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tapireye · 2 days ago
Winking Eye Chain-Link Dress with Plushie Straps by Leeann Huang.
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thehoneymoonave · a day ago
Tumblr media
Twilight Fairy Dress – Dollette
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illusionsofdreaming · 2 days ago
This is my first time asking,but may I please have imagines about the TCF boys (Cale,Choi Han,Alberu and Beacroix) accidentally imagining you in a wedding gown because reader was wearing a white dress for a festival or for a ball?.(I'm so lonely and desperately need hope for the week.I love you're writing and rarely see any fics about Trash count that's an xreader,so to find your account is the greatest thing that happened to me this week!)
Notes: I know you’ve been waiting for this for a while so I hope I did it justice. Writing this gave me cavities I’ll never recover from.
Ft: Cale, Choi Han, Alberu, Beacrox
Female reader
Cale Henituse
The sound of the ballroom was muted behind glass-paned doors of the thankfully empty balcony as Cale leaned against the railings, tugging on his collar to release the first few buttons with a tired sigh. Socialising really wasn’t his forte, but even he’d couldn’t afford to avoid an event held within the Henituse territory. An event that celebrated the opening of the kingdom’s first community school and the duchy’s first step in a long term project to reimage and repurpose the once inhabitable Forest of Darkness. The concept of an all-inclusive school regardless of one’s station or species had not been taken well by most of the nobility class, however, what once was the Henituse county was now the Henituse duchy. With the kingdom’s Silver Shield Hero personally backing the project, not even the nobility was willing to risk ending on Henituse’s bad side.
He attended as a leader, an ally and a threat all wrapped in one. Though Duchess Violan and Basen were there to divert most conversations from him, there was still too much attention on him. He couldn’t stop the growing sense of dread that he’d never escape from this pit of responsibilities that only seemed to grow deeper each passing day. Thankfully, though his attendance was required to make a statement, no one said he had to stay indoors the entire time.
He wondered how much time had passed when the balcony doors opened once more.
“So that’s where you are.”
It was a smart move of yours to dress simply to show your family’s support as supposed to dressing extravagantly which would’ve gone against the purpose of the school itself.
You wore a slim, form-hugging white dress that fanned out towards the bottom. Free of excessive gems and accessories, the lack of decorative arrangements drew everyone’s attention towards your natural beauty accompanied and enhanced by the light makeup you wore.
Cale was never one to wax poetics, but even he could not deny that with the warm lights of the ballroom framing your back like a gentle halo and muted waltz music playing in the background, he was absolutely spellbound.
“My, how much did you drink tonight already?” You clicked your tongue as you joined him by the railings.
He glanced at the untouched glass of wine in his hands. “Not much.”
He would’ve taken offence at your disbelieving hum but found himself watching you as you swirled your glass of champagne.
You were close enough that he could feel the heat of your arm just inches away, tantalisingly close and yet still so far away. Your eyes closed as the fall breeze blew past and played with a strand of hair that had strayed from the delicate bun plait you had on tonight. Underneath the stars, a rare moment of peace shared with you, he found himself suddenly envisioning a future-
-white chapel halls and high arches. Rows and rows of benches and tables filled with many of the world’s delicacies. Surrounded by familiar faces and laughter. It was chaotic and noisy, a combination that would’ve surely irked him but somehow he found it bearable. His focus was drawn to the beautiful ring on your finger, of your hand tightly woven with his and your smile, so lovely and mesmerising, just for him.
A formidable lump seemed to have formed in his throat as his throat dried. His fingers clutched the thin stem of his glass as he raised the wine to his mouth.
“Take a break,” your hand covered the top of his glass before it reached his lips and took the cup from his hands. “Can’t have the hero of the party looking like a drunkard can we?” Tipping the drink into the ferns below.
What a waste of good wine. He had only a moment’s time to mourn for its loss when he flinched against the sudden feeling of your hand on his forehead, only slightly cool from the night air, yet freezing against his skin.
“You’re getting really red.” You frowned in concern.
“It’s…” he blinked at you, the after images of his daydream swam vividly in his mind and made it infinitely harder for him to gather his wits. “…I’ll be fine.” He guided your hand away from his face, turning his gaze outward as his heartbeat pounded by his ears. “..I just need a little air.”
He could see that you were suspicious but he was thankfully saved from further questioning as the muffled sound of someone calling your name was heard through the glass doors. For a moment you looked torn between two ways, but a decision was made when your name was called for once more.
“Don’t stay out here too long.” You moved towards the doors but paused as you cast a glance back over your shoulder.
“You still owe me a dance.”
The glass panes closed behind you with a resounding click, leaving Cale behind running a tired hand down his face, head filled with complicated thoughts.
The shape of a tiny square box digging into the side of his thigh never felt heavier in his pocket.
Choi Han
“Choi Han did you hear?” You must have ran a fair bit for you to be flushed and panting this early in the morning. Instantly he was alert, his training sword lowered as he turned, “_________?” concern lined his voice.
You grasped his hand in excitement, eyes wide and shining so bright it took him by surprise. “The spring fair is here! Let’s go together!”
.❀。• *₊°。 ❀°。  .❀。• *₊°。 ❀°。  .❀。• *₊°。 ❀°。  .❀。• *₊°。 ❀°。  .❀。• *₊°。 ❀°。
Lately, you’ve been worrying about him overworking and not taking enough time for himself to rest, so to you news of the fair came at just the right time as you took it upon yourself to encourage Choi Han to let loose and have fun.
With his hand captive in yours as you dragged him around the fair, Choi Han didn’t have the heart to tell you that no matter how tired he might’ve felt, any sense of exhaustion would be washed away by simply being in your presence.
It’s been a while since he attended public events and even now, the crowds and people can be overwhelming. But your excitement was infectious, melting his wariness as you dragged him from stall to stall. You tried every kind of snacks from sweet to savoury and made it your mission to find souvenirs for everyone back home. You bought flower crowns from a little girl selling handpicked flora and happily crowned both you and him in daisies and forget-me-nots. A passing grandma’s sincere compliment of you being adorable couples sent blood rushing to his face.
Though hesitant at first, at your insistence, he tried the game booths and within a matter of moments, racked up an impressive pile of stuffed toys and gifts. The most he did was hurl plastic rings at a target with deadly accuracy, yet for some reason, the other booths suddenly seemed to have developed a fear of his approach, some even began begging for mercy.
“Was that not what I was supposed to do?” he queried with concern, looking back at the sobbing booth owner now emptied of gifts.
You only laughed in response and ushered him to the next area after you have returned half the prizes back to the booth owner and donated the rest to the children around the area.
He never thought himself a spontaneous person, but when it came to you he found that he didn’t mind. Even when it meant being dragged to dance in the middle of the city to the hearty beat of a festive dance.
There was no order to the dance and Choi Han was surprised to find how incredibly addictive it was to be led by the beat of the rowdy music and let his body take the lead. As the music built up to a high, he lifted you up by the waist, your white sundress fanned out as he spun you and you burst out laughing with thrill. The image of you against blue skies, your beautiful white dress accompanied by a crown of flowers and your cheerful laughter was burned in his mind. He was hit with the strongest urge to hold you close and never let go. A deep and primal longing he’d been always careful not to prod was now exposed and he shuddered at the weight of just how much he felt. He had never craved something so much like this moment with you. He needed this. He realised. He needed you.
“Choi Han?” you asked still breathless from laughing so much, “the song ended, you can release me now.”
For a moment, his arm tightened in resistance, “I… “ he faltered as his heart thudded against his ribcage. “Yes..” he lets you go, like a spell’s release, his arms dropped back down by his side. You moved on to peruse the other activities of the festival, blissfully unaware of the hero behind glancing at the jewellery store just by the side.
Alberu Crossman
He suspected that your dress was designed with your family crest, Lily of the Valley, in mind. Bright accents of spring green weaved into sheer fabric and white silk that curved around your shape just perfectly. It’s a design that’s a refreshing breath of air in a ballroom filled with heavy colors and weighted gazes.
As he pulled you in for a twirl, his hand supported your weight easily and his fingers smoothed down the soft material.
“You look beautiful tonight.” Absolutely breathtaking.
And he couldn’t keep his eyes off you.
Your smile was knowing as you tipped your head back, revelling in the searing gaze he traced against the line of your neck. “So you’ve told me, several times this night.”
He guided you back upright and held your hand as you switched places with practiced steps. “You seem to doubt my words?” He hummed with a smile.
“Your tongue is washed with honey your majesty,” and your smile widened at the amused chuckle that slipped past his lips. “forgive me if I don’t swoon like a fragile maiden.”
“I’ll try my best not to take offence.” he replied smoothly, pulling you close as he lost himself in the depths of your eyes.
The ballroom was packed with nobles and opportunists, all vying for even a second of his attention. But they might as well have been invisible, for Alberu had been hopelessly and willingly bewitched by you from the moment you entered the hall in that gorgeous white dress. He followed the sway of your body and his fingers twitched by your waist, wanting to follow the trail of embroidered patterns of your dress and only just holding himself back.
Your dress was simple, basic even, but perhaps it was the atmosphere or having you so close he could feel the heat of your body through the thin layer of fabric that threatened to destroy every semblance of sobriety he’d gathered up. He was hopelessly smitten, enraptured by the spell you held over him.
He can’t help but think that you would look amazing in white and gold too.
As the music faded out, you both took a step back and bowed however, before you could leave he’d captured your hand in his.
Your confused expression was adorable even as you allowed him to pull you close.
“Would milady be interested in joining me for another dance?”
“Again?” You sighed, exasperated, like you’ve somehow expected this. “This would be our third dance.”
“And hopefully not our last?”
“You’re not planning on taking all my dances tonight are you?” Your suspicion was charming and very correct, not that he would admit it aloud. He only flashed an innocent smile at your tired sigh.
“Have anyone told you that you’ve quite the nasty personality?” You whispered even as you took his hand for your third dance.
“No one would believe it.” He whispered back and something in his chest filled with warmth at the laughter it prompted from you.
“You’re unbelievable.”
“And you’re beautiful.” He returned with a grin.
Though you scoffed with exasperation, he was thankful you’re willing to entertain his selfish desires to keep you close.
He just can’t stand the thought of you being in anyone’s arms but his tonight.
Beacrox Molan
He had returned to the mansion late at night after finishing a reconnaissance mission for the Young Master when movement by the corner of his eyes alerted him. Instantly, his hand pressed against the hidden weapons on his person as he turned to search for potential intruders until he happened across the strangest sights.
Of everything that he'd expected to find, you dancing under moonlight surrounded by fireflies was not one of them.
“___________?” he couldn’t keep the incredulity from his tone as he stepped forward.
You didn’t stop dancing even as you were alerted to his presence, dressed in your nightgown as you swayed to music only you could hear.
“Oh, I couldn’t sleep, there’s a song stuck in my head and just had to get it out.” you chuckled. “I must look quite silly.” you smiled but it was not said in shyness, you were never one who cared about the judgement of others.
The moment was rather… surreal. “Not at all.” his voice was low. “You look..” his voice faltered. How does he tell you that when he first spotted you, for an incredulous moment, the flash of white amongst the dark colors of the garden, he thought he spotted a fairy.
You had your hair down from your usual up-do, makeup-free and yet still the prettiest person he’s ever seen. He’s suddenly reminded of a dream of his, one that’s been reoccurring more and more often lately, where you held his hands to join in matrimony.
You hummed softly, “Join me?” you requested so gently, so oblivious to the desires that pooled within him. Daring to reach out to take his hands which had inflicted pain and suffering on so many others. He glanced down at your delicate wrists as morbid thoughts crossed unbidden past his mind. He knew exactly which tendon to press to cause the most pain, which vein to slit to bleed a person dry, these hands of his could easily break yours- yet, he was pliant, boneless as he followed, so easily led.
He stumbled through the first few steps, “I…” he started, “don’t know how to dance.” he admitted, feeling his hands burn as you placed them on your waist.
“It’s alright.” you smiled, “I’m not great at it either.”
Liar. He thought as he frowned. Surely, you know what you’re doing to him. Your smile and every sway of your hips stole the very breath from his lungs, luring him like a siren’s call to wade into a depthless ocean at night. Evoking feelings a person in his line of work shouldn’t harbour at all.
“You’re very quiet tonight.” you remarked.
Beacrox grunted in reply, glad that the night was dark enough that you probably couldn’t see that the tips of his ears were burning.
Thankfully, you’re used to him being sparse with words so you didn’t take offence, instead, filled the air between you by humming a tune. You pulled him along in your imaginary dance and he’s a puppet helplessly drawn along to your directing, every sense of his attuned to you.
He didn’t know how long it lasted, dancing with only the moon and stars as witnesses, his dreams and reality overlapping. It could’ve been a few minutes but it might as well have lasted an eternity.
His eyes traced the shape of your face, noted the subtle flush of your cheeks and serene smile as you enjoyed yourself. His gaze trailed lower to your exposed shoulders, wondering how you’re not feeling chilled by the autumn air- all too suddenly did he remember what you were wearing. Instantly, he pulled you in tight, holding you to his front firmly as his gaze sharpened.
“What were you thinking, coming out alone to the gardens so late and in nothing but your nightwear?”
You let out a breath of surprise at the sudden movement but didn’t seem too alarmed as you pulled back slightly to raise your eyebrow in face of his sudden grouchiness. “I told you, I couldn’t sleep and I was getting ready for bed, what else would I be wearing if not my nightwear?”
“Others could’ve seen you.” A muscle underneath his eye twitched at the unpleasant thought.
You rolled your eyes, “No one comes to the gardens at this time of night.”
“I did.”
“..except you.” you corrected, huffing lightly through your nose. You pushed against his hold and he released you easily, despite the irritation on his face.
“You can relax Bea, I was only out for a little while.“
“Yet, long enough to feel the chill of the wind.” he said, having noticed the gooseflesh that rose against your skin. He shrugged off his coat and dropped it over your shoulders. “Take it.” he frowned, “Return it later.”
You looked at the coat on your shoulder, fingers touching the material before looking up at him through your lashes, knowing smile on your face. “Jealousy is unbecoming on you.”
He felt his expression darken and instead of responding to your teasing, he closed the front of his coat. “You shouldn’t wear white.”
This seemed to surprise you as your eyebrows lifted and you glanced down your front. “Oh.. does it not suit me?”
His hands tightened against the jacket around you and in one swift movement, he pulled you close, leaning down to breathe by your ear.
“It suits you too well.”
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commodorecliche · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
bought myself a mermaid dress today! so shinyyyy.
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rosyfleurbelle · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
The ballerina moonlight dress | Selkie
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birthday-stims · 16 hours ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
If my mother was so horrible…what did my father do?
A scp 166 (teenage gaea) stimboard for anon!
(Scp fans where u at?)
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sosuperawesome · 2 months ago
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Linen Dresses / Skirts
Linennaive on Etsy
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vanshikathakur · 2 days ago
You call me up again just to break me like a promise
So casually cruel in the name of being honest
Taylor Swift, All Too Well
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starskykarofsky · a month ago
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Selkie . NYC September 2021
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tapireye · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Various ‘Flesh Fashion’ pieces by lemaine
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