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Parasitic Wasp of the micro-hymenopteran type.  A lurking micro-hymenopterist will surely narrow this down to some sort of group, but I am out of my comfort zone here, so will leave as a micro-hym.  Note the size of the pin it is glued to.  From the North Tract of Patuxent Wildlife Research Center.  One of the locations that would be impacted if the MAGLEV train is placed onto refuge lands.  An important sand lens region full of both prairie plants under the powerlines and globally rare pitch pine barrens.  Photo by Anders Croft.   A dreamy sort of wasp, not an angry type, not the mouthless appearance.

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This song feels like driving my ex to the package store

And this one tastes like throatful of coke

I can smell a cold November in Taunton when he sings to me

And these hymns smell like a discount dispensary

I’m never the woman in song

But the bitch after a bitch

So I sit alone and reminisce to the sound

-Ode to the Present, Chloe Christensen 2020

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‘I wish to be loved— I wish to be dressed entirely in tulle and rosebuds— soft, feathered, with lips like a heart and hair like chocolate-coloured doves. I wish to bathe in moonwater.’

'wish,’ - Megan’s Poetry #979

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