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lenaka19days · 6 months ago
I dream of...
Mo checking his hair in the mirror just before opening the door to He Tian.
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amemesiella · 5 months ago
ranboo: just trying to order taco bell
dream: wow what a perfect time to gift one thousand gifted subs
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I hate your aus in the best why bc I want to read more about each one and im dying with just the snippets.
In other words, what about a hospital au? Or doctor one?
Don’t worry my lovely anon I’m working on two proper fics, one a protege innit au and one a hunger games au more focused on bench trio than prime boys (but it’s me it do be having some yandere c!dream propaganda)
Dream loves being a doctor. The feeling of having complete control over someone else’s life, whether they live or die, it’s intoxicating. Of course, he’d never let a patient die- not only is it illegal, Dream would like to consider himself a good person. But the fact he had that power was something he liked.
Tommy is the sickly youngest son of the old-money Craft family. Always in and out of hospitals, and Dream was used to having him under his care. He was an interesting patient- his condition strange and unheard. When approached with the proposition of becoming the boys personal doctor, he could barely contain his excitement.
The Craft's were kind and friendly, offering a place to stay and an outrageous salary to treat their boy. Dream had the inkling it wasn’t all quite legal, but they were desperate. And who was he to deny that?
Tommy was always interesting, even outside of the strange disorder he had. He was vibrant, yet abrasive, always fiery yet resigned. He was fascinating in every way, Dream thought.
There was an issue though- Tommy has started to get better, and that can’t do. What if he's going to become healthy again? Then Dream wouldn't ever see him again. Fortunately, it’s trivially easy to make a sickness if there isn’t one, and none of the Crafts would ever know or have to know. Sure, it was technically poisoning, but he never exactly cared about his oath.
If anyone else wants to send in some more AU ideas it’d be lovely and I will make them heavily involve c!primeboys no matter what and again that’s a challenge.
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bad-unicorn-of-hell · 7 months ago
everything and i mean EVERYTHING that happened in tommys stream as soon as he put far in the jukebox (at 24 min mark) seemed literally so surreal, i dont know if it was timing, if it was scripted or just concidence but holy moly guacamole im in complete shock.
Tommy taking wood just in front of the portal for tubbo to come in at the same time and him holding the compass still like yesterday and soon after dream joining vc for him to still be processing what he just saw, and follow the same routine of take off your armor and blowing it just so after drsam says he came to visit him because hes his "friend" and catching the sight of tubbo hiding in the trees as he said that.
Also the beginning bit of him searching for technos house while debating out loud wether or not he was to be friends with him so just when he found the house philza imediatley telling him that technoblade would not be pleased to know he was at his base and dream joining the game for phil to say "run"
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