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#dream smp x reader
oldblackandwhitetown · 9 days ago
⍟𝕯𝖆𝖙𝖎𝖓𝖌 𝕾𝖆𝖕𝖓𝖆𝖕 𝖜𝖔𝖚𝖑𝖉 𝖇𝖊 𝖑𝖎𝖐𝖊...⍟ | SAPNAP
Pairing: irl!Sapnap x gn!reader
Summary: a headcanon of the sfw and nsfw things Sapnap would do if you were dating.
Words: 1.3k
Warnings: fluff, swearing, NSFW +18 minors dni.
A/N: I’m editing this from my phone so I can’t put the keep reading thingy so sorry if it’s too long.
Tumblr media
Let me start by saying that this man is clingy af.
He will literally be attached by the hip to you and won’t let you do anything without following you around like a lost puppy.
He’s really needy, every day you have to give him his good morning kiss or else you’ll have a very grumpy Sapnap.
And he won’t let you live it down.
“Sap, can you please pass me the milk?”
“I could but I won’t”
“Why’s that”
“... You didn’t give me my kiss, Y/n!”
“Oh my god!”
He would also give you space if you need it.
Like yes he loves being with you all the time but he understands that you need to have some time for yourself.
And although he’s not exactly thrilled about the idea, he doesn’t complain.
Sapnap is the type of boyfriend who would do anything for you no matter what it is.
Just like Dream he would help you if you’re struggling with an assignment or project.
Although he most likely will get someone to help you because he doesn’t quite understand what you’re doing.
If you had an stressful week or a bad day he already has the bath set up for you with all the things you like.
He would cook dinner for you, asks Dream to help him when he notices is not as easy as he thought.
He lets you ramble about whatever is bothering you and sometimes would give some comments.
“I can’t believe they said that to you”
“What the fuck!?! What happened then?”
“I knew she was a bad person, I told you love”
Overall he would be there for you when you need him.
If he’s the one having a bad day then his super clingy mode would activate.
Lets say he just finished editing a video after two weeks of working on it.
He’s exhausted but he still needs to make an appearance in Karl’s stream.
So before he hops on the call with the guys Sapnap goes to your shared room to cuddle you to dead until it’s time for him to leave.
“You okay there, dear?”
“Yes jus’ tired”
Sapnap would definitely share his ideas with you.
He’s always talking about this video idea that has stuck in his head and how excited he is to do it with the boys.
He would always ask what you think and if you want to help him, although you might not understand what he’s talking about 80 percent of the time.
He would rant about you all. the. time.
Wether is on stream or on call with his friends he will hundred percent talk about you at some point.
“Guys you won’t believe what my partner did the other day...”
“Chat my s/o bought me food the other day and I didn’t even had to ask for it. I’m so lucky to have them”
“Did you know that Y/n used to do covers on YouTube when they were younger?”
“Oh yeah! That reminds me of something Y/n did the other day.”
He’s literally simping for you so hard.
The boys are kinda tired of him always talking about you.
Dream is the most annoyed since he not only has to put up with him on stream or when they’re on a call but he also lives with you guys so he has to listen to him all the time and see you two making out on the couch.
“Yeah! And Y/n-“
“Sapnap shut up, we get it you love them so much”
Dream loves you too tho.
We all know Sapnap can get easily annoyed and toxic at any time, mostly when something didn’t go the way he wanted.
So you have to comfort him and calm him down.
Sometimes you two just watch a movie or cuddle while he tells you why he’s so upset.
Other times tho...
it can be pretty interesting how he deals with his anger.
NSFW under the cut! Minors get outta here.
We saw how in the las MCC Sapnap and the rest of the boys were complaining about the whole ace race and hole in the wall thing.
He was too passionate about it that he got so upset and couldn’t calm down.
He need you in that moment and not for something wholesome.
He ended the stream and went straight to your room.
Sapnap found you laying on the bed scrolling through TikTok not aware of what just happened.
“I need you. Now.”
You looked up at him giving him a cautious glance because of his tone.
“What’s wrong?”
“I don’t what to talk about it. Just get on your knees and hands, baby”
You did as told once you understood this was not the moment to be a brat like you always are.
To say he pounded into you like there’s no tomorrow was an understatement.
He didn’t care that Dream was a few feet away from you guys.
Sapnap is a very vocal guy and his best friend being in the room next door was not going to stop him for moaning and making those beautiful noises he always does.
“Fuck baby you feel so good around my cock”
“You like that sweetheart? Like when I fuck you hard and nice?”
You could barely talk.
You only nodded and cried for how good he was fucking you.
“Look at that, you cannot even talk! Am I fucking you good that you’re gone stupid huh?”
And that only made you more turn on.
The next day Dream complained the whole morning about how loud you two were.
You didn’t care tho, you were still in shock of what happened the night before.
And now picture this.
I love dom!sapnap with my heart but if there’s something I love more is sub!sapnap.
The mere thought of him being at your mercy is just...
Like yeah, dom!sapnap is demanding, harsh and rude sometimes but sub!sapnap...
That baby is whiny af.
He would whimper and cry at the sight of you taking your clothes off.
He would beg, like beg.
Get on his knees and cry for you type of beg.
“Please, please Y/n just touch me. I need you!”
“Oh, pretty boy, you need to do better than that to get something out of me”
And he so would.
I feel like he would be so desperate to be good for you that would make you cum as much as you want before he can get his release.
“D-Do you like that? Am I doing good?”
“You’re doing so good, sweets. You’re such a good boy”
He loves validation and praise (*cough* he has a praise kink, *cough*).
He also loves being called good boy, is one of his favorite nicknames.
But like I said before Sapnap is really needy so he would get frustrated at some point if you don’t give him what he wants.
The after care with sub!sapnap is something that you take really seriously.
He’s so lost in subspace that you have to be really careful to not do something that might upset him.
But once he’s back the only thing he wants is lay on bed with you.
Giving him a blowjob or a handjob would be his favorite thing.
Lets say he’s been filming a video and it’s taking him so long to get it done due to the guys goofing around.
But he’s been needy since the morning and the fact that he couldn’t be with you in that moment is killing him.
When you checked up on him to see if he needed anything you could see the pleading look in his eyes.
You knew exactly what he needed so you decided to do what any caring partner would do.
You blow the fuck out of him.
Did he enjoy it? Hell yeah he did. Did he care that his friends could hear him moaning? Not a single bit.
Not wanna get into too much detail cause I might or might not be doing a whole ass hc of this specific topic, so...🤭
Tumblr media
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unfoundhoney · 27 days ago
different wilburs reacting to you flinching away from them ↠
Tumblr media
↠ wilbur soot x reader ; angst , fluff
↠ masterlist
↠ @ochabby @kiritokunuwu @pyrotechnics84
↠ TRIGGER WARNING: hints of past abuse
Tumblr media
irl!wilbur ↠
Wilbur froze.
It took you several moments of shaking silence to realize what you’d done. You looked up at Wilbur quickly.
“I didn’t- That’s wasn’t-…” You struggled to find any words that would excuse your reaction.
“I-…” Wilbur took a long moment it think before he spoke. “I would never hurt you. I would never even think about laying a hand on you. You have to know that. Please tell me you know that.”
Wilbur was halfway to tears, terrified at even the thought of you thinking he’d hit you.
“I know,” you assured him.
Tumblr media
l’manberg!wilbur ↠
Wilbur held still for several long moments, dozens of thoughts running through his head. Then, he took a step toward you.
“Can I touch you?” he asked gently.
“Yes. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to-“
He wrapped his arms around you and told you, “It’s okay.”
You buried your face in his chest. “I’m sorry.”
“Don’t be,” he shushed you. “I’m sorry for whatever has been done to you. You didn’t deserve it.”
You held onto him just that much tighter. “Thank you.”
Tumblr media
pogtopia!wilbur ↠
You were quick to realize your mistake, looking back over at Wilbur with wide eyes. He was looking back at you with anger burning behind his, not directed at you but still terrifying.
“Who was it?” he asked.
“Who was it?” he demanded.
“It’s nothing, Will, please just-“
“Who. Was. It?”
You swallowed then muttered their name.
Wilbur had his things gathered in just moments, pressing a kiss to the top of your head with a promise to be back soon. You were left shaken and alone.
Tumblr media
ghostbur ↠
Ghostbur stood there confused. It took him a moment to realize why you would have flinched away from him and then he simply didn’t understand how you could think he’d hurt you.
“I’m sorry,” he stuttered. “I wasn’t going to hit you. I’m sorry.”
He held his hand close to his chest like he was afraid to move it and scare you again. You gently took it in both of yours.
“No, it’s okay,” you said. “It’s not your fault.”
You pressed his hand to your cheek, leaning into his palm.
Tumblr media
origins!wilbur ↠
When you looked back up, realizing your mistake, Wilbur was gone.
“Who did this to you?” came his disembodied voice.
“Where are you?”
“I don’t want to scare you again.”
“Please can I see you?”
Wilbur relented after a heavy moment in silence, reappearing several paces back from where he had been standing. You held your hand out to him. He hesitantly made his way over to you, melting with relief when you hugged him.
“Who did this?” he asked again after several minutes of just holding you.
“No one that matters,” you answered.
Tumblr media
revivedbur ↠
Anger flashed across his features.
“You actually think I’d hit you?” he demanded.
“No, it’s just-“
“Do you really think so lowly of me?”
“It’s not you! It’s just-“
“What? Huh? What!?”
You shrunk further into the wall as Wilbur got angrier. When he slammed a hand onto the wall beside you, you screamed and slid to the floor. You flinched again as he pulled you into his arms.
“Shh, it’s okay,” he murmured, “I’m sorry. You know I love you. You don’t have to be scared of me.”
And for some reason, you believed him.
Tumblr media
passerine!wilbur ↠
Wilbur took a step back. The last thing he wanted was to startle you further; he remained still. You looked up at him.
“That wasn’t- I-… I’m sorry.”
“Don’t apologize,” he told you quickly. “It’s not your fault.”
“It’s not yours either.”
“Never said it was.”
You blinked and seemed to understand what he meant. He waited for you to come to him, firmly planting yourself in his embrace. Once you calmed down, your hold on him loosening, he pulled back just enough to cup your face with one hand.
“I love you.”
You grinned. “I know.”
He laughed and kissed you sweetly.
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serend1p1ty-0 · 17 days ago
Golden Tradition
[c!Technoblade x Reader]
Warnings: Fluff
All of this is written in and is meant to be taken as c!Technoblade. There is no reference or inclusion of the streamer/Youtuber.
· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·
"I have something for you," Techno says one day.
You're lying down in a meadow, head on his lap and relishing in the way his hands work and press at your head, giving you a gentle massage. It's impossible not to lean into his touch.
You hum in question, opening your eyes and reaching up to brush some strands of strawberry pink hair away from his pale features. The apples of his cheeks turn rosy and your stomach flip flops, thinking how you of all people could bring the Blood God to his knees like this. He pats your shoulder, urging you to sit up and you stick out your tongue playfully before throwing yourself up. His laughter sounds like home.
He digs in his pocket briefly, and brings out an enclosed fist. Techno holds out the other hand, asking for yours. You give it to him wordlessly.
He takes a deep breath, and finally relaxes his hand and lets the item fall into your palm. Your eyes widen when you find it's a pure golden wedding ring, a thin chain looping through it that sparkles the same color. It's beautiful, in a word, and as you look closer, you can see intricate designs and symbols (none of which you can identify) are carved into it on the surface.
"Piglin gold," Techno says softly, and his words and voice bring you out of your trance. Your mouth falls open comedically and he laughs at your dumbfounded expression.
Piglin gold was extremely valuable and was definitely more rare than this world's deepest emeralds. The residents of the Nether were terribly stingy with it, considering the time it took to even make it in the first place.
"It's been passed through my family for generations," he explains, "I suppose you wouldn't understand the importance of this action."
"I don't," you whisper, keeping your eyes on him, "Tell me."
"When your parents pass, they give you a set of rings that came from your ancestors," Techno begins, "Ancient ones from the very top of the family tree."
He reaches down, gathering up your hands in his. He's warm and coupled with the sun and strong breeze, it only makes your heart want to leap from your chest.
"Once you find the one you trust and want to spend your life with, you give them one of the rings," he looks at you, red eyes light and adoring and full of love. "One day," he whispers, "When all of this war and conflict is done, I will marry you."
The trees rustle as the wind weaves through the leaves and all you can hear is the rush of your own heartbeat in your ears. Emotions hit you one at a time, realization and happiness dominantly.
"Techno," you say his name, dropping the ring onto your lap and reaching up to cradle his face in your hands. He lays his own over yours and closes his eyes. You smile, tears pricking your eyes at your own joy. "I'll say yes," you promise, "No matter if you ask once or a thousand, the answer will always be yes."
He laughs, warm and inviting and you want to sink into it.
"I am a bit disappointed," you say, scooting next to him and nuzzling yourself into his side where he eagerly folds you into him.
"Why's that?" He hums.
"I'll never meet your parents," you answer simply, looking up at the sky. You note a cloud seems to look awfully like a set of eyes.
"You wouldn't even be able to understand them properly," he points out.
"I don't care," you insist, "You'll never meet mine because you know how they feel towards hybrids."
Silence overtakes the two of you, but it's not uncomfortable. You always feel safe by his side. It didn't matter that you were an accomplished warrior yourself or that you could easily protect yourself. Techno made sure to the best of his abilities that not a single hair on your head would be harmed.
"Do you think they would've liked me?" You ask, noting that the ring on the chain was a few sizes larger than your own ring finger.
Techno looks up at the sky, then down at you and smiles. He slides a hand over your neck and kisses you sweetly like he'd lose you in the next moments if he pulled away. It makes your head spin and your weak little heart glow. He murmurs his answer against your lips.
"I daresay they would've loved you, darling."
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cr0wbonezz-wr1ting-inc · 3 months ago
"Would you still love me if I turned into a worm?"
Summary: Mcyt's reacting a donations asking them an... interesting question about you
Trigger warning: None!
Author's note: fun lil hc cus i loved this idea that i saw somewhere (it wasnt dsmp related, it was from a different fandom lol)
Tumblr media
- "hmm, would i?"
- doesn't take the question seriously
- "clay, just answer the question!"
- "i would baby, don't worry."
- cuddle sesh after the stream :3
- *spits out water*
- "is this for a tiktok or something?"
- grinning the entire time
- "no! i hate worms!"
- you give him a smack on the arm
- "why would you turn into a worm???"
- very confused by the question
- "how though????"
- "sap! yes or no?!"
- "hell yeah, i bet you'd be the best-looking worm."
- "aww!"
- grabs your hand
- "you'd be the cutest worm ever!"
- "i'd love to be a worm's boyfriend if i'd be yours."
- he tells you that he'd rather have a human ___, though
- "i beg you pardon? if they'd be a what?"
- "yeah, wilbur, would you?"
- he'd probably question the sanity of his chat
- "no. they're wriggly bastards. i hate them."
- "i just want this ___, please."
- laughs at the random question
- thinks about it for a while
- "yeah, sure!"
- "what's the worst that could happen? a language barrier is not going to stop me."
- talks about worm marriage rights
- takes in your features before answering
- a smile would stay on his face the entire time
- " weird question."
- "also, a worm is very inconvenient to have in your home."
- "you'd be a very handsome/pretty worm, though."
- "oh... i don't know?"
- "would you be able to love me if you'd be a worm?"
- you assure her that being a worm will not change your love for her
- "but then we can't hold hands anymore!"
- she says yes but will still be sad about the hand-holding :(
- "yeah, probably."
- you're surprised at the quick reaction, which fundy laughs at
- "chat, don't you dare."
- *sigh*
- "i'm not attracted to worms, chat-"
- ends up being called a furry anyways
- "a w-"
- "a whAHA-"
- when you tell him to answer he'll just start to fake cry
- "guys... my s/o turned into a wOoOoOrm....!"
- makes a song about loving worms in auto-tune
Karl jacobs:
- "do i get to be a worm too?"
- he'd giggle a lot
- "of course!"
- "i can put you in my pocket, then you're always with me!"
- his face is red for the rest of the stream
taglist: @adoring-ghost @sakisaralazy @for-memories-sacrifice @ialexabsuniverse @shiyanchan @bioluminescentfrog @esylwen @lo-manburg
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dreamcatcherrs · 3 months ago
pulling them in by their belt and kissing them tiktok prank; mcyt x reader
+ slightly suggestive!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
you’d just set up your phone in the car while you boyfriend was in the pharmacy to pick up a couple of things, readying yourself for the new tiktok prank you’d seen gong around. that being pulling your partner by their belt or shirt and kissing them to see how they’d react. you were so excited to see just how flustered you could get him to be, catching them 4k on camera...
Tumblr media
♡ dream ♡:
this cocky bastard smirks into the kiss and grabs you by the neck to pull you in closer, asserting his dominance
notices mid-kiss that you’re recording and can't help but to snicker at it
there is no chance you’ll catch this man getting flustered - especially not on camera
Tumblr media
♡ george ♡:
takes him a while to kiss back out of pure shock, his hands hovering in the air as he doesn't know where to put them
he is straight up shook
laughs it off afterwards when he sees it’s a tiktok, but is still super flustered
Tumblr media
♡ sapnap ♡:
he stills for a moment with wide eyes, taken aback since you'd never done something like this
gets into it pretty quick though, tugging you closer to him by your waist and pushing his tongue into your mouth
pulls you in again when you move away, not realising it was a tiktok until you told him
Tumblr media
♡ badboyhalo ♡:
yelps right before you press your lips to his, face turning bright red from the sudden jolt in his belt
doesn’t realise how much it turned him on until he feels the need for you to do it again
surprised but certainly not disappointed
Tumblr media
♡ technoblade ♡:
he literally just sits there and kisses you back like it was any other day
you were expecting a reaction from him? the technoblade? pfft, try again
instead he hides the way his heart skips a beat when watching back the tiktok you recorded, not being able to look at you properly the rest of the day
Tumblr media
♡ wilbur soot ♡:
wilby drops the bag of stuff he’d bought from the pharmacy onto the car floor, eyes wide open when you go in for a kiss
he thought it was a bit strange at first, but when you explained it was a tiktok and pointed to your phone he just started laughing
kisses your forehead and chuckles at you for a while, calling you silly, his silly little baka👹
Tumblr media
♡ karl jacobs ♡:
karl just starts laughing nervously once your lips are against his, curling in on himself out of utter surprise
places his hands on your cheeks, kissing you harder, and then pulls back to scatter kisses all over your face
asks you to send him the tiktok immediately because he’s literally in love with it
Tumblr media
♡ punz ♡:
grins the second you pull at his belt, taking control of the kiss before you even have the chance to
nibbles on your bottom lip as he lifts you onto his lap, pulling at your thighs so you’re completely straddling him
you try to explain that you're filming a titkok, but he seems a little too carried away, and, well, you can't help but to join him…
Tumblr media
♡ awesamdude ♡:
mutters out a small “woah” when you pull at his belt, but smiles widely once your lips meet his
he really likes seeing this side of you, feeling himself longing for more kisses when you pull away
gets really touchy while you grab your phone to show him the tiktok - his eyes are on you more than your screen, hand caressing your face
Tumblr media
tag list✰
@zayenz @terribletoothbat @0t0n1n @0125cm @yukiuheh @shinee-is-5-forever @regularnoceur @b01nk-b0w@christhebish@nutritious-emo-crackkk@bookishreid@giavanna-707 @reddiesmcdonalds@cosmins@vixxzial@autumnpleaves@paradigmax@meaganjm@shiningsunrises@moralofwalls@username1212131@gxldentaestuff@innitdream @televisionpresent38 @bubblyanis@zurami @highoffhockey @popinjaytaylor@196os@livsbaby@doubts-of-gold@bunlina@retrav @mcyt-is-my-life@aleaisntcreative @my-shitpost-of-writing @my-shitpost-of-writing @clownsdrowning @pissbabywastaken@shiningsunrises @tie-dyed-dumbass @death-by-rats@simpfordraco @bippity-boppity-boopa@neongreendaydreams  @vibin-by-myself@littlepotatos0w0@christhebish @pipp-poppz@btsiguess-kpop@prettysmallfries@hiyoko-kos@kenmxskitten@fudrudy@weepingartanimespy@rhino-zucchini@goldenstarofthunderclan@melonmarz@ubeicecreamisthebest@polaroidinurroom @ady-yoo@isimpforeveryone@edenhollandd@ineedtogetoutofhere@glitter-night @hamilsandersfam@mothheart-witch @wrong-exit@trashcanfullofdork  @hellfirepheonixx @marshmallow-babe@isimpforeveryone @ky50621 @randomcloud@wormie4k@dinonuggies50  @p4rty-t4ttoos@aspenthegremlin@book-of-anarchy @jeyacore @thetattooink@gogywasfound@millavalntyne@junob1ade@ubeicecreamisthebest@karida @i-have-paws-love@drvgonraja@eatasslikegrass@creamofweep@venusomega@lunarfedora@rowe-n @wreny24 @vincent-stargogh @floatingplanets​ @vernon-dursley​ @childhoodgrunge​ @fivxss @hexagonclash​ @crazyjuls12​ @littlebabysandboxburritos @shifted-dreams@lenamarie666 @reinyrei @sozvuchiy @weaslvy-mxlfoy​ @aiofheavenandhell​ @honeyglaazed @carisle-mikealson​ @ineedtogetoutofhere​ @twist3dtinkerbell@cracraforfandoms@angel-dazey @leia-starly @smiithys​ @squiddyyyy​ @c0wc0ww​ @animeweeb019284​ @m00-bl00m-k0le @stqrs-thoughts @jenlouvre @uhhhguiltypleasures​ @trappedchest​ @punzrights​ @trashgremlin36​ @cyberrsoot​ @elebeleb​ @k3nn3dis-crap​ @karlshoodies​ @rascal-in-banishment​ @heartbroken-writer​ @bartok-the-magnificent​ @ihavenoideashelp​ @goldiefox1​ @bethybop​ @helluhru​ @venuzblr​ @pha5ed5tar50 @cscooop​  @bethybop @lunareclipse-13 @http-strawberryy​ @mahitophobic​ @ahmya-4​ @dracoscumwh0re @darkdaria1 @jiminifiess​ @orchardangel​ @shyorchider​ @cupcake54492​ @natsueyama​ @honeyconnie​ @notacardigan​ @maybeshroom​ @sbi-is-my-onlysanity​ @yoshi-rikuaeshetic​ @gayyysunflower 
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normally-alexis · 2 months ago
Shower sex
Pairings - Various x Reader
CW - Smut, Rough sex.
" What's it like having shower sex with them? "
Dream - He's pretty gentle at first but he does like his dominance between the two of you. He might wrap his hands around your neck and hold onto it while fucking the shit out of you.
Sapnap - He's a man of dominance having your hands on the wall and bending over for him and being fucked is one of his pleasures
Georgenotfound - He'd hug you from behind and slowly fuck you while cleaning you off, it's a two-for-one deal if you were being honest.
C! Technoblade - This is inside of a tube but you'd be on top of him looking down at him while riding him and he gives you soft praises for being good at it.
C! Schlatt - He's railing into your guts not even focusing on having a shower anymore, he doesn't care as long as he gets to see you at your weakest.
C! Wilbur - Very rough and he's going to probably do the same thing as techno but instead of you riding him he's fucking you senselessly with very a very steamy room filled with pants and moans.
C! Philza - He's going to be soft on you and try cleaning you up but also fucking you and handling you with care, he's going to be more focused on being soft than going all out.
C! Badboyhalo - Like philza he'll be soft on you and would treat you as fragile as possibly, probably adding a tease to your body by changing up his speed, possibly?
C! Awesamdude - You'd on top of him and your front body was facing his face, he's taking care of you from the front while pleasuring himself inside of the process.
Karl jacobs - Soft shower sex, He's soft with you stroking your back when you ride him and he's praising you for what you do because he wants you to be proud of yourself.
Punz - Rough dom much? He's pretty tough on you, like sapnap he likes it when your arms are against the wall and he gets to fuck the shit out of you and likes the dominance he holds over you
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wooloo-inc · 3 months ago
I was wondering if you could do a Techno or Phil (maybe both-) x reader? Where they go trading together and while they are trading a male piglin come up to the reader trying to court them and the reader accidentally accepts the gift or what you make it. So once go try to talk to Techno/Phil, the male piglin get's all defensive and pull's you into his chest but then Techno/Phil figure's out what happened and isn't very happy- Could I also be the 🌻anon please?
not my best writing but eh 
. . . 
“You know the plan right?” You sigh at Philza’s words, ignoring the worried glance he sends you. It’s the first time you are going to The Nether for trading. Sure, you’ve been to the fortress and the numerous biomes they hold, but you never tried trading with piglins. You never saw a need for it, only hearing from the other’s how it’s practically useless. Only the lucky get ender pearls or potions. 
“Yes, Philza. You’ve told me the plan multiple times.” You grunt when Techno tosses his arm over your shoulder. The added weight has you sinking into the snow. 
“C’mon Phil. Have a little faith in them.” His mocking tone has the older man’s feathers ruffling. The blonde crosses his arms, sending a weak glare to the piglin hybrid. 
“I just don’t want to get chased by a horde of piglins.” His wings flutter behind him with a grimace as he recalls taking Wilbur trading for the first time. The boy threw the gold at the piglins, quite literally. They had to run for so long just to lose them all. 
You roll your eyes at his reaction and shrug off Technoblade’s arm. Your boots crunch through the snow as you move towards the nether portal. You send a quick glance behind you before jumping in. You hear Phil’s worried shouts while you’re teleported in a flash of purple hues. 
You scratch your cheek casually while looking around the underworld. It’s certainly uglier than you remember. Random materials and bunches of sand lie around the pathways, for some reason. You barely make it a step away before Philza and Techno come tumbling after you. Phil looks slightly peeved that you went in first, but doesn’t voice his thoughts. You’re used to it though, he’s always been overprotective. 
You walk towards the cobblestone path, yelping when Techno grabs onto the collar of your shirt and drags you back. 
“What now?” You practically groan, just wanting to get this over with. Spending hours in The Nether wasn’t your idea of fun. It’s far too warm and dangerous to deal with. You’d prefer relaxing at home. But, they were dedicated to having you tag along. 
Techno grins cheekily, his piglin ears flicking back playfully. “You’re going the wrong way, love.” You flush at the pet name before turning around. You follow the two through the various biomes in search of piglins. It takes almost half an hour to find a group relaxing in a blue forest. You almost cry in relief when you spot them, feeling the weight of your armor pull down on your body. You’d take it off, but the golden armor is really the only thing protecting you right now. Well, besides your companions. 
They turn to you, laughing lightly at your giddiness. Any sourness in the mood you had earlier fades away. The group splits up the gold ingots between them evenly. You’re each left with enough to get through a decent amount of trades. You’re about to run off when Philza says your name sternly. You turn around anxiously, just wanting to get this over with. 
“If anything goes wrong, call for one of us. And, don’t stray too far.” You nod mindlessly through his cautions, hardly paying attention to what he’s saying. You already heard enough of the warnings on the way here. You know he’s worried that something could go wrong but you can handle yourself. When he’s done you nod over exaggeratedly. 
“I’ll be fine. I can fight if something goes wrong.” You grin, patting the netherite sword on your belt. You move to leave but hesitate. “Thank you, for worrying. I’ll see you guys soon!” You mumble, the words barely coherent then dash away. The two men smile at each other, before heading on their way too. 
You brush through the thicket, pushing back leaves and vines. Finally you reach another clearing and spot a few piglins huddling around each other. When you reveal the gold ingots in your hands, they seem to perk up. The adults approach you cautiously, snorts and grunts falling from their throats. You hold out a gold ingot, watching as the first adult takes it. They coo, tail wagging in happiness. They tuck away the precious material and hand you some soul sand. You frown and hand them more gold. You get back some gravel. You repeat the process, the best thing you get from the trades being spectral arrows. Deciding to not waste any more gold, you leave the group. 
You wander through the forest, struggling to find the other two again. Hopefully they had more luck than you did. You pause at the sound of a light snort. When you hear it again you begin walking in that direction. A child piglin sits on the ground, cradling their knee to their chest. They look scared when you approach, attempting to back away. 
“Hey, it’s okay little guy. I want to help.” You grab the sword on your hip and send it back to your inventory. They snort quietly, gazing up at you with wide eyes. Slowly, you approach and kneel by them. You gently push aside their paws to reveal the scratched up knee. They must’ve fallen earlier. 
You reach into your pocket to pull out a health potion. Techno would surely scold you for using the potion on a mob, but you couldn’t just ignore them. You pour the red liquid over their knee. They squeal quietly, curling into themselves. It only takes a small amount of the potion for the magic to sink in. The wound patches itself up, not leaving a scar behind. You smile, grunting when the kid tackles you. When they back away, you pull a gold ingot from your inventory, handing it to the child. Their eyes sparkle and they snatch it from your hands. They look at you for a split second then run away. You watch sadly as they disappear into the bushes. 
So baby piglins don’t give anything in a trade. That makes sense. You sit in the same spot, trying to gain the will to get up again. You debate laying back when more snorts come from nearby. The same baby piglin from before came back this time with friends. The four other piglin children run over to you, tackling you into a hug or tugging on your clothes. You laugh, feeling ticklish when their dull horns rub against your sides. 
Even though you know that you won’t get anything from the trade you can't stop yourself from handing them more gold ingots, after all they look so cute. Their ears happily, the children squealing and snorting often. Once you run out of gold ingots, the piglins back away. They run off eventually, the last one waving goodbye. You wave lightly, feeling your heart warm. Maybe visiting The Nether isn’t so bad after all. 
A sudden deep snort from behind has you spinning around. You freeze nervously at the sight of the adult piglin nearby. He stares at you impassively, ears flicking back. You feel a tinge of fear course through your veins at the sight of the male piglin. Although the gold armor should protect you, piglins will still attack if you bother the children. Hopefully, this one doesn’t think you were hurting them. 
“Sorry, I don’t have any more gold.” You back up slowly, squeaking when your back hits a tree. They inch closer, pulling a sword from behind them. You’re about to pull out your own sword but they drop their fierce look. Looking at you with the same wonder as the baby piglins, the mob holds out their weapon. You glance between the sword and them in confusion. He pushes it towards you again, gesturing for you to take it. Cautiously, you grab onto the handle. He seems oddly happy, the male dragging you into a hug and rubbing his snout against your neck. 
You wince as his tusks harshly rub into your skin, and push his face away. You stare at the sword in your hands, blinking at the details. For a golden sword it seems quite durable. 
“I can have this?” You question the piglin. They nod, watching your reaction carefully. “Thanks!” You grin, swinging the weapon around to test it. Sure, it doesn’t compare to your own sword but it’s never a problem to have a backup. You spin around, running to go tell Philza and Techno about this. Surprisingly, the male piglin tags along. You cheer loudly when you spot the duo from afar and run a little faster. You stop a few feet away, staggering to catch your breath. 
“Guys, this piglin gave me his sword! Look at the enchantments this thing has.” You move to take a step forward, yelping when an arm wraps around your waist. The piglin from before drags you into their chest, staring down the others angrily. His grip on your body tightens and a growl falls from his mouth when Philza inches closer. 
“What did you do?” Phil looks disappointed, his wings dropping with a sigh. He expected something to go wrong on this trip, but certainly not this. Techno is upset too, rumbles escaping his throat as he glares down the other piglin. 
“I don’t know?” You tense up when the piglin squeezes you again, their fur bristling. “He wasn’t like this earlier.” The two exchange knowing glances, shifting their attention back to the piglin. The mob gave you a courting gift without you even knowing what it was. And, of course you accepted it. That’s why he’s being so defensive. You yelp when the piglin digs his tusks into your neck, leaving bruising marks behind.  
Techno’s own ears tilt back at that action, knowing the piglin is trying to prove you’re his. Philza glares too, his wings stretching out wide behind him. Ignoring the snarls from the piglin, Techno stomps forward. He rips you from their grasp and shoves you behind him. You stumble into Phil’s arms, the air escaping your lungs from the force. The crow hybrid pulls you close, his wings moving to hide you from view. 
You struggle for a split second, giving up when Philza tells you to stop, his voice tight. Resting your head on his chest, you listen to the various grunts and squeals around you. Weapons clash nearby while Technoblade fights the piglin off. A loud cry splits through the area, startling you.  
You flinch when a hand lands on your shoulder, glancing up to see Techno. He grins smugly, the scent of blood lingering on his clothes. He yanks the sword from your hand despite your protests and tosses it aside. The piglin hybrid then pulls you into a hug, your back resting against his chest. Philza joins in again, sending the other a playful glare for taking you away. The hug is a little too tight, the pair being fairly overprotective after what happened. 
Technoblade leans down to nuzzle his nose onto the right side of your neck. He sometimes nips and tugs at the marks the piglin left behind, trying to replace them. Philza repeats the action on the left side of your neck, although in a much more gentle manner. You laugh at the ticklish feeling, shoulders lifting to try and push them away. 
“Were you guys jealous? I’ve never seen you act like this.” 
“Of course, you’re ours.” Phil mumbles, his lips brushing against your skin. Techno hums in agreement, adding something along the lines of ‘you don’t know what the bastard said’. 
“Hey, I don’t remember agreeing to be yours.” You poke back teasingly. The two straighten up, staring down at you. You chuckle nervously when Philza raises an eyebrow mockingly. 
“Oh yeah? What about last night? When you were practically begging-” You cut him off with a shout, covering your ears as your cheeks flush. The pair laugh loudly. Techno turns to look at Phil, a smug grin on his face. 
“Or, what about that one time when they could barely even handle-” You struggle out of their hold, cheeks warm. 
“I’m going home.” You mumble in embarrassment, trudging back onto the path. They laugh again before running after you. They apologize for teasing so much, but they don’t actually mean it. The lightness in their voices along with the few chuckles in between their words gives that away. You know that you won’t be making any trips to The Nether anytime soon after what happened today, not that you mind. It’ll be nice to relax with the two at home for a couple days. Especially since they’ll be more affectionate. 
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dreamcatcherrs · 3 months ago
when you pout at them; mcyt x reader
+ enjoy some wholesome fluff :)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“no. fuck off.”
tosses you over his shoulder and runs off with you while wheezing at you screaming for him to let you down
Tumblr media
finds it pretty cute, actually :]
“you’re such a silly goose🤪”
Tumblr media
gives that pout a big ol’ smooch
“do that again and see what happens😠.”
Tumblr media
turns that frown upside down ):)
no, literally, he pushes your pout into a smile using his thumbs
“c’mon muffin, no need for that.”
Tumblr media
waits there for you to stop pouting, crossing his arms over his chest
when you don't though, and just keep looking into his eyes, he has to look away and let you win
“I swear, sometimes I wonder why I’m with you, you brat.”
Tumblr media
wilbur soot:
wilbur just starts simping over you
giggles uncontrollably and leans down to kiss you on the lips
“how come you're so cute when you're mad?”
Tumblr media
acts as if he’s disgusted by you, but really, we all know schlatt’s a softie (have you seen him with his cat?🥺)
“what the fuck is that on your face?”
Tumblr media
corpse husband:
tries to hide his smile as his heart melts, shyly looking away
“fine. you win - but only this once.”
Tumblr media
karl jacobs:
giggles loudly and pulls you into his chest
“you’re so adorable, y/n.”
Tumblr media
“stop, y/n! you’re gonna make me simp for you and the others are gonna tease me :(”
obviously he doesn't hold for long, and crumbles right into your hands
Tumblr media
boops your nose and places his hands on his hips
“you’re not fooling me with that, honey.”
Tumblr media
“don't look at me like that!”
shakes your shoulders to get you to stop pouting
and when that doesn't work, he squishes you cheeks together, at least just to get a laugh out of it
Tumblr media
grabs you by your chin to pull you closer to him so you're eye to eye with him
“good thing I’m feeling nice today or you'd be in big trouble, princess.”
Tumblr media
walks up and hugs you tightly
“don’t be mad at me, that’s not fair :(”
Tumblr media
grabs your face and shakes it with a large smile of his face (you know the one)
“stop being so damn cute.”
Tumblr media
ruffles your hair up playfully
“you’re very adorable, though I do prefer it more when you’re smiling.”
Tumblr media
just laughs at you, throwing a pillow at your face
“what are you even doing that for, y/n? you’re so silly.”
Tumblr media
jack manifold:
does the thing where he flexes his arms on either side of him, puffing up his chest and trying to look a lot bigger than you
“you’ll have to do a lot more than pouting to get me to change my mind, sweetheart.”
Tumblr media
“no. no. no. don't do that, y/n. I am not a simp.”
literally turns his back to you with crossed arms
though when you hug him from behind, his heart can't help but to melt for you
Tumblr media
hooks his pinkie with yours and swings your hands in the air
“you're so cute.”
Tumblr media
“don't do this to me. please, I beg you.”
tackles you onto the bed when you don't stop, only to hide his crazed smile into your shoulder
Tumblr media
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wooloo-inc · 2 months ago
OKEY wooloo I love you/p and my brain was so big 5 minutes ago. I was watching a old Philza stream and realized how much that man love axolotls. And so I give you axolotl Reader living in the pond under the bridge between technos and his house. Like they left their old home and wandered around in the snow before just deciding they wanted to life under this cool bridge. And one day Phil and Techno leave their home and there is a person in their pond. Their just chilling. Maybe they have like healing powers and heal Phil’s wing?! I JUST Phil and techno being wholesome with an axolotl reader. And they braid technos hair because their hair is also long and pink so they know all kinds of cool braids. I’m rambling.
gills for axolotls are those red/pink whiskers and a dorsal fin is the tail
. . . 
Despite the chill running down your back, you continue to walk. Snow falls gently from above, collecting in piles on the ground below. You huddle into your clothing a bit more, gills tucking in. You left your old house a bit ago to search for supplies but you didn’t expect to get lost so easily. Now, you’re stuck traveling in a snow biome that seems to go on for miles. 
You scoff when you pass by the same tree again, clearly having gone in circles. A shiver racks through your body as it gets darker, night approaching quickly. Your throat feels dry, since you haven’t been in water for a couple hours at this point. You can't even lay in the snow, even if it is essentially frozen water, because that’ll just make you more dehydrated. You’re about to give up, and turn into a different direction when a light from afar catches your attention. It’s faint and flickers in the distance but light could be a sign of life. 
You rush over to the area, nearly tripping when your shoes get caught in the snow. It takes only minutes to find the source, a dim lantern hanging from a fence post. You can spot another lantern in the distance, trailing alongside a partially covered path. You gulp, continuing to follow the trail, hoping that there will be a pool of water nearby. Or, that it’ll lead to a house with someone nice enough inside. Monsters can be heard, gathering around, the dead rising as night nears. You move a little faster, not wanting to fight when you’re this weak. 
A gasp of relief falls from your tongue when you spot houses in the distance. They’re blocked off by a spruce fence, a wooden bridge linking the two together. You push yourself over the fence, grunting when you collapse on the other side. You shiver again and cough lightly. Pushing yourself off of the ground, you run over to the houses. Thoughts rush through your mind, questions and ideas on how to talk to the owners about staying the night. But, the pond underneath the bridge has your excitement flooring. Without a care in the word, you jump into the pond. A tiny squeal lifts from your throat, gills twitching with happiness. Even if the tundra is cold, the water is quite warm in comparison. 
You sink under the surface, tail thumping behind you. You blink a few times to regain your vision, a wide smile forming as you take in the view. This pond is much nicer than the one you live in at home. It’s full of bright colorful coral and tropical fish. You swim around in the water, tail swishing to help you move faster. You greet the fish, waving to them kindly. They simply swim away, only the brave ones approaching. After all, axolotls kill tropical fish for food and fun. But, you never felt the need to follow through with that instinct so they’re safe. 
You dive to the deepest part of the pond, wondering how far it will go. It’s obviously man made, although it is quite wonderful. Feeling drowsy, you lay down on the bottom, near the seagrass. Your large tail curls around your body as you close your eyes. 
You continue to stay in the pond for a couple more days, unable to find the will to leave the warm waters. Your home in the swamps couldn’t compare to this place and you really don’t want to attempt traveling home in the snow. You’ve heard the homeowners mingling around, but their voices were always wobbly through the water. They haven’t spotted you yet, since you rarely came up for air. With a large yawn, you swim lazily around the pond. If you decide to stay here, you’ll have to make a house again. Not that you mind, but you don’t have any materials on you. It’s risky to leave the pond to gather wood. 
Your stomach rumbles, the noise sending fish scurrying away. Although the fish have started accepting your presence, they still fear the option of being eaten. You chew on the inside of your cheek, wondering if you could get away with stealing from the homeowners. Would they even notice some food missing? Another grumble and twist in your stomach, makes your whiskers twitch anxiously. You’ll need to get food soon. With that though in mind, you swim to the surface, head barely peeking out of the water. You spin around, gills twisting and turning at the cold wind against your face. 
“Oh, hello there!” A kind voice surprises you from behind. You spin around slowly, scared to see who it is. A tall ghost stands near the pond, his yellow sweater sticking out against the white environment. He smiles, waving gently. A blue sheep bleats softly behind him, moving to approach the edge of the pond. 
“Hello.” You mumble, water ripping from your movements. Maybe if you play dead, he will forget you exist. You don’t have too much time to process that thought, the ghost already sinking to his knees by the water’s edge.
“I’m Ghostbur! Are you a friend of Phil and Techno?” You tilt your head in confusion, mouth opening slightly once you realize they must be the owners of the house. 
“No, uh I just live in this pond.” 
“Oh.” The ghost trails off, unsure of what else to say. “Well, Friend likes you so I think you must be a nice person!” The sheep cries in response, moving forward to sniff in your direction. You’re not sure whether to take that as a compliment or not, either way you give a small note of appreciation. The ghost smiles again. You swim closer, not fearing his presence. 
“Ghostbur, do you have any food on you?” The ghost hums in thought before giving a small ‘nope’. You scrunch up your nose in slight annoyance. Looks like you’ll have to leave to grab something to eat. You lift yourself from the pond, shivering when you touch the snow. 
“Are you leaving so soon?” He seems sad, his eyebrows furrowing. You shake some of the water off of your skin, feeling cold already. 
“Kinda? I need to get food and some supplies so I can make a house in the pond.” You warily glance at the ghost before moving to one of the houses. The first door is locked tight but the second door gives way. Ghostbur follows you inside, his sheep joining along casually. 
You grin, spotting some chests farther inside the house. Moving forward, you quickly search through each of the chests, trying to find some food. Sadly, almost all of the chests contain building materials. You still put some stone and spruce wood into your inventory, saving them for later. 
“Wait, please don’t steal from my friends.” Ghostbur mutters quietly next to you, his hand phasing through your shoulder in an attempt to stop you. For a second, you almost falter not wanting to upset the ghost. 
“I’m not really stealing. I’m just borrowing?” You don’t sound too sure, the excuse is rather pathetic. But, he accepts it, nodding along. You shuffle through the chest, head stuffed into the object. “Do you know where they keep the food?” 
“It’s in the second chest on the left.” A deeper voice catches you off guard, the sudden sound makes you spin. Two other males stand near the doorway, appearing tense. They both hold swords in their hands, glaring at your form. “Get away from them, Ghostbur.” The blond speaks again, motioning for the spirit to move. He doesn’t, however, instead sticking closer to your side. 
“But I don’t want to. They’re a nice person, I can tell.” The ghost frowns, his sheep nearing closer to rub against his side for comfort. 
“That person is stealing our stuff.” The piglin hybrid snorts, his grip on the sword tightening. 
“Technically borrowing.” You intervene meekly. Two glares are sent your way, the action making you flinch. You apologize, gills flicking back. The movement catches the blond’s attention, his eyes widening slightly. 
“You’re an axolotl hybrid?” You look over at the man, deadpanning. Like it wasn’t completely obvious what your hybrid features were. Your response is miffed, snide. 
“Yeah, I guess so.”
The piglin hybrid snorts, turning to look at his companion with a false glare. “Phil, why does that matter?” He turns back to you, drawing his sword. “Look, get out of our house and we won’t kill you.” 
You stare them down, fingers twitching numbly. You can’t take shelter in the pond, that’ll give away your hiding spot. But, there’s no water sources nearby. Perhaps, you can wait them out. With slow movements, you cautiously brush past the pair. Your gaze doesn’t leave their weapons, prepared to draw your own in case they decide to strike. But, neither do. Instead they watch as you walk into the distance, figure disappearing in the brooks of the forest. 
Your scales are shaking with your shivers, as you crouch in the snow. Your tail slowly swishes side to side in the snow, pushing aside the material. You struggle to stay warm, teeth on the verge of chattering. Thankfully, Ghostbur followed you not long after he left. He brought along his sheep, the wool providing a small sense of warmth to your frigid body. You wait, until the lights in the houses go out and for the smoke to halt in the chimneys. Then, you rush towards the buildings. You’re quiet when you divide into the water, sighing as the warm waters embrace your form. Fish swarm around you, surprised to see you back so late. You simply ignore the flicking of their fins and questions, choosing to lay back against the coral for a nap. 
You munch weakly on some food, savoring the taste in your mouth. You couldn’t leave the pond too often, not with the others around. You didn’t want to risk getting caught anyways. It didn’t take long to start creating a house in the pond, by tunneling through a wall. The entrance wasn’t noticeable from the surface either, covered by blue and red coral fans. 
A rock lands in the pond, breaking the surface and sinking to the bottom. You watch it sink, before swimming up. For the past couple of weeks that has been your signal that Ghostbur was here to visit. He would try to visit often, but would forget easily. When he stopped by, the ghost would bring food and his pet. Your head breaks the surface, a wide smile on your face. But, the expression drops when you spot Philza at the edge of the waters. You’re about to duck back down but he shouts for you to stop. 
Cautiously, you watch the blonde approach, gaze landing on a wrapped package in his hands. He holds it out towards you, eyes kind. Carefully, you rise out of the water, taking the object. Unwrapping it reveals a loaf of fresh bread, the surface still steaming. You bite into the food, not waiting for his response. It’s quiet, just the sounds of you eating and nearby ambience. The man doesn’t say anything yet, watching your figure. You finish the bread off soon enough, feeling somewhat full. 
“Thank you.” You speak after a split second, whisker-like gills turning back in embarrassment. He doesn’t mock you or shout, like one would expect. Instead he offers a kind grin. 
“It’s no problem. Here, take these too.” He reaches through his inventory, pulling out a small cloth bag. He tosses it in your direction, letting you catch it before it hits the water. You twist it open, gasping when you spot the numerous seeds inside the pouch. You could create a farm with these! 
You shut the bag tightly, looking up quickly with shock stuck on your face. Philza can’t get another word out, your figure already disappearing under the water. The water splashes loudly as you dive, hurrying to place the seeds somewhere safe. 
Philza returns for the next couple of weeks, continuing to bring food with him. At first, you were silent, unsure of trusting this man. Sure, he’s been bringing you food but his friend did threaten to kill you. Maybe this was his way of luring you out. But, that thought fades away with time. The blond is actually quite nice, and you find yourself being good friends with Phil. Most days are spent chatting about his adventures or the places you’ve seen before. He sometimes visits with Ghostbur but never with Technoblade. 
You sigh contently, floating around the pond lazily. Philza recently brought some magma blocks, the material making the waters much water. He seats near the edge, his feet resting in the waters. He leans back against his palms, just as relaxed. You look over at him, upon seeing movement out of the corner of your eye. His cloak falls to his side, large black wings spreading out behind him. The scene has you in awe, the hybrid features surprising you. One wouldn’t know the man has wings underneath that heavy cape of his. You spin around, turning to get a better look at his wings. One of them doesn’t rise as high as the other, feathers noticeably weaker on that side. The limb is injured, weak from long ago. 
“Your wing is broken.” You swim closer, not stopping even when he peaks an eye open. 
“Yeah, that’s why I usually wear a cloak.” He closes his eyes again, wings tucking into his frame in an attempt to hide them. You leave the pool, even though the snow nips at your skin. 
“How did that happen?” You pause, sitting by his side. Not too close, but enough to see him inch away at the question. 
“It’s a long story.” That’s more than enough to know he doesn’t want to speak about the subject. You don’t push another question towards him, since that could make things worse. A breeze passes by, pushing hair back gently. It’s a break, one offered before you spout the next question: “Can I see your wings?” 
He turns to look at you, eyebrow lifting with confusion. “I suppose.” He mumbles somewhat uncomfortably, stretching his injured wing out once more. The details of the wound sticks out more up close, burns littering his skin. You reach out to touch his wing, fingers barely grazing the feathers before his wings tuck back in. 
“What are you doing?” He’s flustered, obviously. He looks at you, wide-eyed and unsure. A sincere smile meets his gaze. 
“Just trust me, please.” With those words, his wings stretch out again. He looks away, eyes closed to avoid your face. He doesn’t want to see the expression you could offer, ones he’s seen so often; disgust, fear, pity and more. But, that doesn’t happen. Your fingers trail over his wounded wing, being careful of any weak spots. 
With a deep breath, your hand begins to glow a faint color, the same shade as the scales on your dorsal fin. Slowly you reach out again, tracing across his wing. Feathers start to grow back slowly, the process steady. Burns disappear and scarred flesh fades to normal skin. You can feel the muscle tense under your palm, but Philza doesn’t move away. When done, you retreat your hand back. Small pants fall from your mouth, proof of your exhaustion and hard work. Axolotls have the gift of regeneration, being able to heal and grow back their own limbs. However, healing another is something you’ve only seen the elders back at home accomplish. Healing Phil took more energy than you expected. 
Said man tests his wing, shifting around the limb with ease. His mouth falls open, the older man speechless. His wing feels like new, maybe even stronger before the fall of L’manburg. He drags you into a tight hug suddenly, numerous words rushing from his mouth in gratitude. As much as you want to return the gesture, the feeling of nausea rising in your gut has you reeling. You go slack from the exhaustion, collapsing into his shoulder. Phil yells in shock but you miss the words he shouts, ears ringing. You can feel him lift you up from the ground, but nothing else. 
Philza rushes you inside, practically knocking down the door in a hurry. The commotion has Techno running over, the hybrid tensing up when he spots you in the older man’s arm. He wants to shout, even curse out Phil for bringing the stranger back, but the look in the avain’s eyes makes any protests die on his tongue. Instead he runs to the basement, pulling out any potions that could help. 
Waking up in an unknown location is no fun and neither when the spot gives you a crick in your back. Your eyes peel open, weakly looking around the room. You’re placed in a bathtub, the water running cold. Your tail overhangs the edge, the tub too small to hold you entirely. You sink against the edge, a soft sigh leaving your lungs. You’re still weak, limbs too tired to move. Not eating well enough and the stress of regeneration made you pass out, you knew that much. 
Techno enters the room, the door squealing when he opens it. You flinch at seeing the tall man and struggle to back away. Water splashes frantically with your movements, spilling out of the tub. 
“Stop struggling, I’m not going to hurt you.” He speaks monotonously, still standing in the doorway. He doesn’t approach even after you stop moving. 
“Where’s Philza?” You murmur warily, keeping your eyes on the taller man. You don’t trust him and he doesn’t trust you. If Phil was here, maybe you’d feel a little better about this situation. Technoblade rolls his eyes, crossing his arms stiffly. 
“He left to get potion ingredients since you used up half our stock.” You turn away at his harsh tone, feeling slightly ashamed. He seems to notice that and sighs. Techno leaves for a moment then returns with some food. It’s nothing generous, rather a chunk of bread and a steamed potato. But, with how hungry you are, you gladly take it. 
“Thank you.” Your words are quiet, almost undetected by Techno. But, the flick of his ear proves that he heard you. He simply nods, not saying anything. Then, he leaves. You end up staying in, what turns out to be, Techno’s house for a few more days. You’ve tried to reason with the pair that you’re fine going back to the pond but neither accept the excuse. Philza tosses glares in your direction along with some soft scolding while Techno merely brushes them off. At first, your encounters with the piglin hybrid were awkward. Often he would just stop by with food or bandages, per Phil’s request. He seems to warm up a bit only really because of the forced proximity and of course, because you helped his friend. 
In no time, you end up back in your pond. The two invite you over for meals sometimes, well mainly Philza invites you over. It doesn’t take long for you to meet Ranboo, the mix hybrid proving to be a sweet friend too. While he doesn’t seem as enthusiastic about water as you are, he still is kind enough to listen to you ramble. Sometimes the teen brings around items from around the area for you to decorate your house with, it’s a nice occurrence. 
“Do you need something?” You’re floating casually in the pond, staring up at Techno. He rarely approaches you, still apprehensive. You don’t blame him though, Phil and Ranboo have explained how he has trust issues with almost everyone. The older man grunts, clearly not happy with the predicament. A stray hand reaches up to scratch at the back of his neck awkwardly. 
“I’m going to an ocean monument for prismarine crystals.” 
“Okay, and…?” 
“Philza doesn’t like going in water because of his wings. And, I need someone to watch my back while I fight guardians or mine.” He looks annoyed by the situation, still facing away. His ears flick back at your giggles. 
“I’ll get some supplies just give me a minute.” You duck under the water, returning to your house momentarily. It takes seconds to grab some light armor and weapons. When you break the surface, Techno is still in the same spot looking just as bored as before. He does seem glad that you didn’t take too long, turning around and walking towards the portal. 
The journey to the monument doesn’t take nearly as long as you would have expected. It was a little uncomfortable traveling through the Nether to reach the ocean, but you brought enough water bottles for the trip. You practically dive into the water when you see it, the action making your companion chuckle quietly. 
You swim around happily, not having been in such a large body of water in so long. The water splashes loudly as you swim around with ease. You chirp lightly when you spot other axolotls in the waters, diving in their direction. The adults chirp back while the younger axolotls playfully swim around you. Techno ignores your distracted state, choosing to let you continue having fun as he nears the monument. He’s already chugged a few water breathing potions and his enchanted armor will help him survive the ocean. 
He starts at the top of the structure, already mining away at the exposed sea lanterns. Occasionally, he glances over in your direction to make sure you are staying safe. So lost in the process he doesn’t notice the guardians swimming nearby. It isn’t until he hears their screech that he finally spins around, narrowly avoiding one of their lasers. He draws his sword, slicing through two of the creatures before they can attack again. The third one though, has had enough time to charge its attack, eye aimed on Technoblade. The hybrid braces himself for the impact, knowing he can’t move fast enough. 
In seconds, the guardian goes from offense to defense. It squeaks loudly as you slam into its side and causes them to lose its focus. Your tail swishes angrily behind you, prepared to attack again. The guardian returns your glare, eye narrowing. It squeaks again before fleeing. With excitement rivaling that of a dog, you spin around to see Techno. Your grin is wide, cheeks full of pride. 
“Did you see that? The guardian was like woosh, and I went pow and now they’re gone!” You move your hands around dramatically while talking, emphasizing the sound effects as needed. You pause for a second, eyesight training behind Techno. He looks over his shoulder to spot another guardian, however this one isn’t preparing to attack. Instead, it lets out a pathetic squeal and tries to swim away while you dart after it with a group of axolotls. With an exasperated sigh, Techno goes back to collecting crystals. 
When done, he shouts for you. It takes a couple minutes for you to exit the ocean monument, apparently having gone out of your way to hunt other guardians. The smile on your face is priceless and has him faltering for a second, he doesn’t see you this happy often. The trip back isn’t quiet for once, Techno actually engaging slightly in conversation. The snow greets you both warmly, although it certainly isn’t pleasant for you. Feeling dehydrated, mainly from The Nether, you begin to ruffle through your pockets for a water bottle. 
A hand moves in front of your face, holding out a potion bottle of water. You look back at the owner, shock settling into your features. Technoblade doesn’t say anything, pushing the drink to you in motion to take it. With the slowness of a stray, you grasp onto the bottle. You sip at the water, feeling your gills perk up. 
“Thank you.” 
“It’s no problem.” He keeps walking, facing ahead. You catch up with his long strides with some difficulty, almost brushing against his shoulder. 
“So, you carry water for me?” Your tone is teasing, tail flicking with playfulness. He snorts, cheeks flushing lightly from embarrassment. 
“Don’t overthink it. I’d never hear the end of it if you died on my watch.” 
“Oh, sure.” You draw out the word, obviously not believing his words. He grumbles, walking away faster. With a laugh, you trail behind him, knowing that he isn’t actually angry. You follow him into the house, not just yet retreating to your home. Philza waves from the kitchen, the man already having started on dinner. You smile fondly, remembering how surprised the hybrid was when he found out you lived in the pond. But, he took it as a compliment, considering he made the space. 
You flop down on the couch, limbs sprawling out as you get comfortable. Techno eventually joins you on the other side, after removing his armor and cape. It’s a peaceful silence, almost nice enough to fall asleep in. Technoblade is reading a potions book, flicking the pages over every couple of minutes. He sniffs, a hand raising to move some hair out of his face. But, the strand falls again leading him to tuck it behind his ear a few more times, agitation increasing. 
With a groan, you scoot over to his side of the couch. You face his side, sitting with your legs crossed. He lifts an eyebrow, as a silent question, urging you to speak. 
“Turn around.” 
“I want to braid your hair. It’ll stop falling in your face.” You lean forward in excitement, practically bouncing in your seat. He sighs loudly but agrees, shifting so his back is to you. You run your hands through his hair briefly, amazed by how soft it is. Once done admiring, you split his hair into three sections and start braiding it. It’s a simple braid, although a little messy, but gets the job done. When finished, you scoot back to look over his hair. He turns back around, a finger lifting to run alongside a small braid near the crown of his head. Techno turns to look at you, mumbling a thank you. 
You fall back clumsy, sprawling out on the couch again. Your feet land in his lap, but Techno doesn’t say anything about it. Instead, he goes back to reading. 
“Are you guys ready for dinner?” Philza calls out from the kitchen, and eventually walks into the living room after not getting a response. He blinks owlishly upon spotting Techno with braided hair and you lying out lazily. “Uh, guys?” He pauses, a knowing smirk forming. “The salmon is ready.” 
The food, a favorite of axolotls, has you springing forward with brilliant energy. You stumble over your feet, rushing to the kitchen. The two chuckle and follow you. The sight of your tail wagging quickly and piling up a plate sends them into a laughing fit. They’re certainly glad to have you around. You’ve made life more interesting and brighten their days with the simplest of actions. Not waiting another second, the pair join their friend at the table for a night full of joy and lively conversation. 
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bozowrites · 2 months ago
I Love you
↳ The moment they knew they loved you.
Members: [CC] Dream, Georgenotfound, Sapnap, Wilbur Soot, Quackity, Karl Jacobs, Nihachu and Fundy x Reader (separate)
TW: hecking ton of fluff, swears, use of real names
Tumblr media
You were messing around with Patches, using a laser to have her go in circles around the coffee table. Clay chuckled and continued to scroll through Twitter. It was just a peaceful, no stream or recording day for him. “Oh, my gosh! Patches!” he looked up to meet you cradling Patches in your arms, rocking her back and forth as if a real child.
“What’s wrong?”
“She hit her head on the coffee table. Oh, my poor baby.” you coddled her, softly giving her kisses all around her face. Clay grinned, looking back down at his phone.
They’re so damn cute. I think I’m in love with them.
Tumblr media
You two were watching a movie, something George had picked out for the Friday movie night marathon. It was a comedy, of course. What movie night doesn’t have comedy? This one particular scene got to you, causing a huge eruption of laughter that anyone in a twenty mile radius could hear. You hiccuped in between and held your stomach. You were clearly trying to ease the laugh, but it only got worse as George laughed with you—well, more like at you. Neither of you could stop and the movie only continued, though neither were concentrating.
There was something in the moment when George looked at you through tear filled eyes that he saw someone perfect. Gosh, he loved you. He wanted you forever.
Tumblr media
Sapnap, Clay and you were sitting at a table in the park, one of those wooden picnic tables, and watching the other families walk, run, skip by. You insisted on making them go outside with you. Minecraft YouTubers need sun too, you told them.
“Y/n?” Clay got your attention, dragging your eyes from a passing kid to him from across the table. Clay showed his phone. It was a meme of a show you two enjoyed together. Sapnap didn’t really like it himself, but thankfully you had Clay to watch it with. You laughed at the meme, going on to talk about the scene in said meme. Sapnap could only watch the interaction and smile. His best friend and significant other are getting along so well. Two of his favourite people were getting along. Two of the people he loves were friends. It was a sudden thought, but he knew it was true. He really loves you.
Tumblr media
He just finished streaming with Tommy and Alex, now going to lay down. It was so exhausting to him. He just wanted to sleep now. But when he got to that comfy sofa of his, he could smell the food. His favourite food. He got up to see, to wander into the kitchen, and found you setting up the table with the food you made. You made him dinner?
“What’s this?”
“Food, duh.” you said sarcastically, giving him a smirk. “Well, no shit,” he laughed, giving you a small kiss atop of your head and taking a seat and the head of the table. “I mean, what’s the occasion of making all this?”
“No reason. I just thought you deserved something special.” Wilbur let out a breathy chuckle. How did he get someone so amazing as you? Someone to love him this much? Oh, Gods, he was in love with you big time.
Tumblr media
“Y/n? Have you seen my beanie?” Alex walked into his room, looking through a few draws to find his danged beanie before he streams. “Yeah.”
“Really? Wher—” he stopped mid word once he saw said beanie on your head. You smirked. “I think it looks a lot better on me.” he got out his phone, chuckling. “Never in a million years will you look better than me in a beanie. I’m the king of beanie wearers.” he took a ton of pictures, not caring when you gave him the finger. He laughed as he fell onto the bed with you, taking the beanie from your head. “Thank you very much.”
“You’re welcome very much, Handsome.” he grinned, giving you a peck on the lips. “I’ve gotta stream. Will you be here when I’m done?”
“Of course. Maybe I’ll even have food for us.”
“How did I ever score you?”
“No idea, but you better enjoy it.”
“I fucking love it.” I fucking love you.
Tumblr media
He was on Facetime with George, talking about this and that. You were sitting beside him, cuddling into his side with a blanket wrapped around you. “Y/n? Is Karl lying to me?” George asked, making Karl tilt the camera so you were in view. “Yes.”
“Hey! You’re supposed to be on my side.” Karl pouted, sticking out his bottom lip. You leaned up and gave him a peck, grinning and said, “Sorry, Baby.” George gagged and whined about having to see the affectionate love.
Love? Do I love Y/n? Karl giggled. Yes, I do.
Tumblr media
As much as streaming was fun, a lot of hate could come with it. Niki wasn’t having the best day, something about the hate she was getting recently hitting her differently. You were holding her, keeping her phone and any form of internet out of her reach and had beautifully scented candles lit for calmness. She had her hands wrapped around your back, gripping onto the fabric of your hoodie. Her face was tucked under your chin and you had hands holding her tight. She felt so safe with you.
“Y/n?” you hummed, running a hand up and down Niki’s back for comfort. “Are you mad at me?” It was a ridiculous question, she knew that, but sometimes that reassurance is everything to some people. “Don’t be silly, Niki. I would never be mad at you, but you know what I am feeling?” Niki looked up, meeting eye to eye with you. “Hungry.” Niki laughed at the blunt tone used and the now heard rumbling stomach followed after your statement.
You’re the person she wants to be with forever.
Tumblr media
It was one of the chillest days for Floris. He was just sitting there, hand over lips and holding his chin as he watched you type something on your phone. He was just thinking, just thinking what you were to him. His partner, his significant other. It was so simple, but when you gave a deep chuckle and typed faster, he felt a pull at his heart.
I love you.
Tumblr media
@llvyu @lukerycyja @quivvyintheclouds @lmfaosoph @b3l0v3ds @sabinanotfound @youngstarfishdinosaur @acidtabletz @loonylovegood13
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dreamcatcherrs · 2 months ago
when you wear their hoodie; mcyt x reader
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the widest smile spreads onto his face
the possessive side of him comes out to show when he hugs you - to him, this shows that you're his
“how can you possibly be this cute?”
Tumblr media
george halts and just stares before giggling lightly with that big smile on his face; “is that my hoodie?”
likes seeing you in his hoodies more than he thought. plus, he sees it as a great opportunity to show off his merch😎
Tumblr media
oh, he totally teases you about it
“you’re an actual thief, y/n.” and then he proceeds to tackle you in a bear hug
he do be giving mixed signals
Tumblr media
“y/n! warn me next time when showing up looking this adorable ^-^.”
keeps poking at your sides and just looking at you with big eyes ‘cause he thinks you're super cute in his clothes
Tumblr media
plays it off cool, but as always, he is DYING on the inside
“you could've just told me if you were cold…”
he will end up cuddling with you later because “you might end up getting cold again, and he can't let that happen.”
Tumblr media
wilbur soot:
“lil baby! lil’ baby boo!”
he literally goes on with this for HOURS
keeps poking your cheeks and randomly smiling at you for the rest of the day
Tumblr media
“if you don't get over here right now, I’m gonna have to drag you over here.”
sounds serious and looks it, but when you come over to him, he’s all cuddles and kisses, inhaling the scent you’ve spread onto his hoodie
Tumblr media
corpse husband:
his insides flip upside down
just the way the hoodie sleeves go over your hands- shfsjhfjh it has him shaking from cuteness
“you're so cute,” he’d say and leave you with a forehead kiss.
Tumblr media
karl jacobs:
he literally freaks out and can't even react properly with words
“cute” is all he says, and then he’s wrapping his arms around you, swinging you from side to side
he’ll be clinging onto you for the rest of the day
Tumblr media
“baby, literally stop, you're the cutest.”
drops everything to go over and ruffle your hair up, and then pull the hood over your head
seeing you in his hoodie warms his heart
Tumblr media
“are you trying to take my brand from me?”
mainly he just jokes around with you, but he definitely thinks it looks good on you
Tumblr media
his eyes widen, and if he’s holding something, you best believe he’s gonna drop it
“what’s this then?”
grabs you by the waist and kisses your nose
Tumblr media
rubs his chin slowly, looking you up and down
“damn, babe. you can have my whole closet if you want it.”
makes you sit on his lap for the entire time he’s streaming
Tumblr media
simp hours; open
“c’mere baby. I want a closer look.”
he only says that so he can get you close enough to pull you into his embrace and keep you there
Tumblr media
he literally runs up to wrap his arms tightly around your body, lifting you up in the air and swinging you around
“never. take. it off.”
holds your hand under the sleeve a lot
Tumblr media
moves closer to inspect you
“you're… wearing my hoodie?”
feels so proud of himself and will remember this moment forever
Tumblr media
“ahhhh, that's mine!”
gets super excited, and grabs a matching one so he can match with you!
hugs you a lot
Tumblr media
jack manifold:
he is so fucking proud of himself and will never stop speaking of this moment
takes so many pictures and videos of you when you're cuddling together
just to have them saved for later
Tumblr media
time stands still for him for a moment, trying to recall if you had a hoodie exactly the same as his, or if it is okay for him to freak out about this
and so he does
but he is lowkey clingy for the rest of the day, so it’s definitely had an effect on him
Tumblr media
“awh, y/n. you looks so cute :(”
swings his arm around your shoulders to pull you into him with a sweet smile on his face
fiddles a lot with the sleeves and your fingers
Tumblr media
“wow, can't believe I'm dating a criminal.” (because you stole his hoodie)
jokes with you about it, but really, he finds it super cute that you would just naturally wear his hoodie
pulls at the hood strings to make your face disappear behind the hood
Tumblr media
tag list✰
@zayenz @terribletoothbat @0t0n1n @0125cm @yukiuheh @shinee-is-5-forever @regularnoceur @b01nk-b0w@christhebish@nutritious-emo-crackkk@bookishreid@giavanna-707 @reddiesmcdonalds@cosmins@vixxzial@autumnpleaves@paradigmax@meaganjm@shiningsunrises@moralofwalls@username1212131@gxldentaestuff@innitdream @televisionpresent38 @bubblyanis@zurami@highoffhockey@popinjaytaylor@196os@livsbaby@doubts-of-gold@bunlina@retrav @mcyt-is-my-life@aleaisntcreative @my-shitpost-of-writing @my-shitpost-of-writing@clownsdrowning@pissbabywastaken@shiningsunrises @tie-dyed-dumbass @death-by-rats@simpfordraco @bippity-boppity-boopa@neongreendaydreams  @vibin-by-myself@littlepotatos0w0@christhebish @pipp-poppz@btsiguess-kpop@prettysmallfries@hiyoko-kos@kenmxskitten@fudrudy@weepingartanimespy@rhino-zucchini@goldenstarofthunderclan@melonmarz@ubeicecreamisthebest@polaroidinurroom @ady-yoo@isimpforeveryone@edenhollandd@ineedtogetoutofhere@glitter-night @hamilsandersfam@mothheart-witch @wrong-exit@trashcanfullofdork @hellfirepheonixx @marshmallow-babe@isimpforeveryone @ky50621 @randomcloud@wormie4k@dinonuggies50  @p4rty-t4ttoos@aspenthegremlin@book-of-anarchy @jeyacore @thetattooink@gogywasfound@millavalntyne@junob1ade@ubeicecreamisthebest@karida @i-have-paws-love@drvgonraja@eatasslikegrass@creamofweep@venusomega@lunarfedora@rowe-n @wreny24 @vincent-stargogh@floatingplanets@vernon-dursley @childhoodgrunge@fivxss@hexagonclash@crazyjuls12 @littlebabysandboxburritos@shifted-dreams@lenamarie666 @reinyrei @sozvuchiy @weaslvy-mxlfoy@aiofheavenandhell @honeyglaazed @carisle-mikealson@ineedtogetoutofhere@twist3dtinkerbell@cracraforfandoms@angel-dazey @leia-starly @smiithys @squiddyyyy@c0wc0ww@animeweeb019284 @m00-bl00m-k0le @stqrs-thoughts @jenlouvre @uhhhguiltypleasures@trappedchest@punzrights@trashgremlin36 @cyberrsoot@elebeleb @k3nn3dis-crap@karlshoodies @rascal-in-banishment@heartbroken-writer@bartok-the-magnificent@ihavenoideashelp@goldiefox1@bethybop @helluhru @venuzblr@pha5ed5tar50 @cscooop@bethybop @lunareclipse-13 @http-strawberryy@mahitophobic@ahmya-4 @dracoscumwh0re @darkdaria1 @jiminifiess@orchardangel @shyorchider@cupcake54492@natsueyama@honeyconnie @notacardigan@maybeshroom @sbi-is-my-onlysanity @yoshi-rikuaeshetic@gayyysunflower @sarahwasfound@ditzyjitters @queenelkiexx @jinxy175 @starlight-writes-stuff@youngstarfishdinosaur @dilfpunz​ @officialsimppage​ @sa-edal​ @lemon-cow @someinsanefangirl​ @noncannonships@simplestradicalform @buzzer-s
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mothra-mcyt · 2 months ago
mcyters reaction to teen!reader passing them in YouTube subs? love ur work btw
☾ MCYT’s reaction to young reader passing them in subs ☽
Sorry if it’s not a lot i didn’t have a lot of ideas for this
》 Dream 《
At first acts as if he was jealous but in reality is very proud of you and what you have accomplished
Whenever people say that you don’t deserve all the hype he gets very protective
Isn’t afraid to have twitter beef with someone for you
》 George 《
Is very very happy for you and very proud that you managed to accomplish something like that at such a young age
Thinks that you definitly deserve all of them and more
》 Sapnap 《
When he first hears that you first passed him in subs he got a little jealous
"How the fuck did you get more subs than me, that's not fair >:("
"Maybe because you never stream Sapnap."
"... fair"
》 Tommy 《
This man refuses to show kindness in front of chat so when he first hears about it on stream he acts very jealous and starts a bit on how much he hates you and how much subs you have
After stream he dms you telling you how proud he is of you and how much you deserve all of them
》 Wilbur 《
Constantly talks about how proud of you he is and how much you deserve all the of it
Gets very defensive whenever people say that you don't deserve all the subs and fame
》 Technoblade 《
(I did youtube followers instead with him)
"Nooooooo please not you too"
"You literally only ever stream or release a video once a month Techno"
"Okay well that's true bUT STILL noooooo"
》 Ranboo 《
Passing him in twitch subscribers is really hard considering how many he has so when he hears about how you passed him in subs is very shocked at first
Very supportive and thinks it's very awesome that you two are now one the most subscribered twitch streamer despite being so young
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amistakehadhappened · 3 months ago
Y/n with the SBI (part 11 thanks for liking this bullshit):
Everyone eating at the dinner table:
Wilbur: What would be a horrible song to play at a childs funeral?
Y/n: Die Young by Kesha.
Philza: *Chokes on food*
Technoblade: *Fucking laughing*
Tonmy: Y/n Wtf-
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fandomlit · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
gif cred belongs to @fairytailqueenlucy
requested by anon “Hi! Can you please write a Technoblade x F Reader? You can do anything with it, just please make it fluf!!”
a/n y’all,, more rqs like these pls, i had too much fun
imagine technoblade liking you and philza teasing him for it
“do the voices ever talk to you about y/n?” phil asked curiously as he and technoblade read their respective books in the living room. he waited for some kind of reaction from the piglin, but the hybrid just gave him a skeptical look. realizing he probably thought it was another attempt to get him to talk about his feelings for you, phil quickly added, “just curious.”
“sometimes,” techno grumbled, looking away from phil again. “they talk about everyone.”
phil rested his head in his hand, his attention still drawn away from his book. “what are they saying about me right now?”
“they think you’re ruining a perfectly good book.”
phil let out a laugh, turning his gaze back down. “message received.”
“ranboo!” their gazes snapped back up to see you had finally come down from your room, just as ranboo had entered from his quest for more iron.
“whaat?” the boy groaned, obviously tired from his morning adventure.
“kneel down, tall boy,” you giggled, finally coming into view of the two men. you were still in pajamas; a pair of shorts and a way too big shirt you had stolen from phil ages ago. phil thought to himself how cute you looked, then smugly looked over to see the slightest blush on techno’s fair skin.
ranboo sighed as he knelt down to your level, making bored eye contact as you shook your head at him.
“you have cobwebs, kid,” you teased, beginning to pick the silky webbing out of his hair. “you were in a cave, weren’t you?”
“yeah,” he sighed, ducking his head forward so you could continue without problem. “my anvil broke this morning.”
“i see,” you hummed. “you know what this tells me though?” ranboo opened his eyes curiously. “you’re not wearing a helmet when you go mining.” ranboo groaned as you began to lightly lecture him.
“what are the voices saying now?” phil spoke over to techno quietly as you and ranboo continued to converse.
techno kept his gaze locked on you. “two things. one, she’d be a great mother.” phil nodded in agreement, looking back to the endearing scene before them. “two.. she needs a new sleep shirt.”
“oh?” phil hummed, turning to his friend completely with a teasing grin. “like one of yours?”
“shut it.”
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dreamcatcherrs · 2 months ago
waking them up from a nap; mcyt x reader
+ crack & fluff content!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
he’s so confused and groggy when he wakes up
“what day is it?” “clay, it’s literally been two hours.”
Tumblr media
oh, you don't wanna wake him up. it’s literally impossible
“wake up, george! it’s been three days.”
he just covers his ears with his pillow and blocks you out
Tumblr media
“why don't you just join me?”
he’s a pretty convincing guy, and now you're officially stuck in his arms, congrats!
Tumblr media
he literally smiles so widely when he wakes up and sees you
“thanks for waking me, pumpkin.”
Tumblr media
he is not waking up, you needy bitch
turns his back to you and grunts
Tumblr media
wilbur soot:
his hair’s messy and his voice is all raspy when he turns to you
“just five more minutes, baby.”
Tumblr media
tosses a pillow at your face, hard
“don't. you. fucking. dare.”
someone’s pissed
Tumblr media
corpse husband:
grabs your hand that's shaking him awake and pulls you down to him
uses you as his pillow as your punishment for trying to wake him up
Tumblr media
karl jacobs:
pulls you under the sheets with him and wraps both of you in a burrito
Tumblr media
“it can't already have been three hours!”
he’ll be groaning and tossing around for a while before getting up
Tumblr media
he’s already awake before you get the chance to wake him up
“couldn’t sleep any longer anyway :)”
Tumblr media
“babeeeee. nooooo.”
slides under the sheets and groans when you pull them off of him
Tumblr media
he is so whiney and lowkey angry about it
“what the fuck? I wasn't done sleeping.”
Tumblr media
hushes you and grabs your hand before you even have the chance to ask him to get up
“no talking. just sleeping.”
Tumblr media
“awh, not already :(”
convinces you that the only way he can wake up is if you cuddle with him
Tumblr media
his voice is, like, deep deep. I would think twice before waking him up, is all I’m saying
“there’s no way I’m waking up already.”
Tumblr media
holds onto your finger and moans out a slurred response
before falling right back asleep again
Tumblr media
jack manifold:
“at least give me a warning first!”
surprisingly gets up not that long after and isn't salty about it
Tumblr media
tommy is either really clingy, or really pissed - depends on his mood
“why would you wake me up?!” and then he falls asleep again with his head on your shoulder
Tumblr media
is scared half to death when you shake him awake
“holy shit, y/n! you scared the crap out of me.”
Tumblr media
“but I don't wanna wake up! :(”
huffs about it for a minute, but then gets super clingy and hugs you till his mind’s awake
Tumblr media
tag list✰
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rae-writes · 3 months ago
Heterochromia Soulmate AU
Dream, Punz, Philza, Schlatt, DreamXD x reader (separate)
word count : 1.k
warnings : none
synopsis : Everyone is born with Heterochromia. Your right eye is your own natural eye color while your left eye is your soulmates specific eye color; Only once you meet your soulmate, face to face with your eyes meeting, does your left eye fade to your natural eye color, signaling that you’ve found them
Tommy, rightfully so, didn’t wanna go back to the prison after his first and hopefully final visit, which is why you’re walking through Pandora’s Vault yourself 
You weren’t really worried, sure you’d been in a few scuffles with Dream and his team, but who on the server hasn’t? You were actually excited- Tommy was free! Something you got to rub in Dream’s face for him
Only thing was...Dream wasn’t wearing his mask
The lava had fallen back in place, leaving the two of you frozen in shock with an underlying feel of terror. What was supposed to be a cocky and condescending tone came out meek as you whispered his ‘name’. 
His eyes were locked onto your left eye, feeling lightheaded when the green slowly faded to e/c. “Y/n…” he was breathless; he felt powerless under your gaze. 
Managing the courage, you stepped over the barrier line, feeling under your left eye curiously. “Is this real?” You blinked, and both of his beautiful green eyes were staring back. 
“I...think so.” Dream never imagined he’d meet his soulmate, much less that it’d be you : Big sibling figure to Tommyinnit and the minors, peace maker Y/n L/n- the one who stood up to literally anybody and everybody. Either way, he couldn’t stop himself from smiling. 
You gulped, fighting down the instinctive smile that wanted to crawl up your face, “Dream, I-“
“Clay.” He was right in front of your face with a single step. 
You shut your eyes tightly, “...C-clay.” His lips were warm and chapped. 
“My soulmate.” You’d been right in front of him this whole time; now he had you. 
Punz was a well known mercenary- a well known ally of Dream, too. Everyone knew who they were and everyone stayed out of their way; everyone but you
Anytime they tried to do something “wrongen” like, as Tommy would put it, you got in their way and trashed their plans. So Dream finally ordered Punz to kill you
Now, you hadn’t met the blonde face to face before, but you had a feeling he was gonna be sent after you sometime or another, so you were ready for him. Although, you weren’t exactly ready for what he strutted around with
Punz was leaning back against your front door when you returned home, brandishing his trident smugly. You kept walking, unbothered, until you were just a little ways away. Taking off your hood, you looked up with a sarcastic comment on your tongue- one that quickly faded. 
“Well I’ll be damned.” You regarded Punz’s left eye with a small grin, feeling giddy when it’s color faded back to ice blue. “You’re actually pretty cute too~” 
Without hesitation, Punz put his trident away and smirked, “Yeah?” Fuck the money- you were priceless. “You’re not so bad yourself, troublemaker.” Punz jogged over and pulled you into his chest.
Although you were filled with the adrenaline of finding your soulmate, a frown still settled on your face, “Aren't you gonna take one of my canon lives?” A kiss over your left eye had you smiling again. 
“Fuck no, Dream can take his money and go somewhere else with it. I’m not laying a finger on you...a harmful finger, anyway.” He couldn’t stop his hands from roaming over every inch of your body he could reach; he was already addicted.
Your head tilted back slightly to give his hand more room to settle around your throat, “I’m Y/n, though I’m sure you’re already aware of that.” 
“And I’m sure you’re already aware of my name but…” His grin made you breathless, “You can call me Luke instead.” 
Phil had lived countless mortal lifetimes and not once did he meet his soulmate, but unlike every other person, he had a small symbol under his soulmate eye : 3 green hearts
He didn’t know what it meant, not until he stumbled upon the Dream SMP decades later 
You were just tending to your flowers and feeding the murder of crows that always came to your doorstep when Technoblade appeared with a winged blonde 
It was surreal to say the least, to look up at someone and see your own eye colors looking back. It was even more surreal knowing exactly what that meant. You were sure your face resembled shock, but the blonde man just took a step back and laughed.
“Oh gods, I never...I never thought I’d find you.” Phil’s winged fluttered happily as he continued to laugh in disbelief, looking over at his friend with mirth. 
Your finger came up to run over your small tattoo : A row of three hearts, but two were black, and one was red with smaller designs inside. “You’re the one with only a single canon life, aren’t you?” 
Phil’s eyes widened slightly at what you were hinting at, going to rub over his own tattoo, “Canon lives? That’s what this has meant all this time?” His brow twitched in irritation at his own idiocy.
You snickered, shuffling over to lean against him, “I assume, then, this is your murder of crows?” Smiling at the embarrassed smile he gave you, you lifted a hand, allowing one of the crows to land on you. “They like to tell me things, you know.” 
The Angel of Death began stuttering, tripping over his words before quieting at your boisterous laugh. His eyes softened when you told him you were joking, caving in to the instinct of wrapping his wings around you. 
“I’ve waited thousands of years for you, you know?”
As Wilbur’s little sibling, and the esteemed middle child, you were forced to accompany him to his political meetings when Tommy didn’t want to. Lucky you. 
Seated there today would be George, Fundy, that Quackity fellow, and a man named Schlatt- someone your brother thoroughly warned you about beforehand 
What he didn’t warn you about was the dreaded feeling of discovering that your other half was on your family and friend’s opposing side
Quackity was the first to notice you, fluttering his pale yellow wings in greeting, “Nice of you to join us again, Mi Amigo!”
You grinned at the man, waving enthusiastically to make up for your lack in wings to flutter. You went around the table to ruffle your nephew’s hair and respectfully nod at George before looking at the Ram hybrid, who had his head tilted down, “I assume you are JSchlatt then, correct?” 
“Depends on who’s askin’ sweetcheeks.” The brunette swung his head back, glancing up at you with hooded eyes. His lips formed a cocky smirk at seeing your left eye : it matched his right one perfectly. “Oh? What do we have here then?”
Your mind felt fuzzy at the way he practically purred out his words, dazed at the sight of his left eye color slowly melting to mirror the other. “No fucking way…” You swiveled your head around to see your brother’s lost expression; neither of you knew what to do.
Schlatt’s calloused hand caressed your cheek rather gently, “None of that now, look at me.” He gripped your chin firmly to turn your gaze back to him and whistled lowly, “What a beauty, and you’re all mine, too. Aren’t cha?” 
You could practically taste the ‘yes, I am’ on your tongue that your mouth was more than willing to whimper out, but a hand grasped your wrist and yanked you back. 
“No fucking way! I don’t give a damn if the universe paired you with them, stay the fuck away from my little sibling!” Wilbur snarled, spine shooting up straighter to his full height. Ignoring everyone in the room, he began ushering you out the door, “We’ll finish this meeting at a later date.”
Your eyes caught Schlatt’s one last time before the door was slammed shut and you knew you’d be back tomorrow to seek the hybrid out. 
You thought George was fucking stupid. Yeah, you knew how much he loved Dream- you used to be friends with the blonde, but making a deal with a god? For forever? You didn’t think so. 
You interrupted their little meeting and laid down what was really gonna happen : George would get his netherite in exchange for you being friends with X for forever 
He happily accepted, despite George’s protests, so now you were bound to DreamXD. Maybe it wasn’t all bad though, considering what followed
“Go back to Kinoko Kingdom George.” You sighed, shaking your head disappointedly, “Get some rest too, maybe it’ll clear your head.” You took off towards your house, seeing the winged god follow in your peripheral vision. 
“Say, why do you wear sunglasses, Y/n?” The god pondered, ducking down so he could enter your home. 
“Why do you wear a mask, XD?” 
He tilted his head, “That is a fair response...I suppose, since we are friends now, I should show you what I look like in my mortal form.” 
Your eyes widened, not expecting him to answer in that way. You watched in awe as his form changed, leaving a golden blonde man in his wake that was decked out in royal clothing. 
“There. I have to admit, I haven’t been in this form in a long time.” His nearly fluorescent green eye glanced at you from the side before he motioned upwards.
A small ‘oh’ left your lips, your hands moving to slide off your sunglasses in response. “I always got weird stares because of my left eye so I had to…” the black glasses cracked as soon as they hit the ground.
X’s mouth parted, letting out a small ‘huh.’ before he turned to face you, showing off his own left eye. “A mortal is my soulmate?” 
The beautiful green fluorescence swam in both of his eyes now as you involuntarily stepped forward, “Pretty…”
A green thread wrapped around your ring finger, tying and breaking off on its own. 
“Stay with me forever.” 
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chippedaxe · a month ago
axe! axe! axe!
awesome thought i just had!
belly bulging!
could you do reactions to seeing your belly bulge?
•─────⋅☾ ☽⋅─────•
Title: Belly bulge mcyt hc's
Warnings: NSFW at the cut (Minors don't read that), belly bulging, bit of size kink, cockwarming, bit of breeding,
Pronouns: They/Them, non gender specific anatomy (mentions of holes)
Synopsis: The dsmp members react to seeing your belly bulge from their penis <3
Word count: 1k
Note: Thank u for the request, beloved 🪴 anon <3 ALSO TY SM FOR CALLING ME AXE. Most people call me my other name that I prefer (and it is my name but I also want people to use Axe) and I appreciate it sm ^^
•─────⋅☾ ☽⋅─────•
c! Dream
- He's thrusting into you missionary style and that's when he sees the lovely sight, his eyes give a bit of a glow through the mask and he grins. He stifles for a moment to admire his master piece and you're left there wondering what's going on "are you alright?" you ask with concern.
- He thrusts slowly and that's when he sees his cock move inside of you, he bites his lip and thrusts into you a little bit harder so that there'd be a more visible shape in your stomach "Ah! D-Dream!" you gasped as he suddenly thrust into you roughly.
- Dream grabbed your hand and gently placed it over your stomach, he then let you press down and feel his cock moving inside of you "your belly bulge is so fucking hot.." Dream sighs in pleasure and continues to happily stretch your hole (and stomach) <3
c! Sapnap
- You noticed the way your belly bulged while Sapnap bent you over and fucked into your sweet hole, you moved your hand down to feel his cock moving inside of you, you gasped and scared Sapnap slightly "why'd you gasp? You okay, baby?" Sapnap checked up on you.
- You move his hand down to feel the bulge "What am I feeling?" Sapnap asked, he slowly moved his hips in you and that's when he realized "Shit.. That's pretty hot" Sapnap cursed in your ear as he kept thrusting.
- He didn't remove his hand from your stomach as he kept fucking you, his cock moving in and out of your belly, you whined and cried on the bed. Sapnap is so big compared to you, or at least his dick is <3
c! George
- You were riding him roughly on the bed and that's when he noticed something, George grabbed onto your hips and made you pause your actions. He inspected it and his eyes lit up 'is that.. my cock?' he thought to himself "what is it, baby? What's wrong?" you asked.
- George roughly snapped his hips up into you as an experiment, he hissed when he saw the sight of his cock moving inside of you "you've got the sweetest belly bulge.." George praised.
- You look down and yelp when you see the most noticeable bulge in your stomach ever, you hesitantly bring your hands down to feel it inside of you, you gasp at the feeling of it. George thrusts in you and you moan out of surprise, the bulge moving against your hand "woah.."
c! Eret
- She ordered you to ride her while she sat on the throne and sat there like a pretty fucking doll, his hips would thrust up into you every so often but it's only when you'd slow down the pace.
- You gasped when you felt their cock suddenly go in even deeper, you looked down at yourself and tensed up when you saw the huge bulge in your stomach "aw baby, you just got so tight around me.." Eret moaned softly.
- You grabbed Eret's chin gently and you directed her face towards the bulge in your tummy "that's your penis" you told them "my penis? wow, I'm really stretching you out.." Eret bit her lip "Anyways, why don't you stop sitting there being pretty and you keep riding for me, okay?" Eret tapped your cheek and made you start riding him again.
c! Karl
- You sat on his cock while you two were just chilling out, you would shuffle your hips every so often but you mainly just remained still on his lap. You yawned and looked down to see yourself, your eyes widened when you saw the huge bulge "what the fuck?" you cursed.
- "what is it??" Karl automatically gets extremely worried at first "what's this bulge in my stomach??" you hesitantly poke it and that's when Karl lets out a soft moan "I think.. I - I think that's my penis" Karl tells you.
- you gasp "really?? it's so.. big!" you start riding him to see how the bulge moves inside of you "That's so cool!" you smile in excitement "woah.. don't stop- please!" Karl whined, you had just started fucking him after cock warming him for a whole hour so now he was really sensitive "yeah.. fill my stomach with more of you <3" you bite your lip.
c! Punz
- "you're so fucking good to me, doll." Punz curses "thank you! Thank you- I'm gonna cum!!" you squealed, you were on the edge of cumming but Punz suddenly stopped and made you lose that pressure in your stomach "what?? I thought I was a good pet..." you whined.
- Punz just blinked for a few moments before suddenly grabbing your hair and thrusting even harder inside of you, your eyes travelled down to see what he was looking at and thats when you saw the enormous bulge! It was moving inside of you so harshly!
- Punz went even faster towards the end "Gonna fill you, okay? Make your belly even bigger and bulgier!" Punz groaned into your ear before cumming inside of you, his load shooting out into your hole "I.." you panted tiredly "I don't think that worked.." you gulped.
- Punz pulled out of you and then pressed down on your stomach, you both watched as his cum pooled out of your hole "see?"
•─────⋅☾ ☽⋅─────•
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cupidmybeloved · 2 months ago
family dynamic sbi x sibling!gn!reader
tommy: you knitted him a cow (henry) for his 4th birthday and he’s kept it with him ever since. no matter what you knit him every year, he just won’t let go of that god damned raggedy cow. the last thing you knitted for him was a red tote bag upon his request. he said it was to carry his discs around more conveniently. you knew about his secret little rendezvous during the early hours of dawn so one day you decided to wait for him to come back. much to your surprise, tommy came back with a red tote bag filled to the brim, not with discs but with freshly picked flowers.
techno: for christmas you had made him a gigantic blanket which he absolutely adored. but if you were being honest, you had only made the blanket out of pettiness due to him constantly complaining about all the blankets in the house being too small. you had hidden a bunch of references in the blanket design for him to find. from things like greek mythology to coded sentences, you did it all. sometimes you’ll be minding your own business and then hearing techno yell in celebration about finding another hidden reference. he often finds himself asking you to knit him clothes since regular human ones just don’t fit him right. once as a joke you made him a bracelet with solar colour changing yarn so he could stick his arm out the window to find out if it was daytime or not without having to blind himself by opening the curtains.
philza: on father’s day he found a bucket hat that you had left on his pillow, it was quite similar to his usual hat, with the slight difference that this one had a few more uses. you had used magical yarn for the hat that causes it to change colour based on the current weather. waterproofing the hat was a difficult task but nonetheless, you had managed to find a villager who was willing to help and now the hat could be used as a bucket. the last thing you added to the hat was prot 3 and oh boy was that a pain. no one was willing to enchant protection on non-armour items so you had to do it yourself.
wilbur: over the years you’ve knitted wilbur many different things but his favourite has to be the glow in the dark guitar strap you made him because he kept loosing his guitar. although, the red beanie he wore everyday was a close second. on april fools day you switched out his iconic beanie with one that looked red but turned bright pink as soon as he wore it. you, tommy, and phil had a blast calling him technoblade the whole day. you swore you even saw techno crack a smile, wilbur however, was loosing it. he didn’t understand why everyone was calling him by his twin's name and quite frankly, he found it offensive.
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amistakehadhappened · 3 months ago
Y/n: I need some serotonin.
Ranboo: *stands up*
Ranboo: *Sits back down*
Ranboo: I forgot what serotonin was for a second and was about to go get you some.
Y/n: Awwww Ranboo thats so sweet.
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bozowrites · 3 months ago
I can imagine the way dream reveals the baby was born, is that he will make you and him wear the smile hoodies and get a custom onesie for the baby with a smile on it, and tweet out with “all smiles here”
↳ Telling the viewers P2.
Members: [CC] Dream, Georgenotfound, Sapnap, Wilbur Soot, Quackity, Karl Jacobs and Fundy.
TW: reader has a uterus
note: we're nearing the end qwq
Tumblr media
It was a month after the baby was born. He had this planned beforehand, so he already had the little neon green onesie ready for his baby, you and him.
He had his sister and mom take pictures for Instagram and Twitter, plus themselves. It was in the same area he usually took his photos.
He had the photos crop out all of your faces, even the baby. The whole family is faceless :]
So, imagine the baby is propped up high enough, squished in between you two as you both hold onto it. It’s face is equal to both of you to kiss its cheek, though that isn’t shown as your faces are cropped out.
(If you’re short like me, you’re standing on a stool to reach his height)
And you all are wearing matching neon green hoodies + onesie.
And he would indeed caption it;
“All smiles here :]”
Tumblr media
It was a simple photo of him and the baby asleep together on the sofa, taken by you.
It's the cutest photo in the history of all photos.
He was laying horizontally, one leg hanging off the edge and his hands holding the baby close to his chest, cheek resting against its little head.
It was maybe a month and a few weeks after the baby’s birth he posted the picture onto Twitter and Instagram, captioning both,
“Nap time.”
Tumblr media
It was a hospital picture.
Clay was visiting you both and took pictures of course.
Sappy was holding the baby in his arms, rocking it and Clay took a picture for his own savings, but all of you liked it so much, it went straight to socials.
“I’m a dad!”
Tumblr media
Only a few weeks after the birth did he post two or three pictures.
One was from the hospital, you and Wilbur staring fondly at the bundle of joy in your arms. And the others would be him holding his joy and Niki visiting and holding the baby.
“My little one.”
Tumblr media
Posting pictures on his socials a few nights after the birth.
They were simple pictures of him and the baby. His personal favourite one was when he was imitating crying like his baby.
And nearly all his viewers loved the one of him hugging you with the bundle of joy waving its mini arms in the air.
“Now there’s two of us :]”
Tumblr media
He shared a video onto Twitter of him rocking the baby back and forth as it cried.
It was short and a little shaky, but absolutely everything.
He was hushing it quietly, the sweetest eyes staring fondly at the baby.
It made many cry. Including me as I imagine it.
“Shh—shh, it’s okay, Little one. Shh—shh.”
Tumblr media
He put it on Twitter a week after the baby was born that the baby had in fact been born, but he didn't give any photos until a month later.
The photo was a simple one of the baby in its crib with one of his fox plusses in its grip. It was seriously the cutest thing in the world.
"Istg my baby is cuter than everyone elses"
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