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morgan1011 · 18 hours ago
george on the smp, tommy on the smp, sam on the smp, tubbo on the smp, our constant foolish on the smp, punz on the smp, dreamxd on the smp, new members on the smp, punz and sapnap flirting, sam flirting, george flirting, sapnap complaining about everything.....tommy neg trending on twitter. i see society is reverting to life as we knew it months ago
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thegrinningkitten · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Inktobertale2021 Day 22: Don't you have a heart?
Pro-tip: If someone asks you a question you don't want to answer, a baffling misdirection is usually enough for them to forget they asked anything.
Ink belongs to @myebi / @comyet
Dream belongs to Joku
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gavin-screaming · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
i always forgot that dnf’s biggest shippers are their own friends 💀
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jareckiworld · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
Rémy Van den Abeele (1918-2006) — Brigitte's Dream  (oil on canvas, 1970)
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lucymcyt · 17 hours ago
Talking to the bump (pregnancy series)
Series masterlist
A/n: this part may be a little repetitive because I ran out of ideas pretty quick
Me and George love talking to our baby all the time we do it almost everyday because she can hear us from inside there so why not. We also love to play music from our phones and sit in on or near my bump for her to listen to because they say that if you do that then the baby will find those songs calming and if that's true we might as well be songs we like.
George just finished streaming and he came into the living room to sit with me well instead of sitting he laid down on his stomach half over my legs and put his hands on bump. He started whispering to the baby things that I couldn't hear which means he was probably trying to get one up and be the favourite parent.
"What are you saying?" I asked
"Nothing" he said with innocent eyes
He leant up to kiss my cheek before lying back down and talking at a volume that I could hear and it was just the cutest thing ever.
"You are going to love it here little one we have so much stuff for you and we are going to love you so much in fact we already do it's going to be the best" he said
"George thats so cute your going to make me cry" I said
He spent ages talking to the baby and telling her about what her life will be like and I know she doesn't understand that but it just feels nice that she might have even the tiniest bit of understanding about how much we already love her and are going to enjoy life when she gets here.
Me and Clay have been having a chill day because we are both exhausted although it is for entirely different reasons we both decided we just needed to do nothing all day before we can go back to normal life tomorrow. I don't think we have left the bed for more than 15 minutes at a time today which as been so nice on my aching ankles.
Halfway through the day we both took a nap and when I woke up Clay was lying behind me because I have to lay on my side and talking to my bump. My brain didn't take in what we was saying to start with because I was still half asleep but once I woke up a bit more I heard him telling our baby what we had been doing all day which I thought was really funny but sweet at the same time.
"You ok there?" I asked
"I'm doing great just telling her about our lives so shes ready" he replied
"You see little one you will get to spend so much time with us because we are always here and almost never leave the house but I promise we will take you out to explore the world just like we did as kids" he said to my bump
"Oh and while were at it your dad may wake you up with his screaming while he runs around as a green blob in a game" I added
"Hey don't listen to that I won't wake you up but I do do the other part" he said
We went back and forth telling things about our life to the baby which she definitely doesn't understand but it helps her get familiar with our voices which is so weird to me but apparently its true. We did a lot of joking around with each other saying things that the other one didn't want the baby to be told but it was fun.
I have been talking to my bump a lot without even meaning to I just like having someone to talk to when Sapnap's not around and its fun telling him things about life when I think about them or when he kicks it feel like we are having a little conversation.
Sapnap on the other hand doesn't really talk to the bump at all and I honestly think thats just because he doesn't think about it. There are many times that he changed the music he was listening to because he knows that the baby can hear it but that doesn't quite connect to the fact that he can talk to our son and get him familiar with his voice.
He was busy doing whatever and I was sat listening to music and absentmindedly talking to my bump because the baby was kicking. Sapnap came into the room and laid down with me which brought me back to reality. He put his hand on my bump next to mine feeling the kicks that were going happening and he knew thats what was going on because I always like to sit there and feel the kicks when they are happening.
"Were you talking to him?" Nick asked
"Yeah I do it a lot so that he can become familiar with my voice" I said
"Wait thats a thing?" He questioned
"Yeah its the same as the music thing he will be able to become familiar with the tones of our voices and so will find it comforting" I explained
"Thats so cool" he said
The both of us then talked to the baby but I mostly let Sapnap talk to him so that the baby would get used to his voice and not just mine.
Me and Alex are constantly playing music because it is something we both love and appreciate so it makes sense that we like humming tunes and singing to the baby especially Alex. He loves to sing all sorts of songs to the baby mainly when she is active and moving because then she can definitely hear us.
Alex hasn't felt great today so he took a nap and I let him sleep for a while before going back in the room to see how he was doing. When I got in the room he was awake and looking through his phone before noticing me and moving to let me get on the bed with him. He put his arm around me and let me put my head in his neck to cuddle which was fine since he wasn't properly sick just feeling a bit run down.
We laid down together and I started humming my favourite song and then Alex started singing it as I hummed the tune. The two of us make a good little duo when we do this sort of thing, I can't really sing but having loved music for pretty much my whole life I'm pretty good with rhythm and of course Alex can sing so we do it that way. We sung a few songs to the baby before the kicks were getting too strong for me to focus and so we stopped so that she would calm down slightly.
I took a nap this afternoon because I was just feeling so exhausted and Karl was out filming and wasn't meant to be home for a few hours so it was a good time but I woke up to talking and a figure next to me in the bed. I was about to freak out before I quickly realised that it was Karl and that it was him talking about something or other, I don't know what his thought process was trying to talk to me while I was asleep but I tried to listen to him although nothing seemed to make sense.
"What are you talking about?" I asked
"Oh sorry honey I didn't mean to wake you I was just talking to the baby because I felt him kicking" he said
Karl has done this to me a few times he will have full blown conversations with my bump to the point that I think he's talking to me and then I feel bad for not paying attention. Don't get me wrong its the sweetest thing ever but there are times where it confuses me so much how he can ask questions to our baby who can't answer and then just continue talking.
"Thats alright I just thought you were trying to talk to me" I said
"I can talk to you too if you want" he said
Then we started talking about what we had done today saying it somewhat to each other but also sort of to the baby not that he cares but its fun to involve him in our lives.
Wilbur is always talking to my bump as well as singing, of course he loves music and I do too so almost every night we sit down and he plays guitar and sings something usually one of his songs or some of our favourites. It's my favourite time of the day when we get to relax and just sing songs.
"I have something special I want to sing tonight if that's ok love" Wilbur said
"Of course it is" I replied
He grabbed his guitar and started playing a melody that I haven't heard before and then the words started and I realised what was happening, he had written a song for our baby. It was the cutest thing I've ever heard every word had so much thought and meaning behind it and the song was overall just beautiful.
My eyes began to water because I just loved the song so much, Wilbur finished the song and leant in immediately to give me a kiss and wipe the few tears from my face. He also kissed my bump whispering a few sweet words to little bean.
"That was beautiful Will I love it" I said
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bakuhatsu-sensei · 16 hours ago
Hey! Bad's song MUFFIN has been released and I LOVE IT SO MUCH 😭😭The vibes are just so sweet, so to celebrate i offer you a sweet sweet sakura BBH i did in like 15 minutes, , , let me know what you thought about the song !
Tumblr media
My MCYT art requests are open!! Check pinned post :]
🎵 Im thinking about you~
Our love was ten times sweeter than candy,
Ten times sweeter than cake~🎵
Also my dear mcyt fandom, im counting on you to reblog this! SPREAD BAD'S SONG! WE STRONK!!
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gavin-screaming · 13 hours ago
not sapnap saying “my boyfriend’s better than your boyfriend” to george
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exotlcbutter · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Ghost Dream George and Sapnap 
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neptuneofthesky · 4 hours ago
Stay With Me
Dream x reader
drabble, fluff (hurt/comfort?)
me pretending like I didn't disappear and writing something random cringe to get over my writer's block- FEED YOURSELVES MY CHILDREN I DONT CARE IF IT'S ROTTEN-
Tumblr media
"Don't ask why it has to be you,"
"Just stay with me"
-STAY by Blackpink
"Did you pack everything?"
Dream nodded as he gave you a mischievous smile, "I think I forgot one little thing..."
You tried to bite back a smile and raised a brow, "Oh yeah? What is it?"
He wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you closer, "Will you fit in the suitcase?"
He nuzzled his nose on your neck as you laughed, "Stop, it tickles..."
You exhaled and pulled him even closer, "Clay..."
"Do you have to go?"
He sighed, "Y/n... we talked about this..."
You bit your bottom lip, "Yeah, we talked about a lot of other things as well."
He slightly chuckled and cupped your cheeks, "Don't be frustrated, we are going to meet again!"
You huffed as a frown appeared on your face, "Of course we are going to meet again, I just don't want you to go."
He just smiled fondly and ruffled your hair, "C'mon, I'll miss the flight."
Trying to fake a smile was getting harder and harder as you both neared the gate.
You gulped as tears sprung in your eyes.
Clay sighed and placed his hands on your shoulder, "Please don't be sad, it's making it harder for both of us."
You looked down, "How can you expect me to not be sad, Clay?"
You sniffed and looked up, "Don't go."
He slightly gasped as he saw your big teary eyes. You literally looked like a puppy who got kicked.
He sighed as tried to hold back his own tears, "I won't be able to if you are like this."
You threw your arms around him as a sob escaped you, "I don't care if I am being clingy. I don't care if I am being selfish. Just... don't go, don't leave me, please."
He sniffed as his grip got tighter, "I don't want to go too..."
You pulled back and cupped his cheeks, and shook your head, "Then don't. Please."
He stared at your face for a minute, before chuckling and shaking his head, "You are going to be the death of me."
missed my flight. sorry @/sapnapalt
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of course. prolly was too busy having sex with @/y/nishappy
->y/n@/y/nishappy replying to @/sapnapalt
don't rage at us just because you don't get laid. virgin.
->karl@/honkkal replying to @/y/nishappy and @/sapnapalt
who you calling virgin? idiot.
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@rexit-mo, @alex--awesome--22, @hi-imuwu, @the-official-memester, @beeissdead, @malfoysslutt, @beeseira, @incorrectquotesformyuse, @uselesssapphickitten, @ahmya-4, @penumbrasposts, @itsberrydreemurstuff, @chaoticotaku
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gavin-screaming · 16 hours ago
bro i can’t wait till george is in the u.s so dream can face reveal so him george ‘n sap can actually go outside and hang out and do things together
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a1kali · 16 hours ago
Eryn being added to the dsmp might just cure my depression LETS FUCKING GO
I started watchung him back when he an tommy still streamed together, and i watched him more than any other for a bit there then like stopped. But hooooo man seeing how far they've come and just the vibe they have is immaculate
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nazrigar · 12 hours ago
Slasher Villain... vs. a Tiger
I had a weird dream that a slasher villain faced off against a tiger... and the tiger WON. The tiger just straight up mauled the dude.
Maybe for Halloween, I can work something for this for halloween!
Like... Imagine the stereotypical horror protagonists lead the slasher villain into a zoo. The slasher villain has them cornered into a enclosure... Only for the tiger to LEAP from its enclosure...
And put the primal terror of an Apex predator whose kind has survived for MILLIONS of years onto some filthy humanoid with a knife.
Cue the tiger curbstomping the slasher villain.
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coles-corner · 13 hours ago
You know those, I made a bot watch 30 hours of *blank* and had them write a script posts? I think it would be funny if we did that but with Dream SMP streams or at least a single streamers streams like Tommyinnit or Awesamdude lore streams.
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weatheredcopper · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
Ok real quick before we get c!tommy lore later (hopefully), heres an au I've been thinking about where the revive book fails and tommy's ghost comes back to haunt him :)
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