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A Microsoft/Google Dream

I heard rumors of a new Microsoft/Google easter egg. I set my laptop and I went to only to find that the logo was replaced by three (3) icons of some kind of angel or cupid. I clicked and dragged the first cupid icon into the middle cupid. Then the screen turned black, and I was presented with this really scary cutscene that looks like a horror movie trailer. I was too scared and I tried my best not to look at it. I did catch a glimpse of what’s in it, and they have some references to other forms of media. Video games like Minecraft is one of the things I saw, but presented in a really scary way. Throughout the video, random messages appear all around the screen, things like “It’s all your fault” and “What did you do?”

The video was like a minute long, and the screen turned black and then one of the random messages appeared: “Why did you do this to us?” Then the screen turned black again and another message appeared but this time it’s a Japanese word, “罪”, meaning “sin”.

The cutscene finally ended, and a message from Microsoft appeared that the thing was just a whole collaborative project. I was back at the search page, and the three cupid icons disappeared but the Google logo didn’t return. The search bar was the only thing left on the page.

I woke up at the sound of my own alarm, and the dream was still in my mind. I was scared shitless.

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Last night I dreamed that I had a girlfriend.

It was our first date and I was getting ready, deciding on my outfit I chose a croptop in aqua, with a matching skirt and white knee socks; right when I was going to pick some shoes she arrived.

I wasn’t ready so I panicked and told my family to hold her off for a second.

My mom failed to do that and she was right outside my bedroom door.

I opened the door and saw a beautiful Asian girl with the best make up ever in pastel colours. ( What did I do to deserve her?)

She didn’t mind that I wasn’t ready and instead wanted to help me but when she got close I stopped breathing.

She noticed and asked if I wanted to kiss her, I nodded and for a second I thought she was just teasing me because we both stood there, staring at each other, not wanting to be the one to make the first move.

So I did, clumsily and shaking I embraced her and touched her lips with mine.

As soon as I opened my mouth she took control of everything, it was a wonderful kiss.

Sadly I woke up right after that.

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in another dream all the news were covering a mystical Blood Diamond that would spawn in a random area in the world, and if no one found it or claimed it, it would despawn and then spawn again in a completely different area the next day. scientists found a way to predict where it would show up and experts on the news said it would be in brazil, probably in an affluent residential area. i was part of some sort of archaeology Guild where our main goal was to find the Blood Diamond and put it in a museum so no one could use it for evil purposes (even though it didnt really have any magical properties other than teleporting itself, once it was captured it would just be a big regular diamond).

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I had this dream last night where I had two twin daughters. Now one of the daughters was my own biological daughter, but the other was given to me by some fae. I was a bit unsure whether it was a trick or not, but I decided to take the baby girl as she seemed to be crying just like a normal child. It then montages the two of them growing up, one looking like the perfect daughter and the fae child growing up to be some type of gremlin with hair that was impossible to brush the knots out of and skin with a yellow pallor. Other than appearances, both girls were raised with love and turned out relatively normal. They’re grades were good and they had many friends, but I always harbored that thought about my fae daughter being not quite right. I think she felt it too because she always seemed uneasy just under the surface every time we spoke. When they were both to turn 16 something happened. I was planning a huge birthday for them and had dozens of presents picked out when an old withered woman showed up on my doorstep. She informed me of some car troubles and right outside her car was parked and smoking. I rushed outside to help and while I was distracted she snuck into my house. I distinctly remember her looking over a series of bookcases that were full of family photos that had been taken over the years. She seemed particularly interested in my fae daughter. She ran her fingers over photos and instinctively knew how to get to my fae daughters bedroom. My fae daughter was in there and looked up from the book she was reading on her bed to evaluate the old woman with standard confusion. The old woman ignored her worries and took an easy seat next to her on the bed. She breathed slowly and began to regale my daughter in not the exact worlds that ‘she should realize that she is more than just some human child.’ My daughter was reflexively in denial. From thin air the old woman produced photos from the bookcases that showed the two girls side by side, their drastically different appearances somehow magnified. My daughter took the photos, one by one and realization dawned on her face. She was not my own.

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Last night I had this dream where I was going down a long stretch of sidewalk that borders a freeway. Usually a stretch like this is just a formality because of the cars flying by at ridiculous speeds beside the walkway, but for some reason it was totally packed with pedestrians. I was trying desperately to get back home and was on a bike to help speed up the process. The only problem is trying to bike on a sidewalk full of people is basically impossible. So here I am, getting short bursts of pedaling in because I am forced to walk my bike between throngs of people and this is when I come across Rihanna. Now I distinctively remember she is wearing this exact white outfit for some reason:


She is laying down and lounging on the grass bordering the non-freeway side of the sidewalk and she gives me this little smirk. Now I am not about to get in Miss Rihanna’s way, so I kindly bow my head and focus on getting my bike out of the way. Rihanna seems to be in a playful mood and sticks out her dagger heels and tries to shove them into the spokes of my bicycle! I am furious, like why is Rihanna trying to knock me over? I barely dodge and get off my bike to get away. Now Rihanna isn’t so pleased with her failure to knock me over so she starts to chase me, but she is too good to just full tilt run after me. Rihanna is sly. She instead acts like a perfect tail and bobs and weaves out of the increasing number of people on the sidewalk. I only catch glimpses of her, but I know she’s after me. Thankfully I wake up before she can truly get me.

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You’re only a just a dream.

How blissful and ignorant am I

To not know reality.

Once I wake up

You’ll finally be gone.

Because you’re only just a dream.

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last night i had a dream that i was trapped on a snowy hill by 2 bears. there were 3 cubs that kept climbing up to play with me but them just being there in my vicinity attracted the two grown bears to come and attack me so i would just keep grabbing them and throwing them down the hill so they would leave me alone but they wouldnt stop coming up and the the bears would just get more and more defensive. i called 911 but no matter how i explained it no one could understand my situation or figure out how to help me so i just layed down in the cold snow almost freezing until the bears finally got bored and left

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MET: A guy from work is going out town this weekend and wanted to know if we could take care of his child.

KUROTSUNO: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, that’s a big responsibility. What do we know about children?

HANTEN: I’m leaving. Bag?

KUROTSUNO: *Hands Hanten her backpack* I swear you’d lose your head if it wasn’t screwed on. *To Met* I don’t know the first thing about taking care of a child. *To Hanten* Where is your jacket? It’s very cold outside.

HANTEN: Forgot.

KUROTSUNO: Here, take mine. *To Met* Kids are a lot of work.

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Hoy soñé con mi Rois du monde favorito, y era novio de Vero. (EL novio, EL de la historia que Vero me había contado, en pla prepa, ese novio tan infame…) 

Para empezar el sueño, yo iba a casa de Freda. Apparently, it was a thing, que Freda recibierá gente en su casa porque tenía un restaurante integrado y un chef y pues terminaba desayunando ahí. Freda le decía a Chiva que yo, la infame, había llegado.”No vas a  creer quién vino hoy”…

No recuerdo que pasaba después de eso, pero como que el sueño dio un giro y de repente estaba en el Godwin, y ahí era donde llegaban Vero y mon Rois. Yo me veía bien, colegiada fresca y traía mi peluca guerra, giving sexy shakira vibes a los pobres transeúntes que nos buscaban la mirada llenos de fetiches otakus en el rostro. Pero Rois me decía que me veía cansada y demacrada. (para mantenerme a raya y q no expusiera su recent dm mientrás Vero estaba presente.) 

Me desperté abruptamente de ese sueño pues mi mamá se despertó de una pesadilla de manera violeta, donde yo mataba a mi tío–Nefos– apparently.

El día transcurrió extraño apartir de ahí, pues mi mamá, mi abuela y yo nos astillamos los dedos de forma inusual. Talk about the cut that always bleeds,  y eso me regreso a un texto de la Urraca en donde el protagonista se astillaba de forma similar, y scrolling down encontré un fragmente pensar mucho mucho en Nefosthenes. I don´t know, they way it all fell, has made my intuition become very…alerted.

What does it all mean?

–>Uno. Creo que toda la gente, incluído el Rosedal, se sienten alertados de mi nueva…manifestación. I can hear ‘hem dogs, barkin. Even old lost friends.

–> Luego, me alertan estos cabrones posmo, que tienen novia y aún así quieren trabajarme porque podría ser una mejor futura inversión. Aunque soñè con Rois, acababa de hablar con Nefosthenes. Y luego como mi mamá soño con Nefos, y lo del texto de la Urraca, me ha hecho cuestionarme si él cabe ahí? But would it be unfair to kill him anyhow? Is this what my mom’s dream means?

–>Third, the cut that always bleeds, ey? He cares for me. For sure. He spies on me. For sure. He’s as afraid of me, as I am afraid of him. For sure. SO Maybe we can still make this work if we keep it spiritually clean? 

–> Y pues la Urraca…who dared run from such passion? DAMN. if only you weren’t lethal boy…

Save us Socrates. Save us Yuval.

(Or at least, save me.)


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Bu bakışın ardında saklı bir cennet var; iyi birisiysem bana böyle baktığın içindir.

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