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Aboriginal spiritual beliefs are intimately associated with the land Aboriginal people live on. It is 'geosophical' (earth-centred) and not 'theosophical' (God-centred).
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lioninsunheart · 18 days ago
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I had a visitor-a guest yesterday afternoon-foraging my bird feeders for seeds. He is no stranger to me but never comes in the day always at night. I sent him a lot of Love in soft tones and watched from my porch as he perched in my ‘Guardian’ Spruce Tree. I was fortunate to have taken these photos. I slowly walked into my cottage--opened the windows and played Vivaldi--after about 45 minutes he slowly climbed down and walked down to the lower gardens and disappeared in the trees. You can tell he quite enjoyed the music. His name is now ‘Bentley’...why not? 
I needed this spirit messenger to show up- for I had a question I had been pondering since the “Lockdown/Pandemic Quarantine” of 2020. Delving into my Soul I was led to the answer-I will post tomorrow. 
Miracles and Synchronicity--I depend on them..this was just one more from Nature - so close-so intimate and so important. I wanted to share this moment in thyme with you.
 -Curator - June-8-2,022- <3
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“Bear is in the West, the intuitive side, the right brain. To hibernate, Bear travels to the cave, which is the center of the four lobes where the pineal gland resides. In the cave, Bear seeks answers while he/she is dreaming or hibernating. Bear is then reborn in the spring, like the opening of spring flowers........
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.....For eons, all seekers of the Dreamtime and of visions have walked the path of silence, calming the internal chatter, reaching the place of rites of passage – the channel or pineal gland. From the cave of Bear, you find the pathway to the Dream Lodge and the other levels of imagination or consciousness. In seeing Bear, the power of knowing has invited you to enter the silence and become acquainted with the Dream Lodge, so that your goals may become concrete realities. This is the strength of Bear.”*
~by Jamie Sams and David Carson-
Artwork above by: Marcel van Luit
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xponentialdesign · a year ago
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During my 3 month trip around Australia in 2005 I discovered Dreamtime, its wonderful native art, 15 years later I made this animated #loop pattern.
now on ╠╣═╔╗ | 10/10
starting at 5ꜩ
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drachenkinder · 5 months ago
I dreamed of dystopia. The conservatives got their way.
Everyone worked sixty hour work weeks. Ten hours a day, six days a week, no exceptions. Only slackers, complainers, people who weren’t dedicated to the mission took days off. Persisting in that kind of behavior lead to “reeducation.” No more advertising because you were shipped a predetermined amount of food based on what gave the corporations which ran the country the greatest profit. Your smart fridge and smart stove made sure you prepared the right food in the right amount. Your smart trashcan made sure you ate it. The same with your clothing, your housewares, your form of transportation.
All media was a combination of nazi propaganda, fantasized 1950’s suburban life, and hallmark movies. There was no more representation. No subject that could possibly offend the ruling class. Libraries were closed, history rewritten and schools regulated to indoctrination. AO3 was long gone.  Social media was a policed and vetted area where even cat photos had to be screened lest they have a subversive idea. You had to spend two hours a day on the proper social media site for your company. Your interactions were closely watched.
Saying anything against this perfect system was a crime. Speaking up might make you disappear.  
Fic writers and consumers were an underground. Stories were based on vanished and prohibited forms of media, like comic books or old TV shows and movies before the purge. They were interwoven in normal files and you had to know the latest code to read them.   I was sent an A/B/O fic buried within a report on mining operations and was picking out the words to the rhythm of  “Never Gonna Give You up”. * Wolverine gave Kurt a sultry look, and  gestured at the convertible’s door. “Get in Loser, we are going to eeby deeby”*
I was careful to stifle any reaction so the bio monitors didn’t pick up a deviation from accepted parameters. I read the next lines. * Removing the severed hook hand from the car door, Kurt slide into the seat. He put his hand on Wolverines thigh looked down at the impressive knot already bulging his pants and whispered huskily.
“I like your shoelaces.” * I breathed slow and steady to control my heart rate and carefully scrubbed the story from the document. I wove in the next chapter of the story to the pattern of “Take me to church”.   * Wolverine pulled Nightcrawler into this lap, the omega already wet and panting.  “Thanks. The president gave them to me.” He said crushing the soft lips with his. *  
I sent the report on to the Department of National Resources.
Opening a recent report which approved increasing the output of an undersea oil drilling operation, I inserted “There are many advantages to being a marine biologist." and sent it to my contact on the oil rig.
The revolution was on.
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sad-house-of-mortality · 10 months ago
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1st image - Stefan Speidel - preparing...
2nd image - Faber Franco
3rd image - Paul Barden
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beyondthepalerpg · a year ago
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Patreon Wizard Reward: March/April
Thank you to Dash4rd, who submitted the winning idea for the second half of the double reward!
A kumiho is a Dreamtime spirit that takes the form of a multitailed fox.  As the kumiho grows  older and more powerful it gains more tails up to a total of nine.  
Kumiho live off of strife and discontent so they will often interfere with the lives of humans; breaking up families, destroying property, murdering the young and old alike and disturbing graves.  To better achieve these goals the kumiho can take human form to blend in and get closer to their targets.
Thank you all for your help so far.  More artwork is on the way!
Artwork by @tomis-safezone​ Support Beyond the Pale on Patreon!
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everythingremembered · 2 months ago
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Karratha Dreaming
Across all of Australia, Aboriginal belief systems encompassed a creative period known in 'white' society as 'the Dreaming'. The Dreaming is when the ancestor beings interacted with the land, created all living things, and formed natural features. Sacred sites are tied into the creation myths, songs, personal histories, and events of the Aboriginal peoples. They connect individuals with the Dreaming...and map totemic geography across the landscape, anchoring relationships of both a spiritual and familial nature to the land.
- Words from the signage on Yaburra heritage trail
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shadowfae1878 · 10 days ago
Nah cause, i had a byler dream for the first time, half of it wasn’t even byler and i cant remember some but i remember the end of it 😭. I’m sorry if half of this doesnt make sense, i wrote this while i was still trying to wake up.
It started in the school hall and there was a bunch of hanging vines and flowers around them, no idea why, and then Will and Mike walk in from opposite sides of the room, followed by tiny versions of themselves wearing suits, also with flowers on them.
They meet in the centre of the room and you can see Mike wearing that one outfit that Finn wore during the geeked week streams but the vest is black and, ofc, has flowers on it. And then it pans over to Will, and he has, the best way to describe it is, the hair and crop top Noah had in his recent photoshoot and that one dress harry styles wore but, like, a skirt version and it was, obviously, in a black and white colour pallete instead.
Their younger selves react to what they’re wearing, young Mike just staring surprised at his older self, and young Will going over to play with older Will’s skirt and giggling loudly. And then their younger versions turned to the middle of the room, and poofed into smoke, leading Will and Mike to look at each other.
You can tell that they were breathless by each other and the smiles they had were large. Mike walks up to will, his hand out in waiting. Will slowly takes it and they start to dance. It’s a slow dance and there isn't a lot of movement but its still very sweet and romantic and gay.
As they dance, their heads lean toward one another and their foreheads touch, only to be brought into a light kiss. They pull apart for a second, smiles somehow wider than before, before finding themselves in another kiss.
And then it ended 🥲. Oh yeah, they were the only ones in hall btw.
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Parking options
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Infinity Inc #49
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cosmicsage · a year ago
A Sage roaming the Universe in his Sambhogakaya in dreamtime awareness.
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jareckiworld · a year ago
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Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri (1932–2002) — Dingo Dreaming at Napperby Station (Possum Dreaming)   [synthetic polymer paint on Belgian linen, 1993]
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probsdontrememberme · 6 months ago
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Who knew dots could be so therapeutic?
These are artworks of mine on wooden boomerang and snakes.
The dot art draws aspect of traditional aboriginal art, and mixed it with block colours and lines.
I plan on doing a few more for Dreamtime Artistry in the future.
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sandmoonyelse · a year ago
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yoair · a year ago
Anthropology: Storytelling and Silence in Australian Aboriginal Culture
Anthropology: Storytelling and Silence in Australian Aboriginal Culture
A note: Anthropologists have found that the answers they find in their work are often dependent upon the questions they ask. It also depends on how the anthropologist filters those answers through their own subjective understanding. Therefore, I recognise that when writing about complex topics I have not personally experienced, I cannot write from a place of absolute truth or authority. I accept…
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Want to sell your photos? Try dreamstime!!
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