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#dream x reader
nsfwcarrie · a day ago
🎃kinktober day ten - size kink
pairing - dream x reader
kinktober mlist
Clay was giant, 6’3 is scarily tall when your 5 foot whatever. Plus it’s not like he wasn’t physically strong, he worked out almost daily - he didn’t necessarily have vanity muscles but some would say there put to waste on games, but its cute seeing this massive teddy bear get mad at a block game.
He wasn’t always such a teddy bear tho, since he was definitely, aside from a giant, a pretty kinky person. Which was why you were just so perfect together.
“Fuck your so hot- fuck” Clay cursed out from above you, hands on your waist as he fucked himself into you. Moans escaped your lips as you felt every inch of him practically tear you apart. His physical build wasn’t the only massive thing about him. He was so deep into you, he got to see one of his favourite parts of fucking you. The very prominent bulge that would poke at your stomach when he thrusted.
“There she is” He spoke, lifting your hands and moving them over the bulge. “Feel how big I am in you? You’re such a little angel” He spoke, tone contrasting to the way he fucks you. You felt so small under him, you’d feel insignificant if Clay didn’t reassure you of your perfection and importance.
You were instinctively clenching on his cock, making low groans escape him, motivating him to fuck you harder. When he did you could swear you were gonna split into two, the moans passing your lips like something from a porno.
“So small under me sweet baby, make me feel so good” Clay praised, your hands gripped the sheets as your orgasm crept over you, moans spilling from your lips. Clays grin evident, as he knew that you were close. He nodded at you with the same sheepish grin, permitting your orgasm. Your moans became even more intense as Clay worked you up-to your breaking point.
As you came Clay praised you while slowing his pace, but never to a stop “Such a good pet for me hm?” Clay said, “Wanna hold out for me now?” He asked you replying with a nod. “So thoughtful angel, keep your eyes on this little bulge hm?”
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cherios · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
authors note(s): i’m trying to finesse my way to 2k okay leave me alone 🙄
cw warning(s): none enjoy!
{i can’t stress this enough please please please reblog leave ask and anything else i love them so so much <3}
Tumblr media
i feel like with his relationship with you would be kinda secret kinda not
like since he’s faceless you’re always in the room with him but obviously no one else knows that
and just from little things it’s obvious he has a significant other
“you didn’t even ask if I wanted some”
“yes I did and you told me no.”
so chat is like uhhh who the hell is that but is soaking this up
“Chat I’m not talking to anyone, what are you even talking about”
everyone only watches his streams for you now
and if facecam isn’t on when they hear your voice they’re demanding it
“hiii chat!”
going crazy.
and george’s is just happy that they like you so much
“no i can’t stay for long i’ve got some errands to do, i know i know i’m sorry,”
the end of the world of you can’t stay for longer than 20 minutes
“well what about me! you all know this is my stream right!?”
he hates sharing you.
if chat even fills up with so much as an aw he’s kicking you out because only he should have you
“but i wanted to say hi”
“no, chat hates you go away”
and then there’s chat trying to defend their case as if they’re brother was trying to get them in trouble for something they didn’t do
i feel like quack would make you face and voiceless and make you only wave when you came into his room while he was streaming
cause he didn’t want them getting attached
Karl likes to call you his emotional support partner
so when he’s streaming you’re plopped in the chair next to him doing your work on you laptop
allowing him to use your hand to squeeze when he got excited
and your arm to hide behind when he gets scared
Wilbur ( the domestication you’ve been waiting for )
whenever he’s at the office you’re there too
where he can see you at all times
cause he’s clingy like that
and if it’s a just chatting stream you’re sat on his lap with his arms around your waist
as you snack on some chips he keeps stocked just for you that no one else is allowed to touch
his hand rub up and down underneath your shirt as you talked about whatever you were talking about
“where’d you go?” you look at him over your shoulder confused why he went quiet all the time
he eyes wandered around your face lovingly
“m’right here
Taglist: @inniterhq @basilly @yamturds @dysfunctionalcrab @siriushxney @sqpnap @tinyegg @ttakinou @charnease @i-mmunity @b3l0v3ds @alice-blue-skies @the-swageyama-tobiyolo @mitzimania @joyfullymulti @dreamzluvrr @multifandomgirl-us @sufloerfs @sunniewrites
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vinylflowers · 2 days ago
heyyyyyy i rlly like your writing,, and i saw requests were open?? ignore this if im wrong lmao but i have this troupe i kind of love and i was wondering if you'd write smt for it?
i love the idea of darling asking their best friend for help to help them get ready for a date and while the bsf is like seeming happy, they're actually super jealous and want to be the one to take them out? idk i have a super specific brainrot lmao
also can i be 🍀 anon if it's not taken >.<
❃DreamSMP members helping you get ready for a date, but they wish they were the one to take you out❃
Hi love! Ofc you can take 🍀anon. I ended up writing this for Dream, Wilbur, and Techno! I hope that's ok, feel free to let me know if you want to see this with different characters or a continuation of it! Enjoy, sweetheart~
He’ll sit on your bed, uninterestedly sharpening his axe while you get dressed
You’re doing most of the talking, rambling excitedly about how long it’s been since you’ve gone on a proper date as you pull your clothes on
His jaw tightens microscopically as you dig through drawers to find accessories
If you ask, he’ll help you put on any jewelry you want
Hands brushing softly over your skin, his touch polar opposite to the conflict he feels internally
His teeth are gritted almost the entire time, frustrated with himself for ending up as the friend
When it’s finally time for you to go meet your date, he’ll smile softly and hug you quickly before letting you leave
He’ll watch you from the doorstep until you leave his view
He sighs, and rakes his hand through his hair
He needs a drink
More than willing to help you get ready, even as resentment boils in him
Outwardly, he’ll match your level of excitement and hype you up for it
He’ll flush the faintest pink when you show him the outfit you picked
Trying to recover, he’ll tell you how stunning you look
He feels like shit, and begrudgingly accepts he can only blame himself
You’re stunning and he’s endlessly jealous of whoever you’re getting ready for
He makes you promise to call him if anything happens, and hugs you tight to him, breathing you in
As soon as the door closes behind you, he exhales harshly and narrowly avoids breaking something
The last thing he wants to think about is someone else seeing you, touching you-
He stalks off to find his guitar
He freezes when you tell him you’re going on a date
His knuckles turn white around whatever he’s holding, but you remain oblivious to this
When you shyly ask him to help you get ready, he agrees without a second thought
If someone else is going to see you all dressed up, he should too
While you get dressed, you talk happily about wanting to get to know your date, and Techno says nothing
His heart jumps when you show him your finished look, aching to be the one you look like this for
He tells you he’ll kill them if they hurt you and you laugh
He doesn’t
When you hug him in thanks for helping you, he stiffens before pulling you closer
You call out goodbyes and thanks as you stumble out the door, running slightly late
He closes the door, turning back to his now-empty living room
He hopes your date can smell him on you
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inniterhq · 14 hours ago
𝑾𝑯𝒀 𝑻𝑯𝑬 𝑪!𝑫𝑺𝑴𝑷 𝑳𝑶𝑽𝑬𝑺 𝒀𝑶𝑼 ♡ | 𝐯𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐨𝐮𝐬 𝐱 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
Summary: The DSMP loves you in so many different ways. What are they? Genre: fluff <33 Warnings: cursing Pronouns: none used Note: i thought i should treat you guys to some hcs after ive been so inactive (pls dont take this seriously- THIS IS A JOKE)
also art creds to SAD-ist !!
Tumblr media
He loves you because of your ass
And because you're easy to manipulate actually he doesn't love you
Tumblr media
This little bitch fucking hates you shouldn’t even try with him
He’s 100% asleep and dreaming of his gay ass boyfriend
Tumblr media
Dude doesn't even know who you are
He's already in one failing relationship, he doesn’t need another one
Tumblr media
He'd rather fuck a fish to be honest
He’ll tell you he loves you but only if you tell him where you last saw Quackity
Tumblr media
He doesn't even have time for you, he's too busy attempting
Just attempting.
Tumblr media
Bro I’m sorry but he doesn’t even remember you
“Who are you? Sorry, have we met?”
Tumblr media
He doesn’t. He thinks you’re a leech and thoroughly believes he’d be better off without you stealing his resources
That and he’s hibernating or on vacation always he’s not even around
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forefinn · 2 days ago
𝗆𝖺𝗋𝖻𝗅𝖾 𝗀𝖺𝗆𝖾 au 𝗁𝖼𝗌
different mcyts playing the marble game from squid game with you
including cc!dream, george, sapnap
i have not finished watching squid game, so this is based off of things i’ve seen, so please ignore it if you see stuff that isn’t correct
warnings: death
Tumblr media
to be completely honest, you didn’t know how you got into this situation
you were just in debt, but you didn’t think anything like this was going to happen
you were just told that you would be playing children games to win money
dream was the last person you’d think to see here
only after the first game did you see him, you were still in shock
so when the head of blond reached down to hold you, you thought it was someone else
the two of you hadn’t spoken for several months
the friendship was most likely over
only that didn’t seem to apply here
so you just held onto him
you thought maybe you’d get to go home, but the next games still went on
it was truly a miracle that the two of you were still alive
then they announced the fourth game
they said to pick a partner, and your eyes locked with his
you wouldn’t have wanted another partner then him
only that’s when they said you’d be playing against your partner
one of you wouldn’t make it out alive.
the both of you sat in silence, until dream gave you a weak smile
whoever’s marble landed in the circle would get all twenty marbles, and would live
you went first, you were never good at marbles
it landed about five inches from the hole
dream went next
it landed in the hole
“what? no, you go again.” dream told you, handing you the marble
you shook you head as the mask person came closer
“please, let them go again!” he was begging
“i love you.”
he would win this game in your memory
when the strange man came up to you and your best friend in the subway, you didn’t think much of it
until he offered an insane amount of money
you and george played until your faces were rubbed red, and all you could think about is the money you were about to win
at the end, the man gave you and george a card
he told you that you’d win more money then this
though he was right, you wished you hadn’t gone in the end
but you and george decided that sense the two of you were so in debt, that you’d try to win it off
after all, it was only children’s games, right?
it was only once when you got there, you realized the horrible mistake you made
you were either going to die, or to win the money
and out of 456 people, that wasn’t too likely
somehow you managed to survive the past three games
by the fourth game, you just wanted to go home
they said you needed to be in partners, so you obviously chose george
you had high hopes that if you were against him, you’d win
only that’s when you heard the instructions
only one of you would survive
you didn’t talk much after that
basically, you decided to do whoever’s marble went the left farthest
you went first
yours was almost touching the wall
george barely threw his
“why did you do that? you’re an idiot!”
he had tears running down his face
just as long as he could keep you safe for a little longer, he’d be okay
he was the one who got you into this in the first part
sapnap was on the train home after visiting you
thats when the strange man offered him money to play child games with him
now, sapnap isn’t stupid, he realized that it probably wasn’t a good idea to play, but, it was a lot of money
you may be wondering, how did you get involved with this?
apparently the man was looking for you as well, so he told sap to give it to you
there was only a certain amount of spaces left
he immediately went to your apartment, and told you about it
you agreed to call the number
that’s how you ended up in your nightmare
you and him almost died the first game
the second game wasn’t that hard
neither was the third, but the amount of people that were dying was making it difficult
it was the shock, you assumed
the fourth game looked easier than the others
but looks can be deceiving
they said you needed to be in pairs
and who else would you chose if not sapnap?
he was your best friend after all
but only one would be making it out alive
you could tell that sapnap was going to try and lose on purpose
so you made him go first
whoever’s was closer to the wall would live
his was semi close to the wall
you were going to try your hardest to make him win
you succeed
sapnap screamed as you were taken away from him
he saw the light leave your eyes
sapnap wouldn’t be the same after loosing his best friend
@anarchyanon @sunniewrites @nightmarefox15 @icarusthefoolish @ktmjoslin @wrenqueenisboss
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pppunz · 21 hours ago
Step!Dream and Step!George dominating the fem!reader?
Diary [CC!Dream x CC!George x Fem!Reader]
Warnings: stepcest, porn with a slight plot, degradation, praise, threesome, handjobs, blowjobs, a small bit of aftercare at the end (also barely edited lol excuse any errors)
Notes: This one is a bit longer than my usual imagines, but I was gone for a long time and you guys deserve it. Enjoy! <3
Tumblr media
From the moment you met your Stepbrothers, you knew they were trouble. There was Clay, a tall, strong looking guy with sandy-blonde hair and a cocky personality. Then there was George, shorter than Clay with black hair and a British accent, despite being smaller than Clay in size, he was still intimidating. They both were.
You remembered the first time your Dad introduced you to your Stepmother (who wasn’t your Stepmother at the time) which in turn introduced you to her sons, your soon-to-be Stepbrothers. You felt your heartbeat quicken, they were hot, like, hot-hot.
"Y/N, this is Clay and George!" Your Dad introduced you to the two guys, both of whom had a small smirk on their face.
“It’s great to finally meet you, Y/N.” Clay said.
“It is, we’ve heard quite a bit about you.” George said as well. You felt a shiver go up your spine.
“I’m glad you three are being open to this whole thing. I know it’s a lot to take in.” Their Mom said. “I hope you get along well with each other.”
Clay smiled slightly at you. “I think we’ll get along really, really well.” And oh, trust assured, you did get along very well.
It started with the lingering touches. Clay’s hand caressing your waist when he passed you in the kitchen, George’s hand resting on your thigh at the dinner table, many things that were seen as small, innocent actions to others, but were actually the complete opposite.
Next was the innuendos, oh boy, the innuendos. Clay was especially keen on this one. One night, you were all watching a horror movie, and you were screaming at every jumpscare or scary moment. Clay just had to say a remark about if you were this loud with a movie, he wondered how loud you’d be in bed. He laughed with George immediately after, which confused but aroused you to no end. Your nights were spent writing in your diary, as childish as that sounds. You wrote every fantasy, thought, and detail about how you felt about them. It might be ridiculous to keep a diary as an adult, but it kept all your feelings in one neat little bow.
Around three months of living with them, your Dad and Stepmom announced that they were going on a two week vacation and that the three of you were staying home alone.
“Now, be good, okay?” Your Stepmom said as they were going out the door, “I don’t want to come back to my house in ruins.”
“Don’t worry, we won’t destroy the house.” You reassured her with a smile.
“Oh, and you two boys better watch over your sister, you’re older than her. Make sure she’s okay.” She said to George and Clay.
“Don’t worry, Mom.” George wrapped an arm around you, “We’ll take really good care of her.” Your stomach did somersaults at that remark.
With a final smile and goodbye, your Dad and Stepmom left. You took a deep breath, suddenly hyper-aware of their eyes on you. You played with your fingers nervously.
“Sooo…” You said nervously, shifting your weight from foot to foot. “I guess I should, uh, go do some homework…”
Clay chuckled. “Homework? Really?”
You crossed your arms. “Yeah, homework. Is there a problem with that?”
George smirked and stepped closer to you. “Ooh, attitude. Wouldn’t you rather be ‘fucked stupid by your hot Stepbrothers’, hm?” He said that phrase with his two fingers moving with air quotes.
You squinted slightly as your face heated, those words sounded very familiar. Clay stepped closer to you as well, both their eyes looking you up and down like you were a piece of meat.
“Yeah, doesn’t being ‘bent over backwards and fucked brainless’ sound like more fun than homework?” Clay said, his voice low. The realization hit you like a ton of bricks. Oh, fuck. Your diary, that’s why their words sounded familiar.
“You read my diary?!” You exclaimed, looking back and forth at the two.
“Maybe we did. But that’s nothing compared to the thoughts you have about your Stepbrothers’. We read everything in that little diary of yours; you’re a rather dirty one, aren’t you?” Clay responded.
You huffed and tried to ignore the heat building up inside of you. You never anticipated that they would’ve even found your diary, even though you were naive enough to not hide it better.
“Says the ones who touch their Stepsister all the time, any chance they get.” You exclaimed back, “You probably went looking in my room for something to jerk off to!”
George and Clay looked at each other for a single moment, then looked back at you. “Go upstairs and get on Mom’s and your Dad’s bed.” George demanded.
Your eyes widened slightly. “What?”
“You heard him. You want to be fucked stupid? We’ll fuck you every single second of the day, make you your Stepbrothers’ slut.” Clay said.
You swallowed, your body suddenly feeling like it could melt into a puddle. George snapped his fingers twice and said, “go.”
You nodded and dashed up the stairs, opening your Dad’s room hesitantly and sitting in the middle of the king sized bed. You felt the bedsheets, running them across your fingers nervously. You had dreamed and fantasized about this moment for months, and now it was actually happening.
A couple minutes later, you heard the bedroom door click open and you turned your head to see Clay and George walking in. You took a deep breath, shrinking under their gaze.
“Take off your shirt and lay down.” George said, getting up on the bed along with Clay. You did what he said, pulling your shirt off and putting it on the floor, before laying down on your back. You whimpered quietly as George’s cold hands and Clay’s warm hands touched your body. George’s hands pulled your bra up, not completely off, but off enough to show off your breasts.
“God, you’re beautiful.” Clay said breathlessly, “I can’t believe we didn’t do this earlier.” You went to move your hands to cover yourself up from embarrassment, but George stopped you.
“Ah, ah, ah, don’t cover yourself.” George said, pulling your hands back down to your side. You felt Clay’s hand go on your breast, kneading the soft flesh in his hands. They were toying with you, seeing how far they could push you until you begged them for mercy.
“Please, I need… I need more.” You begged quietly, looking at them with pleading eyes. Clay began to unbuckle his belt to his jeans.
“Think you can suck us off first?” He asked. You nodded immediately, sliding off the edge of the bed to get on your knees.
Clay and George pulled their clothes off, letting you take in their complete appearance. George was especially pale, lean, and just plain pretty. His cock was long, very long with a pinkish tip. Clay had tanner skin and was more buff-looking. His cock was thick, so thick it almost scared you. Your mouth basically watered, their cocks were so different yet you craved the both of them just as much.
George gripped his cock and rubbed it slowly, up-and-down. “Come on, you know what to do.”
You nodded and with one hand, held Clay’s cock in your hand and slowly jerked it off and with your other hand, led George’s cock to your mouth. You gingerly put his cock in your mouth, letting a lot of your spit trail out of your mouth and down his cock. Clay let out a groan at your hand moving at its slow pace.
“You’re such a good cocksucker, isn’t she, Clay?” George said, his head thrown back with a groan.
“Such a fucking good girl for us.” Clay praised you. You whined at the praise from both of them, your thighs pressed together to try and get some stimulation.
After a good couple minutes, you switched, sucking Clay’s cock and jerking off George. Your pace was quickening as well, desperate to make them both cum.
“Fuck, baby.” Clay moaned out. Your face burned at the nickname. “Keep going, make us cum all over that slutty face.”
You whined and shoved his cock further down your throat, just about hitting the back of it. Your hand was aching, but God, you wanted both of their cum so bad.
You got off Clay’s cock with a soft “pop” and a line of spit connecting you to it. You jerked both their cocks with both your hands, thriving off of their groans and moans of your name.
“Shit, I’m gonna cum!” George exclaimed, his moans becoming more and more frequent.
“Me too, fuck. Keep going, make us cum, baby.” Clay said, his fingers gripping his thigh tightly. With one last jerk, the two of them came at about the same time, cum leaking and shooting out of both their cocks. You licked out your tongue and let their cum go all over your face in spurts. The two breathed deeply, their cocks still hard from the sight of you covered in cum.
“Get back up here and lay down for us again.” George said, moving so you could lay back down in the middle of the bed. Clay rubbed your hip softly.
“Tell us if you want us to stop, okay?” Clay said, suddenly being very serious. “If it gets too much, just say red.”
You nodded. “I will. Now, please, fuck me.”
George smirked. “We thought you’d never ask.”
George lined up with your pussy, the head of his cock teasing your folds. Clay then followed that, kneeling next to George and lining his cock up with you, which made George shift over slightly. You moaned slightly at the both of them teasing your cunt with just their tips.
“Again, say red if you want us to stop.” George said. You nodded and laid your head back, letting out a soft moan as they slowly moved inside of you. It wasn’t like you were a virgin, but two cocks inside of you is a lot for one cunt to handle.
“Fuck, you’re both so big…” You said, soft moans leaving your lips uncontrollably. You felt so stretched out, like you were having sex for the first time.
“We can’t even fit our whole cocks inside of you, damn.” Clay said, “we’ll have to stretch you out over time for that.”
Your fingers gripped the bedsheets as they began to move, thrusting in and out of you in near sync. Your moans became louder, mixed in with a couple of moans of their name.
“I can’t believe we were living with you for three months and weren’t doing this already, fucking hell.” George groaned, using one of his hands to grip your waist.
“This is all we’re ever gonna do, make our sweet, little Stepsister our little slut.” Clay cursed out, “These two weeks are gonna be great, you better be ready, baby.”
You threw your head back and moaned, you were so fucking ready. You were also close, very close to going over the edge. You had never came this fast with anyone, but God, you were so ready.
“Fuck, fuck, ‘m gonna cum!” You whimpered out, squirming around a lot from the pure pleasure you were feeling. You felt Clay slap the side of your thigh.
“Come on, baby. Cum for your Stepbrother’s, come on.” Clay cooed, his hips and George’s thrusting against yours at an indescribable rate. You let out a sob and came, cumming all over their cocks and your Parent’s bed. Clay and George came after, pulling out and cumming all over your stomach.
As your head was up in the clouds, the two cleaned you up softly, careful to not startle you from whatever trance you were in. George got you water as Clay covered you up in the blankets. Once the three of you were clean, they laid down on both sides of you, wrapping their arms around you softly.
George kissed your forehead. “Sleep well, love.”
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sugarrbbee · a day ago
Dad dream and mum reader where their children are scared of thunderstorms? X
Thunderstorm Comforting
Tumblr media
Includes: dad!Dream x parent!Reader
Pronouns: She/her? (reader is referred to as mom)
Notes: Excuse me but who gave you the right to kill me with this cuteness
Waking up to the feeling of someone shaking your arm, you groggily opened your eyes to see your six-year-old daughter, Josie, standing behind your three-year-old son, Sammy, who was the one who had been shaking your arm.
Taking in their appearances, they both looked absolutely terrified as they held onto their respective stuffed animals, your son an elephant while your daughter had a rabbit. You could see Josie was trying to comfort Sammy to the best of her abilities while being scared herself. But before you could ask what was wrong, a loud bit of thunder sounded outside causing your two kids to jump.
Moving away from Clay who had been behind you with his arm around your waist, you made space for the two kids and lifted the blanket “Come here you two”.
The two took no time to get in between you and Clay which caused him to wake up and the lightning that flashed out the window answered his unasked question on what was wrong.
Not even a second went by before you and Clay went on to comfort your kids and assure them they were okay but any time a particular loud bit of thunder sounded outside, they both trembled and little Sammy had tears in his eyes which led you to wrap your arms around him and kiss his head as you assured him he was okay.
Josie looked up at you both with eyes that just showcased her fear and asked "Can we stay in here?" and Clay nodded as he kissed her head "Of course, we can have a little sleepover. Is that okay Sammy?" and a muffled "Yes" can from him due to the fact he was practically trying to burry himself in your chest to get away from the thunderstorm outside.
Looking between both of your kids you assured them "It's alright, mommy and daddy will protect you" and even though it was something so simple, it seemed to calm them down and you could feel your son relax in your arms.
After a little while of you comforting Sammy while Clay comforted Josie, who had been trying to put on a strong front for her brother but let it fall now that his back was turned to her, the two had fallen asleep. Clay grabbed your free hand that wasn't rubbing your son's back and kissed it then mouthed a 'Goodnight' as to not wake up either kid.
You knew they would probably wake up in a bit seeing as the thunderstorm outside wasn't calming. But for now, you let yourself fall asleep and hoped that they would stay asleep with the comfort of being in between you and Clay.
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rowanndoesntwrite · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
— Songs that Remind Them of You.
pairing: crew boys x gn!reader
summary: self explanatory
word count: 451
warning(s): food mention in sapnap’s
note: omg two posts in one day????? never happening again. also tbh i had no idea what to name this so yeah songs that remind them of you.
Tumblr media
pretty boy - the neighbourhood.
“even if my heart stops beating, you're the only thing I need, ooh, with me.”
that specific lyric really resonates with dream and reminds him of you
solely for the reason that you really are the only thing he needs
like, he would not put anything above you.
he doesn't FUCKING stream so it's not that hard to put you above his job.
the song really describes your relationship with him.
i feel like yall would be major ride or die lmao
anyways dream stream pls im begging
stupid for you - waterparks
“hey, tell me what you want me to say, you know I'm stupid for you.”
sapnap would quite literally jump off a plane if you so much as HINTED that you wanted him to
like anything you ask of him, he does it
you want a certain food?
he makes dream make it for you
want him to stop streaming and spend time with you?
sucks for chat, he’s gone
despair. - leo
“cause it’s not romantic i swear”
this song reminds him of you and your guys’ relationship mainly cause he refused to admit he liked you
for the LONGEST time
but it was so obvious he liked you
he could barely for a coherent sentence around you lol
and then one day, you sent him this song
with the message, “you lol”
and he had the biggest freak out of his life
tbh you're dense af so like the only reason you knew he liked you was cause of sapnap accidentally telling you
and when george found out about that well yk
meet me at our spot - willow
"caught a vibe, baby, are you coming for the ride? i just wanna look into your eyes, i just wanna stay for the night, night, night.”
you and karl have a lot of like,, late night drives and dates under the stars
on your first date that you had at night, you had put this song on and oh man
started a new tradition
another thing, one of karl’s favorite things about you are your eyes
like he can just look at them all day
you guys are so cute omg
steal my girl - one direction
“everybody want to steal my girl”
quackity has this bit where he acts like everyone want to date you
which they totally do but yk
he mainly started that bit cause he heard this song from a mediashare
and he was like “hey. everyone wants to date y/n.”
and thus the bit was born
like literally anytime someone even MENTIONS your name the first thing he says is
“everybody wants them </3333, they’re mine >:(“
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a-rradio · 2 days ago
Dream mad at [ N ] : I have won several wars , What have you done ! ?
{ N ] : Have you ever eaten a Tide Pod and survived ?
Dream : Wha -
[ N ] Aggressively : I was throwing up bubbles and shits for weeks man , my intestines were squeaky clean .
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wrenqueenisboss · 19 hours ago
Secret Little Thief - (dream x gn!reader)
You loved sitting in the same room as your boyfriend when he streamed. it was relaxing, sort of. But it was comforting being in the same space as him. Sure, he screamed when things got stressful, but it made you laugh.
The problem was, no one knew that dream was dating you. No one knew he had a partner in the first place. So it was always a challenge, having to keep your laughter quiet.
Usually, Dream muted so you could giggle. Or walk around. Or do something - like cooking - that made a little bit too much noise to ignore.
But today, a mistake was made....
Your boyfriend was doing MCC practice, appearing on George's stream, when you brought him snacks. A bowl of lays potato chips that you set on his desk.
He muted and turned to you with a smile. "Thanks, babe!"
You smiled back before sitting down on the comfy beanbag that had been placed on the floor for you a long time ago.
And MCC practice continued. There was laughter and screaming; failures and successes. But the team looked strong. But it had taken so long and you had gotten hungry.
The kitchen is too far, you inwardly groaned.
But then, the bowl of potato chips caught your gaze. Trying to be as stealthy as possible, you leaned over and reached your hand into the bowl, successfully grabbing a handful of the chips.
But unfortunately, you weren't as stealthy as you thought. With a playfully angry expression, Dream turned around slowly in his chair to face you.
"Babe! Why did you steal my potato chips?"
You stuck your tongue out at him. "I brought them to you!"
He considered this for a moment. "Touché. And thank you for that. I appreciate it."
You at a potato chip smugly before replying. "No problem, love."
It was only then that Dream froze. Everything went silent. To the point where you were able to hear three loud voices screaming in unison through you boyfriend's headphones.
he smiled sheepishly, even though no one could see him.
You facepalmed, a laugh bubbling up.
I can't believe I love this idiot.
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londonsaysstuff · 2 days ago
hey there! if you’re still taking requests (i didn’t see that you weren’t) could you do one with them (mcyt) just having the shittest day and just wanting your comfort and reassurance? if you need specific characters i really like dream
also could i be ur 🌙 anon? i don’t remember if that’s taken if it is then 🌟 anon?
ofc you can be 🌙 anon!! :D
also what are your pronouns?
gn!reader comforting cc!Dream
People Mentioned: Dream Type: Platonic TW:
˚⊹ ˚︶︶꒷︶꒷꒦︶︶꒷꒦︶︶꒷︶꒷꒦︶︶꒷꒦︶ ₊˚⊹.
You smile as you place the last block to your build in place. You've been trying to finishing this build for the last hour and it was almost a relief that it's been finished.
You heard the door open. Turning, you saw Dream walk in, slouching ever so slightly. You knew something was wrong.
"What's up?" You ask, try to be casual about it. Dream usually doesn't like opening up about some of his problems.
"Nothing much. What are you up to?" He responds, trying to wave off your concern. It doesn't work.
"Just finished the build that I told you about." You tell him. "Are you sure you're alright?"
"Can I see the build?" He asks, walking over to the computer and leaning down to see it.
"Dream.. What's wrong?" You ask quietly.
"Nothing is wrong, Y/N. Don't worry about me." He smiles. You show him the build before he leaves the room.
You plop down on your bed, yawning a bit. You haven't seen dream since this evening. Whether he's been in his room or went out, you don't know.
Right as you take out your phone, your door opens again and in comes Dream. Before your able to say anything, he sits down next to you.
"Can I ask you something?" He says.
"Yeah? Is something wrong?" You reply, concerned.
"If.. hypothetically, if someone were to break up with you... how would you cope?" Dream asks. He starts to pick at the covers on your bed.
"Come here, Dream." You say, wrapping your arms around your friend. He welcomes your embrace, resting his head on your shoulder and sighing.
You both stay in that position for a while as you absentmindedly play with his hair, trying to think of something to say. You realize you can't really say anything that might be comforting much.
"Do you wanna watch a movie and eat some ice cream?" You ask him. "I'll let you eat straight out of the tub to make you feel a bit better."
You feel him nod before he gets up to leave the room. You follow him. While he gets the ice cream, you turn on the TV and get lots of blankets and pillows so Dream is comfy.
You start to wake up, turning our head to see the end credits rolling on the screen. You try to get up before you realize that there is a sleeping Dream laying in your lap.
Slowly, you move him to he won't wake up as you get off the couch. After bring the covers up to his shoulders, you decide to head to bed
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nightmarefox15 · 2 days ago
An angsty one :)
☾ ⋆*・゚:⋆*・゚:⠀ *⋆.*:・゚ .: ⋆*・゚: .⋆
"HES A VILLAIN!! HE BURNT DOWN GEORGES HOUSE!!" Dream yelled pointing at Tommy, who was cowering behind you, gripping your shirt, tears dripping down his face.
"HES NOT A VILLAIN!!" You yelled, glaring at Dream.
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shakirawastaken · 17 hours ago
the end of the world: dream
“dancing on my own” - calum scott you all seemed to like the idea for more, so here it is. i strongly suggest reading the end of the world: sapnap  to get a background of what is happening in the story as they are both in the same timeframe and location. stay tuned for other more stories in this series involving other characters, cw: meteors, crying, death, the end of the world (major angst) summary: the world is ending, and you have to talk to dream. before you can’t anymore. 
Tumblr media
“This is your emergency broadcast system. This is not a test. This is a message from the US government. There is a deadly meteor headed for Earth. This meteor is classified as a top-tier threat. It will destroy the planet and everything with on it. It is the end of the word. It will arrive on Earth in t-minus 2.5 hours. Say your good-byes.”  ................................................................................................................................ Dream stared blankly as he watched his sister run out of his mother’s car and crash into him, sobbing into his shirt. Ignoring the flaming sky full of various purples and blues and oranges, he pulled his sister close, opening up his other arm to bring his brother into the family hug as well.
He, honestly, could not believe it. The world was, what, ending? How is that even possible? That stuff is only supposed to show up in science fiction movies which, according to you, he watches “too much”. As if there’s “too much” Star Wars. These movies should have prepared him for these scenarios, right? When a meteor is heading towards Earth, like it is right now, follow the government’s instructions and hide in an underground bunker. Unless you’re the main character, then you go and risk your life to try to save the world.
Unfortunately, these instructions do not translate over to real life. The government has given no instructions other than “Say your good-byes.” There is no saving the world, not with only 2 hours and no information on the meteor. The lack of understanding felt wrong to him, he simply did not know what to do. It felt wrong to just stand there as the world literally ends, but there was nothing he could do. That led him to the question, what does someone do when the world is ending?
He did not have an answer. So, he did what any reasonable character in a movie would do, and said his goodbyes.
He pulls away from the hug and stares at his sister’s face, wiping the tears off of it.
“Don’t cry,” he muttered out softly, bringing her into a hug again.
“Where’s (y/n)?” she asked, tears subsiding as she calmed down as much as she could in this horrible situation.
Dream paused. (y/n). He hadn’t seen you in a couple of days, as you had gone back out to the west coast to visit your family. You were supposed to be coming back to Florida tomorrow morning.
“Goddamnit,” he muttered out, his tough facade nearly breaking. He couldn’t cry in front of his family. He was always the strong one, the one who always supports everyone else. Crying would mean ruining this wall he’s built, crying would mean being weak. He knew that it was okay to cry, especially now since there was no tomorrow to live the consequences. But he just couldn’t bring himself to do it.
“Go,” his mother said as she pulled his sister into yet another hug, gesturing towards the front door of his house. He glanced at her and mouthed “I love you.” at her before bolting inside, desperately searching for his phone. By the time he reached the kitchen, his phone was vibrating like crazy. He picked it up and quickly scrolled through the notifications.
(64) Missed Calls from (Y/N) <3 (150) Texts from (Y/N) <3
Suddenly, his phone began to vibrate yet again in his hands.
Incoming Facetime Call from (Y/N) <3
He hit accept without a second thought.
“Dream!?!” your distressed voice warbled through the phone speakers, the internet close to shit due to obvious reasons.
“Hi, hi, hi, I’m here, I’m here,” he said quickly, his words warping together as he tried to rush them out as quickly as he could.
“Hi,” you said, smiling with tears in your eyes as you made your way outside. He watched through the call as you walked outside and stared at the sky, the colors reflecting upon your face. In any other circumstance, he would have said you looked beautiful, gorgeous, heavenly even.
But now, all he felt was pure and unfiltered sadness.
He felt hot tears roll down his cheeks as he watched you bask in the last remaining minutes of the world.
“Don’t cry,” you told him as you glanced at the screen, fearing that your own heart would break if you saw him cry.
“Okay,” he said, wiping his tears away without putting his phone down.
“I love you,” you said confidently, staring at him through the phone screen. He stared at you for a while, observing the colors swirling behind you and the gentle smile on your face as he tried to ignore the imminent threat that has befallen the world.
Meanwhile, you admired him in the soft lighting of his kitchen, softly staring at the phone as he stared at you. You tried to ignore the TV in the background, flashing out numbers indicating how much longer you actually had on this world. Currently, it was 20. Meaning, 20 seconds.
“I love you too,” he said, just as confident, as the TV flashed 0. You both wrenched your eyes shut, to hide from the explosion of the world around you.
So, What does someone do when the world is ending?
Well, the answer is simple. Cry. Spend time with your loved ones. Pray. Mend. Apologize. Drink. Think. Imagine. Hope. Be. Adventure. Sob. Do. Live. Breathe. Love. thank you for reading.  dream taglist (open): no one dsmp taglist (open): @joyfullymulti​
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prrism · a day ago
A Visit From… The Dream Team
Relationship: platonic
Pronouns: unspecified/kept neutral
There was a knock on your door followed by the sound of arguing outside, opening the door reveals the source of the argument to be Sapnap and George with a Dream standing in front of them, being the one who knocked.
"Help me." Dream says exhausted, you blink a few times and sigh waving them inside telling them to stay in the living room while you head upstairs. There was one thing about you that made you stand out from others and kept you well in business, with the right pay, and that was your ability to concoct potions no ones seen or heard of before. They were special family recipes so there was no way you’d be sharing the how to when making them that easily. You come back downstairs, splash potion at the ready and Dream moves out of the way as you throw it towards the other two boys. The contents effects kicking in quickly as the room grows silent, George and Sapnap looking like they were still trying to argue only to soon realize neither one was making a sound anymore.
"Alright, that should keep them quiet for a good 15 minutes, unless I’m generous and feel like giving you the antidote." You eye the two as they stare daggers at each other before calming down a little. "So what lead to this?" You look back at Dream.
"I don’t really know, I was trying to finish the last few touches to the community house when they started fighting each other. They kept asking me to help but I wasn’t about to pick sides." Dream explains.
"You sided more with George though, didn’t you." You lean over and whisper more to him, he scratches the back of his head sheepishly. You turn back to the two and see they’re still trying to get at each others throats. You sigh, walk up to them and grab them both by the ear sitting them down on you couch. "Alright, now I’m going to unmute you both and when I do I want you to take turns telling me what happened, got it." You say sternly, like a parent scolding a child. They nod and you splash them with the antidote. To no ones surprise they still tried to talk over each other throwing the blame around, you pinch the bridge of your nose and look back over at Dream who just sighs and shrugs in defeat.
"It was Sapnap's fault! He hit me first!" George accuses for the third time.
"No I didn’t! Dream, (y/n) he’s talking nonsense, make him stop." It was a lot of this kinda back and forth between the two.
"If you two don’t shut up, I’ll make you shut up myself." You sigh tiredly, holding up another splash potion of silence. They quiet down a little and you take a deep breath. "Okay, so clearly this is bringing us nowhere, and personally I feel this whole fight between the two of you is absolutely childish. So until you both can settle things like adults, no more enchantments or potions from me."
"WHAT!" They both shout.
"No, come on (y/n) that’s not fair." George whines.
"It is completely fair, until you can settle things you’re not allowed business with me." You cross your arms as you say this. "Now on your way." With that you usher them out.
"Thanks for the help." Dream says, giving you a thumbs up as he heads for the door.
"I wouldn’t call it help so much as negotiating, I guess, but you’re welcome." You then hand him a few of your potions. "That should help you a bit, but don’t be giving those to either of them, unless you want to also be temporarily suspended from doing business too." You warn.
"Alright, and here, this is for you." He then hands you a small device. "It’s a communicator, we noticed you didn’t own one so we all banded together to make one for you to help keep in touch." You look over the device and give him a smile.
"Thanks, I’ll be sure to take good care of it." You wave them all off before heading back inside.
Device in hand you thought that maybe now would be the end to those surprise visits, how wrong you were…
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god1ngs · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
summary ៹  how this works is that you'll choose a minecraft item from the list below the cut and a character, as well as specific whether it'll be c! (character) or cc! (content creator) and i'll write you a 1k+ word imagine!
example ៹  "hey! may you write cookie with cc!dream? thank you!"
extras ៹  there are only allowed two characters for each prompt. please only request one prompt with one character. some prompts are specific for c! and cc!; if a prompt has, 'c!character' it is specific to c!; if a prompt has cc!character it is specific to cc! if it just has 'character' then you can request c! or cc! <3
note ៹  hello! this is my 1k event :D i hope you like this <3 some may be written with @luhvs / jay! he's amazing, check him out <3 and thank you so much for 1k! if you have any questions, please feel free to ask! enjoy <3
characters i'll write for ៹  c!dream + cc!dream. dreamxd. c!george + cc!george. c!sapnap + cc!sapnap. c!quackity. c!wilbur + cc!wilbur. ghostbur. c!punz + cc!punz. c!technoblade. c!awesamdude
status ៹  OPEN
prompts & masterlist below!
Tumblr media
‣ SPECTRAL ARROW. being chased in the woods by yandere c!character (1/2)
‣ DIAMOND CHESTPLATE. character protecting you (2/2)
‣ COOKIE. baking cookies with character (2/2)
‣ POISON POTION. being killed by character (2/2)
‣ NAME TAG. getting a pet with character (1/2)
‣ EYE OF ENDER. beating the game with cc!character (1/2)
‣ TOTEM OF UNDYING. you or character being brought back to life (2/2)
‣ GOLDEN APPLE. fluff scenario of your choice (1/2)
‣ NETHERRACK. exploring the nether with character (0/2)
‣ CAKE. baking a cake on stream with cc!character (1/2)
‣ CROSSBOW. exploring a bastion with c!character (1/2)
‣ LILAC. sitting in a flower field with character (2/2)
‣ WOODEN SWORD. making a new world with cc!character (0/2)
‣ JACK O' LANTERN. celebrating halloween with character (1/2)
‣ IRON BARS. yandere c!character trapping you somewhere (2/2)
‣ WHITE BED. first time sleeping in the same bed with character (2/2)
‣ ITEM FRAME. taking a picture with character (1/2)
‣ SNOWBALL. playing in the snow with character (0/2)
‣ WITHER SKULL. exploring a nether fortress with c!character (1/2)
Tumblr media
thank you so much again! i love you all so much <3
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ship268 · a day ago
BAD268′s Dream SMP Masterlist
!! These are all in game, therefore, in character !!
Compass -- W.C. 183
Battle -- W.C.?
Wilbur Soot
Extinct — W.C. ?
*None yet*
Karl Jacobs
*None yet*
*None yet*
P! Philza
*None yet*
*None yet*
Dream Team
Fuzzy — W.C. 188
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cottagecorekarl · 6 months ago
Hello! Im new to your blog and i was wondering if you could Do headcannons Of the dream smp Having a s/o who kisses their cheek on stream ? I would love if you could do for tommy or its to sexual 💞
tommy and ranboo are included in this as i personally think cheek kisses are harmless but i have no problem removing them if you guys think it's too much ^-^
Tumblr media
♡─⊱ dream
all chat would hear is "oh, hi"
behind the scenes is pulling you closer to smooch your lips and cheeks and nose and forehead
definitely squishes your cheeks in the process
Tumblr media
♡─⊱ georgenotfound
isn't super keen on getting all lovely dovey on stream
so he just squeezes your hand out of frame
gives you a small smile
Tumblr media
♡─⊱ karl jacobs
*insert adorable karl giggle*
grabs you hand as you go to walk away
"noooo, don't go. stay with me"
Tumblr media
♡─⊱ nihachu
"hello, my love"
gives you the warmest, most living smile in the whole world
Tumblr media
♡─⊱ quackity
gasps dramatically, eyes wide, and starts yelling
"oh, oh, oh, oh, oH, OH, OH, OH"
just getting progressively louder until you tell him to shut up
Tumblr media
♡─⊱ ranboo
stutters uncontrollably
blushes profusely
Tumblr media
♡─⊱ sapnap
tugs you close so he can return the favour
Tumblr media
♡─⊱ technoblade
smiles and blushes
his hand slides around your waist and he pulls you onto his lap to cuddle
kisses your cheeks too
Tumblr media
♡─⊱ tommyinnit
are you trying to kill him?
almost has a heart attack on the spot
"y-y-y/n. w-what are you doing?!"
Tumblr media
♡─⊱ wilbur soot
"hi, love" he says with a smile
returns the gesture
probably kisses your hand too
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sugarrbbee · 2 days ago
Polluted Air
Tumblr media
Includes: Dream x reader
Pronouns: Gender neutral
Notes: I love sad things
Warnings: Angst?
Taking a walk through the cold fall air seemed to be the only cure now for when your head felt too full, too full of thoughts. These thoughts all included Clay. And if they didn't, they somehow lead back to him. All you wanted was to escape these thoughts, and the cold air was a temporary solution.
But the temporary solution was all ruined and you were set back as you looked over to the beach to see the very man who clouded your thoughts. Once your brain left more space to take into consideration what or more who else was in the area, you noticed a girl holding his hand.
The girl was short, blonde, and very pretty. Exactly Clay's type. Not wanting to make assumptions, you thought maybe she was just a friend because back when you and Clay were friends, he sometimes held your hand too. But then you took notice of the oh-so-familiar hoodie she was wearing. And the cherry on top to confirm they were more than friends was when he used her hand to spin her around and kissed her. Great. The man who clouded your thoughts clearly had moved on and you most likely weren't even in his thoughts anymore.
Watching as he grabbed her hand, he ran down the beach as he pulled her behind him and yelled "Come on, it's freezing" that voice. That voice was the one you've been longing to hear for so long.
Getting to wake up to that voice in the morning used to be one of the best parts of your day. But now in the mornings, the bed was cold, lonely, and lacking that voice. The only way you heard the voice was in your head and it was nothing compared to the real thing.
Turning around, you walked back to your car. Abandoning the idea of the cold air clearing your head was the only thing you could do. Now the cold air would do absolutely nothing to help with the cloudiness. If anything, it would make it worse now.
Taking a deep breath once sat back in the safety of your car, you felt tears falling down your face. Looking in the rearview mirror, you forcefully wiped the tears as the voice in your head said 'Stop crying over him, he's clearly over you'.
The temporary solution to getting the man out of your head was now no longer useful because the cold air was now polluted with the thoughts of the man you've been constantly thinking about now holding hands with someone new. He's clearly moved on but you haven't and had no idea how to. The air was polluted and you needed to get away from it so the pollution didn't go to your head.
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k3rm1e · 6 months ago
cuddling headcanons! ★~(◡﹏◕✿)
this is more of a test thing to see if i like writing this way and if this blog does well
other imagines and headcanons won't include everyone i write unless it is specifically requested and is a prompt i really like
includes: wilbur nihachu karljacobs quackity dream georgenotfound sapnap p!tommyinnnit p!badboyhalo p!skeppy p!eret p!philza p!tubbo p!ranboo
cw: cursing
wilbur is a very cuddle-y guy
to me he seems very soft
i always see people saying he would like spooning, but i disagree
i feel like he would do more of a half-spooning thing with his head on your chest or the other way around
mans would DEFINITELY make you run your fingers through his hair
i feel like he would lay on your chest and just *nuzzle* into the space between your shoulder and neck
anytime you tried to leave him, whether it was because he had to do something or you had to, he would whine. so. fucking. much.
It would probably always go something like:
you - i need to piss
wilbur - no <3
but the moment he decides its time to stop cuddling its fine
and if you complain that you’re gonna miss him he’ll just call you clingy and tease you
like??? sir???
all in good fun though, no bad intentions :)
i feel like you and niki would face each other
with your head like under her chin and in her chest (this is a bad description but look at the “honeymoon hug” on the list for better explanation ;-;)
she would always want to protect you
so she does that by like almost guarding you and keeping you close
niki would definitely do the arm thing where she just lightly moves her hand up and down you arm
i’m so sorry if you don't understand that, it just feels like something she would do
if you haven't experienced that it kinda sorta feels like spiders??? but in a good way???
but generally she is very protective
she just holds you so close the whole time
even if she doesn’t want to let you go, she’s more understanding about it
she would be upset but wouldn’t show it because she doesn’t want to make you feel guilty
niki is generally just an amazing cuddle-r (is that a word?) and has a super comforting presence
karl would definitely keep your head on his chest
the whole time he would just absolutely squeeze the life out of you
he would constantly bend his neck down to kiss your head
and instead of just like leaving his head down so he could kiss you it would just be:
*inner monologue karl* hmmm i wanna kiss them on their head
and he would lean down to do so which, cute
but then five seconds later he would do it again
and again another five seconds later
and again
very cute karl but please sir, your neck is gonna be so messed up after this
when you had to leave he would be upset, but like niki, would try not to show it
except karl is very bad at that and his pouting would be so obvious
so you would feel guilty and layback down with him
immediately he just becomes (●´ω`●)
like a happy little puppy
karl is just too adorable for you to deny
now we all know this, quackity is a huge dork
which is why i believe he would DEFINITELY use your butt as a pillow
not even in a weird way
i just feel like quackity isn’t too comfortable with touch so this is sorta his way of being close to you without it being a whole serious thing
like he still is able to be goofy and comfortable without it being a whole big thing
him doing this would almost always come with a flatty patty joke from you
which always causes him to threaten divorce, even though you aren’t married
while it isn’t a very good position for things like physical touch, it is good for talking and having conversations
for some reason i feel like he’s the type of person to text someone when they’re right next to each other
so while he’s laying down he’ll just send you random photos of himself
very annoying when your phone is spammed, but also good blackmail material >:)
i don’t think he’d be too clingy
obviously, he enjoys spending time with you
but if you told him you need to go do work or something he wouldn’t throw a fit or pout
big q just seems like he’d be more rational about stuff like that
overall a 420/69 cuddle partner
one word: spooning
mans just envelops you and has no shame
very big: “no you are mine! >:(“ energy
while he’s sleeping he’ll unconsciously nuzzle his head into your hair/the back of your neck
when you guys got to bed patches usually climbs in and you hold her
i love patches so much i could write headcanons just about her
dream always wants to be cuddling you
if you try to leave he won’t pout, there simply isn't a discussion on whether you’re moving or not
incase you haven’t caught on yet, the answer is no
you need to do work? just bring the laptop to bed
he needs to edit? just sit in his lap at his desk, duh
obviously, he knows at some point you guys need to stop cuddling
he just isn’t too stoked about it
when it comes time where he absolutely can’t cuddle with you, i feel like he’d be more chill
mainly just annoyed
i feel like george, like quackity, also wouldn’t be too touchy
i’m pretty sure he has a hard time expressing emotions (please correct me if i’m wrong!!) and i think that would crossover to his sleeping habits
i think he would prefer a sort of back-to-back cuddling position
it seems cold, i know
but also he would most definitely kick at you
so every night while trying to go to sleep suddenly you would just feel *kick*
and then instead of sleep you’re suddenly playing footsie
lots of laughter and warm feelings involved
george would probably pretend that you kicked his leg hard or something and act like you hurt him
the first few times you were actually worried
but then after a few months your only response was a sarcastic “cry about it”
which just led to more laughter
sapnap and you would do a sort of leg hug thing
you both you try to go to sleep in a cute spooning-type position
but the moment one of you fell asleep it all unraveled
you would wake up apart but you’re legs would still be touching
sapnap would joking blame it on you
“wow can’t believe you don't wanna be close with me even when we’re asleep”
“it’s not my fault! i can’t control where i end up when i sleep!”
“no, no. you don’t have to lie. i see how it is.”
but it's okay!
your legs are the first thing to react in a flight-or-fight situation, so they usually react in an honest way
which is like your legs are both reaching to hold each other!
i don’t get a very touchy vibe from tommy
i feel like the most he would do is put his arm over your shoulder
not in a flirty way, just in a “hey, there isn’t a lot of space, this will make sitting down more comfortable” way
he will let you sorta fidget with his hand/arm
i don't know if that makes sense but what i mean is that he’ll pretty much let his arm go *flop* so you can control it (by like moving it around or playing with his fingers)
in the beginning he would get annoyed
but eventually he would get used to it and wouldn’t really care
it sounds a bit strange but i personally find it very comforting to just have something to fidget with while watching youtube or netflix in bed with my friends
and it’s entertaining (sometimes i do this to me sister to annoy her :>)
he would act like he didn’t mind if you left him
but holy shit he is so clingy
If you try to leave it’ll just be “no, why??? stay here dumbass”
you would be slightly annoyed when he had to leave  but knew he had to film and stream and all that so you would be okay
you would kinda sit within bad’s lap
like not on his lap, but more of in between his legs
he would have his arms around you
and his phone would be in front of you so you two could scroll through twt or instagram together
or you guys could watch skeppy’s youtube ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
rat would sit in your lap
she’s just;;;;;;;; so adorable
rat is just so soft and fuzzy in your lap and everytime you move to pet her she just melts
rat is the the superior cuddle buddy to any of these block people
skeppy, similar to quackity, is a total dork
he would make sure you guys were in a position where he could effectively troll you
so if your head was near his lap he would just flick you or some
“dude can you please stop hitting me in the head”
“it turns out i am not actually hitting you in your head because based on the perpendicularity of the bisector multiplied by the photosynthesis of the dividend, it is impossible for me to do so”
lya is so goddamn sick of you guys
she's trying to get him to actually do something but instead he’s just sitting there throwing paper airplanes at you while you sleep
he’s an annoying asshole but it's okay because he gives you money for absurd reasons
eret has such a comfortable presence
i feel like she wouldn’t be up for cuddling too much
more of like putting your head on a friends shoulder so you can see the tweet their showing you
but they do like to hold hands
holding hands isn’t very intimate but it's also just such a sweet comforting thing
she even holds your hand when you guys are out walking around
like if you guys were getting food somewhere (post-covid of course)
you most likely would get addressed as a couple
and he would just be like”...wut?”
it’s happened so many times at this point you just go along with it
“you guys look like such a cute couple!”
“oh we aren't-” “thank you!”
can you tell that i love eret?
phil always has such dad vibes
i feel like the closest he would get to cuddling is hugs and hand holding
even though cuddling isn’t inherently romantic, he is married to kristen
so i fell he would get most of his touch in with her
but with you he’s just so fatherly
hello dadza
whether you have a good or bad relationship with your father, everyone can admit that philza minecraft is dadza
this is such a dad thing, but tries to hold you hand when you cross the street
no matter the age, he just feels the need to protect you
hugs are similar
uses hugs as a way to comfort you and protect you
just so amazing all around
tubbo would love cuddling in any way, shape, or form
if you guys are hanging out at like the park or something and lying down
get ready to become this mans pillow
this is really fun to do with your friends but imagine you guys are hanging out in a field type area (with my friends we hand out in the field next to the cemetery but it can be any open grass area)
tubbo would just use your lap as a pillow the whole time
and when you guys were walking back to his house he would sorta drape his arms over your shoulders (assuming he’s taller than you)
he would do the same thing when you guys were sitting in chairs or at a desk
just drapes his arms over your shoulder with his chin on your head
if it's really late and he's tired he’ll just hug you
if you thought tubbo is bad, ranboo is even worse
not even really cuddling, he just likes having a sort of skin-to-skin contact
so handholding and laying on top of eachother
if he’s streaming he will legitimately message ou to just sit next to him
so sometimes if he’s just chilling by himself on the smp you’ll end up on his streams
he’ll have you next to him just because he likes be near someone
and so randomly it’ll just be like “chat, a real human is here, behave”
chat does not behave
(they heavily bully him)
he’s pretty clingy but when you HAVE to leave he’ll understand and just be a bit bummed out
holy shit this took me so long-
if you read this whole thing thank you!
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lulu-tutu · 6 months ago
BBH: Oh, fiddlesticks! That really ruffles my feathers.
(Y/n): [Crying] Please, just say fuck.
- - -
Philza: Good morning.
(Y/n): Good morning.
Techno: Good morning.
Wilbur: You all sound like robots. Why don’t you spice things up a bit?
- - -
Sapnap: What if we swore more?
(Y/n): Titties!
Dream: (Y/n), that’s not a swear.
(Y/n): Fuck you.
- - -
Dream: I can’t feel my leg.
(Y/n): [Stabs his leg]
Dream: [Screams in pain] WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!?
(Y/n): You’re a liar!
- - -
Tommy: How do you think you can stop me?
(Y/n): I’ll tell Phil.
Tommy: You sick bastard.
- - -
Take these while I work on actually writing longer posts :)
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