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Cellar masters, Viticulturists, Winemakers, and adjacent: What language do you want/not want in a harvest intern’s cover letter/resume?

Hey folks, I’ve done a bunch of research, and I’m ready to do take the leap and join a harvest team. My experience is mostly related to restaurants, particularly beverage programs and management (including WSET 3 and Somm 1 certification). Aside from restaurants, I did spend a summer between college semesters (studies unrelated to wine) helping an HV/AC company, and will include that experience in my cover letter.

My big question is: absent winery/vineyard experience, what statements make you more/less likely to hire someone?

What I’ve gleaned from other boards/threads: —avoid corporate and flowery language, words like “synergy”, “utilize”, statements that romanticize or imply that you don’t understand the dirty, tedious, uncomfortable job that is cellar/vineyard work. —include any experience that speaks to an ability to perform long hours of intense manual labor. —Be genuine; potential employers are gauging you as an investment, and the worst return on investment is someone who backs out before or during the harvest. Any wishy-washiness increases your perceived flight risk. —Be learning-oriented without sounding high-maintenance or like a know-it-all.

What else?

An acute palate should be helpful, is there a good way to bridge the gap between the restaurant/somm aspects of tasting?

Will expressing a desire to explore production to help me decide my career path be more effective if expressed in a certain way?

What is the best way to demonstrate an understanding of the details and severity of the role?

What might an applicant mistakenly believe is good for their cover letter?

Thanks in advance for your responses. I look forward to reading them and any other resources you can point me to.

Submitted April 08, 2020 at 05:05PM by RowanOakTree
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I like this stuff because not only is the juice great and there’s fun facts on the caps, but also because the caps make great clickers. :) ^^

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Cheers to Whiskey Wednesday, apocalypse 2020 style. This 100 proof McKenna is delicious, but I’m going to need some fucking outdoor time very soon or else I’m going to lose my mind! Being cooped up indoors made me think of this family favorite song from my youth. If you know it, drop some of your favorite lyrics below.

#drink #drinking #drinks #whiskywednesday #whiskeywednesday #whiskey #whisky #bourbon #booze #cheers #🥃 #masonjar #shots #alcohol #imbibe #thirsty #theyrecomingtotakemeaway #theyrecomingtotakemeawayhaha (at Johnny Prime’s Steak Reviews)

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Not finishing the whole glass/ wasting wine.

Does anyone else sometimes not finish their entire glass and waste the wine?

Sometimes I’m drinking wine purely to pair it with food and enhance flavour, and on my second glass I might reach a point where dinner’s over and I don’t feel like reaching the point where merriness begins to set in. I feel bad wasting a half glass of nice wine, but then again you tend to do the same at wine tastings when you spit, so perhaps it doesn’t really matter.

(note I don’t always do this, I enjoy getting tipsy too, but not every night)

Submitted April 08, 2020 at 04:29PM by goldensnow24
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Friend is doing short wine bottle introductions from around the world

Has a few videos up right now, each around a minute in length. Introducing some of the history of the bottle, and talking about the bottle and tasting notes. Would appreciate what you think of them, and any comments / critiques! (This is the Georgian wine one)

Submitted April 08, 2020 at 04:25PM by HeezyB
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Charoset (apple, wine, cinnamon, honey): $43

  • Mead
  • Apple whiskey
  • Cheap red wine
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • If hot, add whipped cream

This is one of my favorites because its just so warming, even if you don’t drink it hot. It’s just NICE. Now for this, i’d recommend either an apple vodka to be kosher for Pesach, or you could use rum that has been infused with apple. I feel tequila would not work here. You can also sub in a plum wine if you like it sweeter.

ANYWAY! You can essentially mix all of this together. BUT
For cold: let the cinnamon sticks sit in the liquor for 1-3 days, really getting their flavor out. Remove. Mix red wine and liquor. As it’s cold, I’d recommend a sparkling mead because uh…. just because. 

For hot: Same as cold but I would recommend throwing everything into a slow cooker for an hour or so, get it all warm. Possibly throw some nutmeg or clove in there, so it’s a pseudo mulled wine with mead and liquor. 

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