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ferigrieve · 2 days ago
it would be rlly funny if elytra wings just looked like those wings u had in like kindergarten ?? imagine u the player, finally beating the ender dragon after months, maybe even years of preperation, and u venture into the portal that had apperead, builing bridges out of whatever blocks you had and fighting off shulkers to finally, finally get your hands on the elytra. you open the chest, sucking in a breath, and its just
Tumblr media
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rae-writes · 6 months ago
Mcyt Headcanons
Sapnap, Badboyhalo, Awesamdude, Skeppy, Technoblade, Dream, Karl Jacobs, Quackity, GeorgeNotFound, Wilbur Soot x reader (separate)
word count : 1.k
warnings : slightly nsfw-ish, brief mentions of abuse
synopsis : Kissing prompts (that I got from pinterest)
Author’s note : I have a collapsing prompts version of this in the works as well as “Parental SMP” pt.4 so continue being patient with that series and anything else for me, guys <3
One small kiss, pulling away for an instant, then devouring each other
Sapnap was meant to go meet up with Dream and George. All he did was lean in to give you what was supposed to be a quick kiss goodbye but that was the exact opposite of what happened.
You pulled back to say bye but your words were caught in your throat at his darkened gaze, “Sap, you’re gonna be late…”
He didn’t care- he pulled you back in for a kiss that was just teeth and tongue and he didn’t let it stop there. Sapnap picked you up by the thighs without breaking the passion filled kiss with full intent to lock the two of you in the bedroom for the night. His friends could wait. 
Pressing their foreheads together while kissing 
Kissing Bad was always magical. When he wasn’t riled up, it was always soft and sweet with whispered assurances and mixed in giggles. When he was riled up, it was slightly rougher and more handsier and you feeling his fangs against your bottom lip that he swears he doesn’t have. 
Right now it was the former, and Bad couldn’t stop from giggling as he pulled back slightly while resting his forehead against yours. 
“What’s so funny, Bad?” you smiled, loving the closeness between you two. 
“Nothing. Just thinking about how perfect you are, My muffin.”
Staring at each other’s lips, trying not to kiss them, before giving in
(how are we feeling about Sam’s face reveal everyone- isn’t he handsome :))
“Sam. You’ve been working for days, take a break!” You were organizing the many chests that scattered across his work area. He’d been working on this prison for 3 days straight. 
“I can’t, I need to work as long as I can manage.” 
You looked up to scold him but faltered when you saw where his gaze was. Your own flickered down to glance at his lips as well before you felt yourself being tugged forward.
“You’re such a distraction…” His lips connected with yours as he ran a hand through his green hair, walking you backwards to sit on a crate. Maybe a break wouldn’t hurt…
Running their thumb over the other’s lips
You were trapped against the white wall of Skeppy’s mansion as you grinned triumphantly. You’d finally gotten your boyfriend to snap. “What’s the matter, Zak?” 
He glowered, “You already know what’s wrong and if I don’t hear an apology fall from those sweet lips of yours, you’re gonna be in trouble.” 
“Ooh~” Your hand came up to rest on his cheek as your thumb ran across his bottom lip, “What would Bad think, Skeppy?” Before he could answer, you were lunging forward to secure his lips with yours, not wanting to give up on this little challenge you started.
When they lean forward a fraction as if to kiss the other person, then realize they shouldn’t and pull back to stop themselves 
Techno hated feeling like this. All he could think about for the past few days were you and your stupidly cute smile and bright eyes and soft-looking lips and-
“Tech? What’s the matter with you? You keep zoning out on me.” You looked at your best friend confused. Techno was almost never like this. Walking over, you placed a hand on his shoulder, “Tech?”
His red eyes met yours before trailing down to your lips. Techno’s heart started pounding as his body moved on autopilot, leaning forward slightly. All he wanted was to feel your lips against his…
“Techno? Y/n? You here?”
Phil’s voice snapped him out of his trance and he quickly straightened back up, “I’m fine.” 
You watched as the pink haired male hurried out of the room as your fingers came to rest against your lips, feeling the non-existent kiss tingling against the skin. “Damn…” 
Ripping the other away- “no we shouldn’t”- but when they kiss them again they moan and hold them close 
You honestly couldn’t recall how the fuck you got to this point : outside of the L’manburg wall with Dream, everyone’s enemy Dream, while liplocked. Your mind finally came back to you as you ripped away from the kiss, softly pushing him backwards, “No- we...we shouldn’t be doing this.” 
Dream panted slightly, looking at you with darkened eyes that held a determined glint. His hands shot out to grip your hips as he moved his face back where it belonged. 
When his lips smashed against yours for the second time that night, you couldn’t help but let out a small moan, “Clay…” and grip his shoulders. Your arms snaked around his neck while your left leg lifted up to pull him closer. Maybe you shouldn’t have been doing this...but it just felt right.  
One sliding their hand into the other’s hair slowly 
It was just supposed to be a wholesome and sweet kiss but Karl loved the feeling of having your lips against his a little too much. His hands gripped your waist tighter as he fidgeted excitedly. 
You smiled against him, enjoying his reaction of your hands slowly sliding up to tangle in his hair. The brown locks were thick and soft making you unable to stop yourself from tugging on it gently. 
Karl choked back his moan, which came out as a small whimper instead. “Y/n…” he breathed out, “You know I love it when you mess with my hair…”
Their entire body freezing for a second when their love kisses them 
Alex couldn’t recall the last time he experienced a feeling like this. A feeling of love instead of hate; a feeling of gentleness instead of roughness. He could feel his body ice over and freeze in its spot as soon as your lips came into contact with his. 
Pulling back with a concerned gaze, you allowed your voice to carry out no louder than a whisper, “Alex?” 
Smiling, you did as you were told. It was heartbreaking to see his reaction but you were gonna make sure that Schlatt’s abuse never popped into his head ever again. Not when he had you. “It’s okay, Alex. You can let go with me, it’s okay.” 
When one stops the kiss to whisper “I’m sorry, are you sure you-” and they answer by kissing them more 
George swears he didn’t mean to but you just looked so good in the light of the sunset that he couldn’t help himself. It also didn’t help him feel any less bad about it when you kissed back, “I’m so sorry! Are...are you sure you-”
You grabbed the sides of his face and quickly brought him back to your lips again. His taste and scent were intoxicating; you couldn’t get enough, and you were so glad he forgot about self-restraint in that moment. “Yes, just kiss me, George.” 
A hoarse whisper, “Kiss me.” Then licks their lips and says “please”
Tomorrow was the Revolution, Pogtopia vs. Manberg, and everyone was on edge. You were more worried about your boyfriend, though. He’d been acting weirder everyday since Schlatt banished the two of you and Tommy. 
“Will?” Walking up to the hunched over man, you placed a comforting hand on his back. You quickly removed it when he jumped and looked at him with worry, “Will…?” 
He gulped, looking over your face like he was never gonna see it again. Wilbur’s hands were shaking as he reached out to you and pulled you closer, “Kiss me.” His tongue slipped out to wet his slightly cracked lips, “please.” 
Leaning down, you slotted your lips against his, eyes widening at the desperate way he grabbed you, “Wilbur!” You could tell he wasn’t listening because you were brought down to rest in his lap as his arms held you tightly. 
“Please...I- I need this. I need to show you that I…I really do love you.”
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dreamcatcherrs · 5 months ago
dating a faceless streamer/youtuber; mcyt x reader
+ this was a request, but it got deleted in my drafts ;-; sorry!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
since he is also a faceless youtuber
he’s very understanding of keeping your privacy
and whatever reason you have to not reveal your face, he respects it
he knows what it’s like to have people tell him to face reveal
sometimes his voice will just appear in the back of your streams/videos
like in sapnap’s with the question about one direction
and chat is like, how long has he been here?????
the two of you would hint at a face reveal
and then after weeks brush it off like it was nothing
because you like to torture the fans, I guess🙄
because dream never has a face cam on
he has the perfect seat for you on his lap whenever he streams/films
and the same thing goes for when you film/stream; he’ll be sitting right next to you with his hand in yours or on your thigh
you’re known as the faceless couple
Tumblr media
it really doesn't bother him at all that you’re a faceless streamer/youtuber
I don't see him as the type to post a whole lot of pictures with his s/o anyways
or something along those lines
so it wouldn't make a big difference to him
would just think it was funny to tease chat about knowing what you look like, when they don't
and then having them just hear you voice in the background of his videos sometimes
but not actually seeing you
he kinda likes that your relationship is more concealed
and that it’s harder for people to come at you when they don't know what you look like exactly, just because he’s dating you
because that would honestly be his biggest worry when revealing your relationship
so he’s happy that’s one less worry :)
Tumblr media
does everything to not get people to beg for a face reveal
he doesn't want people to put that kind of pressure on you
especially if they go after you for it just because you're dating him
like, he will make a video about it if he has to
or tweet about it
the last thing he wants is for the fake fans to try and reveal your face or other things about you
when clearly that’s what you wanna keep private
that being said, he’d do so many streams with you
wether it’s gong against each other, or being on the same team
you always have so much fun together
even if you're literally in the same room together
if his face cam is on, he’d look over at you every now and then and send you a smile or some shit like that
there’s some pretty cute moments - expect a compilation
Tumblr media
bad would be really proud to have an s/o who did youtube/streamed
and he would for sure help you out if you ever needed him to!
like with coding
or just general growth in your channel
wouldn't really care if you showed your face or not - whatever you're happy with makes him happy
he would just make sure that you never felt pressured to show your face
he knows people out there can be meanies
and come for you just because you don't show your face
and he’d always be there to talk to about it if it ever stressed you out
he would also make sure that you didn't hide your face because you didn’t like it or something like that
and if that was the case, you bet he’d be reassuring you
calling your all kinds of sweet things and show you lots of love
he takes lots of pictures of his two favourite girls
you and rat, of course (without showing your face, obviously)
Tumblr media
he actually really likes that you're a faceless streamer/youtuber
like, he doesn't notice how much he likes it
before he realises all of the times you'd sneaked some hand-holding while streaming, or shared little kisses when on mute wouldn't have been possible if you both didn't show your faces
you’d share these secret glances when streaming/filming together
and no one would even know about it
sometimes his chat hears a little talking in the background from you
but techno just brushes it off like you weren't sitting right next to him the entire time
and vice versa
he also just stays with you when you're working
sharing small touches and words
chat also notice eventually how much you gush over each other without noticing
it happens A LOT more than you realise
especially from his side🤭
Tumblr media
wilbur soot:
okay so
I think wilbur would have a hard time not showing you off to stream every second of the day
he would just always talk about you and want you there with him in his streams
and miss your touch after 5 minutes of being apart
but would be totally respectful of you wanting to remain faceless
he would just talk to you from an angle where chat couldnt see you
but yeah, he loves that you do the same type of job as him
and most of all, you motivate each other on days where you can't be bothered to even get out of bed
you’re definitely that couple that everyone makes cute compilations of
and that everyone strives to be
chat loves you, what more can I say
Tumblr media
corpse husband:
the power you two hold over everyone is actually immaculate
you stream/film together all the time
just having fun and being yourselves
he would definitely ask if you could join the games he plays with others when streaming
and if that wasn't possible, he’d just get you to come into his room and be part of it that way
he teases you a lot on stream
both cutely and mischievously
and your viewers are like👀
while his chat is just going crazy
you share lots of giggles
like, seriously, the majority of the videos/streams consists of you two laughing your asses off
you two will forever be known as the faceless couple
even if you both face reveal, that’ll always be your title
Tumblr media
zak will find a way to show you off no matter what
he just can't resist
the way his heart is always beating out of his chest because of you is just too much for him to not ever show you to the world
but of course with your consent only
he wouldn't ever pressure you or anything
but since you're only remaining faceless
you can expect LOTS of matching outfit pictures taken in the mirror
and just lots of pictures of you in general
with your face blocked out or not in view, of course
you'd always be helping each other with your setups or videos
and he’d want to introduce you to literally everyone he knows
especially bad
you don't necessarily stream/film a lot with each other
but you're always in each others’ company in some shape or form
he always mentions you in his streams
just small stories or conversations
chat can tell he’s head over heels for you
Tumblr media
karl jacobs:
he's the most support person everrr
he’d always be celebrating even the tiniest achievements with you
you hit 2k subs? he’ll treat you to an expensive ass dinner
you hit 1 million subs? he’ll buy you a whole room full of filming gear to improve from your previous ones
you managed to finish that one video you've been struggling with? he takes you on a weekend trip to somewhere you’ve always wanted to go
he’ll beg you to join him in is streams
just so he can hold your hand :)
or laugh with you every once in a while
he doesn't need you to face reveal at all
your company is all that matters to him when it includes the rest of the world
I mean, he’s the one able to see your beautiful face all the time, so he can't really complain even if he felt like it
always tweets about you or tweets things at you that only you two understand
and everyone is like ?????
but you don't care :)
Tumblr media
fundy actually doesn't talk a lot about you in his streams or videos
mostly to avoid people leaving bad light on you in the chat
unless he’s in the same game as you, of course
which in that case, the first thing he’d want to do is find you and talk to you in the game
he’s very respectful of you keeping your face private
and tries his best to keep the pressure of a face reveal off your shoulders
especially if it’s happening in his or your comments
if it gets really bad, he’ll eventually talk about it on twitter or something like that
does tiktoks with you
only with your voice though
and posts manyyy pictures where you’re tagged, but only slightly in view
he doesn't really care about your face being a secret
as long as he gets to see it, he’s happy
Tumblr media
alex has so much fun making videos or going live with you
and obviously you have the best collabs
you’re the funniest couple on the platform and it shows
he would talk so much about you - like, telling embarrassing stories about you or some shit like that
or saying how clingy you are with him
and chat would be like AWW HE TALKS ABOUT THEM
and he's like “no”😤
but alex can't fool anyone
he’s in it for real with you🥴
and at times, he doesn't even try to hide it
especially when he speaks up about ho proud he is of you
and how people should respect your choice of remaining faceless to the world
but then he quickly moves on to his silly self again
with blushy cheeks ^w^
Tumblr media
has you on his lap constantly
even when his hand-cam is on
nothing will stop him from making you sit on his lap while he’s streaming
he loves that he can rant to you about the problems he faces sometimes concerning his streams
because you get it
he’d teach you the games you didn't know of
and you'd teach him the games that he didn't know of
and then you'd stream/film together after learning the basics
he doesn't talk about you a lot on stream
but chat eventually figures out it’s because you're literally in the same room as him
and how do they find that out, you may ask?
well, your snores coming from his headphones made it very obvious to say the least
Tumblr media
sam knows what it’s like being a faceless streamer
so if you wanted, he’d give you all of the advice you needed
and if you ever considered face revealing, he'd totally help you!
you guys have matching setups 
you sometimes talk to each other across the room as you're playing the same game together
because it’s funny to tease chat that way
you’d be posting pictures on social media
that give off hints that you're with each other a lot
like, in one photo he’s wearing a hoodie
and the next day, you post a photo of you in that exact same hoodie
stuff like that
he also celebrates big and small achievements with you
wether it be you achieving them or him, you always celebrate together
Tumblr media
matching. outfits.
ahhhh chat would be going absolutely crazy at the fits you guys have sometimes
and you're always matching
as in always
he tells their stream that you have a matching crown like his
but that chat obviously can't see it on you because you don’t have a face-cam
she likes telling stories about you
like, memories they have of you two together
and he just always compliments you and praises you for your hard work on her streams
telling everyone how happy you make them
she also always invites you to join his streams because it means a lot to them that you're there :)
Tumblr media
jack manifold:
jack is so excited about the fact that you're also a streamer/youtuber
it makes it easier to open up about your relationship online
because some people already knew you before you revealed you two were dating
though I feel like jack would kinda like the secrecy of your face online
just to brag to his audience about how he gets to see your face every day
but also because he likes that there’s more privacy for you
sometimes he’d pop into your room without knowing you were streaming/filming
and would just start talking to you while you giggled about how you were “kinda in the middle of something”
when jack realised what you meant, he’d hurry out of the room in an instant
you’d always be in each others chats/comments
showing what a supportive couple you were
he always raids you at the end of his streams if you’re streaming at the same time
Tumblr media
tommy always forgets that you're a faceless streamer/youtuber
and is sometimes sooo close to blurting out something he shouldn't
because he’s so used to seeing you, he just kinda forgets that no one else can
you always have to send him a text to “sToP TalKIng AbOUt yOu” so he doesn't accidentally reveal something
that being said, he literally talks so much about you
again, I’m bringing up that time he said that tubbo is so clingy
he says the same thing about you
but he’s really the clingy one, and it’s pretty obvious
you catch him saying things like “yeah, y/n is really cool”
or “guys, please don't say stuff like that to y/n”
getting all serious and shit🥺
he asks you constantly if you can join his vc
even when you're busy, he’s like “pay. attention. to. me😤”
it’s really entertaining sometimes
especially when his streams just consist of you two bickering the whole time
calls you his favourite woman
Tumblr media
ahhh tubbo is so sweet when it comes to you
like, when anyone mentions you he just starts smiling
and wants to tell everyone about you
even if they already know you from your channel
he just can't help but ramble on about you
especially to tommy
he replies to all of your tweets
and you reply to all of his
you always feature each other on your channels/streams
and share a celebratory cake when reaching subgoals
sometimes chat notices similarities in your layouts
like a colour change
or a similar pattern
posts a photo of your pinkies intertwined
wearing matching bracelets you made yourself
and everyone finds it super cute<3
Tumblr media
he would encourage you so much to join his videos
and wear the same type of outfit to cover your face with
but with a sense of yourself in it so you'd look similar, but not exactly like each other
you'd be matching outfits so often
doesn't talk a lot about you on his streams
apart from mentioning how short you are
but on TWITTER
that's a whole other story
his twitter has practically just become a fan account of you
he’s always in your comments
just to leave a :)
or a supportive comment
if you ever wanted to do a face reveal
he would do it with you if it meant making you feel more comfortable about it
or less nervous
you’re just very lowkey and cute
Tumblr media
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inniterhq · 4 months ago
𝐖𝐇𝐀𝐓'𝐃 𝐓𝐇𝐄𝐘 𝐃𝐎 𝐓𝐎 𝐘𝐎𝐔 | 𝐭𝐞𝐜𝐡𝐧𝐨𝐛𝐥𝐚𝐝𝐞 𝐱 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
Request: maybe smth where instead of that scene where he’s like “PHIL WHATD THEY DO TO YOU” instead of phil it’s reader? idk i live and breathe protective!techno
Summary: Technoblade is sent to be executed, you can’t lose him. Genre: angst (with a happy ending) Warnings: mentions of death, cursing Pronouns: they/them Note: THE TOTEM SCENE Y’ALL. This might be my first angst fic with a happy ending- Anyway, thanks for requesting and i hope you like it :]
Tumblr media
They were ransacking your home.
Books thrown to the ground, chests left open, shelves cleared; they were looking for the compass. The compass Techno had given you should you ever lose track of him and need him immediately.
“To help you find your way back to me.”
Quackity stood a few paces in front of you, axe drawn and face contorted with anger, “Just tell us where the fucking compass is, Y/N. It’s better that way.”
You scoffed, “No, you’ll have to find it yourself if you want it so bad.”
You watched as Fundy began throwing your extra materials onto the ground, emptying out all your chests. Fear coursed through your veins, fear for Techno’s safety.
“You really aren’t gonna tell us, huh?”
“Never,” you spat.
“Guys! Look what I found,” Tubbo moved to the center of your home, in his hand, the compass.
The Butcher Army swarmed around Tubbo, Alex taking it from his hand and stepping out the door, Fundy following him. Tubbo turned to you, frowning.
“Y/N, I’m putting you under house arrest, for refusing to comply with presidential orders.”
He nodded at Ranboo, who had been standing in the corner the entire time. Ranboo moved closer to you, an ankle monitor in his hand. You stared at Tubbo, jaw clenched as you sat down and allowed Ranboo to bind you to your home. The two of them left, Ranboo hesitating a bit and you thought maybe he was on your side. But he looked over at you, shaking his head, and walked out the door.
You paced around your home, worrying your bottom lip between your teeth as panic set in. Techno was a capable warrior, you’d seen him in battle before. Yet, this was four people against him.
You couldn’t lose him, not when you hadn’t told him how much you loved him.
The wait was excruciating. All you wanted was a sign that he was still alive.
“Techno, please be okay,” you muttered under your breath as you fiddled with the ends of your shirt.
As if hearing your pleas, you heard the rattle of chains outside and Quackity’s laughter to go along with it. Rushing outside, you stood on your balcony overlooking the center of New L’Manburg. You saw the giant cage waiting for Techno, the anvil held back by some rope.
It was a public execution. How heartless could they be?
And then you saw him. They were dragging him towards the stage. Techno was stripped of his armor, his weapons. You had never seen him look so weak and it shocked you to your core. Thick chains connected to metal cuffs wrapped around his wrists, and his head snapped up to look at you.
At that moment, you saw the fear, anger, and sadness in his eyes. You saw his gaze flicker down to the monitor around your ankle and he tugged away from Alex and Fundy.
“Y/N, WHAT’D THEY DO TO YOU?” Techno yelled, desperation evident in the way he continued to pull away from Alex and Fundy and towards you.
But you weren’t the one being sent to death. You shook your head, biting back tears as you looked over at the cage
They shoved Techno inside. Alex stood by Carl, and Tubbo took his stand at the podium. They announced his execution and your mouth went dry. You wanted to tear your eyes away, knowing you’ll have to watch his death, but you couldn't. Your knees grew shaky and the floor swayed underneath you.
Techno stood at the front of the cage, hands wrapped around the bars as he stared at you.
Alex pulled the lever.
You felt bile rise up your throat as everything seemed to move in slow motion. Then, Punz dropped down, throwing multiple potions against the ground. You leaned against the railing, watching as the Butcher Army fought against Punz. Amongst the chaos, you spotted a flash of green.
The anvil falls on Techno, he stumbles back. You watch in awe as it seems to go through him, his flesh splitting off his bones and you finally notice the Totem of Undying in his hand.
He’s not dead.
Techno jumps out of the cage, ripping out of his chains and grabbing Carl. Armed with nothing more than a pickaxe, he gets on Carl and leaves, slowing down in front of your home. You were already at your doorstep.
“The monitor-”
Techno slams the pickaxe against your ankle monitor, breaking it off. You scramble onto Carl, wrapping your arms around his waist as you rest your forehead on his shoulder. Relief set into your muscles and you felt yourself go limp around Techno, your tears wetting his shirt.
“I thought I lost you.”
He stayed silent and you continued, “I couldn’t lose you, not before I tell you that I love you.”
Techno didn't respond, but he didn’t need to. You knew he felt the same from the way he brought his hand over yours, intertwining your fingers together.
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asceticbelongings · 7 months ago
streaming w/ clingy wilbur — headcanon:
pairing: wilbur soot x fem!reader
pronouns used: she/her
this boy was bothering you the whole day
like being all close to you
💕 backhugs 💕
he was like
"can we cuddle 🥺"
but unfortunately you couldn't give in
big things happening in the dream smp
and you need the good good content yk
"i'm sorry wil, but i need to stream today. i already missed two this week :( but i promise i will after we're done :)"
he lets out a looong sigh
but he's gives in 😔
anything for his y/n
so you set up your stream, turn your facecam on to get all of those good reactions to the roleplay about to happen
and this man
scoots his lil office chair right next to yours
and he just lays his head on your shoulder
you just melt
he's so warm
chat goes crazy when they see him there
user 1: WILBUR????
user 2: i wanna touch his hair 🤺
user 3: i'm so alone sobs
he keeps touching your face
your hands
he takes one and just places it in his hair
you want this to hurry up so bad
there was a point where you went to kiss the top of his head
at the same time he went to kiss you on the cheek
💕 muah 💕
chat BLOWS UP again
user 3: we all need to go outside and touch some grass i think 😀
he leans back and you're just staring into his sleepy brown eyes
and he gives you a sweet short kiss
melting ensues
right as the scene is over you say goodbye to chat
wilbur is still cuddling into your side
you end your stream and turn to look at your puppy-like boyfriend
actual definition of the 🥺 emoji
he hugs you dhsbdvjeeh
and you're talking in his ear
"how are you? are you feeling okay?"
"yeah, i just missed you :("
you guys definitely end up cuddling later
his head in ur lap sobs
he's a nuzzler i know it
and you guys fall asleep like that :))
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rae-writes · 6 months ago
Mcyt - “Parental SMP” pt.3
Philza, Tommyinnit, Technoblade, Wilbur Soot, Dream, Sapnap, Badboyhalo, Ranboo, The_Eret, Awesamdude, Glattbur x reader (separate and platonic/family love)
word count : 1.k
warnings : none
synopsis : First steps 
author’s note : Sorry for the wait lovelies, but it’s finally here! I’m thinking about ‘Uncle Bonding’ or ‘When you get hurt’ for the next one but feel free to suggest in the comments! The reader will be knocked up to around 5 next, since these first three prompts are really the highlights of the baby age but again, feel free to tell me what you guys think! Thanks for being patient, mwah! <3
Previous // Next 
This man has experience. He has 3 kids and Tubbo- 
So he wasn’t necessarily worried when you didn’t start walking right away as soon as you were in the age frame to do so 
He just let it happen naturally. And boy is he glad he did : It was a beautiful sight
Techno had been gone for days and all of you missed your big brother 
When he finally returned, Wilbur was the first to shoot up and run to give him a giant hug wanted to hug your brother too! So, you figured you could just move like Wilby did to get there
Tommy looked down at the feeling of his pant leg being grabbed and raised an eyebrow; You were yanking yourself up on your feet with a gummy smile
You wobbled a bit before you let go of Bubba’s leg and then as soon as you were stable, you took off
Phil nearly dropped to the floor as he watched his baby run- or walk as fast as they could anyway- straight towards the twins 
Everyone’s eyes got a bit misty as Tech held you in his arms
“That was amazing, Y/n!” 
Your dad was a troublemaker. And what’s better than one troublemaker? 1 and 1/2 of a troublemaker
He was so excited to get you to start walking. As soon as you got into the age frame to start learning, he grabbed Tubbo and hightailed to the two’s “secret base” 
“Alright big man, today we teach my baby how to walk!” 
“Uh, okay! How do we do that exactly…?” 
So. maybe they didn’t know what they were doing- fine. They started planning on how exactly to do this, which took forever, mind you
And you did not like being ignored. At all. So like the smart- and sassy- baby you were, you figured you'd walk over to your dad and hit him upside the head just like your uncles did 
Holding on to whatever you could, you slowly lifted yourself on your feet, taking quite the tumble a few times but you were fine : your dad didn’t raise no bi-
Tubbo looked up from the spreadsheet and dropped his coke, “T-tommy-”
“Aw, Tubbo! You spilled that all over our paper, how are we gonna- OW!” 
Tommy whipped around, going to yell at whoever hit him until he saw you, “Oh, it’s just you. Hey Y/n!...wait...Y/N?!” 
You huffed triumphantly and smacked his head again, “Up!” 
“Ow! Alright, alright.” Tommy looked down at you, then to Tubbo, then to where you’d been sitting, “Awesome! Now time to get into some trouble!”
Practically raised Tommy and Tubbo along with Wilbur and his dad so he just let you learn on your own 
Very big mistake 
Techno didn’t keep a constant eye on you; he knew that you were smart enough to only go so far without him and all of the dangerous things were out of your reach...or so they were
You loved gold. Obviously- your techno’s kid after all. And that meant you loved seeing the green-gold colors of the shiny enchanted bottles your dad would use 
You wanted one. Tech wouldn’t let you have one since it was glass. So you got it yourself
Techno had left you in the enchanting room for no less than a minute. He thought you’d be fine so long as he came back quickly 
And when he came back, you were trying to bite the bottle of enchanting. Wonderful. 
“Y/n, no! Put that down, it’s glass and you can’t chew on it!” 
You looked up with disinterest, turning to the side and mumbling out a “nu-uh!”
“N/n...give me the bottle.” Techno started towards you, reaching out to snatch the bottle but instead he made a choking sound of surprise when you just got up and “ran” off
“Nu-uh! My shiny.”
“Did...did you just run away from me?!”
Thought it was best to let Fundy help you (with his supervision of course) 
He knew it was time you start walking, so he told Fundy to hold onto your hands firmly and hold you up while walking 
You didn’t fuss one bit- all you did was laugh as your brother waddled the two of you from side to side 
While you did adore your brother, you did still adore your father so after a while, you wanted your dad
Fundy panicked slightly when you shook his hands off of yours but was quick to stand in awe as you stumbled along to Wilbur
“D-dad! Look!”
Will whipped his head around and put a hand over his mouth
Yes, he was teaching you, but seeing you actually walking towards him was just...something else. 
He laughed, not bothering to wipe the single tear falling down his cheek and scooped you up as soon as you reached him
“Well done, superstar! Well done!” 
No one but Dream wanted you to start walking. Sapnap and George knew you were gonna be a handful- just like your father 
The three were playing ‘Manhunt’ so you were being watched by Punz. The two of you chilled together until he thought of brilliant idea
“Say, Y/n? Wanna play with your dad?” 
Punz had tracked down Sapnap and George, letting them in on his little plan before setting it into action 
Dream was taking a quick rest behind a tree when he heard quiet stumbling and peeked out behind the tree, gasping at the sight 
There you were, taking happy steps right toward him. “Daddy!” 
“Wha- what’re you doing out here?!” He picked you up in disbelief
“‘elp Sap and Gogy catch you daddy!” you laughed, placing a hand on your dad’s right cheek since the left side of his face was covered
Right on que, the two jumped out of the bushes and slapped their hands against Dream’s back, “Gotcha! Couldn’t have done it without ya, runt.” 
Clay watched as you clapped your hands, running the scene of you walking over and over again through his mind, “Nick...George.” 
The two were alarmed- Clay’s voice was wavering
“My baby is growing up.” 
Was in no hurry at all to get you to start walking cause that would mean his baby is growing up 
Karl, Sap, and Quackity all sat in a circle around you just chatting and hanging out 
You were in Sapnap’s lap playing with his bandana when you reached out for Karl with an ‘ah!’
Once you were in his lap, you grabbed onto his hoodie strings but got bored rather quickly. Your eyes locked onto Alex’s beanie, though, and you knew what you wanted to play with next, “Ah!”
you were pouting because no one was listening to you! Guess you’d have to do it yourself…
Karl peeked down at you, squeaking a bit when you pushed yourself out of his lap, “Y/n?! What-” 
“Papa..” you stood up shakily, falling a few times, but eventually walked over to where Alex was, “Papa, ah!” 
“Oh my god...she’s growing up too fast, I-”
Alex chuckled at Sapnap, picking you up into his arms with a smile, “Good job!” 
Sap hid his teary face, “Yes! Good job!” 
Also has experience but he decided to start teaching you right away since you always followed people around but got upset since you couldn’t keep up 
“Alright, little muffin, in order to keep up with us big muffins, you have to be able to walk! Like so-” 
Skeppy watched as Bad held you up with one hand and moved your stubby legs with the other, “Bad I don’t think that’s gonna help.”
“Well then what do you suggest, Geppy, cause this worked perfectly with Sap,” Bad set you down to walk over to his best friend 
While they were debating, Sam had walked in. “Sam!” 
He didn’t hear you...hmph. Pushing yourself up, only falling down once, you slowly put one leg in front of the other just like your dad had shown you, “Sam!”
Sam nearly had a heart attack : He spun his head around quickly when he felt something grab his leg and gasped when he saw you, just hanging onto him
“Well well. What do we have here? Check out your kid, Bad.” 
Bad turned around and went wide eyed. He looked at the spot he left you then back to where Sam was holding you, “Did she...did she walk to you?!”
“Yep. Damn near gave me a heart attack but-”
“AhhHH, Y/N! Fantastic job!” 
He’s half enderman- he doesn’t know anything about what human babies should be learning how to do at what age so he just kinda thought you’d start walking when you felt like it?
And walk when you felt like it you did : Everyone in L’manberg tried to get you to walk at least once and all you did was fuss loudly at them. Even Phil and Techno tried and all they got in return was angry baby noises 
But. when someone is bullying your’s on. 
Tubbo, Quackity, and Fundy all stood with Ranboo, irritatingly commenting on his memory and “Why don’t you just remember, it’s not that hard”
Your dad looked embarrassed, annoyed, and like he was about to cry all at once. And you weren’t having that.
Pushing yourself up angrily, you stomped over to the group while not wavering in your steps slightly. When you reached them, you shouted as loud as you could, “No!” 
The three looked down in shock at the little child standing in front of Ranboo. Standing….STANDING?! 
“Heyyy, good job litt-”
“No!” you hit Fundy’s leg rather harshly
“Ow- what?!”
You hmphed, “No boo! My boo. Boo.” holding out your hands for your dad, you didn’t stop glaring at the three
Ranboo was giggling quietly, “Thank you, babyboo.” 
Dream was back at it again- stalking around the castle and making your dad fight hard to keep his tongue in check 
You always made everything better though. “Dwem! Dr-rem? ‘Ream...Dream!” 
The masked man looked over at you, plopped on the floor while clapping your hands softly 
“Good job, Princess! Now say Ghostbur. G-h-o-” 
Eret finally arrived and stood in front of Dream, “What is it this time? I was having a family day with Y/n...and Ghostbur.”
“I figured I would check in more frequently, since you have a daughter now.”
Eret just sighed and nodded before turning his gaze to you 
“That’ll do for now, well done!”
Eret smiled but it quickly faded at Dream’s next words
“That. That is the one reason you don’t wanna betray me or the SMP, alright? Think about your precious Princess.” 
Eret opened his mouth but was interrupted, “Dream!” 
Everyone’s eyes watched as you got up with the help of Friend and started waddling over to the two men, “Dream..”
Your dad picked you up so you were eye-level with the masked green man, “No crown! Dream no crown..” 
He just chuckled and patted your head before leaving the castle, “No crown, huh?” 
You were still very clingy with your father
Luckily, he took you to work with him. Unluckily, he sits you down in a corner with toys and ignores you-
You were sad. You wanted your dad. “Creeper!” 
“Not now, kiddo, Daddy’s busy. Stay there for a few more hours, okay?” 
Hmph. guess you’d have to get him yourself…
You eyed Fran, who was lying beside you. She came with you guys to work for protective measures so maybe she’d help
Sam heard quiet “pit-pat” noises and turned around but saw no one. He spun to the other direction and noticed Fran sitting up now 
“Fran? Where’s Y/n?!” Sam started to panic as he walked over to his dog but not before someone crashed into his leg
“Creeper Daddy!” you were standing proudly, even starting to jiggle a bit
“You- ...Darlin, you are gonna be so troublesome when you get older, you know that, right?”
You just giggled and tugged on his green hair once he picked you up
The 3 of you, plus Friend, were walking through the outskirts of L’manberg, having a nice conversation 
You were being carried by Ghostbur when there was rustling in the bushes ahead of you 
Glatt snatched you away from Ghostbur and hid you behind Friend, “Protect her.” 
Two figures hopped out : One with orange hair paired with fox ears and a tail and one with halfway matured horns and goat ears 
“Schlatt. Wilbur.”
“It’s Glatt and Ghostbur.” Glatt stepped back, leaning more towards his yellow counterpart 
You watched from under Friend, seeing the goat hybrid’s ears twitch and the fox hybrid’s tail swish. You wanted to touch-
Friend leaned down to give you a hand, using their head to help stabilize you 
Fundy glanced from his dad to the man in blue while Tubbo did the same for his dad and Ghostbur, “So. I thought you guys didn’t like each other.” 
“What? Glatt is my best friend! Besides Friend, of course.” 
Tubbo went to respond when Fundy jolted and grabbed onto him, “Huh?!” 
You were standing, holding onto a fluffy, orange tail. “Fox!” 
Tubbo leaned down to grab you happily, “Awh!” He cooed softly when you shouted ‘goat’ but his face promptly fell when you reached out for the two ghosts
“Dad! Daddy!” You clapped when Glatt grabbed you and turned to wave at the two hybrid boys, “Bye-bye!”
Both boys were trembling with confused faces, “Dad? Daddy?”
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dreamcatcherrs · 3 months ago
pulling them in by their belt and kissing them tiktok prank; mcyt x reader
+ slightly suggestive!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
you’d just set up your phone in the car while you boyfriend was in the pharmacy to pick up a couple of things, readying yourself for the new tiktok prank you’d seen gong around. that being pulling your partner by their belt or shirt and kissing them to see how they’d react. you were so excited to see just how flustered you could get him to be, catching them 4k on camera...
Tumblr media
♡ dream ♡:
this cocky bastard smirks into the kiss and grabs you by the neck to pull you in closer, asserting his dominance
notices mid-kiss that you’re recording and can't help but to snicker at it
there is no chance you’ll catch this man getting flustered - especially not on camera
Tumblr media
♡ george ♡:
takes him a while to kiss back out of pure shock, his hands hovering in the air as he doesn't know where to put them
he is straight up shook
laughs it off afterwards when he sees it’s a tiktok, but is still super flustered
Tumblr media
♡ sapnap ♡:
he stills for a moment with wide eyes, taken aback since you'd never done something like this
gets into it pretty quick though, tugging you closer to him by your waist and pushing his tongue into your mouth
pulls you in again when you move away, not realising it was a tiktok until you told him
Tumblr media
♡ badboyhalo ♡:
yelps right before you press your lips to his, face turning bright red from the sudden jolt in his belt
doesn’t realise how much it turned him on until he feels the need for you to do it again
surprised but certainly not disappointed
Tumblr media
♡ technoblade ♡:
he literally just sits there and kisses you back like it was any other day
you were expecting a reaction from him? the technoblade? pfft, try again
instead he hides the way his heart skips a beat when watching back the tiktok you recorded, not being able to look at you properly the rest of the day
Tumblr media
♡ wilbur soot ♡:
wilby drops the bag of stuff he’d bought from the pharmacy onto the car floor, eyes wide open when you go in for a kiss
he thought it was a bit strange at first, but when you explained it was a tiktok and pointed to your phone he just started laughing
kisses your forehead and chuckles at you for a while, calling you silly, his silly little baka👹
Tumblr media
♡ karl jacobs ♡:
karl just starts laughing nervously once your lips are against his, curling in on himself out of utter surprise
places his hands on your cheeks, kissing you harder, and then pulls back to scatter kisses all over your face
asks you to send him the tiktok immediately because he’s literally in love with it
Tumblr media
♡ punz ♡:
grins the second you pull at his belt, taking control of the kiss before you even have the chance to
nibbles on your bottom lip as he lifts you onto his lap, pulling at your thighs so you’re completely straddling him
you try to explain that you're filming a titkok, but he seems a little too carried away, and, well, you can't help but to join him…
Tumblr media
♡ awesamdude ♡:
mutters out a small “woah” when you pull at his belt, but smiles widely once your lips meet his
he really likes seeing this side of you, feeling himself longing for more kisses when you pull away
gets really touchy while you grab your phone to show him the tiktok - his eyes are on you more than your screen, hand caressing your face
Tumblr media
tag list✰
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aksuallyours · 7 months ago
Hey can i pls, have headcanons of the members of the dream smp with a s/o that is 5'3, im really curies😅thx😊
CHARACTERS: Dream, Sapnap, George, Quackity, Wilbur 
CONTENT: Headcanons; Fluff; Cuss words
A/N: i love doing things like these tbh. headcanons are fun and easy, so yeah!! i hope you enjoy, love :))
He is a GIANT
He is a whole foot taller than you
That shit’s scary man
I have no doubt he would tease the hell out of you
Oh you need his help to reach something?
Get ready to hear about 100 comments abt it
If you sit in his lap he just
He thinks it’s so cute
You’re so small next to him!
Will stand up straighter just so you have to look higher
If you complain abt your neck he’ll lowkey feel bad
But he won’t say anything
Will put all of his weight on you when cuddling
Just cause
A lot of head pats!
it’s just a cute habit he has
Highkey loves the height difference
Another one that is SO ANNOYING ABT IT
He’s not a full foot taller than you, like dream
But still decently tall
He still finds a way to subtly tease you as much as possible
You’re his personal armrest
On your head, shoulder, waist LMAO
Anything he can reach 
Will sit on YOUR lap 
He thinks it’s funny
Def the type to lean down and pretend to not hear you from “up here”
I say that in every sapnap hc ever
He’s one of my comfort streamers LMAO
He’ll prob put something somewhere that he’ll know you can’t reach
Just so you’ll ask him and he can make fun of you
But you ended up just jumping on the counter
Bc you’re built different
He got all stupid and pouty
He ended up forgetting about it in like 10 minutes
LMAO long story short, he’s the worst </333
Would cry bc you’re so much taller than him
Mans is literally 3’1
JKJKJK (not really)
But although he would make the most jokes, he doesn’t really care??
He’ll say dumb shit like 
“Ofc you can’t reach that LMAOOOO”
“I’m like a WHOLE head taller than you...embarrassing.”
But AS SOON as you bring up his height
He’s a literal BABY
“Omfg you know i'm SENSITIVE about that”
“ own s/o..”
It’s all in good fun though
Again, he doesn’t ACTUALLY care
Another one to sit on your lap LMAO
But he pretends that there’s no reason why he shouldn’t 
And says MORE stupid shit LMAOOO
“Are you calling me fat?”
“What am I too heavy? Woww….”
“So you’re just gonna kick me off? K. No, it’s fine, whatever. I’ll go find ANOTHER lap to sit on.”
He’s just dumb LMAOO
He’s more of a passive aggressive tease 
Like he won’t be outright about his jokes
Just sorta…
“Oh you can’t get that...not surprised.”
And then MOVES ON
If you guys are in some sort of ‘argument’ (playful teasing LMAO)
“Sorry I can’t hear you, you’re gonna have to come up here.”
“Funny coming from someone who can’t reach the chips.”
“Can you even go on big kid rides?”
Anyway, i’ve already established that he loves being on top of you while cuddling
And bc you’re so small
Sometimes he crushes you </33
When he just plops on you with 0 warning
He doesn’t care tho
lmao good luck <3
Thinks it’s cute
Doesn’t rly care tbh LMAO
Doesn’t see the big deal either
If you need help with something, he’ll help
Doesn’t mean he won’t tease you for fun
Or if someone else starts doing it
He’ll give you a piggyback ride if you FORCE him to
Surprisingly comfy to be carried on
his back is just
Ok, back to the cute thing
He loves how his clothes are big on you
Tries to hide it
But he MELTS
He’ll just.
Right there
Tries not to make short jokes
But sometimes they’re too easy LMAOO
Overall, he’s one of the nicer ones
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certified-flowerchild · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Levity. A moment to breathe.
Rip to Dream but if I was stuck in a prison cell with an exciteable pigman I would simply laugh at his jokes.
((also I just think that after 6 months of inhumane imprisonment Dream's gotta practice being in conversations that don't involve threats of bodily harm xdfsdgr))
Bonus doodles:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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disastrousdream · 7 months ago
Requests are closed, so no pressure! I just wanted to get this settled in your inbox if it strikes your fancy sometime: could I get some George cuddling headcanons/scenarios, either or? Maybe Dream and Sapnap ones, too? If that’s too much for one request, I 100% understand; just George is completely okay if that’s all you can do! You’re a really great writer, and you’re bringing so much joy to a lot of people; thank you. Take your time getting back to this, and take care! <3
Multiple x Reader
Title;; Cuddles
Pronouns used;; None
Warnings;; None
Notes;; I wrote three shorter ones in one post. I hope you like it well enough! I'll probably write the other cc's I write for in a similar post like this! Thank you for your kind words <3 I hope I gave you joy with this post!
Word count;; Noted before each cc!
Unhighlighted version;; Cuddles
Word count;; 399
"Get off, I need to go to the bathroom," you whined, trying to tug George's arms away from your waist. He groaned and only pulled you closer against his chest, "This is why I don't want to be the little spoon," you mumbled as you turned around in his arms, your face now facing his chest, pressing a soft kiss against his bare skin. George smiled and slowly opened an eye to look down at you, "I prefer you being the little spoon, my chest is finally getting some loving," he told you in a deeper, raspier morning voice. You rolled your eyes and pressed your hands against his chest, pushing it as you still tried getting out of his grip.
"I'll give you a minute away, if you're not right back in my arms by then, I'm burning down your bee house." George said, referring to the pretty bee house you had built in the Dream SMP, which you had spent hours on building. Once his arms loosened around your waist, you rushed to the bathroom, making sure to be back as quickly as you possibly could. When you got back, you saw George had turned around, creating the perfect form for you to big spoon him. Now it was George's turn to whine, "No, you should be the little spoon," as he reached behind him to grab ahold of you, "Get in front of me," he mumbled into the pillow, not even bothering to open his eyes.
You rolled your eyes as George rolled onto his stomach, you then laying on his back partly, "This is fine too," he told you, his hands holding your thighs to make sure you wouldn't leave this position. You nodded against his back, pressing cold kisses against it as you looked at the alarm clock that read '6:03AM'. Far too early to get up in the weekends, plus you actually quite enjoyed just being close to George uninterrupted. It was quiet and the sun wasn't even up yet, you could only hear George's light snoring and mumbling in his sleep. "Idiot," you sighed when you noticed how quick he fell back asleep, his hands dropping from your thighs to his side. Even though you mentally made fun of how quick George fell back into his slumber, it only took you a few extra minutes until you as well were peacefully resting.
Word count;; 416
You were annoyed. Your clothes were soaked, your hair was a wet, tangled mess; there even being a leaf or two stuck in it. Clay opened the door for you and frowned when he saw you, "Go take a shower. I'll make dinner and get some blankets," he told you as he took your coat to hang it to dry. You ran upstairs to shower immediately, certain that your day was ruined for the rest of the day. Though, when you came out of the shower, Clay had laid down his hoodie and your favorite sweatpants, which instantly brought a small smile on your face.
You came downstairs and saw Clay sitting on the couch, a plate of dinner in his hands. "You're amazing," you sighed when you saw he made your favorite quick meal. Clay put down the plate on the table and opened his arms to you, which you immediately fell into. His warm embrace caused you to melt against him, your hands gripping his biceps as he pulled you in closer, humming as he did. "You had a rough day, didn't you?" He asked as he pulled away slightly, watching you nod, "But it's all better now." You said before Clay laid down on the couch, pulling you on top of him to lay on his chest. Clay always enjoyed cuddling with you, but mostly when either you or him felt bad or stressed out.
Clay's cuddles consisted of gentle rubs to your back, kisses every two minutes, constant compliments and very cheesy pick-up lines. Today wasn't any different, his kettle like laugh sounded every so often when you cringed at yet another cringy flirtatious joke Clay made. Your hands on his chest as you propped yourself up, sitting up which instantly made Clay pull you back down. "No, you don't get to go. You're my teddy bear now," Clay told you, pulling a face as he cringed from his own comment. He had you in a tight grip, your face pressed into his neck. You smelled his cologne and felt his chest move as he slowly breathed. Your eyes were closed and the calming situation caused you to doze off, but not much later you woke up, the same arms wrapped around you, but you were in a different room. Clay had carried you into bed and he fell asleep too, his mouth hanging open slightly. You chuckled softly and snuggled deeper into his grip, deciding to just go back to sleep.
Word count;; 331
You watched him stream for a few hours now and you were getting bored. You wanted some warmth, some attention and some loving. So, the only logical thing you could do was force your way onto his lap with the warm blanket you had around you. Sapnap didn't seem to mind the warmth and company, a hand leaving the keyboard to quickly hug you, pressing a kiss against your cheek. He didn't talk to you, as the stream didn't know about you yet, but the affection he continuously gave you was plenty to keep you pleased.
Your cold hands covered over Sapnap's as he played with his friends, trying to steal the warmth from him. Whenever he didn't have to move around, his arms snaked around your waist as his lips pressed against your skin. Eventually, his social battery got drained, so he just sat there with you on his lap and his arms under the blanket and around your middle. Your head rested against his shoulder as his quiet voice was sometimes heard to reply to his friends.
He soon ended the stream and you two were finally able to speak to one another, "You sounded tired," you whispered which made him nod, "I am, but I just wanted to cuddle you properly," he whispered back to you as he got up, holding you up by your thighs. He sat down on the bed so neither of you would get hurt, then he laid onto his back, "I big spoon," you mumbled as you hid under the covers, waiting for Sapnap to complain. He didn't complain whatsoever; he laid down in front of you and held onto your hand when you wrapped your arm around him. One of your legs went between both of his, your cold feet touching and causing both of you to whine. Your free hand ran through Sapnap's hair, staying in there as both of you talked about anything and everything as you slowly fell asleep.
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dreamcatcherrs · 7 months ago
mtl likely to like kinky sex over soft sex; mcyt x reader
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
karl jacobs
Tumblr media
I mean, fuck- do I even have to explain? mans is so kinky and rough, you can barely catch a break. I will admit, he’s not openly kinky. like he never talks about his sex life or hints at anything to ANYONE. but what the people don't know is that he thinks about how much he wants to destroy you more than they think ;) he is a sadist.
a definite soft dom. if you really begged him, he would probably let you be top ONCE.
biggest kinks/turn-ons: breeding, dumbification, spanking (giving), size kink, impact play
biggest turn-offs: degrading, humiliation
Tumblr media
okay, so sapnap might like some kinky stuff, but he’s not extremely kinky. he does prefer it over soft sex, though. like he could not let go of the kinks he had/you had, because he’d feel like something would be missing. doesn't have a lot of kinks, but the kinks he has are a very big part of your sex life.
I’d say he is a switch, with soft dom undertones.
biggest kinks/turn-ons: lingerie, gagging, taking virginity🤭
biggest turn-offs: urophilia, poly relationships
Tumblr media
you fucking bet eret has some kinks up his sleeves. not a whole lot, but quite a few. also prefers having rougher, less vanilla sex over soft sex. but, sometimes soft sex is necessary for him! he does like it in certain occasions. anyways, eret really likes having the ability to control when and where you cum, and likes the idea of you being all dressed up and nice for him.
he is a switch.
biggest kinks/turn-ons: orgasm control, praising (giving), toys
biggest turn-offs: seeing you in pain, crying
Tumblr media
okay so he might not have a lot of kinks, which is why I put him in this place, but he LOVES rough sex and trying new positions with you. he thinks rough sex is wayyyy more exciting that soft sex, and would choose it over soft sex any day. of course if you were the opposite (you like soft sex, dislike rough sex), you’d figure out a way to make it work :).
biggest kinks/turn-one: moaning, seeing you cry in pleasure, oral sex (giving and receiving)
biggest turn-offs: foot fetish
Tumblr media
he likes kinky sex a little more than soft sex, but also has a big love for some soft, slow sex. sam is a pretty romantic guy, so he has his moments where he’d just love to spread rose petals on the bed, and surprise you with a nice dinner before-hand, then ending the night with slow and sensual sex. on top of that, he does have some kinks.
I imagine he’d be a dom, but he does let you be in control sometimes (very rarely, though).
biggest kinks/turn-ons: voyeurism (him watching), making out, watching you undress
biggest turn-offs: role play, age play
Tumblr media
karl jacobs:
I think karl has a few kinks, but he just hasn't explored them with someone yet to know. but, he really just likes whatever feels best for the two of you, and usually that would result in soft-to-rough sex, varying on whatever you felt like. karl also really likes having some mood music playing in the background, to get you two even more in the mood. there’s just something a little special about that, he thinks.
he’s a switch, but can be a dom at times.
biggest kinks/turn-ons: gagging, eye contact, calling his name
biggest turn-offs: none
Tumblr media
okay so my reason for putting alex here is that it’s not exactly his kinks that come to light, but yours. he likes for you to be top and do most of the work. he isn't exactly submissive, but he just prefers when you're top and will honestly let you do almost anything to him, as long as he is okay with it. so, he does like soft sex, but can also do kinky sex. it depends on you. tbh, he’d probably also whisper dirty things into your ear in spanish.
he’s a switch, leaning towards submissive.
biggest kinks/turn-ons: nudes, skirts, innocence
biggest turn-offs: teasing (receiving), babying him/acting younger than you are
Tumblr media
you can't tell me otherwise - george is just a bit of a softie. that also comes into your sex life. he has a few kinks, yes, but it’s not like they're very extreme. he prefers taking it slower and just enjoy this time with you - doesn't really like going very rough cause it gets very exhausting. like he could last maybe 20 minutes and he’s out like a light. he's very sensual and passionate.
a switch.
biggest kinks/turn-ons: exposure of chest, lip biting, hair pulling (receiving)
biggest turn-offs: bad attitude, anger/distress
Tumblr media
techno is, like george, also more one for sensual sex. he wants to take his time with you and absolutely hates quickies, because it just feels more stressful than pleasurable. he does like a good challenge, though, so would be willing to take risks when speaking of where to have sex. but, he prefers soft sex. he’s got a lot of love to show. because he usually is pretty so bad at speaking love. he prefers taking time to show you his love through touch or in the bedroom.
he’s a dom.
biggest kinks/turn-ons: size kink, exposed collarbone, touching his chest
biggest turn-offs: quickies, time limits
Tumblr media
skeppy is a soft guy as well. he wants you to feel good, and doesn't feel like he accomplishes that if there’s a lot of roughness to it. so he likes to keep it simple, yet exciting in its own way. he touches you a lot, and also likes when you touch him a lot. kisses all over your body and compliments how beautiful you look. I do think he’d like a surprise though. like, he seemed to like the idea of a maid costume a lot soooo. 
he’s a switch.
biggest kinks/turn-ons: touching, short skirts, skinny jeans
biggest turn-offs: bad hygiene, hurtful words, pain
Tumblr media
also likes to take his sweet time with you. likes it a lot when you're top, because it gives him the opportunity to just stare at you - admire the way you look on top of him in all of your softness. he doesn't think he'd be able to do that if everything was all rough and fast. so in that way it’s just not his cup of tea.
he’s a switch, but with sub undertones (depending on the mood).
biggest kinks/turn-ons: hair falling into face, black/red panties
biggest turn-offs: pain in any shape or form
Tumblr media
bad is just not the guy to like all of that kinky shit. something about it just doesn't sit right with him when it comes to his own sex life. as much as I’ve said it before, here it comes again - he wants to be passionate and sensual with you. just like outside of your sex life. if you had any kinks you wanted to try, he'd be down, but otherwise he keeps it lowkey and very pleasurable.
he’s a dom, but he doesn't really like being controlling of you.
biggest kinks/turn-ons: sitting on his lap, making out, running hands through his hair
biggest turn-offs: pain, degrading
Tumblr media
tag list✰
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nojey · 5 months ago
feral boys x streamer!reader (separate)
genre: fluff, crack
warning(s): none
synopsis: the feral boys finally meet their favorite streamers
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
dreamwastaken / clay
word count: 407
the day you met dream, you were on the phone with your best friend george, also known as georgenotfound
the day you met dream, you were on the phone with your best friend george, also known as georgenotfound
he was speedrunning on stream while you were on a discord call with him
his viewers knew who you were, not only because you were george’s best friend but also because you were a streamer too
you weren’t a big one but well known for how well you play battle box in mcc
george was about to end his stream after an unsuccessful speed run when he asked you something
“you know dream right?”
“yeah, of course, he’s one of your other best friends” you answered
“are you okay with me adding him to the call?” he asked you.
“uh sure, but aren’t you gonna end stream?” 
“no, i will after this.” he giggled
“why? are you trying to embarrass one of us?” you asked him suspiciously.
“you don’t have to worry about that.” 
you heard a ding from discord, indicating that someone joined your voice chat
“hello? dream?” george asked.
“george. why? why are you doing this to me?” dream asked.
“hi dream,” you smiled.
“uh, hi. hi (y/n).”
“george why did you add me to the call?” he asked george.
“well, i know how much you like watching their stream. and considering you’re both my best friends, why not introduce you! perfect right? anyways. i’m gonna end my stream now. let’s raid karl. and you two can talk to each other. bye now!” he left the call so now it was just you and dream in the vc
it really warmed your heart that someone with such a big platform liked watching your streams since it had been quite hard to gain a following since you started streaming
“hi dream,” you said once again
he sighed. “hi (y/n).” “i really didn’t want him to do that, i didn’t want this to be the first time we meet, you know. i just love watching your streams so much and i wanted it to, honestly, be in person. but you know, george does what he thinks he shou-”
“it’s okay dream, i’ve actually been looking forward to meeting you, considering you’re also one of george’s best friends. but i do agree, he does tend to do whatever he puts his mind to.”
after you calmed his nerves, his conversation skills skyrocketed and the conversations flowed very easily
you guys spent the rest of the night talking 
Tumblr media
georgenotfound / george
word count: 326
being a minecraft streamer and a hypebeast got you some recognition
you were a hypebeast model on instagram and when you had announced you started streaming minecraft on twitch you had grown pretty easily
it didn’t take you time before you were invited to join mcc
not just because you had a big following but because you were actually really good at playing
since you didn’t really know any other mc streamers you got placed in a group with people you had never met
their names were Ph1lzA, WilburSoot, and GeorgeNotFound
the first time you talked to them, they welcomed you with open arms and we so nice
“hi (y/s/n)! i’m philza but you can just call me phil,” he introduced.
“hi phil!” you responded.
“i’m wilbur, is this gonna be your first mcc?” wilbur asked.
“yeah, it is. i’m actually really nervous.” you laughed a bit, to get the nerves out.
“ah okay, well no worries. we were all beginners before. don’t worry about trying to score high, just have fun!” phil assured.
“we’re just waiting for one other person and we’ll get started on the practice.” phil continued.
“okie dokie,” you said. you put yourself on mute and wiped the sweat off your hands on your pants. 
“hello, hello, sorry i’m late. had trouble starting the server.” you heard. 
“well nice of you to join us george.” wilbur said.
“yeah, yeah. hi philza, hi wilbur, hi (y/s/n)- wait, (y/s/n)??” he stuttered
“hi george?,” you said softly.
“oh my god, i’ve watched your streams before, they’re really cool. i enjoy watching them.” he rambled.
you giggled
“well thank you,” you said, still giggling a little.
for the rest of the day you all practiced, everyone giving you pointers, but george watching carefully to make sure you understood the pointers you were getting
and if you didn’t then he knew to tell you which part you were kind of misunderstanding
Tumblr media
word count: 398
you met sapnap long before you became a streamer
you were a big fan of sapnap
and one day you ran into him in public
it was a short interaction but it really meant a lot to you
so you asked for a picture to remember the moment by
after you took the picture you said your goodbyes and you were extremely excited
a few weeks after than interaction you had made the decision to start streaming
you were thinking about becoming one for a long time and after meeting sapnap you made your decision 
because you wanted to be the type of person sapnap was to you
and be a person someone looked up to and meet people that felt the way about you that you feel about sapnap
you’d been a streamer for a few months when you got a raid from sapnap himself
his viewers were suggesting he raided you so he did
you freaked out, you gained a small following and the fact that sapnap decided to raid you? amazed
but what you didn’t know was that he kept watching you
after he saw how appreciative you were he wanted to watch more and he got intrigued
so he followed you and started watching your streams almost every time you streamed whenever he wasn’t busy
after about 2 years of streaming you got a very big following
your supporters were stalking your twitter and found the picture of you and sapnap when you both met
they then began to repost it on twitter tagging the both of you
you saw it and replied, “LMAO i look so small. but big shoutout to sapnap for raiding me as a small streamer and making all this possible <3″
he saw your reply and his eyes went big
he then proceeded to respond to your tweet, “we’ve met before??”
and it went back and forward
“yeah, it was before i was a streamer, we met at like.. the grocery store lol”
“i literally had no idea you were a fan of me”
“yup, i’ve been for the past 3 years”
“dude after i raided you i started watching your streams and you became my favorite streamer”
“well,, you’re still my favorite streamer ;)” 
after that sapnap dmd you asking if you guys could meet in person again
and who could pass up that offer
Tumblr media
karl jacobs
word count: 510
you and karl met at twitchcon
you had recently become a big streamer and this was your 2nd time going to twitchcon
1st time having a meet and greet
meeting your supporters meant so much to you 
you finally get to give each of them a hug, and it may not be all of them but seeing this many people come out to meet you meant more than anyone could imagine
but being at twitchcon also meant you could meet your streamer friends 
which made everything 10x more exciting
you decided to meet up with your friend, valkyrae and you guys were going to a creator party
when you finally got to see her you gave her a huge hug that lasted a while because it was the first time you were meeting in person
once you both reached the venue of where the party was being held you all met up with your other friends. you hadn’t met any of them in person but rae had
you saw sykkuno, lily, michael, toast, and a few other people and smiled really big, excited to see all of them
you finally got to them and pulled them into a group hug
“you guys!! oh my god it feels so good to finally meet all of you!” you said.
“it’s nice to meet you in person, (y/n).” sykkuno said smiling at you
you let go of the hug and remembered everyone else that they were with
“hi! i’m (y/s/n) but you can just call me (y/n),” you said with a smile.
“this is karl, poki, and scarra.” toast introduced.
you saw karl and poki whispering to each other while you got into a conversation with everyone else.
poki coughed and said, “hey guys! don’t we have to go to that thing, right? that thing.” hinting at something, looking between you and karl.
you’re pretty sure everyone caught on and they all agreed.
“oh yeah! that thing!”
“yeah, we should probably go!”
“yup, don’t wanna be late to that thing.”
you looked at them with an unimpressed look as they walked away, looking behind their shoulders to see you and karl standing there.
“hi, i’m-i’m karl, i’m sorry about that. i just told poki that you’re like literally my favorite streamer and i guess she wanted us to talk more? i don’t know, but it’s really nice to meet you.” karl said.
you laughed as you quickly understood your friends weird behavior
“yeah, you raided me a few times- thank you for that by the way. it helped me a lot in growing my fanbase and i don’t think i’d be where i am if you hadn’t raided me.” you smiled at him. he beamed and smiled back at you.
“yeah, no, it was no problem. like i said you’re literally my favorite streamer and being able to help you with that is absolutely insane to me.”
for the rest of the party, your friends could see both of you talking the night away
and maybe even dance together
Tumblr media
word count: 428
finding out what to do for stream was kinda hard when pretty much all your friends were busy
but then you got a text from karl, asking if you wanted to play jackbox with him and a few friends
you accepted, knowing you wouldn’t have anything else to stream
in the lobby it would be you, karl, dream, sapnap and a few other people you didn’t know
when it was finally time to play, you started up your stream and introduced what you’d be playing that night
“hey guys, welcome welcome, welcome. today i’m gonna be playing jackbox with karl, dream, sapnap, and a few other of karls friends.” 
you joined the vc and immediately heard a lot of boys talking very loudly
you let out a small, “hello?” 
somehow everyone heard you and stopped talking
“(y/n)!” karl yelled out.
dream and sapnap let out a “hi, (y/n)” and you said hello back.
“hi everyone, i’m (y/s/n) but you all can call me (y/n)” you introduced yourself.
eveyrone else said hi and introduced themselves
you found out you were playing with quackity, wilbur, tommy, and techno too
during mad verse city karl was going against quackity and his rap went something like this
“you talk so weird, i’m gonna need translator, next time (y/n)’s here they’re gonna be a hater, because your big crush on them i’ll see ya later”
your mouth was wide open while all the boys started teasing quackity
“what the fuck! i don’t have a crush on them!” 
quackity ended up losing that one.
after the game and you ended you stream you asked quackity to stay
“hi quackity,” you said, with an energetic voice
“... hey, (y/n)” 
“sooo, was what karl said true?” you asked.
“mm not necessarily. it’s not that i have a crush on you. you’re.. just my favorite streamer and you know. this is the first time i’m meeting you and i was telling all of them that i’m nervous because i’ve never talked to you before and i think you’re a great streamer and that you put out really funny content and i didn’t wanna embarrass myself but. karl did that for me.” he rambled
you giggled
“i think that’s really cute. thank you for supporting me. you can dm me on twitter or discord if you ever wanna play sometime.” you told him and left the vc.
you then saw all the boys you were playing with pile into the vc and you could only imagine what they were talking about.
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aksuallyours · 6 months ago
Head cannon of technoblade calling you his aphrodite?👉👈
CHARACTER: C!Technoblade
CONTENT: Headcanons; Mentions of insecurity
A/N: this is very short, i apologize! also, if techno expresses any discomfort for this type of content, i will take it down! this is not irl techno, i’d like to make very clear btw.
the first time he did it, it was when you were talking about how you were insecure
you were talking about your body negatively which made him so upset :(
when you were in the middle of your rant, tears falling from your eyes, he cupped your face in his hands
He muttered,
“You’re gorgeous, my Aphrodite. I don’t want you telling yourself that you’re not.”
You literally MELTED in his hands
once he saw how much that improved your mood, he continued to say it
but he always brushes it off
“Thank you for cooking tonight, Techno :))”
“Of course, my Aphrodite.”
it’s honestly so cute
when tommy was living with you two, i think techno def let it slip
tommy pretended he didn’t notice but the look on his face was too obvious
he was trying so hard to hold back a laugh, his face was bright red
i suddenly got this very specific scenario in my head FDszd
you’re patching him up after a fight or something
and you’re scolding him bc he needs to stop putting himself in danger 
and he whispers, “I’ll try for you, Aphrodite.”
you kinda hesitate as you’re cleaning one of his face wounds
you sigh, and kiss his forehead
whatever, i want someone to call me their Aphrodite 
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dreamcatcherrs · 3 months ago
when you pout at them; mcyt x reader
+ enjoy some wholesome fluff :)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“no. fuck off.”
tosses you over his shoulder and runs off with you while wheezing at you screaming for him to let you down
Tumblr media
finds it pretty cute, actually :]
“you’re such a silly goose🤪”
Tumblr media
gives that pout a big ol’ smooch
“do that again and see what happens😠.”
Tumblr media
turns that frown upside down ):)
no, literally, he pushes your pout into a smile using his thumbs
“c’mon muffin, no need for that.”
Tumblr media
waits there for you to stop pouting, crossing his arms over his chest
when you don't though, and just keep looking into his eyes, he has to look away and let you win
“I swear, sometimes I wonder why I’m with you, you brat.”
Tumblr media
wilbur soot:
wilbur just starts simping over you
giggles uncontrollably and leans down to kiss you on the lips
“how come you're so cute when you're mad?”
Tumblr media
acts as if he’s disgusted by you, but really, we all know schlatt’s a softie (have you seen him with his cat?🥺)
“what the fuck is that on your face?”
Tumblr media
corpse husband:
tries to hide his smile as his heart melts, shyly looking away
“fine. you win - but only this once.”
Tumblr media
karl jacobs:
giggles loudly and pulls you into his chest
“you’re so adorable, y/n.”
Tumblr media
“stop, y/n! you’re gonna make me simp for you and the others are gonna tease me :(”
obviously he doesn't hold for long, and crumbles right into your hands
Tumblr media
boops your nose and places his hands on his hips
“you’re not fooling me with that, honey.”
Tumblr media
“don't look at me like that!”
shakes your shoulders to get you to stop pouting
and when that doesn't work, he squishes you cheeks together, at least just to get a laugh out of it
Tumblr media
grabs you by your chin to pull you closer to him so you're eye to eye with him
“good thing I’m feeling nice today or you'd be in big trouble, princess.”
Tumblr media
walks up and hugs you tightly
“don’t be mad at me, that’s not fair :(”
Tumblr media
grabs your face and shakes it with a large smile of his face (you know the one)
“stop being so damn cute.”
Tumblr media
ruffles your hair up playfully
“you’re very adorable, though I do prefer it more when you’re smiling.”
Tumblr media
just laughs at you, throwing a pillow at your face
“what are you even doing that for, y/n? you’re so silly.”
Tumblr media
jack manifold:
does the thing where he flexes his arms on either side of him, puffing up his chest and trying to look a lot bigger than you
“you’ll have to do a lot more than pouting to get me to change my mind, sweetheart.”
Tumblr media
“no. no. no. don't do that, y/n. I am not a simp.”
literally turns his back to you with crossed arms
though when you hug him from behind, his heart can't help but to melt for you
Tumblr media
hooks his pinkie with yours and swings your hands in the air
“you're so cute.”
Tumblr media
“don't do this to me. please, I beg you.”
tackles you onto the bed when you don't stop, only to hide his crazed smile into your shoulder
Tumblr media
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blueeyedgeorgie · 5 months ago
Cuddling With Dream SMP Members
Tumblr media
Pronouns: They/Them
When he's spending one on one time with you, Dream is 100% up for cuddling!
He isn't crazy about cuddling
Honestly, Words of affirmation and acts of service are his love language
Dream would still cuddle if you two had free time and were spending time together
If you two were cuddling in bed, your legs would be a tangled mess
He'd give quick kisses on your temple
Playing with his hands while cuddling
George is the type who wouldn't cuddle too often
He struggles with showing his emotions, he'd struggle with showing affection too
It didn't mean he didn't love you
He's just not a fan of cuddling
He'll cuddle once in a blue moon
You'd lay on top and draw little shapes on his chest with your finger
He'd end up zoning out and falling asleep
George would wrap his arms around your waist while cuddling
He wouldn't hold you too tight, but he'd still hold you
Sap Nap 
No shame, this man will cuddle with you literally anywhere
Even if you were hanging out with friends, he'd pull you into his lap
He just loves holding you
It makes him so happy
The best feeling is when you're laying in bed together and you're playing with his hair
He'll get so excited over you playing with his hair
He'd mumble a small "thank you, baby."
Not big on cuddling, but he'll hold you while sleeping
This man will hold you TIGHT
He definitely wants you to feel safe
To him cuddling is something very intimate
He doesn't want cuddling sessions interrupted
Techno isn't the type to fall asleep while cuddling
But if you fell asleep, he'd make sure not to wake you
He'd brush circles against your back while cuddling
If you were awake he'd ramble about greek mythology stories to keep you entertained
Wilbur Soot 
Cuddling usually happens at night
When you two are in bed he'll pull you close
Will would wrap an arm around your waist to hold you close while the other hand is buried under his pillow
You'd have a leg tossed over his waist
One of your hands would lie on his chest
Before either of you fall asleep, this would be the time you'd talk about your days
Just talking quietly, making a few jokes, and brief kisses
Usually, you'd fall asleep first
Wilbur ALWAYS moves his other hand to pull you closer before drifting off
Most of the time his free hand will end up hooking underneath the thigh of your leg thrown over his waist
He'll pull your leg up to make sure it won't slip away
When he falls asleep, he's always looking at you
You both love cuddling
Cuddling happens a lot
So often, it'd be normal for you to just sit on the couch chair right by his desk while streaming
And as soon as he'd finished streaming, he's climbing on top of you while being a giggly mess
You two can cuddle anywhere and make it comfortable as hell
Making small competitions for cuddling
"If I beat you in this Mario kart race, I get to be big spoon tonight."
Talking a lot during cuddling sessions
Because cuddling is just an important time for the both of you
Alex definitely has no go-to cuddling position
He's happy with whatever you choose because at the end he gets to hold you/be held
Karl Jacobs 
Cuddling usually happens during movie sessions
Or it'll happen at completely random moments
Karl could just be eating at the kitchen table
And you'll just come into the room and climb into his lap
Sometimes you can get a bit jealous of the attention Karl gives to his friends
So while he's hanging out with you and friends, you'd 100% initiate cuddling while he's deep in a conversation with Jimmy
And he'd just easily hold you while not breaking conversation with his friend
Sometimes you'll get too busy for him with work or errands that need to be done, so you'd have to ignore his cuddle requests
This would make Karl resort to opening Twitter and asking Sap Nap if he wants to cuddle
Let's get one thing straight: You're big spoon.
Niki loves when you're the big spoon
She feels so safe in your arms
She would place her arms over yours and just keep them there
If you let go of her, that's gonna be a problem
She'd demand you to hold her
Once cuddling sessions start, don't expect to move anytime soon
Niki is a huge cuddler
She prefers when she's being cuddled instead of her cuddling you
She'd definitely kiss you a lot while cuddling... everywhere
Sam's love language would be touching
Even when you aren't cuddling, he's the type of guy to just hold your hand because he can or wrap an arm over your shoulders to keep you close
Cuddling is a necessity when dating Sam
At the beginning of the relationship, he was a bit shy
He'd end up getting really comfortable with you
He definitely enjoys cuddling while watching movies
Holding you in his lap while covered with a blanket? Yes please.
Sam holds you really close, but not really tight
He doesn't want to hurt you while cuddling
Bad Boy Halo 
He loves cuddling
He will cuddle with you literally all the time
Watching a movie?
He'll be holding you close during that
Just finished streaming?
Immediately wrapped in each other's arms
He definitely has a favorite cuddling position
He loves laying on top and using your chest as a pillow
He'll wrap his arms around you to keep you close
Says he doesn't like cuddling often
(He's lying, cuddling with you is his guilty pleasure)
He is a sucker for late night after stream cuddles
Late-night cuddles after finishing a stream are always the best
He's definitely a big spoon
He'd want to bury his head in the crook of your neck
Punz would place a few brief kisses on your neck
This boy would just grin SO MUCH while cuddling with you
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ray-ray-writings · 7 months ago
A Hairy Situation-Technoblade
On that note, this is a Techno x GN! reader in the dreamsmp
#282, 291, 343 from this list. Check out my masterlist here
When Wilbur and Tommy leave on an adventure, Techno and Y/N are left alone together. Y/N “helps” Techno in his potato farm and offers to braid his hair. Tensions rise as more and more time passes. 
“What do you mean you’re going on a multiple day journey into the nether?” I all but shouted at Tommy and Wilbur. The two brothers looked at each other before turning back to me with raised eyebrows. “We mean exactly what we said. We need blaze rods and we have to find a different nether fortress than the one everyone else uses, you know, because we were banished.” Wilbur explained as if it should be obvious. I let a pout take over my lips, “Well how come I can’t come with you?” The two brothers gave me a deadpan stare. “Because you’re terrified of hostile mobs,” Tommy deadpanned. “Well it’s not my fault they’re scary and always trying to kill me…” I trailed off. “Can you at least take Techno with you? I don’t want to be stuck here in the ravine with him for days on end.” “Believe me sweetheart, I’m not too stoked about it either.” 
The new voice that came from behind me caused me to jump in surprise, “But I’m needed here. My potatoes will be ready soon, I need some more materials, and someone has to watch over you and make sure you don’t die.” Techno listed. I let out an offended gasp and turned my complete attention to the pigman. “How dare you. I am a complete, functional, grown adult. I do not need a babysitter! I can take care of myself.” The three brothers all just stared at me, not amused. I let out a sigh, “You call for help because you get startled by a zombie one time and they never let you live it down.” I mumbled to myself. “Y/N it’s been more than one time. It’s once a day.” Wilbur stated carefully. 
I sighed in annoyance, but also knew he was right, “Okay fine. Whatever. When are you guys leaving?” I questioned, turning my attention back to Wilbur and Tommy. Wilbur checked his sundial before answering. “Now. It’s late evening now and I’d like to get out of here before nightfalls. You know, mobs and whatever.” I hummed and nodded at his response. “You have everything you need?” I asked, looking over the two. Wilbur gave me a soft smile before nodding. “We have everything. Food, armor, building blocks, compass. We’ve got it all mom” He teased. I playfully rolled my eyes at his words, “Okay son. Give me a hug and get going then.” I teased, holding my arms out to the tall man. 
Wilbur let out a laugh, but complied, wrapping his arms around me and squeezing me tight. He let go and moved to Techno and gave him a short hug. While he did that I turned my attention to Tommy, “You too boy,” I giggled, extending my arms and slowly walking toward him. Tommy scoffed and rolled his eyes but also complied. I squeezed the boy tightly to my chest before letting him go. He then also moved onto Techno, giving his other brother a small hug. After hugs, the four of us walked over to the nether portal and Wilbur and Tommy stepped into it. “Be careful” I called out. “We will!” Wilbur responded. And then they were gone. 
I sighed at the disappearance of the boys. “They’ll be okay,” Techno reassured me, reading my mind. I turned around and gave the pink haired man a tight lipped smile, “I know I just worry.” I admitted, tucking a piece of hair behind my ear. Techno hummed in response. “Do you want to come help me in my potato farm to get your mind off of it for a little bit?” Techno being nice to me? More likely than you think. Nonetheless, I agreed, “Yeah. I’d like that. Thanks Techno.” 
*Time skip*
Me helping in Techno’s potato farm actually only boiled down to Techno doing all of the work, harvesting and planting, and me sitting on top of a chest just hanging out and chatting with him. I watched as the pink haired man’s face got more and more covered in not only sweat, but dirt. Every once in a while, Techno would blow out a breath of air, trying desperately to move his long pink hair out of his face and when that didn’t work, he would bring his dirty hand up to his face to move the hair manually. In doing so, he transferred that dirt from his hand onto his face. After watching him do this for a solid hour, I finally let the question slip off of my tongue. 
“Hey, do you want me to braid your hair.” Techno’s head snapped up from the ground and turned to me, “What?” He questioned. I cleared my throat as my cheeks flushed at the sudden attention, “Nevermind. It was stupid. You obviously-” “What did you say?” Techno questioned again, cutting off my self-deprecating rant. I cleared my throat once more, “I asked if I could braid your hair. Your hair seems to keep falling in your face and it would be easier to work if it was tied back. So I was wondering if you wanted me to braid it for you.” I stated shyly. 
Techno stared at me for a few moments, but then he let out a laugh and set his hoe down. “You know what. That’s not actually a bad idea. I would like that actually.” My eyes widened in shock as the man walked toward me. “Oh!” I squeeked, “Okay! Well here!” I said, standing up from the chest, patting the spot where I was sitting. “Sit here and I’ll get started!” I announced. 
Techno complied and followed my orders. I moved so that I was standing behind him. I hesitantly brought my hand up and rested it on Techno’s pink head. I slowly ran my fingers through his hair, detangling it from it’s knots. Techno let out a sigh in contentment as my fingers massaged his scalp. I carefully separated his hair into separate strains and began the braid. 
We sat in a comfortable silence as I worked. Techno was surprisingly complacent as I twisted his hair the way I wanted. I had decided to go with a french braid as it was simple, effective and would hold for a long time. “There,” I let out softly as I secured the end of the braid with an extra hair tie of mine, “all done.” I informed. Techno stood from the chest and turned around to face me. Techno brought a hand up to the back of his head and felt down the braid. A small smile appeared on the pink-haired man’s face. I was taken back. Techno looked good. Really good. I usually don’t get to see him without his hair covering his face. And I almost never get to see him smile, you know cause he hates me sometimes.But now, because of the braid. I could see him clearly and he was handsome. 
“Thank you for this.” Techno said sincerely, breaking me out of . I gave the man a shy smile, cheeks now flushing, “It’s no problem,” I told him with a half shrug. Techno turned back to his field and continued his work. I sat back down on the chest and allowed my eyes to focus on the pink haired man once more. Do I like Techno? My heart sure seems to think so. How could my brain not notice this before? As I thought it over, my heart pounded harder. I liked Technoblade. All the teasing and poking fun at the pink haired man was my sad attempt at hiding and burying those feelings deep down. 
“You okay over there?” Techno questioned, breaking me out of my trance. My eyes focused on his really handsome face, “Oh yeah. Just thinking,” I admitted. Techo hummed, leaning against his hoe. “Whatcha thinking about?” “You look really cute covered in dirt.” I blurted out. I slapped my hand over my mouth. “I cannot believe I just said that,” I mumbled into my hand. I looked up and met Techno’s wide eyes. He then proceeded to clear his throat and laugh, “The way you flirt is shameful. Telling someone they look good covered in dirt? Kind of cringe.” “I just rarely ever see your whole face because it’s usually your hair’s covering it. You’re just very handsome.” I admitted, cheeks now flushing a deep red. Techno’s cheeks were now also flushing a deep red. “Oh, well… Thank you.” “Anytime. I think you’re pretty cool and you deserve to be complimented.” 
Oh gosh. Why did I make that comment? We fell into a tense silence. After a few minutes, I let out a huge yawn. “I think I’m going to head to bed now… Don’t stay up too late, okay?” I told him, standing up from the chest. Techno didn’t look at me but hummed in acknowledgement. I turned and started out of the farm room, but then I paused at the door and turned back, “Goodnight Techno” I wished the man softly. Techno slowly looked up and over at me and gave me a soft smile making my heart flutter, “Goodnight Y/N. Sweet dreams.” He murmured. “Thanks.” I responded before turning and completely walking out of the room. 
I sighed and rubbed my face as I made my way to my makeshift room. I really hope that my words didn’t just mess everything up between us. I let out a yawn as I laid down on my bed. I’ll just deal with it in the morning. 
*Time skip. The next day*
I groaned as I rolled out of bed the next morning. I yawned as I made my way out of my room. I was greeted with the pink haired man sitting at the oak table that I had built for our little base reading a book. “Good morning” I greeted the man softly, turning toward our food chest and pulling out a little something for breakfast. “Morning” Techno greeted gruffly, glancing up at me. As I looked over at him, I realized the dirt from his face was gone, but the braid in his hair remained intact. For some reason, my heart fluttered. 
I quickly turned my attention back to what I was doing.“Do you want anything for breakfast?” I asked, looking over the things in our food chest. “Uh, I’ll have whatever you’re having. Thanks” He said, before turning his attention back to his book. I pulled out a few eggs and two steaks. I made quick work of making breakfast. 
“Here you go.” I set the plate of breakfast in front of the PVP God with a small smile. “Thank you,” Techno hummed, setting his book down and turning to his breakfast. I sat down across from him and began to enjoy my own breakfast. 
We sat in a comfortable silence as we ate. Towards the end of our meal, Techno cleared his throat, causing me to look up. “Hey, can I ask you a question?” Techno asked nervously. I quirked a brow at his words, “You just did. But if you want to ask another, go ahead” I teased. Techno’s face matched his hair as it turned a light shade of pink. Techno cleared his throat once more, “Okay. Well I was wondering…. Those things you said yesterday… Did you mean them?” Techno questioned. It was now my face’s turn to turn pink. “It’s okay if you didn’t. I know that sometimes we tease each other and if that was what that was it’s okay. I just wasn’t sure and-” 
“Techno” I called, interrupting the pig man’s words. “I meant them. Everything I said to you yesterday. I meant it. I think you’re really cool and funny and handsome and I really really like you.” I admitted, not looking at the man sitting across from me, “I didn’t mean to blurt them out like that yesterday though. I was just so caught up in looking at you that I realized everything all at once and I just blurted them out. If you don’t like me back, that’s okay. We can just pretend like-” “-Y/N-” “-nothing ever happened and we can go-” “Y/N!” “-back to normal and-” 
Something covered my lips, cutting off my words. I then realized it was Techno’s lips that covered my own. My eyes widened in surprise, but then immediately fluttered closed as I relaxed into the kiss. A hesitant hand reached up and cupped my cheek, pulling me even closer. All too soon, Techno pulled away from the kiss, but remained rather close, his hand still resting on my cheek. “I like you Y/N, I have for a while” Techno admitted softly. My lips curled up into a grin. “Well you’re in luck Mr. Blood God, because I like you too.” I told him with a proud grin. Techo rolled his eyes but let out a laugh, “I know you goof. You told me as you were rambling and then refused to let me get in a word.” Techno teased. I laughed at his words, “Well I’m sorry I don’t handle rejection well. And therefore didn’t let you get in a word so you couldn’t reject me.” I rambled out. Techno laughed, “That’s big brain,” “The biggest” 
The two of us stared at each other for a while, just smiling. Techno let his hand fall off my cheek and leaned back a little bit. “Y/N?” He asked. “Techno?” I responded. “Do you want to be my partner?” I grinned at his question, “That depends. Do you want to be my partner?” I questioned. Techno rolled his eyes but quickly leaned forward and pressed another kiss to my lips. “I think you know the answer to that” I grinned and pressed a quick kiss to his lips, “I think I do.” 
Our conversation was cut off by the sound of the nether portal activating. Techno and I exchanged confused looks. The two of us stood up and rushed toward the obsidian structure. Wilbur and Tommy stumbled out of the portal. “Hey guys!” Tommy greeted with a huge smile and wave. “Hey! Why are you guys back so soon?” I questioned, rushing forward and pulling the two boys into a tight hug. “Turns out,” Wilbur began after I let the two go, “There’s a nether fortress less than 1500 blocks away from our portal. And we made sure it is not the same one everyone else uses.” Wilbur explained. I nodded my head at his words. 
“That’s so lucky,” Techno said, drawing the attention to him. “What happened to your hair?” Tommy blurted out. Techno immediately brought a hand up to his head. “Oh, Y/N braided it.” Tommy’s head whipped to me, “You braided his hair?!” Tommy yelled. I furrowed my brow as his question, “Obviously. He just told you that” I stated. Wilbur and Tommy stared in disbelief. “What?” I asked, a little self-conscious. “Techno never lets anyone touch his hair.” Wilbur said softly. 
My head whipped to Techno whose face was now red. “What? Then why’d you let me braid your hair?” Techno gave me a half-shrug. “What can I say? I’m a simp” the pink haired man admitted. Laughter burst out of my mouth. I cannot believe he actually said that. My laughter must have been contagious because the three brothers also began to laugh. “Techno!” I whined, walking up to him. Techno, still laughing, wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me close to his chest, “It’s true!” He defended himself, laughter dying down.
 “Woah! Woah! Woah! When did this happen?” Tommy questioned. The two of us looked back at Wilbur and Tommy, “Ummm. Literally two seconds before you guys came home.” I told them, stepping back from my partner. “Well in that case. Tommy and I are going to go put away the blaze rods and then we’re probably going to nap.” Wilbur said, yawning at the end of the sentence. The two of us nodded in acknowledgement as the two of them walked further into the ravine. 
“Well… What do you want to do now?” I questioned my new boyfriend. Techno gave me a smile before wrapping me in another hug. “You wanna come help me in my potato farm again?” I giggled and nodded, “I would love nothing more”
There you go! I hope you enjoyed! If so, be sure to leave a like or a reblog or a reply!!
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dreamwvrld · 4 months ago
protective techno headcannons? *fuck boy face*
. ˚₊ 🪀 ꒱ i GOT you anon— amen protective techno!
Tumblr media
‧₊◜ # ‘protective c!techno’ hc’s !
━━━ . ˚₊ ꒱ by DREAMWVRLD
okay so first of all: you’re techno’s first partner.
like... piglin boy has never really had interest in love so when you come along, he wants to get everything right first try.
(even though he’ll never admit that out loud).
he tries to be his usual chill self, monotone and not really caring about those around him.
but one day you guys are out in the greater dream smp and he loses track of you for a minute to see you with... quackity...?
he does not like this.
rephrase: he HATES it.
he’s got some newfound type of anger that he’s never felt before, kind of stomping over and towering behind you like a bodyguard.
you ignore your boyfriend’s sudden arrival and continue your convo with quackity like normal.
but big q has fought techno once— he doesn’t want that again.
beanie boy is literally scurrying down that path, manically laughing like he often does.
techno’s very proud of himself.
he constantly needs praise when he fends off ‘enemies’ from you.
“i’m proud of you.” “you did so well.”
it makes his ears tint pink, blending in with his hair which you like to tease him about.
he still doesn’t understand why he feels this way about you with other people (poor emotionless boy...)
you have to explain to him what jealousy is, which he denies almost immediately.
you cheer him up with cuddling, which he also denies that he likes, despite how his arms have got an iron grip around you whenever you both have a moment of privacy.
he also has you learn how to defend yourself, just in case.
phil helps teach defence 101 with him to both you and ranboo (who’s been told to ‘keep his eyes off you’ very menacingly by your boyfriend).
he likes to carry around at least one weapon at all times he’s with you, like i said, just in case.
he usually brings the axe of peace, claiming it’s ‘peaceful’ when you tell him you hate the idea of weapons.
it’s a very opposites attract in this case LMAO.
he likes to have his hand on your back every time you’re together.
he claims it’s for ‘comfort’ but you know he wants an easy access to your body in case he needs to pull you away from something (or someone).
it’s a BIG no to you participating in any type of war.
like... there’s no point in even arguing on it.
he always assures you he can handle it himself, even if he brings phil and ranboo with him for backup.
he tells you it’s ‘emotional support’.
okay piglin boy.
sometimes you like to head down to the syndicate room when you feel lonely and he’s in a meeting.
lot’s of mafia boss energy from him.
he pulls up a chair for you to sit beside him, usually gives you some paper to draw on.
if in a good mood, he’ll let you play with his fingers to pass the time.
it gives him satisfaction that you feel safer beside him then back at his home.
i also feel like he’d let you wear his robes?
like the red draped around your shoulders signals to everyone around you that you’re with techno, that you’re under his protection.
and OMG if you fall asleep with it on? this man is literally swearing to protect you for eternity.
voices are soft around you, but they do constantly remind him to protect you.
even around small things: like climbing ladders, cutting bread, sometimes even walking (there’s twigs and stones you could fall on, okay?!).
he doesn’t like to bring up how protective he’s become of you, but you LOVE to.
you always tease him for it, telling him he doesn’t need to act so tough.
definitely the kind of person to throw you over his shoulder if you refuse to listen to him and leave whatever dangerous thing you’re doing.
doesn’t like hand holding, but will definitely grab it if he needs to steer you away from trouble or something.
you’re the first person he really lets his guard down to, but he builds it back up around you both instead.
techno = protective piglin.
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dreamcatcherrs · 2 months ago
when you wear their hoodie; mcyt x reader
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the widest smile spreads onto his face
the possessive side of him comes out to show when he hugs you - to him, this shows that you're his
“how can you possibly be this cute?”
Tumblr media
george halts and just stares before giggling lightly with that big smile on his face; “is that my hoodie?”
likes seeing you in his hoodies more than he thought. plus, he sees it as a great opportunity to show off his merch😎
Tumblr media
oh, he totally teases you about it
“you’re an actual thief, y/n.” and then he proceeds to tackle you in a bear hug
he do be giving mixed signals
Tumblr media
“y/n! warn me next time when showing up looking this adorable ^-^.”
keeps poking at your sides and just looking at you with big eyes ‘cause he thinks you're super cute in his clothes
Tumblr media
plays it off cool, but as always, he is DYING on the inside
“you could've just told me if you were cold…”
he will end up cuddling with you later because “you might end up getting cold again, and he can't let that happen.”
Tumblr media
wilbur soot:
“lil baby! lil’ baby boo!”
he literally goes on with this for HOURS
keeps poking your cheeks and randomly smiling at you for the rest of the day
Tumblr media
“if you don't get over here right now, I’m gonna have to drag you over here.”
sounds serious and looks it, but when you come over to him, he’s all cuddles and kisses, inhaling the scent you’ve spread onto his hoodie
Tumblr media
corpse husband:
his insides flip upside down
just the way the hoodie sleeves go over your hands- shfsjhfjh it has him shaking from cuteness
“you're so cute,” he’d say and leave you with a forehead kiss.
Tumblr media
karl jacobs:
he literally freaks out and can't even react properly with words
“cute” is all he says, and then he’s wrapping his arms around you, swinging you from side to side
he’ll be clinging onto you for the rest of the day
Tumblr media
“baby, literally stop, you're the cutest.”
drops everything to go over and ruffle your hair up, and then pull the hood over your head
seeing you in his hoodie warms his heart
Tumblr media
“are you trying to take my brand from me?”
mainly he just jokes around with you, but he definitely thinks it looks good on you
Tumblr media
his eyes widen, and if he’s holding something, you best believe he’s gonna drop it
“what’s this then?”
grabs you by the waist and kisses your nose
Tumblr media
rubs his chin slowly, looking you up and down
“damn, babe. you can have my whole closet if you want it.”
makes you sit on his lap for the entire time he’s streaming
Tumblr media
simp hours; open
“c’mere baby. I want a closer look.”
he only says that so he can get you close enough to pull you into his embrace and keep you there
Tumblr media
he literally runs up to wrap his arms tightly around your body, lifting you up in the air and swinging you around
“never. take. it off.”
holds your hand under the sleeve a lot
Tumblr media
moves closer to inspect you
“you're… wearing my hoodie?”
feels so proud of himself and will remember this moment forever
Tumblr media
“ahhhh, that's mine!”
gets super excited, and grabs a matching one so he can match with you!
hugs you a lot
Tumblr media
jack manifold:
he is so fucking proud of himself and will never stop speaking of this moment
takes so many pictures and videos of you when you're cuddling together
just to have them saved for later
Tumblr media
time stands still for him for a moment, trying to recall if you had a hoodie exactly the same as his, or if it is okay for him to freak out about this
and so he does
but he is lowkey clingy for the rest of the day, so it’s definitely had an effect on him
Tumblr media
“awh, y/n. you looks so cute :(”
swings his arm around your shoulders to pull you into him with a sweet smile on his face
fiddles a lot with the sleeves and your fingers
Tumblr media
“wow, can't believe I'm dating a criminal.” (because you stole his hoodie)
jokes with you about it, but really, he finds it super cute that you would just naturally wear his hoodie
pulls at the hood strings to make your face disappear behind the hood
Tumblr media
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rae-writes · 5 months ago
Let me in
Dream x reader 
word count : 457
warnings : none
synopsis : You share a special inside joke with Dream about his mask 
You huffed and wiped the sweat off your forehead with the back of your hand. It was hot as fuck today. A sudden chuckle caught your attention, making you glance over at the sound. 
Dream was picking flowers to plant around the community house as he laughed at your misery, “Feeling hot over there, baby?”
You grinned and shook your head in disbelief, walking over with your own handful of flowers. Standing in front of Dream still made you as giddy as it did when you first started dating; he still towered over you as well. 
“What? There somethin on my mask?” Clay grinned underneath the porcelain piece, eyeing the playful twinkle that surfaced in your eyes. 
You closed your fist and brought it up to gently knock against your boyfriend’s mask, “Lemme in pleasee~” 
Clay burst into laughter, kneeling over to try and catch a breath as he slid it off. After he was done with his wheeze attack, he straightened up to look back down at you. 
You nodded approvingly and raised up, grabbing the back of his neck to plant a kiss on his lips. “I love you.” 
- D̴̝̻͕̈͂́́͛̆̾͌̃͝ͅi̸̢͈̜̐̓̅̄̉̂̔̌̃̃̄̈́͘ḑ̴̭̰̲̫̗̣̪͍̼̓̄̃ ̸̢͎̹̝͈̀́̀̓͂́͋̈̍̀̕͜͝y̷̡͇͔̝̯̮̳̘̏̽̐̍̈́̚͜ͅo̶̢̧̞͕̤̻̦̬̟̳̞̦͓̎͒͗́̋̈́͠ự̸̡̰̞̠̘̯̦̿͋͒̑͛͂̐͗͐̓̚̕͘ ̷̞͔̋̾̈́͗̓̽̀̓͂͌͛͗̾͌͗t̶̨̢̻͚̦̂̊̍ḩ̴̖̰̠̻̠̮͕̳̲͚̪̞͑̍͛͆ị̸͇̩͉̹̾͒̉̂̈́̈́͗́̍͑̕͠n̸̖͎͉͔̅̊̆̾̀̇͆́̊̚̕k̶̨̢̢̡̬̝͇̙͉̫̟̬̳͎̄͂͛͋̊̂̍̐̎̏͆̉̓͝͝ ̵̟̝̲͈̤̝̭͙̩͌͆͂̈́̊̔̀̎͒̚͠ͅi̷̙̻̦̟̲̦̤̅͋̓͗̽̑̀̔̒͒͂́t̵̢͕̗̖̞̼͕̆̿̿̓̏͐ ̷̡̟̒̇̒̇̈̾̕͝w̴͖̠̥̳̝̙̫̲̩̽̐̿̓ơ̴͇̞̱̈́̽͒̔͌͂̒u̵̢̢̹̪̟͖̞͖̦͖̤̲͈̰̳̍̀̀̎͂̃͑̂̔̽̓̚͝l̴̢͖͕̙̩̞͙̘͑̃͒͊͑̄̈́̒̐͛̒̈́͜ͅd̴̛̞͔̪͉͙̫̥̘͖̖̐͂̓̅̿̌͊̍̽͋̕̚ ̴͚̋̊̓͝͠l̸̛͓͎̳͎̀͐͒̍̒͆͌̊̀͆͠͠a̸̢̡̛̤̭͎̣̗͕͇̯̝͊̇̍̊̉̃̚͘ș̵̢̱͇̝̼̮͖̹̤͗͂̾̐̐͛͊͜͜͜͝ṱ̷͓̺͍̪͝ ̶̥̤̰̹̊̑́̄̍̉̏̂͜f̶̨̢̭͉̫̠̦̳̰͉̼̯̗̀̀̾̈́̆̿͗̽̎͊͝͠o̵͚̱̣̝̙̓̏̄̊̂̀̀̇͌̒͜r̵̟͓̟̲̦̱̺̮̥͓̖̱͔̟̐̀̒̔͘͘e̶̛͎̊͂̽͑̆͘v̶̧̧̨͈͈̟̝͇̲͐̾̉̈́̈́̔̑̿͒̓̈́̕͘e̵̡̱̪̰͇͕͙͍̙̭͚̝̰͋̂́̀͌͗͊̈́̈̍̋̕̚ͅṙ̴͖͔̤̗̟̃̀́́̍̂̈́̍̚̕͜͝?̵̨̡̧̟̹̗̰̟͙̮̙͚͈̞̉̿̂̒̏̓͑̎͗̌͗͛̚̚̕͜ -
You gave a nervous smile to Sam as the lava wall dropped back down and took a deep breath when the netherite barrier sunk into the floor. Turning around, your eyes immediately darted to Dream’s tired posture and the cracked mask he wore. 
Sapnap warned you before coming that Dream wasn’t speaking- at all. “He said one word to me at the very end and that was it. He sounded so...broken. I don’t think he’s our Dream anymore, N/n.”
You didn’t want to believe it, even after all the things he’d done. “It looks different here since I last visited...crying obsidian, huh? Sapnap told me about it…” You sighed when he didn’t even move to get a journal to write in.
<Awesamdude whispers to you : He’s been aggravated more recently, so I’ll only give you 10 more minutes. I’m worried about you.>
You frowned and glanced back at the lava wall before looking down at Dream. He tensed when you walked towards him, but you crouched down anyway and knocked gently against his mask, “Let me in, please.” 
Dream trembled and nodded, letting you take off the mask for him. He actually gasped when you traced over the scars littering his face and couldn’t stop himself from pulling you down on his lap into a tight embrace.
You hugged back immediately, not daring to look at the second message Sam had sent you. Dream needed to be healed somehow...this just wasn’t him.
A shaky, hoarse voice echoed throughout the obsidian room, “I love you.”
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ray-ray-writings · 7 months ago
A Dedicated Pig-Technoblade
#3 and 47 from this prompt list! Check out my masterlist here! This is in the DreamSMP Au. I
This is a Technoblade x GN reader! 
So in this AU I am making it so that your cannon lives are shown on your left wrist. And if someone types something in chat or if someone joins the server, it appears as text on your right arm until you dismiss it! If you are confused feel free to ask me any questions!
Part Two! Part Three! Part Four!
Y/N finally meets the one that everyone has been walking on eggshells over.
I will never forget the gasps, murmurs, and then tense silence that followed the notification that everyone received on their right arm. Technoblade had joined the SMP. I didn’t understand why it was such a big deal though. Of course I had heard the stories. The horrors that he had done. The fights he picked and won. The amount of blood that had been shed at his hands had earned him the title of “The Blood God”. But when push comes to shove, he’s just another mortal man.
Everyone was a little freaked out and on edge because of the new addition to the server. I mean, Schlatt had just banished Techno’s family, his two brothers, from the nation that they created and fought for. Everyone knew that family was everything to Techno and if there was one thing Techno would do anything for it was his family. He would literally go to hell and back if it meant that his brothers and his father were safe. 
Finally after a few minutes of everyone holding their breath, I scoffed, rolled my eyes, and went on with my work, cleaning up the election decorations. All eyes turned to me “Y/N” Niki hissed, “Do you not understand what just happened? He could be anywhere” I let out a joyless laugh as I looked at my best friend, “You really think he’s going to come here right away? With nothing on him? With his brothers on the run? You think he’s going to worry about coming here, where it would be a 1 vs…” My eyes scanned the crowd doing a quick mental count, “15 plus? Come on Niki, think with that big brain of yours.” I claimed, a little annoyed, as I took down a banner. 
Niki let out a shaky sigh but nodded and continued helping me. “You’re right,” I chuckled at her response and bumped her shoulder, “You know I always am”. Soon, everyone went back to their own tasks, forgetting the news we all had just received. ‘See Mr. Pig Man Blood God’ I silently thought to myself, ‘You’re not as scary as you may think’. 
*Time skip*
A week and a half had gone by since Technoblade had joined the server and no one had seen him. Like I had predicted, he immediately had searched and met up with his brothers and had stayed clear of the main part of the server. That being said, I should have known that he would rear his pink head at some point…
When I first joined the server, I had made myself a small farm for food. Well of course everyone found out about it and wanted a part of it. So my small farm grew and grew. When Niki built her bakery, she needed a steady supply of well… supplies. Sugar, wheat, eggs, milk, and all that. I had plenty and I was more than happy to give her what she needed in exchange for baked goods. So once a week I would haul boxes of supplies across the SMP from my farm to her bakery. 
Everyone was aware of this and so on these days everyone would stay out of my way. Which is why I was so surprised to slam into someone while carrying a box of eggs to the bakery. 
I let out a huge gasp as the sound of eggs cracking filled my ears as I slammed into someone. The box fell out of my hands as raw egg covered my hands and body. “What the hell!” I cried out, looking up to yell at whoever had just crashed into me. I was momentarily stunned. There in the flesh, right in front of me, stood the Blood God himself, Technoblade. My surprise  didn’t last long as I remembered why I was angry in the first place. 
“What the hell are you doing here? It’s bakery day, sure you didn’t know that, but you should have taken the hint not to be here when you didn’t see anyone walking this part of the Prime path!” I shouted at the pink haired man. Techno’s brown eyes widened as I verbally attacked him. “And now I’m covered in raw egg! This is not pleasant! It’s gross and sticky and cold and I do not enjoy it! You are sooooo lucky I have a change of clothes at the farm and that my chickens laid a lot of extra eggs this week or else you would have had to explain to dear sweet Niki why she wouldn’t be able to open her cute bakery this week.” I hissed out. 
“I’m sorry,” Techno began with a raised eyebrow, “Do you not know who you’re talking to?” He questioned with a deep voice. I let out a loud scoff at the audacity of his question, “Of course I know who you are, Mr. Blood God,” I mocked. “So. You do know who I am and what I am capable of.” I scoffed at his smug words. “I said I did, didn’t I? And frankly I couldn’t care less about you and your reputation. You’re just a guy. A guy that has ruined my day because I now have egg all over me!” I complained, wiping my hands on my pants. 
I reached down and began picking up the box and the eggs and egg shells that had fallen on the ground.“You know, I could kill you with no hesitation?” Techno claimed as he crouched down, moving his face close to mine. “I’ve done it before to many others. They blink and my sword has entered their chest. I’ve probably slaughtered more people than you’ve ever met in your life,” Techno mused, a smug smirk tugging on his lips. 
I looked up from my box with a blank expression on my face, “Am I supposed to be scared of you? Is that supposed to scare me? Make me shake in my boots?” I questioned, my eyebrow raised. Techno’s smirk slowly slipped off his face. He quickly stood up and stared at me in shock, “Didn’t you hear me? I could kill you!” He explained. I rolled my eyes and also stood up. “So could another human. Literally anyone else. So could a fall from a huge height. So could a dedicated chicken. You’re not special.” I stated, turning on my heel and began walking back toward my farm. 
“So you’re really not scared of me?” I heard Techno question as he began to jog to catch up to me. “Haven’t I made that clear? You may have scary stories and legends surrounding you, but when it comes right down to it, you’re a man. Well, part pig, part man, but a man and mortal all the same.” Techno let out a scoff, “Technoblade never dies,” he claimed. “But you could. You have three cannon lives just like the rest of us.” I concluded. 
Techno silently followed me as I moved through the barn, replacing the eggs that had cracked when we collided. After I filled the box once more, I set it down before stepping into the bathroom I had built. “I’ll be right out. Don’t touch anything.” I commanded. Techno gave me a mock salute before looking around the barn once more. I closed the door and quickly cleaned up. I took off my egg covered clothes, washed my hands and body before putting on the clean clothes I kept here. 
I found Techno where I left him. “You ready to go?” I questioned softly. His eyes trailed from my horses back to me as he gently nodded. I made my way back to the boxes before picking the egg box back up. “Is this going to?” Techno asked. I looked over and found him pointing at the last box needing to go to the bakery. “Yeah, but you don’t have to-” I was cut off by Techno picking up the box. “Let’s go” He said walking out the door. I let out a laugh before following him, being sure to close the door behind me. 
The two of us made small talk about anything and everything on our way to the bakery. Techno told me all about Wilbur and Tommy’s constant squabbles and I told him all about everyone’s wariness ever since he joined the server. Techno helped me put everything away, which caused me to be done a lot sooner than I usually get done. The two of us left the bakery and made our way back outside. We began strolling the prime path and subconsciously came to a stop where the two of us met. 
Our conversation died down and the two of us stood there for a moment, just staring at each other. I finally cleared my throat, “Thank you for helping me today. I really appreciate it.” I thanked, running a hand through my hair. Techno mirrored my actions with a shy smile on his face, “No problem. It’s the least I could do.” There was a slight pause before he spoke again, “Hey. Listen. I’m sorry for threatening you earlier. It’s just… Everyone I’ve ever met has been terrified of me and when you weren't… It really threw me for a loop. So… thanks. Thank you for giving me a chance.” I let out a giggle at his vulnerability, “It’s no problem…. Maybe when this is all over and you and your brothers are welcome back into L’Manberg, we could hang out more.” I offered. Techno gave me a soft smile and a gentle nod, “Yeah. I’d like that. A lot.” 
“Techno!” A voice whisper shouted. The two of us jumped at the sudden interruption and turned to look at who had called the pink haired man’s name. It was Wilbur. “There you are! Where have you been?!” He questioned, marching up to the two of us. Techno made a gesture to me. Wilbur’s eyes shifted to me. I gave him a smile and a wave. “Hey Wilbur. It’s great to see you” Wilbur’s eyes softened as he gave me a smile, “Hey Y/N. It’s so good to see you too. We’ve got to go. Techno was supposed to be on a spy mission, but I see he got distracted…” I laughed at his words and nodded. “Something like that,” Techno claimed, rubbing the back of his head a blush. 
“Well it was great to see you Wilbur. Tell Tommy I miss him and that I say to stop trying to decorate with things that aren’t his, yeah?” Wilbur gave me another soft smile and nod, “Will do Y/N. Tell Niki I miss her?” I returned his smile and nod. I then turned to Technoblade and gave him a smile as well, “It was lovely to meet you. I really hope this is over soon so I can show you my weapons collection.” Techno’s eyes lit up and he nodded. “It was amazing to meet you too Y/N. And I would love that. So much.” I giggled at his response and nodded. “I knew you would. Bye guys.” I gave them both one last smile before turning and headed back to my farm. 
As I was leaving I overheard the next part of Techno and Wilbur’s conversation. “So… Y/N huh?” “Shut up.” “Who knows, when this thing is all over maybe you’ll get together and have pink haired, Y/E/C babies… Oh I would be the best uncle and-” “I’ll give you a five second headstart.” “Oh come on Techno-” “Five” “Please” “Four” “Tech-” “Three” “You know it’s-” “Two” “Oh come on” “One” “OH GOD! RUNNING!” 
I let myself look over my shoulder at the two. Sure enough Wilbur was sprinting down the prime path as fast as he could, but Techno was right behind him. “Get over here!” Techno shouted after Wilbur. “NO!” I let myself giggle at the two’s antics. My eyes focused on the two for as long as I could, but soon enough the two were out of my view and my ear shot. Oh I can’t wait until this is all over. 
There you go! I hope you enjoyed! And I hope I did the anon that requested this justice! If you did enjoy, be sure to leave a like! And maybe even a reblog or reply telling me what you liked about it! Until next time!
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