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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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don’t know if it’s the new medication or the ‘rona stress, but the Dreams are back. Last night I was Hawthorne McDaniels, an elf in a fantasy/wild west setting planning a bank robbery to steal from the vault of the man responsible for the death of his wife

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Journaling this…

Woke up rather early this morning after having a weird night of sleep. Looked at some stuff on my phone, wrote a couple things down, and then I decided to just close my eyes and try to get some more sleep. I had the most aesthetic vaporwave dream imaginable. I want to share some of it. Kinda provocative though, but the coolest dream I’ve seriously ever had. I never have cool dreams, they are always so deep and exhaustingly emotional, this was refreshing.

I was walking through a backyard towards a swing that seemed familiar from my childhood, but it was different. The grass was green and rooted with trees as my bare feet walked through it. I was wearing what looked to be a sleep type t-shirt from the 80’s, you know the ones with the small buttons down the chest halfway, and kinda curves up the hip, like a baseball tee. It was slightly cool with a smell of dampness in the air. It was dark, misty, and illuminious at the same time. I felt free. I got on this swing which had me swinging so high but was close to a metal fence I kept hitting on occasion with my feet. It didn’t hurt when I hit it, but it was like, I was trying to be caught. My toe even got between one of the holes and the fence scratched me, but I kept on swinging. It was beautiful. There was something else involved there while swinging, but I’m gonna keep that private.

Anyways, I’m then getting off the swing as I feel some raindrops hit my head and arms. I’m walking back through the grass as it starts to pour and I let the water hit me as I clench myself. If I could describe it, it was like I was in a hot music video soaking wet walking through a yardvin the rain. I think you have a good imagination. I snuck past a window that looked like my mom or grandma looked out through it, with a yellow dimmed light. What’s cool about dreams is we often have home bases of safety that pop up, so our brains allow us to embrace the dream state.

I went into what seemed a front door, but in a different house, (from my safe base), and a tv was on and I stood there wet behind a love seat from the rain letting the glow of it illuminate me. I was touching my body in a very expressive way and then I’m suddenly sitting across from a golden man, in a lounge type bar/place. His hair is dapper and his smile is alluring. My legs are crossed but propped up in stockings and boots, like I’m lounging on two chairs or in a booth. You know body on one, legs on the other. It’s red, black, and very punk in there, kinda smoky too, but magnetizing. And then I wake up.

Cool huh. ❤️

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Сейчас я попытаюсь настроить вас на тот путь, на котором оказалась я, и свет все больше озаряет эту дорогу.

И так: для счастья вам не нужно ничего (объяснять не буду, дочитай до конца и подумай сам); перестаньте делать из всего драму и играть в жертву (в вашей жизни все может быть настолько круто, что вы обязательно придумаете себе какую то фигню, поверите в неё и подсознательно будете творить дичь, что приведёт вас к той самой драме), а так же туда включайте даже мелочи а-ля слушать грустную музыку и казаться всем таким несчастным, делать из всего трагедию, психовать из-за денег/желтых корней/толстых ляшечек и тд, любите себя в любом виде, а то ударю! Вы то, что вы думаете, не играйте с вашим подсознанием, оно работает моментально и все ваши плохие мысли реализует, опять же потому что многим из вас жертв играть нравится больше, поэтому транслируются в наш мир по большей части мысли, которые не очень. Будьте детьми: не стесняйтесь, веселитесь, начинайте писать музыку/рисовать/петь даже, если кажется, что ничего не выходит, не закрывайтесь от людей, если хотите, чтобы с вами были честны и близки. Мы все одинаковые пустые CDшки, которым записали разную информацию (кому-то повезло и подобное мировоззрение у них с детства, они не понимают механизма, но жизнь у них идёт легко и беззаботно по сути), а кого-то как меня поцарапали, но нужно уметь форматироваться. Мне было сложно, я вам скажу, но дальше-лучше (:

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The Dreams of Men by Jacopo Tintoretto, commissioned by the Barbo family for a room in their Venetian palazzo, the Ca’ Barbo

Italian, mid-16th century

oil on canvas

Detroit Institute of Arts

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Anyone want to tell me what they think my dream means?

It was night and my step-aunty took me outside to show me something. Knowing I’m a moon lover, I thought she was taking me to see the moon. NOPE- we walk out and she points to the sky with a huge grin and sitting so, so, so close and so bright was Saturn. It was so close you could see the gases on it, see the rings- it was right there. I started weeping because it was so beautiful, just in awe, and then it started shifting and instead of moving back and becoming the moon, it swirled and swirled and dissolved until it became the earth and I was looking at the earth.

It was breathtaking.

Now I have to go on a journey of learning all about Saturn and it’s current transit/placements in the world and where it exists in my chart.

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I fall asleep in a stool at Jill’s house. Jon and my family come up and they have breakfast pastries for me and I ask if they all slept over. They say no and that they slept at their own homes and I wonder why they didn’t wake me up to go home.

I’m at the home of the kid I tutor. I sneak into his home with my brother so we can find something I left behind. Kade drives up and I walk out to tell him that I’m tutoring him, as a distraction for Rohit to run out unnoticed. Kade says he doesn’t have homework and that he’s going surfing so I run to Rohit. He’s left my purse and sweatshirt in the home so I have to go back in. The kitchen staff is there and the cashier is blind and asks me to deposit his bank. I get caught doing this for two other employees.

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Dreams are wild because the first half will be an exposé on my gender identity and all of the angst and fears surrounding it and then the second half will be “We’ve noticed you’ve been playing a lot of Stardew Valley and not enough Minecraft”

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Last night’s dream was that I sat down to watch Wonder Woman but it turned out to be an animated version by those people who make cheap ripoffs of every Disney movie. Somewhat impressively, they actually had Chris Pine and Gal Gadot doing the voices. Less impressively, there was a Starbucks in Themyscira.

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so yesterday I had a dream that I was chilling with this (probably like 30+ year old) dude from work at my house and then he was like oh do you wanna go hang out more somewhere else and I’m like sure.



so as he was going to get his coat or something I got a message from FBI or someone saying ‘good work!’ and attached was like scandalous photos of the dude that apparently I sent and I look over to him and he’s getting handcuffed by police and he’s staring at me with so much betrayal BUT I DIDN’T KNOW ANYTHING.


so anyway I don’t know what happened but we end up at this event ajjdsks and then he ends up getting married to someone so im all 'hmph imma make him jealous’ so I find someone and we get married KDBSAJKA

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