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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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Drawtober| Cavern Racer| Day 24

Starting to feel better now. Had an idea for a beast in my novel world for a few years now but, never had the gumption to draft it up. Sorry still for low quality of piece I will repost a scan asap.

It is a creature that lives in vast cave systems and rocky precarious terrain. It is a favorite of dark elves in my world due to their ability to traverse nearly any terrain. Thanks for fully functional hand like paws and a prehensile tail for extra grip and stability. Highly inteligent due to their life style and the difficult environment they survive in. Classified as a true carnivore theorized to be due to evolution in an enviroment with lack of readily abundant herbaceous materia.

*Note my partner hates this thing cause of them toes. I however love this thing and am thinking I will sketxh it out at some point in full color with its tack on and some action poses perhaps.

I drew inspiration from Thylacaleo and Gorganopsid as, well as various species of primates with prehensile tails.

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this piece is a statement on cultural appropriation. the hands represent how it feels as if society tries to pick apart poc features to use as an accessory or a trend. the background is composed of articles about cultural appropriation and some documents about the slave trade. that is used to represent passage of time. it is also used to represent how although some issues that have impacted the black community have been resolved, within the decades there are still many that have arisen. there are other implicit messages within this piece but i’ll leave it up to you to interpret the rest :)


pen on paper

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Someone got caught infiltrating the base again~

Another wip I managed to pump out today bc it was just THAT kinda day I GUESS. Love Dib’s cheeky lil face here. He’s gonna die in about .5 seconds… :)

(Click for a decent view Dx)

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The Child With Three Souls

Tied down to a stone altar, deep beneath the elders’ council hall. Nicolo could feel his consciousness fading, like he was being forced outside of his body. The pain he felt was excruciating, as if his chest was ripped open. His attempts to scream fell upon deaf ears. No matter what he tried, the elders continued. The presence around him chilled, he felt something lingering near him, something evil, something bad. The bad thing had entered his body, raging inside of his chest, first one, then a second. As he descended back into some form on consciousness, there was a deep feeling inside him, something heavy, something unwanted. His body was not his own any longer.

The soul binding was complete.

It’s Spoop Week! I’m gonna try to get some doodles done of some of my more spooky elements, maybe write a lil drabble here or there and yee! Starting with my lil beeb Nicolo getting his familiars, Djinn and Tariq. I definitely think being experimented on by a satanic cult counts as spoop material.

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The timelapse of the process.
#inktober2020 #inktoberrip #inktoberrip2020 #inktober2020rip #drawings #art #doodle #doodlesofinstagram #pen #colour #rip #scribbleart #tiktok #illustration #artistsoninstagram #artwork #timelapse #process #video #timelapsart #videoart #processvideo #artist #artofinstagram #myart #burtonsdoodles

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“Galera Interativa” - Trabalho Em Progresso
“Interactive Gallery” - Work In Progress

Apoio: @shoppingfreicaneca @colorginarteurbana @colorgin_oficial @sherwinwilliamsbr

#art #arte #gallery #draw #illustration #design #drawings #artwork #drawing #artist #creative #instaart #paint #painting #gave #renatogave #grafite #graffiti #fineart #handdrawart #handwork #contemporaryart #contemporarypainting #gaveart

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