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#dream smp imagines
peacheskimi · a day ago
↠ mediashare [dream team + quackity + tommy + jack manifold] ▪︎ headcanons
↳ various reactions of them seeing a y/n fancam
↳ curses? nothing much
↳ i wrote this in one sitting so it's unedited! literally wrote this in like 45 minutes because i got so inspired...
ask me anything! || master list
Tumblr media
• it was his first time doing a mediashare stream
• it wasn't a try not to laugh or anything, he just wanted some noise while he plays a bit of minecraft parkour.
• people sent the most absurd of things, ranging from dream smp memes to wholesome cat videos
• what he didn't expect was a fancam edit of you.
• sequences of your pictures and slowed-down videos of you combing a hand through your hair, looking to the side flashed in his stream
• because he doesn't have facecam, chat couldn't see his facial expression
• but he was quiet for the whole video, trying to parkour, but people can see that his mouse was shaking for a bit.
• he failed a jump for the first time in a while and went back to the start of the room.
• when the video ended, dream let a short, confused laugh. "what?" they didn't know that he was so flustered that that was the first word that came out of his mouth when he's trying so hard to stop his heart from beatings so damn hard.
• the chat was very intrigued and excited with his reaction so it only prompted them to send more of your edits, (with music that is copyrighted that would risk his channel to be banned because of the fricking dmca)
• dream tries to watch it for the reason that he's trying to criticize the way they edit, but chat pushed that he keeps watching because he secretly likes it.
• "okay chat, you can stop sending me edits of y/n now," he says. "i might get dmca'ed"
• is he sure that that's the only reason?
• knowing george, the mediashare stream would be so scuffed in the beginning, because he was still trying to set it up, and people were already spamming his queue.
• for a moment, loud music played and your face filled with filters flickered on the screen before dissipating and george jumped in surprise with the same wide-eyed expression.
• "wot-" he said before laughing a bit.
• the mediashare was finally fixed and the video was sent again.
• it was of a cute, still image of you laughing so hard that your eyes were completely closed, then transitioned to a slow video of you looking to the side with a smirk forming on your face in a teasing manner
• george stood straighter and he wanted to look like he's being weirded out as he glanced at chat knowingly. he pursed his lips but it was soon growing in a smile and unintentionally lets out a laugh. "that was..." he laughs to hide his adoration, but the reddening of his cheeks betray him. "okay then!" the air was so awkward as george tries to fill the silence with jokes and chuckles
• mediashare stream because why not. at the same time, beating minecraft as fast as possible.
• he was on his way to the fortress when your face appeared on the screen. "oh?"
• you were playing with your lips because you were so concentrated on a game on stream. then it flips into a picture of your cute face with your hand into a peace and hearts surrounding you.
• while the video was playing, sapnap was cheering. "oh, oh, get it, y/n!"
• he was vibing with the music, and he's actually familiar so he was screaming the tune. "NANANANA"
• another one comes in while he was fighting the blazes. the song was slow and the video was eye contact with y/n kinda thing. filled with different things of you looking directly at the camera with either a serious look or a comforting gaze.
• sapnap didn't realize that he's been quiet for a while, and he also didn't realize that there was a wither skeleton behind him and his character was damaged badly.
• he still doesn't know how to formulate the next sentence he wanted to say because of the video. "w-woah!" he said, but he internally cringed at his attempt of filling the silence.
• he glanced at chat and saw karl jacobs spamming his chat "FOAMING AT THE MOUTH" along with other chatters teasing him that he's down bad for y/n, simp lmao, awwws
• "ANYWAY send me funny videos, chat," he says, but deep down, he wants to see more edits like that.
• "COME ON CHAT, MAKE ME LAUGH YOU GUYS ARENT FUNNY! AT ALL!" he screamed at the top of his lungs, smacking his table.
• "yeah, chat! make us laugh!" bad chimed up as he was with him in the call.
• suddenly, an edit of your stream from yesterday emerged on the corner of his stream. the first video was of you dancing in your room, then the next was a series of pictures of you being cute flashing rapidly in the beat of the music.
• quackity almost laughed at the absurdity of the request. he has never seen a complete fancam edit of you.
• and when the video was complete of its donation, it was as if he was snapped into reality and he landed back on earth.
• when he noticed that bbh has been quiet after the video, quackity decided to yell at him.
• he grabbed the mic and shouted, "why have you gone silent, bad? were you- did you like y/n's fancam?"
• bad stuttered before saying, "i like it! i liked the edit."
• before quackity could destroy him with words, he was stopped with another request of your fancam. and quackity pressed the skip button.
• "STOP SENDING ME FANCAMS OF MY GIRLFRIEND!" he yelled. "IT'S NOT FUNNY! AS MUCH AS I L-" he stopped himself from continuing, knowing what the chat would say if he completed his sentence.
• but unfortu-fucking-nately, bad heard it and being the little shit that he is, he began bothering him. "as much as you what, quackity?" alex could hear the smile growing in bad's voice.
• "huh?" he pretended to sound dumb.
• "i didn't hear what you say, quackity. can you repeat it? 'as much as you- what?"
• he looks to be tired of his crap already, but he knows for a fact that twitter would clown on him for liking the y/n edits.
• try not to laugh and he has like 2 lives left.
• he was casually talking about his future plans when all of a sudden, loud dmca music exploded and a slideshow of your pictures with hearts and obnoxious transitions was showing.
• he watched with a 'wtf' face and lets out a disgusted sound every once in a while.
• "chat, why?"
• he shook his head but it was evident that the corners of his lips were tugging upwards in a small, amused smile.
jack manifold
• try not to laugh as well, he only has one life left.
• a slow video of you smiling at laughing then transitions to multiple pictures of you and jack manifold (but jack is cropped out) accompanied with music appeared on his screen
•jack laughed so hard because it was his first time seeing an edit of you.
• it was so funny because you don't really stream and you just occasionally visit him from time to time and have already done a ylyl with you. he could tell that the editor didn't have any other photos to use since there were only a few pictures before the scenes repeated again.
• "i'm gonna show this to y/n, i can't wait to see their reaction."
• those were his last words before he ended the stream. he lost the game but he couldn't care because he can't wait to see your response to an official edit of you.
taglist: @btsiguess-kpop @lovelysmp @just-a-sad-donut@smuttasticc @aikochan4859
ask me anything! || master list
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isadora-larkspur · 3 days ago
❝ 𝐭𝐞𝐚𝐥 𝐣𝐮𝐦𝐩𝐞𝐫 ❞ | 𝔠𝔠!𝔱𝔬𝔪𝔪𝔶 𝔵 𝔣!𝔯𝔢𝔞𝔡𝔢𝔯
fluffffffff <3
❥ summary : revealing that you’re dating on stream because you were wearing his jumper
❥ warning(s) : none, probably one curse word (?)
❥ A/N : this one i tried my best to make it seem like an actual stream, as i dont stream and have no idea how to stream. anyway, enjoy!
Tumblr media
»»————- ♔ ————-««
“You ready?” Tommy asked. I nodded as I sat up straighter in the extra chair he got. I turned my gaze from the screen to Tommy, and realized that he was staring at me. I felt myself go red as I brought my palms up to my cheeks. I watched as he pressed the “start stream” button as he went live on his alt account. Tommy started off the stream with his intro, addressing that it was a chill stream and they were going to play some Minecraft. 
I was still off to the side of the screen, where you could only see the sleeve of my- or well, Tommy’s- jumper. Chat started noticing me and pointed it out. A bunch of “WHO’S THAT” and “OMG A PERSON” messages in the chat. Tommy glanced over the chat, reading it, before turning towards me. He turned towards the camera and started speaking again.
“Oh, chat! Today, I have someone with me, and they’re going to be joining us in the next few streams we’re gonna have,” He said. He reached out towards me and placed both his arms on either side of my chair, locking eyes with me. Wheeling the chair closer to him, I let out a laugh as I tried to hide my blush as he stared at me. He smirked, looking back towards the camera. “Chat, this is Y/N, and they will be staying with me for an entire week.” 
I said my hellos to chat as Tommy booted up Minecraft and started to play. I watched as Tommy logged into a new singleplayer world and punched a tree with his fists. My eyes flicked towards the chat, watching as the messages came flying in. 
When I read the chat, I saw that it was mostly filled with messages such as ‘SWEATER’ and ‘OMG SHE’S WEARING HIS SWEATER’. Confused, I looked down to what I was wearing, my right hand clutching at the material I was wearing. I saw that I was, in fact, wearing Tommy’s teal jumper with the words ‘club SUNDAY’ written on it in a big bubbly font. I felt myself flush as I looked back up, glazing at Tommy. I smiled at the camera before looking away.
Tommy noticed that I wasn't speaking all of a sudden, glancing back towards me. His eyebrows furrowed as he looked at my face that was a shade of pink. I watched as he read the chat, eyebrows shooting up as he let out a smirk. He muted the stream and turned around, facing towards me. “Sooo…. Do you wanna tell them?” He asked. I shrugged.
“We’ve been wanting to tell them anyway…” I trailed off before grinning. He returned the smile and turned back towards his PC and unmuted the stream. He leaned back in his chair and glanced at me. 
“Alright so… chat, Y/N is my girlfriend,” He paused. I smiled softly at him before widening  my eyes in shock when he switched on his internet persona. “I GOT A FUCKING GIRLFRIEND CHAT WHAT DID I TELL YOU?? MMMMMM WOMAN POG MMMM,” He shouted. I threw my head back and burst out laughing, totally not expecting his sudden outburst. As I calmed down I saw Tommy staring at me. I gave him a smile before leaning forward to read the chat. Most of the chat was filled with ‘THE WAY HE LOOKS AT HER WHEN SHE LAUGHS’ and ‘OMG THEY’RE SO CUTE SKDJF’. I felt myself blush before turning to Tommy.
“Weren’t you just playing some Minecraft?” I asked Tommy. He shrugged before continuing to play his game, both of us ignoring chat acting as if we didn’t just reveal we were in a relationship. Suddenly, there was a dono from Wilbur.
“Tommy managed to get a girlfriend quicker than I did,” The monotone voice spoke out. Tommy bursted out laughing as I covered my face with my hands in embarrassment.
“WILBUR!” I yelled.
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alex-quackity · 15 hours ago
“Take my scarf, it’s cold.”
gnf x gn!reader
pronouns used: none
a/n: day 1 of 24 days of christmas :D i hope you enjoy ^_^ this one is short, some will definitely be longer than others depending on how much i like the plot tbh ok thats all i have to say i think :)
For miles, the only thing that people felt was the air. The cold, December air. Everyone could easily go back to their houses and drink cups of hot chocolate by a fireplace but they were all walking through the streets of London. Weirdos. You didn’t have much room to talk. You were a part of the hundreds of people walking around and shopping for gifts. Part of the hivemind that was the Christmas season. On the outside you were just cold. On the inside you were beating yourself up for not bringing any more layers.
“You look freezing.” The sudden voice behind made you jump, most likely getting the attention of at least 3 strangers. If not more. Once you felt a pair of arms around your waist, however, you felt more at ease.
“George you can’t just sneak up on people like that. Especially not in downtown London. What if someone thought you were kidnapping me or something?”
“I assure you that nobody thought I was going to kidnap you. You’re not even a kid. It would be an abduction.” George joked, burying his head into the crook of your neck. Your cold neck. “Here. Take my scarf, it's cold.” George smiled, pulling his scarf off of his own neck and placing it onto yours.
The warmth that came from the fabric was so much more relieving than expected. It provided a sense of safety. And it smelled like George. Extra safe. Even with the hundreds of people walking around in the cold December air on the London streets.
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Tried to drown my sadness with Tnt duo fics post-fiances disaster and is kinda working, can I ask for Sapnap reacting to Wilbur "helping" (more like taking the chance to get with Q now that he is kinda single) Quackity because the poor man is literally mourning over Slime and his to never happen marriage? Fuck I'm so sad :(
Yandere Tnt Duo + Yandere Sapnap
* Wilbur was never the first choice. He wasn't a choice in general. He was a black hole where a choice should be. He was what people ended up with when desperation destroyed all that they were. But Wilbur had emotions too and his broken beyond understanding heart was taken by Quackity. * And like Wilbur thought, Quackity ended up by his van. Like always, whenever Quackity had nothing more, he would appear at Wilbur's van. * Wilbur understood that quackity needed someone to distract him and he was going to do that. By hugging, kissing, and drowning him in their fake love. This was eating them both alive, but that was the best they both could have right now. * Sapnap was hurt to find Quackity in the arms of Wilbur. Sapnap knew about the affair that Quackity had in his previous marriage, but... Why did he move on so fast? Did Wilbur and Quackity have something while they were still on good terms? * Sapnap loved Quackity. But he also wanted to destroy the man now... Seeing him kissing someone else, and flirt with... It broke Sapnap. * Without realizing, everything engulfished in flames, including Wilbur and Sapnap... But that was fine, right? Maybe now, Quackity wouldn't have a choice but to join Kinoko kingdom, right?
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anoaeunoia · 11 hours ago
Ask prompts
This - posted
This - in progress
1. “I miss your stupid face.”
2. “What about me!?”
3. “You think that I’m watching you? Don’t flatter yourself...”
4. “You’re such a jerk.”
5. “Just… go”
6. “I never meant to hurt you”
7. “You come here often?”
8. “I didn’t know where else to go”
9. “It’s midnight, where the hell are you?”
10. “Pull over!”
11. “We could call it even?”
12. “Everytime you go home you end up back in his bed you’re the only one that’s getting hurt here”
13. “I had to watch you leave once I can’t do it again”
14. “You’re so cute I wanna punch you in the face”
15. “Excuse me… is this man bothering you?” “Yes” “I’m your boyfriend!” “Is that true?” “Unfortunately”
16. “Stay still”
17. “You’re not pregnant are you.”
18. “Ya know I thought that fact he had a photo of me in his wallet was adorable but I just say the photo and I hate him”
19. “I think I’m gonna move out.” “What why!” “Because I can’t be in his house knowing I’m in love with him and he’s with someone else”
20. “Don’t look at me you’ve got a girl at her”
21. “I can’t love you when I can’t even tolerate myself”
22. “All I could think was any time now he’s gonna say it’s love but not…You never call it was it was”
23. “If I can’t be close to you I’ll settle for the ghost of you”
24. “Take her name out of your mouth”
25. “They’ll adore you”
26. “Stay…please”
27. “Maybe we were never actually in love”
28. “I want to go home.” “You are home.” “No he’s not here it’s not home without him”
29. “Can I walk you home?”
30. “What did you expect me to do just wait for the next time you want me” “you married her?” “She loves me!” “I love you” “after I begged you to love me for years you can’t do this now”
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cottagecorekarl · 8 months ago
Hello! Im new to your blog and i was wondering if you could Do headcannons Of the dream smp Having a s/o who kisses their cheek on stream ? I would love if you could do for tommy or its to sexual 💞
tommy and ranboo are included in this as i personally think cheek kisses are harmless but i have no problem removing them if you guys think it's too much ^-^
Tumblr media
♡─⊱ dream
all chat would hear is "oh, hi"
behind the scenes is pulling you closer to smooch your lips and cheeks and nose and forehead
definitely squishes your cheeks in the process
Tumblr media
♡─⊱ georgenotfound
isn't super keen on getting all lovely dovey on stream
so he just squeezes your hand out of frame
gives you a small smile
Tumblr media
♡─⊱ karl jacobs
*insert adorable karl giggle*
grabs you hand as you go to walk away
"noooo, don't go. stay with me"
Tumblr media
♡─⊱ nihachu
"hello, my love"
gives you the warmest, most living smile in the whole world
Tumblr media
♡─⊱ quackity
gasps dramatically, eyes wide, and starts yelling
"oh, oh, oh, oh, oH, OH, OH, OH"
just getting progressively louder until you tell him to shut up
Tumblr media
♡─⊱ ranboo
stutters uncontrollably
blushes profusely
Tumblr media
♡─⊱ sapnap
tugs you close so he can return the favour
Tumblr media
♡─⊱ technoblade
smiles and blushes
his hand slides around your waist and he pulls you onto his lap to cuddle
kisses your cheeks too
Tumblr media
♡─⊱ tommyinnit
are you trying to kill him?
almost has a heart attack on the spot
"y-y-y/n. w-what are you doing?!"
Tumblr media
♡─⊱ wilbur soot
"hi, love" he says with a smile
returns the gesture
probably kisses your hand too
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nightmarefox15 · a month ago
Jealousy Hcs!
Requested: Na! I got bored and wanted a 'Break' I guess from writing my requests! I also just wanted to create Jealousy Hcs so-
Pairing: Multiple Dsmp Boys! x Gn! Reader!
Idea: The boys get Jealous!
Tags/Warnings: None, Fluff, Cursing! (If there is any warnings that I missed pls tell me!)
Word Count: 1,798!....Thats alot-
A/n: I just got a sudden urge to write Jealousy Hcs so-
*He would just stand behind you, fuming silently.
*Wraping his arms around your waist when he starts loosing his patience
*Would start kissing your shoulder/neck!
*Probably whisper things in your ear to distract you
*If the person gets too close for his or your liking
*They get roasted
*They are now running away in embarrasment-
*You would scould him with a small smile
*But he would just act oblivious
*Hugging your arm
*Glaring at the person definetly!
*Would interupt the other person
*"Maybe we could-""Look at that Y/N!"
*He would also kiss youe cheek....
*After the person left he would just ignore you
*"George-" Hes now walking away...
*You would run infront of him, grab your face in your hands, stare into his hands and MUWAH!
*Kissing him all over his face!!
*Hes now blushing and trying to get you to stop-
*He's now just following you around with a blush on his face!
*Arms around your waist/you in general!
*Would glare at the person
*Mutter threats uder his breath
*Do the Slit throat action thing to the person...
*Would alo mouth threats to the person...
*You would probably elbow him in the stomach to shut him up-
*He'd have to hold himslef back from killing the person-
*If the person goes to far/makes you super uncomfy you would have to hold him back from starting a fight
*He WILL start a fight and absolutley destroy the person!
*Probably the most violent of them all-
*He would be so sad :(
*He would start to feel insecure :(
*He would start to think that youre gonna leave him :(
*If he is intimidated by the guy he would be a little shy!
*He would probably be whispering to you telling you he wants to leave or that he wants to go somehwere else
*He would also be hugging you in some way!
*Or he would be holding your hand/a part of your shirt/dress!
*If the perosn gets to close to you for his or your liking, he would probably try to talk to them
*He's probably say Please as well cause hes sweet like that-
*Not me simping for Karl right now-
*He would try to protect you but eventually just drag you away from them!
*He would glare at the person, hating them for taking his S/O attention
*He would then interuppt the person by flirting with you
*Or syaing "Come on come on! Let's go to that store" "Sweety....Thats Maurices..." Or some other female clothing store-
*If that doesnt work and the person keeps talking to you
*He WILL start a fight!
*A verbal fight....He wouldnt be able beat someone with his short ass-
*He would say something like "Ok. You had your shot. Now let ME talk to MY partner! Instead of some rando who doesn't know the first thing on how to flirt with people!"
*I'm tired leave me be
*Bear wih me I'm not very good at writing him-
*I think he would glare at the person
*Back hugs and neck kisses all the way!
*If the person wont leave you alone he woud just straight up kiss you
*And if they STILL dont get the point
*Then ummmm they might not be alive the next day-
*Sorry this is short! I had no idea what to put!
*He would probably start to feel a bit insecure
*But trust you not to leave him!
*Making sure youre okay/comfortable with this happening is his top priority right now!
*If you are he would just nod and stay beside or behind you
*Probably hugging you in someway or holding your hand/shirt
*He would be skeptical of the person and just keep a sharp eye on them!
*If youre NOT comfortable/okay with whats happening
*He would be on it!
*He would step in front of you, blocking the persons view of you, and tell the person that they're making you uncomfy!
*"Please stop talking to them! You're making them uncomfortable!"
*He's so sweet!
*But if the person doesnt leave you alone
*He would glare at the person
*Mumble "Rude"
*Grab your hand and drag you away saying
*"Come on lets go!"
*Who would be brave enough to walk up to you two?!
*Hes 6'6 no?!
*If someone WAS brave enough to walk up to you
*He would probably just stand behind you, looking like your bodyguard
*You know those pictures of him and Tommy, and he's just standing in the background
*Ya...Thats him when hes jealous
*If the person hasnt run away in fear yet
*Then he raps his an arm around you shoulders and
*"Lets go somewhere else Y/N"
*And just walk away with you under his arm
*This jealouse Bitch-
*He would be louder on purpose!
*He just talkes over the person
*Not caring how loud he has to get
*If you tell him to quiet down, he'll just glare and start pouting
*He would mutter curses and threats under his breath
*If you start to get uncomfortable, he will NOT hesitate to jump in and yell at the person
*You would have to drag him away before he starts a fight he cant win
*Someone has GUTS!
*He would just stand there behind you like
*Bruh Im right here
*He would just stand there, his arms crossed as he stared the person down
*If he sees youre getting uncomfrotably he would just be like
*"Ya no. Leave."
*If the person dosent leave he would be so annoyed Lmao
*If the perosn dosent leave and just ignores him hes gonna be even more annoyed
*He would proabbly growl
*Push you behind him gently
*"If you dont leave in three seconds your heads coming off"
*Hes glaring and resting his hand on his weapon...
*You should probably take him away...before he kills someone-
*He's 6'5 (?)
*People are being brave today-
*He would probably have a 'Normal' conversation with the person
*"I also like Music a lot!"
*Or something like that (M tired leave me be T-T)
*While on the inside hes cursing and roasting the person
*If you look close enough you can see him gritting his teeth
*You should be concerned-
*Hes slowly starting to look like hes going to murder someone-
*"Why dont we leave Will?"
*You wanted to leave before he exploded with anger/jealousy
*Ya Ya, I know he's not real but who cares 🙄
*He would be floating next to you, staring at the person confused
*"Whats this feeling?" He would question himself
*You would probably look at him a bit concerend a couple of times
*"You okay Bur?" "Ya! Im just confused?"
*You would then turn to him, asking him why he's confused and all that
*The person would just be standing there awkwardly cause oyu forgot about them Lmao
*They would just eventually leave-
*The person would probably be flirting/talking to the both of you
*Niki would grab a hold of your hand/arm/shirt getting uncomfy
*"Pls stop"
*Ya...Niki would want to leave imidietly-
*Get the poor baby out of there :(
*You would have to tell the person to stop
*And if they dont just walk away
*And if they STILL dont leave you alone
*Your gonna have to threaten them-
*And if they STILL dont leave
*"Buddy...We're lesbian/Bi...She's my girlfriend.."...I'm tired leave me be-
*Ya...Poor persons really imparrased now-
*They might just turn red and run away...
*...That would be interesting to watch-
*He would probably just stand there awkwardly
*And if the person starts making you uncomfy he would start to slowly push you behind him
*And start a conversation with the person instead
*"Hey-Do you know of any good Cafes?"
*He would literally say anithing to distract the person from you
*And then he would "Thanks!"
*Walks away from the person, your hand in his!
*Ya...I didnt really know what to put for him-
*He would just stare at the person deadpanned
*Like 'Really bitch. They're busy'
*"Theyre busy"
*Ya...The person did not like that-
*"What did you say Kid?"
*"I said they're busy" *Glares*
*Ya...Drag him away before he starts a fight-
*If hes just quiet the whole time he would thrw random sarcastic jokes
*And try to get you away from teh person
*Not liking your attention on the person
*Im tired leave me be-
*Hes gonna act polite at first!
*Trying to be nice and not lash out-
*But if the person makes you uncomfy or gets too close to you for eaither of your liking
*Hes gonna try pulling you away
*"Come on lets go Muffin!"
*If the person grabs your hand you better beleive hes gonna get protective
*"Let go of them! You didn't ask them if you could old their hand!"
*Hes still trying to be nice
*If th person wont let you go hes gonna lash out-
*"I told you to let their hand go!!" *Glares*
*Maybe he would start to hint that he knows how to throw nice and shit-(Im tired and dont remember leave me be-)
*He would be a baby-
*He would wrap you up in his arms and burry his head in your neck
*"Hmmmm....Lets leave~"
*He would whine about want ing to leave
*If you just tell him that youll leave in a bit he would pout and just stand behind you
*All pouty and annoyed
*If he ses that youre getting uncomfy he would get so mad-
*"STOP IT!!"
*Ya...He would yell at the person-
*He would make a big scene
*Probably start a fight-
*Drag him away for my sake pls!
*I cant deal with this second hand embarrasment-
Awesamdude (Sam):
*Im not the best for writing with him either bear with me-
*He would just stand behind you, his arms crossed
*Just staring down the person, not liking them already
*The person would probably start to squirm under his gaze-
*"Why dont we leave Love"
*You would question him
*If you dont want to leave, he would huff but let you stay
*If the person starts to make you uncomfy you woud probably grab onto the front of Sams shirt
*He would immidetly notice and put his arms aorund you
*"We will be leaving now"
*And just drag you away from the person
Sorry I havent posted any requests-
Taglist: @sugarrbbee @dawnfallx @forefinn @angstyx @lakifaki @bloodystars @meliancries @wilczachannn
If you want to be added just ask!
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heartkarl · 29 days ago
wilbur x reader where the reader is jack manifold’s (or any of the brit streamers, jack is just the one that came to mind lol) older sibling and they meet during a vlog and just like instantly fall in love so the whole vlog just turns into wilbur and reader flirting
༊*·˚⤻ 𝐡𝒆𝒂𝐫𝐭, 𝐦𝒊𝐧𝐝 !wilbursoot‧₊˚ :
Tumblr media
➳❥ 𝒙𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫 // 𝗜𝗡𝗙𝗢!!
Jack’s overprotective brother dynamic won’t get in the way of love at first sight!
₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ 𝒊𝐦𝐩𝐨𝐫𝐭𝐚𝐧𝐭 // 𝗦𝗢𝗡𝗚𝗟𝗜𝗡𝗞!!
heart mind, by Kodak Black!! listen along! <3
₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ 𝒆𝐱𝐭𝐫𝒂 // 𝗧𝗛𝗔𝗡𝗞𝗬𝗢𝗨<3
Tumblr media
If there was one thing you knew for certain, it was that your younger brother hated being told no. Especially when it came to requests pertaining to his usage of your presence for content's sake.
And as per usual, Jack’s constant heckling had turned out to be quite annoying, eventually leading to you agreeing to be the sole star in another one of his Vlog Extravaganza’s. Truthfully, you loved hanging with him, Tom, and Ranboo, as it was always a pleasure being graced by their Cum/Penis based jokes.
As such, you ended up being squashed between two peculiarly tall lads, while your annoying little brother cracked jokes, en route to pick up the final member of your patented Vlog Squad. And according to Jack, it was someone fairly unfamiliar to you.
Not unfamiliar to the rest of your clique, but someone you’d never met before. Wilbur immediately came to mind as the prime suspect, making you anxiously awaiting his nearing arrival. It wasn’t like you hadn’t heard of him before, but his reputation and enchanting good looks made your heart race.
So, as Jack’s car halted to a stop in front of Will’s flat, you felt the sudden urge to make sure every aspect of your appearance was practically perfect - this caught Tom’s immediate attention, forcing a sly remark of; “Y/n stop primping Wilbur’s already in love with the grind.” You playfully elbowed Tommy’s side, earning an over exaggerated “Ow you prick!”
Meanwhile, Wilbur took his rightful spot of shotgun in Jack’s passenger seat, greeting his three friends who occupied the rest of the car. But when his eyes landed on you - oh my - it’s like something burst inside of his heart, like all of a sudden his heart and his mind were suddenly in sync.
Both set on one objective, winning yours over as well. Call it love at first sight! He was completely starstruck, speechless even. Pure beauty sat a few feet away from him, and he didn’t know what to do or say.
Thankfully, Tommy’s constant need to get on your nerves kicked in, as he tried to get Wilbur to tell you off for elbowing him. “Willllllllll, they elbowed me! Cmon, do your big brotherly duties, tell ‘em off!” Wilbur spun all the way around in his seat, and in response to Tommy he stated the following.
“Well Tommy, seems like they had a good reason to.” Tommy’s mouth went agape, as he looked to Ranboo to see if what was happening was truly a reality.
You laughed, grateful for Wilbur taking your side in the altercation. He further introduced himself, offering a hand for you to shake. “The names Wilbur, Wilbur Soot. But you probably already knew that.” He was surprisingly sly for someone who plays Minecraft for a living, as your hand met his, he took the initiative of carefully placing a kiss on your knuckles.
Of course, this sent Tommy And Ranboo into a fit, as they pelted Jack, who’d been unbeknownst and focused on driving, with: “JACK JACK HURRY WILL’S TRYING TO WOO YOUR SISTER!” Manifold’s gaze immediately left the road, matching that of Wilbur’s hand in yours. Quite like a banshee, he belted. “Ay! Hands off my sister, you Tory lover!”
An insult that you didn’t quite understand at first, and one that didn’t seem to really phase Wilbur. He reluctantly released his soft grasp upon your hand as he winked at you, before turning around and giving his attention back to Jack who’d been berating him on ‘Why You’re Not Allowed To Flirt With My Sister 101’.
Tommy and Ranboo would occasionally join in on the conversation every so often, to which Will would reply with, “Yeah,” Uh huh,” or “For sure.” Until the five of you finally reached your destination. You were informed of the details a few days prior to the other few boys, so you were sort of prepared for the sort of content the boys were going to film. A lie detector’s test for all of you prominent Internet people to take, what could possibly go wrong?
So, you helped Jack unpack the equipment from the trunk of his car, allowing the other three boys to head inside the studio to set up. But of course, Wilbur was there to offer his hand in assistance, seeing as you were sort of struggling with the equipment. You graciously handed over the cameras, as he explained. “Don’t worry hun, I’ve got it.”
His smile, as well his tone of voice, sent butterflies barreling in your stomach. He was quite a bit taller, and seemingly stronger than you, and having him help you so effortlessly was weirdly attractive. And after he’d made sure Jack was completely out of sight, he leaned down to flirtatiously whisper to you.
He knew your shyness was a bit of an obstacle, and he was there to reassure you. “Don’t worry darling, no matter how much Jack might make you wanna think, I don’t bite.” An assortment of giggles left your lips, much to Will’s entertainment, as he led you into the studio where Tom, Jack, and Ranboo were already being told the instructions of the lie detector.
Jack caught sight of you walking with Wilbur, and patted the seat directly beside him. In an overbearing voice, he stated. “Cmere Y/n, sit down by your dear brother.” You rolled your eyes playfully, taking the seat where he’d suggested. Wilbur was the first to be hooked up to the lie detector machine, which you saw coming from a mile away, having him confidently sat with the wires hooked to his arm.
He was for sure going to be berated by Jack with questions about you, and - hell - he was just happy to even be talking about you. It was sort of a meta thing, by talking about you he was initially working his way into your heart, right? Right! And as such, Jack’s first question of the session was;
“Wilbur, do you think my sister’s hot?”
Your cheeks instantly tinged with colors of red and pink, while Will took no longer than a second to answer the query in question. “Yes.” A few seconds later, the lie detector proctor confirmed his answer with a thumbs up. Jack practically sprung from his seat, shouting at Wilbur. “Nope! Nope! Incorrect, the answer is no!” Tommy and Ranboo found the entire ideal hilarious, egging Jack on.
Will ran his fingers through his hair, smugly replying with. “What can I say, I’ve got good taste.”
After a few more minutes of bickering, Jack sat back down and the questions continued. They consisted of Jack and his entourage of Y/n x Wilbur haters throwing questions like, “Wilbur did you know that Y/n is a Dream stan?” “Will if you and Y/n get together can I come along on your dates?” and “Do you really wanna date someone who hasn’t memorized all of Pebble Brain?”
His answers were more or less similar, earning outrageous responses from your overprotective brother. That was until it was your turn to ask a question, and even if you’d only known him for a few hours you felt something special between the two of you. So, you confidently questioned. “Do you really wanna date someone you met just a few hours ago?”
And with every once of sincerity he had, he agreed. “Yes, sweetheart. I really really do.“ As expected, it was confirmed to be true. No matter how many times Jack was opposed to the idea of it, or how much Tommy teased you, you and Will were going to be an amazing couple.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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𝐇𝐨𝐰 𝐝𝐬𝐦𝐩 𝐦𝐞𝐦𝐛𝐞𝐫𝐬 𝐰𝐨𝐮𝐥𝐝 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐜𝐭 𝐭𝐨 𝐟𝐢𝐧𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐲 𝐦𝐞𝐞𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐢𝐧 𝐩𝐞𝐫𝐬𝐨𝐧
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A/N: This has been in the drafts for so long, finally got the motivation to finish it peepoHappy
Tumblr media
«────── « ⋅𝐊𝐚𝐫𝐥⋅ » ──────»
Okay so this man is touchy
Maybe you meet up at an airport and your legs are shaking, partly cause you were sitting for a few hours, and partly cause you're just so nervous.
Yeah you've had your face cam on a time or two when you're in a discord call, but irl meetups are a little different.
You've been texting each other since you landed, and have been trying to find a spot to meet
And he's standing there, maybe with his brother or Chandler, and you stop and steel yourself before working up the courage to walk over
You come over to his side, and it takes him a second to notice you
But when he does,, oh my god
The gasp that comes from this boy
He would do that thing where you hug and pick the person up a little (you know the thing)
I can imagine him giggling and smiling so hard as your nervousness melts away
I feel like he would be one of those people who instantly put you at ease. I don't know exactly what it is, but some people have the ability to make you feel comfortable, Karl's definitely one of them.
Tumblr media
«────── « ⋅𝐓𝐨𝐦𝐦𝐲⋅ » ──────»
He would probably be vlogging
Maybe with Niki, Tubbo, Jack and George
He would be acting all tough and "grrr im so manly, women love me" (you know, normal child gremlin stuff)
But when he sees you, geez, the way his face lights up
You know how he ran up to George when he first saw him? It would be one of those
He would 100% act like you were annoying him by your presence but he would really enjoy being able to see you in person.
I will protect this child with my life idc
Tumblr media
«────── « ⋅𝐖𝐢𝐥𝐛𝐮𝐫⋅ » ──────»
idk how tall you are but even if you're a Goliath he is gonna loom over you
"Yooooooo y/n"
Does the tall man lean when talking to you
man becomes the tower of Pisa in every picture istg
Does the shit thing tall people do and uses your head as an arm rest
Okay but seriously? He would be so kind.
If you're walking around and end up getting lunch, he's just so attentive and would listen to you talk about whatever happens to come out your mouth
10/10 would meet up with again, as along as you don't mind the neck cramps you get at the end of the day from looking up at him.
Tumblr media
«────── « ⋅𝐑𝐚𝐧𝐛𝐨𝐨⋅ » ──────»
His sense of humor is elite, saying that right off the bat
He would more than likely be the person that takes a bit to come out of their shell, idk he just gives off that vibe
If you're a pretty out going person, he warms up a little faster
If you're the same way however, you got two shy kids just vibing
Once you're both all cool again though, chaos will ensue.
Chaos in the Wine Mom™ way though
a/n: welp here you go my babies muah muah
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𝑺𝑻𝑼𝑷𝑰𝑫 𝑷𝑶𝑻𝑰𝑶𝑵𝑺 | 𝐭𝐞𝐜𝐡𝐧𝐨𝐛𝐥𝐚𝐝𝐞 𝐱 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
Summary: Your carelessness lands you in a messy situation involving potions and feelings: two things Techno doesn’t know how to handle. Genre: fluff Warnings: cursing, the word "pretty" is used in reference to the reader, reader is a dumb hoe and so is techno tbh Pronouns: they/them Note: this is my entry for my beloved @earthtooz ‘s 1k event (congrats you sexc bitch) with the aphrodite’s prompt. okay yes TECHNICALLY this is a day late but in my eyes its on time so fuck you if you disagree <3
Tumblr media
It was just an experiment. It was never supposed to get in the wrong hands. It was never supposed to be picked up by your anarchist friend, as far from romantic as could be (at least from what you had seen).
The coarse pages of the recipe book felt comforting under the weight of your fingertips as you read over the ingredients. Living in the tundra meant living peacefully, yet even calmness comes with a price and you were beginning to feel the effects of that. Everyday had felt the same, brewing health potion after health potion and storing them in bulk for whenever the Syndicate needed them. You quickly grew tired of it and realized that you needed a break when your hands began to go through the motions of making them from muscle memory.
In an effort to rekindle your love for potion making, you began making useless ones. You would never have any use for them: a potion to change your hair color, a potion with jump boost, a love potion.
You stared at the clear liquid sloshing around in the glass bottle; the only indication of it not being water was the slight pink tint it held under the sunlight. It reminded you a lot of a health potion and you frowned. Even when you were deliberately trying to escape them, they found a way to torment you.
With a heavy sigh, you set the finished product down onto your table and began cleaning up the ingredients you had laid out. Later, you would put it away in a chest labeled “Extras” where it would then expire and rot. You would throw it away and begin the process of making more useless potions. You were wasting materials but at least now you had an excuse to go looking for more ingredients than the same four used to make health potions.
You cleaned up the spilled droplets and put away the jars you had taken out, wringing your hands out on your apron. As you hung it up on the small wooden hook Ranboo had helped you stick on your wall, the door slammed open. A haggard and sweaty Technoblade rushed inside your home, a scent of fire and ash clinging to his clothes. You could tell he had been in the nether recently.
“Is this a potion of health?” he grumbled, not giving you enough time to effectively stop him as his fingers had already wrapped around the glass bottle.
Techno gulped down the water-like substance greedily and you nearly screamed. Panic began to rise within you, your heart pounding in your chest, a sharp contrast to the placid smile gracing your friend's face.
Worrying your bottom lip between your teeth, you walked around the counter and grabbed Techno’s arm, “You need to get to bed. Right now.”
“You're so pretty.”
You came to an abrupt stop, facing away from Techno and effectively missing the look of horror that flashed across his usually stoic features.
“The love potion must be taking effect already,” you muttered, whirling around to look at him, holding his confused gaze.
He stared at you blankly for a moment, eyes widening briefly until he looked away. You dragged your hands over your face, groaning internally. This could not get any worse.
But it most definitely got worse.
It was like the potion came into effect in stages, and what you had seen from Techno was just the tip of the iceberg. He seemed to lose any semblance of restraint, grabbing you and pulling you into his chest, draping himself over you. The air escaped your lungs in a matter of seconds, leaving you to heave breaths under Techno’s full weight.
You managed to shove his arms off, making some distance between you both, “Techno, you're gonna kill me.”
He stared off into the distance, eyes glossing over, “Even in death, you will still be the most gorgeous creature to ever grace the Earth.”
You needed to fix this mess as soon as possible.
You needed to fix it before you got used to it. You might be hopelessly in love with him, but Techno clearly didn't feel the same. This potion was the only reason he was doting on you.
The thought left a sour taste in your mouth and you hardened your features, setting your lips into a thin line. You managed to drag Techno all the way to your bedroom, all the while, he was throwing an endless slew of compliments at you.
By the time you had managed to convince him to rest, you were tired out. Still, you walked back to your recipe book, searching for an antidote. Surely, there must be one. They wouldn't be foolish enough to not include one.
Though, perhaps you shouldn't be talking about foolishness considering it was you who left your potions unattended. But then again, Techno was also an idiot, disregarding the warning you were sure you had told him a million times by now:
“Don't drink random potions, not all of them are health potions.”
But could you really fault him? The love potion looked like a health potion.
This was confusing and you were wasting time casting blame. You frantically flipped through the pages, eyes glossing over the titles of each. You felt your heart drop to your stomach when you realized you had examined the whole book and had yet to find an antidote.
You were growing desperate, pulling book after book from the shelves that lined your walls, ruining the neat way they had been organized. Everything came up empty.
You chewed on your bottom lip, a nervous habit you had picked up over your time in the SMP. Checking the recipe once more, you were disheartened to find that it didn't include how long the effects would last.
You were at a complete loss.
The sounds of a flock of crows emphatically crying out brought to mind another solution. One that would hopefully save you.
“Phil!” you screamed, nearly scaring the wits out of the man standing a few feet in front of your home, attempting to tame his crows.
“Am I in trouble?” he joked, though his smile wavered at the way you charged at him. “What's going on-”
“I need all your potion recipe books. Every single one, especially ones that list antidotes.”
His smile dropped as you mentioned antidotes, “What did you do?”
You didn't respond and he sighed, walking away from the crows and into his home. The moment you were both inside, you started scanning the books for any you didn't already own yourself.
“You gonna tell me what's going on?”
“Techno accidentally drank a love potion and now he thinks he's in love with me and I don't know how to reverse it.”
The moment of silence that followed was worse than any kind of anticipation you had felt before.
Phil laughed. In fact, he found it so funny, his laughter bellowed. You felt like a kid being bullied.
“This isn't funny, I’m seriously worried,” you frowned and Phil only laughed more.
Suddenly, the man came to an abrupt stop as if he had revealed something, wiping the smile clean off his face.
“Sorry mate, I just got carried away,” he ushered you over to his desk. “I’ll help you look.”
That was where you spent the next two hours.
Despite your best efforts, the search came up empty handed. You ended up giving Phil the recipe book you used with the hopes that he could attempt to craft an antidote.
It was a stretch, but it was worth a shot.
In the meantime, you had to wrangle Techno who had only gotten worse as time passed.
You found him sitting on your front steps, gazing longingly at the fresh roses in his hand which he had definitely pulled from your garden.
As soon as he spotted you, he jumped to his feet, shoving the roses in your face.
“Techno, stop-” you began, grabbing them from him only to find that he was reluctant to give it up.
“You're gonna throw ‘em away,” he muttered.
You pried the roses away from him anyway, grimacing when you noticed a few droplets of blood trickle down his palm from where the thorns had pricked him. Did he even notice?
Apparently not, because he was already fawning over you, grabbing onto your arm with his bloody hands and staining the clothes with an utterly lovesick expression on his face, “Just let me love on you.”
His dopey smile would have been cute had it not been from the truly atrocious words that just fell out his mouth.
“That was the most disgusting thing you have ever said to me,” you said through gritted teeth as you tried to defeat his hold on you. “Never speak again.”
“I wouldn’t be talkin’ if we were kissin’ right now.” “Shut up.”
You really had to fix this, and fast. It seemed with every passing minute, Techno was becoming less and less like himself. He was turning into a nuisance. An attractive nuisance who was in “love” with you, but a nuisance nonetheless.
You sighed and all the frustration from the situation suddenly crashed into you, all at once. Your face grew warm and tears filled your eyes, turning your vision blurry and melting your surroundings into large masses of color.
“Techno, can you please just sit down?” your voice wavered as you spoke and the pink-haired man dropped his smile immediately.
He did as he was told, but before he could ask if you were alright, you led him inside and stormed off to your bedroom.
Techno was left standing alone in the living room.
He felt guilty. Perhaps he had taken this too far. He didn't get much time to contemplate his decisions as Phil burst in through the door, looking around for you.
He stopped his search as soon he spotted Techno, promptly walking over to him like a disappointed father, “Why are you a fuckin’ idiot?”
“I take great offense to that-”
Phil threw his arms up in a show of exasperation, “Who told you this was a good idea?!”
At all the commotion, you emerged from your room and Techno quickly sat away from Phil. You looked over at Techno before rushing to Phil, dragging him away to the kitchen. Before you could get a single word out, he shoved the book in your arms.
“I need you to really read the title of your recipe.”
With that, he took his leave, rushing out the door but not before glaring at Techno. You wondered what they had managed to disagree about in the short time he had been in your home.
Techno continued to sit on the couch. You thought it was strange that he hadn't come over to dote on you like he had earlier, but you supposed that it was a good thing. Flipping through the pages of your recipe book, you landed on the love potion. The corner was creased down by Phil and you frowned, but you hurriedly unfolded it and looked over it.
The ingredients were the same ones you used, the small diagram at the bottom was the same as the one you had watched Techno drink. You couldn't understand what was different about it.
That is, until you looked up at the title of the recipe.
“Nothing But The Truth: A Brew for Deceivers”
You blinked a few times, pure rage crawling up your lungs and your throat, making you see red. You had been losing your mind over a truth potion. One that would wear off in a day's time. This was common knowledge.
How could you have been so stupid? The blur of rosy pink in the background reminded you of your visitor.
If this was a potion of truth, why was he behaving so strangely? You stared at him in confusion and he indirectly responded with a deep sigh.
“You owe me an explanation,” you frowned.
He walked over to you, tucking a few loose strands of hair behind his ear, “That I do.”
You trailed his figure, tall and posture uncomfortably straight, as he slipped into the kitchen where you were leaning against the counter with the book in your hand. You slammed it shut, the sound echoing in the emptiness of your home and Techno winced.
“Look, I have a perfectly reasonable explanation for everythin’,” he chuckled awkwardly, avoiding eye contact.
You glared and he kept quiet. Techno was sweating bullets, you wished he would just spit it out.
“I’m waiting.”
You saw his shoulders drop as he carded a hand through his hair, rubbing his eyes and fixing you with an intense stare, “Truthfully, I made a simple situation complicated. I like you. I should’ve said that ages ago instead of pretendin’ to be an idiot.”
Techno kept rambling about how he had made some poor choices today and in the meantime, you were processing what you had just heard. How could he have said it so nonchalantly? Your heart was thumping wildly in your chest as if at any moment, it would break free. Blood rushed to your ears, your face growing horribly warm as you pressed your hands to your cheeks.
“Please say something, I hate just standin’ here,” he grumbled and your head snapped up to look at him.
“Technically, you were still an idiot anyway, pulling a stupid stunt like that.”
There was a beat of silence before Techno deadpanned, “That’s what you have to say to me? I just poured my heart out to you, and you’re callin’ me an idiot? Unbelievable.”
Laughter bubbled up your throat and you grinned, “I guess I like you too, you oaf.”
He visibly relaxed at your words, taking your hand in his and pressing a kiss to the front of it.
For the rest of the day, Techno helped you clean up the absolute mess you had made in both your own and Phil’s cabins.
Admittedly, it was not the greatest first date in the world. And yet, you couldn’t help but feel that perhaps, stupidity does pay off in the end.
Tumblr media
taglist: @dysfunctionalcrab @basilly @yamturds @ilecil @errrr0r @bugthegremlin @dilucs-cum-sock @siriushxney @b3l0v3ds @dawn-8080 @a-sleepy-cutie-was-here @multifandomgirl94 @dreamiewrites @froggerspoggers @acatstalkingyou @forutheworld @ialexabsuniverse @sapnapity @honksmp @kalliblast @chubbity @esylwen @cherios @xxtwizztedxx @okayzandria @m0oshrooms @quivvyintheclouds @willowsdemise @k-l-a-w-s @cr0wbonezz-wr1ting-inc @perfectlycasualgirl @mitzimania @fantasy-innit @ttakinou @fallxnly @qvrls @luluwinchester @lycan-siblings1234 @1tsdanny @inflatabledinosaurs19 @valkyriedunn @carrotclem @dreamwvrld @ohworm-writes @victory-is-here
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feral boys x streamer!reader (separate)
genre: fluff, crack
warning(s): none
synopsis: the feral boys finally meet their favorite streamers
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
dreamwastaken / clay
word count: 407
the day you met dream, you were on the phone with your best friend george, also known as georgenotfound
the day you met dream, you were on the phone with your best friend george, also known as georgenotfound
he was speedrunning on stream while you were on a discord call with him
his viewers knew who you were, not only because you were george’s best friend but also because you were a streamer too
you weren’t a big one but well known for how well you play battle box in mcc
george was about to end his stream after an unsuccessful speed run when he asked you something
“you know dream right?”
“yeah, of course, he’s one of your other best friends” you answered
“are you okay with me adding him to the call?” he asked you.
“uh sure, but aren’t you gonna end stream?” 
“no, i will after this.” he giggled
“why? are you trying to embarrass one of us?” you asked him suspiciously.
“you don’t have to worry about that.” 
you heard a ding from discord, indicating that someone joined your voice chat
“hello? dream?” george asked.
“george. why? why are you doing this to me?” dream asked.
“hi dream,” you smiled.
“uh, hi. hi (y/n).”
“george why did you add me to the call?” he asked george.
“well, i know how much you like watching their stream. and considering you’re both my best friends, why not introduce you! perfect right? anyways. i’m gonna end my stream now. let’s raid karl. and you two can talk to each other. bye now!” he left the call so now it was just you and dream in the vc
it really warmed your heart that someone with such a big platform liked watching your streams since it had been quite hard to gain a following since you started streaming
“hi dream,” you said once again
he sighed. “hi (y/n).” “i really didn’t want him to do that, i didn’t want this to be the first time we meet, you know. i just love watching your streams so much and i wanted it to, honestly, be in person. but you know, george does what he thinks he shou-”
“it’s okay dream, i’ve actually been looking forward to meeting you, considering you’re also one of george’s best friends. but i do agree, he does tend to do whatever he puts his mind to.”
after you calmed his nerves, his conversation skills skyrocketed and the conversations flowed very easily
you guys spent the rest of the night talking 
Tumblr media
georgenotfound / george
word count: 326
being a minecraft streamer and a hypebeast got you some recognition
you were a hypebeast model on instagram and when you had announced you started streaming minecraft on twitch you had grown pretty easily
it didn’t take you time before you were invited to join mcc
not just because you had a big following but because you were actually really good at playing
since you didn’t really know any other mc streamers you got placed in a group with people you had never met
their names were Ph1lzA, WilburSoot, and GeorgeNotFound
the first time you talked to them, they welcomed you with open arms and we so nice
“hi (y/s/n)! i’m philza but you can just call me phil,” he introduced.
“hi phil!” you responded.
“i’m wilbur, is this gonna be your first mcc?” wilbur asked.
“yeah, it is. i’m actually really nervous.” you laughed a bit, to get the nerves out.
“ah okay, well no worries. we were all beginners before. don’t worry about trying to score high, just have fun!” phil assured.
“we’re just waiting for one other person and we’ll get started on the practice.” phil continued.
“okie dokie,” you said. you put yourself on mute and wiped the sweat off your hands on your pants. 
“hello, hello, sorry i’m late. had trouble starting the server.” you heard. 
“well nice of you to join us george.” wilbur said.
“yeah, yeah. hi philza, hi wilbur, hi (y/s/n)- wait, (y/s/n)??” he stuttered
“hi george?,” you said softly.
“oh my god, i’ve watched your streams before, they’re really cool. i enjoy watching them.” he rambled.
you giggled
“well thank you,” you said, still giggling a little.
for the rest of the day you all practiced, everyone giving you pointers, but george watching carefully to make sure you understood the pointers you were getting
and if you didn’t then he knew to tell you which part you were kind of misunderstanding
Tumblr media
word count: 398
you met sapnap long before you became a streamer
you were a big fan of sapnap
and one day you ran into him in public
it was a short interaction but it really meant a lot to you
so you asked for a picture to remember the moment by
after you took the picture you said your goodbyes and you were extremely excited
a few weeks after than interaction you had made the decision to start streaming
you were thinking about becoming one for a long time and after meeting sapnap you made your decision 
because you wanted to be the type of person sapnap was to you
and be a person someone looked up to and meet people that felt the way about you that you feel about sapnap
you’d been a streamer for a few months when you got a raid from sapnap himself
his viewers were suggesting he raided you so he did
you freaked out, you gained a small following and the fact that sapnap decided to raid you? amazed
but what you didn’t know was that he kept watching you
after he saw how appreciative you were he wanted to watch more and he got intrigued
so he followed you and started watching your streams almost every time you streamed whenever he wasn’t busy
after about 2 years of streaming you got a very big following
your supporters were stalking your twitter and found the picture of you and sapnap when you both met
they then began to repost it on twitter tagging the both of you
you saw it and replied, “LMAO i look so small. but big shoutout to sapnap for raiding me as a small streamer and making all this possible <3″
he saw your reply and his eyes went big
he then proceeded to respond to your tweet, “we’ve met before??”
and it went back and forward
“yeah, it was before i was a streamer, we met at like.. the grocery store lol”
“i literally had no idea you were a fan of me”
“yup, i’ve been for the past 3 years”
“dude after i raided you i started watching your streams and you became my favorite streamer”
“well,, you’re still my favorite streamer ;)” 
after that sapnap dmd you asking if you guys could meet in person again
and who could pass up that offer
Tumblr media
karl jacobs
word count: 510
you and karl met at twitchcon
you had recently become a big streamer and this was your 2nd time going to twitchcon
1st time having a meet and greet
meeting your supporters meant so much to you 
you finally get to give each of them a hug, and it may not be all of them but seeing this many people come out to meet you meant more than anyone could imagine
but being at twitchcon also meant you could meet your streamer friends 
which made everything 10x more exciting
you decided to meet up with your friend, valkyrae and you guys were going to a creator party
when you finally got to see her you gave her a huge hug that lasted a while because it was the first time you were meeting in person
once you both reached the venue of where the party was being held you all met up with your other friends. you hadn’t met any of them in person but rae had
you saw sykkuno, lily, michael, toast, and a few other people and smiled really big, excited to see all of them
you finally got to them and pulled them into a group hug
“you guys!! oh my god it feels so good to finally meet all of you!” you said.
“it’s nice to meet you in person, (y/n).” sykkuno said smiling at you
you let go of the hug and remembered everyone else that they were with
“hi! i’m (y/s/n) but you can just call me (y/n),” you said with a smile.
“this is karl, poki, and scarra.” toast introduced.
you saw karl and poki whispering to each other while you got into a conversation with everyone else.
poki coughed and said, “hey guys! don’t we have to go to that thing, right? that thing.” hinting at something, looking between you and karl.
you’re pretty sure everyone caught on and they all agreed.
“oh yeah! that thing!”
“yeah, we should probably go!”
“yup, don’t wanna be late to that thing.”
you looked at them with an unimpressed look as they walked away, looking behind their shoulders to see you and karl standing there.
“hi, i’m-i’m karl, i’m sorry about that. i just told poki that you’re like literally my favorite streamer and i guess she wanted us to talk more? i don’t know, but it’s really nice to meet you.” karl said.
you laughed as you quickly understood your friends weird behavior
“yeah, you raided me a few times- thank you for that by the way. it helped me a lot in growing my fanbase and i don’t think i’d be where i am if you hadn’t raided me.” you smiled at him. he beamed and smiled back at you.
“yeah, no, it was no problem. like i said you’re literally my favorite streamer and being able to help you with that is absolutely insane to me.”
for the rest of the party, your friends could see both of you talking the night away
and maybe even dance together
Tumblr media
word count: 428
finding out what to do for stream was kinda hard when pretty much all your friends were busy
but then you got a text from karl, asking if you wanted to play jackbox with him and a few friends
you accepted, knowing you wouldn’t have anything else to stream
in the lobby it would be you, karl, dream, sapnap and a few other people you didn’t know
when it was finally time to play, you started up your stream and introduced what you’d be playing that night
“hey guys, welcome welcome, welcome. today i’m gonna be playing jackbox with karl, dream, sapnap, and a few other of karls friends.” 
you joined the vc and immediately heard a lot of boys talking very loudly
you let out a small, “hello?” 
somehow everyone heard you and stopped talking
“(y/n)!” karl yelled out.
dream and sapnap let out a “hi, (y/n)” and you said hello back.
“hi everyone, i’m (y/s/n) but you all can call me (y/n)” you introduced yourself.
eveyrone else said hi and introduced themselves
you found out you were playing with quackity, wilbur, tommy, and techno too
during mad verse city karl was going against quackity and his rap went something like this
“you talk so weird, i’m gonna need translator, next time (y/n)’s here they’re gonna be a hater, because your big crush on them i’ll see ya later”
your mouth was wide open while all the boys started teasing quackity
“what the fuck! i don’t have a crush on them!” 
quackity ended up losing that one.
after the game and you ended you stream you asked quackity to stay
“hi quackity,” you said, with an energetic voice
“... hey, (y/n)” 
“sooo, was what karl said true?” you asked.
“mm not necessarily. it’s not that i have a crush on you. you’re.. just my favorite streamer and you know. this is the first time i’m meeting you and i was telling all of them that i’m nervous because i’ve never talked to you before and i think you’re a great streamer and that you put out really funny content and i didn’t wanna embarrass myself but. karl did that for me.” he rambled
you giggled
“i think that’s really cute. thank you for supporting me. you can dm me on twitter or discord if you ever wanna play sometime.” you told him and left the vc.
you then saw all the boys you were playing with pile into the vc and you could only imagine what they were talking about.
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peacheskimi · 3 days ago
↠ kisses [dreamteam + quackity + karl] ▪︎ preferences
[summary] ↳ cute headcanons of how they would kiss you
[warning/s] ↳ a bunch of kiss words, words get so redundant bc I don't know any other synonyms, cooties, kinda cringe writing, curse words
[notes] ↳ this idea came on a whim. originally this is supposed to just be a george oneshot but it became this! apologies if you don't agree with my preferences, these are just what i think. also, imagine that you're shorter than them. i'm 5'7 but for the sake of this imagine, i have to be shorter :sob:
ask me anything! || master list
Tumblr media
dream - top of your head/forehead
he is so fucking tall
spooning and he's always the bigger spoon. he'd sneak comforting kisses on the top of your head every now and then
every time he thanks you, it accompanies with a forehead kiss. "thanks for lunch" *mwa* and you would just smile up at him.
he's teaching you Minecraft, with his form hunched beside you, and when you successfully built a nether portal, he just smiled proudly at you and kiss the top of your head.
it came one of those days when you were just feeling down, so dream scooped you in a tight hug and kissed you repeatedly (on the top of your head)
slow dancing in his room, and he leaned down to give your forehead a long smooch before placing his chin on the crown of your head.
george - hand
while streaming, george sees you off-camera with a bowl in your hand.
you gestured that you're about to give him the bowl so he reached up as you walked closer but still out of the camera. your arm appeared on the stream as you handed the bowl.
but before you could completely retract your arm, he gently grabbed your hand and caressed it casually.
"where are you going?" he asked when he saw that you were wearing something that you wouldn't wear inside.
"i'm about to meet with a friend," you whisper back.
"okay, have fun." he kissed your hand gingerly before letting go, watching you walk out of his room.
he turned back to his stream and grabbed the bowl. "everybody, say thank you to y/n for... the macaroni cheese! ooh!" he angled the bowl to the camera so that it was showing the vibrant yellow mac & cheese. "yum."
often, when the two of you are on your own spaces, laptop on your thighs until randomly, george would draw your hand and bring it to his lips nonchalantly.
sapnap - jaw/neck
you guys are cuddling, you're editing on your laptop while sapnap curls beside you, his arms wrapped around your waist and his warm lips on your neck.
every once in a while, he would glance down to your screen and see that you're trying to move a specific text funnily before going back to burying his face on your collarbone.
one time on sapnap's facecam stream, he hears you walking in the room and signaled that he was streaming.
you skipped towards him and situated beside him, your hand gliding across his back and on his far shoulder.
"look who's here, chat!" sapnap gushed and you leaned down, said hi.
"HEYYY, chat!" you were still leaning down, and his face was direct across your neck so he took the opportunity to place a chaste kiss on your jaw.
chat screamed to clip the whole thing.
every time before an embrace, he would always sneak a kiss on the lower half of your face.
while you were cooking something, sapnap saunters over to you and hugs you from behind. "whatchu making?" he asks before placing a kiss on... guess what? your neck.
quackity - cheek/hand
whenever he sees you, whenever the two of you cross paths in parts of the house, he'd always surprise you with a cheek(y) kiss.
every thank you have a thank you kiss on the cheek. hell yeah
"thanks, y/n" *mwa*
the two of you were streaming on his channel and it was just comfortable silence. alex feels quite being overwhelmed with affection for the last minutes of having fun with you.
so he stares at you and you gaze back. silence...
until he leaned forward and landed a short peck on your cheek.
you just smiled at the camera while quackity tries to move on past it because he felt so flustered.
you were typing a 1000-word essay and he sees you were clearly stressed so he casually slides over behind you and wrapped his arms around your neck, leaning down and placing a long, tender kiss on the cheek, and mentally, you were grounded and felt a lot better
when driving he would always intertwine your hand with his, kissing it every once in a while.
doing homework and he kisses ur hand every now and then.
karl - nose
the man is all for PDA so from an audience's perspective, one could compile the number of times karl jacobs kissed u on the nose on camera and it would be a 10-minute compilation
in a cooking stream, you were mixing a huge bowl of cake batter while he stood beside you leaning on his arm placed on the counter. he was busy watching the batter turn into a delicious chocolate brown.
you looked up at him with a smile and he realized that he was spacing out through the whole story that you just finished telling.
so while you were still looking up at him, he leaned down and gave your nose a quick peck.
your smile only widened and went back to mixing while karl glanced at chat because he wanted to see their reaction and also to look at something else
when filming for mr. beast, whether it be a behind-the-scenes video or the main video itself, there was bound to be a shot of the two of you residing against each other, either being so touchy and adorable.
when quackity came over and the fans didn't know, he revealed it by posting an insta story. it was of him in his front camera, looking as unimpressed and pissed as ever, as it zooms to the two of you cuddling on the couch and rubbing your nose against his nose before bursting into uncontrollable laughter because the two of you agreed that it was cheesy as fuck. that was the insta story.
taglist: @btsiguess-kpop @lovelysmp @just-a-sad-donut @smuttasticc @aikochan4859
ask me anything! || master list
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isadora-larkspur · 21 days ago
𝐡𝐚𝐯𝐞 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫 𝐛𝐞𝐞𝐧 𝐢𝐧 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞? | 𝔠𝔠!𝔱𝔬𝔪𝔪𝔶𝔦𝔫𝔫𝔦𝔱 𝔵 𝔯𝔢𝔞𝔡𝔢𝔯
Tumblr media
❥ summary : “have you ever been in love?” ranboo asked. tommy looked at the ground before i felt his eyes lock with mine for a split second. “yes.”
❥ A/N : short lil thing from Tommy’s lie detector test video on his vlog channel. enjoy!
❥ warnings : cursing
»»————- ♖ ————-««
Tommy was recording a video for his vlog where he would be hooked up to a lie detector test. His friends, Wilbur, Jack, Tubbo, and Ranboo would ask him questions about absolutely anything and if Tommy lied, we would know. I was sitting next to Russ, Tommy’s producer, while I watched my boyfriend set up for his video. He leaned back in the black chair, and he connected to the wires scattered across the floor. He was looking around before his eyes landed on me. His sharp blue eyes stared into mine, and I smiled before standing up. 
Walking up to him, I put a hand on his shoulder and asked, “How you feelin’ Tommy?” I laughed a little looking at the countless number of colorful wires hooked up to my boyfriend. He looked up at me, before looking back down to his current state and looking up at me again. 
“I feel great,” He said sarcastically. I laughed again before running a hand through his hair, watching as his eyes fell shut when I smoothed my fingers through his blonde curls. I mumbled a small ‘have fun recording’ before walking back to my spot next to Russ, behind all the cameras. Wil, Jack, Tubbo, and Ranboo all took their seats on the red sofa. The minute the cameras started rolling, I switched on my phone, scrolling through social media, occasionally texting my friends. 
Half way through the recording, it was Ranboo’s turn to ask Tommy a question. He stood up and walked towards Tommy. 
“Have you ever been in love?” He asked. I glanced towards Tommy, eyes flitting off of my phone and to the boy. Tommy looked at the ground before I felt his eyes lock with mine for a split second.
Tommy looked towards the guy behind the laptop. The guy inspected the screen before and gave a thumbs up. I heard Wil let out an “aww” and he glanced at me. I looked back at Tommy, his eyes already staring directly at me. I felt heat rush up to my cheeks before looking back down at my phone, feeling Russ nudged me with his elbow, chuckling. I let out a shy ‘shut up’, feeling myself let out a bashful smile. 
After the recording and after Tommy got the wires detached from him, he immediately walked up to me. I looked up at the taller boy before speaking up. “So… you’ve been in love before huh?” I asked teasingly. He looked me dead in the eyes before smiling.
“Yeah, wanna know who it is? But I think you already know, being my girlfriend and all,” he said, eyebrows raising. Not expecting such a straightforward answer, I felt myself going red. 
“You fuckin’ twat Tommy,” I mumbled. He let out a laugh, throwing his arm around me. After saying goodbye to Tommy’s friends, everyone started to leave and go home. Tommy and I walked down the street, hand in hand. I walked closer to his side, resting my cheek on his shoulder as we continued walking. “Do you think I’ve ever been in love?” I asked the boy.
“Well seeing that I’m your boyfriend, I would expect that you perhaps have fallen in love at least once. If you weren’t in love with me I’d be very concerned on how we got so far into this relationship,” He said. I threw my head back and laughed.
“Okay fine, you have a point. But do know, that I have fallen in love with you, and I like you very much, Tom Simons,” I said. I felt his hand against my cheek pulling me into a kiss. He gave me a short and sweet peck on the lips, pulling back and watching me turn red as a tomato. He turned to the pavement in front of him and continued our trek to our houses, and I heard him mumble one single word.
“Cute.” I felt my cheeks heat up even more as we continued walking home.
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Halloween Costumes
accidentally deleted ask instead of posting but it was something along the lines of “what couples costumes would cc’s wear with a fem!reader” so here you go :) better late than never
basic ass bitch
Tumblr media
dont ask me questions and go with it
Tumblr media
he’s just so….
Tumblr media
his excuse is the glasses
Tumblr media
he tries he really does
Tumblr media
self explanatory i think
Tumblr media
he’s not shaggy btw
Tumblr media
sit here and tell me im wrong
Tumblr media
drag ponk into it, make it a throuple costume
Tumblr media
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lovetorn · 3 months ago
dream’s birthday bash [roommate!dream au]
Roommate!Dream x Reader
summary: it’s dream’s birthdayyyy!!!
warnings: alcohol, swearing
w/c: 2.9k+
a/n: happy birthday dream!! i’m in love w this. i hope u are too. also, there is a few references to past roommate!dream blurbs & one-shots, so i recommend reading those before you start this one or you may be a little confused at some things the characters say. thanks!! <3
roommate!dream masterlist
Dream’s birthday is something you haven't experienced yet since you moved in together in September last year.
Dream had promised the football team that his birthday party was going to be the biggest of the year, so you, being the party planner, had vowed to make it the best because Dream can’t organise—he disagreed and said that he only made you the party planner because he knows you’re good at it?? You gave him a confused look; you’ve never planned a party before.
Anyway, the 12th was approaching quicker than you anticipated and the only things you’d organised so far is the alcohol (thanks to George) and decorations. You had little notes on your phone with multiple checklists and you had yet to tick every last box off.
Organising food was probably the hardest thing. You knew that there were going to be around 100+ people squeezing into your apartment, drinking, so food is essential. You asked Dream what types of food he wanted, his reply?
“Chicken wings, not spicy.”
You rolled your lips between your teeth and nodded. Great. “Anything else? There’s gonna be a lot of people, Dream.”
He brought his fingers to rest on his lips as he thought about it. You knew when he got an idea because then he clicked his fingers and pointed at you. “Sandwiches. You know, like the little ones?”
Squinting at him, you sighed. “You think that’s going to be enough for more than 100 people?”
Dream nods. “Easy.”
You shake your head in disbelief and add sandwiches, along with other finger foods, to the list. “Thanks.”
Next to organise was Dream’s present. You spent days racking your brain, trying to figure out what he would want, eventually coming up with nothing.
So, you asked Sapnap, who was no help. “Fuck if I know, the man buys anything he wants himself these days.”
You rolled your eyes and took a trip to Target. Whilst there, you decided on an excess of small gag gifts: a Ron Swanson dishwasher magnet (so you and Dream can stop arguing over who put dirty dishes in with the clean ones), an engraved bottle opener, a ‘do not disturb sign for his bedroom door (chosen based on one too many run-ins), a Minecraft ice cube tray, a toothbrush holder (so both of your toothbrushes stop touching in the cup), and a pack of Minecraft socks.
You put the small presents into a gift bag, covering them with tissue paper, and then put in the final piece that wasn’t a joke gift—a mixtape of your and Dream’s favourite songs for his car. You brushed your thumb over the plastic case and let out a breathy laugh at the photo on the front—a selfie of the two of you in Dream's car, energy drinks in your hands and toothy grins with the text, ‘Dream & Y/n’s Gr8est Hits’ written in bright pink marker. You're excited to give it to him, but you're nervous and embarrassed, too—is it lame?
You shook your head and placed the bag in your closet.
George delivered the alcohol earlier in the day: 18 cases of beer and the same in White Claw, and a few bottles of vodka and rum for the close friends. You couldn't thank him enough for helping you, even more so after he helped put the covered trays of food in the refrigerator from the delivery truck downstairs.
You had (reluctantly) asked Sapnap to organise music because you had no time in between making sure the food order was correct and getting yourself ready. He agreed immediately and waved off your hesitance and told you he'd make the best playlist to ever exist—you put too much trust in him.
Before the party, you and Dream had taken a few shots together, just to get you to stop stressing over the planning of the party and Dream to stop worrying for you.
"Ready?" Dream smirked, his shot glass hanging loosely from his fingers. You nodded and then, at the same time, tapped the glass on the counter before you threw the shot back. The acetone taste of the vodka slid down your throats and you made disgusted faces at each other before a knock at the door indicated that your first guests were here.
Now, the party is in full swing and it's safe to say, there is definitely enough food.
When you see Sapnap at the food table, aka the kitchen counter, he thanks you for ordering non-spicy wings. You shake your head, laugh, and hug him tightly. "I'm serious," He mumbles with chicken in his mouth. "These are so~ good!"
The living room is cramped, but nobody seems to be complaining. Almost everyone from the apartment block is in your flat right now, with a few from other complexes. You lost sight of Dream a few hours ago, choosing to stay with your own friends while he hangs with his as the two groups don't usually mingle together.
“Niki!” You laugh whilst the girl finishes her second shot and passes the bottle of rum back to you. Shaking your head, you bring the large bottle to your lips, already regretting mixing different alcohols. You’d already had a few White Claws, thanks to Sapnap who kept challenging you to shotguns at the start.
Karl comes up behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist before he snatches the bottle out of your hand and takes a swig.
“Karl!” Now, all three of you are laughing together. He slides his hand off of your stomach and stands to his full height, putting his lips to the White Claw can he holds in his other hand. You warn him about mixing alcohol, but he waves you off and assures you that he's fine.
The three of you stand on the dance floor, grooving to the beat of 'Super Freak' by Rick James. You grab Karl's hand to spin him around and then do the same to Niki, laughter filling the small space you have created in the middle of the crowd. You wouldn't admit it to Sapnap, but his playlist is actually good.
"Mi Amor!" The sound of Quackity's voice pulls you from your little group with Niki and Karl and you smile when you see his wide grin as he pushes past a few football players.
"Q! When did you get here? I didn't see you come in," You engulf him in a hug and giggle when he laughs loudly.
"I came in through the window," You pull back slightly to give him an incredulous look and shake your head. God, you are tipsy. "Nahhh, I had an exam, so I just got here."
You nod and feel the rum going straight to your head. Quackity then notices Karl and Niki behind you and gives them hugs too. You watch as your friends greet each other and turn to look at the clock on the wall in the kitchen. 10:33 pm.
“Guys, it's time for cake!” You shout over the music to Niki, Quackity and Karl and they smile and nod, all three of you migrating to the fridge to collect Dream’s cake and get it ready.
You pull a 3 layered vanilla cake out of the refrigerator. It is slathered in white icing and has rainbow sprinkles on the top with the words, ‘happy birthday dream’, in piped icing. Karl's mouth waters at the sight of the dessert and when he goes to get a dollop of icing from the side, you don’t smack his hand away—you have a plan.
Other guests see you preparing the candles and lighting them and turn off the lights for you. You smile at the 21 lit candles and pick up the cake, being careful not to trip on anything.
The entire room starts singing the ‘Happy Birthday’ anthem, their phones out to film as you spot Dream’s messy blonde hair over the crowd. He scrunches his face up in embarrassment and switches his beer from his right hand to his left to give you a side hug and a peck on the cheek when you approach him. The room sings and all attention is on him, but Dream only has eyes for you as you inch the cake closer so he can blow out his candles.
After he does so, the room erupts into cheers and then you give Dream a mischievous grin. There’s a little fear in his eyes and you launch the cake towards his face. Everybody laughs and hollers when you pull the cake stand away from him to see his face covered in white icing and rainbow sprinkles. Dream stands frozen for a moment, wiping his eyes with his free hand, before he wraps his arms around your waist and pulls you close to him, rubbing the icing in your hair and on your cheek.
“Dream!” You cackle, trying to push him off, but failing and eventually succumbing to his hold. The phone torches shine brightly at the two of you as people continue filming. His laughter is music to your ears.
Dream smiles down at you, eyes lazy and cheeks flushed. “Thank you,” He whispers. Your heart flutters in your chest and butterflies swarm your stomach as you nod. Everybody disperses and carries on with their previous antics, leaving you and Dream together.
“I got you a present, I’ll give it to you when everybody’s gone.”
The sentence makes the present seem more sensual than it actually is, and it makes Dream’s heart skip a beat—but he knows it’s not what he’s thinking. You pull away from Dream and wave back at him, knocking into a few people which elicits a laugh from him as he watches.
“Dude, you’re so fucked,” George says, smirking as he follows Dream’s gaze on you. Dream elbows George in the bicep.
“Fuck off.”
“Yeah bro, if you don’t make a move soon, someone else will,” Sapnap comments, coming up to stand on Dream’s other side. The urge to punch the both of them is strong, but instead, the blonde groans and skulls the rest of his beer as he loses sight of you in the crowd.
“Bye, guys! Thanks for coming!” Dream tries his best to look composed, but he’s so drunk. As soon as the door closes, he locks it and lets out a huge sigh. You come out of your room with the gift bag in your hands. Dream raises his eyebrows and attempts to give you a surprised look. “Wow, a present?”
You giggle and lead him to the couch. He flops down, throws his feet up and puts his hands behind his head. You sit next to him and shove the bag into his hands. “It’s not much, but you literally have everything already, so this is what I came up with.”
You hold your breath and you watch him pick through the bag. A smile breaks out on his face when he sees the CD. He flips it around to show you as if you haven’t seen it before and opens the case. “A mixtape? How romantic.”
The heat that rises to your cheeks is scolding and you stop yourself from choking. Dream, however, doesn’t look at you as he digs through and comments on every item. When he’s gone through every gift, he picks up the mixtape again and looks you dead in the eyes.
“This is the most thoughtful thing I’ve ever gotten for my birthday. Thank you, Y/n.”
You’re surprised. “The most thoughtful? It’s only a CD.”
Dream’s face contorts into one of confusion. “Only a CD? You made this for me with your own blood, sweat and tears.” You wouldn’t go that far.
“Oh, well, you’re welcome, I guess,” You laugh, reaching down to grasp his large hand. The action causes Dream to tilt his head and shift closer to you.
“Seriously, thank you. You mean so much to me,” He confesses, although you can barely hear it. You feel tears pricking your eyes as you watch him wipe his own. “Fuck, why am I getting emotional? It’s that fucking vodka, that’s why.”
“Don’t make up excuses, D,” You tease, squeezing his hand a few times. He wheezes lightly then sighs. His green eyes are so bright and there’s still a little smudge of icing on the side of his nose from the cake. You reach up and wipe it away, licking your thumb beforehand. Dream closes his eyes as you do so, biting his lip as you pull your hand away. 2:29 am.
“Okay, I think it’s time to get you to bed,” You mumble as you stand up, the moment broken. Dream nods, collecting his presents and chucking them all in the gift bag before he follows you to his room, a little disappointed.
Dream stands in the doorway and watches as you pull back his bed covers and turn on the lamp on his nightstand. “Okay, I’ll leave you to it. Goodnight,” You push past him before you turn. “I’ll have Gatorade and Advil ready for you in the morning, okay?”
Dream gives you a loving smile and nods, still holding the bag in front of him as he stands in the middle of his room. “Goodnight, Y/n, thanks for everything.”
You close the door behind you and when you get back to your room, you kick yourself for not making a move. You peel your clothes off of your body and throw them in the corner of the room, the space becoming too hot for your liking—maybe it's the alcohol, maybe it's the fact that it's summer, or maybe it's your utter embarrassment and regret; you don't bother to choose which one.
You flop down on your bed, half-naked, and stare at the ceiling. Why didn't you make a move? It was the perfect opportunity—
Your thoughts are forgotten when there's a soft knock on your bedroom door. You scramble to put some pyjamas on as you call, 'just a second!', and then you're swinging your door open.
Dream stands there in his sweatpants only. You resist the urge to rake your eyes down his torso.
"Can I sleep in your bed tonight?" The question surprises you—of fucking course it surprises you! The only reason he comes to your room at night is to vent; not like this.
"Uh, yeah," You reply, cracking the door open just a tad wider so he can slip through. Once he's inside, you sigh in confusion and close your door quietly. Dream is already sorting out the bed situation behind you, throwing your hundreds of throw pillows onto the floor and lifting up your duvet so he can slip under.
You tilt your head at him when he looks at you expectantly—you assume he's waiting for you to get in bed, which you do.
You rest your head on your pillow and turn your head to look at Dream, who is already staring at you. Your skin is hot and your heart is in your throat when you see how green his eyes are in the warm glow of your lamp.
"What's up?" You whisper although you didn't mean for it to come out so low. Dream's eyes trace your face; your eyes, eyebrows, nose, freckles, lips. "Dream?"
He's silent for a while and you guess it's because he's trying to figure out his drunken thoughts. "I just wanted to be with you, you know," He says, his voice breaking slightly. You suck in a breath, turning onto your side so you face him. "You planned my party all by yourself and I'm so happy you did."
You don't have the heart to tell him that George and Sapnap helped you, he looks so content. "I'm so glad, Dreamy," Your voice is velvety, and you can't help the warm feeling blooming in your chest. Dream's eyes travel from your own to your lips and stay there.
“C’mere," Dream mumbles. You barely nod before you lean closer to him.
You can tell Dream is figuring out what to do by the way his lips part and then close suddenly a few times, so, for the second time this week, you take things into your own hands.
You scoot closer to him, your breaths mixing in the small space between your lips and his nose bumping yours. You were so close. But not close enough.
"Dream, I'm gonna do something crazy, okay? Don't hate me," Here goes nothing.
"I could never hate you, baby," Dream murmurs, adjusting his head on his pillow. The pet name goes straight to your head and throwing out any and all rational thoughts, you lean in and place your lips softly on his.
It takes him a few seconds to react and in those moments, you fear you've made a huge mistake, but when his hands find your hips and pull you impossibly closer, you're glad you kissed him—are kissing him.
This is nothing like wine night a few weeks ago.
Your hands find the back of his head and tug on his hair lightly, earning a throaty groan. The sound makes you clench your fists and pull a little harder. You move your lips across his jaw and towards his ear. "Happy Birthday, birthday boy," You whisper.
Dream lets out a breathy laugh and hugs you closer. His face presses into your neck and you feel him leaving feather-light kisses on your skin. The feeling makes you giddy.
"I'm one lucky birthday boy, aren't I?" He mutters, pecking your neck firmer now. You giggle softly, running your fingers through the hair at the back of his neck.
"You bet your ass you are."
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sfvt · 4 months ago
DreamWasTaken × Fem!Reader
Warnings : smut, oral (receiving), cockwarming, language
*this isn't much, but its supposed to be a in the moment type thing, yknow?*
Summary : You and Dream/Clay found yourselves in a intimate situation after a long day. (Its nothing much but imagine being In that moment)
I really wanted to include what a semi realistic body would look like rather than totally unrealistic one, *it being semi realistic because I don't wanna make anyone uncomfortable, hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
I laid there in our bed. It's ours yet most of the time I'm the only one finding myself in it. I'm not gunna start an argument over it, that would just be unnecessary, I just miss Clay sometimes, but he's always busy being Dream.
I stood up from the bed, taking off my sweat pants and my socks, then letting my hair down, now settling in bed.
"Hey, baby." Clay smiles as he sits on the edge of the bed.
"Are you okay?" I questioned, sitting up and letting my hand loosly rub his back.
"Yeah, just a long day, baby, don't worry."
"can I help?" I asked, feeling uncomfortable with the thought that he wasn't okay.
"Not really. Let's just go to bed." He states, standing himself up, and taking off his shirt and pants, leaving himself in only boxers.
"Alright." I said with a bit of obvious frustration.
I turn on my side, so my back was towards ay thinking that's that until his arm reached around my waist, resting his hand on my stomach. I huffed and turned back around, opening my eyes to see Clay looking at me with an adored smirk.
"What are you looking at?" I questioned as more of a statement, letting the male infront of me chuckle.
"You, Idiot." He laughs.
"Yeah, I know that, but why." I giggled.
"Do I really need a reason to look at my beautiful girlfriend?" He asked, letting his thumb rub my cheek.
"Yeah, yeah, now you might." I laughed, placing my hand on Clay's cheek as he did.
"And why's that? I could look at you all day and night with nothing else in the world that could distract me." He states smiling at me, leaving his hand where it was, as did I.
"Yeah, I could look at you too. And ots even better cause over twenty million people are dying to see your face, but I already know what you look like," I smiled, leaning into Clay, and giving him a slow passionate kiss.
"Jeez, you're not like- in love with me are you?" He joked as we pulled away.
"Oh, baby, I am so, so in love." I state smiling as I climbed ontop of Clay, straddling his waist, before leaning down and resting my head in his neck.
"Y/n?" Clay asked.
"Yes?" I questioned dragging out the 's'. He huffed before starting.
"You're all I've ever wanted." He says, wrapping his arms around my waist.
"Clay, I would run away with you. I wanna do everything with you no matter what that is. As long as you're there I would never be worried." I state, looking the man in the eyes with my arms around his neck.
"I wanna marry you, Y/n. Oh my God. I need to tell my mom~" he joked making us both laugh.
"I couldn't imagine spending my life with anyone else, but you. Well, unless its that one kid from middle school-" I joked, making Clay cut me off.
"Oh shut up." We sat in silence just looking at eachother.
"You make me feel the best I've felt in my life. I can always be myself around you and I've never had that with anyone, not even my family. I just-" I sighed with happiness. "I love you so much." I state.
Clay looked at me smiling.
"I love you. So, so much more." Me and Clay refuse to say "I love you too." Cause it sound like you're agreeing, and we always felt like it was so much more meaningful not to. "You're so cheesy, y'know that?" Clay's states.
"Ha ha ha ha-" I sarcastically say, rolling off of him.
"Oh, come on, you know I was joking." He said pulling me back to face him.
"Hmm, no, no I didn't. But I'm so very grateful that you made a joke out of my cheesy words," I teased.
"Okay, okay, fine. I'm sorry, what can I do to make it up to you?"
I huffed, already knowing my answer, but not wanting to say it out loud.
"I want you to play with me." I state, my voice being very quiet.
"What was that, baby?" He asked, kissing my neck.
"You know what I want." I said, bringing a pillow over my face wanting to hide my embarrassment.
"Oh, do I now?" He asked, placing himself infront of my undergarments.
"Yeah, I'm sure you're aware." I state with a smile, pulling the pillow from my face.
Clay chuckled before 'getting to work'.
His eyes locked with mine as he began to pull down my underwear. He chucked them off somewhere in our room.
The male spread my legs, facing the little stubles of pubic hair that had recently been shaved, setting a smile to his face. Clay seems to like when people are real rather than fake.
Clay spread my second pair of lips, the pad of his thumb being slowly placed on my clit, running it in slow but pressureful circles.
"Oh," I moaned, not being able to keep my legs apart for long as they began to shake with the pleasure.
Clay removed his thumb, instead running his fingers up and down my slits, catching my juices.
His tongue swiped my clit, slowly gaining a pace until his lips attached themselves to me, sucking and licking, Clay holding open my legs seeing I couldn't if I wanted to. His long wet didget inserting itself into me, moving in and out slowly before adding another finger, curling them as he sped up.
At this point I'm a moaning mess, my legs shaking more than I'd like, my hands gripping on the sheets beside me as my eyes squeezed shut, not being able to keep them open.
"Oh, oh my God- Clay, I'm g-gunna cum!" I call out, feeling the knot in my stomach grow tighter every second, until it finally blew.
My back arched as Clay helped me through my orgasm.
Finally after it passed, I look towards the man below me, who was looking at me with wide eyes and a gap in his mouth, a small smirk growing on the ends of his lips.
"What?" I question with a small airy chuckle.
"You just squirted." He smiled at me with a gap.
My eyes widened as I've only ever done that by myself with closed doors, we've never even mentioned me doing that.
"Uhm, whoops? I'm sorry-" I began before Clay cut me off once again.
"There's no need to be sorry, I'm just surprised. You've never done that with me before," he laughed. "I can assure you it'll happen again, no need to be sorry."
I know this man was praising himself in his head, and he's gunna try to make it happen again.
I smiled as he crawled back up to me. Clay kissed my lips, letting me taste myself before pulling away.
"Do you wanna go all the way?" He questioned.
"Yeah, but let's go slow tonight, let's just be here." I said with a smile.
We both say up, facing eachother before I took of Clay's boxers, spitting on his cock before giving him a slight hand job to get him more worked up. Once Clay was ready, I got ontop of him, lifting myself up, letting the man below me guide me to the tip of his cock.
I let myself slowly slide down his length, until I bottomed out.
Clay's hands were wrapped around my back, his fingers drawing little nothings all over whilst my arms once again found their way to his neck.
My breathing started to get heavy while I sat there and cockwarmed Clay.
"Holy fuck," Clay whispered. Laying his chin on my shoulder, giving small kisses on my neck.
I was whimpering under his touch, as the longer we sat there, the more sensitive I became.
"Y/n," the male figure moaned out.
"Clay," I gave an airy chuckle as I started to lift myself up and down, slowly.
I leaned back, making Clay do the same, our hands still wrapped around each other, the both of just watching one another.
I admired his features, how his dirty blond hair stuck to his sweat filled forehead, how his green eyes dropped during any sudden movements, how his hands held back his force when he was in need of grabbing something, his freckle filled chest, as it moved up and down with his fast breathes. How could one not admire him?
I want this guy to be in my life forever. No stunts, this one makes me feel different. He makes me feel as if I'm honestly wanted, and even needed in this place. I can't help but enjoy the real time I get to sped with him. Not dream, him.
My forehead collided with his, my eyes closed, enjoying the lot of skin to skin contact.
My breathe started getting shaky as I felt my orgasm now quickly approaching, Clay had seemingly been the same way as I felt his cock twitch inside of me. I soon interlocked our fingers as my knot got tighter, ready to burst.
"I'm gunna cum-" I somehow got out, having Clay reassuringly squeeze my hand before starting.
"Me too, baby." The male states.
"Ou!" I moaned out, leaning my head back as my orgasm rocked through my body, having everything tighten but yet feel so relaxing.
I soon felt Clay's seed shoot up, deep inside of me adding more pleasure to my own.
I sat there, my head on the man's shoulder as I tried getting my breathe to calm for around the third time tonight.
Soon gaining my strength back, I slid off of Clay, feeling a source of emptiness come along as I was now 'empty'.
I huffed and laid down on my side/stomach, to tired for anything else.
I heard Clay chuckle at my actions before laying down himself, letting his arm wrap around me for the second time tonight.
"Goodnight, Y/n. Love you." Clay states, leaning over, kissing my neck, before starting to fall asleep back on his pillow.
"I love you more." I say, barley getting out, before falling asleep after a wonderful night.
A/n : just clearing the drafts, really liked this one :)
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cottagecorekarl · 10 months ago
♡ summary › times where the dream smp members called for you during a stream
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
♡─⊱ dream
"hey, y/n!"
you enter his gaming room and stand beside him
"what's up?"
"if you saw a helpless child who had been exiled from his home, what would you do? a) be his friend or b) pretend to be his friend so you can manipulate him to benefit your own agenda?"
"be his friend obviously"
"well, glad to know one of us has morals. anyway... hey, tommy!"
Tumblr media
♡─⊱ georgenotfound
"i need your help. i'm colour blind and this game is racist"
"please tell me what colours these are"
Tumblr media
♡─⊱ karl jacobs
"yes, my love?"
"y/n, dream keeps killing me. can you tell him to stop?"
you gasp "dream! how could you? that's so rude. please stop killing my boyfriend"
dream grumbles a "fine" and karl squeezes your hand in thanks
im crying i love karl so much T-T
Tumblr media
♡─⊱ nihachu
she calls your nickname sweetly
"yes?" you reply
"what should i name this fox fundy gave me?"
niki likes to involve in her streams (if you're comfortable with it) because she loves you so much
Tumblr media
♡─⊱ quackity
are the first words you hear when you wake up from your nap
understandably you mumble, "what the fuck?"
"y/n! dream and george are fighting during our therapy session! tell them to stop!"
half asleep, you shuffle over to the mic and say, "stop fighting. let quackity therapise you."
Tumblr media
♡─⊱ technoblade
"tell this child to get out of my house!"
you don't even need to ask who the "child" is
"tommy! get out of my boyfriend's house!"
techno smiles proudly and pulls you onto his lap
Tumblr media
♡─⊱ tommyinnit
you're downstairs playing with the dogs when...
"WHAT?" you scream back at tommy
Tumblr media
♡─⊱ wilbur soot
"hey, y/n!"
"come here, love. i want to show chat how pretty you are"
and here is the difference between tommy and wilbur
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sap-naps · 6 months ago
hoodie thief
summary: in which you steal your boys hoodie
pairings: dream x reader, george x reader, sapnap x reader, karl x reader, quackity x reader, badboyhalo x reader
a/n: i'm so soft for these boys it’s insane lmao anyways, i hope you guys like these! as always, my inbox is always open for requests or just some friendly chatter <3
Tumblr media
- his hoodies are just so much more comfy than yours
- that's your excuse for stealing them
- “ya know, i can get you any hoodies you want”
- “i know, but i like yours better”
- he melts when he sees you in them
- just complete heart eyes
- the sleeves always cover your hands which he finds adorable
- “baby, its so big on you” he wheezes 
- “it’s not my fault you're a giant, clay” >:(
- you love covering up completely in his hoodie like tucking your knees up to your chest and all that
- he’s a little more stingy with his clothes
- “you have the exact same hoodie!”
- “but mine doesn't smell like you!” :(
- after pouting for a good while, he’ll give in
- “there's a fresh load of laundry on the couch, go ahead”
- you jump up with a smile and peck his cheek before running off to grab one
- his grey georgenotfound hoodie is your favorite because it’s so worn in and soft
- he gets soft when he sees you
- you giggle as you settle back into bed, bringing up the neck of the hoodie to inhale his scent
- “you always smell so good, my love”
- his cheeks immediately change color at your words
- alright so
- his possessive side really jumps out when he sees you in his hoodies
- he’ll find you in the kitchen making lunch, just wearing his new merch and whew-
- “have i mentioned how much i love seeing you wearing my stuff?”
- he’ll come up behind you and wrap his arms around your waist, hands gripping anywhere he could reach
- “maybe once or twice” you’d tease, turning your head to plant a kiss on his cheek
- his camera roll is full of you doing the most mundane things in his hoodies
- brushing your teeth, making the bed, just messing around on your phone
- his face will burn up and he’ll get shy when you find the album titled ‘her<3′
- “god, nick, you're so obsessed with me”
- “you bet your ass i am”
- he’ll purposefully leave his hoodies out just so you can pick them up and put them on
- i will die on this possessive!sapnap hill 
- he’s a giggly one
- as soon as you walk into the room, his hand is covering his mouth, a grin on his face
- “is that - did you go into my closet?”
- “i did, is that okay?”
- immediately reassures you that what's his is yours
- you catch him staring at you the entire time
- “you okay honey?” you’d ask
- his whole face flushes as he coughs and nods
- teasing karl is fun, you gotta admit
- you’ll walk in front of him when he’s on facetime with one of his friends and he’ll completely ignore them to look at you
- like his mouth will be open and he’ll look like a fish out of water
- cue you running out of the room and giggling as whoever he’s talking to starts shouting at him for being a simp
- “yeah and what about it!?”
- okay so lets talk about the first time
- you’d spent the night at his place without taking an extra set of clothes
- he let you help yourself to his closet while he set up for his stream with george
- you kept yourself busy for about an hour before deciding it was time to go in and bother him
- “hi bub” you’d quietly close the door behind you as you slipped into the room
- ‘hey-” alex cut himself off as his eyes traveled up and down “is that um my hoodie?”
- “yeah, you said i could get something to wear”
- he cleared his throat while nodding, trying his hardest to pay attention to whatever george was saying
- “i did, i did say that”
- you got comfortable on the bed in the corner of the room, fiddling with your phone
- alex kept glancing back to you ever so often, you shooting him a smile each time
- seeing you in his clothes just gave him a rush
- it wasn’t in a possessive way, more in like a ‘wow i'm so lucky’ kinda way
- as soon as his stream is done, he’s jumping into bed with you and cuddling
- “god, you look adorable”
- he’s so wholesome it’s ridiculous
- audibly aww’s when you walk back into his room in the morning
- you’re awake before him so you got up and since it was chilly, you helped yourself to a hoodie
- “is it okay i borrowed it?” you’d ask with puppy dog eyes
- “of course, bubs!” a huge smile was on his face
- he’d love to take pictures of you 
- like how he does to rat, he’d post them on twitter 
- his captions are always soft and cute of course
- ‘look at my s/o in my hoodie!!!’
- loves to cuddle you and just wrap himself around you
- very koala like
- pls he’s such a softie :-(
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heartkarl · a month ago
ok so on quackity’s instagram story, he posted a photo of him driving with the caption “miss mexico :)” but imagine him posting a picture of you on his instagram story and captioning it “missing my girl / boy / love” because youre in a long distance relationship or you’re currently really far from him :(( and then twt is all over it saying how they want someone to love them the way quackity loves you :( fucking crying rn
༊*·˚⤻ 𝐝𝐫𝒆𝒂𝐦𝒊𝐧𝐠 𝒐𝐟 𝐲𝒐𝒖 𝐰𝐡𝒆𝐧 𝒊'𝐦 𝐚𝐥𝒐𝐧𝒆, !quackity ‧₊˚ :
Tumblr media
· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ 𝒙𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫 // 𝗜𝗡𝗙𝗢!!
Alex loves you and through a heartfelt Instagram story, he shows the whole world just how much you mean to him.
₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ 𝒊𝐦𝐩𝐨𝐫𝐭𝐚𝐧𝐭 // 𝗦𝗢𝗡𝗚𝗟𝗜𝗡𝗞!!
Lo Que Siento by Cuco, listen!!!!
₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ 𝒆𝐱𝐭𝐫𝒂 // 𝗧𝗛𝗔𝗡𝗞𝗬𝗢𝗨<3
Tumblr media
Whenever Alex found himself mourning the several thousand-mile distances from you, he’d find comfort in the driver’s seat of his car, listening to the playlist he’d made for you and counting down the number of miles he’d imagine it took to drive to your house.
Usually, these drives were late at night whenever you’d gone to rest your pretty little head - and whenever he couldn’t get you out of his. It was clear to see these drives were extremely therapeutic to him, letting him blow off whatever stress had accumulated on his shoulders from the day, in addition to allowing him to daydream about the day he’d finally be able to see you again.
But on this particular night, Alex had been particularly in his chest. He hadn’t gotten to talk to you nearly any that day seeing as you were swamped with exams and Uni work, and he’d been craving to hear the sweet sanctity of your voice linger from his phone’s speaker, but he only got around 15 minutes of your time - ending your call with the adorned phrase; “Get some rest baby, I’ll be okay.”
Your eyes looked tired, and he could see in your face you needed a few extra hours of sleep more than he needed your company. Of course, he would’ve loved for you to stay up all night and ramble with him - but time zones weren’t in your favor and neither was Alex’s lonesomeness.
So, once again Alex found him behind the wheel, thumping his fingers against his steering wheel to the beat of Lo Que Siento by Cuco. A song that both made him wanna bawl his eyes out, and in turn grin from ear to ear - because it was your song. Whatever you wanna call it, your love song, the song you quietly whisper in his ear while you’re cuddled up with him, the corny proposal he used to ask you out - it reminded him of you. And this, as well as the beautiful sun setting in front of him, was enough to cause tears to well in his dusky eyes. Especially, the lyrics;
" Sabes bien que te quiero,
And if you're down to spend your summer with me just let me know
You know you’re my sueño
You came to life and now I feel alright! "
As much as he wanted to call you again, he knew deep down he knew you wouldn’t be awake until late the next morning, but he just felt the urge to gush about how much he missed you to his Instagram. Where everyone would see just how much you meant to him.
Tumblr media
Which in turn had his fans on Instagram, but mostly Twitter, swooning over how much of a sweetheart your dear boy was.
Tumblr media
And as he scrolled through the different Trends with both his and your name prominently in the title, he knew that he was the one who’d truly won at the end of the day.
Tumblr media
No matter the distance, no matter the time he’d have to wait to see your beautiful face in person - he’d always wait it out. Because at the end of the day he’d always want to come back to you, back to where his heart truly belonged.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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morningstar-loaf · 26 days ago
CC! George introduces his boyfriend to his chat and friends soon gets jealous with all of his friends flirting. That’s his boyfriend >:| not theirs
All fluff :DD
Warnings/genre/notes : MALE! Reader, using he/him pronouns, fluff
A/n : I had no idea what the stream was going to be about so i decided to use the cooking stream as a reference. Its not gonna be exactly like the stream since I added different scenes to it. It's not the birthday stream btw :P Also congrats to myself for having 171 gay people following me :DD [i really appreciate it! thank you so much!]
3rd POV
'Oh yeahh! There's a new cake shop nearby. Luckily I'm craving for something sweet right now.' Y/n thought to himself while laying his head on Georges milky thighs. The shorter one was just scrolling through Twitter, playing with Y/ns fluffy (h/c) colored hair. "Gogy, I'm gonna go buy some stuff for a while. You want anything?"
Y/n asked his cute boyfriend with a soft smile. "Hmm, I dont think I want anythi-WAIT!" Y/n flinched when he suddenly heard the loud volume. "Can I get those colourful marshmallows again? Oo! And maybe skittles." George responded with a bright smile.
Y/n returned the smile just as bright. "Alright then, little shroom." Y/n kissed his lovers forehead before leaving the room to go buy the stuff he wanted. George remembered that he was gonna to have a stream soon so he quickly gotten ready for it.
Now he was finally finished into setting everything up, decided to give his usual greeting towards the chat. "Hello everyone! Cooking stream! I'm going to cook the best food you have ever seen."
Insert Y/n sneezing quietly in the cake shop. 'Why do I feel like something bad is gonna happen? Bet that's just in my head. Anyways, which cake should I get?' He thought to himself as he observed all of the cakes in the store.
Thankfully he managed to buy those colorful marshmallows that George wanted and of course, the skittles too. Unfortunately for Y/n, he had to suffer the consequences of getting flirted by the workers there.
Y/n ignored the workers, he paid the stuff he bought and quickly left. He even bought ( favourite cake ) since he really loved that flavour :D (btw, if you dont have a favourite cake, just imagine the kind of cake that comes to your mind)
Anyways, back to George. Him and the rest of his friends are already at the part where they already cut the steak. "Taste test of the steak!" Well, George ate the small piece of steak that he had and luckily that was when Y/n finally arrived from home.
George flinched when he heard the front door closing. "George, who was that?" Dream questioned as he watched the british male checking to see on who was it. "I'm back, little shroom. Even bought the sweet stuff you wanted." Y/n said while walking to his lover.
"Y/N! Y-You're back! Um, wait! I want try this steak I made first." George took a tiny piece of the steak but stiffened when he felt Y/n wrapping his arms around his slim waist.
"Here, try it." George showed the tiny piece of the steak on a fork to Y/n. "Feed me and I'll try it." The taller one said while pulling George closer by the waist, not even caring that George was streaming or even noticing there are people in the call who can see them.
George with red cheeks, feed the steak to his taller boyfriend. "There. Does it taste good or no??" Y/n chewed for a while, taking in the taste. "It's not the greatest but you made it so it tastes wonderful. But hey! For your first time cooking, that's very impressive! Proud of you, little shroom."
Everyone in the chat and the people in the call were confused as shit since they've never seen this man in any of Georges stream before. The chat was spamming either, "PRETTY/TALL MAN!" or "LITTLE SHROOM AKSJSKJDKCNK"
Sapnap : "Georgeeeeeeee"
Dream : "Are you ignoring us right now?"
Karl : "Not gonna introduce us to the new guy?"
Quackity : -cries in autotune-
"Oh umm, chat! This is my...." George looks at his boyfriend to make sure if Y/n is okay with telling people that they're dating and surprisingly enough, Y/n nodded with a soft smile. "This is my boyfriend, Y/n! We've been dating for a couple of years and the reason we didn't told you guys was because Y/n didn't want people to know yet."
Y/n smiled as he gripped Georges waist tighter than earlier. "You look cute with this outfit on." "Awww, thank you." George gave Y/n a kiss on the forehead. That's when the flirting started from the rest started.
Dream : "Hello there~"
Sapnap : "Hello~ Name's Sapnap."
Karl : "Hiiiii Y/n!!"
Quackity : "Damn, he's hot-I MEAN! H-HEY Y/N!!"
Y/n chuckled as he greeted everyone with his charming voice. "It's nice to meet all of you. I'm guessing that you guys are his friends from minecraft?" Y/n assumed in the process of him assuming that, he pulled George a bit closer by the waist. All of them agreed to what Y/n said, saying that they're close friends with George.
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"Damn Gogy, I wonder why you're dating someone like Y/n. Mans lookin kinda hot👁️👄👁️"
"Thank you so much for the five...i'm not saying that." George giggled while he can't help but feel a bit jealous that the chat and his friends were starting to flirt with HIS BOYFRIEND.
As time passes by, George eventually shows the mozzarella sticks to the camera, only to get teased by Karl, Sapnap and Quackity. The British male started to pout sadly at them, only to get comforted by Y/n himself. "Well, it seems pretty good on your first try sweetie."
Dream : "You know, Y/n? You're pretty good looking, you know that~?"
Y/n : "Oh! Thank you, Dream^^"
Dream : "I have a simple question."
Y/n : "Yeah, what is it?"
Dream : "Can I borrow a kiss? I promise I'll give it back."
Y/n and Dream started to laugh out loud because of the sudden silence among all of them. No one noticed how George was pouting at the back. Chat was the first one to notice this and started to comment on George wanting attention from his lover.
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"Aw look. Gogy wants some wittle attention from his boyfwiend."
George stiffened when he heard that donation and it was true. He wanted attention from his boyfriend. Y/n noticed it but he decided to tease the shorter male by flirting with his friends some more.
Quackity : "Sooo, Y/n. Did you have Lucky Charms for breakfast? Because you look magically delicious!"
Y/n : "Holy shit, that's cringy and smooth at the same time!"
George could feel his face heat up with anger so he quickly pulled Y/n out of the camera area. "G-George?! You alright—!!" Y/n felt a small pair of arms hugging him closer.
"George, sweetie. Are you alright, honey?" Y/n asked with a worried smile which George only replied with pushing his face deeper into his boyfriend's chest. "Are you... tired of me now?" "W-What?! No!" "T-Then...why are you flirting with them and you didn't even pay attention to me?" George felt that his tears running down his face. "Aww sweetie. I'm sorry, I just wanted to tease you a bit."
He gave George a few butterfly kisses as he rubbed the males slim waist. "I love you with all of my heart, little shroom."
They went back to the stream as everyone was confused but they didn't say anything about it. "Okay chat, new rules. Don't flirt with my boyfriend when he's around. This includes the ones who are in the call." George looked at Dream and Quackity who just flirted with his boyfriend.
Y/n smirked at he took George's hand into his. "Look at me, little shroom." George felt his boyfriend's pair of rough/soft lips on his soft lips while Y/n massaged his hips. He even wrapped his arms around Y/n, pulling his boyfriend even closer. "My little shroom~"
Quackity : "Woah, George is really going on it."
Dream : "Am I the only who's wishing to be George right now?"
Sapnap : "You're not alone on this."
Karl : "I wish I had a boyfriend like Y/n"
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