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#dream mcyt
dsmp-incorrect-quotesa day ago
*Dream is cooking*
Sapnap: Any chance that's for me?
Dream: It's for George. I'm planning on making some bad choices tonight and I need him on my side.
Sapnap: I never realized the forethought that went into being a disappointment.
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itstheimperfectwriter2 days ago
Can I request some hc of everyone meeting DreamXD's child(reader)?
Reader isn't adopted, they're created by DreamXD. Like building a iron golem or a snow golem, XD created Reader with Ender Stone as body, pumpkin as head, and Ender Eye stuffed in the pumpkin, this is how reader born.
They don't looks a lot like XD, but they do dressed like XD and also have creative mode and op power.
XD raise reader in The End. As god-like creatures, this two don't need to speak or do anything to understand what's another thinking, so the reader is generally silence, they don't know how to speak any language.
One day XD finally decided to bring reader with him to the main world, this is the first time reader seeing blue sky, clouds, flowers, and creature that isn't Ender Dragon, Shulker or Enderman.
How would the people on the SMP react to their little god?
Hi anon! Thanks for the request! I adore this idea so I decided to write a little something for it after the head cannon. I am sorry to everyone for not being so active. I am trying to juggle, work, school and my homelife. At times it really just becomes too much. But I hope y'all will stick it out with me <3 Warning: n/a Masterlist || Requests are open
Tumblr media
醿 Everyone was shocked, others showed it more than others though.
醿 Philza, Wilbur, Niki and Dream were more wondering how you were created than who you were. Sure DreamXD was a god, but if they could make something smart then a snow golem and stronger than an iron golem. Something as powerful as Dream XD themself. If they could create something like you they would have more power than anyone on the SMP.
醿 A few people where scared of you, mainly Geogre, Fundy, and Ranboo. You were a god after all, you were powerful, firey, unpredictable. No one knew anything about you, all they knew is that you were DreamXD's family.
醿 Of course Tommy could not careless if you were a god. He attempted to become a friend of yours. Not to use you at all but more to just add another friend on the SMP. His loud nature complimented your more quiet one.
You found it a little starling to meet so many new people at once. Having lived in the End you had not had much contact with humans. Your creator often spoke of them, telling you how they are lesser being, something for you to play with. Your creator often reminding you of this when he arrived back after a few days of playing with them. When you questioned him he would become enraged reminding you that humans are greedy, they start wars and ruin the land he taken so ling to look after.
Once you began to learn more, taking information enderman have given you. The creatures being much smarter than any human you might met. DreamXD offered to take you to the realm of the humans. He explained how the humans have now grown a little more, he decided to leave out the part were him and some other Gods have been tormenting them.
So DreamXD dressed you in the finest clothes, similar to his so the humans would know you weren't another one of the peasents that roam the land. He gave you a few rules while the two of you were out.
Don't talk to the humans Don't interfear with anything Don't give the humans anything Don't tell the humans anything
Of course you would follow these. There had only been one time you had seen DreamXD truly mad. You prayed that his anger would never be directed at you like that.
When you arrived in the human realm it was so much brighter than the End. There was large ball in the sky that you learnt was the sun, it gave the warmth to the plant giving the creatures a nice place to live. The grass that you were allowed to feel was soft, it felt inviting, yearning you to sit down in the sun, even just for a moment. When you had found a stream you saw things called a fish, it swam in the water. It was far too fast for you to catch. The water was cool, once you touched it it lingered onto your hands. At the stream you found some cows on the other side. The heard grazed, not bothereing to glance at you and DreamXD.
The cows were undisturbed until they all shot over and looked to the forest. There was something in there, something that the beasts were afraid of. You went to float over to investigate further, but were stopped by Dream XD. As a god you were not to step in, you must et things play out as they are intended.
An arrow zoomed out from the treeline, pircecing the closest cow. This caused the rest of them to run away. The one hit by the arrown feel to the ground, died. This was the first death you had ever witnessed. Nothing like this had happened in the End, you know it was something that all creatures went through at one time or another, even gods. But never have you seen it with your own eyes.
Something made its way past the tree, it was hard to make out. But you knew it was no animale, it walked on its hind legs and wore armour. It checked to make sure the ebast was killed before looking around. Your eyes looked with the creatures, or should you say human. You had seen your first human.
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ghostlysenses2 days ago
It's again me :D
I have another request/idea, can you do a techno x teen sister? (Idk like him supporting or helping her :) )
Thx 鉁 ^^
My Ohana.
Tumblr media
Heck yeah!!! Lets do this!
Technoblade x sibling reader (platonic you sick f*ck)
Tw: Fluff, raising a sibling, abandonment, a bit of angst
Techno was only 10 when you came into this world, he was 10 1/2 when Philza found you.
he was so happy, he enjoyed spending time with you.
whenever you hooked ur hand around his pointer finger he would just look silently in awe.
he promised himself he would do whatever it took to protect you.
He kept that promise.
Philza obviously didn鈥檛 have time to take care of his kids, he was always busy doing something else.
Techno knew this
So while Wilbur got to raise Tommy
Techno got to raise you!
but dont worry you still got to see philza and you know he is your father but still
techno loved raising you
it was a struggle at first, trying to parent can be difficult but he got the hang of it after a year or so.
You and Techno have the best bond out of anyone else in the family, and you still do!
You鈥檙e 15 now going strong
Techno has taught you how to protect yourself, he also still reads you to sleep when you need it.
Techno was very protective of you
He was always scared of you getting hurt fatally
So when he was sent and invite to pogtopia, he didn鈥檛 know what to do鈥.
so he went to pogtopia
he went without you knowing
How? you might be asking
He snuck out while you were asleep, he traveled the long journey and made it there.
He felt horrible for leaving you alone
He was scared of how you would react when you wake up
and oh boy
did you react.
When you woke up you hopped out of bed and stretched
you walked around the halls until you realized
how quiet it was
how there wasn鈥檛 any smell of anything cooking for breakfast
how there was cackling sounds coming from the fire place鈥
you knocked on Technos bedroom door
no answer
you knocked again
no answer
you opened it this time
to find nothing
he left you
he left you here
you were alone again.
You completely shut down
You were a teen you didn鈥檛 know how to take care of yourself!
you walked downstairs and sat near the kitchen counter and thats when you found it
a note
for you!
鈥淒ear Y/n
Hey squirt, our dummy brothers wanted me to help them with something, dont worry ill be back before you know it, If you need anything i made some food for you to heat up, Steve is by the door to make sure no one breaks in okay?, stay safe I love you kiddo
To say you were relieved was an understatement
and he did come back (about 3 weeks later)
and you were the happiest you could be
it was nighttime, you had come down for a late night snack when all of a sudden the door opened
and as soon as the door opened and as soon as you saw his cape
you hugged him
He laughed and hugged you back
you told him to tell you about it
about his adventure
about what he did
and thats what he did
from seeing Tommy and Wilbur
to the war of manburg
he was so happy to see you again
to see his baby sister again
to see the shine in your eyes that you had since you were merely months old
Its weird to think about how tall you are now
He picked you up by your armpits and set you down on the couch
unhooked his cape and swaddled you up as if you were a baby again
you laughed at this
It always felt nice but it was still funny
he then sat you in his lap and started telling you greek stories
like ones of hades
and more
and when you fell asleep, he picked you up
and brought you to your room and gently set you on your bed.
He went to the door and turned to have one more look at his little sister
and said
鈥淕oodnight my ohana鈥
and walked to his room and went to sleep.
YOOO hope you enjoyed the story!
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gh0st-asha day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Brb crying :[
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azzyhop17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Throwback to the Fundy/Dream wedding 馃А馃挌
[Sept. 2020]
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pilocene-on-the-sidea day ago
Tumblr media
"The Captain and Her Son" (20XX); Commission from the SMP's Traveling Artist
She was beautiful, truly, in a way no painting could faithfully depict. She was renowned as a Captain鈥攔ightfully so鈥攁nd yet, to simplify her to a title alone failed to encompass how much more than that she really was. She was brave, cunning, and daring; bold and ruthless yet not without empathy. She was his mother. She was everything he wished he could be. Even as a young boy, he knew he was never deserving of such a luxury.
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nicoyeetzawa2 days ago
Tumblr media
You gonna call it or am I?
This is in no way referencing anything of any sort, no siree nothing to see here
Seriously tho don't bring the work to the CCs, respect the author's wishes and please actually respect the CCs because they're human and not dating, this is just character art
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winifreyd2 days ago
c!dream doesn't聽believe he is a bad person
/dsmp /rp聽
I was thinking back to c!sams last lore stream and watching c!sam talk down to c!dream for the stuff that he's done made me realize that that might have been the first time someone has told him why c!dreams is a bad person.聽
Cause c!dream doesnt believe he is a bad person, only a good person who does bad actions, and I can believe why he thinks he's a good person. His goal since the start was to bring the server together as one big family.聽
But when others started a conflict with each other, he started making "the ends justify the means" type of choices. In c!dream eyes, that makes him a good person because of his main goal to unite the server,聽
He knows that his actions are bad but he doesn't see that makes him a bad person. Think back to when c!dream said that exile wasn't "that bad" when c!tommy was stuck with him. He didn't see exile as horrible because he didn't experience what c!tommy went through and didnt see why it was bad. c!tommy didn't explain to him why it was bad either, he just cursed at him.聽
Its only when c!sam finally tells him why he is a bad person, and why his actions were bad, cause up until now no one has explained that too him.
All everyone did was tell c!dream that he was a piece of shit and a monster for what he did but they never explained why, because from c!dreams pov he believes he is a good person. Until c!sam finally explains it to him why he isn't.
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taylorwright272 days ago
How much you guys wanna bet that the next major lore happens during George鈥檚 haircut stream.聽 Its on the 16th and would be very funny聽
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octoberended20 hours ago
Tumblr media
Pink Parrots blasting past the competition!!
reblogs vv cool <33
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bloody-heartstrings12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
they鈥檙e besties, your honor <3
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