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#drug mention

First draft mood: ridiculous chapter names! I’m finally indulging in them without even capitalizing them. Mostly it’s just insulting Chester whenever the chapter’s about him. Other contenders include:

  • Please let me write about Flurry already
  • Sam still exists
  • Champagne cocaine gasoline and most things in between
  • Cute first date ideas: get attacked together at a bar
  • *Spaghetti Western music plays*
  • Mawwiage
  • Magic spoons and Emily’s incredible heroism
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im gonna kill myself and be like man………… never got to know what meth was like despite being constantly surrounded by it. or LSD. fuck i wanted to try that too. see? now i cant kill myself bc i want to try shrooms. this is mad fucked up.

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background knowledge on artemis.

  • when she was 19 she became pregnant during a very unstable time in her life, her and the babys father, harry styles, decided adoption was the best option. She ended up giving the baby away to a couple close to her so she can continue to be in her sons life as his non legitimate aunt.
  • after her son, artemis fell into a deep secretive spiral that not many people saw. She became hooked on the underground nightlife, which of course meant alcohol and drugs. this continued on until it all came to a point where artemis overdosed. after being resuscitated, her life changed. She decided to clean up her act, leave that chapter behind her completely and grow up.
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Tagged by: @marvilus73 (thank 4 keeping me entertained in these dark times)

Tagging: time is meaningless and so are rules, if u wanna do this go ahead my dudes

Are you staying home from work/school?
I have to thanks to provincial guidelines, but I live with my mom who’s immunocompromised so I’d be doing it whether or not I was forced. School’s online now and I actually work from home normally anyways, so my productivity hasn’t changed much.

If you’re staying home, who’s there with you?
I’m living with my parents while I go to school, so it’s my parents, my younger sister, and the two cats. It’s a party.

Are you a homebody?

Absolutely so I’m doing alright. I usually go out once every couple weeks to hang with friends though so not having that as an option is starting to wear on me. :(

What movies have you watched recently? What shows are you watching?
Recently watched Saving Mr Banks and a shitton of animated Disney movies. Plan on starting Tiger King after class tomorrow while I work.

An event that you were looking forward to that got cancelled?
Pride is always fun and that got axed. E3 is something I like to riff on with friends so that going away sucks too.

What music are you listening to?
I’ve been going on a nostalgia crawl and hitting up that early 00s techno and some mid 00s emo music. Good shit.

What are you reading?

My Animal Crossing villagers’ wonderful thoughts. :V

What are you doing for self-care?

Animal Crossing, playing older videogames (Fallout New Vegas rn hell yeah), writing fic, doing doodles for myself in between work, smoking weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed

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Notable Fire Nation Crops

When people from the Sun Wariors’ homeland settled in what would become the Fire Nation, they brough seeds of local crops with them and managed to raise some of them; including cacao, coca, and tobacco.

Tobacco is processed and smoked recreationally, with a handful of artisans specializing in making intricate and ornate smoking pipes for the upper classes. Mai owns one carved to look like two dragons each with their tale wrapped around the other’s; one dragon’s head with a roaring mouth serving as the bowl, and the other, more serene dragon’s head serving as the mouthpiece. This design is common enough that smoking (of any substance) is sometimes euphemistically refered to as “kissing dragons.” Tobacco is the only one of these crops also widely grown and available in the Earth Kingdom.

The cacao beans are processed into chocolate liquor which can be further processed into cocoa powder, though these are rarely used to make solid chocolate. They are instead usually mixed with ginger, crushed hot peppers, or both, then sweetened to varying degrees depending on purpose and personal taste.

Powder forms of this mixture are often sprinkled on pastries, tarts, and cake batter before baking, and some are mixed with rice flour for rolling soft candies in so they don’t stick to the other pieces or wrapping paper. Syrup forms are drizzled on desserts or mixed into drinks both alcoholic and not.

There might be two or three cacao trees in the Colonies and occupied territories, but their health and quality of their beans is unknown. The Earth Kindom used to trade with the Fire Nation for chocalate liquor and made the kind of solid chocolate the reader is more familiar with, but it was very rare and expensive and done away with as the war progressed. The chocolate industry in the Earth Kingdom has been slow to start up again.

Coca leaves were the Fire Nation’s best kept secret and remained so until healers of all grades, practices, and national origins made a point to network and pool their knowledge. The leaves were rationed out to soliders to chew when they were needed to cover a lot of ground or complete any number of grueling tasks, and they had properties that blocked feelings of hunger, thirst, and fatigue. Having anesthetic properties as well, they were also given to those sustaining great injuries, sometimes brewed as a tea instead so they don’t have to chew anything.

Coca leaves were the most guarded and monitored supplies in the Fire Nation military, and it was decided that it was better for the men to have too little of it than too much. Even when defectors wanted to share this information, they couldn’t bring any themselves for these reasons. Corruption does exist in all places, however, and a few men of rank, especially those of noble families, used the leaves recreationally and brought this bad habit home with them, sharing it with friends and family. This led to many experiments on how to strengthen the effect, with a few military officers and civilian leaders trying out these newer forms of the substance.

By the time Avatar Korra was born, coca leaves were declared for medicinal use only and selling them or any product of them for recreational use has been heavily criminalized. Cultivating a tree and sharing the leaves without making a profit is still a legal grey area and a problem in pro bending and other competitive sports.

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