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#dreamworks kipo

Honestly I wish they did a little bit more with Song’s re-humanization. Had her have to re-learn to speak more and have more Mega Monkey tendencies other than that one small speaking struggle she had and ‘Oh you can’t hug my finger anymore.’ I would have loved to see Kipo teaching her own mother to talk again and had some sort of touching moment out if it, but that’s just me. I kinda understand how they had to get the plot along and have to not make it as long or detailed as they possibly wanted, but who knows?

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Finally finished S1 of Kipo in a discord server that I’m in. One guy that said he wasn’t a huge fan of the show admitted it was growing on him.

I’m getting them y'all, slowly but surely I’m getting them addicted.

Also they immediately defaulted to the idea that Lio had some “Fun times” with a Jaguar. God they’re all stupid I love them all so much.

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