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newdecades · an hour ago
Sumptuous | Preview
Tumblr media
PAIRING: jeno x fem! reader
GENRE: fwb to lovers, smut, fluff, angst, rich kid! jeno, rich kid! reader, model! reader
ESTIMATED TOTAL WORDS: currently at 9.5k, probably can go upto atleast 15k idk
RELEASE: June 2021
WARNINGS: nepotism, jeno is dense and doesn’t know how feelings work, unprotected sex, oral (f receiving), overstimulation, breeding kink, masturbation (m&f), sex on video call (+more to be added)
SONG REC: silence by before you exit
Tumblr media
“Don’t feel like drinking today. I had the worst headache of my life this morning.” You groaned when Jeno offered you his glass of sidecar.
“Why?” Jeno voiced concern and your smile faded into a frown. He assumed you’ve had a little too many glasses of Dom Pérignon the night before which lead to a hangover in the morning. However, Jeno wasn’t expecting whatever you said next.
"Remember Xiao Dejun, from the charity event last winter?” You paused and gazed at Jeno who looked at you attentively as if the world had stopped around you two. “Dad wants to set me up on a date with him and he wants us to get married by the end of this year.”
Jeno’s heart dropped. "Why does your dad insist on you marrying? You’re still a young woman, you just got into the modeling industry and besides, Dejun is a man notorious for all of his scandals.”
“Cheating on his ex and DUI, yes I’m aware.” You had to be truthful, Xiao Dejun is an attractive young man from a family of a successful tobacco industry business. However, Dejun is way too much of an adventurous and exuberant person for you to envision a loving and happy future with. Moreover, you’ve always had the fantasy of a loving husband and you can never get yourself to marry someone you’re not in love with. You’re also sure your father is aware of all the antics Dejun has been pulling for years but to your father, his business ventures and all the stock your father’s business will inherit once you get married had always been his first priority.
“So, are you gonna go on that date?” Jeno asked dryly and lifted his replenished glass before swallowing the liquid
“I don’t know. I haven’t thought that far yet.” You drummed your fingers on the counter of the bar. You looked tired, Jeno realized a bit later. Upon closer inspection, he noticed the purple, almost faint black streaks under the copious amount of concealer you used to cover the marks Jeno had littered your neck with two nights ago. He ignored those and looked at you in the eye, waiting for you to continue speaking.
“All I know is that I cannot marry a man I don’t love.”
“You know, I’m always here if you need to talk right?” Jeno offered with a small smile. “You can always come to my place, anytime you want.”
You scrunched your nose and smiled fondly. “Thank you so much, Jen.”
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jenoremii · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Mark x Reader, 0.4k, producer!Mark, singer!Reader, no warnings. Masterlist
“Hey, are you sure you’ll be alright? You look like you might pass out.”
You attempted a weak smile at your manager, who was looking at you with a concerned expression. “I’ll be fine, just need to get the nerves out of my system before I walk in there. Can’t be sounding shaky while I’m singing, right?”
It’d been three years since you’d last walked into a recording studio. After being brought into a company-wide scandal and falsely accused of contributing to the downfall of your group, you’d taken a hiatus from the music industry in hopes of having the media get off your heels and let you live your life in peace. Of course, that didn’t stop them from trying to glimpse into your personal affairs and find whatever little morsel of information they could to sell to magazines, but things seemed to have died down during the past year and a half. Itching to get back to performing and under the advisement of a new manager, you were ready get back into the business as a solo artist.
“Are they ready for us?” you asked the woman standing next to you, who was glancing at the tablet in the her hands.
“Actually, there’s been a change of plans,” she replied. “Mark is going to be taking over the studio portion of the album and helping you through the recording process. Personal request, apparently.”
“Mark, as in Mark Lee?”
“Like the guy who’s won multiple production awards for literally every million-seller and platinum album he works on?”
“That’s him.”
Frantically, you shook your head. “I can’t do this.”
“Why not?” she frowned. “It’s just Mark Lee.”
“Yeah, exactly. It’s ‘just’ Mark Lee. This guy’s a genius when it comes to music production. I can’t embarrass myself in front of him!”
“You don’t have to worry about that.”
The sudden appearance of a new voice startled you as you turned around, your eyes landing on the man who had come out of the studio and was leaning on the doorframe, his hands in his pockets and a smile on his face.
“Mark Lee,” he said, extending his hand out for you to shake. “It’s a pleasure to finally meet you. The demos that you sent back to us are quite impressive, I’ll give you that. I think you’ve got some real potential in that voice of yours.”
“The pleasure is mine,” you replied quickly, willing your racing heart to calm down. He’s a genius and he’s attractive? The universe has got to be playing with me right now.
Mark winked, smirking as your face heated up and you nervously looked away from his curious gaze. Pushing the door open a little wider, he motioned with a hand to the studio.
“So, shall we get started?”
Tumblr media
© JENOREMII 2021. All Rights Reserved.
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reinjunn · 22 hours ago
Hi hi can I request a mark angst with the line "because I hate that I love you."
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairings: mark x gn! reader // genre: angst, break up au // wc: 0.2k // ratings: pg
tw: swearing
Tumblr media
you stood in front of the mirror, laughing at yourself dryly as you stare at your teary eyes, mascara flowing down on your cheeks.
"pathetic," you muttered under your breath, referring to yourself. just minutes earlier, you were still talking to mark, your boyfriend for 3 years. but then, he asked for a breakup. who are you to say no? so what, if he found someone better than you? so what, if he found someone who can take care of him better than you?
well fuck, you didn't wanna admit it but you wanted to be selfish, just this once.
you hate the fact that it was so hard to let him go. you hated the fact that you wanted to keep him for yourself.
"I hate you," you muttered once again, but this time it was louder. the tears continued to flow down your cheeks, as you repeat that phrase over and over again.
"I hate you!" you screamed, sobbing, crouching your body down on the floor. pulling your knees to your chest, you wailed out.
"because I hate that I love you."
Tumblr media
reinjunn © all rights reserved
Tumblr media
TAGLIST. @bluejaem @kunrengui @stayctday @zy-zen-nies @leolo404 @mieohmy @jaeminpeachy @kyuwoyo @fullsunfluff @etherealbyeol @oifelixcmerebrou @floraljae (send an ask/dm, if you want to be added!)
NETWORKS. @czennienet @prism-nw @neoturtles @dreamwritersnet @kdiarynet @k-flixnet
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neoskidz · a day ago
 19. — HAECHAN 
a/n: angst | enemies!au | <0.5k words
From birth you two were rivals. Always competing, always striving to be better than one another. Your parents expected a fight. So you guess that’s why you were startled when you two kissed for the first time.
It took you a few minutes to able process what just happened before you find your strength to pushed him away. You glared the man in front of you.
“Lee Donghyuck, what did you just do!? Are you crazy?”
“I’ve got to get this off my chest. I’m sorry, this is going to be weird for you, but I just can’t keep pushing it down. You might not want to speak to me again, and it might ruin everything but…I have feelings for you. I’m tired of keep pretending to hate you.”
“That was the worst lie that I ever heard from you, Lee. I don’t know what are you trying to do, but for your information, it’s not gonna work on me.”
“You just don’t get it, do you?” He ran a hand through his hair, utterly frustrated where you only looked calmly back at him. “I didn’t send you ten insults and one love confession for you to leave me without an answer.”
“You call that love confession? No wonder your past relationship never last than a month.”
“Hey, don’t drag my past to this!”
“Then tell me, tell me why you did all those horrible things to me even when you have feelings to me? Why, instead of making me like you, you make me hate you more and more!?”
“I just...” Donghyuck didn’t dare to look you in the eyes. Nothing came out from his mouth.
“That’s what I thought.” You sighed before bumped his shoulder on purpose as you walked away. “Thanks for wasting my time.”
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alicanta77 · a day ago
Tumblr media
Finale: Glitter and Gold
Pairing: princess!y/n x prince!Chenle
Themes: royalty au, fluff, angst
Warnings: arranged marriage, violence, war, character death, injury, descriptions of injury and blood
Words: 11.5k
Inspiration: BTS - Blood, Sweat and Tears - orchestral cover
Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4 - Chapter 5 - Finale
tag list: @hiqhkey @jaeshatshop @lebrookestore @honei-n @cheonsa1004 @haechans-sunflower @crispy-chan @rvse-hvvck @chezzontop​ 
Note: This is it! The final chapter of Royal Blooded! I want to say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who has read and supported this story. The first chapter of this story was published before I had 100 followers on here, and now, as we celebrate the finale, we have over 1500. I have grown so much throughout the 9 months of my life that I spent creating this world, and every word of support, every message, every ask about it means so much to me. I’m a little emotional that it’s ending because of how long I spent on it and how much I put into it, but I am so excited to look forwards at everything that’s coming next. Thank you for the love on this, and enjoy the finale!
Felix xox
~ 6 months later ~
You held your head high as you walked towards the throne room. You had your main servant walking behind you and two guards escorting you on either side. Your shoes made small tapping noises on the stone floor with every step you took and your clothes and hair gently flowed in time to the repetitive movement. Your lady in waiting was smoothing out your dress as you moved, trying to make everything look perfect. You paused as she quickly adjusted one final piece of hair before giving you a loving smile and hug and wishing you well.
Your chest felt tight with nerves and you took a deep breath. Your dress was beautiful, the most expensive one you owned and you were made up to look more beautiful than you think you ever had before. Your mother had bought this dress for you and, as soon as you had seen it your jaw had dropped, the scarlet red colour complimented your skin tone perfectly and the gold details that swirled around to form the shape of dragons were captivating.
You knew that a dress like this would only be wearable on a day like today, the most important day of your life.
You approached the grand doors, nodding at the two knights guarding the entrance with a smile, both of whom bowed back before moving their spears and opening the grand doors for you.
The throne room appeared in all its glory. The metal chandelier hung from the ceiling, dangling above the engraved stone floors that were currently stood on by the entire court. The court and knights of your kingdom were all in neat rows on the left of the room, framed by the sculpted columns that ran up the walls, engraved with detailed patterns. On the right side of the great hall stood another court entirely. One which you had met once and had recently had the pleasure of getting to know better. Their red and gold emblems were proudly on display on their cloaks, letting everyone who saw them know that they were the court of the royal kingdom of Shanghai.
You remembered doing this over a year and a half ago, only then you had been meeting Chenle for the first time. If someone had told you just how much he would come to mean to you in such a short amount of time, you would never have believed them. You had thought it would take you years to fall for the boy you were arranged to marry, but life is funny like that. You look back now and you don’t see him as the boy you were arranged to love, but rather the boy you were destined to.
However, even with all this going on around you, you couldn’t take your eyes off the boy waiting for you at the end of the hall. He too was dressed in his finest clothes, the dark green and silver colours of your kingdom decorating his outfit. As you walked down the hall, dressed in the representative colours of Shanghai, his face split into the largest smile you had ever seen.
His eyes never left your face as you moved closer to him with every step, in fact, it took all of Chenle’s self restraint not to run towards you right there and then. You finally reached the front and Chenle offered a hand to help you up the few steps.
You accepted, your hands slotting together as if they were jigsaw pieces. You lifted your dress with your left hand, making sure not to step on it and accidentally rip it or, god forbid, face plant. You would never recover from the embarrassment if that happened.
Luckily you made it up the three stairs without any problems, but now you faced the challenge of speaking. You knew Chenle was going to speak first so you had time to mentally prepare yourself, but deep down you felt an overwhelming sense of serenity. You knew that you would be fine. You had been taking public speaking classes since you were young and you’d addressed more people than this in one go before. Just as with the stairs, you knew that nothing would happen, but your mind went to the worst case scenario. You just wanted this day to be perfect, after all, you were only doing it once.
You and Chenle tore your eyes away from each other as you turned your attention to the front, where your childhood tutor, now a well respected member of the court and keeper of the archives, was about to speak.
“We are gathered here today for the wedding and coronation of Prince Chenle and Princess y/n.”
~ flashback ~
“Will you marry me?”
The words left Chenle’s lips and it was as if they kick started your brain into action. You threw yourself at him, his arms catching you as the two of you hit the ground in a heap.
“Yes.” You cried repeatedly. “Yes, with all my heart.”
Chenle rolled the two of you over so that you were lying on top of him, the laughter that was emitting from the two of you radiated pure happiness. You sat up, kneeling next to Chenle as he gently grabbed your hand.
He held you so softly, his thumb gently caressing the back of your palm as he slipped the diamond onto your finger. A second passed in which the two of you stared at the jewel, the symbol of a silent promise to love each other until the end of time.
You looked up at him, eyes shining and his hands came up to cup your face. He pulled you in and you kissed him with everything you had.
You’d lost count of the amount of time you’d kissed Chenle, but this was different. This held so much more to it. It was as if it was a kiss that made all the other kisses on the planet seem pathetic. Love exploded between the two of you, your love, the kind of love that would last a lifetime.
You both pulled away, the need to breath breaking the captivating spell that Chenle had cast on you with that kiss. He leant down, resting his forehead on yours as you both closed your eyes and enjoyed being so close to the one you adored.
“I love you so much.” He whispered, afraid that if his words were any louder they would shatter the perfect moment.
“I love you more.” You whispered back, grinning as you heard Chenle chuckle quietly.
He pulled his forehead off yours only to replace it with his lips for a soft kiss.
“That’s not possible.”
~ flashback ends ~
The great hall was decorated with banners of both your kingdom and Shanghai. Ever since the engagement announcement, the castle had been in full on planning mode, preparing everything for this day to be perfect. There had been banquets, feasts and balls thrown in your honour, with gifts from kingdoms far and wide coming to the two of you in congratulations.
Word had been sent to Chenle’s family in Shanghai and they had announced that they would be coming to visit for the wedding. You had never felt happier than when you saw the smile on Chenle’s face when he was told he was going to see his family. His parents and three older brothers, Kun, Sicheng and Renjun, were all leaving Shanghai to attend, and they were planning on staying with you for a couple of days either side of the monumental event.
However, the good news about Chenle’s family came with bad news about yours. Your mother was frail, ill and barely eating anymore. She spent her days drowning herself in work so she didn’t have to focus on the cold empty space in her bed beside her. For the past 6 months she had worked diligently and done everything she could, but one night she came into your bedroom and quietly asked to speak to you and Chenle.
She told you that she didn’t think she could do it anymore, she didn’t think she could rule the kingdom. She explained that she had only managed to take on all the duties because she had had her husband, your father, by her side. But he wasn’t here anymore, and she couldn’t go on with the burden, it was simply too much for her to bear.
After a long and heavy conversation, your mother announced the next morning that she would soon be stepping down from ruling, and allowing you and Chenle to ascend to the thrones. She addressed her people, admitting to them that she was unfit to govern them and that she felt it was unfair to keep herself on the throne and deny them a better pair of rulers. She then proceeded to inform them that the wedding would be combined with the coronation so that you would be married and crowned on the same day.
You would be lying if you said that this hadn’t had an effect on you. You were already feeling the stress of your title, and you had been working closely with a group of advisors and your mother to introduce you to the world of being Queen. But, still, you were terrified. What if you weren’t a good ruler? What if you made a bad choice for your people? What if this affects your relationship with Chenle? You wouldn’t even get a chance to get used to being married before the role of King and Queen would be thrust upon you. But you forced yourself to ignore the growing voice in your head that filled your being with doubt. You had been preparing for this day your entire life, and now that it was here, you refused to let down those people who had helped you along the way. You would do your best, and make them proud.
So here you were. Standing next to the man you loved, about to promise your everything to him forever. Even though you had been filled to the brim with nerves before entering, as soon as you had locked eyes with Chenle, all of that had melted away. You knew that, as long as you had him by your side, the two of you could handle anything.
While the wedding was only attended to by family and members of the court, the celebrations ran throughout the entire kingdom, with all your people overjoyed at the beautiful ceremony.
You listened as the officiant went through the traditional wedding procedure, both you and Chenle replying with the rehearsed statements. His hand never left yours and you couldn’t express how relieved you were that it didn’t. The physical reassurance that he was there grounded you.
You turned to face each other, holding your joined hands out for the gold ribbon to be wrapped around them. The officiant continued to speak, his words about unity and strength reminding you of your father’s speech when Chenle first arrived with his family. So many things about this day were taking you back to the beginning, and the similarities were making you miss your father more than anything.
You felt a small squeeze on your hand and looked into Chenle’s soft brown eyes. He gave you a nod, one so minute that it would be unnoticeable to anyone who wasn’t you. You repeated the move to him, another reassurance that the two of you were there for each other, no matter what.
The officiant moved on to the vows, Chenle going first before you followed, saying the words you had recently memorised. Due to you both being royals, you couldn’t write personal vows and you had to stick to the scripture, but that didn’t mean that you didn’t mean every word. You meant it with your whole body when you promised to stand by him for as long as you lived, to look after him as best you could, and to support and love him no matter what. And from the look in your soon to be husband’s face, he meant every word he said too.
“Chenle, do you take y/n as your wife?”
“I do.” He spoke, sincerity strong in his voice and you didn’t bother to fight the smile that grew across your face at his certain words. The only thing you didn’t know, was that Chenle had never been so sure of anything in his life. 
“Y/n, do you take Chenle as your husband?”
“I do.” You repeated Chenle’s answer, your voice just as steady and sure as his had been, your mindset reflecting that as well.
You were still scared out of your mind at what was going to happen after today, but the thought of having Chenle by your side for the rest of your life, that didn’t scare you at all. No, that thought was the most comforting thing on the planet.
And that thought was just about to become your reality.
“I now pronounce you husband and wife.”
Chenle wasted absolutely no time, moving forwards before the officiant had even finished speaking, gently grabbing your face and pulling you in for a kiss. You smiled into the kiss, your hands coming up to rest on his waist.
The kiss wasn’t long, the awareness that your families and courts were watching you not quite having left your mind. But it held everything, the past years that you had known each other, your entire journey together into who you were now was told in the few seconds that Chenle’s lips pressed against yours. The clapping and cheers brought the two of you fully back to reality as you pulled back. You leaned back in for an even shorter kiss, officially sealing the eternal bond between the two of you.
“I love you.” You whispered, Chenle chuckling.
“That was my line.” You opened your eyes to look at him and he smiled down at you. “But I love you too.”
You both pulled away, as the claps gradually died down and the ceremony began to progress. The two of you barely had time to register the giant step you had just taken before you were being instructed to kneel in front of the thrones and the crowns were held above your head.
You were sure that it had taken longer than you realised, but you were so wrapped up in the feeling of loving Chenle, and how much he loved you, that it felt as though not even thirty seconds had passed.
And yet, here you were, repeating yet another set of responses that you had been taught, promising to protect and fairly govern the people, vowing to follow the example set by those who ruled before you and do whatever you can to live according to the traditions and customs of your kingdom.
As the final vows left both your lips, you felt the gold crown land on your head, the heaviness of the metal it was made out of, and the title it represent, weighing you down already.
“I crown you King Chenle. I crown you Queen y/n.”
With those words, you pulled your legs underneath you and stood, turning around to face the people of your courts. Chenle reached for your hand once again, this time you interlinked your fingers, intertwining your hands as a physical sign of the link between your kingdoms.
The throne room erupted in cheers and clapping once again, this time to an almost deafening volume. You and Chenle began to walk back down the middle, waving and smiling at those closest to you as you passed. You walked all the way out of the throne room and straight onto the balcony, ready to greet your people as their official rulers.
You stood just outside the balcony together waiting for the words that would signal the two of you to step outside. You hadn’t spoken to anyone yet, just waiting for you final duties of the day so that you could celebrate with your friends and families.
“Did you feel as though that went really quickly?” Chenle asked out of nowhere, making you jump slightly at the sudden noise before your eyes widened in agreement.
“It did! Leading up to the ceremony felt like an eternity, but then as soon as the ceremony began, it went in a flash. I’m not sure I was even there for half of it.” You muttered the last part, but Chenle’s sharp hearing caught your words none the less and he chuckled whilst muttering out a softer reply.
“Me neither. It kind of feels as though it hasn’t happened yet.”
“Exactly.” You didn’t realise how nervous you had still been until the realisation that you were both feeling the same way. You both fell into silence, it was comfortable but it still felt as though there was a lot that the two of you were leaving unsaid.
“You know-” Chenle paused his words to swallow his nerves, he hadn’t been this nervous around since the two of you met. “I’m starting to remember why I was so nervous for this marriage when I met you.”
You looked at him, the short distance between you suddenly feeling like a million miles.
“Me too.” You admitted softly. “It doesn’t matter how long we’ve known each other, there’s still a pressure for this marriage to be successful and for our kingdom to flourish.”
Chenle whispered a quiet “Yeah”, showing you that he was feeling exactly the same way.
“Chenle?” His eyes shot up from his feet to yours and you could see the nerves bubbling in them. He was chewing on the inside of his cheek and you took a step forward to grab on of the hands that he had behind his back. “Listen to me, I thought you weren’t nervous at all. Honestly, I thought I was the only one freaking out.”
“Trust me you weren’t.” Chenle said dryly, moving slightly so that he was facing you full on.
“I know that now, but I didn’t when I really needed to.”
“What are you saying?” Chenle asked, his brows creasing with worry at your soft words. He knew you only spoke with this tone of voice when you had something important to say to him.
“I’m saying we need to communicate. We need to tell each other the truth, talk about how we feel, both the good things, and the bad. We’re in this together, and that means we don’t need to be perfect for each other. We just need to be there.”
Chenle nodded, a small smile finally making it’s way onto his face as he pulled you closer by the hand that was already in his. His arms came to wrap around your shoulders and you fell into his arms for a hug. You felt his scent overcome you and drown your senses and you let out a deep sigh, feeling some of your worries and concerns leaving you with it.
“You’re right. I know you are and I promise to tell you when I’m stressing out of my mind or nervous to the point where my knees are shaking, especially if I can’t tell anyone else. We’re married now so that means you’re stuck with me no matter what.” Chenle looked down at you, grinning that signature grin of his that you fell in love with until a look of shock suddenly shot across his face. “Holy shit, we’re married!”
You stared at him in confusion.
“What did you think the wedding ceremony meant?” You asked him as Chenle waved you off.
“No, no, I mean, I knew we were married but I guess it’s starting to sink in that we’re really married. Like I get to have you by my side forever...” Chenle trailed off, his eyes never leaving your face.
You leaned up to him, pressing your lips together softly, before pulling back slightly and whispering:
“Well you better get used to it, because it’s you and me for the rest of time now.”
A trumpet riff interrupted your moment, signalling that your time was almost upon you. You and Chenle got into position just as the doors in front of you opened and you prepared to greet your people.
You walked out into the sunlight, the sound of cheers and shouts overwhelming you as you waved to the citizens you had just promised to govern. Chenle’s hand found you once more, holding onto it tightly and pulling you slightly closer as he waved with his free hand. His grip remained tight, and you squeezed it reassuringly leaning in so that only he could hear before saying “I got you” and he seemed to relax. His grip loosened slightly and his smile faded into a genuine expression of joy and awe and you grinned, knowing that you loved him more than anything else on this planet.
The announcer lifted his hand, calling for momentary silence as he uttered the words that were followed by the largest cheer and celebration of them all.
“May I present, for the first time, the King and Queen of Ivairis!”
You laughed as Chenle twirled you around in time to the music, before pulling you back in and dipping you gently. You’d lost track of how long the celebrations had been going on for, but the music and lights had hypnotised you into staying longer and longer to enjoy the night. 
You’d had the pleasure of meeting Chenle’s brothers as well. Kun was first in line for the throne, he was also married and honestly was the epitome of a perfect heir. Sicheng was second in line for the throne and, before you had met you had been slightly intimidated by him. After meeting him, however you had learnt he was one of the nicest people and so easy to get along with. Family was everything to him, and he spent most of his time working with new recruits for the Shanghai army.
Renjun was closest in age to Chenle, with only a year and a half separating them, and it was clear that they were closest to each other. Chenle had previously confided in you that, since he had three brothers, he hadn’t had much attention from his parents when he was young, and it was Renjun who was there for him. It was Renjun who had essentially shown him how to learn to grow up. Their casual bickering provided you with huge amounts of entertainment, but it was clear that they cherished each other dearly, and Renjun was so proud of everything Chenle had accomplished here.
The most bittersweet moment however, came when Chenle’s father approached you and asked to dance. He had the same kind smile on his face that he always wore and you easily agreed. He led you out onto the dance floor, just as he did the day Chenle first arrived at Ivairis.
“You two have come a long way since the last time we met.” King Zhong commented, a twinkle in his eyes that made you smile.
“You gave me some good advice.” You admitted to him. “When you came here, and we danced you told me: don’t rush this. And that was the best piece of advice anyone has ever given me. I feel like I married my best friend.”
King Zhong smiled down at you, blinking twice as he tried to figure out the best way to say his next words.
“Y/n-” You looked up at him as he paused, before swallowing and continuing. “I know how much you must have wanted your father to be here, he was such a brilliant man and I’m so sorry he couldn’t be with us today.”
“Me too.” You whispered, just loud enough to be heard over the music and people chatting in the background.
“I know that no one else will say this to you, so I will.” You looked up once again, to see him looking down at you with an expression that reminded you so much of your own father that it brought tears to your eyes. “I’m proud of you.”
You felt even more tears gather rapidly in your eyes at that, and you blinked repeatedly to keep them at bay. Chenle’s father’s hands came up to rest on your shoulders and hugged you. You hugged him back, feeling the fatherly warmth from his hug calm you down slightly.
“Thank you.” You said as he pulled back and smiled at you. He nodded at you, patting you on the head gently before the two of you continued to dance. You couldn’t quite describe the comfort that his words had brought you. Deep down you knew your father would be proud of you and all you had accomplished, you just wish he had been here to see it happen.
The song that was playing came to a stop, and you stepped away to clap for the musicians. You and Chenle’s father smiled at each other, before you excused yourself to the sides, needing a short break. You stood quietly and just observed the scene in front of you. There were countless members of the courts of Shanghai and Ivairis dancing together, you saw Chenle’s parents dancing in the middle as well, Renjun was speaking to Jisung by the side, saying something that caused Jisung to stare at the older boy with his eyes wide in amazement. Over on the other side of the hall were Taeyong, Jaehyun, Sicheng and Kun, all immersed in deep conversation and you could see both Jaemin and Jeno heading over to join the conversation. In fact you could see everyone except for-
“Hi love.” You felt a soft kiss on your cheek as you turned to your left and saw how Chenle had snuck up on you without you noticing.
“Hi.” You replied, smiling up at him.
“I was thinking, do you remember the celebration when we came back from the battle against Odin’s kingdom?” You nodded at his words and he carried on. “Well, what would you say about going back into the town again? Not just us though, opening the doors to the palace and courtyard and bringing the musicians outside so that the court and citizens can all celebrate as one?”
“Chenle...” You breathed. “I think that’s an amazing idea.”
His face split into a wide grin at your words and you both immediately moved to put his plan into action. You split up to find different guards who were on the doors, and explain to them what you would like to do. They seemed slightly hesitant, as this had never been done before, but they couldn’t disagree with their new King and Queen so they did exactly as you asked. You walked back into the hall, finding Chenle there waiting for you and the door remained open after you had arrived. 
You slipped your hand into Chenle’s and he squeezed it gently, while signalling the musicians to stop playing. An air of confusion came over the room as every single pair of eyes came to rest on the two of you.
“Whenever we have a celebration, it seems to be split in two, with a chosen few celebrating in the castle, and the rest down in the town. The Queen and I would like to change this.”
“Indeed.” You took over from Chenle, your voice strong as you addressed the courts. “The whole emphasis of this marriage and alliance is on unity, and so, as we stand united in two different kingdoms, we will also stand united with all our people. We would like to invite you to join us as we go into the lower town for the rest of the night.”
There were a few murmurs amongst the crowd, but most people nodded and smiled in agreement, understanding your point on unity. You gestured for the musicians to come first, allowing them to be set up amongst the others playing in the lower towns before the rest of you began to move. You and Chenle were amongst the last people to leave, with only Jisung behind you.
He was grinning at the two of you like the Cheshire cat, shaking his head slightly as he chuckled.
“What is it?” Chenle asked his friend, rolling his eyes jokingly.
“Only the two of you would do something like this. In your first few hours as King and Queen, you break up an age-old tradition because of the separation and divide it causes. Only you would realise that and take the step to do something about it.” Jisung shrugged, brushing off his own words as if they were meaningless, but you knew he knew how much they meant to Chenle and yourself. If your marriage was supposed to bring unity, you had to make sure that you were making sure that it did. “Come on then, let’s go dance!”
He stepped in between the two of you, throwing his arms over each of your shoulders as the three of you burst out into laughter and headed into the lower town together, ready to dance the night away.
Both you and Chenle relied heavily on advisors during your first months of ruling. You mother stepped down and completely away from royal duties and, even though you felt as though you needed her guidance at times, you couldn’t ask her for help. She barely remembered who you were anymore, much less how to rule a kingdom. You visited her everyday, as did Chenle, and each time hurt more than the last. Watching the clouds pass over your mother’s mind as she struggles to place the face of the child who she cared for and loved all her life, was an indescribable pain.
She always remembered you eventually, something that you counted yourself very lucky for. You remember sitting by her bed, holding her hand as you spoke to her late one evening, telling her about a successful conclusion that you had come to during a council meeting that day.
“You’re doing so well my dear.” She spoke, her voice gravelly as if her throat was constantly dry.
“I’m trying.” You replied, forcing a smile on your face so that she wouldn’t see how tired you were. “I’ll make you proud.”
Your mother tightened her grip on your hand, encouraging you to look her in the eyes as she spoke again. 
“You already have.”
She passed away that night.
You were almost relieved that her suffering was over, but her loss hit both you and Chenle very hard. She had become a second mother to him, and you knew how much he loved her. The night you both lost her, you stayed together, hugging each other and crying, just allowing yourselves to be vulnerable before you had to put on another strong appearance for your people when you appeared for the funeral.
Her funeral was identical to your fathers. She was laid, in her best clothes, softly in a long boat, decorated with flowers and pushed down along the river. You held Chenle’s shaking hand in your own as you both whispered your goodbyes into the lanterns and let them fly off into the sky. Allowing your mother to finally be reunited with the man she loved.
You walked back into your shared room, breathing out a heavy sigh as the doors closed behind you and you could finally drop the act you’d been holding all day. Sitting in those meetings, talking with different noblemen of the court about petty details, you had never felt more alone.
You were struggling to come to terms with the fact that you held the entire responsibility of this kingdom on your shoulders, and you didn’t have your parents to show you how to do it anymore. You rested your back against your door, and allowed your knees to give out and for you to sink to the floor.
Once you softly hit the ground you just sat there. You didn’t cry, you didn’t speak, you didn’t move. You just sat there, listening to the sounds of the kingdom around you. You shut your eyes, allowing yourself to get lost in your mind as time passed you by.
A knock on your door forced you to open your eyes and pull yourself back into reality. You stood up and quickly opened your door, finding one of your main advisors there with the paperwork for tomorrow’s sessions. You thanked him, accepting the documents and closed the door once more.
You stepped further into your room, placing the papers down on the desk you had before turning around, planning to lie down on your bed, but your gaze was caught by a figure standing on your balcony.
He had his back to you and was leaning over, but you knew without needing to see his face that it was Chenle. From the way that he was hunched over the balcony to the way he rolled his scarred shoulder every so often to keep the injured muscle moving, you knew he was deep in thought. You debated whether you should go out to see him, wondering if it was best to just leave him thinking, and eventually you turned away, deciding to leave him to his thoughts.
You pulled off your shoes, removed your jewellery and combed through your hair with your fingers. You looked at the small pile of jewellery on your dresser,  before reaching down slowly and picking up the silver ring that bared the royal seal of Ivairis. Your bottom lip began to tremble as your mind was flooded with memories of your parents and your childhood. From your mother gently tying up your hair in the mornings, to your father bringing you along to meetings and you hiding behind his legs.
You dropped the ring, your head falling into your hands as you finally let the tears fall. Your breath shortened as you quietly sobbed into your hands, hiccuping as you tried to catch your breath. You needed to see Chenle. You stood up, whirling around to run out to the balcony, but instead you were greeted with him standing in front of you. He had come back inside, and you had been so lost in your sadness that you hadn’t realised. 
The two of you stood there, staring at each other, both having red eyes and countless tear tracks down your faces. Chenle said nothing, and instead just opened his arms and you ran into them, the force of your bodies colliding making him take a step back to steady the two of you, but it didn’t matter.
You completely broke down, sobbing into his shoulder as Chenle tried to console you. He gently stroked your head with one hand, the other resting comfortably on your waist as he whispered soft words of comfort into your ear. It didn’t seem to be helping as your crying wasn’t stopping at all.
Chenle’s voice broke more as he tried to talk and all it took was you tightening your grip on him for him to give up on trying to hold it together. He buried his face into your shoulder and let the grief overcome him, crying for the people who took him in and gave him a home.
You both held onto each other for dear life, as if the other would slip through your fingers if you let go for a second. It took a while for you to calm down, feeling as though you only stopped crying because you ran out of tears. You brought your hand up to the back of Chenle’s head, running your fingers through his hair and placing a feather light kiss to his temple.
Even after the two of you calmed down, the sadness was still there, drowning your every thought.
“I’m not ready to be Queen.” You admitted, your voice so quiet, as if you were scared for the words to come out. “I thought I’d have more time, I thought I’d be able to get used to the idea of doing it by myself but I’m not. I’m not ready for any of this, I don’t know what I’m doing.”
“I’m not ready either.” Chenle croaked back, his voice sore from the amount of crying he had done already that night. “My parents may still be alive, but they aren’t here, they aren’t close and I can’t contact them easily enough to ask for help when I need it. I just feel... isolated.” Chenle voice broke once again as he pushed his head further into your shoulder.
“Me too. I’ve never felt this alone.” You whispered, not trusting your voice to speak any louder.
This time Chenle didn’t reply, instead just silently nodding as he held you close. You both understood that you didn’t need advice, or a solution. At least, not yet, right now, all you needed, was to tell the other how you felt. Finally saying the words, admitting the overwhelming emotions that had been weighing you down for the past few months, had already made you feel lighter. 
He pulled his head out from your shoulder to rest his forehead on yours. You breathed out, leaning into him as he kept his comforting grip on you. Your eyes were closed, as your mind focused on the one fact that Chenle was standing right there with you, and he understood how you felt.
“I’m sorry.” His quiet whisper making you open your eyes in confusion.
“What for?” You asked and Chenle sighed, as if he was preparing to get something off his chest.
“For not telling you. We made a deal on our wedding day to always be honest with each other about how we were feeling, and I didn’t tell you, and now we’re both here breaking down...”
“Chenle... I’m sorry too. You weren’t the only one keeping things to yourself.” You swallowed, before finally pulling your forehead off his and losing at him straight on. “We aren’t used to this. And I don’t just mean being King and Queen, I mean all of it. We aren’t used to being married, we aren’t used to be sole rulers, we aren’t used to being alone. We had just got married when we then got crowned what felt like five minutes after.”
“We need to figure out who we are as a King and Queen, and who we are as husband and wife. And they don’t necessarily need to be the same people.” You nodded at Chenle’s words before adding onto them with your own.
“There’s so much pressure on this, and I think a lot of that is coming from us. We need to take a step back from being this groundbreaking alliance, and just be us. Chenle and y/n, just two people in love, not the King and Queen of Ivairis whose wedding united lands for generations to come. We don’t need to be our titles, we just need to be-”
“Us.” Chenle finished and you nodded. “And we need to mean it this time. We can’t just say that we’re going to be honest and open with each other and then keep things to ourselves. We’re a team. It’s you and me y/n, and nothing is going to change that.”
You leaned up, closing the small distance between the two of you and pressing your lips to his. He kissed you back, sighing into it slightly before you both pulled away. The kiss was short, but it was enough. It was a promise.
You weren’t just these young kids in love anymore, trying to figure out the best way to spend time with their crush. You were grown adults, married, ruling a kingdom, but no matter how far you went, or how much you grew, you knew that Chenle would always be by your side. You knew that now better than ever.
And for the first time in a long while, neither of you felt alone.
You and Chenle kept to your promise, coming to talk to each other, to trust the other to be vulnerable with the smallest of details. Whether it was a certain knight in training being a bit arrogant, or a trade deal you were unsure was worth you signing off on, you shared it with each other. Your close bond as husband and wife translated into your royal duties and you found yourselves settling into a good rhythm as King and Queen. 
But nothing good lasts forever.
You and Chenle stayed late after a particularly gruelling council session. The repairs to the outlying villages were almost complete, and the bandit attacks had decreased to them being almost non-existent. A few more supplies were being organised to be sent down, and Chenle was still keen on the idea of training some of the people in the outlying villagers so that, if a bandit attack does happen, they can defend themselves. However, a couple of council members were arguing that it would be a waste of resources to train them, which resulted in a lengthy discussion that lasted for much longer than planned.
With both you and Chenle in agreement however, there was not much that the council men could do against it once the decision had been made. They would send some knights down to the outlying villages to train the few they could, and then that knowledge would be passed down from generation to generation, with knights arriving every once in a while to help out and make sure the correct technique was being practiced.
You quickly instructed a messenger to deliver this note the following morning, thinking that nobody needs to be disturbed this late. The two of you were looking over the plans, deciding on the knights who would go when the doors to the great hall burst open and a scout of yours came running in.
“Mark, what’s wrong?” Chenle asked worriedly, noticing the look of panic on the older boy’s face.
“Fayre’s kingdom, your majesty. They heard of the Queen’s mother passing and that the two of you ascended to the throne and they think you’ll be weak. They’re planning to attack Ivairis with the full force of their army.” Mark relayed the bad news, breathing heavily as he tried to recover from his rush to the palace.
“Oh god.” You breathed, your hand coming to your face in shock. This was not good. Fayre was one of the strongest and bloodthirsty kings around, and if he wanted Ivairis, chances were he wouldn’t stop until he had it.
You and Chenle shared one look and knew that you had to act fast. Chenle called for the guards to bring in his closest knights, two scouts and a messenger, while you whirled on Mark to ask him more questions.
“When did their army leave?” 
“Three days ago, I rushed to get back here to warn you before them.”
“Thank you Mark, you may have saved us by doing that. If they left three days ago, they still have at least two before they reach us here, meaning we could send our army out to meet them somewhere we choose.” You thought out loud, Mark rapidly nodding his head next to you.
Chenle reappeared out of nowhere, you not even having noticed he’d left in your state of panic. His arms held a bunch of rolled up papers that depicted the maps of the surrounding lands.
“I’m way ahead of you.” He said, placing them all on the round table in front of you as you rolled them out and moved them into position.
You were lining up details to get a larger picture when the people Chenle had summoned began to arrive. Jisung came first, the head of the royal guard was always ready to be called for his job, with both Jeno and Taeyong close behind. The two scouts, Yangyang and Shotaro came next, with Jaemin close behind and Jaehyun and the other messenger Xiaojun arrived last.
You didn’t both to tell them to take a seat or to greet them, the stakes were simply too high. Instead you just told them the news straight away, not wasting time by sugarcoating it or easing into it at all.
“Fayre is planning to attack Ivairis.”
You heard a chorus of worried inhales of breath, signalling the panic that the rest of the group were feeling. You nodded at Mark, allowing him to explain the rest of the details.
“They left their kingdom three days ago and were travelling south, aiming to take this route here to avoid getting spotted by the Ivairis patrol. As far as I’m aware, this plan wasn’t changed, meaning that, as long as nothing disrupts their route, they should reach Ivairis by sunset in two days time and will likely attack the following morning.”
“Our best shot is heading out to meet them somewhere, like we did with Odin’s kingdom.” Jisung spoke first, the rest nodding in agreement. “I would place my bets on somewhere like here.” He reached forwards and circled a certain spot on the map. “It’s not sheltered, so there’s no chance for a surprise attack. While that limits our chances of coming up with one ourselves, Fayre destroys his enemies by drawing them in and then having a second plan up his sleeve.”
“Jisung’s right.” Taeyong said, all eyes flicking towards him as he spoke. “We can’t try to outsmart him by using his own tactics against him, that’s how people get killed. We need to force him into a situation where he has to fight us on our terms, that’s our best shot.”
“Xiaojun-” Chenle called out, the boy’s head shooting up at his king’s voice. “I need you to send word to Shanghai, tell them of the severity of the situation and that we need reinforcements as soon as possible.” Xiaojun nodded, quickly making a note of the battle location before disappearing.
You turned to the other two scouts.
“Yangyang, Shotaro, you need to scout the army. Get us a rough idea of numbers and see if there’s any weak spots. There won’t be enough time for you to report back to us here so you’ll need to tell the army when they arrive at the battle location, understand?” Both of the boys nodded at your words, before heading back out of the door to go do as you asked.
“What about me?” Mark asked, but you shook your head.
“You’ve done enough Mark.” You said, not allowing him to put himself in danger again.
“But they trust me, I could find out more insider information, I-”
“No, Mark.” Chenle cut him off. “Y/n’s right, you’ve done more than enough. Without you we would never stand a chance, that’s for sure. Plus as soon as we meet them they will know that we had a man on the inside, and it won’t take long for them to figure out it’s you. We can’t put you in that danger.”
Mark nodded, understanding your decision before you both thanked him again and allowed him to go for the night.
“What about us?” Jaehyun asked and Chenle turned to look at the remaining knights, his face grave.
“Be ready to prepare the troops in the morning. We’re going to war.”
One night. That was all it took for your world to be thrown upside down. In one night you had gone from council meetings and rebuilding the outlying villages to sending the man you loved off to war. You were standing in your joint room, watching as he finished getting dressed just as the first rays of light were appearing through the window. You walked towards him, silently taking the necklace out of his hands and fastening it yourself.
He turned around to face you but you didn’t take your gaze off the jewellery he was wearing. He wore it everyday, a simple necklace with two seals on it. One being the royal seal of Shanghai and the other being the royal seal of Ivairis. The symbol of his two nations. Chenle noticed you avoiding his gaze and brought his hands to your face, gently cupping your jaw and guiding you to look at him.
He leant in, placing a kiss on your forehead and your hand gripped at the fabric around his waist.
“If things aren’t going well-”
“Stop.” You said, not wanting to hear about what would happen if they lost this war. If they lost, Chenle would be dead, and you didn’t want to think about the possibility of that happening.
“Listen.” Chenle commanded softly. “If things aren’t going well, I’ll send a Shanghai messenger back here. You need to get as many of our people as you can, and take them with you to Shanghai. I made sure Xiaojun mentioned in the message the possibility of that happening and I know they would look after you. They reassured us we always have a home there, and I know that would apply to you if I don’t come back from this.” Your hands tightened their grip around his shirt at his words. “If anything happens to me... I need to know that you’ll be safe.”
You nodded silently and Chenle breathed a sigh of relief at your agreement, moving his hands from your face to around your shoulders to hug you close as you did the same around his waist. You buried your face in his chest, breathing in as much of him as you could before you had to let him go.
You walked with him through the castle, your hand held tightly in his as you both approached the main doors. You knew that beyond those doors stood your entire army, waiting for their king to lead them into battle. You suddenly stopped moving, causing Chenle to turn back in confusion.
You stared at him for a second, trying to find the right words to say before just throwing your arms around his neck and hugging him as tightly as you could. Chenle caught you, wrapping his own arms around your waist and squeezing his eyes shut as he tried to make this fleeting moment last forever.
“Come back to me.” You whispered.
“I promise.”
It had been a month.
An entire month and the only sign you’d had that they were still alive were the two letters from the Shanghai reinforcements sending word to you that they had arrived at the battlefield to help. The knowledge that they had extra men fighting with them was reassuring, but not hearing a single word from Chenle, not knowing if he was even alive, for a whole month was tearing you apart.
The entire kingdom had been in a state of fear. The outlying villages had been told to be prepared to move into the citadel in case the battle was lost so that they could barricade themselves in and be protected. Every citizen had their nerves on fire for the past month as they all waited for any kind of news.
You had been in the weekly review of the tax collection when the sound of horses hooves caught your attention. The entire table froze, knowing that, one way or another, the battle was over. The doors to the great hall burst open and Mark appeared, nodding at you, a relieved expression on his face.
“It’s them.”
You dropped the paper in your hand, standing up and running out of the hall. You ran down the corridors, Mark by your side and you didn’t stop for anything. Various other members of the court and servants in the castle joined you as they all were eager to welcome the knights home, but all you cared about was finding Chenle.
You burst out of the front doors just in time to see the last of the knights trickle back in. Your jaw dropped, nothing could have prepared you for the sight in front of you.
Out of all the knights who went to battle, only around a fifth of them made it back. Your eyes did a desperate scan of the faces of the live men. You saw Taeyong, who had his left arm in a makeshift sling, Jaehyun and Jaemin were carrying an unresponsive Jeno between them, the large red stain on Jeno’s shirt giving away that he was seriously injured, and Jisung was standing further down the steps in front of you.
You couldn’t see Chenle anywhere.
Jisung took a few steps towards you, limping heavily, and you rushed down to him, throwing your arms around him in a hug.
He caught you with a grunt and you tried to apologise but the words got stuck in your throat. You were shaking slightly in his hold but Jisung still hugged you tightly, relieved to be back home.
“We won.” He whispered, and you nodded slowly at his words before pulling back.
“At what cost?” You asked, too scared to directly voice the question that was plaguing your mind.
Did Chenle survive?
“He’s alive. The last I saw him, he was alive.” Jisung answered your unasked question, a small ounce of relief flooding your system, but it didn’t nothing to calm the furious fear at the fact that nobody knew where he was.
You took a couple of steps back to find all the knights looking at you for your words. You found that you didn’t even know what to say to them, how could you comfort someone who has been through the ordeal they have?
You cleared your throat before addressing the men in front of you.
“Our brave knights. There are no words to describe how thankful we are to you for everything you have done for us. You bravery and sacrifice will never be forgotten. Today, we will have our traditional victory procession, and I would like to add a moment at the end, for anyone to address anything they would wish to. And to speak to or about anyone they may have lost. Please go to the court physician and your people in Ivairis are eternally indebted to you.” Your voice broke slightly at the end and the knights all nodded at you in appreciation.
They each headed inside one by one, only Jisung, Jaehyun, Jaemin and Jeno remained. A few members of the medical team rushed out, taking Jeno’s limp body from Jaehyun and Jaemin and carrying him inside, shouting out various treatments. Jaehyun squeezed your shoulder as he went inside, the exhaustion clear on his face. Jaemin stepped up but paused for a minute and turned to face you.
“Thank you, for adding that opportunity at the end. We lost a lot of men out there and I know people will want to address it.”
With that he headed inside, leaving just you and Jisung standing there looking at each other. Jisung opened his mouth to speak but you got there first.
“Go to the court physician Jisung. Please get yourself checked out and your wounds treated first.”
He closed his mouth, nodding at you before moving past you and entering the castle. You turned you gaze on the now empty courtyard, the men having cleared out and the horses having been retrieved. You took a few shaky breaths, waiting a few extra seconds, staring wistfully at the gate, praying that by some miracle Chenle would come riding through. But he didn’t. So you shut your eyes, took a deep breath, and turned back into the castle, the doors closing behind you.
The victory procession was bittersweet. The knights were acknowledged for their hard work and struggles, and nobody tried to deny that this had been a heart wrenching battle. The celebrations were half hearted however, the entire kingdom feeling the loss of so many knights and the king that they were all missing. The toasts at the end brought tears to your eyes as the knight took it in turns to remember their fallen friends.
And through it all, anyone could tell that the entire kingdom was terrified that their king wouldn’t come back. The king who every citizen had grown to love and admire. The king who set an example for all future kings, who acted as a king should, the king who you were lucky enough to call your husband, your love.
You removed your final piece of jewellery, staring at yourself in the mirror as you tried to figure out the whirlpool of emotions in your head. The knock at your bedroom door made your head snap towards it as you called out for whoever it was to enter. Jisung’s head poked around the door, and you couldn’t help but feel slightly disappointed.
You had known Jisung almost your entire life, and you had never seen him look this broken. He took a couple of steps into your room before looking questioningly at your bed, asking silently for permission. You gestured for him to sit, moving over to join him yourself.
“I think I should tell you what I know.”
You nodded, not trusting yourself to speak quite yet.
“It was the final day. We knew it was coming to an end, we could all feel it. It’s hard to describe but there’s a difference in the air. On the final night, the king names someone he wants to be in charge of the army in case...” Jisung swallowed as he continued trying to get the words out. “In case he’s killed. Chenle chose me. The next morning, just before we went out, Chenle told me to do whatever I could to get this back to you.”
It was only then that you noticed Jisung had been holding something ever since he stepped foot into your room. He lifted up the object and you recognised it immediately. He placed it gently in your hands, watching as you turned it over in your fingers.
It was Chenle’s necklace.
“I didn’t see him after that.” Jisung’s voice brought you to tear your eyes away from the necklace in your lap and look back up at him. “I lost sight of him in battle. I know it sounds like he didn’t make it but- we scoured every inch of the battlefield after we won, there was no sign of Chenle among the bodies, nor was he taken captive by Fayre either because we searched their base. Aspen was missing too. Chenle is out there, alive and trying to make his way back here to you. And he will, he has to.”
You let your eyes flicker back down to Chenle’s necklace for a second before looking back up at Jisung.
“Thank you.” You whispered. “It’s been a long day, you should get some sleep.”
Jisung nodded, standing quickly and heading back out the same door he entered through. You didn’t from move your position, instead sitting in the same spot for the next few hours, turning the seals over and over in your fingers, wondering if Chenle would ever find his way back.
You were sat in the throne room, having just finished a meeting with the keeper of the archives to document the battle. Labelling Chenle as missing was something you had hoped you would never have to do, but there you were, drawing your signature on that very slip of paper. You really understood your mother’s words now when she said that she only felt as though she could rule when she had the person she loved by her side.
Because you didn’t just feel alone without Chenle, you felt completely and utterly lost.
A guard appears, telling you that there is a messenger for you, and you gesture for them to be let in. Yangyang strolls through the door, and you can’t help the small smile that appears on your face at sight of his much larger, contagious one.
“I have good news!” He announced, making you raise your eyebrows. “News of the victory travelled fast around kingdoms both close by and far away, and any thoughts off attacking Ivairis have been wiped off the map. Between the strength of our army and the alliance with Shanghai, the kingdom is almost invincible.”
You let out a breath of disbelief, smiling lightly at the boy in front of you as the news settled. Ivairis was safe. You asked Yangyang to spread the news around the kingdom, allow everyone to revel in the announcement and he gladly agreed before running out of the room so fast he left the door open.
You chuckled slightly at the sight of him, but the smile on your face faded quickly as the thought of Chenle travelled through your head. Another two weeks had passed but he was still missing. Nobody had heard a word from or about him since the final day in battle, and the fear that you were never going to see him again had become your natural state of mind.
You looked out of the window on your left, staring down at the rose buses and stone bench that sat there. You felt all the memories rush through your head of the times you and Chenle had sat on that very bench. You still remembered walking past it in the first few days of Chenle arriving, when you had given him a tour around the grounds. Though he would deny it within an inch of his life, Chenle had a soft spot for flowers and loved nothing more than spending a day surrounded with flowers of all different kinds.
You sighed out once more, closing your eyes to stop the tears that were threatening to fall.
“You promised you’d come back to me...” You spoke to the empty room, your voice wavering heavily.
You rested your head on the glass, lost in your own mind when a voice cut through. Your eyes shot open and you whirled around to be greeted with the person you thought you would never see again, the person you loved more than anything else in this world, more than life itself.
“Have I ever broken my promises?”
The world stopped when you saw him. You didn’t blink, didn’t move, didn’t even breathe, terrified that if you did, the image of him would disappear and you would be left with the reality that didn’t have him in it.
He took a step forward, standing in front of you and reaching up to tuck a stay piece of hair behind your ear. You lifted a shaky hand to his face, pressing your palm against his cheek and taking in the fact that he was stood in front of you.
“Chenle...” You whispered, trying to convince yourself that this was real life.
He nodded at your words, tears filling his eyes at the sight of you after so long. When it sunk in it hit you like a ton of bricks. You threw your arms around him and broke down, sobbing into his shoulder.
“Oh my god, Chenle. You made it back.” You cried, holding him tighter that you ever had before.
“Of course I did, I could never leave you like that.” He whispered, his quiet voice a stark contrast to your broken one.
His arms were securely around your waist, capturing you next to his being. You could feel that he was smaller, having lost weight when he was lost and trying to get back. He had dirt in his hair, and various bruises and other minor injuries that you could see, but he was here. He was here, in your arms, alive.
You pulled back, bringing one hand to rest on his cheek as you pressed your foreheads together.
“I love you so much.” You breathed, the tears still steadily falling down your cheeks.
“I love you more.” He replied, relaxing in the knowledge that he was home. He was standing in your arms, surrounded by his kingdom.
Chenle was alive.
~ 10 years later ~
“So we are in agreement?” You asked the court, looking around the round table and seeing all the other heads of the men and women present nodding at your words. “Well in that case, we can call it a day here. Thank you for your input.”
You stood, smiling at the people in front of you as they all left the room.
“Ten years and council meetings are still as dull as the first one.” You muttered to yourself.
“I hear that.” A voice replied, making your eyes shoot up. You found yourself looking at your husband, who was leaning against the door with a cheeky grin on his face. “But if we want to set a good example, we should probably pretend they are.”
You shook your head, chuckling to yourself at his words. The sound of light footsteps running down the hall caused you and Chenle to send each other a knowing look.
The doors to the great hall opened once more and in ran two little children.
“Daddy, look I won!” You son yelled happily, grabbing Chenle’s hand and pointing towards the doorway where a panting Jisung stood, leaning on the door frame for support.
“Really Jisung? Two children under the age of 6 can outrun you?” Chenle asked, his eyebrows raised judgmentally.
“Look.” Jisung spat, pointing a finger accusingly at the two of you. “If the two of you hadn’t had twins with Chenle’s bluntness and y/n determination, I would be fine. But these two are like the mixture of you two, it’s terrifying.”
“Well, Jisung I hate to break it to you, but that is how children work. They tend to be a mixture of their parents.” You replied dryly, reaching down to hug your daughter as she held on to your leg, catching her breath.
“You know... we made a deal that we would have three.” Chenle reminded you, wiggling his eyebrows at you as you burst out into laughter at Jisung’s disgusted expression.
“Okay, that’s my cue to leave. Just remember, there are young children here.”
Jisung to the twins that were standing close to you, before saying a quick goodbye, which your twins shouted back even louder, as he headed off to the next training session.
“Is everything sorted?” Chenle asked you, trying to stop your son from attempting to sit on the documents on the table.
“Yes, everything was agreed upon today. Starting from tomorrow, we are in an official peace treaty with all the surrounding lands. There are plans to share combat tactics, and resources if any kingdom needs it. We’re about to enter a new era.” You told him, the smile on your face growing at your words.
“That’s amazing, I’m so proud of you.” He breathed, his voice lowering for the last part as he grabbed your hand.
You intertwined your fingers with his. “I’m proud of us. We did this together.”
Chenle smiled at you, the signature smile of his that always took you back to the shy boy who you toured around the rose garden. You reach out with your other hand, your daughter grabbing it as Chenle took a hold of your son and together you walked out to stand on the battlements. Neither of your children were tall enough to see over the stone walls, so you both picked them up, allowing them to sit and see the view.
“One day, you’ll be the ones to rule this kingdom.” Chenle told them, watching as their eyes lit up in amazement. “And you’ll do it with a very special someone by your side.”
You smiled out at the view, the roofs of houses, the market stalls, the training grounds... you could see your entire kingdom from up here. Your entire home.
“Tell us the story again of how you and Mummy met?” Your daughter asked, looking up at her father with wide eyes.
Chenle began the tale, pointing out to the view as he did. He had got in the habit of telling them this story to put them to sleep, and since then they had asked for it constantly, the way he changed certain words to make it sound like a fairytale had made it their favourite.
He told the story of a magical land that became his home and the evil kings and dragons that he and Uncle Jisung had fought to protect it, all while his fairy queen, which was you, stood bravely behind the walls sheltering and looking after the people.
You listened to his calming voice tell the legendary tale and couldn’t stop the smile that spread across your face as you watched your family. You thought about how your life had turned out, all the ups and downs and challenges that you had faced, but you never faced them alone. Chenle was right there with you, ready to tackle any problem that the two of you may face. You turned your gaze out to your kingdom, the wealthy and prosperous civilisation that the two of you had grown together, yet it only meant everything it did because of the man you shared it with.
You remembered your conversation with Chenle before he proposed, the two of you talking about the life you could possibly have if you weren’t royals. You discussed all the things you would change, and how it would be different. But, standing here now, looking over your kingdom, with your family by your side, you knew one thing for certain.
You wouldn’t change a thing.
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mrkcore · a day ago
Tumblr media
𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠: lee donghyuck x fem!reader
𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐬: college!au (cs - computer science major haechan, psychology major y/n)
𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐫𝐞: fluff, slight angst
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠(𝐬): profanity, awful gamer language
𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭: 0.7k
𝐚/𝐧: the second installment of the and they were roommates! series, and probably my fav one :D send in an ask or comment here to be added to the taglist! the game they’re playing in valorant! i know hyuck plays overwatch and lol, but idk how to play those so valorant will have to suffice. (it’s very similar to overwatch and apex legends!)
𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐯𝐢𝐨𝐮𝐬 | 𝐧𝐞𝐱𝐭
Tumblr media
“haechan PLEASE, for the love of god, fix your crosshair.” jeno says, observing the horrible sight in front of him.
“shut the fuck up jeno, stop backseating, you got killed by the sag-” haechan suddenly stops talking. did he just get killed by the same sage he was just talking about? and with a classic gun?
“and so did you, maybe if you had a better crosshair, you would have been still alive.” jeno snaps back.
“will the two of you shut up so chenle can clutch and we can win the game?” renjun says sternly. the two go quiet while haechan sits back in his chair, huffing.
“chat, did you see that sage rotating? they must have been hacking, there’s no way she made no sound while rotating.”
“awh darn it.” chenle groans. the word “defeat” on a red banner displays nicely on the top of haechan’s monitor as he swore.
“maybe if haechan kept his mouth shut, chenle would have been able to concentrate.” renjun snarled.
“hey! i didn’t know my mic wasn’t off, i’m sorry, alright.” he retorted.
“i don’t even think they had ranks, it doesn’t show on my logs.” jeno commented.
haechan rolls his eyes, and he knows renjun is too. “wow thanks jeno, that makes us feel a whole lot better.” he grumbled.
“the sage got like 3 aces during the game, that’s pretty impressive.” jaemin pointed out.
“do you think they were stream sniping me?” haechan asked. “there’s no way i wouldn’t have heard the sage rotated unless they knew i was at showers.”
“haechan, not everyone that did better than you stream sniped you, they probably don’t even know you.” jeno quipped. 
“i can’t believe that was our warm-up round.” chenle mutters, still troubled over the last game. “we need to go another round before we do ranked.”
“haechan, can you keep it down? i have a presentation in the morning and i would like some sleep please.” you suddenly peaked your head into his room.
“oh yeah, sorry i’ll keep it down.” he says, droned.
“thanks.” you turn around to go back to your room, closing his door.
haechan sighs. 
this was going to be a long stream.
Tumblr media
they lost. every single match that night. they didn’t even play ranked.
“fuck! i even put on my intense gamer playlist and it didn’t work.” haechan cursed. “well, that’s it for today chat, i have a presentation tomorrow for class, so that’s it for today’s stream. hopefully we can play ranked next time.”
after ending the stream, he still couldn’t stop thinking about the sage. they weren’t playing ranked, had no ranks, how was it possible that they won? impossible, had to be a stream snipe.
whatever, haechan interrupted his own thoughts. i’ll figure it out tomorrow after class.
Tumblr media
“how was your presentation this morning?” haechan asked, setting the table for lunch.
“it was alright, probably would have been better if you’d stop screaming at 2 am.” you tease as he laughs sheepishly.
“yeah, sorry. i was just raging at this sage.” he admits.
“mhm, maybe if you listened better, you would have heard me rotate off. showers is literally the first place i looked.” you said calmly, chewing your food.
haechan blinked in confusion.
“you were the sage last night? that got 3 aces in one game?” he shrieks, completely utterly shocked.
“uhm, surprise?” you revealed.
“you came into my room to tell me to quiet down! what was that for?” haechan is still in disbelief.
“your reaction was so funny i had to take a peek for myself.” you giggled.
“does that mean you stream sniped me?” he grunted, still hung up on the situation.
“well, you were screaming, so maybe an indirect one?” you admitted, trying to stifle your laughter.
“sheeeeesh.” he groaned. “bro, next time when jaemin doesn’t wanna play, you’re joining us. randoms are so shit.”
“alright, bet.” you agreed. “road to radiant?”
“that’s so cringe.” 
haechan wailed as you hit him in the arm. 
“fine fine fine! i’ll carry you to radiant.”
“brooo you got sniped by me yesterday, how are you going to say you’re gonna carry me, hm?” you scoffed.
“it was an off day yesterday, i swear i’m good, i’m literally almost immortal.” he states, proudly.
“we’ll see about that.”
Tumblr media
© mrkcore. 2021. — reposts of my work is not permitted.
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0606-hyuck · a day ago
[11:03 AM]
pairing: bf!haechan x gn!reader | genre: humour, fluff | word count: 367
Tumblr media
"Rise and shine!" Called your boyfriend as he body slammed onto your bed, causing your whole body to rise into the air before you hit the mattress again with an "oof".
"Go away," you replied, your voice groggy and muffled by your pillow as you wriggled away from your boyfriend. 
"Aw, no need to be mean," said Haechan, the hurt evident in his voice as he let go of you, straightening up on the bed. "Did I do something?"
"Apart from body slamming me while I slept?" You grumbled. "I feel like I've just crawled out of a rat's ass, Haechan."
"Woah, what's that supposed to mean?" He snorted, crossing his legs as he made himself comfortable. 
"It means," you replied, finally lifting your head from the sheets to peer up at your boyfriend, your eyes still full of sleep, "that I am sick."
"I see," Haechan said, before he dashed off to your living room. He returned with a small speaker and his phone in hand, and you narrowed your eyes at him. 
"What are you doing, Hyuck?"
"I'm going to bust out some tunes and my incredible dance moves to wow you out of your sickness." 
"Lord have mercy on me," you prayed as Haechan switched on the speaker and fiddled with his phone, the lyrics to 'Let It Go' from Frozen blasting throughout your room. 
You struggled to keep a straight face as he tried his best to sing the lyrics loudly, fumbling along the unfamiliar ones. Appearing to give up, Haechan instead started doing the robot, his dance completely out of place against the heartfelt lyrics. Switching up the songs, he then danced along to 'Under The Sea', starting out doing some funky swimming dance before pretending like he was choking on invisible water. 
A small smile crept onto your face at your boyfriend's antics — one he didn't miss. "See, I knew I could cheer you up, grumpy pants!" He laughed, turning down the volume before crawling onto the bed beside you. 
You grumbled incomprehensibly as you pulled Haechan closer, burying your face into his chest, feeling it rise as he chuckled. 
"Nope, I'm still sick and now partially deaf in one ear."
Tumblr media
© 0606-hyuck 2021. All Rights Reserved.
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neoculturetravesty · 2 days ago
We met in online class - Part 10
Tumblr media
Image taken from here.
Pairing: Renjun x Reader Genre: College AU, romance, angst, fluff Warnings: Strong language Word Count: 4.1k
Navigation: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | You are on Part 10
A/N: I can’t believe it’s coming to an end 😭 The next part is going to be the last part.
Tumblr media
If waiting with heart in your hand was a perfect picture, Renjun was sure he looked it right now. Because he's not sure he's ever waited on anyone the way he's waiting on you now.
And you're stepping off the bus smiling, with the usual joy in your stride; and then slowing down as you spot him standing there. Your eyes lock with his and you approach him--slow and careful, similar to how you had approached him the last time you had seen him. But this time, the element of fearful caution is gone. Time time, there is a hopefully expectant air between the two of you. 
There aren't very many people stepping off the bus. Renjun looks behind you, as if waiting for Wong Hendery to pop out. He doesn't, and Renjun is filled with a sheepish sort of relief. Because he finally had you to himself, so he could bare his heart to you for the very first time. He had been prepared to do it in front of Hendery, his pride be damned. But the fact that the intruding man isn’t here fills him with that guilting reassurance. You were here. He was here. That’s all that mattered. He comes back to his senses as he realizes this and sets down the box he's carrying and strides ahead to grab your bag for you.
"Wait, you don't have to…" you begin but Renjun takes it anyway.
"I have to." He replies and he hates that you're being this courteous with him. He hates that made you this way; where Hendery could take your bag and you’d let him but when it’s Renjun offering you an act of chivalry, you’re treading on the side of caution. But he was going to change that.
The bus drives away and eventually, so do the other people, leaving just you and him facing one another as you stand between the broad plain of grass and sky. 
For a while, the two of you just look at one another with an awkward sort of loadedness. Like both of you had a lot to say, but you weren't sure where to begin. 
How many hours had you spent in each other's company, talking and talking till one class blended into another, till the afternoon faded into the evening, till one day would turn into the next? How many times had he texted you all night without realizing that the sun was almost coming up? How many moments had he just sat and listened to the sound of your voice and felt nothing but comfort and sunshine and warmth?
Yet now, here you are. Looking at one another, hesitation thick in the air. Too careful, too cautious, too quiet. 
"Renjun, I--" 
"I've prepared--"
You both say at the same time and then both stop, looking at the ground, mumbling some 'You go firsts' as you shuffle your feet. Too awkward, too formal, too guarded.
But then you look up at him and your expression softens. This wasn't you. This had never been the two of you. So you're the first to break the tension, like you've always done.
"Renjun, I… I'm sorry I didn't take your calls. I… I wasn't trying to avoid you or anything. I just… I mean, I was at first, but like… the tower. It didn't allow cell phones because of radiation or something so we had to turn them in before we entered. And then, I don't know… by the time I would see your messages, I wouldn't have the courage to reply…" you say and you're looking right at him as you say it. That's something that Renjun had always admired about you. You always faced your problems straight on and looked them in the eye. You weren't the kind to escape or hide away. But it breaks Renjun's heart to see that you're the one that seems apologetic as you say this. And that’s one of your flaws that makes his heart ache… that you would always fault yourself before others. It’s an odd feeling, this realization that Renjun no longer feels the irritation at your softheartedness. He feels heartache for the girl who wants to apologize when she is the one that has been wronged.
Renjun shakes his head “Y/N, I… I’m so glad you didn’t pick up my calls. I needed that chance to beg and grovel at you.” 
“No, I… I didn’t mean to make you beg and grovel.” you say, shaking your head and biting your lip nervously. Like you weren’t sure how this confrontation was going to end. So Renjun takes a deep breath and smiles.
“I’ve prepared an apology.” Renjun declares and keeps smiling at you till you slightly smile back. It’s still not the Y/N smile he had come to know. But it’s a start.
“O...okay?” you say and watch till Renjun moves towards the box he had set down earlier and picks up what looks like a potted sapling and hands it to you.
“What’s this?”
“A cactus. A peace offering. The opening act of my apology.”
You take the cactus slowly and look at it a bit unsurely as Renjun speaks,
“You can plant it anywhere you like. By the time this cactus bears flowers, I’ll finally think I’m worthy of your forgiveness.” Renjun says, smiling broadly, like he’s proud of what he’s presented to you.
You look down at the plant, “Why cactus?”
“Because I’m a prickly motherfucker.” Renjun admits with a tone of remorse.
You chuckle a bit and then your face gets a little pensive and your tone is maybe a bit ironic as you say “You know, I found out that strawberry plants don’t live more than two or three years.”
Renjun looks up and raises his eyebrows “Yeah?” he asks in confusion.
“My brother broke it to me that he’d already replaced Berry-Berry once and was going to replace it a third time.” you pout, making your cheeks puff up. 
Renjun’s heart bursts in his chest and he suddenly wants to take your pouty cheeks in his hands and squish them. God, he had forgotten how endearing you were. He wanted to protect you forever. How had he managed to hurt someone who was this pure?
He looks at you with eyes dripping with overwhelming tenderness at your unknowing cuteness. “Well, you can plant this one on your own, so you’re sure.”
“Yeah, I guess I’ll do that.” you say, looking down at the plant. Renjun remembers handing you a daisy once. He remembers how your eyes had sparkled and how you had held it with all your heart. You’re not accepting the cactus with the same aura of acceptance, but Renjun supposes this was to be expected.
“Until then, whether you take me back or not, I’m going to spend every waking minute of every day trying to make it up to you.” Renjun promises.
“Renjun, you really don’t have to…” you say softly, no smile on your face, just a sort of reconciled sadness.
Renjun shakes his head again. “I have to. I need to go through that kind of repentance. After what you did for my grandma…” his voice trails off for a bit. He didn’t want it to betray him. He takes a deep breath but watches your face soften like you want to reach out for him.
“Please, Renjun, don’t…”
“No, no, I have to. You saved her life. I don’t think I can ever…” his voice cuts off again and this time, you do reach for his hand.
“I didn’t do anything, Renjun. I just had to do what little I could for her.” you take the bag he’s carrying for you and set it on the ground and then the cactus so you can take his hands so he feels the sincerity of your words.
“How did you? After everything I did to you…” Renjun looks at his feet because he doesn’t think he can look you in the eye.
“She deserved all the care and attention she got. Even if her grandson is a bit of an asshole.” you say, smiling a little, looking at Renjun’s face with an almost nostalgic sadness.
Renjun laughs and finally, he looks you in the eye. This wouldn’t mean much if he couldn’t look you in the eye. Because that’s what you would do in this situation. “The biggest asshole. The most stupid, exploitative, narcissistic asshole in the world. The sorriest asshole to ever have lived.”
You look back at him, but you’re not smiling. Your lips are parted and your eyebrows slightly scrunched. You look worried and maybe slightly emotional. “Renjun, I--”
“--No, please, Y/N. Please just let me say this.” Renjun grips your hands and flips the hold so he’s the one holding onto you now. “I’m an asshole. I’m probably going to be the most remorseful, sorry asshole for the rest of my life. You can spend the rest of your life hating me and cursing me and never speaking to me again. But none of it is going to change how I feel about you, Y/N.” Renjun says desperately and looks at you deeply, hoping his eyes would communicate what his words cannot.
“I don’t hate you, Renjun.” you tell him once again and your voice sounds so painfully small that Renjun’s chest hurts and he hates himself for being the man that has made you this way.
“I know. But I hate me. I hate myself for everything I’ve done to you. For making you question if any of it was real. But, Y/N. I could never stop myself from falling for you through all of it. It was more real to me than anything I’ve ever known.” Renjun grips your hands and pulls you into him. And it’s perhaps a good sign that you don’t resist. But at the same time, you look down and bite your lip.
“Of course, it was real. Why would I think it wasn’t real?” you say maybe a bit sadly, but mostly with a lot of irritation. 
Renjun’s eyes widen. “Because of what I did… because of what I said...”
“Huang Renjun. How come you act all smart when you’re this dumb?”
For a moment, Renjun doesn’t reply because his entire body has suddenly filled with so much hope. Because you’ve called him Huang Renjun, not Renjun like you’d been calling him all this time. You had called him Huang Renjun and you had used that tone of familiarity with him that you always had. Renjun inhales a shaky, slightly victorious breath, then finally his brain processes what you’ve said. “What do you mean?” he asks.
“Anybody could see that it was real.” you say but then any hint of a lighter tone leaves you, “I just wish…” you abandon your thought mid-sentence. Renjun grabs at your hands.
“You just wish what?”
“I just wish you had told me.” you say regretfully and Renjun catches the slight break in your voice. 
“I do, too. I wish I could go back and change it all. I wish I could go back and tell myself that I was about to meet the girl of my dreams. I wish I could tell myself that yours would become the last heart I would ever want to break.” Renjun says almost immediately and he squeezes your hands. He could fall to his knees in this moment. He realizes that if it comes to it, he would. 
But you weren’t the kind of person who’d bring anyone to their knees. And that’s what brings him more shame because you’re shaking your head like you’re disappointed and saying,
“Even if I weren’t me. People make friends with people they want things from all the time, Renjun. That’s normal. But they’re upfront about it. That doesn’t make their relationship any more or any less. I just wish you had told me.” 
“I do, too, Y/N,” Renjun chuckles an exasperated, sad chuckle. Because once again, you had said something that should’ve been obvious. But he knows now that things that were obvious to other people were never that clear for him. “But you’re right. I’m the dumbest fuck on this planet who thinks the world owes him something. I’m a dumb fuck who didn’t realize that I could just ask you for something so simple. And, fuck, Y/N, I am so sorry.”
Renjun can see your heart break as he finally says the words like they’re meant to be said. But you say nothing. You just watch in what looks like discomfort and anxiety.
“I know I screwed up. I screwed up SO bad. And I am so, so sorry. I really wish I could erase everything and start again.” Renjun says remorsefully. He holds onto your hands like an anchor and waits for you to say something. Finally, you do,
“I don’t want to start again.”
Renjun feels his heart drop. He had prepared for this outcome, he had expected that it may go this way. But seeing you in the flesh and hearing your voice had filled his chest with so much hope that it had betrayed all the cautious preparation he had come with. He begins to loosen his grip from your hands because if this is the case, he probably has no right to touch you in any way.
But you don’t allow him to let go.
“Why would I want to start again?” you say, looking at him with a curious expression, “Why would you erase all the memories? Don’t you know how precious they are to me?” you’re speaking to him seriously, like you’re offended. And all Renjun can do is bring your hands to his face and kiss your knuckles over and over.
“I’m sorry…” he says in between each kiss, “I’m sorry.”
“If you try to erase anything, I swear to God, I’ll make you eat so much French food…”
Renjun laughs in relief but doesn’t stop kissing your hands or saying his sorrys. And then he finally looks up and smiles hopefully. 
“Okay, now that Act 1 ended how I had hoped it would end, I can begin Act 2 of my apology.” Renjun breathes out. You watch with cautious amusement and Renjun gently lets go of your hands and steps back, lifting a finger as if excusing himself for a moment. This time, he reaches inside of his box and pulls out what looks like an artisan bouquet. 
He takes it out carefully and brings it to you, holding his arm out. At this view, you can see that it’s not made up of real flowers, but perhaps arts and crafts items. But it is so skillfully and beautifully made that the ‘flowers’ are almost real-passing. Of course, that level of skill is to be expected of golden-hands Renjun. But you hold the bouquet and get a closer look and you can’t help the huge grin that breaks across your face.
Because the bouquet isn’t made of regular arts and crafts items. The bouquet is made up of what you’re sure are more than a hundred condom wrappers. Every size, every color. Some empty and twisted into beautiful roses. Others still sealed, with their indentations used to create a different looking bloom. Lots and lots of the actual rubbers, tried together to look like carnations, decorated with some actual baby’s breath and other forage. All coming together so artistically and so beautifully that you find yourself half laughing, half exhaling in impressed breaths, and also scoffing at this boy’s mind. 
“Y/N L/N. I’m the world’s sorriest fool. But I like you so damn much. I know I probably don’t deserve it. But I want to be your boyfriend so bad. I want us to spend all the time between classes lounging on the grass together. I want us to try lots of adventurous cuisine together and then come home to have ramyeon at the end of it. I want us to hold hands and tell each other about our day. I want us to make so many condom jokes that we become condom connoisseurs.” Renjun lays his heart out. Here it was. This was the life he had had, and he hadn’t realized how lucky he had been to have it till he had destroyed it. And all he wants now is to earn it back. For you to take him back so he can work hard for your forgiveness and just be happy with you. But you’ve been quiet for too long.
“That’s not what a condom connoisseur means, Huang Renjun.” you retort finally and Renjun laughs as he looks at you. God, he can’t believe just how much he had missed talking to you like this.
“Then I’ll be whatever you want me to be.” Renjun offers and watches the hint of surprise in your expression at his words. But you recover yourself in the next moment and look down at the bouquet and then you both laugh again, as if you’re acknowledging the absurdity of this artistic creation.
“How many wrappers are even in this?” you ask because you can’t stop sniggering at the image in your brain. Of Renjun sitting on the floor and unwrapping condoms one by one and trying to pinch and squeeze them in his dexterous fingers so they looked like beautiful carnations. 
“Honestly, I lost count after like the fiftieth one.” Renjun exhales and you giggle.
“There’s more wrappers than rubbers though. What did you do with the rest of the condoms?” you ask, narrowing your eyes at him.
“Ah, I’m glad you asked.” Renjun says and walks over to the box one last time and extracts what looks like a bunch of party balloons. By the time he brings them to you, you are cackling out in the open. Because now, the image of Renjun blowing into a condom one by one is in your brain and you’re out of commission with the funnies. 
Renjun stands there, a little sheepish, a little proud, holding onto the condom balloons, feeling a rush in his belly at making you laugh. If this was the feeling he got, he was going to make you laugh all the time from now on. “This is not even the last of it. My room is littered with so many condoms now.” he shakes his head and watches as you giggle some more. 
Renjun takes a deep breath, then takes the bouquet and balloons and sets them in the open box once again. Then he turns to speak to you.
“Y/N. I can understand if you don’t want to be with me right away. If you don’t want to forgive me right away. But I want you to know that I’m willing to wait for as long as it takes.” his heart is in his hands again and he doesn’t know if he’s ever spoken to anyone with as much sincerity.
“Hmm… how long do you think you can wait, realistically speaking?” you quip as you take a step closer to him.
“I don’t know. But I’m pretty fired up right now. I’ve been going a week strong and I still have a lot of juice left.” Renjun offers.
“What if I make you wait a whole year?” you challenge.
“Then I’ll bring you coffee before all your classes. I’ll carry your bag around campus. I’ll walk you home and do your groceries for you and keep apologizing to you till you take pity on me.”
“Mmm, are you really going to simp for me like that?”
“I’m really gonna simp for you,” Renjun nods, “I’ll simp for you so fucking hard, there wouldn’t be a simp bigger than me in this whole entire world.”
You step even closer to him, “What if I forgive you now, wouldn’t you do all of that then?”
“If you forgive me now, I’ll start simping for you this very minute and never stop.” Renjun promises.
Your smile grows from amused to fond. And then you put your arms around his neck as you speak to him. 
“I’m not actually going to make you do any of that, Huang Renjun. But I will forgive you now.” you whisper in his ear.
Renjun’s eyes widen and he holds you by the waist to pull you back, just so he can look at your face “You’ll forgive me now?”
“Mhmm.” you nod with certainty and hold him so warmly and so wholeheartedly that Renjun feels he has been healed completely. 
But after a few moments, your hold becomes more meaningful, more tender, more empathetic. You put a hand to the back of his head and bring your lips to his ear.
“I’m sorry I couldn’t be there for you when you were going through so much.” you whisper as you hold him.
“No, no, you don’t have to be sorry about anything. I’m the one who should be sorry.” Renjun just wants to turn his head and kiss you, but he doesn’t know if he’s allowed to. 
“Still… you went through all of that alone. It must have been so hard.” you say so softly, stroking the back of his head. Then it’s like you’ve heard his mind, because you turn your face and kiss his temple, “I’m sorry for leaving you alone. I’m never going to do that again.” And Renjun’s eyes close because as always, you were peeking right into his heart and holding him like you wanted to take his pain away. 
You had no reason to be speaking to him like this. You could’ve left with the upper hand, being the one that was apologized to. You could’ve held your nose in the air and made him beg some more and thrown words at him like daggers till you made him hurt like he hurt you. You could’ve had the last word.
But here you were, holding him with so much kindness, no revenge or bitterness or venom in your heart. 
Renjun had arrived here on a mission: to beg for your forgiveness. Yet you’re the one that’s holding him and consoling him. And Renjun can’t help it that he’s sinking into the embrace, not realizing how much he wanted to be held just like this. And once again, you’re the person that’s acknowledging his pain, his suffering, his heart. You’re once again seeing the boy that deep down just wants to be consoled and you’re holding him because you see his pain in a way no one else can. 
And Renjun finds himself falling harder. So he holds you tight, his arms around your waist locking. 
“I’m never going to leave you alone, either.” Renjun promises. One day, he was going to know your mind. He was going to see how you were as warm as you were, as forgiving as you were, as full of love and kindness as you were. He was going to spend every day getting to know you, making up for all the times he had stopped himself from learning too much.
He inhales you in and opens his eyes, because now there’s only one thing left to do. So, he moves his hands from your waist and brings it to your face. He leans in and finally, presses his lips to yours. He kisses you like he’d fantasized about for weeks. He communicates all that his words couldn’t with his lips. Kissing you in apology, kissing you in the hopes of becoming a better person, kissing you in gratitude for your forgiveness, kissing you in the promise of being the kind of boyfriend you deserved.
And if this were going to be your first day, he was going to start proving to you that he could be that boyfriend right away. So he calls a cab and loads your bag and your condom sculptures and your cactus in the trunk. During the ride, he holds you in his arms in the backseat of the cab like he had done that one time. Except this time, you’re both awake and you’re both sincere in your hearts. He orders food whilst still on the ride, because you’ve been travelling and you must be tired and hungry, and also because he wants it to have arrived before you get there so you don’t have to wait. And he braves stepping into your apartment with you and taking whatever insults and curses that Yeri might throw his way.
Because finally, he could hold you in his arms with nothing holding him back. Now, you were you and he was him. You were Y/N and Renjun, the fated two that had met in online class, and now had nothing but forever in front of them.
Tumblr media
Copyright © 2021 NeoCultureTravesty. All rights reserved.
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dreamsafterhours · 3 days ago
MAZE TRIAL ZERO: An NCT Dream x The Maze Runner AU (Report: Day One)
Folder: MAZE TRIAL ZERO > Folder: Progress Reports > Folder: Week One > File: Report: Day One
Attached files > File: Potential Subject Profiles
Report: Day One (01/01/231)
12:00: SUBJECT 01 summoned to PREP WARD.
12:30: PREP SHOT administered to Subject during operation to insert BIO CHIP into Subject's KILLZONE.
17:00: Preparations to insert SUBJECT 01 into MAZE completed.
17:00:08: ELEVATOR activated. Ascent into MAZE begins.
17:00:36: SUBJECT 01 wakes inside ELEVATOR.
17:00:41: Subject attempts to access NAME MEMORY FILE.
BIO CHIP indicates acute activation of sympathetic nervous system: elevated heart rates, incr. perspiration, heightened adrenaline and cortisol levels, widened bronchial passages, temporary deactivation of all immediately non-essential bodily functions.
BIO CHIP measures heart rate past 100 BPM. Peaks at 154 BPM.
Note: Side effects of PREP SHOT include impermanent retrograde amnesia, nausea, spatial and temporal disorientation. SUBJECT 01 may experience fluctuating perception of time in ELEVATOR.
Transcript of ELEVATOR audio recording at 17:00:00:
Recording Begins.
[Elevator gears grinding. Continues for approx. 36 seconds.]
Sedative properties of PREP SHOT fully wear off as SUBJECT 01 wakes with a gasp.
[Nausea causes emesis.]
[Spluttering as Subject recovers and orients himself.]
SUBJECT 01: What the... (inaudible.)
[Subject stands.]
SUBJECT 01: Hello? Hey! — hello?
17:01: ELEVATOR completes ascent into MAZE.
[Silence for approx. 5 seconds.]
[Elevator doors open overhead.]
[Silence as Subject recovers from sudden light.]
Remainder of audio consists of Subject climbing to exit Elevator.
Recording Ends.
17:03: Subject enters HOMESTEAD.
17:03:11: Subject attempts to access NAME MEMORY FILE.
17:03:31: SURVEILLANCE CAMERA #43 captures Subject examining the surroundings, spinning in circles as Subject processes INNER MAZE WALLS.
BIO CHIP indicates further activation of sympathetic nervous system: elevated heart rates, incr. perspiration, heightened adrenaline and cortisol levels, widened bronchial passages, temporary deactivation of all immediately non-essential bodily functions.
17:05:37: Subject collapses to knees. Minor bruising occurs. Remains in position for approx. 6 minutes.
17:05:55: Subject attempts to access NAME MEMORY FILE.
BIO CHIP indicates incr. activity of parasympathetic nervous system: decr. heart rate to 99 BPM at 15:10:22. Heart rate lowers to 94 at 17:11:03.
17:11: Subject stands and walks towards SOUTH WALL.
17:16: Subject reaches SOUTH WALL. Knocks on the stone twice. Places his fingertips on the stone and runs it along the wall until he reaches SOUTH DOOR.
17:18: SURVEILLANCE CAMERA #3 captures Subject reaching SOUTH DOOR and looking into the MAZE. Remains in position for approximately 1 minute.
BIO CHIP measures incr. activity in medial temporal lobe as Subject processes spatial components of the MAZE beyond SOUTH DOOR. Subject's sympathetic nervous response is activated.
Transcript of SURVEILLANCE CAMERA #3 audio recording at 17:18:52:
Recording begins.
SUBJECT 01: What...?
Recording ends.
17:20: Subject turns and walks away from SOUTH DOOR. Subject approaches FOREST.
17:26: SURVEILLANCE CAMERA #93 captures Subject reaching FOREST and walking west along tree line.
17:28: Subject sits at edge of FOREST, looking to SOUTH WALL.
17:29:35: Subject attempts to access NAME MEMORY FILE.
BIO CHIP indicates activation of sympathetic nervous system and heightened activity in prefrontal cortex.
17:48: Subject stands and walks toward SOUTH DOOR.
17:52: SURVEILLANCE CAMERA #3 captures Subject pausing in front of SOUTH DOOR.
17:52:36: Subject enters MAZE SECTION 6.
BIO CHIP measures incr. heart rate, peaking at 137 BPM at 17:57:36.
17:53: SURVEILLANCE CAMERA #4 captures Subject walking slowly down SOUTH DOOR CORRIDOR.
17:54:19: Subject reaches first alternate path. After careful consideration (heightened activity in prefrontal cortex and medial temporal lobe), Subject turns right.
17:54: Further exploration of SECTION 6. Encounters 3 dead ends. Continuous active use of medial temporal lobe and hippocampus indicate spatial memory at work.
17:57:43: SURVEILLANCE CAMERA #7 captures Subject staring up at darkening sky, turning back after approx. 9 seconds and retracing steps to HOMESTEAD.
17:59:50: Closing of all MAZE DOORS initiated.
BIO CHIP measures sharp incr. in adrenaline levels as Subject breaks into a sprint.
18:00:00: MAZE DOORS close. MAZE BEASTS #1 through #8 are released into the MAZE from respective SECTIONS.
18:00:00: Subject collapses to knees. Further bruising occurs. Remains in sitting position for approx. 1 minute, recovering from fear response.
Transcript of SURVEILLANCE CAMERA #3 audio recording at 18:08:57:
Recording begins.
MAZE BEAST #6: [Screeches]
[Subject stands and distances himself from CLOSED SOUTH DOOR.]
Recording ends.
BIO CHIP measures activation of parasympathetic nervous system and incr. activity in hippocampus and prefrontal cortex.
18:10: Subject approaches ELEVATOR and opens hatch. Subject examines contents of Elevator and jumps in.
Transcript of ELEVATOR audio recording at 18:10:14:
Recording begins.
SUBJECT 01: [Reading labels on boxes] WICKED.
SUBJECT 01: What the [REDACTED] does WICKED mean? (Inaudible.)
Remainder of audio consists of Subject reading labels of equipment and supplies aloud.
[Click as Subject turns on a torch.]
Recording ends.
18:11: SURVEILLANCE CAMERA #43 captures objects being thrown out of Elevator. First, a sleeping bag, followed by a bag of clothing. Continues until all supplies are unloaded from Elevator.
18:15: Subject climbs out of Elevator and closes hatch. Proceeds to organise supplies.
18:23: Subject completes supply organisation. Begins setting up makeshift tent.
18:39: Subject completes tent set-up. SURVEILLANCE CAMERA #78 captures Subject starting to eat in rations.
19:11: Subject sets up sleeping bag and prepares for sleep.
MAZE BEASTS continue to howl and screech throughout the night. As a result, Subject experiences difficulty falling asleep. Audio recordings from SURVEILLANCE CAMERA #78 coincide with BIO CHIP measurements of bursts of activity in sympathetic nervous system at 19:12:37, 19:23:40, 21:05:36, 22:46:29, 23:07:47, 23:07:49 and 23:34:40.
23:38:47: Subject attempts to access NAME MEMORY FILE.
23:39:56: Subject accesses NAME MEMORY FILE.
Transcript of SURVEILLANCE CAMERA #78 audio recording at 23:39:57:
Recording begins.
SUBJECT 01: Mark.
[Subject laughs and repeats his name twice.]
Recording ends.
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destroy me :: jaemin
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
requested: yes // pairings: jaemin x gn! reader // genre: angst, break up! au // wc: 0.3k // ratings: pg
tw: mentions of cheating and pregnancy, swearing
Tumblr media
the sound of your shaky hoarse voice, rang in his ears as he feels disappointed in himself.
“I can explain-” he stepped closer, in which you took a step back.
“there is nothing to explain na jaemin!” your scream gave a sharp pain in his heart. he didn't mean to do it, he doesn't want you hurt- that was what he promised himself. but seeing you like this, he knew he failed, he knew he broke his promise.
“you got my sister pregnant jaemin- you got her pregnant! what is there to explain?!” you cried out, screaming, as you released all your pain. you just got home from your work and this is what you get? from your boyfriend and sister?
“we didn't mean it-”
“the fuck do you mean 'didn't mean it'?” you let out a scoff as you placed your hands on your waist. biting your lip as you prevent yourself from crying again. “I don't need an explanation jaemin, it already happened- you can't bring back time!”
“I know I fucked up but please let's fix this.” he cried out, his voice beginning to shake, looking like he's gonna break down any second. upon hearing his voice, you also broke down. to be honest, you really wanted to forgive him but it's not that easy. he ruined your relationship- he destroyed it. and also you.
“as much as I hate to say this,” you choked back your tears as you look away from his teary expression, heart heavy as you spit out the next words.
“we're over.”
you left the room, leaving jaemin alone, breaking into tears. he's too late to fix everything. he knew it destroyed you.. he knew it ruined you, and he can't do anything to make it right.
Tumblr media
reiichann © all rights reserved
Tumblr media
TAGLIST. @bluejaem @kunrengui @zy-zen-nies @etherealbyeol @stayctday @leolo404 @kyuwoyo @oifelixcmerebrou @jaeminpeachy @floraljae @fullsunfluff @mieohmy (send an ask/dm, if you wanna be added!)
NETWORKS. @czennienet, @dreamwritersnet, @prism-nw, @ficscafe @k-flixnet, @neoturtles
A/N. reposting some of my works from @.marklywrites!! thank you for reading! feedbacks are always appreciated <3
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neotism · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairing(s): chenle x gn!reader
genre(s): fluff, model!au, celebrity!au
word count: 566
warning(s): none (please let me know if there are any!)
Tumblr media
as sam kim’s where’s my money blasts in the background, your focus is on one specific individual only.
his pale platinum-brownish locks is dispersed away from his eyes, unlocking a view to his sharp set of coloured contacts. taking the strands of hair to the side, he plays with it until he’s satisfied.
you can’t help but be hyper fixated on him.
when he notices your gaze, he careens his head. “eh? what are you looking at, y/n?”
blinking, you shake yourself out of that stupor, offering him a soft smile. “i was looking at the tree behind you.”
chenle snickers, knowing full well how you are lying straight through your teeth. there is no tree. “mhm, stop daydreaming. come on, we have to finish this last cut.”
at the mention, much like a reminder, reality seems bleaker. there are constraints on the time that is limited to the both of you. sooner or later, this project will have to end.
the grin on your face loosens, making chenle feel slightly bad. “don’t worry about it, y/n. it’ll be okay.” he scratches the back of his neck, not knowing how to properly comfort you.
but just his presence and support is enough.
you let him take your hand, towing you along to the set. instructions are shouted and people are running around, readying themselves for the last session of the day.
adjusting your top, you turn to fix his’ too. with a glow, the photographer snaps a picture.
“that was a good improv shot, y/n! chenle, your expression is perfect!”
“keep it up, guys! you’re both doing great.”
chenle reaches his hesitant fingers up, brushing a thread of hair over your ear. his orbs drink in your appearance, marvelled by the cute scrunch of your nose.
“that’s what we’re looking for! perfect!”
blushing, much to your embarrassment; at least your crimson cheeks are concealed by the makeup.
the model next to you seems to adore the way you panic. his eyes crinkling into a bright twinkle, a genuine, tender laugh frees from his chest.
the iridescence in chenle’s eyes attracts you deeper into a trance. with clear admiration, you observe your reflection in his dazzling orbs.
unexpectedly, he pulls you closer to him. laying your head against his torso, he skims his fingers through your hair. his delicate hold, fragile touch emotes his fondness for you.
“wow, it looks intimate, chenle. phenomenal job!”
chenle and you had been contracted to work on this project, boosting both your careers into further limelight.
though, somehow along the way, you both managed to learn how to confide in one another.
as you can see, how would you be able to not be affected by him? in the way he thinks, speaks, and believes in the world.
merits come naturally to him — artistry and musicality are just a few — uprooted by firm morals and a strong work ethic.
how could one not fall for him?
then, suddenly, everything is overwhelming. his gentle smile triggers a shy reaction from you. curling inwards, you hide your face from chenle. a faint giggle rifts past his lips.
and you still can’t believe it —
feeling a little more confident, chenle leans closer to you. by your ear he whispers something only you can hear. “can we announce that we’re official soon? i can’t wait any longer.”
— he’s your other half.
Tumblr media
network(s): @neoturtles @nctcreations @kwritersworld @dreamwritersnet @neowritingsnet @nct-writers
taglist: @kyuwoyo @jaeminpeachy @fullsunfluff @oifelixcmerebrou @koishua @bluejaem @bluejaem-rbs @stayctday @treasuretaeil @blossomnct + please send an ask or comment if you’d like to be added!
a/n: please ignore the fact that i had posted this a few weeks ago and tumblr completely messed up the quality 😭
✧ i do not own any of the pictures used.
© 2021 neotism | all rights reserved.
Tumblr media
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neoculturetravesty · 5 days ago
We met in online class - Part 9
Tumblr media
Image adapted from here.
Pairing: Renjun x Reader Genre: College AU, romance, angst, fluff Warnings: Strong language, fist fight, a character has Covid-19 Word Count: 5.2k
Navigation: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | You are on Part 9 | Part 10
A/N: So proud of the boys for breaking records with Hot Sauce 🥺💛  Also, Eid Mubarak to all who celebrate!
Tumblr media
Renjun is ashamed to be surprised, but his friends remain true to their word.
That night, Renjun slept for what he’s sure was a good fourteen hours. Because by the time he woke, it was way in the afternoon. Jaemin was already back from his shift and Jeno was almost halfway through his. Jisung had insisted that Renjun get some more rest before he had to take over. It was a tiny bit disconcerting to have Jisung hovering over him the entire day to make sure he was eating and feeling okay, but Renjun had to admit--this was exactly what he needed. He didn’t like who he was when he was alone.
The boys had apparently even created a dedicated group chat where they would post updates and a list of things that were required at the hospital. Not that there was much required, anyway. But the boys would make sure that at the very least, Renjun’s mom had fresh clothes and home cooked food everyday while she couldn’t get out herself. Jaemin had even taken Renjun’s phone and gotten it fixed so he at least had a proper screen instead of a cracked one.
Even when Renjun was sure that he could take over on his own, the boys wouldn’t allow it. On many occasions, he had just stayed by them during their turns, thankful for their company and their friendship. Because who else in this world would spend their semester break in this fashion? He’s pretty sure they had plans; but they had forsaken them all to be there for him. 
Renjun has no idea how it happens, but slowly and surely, things start to get better. He’s pretty certain it has to be some sort of a miracle. Like a little break of sunshine had finally decided to shine on him through the dark clouds. Like somehow, his guardian angel had decided that it had slacked off for long enough and now it should give Renjun a break. Because one day, the doctors tell them that Renjun’s grandmother will be a lot weaker for the next few days to come… but with a lot of care and attention, she should be ready to go home. They echo Renjun’s thoughts and tell them that it is nothing short of a miracle, but also that he should be thankful that his grandmother is still young and has a fighting spirit.
The day she is taken off of life support and brought into another room with a window through which he can see her, Renjun can’t hold himself back. He hugs onto Jaemin so tight and cries happy tears, and Jaemin holds him back just as strong, though he’s sure that he’s so overwhelmed by relief that he’s putting all of his weight onto the boy. But Jaemin doesn’t relent and holds onto him and lets him cry tears of joy into his shoulder.
The boys head home that night and laugh till they cry and celebrate Renjun’s grandma’s life and health. They eat like they had been hungry for days and slump their shoulders in ease like they had been keeping them tense for too long. They laugh and they sit together and keep letting out long sighs of relief, as if each breath was undoing a knot in their chest. It’s a sweet, victorious sort of a happy moment, and it is Jeno who has to remind them they need to focus now more than ever so that Renjun’s grandma can get her strength back and finally test negative. And it is an important reminder because the new semester is about to begin soon and given classes, they will have to redo their hospital visit schedules.
At the very least, they learn that the new semester would begin online, because the sudden surge in Covid cases had led them to another lockdown. Renjun’s not sure whether he should be happy or upset about it. On the one hand, he thinks this lockdown should’ve happened earlier so his grandma would’ve never gotten sick in the first place. On the other hand, he is happy that his grandma would now be safe and recover comfortably. 
When classes begin and Renjun finds all his housemates at home, his heart drops a little and he wonders if he should just skip today. But an amused Jeno mutes himself during his online class and stops him.
“You have other friends, too, you know?” Jeno cocks an eyebrow at him.
“Yeah, but I’m sure they have classes, too. Plus, the four of us have been doing this from the beginning, so… I don’t know…” Renjun says, rubbing the back of his neck, feeling a bit nervous about leaving his mother and grandma on their own without help. But Jeno looks at him like he’s talking gibberish.
“Dude. Not the four of us. All seven of us have been doing this from the very beginning.” Jeno says, eyebrow still cocked, looking at Renjun like he’s sure he’s lost his mind.
Renjun looks up and for a moment, he is sure his face looks dumb. Because if the buffering wheel was a human expression, Renjun’s certain he’s wearing it now. “All… seven?”
“Do you even check the group chat? Chenle and Mark and Donghyuck. They’ve all been doing their duty from Day 1, you idiot. How else would the rest of us come home so early?” Jeno scoffs and laughs a bit, knotting his eyebrows at his clueless friend.
For a moment, Renjun is silenced. Because he doesn’t know how to process this information. He feels a swell in his chest. A sort of happiness that only true friendship brings. But at the same time, he feels an incredible pang of guilt, because for one, he is an asshole that keeps underestimating the said friendship. And for the other, he had done absolutely nothing to be deserving of such love. 
“Dong… Donghyuck, too?” Renjun asks and he feels his heart breaking, though even in this surreal moment of realization, he recognizes how strange it is to feel heartbreak over something like this.
“Of course, you idiot. Donghyuck was the one that stayed at the hospital the entire first night when you were asleep.” Jeno tells him and smacks him lightly on the head.
And for the first time in his life, Renjun actually feels what it is like to have his head physically hang in shame. “I don’t deserve it.” he sighs.
“I really don’t understand you sometimes, Huang Renjun.” Jeno says and turns his attention back to his class.
“What do you mean?” Renjun retorts.
“Just because friends have a dumb fight, doesn’t mean they abandon each other in times of need.” Jeno states like it is the most obvious thing in the world.
It should be simple and obvious, everything Jeno has said. But to Renjun, it is groundbreaking. Because Renjun wasn’t used to being loved and cared for without condition. In his dark and convoluted view of the world, everything was give and take. You scratch my back, I scratch yours. But here they were--his friends that were shattering all of those dumbass beliefs. Telling him that although he had been a grade A asshole and punched them in the face, they understood that he was going through some shit, and that taking care of his sick grandmother trumped all other childish grudges. Renjun realizes that perhaps, he was the most childish out of all his friends. Somewhere in his turbulent childhood, he might have skipped a lot of emotional development. Because why else would the kindness and love of his friends shock him so?
Jeno peeks over the top of his laptop and watches Renjun deep in thought, paying no attention to his own class. “He’s at the hospital right now.” Jeno says knowingly.
And that’s all Renjun needs to hear before he slams his laptop shut and makes his way out.
Tumblr media
The fact that Renjun is probably a few steps behind in his emotional development is solidified when he sits next to Donghyuck on a park bench and suddenly finds himself at a loss for what to say.
The rush of blood and adrenaline he had felt in his veins leaving his house for his apology tour seemed to have faded when he saw his friend’s face. Donghyuck had been sitting next to Renjun’s father, but that hadn’t been the bothersome part. It was the fact that his friend was sitting there for him, but with a black eye that Renjun had given him. 
In the grand scheme of healing black eyes, Donghyuck definitely looked less hurt than the last time Renjun had seen him. The purples were mostly gone, leaving behind hues of yellow and a speck of blue here and there. Though he may have been healing, there were more colors on him than before and that’s what made him look worse. That’s also the part that makes Renjun feel most ashamed. His friend was here for him even though he looked like shit thanks to him.
Renjun is sure that on the list of top ten assholes of the world, he would find his own name on top.
But sitting next to Donghyuck outside in the fresh air, he has no idea what to say. He thinks real hard and decides to start in the safe zone.
“Did the guys tell you? About my grandma?” he asks.
“Um, no. It was Jimin.” Donghyuck replies awkwardly.
Renjun nods. “I, uh… I told the guys like a day later, though. Did you tell them before I did?”
“No, um… I was at a party with the 127s… I didn’t see her text till like the next day either, so…” Donghyuck trails off.
Renjun nods again, then swallows. It’s so strange, how awkward this all is. It is unsettling because Donghyuck is the least awkward person he knows, and he hates that this weird zone is where their relationship seems to be heading.
Not if he can help it.
In another rush of dumbass adrenaline, Renjun gets up abruptly and stands before Donghyuck.
“Go on. Do it.” Renjun says and takes a deep breath.
“Huh?” Donghyuck looks at his friend quizzically.
“Do it. Just make it quick.” Renjun nods with determination and points at his face.
“You’re crazy.” Donghyuck states and slides further away on the bench, eyebrows raised, and a grimace on his mouth.
“Just do it, man. Do it so we can move on.” Renjun says, placing both hands on his waist and squeezing his eyes shut.
“I’m not going to punch you so you can move on, you psycho.” Donghyuck’s face is contorted, like he’s scandalized and perhaps even slightly scared of his friend. 
“Come on, Donghyuckie. Just punch me and get it over with.” Renjun waves his hand impatiently, not relenting.
“Are you not hearing me, you crazy? I’m not punching you just to make you feel better!” Donghyuck almost yells.
And because Renjun is pretty sure this would work, he grabs at Donghyuck’s collar just to provoke him.
“What the fuck?!” Donghyuck tries to push Renjun off of him.
“Hit me!” Renjun shouts.
“No, are you fucking crazy! Get off me!” Donghyuck grabs at the sleeves of Renjun’s jacket and tries to pry him off. 
“Not till you hit me!” Renjun insists, clinging onto the boy, grabbing and pulling at him to annoy him best he can to get a reaction.
“I’m not going to hit you!” Donghyuck yells. The two boys spin in inelegant, rough circles on the grass, trying to push and pull at one another.
“Punch me or you got no balls!” Renjun yowls and then finally feels the blow to his face that sends him flying to the ground.
He pauses for a bit because his head spins for a solid ten seconds. He shakes it vigorously to get it to focus and it helps because then he looks up to find a very startled and distressed Donghyuck looking down at him, fist still raised in the air.
“That had more throw than power.” Renjun comments, massaging his jaw.
“Yeah, that’s what I was going for.” Donghyuck agrees. 
For a moment both boys nod and look at each other, acknowledging the technique and form of the punch. And then, they burst into laughter because fuck, all of this was so stupid. Renjun rolls on the grass and Donghyuck doubles over as he stands. Then he offers Renjun his hand to help him get up, which he takes eagerly, using it to lift up and fling himself into his friend’s arms. They hold each other strongly, thumping one another on the back. And just like that, the awkwardness is gone. All that was meant to be said has been said and now Renjun is no longer struggling to find his words. They come easily, because all of this is so natural. He was with his best friend, after all.
“You are a crazy motherfucker, you know that, right?” Donghyuck comments, shaking his head as they sit back down on the bench.
Renjun chuckles, then looks at the grass, because his head hangs in shame again. “I’m a sorry motherfucker.”
Donghyuck puts an arm around Renjun and thumps his back again. “You should be sorry, you dumb fuck. But also, you’ve got a pretty toxic coping mechanism, you know that, right?”
Renjun sighs long “I know. The longer I think about it, the dumber I feel.”
He expects his friend to make a joke in return but he feels his hesitation. So he looks up and finds Donghyuck trying to think of what to say. “Have you ever thought about… like sorting that out, maybe?” he finally asks.
“Sorting it out?” Renjun asks, confused.
“Like... you know this isn’t normal, right?” Donghyuck asks, and he doesn’t sound like he’s mocking. His tone doesn’t have the slightest hint of a joke and that’s what makes Renjun realize what he’s talking about.
“No… no, I haven’t…” Renjun admits. He doesn’t know why he’s never thought about ‘sorting it out’. Perhaps because he’s always thought he was smarter than anyone who could offer him help.
“You could give it a try. Talking to someone really helps sometimes, you know? Getting help can help.” Donghyuck says carefully.
Renjun bites his lip. He knows his friend is right, but he’s never really, truly given it a thought. Donghyuck senses his discomfort and changes the subject.
“Your grandma is finally getting tested again tomorrow.” he says as he stretches.
Renjun smiles “Yeah. I honestly can’t believe it…” he looks at his best friend “... but I also don’t know if I’ll ever be able to thank you…”
Donghyuck frowns and shakes Renjun by the shoulder “Stop it before I throw up.”
“I mean it.”
“I’ll throw up even if you mean it.”
“Okay, really, stop. Also, I’m not even the one you should be thanking. Or apologizing to.” Donghyuck sits back after he’s had his fill of shaking Renjun.
“Of course, you’re the one I should be thanking and apologizing to, you stupid. You did all of this for me even when I was an absolute asshole to you.” Renjun presses.
“You are an asshole, but you’re also a dumb asshole.” Donghyuck declares.
“Hey, I’m trying to apologize nicely, here.” Renjun pouts and his friend lets out a long, exasperated sigh.
“I thought you were just being obtuse but you seriously don’t know…” Donghyuck shakes his head.
“Know what?” Renjun asks and Donghyuck shrugs and acts like a little shit which annoys Renjun, but at the same time fills him with relief. Because Donghyuck being a little shit to him means their friendship has been restored to its original state. But he asks again “Know what?!”
“Dude, no offense or anything, but did you really think your parents can put your grandma in a private room all on their own?” Donghyuck asks.
Renjun stops a bit. He’d been so worried about the fact that his grandma’s life was hanging by a thread that he hadn’t even thought about the expenses part. He knows his grandma had a little bit in savings, but his parents for sure didn’t earn that much. Come to think of it, he hadn’t even realized that this was one of the nicer hospitals around.
“Fuck it, I’m really going to have to spell it out for you. Since your brain doesn’t seem to be working.” Donghyuck sighs dramatically.
“Dude. This is Y/N’s parents’ hospital. Your mother couldn’t possibly keep taking care of your grandma all on her own, now could she? When Y/N found out, she went crazy. She made her parents direct all their best resources into taking care of your grandma.”
For a while, the information hangs in the air.
Renjun had thought that he would never get to feel things that were new and unexplainable ever again. He thought he had experienced every single feeling his body had to offer. The past month alone had put him through more emotions than he had experienced in his whole life. He had seen it all, felt it all.
But what he’s experiencing right now doesn’t feel like gratitude or shame or longing or anything one should expect to feel in a situation like this. It just feels like a soft light has filled his chest and is lifting him in the air. He feels like he’s floating, like he’s having an out of body experience. 
“Oh,” is the only thing he can manage to say.
And then he remembers your face. He hadn’t realized it then, but he sees now how badly he had wanted to see you that night. He had wanted no one but you to hold him and kiss him and tell him that he wasn’t alone. And he remembers how he couldn’t tell you any of that. He remembers how you had walked away with another man. 
And that makes him come back to earth. He feels a resigned sort of sadness.
“Y/N is… she would do that for anybody, wouldn’t she?” Renjun smiles sadly.
“She probably would. But you should’ve seen how worried she was. Even now, she is on the phone everyday with her parents, making sure they’re doing everything they can. She didn’t want what happened to her grandmother to happen to yours.” Donghyuck tells him.
Renjun looks up “What happened to her grandmother?”
Donghyuck raises his eyebrows. “She passed away from Covid last year?” His eyebrows go higher still “She says she’s told you about this?”
Renjun thinks, and then it’s as if a veil on his memory is slowly but poorly being lifted. He remembers laying his head on your shoulder. He remembers feeling your shirt dampen from his tears. He remembers your fingers drawing relaxing patterns in his hair. He remembers your soothing voice, speaking to him with such tenderness that Renjun had barely heard your words and had focused instead on it’s sweet tones. But now, when Renjun is forcing himself to think, he very foggily recalls what you had been saying. You had been telling him about your own grandmother. Why hadn’t Renjun listened? Why did Renjun never listen when you spoke? He was such a selfish, arrogant fool. He wishes he could go back and change it all. 
Donghyuck shakes his head. “Are you really….” he sighs again, “Nevermind. But yeah, she basically went nuts because she couldn’t be here with you.”
Renjun’s heart is aching and he’s pretty sure his face reflects it. “I wish I could take it all back. Everything I did to her.”
“You can take it back.” Donghyuck says.
“Apologize to her, you dummy.” Donghyuck smacks the back of his head.
“How? I tried calling her once but she didn’t pick up.” Renjun admits.
“Then you should call her again and again and again till it sticks.” Donghyuck says plainly and it makes so much fucking sense that Renjun is embarrassed that he hadn’t thought it.
“Yeah, but…” Renjun swallows, “... it doesn’t really matter now, does it?”
“What do you mean?” Donghyuck asks.
“She’s with Wong Hendery now. So…” Renjun can’t even complete the thought.
“What do you mean she’s with Wong Hendery?” Donghyuck scrunches his brows deep in his forehead in confusion.
“She left with him for the semester break. I went to see her… but she left with him…” Renjun presses his lips together.
“Wait…” Donghyuck says and Renjun looks up and nods at him as if to confirm the fact. But he sees something entirely different on his friend’s face. It’s an expression of deep dumbfoundedness. “... are you some sort of an idiot?” He asks like Renjun is the dimmest person he has ever come across.
And Renjun doesn’t help his cause because he only blinks in return.
“Dude! She’s not ‘with Wong Hendery,’” Donghyuck gets up and smacks Renjun across the head once again. “They’re partners on the SMK Trainee Drive. She’s literally been preparing for this for months? Shouldn’t you know this?”
Renjun blinks some more. SMK Trainee Drive? Renjun had heard and personally seen you preparing for interviews and these drives. But somehow a lot of it hadn’t registered in his brain. Once again, probably because he never listened to you well. Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck, he was an idiot. He was the biggest idiot on the planet.
Yet right now, he was a smiling idiot whose heart was suddenly filling with hope. “She’s not… with… she’s not with Hendery?” Renjun is embarrassed. He feels so fucking stupid asking this, but he absolutely can’t help the smile spreading across his face.
“She’s literally at the tower right now. She’s been stuck because we went into lockdown whilst she was there. It’s why she couldn’t come and see you. But the highway doesn’t open for another week, so she’ll be stuck till then.” Donghyuck explains, and Renjun feels his heart exploding with joy at every word. He’s pretty sure he’s grinning shamelessly. 
“Why do I know more about your girlfriend than you do? Oh wait. It's because 'she's not your girlfriend.’” Donghyuck does a perfectly exaggerated mimicry of Renjun that reminds him of that one SpongeBob meme. On a normal day, he would’ve wanted to smack his friend for doing this. But in this moment, he is all too happy to be the one being smacked and mocked.
Renjun laughs with relief, then finds his laugh fading a bit. “Do you think she’ll forgive me? For everything I did?”
“I don’t know, man. But you wouldn’t know unless you try.” Donghyuck once again states something that should be obvious.
“How do I try if she’s not picking up my calls? And when she won’t even be here for another week?” Renjun sulks a bit but gets smacked in the head again.
“Dude! She literally did everything in the world to help your grandma, and she was in a wholeass different city! She did that all for you! I’m sure you can figure out a simple apology.” Donghyuck has his arms crossed and is now seriously looking agitated with him and it makes Renjun smile.
“She really did that for me?” Renjun asks and he doesn’t even care if he sounds like a cheesy motherfucker. He doesn’t even care he’s being this way in front of Lee Donghyuck who probably won’t let him live it down for the rest of his life.
“Of course she did that for you, you idiot.” Renjun earns another smack at the end of that.
“Does she like me?” Renjun asks like a stupid, hopeful teenage boy.
Donghyuck pretends to gag and moves away in disgust. But then he sees Renjun’s expression and lets out a long, irritated exhale. “Of course she likes you, you dumb fuck.” Renjun gets hit in the head, “Why would she do all of this if she didn’t like you?” Renjun gets another smack, “Oh Lord, please give me the strength to not commit murder. I am not your strongest soldier…” Donghyuck looks up at the sky and Renjun laughs openly, freely and lightly. He feels as if all the knots in his chest are slowly being undone one by one. So he jumps up and tries to tackle and cuddle Donghyuck but he keeps moving away. The two boys run around in the ground, Renjun chasing Donghyuck, trying to attack him with his love while he complains that his hair smells.
And Renjun accepts all his insults with a newly healed heart. You liked him. Despite everything that he’d done to you, you liked him. You had worried about him and done everything in your power to help his grandma. You had kept tabs on her and made sure she was healing even though you were miles away. You liked him, and you weren’t with a new guy and you liked him.
As he walks back towards the hospital with his arm around his best friend’s shoulders, he decides that if it came to it that he had to beg and grovel for your forgiveness, he would happily spend the rest of his life on his knees. Because you liked him and Renjun was never going to let you go ever again.
Tumblr media
True to his word (for maybe the first time in your relationship), Renjun spends the rest of the week trying to reach you. Because his apology tour wouldn’t be complete without his most important stop--you.
He calls you so many times; but each time, he only gets to hear the dial tone and the mechanical voice telling him that the user is unreachable at the moment. You never pick up.
But his mind and his spirit is fueled by Donghyuck’s advice, and this time, the advice is a lot more sound and a lot less exploitative. So, Renjun doesn’t give up because he has to make it stick. You had never given up on him. He wasn’t going to give up on you. When he’s sure you won’t pick up his calls, he leaves you a string of messages.
‘Hey, Y/N. I’m trying to call you. Please pick up?’
‘I know you have every right to be mad at me, but I just need a chance to apologize.’
‘I’m seriously the biggest idiot in the world, but I need to tell you that in person.’ 
‘Okay, I’m coming to you.’
‘Turns out I can’t just negotiate with the police to let me cross the city lines to get to the girl I like.’
‘Y/N, please…’
‘I’m the world’s sorriest and the most embarrassed motherfucker and I need to hear your voice to tell you that.’
‘I am Berry-Berry sorry, and I’m just asking for one chance to get to talk to you.
‘I’m not going to stop, you know?’
He has to admit that his patience is wearing thin. Because he’s trying every method and none of it is working; and also because his pride had never allowed him to beg and grovel to anyone before. It’s a humbling experience, but at the same time, he doesn’t feel burdened by it. This was for you. The girl who had done everything in her power to make him fall. The girl who had given him more love and kindness than anyone else in the world had. The girl who had taken his troubles and worries as her own. So, of course, he had to do everything in his power to earn your forgiveness.
But as he’s sitting in his room, trying to call you for what he’s sure is the twentieth time that day, he hears that your phone has been powered off. For a moment, Renjun feels immensely dispirited. Maybe he had lost you for good. Maybe you never wanted to hear from him ever again. Maybe this is what he deserved.
But in the next moment, Renjun stops himself. No. He wasn’t going to let his mind spiral that way again. He had to think with a good, clear mind. He couldn’t sit around and sulk without knowing he had explored all possible options. He needed to get creative and for that, he needed to think.
He could certainly wait it out till the week was over and when you’d be back. But he wanted to spend each passing minute letting you know that he was trying. So, that wasn’t an option.
Maybe he could look at the map and find some loopholes and secret passageways across the city. Surely, some of them had to be unmanned so he could break the lockdown law and get to you? That would certainly be impactful, being locked up in jail as a grand gesture of an apology. But Renjun was no action hero.
Renjun sits and thinks and thinks and thinks till a light bulb finally goes off. Of course. A grand gesture. He yells into his pillow out of excitement and frustration that he hadn’t thought of this before. If one thing had been established during this time, it was the fact that Renjun was a dumb fuck with a penchant for being blind to the obvious. 
He gets up bright and early the next morning and rushes to see your friend at her apartment. He sits beside her as her online class starts, away from the camera view and finds his heart filling with the utmost warmth as he sees your window finally appear on the screen. Even in the tiny box, you looked so freaking beautiful that for a minute, Renjun stops and stares as butterflies take over his belly. But he taps his cheek to get himself to focus. He was here on a mission.
He waits for the class to begin before he slides himself into view next to your friend and types out a message on the chat that had taken him all night to prepare. He hits ‘Send to Everyone’ and waits.
And thankfully, the professor--miraculously the same professor who had done this the very first time all that time ago--stops to read it out,
“This might be a long shot, but Y/N L/N, do you think you can find it in your heart to give me another chance?” he begins, squinting his eyes slightly in confusion as he reads on, then smiling as realization hits. “Well, that’s certainly not a question from Ms. Kim Minjeong, I can tell you that.” he jokes and waits because as it had before, this has piqued the students’ interest.
Renjun watches as your pretty eyes widen. He watches them skirt across your screen, seemingly looking for the cause of the commotion. He watches the moment of realization hitting your pretty face. And he waits.
“Well, Ms. Y/N L/N, are you going to put the young man out of his misery?” the professor jokes kindly and Renjun thinks he might die from the anticipation.
And then, he watches as you move to unmute yourself.
“Yeah, I guess I could give him another chance,” you say nonchalantly which earns you a round of applause and hoots from all other windows. Because college students will always love dramatic antics.
The professor calls the class back to attention and Renjun sits back in his chair, grinning like an idiot because the girl he had fallen for had given him another chance.
Tumblr media
Copyright © 2021 NeoCultureTravesty. All rights reserved.
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0606-hyuck · 5 days ago
fireworks at midnight
Tumblr media
♡ looking back on your last new year's eve party with mark, you realise it's not about what he says to you, but how he makes you feel, that really matters
pairing: best friend!mark x reader
genre: fluff, college!au, party!au
word count: 1.3K
a/n: this is something i wrote no joke about seven years ago and am reposting on my tumblr :) hence why it isn't really up to standard but i didn't wanna have to rewrite the whole thing lol // tagging @nct-writers
Tumblr media
With each sip you took of the clear, colourless liquid, you felt your soul slip closer and closer to the warm embrace of temporary rest. The transparent drink swirled around your cup hypnotically, enticing you to “one more sip, one more sip!” It distressed you that this poison was so easily presented in a colourful plastic cup, and if one was not careful, had absolute control over a person's mind. 
The people around you screamed at each other over the headache-inducing, bassy, electronic music. Teenagers danced around the room, pressing their sweaty bodies closer as they jumped to the music. The party had been going on for awhile, so the stale stench of sweat stained the air. A tall girl, much older than yourself, was handing out bottles of beer to everyone, but the bitter, burning taste of straight vodka lingering in your mouth forced you to decline her offer. 
As you headed out to the backyard, the music faded slightly and the pounding in your temples dulled. Stepping over the body of a poor young girl who clearly couldn’t handle her alcohol, you headed to the furthest possible place from the house you could find. There was an overwhelming whiff of vomit and smoke in the air, but you didn’t mind - at least you could get away from all your drunk classmates. 
New Year’s Eve is a memorable time for everyone. It is a night where you can just let loose because, after all, you survived another year. It is a night where everyone feels on top of the world. And the parties! You’d been going to New Year’s Eve parties since your early teens, although New Year’s Eve last year was slightly different - it was the first time you hadn’t seen the New Year’s through surrounded by drunk teenagers. It’s a memory you will never forget. 
37 minutes to midnight. 
Pulling out your phone, you desperately searched for something to distract yourself from the trainwreck this party had become. You noticed a male figure exit from the house and pause as he scanned the backyard. A few moments later, the figure sauntered towards your position against the back fence, a happy twinkle in his eye. As he approached, you observed the familiar tidy black hair, child-like dimples, and a wide smile that you knew was reserved for only you. 
“What are you doing out here by yourself?” He questioned in his silvery voice once he was in talking distance. “You’re at a party, Y/N, you should be socializing!” 
Chuckling, you replied, “you know me, Mark, I’m not really a party person. I just came to see the promised fireworks.”
A large grin spread across Mark's face at your statement.
“You know what? I have the perfect place in mind to watch the fireworks!” After seeing the skeptical look you threw his way, Mark added, “come on, Y/N, let’s do something fun to end our last night together. In a few months, I’ll be leaving for a tour and it will be your first year of college.”
"Yeah, I guess you’re right,” you sighed, giving into Mark's pleading eyes. 
28 minutes to midnight.
You didn’t realize how tense you were until Mark was driving you down the highway in his deep blue Jeep Cherokee. With the roof down, Mark turned the radio up and you sang the lyrics out for everyone to hear. While Mark definitely was not a singer, he gave it his best go and had you in tears after his voice cracked loudly on a high note. As you traveled, you two sang songs about broken hearts and forgotten dreams, but it didn’t dampen your mood. The loud chorus of parties throughout the city seemed endless. It wasn’t until you reached the outskirts of the city did the noise die down. 
“Where are we going, Mark? We’re going to miss the fireworks!” you commented, concerned, quickly jumping out of the Jeep as your friend pulled up to a desolate petrol station. 
“I know,” he replied as you entered the shop. “So let’s get going quickly!”
After paying for two neon green cans of cheap energy drinks, you jumped back into the Cherokee and continued on your adventure.
12 minutes to midnight. 
Mark sped the Jeep up the winding road towards the looming black silhouette of the hill above us. With the wind blowing through his shaggy hair, Mark haphazardly navigated the dark road, veering close to the edge but never close enough to tip the two of you into the rock depths of the cliff below. His driving was questionable, to be honest, but you were more focused on whether you were going to miss the fireworks.
"Close your eyes,” instructed Mark, his voice becoming husky and his eyes never leaving the road. 
“What?” You cried. 
“You trust me, don’t you?”
“Yes, but-”
“I have a surprise. Close your eyes.”
Raising an eyebrow at Mark's mysteriousness, you reluctantly complied.
3 minutes to midnight. 
Recklessly jerking the car keys from the lock cylinder, Mark cut the car engine off. Silence. You could hear only the wind swirling through the trees behind you and the occasional pained caw of a lone raven. 
“Okay, Y/N. You can open your eyes now.”
You did as you were instructed and, after your eyes adjusted to the darkness, gasped loudly at the sight. There, right in front of your very eyes, was the whole city, lit up with multi-coloured specks of light. The city-scape stretched on for miles and miles, brushing the horizon with the tops of its tall glass skyscrapers. 
“I’ve never seen the city like this before,” you breathed, hopping out of the Jeep and creeping carefully to the edge of the large hill you parked on. Peering at his watch, Mark started to count down. 
“5 seconds to midnight. 
Before you could ask him what on Earth he was doing, there was a high pitched squeal which made you want to desperately claw at your ears, and then a loud bang echoed through the valley. No more than a second later did the sky explode into a thousand blood red fragments of rubies and shower the landscape below. 
Sapphires, emeralds, topazes of every shape and size imaginable exploded in the sky and cascaded down onto the partying city. Glancing at Mark, you noticed the fireworks cast a rainbow of hues onto his skin. His eyes were as bright and as wide as the moon above us as we watched the spectacle unfold. Silently, Mark reached towards you and placed his warm hand in yours; something unspoken ran from his fingers to yours, leaving your palm tingling with nervousness. He stared over the valley as if he was frozen in time - he looked so peaceful, and that made you content. Each time a firework exploded, an ear-splitting clap of noise, similar to that of a gunshot, rattled your bones and disturbed the tranquility on the hill. 
You think Mark must have said something after that, your hands still linked together, but you couldn’t hear him over the sound of hundreds more fireworks bursting in the night sky. Looking back on it now, you realised it didn’t even matter. You remember hearing a quote; “they may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” 
You think that quote perfectly summed up your situation. Even though you didn’t catch what he said, and he’s been away on tour for months now, you’ll never forget how Mark made you feel as if you were on top of the world last New Year’s Eve.
Tumblr media
© 0606-hyuck 2021. All Rights Reserved.
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lovelyutas · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
➞ SUMMARY | “renjun fell in love with the sea, even if he has never seen it in his life.”
↳ PAIRING | prince!huang renjun x gn!reader.
↳ WORD COUNT | 1.6k words.
↳ GENRE | fantasy!au.
↳ TW | mentions of the sea. mentions of drowning.
➞ A/N | i decided to adapt this writing (find the original here) for renjun because,,, idk, i think this concept fits him well (and i love that pic of him so i just HAD to use it) KDKSJ. anyways! feedback is always welcomed and very much appreciated!! i fell in love with this drabble so i hope you like it as much as i do. without further ado, enjoy! (this is not proofread)  
[you can find my main masterlist here]
Tumblr media
| AEQUOREAL | noun | (archaic, rare, poetic) marine, oceanic.
Tumblr media
renjun has never seen the sea.
which is kind of ironic though, since the ocean is the only thing encircling his kingdom. the only way to get to other neighboring lands was navigating –which he also, has never done in his life–.
his parents always told him since early age that the sea was “dangerous”, that it was “unreliable” and that he should be feeling “fearful” just at the thought of it. that the great, clear waters would try to enchant him, the waves would try to call out his name by the seashore hitting against the immense, green cliffs standing at the sides, and when he’d finally answer its calls, it would turn against him, torturously devouring him until he couldn’t see the light of the day ever again.
he would always cry when his parents told him that. “do you really wanna go to the sea, renjun?” they’d ask him, the answer being an evident shake of his head, scared sobs coming out of his throat. “no, i don’t.”
but as he keeps growing up, there’s something about these past stories that doesn’t make sense at all.
why were his brothers allowed to go and play with their friends at the beach, swim in the oh so called risky clear blue waters? why does his mom disappear in the early morning, sun still raising and touching everything its way, and when she comes back, she has the hem of her silk dresses with salt water in it, a smile full on her face that feels just like the calm breeze of the same “unreliable” ocean? why does his father navigates through the treacherous, deep seas, taking people with him every now and then? 
and specially, why every time when he sees you between hazy dreams, when he hears your melodious voice resonating in them, calling out his name to come with you to the deepest of the seas, he doesn’t feel that afraid anymore?
renjun starts hunting for answers, exploring every library available in his kingdom, searching for every book in his very own castle, reading down and memorizing every single thing he could read and find about the speculative hazardous and unsafe ocean, but the only things he seems to find are way less far than accurate of the description he has been told all of his life.
the sea didn’t make people shake in fear, just as he would always feel whenever someone would mention that word in front of him. the sea didn’t make people suffocated, just as he would always feel whenever he recalled his lands were in the middle of the ocean. 
instead, the sea made people feel comfort; basking in the warm water whenever the sun would start to shine upon them in the early summer, or run in giddiness at experiencing the touch of the sea waves against their skin when the clouds were more visible and the weather was cooler. the shore kissing the sand softly, marking its way on it, making it clear it’s there, coming and going. the crystalline water welcoming the individuals in a hug every single time they’d throw themselves at it, even if it was from one of the tallest colored cliffs, or from a place with less height.  
and perhaps, he is not as terrified as he was anymore.
Tumblr media
it’s almost four in the morning, but renjun can’t seem to sleep. turning around in his bed, shuffling under and over the silk cover, he sighs tiredly, rubbing his eyes. 
there’s this uneasiness getting caught in his throat, his thoughts are fulled with fogginess and the gloomy, night lamp besides him isn’t helping him at all. 
however, the only clear thing he can make out in the blurriness that is his head, it’s the faint sound of your voice. 
he has never been near the ocean before, he has never heard the waves crashing loudly against the sand, but he truly believes that your callings must resemble the same sounds the ocean makes against the shore.
the waves resembling the dulcet of your voice (at least, that’s what he hopes for)
the urgency starts blooming beneath him, and while slipping away in the most careful way he can muster, he starts walking with his destination in mind. 
the ocean. 
renjun doesn’t even bother on putting shoes on, neither changing his clothes for something warmer, instead, he scurries away from the palace, from the prying eyes, begging that the only witness of his sudden escape was the moonlight shinning upon the kingdom. he walks, and walks, until he starts running upon seeing the big front gate that kept the castle safe, he hides in the shadows surrounding him, and when he feels like he’s finally away of the curious looks he gets from the stars, that’s when he lets himself let out an airy chuckle.
renjun. he hears that voice.
your voice.
looking side to side, the only thing he sees are the trees with falling leaves, and bushes of flowers starting to wither away. silence. 
renjun, come with me.
that’s when, from the corner of his eye, he sees you. he doesn’t directly look at you –the last thing he wants to do is scaring you since you’ve never showed yourself until now–, but for some reason, you’re exactly the way he pictured you; gentle smile, ethereal aura, whiteish robe, kind eyes.
he allows the curve forming on his lips bloom.
follow me, you say. and without waiting for confirmation, you start running. chuckling, full of mirth, he starts running just behind you. running and running until he feels like his legs are about to give up and the air starts faltering inside his lunges, but he doesn’t stop. he doesn’t stop, he can’t stop.
not when this is the first time on his life that he has ever feel this kind of joy.
he can hears you giggling, making a turn inside of the colorful forest. from here, you can clearly hear the waves crashing and going in a merciless way against the rocks, the saltiness from the cool breeze hitting renjun’s face and tickling his nose. 
when he finally reaches the end of the colored woodland, and he’s standing at the mere top of the highest cliff, he’s left speechless. 
there’s not enough words to describe how wonderstruck he feels, how magnificent and magisterial the ocean looks to him, as if the crashing waves were looking at him too, fixed gaze eyeing his stunned soul. in that moment, he inhales the soft breeze deeply, gaze stuck in the colossus form of water in front of him. silence filled by the calming ocean sounds.
renjun, calling him again, he turns to fully face you now, gentle features making him feel easiness. you extend your hand, signaling him to take it. with cautious steps, he gets closer, embracing the hearty feeling of your skin against his. 
it’s time to go. come with me.
you can actually see the fright, the worry, the bewilderment, the curiosity and the determinateness flashing behind his orbs in milliseconds, and before something is said again, he gulps down the hesitance, tightening his hold on your hand.
“let’s go, then.”
taking cautious ,but at the same time, sure steps, he walks behind you. halting when you turn around again and lightly caress his cheek, releasing his hand and grinning affectionally at him. you nod.
i’ll go first, you announce. you wait here, and i’ll call for you.
walking backwards, your eyes fixed on his, you reach the end of the cliff, and while you extend your ams at your arms, he sees you mouthing.
see you on the other side.
he can’t help but gasp in shock when he sees you throwing yourself  oh so confident at the ocean. running to stand where you were some seconds ago, he looks down, only getting a glimpse of the waves coming and going.
looking over to the front, he realizes the sun is starting to shine proudly, and turning around, he gets a glimpse of the palace. of his home, and he knows there’s less than minutes away before they notice he’s not in his room.
he flinches slightly, gaze returning to the front. you call for him again.
renjun, it’s your turn.
deeply breathing, he takes some steps back, trying to gain some momentum.
he runs as if his life depended on it, and when he’s about to reach the end, he jumps.
for a moment, he feels like he’s actually flying, but gravity gains this match, grabbing him and taking him down to crashing waves and deep waters, the ocean sounds start getting louder and louder, the breeze full of saltiness was the only thing he could breath, and before he can feel the impact of the water touching his skin, something embraces him.
more like, someone embraces him.
renjun has never been to the ocean before, but he could exactly remember what people said about what it felt.
however, this doesn’t feel like giddiness, it didn’t feel like warmness or coolness, he didn't feel fearful, neither he feels like he’s in danger.
it feels like a hug, it feels like a tender touch, it feel like a delicate kiss. it feels like home.
so when the ocean receives him, arms wide open, and embrace him in the depths of its own self, he feels as if he’s breathing for the very first time. dark pitch black, but it’s not scary, no one’s close, but he doesn’t feel alone. closing his eyes, he feels himself at peace.
white light strikes him across his face, there’s something warm about the breeze and something velvety it’s under him. he open his eyes, being greeted by your kind ones, glowing smile on your face and light stroke on his cheek.
finally, you’re here.
welcome home, renjun. 
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jenoremii · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Jisung x Reader, 0.3k, humour, no warnings. Masterlist
“Out of the kitchen, Jisung.”
The boy in question gaped at you. “But I haven’t touched anything?”
“I don’t care. Out.”
He sighed as he raised his hands in surrender and backed away from the counter. It’s not that you didn’t trust him to not burn the house down… actually, you didn’t trust him at all to not burn the house down. The boiling water incident was enough make you nervous any time he neared the stone, never mind the time that Mark had tried to teach him how to make scrambled eggs. At this point, you would have to start carrying a fire extinguisher with you if he was going to be walking hazard.
“You know, I’m really not that bad at cooking anymore,” he said defensively. “That was the old Jisung. The new one knows how to make rice and ramen.”
You snorted. “Yeah, using the rice cooker and instant ramen that you can microwave.”
“Hey, we all start somewhere. Don’t judge me for it.”
“Nice try, kiddo, but no.”
From the living room, Chenle started laughing at his friend’s misfortune. “I told him that you would kick him out the second he walked in, but he didn’t believe me!”
“You should listen to him more often,” you told the younger boy, who narrowed his eyes at you.
“And you should listen to me when I tell you that the whole house doesn’t need to hear you getting it on my older brother all the time. Keep it down, god.”
“I-wh-” you sputtered. “Jisung!”
Chenle’s laughter grew louder as your face heated up, the overwhelming need to bury yourself into a hole increasing with every passing second.
“What’s going on here?”
You stared at Jisung with a mortified expression, who only grinned at his apparent victory as Jeno walked into the kitchen. Motioning with your hands that you were going to strangle him, the younger boy dashed out of your reach and towards Chenle for safety. Jeno’s eyes followed his brother’s figure, then turned back to you, visibly confused.
“It’s nothing,” you muttered as you tried to will the embarrassment away.
Curse you, Park Jisung.
Tumblr media
© JENOREMII 2021. All Rights Reserved.
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honeydh · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
GENRES: angst, hanahaki au, cheating-ish
REQUESTED: Can I request something 👉👈 anything with hanahaki disease will do 🥰😌
Tumblr media
It started as a dull ache in your chest. You paid no mind to it for weeks, until finally caving and going to see your doctor when it turned sharper. The starting of hanahaki disease, she said. What?, you laughed off. It couldn't be. The trained professional made a mistake. You were in a happy relationship with your boyfriend, had been for over a year! No one else even came near to catching your eye besides him. You did not have hanahaki disease.
You couldn't.
Absolutely improbable.
"How did your appointment go?" Jaemin asked, eating a piece of steak and chasing it down with his drink.
You shrugged, pushing your food around. Jaemin noticed, setting his fork down to hold your hand in his. The feeling of his thumb rubbing the back of your hand usually comforted you, but not this time. To your horror, the feeling of bile rising to the back of your throat accompanied his touch. Quickly, you jumped from the table and rushed down the hallway to the bathroom, bumping off the wall in your hurry.
Hunched over the toilet, tears escaped your eyes as you threw up. Fear coursed through you as you stared down at the single purple hyacinth sitting atop the toilet, stained red with your blood.
"Baby? Are you okay?" The knock on the door startled you, your eyes flying away from the toilet to the door you had subconsciously closed and locked.
As if you were hiding something.
Was it your fault? Had you unintentionally fallen in love with someone else? You wanted to curl into a ball on the cold bathroom floor and cry.
"I'm okay," you said shakily, clearing your sore throat when your voice caught, freshening your cheeks with more tears. "I must've ate something bad at lunch."
Jaemin hesitated. "...Okay. Do you want some water? Anything?"
You stifled a sob behind your hand. "Yeah, some water would be nice. I'm just gonna take a bath and then go to bed."
"Okay baby. I'll get your water and clean up the kitchen."
"Thank you."
Once his footsteps faded, you collapsed fully to the floor, empty cries shaking your body.
Tumblr media
You kept the news about your new disease to yourself. Jaemin knew something was up, you could feel his eyes following you in concern every time you were in the same room together.
“Are you pregnant?”
You startled at the sudden question. “What? What makes you think I would I be pregnant?”
“You’re always rushing off to the bathroom to throw up lately. Is it morning sickness?” You averted your eyes to the counter after retrieving the cup you’d come to the kitchen to get. “Are you afraid I don’t want kids?” he asked.
You had to huff a laugh at that. Jaemin wanted kids, if you were pregnant you knew he’d be more than thrilled. “I’m not pregnant Jaemin. I’m… not sure what’s wrong with me,” you lied. I have another doctors appointment tomorrow though.”
Jaemin nodded, coming up behind you to pull your back into his chest. “I hope they can figure out what’s going on,” he whispered into your neck.
“It’s progressively getting worse. I’d say you have half a year.”
You stared in shock at your doctor, hoping she was joking. Not a single bit of mirth was present on her face.
“But how can this be?!” you exclaimed, finally at your breaking point. “I’ve been with my boyfriend for almost two years now, I love him!”
The pity on the doctor’s eyes almost had you seeing red. “…Is there a chance he could be cheating on you?”
“Never!” you exclaimed, chest tight. Tears sprung to your eyes. Jaemin was beyond loyal, he would never!
“You know… it happens more than you think. Unintentionally falling in love with someone else. Some don’t even notice, still holding affection for the partner they’re already with,” she explained gently.
“No way,” you denied, shaking your head as you fell into tears. “No way.”
No way.
You repeated it in your head, over and over, like a mantra. You just wanted to go home and curl into bed and sleep this whole nightmare away. But stepping through the door, you were met with the once comforting smell of your apartment, the smell of Jaemin lingering everywhere. Now, it just sent another wave of nausea and you raced to the room you were most acquainted with recently.
Denial had been your best friend through the whole thing. But denial would work no longer when you accompanied Jaemin to a work party a couple weeks after your doctor’s visit.
Managing not having to rush to the bathroom to throw your insides up for a while now, you stayed clung to Jaemin’s arm as he made rounds around the room.
Thirsty for the first time that night, you left to retrieve drinks for both of you. You took your time; coughing flowers into the toilet multiple times a day really exhausted one more than you’d think. Your lethargy played a role in the small collision you had had with another person, half of one drink spilling on the floor and splashing your shoes.
“Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry!” the man exclaimed, quickly grabbing your arms to keep you balanced. You smiled tiredly at him.
“No, it’s my fault, I’m sorry.”
“Not at all! I should really watch where I’m going. I… haven’t seen you before. Do you know someone who works here or…?”
“Oh,” you lightly laughed. “My boyfriend works here.”
The stranger’s eyebrows went up. “Really. Lucky man.” Your gut turned sour at what he thought was a compliment. “Well, I’ll see you around!” And he was gone. You remained there though, staring down at the small puddle of juice until a server walked by and you could inform them of the small mess.
One refill later, you set out to find your partner in the crowd of unfamiliar faces. For once, your chest didn’t stir uncomfortably at the sight of Jaemin. That realization alone was almost enough to send you over the moon. Maybe the past three months had all been a mistake. You even felt warm as his face brightened for your arrival back to his side.
Until you realized, it wasn’t for you. You stopped dead, watching as a pretty woman made her way to your boyfriend, the same happy look on her face as his. She lightly grabbed his forearms with her slender fingers, leaning up to kiss him on the cheek. The same coworkers that had been with Jaemin when you left to get the drinks didn’t even blink an eye, telling you everything you needed to know.
Vaguely, you could feel more juice splash onto your ankles, feel the glass bounce off your skin.
But really, all you remember is the cold swing door against your uncomfortably hot hand.
The cold, grouted tile under your knees.
And there, in the bowl of the toilet: a dozen bloodied hyacinths.
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0606-hyuck · 8 days ago
pairing: stranger!renjun x gn!reader | genre: angst | word count: 353
Tumblr media
You couldn't help but stare at the stranger in your summer art class. He sat across the table from you, and he was gorgeous. 
He had the deepest brown eyes you'd ever seen, which sparkled with mischief when he smiled and caused butterflies in your stomach when he glanced at you. 
He had a beautiful smile, his top canines slightly crooked, but the imperfection seemed to suit him perfectly. He lit up the whole room when he smiled, and you couldn't find the power to look away. 
You were absolutely in love with his laugh. The way he threw his head back and laughed — really laughed, not just a small chuckle — made you feel so comfortable. You were so amazed that he could laugh so loudly and so strongly without feeling embarrassed, and you found yourself giggling along with him more times than you realised. 
He had introduced himself as Renjun on the first day of class, extending out his hand for you to shake, a spark running up your arm at the touch. You found out watercolour painting was his favourite — he loved how the paint seemed to have a mind of its own as it swirled along his paper. 
When you were tasked to paint a portrait, there was only one person beautiful enough you wanted to capture in an artwork, although you could argue that he was already artwork himself. You studied the lines of his face every lesson, making sure you didn't get a single feature wrong. The art teacher came along and stated it was the prettiest portrait she'd seen in a long time. 
At the end of the term, as your art class was finishing, you intended to talk to Renjun — to ask for his number and whether he wanted to catch up outside of class. You packed up your equipment and when you looked back up, he had left. 
You tried to search him up online, but there was no trace of him. You pinned the portrait you'd painted to your wall, the only remnant of the stranger who had stolen your heart that one summer.
Tumblr media
© 0606-hyuck 2021. All Rights Reserved.
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navyhyuck · 11 days ago
t: this is the story of how we fell in love, apparently.
Tumblr media
pairing | lee donghyuck x reader (female)
genre | fluff, humor, youtuber!au, roommates!au, friends-to-lovers!au
synopsis | running a youtube channel with your best friend isn’t easy, not when he’s like a ticking time bomb that’s constantly bubbling up something new. what’s worse is that you’ve had a crush on him for the past three years.
warnings (not all included in teaser) | swearing, suggestive, sexual innuendos/jokes, a few descriptions of food, mentions of covid-19 and quarantine, some personal negativity
projected word count | 13k+ (teaser: 2k)
expected release date | 6 june 2021 est
taglist | @ukiyoneo @sicluvz @thiccseokmin
notes from vee | hi, welcome to my blog and thanks for taking the time to read this post at that. i’ve finished one of the most important exams i’ve ever taken in my life and i decided, why not celebrate that ending by releasing a teaser to a fic i’ve been dying to share? this is one entire snippet of the fic in entirety and it may or may not be mildly inspired (read: absolutely 100% inspired) by the way brooke (@lebrookestore) and i dm each other. also!!! just a brief introduction that this entire fic takes place during the corona age! meaning there are mentions of masks and covid and etc., no character gets it but just a psa for mentions! also, i did mention that hyuck and y/n are roommates, but they also live with mark and jaemin in this fic! :) anyway, please enjoy and let me know if you’d like to be added to the taglist!
Tumblr media
iii. we bought matching leather jackets!
“Hello and welcome back to doing dumb shit with Y/N and Haechan!” You announce cheerily as you press down on the record button, settling the camera in front of your seat to capture Donghyuck in the driver’s seat as well. He looks half wasted—if that was even possible—with his hair absolutely tousled and his lips just a bit swollen from earlier sleep, but he waves to the device at your voice. At the sight of him, you reach over to fix his hair, patting his head softly as you finish.
He watches you with parted lips as you take charge with the usual introduction, clapping your hands in excitement as you urge everyone to subscribe to the channel. Your eyes seem to shine more than usual—perhaps because today’s video was 100% your idea, not his, Renjun’s, or even Mark’s—with the light reflecting from them making it very easy for him to grow addicted to your look. Your look? You weren’t wearing anything grand, just a hoodie and sweatpants to keep you warm, but it appears like much more against your skin. 
“—and well, Mark and I used to come here a lot around like junior year in uni, so I thought I’d visit by again.” You continue on, glancing over at your friend as he hurls back into reality. “Plus I convinced Haechan to come with me so we could pick out something together. You know, like a couple sort of thing? But for best friends.”
Your smile radiates when you face him, and he nearly loses his breath. Best friendship charms were a thing of a past—maybe perhaps expressed through matching ice cream necklaces that spell out ‘BFF’ in mellow yellow and bright pink, or small custom-made keychains that have names written in cursive hearts—something that children in elementary school treasured for years. Donghyuck doesn’t remember ever having matching blue neckties with Mark Lee, or matching knitted socks with Huang Renjun, but he also doesn’t resist when you explain your plan for the day. If anything, he’d love to match with you. 
“Most of the clothing here is handmade and really good quality too. I think the jacket I bought for Jun as a gift like two years ago is still in pretty good shape.” You explain, gesturing towards the shop entrance as if the device was pointing that way. “Anyway! I’ll link the store’s website in the description below as well as Renjun’s channel! You guys should definitely check—”
Your heart gives away as Donghyuck reaches an arm over your shoulders, quietly resting his hand on your arm before squeezing it gently in acknowledgment. He shoots you a questioning look as you stumble over your words, raising an eyebrow as if to ask ‘what’s wrong?’ You only shake your head in return, trying to calm down the intense beats, and proceed. 
“Uh,” you smile lightly, having forgotten what you were going on about. “Well, yeah! Let’s go now!”
The interior of the store smells strongly of cologne when you immediately enter—and it throws you off for a bit—making you hum at the scent. The scent is almost addictive in a way that makes you want to enter the shop further and explore everything it has in store for you. Donghyuck notices your reaction, chuckling under his breath before snatching the camera from your hands.
“It smells like good cologne in here,” he mentions, keeping his voice low in respect to the non-existent other customers. “And you guys already know Y/N gets addicted to that shit, right? Yeah, she’d marry anything that wears cologne.”
“Stop overreacting,” you say, curling your fingers into his shirt and tugging him towards a specific section of the store. His eyes fall upon racks filled with dark colored leather jackets, varying from black to blue to red. Turning the camera towards you, he follows you as you stroll down the aisle in intrigue. 
After a few more steps, you turn around abruptly to face your best friend, holding out your hands. Even though the dark mask covers your excited expression, he can still imagine you glowing in his head. 
“Hyuck. We should get matching leather jackets.” 
He can’t even crack a joke at your words—not when he gets lost in your waiting eyes—only responding with a breathy chuckle and slow nod. You shoot him a thumbs up before whirling towards the clothing again; gesturing him over, you get to work on your choosing magic for the day. 
“So guys,” you start when Donghyuck’s settling to camera close enough, “first rule of thumb is you have to find a color or pattern that looks the best on you.”
“Not what you like best.” Donghyuck finishes for you, making you award him with a pat to his hand.
“Second is—well, at least for me considering I always like making my clothing comfortable—make sure you choose the right size in the color you look best in. Don’t settle for anything less, even if you think you ‘might like it’ in the future. Because most likely—” you lean into the device, focusing your eyes on Donghyuck, “—if you don’t like it now, you won’t fall in love with it later.”
“Are you sure?” He interrupts just as you take a breather, and you send him a look of confusion. “There’s probably several people that probably ended up liking their bad decision, like, years later. I mean, you definitely thought that about me.”
You pause momentarily, taking a while to actually process whatever information he’s attempting to currently throw at you. Though Donghyuck could be a handful from time to time (read: all the time), you don’t necessarily consider him a bad decision in any way; you remember receiving comments from the early days of your channel from fans who enjoyed expressing far too much by saying your best friend is a burden. It angered you then, and it would still anger you now. 
“I’ve always liked you,” you narrow your eyes, missing the way he blanks out. “Bad decision? You’re a person, not a piece of clothing. I wouldn’t suddenly stop loving you.”
The words spill out before you can even filter them out, and it increases your heart rate in the slight. Pretending to be normal about it, you look back towards the jackets on the rack, examining one with absolutely nothing about leather jackets on your mind. You may have crossed some invisible line by saying—only indirectly—that you love him, but you pray Donghyuck doesn’t notice. When you catch a glimpse of the device in his hands, however, you know someone else well. 
Instead of pondering on the thought, you manage to refocus on where you are and what you’re here for. You couldn’t have a mental breakdown over your best friend (and crush, though you’d like to forget that you’re falling into that hole) in the middle of a handmade quality goods shop that included only one employee watching the two of you at the front desk; it would draw more than just a little attention. Although the miniature confession of love seems to do something, as Donghyuck loops his arms into yours as you continue on your search journey. You’d by lying to say you didn’t enjoy it. 
“Look at this one,” he stops the two of you and passes the camera into your hands. You set it up to film him pulling down a specific jacket, finished with gray flowers embroidered on the front flap and pins with various meanings attached to the chest. Donghyuck rubs a finger over a specific one that reads ‘babygirl’ and chuckles; he hands it over to you, pulling the device into his hands again. “Try it on.”
“Oh, it’s for me?” You ask, running your hand over the cool material. “I thought you were choosing for yourself.”
He waves you off. “Just put it on.”
You pull off your hoodie first, throwing it to the other boy before pulling the jacket over your arms and flattening it down to your stomach. The mirror reflects you back—and you nearly cringe—showing you in all your leather glory. “God, I forgot how stupid I look in leather.”
“What?” Donghyuck hands you back your hoodie as you take the jacket off, scrunching his eyebrows to add effect. “You look good, stupid. No, no, no, you’re getting it.”
“Haechan.” You yank out the professional name, which makes him stutter. “It’s fine, I’ll just get another one that’s not super crazy or anything. Just black is enough, any embroidery is gonna make me look dumb.”
He huffs, snatching it from your hands and turning the camera towards him. Although his smile isn’t visible, his eyes scrunch up as he holds the fabric up to the lens. “Anyway, I’m buying this for her. She’ll wear it pretty much like everything I’ve ever bought her, but she actually looks really good with this on. You know what, comment down below if you think Y/N looks hot with this jacket on.”
You sigh, rolling your eyes dramatically for effect before shrugging. It would be his burden of cost after all. 
“And Jaem,” he adds as soon as you walk out of hearing distance, “don’t edit that out, no matter what she says.”
You end up choosing your friend’s leather jacket as well, settling with a deep black color that you believe matches his hair. It isn’t too fancy, but the various movie themed pins definitely aided in your choice. The one that hits your eye first is the Ghostbusters pin on the flap of the collar; perhaps it may be the reason you hand it to him in the first place. Donghyuck likes it better than you do, from your perspective, which makes you smile further.
In all honesty, you think he looks great. Actually, great might be an understatement from the way you refuse to rip your eyes away from his figure as he checks himself out in the mirror. You try to see past what you’ve gotten yourself into, but your mind doesn’t let you, only making you bask in all the glory that your best friend offers in front of me.
Donghyuck is good looking; he’s more attractive than you’d like to admit, though the way he catches your gaze signals to him that you don’t need to reply with words. Your looks are enough to give it away. 
“Like it?” He asks you, unable to contain the smirk that plasters on his face. It goes unnoticed to you, of course, being unable to see it, but you nod immediately. “You can film me now.”
“Oh-oh, right,” you fumble not so gracefully with the camera, hiding the way your cheeks flush in embarrassment, and position it to capture him spinning around on his heel. You find out that staring at him through the small camera screen seems to work as a better excuse for getting caught up in the beats of your own heart. He tops it off with finger guns accompanied by sound effect before chuckling under his breath. 
“What do you think, Y/N? Does it look good on me?”
You nod again, slower than earlier. He seems to be the opposite from you, completely in love with his entire look of a plain T-shirt you’re sure he stole from Jeno and denim pants of a dark gray topped off with the fresh leather jacket, but you can’t blame him for his pride. He looks damn good in leather, in one way or another.
“You look good in leather,” you comment truthfully, keeping your voice as steady as you can. Gulping, you hope he (or the camera, for that matter, including over a million of your viewers) can’t hear the mask of instability behind it. Were you really about to fall into thousands of pieces in a shop because of Lee Donghyuck? Maybe. But you don’t want it to be known to the world.
He laughs again, approaching you and snatching the camera from your hands. Maneuvering it to film the two of you, an arm snakes around your shoulders, pulling you closer to the boy. “Can you see how flustered she is? Yeah, that’s what someone like me will do to you. Care to explain why, sweetheart?”
Every ounce of attractiveness that you deemed to Donghyuck drops. “Don’t ‘sweetheart’ me. Who are you, Jaemin?”
He gives you an incredulous look. “Is Jaemin only allowed to give you pet names? I can’t?”
“They’re not pet names,” you attempt to shuffle away from under his arm, but he fastens an arm around your waist instead, yanking you back. It startles you, but the hand you press to your best friend’s chest in order to stabilize yourself catches his attention too. “He’s just a very…endearing individual, and c’mon, he likes to express his love like that.”
“And why can I not?”
You pause, taking a moment to turn towards the boy himself. He’s already looking at you, however, inching closer to move his face impossibly closer to yours. The breath that you inhale stays there, unable to leave your lungs as you begin to feel the pounding of your heart increase. His addicting scent sends you reeling backwards as he giggles, and you scoff in mock annoyance. 
“You’re a nuisance, Lee,” you murmur under your breath, now trying to get the view of his eyes gazing into yours out of your head. It’s hard, knowing that if the two of you weren’t wearing masks, your lips would be only minute spaces away. Whining, he latches an arm through yours. “No pet names for you, get off.”
“Come on, please? Last time I checked, you run a channel with me, not Jaemin. I deserve to name you something endearing too, for example, my microwaved marinara sauce. Or even better, my delightful half eaten chicken wing. Or—”
“They’re supposed to be cute,” you whisper, barely realizing your words were heard by Donghyuck. He considers it momentarily, halting his list of ridiculous names to call you by to remove his arm. Instead, he nonchalantly slips his hand into yours, intertwining his fingers enough to have you hitching your breath. The movement is far more intimate that you’d allow yourself to admit, so you hold his hand back. 
“How about ‘my love’ then?” He asks, quietly, watching for your reaction. You don’t respond immediately, needing to address your heart rate once again. If he goes any further, you might have to ask him to drive you to the emergency room. “Well everyone, considering she didn’t complain to that, that’s her designated pet name now. It trumps Jaemin right? Shall I try it out?”
Grumbling, your attempt to pull away from your best friend goes into the air as he holds your hand tighter and leans in close, brushing his mask right across the covered side of your cheek. 
“How about I pay for you, my love?”
Tumblr media
all rights reserved © navyhyuck 2021.
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0606-hyuck · 12 days ago
the insect incident
☆ best friends!nct dream are cowards and beg you to get rid of a bug in their bathroom. only, the situation you are greeted with is not exactly what you were expecting.
no pairing, dream are your best friends, humour, university!au
800 words
swearing and mentions of a knife
a/n: i can't add a read more, i'm so sorry but it messes up the photos and makes the post even longer 😭 @ncteology @nct-writers
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Rolling your eyes at Donghyuck's unironic use of the emoji, you quickly typed off your response as you shuffled on your shoes. Making sure you had your house keys as well as a light coat, you headed out the door and grinned as Hyuck sent you back a vulgar image of him pulling the middle finger. 
Sliding your phone into your back pocket, you started the short walk through the neighbourhood to your best friends' dorm. You'd known Jeno for a couple of years after you met at a casual exercise group during high school, and he'd introduced you to his other friends, who in turn quickly became people who meant a lot to you. It wasn't unusual at all for you to be hanging around at Dream's dorm, watching movies together or helping Jeno attempt to cook for the rest of the boys. It was slightly surprising that they had begged you to come around to catch a bug for them, but unfortunately your house had an ant infestation a couple of years ago and you'd become a pro at the catching and disposal of six legged fiends. 
In just under ten minutes you'd arrived at the boys' dorm, and you mentally reminded yourself to make sure they bought you lunch for going out of your way and doing this for them. They should consider themselves lucky today was your free day from university. When you reached their door, you raised your hand to the wood and knocked once. The single thump resounded through the hallway and you had to hold in a laugh - the knock was short and sharp, but the boys knew if they heard that knock it was you at the door, and vice versa. 
"Come in, Y/N," replied a muffled voice - you couldn't quite recognise who it was because their voice was low and shaky. 
You opened the door and stepped through, expecting to be bombarded by Jisung or even Chenle directing you towards the spider, but the apartment was silent. As you walked through the house, you poked your head into the kitchen and the living room, anticipating the boys, but they were both empty. Strange, considering they'd asked you to come here to help them.
"Hello?" You called out, pausing in the lounge. You were just starting to suspect you were the victim of a random practical joke. You wouldn't be surprised if Donghyuck and Renjun were the masterminds behind the plan.
"Y/N, I'm in the bathroom," came the quiet reply from down the hallway. Your eyes widened in surprise as you realised you weren't actually alone in the apartment at all, and you finally recognised that the voice belonged to your youngest friend. 
"Jisung, what's going on?" You asked as you made your way to where you knew the bathroom was, almost tripping over your feet in your attempt to come to a halting stop. 
Crouched in the bathroom doorway, with his back facing you and his gaze locked on a spot you couldn't quite locate further in the bathroom, was Jisung. When he heard your voice, Jisung managed to turn his face halfway, always keeping an eye on the spot near the sink. You started to take a step towards your friend when you noticed a glint of light coming from the object clutched tightly in his hands, and your mouth fell open as your eyebrows furrowed when you realised what he was holding.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Shaking your head, you put your phone down and went to the kitchen to find a glass and a piece of paper. Stepping past Jisung carefully, you spotted the spider lurking near the mirror above the sink and, fast as lightning, placed the cup over the insect. You slowly slid the paper under the cup and, once the spider was securely in it's prison with no points of escape, you dumped it in the toilet and flushed the poor thing away. 
The sound of the toilet seemed to snap Jisung out of his trance, and he dropped the knife with a loud clatter to the floor. He let out a loud breath of air, and a few seconds later the colour seemed to return to his face. "God, Y/N, you're a lifesaver."
Chuckling at his relief, you reached down and hauled Jisung off the floor, flashing him a smile as he stretched his long limbs, stiff from sitting on the ground for so long. "I'm a lifesaver, sure, and I also got the boys to buy us lunch every day for the next week," you winked. 
"It's what they deserve," Jisung agreed, "that's their punishment for leaving me, the most chicken out of all of them, alone with that devil insect."
Jisung grimaced, as if reliving the traumatising experience of watching the spider, and you smiled to yourself. There really was never a dull day when NCT Dream were around. 
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jaeminzie · 13 days ago
warm | l.dh
Tumblr media
↳ lee donghyuck x gender neutral!reader
synopsis: the sunshine remains warm even in the cold, dark night.
genre: comfort flufff *cries*
word count: 1,433
taglist: @leoveandlust
a/n: this was super self indulgent omg... idk man... seeing hyuck drive in that teaser got me acting some type of way, why must he be so fine,, all seriousness, i’m proud of this ! go listen to the song below bc it’s v cute and matches w/ the fic !
‘warm (feat. mia)’ by dre’es
Tumblr media
pink and orange hues paint the sky above you and your boyfriend in the moving vehicle. one of his hands on steering the wheel while the other is intertwined with yours, resting on your lap. it’s a beautiful day out. cruising in donghyuck’s red convertible that he boasts over almost as much as he brags about you to his friends.
the cool breeze of the beach hits your faces causing the exposure of your foreheads and squinting of your eyes. salt tinted smells fill your nostrils.
your boyfriend reaches over to raise the volume, the vibrations now intensifying. donghyuck squeezes your hand before rubbing his thumb against the skin softly, while his other hand taps against the wheel to the beat of the music. your feet tap to the music as well.
the view surrounding you is serene. calm waves that glisten underneath the sunset’s glow to your right. the love of your life enjoying the ride, smiling and singing along to the music with crinkles forming around his eyes, to your left. the lack of stars in the polluted sky are all found in donghyuck’s pure eyes.
“enjoying the view?” the boy yells over the loud music.
“sure am,” you yell back. “you always look good.”
donghyuck drops his head briefly as he laughs at your comment. “you don’t have to remind me, sweetheart.” he squeezes your hand again and sends you a wink.
you fail to bite a smile back so instead, you turn your direction to the ocean, paying close attention to the way waves crash against each other softly and sparkle as they reach farther up on the sand. your ears listen to the music closely, fully savoring it and the emotions it makes you feel.
complete tranquility is achieved in this moment. actually, any moment with donghyuck helps you feel peace despite his usual antics that he pulls (though, you secretly enjoy them).
“are we almost there?” you whine, dragging out the last word.
“yes,” donghyuck mocks your tone, tilting his head toward your direction. “gosh, always so impatient.” you only respond with a chuckle to his statement — he isn’t wrong but you wouldn’t dare to admit it.
you begin to frown since the sight of the water becomes smaller as donghyuck drives up a hill. it wasn’t long until he parked the car near the edge. he lowers down the music, “stay here.”
donghyuck quickly gets out of the car, shuffling his way around to your side and opens the door for you. the act makes your cheeks heat up profusely. he reaches over to undo your seatbelt, the scent of his vanilla body wash replaces the hint of salt water in the air. donghyuck stays put even after he’s done unbuckling your seat belt, keeping his face at a close proximity to yours.
so close that his warm breath reaches your lips; you have a clear view of his moles that form star constellations that are almost as beautiful as his love; you can see the way his eyes glisten the same way as did the waves. the boy’s hands grab a hold of your waist. softly, he placed a small kiss on your cheek before pulling you out the car with him.
a small gasp leaves you when you're met with a better view of the ocean. “like it?” donghyuck inquires behind you, leaning against the hood of his car while his hands caress every part of your body he could reach — your back, shoulders, waist, hips, and stomach — before slithering his arms around your waist and pulling you closer.
“it’s gorgeous,” you speak softly.
he giggles into your neck, breath tickling you but you don’t move away. “not as gorgeous as y-“
“oh my god, don’t say stuff like that!” you smack his hands that are resting on your stomach, laughing.
donghyuck’s spine straightens, complaining, “and why not?”
you shake your head, “so cheesy.”
laughter erupts out of him, he comes back to resting his chin on your right shoulder. “you don’t love me,” he pouts against your neck while simultaneously poking your sides. “all i do and say are ‘cheesy’ stuff.”
you hum, “i guess you’re lucky i love you so much that i let it slide. most of the time.”
“let’s try to aim for all of the time,” he shoots you a wide smile and wiggles his eyebrows when you turn your head to look at him in ‘annoyance’ (but truly, it was truly out of fondness).
silence takes over between you both after your soft giggles and bickering come to a halt. the distant sounds of the waves and insects cricketing fill your ears. the night becomes near, the sun slowly disappears as the bright moon begins to rise into appearance.
your boyfriend begins to hum melodies, causing vibrations to rumble against your neck, and placing soft kisses on your skin in between different melodies. he mumbles sweet nothings into your ear as you two sway left to right, still attached to each other and seeming not to let go any time soon as donghyuck’s hold on you hasn’t loosened nor do you want it to.
donghyuck turns you around to face him. he smiles at the sight of you and how stunning you look standing in front of him with stars in your eyes and a soft smile he loves to see you wear. your arms reach up to wrap around his neck.
silently, you move closer to his face to kiss the mole on his right cheek, and the other near his nose, and the other sitting on his cheekbone, and lowering down to reach another mole, and even lower as your reach the ones just below his prominent jawline, then kissing the one on his adam’s apple which bobs up and down slightly. you move your head up and press your cheek against his to turn his face to the side so you can reach the last mole you need to kiss which is placed right on his jaw.
you pull away and he faces you again, still with the same smile he’s been wearing since you’ve started the drive here. he pecks your lips. “i’m so in love with you.” he mumbles against them, lips brushing against each other and your different flavors of chapstick combining.
“and as am i.” you lean closer to enclose the tiny gap between you two, finally taking in the fullness and velvet feeling of his heart-shaped lips.
the kiss remains smooth and slow. donghyuck’s fingers play with the waistband of your pants before slipping his hand underneath your shirt to cop a feel of your back that he loves to kiss right before bed and seconds after waking up in an effort to get you out of your slumber before he feels lonely. his hands remain on your mid-back, thumbs covered in cold metal rings move up and down causing shivers to run down your spine.
heads move side to side to deepen the blissful kiss. donghyuck kisses you harder and stays put to prolong the sensation before barely pulling away as your lips still touch each other.
words don’t need to be exchanged to know how much you both appreciate and love one another. the looks on your faces say it all. how donghyuck’s eyes have never left you since you’ve got here and the way they admire you and only you as if there isn’t a beautiful sea behind you. how you take your time focusing on every crevice and mark on each feature on the boy’s face as if you don’t see him enough already.
how painfully obvious you two are. you wouldn’t be able to hide the admiration you have toward the boy staring at you even if you tried your hardest to.
being in love with donghyuck gave ‘warmth’ a new feeling. it’s defined with how safe and secure you are with just his presence in the same room as you, how he manages to make every negative feeling dissipate with one stupid joke, how he can make you forget about your problems and worries the second he pulls you in for a cuddle, and so much more.
you move your head to rest on his shoulder, snuggling into his neck, and he tightens his hold around you. he continues his humming as he begins to sway your bodies softly again. donghyuck’s hand still rubbing your back, making you feel absolute serenity in his arms — feeling drowsier as time passes. the sunshine remains warm even in the cold, dark night.
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