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If c!George visited c!Dream in prison-

Dream: George!

George: Dream!

Dream: they trapped me, I’m stuck down here

George: how the f- Dream you’re a God and you let them trap you in a prison that you had built

Dream: George, I swear to God

George: PAHAHAHAHA, TRASH! You’re trash, you’re dog water, you literally suck ass.

Dream: George please I can’t get out, I’m too far down, I’m at bedrock level

George: Baby dream can’t get out oh he’s too little, wiener built like a tictac, you’re short? Grow



Dream breaking character: *snorts*

Quackity tryna keep the story going: oh my GOD GUYS

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Seni beğenenle,yüzünün güzelliğini görenle değil..🐞🌹🐞

Seni seviyorum diyenle değil..🖐️

Seni anlayanla,


Sevildiğini hissettiren..🥰

Her durumda yanında olacağına inandığın kişiyle olursan güzeldir….


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Okay but is it bad that my first reaction to seeing Dreams vault was “OH, HE ACTUALLY HAS A HOUSE!” ?

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I’m not sure which is worse, Eret’s daemon just being in the trophy room or Eret’s daemon being with Dream at all times. Both are horrifying and it hurts me in ways I didn’t know can hurt me.

Both Tommy and Tubbo being horrified by this and how about we put some more angst by not only Dream threatening Tubbo, but also threatening the death of Eret’s daemon?

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i am ready for dream to be executed after they use his book to bring wilbur (and maybe a few others ;)) back to life and then when he dies everyone is very happy but suddenly the ground opens up and out rises a burning god green man laughing maniacally and saying “ohh you fucked up”.

because we all know dream isnt on one last life, right? his lifes were listed as “??” i think (?), so i think he either as infinite lifes or he has a +1 life for everytime theres a new person on the smp. i think it would be interesting if it was because it would explain why dream keeps adding people to his smp in the lore and would just be quite cool.

dream most definitely doesnt have three lives like the rest because this is his world, his smp, his land. also with the whole karl jacobs story thingy dream is there every single time, thats isn’t normal. so i’m just looking forward to the day where someone takes dreams “last” life and turns out, nope, he’s a god.

i also cant wait for people to visit him in jail, it will be great to see that man locked away because c!dream scares me so much. i find his character so so so interesting though. hey, welldone to dream for creating an amazing character!

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Well ouch. That just shows that Dream still has attachment towards George. Doesn’t excuse his actions but man, George dying in their timeline sucks.

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An anomaly.

Saw something like this in an animatic, a very long-armed Dream, and I thought it was neat.

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I wrote an essay today and slipped in the line “their alliance was simply never meant to be” (it was very fitting) and I’m currently wondering if my teacher knows that I was quoting a very chaotic person who streams a game about placing blocks for a living

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Oh wow okay. That had to be low-key horrifying for everyone. Just that act and man at least HBomb is comforting Eret in the process.

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There’s going to be a sleeping competition and George hits the bed and falls asleep immediately.

Speedruning? Bam, Dream is on it.

Arson? Sapnap already started several fires. Get going.

Potion Making? Wilbur has been making “drugs” since he was young.

The final one is going to be Potato-Farming and somehow it was the most brutal. No one can beat Technoblade and his need to be the best.

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thinking about how tubbo gave up.

he was so enthusiastic beforehand, ready to fight dream and get the disc back.

but when dream gave tommy the ultimatum, tubbo or the disk, tubbo told tommy to take the disc.

tubbo told tommy to pick the disc over him because he’d ‘already done enough in his life’, and he knew how much the discs mean to tommy.

and tommy thought about it and chose tubbo.

because tubbo is his best friend, who’s been there with him for so long, and, to quote tommy, who would he be without tubbo?

and i think that, and basically the entire events of the 20th, just shows a lot about their characters and who they are, how they’ve changed and grown and been hurt throughout the smp

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and so the shipping begins

- dream smp episode 7

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Dream On Beautiful People, Dream On… Angel’s Prayer Of The Day

Dream On Beautiful People, Dream On… Angel’s Prayer Of The Day

Dream On Beautiful People, Dream On…
Good morning beautiful people, good morning. I recieved a small journal for Christmas and the cover design is pink pok a dot and reads Do What You Love. My passion is prayer and I love to pray for miracles, because I know the miracle maker. I have witnessed miracles, prayed for miracles and believe in miracles.
Recently, a friend called to report to me three…


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So with Dream being being put in the prison I’ve seen a couple people say that it could actually be a good thing because he won’t end up involved in the EggPire stuff going on.

I would like to argue the situation is the exact opposite. The thing I see a lot of people forgetting is that Dream recruited the Badlands to guard the prison, and to add into that, the prison is built in the middle of the Badlands right next to Bad’s and Skeppy’s House. It extremely possible that Bad’s guard status will allow him to be one of the few people to have a lot of unsupervised acess to Dream, and enough stuff has happened that Bad probably isn’t exactly thrilled with Dream at the moment. I mean even if the egg made Bad stop caring about Skeppy, Corrupted Bad seems to be very motivated by power so he probably isn’t exactly happy about Dream planning to blackmail him using Skeppy behind his back, and that’s not even mentioning that Dream has repeatedly refused to grant Bad the land he wants. I totally predict Bad is going to slowly try to infect Dream, and Dream’s going to get a taste of his own medicine as nobody’s going to believe him when he tries to tell people what Bad is doing to him. Afterall, a corrupted Dream joining the Eggpire would make them VERY powerful…

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