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daily-tubbo · 29 minutes ago
idk if ur still doing requests, but maybe something nice w tommy and tubbo :0? i absolutely adore how you draw tubbo and ur design for him is so so good
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he likes to feel tall
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cyroknight · 58 minutes ago
“It could be a hard number to come by” 
pls for my sanity pls understand how money works 
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badlydrawnvalorant · an hour ago
[hey gamers life update im doing a semesters worth of homework in like a week so like i’ll be back sometime after may 20th? hopefully sjdhsndjsj]
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m-0ther · an hour ago
Goku chilling with his boys Gohan and Goten? :D
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au where goku lives post-cell and helps his children beat tough mario levels
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damnsparce · an hour ago
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trying to relearn how to use a drawing tablet the only way I know how
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unregisteredcookie · an hour ago
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Happy Mother’s Day. I totally didn’t forget it was Mother’s Day. Nnnnope.
[ID: Three drawings featuring Hollow Knight characters. The first depicts Herrah, holding baby Hornet in her arms. Hornet has her hand on Herrah’s chest and is saying, “My mama can fit so much love in her!”
[The second image shows Monomon talking to Quirrel. There is an uoma (a small, floating jellyfish) next to her, which she is gesturing to. “This baby’s going to explode one day,” she says. Quirrel has his hand on his chin in a thoughtful manner.
[The final image is a picture of the White Lady pointing at something behind her. Whatever it is isn’t shown. She’s looking directly at the camera, her eyes narrowed in a tired manner. She says “I got so many kids down in the basement.” End ID.]
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shinanightmare · 2 hours ago
Fuyu "the winter fox".
I loved it because it literally looks like an impossible to catch legendary Pokemon, it's a character I created for a college assignment and I loved the design.
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jackrabbitart · 2 hours ago
As reluctant as she is to do chores, Eri does like doing the dishes. It's monotonous and quiet (maybe apart from the radio on low or the TV from the common room) and she's left compleatly alone in the kitchen for 30 minutes, 45 if she stretches it out. It certainly comes from cleaning being her only time "away" when she was married but the dishes are particularly stress free and easy compared to cleaning anything else.
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menchisgf · 2 hours ago
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just-like-playing-tag · 2 hours ago
A more or less inclusive list of my tpn (mostly RayEmma) AUs because I felt like sharing!!
Hadestown Emma → Orpheus Ray → Eurydice Isabella → Hades Leslie → Persephone Norman → Ermes GP children → factory workers Mathilda, Jessica, Scarlet → the Fates
Psycho-Pass Emma → Akane Tsunemori Ray → Shinya Kogami Norman → Nobuchika Ginoza (but like... A sweeter, kinder version) Yuugo? Lucas? James?? → Tomomi Masaoka Don → Shusei Kagari Gilda → Yayoi Kunizuka
Kill la Kill Ray (genderbend) → Ryūko Matoi Norman (genderbend) → Satsuki Kiryūin Emma → Mako Mankanshoku Vincent, Barbara, Cislo, Zazie → Four Devas Yuugo → Aikurō Mikisugi (really like the similarities between the Ray / Yuugo → Ryuko / Mikisugi relationships, as in "supposedly mentor who's very bad at mentoring" and "increasingly annoyed student") Lucas → Tsumugu Kinagase Isabella → Ragyō Kiryūin
BNA: Brand New Animal Emma → Michiru Kagemori Ray → Shirou Ogami Norman → Nazuna Hiwatashi
Promare Emma → Galo Thymos Ray → Lio Fotia Isabella → Kray Foresight (I like how both were parental figures for Emma / Galo) Norman → Aina Ardebit Gilda → Heris Ardebit (except she's related to Emma maybe?) GP resistance → Burning Rescue Lambda Group → Mad Burnish
Howl's Moving Castle Emma → Sophie Ray → Howl Notable plot changes: Emma probably takes the matter into her hands and puts an end to the reign's war herself. Howl's complex with beauty is Ray's complex with his extraordinary memory / intelligence: his breakdown is caused by Emma accidentally burning down his library while attempting to do chores. Emma is not good at doing chores.
Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts Emma → Kipo Ray → Wolf Don → Benson Troy → Norman Yuugo → Jamack Emilia → Peter Ratri
Frozen Emma → Anna Norman → Elsa Ray → An hybrid of Kristoff and Hans, a prince who helps Emma get to the mountain Norman is in and will slowly grow fond of her
Bones Ray → Bones Emma → Booth Norman → Cam Gilda → Angela Don → Hodgins
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kryptsy · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
just started playing Apex Legends and you can tear this adorkable man from my cold dead hands
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