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duck-that-does-stuff · 16 hours ago
Reminder for MCC because its tomorrow!
Mcc is a FUN event. It is not competitive, and at most, only a coin and bragging rights are on the line for most creators. (Sapnap and Punz are the exception in mcc15)
I've noticed some toxicity to creators after the last few Mccs, and I just wanted to remind everyone to:
Dont go after Scott Smajor or the Noxcrew if something goes wrong, and your streamer gets affected by it. It was not intentional, and they DID NOT TARGET your streamer on purpose.
Dont go after any creators. That's common sense. They are all friends and dont want to see their friends being harassed.
Support the new comers! If you still dont know who to watch this mcc, try out 5up's Antfrost, or Ranboo's perspective!
Last but not least, have fun! Be nice and spread positivity to whoever your going to watch. Remember your water, meds, and food. Have a great rest of your day and the best of luck to all the creators out there who are going to play in Mcc!
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one-time-i-dreamt · 15 hours ago
I met God????
I was in a forest, by a river. I wandered for a bit around the many winding paths and trees before I stumbled upon what looked like a mangled, mangy moose laying in the middle of the path. I sat by it, and we talked about how unfortunate the world was with how it was normalized to suffer or be ignored or treat the earth like it is some sort of disposable toy.
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natsonice · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
finally drew dreamxd (drista bonus)
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larapaulussen · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
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chaomingo · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Ko-Fi Doodle for @calcium-cat! Thank you so much for the support! It really means a lot to me^^
Inspired by their 'One Small Dream' fic, I drew kid Dream with his lil Nighty plushie^^
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one-time-i-dreamt · 8 hours ago
The guy who owns Facebook bought Tumblr but then gave it away because he was "bullied off the plattform".
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the-cinder-fields · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Junko Nagano , Dream Night Story, 2020
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quivvyintheclouds · 5 hours ago
Midnight Shenanigans
Pairings: cc!Dream, cc!Sapnap, cc!GeorgeNotFound, cc!KarlJacobs Tags: fluff, grocery shopping, stargazing, skateboarding, baking, spontaneous dates, 2nd pov Summary:
Enjoy a late-night date with your favorite boy.
Word Count: 405 Warnings: using dream's real name, one curse word
Tumblr media
while freaking out over the possible dt meetup, i wrote this to calm myself down LMFAO anyways, this is what i'd think each boy would be like if you went on a spontaneous "date" in the middle of the night. as always, enjoy reading<3 masterlist
Tumblr media
Baking Cookies
It was nearing 1 am when you sat down on the kitchen counter with Clay, quietly staring at the oven.
Previously, you two were sprawled on the couch watching a baking show, and you decided that it couldn't possibly be that hard to make chocolate chip cookies.
Which was true, it wasn't too hard, however you still managed to make a big mess.
Clay decided to throw flour at you, which caused a mini food fight in your small kitchen.
As you tried running away, he caught you by the waist, earning a small shriek from you. "I got you!"
Tumblr media
We know Sapnap skates pretty late at night (check this tweet 😍), but what if he brought his s/o with him?
You'd be wearing one of his hoodies (probably his merch!) and you'd hold his hand through your sweater paws, walking with him to the skatepark.
Both of you would be learning some new tricks on your skateboards, teasing the other if they took longer to get the hang of it.
Unironically taking Pinterest-worthy pictures of each other. He'd post a few on Twitter, captioning it late-night skating with them <3
"This one is for you!" He half-shouts as he pushes himself down the half-pipe, attempting a trick he'd been practicing. Too bad he fell on his ass, though.
Tumblr media
Going to the grocery
Together, you and George have zero impulse control.
Driving to Tesco at 2:14 am to buy Oreos seemed reasonable to both of you.
Both still in your pajamas, you browsed the aisles full of energy, laughing with each other. The shop employees were too tired to care about the ruckus, anyways.
You stepped inside the milk fridge and asked him to take a photo of you.
"You are such an idiot." He rolls his eyes but he's smiling at you anyways.
Tumblr media
The two of you laid on a fluffy blanket in your backyard, looking at the dark sky. The moon would give you just enough light to see each other's faces.
You were beside Karl, holding onto his hand as you pointed out some constellations.
Expect a bunch of giggling from Karl.
He leans towards you and kisses your cheek a lot!
It gets very cozy when he eventually begins cuddling you (he couldn't help it, he needed cuddles).
"God, I love you so much :]" He pulls you closer to him, arms secured around your body.
Tumblr media
i took some inspo from some tweets i saw haha but i hope you enjoyed reading this! feel free to make a request and remember to drink water!! reblogs are appreciated!
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this-was-not-planned21 · 19 hours ago
Mc: What the fuck is wrong with you?!
Dream: Wow, you could start with a 'good morning'.
Mc: Good morning. What the fuck is wrong with you?!
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dk-thrive · 20 hours ago
Maybe some nights they dream and wake, check the darkness, sleep again till dawn.
The trees change shape at night. In the darkness, limbs relax, leaves droop. Branches reach out for each other, like holding hands. It’s tiring, raising boughs to the sun, making energy of sunlight. Come night the trees’ bodies have less work. The pressure in their cells falls a little, like ours. Like us, like any creature, they don’t stop at night. Some tree-mind keeps the respiration running, tends the flow of sap. Some green thought reads the turning of the earth and the slow tilt towards winter. The woods expand, settle down for the night, offer a little more shelter to those who need it. Trees sleep, more or less. Maybe some nights they dream and wake, check the darkness, sleep again till dawn.
— Sarah Moss, “maybe they dream” in Summerwater: A Novel (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, January 12, 2021) 
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one-time-i-dreamt · 11 hours ago
Keith from the Try Guys absolutely annihilated Jeff Bezos with like... the lid of a grand piano. Just sprinted in out of nowhere and clobbered him.
Thanks, dream Keith. You're an MVP.
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straighttohellbuddy · 12 hours ago
favoritism {Dream}
Summary: They/Them. cc!Dream. The reader receives merch from a friend, and because they are a good friend the reader decides to model it on their IG story. Without pants. Which their boyfriend may or may not be jealous of. At least the way he acts on that jealousy is fun for you both.
A/N: 1336 words. it's not my fault i look cute in corpse merch and cat ears and have dream brainrot and find inspiration in the dumbest places. the line between sfw and nsfw is but a gossamer thread. deeply self indulgent. there's no actual descriptions of the reader's body or body type. Not what I intended to write, not what I should be writing, kinda rushed. Eh.
Warnings: no smut but the whole thing is essentially heavily implied NSFW content while still being mostly sfw. it's a heavy lime to light lemon, i guess, if we're going by the citrus scale. mentions of biting and hickeys (not on reader)
It starts under red lights, in a warm, dark room as the Autumn chill is kept at bay outside your window thanks to your little heater. It starts with you, elbow deep in a draw trying to find where you'd put those damn cat ears, while you'd asked Google to play some of Corpse's music. It was a vibe, an aesthetic you were going for, inspired on this fine even with no-where to go, looking for an excuse to dress up. Or down, as the case may be.
And you're wearing a collar with a bell, ears firmly on your head, in thigh-high socks and little else besides an oversized Corpse hoodie, when you find yourself in the kitchen, frowning into the silverware draw, contemplating where all the knives were. Dirty, on the side of the sink, probably, so now your dilemma has changed to which one would fit the aesthetic best. Which also happens to be how Dream finds you.
"Did I miss something? Is there a special occasion?" He sounds a little winded when he speaks, finally alerting you to his presence. When you turn, soapy knife in one hand and dish cloth in the other, wearing a bright smile, you see the wide-eyed, almost awed look he's giving you. A good reaction, the sort of reaction you were looking for.
"Just wanted to feel cute and take some photos of myself," you sway a little, giving a little movement to the hoodie, perhaps to draw attention to where it shifted against the tops of your thighs, and your smile grows a little wider, grows at little sharper, as his gaze drops to follow the movement, if only for a moment.
"How's editing going?" You ask, shooting for idle as you finish washing the knife, turning back to the sink.
"It's good, it's good," he murmurs, sounding distracted as he crosses the kitchen to you, slowly, "you look so good," it's barely above a whisper, and he doesn't even seem to realise he's said it out loud, reaching out to touch at the small stretch of bare skin of your thigh between the top of your sock and the hem of the hoodie.
"Thank you," you hum appreciatively shifting your weight to nudge him with your hip. His hand moves higher, moves beneath your sweater, and you pause after you turn off the tap, bracing your free hand against the counter as you look at him. He's looking back, his momentary shock of seeing you like that having worn off simply to appreciation, "can I help you?" You grin.
"How come you've never modelled my merch like this?" Though his tone was teasing, something about it still set your heart fluttering as his hand was still resting warm and secure on your hip.
"I model your merch like this all the time," you step up to him, wrapping your arms around his neck, "you just never think to take photos."
"You know I've taken photos," he pulls your closer, both hands on your hips now, "but I don't want anyone else seeing those." The way he speaks, the appreciation, the reverence in his voice when he talks about you, you don't think you'd ever get used to it, and you'd never grow tired of it.
"You keep talking like that and I'm not gonna be able to take my photos."
"Maybe that's my plan," he smirks, right before you lean in to kiss him. There's something urgent about it, something insistent, like he's making sure that he'll still linger on your lips and in your mind when the moment's over. You hold him tighter, fitting against him while his nails dig into your sides, a pleasant sting.
Finally, when you part, he murmurs for you to go take your photos, resting your foreheads together as he reminds you that he'll be waiting, saying it like a promise. For a moment, your breath stutters in your throat, lips still tingling -
"Photos can wait until later -" the words tumble from your lips insistently.
"They can?" He sounds so smug, and if this were any other time, any other situation, you'd probably be annoyed, but he's insufferably good at getting you hot and bothered; you don't even make it out of the kitchen, as you put down the clean knife the moment he pushes you to sit on the counter. A rush to take off the hoodie, cold counter beneath your thighs, his lips on your neck, your hands in his hair- the photoshoot you'd planned is forgotten for the time being.
The next morning, freshly showered and on your second attempt of the photoshoot, you're on your knees in front of your mirror, cat ears in place, knife in one hand and phone in the other. Dream's still in bed, propping himself up on his side to grin at you as you pose.
"I'm dreaming, I must actually be dreaming right now," his tone is adoring, and you can see him smile out of the corner of your eye. You hit record on your camera, phone still pointed at yourself in the mirror as you glance over to him.
"Stay back temptress; fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice -" you're grinning from ear to ear as Dream's eyes go wide, though he's picked up on the fact that you're filming, if only judging by your tone.
"If anything you're the temptress, fucking look at you! I was happily editing before you distracted me!"
"Distracted you -!?" You crow, before realising this was probably the right time to stop recording if you ever wanted to upload it anywhere. You toss your phone to the side, standing, making your way to the bed, "you know exactly how to get me going, don't pretend like seeing me get dolled up to take photos in someone else's merch -"
"I wasn't jealous," he lied, badly. You hadn't even said it yet, so much as implied. He leaned back flopping back onto the bed and looking up at the ceiling as a blush crept up his cheeks.
"As if you didn't know how I'd react to seeing you like that," he tips his head to look at you, smiling wide as fond as his gaze trailed down your outfit appreciatively; "you know you're hot as fuck." He muses. As you sit on the edge of the bed, he reaches out, hand on your thigh.
"You ever want me to model for you properly, get all fancy, maybe put on some fishnets and eyeliner -"
"Fucking hell," he breathed, "unless you're planning to start an Only Fans -" but you cut him off with a kiss, leaning back into him, delighting in the moment, his tone, the implication. You leave bruising kiss on his neck, his shoulders, his chest, you nail marks like neon signs, a reminder of who you come home to, of who you love. And he, of course, is more than happy to repay you in kind, eliciting noise from you, past words, incomprehensible but insistent until even your voice catches and it's all you can do to is to gasp out wanton breaths, and shuddering - please, please, please.
You're pretty sure there's nothing more beautiful than the hickeys blooming bright against his skin; there's something possessive in your chest that likes the sight of them. For a moment you wonder if that's how he feels seeing you in his merch, his brand staking a claim on you for him.
"Admiring your handiwork?" He grins at you, arms behind his head all smug and content.
"Of course, I'm an artist," you respond easily, curling up against him, "you know you're my favourite," you tell him softly, carefully touching each of the love marks you've left, lingering on the bite marks by his hip. He wraps his arm around you, quietly appreciating you and the moment. He kisses the top of your head; it's answer enough in the content silence. You're his favourite too.
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messy-gguki · 14 hours ago
i just had a thought-- so we know that one of the reasons why dream's face reveal has been postponed so many times despite the milestones for it is bc dream's afraid his image as a faceless content creator dream will cease to be. it's been such a great part of his career so it makes sense that he's hesitant to let it go right?
SO!! what if when he finally does his face reveal we celebrate it for a day... then the next day, we just pretend it never happened and act like we still dont know his face? we just play dumb and be on our ways like before like nothing ever happened right??? and we still make reactions like "face reveal OMG WHEN?? 😱😟😵"
like outside the fandom, its like we dont know shit but we do but WE SAY DONT RIGHT and his face just never resurfaces EVER again on any public surface, just dms or smth.
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