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oblivionsdream · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
My Top Ten Books of 2018
6. Queen of Air and Darkness by Cassandra Clare
“Shining figures were emerging from the fire. Not Julian and Emma, or at least, not Julian and Emma as they had been.
“The flames had risen at least thirty feet in the air, and the figures that emerged from them were at least that tall. It was as if Julian and Emma had been carved from shining light....”
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taratjah · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
I’m reading Lord of Shadows so here is Dru ^-^ I believe I haven’t drawn her before.
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whisperthorns · 2 years ago
List of Kitty scenes in QOAAD
Scenes marked * are mostly smaller moments that I like and might not necessarily be from Kit's pov either but kinda have to do with Kit x Ty.
1. Ty waking up after Livvy's death: pg 32 - 34
2. *Before the funeral, "A moment later Kit was downstairs.....shoulders relaxed slightly.": pg 46
3. Livvy's funeral: pg 50 - 52
4. *Ty climbing up the pyre: pg 60 - 61
5. After Livvy's funeral, the necromancy talk: pg 73 - 78
6. *wholesome potato chips scene: pg 108
11. Ty walking in while Dru and Kit talk about him + Ty being introduced to uber: pg 170 - 172
7. Eating chips on the beach + Ty giving Kit his first witchlight rune-stone: pg 115 - 120
8. *Kit excited about going to shadow market: pg 153
9. *Aline: "You're the one glued to his side.": pg 154
10. *Kit teaching Dru how to pick locks (i'm a sucker for this friendship) + kinda talking about Ty: pg 169 - 170
12. Kit and Ty visiting the shadow market: pg 187 - 192
13. Kit and Ty on the roof, "You seem sad" + TY BRUSHING KIT'S HAIR AWAY FROM HIS FACE (this scene killed me): pg 204 - 206
14. Library scene, Mark, Kieran, and Christina packing + Mark saying "You're the one he wants." (killed me btw): pg 237 - 241
15. Jaime's arrival scene: pg 249 - 253
16. Kit and Ty on the roof 2.0 + "The feeling of his own heart turning over was now so familiar that Kit didn't question it or what it meant." (this killed me too) + WHOLESOME WINDOWS SCENE: pg 272 - 275
17. *"Drusilla Blackthorn, meet Uber.": pg 295
18. *"You are so forked." + our iconic trio content: pg 310 - 311
19. Meeting Shade + "I would never let anything hurt Ty.": pg 320 - 325
20. MY FAV SCENE: Kit and Ty on the beach + WHOLESOME HUG ("When Ty leaned into him with a sigh, he felt like he'd won a race he didn't know he was running.") 😭❤+ KIT BASICALLY DYING OVER TY: pg 350 - 352
21. *"Kit, who was sitting beside him, tentatively put his hand over Ty's where it lay on the table." (jUST KILL ME OKAY???? WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT😭): pg 522
22. Kit on the beach without Ty + talking to Shade aka Ragnor + "Ty's not my shadow.": pg 540 - 543
23. Kit and Ty on the roof 3.0 + reading livvy's letter + "I love you, I love you, I love you Let him hear it, let him believe it and let go." 😭😭: pg 561 - 563
24. *"He saw Ty and Kit standing a little apart from the others; Ty had his head tipped back, as he often did, and was pointing at the stars." (so soft): pg 581
25. *Kit thinking about parabatai + talking to jace: pg 603 - 605
26. *Kit and Dru talking about Ty: pg 606 - 609
27. Kit and Ty visiting Shade + Dru joining them + "Kit remembered hearing somewhere that it was soothing to rub circles on someone's back, so he did that. Ty's breaths began to regulate.": pg 623 - 629
28. *"Kit being the missing piece they had never known Ty needed, stealing a potato from Ty's plate and making him smile." (my heart): pg 633
29. Campfire scene + "To never being parted.'' 😭😭: pg 668 - 670
30. Kit and Ty talking about going to the lake to raise Livvy (things are getting bad guys ugh): pg 672 - 674
31. Ty raising Livvy from the dead + Kit freaking out (+ me freaking out) + "I love you, Ty. I love you." (i'm sad again don't touch me): pg 682 - 689
32. "Are you ever going to talk to me again?" + Kit giving ty livvy's necklace: pg 700 - 702
33. Magnus tying Kit and Ty up + "I thought you cared" + that one awful thing that made my baby ty cry + ghost livvy reappearing: pg 727 - 730
34. Kit and Ty going to the battle + "What are you doing?" aka the last thing Kit says to Ty before leaving (this is so painful i'm): pg 736 - 737
35. *"One of the Riders jerked and yelled, clasping at his arm. Ty's slingshot, Kit realized, and felt a rush of reluctant warmth and a sudden stab of fear - what if he never saw Ty again?" (i'm depressed): pg 743
36. *"Tell Ty-": pg 746
37. *Kit and Tessa talking about Kit's lineage + kit moving in with tessa and jem + "..Julian driving him to the market and listening to him talk about Ty - even then he'd wanted to talk about Ty." + "Now that he knew he meant nothing much to Ty, how could he live in the institute again?" (WDYM HE LOVES YOU SO MUCH YOU FOOL): pg 800 - 808
38. *Ty asking about Kit + talking to Magnus: pg 810 - 814
39. Kit watching Ty on the beach + "Remember him like this, Kit thought, happy and smiling." aka when I decided i no longer want to be on this goddamn earth: pg 868 - 870
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iserenademefan · 3 years ago
Okay but why is no one talking about the fact that Kit is basically what would happen if Jace and Simon had a baby.
Blonde and beautiful
With arrogance problem
But also nerdy af
Makes pop culture references no one else gets
Is annoyed by the stunning beauty of shadowhunters
Loathes exercising
Okay he’s maybe even a little more Simon than Jace
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theinfernalmemes · a year ago
TDA characters when faced with feelings of love or affection:
Ty: *holds a knife to Kit’s actual fucking throat*
Tumblr media
Emma: Screw being Parabatai! I love you so much Julian, that it hurts!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Dru: Wassup bitch, lmao you kinda cute tho.
Ash: Who are you??
Dru: An absolute heartthrob, see ya!
*Dru dissapears*
Tumblr media
Mark: I love you Cristina.
Keiran: I am also in love with you, My Lady of Roses.
Mark: But I want to be in a relationship with you and Kieran.
Tumblr media
Diana: I’m Transgender but all Shadowhunters will think of me as ugly and disgusting for using mundane medicine if I say anything.
Tumblr media
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cordeliacvrstairs · 3 years ago
kit and jace building their relationship
mark and julian building their relationship
dru and ty building their relationship
jem and emma building their relationship
helen and dru building their relationship
reblog if u agree
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famouslyunfamousme · 3 years ago
What turned this innocent little shit:
"Don't you think 'Mark' is kind of a weird name for a Shadowhunter?" Julian was saying as Emma approached. "I mean, if you really think about it. It's confusing. 'Put a Mark on me, Mark.'" (Julian in City of Heavenly Fire)
Into this ruthless little shit:
Julian settled the knife more firmly into the curve of Erec's throat. The faerie prince smelled like fear and blood. "I killed my own father," he said. "You think I won't kill your son?" (Julian in Lord of Shadows)
Protecting his loved ones did. Love changed Julian. He became the blade and the shield that he is now to shelter the people he loves and cares about.
"To love is to destroy, and that to be loved is to be the one destroyed." (City of Bones)
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crimziedrawings · 2 years ago
Jaime looked incredulous. "I thought she had to be at least sixteen-"
Helen sucked in her breath. Mark handed his pack to Kieran, who took it, looking baffled. "Stay where you are, Jaime Rosales."
"Why?" said Jaime suspiciously.
Mark advanced. "So I can rain blows down upon you."
In my head:
Tumblr media
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