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Schlatt: So what if he runs? He’ll come back.


Tommy: That’s my brother you m-

Schlatt: Maniac? I’m perfectly calm.

Schlatt: 13 is one of a hundred in my personal cabinet. You might call yourself his brother, but he’s loyal to me, and has more family under my care than he could imagine. He’ll come back a lot faster than he ever came back to you.

Tommy: You’re…

Tommy: You’re sick.


Wilbur: I’m…

Schlatt: Sticks and stones, 9.

Wilbur: I’m…

Schlatt: Sticks and s-


Wilbur: I’m going to kill you!

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hey! hey hey hey! have you read BDAM yet?

BDAM is my retelling of the DreamSMP, with more lore and character development to make the story feel more real and fleshed out! as of now, we are just around the time after the duel, and about 19 chapters in!

since i would love more attention for this fic, i decided to start posting small extracts of the story! please, consider reading! you might just end up enjoying it, and i always appreciate feedback!

the following is an extract from chapter 14 - “the war (part 4)”

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