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featherednutcase · 11 hours ago
10 Sentence Drabbles: male drider trying to calm down female reader with arachnophobia? <3
You had talked to Anik for a couple years online- through videogames, then discord then skype and now you were meeting him in person.
There was a knot in your stomach- normally you might chalk this up to nerves of meeting a long-time friend, but you knew that he was a drider which was really only bad because of your arachnophobia.
You could handle it through the screen but this was entirely new uncharted territory. You stood to leave but as you headed for the door you saw him- Anik!
You smiled overcome by a wave of happiness at meeting your friend but then you saw his thorax and the eight spindly legs attached to it. Your smile dropped and you felt the panic start to overcome you.
Anik already knew you were arachnophobic so instead of rushing to you, he stilled. He waited and when you were okay, he let you approach him. Anik offered you a bottle of water and to take a seat.
You were smiling and laughing with him by the time you parted ways with the promise to meet up again in the future.
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therebloggerbird · 13 hours ago
As an arachnophobe, I think the effect is much cooler when they give spider-centaurs / driders the pedipalps or mandibles on the front of their lower half. More menacing and monstrous, even if it doesn’t fully make sense.
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cuppykin · a day ago
I kinda wanna make some fairy ocs
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bonesaws-and-dust · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sorry I haven’t posted much here, been mostly active on Twitter and on my Invader Zim account as opposed to this one :c
But I do have some Bendy content for y’all ♥
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A Drider's Warmth
Male Drider oc (Khaizad) x human reader soft vore
Tumblr media
The soft warm glow of your fireplace heats up your face as you snuggle into some pillows. It was snowing hard outside and your heating system was at risk of freezing over and shutting off. So you had to take your opportunity before it started and heated up your fireplace. And let me tell you, just 20 minutes into the blizzard, that fucking heating and power shut the down as expected which left you and your boyfriend in complete fridgedness. The cold even froze over some windows and curtains just to make things worse.
The house's temperature was going down drastically and you weren't really used to very very cold temperature. This made you fearful as to what could happen and you had to bury yourself in warm blankets the entire night. Your boyfriend on the other hand was way used to this and had nothing to really worry about so he just knitted you a sweater in the background.
You hear shuffling behind you as a claw-like hand reaches over you to grab a piece of wood and tosses it into the fireplace. "Thanks babe." You say, turning to face your bf.
A huge black and white fluffy drider boi with 2 black large eyes and 6 grey small ones surrounding them stare softly at you. His long white/ very light blonde hangs covering the side of his face as he tries to pull it back while a second pair of arms wrap themselves around you. His first pair pet your head and help you get more snug in your blankets, swaddling you like a baby. Well, you are a bby considering how you look in his arms.
This driver is your boyfriend, obvi, and his name is Khaizad but goes by Kazzy since it's hard for you to pronounce. You two met a year ago after you moved into Forest Roanoke to get out of the city life that stressed you out. Once you moved all your stuff into the beautiful cabin you bought for 10 grand from a friend of yours, you went to lock up your moving van when you saw Khaizad just staring at you before shyly approaching you. He was large and scary looking but a soft boi aura to him so you let him get close. After introducing one another, you two talked for hours about the forest and your lives til midnight.
Khaizad had a large interest in you and could smell the scent of a potential mate on you so everyday, he would try to court you by leaving gifts and hunts of his on your back porch and front doorstep. You were at first confused by this but after doing research about driders, you were surprised and fascinated by this.
After two months of him doing his courting, you told him that you wouldn't mind being his mate but you wanted to take things slow. Khaizad agreed and visited you everyday until one night.
There had been a horrible thunderstorm which made many dead trees in the area collapse and dig up eroding dirt, causing a mudslide. The mudslide had torn through the forest and hit Khaizad hard since his cave home, which you have seen before and even spent the night in once, was destroyed and filled to the brim with dirt and trees. It was hard for him to clean out and too dangerous for him to burrow out of it.
So you let him move in with you, helping him get his surviving stuff into the house while he was having trouble getting his big 10 ft frame into your front door after he successfully settled in with you. Luckily enough, you two have been together for a year and love each other dearly. Khaizad loves you with all his black spider heart and will do anything for you. And I mean anything.
Khaizad nuzzles you as he rests in this little pillow nest he made, placing you in the center. His knitting stuff was right by you as a nice looking sweater made out of multicolored wool was in the process of being halfway done, looking to be just your size too. "You're freezing dear." His soft and calming voice echoing in your ears.
"I know, Kazzy. I've been drinking your tea and staying close to fire with my blankets but nothing. The house must be very cold." You say, seeing one hand of his gently cover yours. It was larger than yours with claws/kinda sharp nails at the end of them.
"Hmmm.....well, ya know. I do have another way of keeping you nice and warm, hun." He says, purring as he presses you against his chest.
"You sitting on me with your big spider booty isn't gonna help." You remark, hearing him chuckle softly.
"Heh, no. Not that. Though, I wouldn't mind you giving me one of your great massages for my spider booty." He giggles, nuzzling you. "My other warm place is-" He turns you to face him.
He was sitting up with his chiseled chest being eye level you, a low rumble coming from his first/human half gut. "Y-Your gut I suppose?" You stutter a bit, getting a bit nervous. "I-I did hear that driders can eat humans but is it safe?" You ask, feeling him press you against his gut.
"Yes." He says, picking you up with his first pair of arms.
You were a bit nervous as you got eye levels to his jaw, seeing it open up wide. His maw was a dark blue with black saliva drenching it all over. His tongue was black too with it sticking out to lick your face, drenching your entire head inside. "Mmmhmm," He shivers, licking your face all over again. "Sooooo good."
You felt very nervous as you got closer to his mouth, basically staring straight down his mouth and throat. He grabs your waist tightly and suddenly shoves you inside, shrouding you in darkness.
His warm and gentle breath surrounds you as he gulps your head and shoulders, pushing you by your legs to help. You let out a groan as you suddenly slip quickly coen his throat, your face getting squished by his throat muscles.
You groan as he slurps you halfway into him, your legs still sticking out. He tilts his head back and gulps you down quickly as his throat pushes you. He moans at your taste and does a second gulp, your legs following you down his throat as he slurped your feet wholeheartedly.
You land head and shoulders first into the fleshy and soft place called his gut as your feet disappear down his gullet. The rest of your body soon follows as his gut welcomes you happily, letting out loud groans that ring in your ears.
It was black and white with a dark blue liquid that was up to your ankles. His gut gently squishes you as Khaizad scoots back in the pillow and blanket nest, purring. "Ooooh, hun, you taste so sweet. Like caramel." He remarks, licking his lips.
"Thanks." You say, getting drenched in his belly juices.
He nods and picks up some logs, tossing them into the fire as he uses his second pair of hands to scoot him and the pillow nest safely towards the fireplace. He rubs his as he feels you moving a bit inside.
“You okay in there, hun? Hope it’s not too tight.” He asks.
"Mhm! I'm just trying to get very comfy. It's way more inviting than I thought it would." You remark, feeling his gut squish you as his hands move around the outside. "Though, I would mind if me getting squished didn't happen."
You move even more, trying to push some of his gut walls away from you so you could stretch your legs. This makes Khaizad laugh hysterically as it tickles him.
"AHAHAHA! HUN, S-STOP! THAT TICKLES!" He yells, stomping one of his spider feetsies as he clutches his gut tightly.
You get squished tightly but keep moving, hearing Khaizad take deep breaths.
"OH MY GODS, I'M GONNA PEE!" He giggles, bending over to catch his breath.
You stop as you didn't want another mess in your house. He's done it before and it's a lot. He's not "housebroken" as you might say. He's a drider who lived in the woods all his life so what did you expect. He still has getting used to your house which had to be modified to fit his large and tol bod.
"Thanks." He says but takes a deep inhale as a burp was coming on, a loud gurgling noise was heard inside his gut with a bubbling boiling near you.
"Uuuurppp!” He groans, letting out a sigh as that felt good. His gut untensing around you. He waves the smell away as all his hand massage his belly to let you fully relax. He enjoyed eating you and wanted you too totally safe while inside.
You smile softly as the gurgles of his spacious gut echo in your ear as you get caressed from all around. You purr softly and yawns. "Mmmh, I'm getting sleepy hun. Mind if I sleep inside?” You ask, your eyes get droopy and heavy like.
“Sure, sweety. Rest now.” He purrs, laying down. His belly gently squishes you as movement is felt from all around.
You smile and drift off, the sound of his heartbeat and belly gurgles act like a lullaby as you sleep.
Khaizad burrows into the pillow next and puts lots of blankets from all around his body and huge belly, sighing as he watches the snow fall. Soft snoring could be heard as you fell asleep snug inside of him.
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somelazyassartist · 6 days ago
These are Hallows' 12th Great Grandfathers, Arealion and Pawraek T'sareth! Arealion is a Centaur Open Hand Monk/Undying Warlock with a Folk Hero background, and Pawraek is a Drider Storm Herald Barbarian with a Hermit background! Also they're gay and I love them :3 (click for better quality)
Please ignore my complete lack of knowledge of spider anatomy
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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somelazyassartist · 6 days ago
I'm torn on whether to draw the Centaur/Drider "fucked-up-half-humanoids who don't seem to understand why everyone looks at them weird" couple or the Selkie/Elf "oh my gods this elf is so fucking dumb I need to marry him immediately" couple first
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dracoskullart · 6 days ago
Heyo peoples! Sorry bout the long bout of art drought, i finally started a newADHD med and i’ve been inspired to draw! So i’m gonna post a bunch of art, starting with some arachnid goodness:
Meet Seria the Arachne!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This is the second time i’ve drawn here, but this time i took the time to better reason out how a Drider/Spider-taur/Arachne would biologically work for a more convincing design.
Here’s a first attempt that has a cool pose, but less convincing design:
Tumblr media
She is based on the Cobalt Tarantula, a lovely creature that can glisten a metallic blue in the right light. A skilled seamstress who produces, treats, and weaves her webs into fabrics, she has a love of looking stylish and making others look just as good despite her arachnid lower half.
Fun note: she, like some spiders, has a set of openings on her abdomen underside, so she cant swim!
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necromeowncy · 11 days ago
ahhh it's here! 🕷️💜
Tumblr media
seriously go check out and support @dcsart if you love both monsters and super wholesome relationships. their comics and games heal my soul and helped get me through this dang pandemic.
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dailycharacteroption · 16 days ago
Ambusher (Animal Companion Archetype)
Tumblr media
 The ambush, the stealth attack, the sudden strike that delivers a fatal, killing blow. Nature is full of predators that use this very tactic to survive. After all, a missed meal in the while might mean starving to death, so many predators have to be cautious, waiting for the right time to strike and, if all goes well, kill their prey in one or two blows, their powerful jaws or other weapon going right for their most vulnerable points, or their traps springing and preventing any and all escape as they are brought down.
As one might expect, there are plenty of folk with access to a companion that lean into this, training their companions to be the best at striking from the shadows.
This need not be limited to predators though. Herbivores can be even more aggressive when they feel even slightly threatened. There’s plenty of stories about people being mauled by deer or other ungulates that the victims didn’t even know were there until they were right on top of them.
Regardless, these so-called ambushers attack from the shadows, hitting their opponents hard before they know what hit them.
 Whether it is the natural appearance of the beast, a rare phenotype, or a little help from their owner, these companions are naturally gifted at camouflage, blending in with their home environment, making them extremely difficult to notice when they don’t wish to be.
What’s more, their senses are so keen that they are hard to ambush in kind, and they move so swiftly and precisely that they often get a leg up on foes and strike for their prey’s vulnerabilities even after they’ve noticed the attack coming, but before combat has truly been joined.
A simple archetype, one that trades the skill to ambush foes with ease for the price of being receptive to magic and resisting various effects, as well as attacking repeatedly, this is definitely very useful for a character with a companion who themselves strikes from the shadows, such as rangers or hunters. As for companion choice, this archetype really is meant for companions that rely on a good opening play, such as those with the pounce and rake ability, charging in and full attacking with bonus attacks, or powerful charge, getting lots of extra damage from a single powerful blow. Vermin options like web tyrant spiders, as well as poisonous vermin are good choices. Meanwhile options that rely on swallow whole or constriction are also good.
 As one might imagine, training an animal to engage in stalking behavior has it’s on challenges. Certainly one might expect to see predators that play by stalking and pouncing on each other, but this might unnerve others, and while it wouldn’t be likely to come up in a tabletop game, there is the fear that laypersons would have that the stalking was very real.
  Utterly rejecting all civilization, the drider Mecchazemon feels more kindred with the spiders he has been twisted to resemble. When humanoids enter his territory, he works together with his trained giant spider Viccas to capture them. If they are drow or are clearly hostile, he kills them without hesitation. Others he may let go if they promise to never return.
 Driven from the depths by even fiercer foes, A buggane now lurks in the sewers beneath Skystone. The beast is wily, and quickly uses its power over earth to flee if confronted during a kill. However, a canny hunter, perhaps with a companion trained for the ambush, might be able to take it down before it can escape.
 Someone is killing travelers, their bodies found with broken necks and crushed trachea, hung up as a warning. Marks point to a plant monster of some kind, but such a beast would not normally display prey like this. Clearly someone has trained a plant creature to murder, rather than prey upon.
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glimglam-does-things · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
Pooltoy-ified goodra-fied dragon + fluffy spooder friend for @couchcrusader
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dark-side-blog2 · 17 days ago
I read the drider bruno post and can't stop imagining his darling being an equal dumpsterfire of a person. Like, dropping themselves onto his spider body for an escape attempt and hugging his human arms from behind, cheering how they got him before realizing that they cannot get away this way since he'll catch them once they let go and get off of him so it's an awkward fight/rodeo until bruno has them off of his back
Tumblr media
Two dumpster fires- who will win?
Bruno could very easily twist his spool to hit you and bind you, which would leave you in a sticky cocoon ready for the drider to stick to a wall and easily deal with- until you get a blood clot and aneurysm, or piss yourself and get sweaty and get sepsis in the months it takes for the web to erode. Bruno doesn’t want his fragile mate to die! And you certainly do not want to release the frontal arms you’ve trapped on the monster currently freaking out and trying to break free of your hold without snapping your arms like branches. Its a whole mess and a half. And when Bruno finally gets you off of him, you’re in big trouble! You got out of hand today, tesoro! Bruno won’t bind your skin, but he’s going to have to find a way to keep you still and behaved- maybe dig you a little hole you can’t crawl out of? Then you can’t wander off, and he can dote on you when he brings food and water... Whatever it is, he’ll be sure that its a level area- with nothing for you to climb or hide in. You’re a bit hard to manage when you’re this agitated.
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starrymothwings · 22 days ago
Tumblr media
preview of my next project ;) they came to me in a dream so im doing monster la squadra boys. starting off with drider formaggio. finished product will have full color and all of them in one place 
full thing will also be going on my side blog as well tbh
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lynettethemadscientist · 24 days ago
Drider!Ray/Suit-Saeran Headcanons
An extension of my MysMe Fantasy AU
The arachnid half of his body is thickly covered with soft brown fur.
His eyes are black but the elixir has given them a minty shine.
His chelicerae follow his jawline and end in black fangs at the corners of his mouth.
His venom is a paralytic which immobilizes his victim for 2-5 hours.
Believes that everyone hates him because he’s a scary arachnid so he tries to make himself as non-threatening as possible, especially around MC.
Often stands with his legs tucked in close to his body. Mostly because it is an instinctive defensive stance, but also because he’s trying not to intimidate.
When MC first arrives at Magenta, Ray is terrified that she will fear him or be repulsed by him. It took all of his courage to let her remove the blindfold while he was still in her room.
“Please don’t be scared of me. Please.”
“Please don’t run away. I would never hurt you.”
Likes to imagine making a beautiful nest for MC out of his silk.
He was too shy to adorn her room with his silk, but he places an ornately weaved web ribbon on the bouquets he brings to her in the hopes that she’ll become accustomed to his scent.
(AS Common Route Day 2) When Ray encounters what appears to be an equine believer in the hallway, he is mildly suspicious. Any species that is not a predator is unlikely to be accepted into Mint Eye. When questioned, Believer Number A306 informs him that he is actually a kelpie, not a centaur. Ray remains skeptical but remembers his intention to bring flowers to MC and decides his attention is better spent there.
(Ray Route Day 4) When V confronts Ray and MC in the garden, Ray places himself in front of MC but it’s clear by the awkward shuffling of his feet and the tone of his voice that Ray greatly fears him. MC is left to ponder at what this seemingly unassuming centaur could have possibly done to such a large drider to make him so afraid.
(Ray Route Day 6) Ray is too tall for MC to kiss so instead she starts to caress the soft fur on his leg to stop his self-torment. He is awestruck that she would touch him so affectionately. He has never been touched so delicately before and certainly not on the part of him that is so fearful and disgusting. He cannot speak. When she grabs his hands and gently pulls him down, he half expects her to strike him or pull his hair. But instead, she surprises him with a tender kiss and he stumbles back, stammering for a few moments before scuttling away.
Believes that everyone hates him because he’s a scary arachnid, so he resents them and tries to make himself as threatening as possible.
Very fond of crawling along the walls and ceiling.
Will not hesitate to use his webbing to subdue someone.
“Scared, princess? You should be. I can bite faster than you can blink.”
Likes to imagine entangling MC in his sticky webs and watching her struggle. Or stringing her up like a marionette and toying with her.
(Ray Route Day 7) Instead of pressing MC against the wall, Saeran grabs MC and lifts her high above the floor. She is helpless in his grasp as he leans in to bite her. As he bites her, he pierces her with his fangs and injects her with his venom. While the paralysis overtakes her, he taunts her cruelly before tossing her onto the bed and leaving. MC is motionless for 4 hours.
“If you try to run, I’ll paralyze you again and then I’ll truss you up in my webs like a tasty snack. You’re mine.”
(Ray Route Day 9) When Saeran is confronted by V in the garden, instead of pulling out a gun, the large drider pins V to the ground. Saeran’s fangs are bared and dripping with venom as he threatens to strike the helpless centaur beneath him. 
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dark-side-blog2 · 27 days ago
spider bruno has taken over my thoughts. This man is a top tier Yandere no matter what species. I have mad respect for him.
Bruno is this blog's most written for character for a reason: Possessive Protective man very Persistent. Makes heart go brr brr.
And don’t get me wrong, Brunos got an awful lot of coverage- almost every monster we’ve covered on this blog has a Bruno counterpart! And giving this man yet another monster Au may seem like favoritism, but... @eevwrites has a good point here! Yandere Bruno just slaps, no matter what species! Drider Bruno... I truthfully haven’t given it much thought before, but thats yet another AU I could see being funny! Bruno, ever the protective (but sadly delusional) yandere, doesn’t want to tie his darling down with his sticky web- especially not since spider silk is anti-bacterial and doesn’t naturally degrade for months to years. Locking you down in tight confines for so long... what if you get a blood clot?! And then you get an aneurysm?! Or when he goes to get the web fibers off you, he accidentally hurts you?! Absolutely not happening! Bruno is probably the only drider who vehemently refuses to use his main power as a drider! I think it’d be funny to see this massive spider bumble around thing to convince you to not make him tie you down, or keep you somewhere you really really won’t like. There's been enough functional Bruno Aus. Now there is only chaos. 
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frenchtoastie · 28 days ago
I think arachnids are particularly hot, not only can they tie you up in their web they can also pump you full of their eggs.
Like driders? TOTALLY underrated and not talked about nearly enough as they should be in terms of monsterfucking
Like theoretically you could get so many kinks covered in that situation; bondage, eggs, biting, hypnosis or aphrodisiac venom.... endless opportunities
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lanternworks · 29 days ago
Tumblr media
Name: Gyuuki
Gender: Male
Height: 7′10′’
Birthday: July 26th
Race: Ushi-oni
Voiceclaim: Akio Ohtsuka
Art by @neon-nicos​
Gyuuki is incredibly competitive, a trait which he also greatly appreciates in others. He likes to be challenged and lives for the thrill of the fight as well as the uncertainty of who will come out on top. Gyuuki pursues what he wants with a fierce determination and little can dissuade him when he sets his mind to something. He’s rowdy, strong-willed, and boasts a high amount of self-confidence. Like the others in Salvage Garden’s founding group Gyuuki is staunchly loyal and protective of the others in it though he’s also the most accepting of newcomers. He has no qualms expressing his closeness to others and is a rock for them to lean on when need be. 
Gyuuki is a very physical person, well known for his well-meant but bone-shattering back slaps and shoulder punches. He enjoys resting his arms across others’ shoulders...mostly to flaunt his size. Whether this is to tease someone or as a not-so-subtle method of intimidation depends on the circumstance. He’s happy to be the muscle of the group and tends to be the most transparent, preferring to be straight-forward in his intentions.
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demigoddessqueens · a month ago
Hazel (OC) x Fergus (Drider) ❤️ Headcanons
Tumblr media
(Preview of my WIP fic based off OTP prompts)
Did they have an official first date? If so, what was it like?
-Yep. A cozy little date in a floral field 💐 🌸 🌺 🌹 🌼 🌷 🥀
How often do they cuddle/engage in PDA?
-from time to time. And both equally initiate cuddles and kisses
Who's more likely to convince the other to come back to sleep in the morning?
-both are cuddle bugs, but it’s mostly Fergus who keeps Hazel (affectionately) arm locked in bed.
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