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Akira Kurosawa


“In all my films ,it seemed important to me to remind the audience to the fact that they are not alone, lost in an empty universe, but that they are connected by innumerable threads with their past and present, that through certain mystical ways..”

Dreams (1990)

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Last night I dreamed that Castiel was fighting something in the dark.

This morning I found mysterious and inexplicable black goo on my bag.

You can destroy the Empty with hand sanitizer, apparently.


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Note to Call & Her

Note to Call and Her
to day differ rent as same
old her wise her spreading
fertile eyes her
mammory beau tea
proffer seas bee longing
sum one said two three four
more a stream a dream


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I had a dream last night and i don’t remember what happens in it but I do remember it was pretty heavy. i’m pretty sure it must’ve been about my parents disappointment in me.

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<div> —  <p>“Rocky Top” Osborne Brothers <br></p> </div><span>Once I had a girl on Rocky Top<br> Half bear, other half cat<br> Wild as a mink, but sweet as soda pop<br> I still dream about that</span>
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— Stéphane Mallarmé, tr. by E. H. and A. M. Blackmore, from Herodias ; Collected Poems and Other Verse.

How many times, and during what long hours, dismayed
by dreams and groping for my memories that pass
like leaves beneath your ice and its profound abyss,
I saw myself within you like some distant shade,
yet some nights, in your grim fountain—horrible, this!—
I knew the nakedness of my own scattered dream!

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hold on…Is having dreams where someone changes into another person not a thing that’s supposed to happen all the time???

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Does anyone know a lot about dreams?

I have all 5 senses, 2 separate conciousnesses, my dreams have the same basic settings (which includes a weird planet with different creatures), they continue even if I wake up, and every dream has something that sticks with me forever.

I tend to remember my dreams more than my own memories.

Pleeeeease help.

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i had a really long dream this morning that my 10th grade history teacher, who my friend thought had a crush on me, stalked and attempted to kidnap me 😳

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(un dibujito del Sam que ya se le necesitaba no se si se acuerdan de el pero esta es su verdadera forma jsjs uwu lo jamo, siempre está en la biblioteca junto con algunas criaturas mágicas)

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