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//I noticed that everyone liked that little sketch I did of Drix as a plushie for an ask I got,and since I just got my first ever drawing tablet, I figured what better drawing to make into a cute little sticker than this one!

I know it’s not the best, this IS my first ever digital drawing, but I do hope you guys like it anyway!//

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Hi! I’m back with some cute Drix!

I took a bit of time to sort out Patreon, ( the tiers I have are above, can you guess I’m new to this ppfftttt

I’m still on a hiatus, I want to finish a few things and take more mental health days - I don’t want to come back and lose all progress I made!

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trade pic for a twitter friend of a cell & his pill bf gettin ready for a night on the… digestive tract! or somethin xD 

watched osmosis jones for the first time in over a decade and i kinda fell in love? lol it’s a strange and funny film and these two are at the heart of it~

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