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thinking about fatou and kieu my’s first kiss being under the cover of night and their second kiss being in broad daylight… Kieu My being the one who kisses Fatou but she doesn’t stay versus Fatou actively going to Kieu My and kissing her as a way to ask her not to go… no thoughts head empty just really goin through it tonight………….

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ismail acting like an annoying younger sibling around kieu my… that’s the energy we need to keep.

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we’ve literally seen all the other instas react one-on-one with each other being very cute and it’s like… why is sporty spice involved with y'all.

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I made a new video it’s kinda of a mess and it’s almost 2 am

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y’all something about Kieu My wrapping Fatou’s Vietnamese Pancake in the lettuce for her has me gone. like……. what is it that has me just obsessed with that???

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This time of the year in Germany is the perfect weather for Fatou to get a couple’s blanket like she did for Finn and Zoe

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The way I know I’m gonna wake up several times during the night to see if there’s a morning cuddling clip of kieutou (I’m 4 hours behind)

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kelsey lu cover of i’m not in love playing in episode 5 is skam mlm/druck wlw solidarity

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omg i still haven’t started it yet, tbh i’m scared of watching it live because i love fatou so much idk if i can handle seeing her in pain and having to wait for a clip to see if she’s okay so i might binge it when it’s all out idkkkk or maybe i should just cave and start it now, idk idk i’m just scared. but also i love fatou so much so thank you for saying that HJASJHAS it’s really sweet of you 

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If they start dating in secret this is going to give me SUCH season 2 vibes. Please give me Kiki angrily putting down the soup but with Ava

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Sidenote, there’s a lot of talk about Ava not being communicative enough but not Mailin? She couldn’t have pulled Ava to the side and spoken about this? She had to push her into a corner in front of their friends- one of whom asked them not to fight? 

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FATOU JALLOW studying at 2AM!! So proud of her…. Kieu My’s impact 

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literally every time ava has been upset about something she’s been either in the right (bullying, mailin) or having a completely understandable reaction (kieu my, the nora thing), i WILL NOT tolerate any slander against her. none.

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waiting, hoping, wishing for a saturday clip  🙏🏻 👀

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is it safe to go to sleep now lmao why did she post that now??

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so fatou is still awake studying physics??


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Fatou is still working 👀👀👀👀 i wonder if kieu my is still with her maybe she is sleeping over 🥺 I WANT A CUDDLE CLIP THIS TIME

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