide and kept painting.
My arms and torso were covered like Stanley’s, with little shapes and lines and drawings. He moved onto my palm, delicately holding my hand as he slowly brushed on the blue paint.
“Can I ask you something?” His voice was quiet but I could still hear him.
“Go ahead.”
“Why blue? I mean,” He glanced at me before focusing back in on my palm, “There’s nothing wrong with blue. But with the gray it seems a little well, sad.”
“Maybe I’m just feeling a little blue.” Stan looked up with concern.
“Why?” He kept painting my hand, going over the spots that already had blue. I inhaled deeply.
“If I say, don’t let it ruin our friendship.” He looked confused but nodded.
“I um, I like you. And it hurts me a bit whenever I see you with Sydney or hear you talk about her,” My voice started to waver but I tried to keep it steady, “It sucks to like your best friend, dude. It sucks so much to see you falling for another girl when I’ve liked you for so long.”
I cleared my throat. It looked like Stan was going to say something so I kept going. Anything to stall the rejection, even if it meant digging a bigger hole to fall into.
“You like Sydney, and that’s what makes me blue. But,” I looked him in the eyes, “If she makes you your happy yellow self, I’ll be okay.” Stan looked like he was contemplating. I was too scared to move, but I was preparing myself to stand and walk out in case he told me to leave.
Surprisingly, he grabbed the small bottle of yellow and smeared some on his hand. I questioned him but he just intertwined his hand with my blue one.  When he released my hand, he turned our palms upward.
“You make me the brightest shade of yellow I can possibly be, (Y/n). And if we mix,” He gestured to our now green hands, “we make green. Thank god that’s my favorite color.” Stan started to lean forward. He paused about an inch in front of me.
“Is it because of weed?” I giggled and he smiled at me.
“Yup.” Then he kissed me. I put a hand on his cheek and he put a hand on my back, the other next to me on the floor. We slowly fell to the floor, Stanley on top of me. I weaved a hand through his hair and tugged a little. He moaned before hesitantly pulling away.
“Oh, crap.” I said as we looked at the floor. I moved over and revealed blue and green paint stains in the carpet that I was once laying on. Stanley kissed me again, bringing my attention to him.
“It was worth it.”
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rvmmm21 · a year ago
. you’re a monster .
Tumblr media
summary : “what will you do when you’re knocked out in an alleyway and wake up tied to a bed. what next, hm?” the demon’s question rings in her head the entire time she’s being pleasured beyond comprehension. Kang Seulgi begs and pleads, and she reluctantly finds the answer.
small note : forgive the appalling pacing. sorry if i misinterpreted this and it was meant to be soft-ish, but when i saw monster i just went oh cool HARD-ish. also never thought i’d write seulrene but hey! first! i’m so sorry to all the seulgi stans out there, i know she’s soft but i... i saw ‘monster themed’ and i went :o i will softly make it up to you if i get another seulgi ask, i promise! also soft seul stans pls don’t read this if... um you’re not comfy with the concept. it’s hardcore.
[seulrene - demon!irene x human!seulgi]
tw : NONcon, overstimulation, light bondage, and the flippant overuse of the word ‘no’.
She tries to roll over in an attempt to relieve that dull ache in her shoulders, but to her dampened shock, finds she can do nothing more than shift about a millimetre away before being pulled back down. Numbness gives way to an accelerated heart-rate as she realises her predicament; with both wrists and ankles securely bound to a cold, metallic bed frame, she’s completely immobile. She gives an experimental tug to find that: the bedposts are dreadfully sturdy, and her binds are surprisingly soft and velvety. Like royal silk, she thinks, but in this light, or lack thereof, it’s impossible to tell.
O-Oh my god what’s happened? Where… where the heck am I?
The air is thick and heavy, but that’s not why Kang Seulgi is choking.
“How lovely. It’s been a while since I’ve had a human.”
The words smoothly puncture her focus; nonchalant and detached. It matches the smile playing on the blood-red lips she can just about see through the fog in her vision. That stare, those eyes; horribly searching, dark and sharp enough to pierce. And it pierces her to the point where it feels like she isn’t wearing any –
Wait. Where are her clothes? Any of them?
She’s stark naked. And it’s a shocking revelation, but the dipping of the mattress on either side really doesn’t grant any time to ponder. A shiver runs through her when two smooth hands start to explore her body without her permission; squeezing her, violating her. She realises just how unforgiving the restraints are when she instinctually struggles, kicks, does whatever to try to get them to stop. But the weight straddling her remains unmovable, and it just mocks her panicked writhing with a laugh like she’s never heard before. It’s undeniably a woman’s, but there’s something about it that makes Seulgi squint maladjusted eyes to sharpen the edges of the silhouette above her. Despite the intrusive groping, it’s slowly taking shape; it is a woman. And she’s drop-dead gorgeous, unfortunately. With long, pin-straight black hair, milky white skin, a deadly scarlet smirk and… when her top lip curls up just right… oh god… are those… does she see fangs?!
That not-so-subtle detail is enough to force the girl out of stunned silence.
A terrified shriek is followed by a breathless – “W-Who – what are you?!”
The hands stop. Everything does, for a while. And then there’s another laugh before her apparent captor ever so gracefully introduces herself.
“Sweetie, you don’t know me. Nor I you, for that matter…” her voice drips like molten lava, bright and scorching all the same, “… but that’s what we’re here for, isn’t it?”
Her response is overtaken by an almost dry heave when the demon woman above her sounds like she’s lecturing a rebellious 16-year-old.
“Pft, mortals,” she scoffs absentmindedly, rolling her eyes as if the human race is the most bewildering thing she’s ever come across. That’s before her tone turns into something sinister. “Living with your little blinkers on, walking home well past sundown, all alone and vulnerable. Never thinking about what happens if you catch someone’s eye… if you’re too adorable to resist? What will you do when you’re knocked out in an alleyway and wake up tied to a bed? What next, huh?”
The irony isn’t lost on Seulgi, and the gentle caress on her cheek does little to settle her terror.
“But lucky for me, humans don’t think like that, do they?”
“… y-you’re a – a m-monster…” Seulgi spits, trying to sound bigger than she currently feels. But it sounds more like a shaky whisper than an accusation, and it only succeeds in stretching that soul-eating grin wider than she’d ever thought possible.
A sinister, throaty laugh takes a rake down her ears and sends an uncomfortable chill prickling across her skin. “Oh, we haven’t even begun yet, darling… why don’t you save those lovely little nicknames for when you really need them, hm? Tell you what, you can call me Joohyun for now.”
The demon taps her on the nose in fake reward.
Seulgi isn’t even aware she’s squirming until she feels a cold hand clamp down on her left knee and shove it flat on the mattress with a dark chuckle. “Now, now, I’d conserve that energy if i were you… trust me, it’ll be gone before you know it.”
“… n-no! … get… get me out, let me go!” Seulgi screams, using all her strength to yank at the material keeping her captive.
Something in her hamster-beating heart drops with all her hopes when a pair of lips plant themselves on her cheek, ignoring the way she reels back in horror. “Run that pretty mouth all you want,” Joohyun sneers, eyes trailing downwards “... your body seems to know what it wants.”
What on earth does that mean? Seulgi is twisting around now, but Joohyun takes hold of her hips, pinning her down despite her futile attempts at freedom.
And then she finds the answer to her question.
The depravity of the situation weighs on her all at once when two fingers drag along the length of her slit, making her flinch. She sees them held up in front of her face, all slick coated. Just from that. When her mind goes blank, it shows. Enough for Joohyun’s determination to skyrocket and for long fingers to find their way back to the girl’s dripping entrance, teasing their way in slowly, curling them upwards. The look in her eyes, now the colour of glowing ember, as Seulgi’s body is forcibly provoked is almost playful.
Oh my gosh why… why does it feel like that… why does it feel… good. Of course, that’s something Seulgi is fully intent on keeping to herself, but she’s clearly not having much luck. Not while she’s rolling her eyes back, not while she’s failing to conceal those increasingly desperate sounding pants leaving lips she can’t seem to keep together… much like her legs. Joohyun just teases her some more, smiling at how painfully obvious it is that her little human is trying her hardest to convince herself she doesn’t want this.
She breaks sooner than expected.
Seulgi finds herself bucking up against it before she can stop, spreading further open so Joohyun’s warm, eager tongue has access to her sensitive clit, pressing on it, sucking it, just driving her insane. She’s grinding against the mouth as much as her binds will allow, thighs trembling violently with strain, but ugh – it’s worth every tremor.
“… wait – ah! Oh gosh! I –” The pressure on her clit increases to where it drives a keening whine from her throat, locking all her muscles in place as Joohyun draws out the first orgasm of the night.
The human barely has time to recover from the initial wave of orgasmic bliss before the demon is lazily undressing, only enough to reveal the textured length between her legs. Seulgi cranes her neck up, eyes instantly bulging at the latex. It’s somewhat hilarious that this… demon of a woman in all her hellish majesty has to brandish a fake cock. A small part of her wants to laugh at – oh god but she can’t – she can’t even think without moaning when said fake cock buries itself into her. It bottoms out with such ease it pulls out a painfully choked sob instead of any snide remark about the ability to ‘pound her into submission without the use of a strap-on’.
No. What is she doing? No, no, no... this is far too much to handle.
The darkness spins above her, as stupid as it sounds, it does. And that’s all she can stare up into. It’s dizzying, but she’s already tried looking down, and let’s just say the nauseating spin is much less… intense.
She’s so wet, Joohyun has no problem starting hard and fast, fucking her deep into the mattress, pushing past the initial squeeze of her walls and pounding into her with nothing less than pure animalistic force. And the human beneath her seems to be enjoying it too. Joohyun knows if her precious little human could see what she looks like taking her cock so well, she’ll flush a shade even pinker than the rose quartz blush trailing up her neck right now.
Poor Seulgi cries out, desperately trying to bring her knees together, but Joohyun catches them, keeping her spread with a demonic strength she can only dream of challenging. She knows she’s found her clit when she’s rewarded with a sharp hiss, and it only takes a couple of brisk taps on it before Seulgi’s walls are clenching down. She’s torn between screaming for it to stop, and ask - no, begging to let her cum again.
It’s horribly humiliating to consider, but she has to wonder whether it’s her begging or her crying that drives the demon harder.
“… J-Joohyun! I’m…” – but that’s all she gets out before she’s turning away to sink her teeth into her shoulder in the hopes of dulling the devastatingly intense sensation of multiple orgasms.
Sweet baby, Joohyun thinks as she watches her thrash and tremble and then go almost completely limp, my sweet little human, so breakable and so, so overwhelmed. She just smiles at Seulgi’s gasp when she swiftly replaces the sensation of the strap with those familiar fingers.
“… no, please… no – no more…”
It’s so much more fun having her humans ungagged, free to beg to their little hearts’ content. Because she adores hearing pitiful pleas dissolve into pained whimpering with a flick of her tongue or just a little more pressure behind her thumb. Joohyun finds it the funniest thing to watch human instincts in action; knowing it’s pointless, but still wasting their breath trying to reason with the cause of their suffering. The knowledge that her victim is too drained to fight back is an absolute blessing. The power she possesses is immeasurable and downright thrilling.
“… oh please, please Joohyun – don’t make – ah! –  not… not again, I – I can’t, please…”
But she’s helpless and she doesn’t get to decide when she stops, if she’ll ever. That’s up to Joohyun. And what Joohyun wants to do is keep fucking her well past her breaking point, she wants to keep teasing her overstimulated clit, she wants to torture her for as long as she can, either until she gets bored or the human passes out.
And she’s proud to admit, those struggles are definitely weaker than before.
Delirious Seulgi doesn’t even notice the fingers pumping in and out of her speeding up over the sound of her moans, increasing in frequency. This is about to be her… what, her fifth? Eighth? God, she doesn’t know… nor can she find the head space to care, really. Her mind is so blissed out from how rapidly she’s being fucked, to the relentless sucking on her sore, swollen clit, that she’s barely even aware she’s tipping over the edge.
Joohyun wears an evilly triumphant grin as she does. “That’s it, give it to me. My sweet little mortal.”
Still, Seulgi manages to rasp a weak – “… m-monster…” before she does, trying her best to put some bite behind the word. But it’s almost impossible to when she’s torn apart yet again, jerking and twitching as Joohyun’s mouth cruelly steals another orgasm from her. There can be no venom behind those adorable, breathless whimpers that grow quieter and quieter until there’s no more resistance. None at all.
Poor thing, she didn’t even know that would be her last one.
Soft breathing, tear-stained cheeks and eyes rolled back in her skull; Joohyun observes her wreck of a human, beautiful and unconscious because of her. She can’t even put a pretty name to an even prettier face yet, but she’s not worried in the slightest.
They have plenty of time for that.
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Spicy take time (costarring Sugar): The Bros rated by how well I think their arcs/character development/relationship with MC was written and how much it makes sense. (Disclaimer: Our affection for these characters and how interesting, compelling, and lovable we find them has ZERO bearing on this list. ALSO, beware, here there be salt, IE, this is critical of the writing. It’s also long as fuck, so if you just wanna skim and read the bold parts, that’s okay too. You are also free to disagree with us as this is just an opinion, and keep in mind that we have only read to chapter 24 so if there are elements of the story we are unaware of... please be understanding of that and don’t spoil it.) Let’s get started, shall we?
1) Starting at the top is BEST BOI IMO: Beelzebub. So, yeah, in terms of character development and growth, he really doesn’t change all that much, aside from starting off not trusting MC to slowly opening up to them about his trauma. But putting that to the side, his relationship with them makes the most sense. After sharing a bedroom and helping him open up, as well as having the mutual goal of protecting Luke, and then even later going on to save his beloved little brother, it follows that he absolutely adores you afterward. Also, he doesn’t start off disliking you like some of the others. So, all around, he makes the most sense. He’s also one of the deeper characters with his backstory, even if I wish they’d give him other flaws than just being hongry (and playing his unhealthy eating habits/coping mechanism as a joke. Disordered eating should be taken more seriously, especially binge eating but that’s a can of worms for another day)
2) Second best is probably going to shock you, but Satan takes this spot. Why? Well, strictly in terms of arc progression, his relationship with MC starting out as one of manipulation and growing into something more genuine when they go on a heartwarming and wacky adventure together with his hated older brother which causes him to open up makes a lot of sense, at least more so than some of the others. While I wish they gave him more meat characterization wise, I think his arc was pretty well done in terms of story structure.
Okay, so, Sugar here. While I agree with Spice that Satan could use some more meat (and that we should be able to have some more information on Baby Satan because we all need that in our lives), I think that the progression of him and LUCI’S bond (not MC’s) could have done with more subtlety. While I appreciate him softening up, and see that progress, we don’t really get to see the tension of the newfound change and how he settles into letting things go/mellow out and I get it-- it’s a dating sim and the secondary relationships are well, secondary, but it would be interesting to see him and MC bond more through time.
3) Third place probably won’t be all that shocking, because this is where I’m placing Lucifer. He’s arguably one of the characters in the series who’s gotten the most love from the writers, having the most screentime, the most affectionate scenes with MC, and the most fleshed out backstory and characterization as well as fleshed out relationships with each of the characters. His relationship progression with MC also takes a nice, even pace, with him slowly learning to trust them and respect them, culminating in an almost-confession (I THINK. Unless I’m reading that part wrong) and then being shattered at MC’s betrayal, and then earned back in true Pixar-movie fashion by them teaming up for a common goal. HOWEVER. And this is a big however. I would love to see his unhealthy tendencies addressed and NOT fetishized. (Don’t come at me with that “BUT THEY’RE DEMONS THEY’RE SUPPOSED TO BE EVILLLLL” dude. If a demon being in a healthy relationship is where you draw the line in terms of believability, then why are you playing a fantasy demon dating sim anyway?) I love him, I stan him, I simp for him, but I wish he had at least apologized for his not-subtle threats of physical violence toward MC rather than jumping straight into the ALSO kinda violent “You’re mine and nobody else’s” gimmick.
Unlike some men (SPICE), I am actually not a Luci stan and while I do have a soft spot, and understanding of his place as an eldest sibling... I would also like to see the writer’s unravel the unhealthiness/coping Lucifer has in place and why/how it came to be. I feel like we get a sense that Luci has thawed since coming to the Devildom but we don’t really see how Lucifer in the Celestial Realm (and how his friendship with Simeon) has progressed. Luci has a lot of love from the writers but from a story stand-point, he is never really allowed to be weak and own up to his own flaws and how that has impacted/hurt MC.
4) Sharing fourth place is Leviathan and Mammon! I’m putting them in the same spot because the issues I have with them are the same, though I plan on addressing their good points individually. But since my beef is simpler, I’m going to start off with the bad. IMO, a good rivals to friends to lovers romance happens in STEPS. You start off from not getting along, to then finding some things in common, and gradually coming to respect each other, and then like each other, and finally love each other. This... doesn’t really happen with these two, and while we see the change from both tsundere boys starting off disliking you and eventually coming to love you, we don’t really get that inbetween that makes the payoff so much worth it. And if those inbetweens are there, the story doesn’t really tell us that, and it doesn’t show us their thought processes. Like, how much would it suck if in pokemon, your charmander evolved immediately into Charizard upon beating your first few gyms? It’s like that.
But as for the good, Levi’s arc makes sense because you’re the first person to really let him be himself and not shame him for the things he loves. You let him ramble about his interests and show interest in them yourself (AT LEAST IF YOU’RE NOT A FUCKING MONSTER. I’ll let Sugar talk more on him, that’s their boy.)
Whoo, boy. Here we go! For whatever reason, the otaku became my favorite and I love him, but as far as arcs go... He could have gotten a bit more screentime and progress. It makes sense that he would become attached to MC as his brothers are very, very... critical and patronizing about his interests. He is also by far the most skittish and introverted of the bunch, coupled with his sin and seeing all the ways he falls short (in his eyes) is a recipe for loneliness and desire for companionship/friendship. While I am not happy with the progression, for me, it makes sense and I would also have loved to see some breaking/softening of how much his Sin influences him when it comes to MC. I’m not saying erase it because demons are meant to give in to temptation but some reassurance and acceptance of that would be good.
(I also know that there is some disk horse about him guilt-tripping you about spending time with his brothers and while I agree it can be hard... It definitely isn’t on a painful level. Like, say... Ray’s in Jihyun’s route in Mystic Messenger. This also is a difference for players who are interested in one love route versus the many route and different strokes, but I digress.)
As far as Mammon goes, well, you’re his first. And he’s not only glad that there’s someone who’s kind to him instead of making fun of him, but also takes pride in having someone to protect. His puppy crush going to full blown love is adorable.
This blog is all about spicy takes, yeah? Well, here’s mine (Sugar): Mammon is lovable but not as lovable as he could be and before all the Mammon stans, come for me- let it be known I like Mammon but his introduction and how he comes to be soft is NOT an easy, or believable transition. There are ways to write a good tsundere and the writers just missed the mark by having Mammon be too callous and then slipping to lovable without that sweet slide into the other end. I will not deny he is very cute, and a good character, and a good brother (and also the most human, according to Satan’s home screen interaction) but... The progression and endearment factor is lacking because of the structure of the narrative.
5) Is another unsurprising one, but this spot is Belphegor’s. Solmare. My dude. Why did you do this. We could have had it ALL. It could have been great. But you screwed the pooch. You took anything good about this relationship out behind the shed and shot it like a lame horse. Let it be known that I LIKED Belphie and MC’s alliance to get him out of gay baby jail, and I adored that love he still holds for Beel... I thought he was going to be a fav of mine, in fact. But how they handled the... uhm... murder ruined it for me. I’m sorry, I just cannot believe that I’m supposed to suddenly be besties with the man who manipulated me and crushed me to death like, a week after it happened. What if I have PTSD from that??? Also... he claims that he loves MC for who they are and not because of Lilith, but that’s not believable when his whole turning point is finding out that they’re Lilith’s descendant. The change needed to be more gradual, and having a subtle, gradual forgiveness arc would have been AWESOME but we were robbed. ROBBED I TELL YOU!!!!!
Annnd... Belphie is actually one of my favorites FOR SOME REASON. I DON’T KNOW MAN. I agree that we could have had it and I’m like (Insert Hades red flaming hair gif here). The decision to not have a redemption arc ruined it for me and while I love Belphie and his softness/brattiness mixture with handling MC... It is underscored by a lack of believable affection and the payoff of struggle on both Belphie’s part and MC’s. Also, there is a lot of ‘You are not who I want you to be, but it’s good enough’ with MC regarding their lineage and connections to the brothers and how that plays out/color the relationships with maybe the exception of Satan and surprisingly, Mammon that irks me but again, another thought for another time.
6) Aaaaand last and also the least... Asmodeus. “YOU GET NOTHING!!! YOU LOSE! GOOD DAY SIR.” --Solmare to Asmo. The writers neglected him SO much, I like him but what the hell are they doing? There’s so much that could be explored here, and with anything involving Asmo they’re like “I do not see it”. His love for MC also isn’t really that believable when his turning point is realizing that they’re powerful. It doesn’t even fit with any of his potential conflicts. The Diavolo’s castle arc set us up to think that Asmo would have some deep seated insecurities with not being able to be loved or desired by everyone, or maybe some insecurities about not being an angel anymore, or some vulnerability issues or something, and they were just like NOPE. It doesn’t make any gotdamn sense! I just... Grrr. Asmo, I’m so sorry, sweetie. You deserve better.
Asmodeus definitely deserves better and I will stand by that until the day I stop playing this damn game. While I, personally, think that his intrigue with MC makes sense (because he is lusty-- probably not just for sex but in general), it makes sense he would want someone with power but while the set up is there, his character falls flat because there is no bonding moment, or turning point for him at all. His affection for MC is still that playful, carefree, flirty persona he carries and I would love to see it dropped and how his fall from the Celestial Realm really weighs on him and an arc where he and MC talk about vulnerability and the power behind being seen as someone attractive and the way it dehumanizes you at the same time. It could be good-- hell, it could be great-- but it was killed before it started and I will never not think that Asmo could have had some KILLER growth. As it stands, he has more connection/romantic potential with Solomon than MC.
Anyway, that’s all for now folks! Feel free to yell at us in the replies, you know you want to. If this post blows up enough, maybe we can rate the undatables (though they don’t have any story arcs so... that would be a challenge.)
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Welcome to the Loser’s Club Asshole - Ch. 1 | F O U R
warnings: swearing, pretty disgusting stuff (dead bodies) , angst, pretty sad stuff but the next chapter will be worse
word count: 4,748
pairing: richie tozier x reader, platonic!losers x reader
a/n -  fourth chapter in and y/n finally gets her encounter with pennywise... also she takes a big step with richie!! this is quite a big chapter for y/n, so pay close attention and more importantly... enjoy!! 
If you wish to be added to the taglist, send in an ask or pop it in the comments! :)
taglist: @grapesauze​
Welcome to the Losers Club Asshole! Masterlist
Tumblr media
Y/N had never been one for swimming. She hadn’t grown up around the ocean, or even swimming pools; there was a quarry on the other side of her hometown, but the idea of swimming in polluted water never appealed to her and her friends. Especially after her father’s accident.
So, of course, hearing that the boys wanted to spend the rest of their afternoon at the quarry swimming didn’t exactly have her jumping for joy. That didn’t mean she wouldn’t go though; they were the only friends she had made so far, and ditching them on their first official ‘hang out’ together wouldn’t have been a good first impression.
As the rest of the boys planted their bikes firmly on the ground, Stanley propping his up with the stand, Y/N had already made her way over to the edge of the cliff. She stared down at the gentle waters below, gulping at the thought of having to jump, beginning to nervously bite her lip. Richie seemed to sense Y/N’s hesitation, as he glanced over at the girl as he began to remove his shirt; “what’s wrong?” he mumbled, not wanting to catch the attention of the other boys who were currently arguing with Eddie about the health risks of going swimming.
“Uh… nothing” she muttered, eyes not even flicking towards the boy who was now stood at her side, also looking over the edge. He had a wide grin on his face, full to the brim with excitement and exhilaration. She needed to come up with an excuse believable enough so that she didn’t have to dip even her pinkie toe into that water; “I just, um- I can’t swim”
“You can’t swim?” Stan piped up from where he was stood, making Y/N jump as she hadn’t realised she had said it loud enough for them to hear. The glares coming from the boys felt like it was burning into her skin, as she tried to explain.
“W-we didn’t have anywhere to swim back in my hometown, so I-I never learnt. Sorry, I should’ve told you before I dragged myself out here” she explained, earning small nods from all the boys except Richie, who wasn’t sure whether he believed her or not. He saw the look on her face, and that was a look of fear; he would never confront her about it though, the last thing he’d want to do was make her uncomfortable.
“It’s n-n-no problem Y/N. There’s a p-p-path leading down to those rocks, if you’d rather just sit there for a while? W-we probably won’t be in the water for too long.” Bill proposed, pointing out the edge of the water where the boys would often sit to dry off after they had been swimming. Y/N considered it; it was better than just going home, and she supposed now would be a good time to do some sketching.  
“Thanks Bill” she grinned, feeling relief wash over her with the fact the boys weren’t judging her. She played with the hem of her dress as Eddie led her back to the path; throwing her satchel over her shoulder and waving goodbye to the boys before heading down the trail. It didn’t take her long at all to get down to the spot, and by the time she arrived, the boys had only just finished stripping down to their tighty-whities. She giggled at the sight, settling herself down on the edge of a rock comfortably and unclipping her satchel to pull out her sketchbook. She was rather glad she didn’t want to swim, considering the day was a perfect one for sketching.
Before she began to let her imagination run free, her eyes drifted up to the 5 boys who were still stood at the top of the cliff, partaking in a loogie contest which Richie was sure to win. Everyone knows it’s about distance, not mass. Who care how cool it looks, if it’s green or it’s white or juicy and fat? What matter is how far it goes; that was Y/N believed anyway. Soon after watching the boys, mainly Eddie and Richie, argue about nonsense, she noticed that someone had finally made the jump; though when said person bobbed back to the surface of the water, she recognised the red hair to be that of Beverly’s.
“What the fuck?” Richie shouted, watching alongside the 4 other boys as the girl made the leap none of them had been brave enough to take yet. “Oh, holy shit! We just got showed up by a girl!”
“Do we have to do that now?” Stan mumbled; he had already been nervous to do the jump in the first place, but after watching Bev, he was now even more uncertain of performing the feat. Maybe he should’ve just joined Y/N where she was perched near the bottom? Though, the other boys seemed just as nervous, but they knew they’d look like absolute pussies if they didn’t. Eddie answered almost immediately, as if it were obvious; “Yes!”
“Come on!” They heard the feminine voice of Beverly come from the below waters, so they at least knew she was alive and hadn’t drowned. Ben waved down at the girl, while Stanley simply mumbled an “oh shit” with a petrified expression on his face. He was extremely close to backing out, until Bill took the first step and jumped down to where Beverly was. Which meant there was absolutely no way they could back out now, so one by one they joined.
Before they knew it, they were all together in the water and splashing about with the widest grins on their faces. Bill suggested a game of chicken, and so Beverly mounted his shoulders and Eddie on Ben’s, Stan spotting the two on top to ensure neither got hurt in the process. Richie, however, stood away from the group with his eyes on something much different; it hadn’t taken long for his gaze to fall onto Y/N where she had sat perched on the rocks in the distance. He watched the way she focused on her art, drawing as if the ideas were just flowing through her; he wished he could have a talent like that. No, all Richie was good at was annoying people. Y/N had decided drawing the scenery before her was something she hadn’t tried, but would like to; she was used to drawing smaller things like birds or insects because she found she was best at capturing the finer details they carried. However, the sight of the quarry sparked something of inspiration in the girl, and she was stirred into a world of art before she knew it.
After about 20 minutes, Y/N’s hand had begun to cramp from the constant movements, and smudges of lead pencil coated the side of her hand. She was happy enough with the sketch to say it was done; she could always go back to it and add more later on. Nevertheless, the girl was eager to take advantage of the summer weather and so she took to sunbathing on the towel she had brought along for some reason. Pulling her dress over her head to leave her in only her underwear, she put her sunglasses on to protect her eyes and lay down. She hadn’t been aware of the eyes which were staring her down; Richie couldn’t find his voice. He felt his cheeks flush hot, and his stomach grow heavy. His heart pounded in his throat, threatening to break out; his eyes stayed locked on her. How many love songs had he heard that said, “She takes my breath away”? Now that line made a lot sense to him. He couldn’t comprehend the feelings taking over his brain; he hadn’t felt anything like it before. Sure, he thought girls were hot, and he found his cheeks blushing when his hand would brush against someone else’s, and sometimes he’d even stutter on his words when a girl asked him the answer to a question in class; but he was a teenage boy with a penis going through puberty, of course he got overwhelmed from time to time. But it was never this intense; he hadn’t ever looked at a girl in this way. Looked at a girl as if he was in love with her. No Richie, he thought, there’s no way!
The boy was pulled out of his thoughts by the sensation of something nipping at his ankle; “Ah fuck! What was that?” he yelped out, catching the attention of the rest of the group who had been too distracted to notice he had zoned out moments before; “Something just touched my foot right here!”
Both Richie and Stanley ducked their heads under the water to see if they could spot the mystery creature, but they were unsuccessful. Eddie tried to help too, asking “where are we looking” and Richie had tried to point it out to the small boy but they couldn’t see anything for the life of them.
Bill ducked under too, and was quick to notice exactly what it was; “It’s a turtle!”
This here’s a tale for all the fellas
Tryin’ to do what those ladies tell us
Get shot down cause ya over-zealous
Play hard to get females get jealous
Y/N wasn’t sure at what point the Beverly had lay beside her and began sunbathing, as she had been dozing off for the past 10 minutes; the beams of the sun were surprisingly relaxing. Thankfully, one member of the group had brought a radio, which was currently playing Young MC’s Bust a Move; one of Y/N’s personal favourites. She had soon found herself mouthing along to song, unaware of the fact she didn’t know every word because that didn’t matter.
Her h/c hair had splayed over her shoulders and her skin almost sparkled in the sunlight. A deep curve on her lips made the world stop around her; she has a smile that makes you feel happy about being alive. She was lay on her front, a novel in hand as she scanned the page to find where she had previously been after getting distracted by the music.
Okay smarty, go to a party
Girls are scantily clad and showin’ body
A chick walks by you wish you could sex her
But you're standing on the wall like you was Poindexter
Y/N was yet to notice the sharp glares of the boys, as she had found herself too caught up in the pages of her book. Richie couldn’t tear his eyes from the girl lay in front of him; none of the boys could divert their gaze from the pair really. Stan kept glaring at the boy who had to keep pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose; he couldn’t stop thinking about what Y/N had told him just the night before. She hadn’t had a conversation with Stan about her so-called crush on Richie since then, and so Stan was yet to have the chance to apologise for making her feeling bad. He just didn’t expect someone like Y/N to like someone like Richie. The boys, not used to seeing girls in nothing but their underwear, all sat eyes wide and mouth ajar while admiring the girls; though Richie only had eyes for Y/N and was finding it difficult to disengage his attention.
Next days function high class luncheon
Food is served and you’re stone-cold munchin’
Music comes on people start to dance
But then you ate so much you nearly split your pants
It wasn’t until Y/N started to feel herself getting cramp in her neck from the awkward position that she noticed the boys staring at her. A smirk growing on her face, she began to turn around to watch the boys scuttle around eyes wide, some coughing awkwardly, attempting to make it seem like they hadn’t spent the past 5 minutes preoccupied by the sight of the half-naked girls. Both Y/N and Beverly glanced at each other and chuckled, before propping themselves up onto their elbows to face the rest of the group.
Richie was almost certain he’d been caught checking Y/N out, if not by her by Stan. Thankfully, he distracted himself when he caught sight of Ben’s backpack open, digging his hand in to realise it was probably full of school stuff; he announced to the rest of the group in a comedic voice “News flash Ben, school’s out for summa’”
Y/N couldn’t help but chuckle at the boy, never getting tired of his ridiculous voices and impressions which nobody else found funny; Stan noticed the way he blushed almost immediately, and he would’ve questioned it if Ben hadn’t but in; “Oh that? That’s not school stuff.”
“Who sent you this?” Richie chuckled, a humoured smirk growing on his face as he pulled out a small postcard from the bottom of the bag. He looked to Ben, wiggling his eyebrows up and down teasingly.
“No one! Give it-“ Ben insisted, snatching the card out of Richie’s hand before he had the chance to read it and shoving it back into the bottom of the backpack. The smile failed to fall from Richie’s face as he pulled out a book, filled with old newspaper articles about the Black Spot explosion; it was titled “Easter Explosion Kills 88 Children, 102 Total”.
“What’s with the history project?” Richie questioned, furrowing his brows as he read through the first few lines of the article. Y/N had found herself growing curious at what the boy was reading about, so she pulled herself to her feet and went to sit on the rock between Richie and Stan. Richie gulped slightly as he processed the proximity of the girl, her leaning over him to look at the paper intently before paying attention to what Ben was saying
“Oh, when I first moved here, I didn’t have anyone to hang out with, so I just started spending time in the library” Ben explained, earning a snigger from Richie.
“You went to the library? On purpose?” Richie asked, sounding completely serious with the question. Y/N took a little offence by this as she had always been an avid reader, and the library was one of her personal favourite places to go. She nudged him lightly, scolding him; “Some people enjoy going to the library, Richie!”
“Why? It’s all just books and… well, more book” Richie pointed out, earning an eye roll from Ben and the girl. He stared at them in utter bewilderment.
“That’s the whole point Richie; maybe if you’d learn to actually read, you’d realise it can actually be interesting”
“Oh, I wanna see” Beverly changed the subject, jumping to her feet and grabbing the folder out of Richie’s hand. Sitting beside Bill, she handed it to him without noticing the way his eyes followed her as she sat, his throat bobbing up and down to clear his throat.
“What’s the Black Spot?” Stanley asked, considering he hadn’t had the chance to properly read the paper.
“The Black Spot was a nightclub that was burned down years ago by that racist cult” Eddie explained.
“The what?” Y/N questioned at the same time as Stan; they were both clueless at this point.
“Don’t you watch Geraldo?” Eddie questioned, and at the sight of Y/N’s head shaking he gasped, pressing a hand to his chest in a joking manner as if he had been wounded. The couple chuckled softly, Y/N shoving Eddie’s shoulder gently; Richie watched on at the interaction with a pit of jealousy growing in his stomach.
“Y-y-y-your hair…” a soft voice pulled them out of their interaction, turning to see two pairs of eyes gazing intently at the redhead; Ben and Bill. As Y/N managed to match the voice to Bill after a few seconds (thanks to the stutter), she let a small smile perk up on her cheek; there was something going on between those two. It was obvious Bill wasn’t going to finish his sentence as about 10 seconds of silence passed by, finally being filled by Ben perking into the conversation; “Your hair is beautiful, Beverly”
“Oh” Beverly smiled at the boys compliment; “Right. Thanks”
There was a hanging tension between Bill and Ben, as Ben grinned towards the ground bashfully; Y/N could tell from the moment Bev joined the group that Bill had something of a crush on the girl, and so she wanted to investigate into a little further. Perhaps it was to take her mind off her own problems with Richie, but that didn’t need mentioning. Richie was beginning to feel awkward, staring at the two infatuated boys who were practically pining over Bev. “Here, pass it” he snapped his fingers, holding his palm out flat for Bill to pass the folder back over. Once having received it, he reopened and scanned the page.
“Why’s it all murders and missing kids?” Richie questioned, passing it to Stan and Eddie so they could read it too.
“Derry’s not like any town I’ve ever been in before. They did a study once and it turns out people die or disappear six times the national average,” Ben explained, not noticing the way their eyes all widened at the statement.
“You read that?” Beverly asked, while the rest shared worried looks. It wasn’t difficult to realise that the conversation had taken a turn for the worse, yet Ben still continued.
“And that’s just grown-ups. Kids are worse; way, way worse” Ben said as Y/N and Richie locked eyes; she gulped loudly at the thought and he could see the ounces of worry in her eyes.
“Well that’s great, my mum decides to move to the one town I could realistically die in” she mumbled, feeling her palms grow sweaty at the notion; this was not what she expected to come from her first summer in Derry. She felt a hand place itself on hers, shooting her head up at the source; Richie. “I-I won’t let that happen.”
Usually Richie would make a joke at this point, or a snide remark about how pathetic Y/N was being; that was if it was any other member of the club. Considering he could tell how spooked she really was, and he felt a little unsettled too, he wasn’t in much mood for jokes. Y/N searched his eyes for any sign of sarcasm or humour laced in his intentions, before nodding slowly and letting the corners of her lips curve up slightly; he meant it.
“I’ve got more stuff, if you want to see it?” Ben suggested, more enthusiastic than everyone else combined. Eddie was quick to deny it, shaking his head as his eyes scanned his friends. They were hesitant, but they knew it would probably be better to know it all than be in the blue. The group packed their stuff away, getting dressed and heading back to where their bikes were left. Eddie was ranting to Y/N about the dangers of grey-water, which she found ironic considering the boy had been swimming in quarry water only an hour ago, when she realised she had forgotten to pack her sketchbook back into her backpack.
“O-oh, guys, I think I left my sketchbook behind. I’ll catch up with you!” Y/N shouted out from the back of the group, watching as they all turned and nodded at her words before continuing their walk to where they had left their bikes. Believing nobody was going to follow behind her, Y/N went in the opposite direction, back to the spot where the group had been sat only minutes ago. She could spot the pastel yellow sketchbook from almost a mile away, and considering she didn’t want to completely lose the others (she didn’t have a clue where Ben lived), she almost raced over to the sketchbook. Placing it in her red satchel hanging over her shoulder, she went to turn away and catch up with the boys, who’s heads were now only just bobbing out of sight; that was, until she heard a voice from behind her.
“Y/N” the voice almost choked out, sounding as if its mouth was gargling ounces of water. Y/N’s eyebrows furrowed almost immediately, confused considering there hadn’t been anyone there before. Not wanting to turn around, afraid of the possibility that there was a random homeless man who had followed her back down to the quarry, she brushed it of as just her imagination. It was just her imagination. “Y/N…?” ‘
That stopped her in her tracks; the voice had become clearer, as if the water had drained out of their mouth, and she knew that voice. She could’ve recognised that voice anywhere. Her whole body turned at the speed of lightning, eyes brimming with tears at the sight before her; “D-dad?”
There stood her father, just how she remembered him; the same high-waisted chinos, which were held up by the same pair of brown suspenders. The same tacky Hawaiian shirt, which she noticed looked a lot like what Richie was wearing the day before, but green; no wonder she liked Richie’s style. The same pair of brown loafers he insisted on wearing every day, whether he left the house or not. The same thick-rimmed glasses he would wear when sat at the dining table with the newspaper and a coffee in his hand. The same bushy moustache which would always tickle her cheeks when he’d give her a small kiss goodnight. It was all the same, except he looked exactly the way he should’ve; a corpse.
The corpse was almost devoid of skin and pitted by burrowing sea insects, and Y/N almost had to turn away as her stomach heaved, nostrils filled with the smell of rotting meat. The clothes were ripped to shreds, drenched in saltwater and algae just like the rest of it. Froth emerged from the corners of its mouth and nose, the sound of spit almost becoming worse than the smell. Its hands were almost down to the bone, the tissues having turned into grave wax, and the greenish black skin blistering over. She didn’t know what this was, but it wasn’t her dad, her dad was dead.
“Y/N, my sweet” The voice choked out, if you could even call it that, it hardly sounded like words. It was as if its lungs were full to the brim with water. She didn’t understand what was happening; what was this thing and why did it know her name? “I’ve missed you”
“What the fuck are you?” She almost yelled out, wanting to back away from the sight before her, but she found herself almost frozen in place; she felt paralysed with fear. Her eyes brimmed with bitter tears threatening to spill as the thing began approaching her slowly. It wasn’t even walking; it was floating through the surface of the water; the hand reached out to grab her own.
“Why, Y/N, you know who I am.” It spoke, so calmly she couldn’t quite help but believe maybe it wasn’t dangerous.
“Y-you’re not my d-dad. He’s dead” She tried to convince it, when really she was only trying to convince herself that this wasn’t real; it couldn’t be real. There was absolutely no way this was real… right?
“Oh, dear, don’t you think I know that. And let’s not forget who’s fault that is” he chuckled at her expense, watching as her head shot up at his words in shock. “Don’t look so shocked, we both know it was your fault. You did this to me, you’re the reason I died that day at the quarry” his voice became louder and harsher with every word, his hand now grasping the collar of her dress so tightly that she was struggling to breath.
“I-I didn’t do anything! I didn’t know!” Y/N defended herself, but her voice came out as mere wheezes, the tears pouring down her cheeks.
“Such a shitty excuse for a daughter, aren’t you? You left me to die, and so now you’ll be next. Come join me, Y/N, come join your old man. You’ll float, float just like the rest of us” he spat, face mere inches away from hers. She tried to fight back, kicking and punching at the monster that wasn’t budging at all.
“D-dad, stop!” she cried out, gaining nothing but a laugh. It wasn’t her dad’s laugh though, it wasn’t the monsters laugh. It had risen in pitch, morphed into laughter that Y/N didn’t recognise. Her scrunched eyes burst open to see a clown, replacing the corpse that was once there. Its grin was wide, rows of razor-sharp teeth sticking out, and eyes an unnatural orange colour. Before Y/N could scream, the clown spoke up.
“You'll float down here. We all float down here.” The clown teased, and in a split second the two were dunked into the deep waters of the quarry. Before she could surface to catch her breath, darkness had enveloped her. The water began to close in around her, filling her with a deep dread. She tried to hold her breath for as long as she could, but it ended up being too long. Red and black splotches danced in front of her eyes and she couldn't really tell if her eyes were opened or closed at that point. The coldness she had felt upon entering the water was completely gone; a desperate hot wave had washed over her, warming even her frosted toes. Her heart was beating rapidly in panic, the urgency for air was more apparent than ever before. There weren't red speckles in her field of vision anymore; it had become all black.
She opened her mouth, gasping for air. She revelled in the sensation of fresh air filling her lungs, rather than the salty, polluted water she had tasted only seconds before. Her vision was still blurred, but she could tell she wasn’t submerged anymore, as the bright light hit her eyes faster than she’d have liked; though she couldn’t have complained. Her ears felt clogged, all sound around her was extremely muffled; she could barely make out the begs and pleads coming from the figure in front of her. Wait; there was a figure in front of her?
“Y/N, breathe… say something… come on, say something”
As her eyes began to zoom back into focus, she could just about make out the shape of the body before her; it was wearing a green shirt over white, what seemed to be patterned grey shorts, and thick-rimmed glasses which sat across the bridge of its bright red nose. Her mind immediately drew back to the rotting body which lured her into the water, and how much it resembled whatever was before her now. With as much strength as she had, she attempted crawling backwards away from it only to find she couldn’t, as her back was perched against the rock ledges. Her hoarse voice screamed out; “get away from me! Leave me alone! I can’t-”
“Y/N, it’s me! Stop moving around, you’re going to hurt yourself; it’s me!” The voice shouted over her, clamping its hands down on her shoulder so that she would stop moving; he was afraid she’d bang her head on a rock or scrape her knees. The girl didn’t calm, still having trouble identifying the individual as anything but the monster; “what do you want with me? What are you?”
“Y/N calm down, please!” he pleaded, feeling tears brim in his own eyes at the sight of the girl in such distress. As she shivered vigorously, she felt herself losing energy being wasted on trying to escape, so she calmed herself and focused on getting her vision to return. Tears pooling in the corners of her eyes, she slowly began to recognise the person as not her dad, not the clown or the monster, but someone she was much happier to see.
“R-Richie?” she croaked out, launching her whole body forward to wrap him in a swaddle of her arms and chest; she was soaking wet and absolutely freezing, but the boy couldn’t care less.  He wrapped an arm around her shoulders and pulled her close, gently rubbing her arm. Despite the heaviness in her stomach, it fluttered at the feeling of her body pressed against his. She sunk into the warmth of his side, finally feeling a sense of comfort.
Then it dawned on Y/N; Richie had rescued her, pulled her out the water and saved her from drowning. He didn’t let her die.
He kept his word.
Tumblr media
A/N guys i imagine y/n’s drawing to look something like this ^^
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lailannajacobs · a year ago
Empire of Angels | Part Six
Pairing: Bucky x ofc!Amelie Novak 
Chapter Summary: Amelie gets a little closer to the truth and much closer to danger. 
Warnings: Violence, a smidge of swearing
Word Count: 4.5k 
A/N: I know it’s been a bit since I updated this series, but I was hit with a little burst of inspiration! Hope you enjoy, would love to know what you think! <3 
Tumblr media
Empire of Angels | Six 
Breaking and entering. Amelie, though she wasn’t exactly proud to admit it, had done her fair share of illegal B&E. However, the only thing she hadn’t done was break into the motel room of one of the most feared mercenaries in the world. The only good thing was that cheap motel rooms were the same everywhere, regardless of who was staying there, which meant that it was no harder to get into his room than any other place she’d broken into.
When she got the door open and stepped inside, her heart was hammering so hard she wasn’t sure she’d be able to hear Barnes if he came in. The room was simple and smelled faintly of cigarette despite the no smoking sign over the bedside table. The only signs that anyone was staying there was were large duffel bag in the corner and the takeout in the trash. He hadn’t even left his toothbrush in the bathroom. This was a room of a man not planning on staying long and ready to go at a moment’s notice.
Although she had come here for answers, Amelie didn’t dare touch the duffel bag. Not in fear of what she might find, but because she was sure he’d know if she did. Amelie wasn’t about to lose her only source of information when she still wasn’t sure what she was looking for. If she really wanted to get information, she was she sure’d be able to find a way to provoke him enough to get him to come find her.
Instead of turning around and leaving, she went for the safe. The odds of her being able to crack it were slim to none, but the lack of dust around the opening told her he’d been taking something in and out of it. Amelie had no clue what he’d keep in there, knowing fully well that he kept his gun on him. What would he need regularly that he didn’t need on him? After seeing the entirety of the room, she knew there was nothing he cared about that he didn’t absolutely need.
The sound of her cellphone startled her so much that she fell back on her ass, heart pounding as she picked up the call, “Novak.”
“Why are you whispering? Karla asked by way of greeting.
Amelie pushed herself up, “I’m at the library, researching.”
“I thought you were supposed to be trying to meet with the head of the Irish Mob?”
“I know, but I needed to check something else out first,” Amelie closed the cupboard door that hid the safe.
“Works out,” Karla replied, the sound of flipping papers audible through the phone, “Goulson wasn’t connected with the head of the mob.”
“Why would Barnes go after Goulson if the head of the mob is Hydra’s goal?” A bang on the other side of the wall had Amelie up and heading to the door, reminding her of the compromising position she was in, “Listen, I gotta go. I’ll meet you at your place in a half hour.”
“Be safe,” Karla said as if she knew exactly where Amelie was.
“Will do.”
With one least look around the room, she made she the coast was clear and left, hoping she hadn’t left any sort of evidence behind.
Bucky crept through the apartment, combat boots silent on the old, wooden floors. He’d been here for almost ten minutes now and he still hadn’t found her laptop or anything else that might tell him what she knew. He wasn’t afraid that Amelie Novak might get in his way. Instead, he was hoping that she might have useful information of her own. The mob was good at covering their tracks - he supposed it was a good thing for Hydra — which wasn’t great for him. If he could get his information another way then to go through them directly, he’d try it. The faster he could blow this whole thing to hell the better.
By now, he had to assume that she’d taken her laptop with her, but he wasn’t ready to give up and leave just yet. Bucky had combed through the entire place - with the exception of her underwear drawer because he had to draw the privacy line somewhere - without success. If there was a clue here, she was better at hiding it than he was at finding it. He considered waiting for her until she got home and asking her himself, but changed his mind. He didn’t want her feeling any more encouraged about getting involved.
He was about to go back out the fire escape when he heard laughter from down below. A group of young teenagers sat on crates in the back alley, tendrils of smoke drifting up to the fourth floor. The smell was answer enough for Bucky to know they weren’t planning on leaving anytime soon. Although he was pretty sure he could go down the fire escape without much consequence, he wasn’t about to risk it. Oddly enough, it seemed that walking out the front door was his way out.
Bucky didn’t even get a foot out the door before being stopped by an old man of average height and an above average moustache . Through a pair of boxy sunglasses, the old man shot him a look that made Bucky pause and search for his most placating smile.
“Who the hell are you?” The man demanded, shutting his door behind him, “That’s Ms. Novak's apartment.”
“Boyfriend,” Bucky answered without thinking.
The man huffed and walked over to the elevator. Bucky, seeing no other option, followed the man.
The old man looked him over, “She’s such a sweet girl. I wonder what she’s doing with the likes of you.”
Bucky was sure Novak had the whole damn world fooled but he knew different. He was sure she’d been hanging around with worse than the likes of him if his research on her had proven anything. Still, to the man’s credit, Bucky was practically dressed in tactical gear from head to toe. There was no way he looked like a first class citizen.
“I ask myself the same thing,” Bucky answered with a smile he hoped didn’t look too fake. He had to admit that smiling wasn’t something he did all too often anymore.
“She’s a smart girl,” The old man grinned as if he knew something Bucky didn’t and pressed the button to go down to the lobby, “I’m sure she’s got this all under control. If she doesn’t, I know what you look like.”
This time, Bucky’s smile was genuine and he couldn’t help but shoot him a conspiring grin back. It wasn’t every day he got threatened by a ninety-something year old man.
“I promise I won’t hurt her,” Bucky said before the elevator reached ground level.
He nodded, and extended his hand, “Good. Nice to meet you…”
“James,” Bucky took his hand for a surprisingly firm shake.
“Stan. See you around, punk.”
“How can you be smiling right now?” Karla groaned, “Everything’s only getting more and more complicated.”
Amelie took a sip of her coffee, “More complicated means it’s coming together.”
“It would actually be coming together if we could find proof that HydraEnergy hired the Winter Solider to take out all those people,” She whisper shouted across the cubicle.
Though most people had gone home for the evening, the few that were still left in the office didn’t need to be hearing their business. At this point, Amelie was no longer such just how far Hydra’s reach went.
“And I’d like for the Winter Soldier to show up and answer all my questions on record but we’d be out of a job if it were always that easy,” Amelie replied, looking through the photos she’d taken of his motel room for the hundredth time.
Karla huffed a breath, “Well, it would be nice if it were half as easy though.”
“Wouldn’t be half as fun though,” Amelie pointed out with a grin.
She shook her head a begrudging smile pulling at the corner of her mouth, “You’re crazy.”
“Tell me something I don’t know,” Amelie pulled out her notebook, “So you’re telling me that this Flannigan guy is the one I need to look out for, right?”
“Right,” Karla’s eyes were glued to her commuter, “My contact said the mob most likely went underground after your article went viral, so he’ll probably be hard to find.”
“Shouldn’t be a problem,” When Karla raised her brow, Amelie added, “A new friend of mine might have some idea where he’s at. Just, let me make sure I’ve got this right before I go around asking questions that’ll get me chopped to pieces and thrown in the harbour. So, at the moment, we’ve got three major players: the Irish mob, HydraEnergy and the Winter Soldier. As far as the Soldier is concerned, all we know for sure is that every single hit that’s been his, regardless of motive, has benefitted Hydra.
All we know about Hydra is that everything important about their company is locked up tighter than the Raft and the longer they have the Winter Soldier at their command, the more powerful they’re going to get — and other than power, we have no concrete motive.
Then there’s the Irish mob. Seamus, the head, is supposed to step down within the month and his son Flannigan — who Goulson is also connected with — is going to take over, most likely making either one of them, or both of them the next hit. Control the mob, control the whole illegal drug market in the city. Am I missing anything?”
Karla scoffed, “Yeah. We have no clue what anyone’s endgame is.”
“I’m going with either power, money or revenge. Odds are in our favour for one of those three,” She said.
“But those are odds, not fact,” Karla ran her hands through her hair, tugging on it, “We can assume all we want, but it’s not going to get confirmed unless we get new information. What about your cop friend, he must have something for you. He always does.”
Amelie snapped her laptop shut, “What’s that supposed to mean?”
“You’re an intuitive journalist," She said with a cunning grin, “You know what I mean,”
“And what about your friend who unlocked those highly classified files for us,” Amelie countered, returning the favour with a question that had been on her mind for a while now, “That friend always has information for you.”
Karla looked down at her nails, suddenly finding them very interesting, “What about my friend?”
“You’re an intuitive journalist,” Amelie echoed, “You know what I mean.”
They stared at each other, willing the other to break first until a text message popped up on Amelie’s phone.
“Anything good?” Karla asked.
Amelie grit her teeth, “I have to go down to the station.”
Karla shot her a sly look.
“Shut up.”
Karla raised her hands, “I didn’t say anything.”
“Of course you didn’t.”
Sam leaned back in his chair, a proud smirk on his lips, “I got more evidence on your boy, Goulson.”
Amelie perched on the corner of his desk, “And how’s he looking?”
“Real bad,”
She grinned, “Just how I like ‘em.”
“So that’s why you turned me down,” He hummed.
Bryan flashed through her mind but she shoved the thought away. She hadn’t thought about him in weeks…ever since she started on the Winter Soldier case. She wasn’t about to start now. He wasn’t worth it. And she hated who she was when he was on her mind.
“That’s exactly why.”
Sam’s brows furrowed as if he knew she was lying to him, but he didn’t press the matter. His intuition and respect was on one of the reasons she’d immediately gotten along with him. He knew when to press and when to let things go. He was an easy person to be around and a damned good cop.
“Anyways,” He continued, “So I kept looking into your boy after that article — nice job by the way — and you might not believe what I found.”
“Try me. I’m looking into this guy for a reason,” Amelie said, fiddling with a pencil on his desk.
“His contact with the mob wasn’t Seamus it was his son—”
“Flannigan, yes I know,” She interrupted, wincing at how cold she sounded, “What about it?”
He raised a teasing brow. If he was surprised that she already knew that, he hid it well, “No need to be rude, Novak.”
“Sorry, go ahead,” She murmured.
He shot her another curious look but continued, “His contact was with Flannigan, but that’s not the interesting part,” He leaned over, “Get this, a CI of mine says that Flannigan has been making investments in various companies with Goulson’s help. Says he’d clear Goulson’s debt with the family if they paid off. Apparently the move pissed off Seamus and he elected a new heir.”
“They can do that?” She demanded, stunned.
He nodded.
Amelie paused for a second. What Sam was saying was huge. Whoever was the next heir was Barnes’ next target. She could feel her excitement growing. Karla would be relieved to finally get a break in their case.
“So who’s the heir?”
Sam leaned back in his chair, “That’s the thing, he didn’t say.”
Amelie tried not to feel too disappointed, “Does that mean it’s up for grabs?”
“You’d think so, but no,” He shrugged, “None of the lower mobsters know anything, but apparently there are a few higher ups that know.”
“Does Goulson know?” She asked.
Sam shook his head, “Doubt it. But I’m pretty sure since Goulson’s arrest Flannigan wants back in. He’s out of a title and and rainmaker.”
Sam’s words nudged something in the back of her mind. She was pretty sure he needed back in, but she doubted it was because of the article — though it was probably a convenient excuse. She’s have to double check with Karla, but Amelie was willing to bet that the companies Flannigan had invested in were all owned by HydraEnergy. If she was right, then Hydra had somehow gotten to Flannigan. You couldn’t insert a new head of the mob like a CEO but you could sure as hell convert the heir to work for you at the right price. Which probably meant that the Winter Soldier wasn’t there to take out Flannigan. He had been dispatched to find the new heir, take out Seamus and then the new heir.
“What’s going through that mind of yours, Novak?” Sam asked.  
She snapped back to reality and found his brown eyes staring at her intently.
“That there’s a reason I keep you around,” She said with a cheery grin.
He smiled, but there was no humour in his expression, “Novak, whatever you’re up to…Just be careful.”
She hopped off his desk, “I’m always careful.”
“Now I know that’s not true,” He ran a hand over his head, “Call me before you get yourself killed. No story is worth it, and I’m a pretty good wingman.”
“I won’t, Wilson. Don’t worry,” She promised even though it did nothing to convince him.
He looked like he wanted to say more, but once again said nothing. Sam wouldn’t interfere. He’d let her make her own decisions, even if it led her dangerous path. He trusted her to ask for help when she needed it. She shot him a small smile.
He reached into his desk, looked around, and pulled out a small can of mace. When he was certain no one was looking their way, he put it into her palm and closed her fingers around it.
“I know you’re a capable woman, Novak,” He whispered, “Just remember that you’re not indestructible.”
His tone wasn’t condescending. It was a reminder that her little excursion this morning had been dangerous and stupid. She wasn’t a cop. Wilson’s words were a well needed reminder that the adrenaline and excitement she’d felt this morning wouldn’t heal a gunshot wound.
She nodded gravely.
That seemed to convince him and he let go, “Be careful. And go write something else incredible.”
“Will do,” She winked, “You know it’s what I do.”
The next evening, Karla had confirmed her suspicions. Hydra needed Flannigan as the heir, and nobody knew the next heir was going to be. No one except Seamus and a few others.
“If you can find and tail Seamus, you might be able to figure it out,” Karla tugged at her hair, “But it’s too risky. If you ask me, there’s got to be a better way.”
“It’s the only way,” Amelie countered.
Karla closed her laptop and gave her all her attention, “It’s. Dangerous.”
“I can handle it.”
“Can you?” Karla asked, brow raised, “Because I don’t know too many people who can handle the Irish fucking mob.”
Amelie crossed her arms, “I can.”
Karla mimicked her position, “Then I’m coming with you.”
“No,” Amelie snapped.
As thankful as she was for Karla’s help and everything that she’d done, there was no way she was dragging her into something this dangerous. No matter how much she tried convincing her otherwise, there was no denying that this plan was a lot dangerous and very stupid. If anything, Amelie knew she should have asked Sam to come along, but she was too afraid that his badge might get in the way before it had a chance to do real good.
“If it’s that dangerous then we should be two,” Karla stated, “We’ll be each other’s back up.”
Amelie shook her head, “I’m not dragging you into this more than I already have,”
“I willingly came along,” She pointed out.
“No,” When she looked like she was going to keep arguing, Amelie pressed on, “Please.  I’m not denying it’s dangerous, but we need this story to get out. One of us has to stay behind to make sure it does.”
“You’re talking like you’re not planning on coming back.”
“I’m just covering all my bases,” Amelie said lightly, though it hadn’t escaped her notice that it might be a very real possibility.
Karla let out an exasperated sigh, “I don’t like it.”
Relief washed through her, “You don’t have to.”
“Fine,” She grabbed her stuff, but shot one last long look at Amelie, “But be careful.”
“I will,” She promised for the second time knowing that, liked when she’d promised the same thing to Sam, her words were empty.
“Tell me what you need me to do then.”
The next morning, Amelie waited in the parking lot across the street from where the bartender told her she might find Seamus. She was glad Karla wasn’t with her. This whole story was far more dangerous than either of them had bargained for, and Amelie wasn’t about to let her risk her life for the kind of story that could ruin one. Her one encounter with HydraEnergy before this had been with one of their thugs in New York’s security, and they’d given her a warning she knew without doubt wasn’t an empty promise.
Amelie hadn’t minded roping Karla into her schemes when the only threat was the elusive Winter Soldier, but Hydra was far more dangerous and far more powerful. Even letting Karla stay and research was dangerous, but there was nothing she could do about it at this point.
She drummed on her steering wheel, hoping what little tailing skills she did have would be enough to follow Seamus if he did show up. They needed concrete evidence if they wanted to get further — before Sam could do anything about it. She resisted the urge to take a sip from her bottle and waited. She’d been here over an hour already, but she wasn’t about to give up now.
Two hours later, Seamus walked out of a townhouse she never would have guessed belonged to a mobster. He reached his car, opened up the backdoor and got in. The car, although expensive, was nondescript enough that Amelie would have to focus hard not to lose it. The only thing in her favour was that there was enough traffic to blend into the background more easily.
When he pulled out, she waited until he was almost at the end of the street before taking off. She followed him through Boston a few cars away until they reached the other side of town. Amelie only spared a moment to wonder what they were doing so far from their regular territory, almost losing him during her distraction. He pulled up to a fancy hotel that Amelie knew she’d never be able to afford, and she parked about five cars behind.
Seamus stepped out of the car, adjusted his suit jacket, and said something to the valet. She grabbed her notepad from the glove compartment and scribbled down the license plate number and the name of the hotel. It wasn’t much to go on, but it was better than nothing. If she’d had more information, she might have gone into the hotel, but for now the number would have to be enough for Sam to find something. Her lack of preparation made her uneasy. Or maybe it was a gut feeling. The thought worried her even more.
Although the logical thing to do would have been to stake out the hotel, she knew she had to leave. The queasy feeling had taken over and she was beginning to worry that she might throw up in her car. She put the car into drive when a knock sounded on the passenger window, stopping her heart. Her sweaty palms curled around the steering wheel as the hotel bellhop shot her a small smile and signalled for her to step out of the car. She shook her head and motioned that she was just leaving and would get out of his way, but he motioned to the hotel, her car and then to her.
Her instincts screamed at her to hightail it out of there, but there was a possibility that he’d seen something concerning the mob. And she hadn’t come this far to back out with nothing. This desperate for information, she would risk a gut feeling to get it.
When she got out and went around the car, the bellhop was long gone and instead, a massive goon decked out in black from head to toe, waited for her. She spun for her car, but the man grabbed her elbow, dragging her with him. Before she could scream, he clamped a hand around her mouth and dragged her into a nearby alley.
Amelie had self-defence training somewhere deep inside her, but the size of the man and the panic flooding her brain were the only things she was aware of. He wrapped his arms tightly around her and positioned her so that she faced Seamus. She tried to bite his hand, but if he felt anything, it didn’t show.
“So, who are you?” He asked, head titled as he observed her.
Amelie glared at him, thinking he was stupid for asking a question when she had a meaty hand practically suffocating her. All she wanted was the mace she’d stupidly left in her car.
“Murphy, take your hand off her,” He said in an exasperated tone.
“She’s feisty, boss,” He chuckled.
Seamus took a gun out of his waistband, pointed it and her and then nodded at Murphy to take his hand off. The cool air on her face was a relief though it did nothing to calm her hammering heart.
“I ask again. Who are you?”
She glared at said nothing.
He looked her up and down, slimy gaze making her want to run screaming, “A friend of the Winter Soldier? A cop? A spy hired by my son? You might be pretty, but you’re a terrible tail.”
She tried to shove the goon off, but Murphy didn’t budge. But it didn’t matter. Not as long as that gun was pointed at her.
“What do you know of the Winter Soldier?” He asked again, “Because no matter who you work for, this ties into him.”
When she stayed silent, he sighed and looked to the sky, “Fine. Maybe if I’m more specific, you’ll be more inclined to answer. Where is he?”
“I can tell you,” Amelie was proud her voice wasn’t shaky, the lie rolling off her tongue. She needed to do something, even if that something was probably incredibly stupid, “But you need to put the gun away first.”
“You’re not exactly in the position to be making demands, lassie,” He sneered, “I could get the information whether you like it or not.”
She was sure her heart stopped beating but she managed to say, “But you won’t.”
He chuckled, “And why is that?”
“Because torture never works. I could say anything to get you to stop,” She sucked in a shaky breath, “We both know that. Your mercy pays for the favour.”
He lifted his chin, “Go ahead, missy.”
“He’s after your heir. Your son wants the position and is selling out to get it.”
Seamus turned away for a second and Amelie had the feeling that she’d just confirmed her suspicions. It was the only silver lining if she made it out of this. His phone rang and he answered it on the first ring, nodding until he hung up with an brisk ‘okay’.
“I asked you where he was, not what he wanted,” Seamus cocked the gun, suddenly furious, “If you know that, then you know him.”
She shook her head desperately, but there was no convincing him as he continued on.
“I know you don’t know my son because none of my people have ever seen you before…except for my bartender who says he’s seen you with the Winter Soldier himself. I’d have thought he’d have a more talented accomplice but maybe he thought you were forgettable enough for this to work.”
Amelie fought the urge to be sick. Judging from the proud smirk on his face, Seamus was sure he’d nailed it on the head. Her chances of convincing him of the truth was getting slimmer and slimmer. She wasn’t going to make it out of this alley alive.
“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” She tried.
His lips curled into a pathetic imitation of a smile, “I know you’re lying.”
“I swear!” She begged, “I’m telling you the truth. I don’t know him. Let me go.”
He shrugged, “I can’t be sure. So I’m going to need you to send him a message,” He paused and her heart dropped, “Then you’re going to stay the hell out of our business.”
Amelie struggled but the goon was holding her so tight that she could barely breath. Then pain bloomed across her jaw, the world going black for a second, and if he hadn’t been holding her, she was sure she’d have dropped to the ground. Seamus’ fingers dug into her cheeks as he lifted her head so she could look at him.
“Listen close, Missy,” He whispered, dark eyes void of emotion, “If you survive this, make sure you tell the Winter Soldier that we know he’s coming and we’re not afraid.”
Amelie barely had time to close her eyes before the pain started again.  
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elizaviento · a year ago
A Promise of Things to Come
Note:  This is for @smudgethistledraws  :)
A Promise of Things to Come
(Stan Pines x Reader)
SFW -- 2650 words
Before my knuckles could make contact with the front door of the Mystery Shack, it was flung open unceremoniously by the most adorable and energetic creature imaginable – Mabel Pines.
“You’re finally here, hurry up – come in!”
In fact, I was 10 minutes early.  But, try telling this ball of energy that.  
Before I could reply, she grabbed my hand and practically dragged me up the stairs to the attic bedroom she shared with her twin brother.  Catching only a small glimpse of Stan as he lounged on his worn chair in the living room, he tossed me a wink before disappearing from view.  Naturally, I could feel my cheeks burn as my heart skipped a beat.  And, naturally, Mabel was the first to notice.  
“Hey!  You’re here now to teach me to draw, not to fawn over Grunkle Stan,” she chided as she slammed her way through the attic door, startling Dipper who was situated on the floor with about a hundred sheets of graph paper surrounding him.
“Oh hey,” he greeted as he gathered his wits.  He had obviously been deep in thought, no doubt mapping out a new dungeon for his next game of DD&moreD.
Waving to him casually, I glanced around the room which was littered with half packed boxes and I was reminded that the summer was rapidly coming to a close.  The twins would be returning to California by the end of the week and my weekly private sessions with Mabel would be coming to an end.  Which also meant my opportunities to snag precious time with Stan would be coming to an end, as well.  He and his twin brother, Ford, would be resuming their seasonal sailing trip around the world, leaving the Mystery Shack back into Soos’ capable care.  And I – I would go back to my day job; art teacher at the local high school. 
“Dipper, where are my art supplies?” Mabel questioned her twin as she tossed items from boxes in search.  
“How should I know?” he asked, annoyance lacing his tone as he gnawed on the end of his ink pen so hard, I was afraid it would explode in his mouth.  “You’re the one who packed them away.”
“But you should have been watching me!” she exclaimed, throwing her hands in the air in exasperation.  Catching a hint of color from the corner of my eye, I strolled over to a box situated next to Mabel’s bed and pulled her pallet of watercolors from inside.  “You found them!”
Snatching the pallet from my hands, she then dove into the box to retrieve the remainder of her supplies.  
“Uh, Mabel – it seems like Dipper has claimed most of the space up here today.  How about we have today’s lesson in the kitchen?”
Dipper glanced up at me, displaying an appreciative smile as Mabel agreed and yanked me back toward the stairs.
On our way to the kitchen, I was able to sneak one more peek at the man I’d been quietly admiring all summer before settling in at the table with Mabel and all of her supplies.  For our last lesson, I gave her free reign to create whatever her heart desired as I casually day dreamed.  In the living room, I could faintly hear Stan and Ford planning their fall adventure and I mentally inserted myself into those plans; imagined myself at Stan’s side, supporting him unconditionally.  In fact, I’d do so regardless of a fantasy trip around the world, if only given the opportunity.  
And, why hadn’t I received that opportunity?  I couldn’t quite say, to be honest.  The brief interactions I’d had with Stan thus far included his poor, but endearing, attempts at flirting and my bashful giggling.  It was nearly impossible to spend time with him alone due to one of the kids or his brother constantly milling about.  And now, with the summer coming to a close, I’d probably not see him again for the better part of a year.  
Sighing to myself, I was only brought back into the moment when the snap of Mabel’s fingers, just inches from my face, pulled me from my brooding.  
“So, what do you think?” she asked, holding up the painting she’d just completed of her and her pet pig, Waddles.  Mabel had picked up the techniques I’d taught her rather well and her own unique style emerged quite early.  In truth, she was incredibly talented.
“It’s great, dear,” I assured, taking the small canvas from her hands to inspect it closely.
“Really?!  Oh, I’m so glad because it’s a gift for you!  I want you to keep it to have something to remind you of me and Waddles.”
Peering over the canvas at the young girl’s beaming smile simultaneously warmed and clinched my heart.  I refused to accept any form payment when I’d agreed to tutor Mabel but I supposed taking this token of her affection would be fine.  And, it was quite well done as Mabel was a natural talent.  
Glancing at my watch, I was disappointed that our final session was coming to a close.  It was finally time to say goodbye.
I kept the affair as short and sweet as possible, hugging each twin in an almost vice like grip.  Dipper was utterly adorable as his round cheeks flushed crimson and he stuttered his farewell.  Mabel gave as good as she got, crushing my ribs with force I didn’t think was possible within her tiny body.
And, by the time I’d made my way to the door, the living room was deserted.  I’d missed my chance.  That is, until I somberly stepped out onto the front porch and collided with something large and solid.  
“Woah, watch where you’re goin’ there, toots,” a deep and gruff voice rumbled from the object blocking my path.  A voice that was delightfully familiar and set a rush of warm dopamine through my circulatory system.
“I – I’m so sorry!” I stammered, gathering my wits as Stan wrapped his large hands around my biceps and peeled me from his front.  “I was just on my way –”
“Say, whatcha doin’ this coming Saturday?”  
Now a foot between us, I glanced up toward his face to catch him peering down his nose at me.  But, his eyes were soft; a hit of a smile playing on the corners of his mouth as he awaited my reply.
I felt a bit silly as I admitted, “I have no plans.  Why do you ask?”
“Well, I was – uh – wonderin’ if… ya know, if you’d maybe wanna catch dinner with me?”  Awkwardly rubbing the back of his neck, a slight blush crept up from his neck to dust his cheeks.  It was utterly endearing.  He actually seemed anxious at the prospect of my refusal.  “The kids leave on Friday afternoon and Ford and I won’t be packing up until the following week, so I thought –”
“Of course, I’d love to,” I replied before he could somehow talk himself out of it.  “I’ll meet you here at 8:00 pm.”  Then, I stepped around him and headed to my car without another word.
When Saturday evening finally arrived, I spent an exorbitant amount of time fussing over my hair, makeup and outfit.  Checking the time every 15 minutes, the butterflies in my stomach seemed to be having a ticker tape parade.  Then, with half an hour to spare, I drove the path that would lead me to the disheveled shack in the middle of nowhere.
What I’d expected when I arrived was far from what I was actually presented with.  Instead of finding Stanley Pines in his normal attire, casually lounging on the ratty couch situated on the front porch, I was greeted with a dapper man in a proper suit holding a bouquet of flowers that appeared to be hand picked.  
Parking my vehicle, I was startled when Stan moved with impressive speed to make it to my door before I could open it myself.  Tucking the flowers under one arm, he fumbled with the handle until it popped open and I gawked at him in confusion.
“Hey, don’t look so shocked,” he mumbled as he offered me a hand, which I gingerly took.  “I can clean up semi-decent when the mood strikes.”  
Speechless, I took the offered bouquet and allowed him to lead me toward the shack.  But, words continued to fail me as we entered, due to the sight before me.  
Someone had taken the time to thoroughly clean.  The shack was spotless, from ceiling to floor and a pleasant aroma wafted toward me from the kitchen.  
Someone had helped him arrange this.  And, since the twins had departed the day prior, that only left one person.  However, I knew better than to give Stanley’s twin brother any credit in this matter.
“I hope you don’t mind staying in,” he hedged, shifting his eyes toward me to gauge my reaction.
“Of course not.  What smells so good?”
“Um, well –” he took the flowers from my loose grip and popped them into a drinking glass filled with water on the kitchen counter, “–chicken parmesan…?”
The uncertainty in his voice earned a giggle from me as he escorted me to the kitchen table.  Everything had already been set up and served on mismatched dishware.  There were two long stem candles placed in the middle of the display, flickering a soft glow on the meal that, indeed, resembled chicken parmesan.  Silently thanking Ford for the valiant effort, I took a seat in front of one of the placements with a smile that I was certain resembled that of a lovesick teenager.
What was all this?  Why had Stan gone through all the trouble when he could have easily taken me to Greasy’s Diner?  Why had he even asked me to dinner in the first place?  Most of our previous interactions had been brief and surface level.  An intimate setting, such as this, begged familiarity or the promise of it.  Or – or maybe I was reading far too much into a kind gesture?  
I was suddenly pulled from my inner contemplation when Stan yanked the other chair from the table and plopped down across from me.  He seemed a bit stiff and awkward and he reached for the bottle of red table wine and poured himself a tall glass before scooching the bottle toward me.  Taking his lead, I poured myself a glass as well and attempted to settle in.  
Dinner was, surprisingly, easy and carefree.  Stan proved to be an excellent conversationalist and had fantastical stories that kept me on the edge of my seat during the duration.  Soon, I found myself pouring my third glass of wine and my inhibitions were being softened around the edges as my smiles and giggles materialized with ease.  
“Ya gettin’ tipsy there, doll?”  Waggling his eyebrows, he tipped the wine bottle toward me before taking a swig directly from it.  
“I could ask you the same question,” I countered, taking a larger gulp than was necessary from my glass.  Another giggle passed my lips as Stan lowered his glasses to peer at me from above the rims.  Suddenly stunned by his beautiful eyes, I covered my mouth with the back of my hand and averted my gaze.  
“Why did you ask me to dinner?”  The words tumbled from my mouth before they'd even fully formed in my mind and the humiliation crept up from my chest to burn my cheeks.  I wanted to take them back – stuff them back down my throat and swallow them whole.  But, it was too little, too late.
Luckily, though, the wine had kicked Stan’s cockiness into high gear and he was more than willing to explain.
“You’re cute,” he stated simply, running a large hand through his hair.  “I’ve also caught you making eyes at me.  Couldn’t let that opportunity pass by, now could I?”  Then, he laughed; a booming baritone that seemed to vibrate from his body, travel across the distance between us and tingle the tips of my fingers and toes.
I had no retort.  Mostly because the wine was coursing through my veins delightfully, but the truth was undeniable.  
“Well, I’m glad you did.”
“Me too, doll.”
The conversation continued to flow, easy and effortless.  Stan encouraged me to tell a story or two of my own when his reserve had finally been tapped.  He even appeared interested as I spoke instead of the slightly annoyed demeanor he always wore.
Eventually, though, the conversation grew scarce and the wine ran dry.  It was late and I became hyper aware of the fact that the two of us were completely alone in the shack.  Briefly, I wondered where Ford could be.  But, I hadn’t seen him all evening so it was probably safe to assume that he’d taken refuge elsewhere for the evening.  
And, that realization sent a rush of adrenaline directly to the base of my spine.
“I should probably get going.  I have plans to meet a friend for breakfast tomorrow.”
It was a poor excuse, but an excuse nonetheless.  As much as I wanted to spend time with Stan, I didn’t want to move too fast and squander my opportunity for a meaningful relationship.
“Oh, of course, yeah.  I’ve – uh – got important things to do too, ya know.”
Scrambling from the table, he approached me and offered me his hand in the same manner as when he’d met me at my car.  The endearment hit me hard and actually felt tears prick my eyes as I slipped my hand into his.  Seconds later, he had me to my feet and slyly tucked and hooked my arm around his in a guise to steady me as he led me toward the front door.  Even though I wasn’t anywhere near intoxicated, I allowed him this reprieve and reveled in the warmth of his body where we touched.
Soon – too soon – we were standing on the front porch of the shack, a warm breeze caressing my cheeks and tousling the loose strands of my hair.  This one singular moment was perfect and I would have been content for it to last forever.
That is, until I felt Stan’s gaze bore into me and I was compelled to tip my face upward to lock my eyes with his.  
His expression was soft and somehow sweet – expectant.  Something seemed to crackle in the atmosphere between us, drawing us toward one another like the pull of a magnet.  I was powerless to resist it, even if I’d wanted to, so I nearly melted when Stan gently cupped the back of my neck and coaxed me toward him.
His lips were firm yet yielding as they molded around my own.  Almost chaste in their gentleness and my heart swelled with thick emotion.  I returned the kiss with as much fervor as I could muster, slightly opening my lips to encase his before swiping my tongue very lightly on his bottom lip.  It was a promise of things to come… later.
Then, just as soon as the kiss began, it was over.  The warmth and pressure now a ghost upon my lips as he pulled back and released me.  I was slightly dazed as he chucked and slung one burly arm around my shoulders.  
“Don’t lose my number while I’m gone this fall, huh?”  The uncertainty in his voice made me smirk.  Did he actually think I’d forget about him?
“Impossible,” I replied, pointing toward the bumper sticker Mabel had plastered on the back of my car with the Mystery Shack’s telephone number in large, bold font.
“Good girl.”
The End.
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How to Break Your Heart and Make Sure It Stays Broken
Tumblr media
2. Send them your favorite songs through Bluetooth    
- Read on ao3
Summary:  12:28 a.m.
Spaghetti: It’s not gonna be weird today
Richie: absolutely
Spaghetti: We’re not gonna make it awkward
Richie: definitely not
Spaghetti: Yeah we got this
Everything is just fucking fine.
7th January 2011, Friday
10:30 a.m.
“Congratulations, you just called the best family in town. What can I help you with?”
“Hu-hey Richie.”
“Billy boy! Happy birthday, man!”
The sound of Bill’s chuckles turn into wind over the phone. “Thanks.”
“So, what’s up?”
“I wanted to check if you’re s-ss-still coming today?”
“Course I am, what time do you want me there?”
“Come around 3. It’s t-too cold to go out so we’re just guh-gonna stay in the attic.”
“Well alright, chap. I’ll be there.”
“And don’t forget my dad’s driving everyone home.”
Richie did, in fact, forget about that.
“Oh yeah, right.”
There’s a second of silence before Bill speaks again. “Are you okay? You huh-haven’t been online lately.”
“Just peachy. You know how it gets, holiday season, kinda busy ‘round here.”
Although Bill knows Richie usually spends the holidays with just his parents (small family’s downside) he doesn’t say anything.
“We’ll have s-some fun today, don’t worry.”
“Indeed we will. See you at 3, birthday boy.”
“See you, Rich.”
And he hangs up.
  12:28 a.m.
Spaghetti: It’s not gonna be weird today
Richie: absolutely
Spaghetti: We’re not gonna make it awkward
Richie: definitely not
Spaghetti: Yeah we got this
  Richie is absolutely exhausted.
The entire week was a failed attempt at learning how to deal with the situation.
Sleep is an utter joke with a mind that runs as if it’s training for a marathon. Looking at food makes him nauseous, not eating food makes him nauseous, but eating it makes it worse.
Perhaps it would help if he could untie the knot in his throat, but then again he can’t cry properly when his parents are always around and poking a head through his bedroom door.
He wants school to start, he doesn’t want school to start. He wants them to go back to work, he doesn’t want to be left alone with his feelings.
And on top of it all he knows he’s overreacting. Absolutely over-the-top reacting. He’s fifteen. It’s not like he knows love.
But doesn’t he?
It hurts and it’s love. It burns as it makes its way up his throat and it’s love. It was amazing while he kept his mouth shut and now everything seems to be falling on him and his chest is heavy and caving and hungrier than his stomach and he caused it and it’s love.
Unrequited love, if you will. A fancy word for a fucked up thing.
To top it off, Eddie doesn’t stop.
 January 1st, 3:45 p.m.
Spaghetti: I hate you
Spaghetti: No wait I don’t hate hate you
Spaghetti: But
Spaghetti: Ugh
Spaghetti: I’m gonna be thinking about this now!
Spaghetti: And I don’t want us to change
Spaghetti: Like, I said “I hate you” and I would never second guess that before but now I feel like I need to tell you “I don’t actually hate you” because
Spaghetti: Well
Spaghetti: I don’t know why
Richie: sorry
Spaghetti: !
Spaghetti: Stop apologizing
Richie: … i really wanna say sorry again
Spaghetti: I don’t blame you
Spaghetti: It’s not like we control our feelings
 Damn right, they don’t. Richie isn’t sure how to answer that, so he doesn’t. But Eddie brings it up again one day later.
 January 2nd, 9:10 p.m.
Spaghetti: I think I kinda knew
Richie: ??? are u serious
Spaghetti: Well yeah
Richie: am I that predictable?
Spaghetti: You’re the least predictable person in the whole world Richie
Spaghetti: Except with the mom jokes
Spaghetti: I can always see those coming
Richie: yet you walk right onto them every time
Spaghetti: Fuck you.
Spaghetti: It’s just that the others aren’t that subtle
Richie: the losers?
Spaghetti: Yeah they try too hard
Spaghetti: Tease us a lot for being close and saying things and leaving us alone everywhere
Spaghetti: Guess I kinda wondered why they did that if they didn’t know something I didn’t
Richie: uh, they kinda don’t tho
Richie: at least I never told them
Spaghetti: Wait really?
Richie: maybe they’re just bored?
Spaghetti: Oh
Spaghetti: Maybe
 It’s only been a week so far (the longest week of Richie’s life) and Eddie texts him every day with the same topic. This, as predicted, isn’t helping the situation much.
It’s Tuesday. There’s Richie, staring at his cereal while Maggie studies him from the other side of the table and surprise, a brand new text from Eddie.
It’s Wednesday. There’s Richie, staring at the news channel because he forgot to press the button on the tv remote when he sat down on the couch 6 minutes ago. And then there’s his dad, looking at him from his vintage recliner and coming up with ten different ways to start a conversation without actually starting one. The phone’s screen lights up with against his leg with a new notification. Yes, from Eddie.
Finally, it’s Friday. Out of habit, Richie leaves the phone on the bathroom countertop as he showers. It takes a lot of self-control not to pull all his hair out while washing it when the phone vibrates against the counter. Once, then twice, then thrice. And so on to make up the total of 9 new messages.
Thank God he doesn’t walk out of the shower right then to check them out of curiosity, because 10 minutes later he’s sitting on the toilet seat and staring at “I hate you” for so long his mom actually knocks on the door and asks if he died in there.
He didn’t die in there, he’s just crying. Buy hey, mom, that’s the dream!
All the messages fall in the same lines. Eddie doesn’t want this to be awkward. He doesn’t want this to be weird. He doesn’t want anything to change.
Logically, Richie draws conclusions. He fucked up big, ruined them forever and now everything is inconvenient for Eddie. It’s not that hard to get it after six variations of:
 ‘You’re not gonna be different around me now right?’
 How can he not be different around Eddie now?
What if their knees touch and Eddie thinks it’s on purpose? What if Richie smiles in his direction and Eddie takes it as flirting? Christ. Richie doesn’t even know how to flirt! Should he sit far away from him now? Should he sit by his side like always and have Eddie think he’s doing it out of interest?
Richie didn’t just make everything inconvenient for Eddie, he made everything inconvenient for himself, too.
However, it’s Bill’s birthday, and that’s more important than a broken heart.
  5:48 p.m.
 “You’re cheating!” Everyone jumps on their seats when Stan shouts and slams his hand on the coffee table. It sends all the plastic houses on the monopoly board in different directions.
“What? No I’m not!” Bev defends herself.
“Nah.” Mike crosses his arms. “I don’t believe that.”
“You don’t believe she’s cheating?” Stan angrily inquires.
“I don’t believe she’s not cheating.” Says Mike.
“I am not fucking cheating, you guys are just awful at managing money.”
Stan’s chin drops in her direction. “You- I manage money wonderfully, thank you very much-”
While the arguing continues, Ben takes his time putting all the houses back on their places. Bill tries to make them stop fighting while Mike destroys all those attempts by teaming up with Bev and Stan alternately. Eddie furiously counts and recounts his money, being the one closest to bankrupt. And Richie silently organizes the contents of the bank. He doesn’t like monopoly that much.
“Maybe our bank over there has something to do with this?” Richie feels everyone’s eyes on him so he looks up at Mike from above his glasses.
“How could you ever think such things about me, Mikey?” He dramatically puts down the stack of property cards he had been sorting. “I do nothing but humble work for this community and this is how I’m treated. Unbelievable.”
“Richie, I swear.” Stan glares at him. “You won’t make me lose, even if you cheat.”
“How can I be cheating? I’m not even playing.”
“You’re passing Bev extra money!”
“Geez.” Eddie moans in annoyance. “We forgot Stan gets off on Monopoly.”
At that, Richie barks out a laugh, unable to keep it in but still trying to by slapping a hand over his mouth.
“Okay, fine.” Stan crosses his arms. “I wasn’t even the one suggesting this game, I voted for scrabble.”
“Oh, so the only other game you get off on?” Surprisingly, it slips from Richie’s mouth. He wasn’t at all expecting jokes to be coming from him today.
It’s just wonderfully entertaining to piss off Stan. At this point, the boy’s gotten himself so worked up that his whole face is pink.
“I’m going to shove birthday cake up your a-”
“-Wow! Okay let’s all chill.” Ben kindly tries to stop them.
Richie lifts up a hand full of fake-cash and makes a jerking off motion with the other, which finally triggers Stan into motion. He manages to jump away from the table on the exact moment Stan reaches over to try and jam his hand on his weakest spot, the armpits. But in the process, his knees collide with the bottom of the coffee table and all the board pieces end up flying everywhere. Again.
Ben throws his hands up. “Thank you so very much for that.”
“We will never f-ffinish a monopoly game…”
  6:23 p.m.
“How about Uno?” Ben suggests. “You can’t cheat at Uno, right?”
After being chased by Stan around the attic everyone ended up scattered around, staring at the ceiling and discussing which game to play next. So far it’s been twenty minutes of quiet chatting.
“You can grab three cards when you get a plus four.” Richie offers. “You can also slide in a six while playing some nines, might get lucky.”
There’s a brief second of silence and contemplation.
“How you can turn Uno into a sex joke still amazes me.” Eddie frowns at the ceiling.
Richie shrugs. “I’m pretty amazing overall.” Sweat pools up on the back of his neck with the effort of trying to sound so nonchalant. Richie wants to scream at the normality of his afternoon. Why does life keep going when you’re dealing with heartache? Isn’t the world supposed to stop spinning after you get friendzoned? Show a little compassion, earth.
“I still can’t believe your mom let you keep the phone.”
At Mike’s words, Eddie flops around on his bean bag, looking like a hanged potato sack. “Right? Didn’t see that coming, either.”
“Does she really go through it, though?”
Recently, Eddie’s contact list was updated to include everyone. His mom complained that he didn’t need to be in contact with “those friends” of his any more than he already does. She’s obviously wrong.
Eddie groans in agreement. “She keeps finding the lamest excuses until I give it to her. Then she checks whatever it is she wants and gives it back.”
A wave of fear passes through Richie. Almost on cue, Eddie steals a glance at him and adds. “But I archive the stuff she doesn’t need to read. And I keep Facebook as a hidden app.” Proud of his schemes, he smirks to himself.
Richie sinks back on his bean bag, slightly relieved. The past week of awful sleep is weighting him down, tying him to his worst and holding him back from pretending to be okay a little better. With time, he hopes to learn how to put this behind his back, but right now, Eddie is right in front of him.
“Hey, by the way. Can any of you tell me how to download songs?” The boy at matter asks.
“You know thu-that’s illegal, r-right?”
“Oh.” For a moment, he stares at Bill with a conflicted expression. “Well, I still want my music.”
“Richie, don’t you have a fuck ton of songs downloaded?”
“Yup. Illegal downloads are my number one occupation, Marsh.” Then, he gets it. “Oh, you’re right. Eds, turn Bluetooth on.”
He regrets saying ‘Eds’ oh so quickly, overly nervous that he isn’t allowed to say it anymore. Not that he was ever allowed to say it before, if the way Eddie complains about it 90% of the time means anything. Quickly, Richie spirals into thoughts of their bickering coming to an end, or even worse, becoming one sided and sad if one of them doesn’t feed into it. That would leave the other one hanging, and Richie was already left hanging, Richie is still hanging and he will be hanging on these feelings, on this rejection, for life. That’s what he has to accept, that he loves the only person in the world he could ever love and they don’t love him back. That his future seems sad from the present. That Eddie might drift away when he realizes they can’t mess around like best friends anymore, even if he had said he wouldn’t do that and it wouldn’t happen. But what if he does? What if it happens? Where does that leave him? What is he supposed to-
“Don’t call me that, asshole. And how the fuck do I do that?”
The way Eddie speaks drips of familiarity. Just the way it always was with them, just the way it will always be. Richie can’t decide if that’s good or bad, but it pulls him together enough to talk.
“See that weird looking B icon up there?” He waits for Eddie’s answer but the other boy is looking at his phone as if he could catch it on fire with just his eyes.
Richie bites the inside of his cheek, breathes in some bravery and pushes himself up from the bean bag.
“Here,” he walks over and crouches down at Eddie’s side, quickly opening the Bluetooth settings and pairing up their phones while paying too much attention to the space between their hands. Just to make sure they don’t touch. “Do you wanna pick out the songs you want?” He starts giving his phone to Eddie but gets a headshake in return.
“Uh no, that’s fine.” Eddie says, turning his head and therefore putting their faces incredibly close. Richie barely catches himself from falling on his butt right there, and Eddie leans away quickly, obviously not meaning to cause any of this. “I- uh, just chose the ones you think I’d like.”
Richie nods stupidly and rushes back to his seat. While he goes through his music library and picks off songs, all he can think about is ‘This is so hard, too hard, way more difficult than I could possibly imagine and I don’t know if I can go about my life pretending everything is fine when it all feels anything but that.’
“How about Ludo? There’s no way you can cheat at that…”
Simply as if a switch was flipped, Richie multitasks and answers Ben by listing off all the possible ways to cheat at Ludo.
And to the outsider eyes, everything is just fine.
Everything is fine as they order pizza and Richie and Eddie have to ask each other if they can still share their regular favorite, olive and pepperoni. Everything is fine while conversation flows at dinner, except Richie puts his half of the pizza on a plate instead of sharing the box between their laps, and Eddie doesn’t question it. Everything is fine as everyone watches a movie after, and there’s no one to lean his head on Richie’s shoulder, or jab an elbow in his arm when they itch to comment certain scenes.
Then Bill’s dad comes upstairs to remind them it’s time to drive everyone home. And for the first time in his life, Richie is thrilled to hear those words.
On their way home, Eddie sits in the back, earphones plugging his ears deaf to his surroundings. Richie wonders if he should have left out all the love songs, now it’s too late for that. But it’s fine, right?
Everything is just fucking fine.
 perma taglist: @constantreaderfool   @mrs-vh  @eds-trashmouth @girasol-eddie  @reddieforlove @madi-personal  @cheekaspbrak
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extra long tag game (a guide to all unnecessary knowledge of me)
tagged by: @txtdiaries (ily lana)
tagging: @pxppinstars @txtdream @lavenderlattaes @soobindipity (feel free to ignore if you’ve already done this or just can’t be bothered)
tell me the first song that made you stan your current fave group and why did your faves attract you so much?
Um okay so I’ll go with explaining BTS and TXT I guess, haha. For BTS it was DNA! That was the first mv I ever saw by them and I was instantly obsessed with everything about it. For TXT, it was obviously Crown since I was keeping an eye on them as soon as BH announced a new group haha. But I initially loved the super bright and happy concept from Crown and they totally got me hooked by their personalities and other music!!
rule: answer the ten questions and write your own!
what’s your unrealistic goal for life?
married by 23, kids by 25...I’m 19 and I’ve never even had a boyfriend so I would be shocked if I actually got this lmao
if you had known that we would be in a global pandemic, what’s one thing that you would’ve done before things shut down (if they have for you)?
Honestly, I can’t think of anything other than spending more time with my roommate who I miss so so much. 
what’s an unconventional thing that you carry around with you when you go out?
I wouldn’t usually call this unconventional but right now I’d say my student ID since it’s useless as I’m not going back to campus
favourite type of plushies and why?
I love teddy bears. I have two that I sleep with every night! One is a gift I got for preschool graduation (eloquently named Teddy) and the other is my iron man build a bear that my uncle bought me to cope with Endgame. 
favourite song right now?
I am notoriously bad at answering this question so I’ll just say that at the moment I’ve been listening to Red Desert by 5sos a lot.
something that you’ve always wanted to learn?
I’ve always wanted to learn how to play drums and any language other than English haha
tell a funny story about yourself (or just something that you’ve witnessed)
This took way more digging in my mind than I would like to admit but when I saw 5sos live in 2016 my best friend and I had soundcheck, so we got to sit in the venue early and ask them questions and hear a few extra songs. At the time I had beef with Luke Hemmings (because the girl he was dating at the time was one of the most toxic people on earth) and he wouldn’t break up with her. So the girl sitting next to me at soundcheck raised her hand to ask Luke a question so of course he was looking basically right at me. We were like maybe 8 rows back from the stage and at this point in my life I had bright pink hair, so there was no missing me. So this girl is asking her innocent question, and naturally Luke looks around a bit and we make eye contact and instead of fangirling like a normal person, my anger at him boiled over and I ended up flipping him off. The whole band noticed and had to pretend they weren’t laughing at the oddly aggressive 9th grader who flipped off their lead singer. I still feel bad about it to this day lmao but all my friends think it’s hilarious and it’s definitely my go to party story.
headphones or speakers? why?
headphones all the way. Speakers only if I’m showering.
craving any food right now? what are you craving?
Surprisingly I’m not craving anything but that’s because I just ate dinner 10 minutes ago
which music streaming platform do you prefer? why?
Spotify all the way
ten questions (by lana, answered)
1. what is your favorite movie of all time?
This is such a hard question for me. I’m so bad at picking favorites. But I’d have to say it’s sort of a tie between Heathers, Brave and Iron Man 2
2. describe your childhood in three words
Disney, animals, comforting
3. Favorite holiday?
Halloween forever and always
4. Favorite vacation spot?
Disney World! 5.What do you think of the education system? Are you a fellow slave to the GPA?
The US education system has massive holes. I was lucky enough to attend a pretty good highschool and take good classes so I don’t feel like I was as robbed as other people, but there are curriculum gaps and misinformation everywhere you go. As far as college goes, I think it is wayyyy too expensive. Despite that, I still signed myself up for 8 years of debt so yes, I am a slave to the GPA. Gotta go hard for the dream job. 
6. What is your hair color? Very light blonde now, normally dirty blonde
7. What talent do you wish you had?
I wish I could draw or paint well so bad. I am so envious of artists.
8. What is your major and why? (If you’re in highschool, what do you plan on majoring in?)
I’m a biology major because I want to become a veterinarian! 
9.Do you like kids or do you merely tolerate them? I love most kids. There will always be some awful ones but as a general rule I love being around kids and I definitely want some of my own!
10. Any pets?
Yep, I have five cats!
ten questions from me to you:
who is your favorite non kpop artist?
do you prefer to be warm or cool?
dream job, if you have one?
favorite TV show?
top three celebrities you would sell your soul to meet?
do you believe in ghosts?
cookies or brownies?
do you like where you live?
do you know your personality type? If so, what is it?
do you prefer floral scents or neutral scents?
rule: bold the statements that apply to you, italicize your aspirations, then tag nine people.
AIR ༉⋆͙̈
i have small hands / i love the night sky / i watch animals and birds when i pass them by / i drink herbal tea / i wake to see the dawn / the smell of dust is comforting / i’m valued for being wise / i prefer books to music / i meditate / i find joy in learning new truths from the world around me
FIRE ༉⋆͙̈
i don’t have straight hair / i like to wear ripped jeans and overalls / i play an organized sport / i love dogs / i am not afraid of adventure / i love to talk to strangers / i always try new foods / i enjoy road trips / summer is my favorite season / my radio is always playing
WATER ༉⋆͙̈
i wear bracelets on my wrists / i love the bustle of the city / i have more than one set of piercings / i read poetry / i love the sound of a thunderstorm / i want to travel the world / i sleep past midday most days / i love simply lit dinners and fluorescent signs / i rewatch kids shows out of nostalgia / i see emotions in colors not words
EARTH ༉⋆͙̈
i wear glasses or contacts / i enjoy doing the laundry / i am a vegetarian or vegan / i have an excellent sense of time / my humor is very cheerful / i am a valued advisor to my friends / i believe in true love / i love this chill of mountain air / i’m always listening to music / i am highly trusted by the people in my life
i go without makeup in my daily life / i make my own artwork / i keep on track of my tasks and time / i always know true north / i see beauty in everything / i can always smell flowers / i smile at everyone i pass by / i always fear history repeating itself / i have recovered from a mental disorder / i can love unconditionally
name: sara
nickname: sadams
birthday: April 16th, 2001
zodiac: Aries hehe
nationality: sadly, american
languages: only english 
gender: female
sexuality: straight
height: 5'2 or 3 I don’t know for sure
inspiration for muse: obviously txt but I pull inspiration from my life, music, TV/movies and other stories!
meaning behind my url: I heavily believe in the idea of alternate universes and I think there’s one where Soobin and I are best friends so that’s what I made my url!
blog established: May of 2020
followers: 568 (how??)
favourite animals: cats, snakes, raccoons
favourite books: Looking For Alaska by John Green
favourite colour: black, light purple, forest green, deep blue
favourite fictional characters: Spencer Reid (Criminal Minds), Andy Dwyer (Parks and Rec), Leslie Knope (Parks and Rec), Klaus and Ben (Umbrella Academy), Peter Parker, Tony Stark, Bucky Barnes. For some reason I’m blanking on book characters so here are all of my movie/tv faves
favourite flower: Forget me nots
favourite scent: fresh laundry, anything tropical or ocean smelling, basil
favourite season: fall!
average hours of sleep: 7 or 8 usually 
cats or dogs: cats
coffee, tea or hot chocolate: hot chocolate 
current time: 6:41 pm
dream trip: Australia or SK
dream job: Veterinarian 
hobbies: writing, watching tv/movies, shopping, going for walks
hogwarts house: slytherin
last movie watched: 68 Kill (do not watch if you’re under 18 or sensitive, lmao)
last song listened to: Sarah Smiles by Panic! at the Disco
no. of blankets you sleep with: right now two
random fact(s): I love dinosaurs, I have low iron, I’m allergic to dogs even though I work at a doggy daycare
10 things I can’t stop listening to 
stay gold- bts
20 cm- txt
catch fire- 5sos
self- khalid
f2020- avenue beat
nyla- blackbear
everywhere- niall horan
heather- conan gray 
red desert- 5sos
eight- iu, suga
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rwby-nwbe · a year ago
Just Finished RWBY Volume 2...
[Warning: Spoilers for Volume 2 and Long Post.]
New antagonists! More huntsman action! More characters and interactions! And the fights, tho. THE FIGHTS!
*Ahem* Okay, clearly I just need to start from the beginning...
Episode 1
We start the new season by being reintroduced to our new antagonists, Emerald Sustrai and Mercury Black. They may be villains, but they're also obviously teens (Mercury radiates prick energy) and they're dynamic is entertaining. Also, RIP Tukson, he seemed like a nice dude...
We then cut back to Team RWBY and JNPR, who are apparently on break at the moment. It's also nice to see Sun again, and we also get to meet Neptune. Anyways, someone throws a pie in Weiss face, and you know what that means...
Seriously, THESE KIDS ARE CRAZY. Ruby can apparently surf on lunch trays! Weiss used ketchup and a freakin' swordfish like Myrtenaster! Blake used baguettes and a sausage link like Gambol Shroud! Freakin' YANG was punching things with TURKEY! JAUNE... threw a melon, that was cool; nice to see that he's losing the noodleness of his body. NORA RIPPED OUT A PIPE, STUFFED IT TO A MELON, AND CALLED IT MAGNHILD! Note to self: never challenge Pyrrha to a fight near a vending machine (or anytime, really). Ren can kick WATERMELONS, and fight with LEEKS. HOW CAN THEY EVEN DIGEST ALL THAT FOOD!?
RIP Neptune's hair though, I hear grape is hard to wash out...
Then we cut back to the White Fang and Torchwick, who are then met with Mercury, Emerald, and later the great Cinder Fall herself. I'll admit, Mercury's funny but a jerk, and Emerald... I'm pretty sure I was mentally screaming "YOU'RE BEING MANIPULATED" when I saw her and Cinder. First she doesn't give Emerald a hug, then she tells her to not think and just obey? RED FLAGS. RED FLAGS EVERYWHERE.
Oh, speaking of Cinder, while she does radiate boss energy, I'm glad that I don't personally like her. I don't know what it is, but it might be the fact that she's treating everyone else like her pawns (and considering she used a chess piece later in this volume, I wouldn't be surprised). I mean, good villain, but like any good villain, I want her to get roasted, though that might not work given her Semblance.
Also, Roman Torchwick, you beautiful jerk, never change. I love ya, but I also love seeing you get dragged, which is what Emerald did to you at the end of this. Yep, I'm on board for this season!
Also, the new opening. I thought nothing could top "This Will Be The Day." I was wrong. Haven't listened to all of it yet, but "Time To Say Goodbye" SLAPS.
Episode 2
So, several things. There's board games, insert Yu-Gi-Oh reference here... Yang has too much power. Also, if I remember the lingo right, then this is also the episode where the White Rose shippers got crumbs, the White Knight shippers were once again denied, and where the Iceberg shippers were born (while the rest of us were titling our heads in confusion with Jaune). Jaune continues to be a social dork (what's with the blonde boys blowing Blake's secret? Don't think I've forgotten about Sun...). Blake is being consumed with the burden of RESPONSIBILITY. I feel that Blake. Oh, and the ending...
Why do out villains have to be clever enough to infiltrate the actual school!? And Weiss' "We're doomed." I hope that's not secret foreshadowing...
Episode 3
Jaune fails yet again at wooing Weiss (at least Yang comforts him at the end), and the gang begins their espionage. We meet Penny again, Weiss deals with her past, albeit briefly, and Penny... oh boy. She's hiding something, and the hiccups make it obvious. What could it possibly- oh...
Episode 4
Most of us had our suspicions, what with Penny's awkward demeanor and ludicrous super strength, but yep, she's a robot! Aw, get yourself a real one like Ruby. Oh, and Neptune's useless with Yang around. Speaking of, HEY, good to see you again, Junior! So Blake and Sun intercept the White Fang rally and... oh fudge they got giant robots. BAIL! We also get to see Neptune's weapon and Sun's semblance (before they nope off the road and leave the rest of the fighting to RWBY, while they go off and get ramen, the jerks...). Also, nice to see that they have team attack names (I believe some of them double as ship names), and this is where we get to meet the Ice Cream Queen Neopolitan (not to be confused with the now officially dubbed Ice Queen Weiss Schnee. If even the villains are calling you that, then congrats, you have a new title)! Neo then proceeds to give them the slip, and I personally believe that Yang only disliked Weiss' pun because it highlighted her failure.
C'mon Yang, at least she's TRYING!
Episode 5
Pyrrha is a combat queen. 'Nuff said. Suck it, CRDL.
Oh no. Mercury is both a smart aleck AND smart. This will not end well.
Blake, take a break. No, seriously, working yourself to death just because you think you can doesn't mean you should. You will only feel worse. TAKE A BREAK.
Well Jaune, mission failed. You'll get her next time.
Pyrrha Nikos. Sweetie. We're talking about Jaune Arc here. He's not gonna get the hints you're dropping unless that "hint" is a full blown irrefutable confession so obvious that even he can't screw it up. I know you want to help him because you like him (and yes, even like like him), but it's clear Weiss isn't interested, at least not now. Capitalize on that!
And our villain group continues to be dastardly. *Chuckles* We're in danger.
Episode 6
The dance draws near, and it seems that both Blake AND Jaune could use a pep talk!
Poor Blake. It appears your faunus trait makes you more cat-like than just the ears.
Also, poor Ren. He just wants a nice bath, but alas, the power of bromance.
Oof, tough love from Yang. Pretty good flashback, though. Also, Pyrrha, your selfless nature will be your undoing, listen to Nora.
...oh God, if I'm saying "listen to Nora" when the world isn't ending, we might ACTUALLY be in danger.
Aw, the dance looks fun. Poor Jaune, tho. Don't worry, at least Yang, Blake, and Sun are having a good time (and this is the part where I realize I'm becoming a SunnyBee shipper, crap). Poor Ruby, having to wear heels. Don't worry, Ozpin will keep you company.
Oh crap, the villain kids are here! What are you up to!?
Episode 7
This one gets the runner up for my favorite episode. Alternatively, I give it the title "Team Leaders Know What's Up."
Jaune, you may be a dumbass, but you're the rare "Surprisingly Competent Dumbass With A Heart Of Gold," and you get my respect for that. Being socially awkward with Ruby? Comedy gold. Putting things into perspective for Neptune? Props, my dude. Comforting Pyrrha? Friendship goals (even though it should be more than friendship goals, but hey, you put on the dress, I'll give you that). Nice dance moves, by the way, JNPR.
As for Ruby... drinking Jaune's punch? Iconic. Noticing Cinder sneaking away? Nice. Fighting her in heels of all things? You, my dear red reaper, are on another level. A shame that Ironwood couldn't get there faster and that Cinder had to bail, but oh well.
Also: Penny continues to be heckin' adorable. I will never NOT stan.
Episode 8
HEAR YE, HEAR YE, THE NOBLE DOG ZWEI HAS GRACED US WITH HIS ADORABLE PRESENCE. Tremble before his ability to fit in boxes and melt Weiss' heart. Oh, and RWBY gets exposed to Ozpin, but surprise! Even Ozpin doesn't have to play by the rules! Though that could get him in trouble with Ironwood later...
Why does this show keep showing me characters that I want to get to know better in record time!? Team CFVY looks so interesting, and it's nice to see Velvet again! Ooh, I hope we see them more later...
Also, Professor Oobleck, I know we saw a bit of you in Volume 1, and I wish we got to know you better. You seem delightful.
Episode 9
Okay, my previous statement of DOCTOR Oobleck still stands. I love this chaotic fast man.
He's both funny AND deep! His reaction to Zwei? Comedy gold! Him picking apart RWBY's motives and the Grimm? Disturbingly thought provoking, but enjoyable. Also, Ruby, you're great, but you're not entirely a genius, you're just a little bit lucky.
In conclusion: there are a lot of characters to stan in RWBY. Dr. Oobleck is one of them.
Episode 10
We learn about WBY's motivations, now excuse me while I go crying in the club right now.
OH NO, RUBY GOT KIDNAPPED! AND SHE DOESN'T HAVE HER SCYTHE! FRICK, it's a mindset kind of deal! Without her scythe, she thinks she's useless! Oh, and Roman's there too, that's not good.
...that is REALLY not good, Oobleck! Get down there, all of you! Wait, is your thermos... your WEAPON!? HOW THE FU-
(Sidenote, I looked up the name, since most weapons have them and I'm impatient for them getting name dropped. "Antiquity's Roast," eh? Fitting...)
Episode 11
So... this episode.
Poor Ruby. She failed to fight back, she almost ran away but then it turns out Melodic Cudgel is also a GRAPPLING HOOK. Thank god Yang and company finally busted their way in.
...why are Roman and the White Fang going kamikaze with those train car bombs? Oh right, the Grimm. Crap, that ain't good.
Ah, Oobleck. You may have accidentally repeated Ruby's line, but a swig of your thermos/club/flamethrower and then using it to bat Zwei into a cannonball of death redeemed you!
So Neo's back. She's skilled, sassy, has something going on with her eyes... Oh boy, Yang's getting outclassed by a pipsqueak. That's gotta suck.
Does every faunus (baring Blake, Sun, etc.) hate the SDC? Seriously Weiss, what did your father DO!?
Roman, do not get flirty with Blake. Junior tried something similar with Yang way back in the Yellow Trailer, and he got socked in the face. You deserve that kick in the head.
Oh look, Yang's mom is here! Nice, now Neo can't kill her (don't you dare, you little ice cream, I swear...). Oh. OH. That's a big sword. Yeah, ya better run, Neo. You ain't winnin' this fight. Great, now I want to know what Yang's mom's deal is. Figures she just warped away afterwards...
And now the Grimm are above ground. Yeah, seems like a good time for the season finale.
Episode 12
Now THIS is my favorite episode.
Look at that, Jaune's getting good instincts! And it's nice that Team JNPR was able to help RWBY. Also nice that Jaune can actually kill a Grimm now. Good job, man. You earned Pyrrha's smile of approval.
As much as I'm wary of the antagonist trio, I'll admit, they can fight good. Especially Emerald, her guns are sick. Why am I warming up to her so fast? What is this magic!?
...CFVY. CFVY. WHY ARE Y'ALL SO BADASS? Seriously, Yatsuhashi's carying an entire sword and a half. Fox just pulled a Ren and caused a Grimm to explode. Coco... God, Coco- WHY DOES RUBY HAVE SO MANY QUEENS, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!?
"You just destroyed my favorite clothing store. Prepare to die."
And she just murders Grimm with a BRIEFCASE. That turns into a GATTLING GUN. BECAUSE OF COURSE IT'S ALSO A GUN. (BTW, Gianduja is a really cool name for it.)
And now I want to know Velvet's weapon! It doesn't look like much now, but apparently it took a semester to build. And we know that Velvet can fight based on what we saw with her and Fox, so how does she ADD to that!?
Welp, Roman got handled, though I doubt it's for long... Yay, RWBY finally gets a break! Oh boy, trouble brewing between Ozpin and Ironwood, that ain't good.
...bull man's back. Uh, guys, Adam's back! And he's helping the bad guys! THIS IS REALLY NOT GOOD.
...oh, so your name is Raven? And that's what you look like under the mask. There's the resemblance... Oh boy, where have you been all of Yang's life?
So all in all, Volume 2 was even better than Volume 1, in my opinion. It's like they took the first volume and amped it up to 11. Longer runtimes, great comedy, great action sequences, great CHARACTERS. It's just a complete trip! 10/10, would ride again. Welp, it's getting late, so I can't immediately start Volume 3. But what Volume 2 gave us is good enough to tide me over.
...I am so glad I started this series. Well, this is goodbye for now. Cheers, internet!
-Mathewton, the RWBY Newbie (22 March 2020)
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shreddedparchment · 2 years ago
Man and Wife Pt.01
The Perv
Pairing: Bucky x Reader          Word Count: 4,841
Warnings: smut, unprotected sex, small injuries, language, stranger sex
A/N: This fic is written for Kari’s Sebastian Stan Challenge. This might continue past this initial piece. I’m not sure yet. It works well on it’s own but I’m kinda eager to explore this. If you like it, leave me a comment! Or not. Either way is cool. If you happen to reblog, thanks so much for helping me spread my work!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
What is the most awkward way that you can meet someone?
Somewhere on that very long list must be the way you met James Buchanan Barnes.
You’d been eager to get out of the house. This summer had been one of the hottest summers in the last hundred years. With heat indexes reaching about a hundred and ten degrees.
New York isn’t the hottest state and hadn’t seen a record-breaking heat since the 30s. That had been in the city.
Here upstate, it was even less likely. What the hell is happening?
Seeking a reprieve from the intense heat that made your skin glisten and sticky with salty sweat, you and four friends had jumped into your baby blue 1964 Volkswagen van and headed for the newly opened Ocean Dome—a three story water park sealed within a large climate-controlled bubble.
“Damn, Y/N, when are you going to fix the stupid AC?” A short girl with short wavy blonde hair asks with irritation.
She’s got her right foot resting on your dash and she kicks it hard with that foot in frustration.
“Hey!” You yell. “Leave my baby alone! She’s trying.”
You reach out and gently caress the faded and cracked faux wood dashboard.
“I’m sorry, baby, I’ll stick jelly beans up her nose when she’s sleeping.” You promise.
The blonde scoffs, laughing at your protectiveness with your unrestored vintage. She turns her gaze towards the back, the other three girls, all with varying styles and lengths of dark hair, are laughing loudly as they gossip.
“Did we need to bring all of them?” The blonde asks you.
“Case, we need to start at least trying to get to know our neighbors.”
“Why?” Casey settles into the passenger’s seat, relaxing more. “They’re sorority brats living off daddy’s money.”
“They’re not in a sorority.” You say with a laugh though a house full of fifteen girls is weird outside of that context.
“There’s like a football team of them in that house.” Casey argues with a laugh in her voice.
You glance into the rearview mirror as the girl sitting in the row furthest back stands up and pulls her shorts down pressing her ass to the back window to flash the car behind you.
You almost want to tell her to stop but you don’t want to seem like a square. They’re not paying any attention to you or Casey and don’t hear you talking about them.
“Look at them.” Casey complains. “They’re like wild animals.”
She shifts in her seat to turn to look at them better, tugging at her seatbelt.
“Hey! Are you going to wipe your butt oils off that window? Get your nasty ass off the glass.”
The girls just laugh harder as the third pulls her shorts back up and settles back down into her seat looking rightfully chastised.
“Sorry, Y/N.” The girl says.
“It’s okay…” You try to remember her name but she’s already talking to her friends and paying you no mind.
“I hope they drown.” Casey gripes.
“Case!” You laugh, the seriousness on Casey’s face drawing the amusement out of you like no one else can.
The water park is packed. Really packed.
“Maybe we should have come on a week day?” You wonder and are suddenly shoved forward as the three brunettes you’d brought hurry past you and disappear into the crowd.
“Ugh, good riddance.” Casey grumbles. “This place is new. And it’s summer. I doubt it’s going to get any less packed for a while. Besides, now’s the time to come while everything is still working.
“Yeah.” You agree and let your eyes rove over the first floor.
It’s the largest out of the three levels with a pair of large wave pools at the center. One actually creates large waves where people can surf and seems rather dangerous. You’re definitely avoiding that one. The second with the much smaller waves, is full of families with kids and young teens in neon yellow, pink, purple, and green tubes. They float casually, lazily as they enjoy the cooler temperatures of the water.
To the right are four long lines that flow up towards the third floor where two large yellow and orange slides weave down back towards the bottom floor into a smaller but deeper pool than the wave pools. There are also green and blue slides that flow onto the second floor into what you can see is another pool on the other side of a tall modern steel and plexiglass banister.
You can see people in bright bathing suits weaving around the second-floor pool towards small stalls where one can buy drinks and snacks.
Here on the first floor, the back wall is taken up by a large tropical themed restaurant, tube and board rental stations, the largest set of bathrooms in the park, and the lockers.
To the left of the two wave pools is a large expanse of space at the center of which is a large splash bad with a huge red and white beach ball, hollowed out with small kiddie slides flowing down from several sides.
Two fake palm trees spew water up into the air where it falls on toddlers and small kids as they giggle and splash. All around this kiddie section are hundreds of lounge chairs and umbrellas with small tables attached. As you scan the area, you can see that there’s hardly an empty seat.
Finally, around the outer walls of the first floor and going through the center space between the wave pools, is a winding Lazy River with bumper to bumper tubes and people milling about in the easy flowing turquoise water.
This one ride’s water is different in color from the sterile and chlorinated water of the other attractions. The large sign of its entrance advertises with large brightly colored words sticking out of the top right corner, ‘True Caribbean Waters’. Which really just means it’s a saltwater river.
You’re not unaware of how almost everyone in the Lazy River is paired off. This is where couples go to lounge and be together, guys pushing their girls on tubes. There are a few families sprinkled throughout, fathers pushing kids or mothers with babies, but the majority are cuddling couples.
“Where are all the other rides?” Casey wonders, exploring the space with her green eyes, just like you.
“Second floor?” You offer.
“What do you wanna do?” She asks.
“Let’s go find a locker.” You adjust the bag on your shoulder. Towels and extra clothes packed in.
You find the lockers by the bathrooms close to the large splash pad and countless lounge chairs. You and Casey manage to get two of them close to each other and after slipping your belongings into the small square space, you make sure to slip your waterproof wrist band on which is loaded with all of your spending money specifically set aside for today.
“So, what now? You want to-? Case?” You look around, searching over the heads you can look over and tiptoeing to get a glance around the taller people. “Casey? Casey?”
However, Casey is nowhere in sight. “Well, shit.”
“Wow chit!” A blonde toddler exclaims as he passes you with his mother.
The mother scowls at you.
“Sorry.” You offer, clenching your teeth. Oops.
Maybe Casey went to one of the wave pools?
Feeling self-conscious of the one-piece suit you’re in—a cute powder pink suit that is much sexier than you’ve ever considered wearing that leaves your back exposed, held together with thick straps that tie at a bow between your shoulder blades—you wander over to the center of the two large pools and quickly scan the bodies drifting up and down with the push of the waves.
No Casey.
A quick walk by the lines by the waterslides tell you that Casey is not a thrill seeker.
You check the bathrooms, the restaurant, the snack stands, and then wander along the splash pad, weaving through the countless chairs.
“Casey?” You call out every now and then, but she never responds.
Yes, coming here had been your idea. Yes, you are enjoying the cooler temperature and the smell of the chlorine. Yes, the water looks inviting, but you hadn’t wanted to be here alone.
You find yourself standing in front of the large arched sign of the Lazy River and sigh. Well, you’re here to cool off, right? Might as well cool off.
You toss your hair over your right shoulder and carefully descend the steps into the surprisingly cold water. You’re very aware of your nipples straining hard against your suit. You release the bar of the stairs and cross your arms across your chest but continue to walk into the water with a gasp.
The cool water takes your breath away, but you keep walking, following the flow of the river. Because it’s the weekend, the park is open late. You and Casey had carefully planned when you’d come to the park to try and avoid the crowds that would surely gather. It had already been late afternoon when you arrived. Now, after an hour of searching, you can see the sun beginning its descent through the large dome of the park, inching closer and closer to the horizon.
It paints the sky burning orange and rose petal pink, the tippy top of the sky fading into a dark plum with the first sparkles of the night’s stars peeking out.
Because it’s getting later, the Lazy River is less crowded now with families and older couples leaving, making space so that you can walk through the water slowly and without bumping into people.
A girl with bright red hair sits in a tube, her bottom disappearing through the center with her long legs gently scratching your arm as she and her boyfriend? Husband? As they pass, without paying you any mind, she leans her head back and the guy she’s with kisses her lips upside down.
You look away, aching with jealousy. You haven’t been kissed in so long!
You reach up and massage your lips as you walk along the artificial floor, the easy flow of the river pushing you gently forward so that you have to fight your progress. It makes your feet slip and slide along the floor.
After about twenty minutes, it starts to hurt. You should have grabbed a tube. By now the dome is lit by artificial light but here in the river, there are dim lights to give the area a soft glow with most of the bright lights reserved for the splash pad and the wave pools. The slides are closed which begin to drive away the more frenzied teens.
The sun is set and the last of the orange sunset fades into darkness.
“Woah, woah! Hey! WOAH!”
Two loud splashes sound around you and you begin to scream but you’re pulled underwater by the weight of a body and another splash.
You gurgle, fighting against the rush of choking water rushing into your throat. You can feel strong hands on your hips, and you’re suddenly pulled upwards out of the brine.
As your head breaks the surface, you gasp in a lungful of air and then begin to cough, wiping at your face to clear it of water.
Those strong hands, one oddly cooler than the other through your suit, are still on your hips.
You force your eyes open, straining against the blur of the water and the curtain of your wet hair as you try and see who it is that’s still holding you.
“Hey, I’m so, so sorry. My friends are assholes. Are you alright?” There’s a slight slur to his words, almost as if he’s drunk maybe? Or tipsy at the very least. His voice is deep though. Sexy if you weren’t so annoyed with having almost been murdered.
The cool hand pushes your hair back and you see a flash of silver as he does it. You’re almost able to process what it is you’re looking at but before you can there’s an outraged gasp.
“We’re what?!”
You feel the body in front of you move towards you forcefully as if he was roughly pushed and he slips. You don’t.
As he tumbles towards you, his face slides down and nestles itself directly into your chest, his angular chin pulling down on the V-cut neckline of your suit exposing more inner side-boob than you like.
Your body rages with an embarrassed fever. You can feel the heat start at your tummy and spread up into your chest, your neck, and your ears. Your heart beings to pound and this guy, whoever the hell he is, has his lips and nose pressed into the soft flesh of your breasts that he must be able to feel your heartbeat.
“Oh my God!” You gasp, reaching down to shove his shoulders away from you.
As he straightens up, you can see the blur of inebriation in his eyes. You have no time to see anything else. “Wow. Breasts are awesome.”
Your hand shoots out of its own accord and you slap him hard across the face then move around him and scurry away.
“Ow.” He says from somewhere behind you while his buddies, whoever they are laugh loudly. “Hey wait!”
You leave them behind quickly, your arms wrapped around your chest as you push yourself faster against the floor. It takes you a few minutes to find an exit and you hurry up the stairs. Dripping wet, you search for the set of stairs that lead up to the second floor and hurry up still searching the less dense crowd for Casey.
Once you reach the second level landing you pass the Bumper Boats and the Flow Rider and the pool where the less intense slides empty into. There are a few picnic tables with a people eating from the snack stalls or simply lounging around enjoying the atmosphere.
By the time you find the third-floor stairs, your right foot is hurting badly. You look down and see a small red stain on the step you just placed your foot.
“Damn it.” You keep going but avoid walking on the ball of your foot, which makes you limp as you try not to put too much pressure on it.
On the third level you find a pool bar. This must be where the adults hangout. Even now there are more people lounging here than there are on the second level. Every submerged stool by the light blue tiled bar is taken. The straw, tropical styled roof that in the daytime must provide much needed shade from the burning midday sun, doesn’t seem as popular to the other people who look up at the sky through the thick glass dome.
It’s littered with stars. The inky black is beautiful, but your foot hurts and you don’t see Casey.
You limp towards a distant corner, away from the people in the pool bar, past the faux stone archway that leads into what looks like a dimly lit cave with multicolored lights from which drifts music.
You head towards the area where the dome connects into the floor, several lounge seats angled towards the glass. They’re empty so you sit down, turning your back on the hustle and bustle of the park.
You pull your leg up, staring at the peeled skin on the ball of your foot. It’s not bad, just hurts because you’ve been ignoring it. Maybe you should have stopped by the first aid office and asked for some band-aids? And maybe bought some sandals in the gift shop?
“Hey.” You know that voice!
You turn and jump to your feet, wincing as you step on your scrape.
“Woah. Hey, sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you.” It’s the guy from earlier. And enough time has passed that it doesn’t seem like he’s tipsy anymore.
Now that you’re not speeding away from him, you let yourself see him clearly. He’s big. Bigger than he felt in the Lazy River. He’s at least six feet tall, or close to it. His shoulders are wide, his chest is bare sculpted perfection, and his stomach is cut in deep rivers of glistening muscle. He’s wearing dark gray swim trunks with a large red stripe running down along the sides that sit low on his hips exposing the top of the V of his pelvis.
He sees where your eyes roam and he pulls his shorts up higher and quickly undoes the string holding them up and ties them on more tightly.
Your neck burns again, this time because you’d been caught admiring his physique. It’s kind of hard not to. Of course, this admiration quickly adjusts to curiosity as you eye his left metallic arm. Now that you see it more clearly, it’s dark, not silver like you’d thought. It’s almost black with small flecks of gold throughout.
Once again, he follows your gaze and quickly pulls his arm behind his back.
“Is this what it felt like for you with my head shoved between your boobs?” The man asks, feeling exposed.
“Yes.” You admit. Serves him right.
Finally, you look up at his face and your heart nearly shatters. He’s…he’s just so-His eyes are so blue, and his brow furrowed but they sparkle with amusement and embarrassment?
His chin is covered in scruff. He’s older. How much older? His dark hair is pulled back into a low bun. A recent decision as you distinctly remember the tickle of hair between your breasts when he’d found himself there.
“Sorry.” He says and takes a step towards you.
You take a step back and wince as you step on your right.
“Hey, really, I’m-I’m not going to hurt you. I just wanted to apologize for what happened before. I meant it when I said that my friends are assholes. People think Steve is some goody two-shoes but he’s really, really not.
“Steve?” You look at his arm again and you feel your like you’ve missed a step as you connect the dots.
“You’re Bucky Barnes?” You ask, curious but surprised.
“You know who I am?” He asks, smiling beautifully.
You can’t find your voice, so you nod.
You know this man from history, from the news. This man is famous in a not so good way but also a very good way. He’s a hero although most people see the Winter Soldier. You see both.
He blushes scarlet and reaches to pull his hair loose. He scratches the back of his head and blows a rush of air out through a nervous pucker of his lips.
“Look, I’m sorry about what I said before. I’m not-I don’t-It’s not like I’m some type of-”
“Pervert?” You offer, relaxing and quirking a brow.
He chuckles nervous and glances back towards the pool bar. No one is paying attention to the two of you.
“Yeah.” He admits. “I’m not that.”
Shame. For a moment—maybe you’ve been single too long? You kind of wish he’d throw himself at you but why would he? He’s hot and gorgeous. You’re…you.
Limping back to your seat you sit down and listen as Bucky moves to stand beside you.
“Are you hurt?”
“It’s nothing. I just scraped up my foot walking in that stupid Lazy River. I should have brought swim shoes.” You lament.
Bucky’s cool metal hand suddenly lands on your shoulder and you look up at him.
“Can I see?” You chew your lip and after a second of consideration, you nod.
Bucky moves around to squat down before you, pulling a large waterproof strip of gauze of the like you’ve never seen from his pocket. He also pulls a soft square of gauze and an alcohol wipe.
Okay, how long had he been watching you because there is no way that he just goes around carrying medical supplies in his pockets.
His right hand very slowly takes hold of your ankle, his hot fingers tickling your skin as he pulls your heel up to rest on his right knee.
Your breath hitches as his skin makes contact with yours and you feel a sudden churn of heat in your belly. It sends flutters through you.
Yeah, you’ve definitely been single too long.
“This is gonna hurt.” He warns you but you still hiss at the sudden sting of the alcohol.
He looks up at you apologetically, scrunching up his eyebrows with your reaction.
You lose yourself in him as you watch him care for your scrape. Why does it feel so good to be taken care of?
“You’re staring at me.” He says with a smile.
“Don’t be. Why are you staring at me?” He wonders, his eyes flitting up towards you then back to your foot.
“You’re really hot.” You admit, so lost in him that you can’t help but just give it to him straight.
His cheeks burn red again, and his ears flush adorably too, but he laughs as he finishes wrapping up your foot. His eyes twinkling.
“I think this is the first time someone has told me I’m hot, just like that.”
“You asked.” You argue.
“I did.” He says, carefully putting your foot down as he meets your eyes. The subtle curve of his lips and the way he still hasn’t released your ankle sends a shiver down your spine. “You’re not angry at me anymore?”
“Angry?” You ask, slightly dazed.
“You slapped me.” He explains.
Oh, shit! You had indeed slapped him.
“You said breasts were awesome after having your face shoved between mine.” He raises his eyebrows, indicating he’s still waiting for an answer. “No. I’m not angry anymore.”
“Good.” He smiles. “Come with me.”
He pulls you to your feet and slowly leads you towards the arched entrance of that fake stone cave. The water is at about four feet here too then slowly gets deeper the further he leads you through it.
The cave suddenly opens into a small lagoon.
“Wow, this is pretty.” You sigh as you look at the too blue water and the carefully crafted ambience, soft ferns and vines decorating fake stones and hanging from the ceiling. You can’t really touch the floor anymore and Bucky is moving forward through the water still holding your hand as you cross into the pink, yellow, and purple lit cove.
On the other side of the cove is a textured vinyl flooring, painted beige to look like the shore of a sandy beach. You can hear deep bass bumping and techno music drifting in from another open archway that winds into a hallway.
“What’s that way?” You wonder as your feet find the sloping curve of the floor.
“A club. The water park people wanted to get their money’s worth, so they opened a club for us adults to drink and party. I should actually be in there. That party’s being thrown by a friend of mine.”
“Really? What friend? Steve Rogers?”
“No. Tony Stark.”
Woah! Tony fucking Stark!
“Is that where we’re going?” You wonder just as Bucky pulls you completely out of the water, but he suddenly twirls you around so that you face him. His hands find your hips and he backs you up quickly until you’re pressed into a small depression in the wall where you’re both hidden from view.
With your mouth slightly open and your eyes searching, you let your heart rage in its beat, rivaling the base of the distant music.
You can feel his fingers adjusting their grip on your hips, sending tantalizing tickles down your legs.
“I’m gonna kiss you, now. Is that okay?” Bucky asks, whispering warmly as he leans towards you.
You nod.
“You gotta tell me it’s okay, baby-doll. I’m not gonna kiss you and then have you slap me again.”
“I want you to kiss me, Bucky. Kiss me.” You beg, mint and pineapple on his breath. Maybe he ate one of those snow cones earlier?
His lips twitch into a smile before he rushes down to kiss you. His lips move softly, warm and tender, massaging your lips into submission.
As his tongue passes through the small opening you left for him, you groan and wrap your left arm around him. You place it on the center of his bare back, stroking the hard muscles eagerly.
Bucky’s metal hand wraps around the back of your head, holding you in place as he explores your depths while his right hand grazes the top of your bottom as he wraps it around you and pulls you up against his chest.
He kisses you until you have to pull away to breathe. It almost hurts your lungs as the oxygen rushes in.
“Oh, God.” You gasp, your body humming as Bucky merely shifts to press wet kisses to your neck.
He suckles on the skin against the hammering beat of your pulse.
Suddenly he wraps his hand down beneath your bottom and lifts you up. Your legs wrap around his waist, moving with instinct as he pushes you harder against the wall.
“Bucky…” You plead, and he rushes back up to meet your lips. “Mmmmm.”
You never do this. Meeting some guy and kissing him? Though, it’s not like you don’t know Bucky. You know of him. You’ve seen him save people. You’ve studied his past in school. You know where he comes from and you know where he’s been.
Bucky breaks the kiss again and pulls back enough to look into your eyes. He thrusts towards you, your quivering gasp ripping through you both.
“Tell me you want me.” Bucky begs, almost as if he needs to hear it.
“Tell me, baby-doll. Tell me you want me.”
“I want you, Bucky, please. I want you inside me.” You’re almost shocked to hear yourself say it because this is definitely not something you would do.
You’ve never slept with anyone you’ve just met, ever!
His cheeks burn and his eyes explode into darkness as he lunges forward, thrusting up into you again through his shorts. Just two small strips of clothing, that’s all that’s keeping you two apart.
“Tell me you want me again.” He orders.
“Bucky please…I want you.” You whimper, bucking against his hips and the hard rod barely contained behind his trunks.
Bucky is gasping for breath as he pulls his shorts down a bit at the front, just enough to spring him forward. He hooks his finger into the small fabric of your suit and pulls it aside before he deftly thrusts into you.
It’s quick and intense. It has to be with where you are. Out here where anyone might see you.
You shut your eyes, leaning down to bite hard into the skin of his shoulder. He grunts into your ear and you can feel his hard pelvis smack against you as he shoves himself into you in frantic and needy. It’s rough and volcanic with small but powerful and very quick thrusts.
You bounce against the wall, against his chest, your chest squished against his. When his groans come with every thrust, you know that he’s close. The sound of him making such lewd noises sends you over the edge.
You moan against his shoulder as the coil in your body snaps and you’re sent into ecstasy, biting harder and harder with every wave of euphoria until you taste the warm copper flavor of blood.
With one final thrust he freezes and explodes within you in thick flooding warmth.
Your body falls into numbness and you loosen your jaw, turning your head to rest your left cheek there on his shoulder.
Bucky’s left hand comes back behind your head and he strokes your hair slowly, caressing you with fondness.
“What’s your name?” He asks, and you’re shocked to realize you just slept with a man without first telling him your name.
You have all the power here. You could walk away, and he’d never know who you were.
But after today…after what just happened? How could you not see him again?
“Y/N…” You whisper, stroking the center of his back slowly as he continues to support your weight with your legs wrapped around him, still fully buried within you. “Y/N y/l/n.”
He nods.
“Will you marry me?” He mumbles, kissing your neck softly.
You chuckle and let your breathing slow, but you know he’s not serious.
“I mean it.” He assures you. “Will you marry me?”
“What?” You pull back slowly, searching his eyes for the joke but all you see is warm sincerity.
“I want you. And I know it’s weird because we just barely met but I wanna keep you.”
“Bucky you don’t even know me.” You shake your head, confused.
“Marry me, baby-doll.”
“Marry me?”
“Be my wife.” He whispers, leaning in to rub his lips against your own softly, a feather tease of skin on skin.
God, you can still taste that pineapple!
“Yes.” You relent and he smiles then kisses you hard.
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