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INVEST IN YOURSELF. become the person you鈥檝e always dreamed of, refocus your time and energy on the things that you really want, fill your mind with positive beautiful thoughts and watch those thoughts flourish into your reality. change your thoughts and you will change your reality
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my princess tea 馃
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Yasss 猸愶笍猸愶笍猸愶笍
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藲鈦庎蓟 鈽嗋己 鈦幩毸氣亷嗉 鈽嗋己 鈦幩毸氣亷嗉 鈽嗋己藲鈦庎蓟 鈽嗋己 鈦幩毸氣亷嗉 鈽嗋己 鈦幩毸氣亷嗉 鈽嗋己
with the new year, we often come up with many different goals and aspirations for what we want to do or become. and oftentimes, after only a few months into the year, we give up pursuing those goals and dreams because it feels 鈥渢oo hard鈥 and we put it off until next year. but now that we know how to consciously manifest, accomplishing these goals and becoming the person you鈥檝e always wanted to be is extremely EASY!! in fact, you can literally become your ideal self overnight!! in this post, i will be giving you guys an easy guide to manifest becoming your dream self
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STEP 1: who do you want to be?
the first step is pretty predictable, however it is a very important one: figuring out exactly who you want to be! so take a moment, relax, and really think about who you want to be. what does the ideal version of yourself look like? how do they act? what do they wear, who do they hang out with? what is their dream career or school? what are they good at? consider these questions and other similar questions and come up with some answers. no pressure and no judgment! you can literally be WHATEVER you want, so don鈥檛 limit yourself.
once you鈥檝e thought of some ideas of your dream person, i would highly recommend you writing down a list of the qualities and characteristics of your ideal self. you can write this down on a sheet of paper, a journal, or on the notes app on your phone. if you鈥檙e more of a visual person, you can make a vision board of your ideal self (pinterest is a fantastic place where you can do this!). the reason why you're writing it down is so that you have a clearer idea and goal of who exactly you want to be. it isn鈥檛 mandatory of course, but i strongly suggest you do so. plus it鈥檚 fun!
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藲鈦庎蓟 鈽嗋己 鈦幩毸氣亷嗉 鈽嗋己 鈦幩毸氣亷嗉 鈽嗋己 藲鈦庎蓟 鈽嗋己 鈦幩毸氣亷嗉 鈽嗋己 鈦幩毸氣亷嗉 鈽嗋己聽
STEP 2: becoming this person
now that you have a better idea of who you want to be, now it鈥檚 time to become this person! you might be thinking that this is the 鈥渉ard part鈥 but i assure you that it鈥檚 incredibly easy to become your ideal self. so how do you do this? you simply assume that you are now your ideal self! you guys, the second you desired becoming your dream person YOU ALREADY BECAME THAT PERSON!! 鈥渨ait what? but i鈥檓 not-鈥 UHH YES YOU ARE?? stop focusing on the 3d (and yes that includes who you think you currently are) and start assuming that you are now your dream person!! walk by faith, not by sight! i don鈥檛 care if you ain鈥檛 rich in the 3d, i don鈥檛 care that you don't have your ideal body, face, wardrobe, etc, in the 3d, IT DOESN'T MATTER. the 3d has never ONCE mattered and the 3d can change instantly. don't put your focus on the external, and start changing your assumption in your inner world.
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alright so that鈥檚 the simplest answer on how you do it, BUT if you wanna do a little more than assuming or you need help building your assumptions, you can do a method! now a disclaimer: methods are NOT necessary to manifest. they are just tools that are powered by your mind. if you assume that a method will 100% work for you, then it will (and vice versa). ok with that being said, here are the top methods that i鈥檝e noticed work very effectively for people in this community...
METHOD 1: affirming
this is the classic law of assumption method and personally my go to method because of its simplicity and ease. to do this method, you just think the thoughts you would be thinking if you had your desire. i go much more into detail about affirmations in this post.
METHOD 2: SATS/lullaby method
this method is done by getting into a drowsy sleepy state (preferably when you鈥檙e falling asleep) and visualizing a short scene that implies that you have your desires. you then loop this scene over and over until you fall asleep. alternatively, you can loop affirmations until you fall asleep. here are some great posts on this method that go further into detail
the lullaby method/i am state
How to use the State Akin To Sleep to get what you want
SATS + success stories !
METHOD 3: the void state
the void state is a state of being in which you are in a literal pitch-black void, where you are pure consciousness and there are NO limiting beliefs, time lag, doubts, fears etc. this essentially聽means that manifesting is INSTANT and 100% guaranteed in the void. to get into the void state, you simply lie down, get into a drowsy state (similar to the SATS method), stay STILL, and then you affirm things like 鈥渋 am pure consciousness鈥 or 鈥渋 am in the void state鈥 until you reach the void. once you鈥檙e there, you can affirm, visualize, or do whatever you want to manifest. once you鈥檙e finished you will come back with all your desires! here鈥檚 a post that has everything you need to know about the void.
METHOD 4: subliminals
i won鈥檛 go too much into detail about subliminals here, but this post will tell you everything you need to know. however, i will link my subliminal playlist + a few subs that i really like!! just listen to them whenever you want and assume that you already have/will get your results.
my subliminal playlist
be ready for 2022 (bundle)
猸% G戛淩GEoUS 銉(-鈭-鈽)銉
just like that, my playlist vanished
虏鈦奥猜 new year, new me *路藲
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藲鈦庎蓟 鈽嗋己 鈦幩毸氣亷嗉 鈽嗋己 鈦幩毸氣亷嗉 鈽嗋己 鈦庎蓟 鈽嗋己 鈦幩毸氣亷嗉 鈽嗋己 鈦幩毸氣亷嗉 鈽嗋己聽
don鈥檛 overcomplicate it, it is EASY to become your dream person. it all starts with you. you don't need to work out 5x a week, spend a ton of money, etc. just assume that you are already your dream person, EMBODY your ideal self!! make 2022 the year you become the person you always wanted to be
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affs for 2022
聽鈥 personal
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饟唹 i manifest quickly and easily
饟唹 i manifest FASTER than the void
饟唹 my manifestations appear in less than a day
饟唹 my subconscious is like my sugar daddy
饟唹 i am the physical embodiment of my desires
饟唹 everything is handed to me on a silver platter
饟唹 i'm on the pedestal
饟唹 it鈥檚 literally my birthright to live my ideal life
饟唹 my life is perfect and dreamy
饟唹 life always treats me better than i expect
饟唹 my life is on easy mode
饟唹 the world works for me
饟唹 the world is my oyster
饟唹聽 my lifestyle is luxurious
饟唹聽my closet is full of high end products
饟唹聽money loves me
饟唹聽why am i always getting money?
饟唹 wealth runs in my bloodline
饟唹 i live a princess pampered lifestyle daily
饟唹 i am the mf blueprint!
饟唹 everyone loves me
饟唹 i want it, i got it
饟唹 i have always been everyone's dreamgirl
饟唹 i have always been the most perfect
饟唹 i am always treated like a spoiled princess
饟唹 i am the main character
饟唹 school is so easy for me
饟唹 my teachers love me
饟唹 i always get perfect scores on my tests
饟唹 i am so lucky with school
饟唹 my handwriting is perfect
饟唹 i get all a*s
饟唹 i have a photographic memory
饟唹 revision is so easy for me
饟唹 my life has always been perfect
饟唹 my past fits my ideals
饟唹 my past is perfect
饟唹 i did everything i wanted to
饟唹 everyone loves me
饟唹 my aura is hypnotic, magnetic & alluring
饟唹 my vibe is addictive
饟唹 i have the halle berry effect
饟唹 i have the marilyn monroe effect
饟唹 i have the audrey hepburn effect
饟唹 i have the princess diana effect
饟唹 i have the noami campbell effect
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cinefairy a day ago
can we talk about how elle woods from legally blonde is literally such a queen and the embodiment of persistence and never giving up? like even after she was ridiculed, no one supporting her idea of becoming a lawyer and and her boyfriend dumping her- SHE NEVER GAVE UP. she had times where she was sad and a few obstacles but she never gave up. shes an inspiration, honestly.
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喃挵嗑嘟测笣飧濃棡 藭 鈼熲笣飧濌挶嗑嘟册儛鈾
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repeat after me :
in 2022, my well-being is my TOP priority.
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2022 Vision Board 馃挄馃じ馃従馃巰
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饾惄饾惀饾悶饾悮饾惉饾悶 饾惂饾悶饾惎饾悶饾惈 饾悷饾悮饾惀饾惀 饾悽饾惂 饾惀饾惃饾惎饾悶 饾悮饾悹饾悮饾悽饾惂 - [饾悵饾惏饾惌]
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dreamwastaken x gn!reader, fake dating au!
synopsis: after dream accidentally lied about dating you, who knew that more could come out of it? [ 5.1 k words ] PURE FLUFF, he's a lil clingy in this
warnings: the timeline for this fic is a bit messed up but hey, it's an au, who cares. anyways, enjoy this fluff fic that was supposed to have a lil bit of angst but i'm tired and said fuck it nah. NOT THOROUGHLY EDITED.
Tumblr media
dream didn't know how he got into this predicament.
it wasn't supposed to end like this- it wasn't your name he was supposed to call out, despite it being the first to cross his mind. george wasn't supposed to have a pleasantly surprised expression as austin's equally, pleasantly surprised voice spilled into his headphones. chat wasn't supposed to go crazy and spam nothing but your ship name.
when dream was jokingly teasing his british friend about how he was single at the moment, he wasn't expecting him to fire back with a 'okay dream, are you dating someone?'.
he wasn't supposed to accidentally say 'yes' and george wasn't supposed to ask who it was. though it was your name that flashed in his head immediately, it wasn't supposed to already be in his head.
"oh really?" george's voice says teasingly as he raises a brow in amusement. "go ahead, call them then, prove it."
the blond releases a shaky breath, "okay, okay i will! they might be busy though."
"that's okay, i'll text them too."
you're surprised when your phone is bombarded with two texts, sent one immediately after the other, the first from dream and the next from george.
from dream :)
from george B)
hey you should join the discord call
sensing dream's urgency, you decide to call him instead of responding and dream immediately mutes himself when your name pops up, practically ripping his headphones off and putting you on speaker. he's shaking, why is he shaking?
"hello?" your voice pops through the tiny device. "what's going on?"
"listen- i'm in a bit of a situation but basically it's george's love or host right now and i was teasing him about how he was single and he then asked me if i was single and stupidly i said no even though i am and then austin asked me who i was dating and i said you-" the streamer rambled and somehow you picked up every last word you said, despite some of them being unclear and his voice being incredibly shaky.
dream flinches at the volume of your tone, "i didn't mean to and i'm way too far in now to say it was a joke!"
"okay... so now what?" you asked, sass dripping in your tone.
"uh... pretend we're dating?"
"and why would i do that?"
"because we're very good friends? and you'd do anything for me?"
"i'll pay you and you'll get clout."
"now that sounds like a deal."
"seriously, y/n?"
"shut up, you literally used my name to cover for your lonely ass. now, jokes aside, you need me to go on the call and pretend that we're dating. were we in some sort of like secret relationship and you just revealed us?"
"i mean, yeah that sounds good."
you hummed calmly, having recovered from your outburst a few moments ago, "okay. this should be fine. one last question though, are you okay, dream? i know you must be feeling nervous right now."
dream gulps, trying to stop his shaking as he responds with a breathy, "i'm okay, just feel really bad for dragging you into all this."
"don't be. i suppose out of everyone in the world, you wouldn't be the worst person i have to pretend to be in love with."
your laugh grounds him a little as he tries to recompose himself.
"do you a second or are you ready to go in?"
he finds it ironic that even though he's the one that knows what's going on, you're the one whose collected and calm.
"no-no i'm okay. thanks for doing this," dream says with a small smile even though you wouldn't be able to hear it.
"of course, we're friends."
friends sounds like a cruel joke right now.
yeah right, friends.
"i think you mean my fake partner."
"like i said, not the worst title you could give me."
that line makes both of your hearts to skip a beat, hinting to the underlying meaning of your words and the silence that comes after from dream fills you with dread. the phone sits numbly in your hand as you wait a few, pathetic, tense seconds and his response is a small chuckle. you didn't know if it was genuine or not.
he recovers from laughing, "whatever you say. c'mon, get in the vc i think austin might've sent you the discord invite."
"see you then."
the second you hang up, you're dashing to your pc, booting it up and the loading screen is like torture as you have to watch it all prepare itself. it's a slow process and you can't help but feel as though fate is trying to prevent you from getting on that call, or as if allowing you to take the time to consider your doom.
it wasn't too late-
"ayeee there's y/n!" austin's voice rings through your headphones and you plaster a smile that no one can see. your covered webcam mocks you.
"hey guys, hey chat, what's up everyone?" you asked, semi-enthusiastically and you see the way everyone's eyes glimmer with curiosity. they didn't want to dawdle around with greetings, you could see and you hated that that would become all you were, dream's possible lover.
"nothing much, nothing at all except a little birdie was telling us a little something special."
"mmm yes, very interesting," george giggles, doing his little closed mouth laugh as he looks aside to chat who are spamming like crazy.
"spit it out."
"y/n, is it true you and dream are dating?"
your mouth drops into a smile even though no one can see it. a few tense moments of silence passes by as you orchestrate a response that would intrigue everyone. "you told them, dream?"
"i didn't mean to!" the blond exclaims defensively and more moments of awkward silence go by before you scoff.
saying the one thing everyone wanted to hear, "i guess the cat's out of the bag."
the many contestants along with george all react with shocked expressions and the british boy punches the air in excitement, which is more of a reaction than you've ever seen come out of him; rather sad considering many hours of the day you spend together. giddy laughter slips out of your mouth and amongst all the chaos, although dream's ears were being bombarded with noises, all he could grasp was you.
chat was spamming emotes, going by too quickly for you to react. "i knew it! i knew it! i knew it!' george exclaims, slamming his table in excitement as he puts his headphones back on. "why would you not tell me-"
"it's called a secret for a reason, idiot," dream counters.
"does sapnap know?"
"uhm, george this is your love or host no time for interrogating us," you interrupted, quirking a brow as you quickly typed a discord message to dream that said 'leave the call when i do'. "anyways, i'm gonna leave now and my boyfriend is gonna come with me, bye!"
you leaved the call immediately and saw that dream's discord character mimicked yours. the huge breath of relief that you've been holding is released and you feel as though you can finally breathe again, not surprised when your 'boyfriend' is summons you into an individual call with him.
"oH MY GOD!" he wheezes the second he sees your icon pop up. you're laughing with him. "that was amazing!"
"that went a lot easier than i expected it to," you confessed before the tapping of dream's keyboard rings through your headphones.
"what's the bet we're trending?"
"don't be stupid-"
"did you see how many viewers there were! and the chat was going crazy- yup, there we are, trending."
baffled, but not unexpected, you log onto twitter and behold, dream was telling the truth because in the trending section of the app, the combined name of yours and dream's was first and no doubt climbing in tweets. there were clips, fans freaking out and people spamming the sobbing emoji over and over again.
you rewatched the clip and clicked away with a grin.
"thought i would puke when i said you were my boyfriend."
he makes a noise of fake offence, "i am not that bad, am i?"
"whatever keeps you awake at night," you countered.
"that not how the saying goes- y'know what, who cares. i can't be the worst person in the world to fake date."
"sure but there are better people."
he's oddly silent to your quip and you're about to tell him you were joking until dream breaks the quiet first. "so, wanna come to mine tomorrow to join my stream?"
"sheesh, we're moving fast."
"not like that you doof."
"i know, i know, i'm just playing around with you."
"like you always do, quit playing with my heart like that y/n."
"should've thought that through before asking me to fake date. i'll be there by the way."
"shut up," he grumbles which leaves a satisfied smirk playing on your expression. "tomorrow we can watch a movie after the stream."
"sounds good to me!"
it's around midday when you arrive at dream's house and it's sapnap who opens the door. he greets you with a hug before opening the door wider for your entrance. "i've got your lover, dream!" sapnap calls out, his voice ringing throughout the house.
you tried not to flinch at that title, it was just so unfamiliar yet not in a bad way; it made a little feeling of content burn at the bottom of your stomach. a smile makes its way onto your expression when dream appears whose natural reaction is to give you a big hug upon arrival. glad to know that the ritual hasn't changed.
"i missed you," he whispers and you didn't know whether he meant it or not, considering sapnap was still standing nearby but the with the way he looked at you, you didn't give that question a second thought.
the brunet makes disgusted noises, seeing himself out as he walks away. dream snickers at his best friend's behaviour.
"don't be stupid guys, i don't wanna be an uncle yet."
"sapnap!" you exclaimed and he simply laughs. dream disregards it with an amused grin before the leads you to his streaming room. once you knew you were safe with no possibility of sapnap hearing, you asked, "did you not tell him?"
"as if! you think i'm gonna tell anyone that the reason we're 'dating' is because i freaked out and didn't want everyone to think that i'm a lonely guy?" dream says, sitting down on his chair as you leaned over the back of it.
"i mean, technically you are a lonely guy."
"touch茅 but the world doesn't need to know that."
you chuckled at his statement, unaware the way that dream subconsciously smiled at hearing the laughter bubble out of your lips. he leaned down to set up his pc to hide his reaction from you as you grabbed the chair from the other side of the room.
"what're you streaming today?" you quizzed, getting comfortable and he scoffs.
"wow, can't believe you don't check my twitter regularly."
"okay... but do YOU check my twitter regularly?"
"you posted about how you had waffles this morning."
"you asked!"
you laughed at the friendly banter that was exchanged, watching as he sets up all the technical aspects. deciding to make a little tweet announcing your sudden presence on his stream, you turn off your phone once the 'tweet' button was pressed. when you looked up, the blond was already looking at you expectantly. "you ready?"
"well i still don't know what you're streaming!"
"just some manhunt things, i'll be ranking of all my 1000 iq clutches and you can help me decide what goes where."
"that sounds easy enough. let's do it!"
the sound of a notification rings from your phone and said that dream was live. immediately, viewers flock and the number rises astoundingly fast but at this point, it was something both of you were used to so you both just said patiently as he talked to chat.
rather often, you see your name being spammed and a mischievous expression is shared between you and the streamer.
"y/n is here as well! say hi."
you lean close to his mic, much closer than needed and say your 'hello' whilst dream's cackling in the background.
"why are you laughing?" you asked lightheartedly with a wide smile on your face.
"you're just so stupid."
"what the heck! that's not very nice, dreamy-poo."
"what- dreamy-poo! don't ever call me tha-"
"oh okay? so sapnap can call you it and you'll allow it but not me?"
"that's because it's not weird when sapnap does it?"
"are you kidding? how!?"
"cause he's not my significant other," dream says with a 'duh' tone edging into his voice and you faltered lightly at the title, the smile you had previously dimming a little. part of you churns inside and dream panics at your expression, thinking he had gone too far. "a- and, and, and he calls me these stupid pet names-"
but he shuts up when you giggled.
"that's right, i forget. chat, just so you know, dating dream means it's a package deal to date the rest of the dream team."
he rolls his eyes, unable to contain the huge smile that's threatening to break out along his face. your cheeks were already starting to hurt from how much you were smiling and you could see red tint spreading across the blond's skin as well.
this was going to be one hell of a stream.
"are you kidding? that tnt moment was super cool," you argued as the list of manhunt clutches decreased and you approached almost the end of stream. "like i would've never seen that trap, when you stopped in the video i was so confused then i realised you were digging up the tnt."
"okay but that's just me being observant-"
"and then you screamed to distract the hunters? genius. scared the living daylights out of me but it was a big brain play."
"hmm, i don't think so. i still think it's a b-tier play, cause like it's not skill-"
you leaned over to grab his mouse to change the placement of the icon amongst the tier list which causes your hand to lay over his. dream doesn't move though, simply letting you do whatever you wanted to do as he remained speechless, unable to think about anything else other than how nice it felt to have your hand near his.
he doesn't bother to argue back, watching the tier list change and dream pouts when you lean back into your seat, your warmth disappearing with you.
"what?" you asked softly. the blond holds out his hand again expectantly and you know exactly what he wants; almost immediately. so, with faked reluctance, you gave him your right hand and he smugly smiled, fingers curling around each other.
"your hand's really soft," he mutters quietly, but not quietly enough as the chat starts spamming things such as 'PARENTS ARE HOLDING HANDS?' or 'PSHSIFUDGFAN THEY'RE HOLDING HANDS' which you two couldn't help but share a laugh at.
the stream ends when dream hits the two and a half hour mark, as the two of you farewell chat, you decide to take a photo of yours and dream's intertwined hands whilst he wasn't watching but you decided against posting it, wanting to keep it as a nice memory or wallpaper instead. it was a cute photo, okay?
you were just platonically holding hands because friends can hold hands (which is what you're going to be telling yourself for a while to come)!
"what movie do you wanna watch?" he asks, standing up from his chair and pulling you up with him.
"oh god, do you want me to cry, y/n?"
"absolutely, i think that would be pretty entertaining."
"you just love to witness me suffer, don't you?"
"in my defence, i didn't leave you to suffer in that love or host so say what you want about me, but i'm a pretty good friend," you said in a matter-of-fact tone.
he groans, "just get your ass on the couch and put on interstellar. i'll get the drinks and food." he walks away as your laughter bounces around the living room.
it's about half an hour into the movie when the sound of sapnap's footsteps coming down the stairs thumped on the wooden planks of the house. dream perked at this sound and slumped an arm over your shoulder, naturally drawing you closer to his warmth which you lean right into, feeling a wave of content rushing over you as his arms held you.
the brunet streamer appears in the living room not too long after and sighs at the sight of the two of you curled up. 鈥渢his is disgusting,鈥 he comments, continuing to the kitchen to get some food.
鈥渨atch the movie with us, sap!鈥 you exclaimed loudly so he could hear through the walls.
鈥渋 don鈥檛 wanna third wheel. besides, i鈥檓 on call with karl right now.鈥
鈥渃an i say hi?鈥 you asked eagerly.
鈥渘o, loser, call him yourself.鈥
鈥渨hy are you gatekeeping karl from me, hm?鈥
鈥渨hy are you gatekeeping my best friend from me, hm?鈥
鈥測ou can have him, i call dibs karl.鈥
鈥渉ey!鈥 dream finally says, joining the conversation. 鈥渋 thought i was more special to you than that!鈥
sapnap grunts, quickly walking in front of the tv to go back upstairs. 鈥渋鈥檒l be back when you lovebirds are gone.鈥
鈥渟ee ya.鈥
even when he鈥檚 out of range and the possibility of him coming back are slim, dream鈥檚 hold doesn鈥檛 loosen around you but there鈥檚 not an ounce of complaint as you remain half on top of him, continuing through the movie in a comfortable silence.
you need to keep reminding yourself that this is all platonic and the way that dream鈥檚 heart raced beneath you meant nothing.
鈥渋 got our ice cream.鈥
dream grins eagerly, taking his cup from your hands and placing it on the cupholder. you decide to do the same.
鈥渢hank you.鈥
鈥渘o problem! so, beach now?鈥
the blond nods, turning the engine of his car on. 鈥測our wish is my command,鈥 he says whilst backing out of the parking spot, glancing both sides before continuing when it was safe. the beach wasn鈥檛 too far away from the ice cream store you just were at. or rather, the ice cream store that you went in by yourself whilst dream waited in the car.
you pass the short time by talking about things that didn鈥檛 really matter nor were topics you鈥檇 remember and eventually, you had arrived at the beach, just in time to watch the sunset.
families were getting ready to go home now so there were many vacant parking spots, but it wasn鈥檛 like you or dream were going to leave the car, not until it was dark at least. this gave time to eat your ice cream whilst watching the sun dip below the ocean. some times, you made little comments about surfers.
鈥渢his is super nice, i don鈥檛 know why we do this more often,鈥 you muttered with a spoonful of ice cream in your mouth. dream merely hums in agreement and you glance at him, only to see the golden rays accompany his complexion perfectly.
you so desperately wished to be an artist in that moment or at least be able to take a photo of him being illuminated by the dulling sunlight because wow, did the sight take your breath away. it would certainly be forever burned into some part of your brain.
you鈥檙e then confronted with the thought of 鈥榟ow long will this last?鈥. surely, there was no need for you two to continue this for longer than a few months, right? it鈥檚 not like dream felt romantically for you nor liked you in a way that would sustain an actual relationship.
no, because this was just for 鈥榝un鈥. you鈥檙e being a good friend.
but there was no time to deliberate any further as he turns to look at you, ice cream spoon in mouth.
鈥渨hat?鈥 asked dream curiously.
鈥渘othing. nothing at all,鈥 you answered, looking back at the sunset, slightly embarrassed that he caught you. 鈥渏ust thinking.鈥
鈥渁bout what?鈥
with a sigh, you debated asking or not. 鈥渨e never really discussed how long we鈥檇 fake date.鈥
he exhales, shuffling around in his seat. 鈥渋鈥 don鈥檛 know. i didn鈥檛 really think about that. are you uncomfortable with it?鈥
鈥渘o, no, it鈥檚 not that. i鈥檓 only concerned because i鈥檓 afraid of how deep a hole we鈥檙e gonna dig the longer we keep this up.鈥
鈥渋 mean, as long as i鈥檓 in with you, i don鈥檛 really care about the consequences.鈥
you can鈥檛 help the pathetic way your heart jumps at his statement and how the butterflies erupted within you, their wings tickling your sides so often that it was totally possible to float to cloud 9. it鈥檚 hard to form a coherent response to the way his statement just caused you to shut down.
鈥渂ut of course- if you鈥檙e uncomfortable then we don鈥檛 have to continue at all, literally break up with me right now and- wait we weren鈥檛 really dating,鈥 dream rambles urgently with wide eyes.
鈥渋 don鈥檛 wanna 鈥榖reak up鈥 with you, don鈥檛 worry,鈥 you reassured with a teasing smile. 鈥渘ot yet at least.鈥
that was enough to revive his cocky spirit, despite your comment at the end. 鈥渙f course, i鈥檓 irresistible. you鈥檙e bound to fall in love with me soon.鈥
for some reason, that didn鈥檛 sound like the worst idea ever.
when night fell and the world became a little darker, you and dream finally leave the car to go out on to the beach. there wasn鈥檛 much to do apart from strolling around on the sands for a while and feeling the salty breeze in your hair as the smaller tide brushed your feet, all whilst your hands were intertwined.
it was a reminder that the two of you were real and together for now.
you were in the middle of editing when the sound of your doorbell ringing caught your attention, causing you to jump in your seat before frantically running to the door, not wanting to keep whoever it was waiting.
it was the postman, who stands in front of your door with at two boxes, varying in size.
鈥渉ello,鈥 you greeted the man whilst eyeing the packages. you hadn鈥檛 ordered anything recently nor had any brand deals, what could they be for?
鈥渄elivery for y/n?鈥
鈥渢hat鈥檚 me!鈥
鈥渃ool, i鈥檒l just get you to sign here, and then i鈥檒l be on my way.鈥
you take the pen he offered and quickly signed the blank space. 鈥渉ave a good day.鈥
鈥測ou too.鈥
after that short interaction, you eagerly take the boxes inside, deciding to take the smallest box first which looked like was packaged from a smaller business. opening it delicately, inside was a gorgeous, necklace that was one half of a heart and you could identify a small magnet inside.
but there was still no explanation as to who sent you this, save for the small letter at the bottom of the box. it鈥檚 a letter of gratitude from the business but it鈥檚 signed with a trademark grinning face.
the larger box looks hand-packaged. due to the clumsy duct tap to secure the flaps together, you had to find scissors in order to tear through it.
upon opening it, the contents inside reveals many hoodies and shirts, mainly of green and black colouring. taking one and holding it up, you can鈥檛 help but grin at the little blob icon on the front. it was his unreleased merch, the one he was eagerly telling you about and how he promised you鈥檇 be the first to get your own pair.
but then there was another hoodie that sat at the bottom. it was forest green and obviously worn before, it certainly was treated like it was well-loved previously.
your phone rings and it鈥檚 a notification from the man in question.
from dream :) did you get the packages?
to dream :) yeah just got them love them so much :D thank you <3 i鈥檓 so happy
from dream :) no problem :) care to open your door for me?
several knocks on the door capture your attention.
to dream :) hmm it鈥檚 kinda tempting to just leave you out there
from dream :) shut up you know you love me
to dream :) whatever
you open the door, not at all surprised to see the blond boy standing there already with a wide, lopsided grin on his expression. his grin widens when he sees the forest green jumper in your arms.
鈥渉ey there, stranger,鈥 you greeted, placing a hand on your hip. 鈥渨hat brings you here?鈥
鈥渃an鈥檛 see my 鈥榮ignificant other鈥 just because i want to?鈥
you laughed at that slightly, before opening the door wider for him. you take him to the living room, where you were unboxing everything and the mess of it all was piled around.
picking up one of his unreleased merch ones, you joked, 鈥渃an鈥檛 wait for people to call me a dream stan with how many hoodies i have of yours.鈥
鈥渙kay well, now you have one of my personal ones so, you鈥檙e welcome,鈥
dream chuckled before walking over to where the smaller package sat with the heart necklace. he picks it up gently, turning around to face you once more.
鈥渓ook, i got something to show you.鈥
his hands reach into the inside of his shirt to reveal a similar looking one, except this one is the other half to yours. the blond brings the two magnets closer before they snap together, forming a pretty heart.
鈥渄ream,鈥 you whispered, inspecting the clasped jewellery closely. 鈥渢his is so sweet of you.鈥
he blushes, rubbing the back of his neck. 鈥渄o you like it?鈥
when you nod eagerly in response, relief warms dream鈥檚 body. 鈥渋 wanna put it on,鈥 you tell him.
鈥渋, uh, i can do it for you?鈥
turning around, dream unclasps the necklace before wrapping it gently around your neck. his hands are slightly shaky as he helps you but you鈥檙e more than content to wait and let him take his time. the lack of space between the two of you was overwhelming and you felt your breathing stop when you felt his graze warmly down your back.
鈥渄one,鈥 he says.
and sure enough, when you hold your two halves together, they create a whole.
鈥渢his is so cute!鈥 you exclaimed. 鈥渋 love it so much, thank you, dream- you really didn鈥檛 need to do this for me, i mean like the hoodies and this.鈥
鈥渋t鈥檚 no problem, i like spoiling you.鈥
he likes seeing you happy.
you hugged him tightly in thanks and the blond wastes no time in reciprocating the embrace, happily melting into your shoulder as the two of you remain in that position for a rather long time, simply soaking up the comfort of each other鈥檚 embrace.
鈥渋 was thinking-鈥 begun dream before you cut him off.
鈥-once in a lifetime occurance.鈥
鈥渟hut up. anyways, i was thinking it鈥檇 be really fun if we went to the movies tonight and just watched a film no one鈥檚 ever heard of before just cause i think it鈥檇 be fun.鈥
鈥渋鈥檓 down! that sounds like a good idea,鈥 you agreed eagerly, beaming at him. 鈥渂ut why鈥檇 you come over to my place so soon?鈥
he looks away. 鈥渃ause i missed you鈥︹
鈥渨e saw each other two days ago and spent most of the day on vc yesterday with quackity, george, punz and bad.鈥
鈥渙kay but i haven鈥檛 spoken to you today and i missed you.鈥
he hums. 鈥減erhaps, but i wanna cuddle.鈥
you laughed gently at how childish he was acting right now. it was oddly endearing; he always was.
鈥渁lright, alright but i gotta finish editing first-鈥
鈥渆dit later. i鈥檓 here now and i鈥檝e missed you鈥 like a lot.鈥
not wanting to go into another back and forth with the stubborn man, you don鈥檛 bother denying him of what he wants. 鈥渇ine. then you can edit later for me.鈥
鈥渄eal,鈥 he giggles happily and just like that, you find yourself encased in his embrace whilst sprawled out on your bed, the blond had half of his weight on top of you and relaxed right into it with the comforting feeling of your fingers carding through his hair.
he wouldn鈥檛 give this up for the world, he realised not too long ago.
he wouldn鈥檛 give you up for the world.
鈥済eorge was saying how he was really pissed that i never told him that we were dating,鈥 dream muttered into you drowsily.
鈥測eah? i bet you told him we aren鈥檛 really dating.鈥 you jokingly taunted.
he scoffs. 鈥渋鈥檓 sure you鈥檇 like to finally get rid of me.鈥
you hummed absentmindedly, eyelids feeling heavier as dream pulls you a tiny bit closer to his figure.
the movie was horrible.
it was obviously rather low-budget but other than that, the aesthetics of the film weren鈥檛 appealing, the actors at best had, what you assumed was, middle school level acting skills. yet, despite it all, you and dream couldn鈥檛 help but have the best night of your lives.
you bantered here and there, mimicking the actors鈥 awkwardness and threw popcorn at each other, being mindful not to leave a mess because you did not want to harass the employees any more than necessary.
there were two more people watching the movie a couple rows down from you so you were also trying your best to be silent but you鈥檙e certain your efforts didn鈥檛 really work.
you couldn鈥檛 help it. you couldn鈥檛 help from being yourself around dream, you couldn鈥檛 help but love the way your heart expanded every time you two got close and how it shrunk when you separated. you couldn鈥檛 help but feel familiar with him.
what started as a ploy to save dream鈥檚 reputation had no intention of ending here.
for you knew that you allowed yourself to fall when you caught dream looking at you already with adoration and fondness glistening behind his mischievous expression.
you knew you allowed yourself to sink way too deep as well when he glances at your lips, as if asking for permission.
sealing it with a gentle nod, he closes the gap between you and you met him halfway in a gentle, yet breathtaking kiss. it marked the start of what will be, a new chapter of your lives.
well, maybe an official one this time :)
Tumblr media
if y'all enjoyed that feel free to interact with my blog more! i love seeing new followers, reblogs or comments or even asks in my inbox! always puts a smile on my face so please, if you would like to talk to me, i'm always open to your messages!
with love, earth
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sugarybisous 23 days ago
leveling up to your dreamgirl version of yourself 2022 鈾
Tumblr media Tumblr media
upgrading by recognizing your self worth!
- value and self worth go hand in hand with each other.
a wise woman once said 鈥渋f you want to know what your self worth is like look at all the things you are tolerating in your life right now, this will show you what you think your value is, what your worth is and how you are undervaluing yourself.鈥
when you don鈥檛 know your value you will sell yourself short. ask yourself this question right now, where does your self worth come from and will your self worth change because of that if it were to disappear?
- your self worth should not be external, so it should not come from the opinion of others. the moment you allow that to happen what other people say about you becomes your reality. your self worth also shouldn鈥檛 be measured by your accomplishments or the things you are able to do. your self worth is not your physical appearance, how many followers you have, or how much money you make. you were worthy the day you were born, your self worth comes from your spirit it comes from connections to yourself. your self worth will show in the way you interact with people, the way you talk to yourself, and the way you treat yourself and other people. so make sure you are constantly reminding yourself just how amazing and precious you are.
Tumblr media
- now your value. your value has to meet what you are settling for in life, so if you know you are amazing and have high value why are you settling for less? do not let other people bully you into having lower standards.
Tumblr media
- do not lower your standards to make other people comfortable, when you leave room to do so people will take that opportunity to value you at ANY price and that鈥檚 what we don鈥檛 want when we know just how much we are worth. a wise woman also once said 鈥渓ouis vuitton does not go on sale. fendi does not go on sale. prada does not go on sale. why? because it costs what it costs.鈥
- boundaries and standards also show your value to others, when people come into your life and see no boundaries and standards they will treat you how you treat yourself. boundaries keep you safe don鈥檛 be afraid to make them. standards will also keep you happy if you obtain them.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
so there we have it lovelies i hope this post can aid you on your journey to see your full potential 鈾
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crystalzchild 2 months ago
鈧娝氣湩 Manic pixie dream girl affirmations 鉁氣倞
I make everyone's life so much fun
Everything I say is interesting
All the attention is always on me
I am not afraid of taking chances
My presence makes everyone feel better
I'm a great friend, everyone would want a friend like me
I live my life to the fullest
When I walk into a room everyone feels my positive energy
People love spending time with me
I am always full of energy, just like a child
Every day is an adventure for me
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