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#drawn together story
badwolfwrites-sometimes · 4 months ago
In case you didn't already notice, I haven't been active much on here or fanfiction writing in general. There are several reasons for that, from losing interest to just being busy in life, and I have decided it's better to leave and move on than to leave anyone hanging and waiting for me to post.
So this is a goodbye, hopefully just for a short while until I get it all figured out.
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earthstory · 2 years ago
alexspaeth I’ve never been to Gates of the Arctic, and odds are high that neither have you. It’s the least-visited national park in our system with less than 11k annual visitors (compared to 11 million at @greatsmokynps), but that doesn’t mean that it lacks amazing wonders and grandiose landscapes. @thenationalparksgirldoesn’t often take or post timelapses, but she captured the beautiful images behind this one that I helped put together. I think Instagram is great for this exact reason. It allows strangers to share in the experience of a series of moments from disparate places and perspectives. I think, as a species, we’re intrinsically curious and drawn together by community stories. So what’s the story you want to share with the world?
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gffa · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT WHY I LOVE STUFF LIKE THIS.  I had at least five different, “Hey, I recognize that!” in this single issue alone, and that makes total sense for it to have a bunch of nods to places and relationships and events that have happened all across the SW canon, because this is a Flight of the Falcon and they’re telling the story of what happened to the Millennium Falcon as it went from place to place, stolen over and over again, until Han finally got it back in TFA. Here, we finally meet Ducain, find out he was a sort of mostly okay person, who just wanted fame and fortune more than he wanted to be a good person, just this one time, just to get him started.  We start by seeing him at Maz’s castle on Takodana, we see him have a really feelings-laden conversation with Han, we see him wandering the galaxy, going to what I’m pretty sure is Canto Bight, and then we eventually see him on Vardos, on a still pretty empty-looking Kestro, where the First Order contacts him, and we see him escape that and contact Bazine Netal, who talks with Lady Proxima again. I love this kind of thing because it’s so neat to see all these little details being drawn together, to watch this story that’s being told across so many different mediums, get fleshed out more and more.  To always have another piece of just precisely how something happened, like “What happened to the Falcon before it came to end up on Jakku?”  Or even just to see familiar planets popping up or familiar species in the background, because it feels like this galaxy is LIVED IN then, that it’s not just one isolated pocket after another.  “Hey, I’ve seen that planet before!” is such a fantastic feeling for me because then it feels like, yeah, this story is connected to everything else. I’ve often expressed frustration that the ST movies don’t do more of this connective work, that so much of what we see is entirely new, which is exciting for creators looking to put their own mark onto Star Wars, but leaves me feeling like, “Is this even the Star Wars galaxy that I know?  Where are the aliens I know?  Why aren’t there more Twi’leks or Togrutas here?  Why aren’t we even referring to Coruscant, the heart of the galaxy that these people are supposed to inhabit?” But it’s the comics and novels that put context to all that.  They put the recognizable aliens back in.  They add new worlds, sure, because this is a galaxy with thousands and thousands of worlds in it, but they also keep coming back to them, as well as show us the familiar ones, too.  They tell us why people have moved away from Coruscant.  They show us that this galaxy is connected to everything that came before. IT’S JUST REALLY NICE TO SEE SOME FAMILIAR THINGS, BECAUSE I LOVE THE GALAXY FAR, FAR AWAY.  THAT’S WHY I’M PICKING UP THIS COMIC TO READ, BECAUSE I LOVE THIS GALAXY AND THESE THINGS I KNOW ABOUT IT.  ♥
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