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#drug addiction

It’s okay, Big Pharma’s here


I’m potentially looking into a BFA + illustration program at a college near where I live. I love creating non verbal stories through my art, especially rather deeper subjects rather than a children’s book.

When I started to be able to move out of bed around mid 2018, my spouse got my a sketch book and I remember All Might’s character really hitting me hard. At the time, I was recovering from terrible withdrawals that changed my life forever. MHA was extremely popular at the time and the weekend of my surgery, my spouse brought the PS4 to the hotel so we could binge it on Crunchy Roll while I recovered xD. I drew this around the mid 2018 time and seeing it again makes me want to finish it sometime.

All Might loves America and similar to my immigrant mother he thought of this country as Heaven. There is a chance All Might would succumb to many hardships immigrants face despite being a citizen, a tax payer, a Good Samaritan, and or a human being. All Might is not only a symbol of “American Peace”, but also capitalism & power (if he immigrated here).

This fan theory is all on me, in my head, and just a concept I thought of with personal pain and trauma. I don’t mean to offend anyone (except Big Pharma lol). To me, extreme capitalism and power is what we call American Peace.

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How do I break up with my bf? We have been together for 3.5 years and it has been nothing but a living hell. Gradually, he has been looking at and lying about talking to other girls. Now, he’s back to being interested in his ex. He lies and lies and lies and gaslights me.

He ruined my life. He is the reason I have a crippling drug addiction. He is the reason I have no job, money, or friends. I just can’t take it anymore.

The problem is he will kill himself if I leave. I know that it won’t be my fault, but how could I not feel that way?

When I tried to break up with him in the past, he did everything he could to get me back. He called me from any phone he could get his hands on, messaged me through every messaging system that I had, he even showed up at my house. I know he will do the same thing again before he just gives up and over doses. Any advice?

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Warrior Within

You are as delicate as the wings of a moth

the slightest touch could throw them off

as soft as a feather in a down filled throw

manipulated as simply as a ball of dough

your soft-hearted nature may lead to some grief

so remind yourself what you keep underneath

despite your abundant purity and grace

you have Warrior written all over your face

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You self medicate

to take away the pain

of the things that you’ve done

that you can’t just take back.

You stay in on Friday nights,

popping pills behind closed doors,

hoping to alleviate the agony

of the ones that you have lost.

You sit in pain,

to wait for a high

that will take away your ghosts,

but only for a while.

For they’re your ghosts to have,

your burdens to carry,

your pains to keep

for as long as you shall live.

-Amelia J. Wilson // A Painless Way Of Living

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