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I thought it would be interesting to learn about myths that Professional Locticians hear in their day-to-day environment. During the Natural Hair Industry Convention, I sat down with three Hair Care Professionals that service locs to find out what are the common misconceptions they hear when it comes to locs. - See More!

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ᴶᵘˡʸ ¹⁸ᵗʰ, ²⁰¹⁹
Taking it back to summer 2019. Hopefully summer 2020 brings nice weather even if we are still in a quarantine. Just because you cant go shopping doesnt mean you cant bird watch!🦉🦢🦆🐧🐦🐔

Beaker: @envyglassdesigns
Slide: @dirtyglassinc
Music: @katastro

#throwback #summer2019 #bongrip #outside #warmweather #tokerpoker #pendy #showmetheroad #awlglass #dirtyglassinc #envyglassdesigns #outsidesesh #girlswithglasses #wedontsmokethesame #Letussmoke #Medicate #EastCoast #dreadlocks #cannabiscommunity #Hippie #ToadStoolGang #plantsnotpills #HappilyHigh #goodvibes #420society #cannabis #girlswhosmoke #StayClassy

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Waited 4 U


#Waited4U #Odesza #bongrip #beforework #scrublife #essentialworker #anxiety #successfulstoner #hempwick #BeelineHempwick #americanmadeglass #dreadlocks #clouds #Letussmoke #Medicate #EastCoast #dreadlocks #gravlabs #exhaleddoubt #cannabiscommunity #Hippie #ToadStoolGang #plantsnotpills #HappilyHigh #goodvibes #420society #cannabis #girlswhosmoke #StayClassy

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An older drawing to fill my page a bit haha. (also pls don’t look at the signature, I drew this late and posted it on my instagram, I’m too lazy to change it now lol)

This is my newer oc Khelhe! The clothes still need some work and I’m trying to figure out her personality, but so far so good!


This is what I’ve got so far; 

Khelhe is 18 and lives in a clan, semi ruled by a chief/url (still working out what I wanna call it lol) and a Shaman.

Chiefs are always men, however Shaman can be man, woman, both or neither.

I normally wasn’t going to include magic or any kind of ‘supernatural’, but I really want to let the Shaman make sense, so magic and mythological creatures it is! So far Unicorns/Pegasy, Centaurs, Satyrs and Dragons are the creatures that roam around on the yet unnamed continent Khelhe lives on.

The rings in her dreadlocks actually have a meaning! They represent how old a member of the clan is. Not everybody has dreadlocks, but everybody does have the rings! Khelhe isn’t actually wearing gold ones, it’s more of a polished bronze. They start wearing silver rings after 20y (1 silver ring represents 10 years) at 50y they start wearing golden rings in their hair (if they get to that age).

one last thing, the tattoo on her forehead is the symbol of a bird, which means freedom/spirituality as well as being protected by the Sky Father. (you have Mother Earth, Father Sky, Brother Sun and Sister Moon) the symbol is basically her totem that helps guide her through her life. A totem is always tattooed on the forehead, because it has to helps them think and contemplate every difficult part of their life. Multiple people can have the same totem, they will be seen as totem brothers/sisters and are required to help each other in times of need. Many hunters, for example, have a wolf or a lion totem, whilst gatherers/farmers (I’m still not sure what kind of civilization its gonna be) have a doe, bird or ant (yes, ant) totem. These talismans aren’t family related. It can wildly differ, or perfectly fit together.

It is first painted on the forehead at birth, and it continuous to be painted on the forehead until the boys had their first hunt and the girls had their first cycle.

The tattoo part is the longest because that was the easiest to figure out, it might become more complex eventually, though.

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Ft. @djhoppa


#centerfold #splitdivo #djhoppa #BlotterSheetEP #hightimescenterfold #bongrip #cleanglass #clouds #BeelineHempwick #hempwick #dirtyglassinc #mouthpeace #mooselabsmouthpeace #exhaleddoubt #dreads #drool #Letussmoke #Medicate #EastCoast #dreadlocks #cannabiscommunity #Hippie #ToadStoolGang #plantsnotpills #HappilyHigh #goodvibes #420society #cannabis #girlswhosmoke #StayClassy

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Mmmm Sweaty Mosh 💦
I dont remeber what I dropped in there, but it was tasty! I have a feeling it was either Cotton Candy Sugar or Safety Break Wax 😛


#dabs #moshdabs #hemperco #tasty #safetybreak #cottoncandy #710 #oil #sweaty #afterwork #freethenipple #clouds #idontdab #stonerchick #EdApe #slyme #Letussmoke #Medicate #EastCoast #dreadlocks #cannabiscommunity #Hippie #ToadStoolGang #plantsnotpills #HappilyHigh #goodvibes #420society #cannabis #girlswhosmoke #StayClassy

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so im back! got logged out when my laptop went in for repairs but ive finally logged back in. Tumblr is the only place that doesnt change to much. its familiar and nice. 

ive turned 30 since the last time i wrote ( i think) which isnt much different but i did notice lines. lines on my forehead, lines under my eyes. just lines i never noticed before i was 30. i dont like them but there is nothing to do but accept them and their existence. 

since the apocalypse started, i havent done anything different, not really. i was socially reclusive before, im still socially reclusive now, just with the added fear of people, their bodily fluids, and fear when i sneeze or have a sore throat now. 

i did however, start learning a new language, i have never been good at wrapping my tongue around languages, german, chinese, japanese, all of them in the past just wouldnt stick, but for some reason i googled languages a few months ago, and romanian stuck out. (also, My brother charlie, he lives in Romania was echoing in my head from harrypotter) 

so slowly still studying that, online, freely, with the help of other people who are learning the same way i am. 

my dreadlocks turn 7 years old. i was here on tumblr when i started my dreadlocks. so long ago! i got a bday present for them, but not sure if itll arrive in time.  but 7 years on. they are long, they are happy and they are purple! but my profile pic will remain that old beginner picture because i like it and also because i dont know how to change it any more. 

not much else is happening, toilet paper is now available again, but prices are still high on some things. 

also im addicted to animal crossing.. 

okay till the next update. ill be around. if youhave a switch, im happy to add you. 

if you play GTA V on pc im also happy to hang. havent played much else. 

still making youtube videos now and then. its fun when there is no pressure and just posting what i want. i do miss vlogging but just cant get back into it.. 


—here are some pictures of my dreads and their progression. when i first got them in 2013, then 1 year later and then the pother day at 7 years. (the pics wont cooperate, so they are the top one when i first got them, the last one is the other day) , whatever works. :/ —-

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