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Once upon a time in Monaco 😅🏎
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Honda by driver Photographer
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If everything is under control you are just not driving fast enough.
- Sir Stirling Moss
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Sebastian Vettel- Love Report
Tumblr media
summary: sebastian vettel? notorious flirt. what happens when his future wife is a reporter?
warnings: none, just tooth aching fluff and a mention of the pandemic :)
wc: 1.2k
The first time Sarah had stepped out as a member of the Sky Sports team in 2011, she had been terrified. She would be working alongside Natalie Pinkham and many others, but in 2011 at the first GP of the season, the team had given her the choice to pick one driver to interview to start off the season. 
Sarah’s father was from Germany, and a huge F1 fan, so her choice of Vettel was made very quickly on her side. It also helped that the woman had heard so many great things about the driver and his kindness. 
So there Sarah was, wearing black pants and a Sky Sports branded polo, waiting for Sebastian Vettel to join her for an interview. Sarah was pulled from a conversation with cameraman when a producer let her know that Sebastian was heading their way with his PR manager. The woman slowed her breathing as she saw the blonde approach in his own Red Bull polo. 
“Hi Sebastian,” Sarah smiled and held out her hand as he joined her behind the Sky Sports counter. “Sarah De Ville, pleasure.”
“Ah, the pleasure is all mine,” the man grinned as they shook hands before being seated and beginning the interview. 
“Here we are with Sebastian Vettel,” Sarah spoke to the camera before turning to her guest. “Sebastian, here you are, first race of the season with you looking to defend your World Championship. How are you feeling?”
“Well, I am here with a beautiful girl, so can I really complain?” Sarah giggled before moving the interview on to speak about Sebastian’s goals for the upcoming season.
The next time Sarah interviewed Seb, she knew him a little better. At the end of the 2011 season, Sarah had been around the track constantly, meeting drivers, shadowing interviews, and everything in between. She often found herself in casual settings with Sebastian, either while leaving press briefings, walking in the paddock or other times. And every time, the man was just as much of a flirt as the first time they met. 
One interview that he had been doing, he literally bailed in the middle to run and tell Sarah she looked beautiful, before running back. When the interviewer asked what Seb had been doing? He told them point blank. 
Sarah had been worried his actions would effect the outlook of her peers, but Natalie had comforted her. “We shouldn’t have to change the way we act when it’s innocent just to make other people feel better.”
Even Sarah’s male colleagues had said it was funny. It wasn’t like Sarah was getting special treatment from the driver, she actually tried not to interview him to make it less of a deal. But that did not get her away from the Red Bull driver. 
At the end of that season, Seb had been asked what his off season plans were by another interviewer. “Well, hold on,” the blonde smiled. “Sarah from Sky Sports, question from Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull.”
Sarah’s eyes bugged out, and she looked at her boss who shrugged in the back of the room. “Go ahead?” she said into a microphone questioningly. 
“What are your plans for the off season?” the German driver beamed as Sarah blushed and the room burst into laughter. 
The ironic thing was, is that off season was when Sarah and her father had run into Sebastian at an event in Frankfurt, and she had given in and let the man take her on a date. 
In the 2014 season, Sarah was taking a bigger role on the F1 coverage team. She was helping to propose content ideas to film with the drivers, taking on more interviews, covering media briefings and more. At the India Grand Prix, Sarah was beaming as Sebastian came up for his interview. 
“Sebastian, how do you feel today? If you win, that will be another Championship for you.”
The man tried his best to treat it like any other interview. Not staring at Sarah, looking at this surroundings, trying not to flirt too much. The two had a quick conversation before he was off for more media duties. 
At the end of the weekend, Sarah was standing with a smile on her face with her camera man, filming the moment Sebastian came out of his car as the World Champion. The blonde leaped into the awaiting line of Red Bull team members, before shocking everyone and heading towards the media section. Everyone waited with bated breath as the man removed his helmet and baclava, setting it on the ground before striding with purpose to the barrier. 
Sarah’s eyes widened in surprise as he stopped in front of her, leaned over the fence, and pulled her into a deep and loving kiss. That next day, Sarah and Seb announced their 2-year old relationship that they had kept from the public.
Seb was in a press conference at the end of 2015, when he was asked once again what his plans were for the off season. 
“Making a baby?” Lewis joked, having been at Sebastian and Sarah’s wedding over the Summer break. 
“Already done that,” Seb smirked as the drivers he was sitting with sat in shock and the media group burst. “Sorry Sarah,” he apologized to his wife that was sitting in the back row with her head in her hands.
“Charles, who would you say is a mentor to you in the paddock right now?” Natalie asked the Monegasque man who she and Sarah were interviewing during the 2019 season, his first with Ferrari.
“I would definitley say Sebastian,” he avoided looking at Sarah and focused on Natalie. “He and his wife are like the parents of the younger drivers on the grid. They always are organizing group dinners after races, and in the off season. And Seb just has so much experience and tips, I really try to learn from him.”
“Well, Sarah, how does it feel to be the mother of the track?” Natalie teased her friend. 
“I wish I could say they are easier to parent than two toddlers, but that would be a lie,” Sarah winked at Natalie as Charles erupted in complaints. Following that quote, Lando, Daniel, Pierre and others would chime and agree with Charles’ take and started calling Seb ‘Dad’ as a joke during interviews.
“How do you feel about the delay of the opening of the season?” Natalie asked Seb on zoom, speaking of the cancellation of the season opener due to Covid. 
“On one hand it is sad,” Seb shrugged. “But at the end of the day I have three kids, one of them being a new born. I want to keep my family and friends safe and I think this is a way to do it.”
“We have heard from other drivers-”
Natalie was cut off by babbling on Seb’s end of the call. “Sorry about that,” he chuckled, muting his microphone. Everyone noticed his mouth moving, probably speaking with one of his kids. 
“Is the lovely Sarah planning to join us?” Natalie joked as Sebastian turned his mic back on. 
“No, she just came in to get Shannon,” he grinned before a bang was heard. 
“Shannon,” Sarah hissed at the girl who had just slammed the office door open. She leaned down to pick up the pouting toddler who was ready to cry because she just wanted her papa. “Sorry Nat.”
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Hey alors tu peux le faire
September 28 2021
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adam driver smoking a cigarette is my religon
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Wholesome delivery
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Poco cobran los conductores de ambulancia:
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Drive (2011)
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Lesson 1: tire management 😂
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Penelope Pitstop
for the Trinquette Challenge
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2 Corinthians 4:8-9 (NLT) - We are pressed on every side by troubles, but we are not crushed. We are perplexed, but not driven to despair.  We are hunted down, but never abandoned by God. We get knocked down, but we are not destroyed.
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Adam Driver with super long hair makes me weak
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Spa 24h highlights #2
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Car of Tomorrow, 1951
Director: Tex Avery
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I was a delivery man for FedEx but when I realized I didn’t know how to drive, I lost my ability to drive in the dream. I was barely able to drive the truck home and when I went inside to tell my mom what had happened, I heard someone trying to steal the truck and went back outside to stop them. They easily knocked me to the ground, pulled out a gun, and took off their mask revealing themselves to be Rick Astley before shooting me.
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Motorsports poster for the Porsche Carrera GTS 904 (1964). Artwork by  Erich Strenger.
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