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The more I think of Gravity Falls, the more I realize that the Mystery Twins just have varying intensities of the weirdcore aesthetic.

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I had the strangest dream the other night, I was lost in another city I used to live in when I was a kid, and I was being guided by an angel in the form of a lady butterfly in a display case. I mean the butterfly was talking to me n shit but anyway that told me that in order to get back home I had to spend the night in my old aunts house that was cursed or haunted I guess, but I was not allowed to leave until sunrise. So I go and I’m about to get in bed when I’m surrounded by a bunch of hooed figures in blue robes, I couldn’t see any of they’re faces but I think they knew I had an angel with me and they weren’t happy about it. Then the angel manifested out of the display case.

The angel had a tall, androgynous, human-like form, they were very pale, and their face was nearly covered in feathered wings that sprouted from their head, the onlybpart of the face I could see was their nose and mouth. They had lit candles on their head kinda like a crown, and wore a pale green and white kimono looking silk robe.

Then the angel opened its mouth(which also had sharp teeth like a shark) and I heard a loud noise and a bright light, then the hooded figures and the angel were both gone and I woke up…

Lol idk wtf it means but ill try and draw a depiction later 😅

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