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drbarty · 3 months ago
Well, he gets there in the end.
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pdoctorfinn · 3 months ago
Finnbar writing piece ft @drbarty
     Dark boots walk upon damp brick streets. The smell of rain and dew filled the evening air while the town riddled less with civilization. Pale hands blanketed by gloves rested in dark pockets. Green eyes looking through ghostly fog, paying little to no attention to raindrops that fall from buildings and pillars above. Dark hair sat perfectly brushed over his shoulders, the sides tucked behind blotched ears. His eyebrows rid low, allowing his expression to intimidate those who had even the slightest idea to spare a single word.       He removes one hand, pulling the pocket watch from within a form fitting tail coat, letting his sights rest on the time. Work hour was over for most, it seemed. It was late. Too late for most. His jaw flexes, closing the watch with a small click of its lock. He halts to take a look at this desolate street. Watching as a mother not too far down waved her small boy into the home with haste. He blinks slowly, remembering the days of old. Or at least, what he could remember from such an age. Another blink, though this one simply half of a flutter before tucking his pocket watch away to continue his stroll. All seemed quaint tonight, as dismal and dreary the overall setting seemed. He takes a step, and he pauses. His was as sharp as his blade. The sound of weeping to his right caused his attention detour from his over all goal. He remained focused on the weeping. A familiar sound that caused his gloomy heart to bullet.      He turns, looking down the lengthy alley with pockets between riddled buildings. His eyes squinting slightly while turning down in pursuit of these worrying woes. His pace was steady, the hand that held the watch before now moving to rest on hidden blades. His mouth parted barely, his eyes blinking slowly. He looks down the left turn, his heart leaping into his throat in an instant. For the distress that painted his eardrums came from non other than the very man who made this ghastly heart into something similar to a melody. His hand removes from his weapon once verifying they were alone. He pauses for a moment. His head tilting. Those brown curls loose and soaked. Trembling hands gripping either side of the crate. “ Dear. ” His tone was soft. Though as soft as it was, it was no surprise when the doctor jumped in startle. Dr. Finn offers a pressed smile. His eyebrows pulling together to offer silent sympathy. Dr. Barty was quick to wipe his eyes and proclaim he was fine, but Finn knew better. A deep breath being sucked into his lungs to begin closing the gap. Those strong yet lengthy hands resting upon his back. Not minding the soaked cloth. The embrace came almost instantly, which he welcomed so. His arms wrapping around him and pulling him close. 
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misterartist · a year ago
Tumblr media
A nest of plague doctors! (it’s everyone who dueted a video of snoozing Barty I made 😂 I know @pdoctorfinn is on tumblr, but if anyone else is and wants to be credited, send me a message!)
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elfpluscats · a year ago
Tumblr media
Saving lives everyday
A sketch for @misterartist of his amazing @drbarty
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h-medicinalis · 6 months ago
top 5 plague doctor masks
1: mine bc I made it lol
2: honestly @drbarty‘s fabian mask i’ll let him share who made it and all bc i dont have the links or whatever but it’s just.  a great mask I love it.
3: Grandpa
Tumblr media
4: il Dottore
Tumblr media
5: Eileen the Crow’s mask :) wife :)
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dr-nicodemus · 9 months ago
(Duet with @drbarty )
What a beautiful person!!
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tenebris-metallum · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
A gift for @drbarty / @misterartist ! A little Barty celebrating the first night of Hanukkah, for the first night of Hanukkah!
I've also posted a process video on my tiktok @/rev1701 and I highly reccomend checking out Mr Artist's tiktok @/fanaticartisan as well for some top tier plague doctor content
Also here's a close up of Barty Face bc he's adorable:
Tumblr media
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vibing-idiot · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
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ysay-art · 4 months ago
Storyboard: Feldärzte
"How many dead?"
"... S... se-seventeen..."
Base inspo for this (mainly the dialogue) was this comic by @drbarty.
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drbarty · a month ago
It’s Out of Touch Thursday!
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pdoctorfinn · a year ago
Tumblr media
     Arms rested against his middle. Back against a cold wall and former heavy breaths calming. His eyes fluttered open. Daily pain finally DEPLETING for time being. His limbs felt weak in the mist of regaining their strength. Hidden lips coming to purse behind his mask as he shakily stood with the help of his cane. His hearing slowly began to return. The ringing sensation deafening. 
     He could hear now- SOMEWHAT. A muffled voice causing him to take glance at the door. Green eyes locking with a familiar pair. He sighed. Turning his gaze away from the man in EMBARRASSMENT for his state of weakness. 
     “ i’m fine- ” Finally, he was able to hear. Let alone speak. “ Leave me be, Barty, I- ” A sharp pain pulsed one last time through his body. Sending the doctor to his knees once more and sucking in air through CLENCHED teeth. “ Dammit. ”
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misterartist · a year ago
Tumblr media
some Dr. Barty expression studies without that pesky mask blocking his face ovo
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plague-doctor-queer · a year ago
@drbarty @screamingleeches
I hath joined thou on the MnM journey!
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h-medicinalis · a year ago
Genuinely surprised this worked at all tbh
@drbarty inspired me to make my own attempt at the mnms in the mask thing
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dr-nicodemus · 11 months ago
(My plague nurse daughter is shipping soon, so it's time for fatherly Nicodemus)
(Duet with @drbarty )
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diseasedcadaver · 10 months ago
[X] Dr. Kravitz is still catching up on how to socialize properly.
Feat. @drbarty (right)
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doctor-impatience · 11 months ago
I felt the need to post this for my biggest inspiration, @drbarty
Tumblr media
Happy birthday, Barty! - Patience
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stardestroyer81 · a year ago
Well, plague doctors of tumblr, I’ve done it. With the help of @plague-doctor-queer​ and drawing inspiration from the talented @drbarty​, I’ve finally done the unthinkable...
I have designed my own plaguesona.
Tumblr media
This is plague doctor in-training Quincy T. Page, better known as Quinn! Always wanting to lend a helping hand, Quinn is closely guided by his advisor, the esteemed Nurse Tipsy, toward the goal of becoming a well-respected plague doctor. However, a few things stand in Quinn's way of becoming a plague doctor of Nurse Tipsy's level, such as his hesitance and extreme fear of all things macabre. Despite these setbacks, Quinn will stop at nothing to ensure that his patients receive utmost care!
I’ll admit up front that this took me way longer to finish than it should have. There are so many ways to design a plague doctor that I fumbled through just about all the options! The end result was a design more in line with traditional plague doctors (Unlike the well-dressed grandeur that is Patricia) with an abundance of bluish hues- it is my favorite color, after all, it’s only fitting for a sona. I hope you like him as much as I do!
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drbarty · 11 days ago
Level 1 Barty
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