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#dream team
oaixis · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
hey hey hey it’s almost 5am on a school night but this is important ok
dream team ghosties :]
that is all have a lovely day guys ✨
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myanmardoesnotexist · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
In begging any artist to please draw the dream team based on this. Like gnf as the guy in the blanket dre as the guy in the phone and sap as the guy yelling PLEASE!
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sahara4k · a day ago
obsessed with how obvious it is when dream team mains are going through a drought because either we reminisce on days of the past (jackbox era, danny gonzalez/dream april fools stream) or we somehow unearth the worst possible adjacent content on the internet (trending heat waves tiktok audio, etcetera)
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lucymcyt · 2 days ago
how about a break up prank on the boys???
Break up prank
I have a discord server with a bunch of perks for those who join it so if you like my work feel free to join via the link
A/n: this head cannon will be shorter than my others because I'd didn't know how to make it longer also wasn't sure who you wanted so I did the dream team because it was getting kind of repetitive
- you had seen a TikTok of a break up prank and the reaction was so funny so you decide to give it a go on George although you weren't sure he would really react at all because he doesn't often show his emotions
- once your phone was set up to record what happens you got really nervous that George wouldn't believe you or if he did he wouldn't trust you again after that and you had worked so hard to get George to really let you in to his little bubble
- the two of you were sat down together for a little while before you could make yourself go through with it because it's just a prank and people do them all the time in fact George has done the odd prank on you
"George I think we need to break up" you say trying not to give away the prank
"Is there a reason? Did I do something?" He asked
"No its not your fault I just don't think it's working anymore" you say
- he looked so sad to the point that you couldn't take it any further and had to tell him that it was a prank to your surprise he wasn't mad just relieved that you weren't really breaking up with him
- he wouldn't let go of you for the rest of the day because he was scared that you would actually leave or you would be able to prank him again and he wasn't sure he could handle anymore of those at least for another few months
- you had seen the prank all over TikTok but weren't keen on doing that to Clay until Sapnap encouraged you to do it because he wanted to know how Clay would react plus he said that he would forgive you in a second
- Sapnap had set up your phone to film at the right angle while you paced around the living room incredibly scared that Clay was going to hate you for doing this or break up with you for real
- when he got home you two sat down together and had a small conversation where you knew he could tell you were thinking about something which I guess with add to the prank but you really didn't mean it to be that way
"Clay I think we need to go our separate ways I just don't think I'm in it anymore" you completely lied
"Oh um thats ok just know I'll always be here for you" he said
- hearing him say that and watching tears well up in his eyes was too much you admitted right away that it was a prank and he right away goes to hug you telling you how relieved he was that you were just joking with him
- it led to him telling you all about how much he loves you and why you can never do that to him again and your promised you wouldn't it was all very sweet
- at some point Sapnap walked through and made throwing up noises and told me I was awful at pranks which he should of known from how nervous I was to do it
- the two of you are always prancing and joking around with each other so you thought it would be the prefect prank to get him back after he scared the life out of me when he faked hurting himself
- I did feel a little bit bad because as much as we joke around together we are incredibly close and I don't want to break even a tiny bit of that bond because its just so special to you and something you doing want to give up without a fight
- Sapnap came back from spending some time with Clay and thats when you decided to do it before he gets too comfortable and before you can stop yourself doing it
“Hey Sap I’m really sorry but I think we need to break up and don’t worry its not anything you’ve done its just not working for me anymore” you say
“It’s ok you don’t need to be sorry but before you go can I just say that I’ve really enjoyed our time together and thank you for teaching me so much about myself” he said
- you could feel tears coming down my face hearing him say that because he has never been so open with you about how he really feels like that and honestly it hurt knowing he thought it was his last chance to tell you
- you told him right away and he was slightly mad but only in a joking way he was actually more relieved because he was really trying not to get upset that he had lost you
- he tackles you into a hug laying on top of you telling you more about how he really feels about you and you did the same which felt good to say and to hear how much you two really did love each other
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bastardbvby · 2 days ago
sam: basically imagine manhunt but instead of manhunt we just mined materials for the prison build instead
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dreambutstupid · 2 days ago
Dream: Sapnap, George, can you please contribute to the lore a bit more
Sapnap:… we are?
Dream: pretending to be a married couple splitting off before you go to war for the 87th time is not lore
George: Sapnap he is interrupting our goodbye 😔 I’m scared 😳 protect me please 🥺
Dream: oh my god
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georgenotfond · 10 hours ago
if dteam get to dodgebolt in all-stars all 36 other players are immediately deafening and ending stream
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swiftiedream · 2 days ago
how the dream team just. quietly love each other. the way it goes without saying that they always support the mcc team one of them is on during dodgebolt. the way they play dream's songs on stream. the way they plan for george to stay forever. them.
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sallysalmonkin · a day ago
if Scott allows Dream Team to be together because he’s doing fun teams that is excellent we will all be overjoyed. If Scott decides he wants a balanced MCC All-Stars then there is no way those three can be teamed which is understandable and I’m sure the three of them will be fine with it. If the Dream Team aren’t teamed and I see any hate towards Smajor it’s an automatic block (for any team actually but you get my point) 
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moonywastaken · 2 days ago
𝗙𝗼𝘂𝗿 | 𝙃𝙞𝙨 𝙥𝙧𝙚𝙩𝙩𝙞𝙚𝙨𝙩 𝙗𝙚𝙨𝙩 𝙛𝙧𝙞𝙚𝙣𝙙
warnings: swearing
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A refreshing puff of cold air hit your face as you opened your freezer searching for the leftover ice-cream. You and Sapnap had just spent a good 2 hours setting your new PC up and you were glad it was over, it was always fun to spend time with him but assemble computers was very much not your forte (and kind of boring to be honest). Sap on the other hand, was in his natural habitat and having a complete blast mocking your poor knowledge of computers. 
Aha! Found it. You thought as your hand reached for the tub with a Ben & Jerry's logo printed on. Closing your fridge door with your hips and using your unoccupied hand to gather two spoons on the cutlery drawer. When Sapnap saw what you were bringing when you returned to your bedroom (you too agreed that it was the best place to put the machine) his smile opened immediately. 
“Is this for me?” He made grabby-hands while smiling wide, his joy was palpable, you couldn’t not smile back at him.
“Is for us” you sat down at your chair, handing the spoon and ice-cream to him as he sat on the floor “We can get a chair from the kitchen for you”
“Ummm” He was already deep in the chocolate flavored sweet. “Sure” he muffled out trying to eat and respond to you at the same time. It was almost like a memory, in the sense that you knew that this had already happened so many times before, it was hard not to feel nostalgic. You missed your best friend. 
You two ate all of it before the hot Huston afternoon melted it. You laughed at the times his face would twist because he had put way too much in his mouth, getting a brain freeze. After your snack, Sapnap made a discord account for you and made a group-chat with you, himself, George and Dream. Now you two were waiting for them to pick up the voice-call.
“Sometimes it takes ages for them to pick up. I don't even know why, i was literally just talking to them in our group-chat” you giggle at his annoyance, and just like that a voice popped of your speakers
“Hello?” The heavy British accent gave away the identity of the man on the other end of the call “Sapnap?”
“GEORGE!” You flinched at the scream and immediately punched Sapnap's arm for violating your eardrums “Hey, why did you do that?”
“Why did you scream?” he frowned his eyebrows and then lifted his shoulders 
“Because George is a bitch” 
“HEY!” You flinched again with yet another scream, this time coming from your speakers “You’re the bitch” You couldn't hold back your laugh at his offensive tone
“You’re the bitchiest bitch” the man beside you reply, matching the British energy
“Boys, stop fighting” You stopped giggling as the new voice presented itself “Hello there” You had already listened to Dream’s voice from Sapnap’s streams and videos but somehow it felt a lot more personal. Maybe because his voice sounded a lot more relaxed and calm (which was very attractive in a way).
“DREAM! OUCH! Stop hitting me Y/n!”
“Stop yelling then” you shook your head at your friend and left at that “Hi guys”. All the way back in Florida, Dream thought that the change in your voice was very entertaining (and cute).
“Why is your name Sapnap’s best friend?” the British asked, confusing you at the beginning, but Sap pointed at your name in the monitor in front of you.
“It’s because I am his best friend”
“No you’re not” you giggled at George’s reply “We are”
“Well, yeah. But I’m also his best friend. And I have known him for way longer so…” you stretched the last word 
“Calm down girls. There’s Sapnap for everyone” the man beside you said, making you roll your eyes.
“Shut the fuck up” 
“Get destroyed Sap” Dream said between giggles
“Yeah, yeah green blob” Sapnap responded and grabbed your mouse to turn on your camera “Turn on your cam George” and you heard a bit of typing before a dark haired man showed on your monitor, and then an image of you and Sapnap showed up too. He was in a plain white t-shirt and jeans, while you were wearing a hoodie (stolen from him a couple of hours ago). The lighting was very gentle but showed perfectly your hair color and eyes. “There, you two can have the privilege to look at my prettier best friend now” he gestured his hand at you, who was already rolling your eyes at his comment.
“Wow, pump the brakes. I’m always the prettiest one” George continued the joke 
"Honestly, I think she is prettier than you George" Dream said in a mocking tone, but it didn't prevent you to blush slightly
"Oh no, DNF is dying" you said in a monotone way, making everyone laugh. 
Then you spent over one hour speaking, laughing at the other's jokes and hanging out, having fun, trying to get to know them better. It was a good time, you four just clicked immediately and you were glad that Sapnap arranged this. 
"Umm guys I'm so hungry I might die so I'm gonna hop off now. It was a pleasure meeting you Y/n"
"Same Gogy" 
"Speaking of hunger. I'm going to make something for myself, what do you want?" Sapnap said while getting up from his chair, you turned your head to give his answer 
"I'm not hungry to be honest. There’s some leftovers of my mom's food in the fridge by the way" 
"Ok. Be right back" the raven-haired boy left the room as soon as you were finished with the sentence. 
"So… Umm" you hear a voice in your earphones and turn to look at the screen in front of you. 
"I noticed that you're wearing my merch"
"Oh it is?" You looked down at the hoodie but immediately brought our eyes back up to the screen, seeing a bubble with Dream icon beside yourself in a smile hoodie "Honestly, I stole this from Sap earlier today"
"As you should'' he said in between soft giggles. Godly soft giggles that made you blush and smile stupidly. 
"it's pretty comfy too" You lifted your legs to use your knees as support for your head. "I'm buying it later" and yet another giggle from the blonde was heard. 
"Don't worry, I can send you some" 
Tumblr media
ayo update! i don't have much to say to this honestly lol. I'm really enjoying reading smaus so if you want to recommend some to me i would appreciate (i read pretty much any ships) :D
- moony
[ taglist ] @rexit-mo @shakiraa-a @rhymeorreason1 @serenitylolz @3sriracha
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yesdudestuff · 2 days ago
George: so top or bottom?
Dream: top obviously
George: ugh but I wanted top
Dream: to late, I already called dibs
George: I don't want bottom
Dream: oh you'll love it, trust me.
Sapnap: ...
Sapnap: wtf are you talking about?!
Dream: our bunk beds
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dreambutstupid · a day ago
Me: I’m okay I’m fine
My brain: George is turning 25 next week and his SMP birthday stream would’ve been a year ago
Me: :(
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dreamquackity · a day ago
I'm the type of person who want Dteam in all stars cause I just wanna see them dominate. They're op and I don't care, I honestly think it would be unironically funny just to see them steamroll the competition.
i think we are getting them!! scott said somewhere that he was open to/planning to team dream team together im p sure? but re 4 muffinteers im not sure he’s willing, bad is too strong a support, i think quackity is the most likely candidate, or karl. sylvee’s a possibility but she’s much easier to team w the larger mcc community as compared to quackity n karl
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