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#dream smp x you
sushisoot · a day ago
can i request fluff headcanons of hunter!reader and manhunt!dream who flirt and banter with each other a lot?? thank you <3
▸ manhunt!dream: w/ hunter!reader ⊹ ꜜ .ᐟ ❜
in honor of the latest manhunt coming out very soon, here is another update <3
Tumblr media
ᵔᴗᵔ ⧣ warnings: cursing! mentions of blood, violence, etc. suggestive jokes sjghgdf but nothin happens! <333
ᵔᴗᵔ ⧣ requests: still open! ty for requesting
Tumblr media
i feel like manhunt!dream is the type of person to not even realize that the things he says to you are flirting. all he knows is that you’re there, he’s here, you’re saying stuff, he’s amused and staying stuff back—all the while the both of you are fighting. and it’s not flirting. it’s not.
except it is.
dream laughs, swiftly swinging his body over to the side to swerve away from the thrust of your sword. “you look like you’re ready to murder,” he muses, swinging an attack of his own. he barely misses, only a hair breadth’s away from cutting up your skin.
this is why fights with you are always fun for dream. you and him are exactly the same in skill, and that alone is enough to drive him insane… in a good way.
“oh, i am,” you reply, licking over your lips which makes dream’s gaze linger on it a little longer than he should. quickly, you kick him to the nearest wall, managing to pin him down while he’s distracted. “gonna fucking murder you.”
but this victory is only a glimpse because dream is quick to quite literally sweep you off your feet, pushing you on the same wall before you completely lost your balance on the floor. he breathes out, smiling as if in disbelief of how quickly he turned this back on you. “say that again, sweetheart?”
the spit launched his way is expected, given by how dream tilts his head to avoid it just in time. his eyes twinkle with glee when you scowl at him, the tips of your ears pink.
he chuckles when your face flushes red—and if it’s out of anger or embarrassment, he doesn’t know. “still wanna murder me?” he asks, though it seems as if he doesn’t care for the answer with the way he’s grinning at how you two ended up here.
“you have no idea,” you snarl, despite the color on your cheeks.
“really?” the feigned shock on his face makes you roll your eyes, desperately wriggling out of his grip. but with strong arms, it’s harder than expected. “then show me.”
“oh my fucking god,” sapnap whispers, groaning along with the other hunters. it’s only then both of you remember that you two aren’t quite alone. “can you two stop eye-fucking each other and just get on with the manhunt already?”
it was very awkward to get out of that one chief.
the only times dream has ever lost in manhunt is whenever he’s fighting you and he gets a little too distracted, or your words leave him either dumbfounded and flustered.
that’s why the hunters love having you in their team, but at the same time, they get sooo frustrated when you face him alone because they just KNOW you will just banter with him >:(
will do anything in his power to battle with you alone. don’t ask why he will punch you.
don’t also ask why he gets so excited when he does end up fighting you alone. he’s a bit strange.
he will also say the WEIRDEST things ( and he doesn’t even mean to make it sound weird; it’s just his instant response ) that makes everyone Pausechamp and be like “did you just imply that you’ve—”
riles you up with bantering because he knows you go all out when you’re like that, and he has a strange obsession with that. maybe it’s the adrenaline. maybe it’s the rush of feeling like you’re going to lose. maybe it’s cus it’s you.
always compliment your skills just as much as your looks in the most creative way possible. i don’t even know he comes up with these amidst a fight?? but?? it’s dream. so.
“i have to say, seeing your face is more rewarding than a full set of iron armor right now that you somehow managed to get already how did you do that actually—”
will drop a round if you ever get seriously injured. if you fall on the ground and cry out in pain, he will feel something like Must Protect. will drop everything to help you out and won’t give a shit if the others make fun of him for it.
you once used this against him by pretending to be in massive pain and he fell for it and you just … killed him. and then wayyy far back to where he respawned, he found himself thinking “wow that was kinda—”
don’t ask he will punch you again.
also does the: “fancy seeing you here ;)” while he’s literally getting gangbanged [in, like, a physically violent punched killed attacked way] by blazes. he does that every time you see him in the worst possible situations.
manhunt dream may seem unbeatable, but there is one way to beat him (and one way only!): to be y/n.
Tumblr media
hello gang how do we feel about that little drabble in hcs? i like doing that. i might do that more often if people like it
you can send in an ask to be a part of the taglist!
@smolpotatotea @wrenqueenisboss @tinyegg @tenacioushubb @randokku @captainofthe6 @lionsfandomsandbearsohmy @bergandysam @carrotclem @cloudybillows @junieyes @littlestarjasmine @nonsensicallynarnian @iwantblacktea @wingedghostpepper @god1ngs @97c1a9 @missmickeyexe @echoteaa @marshymallo @alex--awesome--22 @mahitovrs @notdaninotfound @gray-moon2 @sereinics @paradigmax @simpnumber1ne @dublafox @aash-nah @madituck @citruswood @unknownwicked @toodeepintofandoms
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inniterhq · 9 hours ago
𝑩𝑬 𝑺𝑻𝑰𝑳𝑳 𝑴𝒀 𝑩𝑬𝑨𝑻𝑰𝑵𝑮 𝑯𝑬𝑨𝑹𝑻 | 𝐝𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐦 𝐱 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
Summary: Techno asks for your help in returning his favor to Dream, finally letting you reunite with him. Genre: angst (??) to fluff Pronouns: they/them Warnings: lore spoilers, descriptions of violence Note: a few days later than i had wanted it to be but hey at least i wrote. anyway my beloved is out of prison so <3
Tumblr media
“You have a letter,” Techno huffed, dropping an off-white envelope onto your desk.
It was dirty, the corners bent, and it smelled of fire. It was from the prison. You tore into it quickly, some of the loose papers on your desk flying everywhere as you unfolded the letter.
These were his words. He wrote them.
Hey, it’s Dream. I don’t know if Sam is going to let me send this to you. I hope he does. I don’t have much in here, just a few books and pens. It’s boring. I hope you’re doing better than me, I mean, you’re probably doing better than a prisoner right? I’m not writing this to make you feel bad, okay? Don’t feel bad. You couldn’t have done anything to stop this and it’s good that you didn’t try cause they would have put us both in prison. You’re not a criminal. I’ve been dancing around what I wanted to say so I’m just going to say it. I miss you. A lot. And I don’t know why you haven’t come to visit, you probably have a good reason, you always do. You were better than me like that, everything you did was calculated and people never talked over you. I hope you come visit. I just want to see you. Please come visit. I miss you a lot.
You would rather have been asked to gather all the stars in the sky, to scale all the mountains around you, to climb to the tops of the tallest trees than have to do this. None of that seems impossible in comparison to what Techno just asked you to do.
“You want me to what?”
He laughed, not a single shred of hesitation in his voice, “Listen, I know how it sounds but we know the prison isn’t impossible to break into. I escaped.”
You hadn’t been a part of Techno’s anarchist book club for long, only stumbling across it in a panicked frenzy after the second destruction of L’Manburg. In truth, you were looking for Dream and figured he’d have run off. Instead of finding him, you found his counterpart.
“Right, but you escaped because of the stasis chamber, not because you physically broke out,” you replied, rolling your eyes as you watched the dogs roaming around the snow in front of your home.
Techno huffed behind you, leaning against your doorframe, watching your eyes move from dog to dog, “I mean, I owe Dream a favor and this is how I’m gonna do it. And I’m askin’ for your help.”
“Why ask me? I’m not particularly powerful,” you laughed, though it was forced to keep up the light atmosphere. You didn’t want to think about what you once had.
You didn’t want to think about Dream either. You hadn’t thought of him since he was put into prison. Or, you had attempted not to think about him, but that was difficult when everything you did reminded you of him.
You kept the letter he sent you, though you never honored what he asked you to do. You couldn’t. If you thought about him for too long, you’d have to face the emptiness he left behind. Seeing him face to face wouldn’t help heal that.
If you were willing to be completely transparent with yourself, you missed him. From the beginning of your time on his SMP, Dream was one of your closest friends. In many ways, you were his right hand man. Even when people began to stray away from him, you stayed with him.
Naturally, this charming asshole made it incredibly hard for you to stop yourself from falling for him. You never told him, but you always felt he knew. You felt that was a reasonable assumption from the way he behaved around you towards the end of your time together. Holding your hand too long for it to be platonic, leaving you flowers on occasion, always letting you know his whereabouts.
That’s not to say you knew everything about him, you didn’t know what he would do when he’d disappear for hours from your shared home, but you didn’t really need to know. With what you know now, you assumed he was gathering materials to destroy L’Manburg.
Techno stared at you like it was obvious, “That was a dumb question. Obviously, I’m askin’ you ‘cause you and Dream are buddies or somethin’.”
Buddies didn’t even come close to covering it.
“He’d probably wanna see you,” and when you opened your mouth to respond, Techno cut you off. “ You don’t have to do much, just guard the opening for me.”
It was hard to contemplate with Techno staring you down, so you told him you’d think about it and went back inside.
You hadn’t visited Dream since he was put in prison. Perhaps it was selfish of you but you wanted to move on. You didn’t think he’d ever make it out and frankly, you didn’t feel like being in love with someone you had to sign papers to see.
You’d much rather push down whatever lingering feelings you had left for him, and visiting him would only make them bubble up to the surface. You felt guilty about it, with how you had been avoiding him, he probably assumed you were dead.
You were going to refuse to help Techno.
But the thought of seeing him again clawed at the forefront of your mind, making your heart race in a way you hadn’t felt in so long. Would he have come to save you? Maybe. Probably. He would.
Sliding your hands over your face, you groaned before marching out to meet Techno, who was still loitering around your home.
“I’ll do it!” you yelled at him, huffing and watching as the air materialized in front of you.
He grinned, “I knew you would.”
As you watched him walk away, you ignored the way your heart had dropped to your stomach. The nausea pooling inside of you, threatening to force its way out in an anguished sob. Shaking your head, you walked back inside.
A few weeks, a lot of mining, and worryingly little planning later, you found yourself standing outside the prison with Techno to your side. Phil and Niki stood behind—back-up in case you needed it. And, of course, Apollo, the dog Techno had decided to bring along.
You could hear him hash out the plan once again with Phil and Niki, but you had forced his voice to be background noise. Staring at the walls of the prison, tall and towering above you, you once again felt the anxiety that clung to your insides when you agreed to help. You didn’t want to die, but worst of all, you didn’t want Dream to die.
You had a couple lives left, you’d be okay. You had the Syndicate to avenge you anyway. But Dream only had one, once he was gone, he’d be gone for good. And who would fight for him? You were no match for the enemies he had managed to make.
“Alright, let’s go,” Techno waved for you to follow him and the two of you swam down to make a way into the prison.
You watched Techno enter the small opening, thankful for the armor that covered your hand otherwise you’d be chewing on your fingernails.
Why did you agree to do the waiting job? You paced back and forth, running your heavy boots into the damp ground beneath you, hearing the dirt crunch and grind against the metal soles. You fidgeted with the hilt of your sword, pulling it out and gripping it firmly, before putting it back.
Would Dream be happy to see you? Or would he hate you for not coming to visit him? And what if they don’t make it? What would become of you then? Of your friends?
Questions with no answers kept pelting your mind, and you wanted to scream. The only thing stopping you was the fact that you had to stay hidden.
Many painful minutes passed and the uncertainty of it all was nothing short of terrifying. You silently prayed for everyone’s safety.
Through the rushing water, you heard the sound of footsteps. You had been given a potion of invisibility and you figured that now was the right time to use it. Quickly gulping it down, you silently waited for the person coming down the tunnel.
It was Sam.
Quickly, you reached out and swung your sword at him. The clang of metal echoed in the chamber, followed by Sam’s startled yell. He began swinging aimlessly, maybe he panicked or maybe he wasn’t expecting it, but it allowed you to seriously injure him repeatedly.
Right as you killed Sam, Techno and Dream made it out, followed by Connor and Ranboo. You barely had any time to question why the Sonic onesie wearing man was with them before Techno was rushing the five of you outside.
The situation outside wasn’t any better. Everyone was standing there, waiting for you all. Your nerves nearly left you frozen, the sight of all of these people aiming their weapons at you was something you had never witnessed. Something you never wanted to witness.
You managed to weave your way through the arrows, listening as Sam threatened Ranboo’s life in exchange for Dream’s return to prison. Techno was shouting, everyone was shouting. You wanted to burrow yourself into the ground.
The last time you had experienced something like this, you were running away from an impending explosion.
“I don’t care Sam! Why would I care about Ranboo?”
You looked over at Dream, rushing over to him in an effort to help him get rid of the people fighting him. He meets your gaze momentarily. The two of you were able to buy yourself some time, and you stared at Techno who was still desperately trying to save Ranboo.
You make a move to walk over to him, Ranboo was your ally and your friend. He needed your help. Dream grabbed your hand.
“Don’t. Please,” his fingers tightened around yours. “Let’s go.”
“But Ranboo-”
Dream pulled you further away from everyone, “If you go over there, Sam’s gonna hold you hostage.”
It took you a second to realize what he was saying. If Sam was attempting to use Ranboo as leverage for Dream to go back to prison, it would only be a matter of time before he realized that you should have been in Ranboo’s place.
Techno ran over to the two of you, ushering Dream over to where the horses were kept. Withers were in the sky, buying your group time to run off. You were glad at least that portion of the plan worked out. You could barely fathom what was going on, the chaos was truly too much for you to handle.
You blacked out before you even got home.
When you came to, Niki was seated next to you, humming to herself as she wiped some dirt from your face.
As soon as she noticed you were awake, she smiled, “You’re back, I was worried.” “What happened?”
You listened, working to regain feeling in your limbs as she told you about how you collapsed into the snow. Dream had attempted to take you with him but Techno refused, telling him that you’d be back to see him in your own time.
“What happened to Dream?”
“I’m not sure,” Niki replied, putting away the towel she was using. “He left to go tend to his own things I guess.”
You slowly got yourself up, thanking Niki for taking care of you before pulling out your communicator. You wondered if you could message Dream. You knew he had his communicator taken away before he was put in prison, and you didn’t know if he ever grabbed a spare on his way out, or received one from Techno.
It was worth a shot.
You whisper to Dream: Hello?
You waited a few moments, eagerly anticipating his response. Back at the prison, it didn’t seem like Dream felt any differently about you. Yet, you couldn’t shake the awkwardness that accompanied you both the ride back.
Dream whispers to you: you’re awake. You whisper to Dream: Are you safe? Dream whispers to you: come to me. please.
He sent you his coordinates and you hesitated. You wondered if this was a good idea. As much as you wanted to see him, to be by his side once again, you would be throwing away everything you worked for in the months he had been gone. What if he was taken back to prison again? You assumed that he would be put away with higher security, or maybe even killed.
Tears welled up in your eyes and you rushed to wipe them away. Crying won't solve anything. You had to go see Dream.
He managed to make it pretty far, some secluded island with a Christmas tree and some other random builds. You didn’t really care, all you cared about was seeing him again.
You whisper to Dream: I’m here
“Y/N? You made it,” the smile on his face, the relief in his laugh as he spoke to you, his excitement to see you- you missed it.
The reality of the situation hadn’t hit you until then. You had lost track of the days that slipped by while Dream was in prison and yet, here he was. For the second time, you felt yourself get teary eyed as he walked to you, slowing to a stop in front of you.
Dream didn’t know what to do. He didn’t plan this far, to be honest, he didn’t think you would show up. Shaky hands slowly made their way to your arms, sliding up to rest on your shoulders for a moment before he pulled away, as if he had hurt you.
You noticed the way he shrunk away from you, refusing to look at you. Your vision was blurry, but you could still make out the hesitant frown on his face. Gingerly, you took his hand in yours, holding tightly. Apparently, he was only waiting for an invitation from you as he brought his other hand to your cheek, gently rubbing his thumb across your skin.
It was so, so quiet, aside from the whispering whistle of the wind blowing through the scattered trees. The moment was serene, a calm reuniting of friends.
And then the rustle of the trees came to a halt and the moment breaks, you threw your arms around his neck and pressed yourself into Dream, hiding your face in the filmy material of his prison jumpsuit. Something painful and desperate bubbled up your throat and you wept wretched, disgusting sobs.
His hands tightened around your waist, and you felt the weight of his skin against your head, and then his lips against your cheek.
With your heart beating wildly in your chest, thrumming against your rib cage, you felt the rumble of his chest as he spoke.
“I missed you.”
Tumblr media
taglist: @dysfunctionalcrab @basilly @sleepysoupi @yamturds @ilecil @errrr0r @siriushxney @b3l0v3ds @dawn-8080 @a-sleepy-cutie-was-here @multifandomgirl94 @dreamiewrites @froggerspoggers @acatstalkingyou @forutheworld @ialexabsuniverse @sapnapity@honksmp @kalliblast @chubbity @esylwen @cherios @xxtwizztedxx @quivvyintheclouds @willowsdemise @k-l-a-w-s @cr0wbonezz-wr1ting-inc @mitzimania @fantasy-innit @ttakinou @fallxnly @qvrls @luluwinchester @lycan-siblings1234 @1tsdanny @inflatabledinosaurs19 @victory-is-here @peppermiintii
*bolded means you couldn’t get tagged!! send me as ask or comment on this post to get added to my taglist :D
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0liverphobic · 2 days ago
If request are open,, headcannons for Sapnap (and whoever else you want if you want to add) and moaning or something of that sort? Idk but I just KNOW he'd make beautiful noises. No, I will not be accepting criticism on this topic!
Ofc <3 Ill only do sapnap because im lazy! :) Sapnap x Reader Headcannons SFW: sapnap is a nice guy so he's gonna be like your simp. If your a streamer this man is always in your chat hes even tier 3 and hes always gifting subs etc. Hes a nice guy don't get me wrong but sometimes it annoying when he wastes like all his money on you, you tell him its not needed but he keeps doing it no matter what you tell him. Hes also a cooker which was a shocker but it was nice since you wouldn't have to cook for him but you would if he wanted you too! He calls you "His queen, his mommy etc" hes a mom's boy if you get what i mean. Nsfw: Hes a loud boy, hes making all the sounds.. hes not shy at all when his friends tell him hes a bottom because he knows he is. Hes always eating you out like "mommy please im so hungry~" and you'll give into him because you wanna treat him to a gift. You always are on his cock or on twitch, which you don't mind you love him after all. When you're on his cock your milking him dry, this man will tell you to stop but you keep going till hes crying out for you to stop because hes so over his climax.
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dreamwvrld · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
༉‧₊˚ # ‘12 DAYS OF TECHNOMAS’ masterlist!
. ˚₊ ꒱ multiple au!techno x gn!reader
━━━ . ˚₊ ꒱ by DREAMWVRLD
add yourself to the taglist: here!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
christmas is here, and i’m very excited to be announcing a new series for you all… thank you for all of the support! i hope you enjoy a new fic every single day from the 14th-25th of december! each fic will be christmas related, AND every one will be a different au! i really hope you all enjoy <3
× &﹕SUMMARY ! ◞
12 days, 12 aus. celebrate christmas with everyone’s favourite anarchist pig and tumblr’s c!techno writer.
subject to each chapter; however some will include themes of blood, death, implied smut— and downright fluff for all 12!
× %﹕SCHEDULE ! ◞
updated once a day from 14th-25th december!
× £﹕STATUS ! ◞
started: 1st dec 2021
ended: ongoing!
Tumblr media
. ˚₊ ꒱ pirate!techno x siren!reader
summary; when the S.S. Sleepy sets sail, technoblade never intends to find anything other than treasure— let alone the prettiest mythical creature he’s ever met. (DEC 14TH)
. ˚₊ ꒱ prince!techno x servant!reader
summary; nobody can shift prince technoblade’s heartless ways, until a servant he’d never bothered learning the name of shows him how to care. (DEC 15TH)
. ˚₊ ꒱ c!techno x guardian angel!reader
summary; unused to death, technoblade struggles to understand why his immortality has failed him now: and who is responsible for ruining his christmas. (DEC 16TH)
. ˚₊ ꒱ c!techno x gn!reader
summary; after months of being cooped up in the prison, technoblade manages to make it home to his lover just in time for christmas day. (DEC 17TH)
. ˚₊ ꒱ piglin!techno x researcher!reader
summary; y/n’s mob research leads them to the nether, where they meet a piglin hybrid whose never set foot into the overworld: and especially not during the winter. (DEC 18TH)
. ˚₊ ꒱ college!techno x college!reader
summary; techno brings a friend home for christmas, and his family are making it a lot harder to keep his crush on them a secret. (DEC 19TH)
. ˚₊ ꒱ band kid!techno x gn!reader
summary; the twins next door have started their own band, and you can’t help but be curious as to when the oldest one got so good looking. (DEC 20TH)
. ˚₊ ꒱ bartender!techno x gn!reader
summary; seeing your ex again isn’t the greatest experience: luckily, your new bartender friend shows you what a man with a heart looks like. (DEC 21ST)
. ˚₊ ꒱ c!techno x enemy!reader
summary; the two of you hate each other’s guts- but for the festive season, perhaps you can learn to get along. (DEC 22ND)
. ˚₊ ꒱ ceo!techno x assistant!reader
summary; your boss has always been super shy around you, and at the staff’s annual christmas party you finally find out why. (DEC 23RD)
. ˚₊ ꒱ c!techno x gn!reader
summary; technoblade has never let his emotions show: but christmas is around the corner, and y/n is determined to make him feel anything. (DEC 24TH)
. ˚₊ ꒱ c!techno x gn!reader
summary; in order to save your lover’s life after a war, you plead to spirits you had never believed in until now. (DEC 25TH)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
tagging mutuals for reach! (pls reblog if u can :D)
@sushisoot @dysfunctionalcrab @basilly @ttakinou @acidtabletz @yamturds @mitzimania @inniterhq @god1ngs @moonculus @cr0wbonezz-wr1ting-inc @galaxygnf @cherios @jschllatt @jaybirdsing @bloodgoddarlin @genesisrose74 @earthtooz @serend1p1ty-0 @ohworm-writes @simpoot @modx-afterdark @toiletwipes
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sunflowerdaisybee · a day ago
Reader who speaks before they think so they can come off as rude but is really nice with CC's foolish, fundy, tommy, ranboo, and eret please
I did this in hc’s because I wasn’t sure how to swing all five into a written piece so I hope you still like it! /pos
Tumblr media
Summary: you don’t always mean what you say
Pairings: P!Foolish, P!Fundy, P!Tommy, P!Ranboo, P!Eret X Reader
Pronouns: They/them
[A/n]: Requests are closed, please check back later <3
Tumblr media
He doesn’t mind, he usually laughs it off. Doing his best to make light of the situation and shoot for a more positive outcome.
He definitely has done something similar so you don’t have to worry too much, he won’t ever get mad or upset with you.
If you said something that could be potentially alarming for whatever reason, he’d be sure to let you know.
Honestly, he’s one of the best people to be friends with as he’s super chill and nonchalant about the whole thing. He just finds it funny on occasion.
He casually corrects you, “I think they meant to ask why you did that rather than something else.”
He understands that you don’t necessarily mean to say those things so he doesn’t get upset or bothered.
If someone expresses an issue with it, he’s quick to defend you. He won’t let anyone talk bad on you.
To make you feel better about it he’ll make jokes when possible if you don’t mind. He just wants to make the situation as positive as possible.
He has likely done this a few times himself so you don’t have to worry, you aren’t alone.
If you are cool with it he’ll joke about some of the stuff you’ve said or how you can get away with saying stuff he can’t.
He for sure teases you about some of the sillier or goofier things you’ve said, he can’t let you live them down!
Overall he’s really chill and just generally goofy about the whole thing and would never complain.
Ranboo finds it pretty funny rather than mean, he knows you aren’t trying to be rude or anything.
He’ll find ways to turn your slip-ups into funny jokes, making any tough situations less tense.
Ranboo is another who has done similar things so expect storytimes with him, especially on stream.
Most of your slip-ups are naturally funny though so you can expect him to be laughing a lot around you.
They’re another who is pretty chill about it, not really minding or bringing too much attention to it.
They will very much defend you against anyone who gets sassy for something you’ve said. There is no need for anyone to be upset over something accidental.
They know you’re a good person so there was never an issue with what you said, especially since you aren’t doing it with the intention of being rude.
They do love when you say random things over mean things though as it leads to interesting topics of discussion and therefore interesting comments and jokes.
Tumblr media
Taglist: @vaxiwastaken @sortzz @duddum-froppers @minty-ghast @rokkyy @l0ver0fj0y @joyfullymulti
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bugsinmycoldsoup · 9 hours ago
What if Techno calls reader Nyx randomly, after the greek deity/personification of night, because In the most famous myth featuring Nyx, Zeus is too afraid to enter Nyx's cave for fear of angering her, and DreamXD, (Among many others) is scared of entering her 'cave' (House in a mountain) because reader scares him, and Techno notices and takes to calling reader the nickname? Also! Can I be 🍁Anon?
Okay okay so First off you can absolutely be 🍁anon. Also if you don't mind sharing what are your preferred Pronouns?
Second of all you have scratched my inner Greek Myth buff brain and I'm gonna respond to this twice. This time with a little headcanon thing the next a fic because I have 2 ideas. (Both are very much platonic because I will only do Platonic Techno)
P!Technoblade x reader (She/Her)
this one is a little messy but oh my God am I excited.
Okay so I'm saying the Reader is probably a demigod if DreamXD fears her. She's probably very anti authority as well if she's one Techno's favor.
Techno ran into her on a mining expedition and might have dug Into her walls. By the time he realizes what has happened she's got an axe to his throat.
"Who are you and what do you want?"
"Uhhhh Technoblade, and I'm looking for riches."
She scoffs and moves the axe just a bit closer. Techno stumbles back.
"Do you take me for a dragon? Or perhaps a Warden? Do you think you can just break into my home and steal my things?"
"No, look uh this must be a misunderstanding, you see I was actually looking for a cave." She steps forward.
"Im not stupid you pig."
"That's rude. I can prove it."
a beat of silence.
"Then prove it."
Some time passes and Techno has invited her to join him in the syndicate, She agrees to join.
He decides to pick her cover name for her. (With her permission of course he doesn't want to lose his head just yet)
Nyx the goddess of the night.
Hes only ever know her to be active at night, and she's got the whole cave vibe going for her.
He's also decided on Nyx because he knows the gods fear her. He once saw XD flee from her presence
He also might be a little afraid of her
"Nyx, huh?"
"I thought it was fitting."
"It'll do."
"I can change it if you like."
She smiles at him, it's the first real smile he's gotten out of her.
"I like it."
I also wanna say, power duo, absolute power duo.
The brains and the brawn, oh and Techno
She can totally kick his ass.
"So much for being the blood god."
"Its not my fault you're better than me."
Oh god I gotta stop before I go on for ages.
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gray-moon2 · a day ago
Tumblr media
sbi royalty!au
ship- reader x royalty!wilbur
word count- unknown
prompt by- @/promptsforthestrugglingauthor, prompt #1777, link here
category- fluff, royal au
pronouns- they/them, you/yours
warnings- mentions of manipulation, gaslighting, ask to tag
a/n- eeeeeee i love this omg plz also rb > likes and send an ask if you want a part two!
wilbur masterlist
Y/N YL/N never had any interest in nobility, and the pretentious people that inhabited it. Titles were nothing to them, and politics were little more than a bore.
But they still found themself enamored with this stupid, rich asshole despite all that.
the calm before the storm. the threat of war hung over the smp like a dark cloud, ready to burst out at any second. king technoblade of the blood kingdom, his allies king philza and queen mumza of the sleepy kingdom, their sons prince willbur and prince tommy, versus the dream team. a team of elite assasins, trained to kill even the most elusive targets. dream, the leader. the strongest. he wore a mask with a smile, however his mask didn’t mirror his usual grim expression. george, the smallest. weaker, but equal in intellectual prowess. sapnap, the hothead. powerful, but never thinks before rushing into confrontation. their team used to have four. one member defacted. y/n yl/n, stronger, smarter, and faster than any of the others. not that the others knew that.
the first time you came upon wilbur was on your first mission.
you were sent, in full evening wear, to a ball. co hosted by the blood kingdom and the sleepy kingdom, rich people were all over. sparkling dresses and perfectly tailored suits. you were sent to scout things out. it was a test, and you knew it. george was stationed at the back of the ballroom monitoring you. but you couldn’t help but let yourself have a little fun. however, you didn’t expect a little fun to end up with you dancing with the prince. he was an excellent dancer, and a perfect gentleman, so you weren’t complaining.
after a while of dancing (and wilbur blatantly ignoring the others vying for his attention) he asked you to come back the next day for tea. you accepted, for the mission of course, and not because the handsome prince had charmed you. oh who are you kidding. you’d started to fall for the stupid, rich asshole.
you said your goodbyes, and walked out the exit, meeting george at the pre-set rendezvous point.
“so? what did you figure out?” he asked, smirking. he knew full well that nobody could figure anything out at a ball. he expected you tp fail.
but you never fail
you lean closer to him, a smirk of your own beginning to form
“oh nothing much. i did find out that the prince finds me attractive, and i’ve been invited back for tea tomorrow.”
the suprise on the brunette’s face was evident. he quickly wiped his expression, reverting it to its usual “blank and bored” state, as sapnap had called it when introducing george.
“we have to head back for dream to decide. your ‘pretty privilege’ could serve to be useful”
he walked back through the forest, expecting you to follow him
you reached the camp, where sapnap and dream were talking in hushed whispers near the fire.
“we’re back, dream” george announced, striding in the camp with you in tow.
dream raised an eyebrow at your appearance, as if he expected george to have sent you off into the woods.
so he expected failure too.
“so how’d it go?” he asked, leaning against a nearby tree.
“well. they caught the prince’s eye. he wants them for tea tomorrow.”
the dirty blonde raised an eyebrow, mimicking george’s earlier slip in expression.
“ah. then welcome to the team, y/n”
the next day, you return to the sbi castle alone. wilbur met you at the door, gently talking your hand and kissing it. he then held said hand as he walked you inside, to the throne room.
“father, mother, this is y/n. i met them yesterday”
the two share a look, but both shake your hand
“pleased to meet you” you say
“and this is tommy” he says, pointing at the short blonde.
“hello tommy” you say, attempting to gain the favor of the blonde gremlin.
“hello” he says, stretching his arms “has WiLbY finally found a partner?”
you laugh a little as wilbur defensively insists that you aren’t his partner. he leads you out the backdoor, to the garden, where tea is set up.
“so y/n, where are you from?”
“snowchester” you reply. it is a half truth. you were born in snowchester, but left as soon as you could.
“ah, aren’t tubbo and ranboo the kings of snowchester?”
you nod, taking a sip of tea to cover your uncertainty. you smile at the taste.
“this tea is incredible? where did you get it from?”
he smiled. “it was grown in the blood kingdom. techno has a way with plants”
you were, admittedly, a little taken aback at how casually the brunette used the kings name.
“ah, so you two are good friends, no?”
“oh yes. techno is our strongest ally. and with the possibility of war, we’re considering an alliance with snowchester as well.”
“ah. but three kingdoms against three assassins? seems a bit much to me.” you say, feigning innocence.
he scoffs “you have no idea how powerful they are. that dream, he is extremely skilled in manipulative tactics. he has the other two wrapped around his finger. they have no idea who he really is. it’s unfortunate, really. i hope they see soon”
you’re interested now. you knew dream was capable of manipulation, but you didn’t know just how manipulative he was.
“really? how so?”
“gaslighting, fear, lying. he has those two in such a state that they rely on him for everything, and leaving would cost too much to be worth it.”
this causes you to pause. is joining them worth it? do you want to end up like george and sapnap?
“i- i think i should tell you something. but king techno and your parents need to hear it too”
tags- @wrenqueenisboss @crwnedprnce bc they liked the excerpts :)
comment to be tagged if i do part 2 :)
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When You Sleep Together
Dream SMP x Reader
I've got some wholesome moments for you guys because y'all deserve to be loved :) sorry if some of these are cheesy
Rubbing his eyes sleepily as he stared at the chat of his stream, Clay sighed quietly to himself. He was longing for the sweet embrace of his comfy bed-sheets. As much as he loved his chat, he loved you and his bed more.
Blinking away the sleep, he shook his head to wake himself up. When he stopped himself from falling into his sleep-zombie stupor, he began to speak energetically to the stream once again.
Just as he was about to say something, the sound of his door opening made him stop. When he saw you peeking your head into his room, he muted his mic." Everything okay?" He asked, concern swirling in his deep-green eyes.
Your eyes narrowed a little from the brightness of his monitor," You're... still streaming?" You muttered tiredly, running a hand through your messy hair," It's 4 am... You need to come to bed before you die." You stated bluntly.
Chuckling lightly, Clay smiled at you," That's a bit of an exaggeration, dont ya think?" He grinned out before turning to his monitor," I just need to finish this building first and then I'll come to bed." He reassured.
Pouting at him, you walked over to him in his gaming chair. You wrapped your arms around his shoulders from behind and leaned your head in the crook of his neck. He stiffened up for a second but leaned into your touch, which told you just how tired he really was.
You brought your lips close to his ear," The bed's lonely without you..." You tried your best to sound cute before giving into your sluggish thoughts," and it's lowkey freezing without you next to me. You don't want me to die of hypothermia, right?"
Wheezing a little, he shook his head," Alright, alright. You've convinced me."
"Epic victory royale for me."
"Never say that again."
Groaning in defeat, you closed your laptop after saving your assignment in frustration. Rubbing your eyes tiredly, you glanced at your phone and turned it on to check the time.
2:30 a.m
"Oh f-" you already knew you were gonna get shit from Nick as soon as you stepped foot into your shared bedroom.
Quickly packing your college material away, you raced upstairs quickly and made a bee-line to your bedroom. You opened the door quietly, smirking slightly when you heard the light snores coming from your boyfriend.
He was hugging a pillow close to himself, wrapped snugly within the comfy blankets. He looked like he was in heaven.
If anything, that only made you more tired.
You tiptoe to the bed and slowly crawled into the bed, trying your best to stop the groan of satisfaction from escaping your lips as soon as the blankets consumed you. You stared at Nick's peaceful face for a second before scooting closer to him for more heat.
The pillow beneath your head was so fluffy and comfortable that you were almost instantly consumed in dream-land, not before Nick stopped you.
"Did your bitchass finally give up on that dumb assignment." He muttered tiredly, replacing the pillow he was cuddling with you.
"I have to finish it tomorrow, dumbass..." You grunted out, your eyebrow slanting downwards slightly.
"Nah, fuck you. You're staying in bed with me tomorrow." He denied your statement instantly, pulling you ever closer.
"You make a good argument, I retract my statement..."
"Fuck yea-" You stopped your celebrating quickly as soon as you remembered that your boyfriend was literally sleeping behind you.
You had been editing a video all night, and despite his begging and whining, you just wouldnt go to bed with George. So he decided that he'd stay with you in the living room, refusing to go to bed without you.
You had protested against that, claiming that he needed his beauty sleep, which he had taken great offense to. So he sat behind you, wrapping his arms around you and placing his head in the crook of your neck, whining that he wasnt going to move until you came to bed with him.
You took this as a challenge," Aight bet." And continued to edit whilst your boyfriend was hugging you from behind.
About 10 minutes into editing, you heard George's familiar snores. You knew that he'd fall asleep quick anyways, sleeping is sort of his thing.
But now, you'd finally finished your editing and want to actually go to bed. Sighing at this dilemma and obvious karma, you closed your laptop after sending the video to Dream.
You leaned into George's heat, making him stir a little." George..." you whispered to him.
There was a lazy hum in response.
"Let's go to bed..." You muttered to him.
"....You lost that opportunity about 2 hours ago." He replied back stubbornly," It's expired."
"Oh, come on." You groaned out," If I stay in bed with you tomorrow as well, will you let us go to bed?"
He was silent.
"... Deal."
"Great, let's go, let's go."
🎶💛Wilbur Soot💛🎶
"Alright, bed time. C'mon." Wilbur spoke up suddenly, making you jump from your place at your monitor.
"Wait wha-" You were interrupted as Wilbur wrapped his arms around your waist, squeezing you close to him. Your back pressed into his chest as he got you to stand up from your desk." Will, what are you-?"
"You've been editing all day. I need attention and affection." He muttered, a pout on his lips." So can we got to sleep please?" He sent you a slight grin.
"Will, this'll only take a couple of minutes." You sighed out with furrowed eyebrows.
His grin dropped," You said that an hour ago."
Your eyes widened at his words," I did?"
"You did."
"Shit." You rubbed your eyes, letting out another sigh," Jeez, I'm sorry Will... I'm an asshole." You muttered.
"Hmm.... hmmmmm thinking.... You could come to bed to sleep with me to make up for being an asshole?" He teased.
You narrowed your eyes at him playfully," you're not supposed to agree."
Laughing slightly, he wrapped his arms around you tighter," in all seriousness.... As sleepdeprived as I am, I don't want you following in my footsteps. So can we go to bed, please? I really need you in my arms right now."
You were taken aback by his confession but you could only give into his charms after he sent you a soft-eyed smile." Oh, alright."
"Thank fuck. Jesus, please never make me wait as long as you did tonight again."
"Can we go to bed now?" You whined as Eret finally finished streaming." Jeez, it's like you love your chat more than me."
Eret laughed deeply at your words and shook their head," You know that's not trueee~" he sang out cutely." You have my heart, [Y/N], don't worry."
You couldn't stop the stop the soft smile from replacing your pout, your eyes softening at her." Aww.... Ali, you're so sweet to me... and you're super cheesy." You awed out, finding their response to be genuinely adorable.
" Ali? Sheesh, and you call me cheesy. Look in the mirror, love." He teased, finally turning his monitor off and making their way over to you. She towered over you, you've always compared them to a big friendly giant who loves to cuddle.
Sending her a teasing grin and a suggestive eyebrow raise, you spread your arms open for him to hug you," Bed time?"
They grinned slightly and wrapped their arms around you securely, squeezing you tightly against his chest in a loving hug." Bed time..."
"Were you really waiting that long?" She teased, getting your messy head of [H/C] hair." Aww, if I had known that, I would've ended earlier."
You hit him playfully," You suck, loser."
"Love you too, dear."
(This one's a bit long lol.)
You let out a another yawn as you shivered lightly in the cold of the snowy area you and Techno lived in.
Your boyfriend had gone to the nether a couple of hours ago to collect wither skulls for 'decoration' but you already knew what he was scheming inside that chaotic head of his.
You've been waiting for about 5 hours in the freezing cold. Of course you've made yourself useful around the house, tending to the farm and gathering more materials overall.
Tommy helped here and there, but he was mostly gathering materials for himself.
Now you were beginning to worry for your boyfriend, he's been gone for so long.
So you decided to sit at the doorstep, a blanket wrapped around yourself and a hot cup of cocoa, refusing to fall asleep until you found out that Techno was okay.
Tommy had sat with you for an hour or so before he retired to his bed, stating," Techno's being a bitch. Not worth the time waiting for him." And then he left.
You had laughed at the teen's grumpiness towards Techno, but you didnt agree with him.
Techno was worth waiting for.
He always will be.
Taking another sip from your cocoa, you leaned your head against the door, blinking so that you're eyes wouldnt close due to fatigue and tiredness.
The steaming hot cocoa in your hands reminded you of the warm bed you share with Techno. How the fire would crackle and the smell of burning wood and berries filled the home. The blankets were huge and warm and would just consume you and Techno. How he stays up at night to read some history book and tell you about greek mythology.
"Fuck I miss him..." You muttered, your teeth chattering whic prompted you to wrap your blankets closer around you.
"Miss who?"
You jumped at the familiar voice, making you drop your hot cocoa. You looked up at the owner and your lip twitched a little," You're an asshole."
Techno raised an eyebrow down at you, taking off his pig mask to talk to you properly." HEH? What have I done??" He mumbled, silently outraged.
"Do you know how long I've been waiting here?? 5 hours, Techno!! I'm surprised I havent gotten hypothermia yet!" You exclaimed, standing from your spot on the doorstep," You even made me spill my cocoa!!"
Pouting like a child, your boyfriend narrowed his red eyes at you," How is the fact you spilled your cocoa my fault?"
You gave him a,' bitch, really?' Look and it made him reconsider his words.
"Oh wait a minute, I guess that is kinda my fault, huh? Ehhhh, its fiiiiine." He waved a hand dismissively and walked passed you to get into the house, throwing his red Cape off and then placing his items into a chest." So... you missed me, eh? I mean... I would too if I were you but... y'know."
You knew he was fishing for affection or gratitude, but you knew better than that. You were still angry at him.
"Wow, quite the ego on you." You rolled your eyes," and who said it was you that I was missing?"
Techno didnt look at you, he continued placing his items in his chest," Well.... who else would you miss?" He questioned carefully.
He turned to you, staring before shrugging," Yeah, that's pretty valid. I miss him too."
You groaned at his stubborn nature and sat down in a chair, rubbing your temples," You're such a pain." You muttered.
Techno froze at your words, finally sensing your distress. When he had finished putting his items away, he turned to your brooding form, a light frown upon his face. He walked over to you and gulped, his eyebrows furrowing with frustration. He really really wasnt one for comforting others, hes always found it hard to do so. That's what social anxiety does to you.
He placed a hand on your head, petting it lightly and awkwardly." Look.... I'm sorry."
You froze at his words and slowly looked up at him, an expectant look upon your face.
Techno took his hand from your head, prompting to cross his arms instead," I know that you were worried, I shouldve taken that into consideration. But ya need to understand that I'm strong, [Y/N]. You dont need to worry for my safety at all, I can handle myself."
You frowned a little before sighing," You know I worry because I love you." You stated simply, looking down at your shoes.
The male's cheeks heated up a little and he nodded," 'course..." he grumbled bashfully.
Lips twitching into a slight smile, you stood from your chair and grabbed both of his hands gently, intertwining his fingers with yours." Well... I'm glad you're safe... I missed you a lot."
Techno's face only reddened even further as he completely avoided eye contact with you, his palms growing sweaty but refusing to let go of your smaller and softer hands." U-uh... wanna know another reason why you shouldnt worry about me dyin'?" He's trying his best to hide the fact he was embarrassed.
You grinned slightly and leaned a little closer to him," Yeah. Tell me."
He looked deeply into your eyes, his face still flushed. He leaned a little closer to your face, his ruby-red eyes swirling with an emotion you couldnt quite put your finger on.
Your eyes flicker down to his lips as he began to speak, his hot breath hitting your own lips.
"Because Technoblade never dies."
You pulled yourself from him instantly," You just ruined the romantic moment. AGAIN." You stated simply.
He huffed out a laugh at your exclaim," Aww c'mon it was funny! Please tell me I'm funny--"
"You're not funny. I'm going to bed, bye." You then walked away from him, Techno trailed behind you with a shit-eating grin on his lips.
"You know I still have 3 canon lives left as well, right?"
"I am now choosing to no longer understand english." You replied simply.
"Ok, nerd."
"The fuck are you up so late for." It was more of a statement than a question.
You looked up at your floating boyfriend in all of his blue sweater and ram-horned glory." You're up late too, dumbass." You shot back, downing another cup of coffee.
"[Y/N]... I'm a fuckin' ghost. You think I need sleep? Use your head woman." He insulted as he floated behind you, peeking over your shoulder to see what you were up too.
You seemed to be writing something in a book, he couldnt really read it though so he leaned onto your back, leaning his chin on your shoulder. His eyes skimmed over the words and he scowled a little.
"What the hell are you s'posed to be writing." He grumbled out.
"It's just a book for the different materials Alex told me to gather." You stated simply, leaning your head against his slightly.
"Good idea. Knowin' you, your dumbass would probably forget." He hummed out," But why waste your time on this when you could be sleeping."
Frowning with furrowed eyebrows, you continued to write in the book," I mean... its Alex. I dont wanna let the guy down, he's the vice president."
"Eh... Whose Alex again? He the one with the flatty patty?"
You buried your face in your hands, holding in a laugh." You're an idiot..." You muttered out, trying to contain your laughter.
"Takes one to know one asshole." Schlatt responded, floating away from you and to your bed. He lay on top of it comfortably," OoOoOoh~ look at how comfortable this fuckin' bed looks [Y/N]~ mm yes, comfy comfy, yes very comfy."
Smiling a little, you turned to him and raised an eyebrow," You sure its comfy?"
He was silent for a moment before he nodded," trust me. You know what they call me?"
You rolled your eyes, sighing slightly,"... what do they call you..."
"The bed master."
"You fucking-" You're sentence cut off as you broke out into a laugh. Schlatt couldnt stop the slight smile from crossing over his lips at successfully cheering you up.
"This is a very comfy bed. You should try it out with me, right now." It was more of a threat than a suggestion.
"How can I trust you though?..."
"Maybe if you try the bed out for yourself you can decide whether it's comfy or not, fuckin' moron."
You stared at him with a deadpan expression before giving in," you make a valid point. You win this argument." Standing from the table, you walked over to your bed and flopped onto it next to Schlatt.
He stared down at you expectantly;" Well? Was I right or was I right?"
You moved around on the bed a little, and sighed," .....It feels like I'm lying on a fucking cloud...." you gave up.
Schlatt shot you a shit-eating grin," Right?? The bed master strikes once again." Then his smile dropped," Dont ever fuckin' question me again."
He turned a little in the bed and threw an arm over you, pulling you close to him. You stared up at him with a confused gaze, which made him roll his eyes." Gonna help you sleep." He grunted out.
"Ahhh... Okay." You snuggled a little closer to him." Thank you for existing, Schlatt."
"At least one of us are happy I exist." He deadpanned.
"Hey Schlatt? Did you fall from heaven, cause you look like you fell- wait I messed that up."you silently cursed to yourself.
"You fucking loser."
"Lemme try again... Did you fall from heaven? Cause you look like an angel."
"... That makes no fucking sense. Are you comparing me to Satan then? He was the angel that fell from heaven." He looked slightly offended." I'll have you know that I am a devoted Catholic-"
You deadpanned when he wouldnt accept the pick-up line and gave up,"... You're hot." you stated bluntly.
"I know. Goodnight."
"Fuuuuck... I'm so fucking tired chat." Alex laughed out slightly, trying his best to contain another yawn. His chat instantly began to complain to him, telling him to hurry up and end the stream then. " aww... you all care so much for me." He fake cried." I dont deserve you guys."
Likywastaken: GO SLEEP ASSHOLE
He snorted at the comment," Wow, are y'all hitting on me orrr? Hit me up." He joked teasingly, a slight grin upon his lips.
The familiar sound of,' Me perdonas' came through his headset, indicating he had received a donation.
Duh_Itz_y/n has donated $4.20
Go the fuck to bed you bitch <3
His eyes lit up at your familiar twitch name and he chuckled lightly." Y/N, my love, you have such a way with words." He stated sarcastically, ignoring how his chat started spamming your name." Thanks for the dono but you literally can just call me on discord, fucking idiot."
And just like that, his discord went off, it made him jump in his gaming chair. He covered it up with a cough and answered the call," Hola hermosa."
"Did you just fucking jump when I called you?"
He sputtered," The fuck??? No. You're tripping."
"YOU DID. You're such a pussy boy."
"Yes, I am a pussy boy because I attract all the puss-"
"Stop talking." You interrupted," Why arent you asleep Alex? I don't know if you knew this buuut, 2 am is usually the time when people should be sleeping." You stated, snarky and teasing.
"If you wanted to get me alone you shouldve just said so, babe." He stated simply, you could hear the shit-eating grin in his voice.
He heard you laugh from the other side, making his heart flutter in his chest." I wish I was there but Mexico is like hours away." You muttered.
"Why are you awake? You've been going off to me but it's late where you are too."
"It's cause I was watching your shitass stream. I'm such a dedicated girlfriend, arent I? I just love you so much." You laughed out.
"Aww, you're such a simp for me..." Alex pressed a hand to his cheek embarrassingly, mocking that he was flustered." Should I just end the stream now then. I wanna talk to you now."
"Now you're the one wanting to get me alone Hmm?"
"Yeah, at least I can admit it. Looks like you're the pussy here." He spat your words right back at you.
"End the stream."
"Yes ma'am."
"Pfft, and you say you arent a fucking bottom." You teased.
"Y/N, I am still strEAMING-"
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cr0wbonezz-wr1ting-inc · 7 months ago
"Would you still love me if I turned into a worm?"
Summary: Mcyt's reacting a donations asking them an... interesting question about you
Trigger warning: None!
Author's note: fun lil hc cus i loved this idea that i saw somewhere (it wasnt dsmp related, it was from a different fandom lol)
Tumblr media
- "hmm, would i?"
- doesn't take the question seriously
- "clay, just answer the question!"
- "i would baby, don't worry."
- cuddle sesh after the stream :3
- *spits out water*
- "is this for a tiktok or something?"
- grinning the entire time
- "no! i hate worms!"
- you give him a smack on the arm
- "why would you turn into a worm???"
- very confused by the question
- "how though????"
- "sap! yes or no?!"
- "hell yeah, i bet you'd be the best-looking worm."
- "aww!"
- grabs your hand
- "you'd be the cutest worm ever!"
- "i'd love to be a worm's boyfriend if i'd be yours."
- he tells you that he'd rather have a human ___, though
- "i beg you pardon? if they'd be a what?"
- "yeah, wilbur, would you?"
- he'd probably question the sanity of his chat
- "no. they're wriggly bastards. i hate them."
- "i just want this ___, please."
- laughs at the random question
- thinks about it for a while
- "yeah, sure!"
- "what's the worst that could happen? a language barrier is not going to stop me."
- talks about worm marriage rights
- takes in your features before answering
- a smile would stay on his face the entire time
- " weird question."
- "also, a worm is very inconvenient to have in your home."
- "you'd be a very handsome/pretty worm, though."
- "oh... i don't know?"
- "would you be able to love me if you'd be a worm?"
- you assure her that being a worm will not change your love for her
- "but then we can't hold hands anymore!"
- she says yes but will still be sad about the hand-holding :(
- "yeah, probably."
- you're surprised at the quick reaction, which fundy laughs at
- "chat, don't you dare."
- *sigh*
- "i'm not attracted to worms, chat-"
- ends up being called a furry anyways
- "a w-"
- "a whAHA-"
- when you tell him to answer he'll just start to fake cry
- "guys... my s/o turned into a wOoOoOrm....!"
- makes a song about loving worms in auto-tune
Karl jacobs:
- "do i get to be a worm too?"
- he'd giggle a lot
- "of course!"
- "i can put you in my pocket, then you're always with me!"
- his face is red for the rest of the stream
taglist: @adoring-ghost @sakisaralazy @for-memories-sacrifice @ialexabsuniverse @shiyanchan @bioluminescentfrog @esylwen @lo-manburg
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bozowrites · 2 months ago
↳ When you don't give them their daily face kisses.
Members: [CC] Dream, Georgenotfound, Sapnap, Wilbur Soot, Quackity and Karl Jacobs.
Note: saw it for a gnehsin post and figured I'd try here :D
Tumblr media
DREAM will 100% whine and pout after a few minutes of waiting for those face kisses. Kinda reminds you of a child throwing a tantrum.
QUACKITY won't hold back. Public or alone, he is loud and showing his pain. The audacity of not giving him those face kisses.
KARL JACOBS will pout silently unlike the other two. Very visible frown on his face, looks like a kicked puppy.
Tumblr media
GEORGENOTFOUND is so goddamn petty when you don't give him his face kisses. Will act annoyed when you do do it, but if you don't? Petty as heck. Will hold a grudge.
Tumblr media
SAPNAP starts to think he's in trouble or something, like he did something wrong or said something wrong to you. Won't say anything, but is very wary of what he says.
WILBUR SOOT will try his best to ignore his fear, but it'll eat him up, so he asks if he did something wrong. Questioning every single thing he's done in the last few days.
Tumblr media
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viviennewestwoodd · 5 months ago
the three musketeers — irl! benchtrio x reader
Tumblr media
about: after being followed by a creepy old man for quite a while, three unsuspecting but friendly boys come to your rescue
note: this is my first oneshot on this account! in honor of the benchtrio meetup take this oneshot! i hope you all enjoy and keep in mind this is all platonic. sorry if its kinda dramatic lol i was just putting my feelings into it.
pronouns: not mentioned
warnings: creepy behaviour, swearing.
Tumblr media
2 hours.
he had been following you for 2 fucking hours.
at first, you didn’t wanna jump to conclusions, ‘maybe his destination is this way too!’ you innocently thought, trying to stay optimistic.
but alas, you were wrong.
you nervously wandered around the town, trying to stay in the most crowded places as possible, walking in and out of café’s and shops, but he never left, he remained behind you at all times, silently waiting to strike, like a predator stalking prey, and in broad daylight too! sick fuck. he watched you like a hawk, just waiting for you two to be alone. you were terrified; you constantly looked around, searching to find someplace to hide.  
you plugged your earphones in, attempting to distract yourself from the figure lurking behind you.
after about 10 minutes, the sun began to set, people around began to part ways and leave the area, shops were closing so there was no hope for you to hide.
you swallowed nervously.
you could hear your heart beat louder by the minute, your hands began to tremble in such fear that even the music couldn’t block out the fear you felt. your vision started to blur, sweat trickled down your throat, your breathe began to shorten quickly as the sound of the man’s footsteps grew louder over the music, marking that he was getting closer by the minute.
at this point, the evening was painted on the sky with a purple-blue gradient, it was lovely, but it couldn’t be enjoyed.
you began to pick up your pace, almost breaking into a run. but the man still followed behind contently, also speeding up. his footsteps now became all you could hear and focus on, your mind was clouded by intrusive thoughts; how close he was getting to you, what he might do if he got to you. It was nerve-wracking. the lights lit up on the street you were on and at this point you knew he was more than right behind you, he was so close you could hear his breathing. your heart pounded out of your chest, you couldn’t see straight, you whispered silently, “oh god, please, no-“
“hey! there you are!”
a voice shouted from across the street, “what?” you whispered. you turned your head slowly, your eyes locked on a blonde boy you’ve never seen waving from across the street, beside him was a brown haired boy, and a tall dirty blonde boy with a mask and sunglasses, ‘how odd!’, you thought.
“don’t just stand there! get over here!
he cried, you turned your head to the strange man who had been following you and giving you hell, and back at the teenage boys, you gave a nervous laugh, “coming!” you replied, playing along. you ran across the street, and into the open arms of the tall dirty blonde, who enveloped you in a hug, consoling you calmly and playing along to the friendly act. “there you are, we’ve been looking for you everywhere!” the brown haired boy exclaimed, still playing into the act. “sorry guys!” you replied, you glanced across the road for the last time; the man was gone, nowhere in sight.
you gave a thankful smile to the blonde boy, “thank you”. he grinned back, “Hey no worries, just as long as your safe” he assured you, “oh uh, tommy” he introduced himself to you, stretching out his hand for you to shake. you pleasantly shook it, “y/n” you smiled.
“y/n! great! this is tubbo” he gestured to the brunet boy, who awkwardly waved to you. “and this is uh” he turned his gaze towards the taller boy, “you can just call me ranboo” the tall boy rubbed his neck, “sorry for hugging you by the way” he apologized. “oh no, that’s quite alright” you reassured him.
you raised an eyebrow, “oh, are those nicknames?’ you curiously pondered towards the two boys, “i guess you could say that?” ranboo said. it was a tad bit strange, but who were you to judge? “so, are you alright? i could see that you were very uncomfortable” tubbo asked with concern and worry. you found it so kind of all of them to protect a complete stranger on the streets, your heart was filled with warmth.
“i’m okay now. thank you guys so much! i don’t know what i would’ve done if you guys didn’t show up, i’m so thankful, and what can i do to repay you?” you asked, “you could subscribe to-” tubbo elbowed tommy in the stomach, which caused him to swear violently. you and ranboo chuckled softly at their friendship.
“anyways, aren’t we cool? we’re like the two musketeers! all for one and one for- yeah you get it” tommy joked, “isn’t it the three musketeers?” tubbo queried, “well yeah but I don’t wanna include ranboo so” the blonde scoffed.
“okay then!” ranboo said enthusiastically (and sarcastically), “moving on, do you want us to walk with you?” he suggested kindly. “actually, sure. I think I’d like that” you beamed.
“great! let’s go” tommy exclaimed, wrapping his hand around your shoulders in a friendly manner. “so y/n, have you ever heard of philza minecraft?” tommy questioned. tubbo and ranboo seemed to be in their own little world, giggling and chatting happily.
you didn’t know much about this trio, heck, you didn’t know anything about them. but the fact that they went out of their way to help you, a complete stranger in trouble was enough to reassure you that they were sweet. they were a bunch that was completely different from each other, but they still managed to have such chemistry that made you feel at home.
something about them told you that this was the start of an exciting friendship.
taglist: @sabinanotfound
Tumblr media
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sushisoot · a day ago
how the crewboys would react to reader dying their hair purple!
▸ crewboys: how they would react to you dyeing your hair purple ⊹ ꜜ .ᐟ ❜
Tumblr media
ᵔᴗᵔ ⧣ warnings: crack kinda. fluff!(?) cursing bc quackity.
ᵔᴗᵔ ⧣ notes: i hope you don’t mind i didn’t take it too seriously because there’s not really much i can do here since its very specific SHHDSH
ᵔᴗᵔ ⧣ requests: open! ty for requesting <3
Tumblr media
DREAM ミ 💭 ✧ ˚ .
as soon as he saw it, he took pictures. didn’t even bother being discreet with it. just took the pictures from all angles.
you’re like: wtf what are you doing stop wh—
“brb” and then ran
comes back home with strands of his hair ( basically he dyed the front of his hair ) colored in the same shade of purple. now he looks like that emo!dream fanart.
now we match ^_^ <3
Tumblr media
GEORGE ミ 💭 ✧ ˚ .
that’s it. that’s what his reaction is.
and you’re nervous… like… do you like it?
“yes :) blue is a better color but—”
laughs when you playfully hit his arm.
posts a selfie with the two of you ( with your hair and a terrible angle of george ) on twitter and instagram, with your permission of course!
caption: type 1 if i should dye my hair blue
Tumblr media
SAPNAP ミ 💭 ✧ ˚ .
when you first told him about your plan, he teased you about it. says it’s stupid.
but when you actually did it, he thinks it’s cool :D
“yoo :0 is this, like, your thing now?”
very supportive!! in fact, he even offers to take you to the hair salon when you decide to re-dye it or something so he can give his wonderful opinions.
you somehow ended up convincing him to dye a random strand of his hair the same color as yours. but since he’s a cap guy, no one can even notice it
but at least it’s a little secret between the two of you <3
Tumblr media
QUACKITY ミ 💭 ✧ ˚ .
“oh hello alex quackity what do you think—”
will dramatically hold your head as if cradling his beloved’s corpse, ignoring your blank stare
but he loves it :D posted a pic of you two in twitter and said something about dyeing his hair that too to match you, but you told him that no one even knows wtf his hair looks like and he’s gonna have to take his beanie off
Tumblr media
KARL ミ 💭 ✧ ˚ .
keeps on playing with your hair
debates if he should also dye his hair purple so you two can be cute together :D
ends up painting his nails with the same shade as the color of your hair though!
every time he takes a picture of the two of you, he always make sure to show the color off.
the caption will probably be something like “We’re the coolest 💜”
he’s the one with the best fit out of all them let’s be honest.
Tumblr media
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inniterhq · 8 months ago
𝐖𝐇𝐀𝐓'𝐃 𝐓𝐇𝐄𝐘 𝐃𝐎 𝐓𝐎 𝐘𝐎𝐔 | 𝐭𝐞𝐜𝐡𝐧𝐨𝐛𝐥𝐚𝐝𝐞 𝐱 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
Request: maybe smth where instead of that scene where he’s like “PHIL WHATD THEY DO TO YOU” instead of phil it’s reader? idk i live and breathe protective!techno
Summary: Technoblade is sent to be executed, you can’t lose him. Genre: angst (with a happy ending) Warnings: mentions of death, cursing Pronouns: they/them Note: THE TOTEM SCENE Y’ALL. This might be my first angst fic with a happy ending- Anyway, thanks for requesting and i hope you like it :]
Tumblr media
They were ransacking your home.
Books thrown to the ground, chests left open, shelves cleared; they were looking for the compass. The compass Techno had given you should you ever lose track of him and need him immediately.
“To help you find your way back to me.”
Quackity stood a few paces in front of you, axe drawn and face contorted with anger, “Just tell us where the fucking compass is, Y/N. It’s better that way.”
You scoffed, “No, you’ll have to find it yourself if you want it so bad.”
You watched as Fundy began throwing your extra materials onto the ground, emptying out all your chests. Fear coursed through your veins, fear for Techno’s safety.
“You really aren’t gonna tell us, huh?”
“Never,” you spat.
“Guys! Look what I found,” Tubbo moved to the center of your home, in his hand, the compass.
The Butcher Army swarmed around Tubbo, Alex taking it from his hand and stepping out the door, Fundy following him. Tubbo turned to you, frowning.
“Y/N, I’m putting you under house arrest, for refusing to comply with presidential orders.”
He nodded at Ranboo, who had been standing in the corner the entire time. Ranboo moved closer to you, an ankle monitor in his hand. You stared at Tubbo, jaw clenched as you sat down and allowed Ranboo to bind you to your home. The two of them left, Ranboo hesitating a bit and you thought maybe he was on your side. But he looked over at you, shaking his head, and walked out the door.
You paced around your home, worrying your bottom lip between your teeth as panic set in. Techno was a capable warrior, you’d seen him in battle before. Yet, this was four people against him.
You couldn’t lose him, not when you hadn’t told him how much you loved him.
The wait was excruciating. All you wanted was a sign that he was still alive.
“Techno, please be okay,” you muttered under your breath as you fiddled with the ends of your shirt.
As if hearing your pleas, you heard the rattle of chains outside and Quackity’s laughter to go along with it. Rushing outside, you stood on your balcony overlooking the center of New L’Manburg. You saw the giant cage waiting for Techno, the anvil held back by some rope.
It was a public execution. How heartless could they be?
And then you saw him. They were dragging him towards the stage. Techno was stripped of his armor, his weapons. You had never seen him look so weak and it shocked you to your core. Thick chains connected to metal cuffs wrapped around his wrists, and his head snapped up to look at you.
At that moment, you saw the fear, anger, and sadness in his eyes. You saw his gaze flicker down to the monitor around your ankle and he tugged away from Alex and Fundy.
“Y/N, WHAT’D THEY DO TO YOU?” Techno yelled, desperation evident in the way he continued to pull away from Alex and Fundy and towards you.
But you weren’t the one being sent to death. You shook your head, biting back tears as you looked over at the cage
They shoved Techno inside. Alex stood by Carl, and Tubbo took his stand at the podium. They announced his execution and your mouth went dry. You wanted to tear your eyes away, knowing you’ll have to watch his death, but you couldn't. Your knees grew shaky and the floor swayed underneath you.
Techno stood at the front of the cage, hands wrapped around the bars as he stared at you.
Alex pulled the lever.
You felt bile rise up your throat as everything seemed to move in slow motion. Then, Punz dropped down, throwing multiple potions against the ground. You leaned against the railing, watching as the Butcher Army fought against Punz. Amongst the chaos, you spotted a flash of green.
The anvil falls on Techno, he stumbles back. You watch in awe as it seems to go through him, his flesh splitting off his bones and you finally notice the Totem of Undying in his hand.
He’s not dead.
Techno jumps out of the cage, ripping out of his chains and grabbing Carl. Armed with nothing more than a pickaxe, he gets on Carl and leaves, slowing down in front of your home. You were already at your doorstep.
“The monitor-”
Techno slams the pickaxe against your ankle monitor, breaking it off. You scramble onto Carl, wrapping your arms around his waist as you rest your forehead on his shoulder. Relief set into your muscles and you felt yourself go limp around Techno, your tears wetting his shirt.
“I thought I lost you.”
He stayed silent and you continued, “I couldn’t lose you, not before I tell you that I love you.”
Techno didn't respond, but he didn’t need to. You knew he felt the same from the way he brought his hand over yours, intertwining your fingers together.
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dreamerstreamer · a month ago
Tongue Tied
Pairing: Dream / Clay x gn!reader
Summary: [Dream SMP!AU] Talking to animals is easy, especially when you can actually understand them. But talking to Dream? That’s a whole other challenge unto itself.
Word Count: 4.5k
A/N: inspired by dream being a disney princess with like 85 dolphins during the 4v1 manhunt finale :D i hope you all enjoy! i had fun writing this <3
Tumblr media
Balancing the bag in your arms carefully, you peeked over the top to see the animal pen drawing nearer and nearer. Your eyes lit up at the sight, and you picked up the pace a fraction or two as you made your way over. Already, you could see the pigs sniffing at the air, their snouts turned toward you expectantly.
“Good morning, guys!” you greeted, coming to a stop just outside the pen. Heaving the bag into one of your arms, you used the other to reach inside. “I brought some snacks for you all.”
The pig closest to you—Darwin, you remembered vaguely—snorted at you. To anyone else, they would have heard just that: a simple snort. But the tone that reached your ears was anything but simple.
“Finally! We’ve been starving!”
Giving him a lopsided smile, you pulled out a carrot from your bag, reaching down to let him bite on. “Don’t you guys have all this grass to eat?”
As Darwin snapped his mouth shut around the carrot, he managed to warble out, “Yes, but quality over quantity, and grass gets boring after eating it for basically ever.”
You gave him a deadpan look, shoving another carrot towards another pig—this one was Rita. “That doesn’t negate the fact that I literally fed you guys yesterday,” you pointed out with a blank stare.
From the back of the pen, you watched as one of the cows rose up to rest its front legs on the side of the wood, grunting out at you. “That was yesterday,” said Pedro, “and this is today.” He let his jaw fall open and waiting. “Now, feed me.”
You giggled, dumping the rest of the carrots in front of the pigs to let them fight amongst themselves. “So demanding,” you joked as you stepped to the side.
Moving over toward the cows, you held out a few carefully tied bundles of wheat, shaking them in front of them. “I hope you guys will settle for wheat.”
Pedro didn’t even look up, his eyes still glued to the wheat you were holding up. “Do you even have to ask?”
With a laugh, you set it on the ground in front of him, watching with amusement as the horde moved in to engulf the pile of wheat entirely. Just a moment later, you felt a nudge at the back of your arm, and you turned to see a pair of horses eyeing you expectantly. You grinned at the sight, turning the bag upside down in your arms.
“And for you two,” you hummed, watching gravity naturally empty the bag onto their feeding tray, “I’ve got some apples.”
The white speckled horse standing to your left—appropriately named Snowflake—let out an appreciative whinny, ducking her head down to devour an apple. “Bless your soul, [Y/N],” she sighed in bliss. “Bless you.”
Smiling, you folded the paper bag onto itself and slipped it back into your pocket, leaning against the wooden fence with a hum. “Just try not to throw me off anytime soon,” you said with a teasing look, “and I’ll bring you as many as you’d like.”
“Are you talking to the horses?”
You jumped at the sound of a new voice—at the sound of his voice. Oh my god.
Of all the people you thought would possibly stumble upon you like this, he was definitely the last person who came to mind.
Whirling around, you felt your hands curl up into fists at your side, your heart leaping into your throat as you laid eyes on the man standing before you. His mask had been tucked off to the side of his head, leaving his freckled face free and open to the bright sunshine above.
“O-Oh, I, um, erm…” you stammered, your tongue stumbling all over itself. “Hi, Dream! I-I was just, uh—”
You could hear Snowflake snicker behind you, and your cheeks burned with embarrassment as you finally managed to sputter, “What are you doing here?”
The smile he flashed you was more dazzling than the sun, and you resisted the urge to sigh dreamily. “Oh, just taking a morning stroll.” His emerald eyes flashed. “You didn’t answer my question, though.” He gestured to the animal pen behind you. “Were you really just talking to them, or have I gone crazy?”
You felt your mouth go dry, your mind absolutely scrambling for words to form a coherent sentence. Behind you, you caught a glimpse of Darwin pressing his snout forward between the gaps of the fence.
“Is this the guy you like? What’s so special about him?” He tilted his head, then dug at the ground with a triumphant puff. “He’s got nothing on me.”
Before you could stop yourself, you turned, shooting a glare at him. “Sh-Shut up!”
Just a step ahead of you, Dream gasped, his eyes brightening with fascination. “You are talking to the animals!” He shuffled closer toward you. “Can you really understand them?”
Your breath caught in your lungs at his proximity, and you fidgeted as you spoke. “I, um, yeah.” When there was a beat of silence, you wilted under his gaze. “Sorry, I must sound cuckoo.”
His lips were parted in awe, and he shook his head at you. “No, no, I’m just so intrigued. Why did you never tell me?”
You lowered your gaze to your hands, fiddling with your thumbs. “I guess I… just didn’t want anyone to think I seemed crazy, or something.” Your voice grew quiet. “You probably don’t even believe me.”
Just then, you felt a hand settle on the curve of your shoulder. You nearly jumped right out of your skin, and you looked up to see Dream’s face just a few inches from yours. You wanted to melt into the floor.
He’s so close.
“I believe you,” he said softly, honestly lacing his every syllable. “You wouldn’t lie to me. That’s not like you.” His lips twitched up into a small smile, and you felt him squeeze your shoulder ever so gently. “Am I the only one who knows?”
You swallowed, then nodded your head, half-feeling like it would fall right off if you shook it too hard. “Y-Yeah,” you breathed, unable to tear your eyes away from his. “I didn’t really mean to keep it a secret—I guess it just sort of happened. I don’t really remember how this happened, either. I think I was just born with it? I’ve always been able to understand them.”
A part of you wanted to berate yourself for rambling, but you didn’t get the chance to think about it for a second longer before Dream was suddenly grabbing both of your shoulders, practically pressing himself up to you. Your face was aflame in a burst of dizzying affection and bashful warmth, his hot breath fanning over your cheeks obliviously.
Too close!
“That—that’s so cool!” he said, his eyes scanning your face with wonder. A moment later, he stepped back, releasing your shoulders. You missed his touch immediately, and you wanted to lean back into his warmth.
“We have to talk to every animal, now,” he sighed, almost bouncing up and down where he stood with excitement. You couldn’t stop the smile from stretching across your face at the sight. Suddenly he turned, cocking his head at you with a pensive, almost shy look.
“Well, I mean, you can talk to them all if you want, but is it okay if I tag along? I’m just…” He shook his head to himself again, his smile never once faltering. “You’re just so amazing.”
Your heartbeat was practically rattling your rib cage at this point—who gave him the right to be so… so nice? So pretty? So perfect? Fumbling to respond, you sent him the best smile you could muster up.
“S-Sure! I don’t think they’d mind.” You glanced over at the animal pen. “Would you guys?”
Rita cocked her head, then let out a snort of approval. “Sure, he’s okay. Besides, you’ve got the hots for him, right?” Something in her beady little eyes gleamed with mischief. “Show off a little, yeah?”
You gaped at her, your brain short-circuiting on the spot. Rita! you internally chided.
At your side, Dream blinked at you curiously. “Well,” he said, “what’d they say?”
Squeaking, you flipped around to look at him, feeling your insides flutter with butterflies as your heart melted.
“Yes,” you breathed, “you can tag along.”
The sheer brightness of his smile made you wonder if maybe it would be better if you had said no.
Tumblr media
“Hey there, little guy.”
The puppy in Dream’s arms—his name was Cole—was panting like he had just run three miles, rolling over into his warm touch. His tongue flicked over his wet, black nose as he barked once, twice at you.
“Oh! He’s so tall! And he’s good at giving ear scratches.” Whimpering, he nuzzled into Dream’s eager touch. “Oooh, yes. That’s the spot.” Lifting his head, he turned to look at you and barked once, his pale, glimmering eyes flickering with joy. “[Y/N], bring him around more often. This guy rocks.”
You giggled, brushing some stray dirt off the front of your pants. “I’ll try my best.”
Dream glanced over at you, his eyes lingering on your mouth before dragging over your face. “What’d he just say?”
Bending down, you reached a hand out to poke at Cole’s cheek, not missing the way he yapped at your touch. “He says that I should bring you around more often because you’re good at giving scratches.”
“Don’t forget about the part where I said he rocks!” Cole suddenly yelped, his tail wagging aggressively against Dream’s thigh. “Because he does.”
Your face flushed at that, and you turned your gaze to the grass beneath your feet. “And also that you, um—you rock.”
A smile tugged at Dream’s lips, and he let out a chuckle that seemed all too boyish for a man of his stature. “Aw, really?” he crooned, scratching the pup a little more. “That’s too kind.”
You snuck a peek at him, feeling your heart sing a sweet melody in your chest. “Well,” you murmured, “it is what he said.”
You watched with awe as his features softened into something so tender, so warm that it made your lungs expand just to make room for the affection blooming in your chest. To think it had been well over a few months since Dream had discovered your little power, and he was still as kind as ever. Every morning, he would join you on your way to feed the animals, and from time to time, he would ask you to accompany him while chatting with them.
You, of course, could never say no to him, so here you were, all this time later and still absolutely head over heels for him.
“Thank you, buddy,” he hummed, giving Cole one last ruffle behind his ears before getting to his feet. “We’re gonna go now, but I’ll come back soon.”
Getting back onto his four paws, Cole shook out his fur once, then barked at him with a wag. “Bye! You’re the best!” He turned to look at you. “And give him a kiss for me, [Y/N].”
Your jaw dropped open, and you almost tripped over your foot as you straightened. “I-I most certainly will not!” you shouted.
Dream blinked at you, confusion furrowing his brow. “Huh?”
You squeaked, turning away from him with a dismissive wave. “He—he just says bye back!” you said, praying he would ignore the crack in your voice.
Instead, he cocked a brow at you, looking all the more intrigued. “And what about the thing you won’t do?”
You tore your gaze away from him, dragging a line in the dirt with the sole of your shoe. “I-It’s nothing,” you fibbed. “Ignore him.”
He gave you an amused look, then chuckled, trailing after you. “Okay, okay,” he relented. “Where to next?”
You paused, tapping at your chin with a thoughtful expression. “Mm, have you ever talked to a fox?” you said after a moment.
He grinned. “I mean, I’ve personally never talked to any animals, but no.”
You laughed at his half-joke, waving over your shoulder for him to follow you. “Well, I know one you might like. C’mon!”
As you began striding forward, making your way down the wood plank path, you paused when you didn’t hear footsteps following you. Turning, you looked behind you only to freeze at the sight of Dream’s eyes glued to you, his gaze gleaming with a mixture of awe and wonder.
“You know,” he said, suddenly sounding breathless, “I really appreciate that you’re doing this for me. You didn’t have to, you know?”
Your heart picked up a beat inside you, and you swallowed the rhythm threatening to burst out of your chest. “I wanted to,” you said honestly. “I’m just glad that…” You smiled. “That you’re having fun.”
You didn’t catch the way his cheeks flushed a royal, rosy hue, his eyes still focused on the tender look on your face. With his lips curling up into a fond smile, he took a step closer toward you.
“See, that’s what I love about you. You’re so genuinely kind, and you never even hesitate about it. It’s almost like second-nature to you.”
Reaching over, he gently bumped his arm into yours, and you felt a spark rush into your skin at the gesture. “Have some more pride in yourself, okay?” he chided, grinning at you. “It’s people like you who make this world a brighter place.”
You opened your mouth, then closed it, not trusting yourself to speak. “I—“
Your tongue felt like jelly in your mouth, and you did your best to say a word coherently.
“I—okay.” You could swear you were trembling from head-to-toe. “I’ll try my best.”
He flashed you another one of those blinding grins of his, then breezed past you, resting his hands on his hips.
“Good. That’s a start. Now,” he said, glancing back at you with the sun framing his face, “where were you taking me, again?”
Pushing down the fizzy feeling rising up in your chest, you rushed after him, pointing at a forest in the distance. Although you had a destination in mind, you knew that deep down, you wouldn’t mind going anywhere, so long as it was with him.
Tumblr media
“You know, you should totally just confess to Dream.”
Your breath hitched in your throat, and you shot Pedro a glare from where you were sitting on a wood block next to the pen. Already, you could feel your heart start to run rampant at the mere mention of his name. Setting down your handful of wheat, you scoffed.
“What? Are you kidding me? No way!”
Darwin flopped over onto his stomach, digging his snout against the ground as he let out a long, drawn out snort. “You totally should. Watching this is just painful. We all think so.”
You grumbled, digging your heels into the ground as your lungs squeezed a fraction tighter. “Well, you don’t have to watch if it’s so terrible.”
Snowflake leaned her head down to whinny next to you. “He follows you everywhere. It’s impossible to not watch.”
Huffing, you crossed your arms over your chest and turned away, shifting back on the wooden block. “I’m still not doing it.”
“He’s cute,” Rita said.
Your ears burned. “I know that.”
“You like him,” Pedro added.
You curled your hands into tight fists. “I know that, too.”
Darwin rolled over in the pen. “Dare I say you might even love hi—”
“I know that!”
Immediately, the animal pen fell silent, and you were burying your face in your hands, the crack of your shout still echoing through the air. Your blood was absolutely rushing through your ears now, and all you could focus on was the shaky, uneven breaths escaping your mouth.
“I know, I know, I know,” you choked out, your head spinning with an overwhelming cyclone of emotions. “But even then, I’m not gonna tell Dream!”
“You’re not gonna tell me what?”
Your eyes shot open, and you flung your head up to see Dream standing over you just a step behind your seat, his upside down face greeting you with an inquisitive look. Before you knew it, you were gasping and leaning backwards, losing your balance.
“Oh my g—ahh!”
In a whirl, you toppled backwards, your legs kicking out in front of you, but suddenly, a pair of hands settled on your arms. Gently nudging you forward once more, you inhaled sharply as electricity ran along your body as you came to a steady stop, sitting upright with Dream’s soft touch holding you in place.
“Woah, there,” he breathed over you, his eyes landing on your panicked ones. “You okay?”
Your gaze darted across his face, only briefly landing on his lips for a moment before shooting to the sky above his head. “Yeah, it’s…” You swallowed thickly. “It’s nothing at all!”
He raised a brow, his hands still firm against your arms. “I wouldn’t exactly call that nothing.” Letting go of you for a second, he walked around you until he was at your side, crouching down to be level with your face. “What’s up?” he asked gently.
Being eye-to-eye with him like this was too much for your head, and you could feel your feet jittering in your shoes. “I, uh, I—I just wanted to tell you that… that your hair always looks really soft!” Your voice came out in a hurried, messy rush, but you nodded like you meant it, anyways. “Th-That’s all!”
Just behind the oak fence, Rita bellowed with laughter—or whatever a pig’s laughter sounded like. “You are such a liar!” she snorted, leaning against the wood with gleaming eyes. “The biggest liar!”
At her side, you caught a glimpse of Snowflake’s snicker, and you glowered at them. “Guys! Stop that!”
Dream’s bewilderment only grew. “What’s with that reaction?” he muttered. Then, his eyes widened. “Don’t tell me… are you lying to me?”
You stiffened, refusing to meet his gaze. “N-No.”
He shoved his face closer to you, his nose only a few inches away from your cheek. “No?” he responded cheekily.
You did your best not to squirm. “N—Not at all!”
“Just tell him how you feel!” Darwin whined, acting as loud and abrasive as he was wont to be.
Pedro nodded, chewing on a mouthful of wheat. “Don’t be such a coward!” After a slight pause, he chuckled. “Get it? Cow-ard?”
You groaned again and felt your face practically burst into flames. “Lay off me, guys!”
Beside you, Dream was quiet, an almost solemn look settling on his features. “[Y/N],” he murmured, speaking your name like it was the most precious thing in the world, “you know you can tell me anything, right?”
You peeked over at him, letting your gaze meet for a brief, fleeting moment. His eyes really did look like emeralds. Gulping, you held his stare.
“Yeah,” you whispered.
His mouth twitched the slightest bit at that. Rising to his feet, he stretched his hand out toward you.
“Here,” he said, “come with me.” After a second, he glanced over his shoulder at the pen and added, “And please, can you all just leave us alone for a bit? Pretty please?”
Snowflake blinked at him once, then gave him a disparaging whinny. “Fine.”
His eyes immediately darted to hours, and you translated for him with lightning speed. “They agreed.”
He grinned, gesturing to his hand once more. “Perfect. Let’s go.”
With a timid touch, you let your hand slip into his as he tugged you to his feet, still not used to the soft hold of his fingers around your skin. You expected him to let go of you, but to your surprise, he simply held on as he led you away from the pen and toward a small alcove in the nearby mountain wall. As soon as he stopped walking, he whirled to face you.
“Alright, tell me what’s up. Clearly something’s bothering you, and I want to know what’s going on.” His face flickered with a shadow of a frown, and his hand squeezed yours. “It makes me sad to see you like this.”
You wanted to look away and hide from the intensity of his gaze, but the longer you looked at him, the more you knew you couldn’t bring yourself to do it. Not with the way he was looking at you, at least. Your heart beat like a thousand drums in your chest, and it took everything inside of you to suck in a simple, single breath.
“I… promise you won’t laugh at me?” you asked quietly. “Or run away or something?”
He blinked, then shook his head. “From you? Never.” His lips curled up into a crooked grin. “I guess you could say I wouldn’t dream of it.”
The groan escaped you before you could even think about it. His hand thrummed with life in yours, and you sighed, “That was a terrible pun.”
He laughed, his chuckle rumbling throughout his chest. “You love me for it.”
You soaked in the sound of his laughter, traced your gaze over the soft crescent moons of his eyes when he smiled and the scattered freckles on his cheeks. Not once did you take your eyes off his. After all, you were always looking at him, and this time would be no different.
“I do,” you whispered.
He paused, his laughter coming to a halt. “What?”
You swallowed, letting the words spill from your lips like an unbidden waterfall beating at stone. “I do,” you said, again. “That’s what I wanted to tell you.”
His fingers twitched against yours, and a part of you wondered why he was still holding on—why he hadn’t let go yet. But in that moment, you couldn’t think of anything but the light shining from the very depths of your soul onto his features.
“I love you, Dream.” You paused, then tacked on in a hush of a whisper, “Really.”
You watched with bated breath as his eyes grew wide and his hand squeezed yours even tighter than before. You felt your mouth open, pushing more words to the surface as your brain went into overdrive.
“And I know that’s scary, because the way I feel about you is more than just liking someone, which is crazy, I know, and I totally get if you don’t feel the same wa—”
It happened in an instant.
In one second, you were rambling a flurry of anxiety, thoughts, and fears, all of them bursting forth at once.
In the next, Dream’s lips were pressed to yours, and you felt fireworks.
Sparks burst forth from the pit of your stomach, joy unfurling in your chest as you let your eyelids flutter shut, melding into the softness of his touch. You felt his other hand reach up to cup your cheek, his thumb stroking the curve of your cheekbone. You shivered at the tenderness of it all, and you could have sworn you felt him smile against your mouth. A moment later, you parted, gasping for air as you took in the sight of his pink cheeks and adoring gaze.
“Sorry,” he panted as he shot you a lopsided smile, “was that too forward of me?”
Your tongue swiped over your lips, and you caught the way his eyes followed the movement. More, your heart cried, and so you opened your mouth once more.
“Again?” you whispered. “Please?”
He chuckled, then dove right back toward you, his mouth meeting yours once more. He tasted like sunshine on your tongue, the softness of his lips practically drowning you in him, him, him. He smelled like a deep, woody pine that made you want to stay wrapped up in his arms. Your hand squeezed his again, and you felt your insides expand with a melody sweeter than a skylark’s song.
I love you, I love you.
This time when Dream parted from you, he didn’t move too far, only going so far as to rest his forehead against yours and smile.
“I think that makes it pretty clear how I feel about you,” he breathed.
You couldn’t stop smiling, and you knew you must look like a lovestruck fool right now, but you could hardly bring yourself to care. How could you, when he was here with you?
“Will—will you please say it, anyways?” you asked with a glimmer in your eye. “Just so then I know I’m understanding you correctly?”
He let out a puff laughter, the breath fanning over your face. “You can understand animals just fine but you’re stumped by this?”
You reached a hand, tentatively holding his face in your palm. “Animals are easy to figure out. You?” You smiled. “Not so much.”
He nuzzled his cheek into your palm, letting his lips brush a simple kiss over your fingertips. “Well, alright then. But just for you.”
You both closed your eyes, basking in the quietness for a moment longer until he murmured four little words that lit your whole world up.
“I love you, too.”
Light danced along every vein in your body, seeping into every nook and cranny of your heart as your fingers moved to sink into his soft, golden locks. Nothing could ruin this moment, you thought wistfully. Nothing at all.
Then came a loud, braying bark.
“Finally! You did it! Thank god!”
You whipped around with Dream at your side, eyes wide with shock to see Cole yipping at the two of you. His tail wagged behind him faster than you’d ever seen it before, and in a flash, he was dashing off into the distance. Embarrassment washed over your face, and you let out a whine.
“Oh my god. Dream, he is totally gonna snitch to everyone else.”
He lifted his brows in a look that almost came across as accepting, his thumb brushing over your knuckles where your fingers were still intertwined. “Well,” he hummed with a joking tone, “at least I’m not gonna be the one who’ll get teased about it.”
You gasped in mock offence, playfully whacking his arm. “You’re so mean!”
He chuckled, tapping his foot against the ground. “I’m kidding. We’ll deal with it together.”
Above you, you heard a bird chirp in the distance, no doubt spreading word of the news to every animal you knew. Despite the hordes of questions you knew you were bound to get asked, you let yourself simply lean over to rest your head against his shoulder, your side latching onto his.
“Yeah,” you murmured, “you’re stuck with me now.”
Dream’s face flooded with nothing but warm, wholehearted, and unadulterated affection for you. Turning his head, he let his lips press against the crown of your head, and you sighed, caught in a dreamlike haze.
“I sure am, and I don’t intend on going anywhere.”
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dreamwvrld · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
༉‧₊˚ # ‘STARSTRUCK’ masterlist!
. ˚₊ ꒱ professor!techno x teacher assistant!reader
━━━ . ˚₊ ꒱ by DREAMWVRLD
add yourself to the taglist: here!
read the series’ “side stories”: here!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
thank you for 1.5k followers! i have worked so, so hard to bring you this series and i hope you enjoy it! thank you for your overwhelming support for me and my work. this is all for you! <333
× &﹕SUMMARY ! ◞
the ancient history department gain a new teaching assistant, and professor technoblade hates how captivated his students are with them instead of his class. at least, he thought he hated it..
enemies to lovers relationship, college!au relationship (teacher x teacher), cursing, suggestive themes, mentions of violence (greek mythology), gn!reader, IMPLIED SMUT, tba!
× %﹕SCHEDULE ! ◞
updated every sunday! (or every other sunday depending on how busy i am with uni!)
× £﹕STATUS ! ◞
started: 25th july 2021
ended: ongoing!
Tumblr media
summary; as the first day of a fresh term starts, students and a certain history professor notice the addition of a new staff member: an extremely pretty one.
summary; techno gets his new assistant up to speed on his classes’ curriculum, letting y/n have a chance to teach one of his lessons— that his students seem to enjoy a little too much.
summary; with rumours of ancient history becoming a new favourite subject, techno and y/n get asked to join the school’s subject fair: working together for the stall.
summary; after their disagreement at the school fair, y/n finds teaching the class a lot harder than expected— and techno misses the lively atmosphere more than he’d like to admit.
summary; deciding to try out a civil friendship, techno includes y/n in more of his daily activities: subtly learning more about each other in the process.
summary; with y/n making new teacher friends, techno finds himself desperate to see if the signs of so-called ‘affection’ are truly there.
summary; students make assumptions of the relationship between the two teachers, trying to encourage their professor techno to make a move on his ‘obvious’ feelings for y/n.
summary; with christmas break steadily approaching, techno enlists the help of y/n to help mark projects: allowing the perfect opportunity for him to ask for a date.
summary; the annual winter formal dance is here, and despite their need to chaperone the teens: y/n and techno find a spark that wasn’t properly there before.
chapter summary for minors: here!
summary; as winter break allows students to rest, techno finds himself lonely without the company of his assistant in class: resulting in a new step in their relationship. (idk when it’s being uploaded soz)
summary; coming soon.
summary; coming soon.
summary; coming soon.
summary; coming soon.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
tagging mutuals for reach! (pls reblog if u can :D)
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lulu-tutu · 7 months ago
Dream: Do you remember the plan now that I’ve explained it to you for the last 15 minutes?
(Y/n): Yes!
Dream: Are you lying to me?
(Y/n): Yes!
- - -
(Y/n): Good responses for being stabbed with a knife?
Wilbur: Rude.
Tommy: That’s fair.
Philza: Not again.
Technoblade: Are you going to want this back or can I keep it?
- - -
(Y/n): Listen, I’m going to need you to relax.
- - -
Technoblade: Do you want to kick your own ass or should I do it for you?
(Y/n): Oh, uh, well I guess if you’re giving me the option, I’ll kick my own ass.
- - -
(Y/n): You see, I’ve made a breakthrough.
Philza: Really? What is it?
(Y/n): I hate myself.
- - -
Did I make another one of these to make up for the fact that I haven’t got my other requests out? Perhaps. Hopefully they should be out soon! For now, go ahead and still send me anything! <3
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bugsinmycoldsoup · 4 hours ago
Okay, hear me out Rat, (Really awesome tumblr-user) Protective! older sibling! y/n, little brother Tubbo, Father! Schlatt, Where someones giving Tubbo a hard time and all of a sudden, Schlatt and reader just appear, and scare the person giving Tubbo a hard time? I know Schlatt can be an arse a lot, but the idea of him being a good dad-
First of all thank you! Second of all hell yes, I am all for good dad Schlatt and Lil bro Tubbo. I could literally write about this singular trope for days.
Tumblr media
Imma be totally real with you I got so into this I added more than just the request, we've got a whole storyline going on now-
Pairing: Dad!Schlatt x GN!Reader, Little Brother! Tubbo x GN!Reader (All Platonic, no Y/n, and all C!)
Pronouns: None used
Request: Yes!
Warnings: Vague hints of Bullying, Schlatt's teasing love, Kinda OOC Schlatt?, Rat's B tier editing (There's no real Warnings)
Word Count: 1.9k
It had been a few weeks since Tubbo, Schlatt and I had moved to the Greayter SMP Dad had been offered a promotion that required we move, of course he took it. It was a little odd moving away from the place we had called home for so long. Of course Tubbo was beyond excited, new home meant new school and new school meant new friends. 
He had been the first of the three of us to pack his room. He had woken up at the crack of dawn the day after dad had purchased our new home. Tubbo was in and out with boxes until all that was left was his bed and was done before the sun set. I was impressed, I had half expected him to demand dad or I do it.
That night he had come sprinting out of his room for dinner with a toothy grin. Plopping himself in the seat next to dad. 
“I’m all done packing up my room.” He had exclaimed butting his head into dad’s arm. Schlatt just smiled and ruffled his head.
“Good job kiddo. Now you can help your sibling pack, eh?” I shot dad a concerned look, as much as I loved Tubbo I didn’t want him in my stuff. Schlatt just smirked at me as Tubbo shot up eagerly.
“Really?” Snorting, I couldn't help but shake my head lightly. Gods he really was excited, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to have some help.
“Eat first Tubs and we’ll see about it, okay?” I motioned for him to sit back down. He pumped his fist silently as he plopped himself back down in the chair.
“I’m holding you to that boss man.” I rolled my eyes glancing up at dad, who was pulling out the paper plates. He grunted, as he tried to separate the plates from one another.
“This is what I get for buying cheap plates.” He grumbled as he finally pulled them apart, the plates tearing slightly. He sighed, hanging his head in defeat as he grabbed three more plates, glass ones this time. He muttered something about washing them later.
“What’s for dinner, old man?” He looked at me from over his shoulder and raised an eyebrow. Turning around he pointed at me, plate in hand.
“Nothing, if you don’t watch it with those old man jokes. Can you believe them Tubbs? Me? Old? Unbelievable, ” He teased, “Nah but for real I got a frozen pizza I warmed up.” He walked over to the oven I hadn’t noticed was on and pulled out a, slightly burnt, pizza. He looked defeated once again.
“We can eat around the burnt bits, plus who doesn't like crunchy cheese?”  I offered, trying to ease his stress. I knew he was already stressed enough over the move, this was the last thing he needed to be worried about.
“I don’t like burnt cheese, boss man.” Tubbo whispered to me. I lightly slapped his shoulder as dad pulled out the slightly bent pizza cutter and sliced the pizza.  He set two pieces on each plate and set them in front of Tubbo and I dramatically with a mock bow. Tubbo giggled as he took a slice and began eating.
“Nothing but the finest meal for my kids. Drinks?” Tubbo nodded.
“Thanks dad.” He said through a mouthful of pizza. I grimaced slightly before nodding.
“Please.” Schlatt nodded as he grabbed the two cans of soda from the fridge and set them down. He took his own plate and drink and sat back in his seat.
“Thanks dad.” He grunted in response, having already scarfed down the first slice of pizza. Rolling my eyes I began to eat myself. It was a little, um, crispy but all in all the pizza was pretty good. Tubbo had eaten his two slices and was going for seconds before I had even finished the first.
“Hurry up, I wanna pack your room.”  I sent him a fake two finger salute as I ate the last of what was on my plate. Standing I lifted I pointed at the plate on the table.
“Want me to wash these before I go back to packing?” I asked dad. He just waved me off.
“I got it runt, you go pack your shit with Tubbo.”  Smiling, I turned to leave the kitchen. The second Tubbo saw me leave the dining room he bolted for my room.  This is gonna be interesting.
Within the next week we were unloading box after box into our new home. The new place was much nicer than our other one. It had three full rooms with their own bathrooms and full closets.  Dad had left the bedroom arrangements to Tubbo and I while he set up his office.
“I say we flip a coin to decide who gets the room with the window wall.” Tubbo suggested. I don’t know why he wanted to fight for that room so badly. The view was literally just an old dead forest that looked a little too creepy for me. I don’t think I would want it even if there were curtains on the window and a million dollars on the line.
“You can have it Tubs.” He lit up at that, surging forward to pull me into a hug. His grip was tight as he swung the both of us back and forth. I forget how strong he is sometimes, he’s not a scrawny little kid anymore.
“Really!?” I wanted to laugh but his grip was a bit suffocating, so I tap him on the back lightly.”
“Can’t breathe Tubs.” He pulls off with a sheepish smile.
“Sorry boss man.” Ruffling his hair I motion for him to go into the room. He turned around so fast I would have thought he’d experienced whiplash. The door slammed in his wake as he shouted excitedly. The door opened as I was about to head to my own, Tubbo’s head peeking out through the crack.
“Thank you.” and with that the door closed again. It was endearing to see him so excited, plus if he took that room then that meant I was left with the loft.  A win win if you ask me. 
Opening the door to the loft was strange, instead of the small room with low ceiling I once had I was met with space. Lots and Lots of space, there was plenty of room for a desk and dresser to fit with space left for whatever else I could want. There was a little ladder that led to the bed that was about five feet off the ground. It was cozy and I couldn’t wait til I could decorate it.
Falling back on the mattress I allow my eyes to close. It was nice to just relax. The mattress was soft and would do until the new one arrived. I could fall asleep now if I was honest, the humming of the fans easing my tired mind as my body relaxed.
I was almost asleep when there was a knock at the door. I groaned sitting up.
“Can I come in runt?” It was dad, smoothing out my hair. I slowly made my way down the ladder and opened the door. He snorted, reaching out to ruffle my hair.
“Did I wake you kid?” I shook my head, it wasn’t a lie but it certainly wasn't the truth. Stepping back I made room for him to walk in. He whistled slowly scanning the room.
“So you took the nice room and left your brother the haunted one?” He teased me.
“If anything I was left with this room. Tubbo really wanted the other one, no clue as to why.” Dad scoffed lightheartedly.
“It’s Tubbo, what do you expect? Anyways I was just coming to let you know that I’m gonna be working late tomorrow so I need you to pick your brother up from school. I’ll leave the directions on a sticky note for you but it’s right up the road. I would let him walk home alone but it’s his first day and I don't want him getting lost.” I nodded, it was weird that they were making dad work so long on his first day, but I knew better than to question it.
“Got it.”  Dad opened his arms for a hug, it was rare he showed such obvious displays of affection so i took the opportunity eagerly. Wrapped his arms around my comfortingly, rubbing one across my lower back. He pulled away and placed a hand on my shoulder.
“Get some sleep, kid. I’ll bring your bags up for you alright?” I nodded.
“Thanks dad, I love you.” He gagged, over exaggerating the face to tease me. 
“Yeah yeah, love you too runt. Remember to walk Tubbo home tomorrow. Now go get some beauty rest, you look like you need it.” 
The next day had gone by so fast. Schlatt and Tubbo had left bright and early to make it to where they needed to be on time. I spent most of my day unpacking my room, soft music playing in the background as I unloaded the boxes Tubbo and I had packed. 
I checked the clock after I had unpacked the final box and saw that it was time to get Tubbo. Slipping on my shoes I left the house, locked the door and made my way to the school. It wasn’t a long walk by any means, nor was it very difficult, it was just new. The scenery made it worth the adventure.
When I had arrived at the school I was met with an odd sight. A kid significantly taller than Tubbo seemed to be speaking down on my brother. I could tell he was being condescending from his facial expressions alone. To make matters worse the kid shoved Tubbo back. Tubbo’s head was lowered, which was odd because he wasn’t one to just take shit without rocking their shit. 
I had already been upset that the kid was in his face but now my blood was boiling. Storming over to the two I placed my arm between him and Tubbo. The kid who had been scowling at my brother turned to me with a grimace.
“Back off my brother, douche nozzle.”  He scoffed at me before he tilted his head at Tubbo.
“What you can’t handle yourself? Are you really about to let your big sibling fight your battles?”
Tubbo shrugged.
“Back off please, I can handle this boss man.”  The kid just laughed.
“Oh yeah, you can handle yourself? Aww that’s cute, were you also handling yourself when you let me shove your lunch down my throat? C’mon goat boy, show me how you handle yourself again.”  Oh that was it. Before I even knew what I was doing I had socked the kid in the jaw. Tubbo shouted my name behind me as the kid's hand flew up to his face.
“Watch your mouth.”  I spat, Tubbo tapped my shoulder. I turned to face him as he pointed over my shoulder to a teacher who was making their way to us.
“Okay can one of you please explain to me why I had to pick both of you up from the front office on Tubbo’s first day for fighting?” Schlatt asked, head in hands. Tubbo and I were sitting on the couch, ice on my knuckles.  He seemed exhausted at having been called out of work early.
“Some asshat was fucking with Tubbo when I showed up.” Dad looked up at that.
“This true Tubbs?” Tubbo hesitated before nodding. Dad pursed his lips before nodding a few times, he stood from where he was sat. Making his way over to the front door he pulled on his coat, yankees cap and shoes. He turned to face Tubbo.
‘What’s his name?” Tubbo’s eyes widened.
“Dad no.”
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gray-moon2 · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Truth or Dare
ship- cc!george x streamer!reader
word count- 0.9k
pronouns- you/yours (tell me if i messed up again T-T)
warnings- one swear word, ask to tag
a/n- i love this :)
also reader and george are roommates
you were sitting at your desk, scrolling through twitter. you had just held a poll for what stream to do next. the overwhelming result had been exactly what you feared: a cooking stream. you grimaced. you and cooking had a long and troubled relationship. you pop into your roommate’s doorway.
“hey george” you call.
he hits a few keys on his computer before spinning in his chair to face you.
“i’m live” he says, smiling a bit at your appearance.
“oh, sorry. i’ll wait til after.”
he gets up, taking your hand as you turn to leave
“no, it’s fine. what’s up?”
“oh, my twitter poll finished. they want me to do a cooking stream” you chuckle hesitantly
“ooo, can i join?” he asks, eyes lighting up.
“sure” you say, laughing, “but it’s not til tomorrow. you free?”
“i’m always free for you,” he said. it came across as a joke, but he meant it sincerely
suddenly, loud voices played through his headphones that lay abandoned on the desk.
“SIMP” you heard dream’s voice call
you burst out laughing.
“you didn’t mute?” you ask between peals of laughter
“i thought i did!” he exclaimed, cheeks flushing red. he dropped your hand. you felt yourself frown a little at the retreating warmth, but choose to ignore the other reasons why.
you reach over and unplug the headphones, letting dream and sapnap’s calls of “simp” play through the speakers. you were already in frame the whole time.
“oh god that’s getting clipped” you say
“you might as well stay, y/n” sapnap says
“might as well” you echo. you flop on george’s bed, pulling your phone back out. after a little longer of playing minecraft, chat (and sapnap) grew bored.
“let's do something else.” sapnap whined
“how about truth or dare?” dream suggests
“only if y/n plays too” george says
you shrug, and walk back over to the desk
“why not?” you say, standing behind george. you begin to mess with his hair, rubbing his head a little. he, surprisingly, leaned into your touch. for once, dream and sapnap kept their mouths shut
“okay y/n, you first. truth or dare?” sapnap asked.
“dare” you reply confidently. after all, what was the worst chat could do?
sapnap reads a dono
beeduomybeloved donated 30 dollars
“dare y/n to sit on george’s lap for the rest of the stream”
your hands stop moving, and you hear a tiny whine come from george when you stop rubbing his head. sapnap and dream are wheezing, and george looks like the epitome of o-0. you finally collect yourself.
“i don’t mind,” you shrug, “but george has final word.”
he gulps.
“a dare is a dare” he says weakly. you sit gently on his lap, and he reaches his arms around your waist to reach his keyboard and mouse.
“damn george, you good? you look like you might pass out.” sapnap asks, looking concerned
“im f-fine” george stutters
“sapnap, your turn!” you announce. george gives you a look of gratitude, but you don’t see it.
“okay, truth” sapnap replies
dnflover69 donated 25 dollars
“what’s your most recent lie?”
he hesitates
“i lied to dream about eating his taco bell”
“YOU WHAT?!?” dream yelled, slamming his fist on his desk
“oh don’t be so dramatic about tacos, dream” george said, rolling his eyes
“your turn, dream” you cut in before they all start bickering.
“dare” he says. you can hear the smirk in his voice
ohhhhgeorgeeee23 donated 50 dollars
“let sapnap make a tweet on your acc”
“fine” he sighs “sapnap, dm me what you want it to say”
you start laughing, and lean back farther on george. he pulls his arms around your waist and hugs you closer. you cover one of his hands with yours.
the twitter notification popped up on george’s computer screen.
Dream has tweeted
the tweet read “i’m a dramatic taco boy”
george started laughing, and so did you.
“okay, enough. your turn george.” dream says
“dare” george replied, smirking
“really? i’d have thought you’d pick truth” sapnap commented
you read a dono without thinking
y/nandgnf4ever donated 100 dollars
“take y/n on a date”
his brown eyes go wide, and so do yours. sapnap and dream are wheezing again.
“y/n, do you wanna go on a date with me?”
“sure” you say, smiling
he grins his silly grin, and you can’t help but turn and kiss his cheek.
he starts opening and closing his mouth like a fish. he blushed and buried his head in your neck.
“i’m tired” he mumbled into your neck
you take initiative
“okay chat, thats all for today! i need to do some editing”
you click the “end stream” button as “goodbye”s and “aww”s float past. you get up, and take george by the hand, leading him to his bed. he sits down, and when you let go of his hand to leave he grabs it again
“wait, can you stay for a bit?”
“sure” you say, smiling. “the editing can wait”
you lay down next to him, and he snakes an arm under your waist to pull you closer.
“y/n” he says suddenly. “i like you. like a lot”
you smile “really?”
he nods, blushing. “do you like me?”
“i do, george. a lot”
he grins. “d’you wanna be my partner?”
“of course” you say, matching his grin
he pulls you to his chest and kisses the top of your head
you fall asleep like that, comfortable in his arms
hey 5 reblogs that aren’t from me and i’ll do a part two with the cooking stream :)
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If You Flinched Away From Their Touch
Dream SMP x Fem! Reader
Here’s some more angst lol
I’m definitely doing more Dream SMP stuff now that it’s ‘ended’ so if you have any requests just comment or message me! ^^
I’ll do prefrences, imagines, oneshots, fluff, SFW, angst and NSFW (not for The Dream SMP tho, only for other fandoms lol. NSFW in the MCYT community is genuinely weird-).
Clay stared down at you with trembling green eyes, his hand that was about to cup your cheek was still held up and shaking a little. 
His mask was pushed to the side of his head so he would be able to kiss you, but you had actually flinched away from him. Like, properly flinched away like you were afraid of him. The more he looked into your nervous eyes, he finally realised.
Eyes darkening, he gritted his teeth and brought his hand to his side,” Who was it.” It was more of a demand than a question.
You panicked at his angered tone and how his hands clenched,” N-no! It’s fine! You just surprised me--”
His tone shut you up, your eyes burning a little. He looked hurt and most of all, concerned,”... Just tell me who. Please...” 
You gulped and told him, his dark eyes lighting up ever so slightly at your cooperation.” Thank you...” He then reached down and gripped your hand tightly within his own, squeezing it reassuringly.
His eyes wide with concern, George instantly took his hand from your cheek when he saw you flinch. It hurt him... Where you scared of him?
“ [Y/N]... A-are you alright? Are you-....” He paused, gulping down the tight lump in his throat,”... Are you afraid of me?” He whispered, it was barely audible but you heard him clearly.
You instantly denied his claim, grabbing both of his hands within your own,” George you could never scare me... It’s just... The last relationship I had wasn’t.. the best, lets just say.” You explained it horribly but your boyfriend seemed to get the gist of it.
The brunette’s hand moved from holding your hand to holding your waist, pulling you into his chest and then wrapping them around you safely and securely, you froze at his warm embrace but found yourself melting in it,” I get it...” He whispered next to your ear,”... I’m sorry. I love you.” He muttered.
You couldn’t stop the loving smile from crossing over your lips,” Yeah... Same here.” 
“...babe?” Nick muttered out with a confused look,” Why’d you flinch away? Is everything good?” He was worried now.
You smiled up at him quickly and nodded your head,” Y-yeah! Sorry, you just surprised me a little. I didn’t think you were just gonna hug me outta nowhere!” You laughed out to make it more convincing that you weren’t lying.
Nick knew better than that.
Sighing, he settled his head in the crook of of your neck, holding your arms gently and securely. You looked at him in confusion and you were about to question him, but he interrupted you,” I’m not gonna push anything out of you... but if you need to talk about it, then just talk. Okay?” He whispered to you reassuringly, burrying his face deeper into your neck.
You visibly relaxed and took your arms from his hold gently, moving them around his neck and playing with the back of his hair,”... Okay...”
                                WILBUR SOOT 
The brunette looked terrified for a moment, afraid he had hurt you whenever he cupped your cheek but then a wave of realisation crossed over his expression. A solemn and monotone look passed over his worried expression, biting his lip due to habit.
“ Who was it, [Y/N]?” He asked calmly, but there was an angered undertone to his voice.” Who hurt you?”
You were silent for a long while, staring deeply into his chocolate-brown eyes that were dangerously dark. Those eyes that you had fallen for the first time you ever saw them. Sighing, your brought a hand up to his cheek and cupped it gently. Standing on your toes, you pressed a light kiss to the tip of his nose with a kind smile.” Who cares who hurt me before? I’m with you, and I could never be more safer than I am when I am in your arms.”
He was surprised for a moment before his tense shoulders relaxed, and a smile twitched onto his lips.” Fair enough.” He muttered, giving into you.
Pulling you into a deep kiss, Eret’s eyebrows furrowed in concern and anxiousness. You had just flinched away from him when he tried to hug you. You were afraid of something.
He pulled away, staring down at you with stern eyes,”... Who was it and did they hurt you.” He demanded a response, he was just being a concerned significant other but his deep voice cracked a little when he spoke those words, he was silently panicking on the inside.
Shaking your head a little,” I don’t... please, can we not talk about it?... I didn’t mean to flinch away, I just need to get used to it. Give me some time.” You pulled him down a little and pecked his lips lovingly,” Just give me some time...”
Silent for a moment, he nodded.” I’ll wait.” 
“ Who the hell was it.” 
His words were like venom as his red eyes glowed with malice and killing intent. Whoever had hurt you, he was going to find them and torture them until they wished they had never even met you before him-
His thoughts stopped spiraling as soon as he felt arms wrap around his waist, watching as you buried your face into his chest, shaking your head a little.” I-I’m sorry for flinching away, but please, when I tell you who it was... You need to promise me that you won’t go and hurt them.” The girl mumbled into his chest, her voice muffled by his clothing.
His lip twitched a little but he brushed it off,” Yes.”
“ Yes what?”
“ I promise.”
You looked up at him with narrowed eyes, watching as his eyes narrowed in return. ”Lair.”
“HEH? I’m not lying!! All I was gonna do is introduce them to my axe of peace, that’s all-”
“This is why I’m not gonna tell you, Techno.”
“ Eh, I’ll find out sooner or later anyways.”
Schlatt breathed in a little, closing his eyes to calm himself down.’ Why the fuck did she flinch away from me, I swear to fuck if someone hurt her I’ll fuck em up-’
“ Sch-schlatt?” You stuttered out, concerned at the fact he was staying silent.” What’s up?...”
He coughed a little and opened his eyes, narrowing them a little as he looked down at you,” Look- I love you [Y/N] but who the fuck hurt you.” He spat like an angered snake.
You gulped a little,” Hey now- whatever your thinking...” You trailed off, not even able to defend yourself.
Scoffing, Schlatt settled a strong yet reassuring hand on your shoulder, squeezing it as a way to reassure you. He was never one for comforting others face-to-face even though he was so good at it. 
Breathing a  little before he spoke with a softer tone than before,” [Y/N].... Tell me who the fuck hurt you.” Although his words were threatening, his calm voice made [Y/N] give into him. He could only smile a little at her submissive nature and bring her into a tight hug.
There was a long silence.
”I’m getting my glock 17.”
“ Schlatt, nO-”
He gritted his teeth a little as thoughts ran through his head, different scenarios of what you had to go through consuming his mind. The panic in his eyes were clear, the darker they got.
You stepped closer to him and cupped his face in both of your hands, bringing his face closer to yours. He was surprised for a moment before you pressed your forehead against his. Looking into your serene and calm orbs, he felt at peace again, his thoughts moving to the back of his mind.
“You need to stop thinking for a bit, okay?” You whispered to him reassuringly, he was silent as he just listened to you speak, feeling his anxiety slowly disappear,” I’m safe now. I’m safe and I’m with you... So calm the fuck down.”
Laughing at how out-of-character the last sentence you said was, Alex shook his head a little,” Alright, alright...” He muttered, a slight grin on his lips,” Whatever happened to you... if you wanna talk about it at all, come to me.” He reassured her, placing his hands on hers.
Snorting at his sentence, you gave him a cheeky grin,” Who else would I go to?? Sapnap?” 
“ Yeah, no me gusta-”
As soon as you flinched from her hug, she instantly pulled away with a conflicted look. Her eyes full of hurt before realisation washed over them.”... What happened?” She whispered with a concerned expression.
You panicked and settled your hands on her shoulders quickly, a nervous grin on your lips,” D-don’t worry about it, Niki! You just caught me off guard-” You stopped talking as soon as her soft hand settled upon your cheek, caressing it gently with her thumb.
A soft smile crossed over her lips as she shook her head lightly,” You don’t need to hide things from me, [Y/N]... Just talk to me, I can help you.” She reassured, her smile widening further.
You stared at her for a long moment before sighing and leaning into her touch, nodding ever so slightly,” Yeah... yeah, okay...” 
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clout-babe · 7 days ago
hiiii, i hope this is okay to ask but would you be able to do hc for feral boys + wilb seeing/comforting you about SH scars (specifically on thighs if possible)? please feel free to ignore this if you’re not comfortable!! i’m currently 3 months clean and it’s something i’m rlly insecure about future partners seeing :,(
i’m totally comfortable with this :]. everyone has their own experiences and paths in life
so proud of you for being clean (sorry this is posted kinda late) ! and your future partners will love you as you are if they’re the right one for you, you’re past doesn’t determine who you are now
i hope you don’t mind me using your sobriety time for these hcs !
you are all loved <3
Tumblr media
HCs of them seeing sh scars
includes: cc!dreamwastaken, cc!georgenotfound, cc!sapnap, cc!karljacobs, cc!quackity, cc!wilbur soot
warnings: self harm mention, self-harm scars, kinda super lovey, swears
genre: angst/fluff
Tumblr media
definitely would be out of nowhere
you feel like he’s the type of guy who would get really empathetic for you and didn’t wanna bring it up
so it was never a topic
it was one you avoided
until he actually found them
his hand would be casually on your leg
eventually his hand would probably slide up to the area
he wouldn’t look over at first, just letting his fingers softly rub the area just to make sure he didn’t make a spectacle
there would be tension at first
he would talk in a super soft voice once he finally looked over and connected the dots
“is that…” “did you..”
he would struggle to phrase the proper question at first
big ole sigh
“did you.. do that to yourself?”
no matter what your response is, he would instantly take you into a hug.
pull you over into his space and just hold you there
“you know i love you right?”
this man would not know how to react
like im sorry but he straightup would be like
“oh my god”
it would take him a minute
probably harder for him than it is for you (not like- in a selfish way)
i feel like he would just have so many feelings about it but not know how to express them
“i’m so-“
he would get super sad at first
until you told him you were 3 months clean
clarifying that you were sober would definitely help him process the situation a lot better
i feel like he isnt massive on physical affection
but that night when you were in bed together he would grab your hand and just press soft kisses to it
its little forms of affection that would help
him show he loves you
(lil nfsw right here nothing bad i promise)
i feel like he would see them if you were about to shower together or something
sudden mood shift on his end
you would try to not make a big deal about it
but he would have a hundred questions
“why would you do that to youself?” (mot condescendingly, just very worried)
“are you okay?”
“do you do that anymore?”
“do they hurt?”
“do i need to beat a bitch up?”
very protective
just wants to make sure you’re okay and nothing can hurt you like that
life would continue on and anytime you feel upset he’s slightly more attentive
not to the point where its overbearing
he just makes more sense of your words now and how things could affect you
overall very sweet
i feel like you would be like just hanging with him
“yo babe i’m gonna go change”
“you should wear one of my sweaters” 👀
so on, and as you’re just like taking off your sweatshirt to swap it out with one of his own he notices the healed scars
to be honest, i feel like he wouldn’t make a huuuge deal about it? but it a sweet way
he wouldn’t make any noises of shock.
i believe he would wait until you came and laid back down or sat with him or whatever
then he’d just be like , “you doin’ okay?” in a very soft voice
whatever your response is he would followup with
“you know i’m here if you need anything.”
(note: i know this is a lil cheesy, go with it 😎)
it would be strange for him at first
i dont believe that he would even imagine you doing something harmful to yourself
it may be just me but i feel like he just thinks very highly of his partner
he would probably be like “hey, can i ask you about something”
you would agree
he would kinda like clear his throat and straighten up
“do you .. are you uh..”
its not that he was trying to avoid it, he just doesnt know the most polite way to ask
he would probably look down to where the scars are and eventually you would understand
he would listen while you explained that it’s scars and what was going on
it made you both feel more comfortable and he was less worried after like a week of straight anxiety over asking about it
like karl im getting very non-chalant
but in a different way?
scenario wise, it wouldn’t take long into the relationship for him to notice
like come on, it’s wilbur
very observant boy
he wouldn’t dance around it too much, but wouldn’t be desensitized
“i noticed your scars..”
going into your own explanation about it, he would nod his head
he talks to you about his own experiences, wether they relate to yours heavily or not
he tries to help by talking basically
“how are you doing now”
i think he’d become aware of your mentality a little more, but that’s just because empathy
would still be very sweet
i also feel like if anyone would point them out he would absolutely give them the nastiest look
if they bring it too far it’d be a very aggressive “fuck off mate, mind your business”
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