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#dream journal

I had a very dumb dream about how everywhere I went was followed by smoke / fog, cold and the appearance of spiders. It got annoying really quickly.

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I had a dream where I was dating Nick Valentine. We held hands, I remember the texture of his against mine. I read some quarantine fanfiction. There was a TAZ book with at least a chapter for Taako, and a chapter for Merle. I remember Justin reading parts of Taako’s story out loud. The beginning and final pages of the book were animated in a style reminiscent of oil paintings.

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Haunted house & robots.

This one was really weird because it was like a movie.

This family went with some friends to a historical old house and started chatting with the old lady that lives there. There on like a rooftop patio sitting around in garden furniture. The wife started getting a little weird but no one noticed. Then the old lady made a condescending face and said stuff about this place being haunted and you punks don’t know shit kinda stuff. Then the wife gets weirder and is holding something in her hand while she talks back she’s getting angry and kind of slurring like she drunk. Then suddenly everything goes dark and you see a ghost where the wife was and she goes “oh yeah, I don’t know anything about the ghost here?? Watch this!” And everything goes back to normal except the wife is still the ghost but now you can tell she’s holding a gun and right when she says “this” she shoots herself in the head. For some reason the head completely exploded despite it being such a small gun. Probably because the ghost used something more powerful when they had killed themselves.

Then a quick jump to not very long in the future where the son is going to school and it seems like a completely different movie about school and friendship where he’s just trying to survive with his best friend. But in the background you can see other students acting weird. It starts off looking like just a group of bullies but over time they get more undead-ish and more violent over little things. Like at the end of the school day while the son and his best friend are talking out their troubles you see the gang confronting a small guy in gym clothes for being smelly and after they push him around a bit they just take him away.

At the same time that this is happening the husband is exploring the haunted house with some lady who’s sensitive to ghostly stuff. It’s spooky now and more run down looking that it was before. She finds two mysterious micro data cards she takes one and gives one to the old lady to investigate. Then a robot horse appears and starts shooting from it’s nose. It chases the sensitive lady to the roof where she hides and you see a close-up of the robot horse face and you can see it has spooky glowing mist eyes.

Then I don’t really remember why but the son is out in the backyard digging when a massive dude comes out of nowhere, everything goes dark again and the ghostly dude ties him up and throws him in the hole he was digging and starts to bury him. Ghost giant has a really goofy evil laugh. The husband/father shows up and grabs the kid and they run for it. The ghost giant hops on a motorcycle on the roof and looks like he’s gonna chase but then the sky goes back to normal and he dissipates.

Things around town are going wild the kid goes and finds his best friend and a few others, they see a sort of parade come down the street out of nowhere. It’s made up of zombies and ghosts and robots. You can see the bullies from earlier also they see someone they know who’s now a zombie and riding in a cart. They go and talk to him and tell him to stay strong they’ll try and fix things. The guy is happy to see them and says sure he’ll do his best to keep his brains intact even though the back of his skull is gone leaving them exposed.

The father, the sensitive lady and the old lady are running around the haunted house again but this time there’s more ghosts and now little gremlin things. When they have a break they talk about what they found out from the micro cards and their card was normal cryptic stuff but the old lady said that she found out about her dead husband’s secret research into combing ghosts and robots. The hoard of creature’s finds them and chases them around at one point the sensitive lady gets tripped up and is trying to struggle away but as she’s struggling she’s also helping them twist up some old fabric into a sturdy rope to strangle her with. The old lady appears and helps her up while telling her off for not noticing what they were doing.

Again the sensitive lady and the father find some micro data cards but as soon as she grabs them a huge noise happens and the door explodes open and they’re separated again. She runs to the door to a little patio while trying to securely hide the cards in a gameboy??? She gets outside and climbs over the side to try and hide behind the decorative siding but as soon as she gets there a massive robot head making loud scraping noises sticks it’s head out. It’s glowing mist eyes looking right at her, it startles her and she slips.

That’s where the dream ended.

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25/05/2020 sorry!! 🥺

hey, sorry for the lack of updates (not that anyone reads those but hey i din’t care.) i haven’t been having dreams lately and my sleep schedules fucked up again so that’s why.

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Had a dream last night that i went back to college/uni, and the one class i was most pumped for, well…not alot of classmates got out alive metaphorically, alot of them were pulled through the ringer or kept on thier toes, i had just completed 3 assignments and i learned pretty quickly the prof. throughs away any work thats late. Everyone was pretty much lined up to get humiliated or fail at a task they weren’t prepared for, or have points deducted for each verbal question they’d answer wrong. A fight broke out when the teach wasn’t there. Now i don’t know what this says about me, and my relationship with teachers/male authority figures, but in my dream, the teacher was Yukio Tonegawa from Kaiji: ultimate survivor


Just passive aggresively trying to teach us a lesson but its a lose/lose scenario that you have to endure, you’re not so much focused on whats in front of you so much as figuring how to come out inspite of him

(Yeah i know, this is all pretty cringe and alot of people would simply drop the class and report him for harassement)

Shit… i think i know why i dropped out in the first place

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I took a nap and had a weird dream.

I was put in a car with three men. The three men wore untailored black suits. All three were unattractive and greasy. Honestly, they looked like human traffickers.

I didn’t seem too concerned, because I would just kill them if they tried anything.

I commented that this dream was stupid and I didn’t want to be around these ugly, boring people. They ignored me.

I said that I was going to eat them all. I ripped out one of the guy’s eyes right out of his skull. When I looked back at him, he regrew it. I still had the eye in my hand, and didn’t want to pussy out on my threats, so I ate it. It didn’t really taste like anything. I swallowed it whole like a clam, or a person-flavored gusher.

I got bored sitting in the car and tried to have the one sitting next to me eat me out (as one does). Before anything happened, we arrived at the location.

They took me into a basement. It honestly looked like a cross betweeen a whorehouse and a crack house. The floor was covered in trash and everyone there looked emaciated and addicted to something. It was honestly disgusting and I thought I would get a disease by just being there.

When we walked in, I started feeling woozy. Objects and people looked wavy. I started seeing everything in vivid colors. It felt like they gave me LSD or something. Everything moved even when I was still.

I wasn’t quite sure why I was brought there, but I got the feeling it was either for torture or prostitution.

A bunch of women stood around looking like zombies. All looked diseased. I don’t know how the conversation started, but I mentioned that I was ********’s wife and I didn’t know why I was here. The women laughed and said that they were all his wife too, and they ended up here when he was done with them.

That didn’t make any sense to me as that wasn’t his style. I asked them to describe him to me. They all described Samael. I told them that they weren’t married to ********, but were tricked by Sam and discarded.

This made them super pissed off. They tried to attack me. I waved my hand and threw them across the room. One of them landed on the floor. I pounced on her and growled something violent. Something about how I would rip off their fucking heads and eat them. She tried to claw at me with her free arm, but I broke it by jerking my hand in a twisting motion. I don’t really like Star Wars, but one of my powers is sort of like the force. I don’t have to touch them to break bones, make them go flying, push them away, etc.

I continued rampaging, attacking anyone that dare try to throw a punch at me.

Then the “boss” came out. He was another gross, greasy guy. He started monologuing, but I didn’t really pay attention. I wanted him to shut up, so I used my power to pull down his pants lmfao.

I didn’t really care about him and just wanted to leave at this point. I walked away from him, and started calling out for someone to come get me out of this shithole.

I called for Luther. He actually showed up this time. He didn’t have a human appearance. He was just a body of light. Like sunlight shining off a blanket of snow, burning your retinas. I assume everyone in there fried after looking at him, because they didn’t bother me after that.

I told him to take a more humanoid appearance, because he kinda hurt my eyes. He was still light, but have the form of a completely white body. Like a white morph suit that glowed. My brain interpreted that form as a “tall white” alien and it gave me the heeby jeebies. It freaked me out so much that I almost woke myself up. He continued to search my brain, and decided to look like Vergil from DMC. I settled with that because he really sucks at choosing attractive human forms.

I know it’s pretty biased of me to be freaked out at the alien form, because I have my own alien form. Honestly, traditional alien humanoid forms look like completely hairless naked people with slimy dolphin skin. Not fuckable.

He carried me around as he usually does. There was a bed that I wanted to sleep on, but a couple of plebs were using it to sit on and play on their phones. They wouldn’t leave when I threatened them, so I started screaming at the top of my lungs. Everyone looked at me like I was a lunatic, including Luther. I told them that I wouldn’t stop screaming until they left. They left.

I woke up shortly after.

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my mom got mad at me at the store and made me walk home, but it was really far and late at night. i tried calling my dad but i didn’t know exactly where i was, and i got frustrated so i told him id walk home and hung up

i stopped at a convenience store despite not having any money, slightly hoping someone would feel bad for me and buy something for me i guess? then, a group of older looking women and a couple of teens came in. they all looked tough, like they used to be in a biker gang or something. one was talking about something that interested me. she said she worked on the railroads. i left and went outside to look like i was using the atm, and i waited for them to leave so i could casually strike up a conversation

they came out and i asked her “hey, so you worked on the railroads?” she said yes and told me to walk with her so she could talk to me. everyone else was walking apart but in the same direction, talking to each other and joking around. she told me about the railroads and most of her life story. i don’t remember what she told me but i thought she was really cool and i admired her, and i was really sad about something (i think the fact that i would probably never get to talk to her again, or i thought she was gonna die soon and her legacy would go with her, or both. which is dark.) towards the end she told me her name was katy klein. i dont remember where it went from here

later i was at home talking to my friend on the phone. i mentioned the womans name and she got really scared. she said thats the name of our friend who went missing. she also said a lot of the details from her life that she told me were very similar to our friend’s

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I dreamt my hair was mermaid blue and I had an undercut while on vacation solving murder mysteries

So I’m gonna go get an undercut now

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        Morning of November 19, 1995. Sunday.

        Dream #: 10,562-01. Reading time: 20 sec.

        The setting in this dream is ambiguous. Sometimes it is in America, other times Australia. I see Skylar and his friend Bones (two of my former co-workers).

        I ride on trains, take an uneventful airplane trip, and ride on the back of a truck to travel to an undetermined area of Australia.

        One area of a train station has vagrants living near the tracks. I give a fifty-dollar bill to an unfamiliar homeless man but a greater amount (numerous bills in different denominations) to another male.

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So I dreamt I was on a film set. I was involved in this film somehow and we were in the middle of the woods. It was kinda of a Game of Thrones style fantasy type thing. Anyways. So we were Having Some Difficulties with some of the actors, and I was the middleman running around trying to get them to do what they needed to do and relaying information from director. And then out of no where these foxes, 3 of em, started to attack me which is weird for foxes. And then suddenly they were wolves but like. smaller. A fox wolf mix really. And I had to fight these fuckers off with a microphone and camera. I definitely destroyed some equipment. And none of the other people there would help me. They saw me dealing with fox-wolves and were just doing a running commentary on the fight. Also I was filming the behind-the-scenes interviews and such that’s why I had such quick access to a camera. And it was a big one too, one of those that you hold on your shoulders. I think this dream was about how I should start hating actors.

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        Morning of May 25, 2020. Monday.

        Dream #: 19,516-02. Reading time (optimized): 1 min 30 sec.


        There is no incorporation of imaginary physicality (or any degree of vestibular cortex arousal), the lack of which is often an attribute of dreams with a predominant reading intent (as cerebral cortex arousal is typically an isolated factor in such instances).

        I see my mother walking around at one point, with no recall she died in 2002 (though her presence could be a subliminal association with Zsuzsanna in this case, influenced by our children calling her mother), though she does not speak or express discernible emotion. The setting is unknown and undefined. I am looking through an unusual dictionary with awareness my youngest son is nearby. I find it curious as I look through the pages featuring words beginning with “g.”

        I read several entries for common words. However, I eventually find an entry titled “Giff People.” Below the title is a small image of an unfamiliar male face with thin lines covering it in the manner of an abstract tattoo. Below it is text that includes “feverish Turks” as an example of “giff people,” though there is no definition of either phrase.

        Causal factors identified:

        “Giff” is a reference to the image format GIF, though my dream self lacks this realization. (It may also be a variation of the “paper technology” fallacy, as my dreams often feature technological devices and their functions appearing on paper with no recall of how computer technology works.)

        “Feverish” is a residual association with watching a video last night that showed devices that read people’s temperatures and how they would detect a fever to alert an employee of a venue or facility. However, I have not yet had a dream where there was a viable recall of the current pandemic.

        “Turks” is a residual influence from Rod Stewart’s song “Young Turks.” It includes a dream reference in its first line, “and a head full of dreams.” Additionally, there is an analogy with the line “don’t let ‘em ever change your point of view” concerning the current disinformation campaign that various media sources are propagating about dreams. It also correlates with the aforementioned video that relayed a public “pushback” (verbatim) with the lyric, “don’t let 'em push you around.”

        This dreaming experience invalidates the popular misconception that reading in dreams can never occur.

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May 25th 2020

I had a dream that i participated in this online course and it was very complicated but somehow also had subjects from my university? Anyway we went to this lovely cabin int he woods and we were separated in two different groups, yet we didn’t really interact that much. The cabin was very big from the inside. It was bigger than an entire building with floors and balconies and different rooms.

While i walked from one room to another i found a few famous people celebrating different things and others taking pictures with them. In one of the room, once i walked in i realized that it was actually a concert and because i didn’t have a ticket i didn’t know what to do, so i climbed on the roof of the stage and watched the entire. I remember that it made so much sense in the dream. Like yeah, why would i buy ticket if i can do this?

Anyway after the concert ended, i went back to one of the rooms to fix my hair. And the others kept leaving the door. And i think that’s when i woke up?

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Fuck I just woke up from an abjectly terrifying dream and I kind of am writing it down just so I can get it out if my head and stop thinking about it. 


So there’s this kid with like grey eyes and he’s British and from like a really rich family in like, I think this is the 1960s. 

Except he’s been living at an orphanage. 

Because his  biologica mother died and for some reason he didn’t have a dad or anything. 

So like all the servants in this big-ass house were like “holy fuck we need to send him to an orphanage” and for some reason they were like really serious and solemn and panicked about it. And so the lady who dropped him off at the orphanage was all like “there, now you’ll be safe.” Which is weird. But it makes sense in context. 

It’s worth mentioning that his eyes are strikingly similar to his dead mom’s. Actually no they’re exactly the same to the point where it’s creepy. They are (drumroll) fucking storm cloud grey and y’all should’ve seen that coming. 

But then his rich grandpa or uncle or whatever finds out about his existence and sends for him to go live in that same big creepy house he was in as a baby. 

He’s like ten now, btw. 

So The Doctor, and this is David Tennant’s doctor, and a red headed girl he’s been living with on a blimp (don’t ask) are like “shit this kid is in so much danger we’ve gotta help.” And they’re so panicked for him it’s really ominous.

So they become servants in that bullshit house and they bring the kid home from the orphanage. And he’s all sad and confused cause he’s been living as a tragic orphan this whole time but apparently he’s rich now and he’s also just been separated from everyone he’s ever known and that’s sad. 

It’s worth noting that he’s a ten-year-old child. 

There’s this really ornate carved box on a cabinet in front of a whole bunch of fancy pictures of his mom, a few golden … things (idk what) … and a mirror. The Doctor and, apparently her name is Vanessa, are like, “so your mom died here. Don’t you ever ever ever open this box, or else her malevolent restless spirit will come out if it and possess you. You better not look in the box.”

And the boy’s like “okay.” 

So he goes around, exploring the huge house. And he sees images and hallucinations of his biological mom - who he’s never seen before - doing things. (It’s worth noting that this lady is only his mother in a purely biological sense and never emotionally acts motherly towards him so she’s not REALLY his mom.)  She’s just like, walking around or reading or eating or playing the piano or whatever. But every single time she turns around to gaze at him directly in the eyes with the most terrifying expression and then kind of fades away. Also the light and shadows on her face and body are so weird and unnatural. 

So he eventually just like, gets pulled into a trance and starts following her, and she leads him through a bunch of twisty corridors to the place with that box. And like, the Doctor and Vanessa are guarding it but he’s unnaturally quiet and they don’t notice him at the angle he’s coming from. 

So, he looks at the first painting on the wall, of his “mother” when she was young. And then there’s a bit of a long mirror and he slowly walks down it, looking at himself. He looks pretty terrified btw. Then suddenly the mirror is replaced by a painting of his “mother.” And it’s all dark and his mother’s ghost kind of blends with the painting and it’s kind of 3D and it’s just so terrifying and staring at him dead in the face.  

And he’s in a trance and is suddenly impulsed to open the box. But the second he opens the box the trance is over and he screams and runs away. But it’s too late. The malevolent spirit - which is soooo abjectly terrifying - is out now. And finally the Doctor and Vanessa realize all this. And the three of them are running all over the city trying to outrun the malevolent spirit. But she keeps chasing them and she’s never far behind. Sometimes she’s just a ghost and chases them and sometimes she posses random people to chase them. 

And finally they get to the blimp and start flying away in it. Except she’s there too. And she gets in the blimp one time, really sneakily. And she finally fucking succeeds at possessing him. 

And she’s like “now I’ll have you forever. I’ll completely take over your body and I will use it to live again and I’m never letting you go. You have the same storm cloud eyes as me so it will be very easy for me to get into your soul and claim it.” And he’s fucked up by that. Remember, the kid is ten. Vanessa does some kind of thing to unpossess him. But they all know if won’t be long until she’s back, since she found her way in already. 

The Doctor and Vanessa try to comfort him by saying that he’ll be alright and they’ll make it through this. But everyone knows that it’s naïve optimism or perhaps just a lie. 

Without telling the adults he gets this electric orb thing - it’s one of the Doctor’s science things, don’t question it - and holds onto it. 

So she comes back. And she fucking lunges at him. And just before she gets into his body he grips the orb so tight that the outside breaks and he gets electrocuted. So now he’s all limp noodle and dead and the Doctor and Vanessa are all sad. 

And Vanessa was like “we all knew he was going to die. I guess it was pretty useless to try to stop it all.”

So then they give his body back to the orphanage. And the kids at the orphanage are all sad and they have a funeral for him. 

And meanwhile at the house the kid’s uncle or grandfather or whatever is all mad at the Doctor and Vanessa and I think he tries to murder them but they do some magic science thing and he’s scared. The malevolent spirit is still in the house so the Doctor and Vanessa burn the house down. 

And that weakens the ghost but she escapes into the world looking for a body to posses so she can live again. 

It’s worth noting that the servants who sent him to the orphanage as a baby did it so he’d be away from the reach of that dead lady and can grow up and live as a normal kid. They knew this all would happen. 

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It’s the apocalypse. The ocean has turned acidic. There’s a sudden storm and I follow a bunch of people to this jungle gym type thing, where we climb for shelter. We’re all squeezed into this tiny abandoned house, and I watch a man look forlornly out the window at the rain. He doesn’t realize that the window is open a little bit and a few drops fall onto his foot. He screams in agony. My family decides that they have to leave, and that they don’t want to be with me anymore. I sob and beg them not to abandon me, but they tell me I’m a burden holding them back. In a fit of despair, I go to the beach and I wade into the water. I stand on a sandbar, looking all around me at the black ocean and gray sky, and sit down, letting the acid dissolve me.

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Ok another dream sorry, I dreamt I was showing my friend who does production a recording of a vocal technique I have been trying out. It was the actual recording I made IRL, but in the dream when I played it for my friend it was totally lacking a sense of pitch. I remembered singing it well, but then the recording was past tone-deaf, just completely atonal. It was super awkward and I spent the rest of the dream trying to justify to him why that mistake had happened without me noticing it

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