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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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Drawtober 2020 - Wicked Apothecary

I absolutely loved drawing this piece. Not only was I experimenting with perspective, but I was pushing myself to learn about colour theory. Instead of using pure black as a shadow, I thought it would make it a more interesting piece to use complimentary colours instead. I still have a lot to learn with colour theory, but I’m looking forward to it!

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Drawtober 2020 - Carving

I love this piece I created for Drawtober! Something about the folds in the marble statue’s clothing makes it feel like a solid form. It was a challenge to draw this, but I’ve learned so much in the process!

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30. Firebird 🔥"We used to talk all night and not say a word, when I would hop into your red Firebird. And man alive, we would drive just to drive around town. ‘Cause in your car, we understood and figured out … that everything changes" 🎵 This song is from Adam’s partner Abbey’s perspective, about her brother Billy and growing up 💖

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Still some Octo-ber entries!

Yeah I didn’t finish the whole thing this year but here’s still some I did. I’ll just publish them in this one post :D

Day 16: Scar

Valeri has a big part of his back covered in burn scars, but he also has gotten into some trouble in the army thanks to his *ahem* temperament (kindly put), and if your offence is not bad enough to get an dishonorable discharge, you’ll get flogged. Some areas of his burns were 3rd degree burns and so his skin’s nerves got damaged. The damaged nerves causes him chronic pain. His back doesn’t hurt constantly, it comes and goes often.

Day 17: Bloodied

Valeri is acquiring some new scars lol. It’s from a scene where he’s fighting a small band of Imperial troops with Agrippa and nearly getting himself killed. They are in the middle of Dir’ahin’s wilderness, where he hasn’t gotten change to shave (which explains the beard) but they have gotten some ahinian clothing already.

Day 18 & 19: Feather & Bone

This is a tiny death spirit. They born from lingering feeling of fear of death and they poorly imitate scavenger birds. They gather in places with a lot of dying people which is why they can be often seen in hospitals and battle fields for example. They are not dangerous for people normally, since they are mainly scavengers and just wait for their victims to die before eating their souls. Though they might eat souls of birds who are not yet dead, causing weird and destructive behavior in them. If there’s a lot of them, they might try to gang up and take down a human too.

my octo-ber entries

Below the cut is the prompt list!

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Drawtober prompt #28: brightest character! That would have to be Beepo the foolmaker! They’re a DnD Monk I played for a Halloween oneshot, it was really fun to describe all thier whacky visual puns/ attacks! 🤡❤️💛💙

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29. Madeline Island 🏝 “We made a memory, that will always last. When we went on that trip, just us three and Max” 🐶
This is a lovely song about a camping trip Adam went on to Madeline Island, with his parents and his little dog Max. I absolutely adore the outro, the soft synths, crickets and waves .. this is the image I get in my mind when I hear it 💖

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