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"Kingo is an extremely complex character. He loves Earth, but he has strong beliefs, just like Ikaris. He’s no different than Ikaris in terms of his faith for the Celestials and believing in the greater good: The fact that human beings and Earth doesn’t have the right to break out of the natural order. He believes that. However, the big difference between him and Ikaris is that he might believe something personally, but he does not believe that he should hurt other people for his beliefs. ...And I would say this is personal. I think it’s one of the bravest things someone did in this movie is decide not to fight, not to hurt people for their beliefs." - Chloé Zhao
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˚ ༘♡ ·˚ ₊˚ˑ༄ؘ. pairings: druig x gn!reader
˚ ༘♡ ·˚ ₊˚ˑ༄ؘ. warnings: 18+ minors dni! toy use (vibe) teasing, edging, cockwarming, hair pulling, scratching, spit kink if you squint hard enough, slight exhibitionism, druig and reader fuck during a phone call. this is. porn. with no plot.
˚ ༘♡ ·˚ ₊˚ˑ༄ؘ. word count: 1,755
˚ ༘♡ ·˚ ₊˚ˑ༄ؘ. a/n: hehe. no notes, i’m high. @sweetdreamsbuck u were in my mind for this one. i never edit, all mistakes are mine. reblogs & comments welcome!
Tumblr media
“what is it, dove?” his hot breath was against your skin, back leaning against his chest as you sat in between his legs. your fingers were gripping his thighs, leaving small crescent moon shaped in his exposed skin from his boxers. his lips were sucking softly under your ear as he had his hand between your legs and a vibrator against your clothed clit.
this was his favorite way to tease you over your clothes while you were slotted perfectly in between his legs, your back against his chest and the back of your head leaning against his shoulder. the sounds you emitted were like music to his ears, only making his hard cock press harder against your lower back.
you whined softly as he began to trace your clit in a figure eight with the head of the vibrator, making sure to press a little harder the louder you whined. your head was foggy, not being able to think about anything other than the way your legs shook softly, clenching and unclenching with each movement of his hands.
he hated when you weren’t verbal with him, mostly because hearing your breathy, needy gasps went straight to his cock and made his heart feel full, that you needed him as much as he needed you.
but he couldn’t let you cum, not yet atleast. you had been a brat all day, teasing him with flirty looks, touching him as he’s on call with his job during virtual meetings. this was your punishment, the start of it anyways.
“ya know i got another meetin’ soon, love.” you hugged softly as he eased the pressed on your clothed clit, but kept the same steady figure eight. his lips kissed down to your shoulder, nipping the skin.
if it was his choice, he’d miss this meeting all together. but he couldn’t, especially while being virtual he didn’t have any excuse.
your hips jolted as the pressure was firm on your clit, a soft bite on your neck. druig hummed against your skin.
“o-okay.. shit..” you could feel your orgasm approaching, and you knew for a fact that he would make you cum in your panties. he didn’t care. you squirmed under his touch, breathing heavily as you let out a moan. but at the right moment, he pulled back the vibrator and switched it off, kissing your neck softly up to your earlobe and spoke softly.
“gonna cum on my cock later, okay my love?” you could only nod as you let out a breath you were holding, frustrated you were denied your release but you knew it would only be much better on his cock.
he got up from behind you taking the vibrator with him, leaving you trembling and frustrated you couldnt cum. he went over to his desk, set the vibe down before pulling his boxers completely off. his cock sprung out, hitting the bottom of his abdomen and you could tell he was red and hard, pre-cum leaking down the side of the mushroom tip. he looked over at you for a second before pulling on a shirt and sitting down at his desk, arms on the armrest and patting his bare thigh for you to come.
you obeyed, of course you did. as you were near him, he grabbed your panties and tore them off hungrily, tossing them to the side and pulling you on his lap, his cock brushing against your already swollen clit.
“sit.” he commanded softly. you listened, sinking down on the tip of his cock and moaning softly as you finally felt him stretch you out. it always hurt at first, until you slowly sink down further and it turned to pleasure. his cock was able to slip so easily inside your cunt because you were soaking from his teasing from just a few moments ago.
as soon as you were sat fully on his cock, you felt him twitch inside you, and you knew he was enjoying this as much as you were. you rolled your hips teasingly on his cock, his hands going to your hips to stop you and his finger tips bruising your skin.
“move and ya wont cum.” you could only nod, as you pouted. he grabbed your face with his thumb and forefinger making you look at him. he leaned in and caught your jutted out lip in between his teeth and sucked on it softly before pulling away with it and letting it go.
“you gotta be quiet, love. understand?” his hips slowly moved, and you could feel his cock shift in your cunt. you let out a soft sigh of pleasure as you felt him move slightly, already brain fogged from earlier. but he wanted a verbal answer. he picked you up easily and slammed you back down on his cock making you cry out.
“yes! druig.. i got it..” your body shivered as you felt the tip of his cock press against the sweet spot in your cunt. he combed your hair back behind your ear and kissed your shoulder.
“good girl.” he leaned over and his cock shifted in you as he pressed the ‘answer’ button to the voice call. there were about six or seven people on call, mostly of them with their camera’s off including his. but his mic was unmuted.
the meeting began and you felt trapped, just wanting to shift on his cock to feel him fully slam into you again, but you knew for a fact that he wouldn’t let you. after a few minutes, druig reached and grabbed the vibrator, switching it onto the lower setting and placed it on your clit.
your hands went right to the arm rests and your head rolled back onto his shoulder, biting your lip to the point where you drew blood as he moved the vibrator in those dastardly figure eights.
“yes, exactly. we will have everything ready by the beginning of march.” druig’s voice was loud and professional as he was playing with your clit and your cunt was stuffed with his cock. it only made you wetter. he could tell, too. as he felt a new wave of arousal drip down his balls and onto the chair.
“fuck.” he leaned forward and whispered against your skin as he continued his movements on your clit. he didn’t know that would turn you on so much, but it did and in turn he felt his cock twitch.
you couldn’t help but feel that forming of that tight knot in the bottom of your stomach, making you clench around his cock earring a soft bite on your shoulder blade. “don’t, sweetheart.” you let out a very faint whine only druig could hear, but unfortunately for you, you weren’t supposed to make any noise.
he leaned over and pressed mute on the mic, standing up with you and tossing the vibrator to the side not bothering to turn it off. he pushed you against the wooden table, pushing the papers and miscellaneous items to the floor.
“wanna disobey me, baby?“ he slowly pulled out of you, pushing back in and making you moan softly at the well needed movement in your cunt.
he grabbed the base of your hair and tugged harshly, making you moan out as your chest lifted off the table, your neck being pulled backwards. the pain in your scalp could only make you clench around him again, eating a groan from him as he pulled his hips out of you and slammed back into you.
“told you to be fuckin’ quite, didn’t i?” as he slammed into you at a brutal pace, the sound of his skin slapping against yours and your moans were the only thing drowning out the meeting druig was supposed to be in.
“what do you think, dru?” one of his co-workers asked him through the speaker. druig smirked down at you, slowing his pace just enough where you wouldn’t hear him fucking into you. he leaned over and unmuted the mic, clearing his throat.”
“i think that’s perfect. gives everyone amble time to finish their work.” he kept his pace, slow and agonizing, hitting the sweet spot in your cunt as his coworkers talked and he was unmuted.
you leaned your forehead down on the wooden table as he kept his pace, the feeling of his cock dragging slowly against your walls made you bite your lip harshly. he went to mute the mic again, without warning and slammed harshly into you, letting go of your hair and running his hands down your back, leaving long, red marks from his finger nails.
“look so gorgeous marked up for me.” he groaned softly, his pelvis hitting your ass. his hands came to rest on your ass cheeks as he pulled them apart slightly, sticking his tongue out and letting a trail of saliva fall down onto his cock as he slid back into you make the most sinful sound he had heard to date.
“fuck.. this sweet lil cunt takes my cock so well. so fuckin’ good fa me.” he reached around to your clit and started to rub it in circles, making you moan out, pressing your ass against his thrusts.
you felt the tight knot in your tummy, your hands gripping the side of the desk and leaning your head back as your back arched.
“s-so close.. dru please..” he let out a groan as you called him dru, it only sounded good coming from you as you moaned his name.
“go on, love. cum fa me.. make a fuckin’ mess on my dick.” a few more swipes of his fingers against your clit had you crying out, clamping down his cock making it difficult for him to thrust out, so he pushed his hips flush with your ass as his cock twitched in your cunt as you came on his cock.
“good girl.. fuck.” he cursed as he felt your pushy not letting of his cock, which made his orgasm reach him, spilling into you and filling you up to the point his cum leaked out from your abused cunt and onto the floor below.
“shit.. dru..” you leaned your head on your arm against the wooden desk as he leaned over, his cock softening inside you as he pressed soft kisses down your spine.
he reached out to his laptop as he continue pressing kisses on your skin and closed the lid in the middle of the meeting.
he had to take care of his baby.
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more than kisses, letters mingle souls
Druig x Reader
summary: Druig left you behind in Tenochtitlan, leaving you with a single detailed letter. No matter where you were, he'd find you with a letter. Your anger and deep sadness never allowed you to open them. They gathered dust till he found you one last time in 1860s Connecticut.
wc: 3.4k
things I listened to: Little Women - Alexandre Desplat // The Beach - Alexandre Desplat // It's Romance - Alexandre Desplat // Ivy - Taylor Swift // A Wish - Ramin Djawadi
a/n: this has sat in my ask box for so long, I'm so thrilled I had time to sit and push myself as a writer. heavily inspired by the vibes/look of 2019 little women so do with that you will. thank you for requesting, anon♡ poorly edited? yeah, probably.
Tumblr media
You peered outside your small kitchen window, the white lace curtains gently lifting from the morning breeze. The sun had finally made an appearance over the orange and red leaves of the tall trees just outside the wood fence of your home. A soft smile appears on your lips as you clutch onto the large woven laundry basket.
The back door opened with a soft squeak, the cool morning air hitting your features as a greeting. You followed the twine lines to your large floral garden, your pride and joy the past few years you'd lived in Connecticut. It was a shame you'd have to leave it all behind in a year or two before the townspeople figured out that you weren't aging a day.
The colorful wildflowers blew against your long navy blue skirt as you strolled towards the flowing white laundry on the lines. A soft hum escaping your contently smiling lips. Carefully setting the basket down to avoid a family of butterflies, you began to take the dry laundry down.
Piece by piece going into the basket below you, the wooden pins clenched between your teeth. A whistling tickled your ears, a nice additive to the music nature was providing you that morning. Taking down another one of your sheets, you could see a short, stout man holding onto his well-loved satchel approaching your fence.
"Good morning, Miss Y/N," he greeted kindly, tipping his worn hat to you. You giggled and tossed the sheet into your hamper before scuttling over to the almost white wood fence that divided the dirt road and your lush green gardens.
"Good morning, John. Anything for me today?" You asked him just as kindly as he greeted you. Your fingers pushed back a few loose strands of hair behind your ear as you watched him gently shuffle through the mail in his surprisingly deep bag.
"It must be nice to have friends from all over the world," he guffawed as he pulled one neat letter. The tan paper was closed by a single crimson red wax seal. You nodded politely, wondering who sent the letter; Sersi wrote to you often, and Gilgamesh always checked in with you, and Ajak never left the motherly role.
Your thoughts were halted when John spoke again, "South America, it must be so warm," he marveled, sliding the letter into your open hand. Your blood curdled at his words. South America. The warm feeling of a letter from your family chilled like a winter storm. Your eyes finally looked down at the paper. Your name was written in the most beautiful script handwriting. He always did have such beautiful handwriting, you thought as you held the letter up to the sun. The light made the paper appear translucent, allowing you to judge how long his letter was.
"I've never been," you mumbled, squinting your eyes. You couldn't make out any of the words... good thing since you had no plans on reading it. You lowered the letter and placed it inside the pocket of your beige apron carelessly.
John pulled out a few more letters for the houses down the road from you, "Mrs. Lawrence's finally getting a letter from her son in the army," he smiled softly as he shuffled the letters.
You smiled back at the mention of your neighbor. The war between the states has taken a brutal toll on the people you grew to love the past couple of years. The light in their eyes dimmed day by day with every newspaper they placed in the town square. "Well let's hope it's good news," you beamed.
The old man formed a smile that matched yours, "Always, Miss. Hopefully, soon this madness will end" Behind his wrinkly smile you could see the wear and tear in his face. That's why you were here, to help those affected by mankind's wars; even if it was to offer a helping hand to the innocent in town, you felt you were still completing your mission on earth.
"Well, send her my best," you sighed, waving him off.
You barreled into your home with a huff, prying the letter out of your apron. Angered mumbles fell from your lips as you stomped towards the fireplace. Your eyebrows furrowed as you flipped the golden latch on the ornate powder blue box you'd picked up in France a century earlier. The blue created a contrast from the olive green and browns of your warm home.
You carefully opened the old box, your eyes looking at the contents; a large pile of unopened letters. Years and years of Druig's handwritten letters wasted away inside. Most of you wished he'd take a hint at your silence, the anger in your heart hadn't dissipated after all these years. Your heart still burned like the fire that night in Tenochtitlan, your eyes felt the familiar tears well up as you stared.
In your time of receiving Druig's letters, you only opened the very first one. The one that Ajak delivered to you as you cried hysterically in your bed on the Domo, your hand placed on the cold spot his body once took up. It had been meer hours after your argument on the stone stairs of the monument.
My beautiful, beautiful Y/N,
I hope you understand why I left. I can't bear to see humans destroy each other anymore. In my heart, I know what I am doing is right. I'm sorry we couldn't agree, my love. It'd be hopeless to ask you not to be angry with me. Please know I'll never stop loving you, no matter how far apart we are.
all my love,
That scorched, crumpled letter from 1521 sat at the very bottom of your box. You'd lost count of the letters he'd sent you. It amazed you how he'd always find you living at all corners of the world. When you thought you'd shaken him off your trail, a neatly folded letter with a wax seal found your door.
Throwing the newest letter, the third one in two months, on top of the others with a soft thud, you closed the box. Taking a step back, your eyes scanned your fireplace. The only reason why the box was at that location was just in case your anger became so fierce you could chuck the entire box into the burning blames, or in a night of sheer loneliness and desperation, you'd put on the red and black shawl he bought you and finally read his letters.
The silence of your home became deafening. Wrapping your arms around yourself, you sniffled lightly to rid yourself of the tears you refused to let fall. You missed when your home was filled with 10 other voices, Druig's accent drowning out all of them. In a moment of weakness, you missed him. The remembrance of his gentle soul smothered the burning rage inside your body.
Two days later, you missed that silence, the loud commotion of the shop distracting you easily. After the war started, you and a few others set up a small storefront in town, offering solace to mothers whose sons went to fight for those still in bondage, arranging union soldiers a warm place to stay, providing goods to those who were in need. It was the least you could do. If you couldn't fight their wars, you'd still help protect the humans you loved.
"Y/N," Clara, a girl no more than nineteen sang, her hip bumping into you. You shook your head and turned to look at her. Her hair done up in a beautiful braid you were slightly envious of, her lips a soft pink tint. "I grabbed that coat for Mr. Dolandson. Do you have those cans of beans?" she asked in a rush, placing the dark coat on the counter in front of you.
Turning to the tall shelf behind you, you picked out three aluminum cans from the scarce pile, "Here," you sighed.
Clara frowned, "What's got you so distracted?" she integrated you, folding her arms over her chest.
You rolled your eyes and passed off the items to the elderly man. "I don't know, Clara... maybe the weeping women in the corner? Or that we don't have any food?" Or maybe you got another one of his letters and it's all you could think about.
The girl eyed you up and down, obviously she didn't believe a word you'd just said. Her suspicion only grew when the postman walked in with his eyes set on you. "Miss Y/N!" he chirped, "Another letter with your name on it. Two in one week, this person must be anxious to reach ya."
You stilled, your eyes were the only thing moving as you saw another letter in his hand. "Thank you, John," you said, clearing your throat. You hesitantly took the letter in your hand like it was covered in mud. Druig never sent letters this close together. Was he ok? Were his people surviving? No. You stopped caring about that a long time ago. The dull ache in your heart told you differently.
"What does it say?" Clara chimed in.
"I'll read it later, I have work to do," you told her dismissively, wiping your forehead with the back of your hand. You shoved the letter into your apron as you turned to grab a few more items from the shelves.
Clara furrowed her brow as she looked at the two women sitting in the corner, looking at your back in awe. The darker-haired one with streaks of gray hair looked like she was on the verge of tears, clutching to her antique broach that was pinned at her collar. John turned to them, gently explaining that he had nothing for them.
You ignored the chatter, your mind consumed with the thoughts of Druig and the increased amounts of letters. The anxious nerves started to eat at you, the letter burning a hole in your apron. Your hands scratched your head as you looked at the empty shelf before you. Has the air always been this thick? Was it always a struggle to breathe?
"I'll be right back," you mutter, trying to catch your breath. Quickly walking into the back room, a broken sob escaped you, lines of cosmic energy running down your arms as the anger rose inside you. How could he leave you like that? A once promised lifetime in each other's arms ripped away. Another sob came, this time as Clara walked in.
"Y/N?" She said your name gently, the lines immediately dissipating.
You hurriedly wiped your eyes with your white sleeve, putting on a fake smile as you turn around to face her, "Sorry. Dust," you lied.
Clara cleared her throat, a frown etched into her soft features. You cocked your head at her, Clara returning it with a scoff. "Why didn't you open the letter?" she asked lowly.
You shrugged, trying to not let your body tremble. "I don't particularly care for the sender," you told her, "what made you so cross?"
"The fact that everyone in this shop is awaiting a letter from their loved ones and you tossed yours away like nothing," Clara grumbled.
"I have my reasons," your tough demeanor softened. You sat on one of the velvet benches, the weight of the letter resting on your thigh as heavy as a boulder.
Clara took a seat in one of the old rocking chairs, her green eyes looking up at you. "Did the same sender...send you those letters in that box by the fireplace?" her voice was soft and timid as she spoke, afraid to make you angry.
You frowned, "How do you know about my letters?"
She looks away from you, her eyes glued to the wood floor, "I was looking for a match and I looked in that box by the fireplace. I saw them, all of them. "
You hug yourself in a sad attempt to comfort yourself, "Oh," you whispered simply.
"And you haven't read any of them?" she hummed, making you shake your head. Clara chewed at her bottom lip, "What happened?"
You took in a deep breath, realizing this was the first time you'd ever told someone about the mind controller.
"We're two sides of the same coin, and when we couldn't agree... he left. And I haven't forgiven him for it," you responded bitterly, every word spitting more venom, your jaw clenched tightly. His voice still echoing in your head, the heat of the flames and the stares of your family still burn your flesh.
"Y/n, let me go," Druig hissed, he was halfway down the steps when you tugged at his sleeve.
"Druig don't do this!" You plead as he turned to face you, tears staining his face "W-we can figure it out."
"I'm stopping a genocide! Y/N. Just come with me. You hate these wars as much as I do!"
"I-I can't. History has to play out this way. We can help them a different way we always do! You can't go... I love you!"
"Then this is goodbye, m'lady. I love you too."
The wetness of tears falling on your clenched fist broke you out of the memory. Thinking about it only made the wound reopen. Clara lurched from the chair and sat next to you, using her dark green scarf to wipe your tears. "Do you still love him?" she questioned, her voice barely audible.
Did you still love Druig? Or had your hatred taken up so much of your heart you forgot what it felt like. No. You tried forgetting the lingering touches on the Domo, the late nights in Babylon as he showed you the stars, the way he let you nuzzle your face in his neck as he held you. Once you think you could move on... a letter arrived at your door, allowing 7000 years of feelings to feel fresh in your memory and on your skin.
"Most days," you finally said through trembling lips.
Clara placed her hand over yours, her thumb running across your shaking chuckles. "Y/N," she sighed, "please read one of his letters, if not for you or him, do it for those who aren't receiving them these days."
You nodded briefly as she left you to be alone. As you watched the emerald green curtains close behind her, you pulled out Druig's letter. Your fingers broke the wax seal, "Fuck," you cursed, letting out a breath. Your eyes were scared to look at his words, but they finally scanned the letter as you opened it.
My beautiful, beautiful Y/N,
I'm writing you to let you know that this will be the last time I'll try to contact you. Your silence and my relentlessness have taken a toll on my heart. My love, I hope this is another thing you can forgive me for. I hope it will bring us peace until we can go home together again.
All my love forever,
Your world suddenly shattered around you. "No, no, no," you whispered to yourself, checking the front and back of the paper for anything else. "Druig," his name fell from your lips. Your throat began to close, breathing became jagged and shallow. Panic had set in. All these years he was still with you in the form of prose. Now... now you had nothing left of the man with soft blue eyes and a smile that felt like home.
You just wanted him home. The Amazon, Connecticut...wherever. Those pieces of paper couldn't replace him no matter how hard you tried. You needed him. His person. His soul.
Emerging back into the front, your eyes were red from the tears. They all looked at you, "Druig," you sobbed, clutching the letter in your hand. Clara turned to look at you with concern. "I-I need to find him," you choked out.
"Go, go! We'll be fine. Go get him, Y/n," she told you confidently. You managed a nod before running off.
You cursed Arishem for not giving you the ability to fly as you breathed heavily, not running as fast as you desired. Fists full of your skirts as you ran into your garden, apologizing as you squished a few of your favorite flowers.
Once inside, you threw one of your cloth duffle bags onto the living room floor, your closet opened as you tossed a few items of clothes inside it. You grabbed at a woven shawl, the black and red yarn creating an ornate pattern, placing it around your shoulders as you mumbled to yourself, "I can take the night train towards the west, take another to the border..." then what? You knew he was in the Amazon, but no one ever told you his exact location, you never let them.
You were going to have to open his letters. You turned to face the box above the fireplace; there was no time to waste, your feet moved towards it. Flipping the latch, holding high above your head only to let the letters fall to the floor with soft thuds.
Falling to your knees, your tired eyes skimmed every letter that you opened, only looking for the bits and pieces that would reveal his exact location. Time had passed, the sun began its descent over the horizon, making you light your fireplace.
"Where are you, Dru?" you whispered, tossing another letter into the 'barely read' pile. Wiping at your teary eyes, you opened another useless letter. A knock at the door perked your ears. Clara often checked on you after long days, it was no surprise that she would stop by after the way you acted.
Keeping the letter close to your chest, you rose from the floor and made your way to the door. As the door opened, it didn't reveal a young woman with neatly done braids... but a man. A man whose features caught the light of fading sun's rich orange color. His tired eyes opened wide, his soft pink lips slightly ajar.
"Druig," you spoke brokenly, the built-up tears finally spilling from your eyes.
His bottom lip quivered as he stood before you, lancing down at the crumpled letter against your chest, his shawl draped around your trembling shoulders. He cleared his throat before he spoke to you, "Why do you cry for me, my love?"
His voice sounded as tired as he looked. You sobbed and lunged forward, throwing your arms around his neck, his hands placed on your back with his fingertips pressing into the clothed skin. You took in the faint smell of coal from the train as you buried your head in the crook of his neck.
Eventually, he took a step back from you, your hands cupping his face to make sure that he was real. "When did you leave your village?" you asked, scanning his face.
"Right after I sent off my letters... I needed to see you, Y/N. I'm sorry I never came in person," Druig apologized, bringing his forehead to yours. Oh, how you've missed that simple act of love.
"I'm sorry I never read your letters. I was so angry," you replied shakily.
"Are you still mad at me?" Druig asked a moment later.
You shook your head, "Not when I realized how much I missed you, and how much I was going to miss receiving your letters."
You pulled back gently, your lips finding his in a gentle kiss. He inhaled sharply, the cold palm of his hand pressed against the side of your neck, still hot from sitting next to the fireplace. "Come get warm, my love," you spoke as your lips parted from his.
Druig sat on the rug in front of the fireplace, one hand propping himself up, the other tangled in your hair as your head rested in his lap. One of his earlier letters close to your face as you carefully read it. "What will we do now? I could stop this war..." He asks you, breaking the comforting silence.
You hum and look up at his stoic face, "We know how that ended last time. I don't want another day apart from you, Druig," you answered sadly, your hand reaching up to stroke his cheek.
Druig leaned into your touch, "I don't either. How about I stay and help you take care of the civilians, and then you come stay with me for a while?" he offered, looking down at you. A smile broke out onto your face.
"Why couldn't we agree on that before?" You chuckled.
"I put it in one of my letters," he smirked playfully.
You scoffed and sat up, Druig leaning in to kiss you. "I just read that," you admitted before his lips covered yours lovingly. Druig laughed into the kiss, wrapping his arm around your waist, drawing you in closer.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
druig & makkari + text posts.
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Tumblr media
PART ONE | PART TWO | PART THREE Summary: In 1521, the Eternals disbanded and Druig left you despite the lengthy past you'd both shared. Now, you're forced back together by the Emergence, but after 500 years apart, neither of you are quite the same as you were. But a love like the one you shared hundreds of years ago never quite goes away. Pairing: Druig x Fem! Reader (slight enemies to lovers) Fandom: Marvel's Eternals Warnings: ETERNALS SPOILERS, mentions of death, implied smut (nothing specific). Word Count: 7740 A/N: So... it's been a while, huh? I had intended to write and post this before the end of 2021, but with all the chaos of working retail at Christmas, it didn't happen, and then somehow work has been crazier at the start of 2022 than it was at Christmas, which is why it's taken me so long to get around to posting the final part now! Thank you to anyone who has stuck around waiting for me to post it and I'm sorry for keeping you waiting for so long! I'm really proud of this fic as a whole, it was a real challenge for me, and I'm happy with how this final chapter panned out. I hope that if you've been waiting since December for this, it doesn't let you down and that you enjoy it as the final part of this fic! Thank you all for the love and support you've given me as I've been writing and posting this and I hope this lives up to your hopes! <3
Druig isn’t disappointed when you let go of his hand and walk away to try and calm your mind down after Ikaris and Sprite leave. He watches you carefully, though, as the atmosphere in the room gradually simmers down to something resembling normality.
You end up sitting atop a desk, taking some time to revel in the silence before the others all start talking again.
It’s been clear all along to you that Sprite is in love with Ikaris, and you couldn’t blame her. A long time ago, you would have gone to the ends of the earth to be with Druig, you would have done anything for him because of that same love. Love does that to people.
Druig has moved to sit a little behind you on the same desk, resting his arms over his knees as he looks out at everyone talking.
The last thing either of you expect is for Kingo to decide to leave.
“Wait, where the hell are you going?” Phastos looks up at him, just as surprised as the rest of you are.
“I can’t help you guys. I still think Ikaris is right,” Kingo says, and you can’t fault him for being honest, especially when it’s quite clear now that there’s been a lot of lying going on for your entire time on earth.
Phastos, however, isn’t impressed by Kingo’s choice. “So that’s it, huh? Just gonna follow him?”
“I love the people of this planet, but if you stop this Emergence you are preventing so many other worlds like this one from being created.” He pauses and lets the words sink in for the rest of you. “I still have faith in Arishem, but I refuse to hurt any of you for my beliefs.”
You glance across at Druig and he looks at you at the same time, sensing you. He meets your eyes and gives you a small, sad smile. It’s proof that things like this never change, no matter how much time passes, because you can both tell what the other is thinking without saying a word.
Makkari stops Kingo by placing a hand on his shoulder. “We need you,” she signs.
“Even with my help we’re no match,” Kingo shakes his head. “It’s Ikaris.” He pulls away from her and continues to walk to the door. The look of disappointment on Makkari’s face makes you feel awful. “But I hope to see you on the next planet.”
With that, Kingo turns and walks away, leaving the Domo and the rest of you behind. Phastos throws his hands in the air and you let your gaze drop to the floor and sigh, disappointed to have lost someone else.
Karun stops and looks out at all of you before thanking you for everything and telling you that he’ll miss you all. It’s a painful reminder of what you’ve got to lose. Humanity rests in your hands – those students you teach every day, the ones that all of the languages you’d learnt came in handy for, are counting on you without even knowing it.
You all watch him follow Kingo.
There’s a few moments of silence before Druig speaks.
“Look, if I’m gonna get myself killed going up against Ikaris, we’ll need to have a backup plan,” he says, scarily nonchalantly.
You tense up. You don’t like the idea that enters your mind at his words. Druig, getting himself killed going up against Ikaris. Preparing a backup plan for what might happen if he dies. Druig dying… can’t be something that you let happen.
“All of our powers, even if they’re amplified, are not enough to kill a Celestial.”
“Well, Sersi did turn a Deviant into a tree.”
You look up, eyes going straight to Sersi in shock. When the hell did she do that?
“I’m sorry, what? You didn’t wanna tell me that?” Phastos asks at the exact same time that you ask a variation of the same question.
Druig, behind you, answers softly. “My place, the Amazon. You were elsewhere.”
Elsewhere as in passed out, you assume. You give him a nod in thanks and look back at Sersi and the others.
“You’ve never been able to do that before,” Makkari is just as shocked as the rest of you who hadn’t witnessed it happening.
Sersi looks a little alarmed. “I don’t know it happened, okay,” she starts, “and I’m pretty sure I couldn’t do it again.”
“Well, now is the time to try, don’t you think?” It’s clear that Phastos is sick of waiting around.
“Phastos, that Deviant is dead! Our plan is to put Tiamut to sleep, not to kill it,” her voice is full of worry. “I can’t kill a Celestial.”
“Sersi– Sersi–”
“We can’t!” She raises her voice, scaring nearly everyone in the room. Sersi has never been the type to raise her voice or get angry at you all. She’s always been the voice of reason when others were fighting. “We can’t.”
The atmosphere in the room is suddenly uncomfortable again, but it’s not for long. Druig is too quick to put himself into the firing line again, taking the pressure off of Sersi.
“It’s okay, Sersi,” he interjects. “I’ve got this.”
He sounds sure and confident, but there’s something underlying that you recognise immediately upon hearing his words. He’s not sure if he can do this. Truthfully, you’re not too sure if you want him to do this either.
You’ve already lost Gilgamesh and Ajak, and you’ve essentially lost Ikaris, Sprite and Kingo now. Half of you, gone. You can’t even let your mind entertain the idea of losing someone else, let-alone Druig. Let alone the biggest and only love of your life.
Glancing back at Druig, you find him staring down at his hands, knotted together in front of him, and frown to yourself. He can’t die. You won’t lose him. Not again.
When Sersi leaves the room, Phastos sits back down to try and figure out a way to re-create the uni-mind with only the few of you that remain. Thena goes to talk to Sersi and Makkari sits down to prepare herself for the oncoming battle. It leaves you and Druig alone, and eventually you shuffle closer to him, forcing him to look up at you.
“Are you sure you want to do this?” You ask him.
He watches as you spin the rings around on your hands in front of you and wonders if he should reach out and take your hand to stop you from fidgeting. You’re anxious. It’s a habit of yours that he’s noticed since you started wearing rings.
Druig had wondered what it would feel like to add one to your ring finger once.
That was after he’d left you, though, when he’d fallen into memories of your time together and found himself pondering his life if he hadn’t walked out of yours. It was his way of torturing himself over his decision.
He wasn’t going to torture himself over his choices any longer.
“No, but I’ve got no choice,” Druig admits with a shrug. “It’s the only way if the uni-mind doesn’t work, and Sersi has been through too much already to have to have all of this riding on her shoulders.”
You glance up at him for only a second before staring down at your rings again. “You could die though,” your voice is smaller than you mean for it to be. “You could die. You’re being stupid and irresponsible and reckless, and you could die because of it.”
Druig smiles to himself. “Not the first time either of us have been reckless, is it?”
You narrow your eyes as you look up at him, frowning. “This is different, Druig. This isn’t just fighting a Deviant. This is putting a Celestial to sleep, all while Ikaris tries to stop you. Ikaris being the most powerful out of all of us. Don’t you see how this could end badly?”
“I do,” he nods. “But it doesn’t mean I’m going to give up and not at least try.”
His words are getting on your nerves. How can he be so casual and nonchalant about all of this? About possibly dying? It makes no sense, and you wish you could knock some into him, though you have a feeling it probably wouldn’t even work if you tried.
He can see that you’re getting irritated with him as he speaks more, and it makes him smile a little. It’s cute, the way you’re pouting, the way you’re spinning the rings on your fingers faster. He finds you endearing all of the time, but especially when you’re worried about him.
“You’re finally understanding how I felt all of the times that you were being reckless and risking your life to kill Deviants, are you? Only took you seven thousand years,” he chuckles to himself and shakes his head.
You look up at him, glaring. “This is not the same thing, Druig!”
“Oh, and how isn’t it?” He raises his eyebrows. “That was me being worried that the person I liked was going to die, and this is you being worried that the person you love is going to die. Is that not the same thing?”
“That was Deviants, this is a Celestial! I already covered this. This is more dangerous.”
Druig scoffs. “It’s the same thing, you’re just being stubborn as usual.” He rolls his eyes and slides himself off of the top of the desk, stretching out his legs. “I’m doing this even if you’re worried about me. I’m doing this for you. So you can go back to Japan and teach all of those children that are still counting on you. So you can have your life back.”
He reaches over and places his hand on top of yours, stopping you from fidgeting with your rings. You look down at his hand on yours, and then back up at him.
“Sacrifice comes alongside love, doesn’t it?” He shrugs. “You would have sacrificed this life for me back in 1521 if I’d let you. I think it’s about time I sacrificed something for you, don’t you, my love?”
It feels a little like you’ve fallen into the past as you all stand in the Domo in your suits, ready for the battle that’s awaiting you once you step foot on the ground. Putting a Celestial to sleep isn’t an every day activity, though, and neither is fighting members of your own family. You’re not sure if you’re even ready, but you know you have no choice but to try to be.
You’re unnerved by everything right now.
Especially by the thought that Druig is ready to sacrifice himself.
He’s avoided you ever since your conversation, though it wasn’t all that long ago. Just long enough to create a uni-mind and prepare yourself for the fight of several lifetimes. You can’t blame him, though – he knows you well enough to know you’ll try and get him to change his mind, and you know him well enough to know he never would.
You pull Thena aside not long before your arrival. She’s the one thing you feel you can find certainty in.
“I know you want revenge,” you start, “but please be careful today. We’ve lost too many of us already and… I can’t lose you, too.”
Thena squeezes your shoulder gently. “I’m not going anywhere.”
It’s not a promise – none of you can promise anything – but it’s enough.
“And he’s not, either,” she adds on after a moment, nodding towards Druig.
You glance at him, confused. Before you can ask what she means, she walks away from you with a smirk on her lips. It’s as if she knows something that you don’t, which you know is entirely impossible, but it bothers you anyway.
Druig sidles up to you not long before you arrive at Tiamut, surprising you since you’d thought he was going to ignore your existence until he was forced to acknowledge you. He nudges your side as you stare out the window and crosses his arms over his chest.
“Don’t say it,” he says, “I know you want to, but don’t. Please.”
You look up at him. “Who says I was going to say it?”
“Me. I know you too well.”
It’s impossible not to smile at him after that. His way with words, as usual. Words that would make you feel all fuzzy inside without him even trying. You go back to looking out of the window at the scenery passing by as you travel. It’s beautiful, and it makes you all the more determined to save it.
“Can you promise me something?” He asks after a few moments.
“Depends on what it is.”
Druig raises an eyebrow. “Oh, there are promises you won’t make me?”
“There are several things that I won’t promise you, and it’s very likely that one of them is going to be the one that comes out of your mouth soon, but go on. Do tell.”
He smiles at you and shakes his head. He’d never realised how strong love could be until he’d fallen for you. To still love you so deeply, after all this time, to still see you and hear you and feel himself grow warmer inside just because of your presence… would never be something he’d tire of. Even though the reason you were back together now was the possible end of Earth, he was glad that at least something had brought you back into his life when both of you were too stubborn to do anything about it before.
“I’ll try my luck,” Druig continues. “Your powers. I don’t want you to use them when we’re on Tiamut. Don’t use them to sense us, how we are. No matter how worried you are. How much you want to know we’re okay… you need to keep your strength and focus on you at all times.”
You pout and stare out the window. “That was on my list.”
Druig chuckles. “What a surprise,” he says sarcastically. “Can you promise that to me, though? It’ll make me feel less worried if I know you aren’t using your powers on me.”
For a few moments, you simply stare out of the window. You can see where he’s coming from. Your powers do take a lot of strength out of you, and you’ll need as much strength as possible for the uni-mind and any other fighting that might arise. But… not knowing if your family is safe?
But then… Druig will worry more about you if you do use them, which will make him less focused on his own fighting and therefore more susceptible to being hurt…
You sigh. “Fine, I won’t use my powers to sense your feelings.”
He looks down at you just as you look back at him.
“Thank you,” he says sincerely. He surprises you, then, by reaching down and taking one of your hands in his, lifting it up so he can press a kiss to the top of it. “I’ll see you when we’ve put this Celestial to sleep, my love.”
You nod, feeling a little lost for words, and watch as he walks away from you, hoping it won’t be the last time you hear the words my love from his lips.
Upon your arrival to Tiamut, it feels like the world is ending already. Black ash is spewing into the air from the core of the volcano, making the air thick and uncomfortable. You’re worried about Thena, luring Ikaris back into the Domo, and worried about Druig beside you.
He glances at you as you all fix the bracelets onto your wrists for the uni-mind. You try your best to smile at him, though it comes out as more of a grimace, which Druig finds amusing.
The uni-mind forms between you, Druig, Makkari and Sersi, lifting you all into the air. You feel like you’re weightless and it’s the first time you can feel the strength of your power, yet still feel like it’s not taking any strength out of you at all. It’s a strange feeling.
You’ve lived for all these years and still, so much is new.
The uni-mind grows stronger, connecting to the other Eternals, and you allow your powers to flow through you, feeling confident in your plans until Druig, beside you, is knocked out of the uni-mind and carried into the air by Ikaris.
It fades around you, and when your feet hit the ground and you feel like yourself again, the realisation of what’s happening hits you so quickly you feel ill. You watch Ikaris – the man who had once been like a brother to you, a confidant, someone you loved – lifting the love of your life high into the air before throwing him down to the ground, blasting him with his powers into the earth as he does.
Tears spring to your eyes immediately and your knees give out, sending you to the ground. You feel as though a part of you has just died, and you suppose… maybe it has. You cover your mouth with your hand and try to compose yourself, to control your breathing, not wanting your grief to ruin the chance of the uni-mind working. Druig wouldn’t want that.
You want to use your powers. You’ve never wanted to use your powers more than in this moment… but Druig had specifically asked for you not to use them. And even if he’s not here to see you use them, even if he is truly gone… you can’t bring yourself to go back on your promise to him.
Especially when Ikaris uses his powers to send the Domo crashing to the ground.
In a flash, Makkari grabs you and Sersi and pulls you out of the path in time as the Domo crashes into the sand. She leaves you to retrieve Phastos and Thena from inside the Domo before returning to you. There’s no time for you to mourn what you assume is Druig’s death. There’s only two things: your burning desire to see Ikaris suffer and the need to stop Tiamut.
The threat still remains ever present as Ikaris lands on the beach before you all.
“Druig’s gone,” Ikaris says, and you feel another part of you splinter. “It’s over.”
Just as you’re wishing that you had powers that were useful in a fight, Makkari does the job for you, taking the words right out of your mind by running at Ikaris, grabbing him and pushing him across the length of the beach at speed.
And then, perfectly timed for the chaos of the moment, the volcano finally erupts, beginning to spew rocks, ash and lava at you. Phastos, Thena and Sersi use their powers to stop you all from getting hurt, and you wish there was something – anything – you could do to help. But there isn’t.
You’ve never felt more useless.
Your powers had been useful before – when Deviants were around and you could sense them, but now, in a fight like this, where Deviants aren’t around and you’re fighting against your own family to put a Celestial to sleep? This is different. You curse Arishem.
Sersi stops and looks up at the volcano as soon as the debris stops raining down.
“Phastos,” she says, as he puts a hand on her shoulder to show her he’s listening. “I have to try and stop this. I need to get closer to Tiamut. Keep Ikaris busy.”
Phastos nods at her. “We’ve got you. Go.”
The three of you watch as she starts to run towards the volcano, and you turn to Thena as you pull your knives out. She nods at you, giving you a small smile of encouragement, and you close your eyes as you try to focus in on yourself and the others.
You all begin to run across the beach towards where Makkari and Ikaris are fighting, just as he sends Makkari into the sand with a blast of his powers. You launch one of your knives at him, fighting in the only way you know how, missing him just barely, just before Phastos launches his own attack.
You’re about to throw your second knife when your powers appear of their own accord, taking you very much by surprise. Deviant. There’s a Deviant here, they tell you. You stop, eyebrows furrowed, and spin around, looking in all directions to try and find it.
The others are all too busy fighting Ikaris to notice that your mind has drifted away.
For the first time, you actually see the Deviant, Kro, before he sees you. In the past, you’d been able to sense when one was near, but never the exact location. They’d always still surprised you by appearing from wherever you least expected it. It’s still not enough time to warn any of the others, though. They’re all so focused on Ikaris that even when you run up to them, yelling “There’s a deviant!” they can’t hear you.
It appears, then, knocking Ikaris out of the air and into the sand. Thena uses her powers to stop it, to create a momentary break in the fight, as you reach them.
“Why are you helping Ikaris?” She asks it, spinning her weapon in her hand.
“We can’t let it absorb our powers,” Phastos warns her.
The Deviant raises a hand, showing a gauntlet of cosmic energy exactly like Gilgamesh used to use. You can sense the change in the air immediately, the way Thena’s intention changes, the way you understand her pain even more now, having lost the love of your life, too. If you could get revenge like this… you would, too.
“Too late,” the Deviant says.
Thena raises her sword and steps towards him.
“Thena, he’s trying to goad you. Don’t–” Phastos tries.
Makkari is quick to jump into action, running in circles around the Deviant, burrowing him in a cocoon of sand. But the attempt doesn’t last long. He slams his foot into the ground, the power of his strength knocking not only Makkari away and into the ground, but you and Thena, too.
You wince as your body slams against the rocks, pulling yourself up from the ground as you watch the Deviant move to Makkari, attempting to kill her and take her powers like he’d done to Ajak and Gilgamesh. Phastos uses his powers to attack the Deviant, knocking him into the caves at the side of the cliff.
Thena begins to walk after it.
Leaving Phastos to deal with Ikaris and knowing the Deviant will be busy with Thena, you run over to Makkari, falling onto the ground beside her. Your body hurts, but the pain from being thrown into the rocks is fading already.
“Makkari,” you shake her shoulders gently, trying to awaken her, just grateful that Phastos had gotten Kro away from her in time, saving her life. You can only hope that she’ll wake sooner rather than later.
From your spot on the beach, you have a perfect view as Tiamut starts to rise around you. The sea turns rocky, the waves splashing up on the sand as you pull Makkari’s unconscious body further up the shore, away from the water. The ground is shaking and you fall a few times, finally giving up once you reach a spot far enough away.
You collapse onto the ground beside her, shaking her again to try and wake her, just as you see the head of the Celestial begin to rise out of the water. It’s like a sight from your worst nightmares and it terrifies you.
To your left, Thena walks out of the cave and you let out a sigh of relief as you see her. She’s alive, and she’s alone. You close your eyes briefly, reaching for your power, trying to sense the presence of the Deviant, and feel nothing.
Everything happens all at once, then.
Ikaris breaks free of his bonds, using his powers and sending a wave of them across the beach, knocking Phastos down into the sand. Makkari, beside you, wakes up from the feeling of it, and grabs you, as if she’d never passed out in the first place, taking you with her as she hurries to check if Phastos is okay.
He leaves, then, flying away and leaving the beach empty, like he was never here and that your fight had been for nothing since he’d escaped anyway. You clench the sand in your hand, letting out a sigh.
You wish Druig was here.
“What about Sersi?” You ask, glancing at Makkari and Phastos.
“She’s got this,” Phastos says, and you can tell he’s trying to convince himself of that, too.
The four of you wait on the beach, unable to do anything but wait and hope. It’s not too long later when you feel yourself being lifted into the air by the uni-mind, taking over all of you like it had before. You feel the weightless feeling take over your mind and body again and feel it take control of your powers.
And Sersi, though you can’t see her or sense her, does the impossible.
Your feet touch the ground again and your eyes focus in on Tiamut. It’s clear to you that the uni-mind has worked, just not quite in the way you’d all intended for it to work. Before, he’d been golden. Glowing. Alive. Now, he’s marble. Tiamut… is dead. You’ve all just… killed a Celestial.
You turn to Phastos and Makkari.
“Did we just…?”
Makkari nods, looking at you with fear in her eyes.
You turn, running a hand through your hair, and shake your head. What would this cost you all? Surely, surely, things couldn’t go back to normal after this? After what you’d done?
But… Sersi. Was she okay?
The beach is quiet as you wait for her, only hoping that she’ll join you. Soon enough, she does. You see her in the distance, walking towards you all, and sigh in relief. At least she was safe and seemingly okay. She embraces you and Makkari when she reaches you. It’s comforting to have her back with you, and though nothing feels normal, the warmth of family is one that never changes.
“How? How did you do it?” Phastos asks her.
Sersi looks around at all of you. “When I touched Tiamut’s palm, I felt energy surging into me. Tiamut joined our Uni-mind.”
“I always wondered how we survived the destruction of other planets that we were on. By being connected to the Celestial as it emerged,” Phastos seems fascinated by the truth.
Makkari walks a little closer to Thena, and then looks around at the group of you.
“We became one,” she signs, “even Ikaris and Sprite… all because of Tiamut.”
Phastos nods. You look around at the group of them. Family, through it all.
Aren’t you forgetting someone?
A thought enters your mind, and you furrow your eyebrows… that’s not your thought. It feels foreign, yet somehow familiar. You glance around at the others, though none of them are looking at you and you feel strangely certain that the thought could belong to none of them, as well as the fact that none of them could plant it in your mind with their powers alone. Your powers would have to be activated to do so, and they aren’t because of…
Your head spins, looking across the beach to see the unmistakable form of Druig walking towards you. He’s backlit by the sunset, but you can still see the smirk on his lips.
There’s not a single moment of hesitation as you take off running towards him. He meets you half way, arms wrapping around you and even lifting you a little off the ground as you hug him, burying your head into his neck.
“How did you do that?” You mutter. “I’ve never let you in my head.”
“Your guard was down,” he explains softly. “From the fight, I assume. Sorry. Didn’t want to do it without your consent, but I could feel that you thought I was dead and I didn’t want you to think I was for any longer.”
“It’s okay,” you hum. “But how are you not dead?”
Druig chuckles at that and pulls away from the hug to look at you. He stares into your eyes for a few moments, pondering his next move, before he decides upon it. “Well, I decided that there was no way I was going to die without doing this at least one more time.”
You raise your eyebrows. “Doing what?”
He gives you no time to really think, instead he leans in and presses his lips to yours. His hands cup your cheeks, holding you like he never wants to let go of you again, and his lips move against yours with such familiarity that it’s almost like the past five hundred years have gone by in the blink of an eye. Nearly like you’re back in the 1500s, still wrapped up in the depth of your love, all over again.
Neither of you care that you’re giving the other Eternals absolutely nothing of what they want to see, and neither of you are aware that Phastos has turned away, disgusted, that Sersi and Thena are smiling sadly at you, and Makkari is amused at the surprising moment.
Things between you and Druig haven’t changed. You’re still wrapped up in one another without little care for anything except each other. Hopelessly, recklessly and absolutely undoubtedly head over heels for one another.
Druig pulls away from the kiss out of breath. “That,” he says, “doing that one more time.”
You rest your forehead against his and try to catch your own breath. “Like hell if you think that’s the last time we’re doing that, Druig.”
He smirks.
“Okay, I think that’s enough PDA for today!” Phastos calls. “Can you guys stop now?”
Both of you can’t help but laugh as Druig reaches down and takes your hand in his again and you walk over to join the others. You lean into his side as you watch Sersi offer to turn Sprite into a human, and feel completely content.
Exhausted, yes. Like you could sleep for a hundred years… yes. But you’ve always been stronger with Druig by your side, and you both know it.
The fact that you’d thought that things would simply go back to normal after you succeeded in stopping Tiamut was, you now realise, a rather silly thought. It’s been four days since you left the island, and Tiamut, in the middle of the Ocean, managing to get the Domo to Ajak’s house in South Dakota for Phastos to fix before you left to find the other Eternals – leaving Earth behind for the first time since you’d arrived here.
You’d come to the decision to join Druig, Thena and Makkari without much thought.
As soon as the idea had been brought up over dinner two days ago, you’d begun toying with the idea of going with them all. For one thing, you didn’t want to leave Druig so quickly after getting him back in your life, and another was that you knew if you went back to life in Japan, you’d spend the whole time wondering about what the others were doing.
Thena joins you in the kitchen on the fifth night. You’d volunteered to wash the dishes, knowing how it could be a good, calming activity sometimes, and thought you’d need it after the stress of the last week.
It hadn’t been that long ago that you’d been living happily alone in Japan, trying your best not to think about Druig even after all these years, and now he was sitting in the living room behind you, watching television with the others.
“Have you made your mind up yet?” Thena asks, leaning against the bench. She has no intentions of helping you wash or dry the dishes, finding such mundane tasks unnecessary.
You glance at her. “Made up my mind about what?”
“Whether you’re coming with us or not,” she says. “It’s obvious that you’ve been thinking about it for the last few days since it was mentioned at dinner. I don’t know if you think you’re being subtle or not, but you’re not. We’ve all noticed.”
With a sigh, you go back to scrubbing the dish in your hands. “I made my choice.”
“Already?” Thena seems surprised.
“Not long after you decided to go. But until we actually leave, my mind is still going to keep playing the ‘what if’ game with me and trying to convince me to stay with what I know,” you shrug and place the plate on the drying rack before grabbing another one.
Thena watches you carefully for a few moments.
“You really love Druig, don’t you? Even after all the time apart?”
“I do.” You don’t hesitate to answer her. “Even after all the time apart.”
She smiles as she notices the fond look on your face. She’d felt the same thing for Gilgamesh for so long and recognised it well. The fondness, the love, the comfort that comes with someone you love like that.
“I said this to Druig before,” she glances at him in the living room, “but you and Druig deserve to live a long life together. And the world hasn’t ended… so what’s stopping you?”
You stop washing the plate, letting it drop into the water, and look at her.
“When did you say that to him? He never told me.”
“It wasn’t long before Ikaris revealed the truth to us,” she explains. “He told me that I needed to be careful because you couldn’t lose me after feeling Gilgamesh die. I don’t think he quite realised that losing him would have hurt you more.”
You look over at him, comfortably sitting on the couch, head resting on his hand, eyes fixed onto the television, and smile at how human he looks. The things you’re used to in every day life now hadn’t been around last time you’d just been with him like this. It feels a little like you’ve got him in your day to day life, even though this isn’t home.
“No, I think he knew that. He just would never admit it to himself,” you tell her. “He’s going with you and Makkari. He told that to me that night. He said he knows we should have probably made the choice together, but that it would be what’s best for him. I haven’t told him that I’m going to come with him, yet. I don’t know how he’ll take it. He wanted me to be able to go back to my life in Japan before we stopped Tiamut.”
Thena shakes her head. “You know him well enough to know that he’s going to accept whatever you choose. You can’t love someone for as long as you’ve loved him and not know that. Don’t kid yourself.”
Her words are so blunt, so completely Thena, that they make you smile. You reach over and take her hand, giving it a gentle squeeze, before turning back to washing the dishes.
The warmth of Druig’s body next to yours is a type of warmth you never want to forget. Your head is rest00 ying on his chest, his hand is gently running through your hair and the events of moments before are still fresh in your mind.
It feels a little surreal to be laying with him like this. You’d expected it to feel strange – like the 500 years you’ve spent apart would make a difference – but they haven’t. Things feel as if no time has passed at all. The love you’ve both kept for each other all these years overtaking all of the awkwardness and anxiety that could have been borne of these moments. It’s refreshing.
“Y’know,” Druig starts, “when we were trying to stop Tiamut, when I stopped Sprite from hurting Sersi… I left out a bit of that story when I was telling the others what happened.”
You furrow your eyebrows. “Why? What did you leave out?”
“It didn’t feel like something the others should know, in my defense,” he hums. “I told her that this was her fight now and she… she told me to stop being stupid and to tell you that I loved you. That we’ve lost enough time.”
You smile at the thought of Sersi fighting for your love.
“And what did you tell her?”
He smiles, this time. “I told her that you already knew. But when I was waiting for Sprite to wake up, I had time to think about it all, and she was right. That’s why I kissed you on the beach. We’ve lost five hundred years, and we could’ve lost even more of that time if we failed to stop Tiamut. I didn’t want to lose another second with you.”
You look up at him to find him already looking at you.
“You already know what I’m thinking, don’t you?”
Druig nods. “I promise I’m not reading your mind. But I know. I wanted you to be able to go back to teaching but… you’re not going to, are you? You’re going to come with us when we go to find the other Eternals.”
“Those kids I teach… there will be more of them to teach because of what we did. Children will continue to be born on Earth, they’ll continue to learn, and one day… I’ll be able to be there to teach them like I’ve done all these years,” you explain. You’ve had enough time to come to this conclusion, and you’re certain of it. “When we left Ajak, she told us to live for ourselves. I did that, but something was always missing – and that something was you. I love how I’ve spent the past 500 years. But we both know that there are changes we would have made if we could have. I think it’s time I give other Eternals a chance to make those changes, to live a life for themselves like we have.”
He admires you more than anything for your words. Loves you more than he thought possible. Druig leans down to press a quick kiss to your lips. “You are too good for me, my love,” he smiles. “But is it also because you don’t want to spend time without me so soon?”
You roll your eyes at him playfully. “Yeah, that too.” You snuggle back down into his chest. “I was thinking that we could go to Japan together. Since we never actually got to back there and have that mountain home we wanted. Remember?”
Druig nods. “I do remember. That was a nice day.”
“Would you want to do that one day? When we get things sorted with Arishem and the Eternals… would you want to come back to Japan with me? You could find something to while I teach. We could have a life there.”
There’s silence for a few moments, the hand that was stroking your hair stops, and you worry that it’s because Druig is about to tell you that he doesn’t want that anymore. That the future you’d planned out in the past was an impossible one to envision anymore.
But then his hand resumes and he hums. “I would love to have a life with you in Japan. For you to show me around your home, for you to… find a place for me in the life you have now. If that’s what you want… of course I want that, too, beautiful.”
You smile to yourself. “Deal, then. Now, let me lay here for a little bit longer before someone inevitably comes and knocks on your door and tells us they need us.”
Druig smirks. “You sure you wanna spend that time resting?”
“Druig,” you say, not moving from your spot. “When we have our mountain home and it’s just the two of us, I imagine there’ll be plenty of time for doing anything except for resting.”
Being back in Ajak’s house without Ajak there is a strange feeling, but it’s made more bearable by having the others there with you – even if it isn’t everyone anymore. Phastos has his family there with you, too, and there’s a strange sense of normality alongside them. You’ve spent the past two weeks here, fixing the Domo, overcoming the exhaustion from the fight on the beach, preparing for the future, and it hasn’t been terrible.
You’re sat beside Druig, your legs resting comfortably over his, as you munch on a slice of pizza. Phastos, Makkari and Ben, Phasto’s husband, all sit in the living room with you, watching the television reports on the ‘strange marbleised figure in the middle of the Indian Ocean’ that the news has been talking about for two weeks now.
“Aliens, half the population being wiped out, Gods, and they’re still wondering about what the strange marble figure in the ocean could be?” You shake your head. “Humans are fascinating, but surely they should just accept the strange at some point, right?”
Druig nods with you in agreement.
It’s not long before the calm ends, though, with Phastos making a quick exit from the couch to deal with Thena, who is seemingly scaring his son in the kitchen. You watch on, amused, knowing that Thena means no harm to the boy.
Makkari finishes off her food and goes to join them.
“You ready to head out?” Druig rests a hand on your thigh. “No second thoughts?”
You shake your head and finish your last bite of pizza. “You’ve asked me that at least twice already today, Druig. Are you trying to make me have second thoughts, or are you just being very overly cautious?”
He narrows his eyes at you. “I’m just double checking you’re certain. You were asking me if I was sure before Tiamut. It’s my turn now. I didn’t want you to follow me before when I left, so I made sure you wouldn’t. I don’t want you to follow me now just because you think it’s what you need to do to be with me.”
His words are sweet, you have to admit, though they’re entirely unnecessary. You’re sure of your choice, have been ever since you made it. And though a part of you does yearn for the comforts of your home in Japan and the excitement that comes from teaching all of your students, there’s a larger part of you that knows that the comfort that will come from being with Druig, Makkari and Thena and finding other Eternals will eventually fill the yearning for Japan until you can return.
You lean in and kiss him gently. “I’ve never been more certain of anything, Druig.”
He finds comfort in your words, too, and pulls you in for another kiss.
“Now, come on. We’ve got places to be,” you stand up from the couch, taking your plate with you, and wander into the kitchen. Druig follows you, joking with Phastos as he does, and you can’t help but grin to yourself as Phastos tells his son to stay away from Druig.
7000 years, and he’s still the very same.
It’s chilly outside, the sky a cloudy grey and a gentle breeze passing by. The Domo is high in the sky again, looking as normal as it ever has thanks to Phastos’ work in fixing it. Thena heads down towards it, leaving you with Druig, Makkari, Phastos and his son.
She’s never particularly been one for goodbyes. You can’t blame her.
Druig takes lead in starting them, walking down to stand beside Phastos. “Hey, Phastos. Take care,” he says. “This world is lucky to have you.”
“Thank you,” Phastos seems truly grateful. He extends a hand. “I know you’re not a hugger for anyone but her,” he nods towards you and you grin at him, “so…”
You watch on, amused, as Druig takes Phastos’ hand and then pulls him into a hug, knowing that Phastos is probably hating every second of it, but liking it at the same time.
Makkari smiles at you and you both walk closer to the three of them.
Druig turns to you and Makkari. “You think that when we find the other Eternals out there, that they’ll accept the truth the way we did?”
Makkari nods, completely certain. “Because the truth will set them free.”
She steps towards Phastos and gives him a hug goodbye and then starts to follow Thena down towards the Domo. You give Phastos a hug of your own, then lean down and tell Jack to take care of his dad, which he promises to do.
Druig watches on, smiling fondly as he watches you talk to the young boy so easily.
“You four stay safe, okay?” Phastos says as Druig takes your hand and you start to walk away. “We’ve had enough trouble for a good long while, I think.”
You and Druig both wholeheartedly agree with him.
With a wave, the two of you start to follow Makkari and Thena down towards the Domo.
He squeezes your hand and glances at you.
“If you ask me if I’m sure again, I will push you down the hill, Druig.”
He laughs. “I wasn’t going to ask you,” he says. “I was just thinking about how glad I am that I have to back, and how incredible you are for accepting me back after what I did to you.”
“Incredible or incredibly stupid?” You flash him a playful smile. “I’m a very forgiving person when it comes to the people that I love, Druig. I would have forgiven Ikaris if he’d given me a chance to. I think that the second I saw you again, part of me knew that I would forgive you if I could ever come to terms with the fact that I still loved you.”
Druig nods. “I’m glad you came to terms with it.”
“Me too,” you smile to yourself. “I’m glad you still loved me, too.”
“It would take more than the world ending for me to stop loving you,” Druig admits. “However many lives we’ve lived that we don’t remember, or any lives we might live in the future, I am certain that I’ll have loved you in all of them.”
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ameidala · 2 days ago
Nearly Witches (Ever Since We Met...)
What about a fic where they’re in some sort of public place and he controls everyone except them and takes advantage of them / fucks them . Like public transport or something ?
Tumblr media
tags: smut, non-con/dub con, nsfw rated 18+ content, very heavy themes of sexual assault, harassment in a public transportation, exhibitionism, mind and body control, implied stalking, druig gets gross and worse :D 
word count: 3,700+
please heed the trigger warnings. sexual assault in public is a serious topic that isn’t to be treaded lightly. not beta read. see more notes at the end!
You never paid much attention to your surroundings. Both the commute to and from work continues to be the most average lifestyle you committed to. It wasn't entirely bothersome. The certainty of being able to predict tomorrow was something comforting. Was it fun? Definitely not. Living in the city, alone and pretty much financially unstable was upsetting enough. Was it worth it? Probably. You had more control of the things you wanted in your life for the most part. It wasn't, and still isn't, a delightful journey but definitely can be exclusively rewarding. For months you've been living on your own, keeping a weak connection between family and friends. You probably had interacted more with your apartment neighbour, exchanging between subdued morning greetings. You enjoyed the solace to a greater degree. Eventually you did regret too much of it. Unaware of how strangers would pry on you with their longing stares during the commute in the subway. You liked control, and during these situations make you feel helpless.
It was one of your nightly commutes back home. But it didn’t feel as usual as it was before. One particular stranger had caught your eye. Not because you were initially interested in them, but their quiet glares have started to become obvious to the point that the silence was screaming for the attention. The man didn’t earn a smile from you nonetheless. You raised a questioning brow at him, but he seemed unbothered by the attitude you had just given. He continues to wear that faint smirk that has been bugging you the entire train ride. He seems to be conceitedly creepy as well. There were still three stops before your destination and you couldn’t wait to get the hell out of your space and this entire tension-filled ride. Your eyes moved from one point to another, between looking at the sliding metal doors and people who stood near them, waiting to get down from the tracks as much as you had been anticipating too. Even if you did try ignoring that stranger from a few seats away from you, his stares felt like pins and needles to your side. You couldn’t shake the feeling of his longing stares even if you tried. The battery of your phone was close to draining and you still had to walk for a few blocks once you get off. Listening to music on it wasn’t an option either. The crackly sound of the train’s speaker system was the only thing distracting you from the people surrounding you. As the subway draws to slow down on the arriving station, the person seated alongside you had started to stand on their feet and walk towards the exit. They slipped the handles of their shoulder bag over their arms while one hand gripped around the silver pole. Once finally halting, a few more passengers proceeded to depart until there were less people remaining in the transit. You couldn’t decide if it was for the best or worst— considering that people might help you out from the creep across, or the exact opposite might happen and you would completely be ignored. Either way it was best not to act on anything yet as long as the stranger hasn’t physically interacted with you. Not to mention it would be embarrassing to jump to any conclusions. Being a woman was hard enough for people to believing in anything you might say. A loud continuous beeping blared for the last time, signalling that the doors were about to close. As it finally sealed the gap between, the metro picked up its pace once again and you were more than ready to get down after this next impending stop. The fewer people in the train made the atmosphere colder. But you weren’t entirely sure if that was the reason for the sudden chills falling down your spine. You glanced deliberately from your right, seeing most people asleep with their heads resting on the surfaces nearest to them, and then to your left where the stranger was still seated in. He had been looking down at the khaki coloured floor before directly and swiftly tilting his chin back up, meeting your gaze. Again, the corner of his lips extend to a sly grin. Does he think you’re checking him out? Men are honestly so gross. Does he know you’re actually thinking of him as a creep on a public transport? Is he even aware at how vain he’s acting, or at least giving that impression? He really should stop making those weird smiles. It wasn’t even a once or twice encounter. You could make up a staring contest with him from the time you entered until now. You didn’t know if you pitied or repelled him more. Time flew by faster and it was then you realized the train was arriving at the next stop. Another set of passengers stood from their seats, waiting for the doors to open so that they could finally return home. The man who had been staring at you also stood up, and for a moment you were close to leaving a sigh of relief. However, your heart raced faster. Instead of him following along with the people stepping down to the platform, he avoided the exit and walked closer to where you were sitting in. Eyes still locked to yours, knowing well that both of you might have the exact same thought process. He was going to take the vacant seat next to you. And he was about to do so just as the doors slowly slid shut. Oh, fuck no. You sensibly jumped out from your seat, legs were dimly trembling while you were trying your best not to let that drag you down. Despite your mind going blank— the only thought reaching to your brain was to get away and far as possible— you knew best than to show him that he was actually strongly getting in your nerves. As you stood in front of the exit, praying to god for them to open up already, your hand had gotten sweaty as it gripped around the handle for support. The other hand was fumbling around the edge of your jacket. Your breathing was uneven and you couldn’t even distract yourself by count properly to ten. When you looked to the side where you once sat, he was there seated comfortably. He smiled at you still, making you clench your jaw to prevent yourself from tearing up. The public system finally addresses the name of the stop you’re all too familiar with. You weren’t sure which might arrive first, the train at the station or an imminent breakdown and panic attack. Eventually— and fortunately enough— the former did happen first. Your feet had been incessantly tapping against the surface floor just as you were feeling the moving speed finally slow down. It was like a breath of fresh air seeing the the platform view widen in front of you.  You glanced one last time at the man, checking if he got any closer around you. He stayed at his spot seated, raising one hand to give a wave acknowledging that you were about to leave. Each second felt slower than before, experiencing this entire ride was like a rollercoaster through a dark cave unknowing of what was following you behind. Much more what would happen before you could reach the end. Every thing was in slow motion just as you looked forward for that first step out the metro. You had no other thoughts than how thankful you were that you survived the night and got home walking in one piece. Unharmed. Untouched. ⌞ °   •        •   °   ⌟ A week had passed since that incident. You still carried a certain kind of fear that feels invalidated. You weren’t touched by the man nor harassed in any way— he barely spoke a word; you couldn’t even remember what his voice sounded like. But you continued to ache for that intangible pain. For that specific episode you just can’t seem to forget. Also you had no other way to commute home. Cab rides were extremely expensive if accounted for daily. You couldn’t afford for a car at this kind of setting. Walking wasn’t an option because you would be exhausted by the time you make it home. The metro was there, its doors welcoming you with horrifying arms.  For the past few days you hadn’t suffered through the same experience. You were extremely cautious the entire time. You hadn’t seen that same face and wicked grin. You rushed to the train the moment you clocked off from work. Not wasting a second for the night to get darker than it already is. You didn’t feel safe taking the ride home nearing midnight, like you usually did before adhering to the internal trauma. It felt safer to see more people in spite of the hassle of interacting with an overcrowded number of people. It wasn’t as spacious. You couldn’t find any seats, leaving you to stand throughout the entire ride. But it was better than the risk of another encounter. For a little while, your legs hurried fast down the stairs after hearing the metro arriving. You squeezed between people who leisurely walked in front of the lane, making your way to the entrance. Some people still were exiting as you tried to catch your breath after scurrying the last minute. As you finally got to board the train, you took a deep breath in and out, eyes glimpsing around but failing to spot for any vacant seats. Nonetheless, you settled in your place, near the exit, hand gripping tightly around the metal post. “Pretty girl.” You hear a disembodied whisper from the back of your head. It wasn’t a familiar voice at all. Not to mention it was faint, barely detectable other than the fact that it seemed like a male voice. You tried to ignore it, either concluding it was an eavesdropping mistake. Again, you heard it, “Have you been looking for me?” By this time you were internally in thin panic. You look from one side to another just to check if you had been hearing things.  You regretted that decision soon enough. In the corner of your eye you could see a mop of familiar dark hair disguising between the column of people he was along with. When he looked up, proudly with a smile, you saw the same blue eyes that had haunted you for these past few days. It was him. You were a hundred percent sure that was the man who got on your nerves a week ago. He had the same innocently vain expression you wanted to rip off from his face. “Now that’s not nice of you, is it, dear?” Hearing it sent you in full dread. Not only that, but you saw him steadily get up on his feet to make his way towards where you stood. You couldn’t move your legs, but you did force them to walk away towards the opposite end. Your side jammed between the sea of people who also have been stagnant on either sides to fill the space. “Sorry— Oh... excuse me. Sorry!” “Didn’t know you liked playing hunter and prey, darling. It’s kind of hot, I admit.” For fuck’s sake you wanted to make a run for it— get away from whatever demonic being that’s chasing and playing around with you— but you were literally stuck inside a compressed piece of metal moving at high speed. You made it to the end, practically pounding your palms over the silver surfaces, already hopelessly begging for any saving grace to interfere. After accepting the fact that you there was no way to escape this until the next stop, you were close to hitting rock bottom. People around you were probably looking and thinking of how insane you’re acting. “Help,” you desperately cry out. “No one’s going to save you from me. You should know better.” You hear his voice again, tears brimming vaguely around the corners of your eyes.  The scarce amount of hope left in your system had been completely flushed away the moment you looked around for help. Instead of expecting people to sympathise with your situation, you saw all of them in their spots motionless. Not a glance or word at all. It did take you a second more to realize why. All their pairs of eyes have turned golden and still. You didn’t know how or when. The only thing you knew was that you were fucked now. Trapped. He was after you. And he took his sweet time striding from meters away toward you. The leather jacket and dark jeans he wore proudly were the same clothes you remember during your first encounter.  “Please... Please get away from me.” You shielded your eyes, even without knowing how he’s doing it or where his powers are coming from, fearing he’ll turn you like the others in the train. “I wondered when we’d meet again.” He was approaching closer and you swore you couldn’t feel your legs anymore out of horror. “What did you do to them?” You spoke softly, but you knew he could still hear and answer. “Don’t worry about them. I promise you, they’ll leave this train unharmed.” “Why are you following me? Does my family owe you anything? I can’t pay their debt.” You didn’t wan’t to raise your voice. You didn’t know what or who you were facing. “You’re adorable, aren’t you, beautiful?” He chuckles. “I swear I won’t tell this to anyone if you let me go...” you beg,  “...please let me go.” The man was smugly approaching closer, arms behind his back. You heard him let out a sigh, “I’m afraid I can’t do that.” “Why?” “You’re valuable... for me at least,” he responds as if it has helped you clear out any confusion. “I barely have fifty dollars on my wallet right now.” “You underestimate yourself a lot. You’re worth more than that...” He adds, “I gave you enough time. Fortunately enough you couldn’t seem to forget me just as I couldn’t forget you. That pretty face.” There were a few steps of space left between both of you. “Get away from me,” you threaten, raising an arm in front as if you had any powers to stop him from approaching any nearer. “I swear if you take any step closer I—” “You’ll what?” He raises a brow, taking in the challenge with a smirk. “I— I swear I’ll find away.” “Oh, you will?” He prods. “I know you’re clever, but you shouldn’t expect to outsmart a god.” “You aren’t a god. You don’t act like one. You’ll never be one,” you snap. Finally, he stops, leaving a few inches of gap between your figures. His head leans down alongside an ear of yours, keeping the same stance with his arms remaining behind. “Druig,” he whispers. “What?” “Druig,” he restates. “Your god won’t save you, but that’s sure as hell what you’ll be moaning soon enough.” Consequently, Druig— you assumed his name was— corners you further into the edge of the train, sealing the space between you. His chest lightly pressing against yours all the while feeling his hand sneak under your loose shirt. “You don’t know how desperately I’ve wanted to get you alone,” he professes, “I could have hunted you down the night we met. But I just couldn’t get enough of your fear.” As much as you wanted to raise an arm and push him away, you couldn’t. You couldn’t move a muscle at all, like a person stuck in deep sleep haunted by their night terrors lurking over and under them. You didn’t know why you were paralysed. But you knew it was because of him and whatever stupid abilities he had. The only thing you could sense was your eyes, lips, and mouth. You body couldn’t flinch, but you were able to mutter, “Fuck you.” He pinned you flat against the wall. “Just kill me already, please.” “Now why would I do that?” His hands reach for the button of your pants, releasing and then unzipping as far as it went its way down. “I’ve wanted to play with you. You’re mine until I finish inside of you.” “You’re fucking sick.” He tsks, afterwards reminding, “Now don’t let me shut your mouth too. Be good and I wouldn’t have to glue your lips tight. I want to put it to good use later on.” “How are you doing this?” “I told you, dear, I’m a god.” Druig’s lips then plant a soft kiss at a spot on your lower neck while one hand had slipped under your jeans. You couldn’t move your body, but you could sure feel his skin and the things he’s been doing to it and it made you feel sick to your stomach. “You’re— you’re just a fraud.” He pulls the hem of your mom jeans a further down to allow more space for his hand to come in contact against your skin. The only piece of fabric that was separating his hand from touching your bare skin was your underwear.  The tips of his finger stroke over the shape of the slit of your entrance. And one finger stops exactly at the spot where your clit was located, giving a pinch before pressing against it. You held back a moan from it. “Don’t be stubborn. You can indulge it as much as I would.” Your lips remained levelled while your teeth were basically chewing on the insides of your cheeks. You could almost bite down on it hard enough to hurt and bleed.   “If you won’t it’s fine,” he says, feeling his fingers move to the side of your inner thighs intending to tug your underwear to the side. “I’ve always enjoyed the challenge. I’ll make you fucking scream if I have to.” He sensed your body’s own betrayal just as he feels it slowly grow hot and wet. “You're shaking,” his voice sprouts in excitement as seconds pass, “terrified of me?” You didn’t nod or react at all. But he answered himself anyway. “Good. You should be,” he sneers. “Come on,” he grunts, fingers curling around the hem of your pants and underwear and aggressively jerks them down past your ankles until you were left half naked below. “You ever been fucked in public, sweetie?” The arousal in his voice doesn’t wear down. He practically grinds himself on top of your body before unbuckling his belt and releasing his hard dick. He lets our a deep groan at your ear, pressing his tongue against the shape of it before licking down to your jaw. “You’re jaw is clenched tight. I wonder if your cunt would be the same.” He brings his hand under your knee, carrying the same leg and resting it over his thigh to allow himself to spread you apart. Something within you tightens, and it definitely just your jaw. You didn’t know why as well. “I can’t wait to see my dick disappear in you. The view’s always hot as shit.” His face tilts down to check it as well, aligning himself at your entrance before thrusting up. One of his hands settle against your throat, fingers latching around like a clamp, choking you while also holding you upright.  His eyes seal shut feeling your body’s initial reaction squeeze around him. “Oh—oh, god.” “You’re so beautiful,” he gruffs. His hands grip on your body more firmly— you’re so sure it’ll leave red marks after. He grasps on to you like a dream he had been forgetting for years but didn’t want to let go now. “That’s it,” he says. “Fuck... I don’t regret choosing you at all.” “D-do you like that?” He pants. “You want it harder?” “Please stop,” you choke. He didn’t seem to appreciate your response as well, feeling a hard earned slap against one side of your face.  “You’re fucking greedy. Answer me properly.” You didn’t. You didn’t want to succumb to what he wanted. “Fine,” he huffs. His head falls on top of your lower neck while bucking his hips faster. He sucks in his cheek. “I’ll fucking come. Gonna come so fucking hard…” takes sharp, hard breaths and groans. “Can’t stop— M’ll make a mess out of you.” He was disgustingly moaning next to your ear. And you still count move a muscle. He lets out a last pained groan, stuffing himself deep in you, burying into a spot snug to empty himself in. Once he finishes, he draws back to see the heap of mess he promised to turn you into.  You barely were given any time to catch a breath before Druig waves one hand in front of you. As if it broke a spell that was immobilising you the entire time. You fell with a bounce and dropped to your knees, steadily feeling your legs tremble but was weak enough to move them. Your tears as well streamed from the edge of your eyes. You figured they all accumulated but weren’t able to shed any until he freed you from whatever witchcraft he was using.  The worst part was that you could feel mixtures of fluid drip down your thighs, both from the cum he had put inside you and a hint of pee you couldn’t hold back from due to fear. You felt gross, wet, and embarrassed— all in a public transportation too. “You wet yourself?” He laughs, emphasising something you felt extremely guilty for. “Must’ve enjoyed it more than you thought, sweetie.” Shock hasn’t settled down in your system. You didn’t feel like crying but tears continued to stream down your face. No matter how much you hide from shame, obscuring your head to the side, you still felt naked underneath him.  Time felt still. You didn’t know what illusion he had put you in. But you look up to meet his stare.  “You know what?” He bends down to pull a fistful of your hair with one hand, while the other grabs on your chin to force you to keep staring back at him. “I think I’ll be keeping you for a while. You’re fun to play with.”
a/n: this was amazing to write. being a woman in public is hard work enough, esp having to deal with predators out there. half of this was written completely out of the feeling most women, such as myself, get when they ride public transpos. its real and shitty (and dark). this was a treat to write and i loved the request so much!!!!!!! (even if it wasn’t beta read <///3)
feedback is very much appreciated pls <3 
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mothdruid · 2 days ago
pairing: hella sub!druig x f!reader
summary: you come home after work and someone is needed.
wc: 900 
warings: 18+, smut, minors dni, pet names (puppy), oral sex (male to female), vaginal fingering, penetrative sex (male to female), cream pie
a/n: this was a spontaneous idea i wrote for this anon. it’s not really beta’d so sorry. it’s also really short so again, sorry. 
Tumblr media Tumblr media
When you got home you didn't expect to be in this position, pinned against the counter top while his hips rutted against your ass. His breath was hot on the nape of your neck while whines came out of his throat. 
"Druig..." His teeth nipped your skin while continuing to rut his hips. You could feel his cock hard and aching, wanting to be exposed. "You're acting like a needy puppy." A moan fell from his lips when he heard the pet name. His head dropped on your shoulder while his hands moved from the counter to your hips. "You like that? Like being my puppy?" A gentle nod against your shoulder made you smile. 
You craned your neck back, placing a kiss on his head, "Then get to it, puppy." 
Druig's hands pulled at your leggings, pulling them down and helping you out of them. He fell to his knees and placed soft kisses around your ass cheeks. The lace of your underwear pressed into your flesh before lifting off, snapping back onto your skin. Druig took the material between his teeth again, pulling it down over your ass. Your back arched slightly as you pushed your ass out while spreading your legs open. Druig quickly licked at your now exposed cunt, messily lapping at your juices. You moaned as you pushed back against him, your breath heavy in your chest. 
The coil in your lower abdomen had started to tense, tightening as Druig continued his assault. His tongue lapped as your clit, long and flat strokes as his hands came up to spread you open even more. He moaned into your pussy, the vibrations tightening that coil in you. A long stroke, starting at your clit going to your opening, had your hand flying back to his hair. "This the kind of puppy you are? A teasing one?" 
Druig hummed into your core as he pushed his tongue inside of your opening. Rough fingertips pressed against your clit as he started to tongue fuck you. You pulled on his hair, trying to get him off of you. Druig wouldn't respond though, staying nestled into your cunt while your orgasm started to roll over you. He tongue continued in and out of your hole as his fingers played with your sensitive clit. The sound of your moans were like heaven to Druig's ears, driving him to go further and further. 
"Dru-Druig. That's too much.." He kept your cunt seated on his mouth as he continued tonguing your hole. Druig brought his tongue to your clit, sucking on it while he slipped his fingers into your hole. The waves of pleasure never left fully, making you became slightly oversensitive. You moaned as his fingers slide against your velvet walls, expertly finding that sensitive spot. The coil was tightening again as he kept up the assault. Your fingers tightened in his dark locks again while he pulled another orgasm out of you. 
A squeal came from you as your legs almost gave out. Druig's hands came to your hips trying to support you as your orgasm ripped through you. He kept his tongue on your clit, helping you ride out your orgasm. Druig placed a kiss gently on the back of your thigh, making a trail up your ass as he brought himself up from his knees. He nuzzled into your neck as your breathing evened out. A hum caught your ears as he pecked your neck. 
"What puppy?"
"Can I?" Everything about him was pleading, the look in his eyes, the way his voice sounded. After pressing a kiss to his nose you nodded.
"Yes, you've been a good boy." Druig nodded again as you heard the button of his pants come undone. A gasp fell from your lips when you felt his cock slide against your folds. The sensation as it rubbed on your clit sent your brain spiraling. His forehead stayed connected with your shoulder as he pushed inside of you, making you both shudder. No matter how many times the two of you fucked, the stretch still always felt new. 
"Ah, yeah. Good puppy." Druig whined as he thrusted into you, one hand grabbing on your hips while the other steadied you two on the counter. Hot breath rolled down your back as he kept his head pinned to your shoulder. Eventually he brought his head up to look at you, taking in your features. He felt satisfaction as he looked at your completely fucked out expression. Your velvet walls clung to his cock as he hit the sensitive spot inside of you. 
"Yeah, right there." His thrusts got harder as he kept the angle, pounding away into your hole. His whines started to pick up as you got closer to another closing approaching orgasm. You could tell his was approaching to when his thrusts started to falter. "It's okay, you can come puppy." Druig nodded as he thrusted in you a few more times, his cum covering the inside of your walls. That sent you over the edge, coaxing another orgasm out of you. 
"Fuck!" Druig moaned as he kept pumping inside of you slightly. When his softening cock fell out of you, you sighed as his cum came out, sliding down the back of your legs. You stayed there as Druig left, searching down a washcloth to clean you with. The warm wet washcloth felt soothing against your abused core. You turned around and reached out for Druig, him coming in with a kiss. Slick muscles slid together while the two of you came back to reality. "I missed you."
As you wrapped your arms around his neck you whispered, "I could tell.", before placing a kiss on his nose.
tag list:
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
ETERNALS (2021) dir. Chloe Zhao
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marveladdicts · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
# flirting af
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drukkari-world · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Druig and Makkari
Episode 2 | Eternals: The 500 Year War
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clintashaspawn · 2 days ago
Makkari: *hugs Druig*
Druig: What was that?
Makkari: A hug? It’s showing affection.
Druig: Right. Disgusting. Do it again.
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reachingfortheday · 2 days ago
i love druig’s outfit change from when they find him in the amazon to when they go to the domo. like he’s just wearing a boring gray potato sack and then he’s like oh we’re going to see makkari??? let me put on my sexy leather jacket and black tshirt do you guys think she’ll think i look cool
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waspswidows · 2 days ago
Some more Irish audios I’ve found that I love🥰😮‍💨
Feel free to pretend it's Druig and/or Barry! Enjoy, you horny little bees😈
- Hope🐝
Audio Masterlist
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love & loss
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing : druig x fem!mortal!reader
summary : whilst fighting the deviant attacking his village deep in the amazon, druig found himself haunted by the voice of the fiery mortal girl who taught him to fight.
warning(s) : angst, guns, death (yours </3)
note : a special thank you to @dopeqff & @druigsgold for helping me after i posted this way too early ! u guys rock <3
marvel masterlist | druig masterlist | gif credit
Tumblr media
❛ head high, ❜
your voice rippled through druig’s veins as his heart pounded inside of his ribcage.
the situation as hand was horrifyingly nostalgic, reminding him of the golden days. though this time he was actually out on the battlefield.
despite him controlling a large majority of the villagers to mechanically shoot their bullets at the deviant attacking their home, the creature still managed to pluck away at them.
one, by one, by one, they were eliminated.
using his power to fight against this threat was proving to be futile, and so reluctantly, he channeled in every fighting technique and strategy that you had taught him over the few years you had been his.
if there was one thing you had always urged him to do, it was to improvise. don’t have a weapon? find one. he could almost feel you sarcastically drawling those words out.
so, druig did just as you’d’ve wanted him to do. he held his head high, kept his face calm, and searched the area for something to fight with.
druig’s eyes caught a rifle lost on the ground, and he quickly thought of a way to get to it.
he ran forward and jumped over the deviant, saving his near fatal fall with a roll as his hands gripped onto the dirt to keep himself steady.
druig sat upright with the rifle right in front of him, and thought that you’d have been proud to see him not land straight on his ass, like he often did during his training sessions with you.
❛ shoulder set, ❜
the deviant trashed it’s tail around, but even it’s flailing and shrieking couldn’t suppress the sound of your lovely voice playing in his head.
his shoulders drew back and his face set with determination as he clicked the rifle back, preparing it and himself to shoot.
it had been a while since he last dared to touch a weapon of any sort. they reminded him too much of the nights you had both restlessly spent sparring and fooling around.
they reminded him of the time you instructed him to shoot an apple that you’d placed on the top of your head.
the memory of how you had kissed him for the first time when he shot the apple and not your face came flooding back into his mind.
it felt as though an old wound was opening back up, leaving him vulnerable and exposed.
but druig had no time to weep or lose himself now, with the deviant still attacking his village and its innocent people.
he felt the need to make you proud, and to do that he had to pick himself up fight fearlessly, just as you would’ve done.
❛ fists curled. ❜
he complied to the phantom voice of yours inside his head and curled his fists, tightening his grip around the gun.
druig ran forward, using the tail of the deviant to his advantage. he took a bold, high step as he tipped his rifle down and fired.
the greenery surrounding him blurred back into place as druig landed on his feet after the shot.
he knew the fight wasn't over just yet, but he had a feeling that you’d have a fond, pleased smile stretching over your beautiful face if you were here with him.
the battle with the deviant persisted, and even after it was over and a funeral was held for a fellow friend and eternal, your lingering voice did not leave him be.
as druig and sersi watched thena step into the water with gilgamesh’s ashes, sersi curiously asked who taught him to fight.
it took every ounce of energy he had left to hold back the tears threatening to slip.
“a girl.” he said simply as his body grew tense.
sersi sensed his sadness and went quiet for a moment before speaking up again, her voice came out soft and careful.
“was she special?”
druig wanted to shake his head and let out a dry laugh of disbelief.
you were more than just special. you were the love and light of his eternal life, the sun to his moon, the other half of his soul.
he wanted to sag down into the earth and sink away into the dirt any time he thought of how you were gone, but for you, he kept going.
“yeah,” he finally answered, smiling tightly with glassy eyes. “you could say that.”
❛ never stop fighting, my druig, ❜
you used to say that a lot.
sometimes right before you pressed your lips to his and others with your arms were wrapped tight around his torso.
you said them to him so often and with such love that it felt as though you had gently woven them into the very fibers of his being.
whenever he got frustrated and proposed the idea of you giving up on teaching him to fight, you locked your eyes with his.
druig never forgot the look in your irises as you said those very words with fierceness.
that little spark in your stare as you spoke was all that it took to turn his insides to mush.
he could also never rid his mind of the way you’d take his calloused hand into your own as you said your words and looked into his eyes.
you always gave it a reassuring squeeze, not letting go as you forced him back into his feet with a kiss or two on the cheek as you guided him back to your teaching.
but now, your eyes were nothing but a fond memory, and druig’s hands stood rooted and empty at his sides. hollow, and forever aching for your lost touch.
he had loved with you, so wholly and fervently, but he had also lost you to the remorseless, greedy hands of death.
your end was one enveloped in flames as blazing and fiery as you were, and if druig could go back in time to stop you from rushing into villagers burning home to save the people inside, he would selfishly do so in a heartbeat.
when he found your body – bloody, charred, and lifeless – in the ashes, it felt as though every every star in the universe went dark.
his heart caved in and a scream tore from his throat. druig cradled your limp body close to his chest as the tears came pouring down.
the firm, echoing memory of your voice in his head was all that kept him marching thus far.
if he dwelled too much on the sound, of it, he was sure he could almost feel your lips brushing over the shell of his ear as if to whisper to him.
❛ i love you. ❜
as druig and the other eternals set off on their new quest, those words ran through his head.
they were haunting him in a way that was all too bittersweet, and he thought constantly of how he’d give anything to hear them from your lips.
how he, without an ounce of hesitation, would trade the sun and the universe to say those words back to you once again.
Tumblr media
navigation | chat w me | request
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username-archive · 2 days ago
𝗮 𝗯𝗼𝗼𝗸 𝘁𝘆𝗽𝗲 𝗼𝗳 𝗹𝗼𝘃𝗲
Tumblr media
𝘀𝘂𝗺𝗺𝗮𝗿𝘆: headcannons of Druig with a bookworm Eternal S/O
𝘄𝗮𝗿𝗻𝗶𝗻𝗴𝘀: fluff, teasing cause Druig is Druig, some nice wholesome moments with the other Eternals
• request by anon: Would you write Druig headcanons of him dating a fellow Eternal who is a gigantic bookworm?
Tumblr media
• it wasn’t that you always had your head in a book
• you still risked your life to protect the earth and exterminate the Deviants, you still spent time with the other Eternals be it by training, eating or just spending time with them and you had a healthy relationship
• yet reading is what you were known for
‘what’s the book this week?’ Thena spoke looming behind your chair causing you to jerk forward in shock. ‘shit Thena, you spooked me.’ choosing to show her the front cover with the title proudly printed on it you began to summarise the thick book before being interrupted.
‘i know what it’s about. i’ve read it.’ Thena read? raising an eyebrow, you looked at her and as if she could read your mind she spoke, ‘Gligamesh and i read together, we read that one when it first came out.’ of course they did.
• the other Eternals tried to understand you love for books but could only get so far before becoming bored thus causing them to tease you for it instead
• there were even bets for your little obsession habit
a loud thud echoed through the dining hall where you sat with yet another book in your hands. in front of you lay a thick, hardback book that looks like it came form a museum; behind it stood Makkari and Sersi both of then eyeing you down. before you could speak Makkari began to sign, ‘have you read this before?’ pulling it closer, you trailed your fingers along the delicate leather front.
it was clearly a history book. every reader had their preferred genre and although you really didn’t mind what you read, being an Eternal meant you had a better understanding of history than humans did considering you lived though the real events. history books didn’t tell the truth and when they did it was always exaggerated in such a way nobody believed it leading you to rarely read history books. ‘no, i’ve never seen it before. is it good?’ you signed and spoke.
Makkari covered her face with her hands in shame while Sersi beamed at you. ‘thank you Y/N, i bet that you had never read this due to your dislike for history books and clearly i’ve won!’ Sersi happily picked the book back up and gave Mikkari a fake pity squeeze on the shoulder before leaving you confused.
• Phastos had even built you your very own bookcase with a small intricate rim and empty shelves made for organizing the 350 books it could store
• it wasn’t small but it didn’t take up lots of space either so Druig didn’t mind keeping it in your shared room, even if it had taken up lots of space he still would have let you keep it there
• Druig was supportive like that, as long as you’re not getting hurt he’ll encourage you with anything
• but a bookcase needs books and although you had a fair few already, it was still mostly empty
‘please do not be mad at me for the organization. in my defence you should get a more affordable hobby’ your sweet boyfriend had you stood outside your shared bedroom door trying to convince you not to be upset about something you had yet to see. opening the door, he lead you in with a hand on your waist and your eyes immediately set your focus to it. ‘you did this?’ you asked, reaching for his hand, staring at the once mostly empty bookcase full of a range of books. the organization was perfect you had no idea what Druig thought you would be mad at. 
he squeezed your hand, a silent question as to if you liked it. you turned your head towards him and pulled his face to yours kissing him with all the passion you held in your body. ‘i’ve never been more thankful to be immortal because i get to spend my whole forever life with you, my perfect love.’ he smiled at your words kissing you again only this time softer. ‘what can i say darlin, we have a book type of love.’
• a not so perfect time to read was before bed
• people say that reading before sleeping is good as it relaxes the brain but for you reading only made you imagine and your thoughts would run wild
• until you were pulled out of your reading trance of course
‘my love.’ Druig spoke turning over to face you as you sat against the headboard with a book in hand. the words were enticing, your mind racing as you subconsciously imagined the words on the page being real; they seemed so real that you had failed to hear your boyfriend beside you. feeling a hand place itself on your thigh you came back to reality. ‘darlin, you ready for bed?’ you knew he was only caring for you but you wanted to know how the book ended.
‘mhmhh’ you shook your head slightly as a small no, a yawn escaping you as you do. ‘my love you’re tired,’ your boyfriend sat up and moved closer to you, in the process removing his hand from your thigh and instead bringing it up to snatch the book away from your hands. ‘hey! i was reading that!’ you tried climbing over him to get it instead getting shoved back down by his right arm. placing a book mark on the open page then putting it on the nightstand beside him, he continues. ‘you can finish it tomorrow, i’ll make sure of it but right now your big strong boyfriend needs you with him.’ he was obviously gloating about fighting you off with one arm. ‘besides, you read enough as it is.’
• Druig always cared for you and tried to indulge in your hobby as often as he could but sometimes you needed a break and he was more than happy to provide that for you
Tumblr media
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keoghanslover · a day ago
Oooo can we get more needy sub druig he’s my favorite and you write him so well😍 maybehe develops a breastfeeding kink after getting the reader pregnant. He’s always craving to eat her 🐱 or drink her milk. They both make him really horny and but him in little/sub space👀
gentle // sub!druig x reader
Tumblr media
pairing: sub!druig x reader (nsfw!)
warnings: pregnancy, pregnant sex, lactation, lactation kink, mommy kink, oral sex (female recieving), unprotected sex, fem!reader, sub!druig, kinda spacey druig (?)
word count: 1.4k words
summary: you wake up with your tits spilling milk... and your baby boy gets ideas
author's note: mkay i know you didn't ask for actual sex and i'm so sorry but i got super carried away. there's a special place in my heart for subby druig amen. gif is not mine! enjoy!
requests are open!
reblogs are soooo super appreciated <3
this is a nsfw work! please do not proceed if you do not wish to read such!
there were three things you could certainly feel this morning, the weight of your pregnant tummy that seemed to never stop growing, the uncomfortable – borderline painful – ache in your breasts, and the heat from your beautiful husband, druig, his sleeping form pressed against your back, one hand on your bump.
you smiled as you felt the aforementioned boy squirm behind you, consciousness slipping into his body as he stretched. he removed his hand from your tummy to raise his hand over his head, his limbs expanding with a yawn. you struggled to turn onto your other side but you managed, greeted by the sight of your beautiful boy, his blue eyes slightly squinted, still being weighed down by sleep.
“morning, beautiful,” he grumbled.
your eyes tried to meet his but his gaze was somewhere else entirely. you narrowed your eyes at him, following his gaze lower and lower until you reached your chest. oh. they had been so much more swollen for the last few months, as they had begun to produce milk. there were little wet spots on the fabric of your thin tank top.
the first thing you felt was embarrassment, but after looking at druig’s eyes for a second time, there was something different. he swallowed the lump in his throat, unable to tear his eyes away.
the realization had a smirk growing on your face, you voice sweet as honey as you spoke, “whatcha’ lookin at, baby boy?”
that seemed to snap him out of his haze, his eyes blinking frantically like he had been entranced. he cleared his throat, “nothing.” he shot you one of his signature smiles, trying to brush it off as him just zoning out.
your smirk just grew as you scooted closer to him, throwing one leg over his form, feeling the tent that continued to grow in his boxers. you couldn’t help but giggle at how pathetic he was. he looked like a deer in headlights, his lips parted but no words coming out.
“what do you want, baby?” you questioned, tilting your head at him innocently.
he blinked at you, his eyes beginning to glaze over. wordlessly, he grinded his hips into yours, a shuttered whine leaving his lips.
he would of continued if it wasn’t for the disappointment on your face, “baby boy, you gotta use your words, you know how i feel about you misbehaving like this.”
“mommy,” he moaned, his hips beginning their movements, “needa, mommy- want milk.”
the scene below you was sinful as druig slipped down a bit, starting to mouth at your clothed breasts. his hands flew to your back, pushing you closer to him. his eyes met yours once again, pleading for you to let him.
you nodded, pulling the neckline of your camisole down so that your breasts spilled out. the noise druig released was adorable, a mix of excitement and arousal as his mouth latched onto your nipple. he moaned as the milky liquid hit his tongue, his eyes shutting and eyes rolling back.
you cradled his head, petting him as he began to suck. his hips still rutting against your thigh pathetically. you buried your fingers in his hair, letting him have his way with you.
“gentle!” you squeaked, tugging his hair back after he nipped at you, “baby, you can’t do that, m’ sensitive.”
“oh,” he mumbled, his eyes low, ashamed, “i’m sorry. didn’t mean to hurt cha’, mommy.”
“it’s mkay baby boy,” you kissed his forehead, raising his chin with your pointer finger so that his eyes met yours, “it was an accident, yeah?”
he nodded as he pressed into your body, “mommy, need you.” his eyes were fully glazed over and tears were beginning to gather. he was completely yours.
you smiled, “i know, baby boy, how bout’ you fuck mommy, yeah? gentle.”
“gentle,” he mumbled to himself as he pushed himself up, finding his treasured spot between your thighs. he softly slipped your panties off of your body and all the way off, gasping at the sight before him. his mommy, her stomach and breasts swollen with a baby he put in her. the way her pretty thighs spread, granting him access to whatever he wanted.
he lined himself up, trying his best not to be too rough, “mommy, can i fuck you now?”
“go ahead baby boy.”
he slowly pushed himself in, gasping at how tight you were. his eyes met yours as he entered, his breath hitching. god, you were so much more sensitive than usual, feeling every single ridge and vein. it was driving you crazy.
it took everything in him not to pound into you right there, knowing you were far too fragile for him to fuck like that. and what kind of monster would hurt his precious mommy?
he threw his head back as he reached the hilt, muttering profanities to himself. that urge, to just pound into you mercilessly, was still very evident as he dragged his hips back before slowly pushing back in. he worked you up to a good pace, still not satisfying the ache to completely ruin you but enough to leave the both of your heads spinning.
“mommy,” he whined, the warmth of your pussy the only thing he could really process in the haze, “mommy, feels good.”
your hand met his cheek and you cupped it tenderly, “i know baby boy, you feel so good. making mommy feel so good, yeah?”
an obscene moan left your lips as he angled himself just right, hitting that one spot that left your legs trembling dead on. there was a near cry that left his lips as you tightened around him. he continued to tap your g-spot as you ran your hand lovingly up and down his face.
you felt that distinct twitch between your walls and you just smirked, knowing that druig was restraining himself, trying not to cum until you did. he always did, and you’d never tell him but you always tried to hold off, make him wait.
you tightened around him more just to challenge him but he was too far gone to pick up on your game. his head fell forward, landing in your chest as his hips stilled. he spilled into you, grinding, trying to go even deeper. your insides were flooded with him, white coating your warm walls.
“mommy, mommy,” he whined, mouthing at your breasts once again, “feel s’ good.”
you hummed as he rode out his orgasm, petting his hair as he resumed his sucking on your chest. when he finally caught his breath, his head shot up, “mommy, mommy, you didn’t cum.”
the worry in his eyes was comical, guilt settling in his tummy as he pulled out. the two of you sighed at the loss of contact, when his body shifted lower and lower onto the bed.
“what are you doing, baby boy?” you asked as he kissed your thighs, worshiping the smooth skin. you were the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. 7,000 years and nothing nearly as beautiful as you.
he licked a stripe through your folds and you slammed your thighs shut in surprise, encasing his head.
“mommy,” he whined, prying your thighs apart, “wanna make you feel good… n’ i needa clean up my mess.”
he started again, his wide tongue licking past your hole, collecting his own cum on his tongue, before reaching your clit, gently latching on and sucking. you whimpered, hands reaching past your pregnant belly to grasp his hair, pushing his tongue closer to you.
you groaned as he detached himself, his eyes meeting yours, shooting you a sweet kiss, before those sinful lips were back, his tongue entering your hole. your breath hitched as he found all the spots, drinking in your arousal like the milk he drank from you wasn’t enough.
his thumb met your clit as he continued the movements with his tongue. that warmth was creeping up on you and he knew it, the circles he was rubbing on your clit becoming faster as he sucked harder.
“dru- fuck, gonna cum,” you managed to say between moans. that knot in your stomach finally burst as you let go, pushing on that heat in your tummy. your release coated druig’s face and he drank it all up, letting you ride out your orgasm.
when he had finally licked all your release up, he crawled back up your body, sweaty and panting. you placed a kiss on his forehead, “that good, baby?”
“yes mommy.”
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musiccutiepatooty · 2 days ago
Druig Headcanon pt 2
These are an alternate list of nsfw alphabet prompts about our fave mind-controller.
I wrote them and didn't feel like editing them so i am really sorry about the typos.
druig x reader
smut under the cut
A: Aphrodisiac (What always turns them on?)
Druig has two things that will always get him going. One is more conventional and one is somewhat annoying at times.
1. he likes seeing you with hickeys and marking. When he sees the ones he made previously, he will get going again.
2. he likes seeing you take your clothes off. You occasionally will give him a strip tease with rules that he cannot touch you even if you touch him. This will have him bricked up to the point that it is painful. It becomes an issue when you are simply changing. You can be taking off your shirt to change for dinner and he will come up behind you with a boner.
B: Birthday (Describe birthday sex)
Druig saw you come around the corner to your shared room with a cupcake with a candle and a lighter. You crawled onto the bed and sat in front of him lighting the candle. "Happy 7001st birthday, love. Make a wish."
He muttered a "thank you, beautiful" while closing his eyes and blowing the candle out.
"What did you wish for?" "you." you gasp and hit his shoulder, "you aren't supposed to tell people what you wish for or it won't come true" he took the cupcake from your hand, set it on the bedside table and moved you towards his lap "somehow I don’t think that’s going to be a problem. Come here"
You maneuvered him under you and let your lips drift down to his and over his neck and chest. You continued his trail down to the waistband of his underwear pulling the garment off of him. He let out a small moan when you took him in your hands and licked the underside of his length putting the tip in your mouth. Druig gathered your hair away from your face as you continued to suck his dick bringing him right to the brink of orgasm.
He gently pulled you off of him, "don’t want to come in your mouth, love"
He dragged you up towards his body and tugged down your panties allowing you to slide them the rest of the way down. You moved to straddle him and line his head up with your entrance sinking down onto him slowly. The huff that left your lips matched his.
You let your hips lazily drag against his own as you grinded down onto him. You could tell that he was close form your mouth and was trying to hold out for you. You sped up your hips and placed your lips next to his ear sucking a mark onto his neck. "you can come baby. Today is supposed to be about you." After a couple more thrusts, he began spilling into you with a chesty groan.
You pull off of him and he ushers your hips up to his face. You hesitate and reiterate that this is supposed to be about him, "then make my wish come true."
C: Compliments (Mid- and post-sex compliments)
"my beautiful, beautiful girl" "so pretty when youre on your knees for me" "love seeing you underneath me, you look so gorgeous."
Afterwards he would tell you "you did so good" a form of "you're so perfect" would be uttered during too.
D: Dirty (How do they dirty talk? What do they say?)
His dirty talk is always so composed and eloquent. "Look at how beautiful you are on your knees for me" "I have been watching phastos create a machine for an hour and all I could think about was having you naked and crying underneath me" "my beautiful, beautiful girl, look so lovely coming on my tongue"
E: Experimenting (Trying something new)
his hand connected with your cheek as he thrusted into you. He looked concerned for a second until he felt you squeeze around him. He rubbed your cheek for a second and landed another slap on your cheek. He felt a hot gush of liquid down his thighs as he pumped into you one more time before you were both cumming.
He pulled out and immediate grabbed a cloth to clean you off, "are you okay? How are you feeling? Was I too rough?" "no Dru it was perfect. Thank you for agreeing to try that" "if I had known you would have had this reaction, I would have agreed to try it sooner"
F: Firsts (First time having sex together)
To say that you were both nervous was an understatement. There had been years of friendship and mutual pining behind this moment. It was so full of adoration though. It was so much hands and lips and longing. Druig was so hesitant that you were not sure until you looked him dead in his eye and asked him to fuck you. After that there was no going back.
G: Gentle (Describe gentle/loving mid-sex gestures)
He'll be plowing into you from behind and notice that your neck is at an awkward angle so he'll move you up by your throat and put a pillow under your hips and head or he hammering into you and just slowly trace his hand down your face and neck with a loving smile just admiring you
H: Hands (What do they do with their hands during sex?)
They are constantly touching you or on you in some way. They’ll be on your face or your neck just holding you. Even if one hand is spanking you the other will be holding your hand as he roughly pounds into you.
I: Imagination (What do they fantasize about?)
Druig likes to fantasize about you doing domestic things. Like him fucking you while you are making him breakfast or trying to do the dishes. Something about having that simplicity and home life with you makes him horny.
J: Jealous (“Claiming” a partner)
There was so many hickeys on your chest now. It wasn’t your intention to make Druig jealous. You were just laughing at something the man next to you said. You didn’t want him to be flirting with you, you had just accepted the free drink because you didn’t want to pay for it. You had intended on getting another one to give to your Druig. When he walked out of the bathroom and saw you flirting with the man at the bar something in him shifted. He didn’t like to think that he was a jealous person but he was livid. The minute you two got home he was on you.
After you all got done, you looked over at him, "druig I was not flirting with him. I was just trying to get us free drinks". Druig just looked at you in bewilderment and laughed
K: Kitchen (Describe a sex scene in the kitchen)
It was an accident. It truly started with him making you breakfast. He was humming and flipping a pancake on the stove when you came in. Hair still messy from sleep and boxers and an apron the only thing on his body.
He mumbled out a good morning in return to yours. It wasn’t until he turned around that you really got a good look at him.
He was gorgeous. Absolutely breathtaking. You had no other choice but to go and kiss him, which he happily accepted. And that was all it was originally: a kiss. How you ended up on the counter with Druig on his knees, face in your cunt was beyond you.
You were heavy breathing while his tongue was bringing you down from your orgasm. You eased yourself down from the counter against Druig's wishes. "Dru I want you in me. Please."
"If I say no to that request, you can assume that I am on the brink of death," he placed a kiss on your lips and turned you around so that your chest connected with the counter.
You both let out a groan as he slid into you and began thrusting, the pancakes on the stove starting to smoke.
L: Lingerie (What kind of underwear do they like to wear or have their partner wear?)
He is a simple boxer-brief kind of man. He couldn’t care less if you were in granny panties or savage x Fenty (He would be taking them off of your anyway). He will admit that he likes to see you in his underwear. There is something territorial about it that he likes.
M: Morning (Describe morning sex)
its slow and touchy. You both just woke up and don’t really care about morning breath or the sticky sweat from the night. Its so loving and sweet. It really is just you two connecting.
N: Night (What time of day do they prefer to have sex and why?)
Druig likes having sex with you whenever but his favorite time is when you are both lazing around. This usually happens towards the evening when y'all are about to go to bed. There is something so unrushed and languid about it that he lives for.
O: Orgasm (Describe coming–who comes first? What do they say? How does the other person know it’s approaching?)
He insists that you come first at least once (preferably more than once). He can always tell your close by the way that your breathing will pick up and you get a tiny bit louder. He'll talk you through it with a couple of "you got it baby" "There you go".
When he is coming you can always tell because he starts to groan. He will usually grunt or huff when he's making noise but when he is close to coming he will actually start groaning heavily.
P: Playlist (A playlist for getting down and dirty; will probably include a lap dance song, a song for making love, and a song that represents their sex life)
Down and dirty: motivation by kelly rowland
Lap dance: Do I move you by nina simone
Making love: So beautiful by Musiq Soulchild
Sex life: Sex with me by rihanna
Q: Quiet (Reaction to a quiet partner)
If you are not loud because of self conscious reasons, his goals is to get you to be as loud as possible. His main goal is making you feel good and he can tell he does that, he just wants to be able to hear you.
If you are genuinely just quiet, he will still try to get you to be as loud as possible. He loves hearing you make any kind of noise even if it isnt a lot, as long as it is genuine.
R: Ruttish (Signs that they’re horny)
He gets touchy. He'll of course touch you casually during the day: bumping your shoulder repeatedly or little face touches, but these touches are different. He will run his hands slowly over your waist. Trail his hand down your leg while your sitting next to each other. Pull you to stand between his legs and let his hands roam freely along your backside.
If he can't touch you, his eyes get this hungry look in them. You can feel him intensely staring at you from across the room. Eyes just burning holes into your skin.
S: Sexy (What would they do/wear to turn on their partner?)
You love the way he looked in the leather jacket. When you first saw him in it you were on him immediately taking the garment off of him. If he wants to get you turned on, he'll start with that filthy mouth of his. "can't wait to get you alone and bend you over" "wanna get out of here so I can make you come on my mouth" "you know what I have been thinking about for the past hour? You sitting, grinding on my face" just dirty.
T: Trust (How would they implement rough sex or kinks?)
You guys just sit down and have a full out conversation about it before anything happens. You talk about boundaries and limits before you try anything in the bed room. When you do introduce it into the bedroom you double check right beforehand and constantly during. Druig just wants to make sure you feel good about everything and vice versa.
U: Under (Who’s in charge and how?)
It depends. Most of the time druig is in charge. He's the one giving. He's the one picking the positions (as long as you are fine with them). He is the one that is leading the endeavor. He is the one that teases and will have you begging.
Other times, you are in charge. He kind of hates to admit it, but he likes having you in control. You will have him doing whatever you want. He will beg. He will plead. He will do whatever it is that you tell him.
V: Voyeur (What do they like to watch their partner do?)
He likes to watch you masturbate while he tells you what to do. He of course would never use his powers on you but having you follow his instruction and you feeling pleasure from it drove him wild.
W: Wet (How would they have sex in the shower?
It is not his favorite place but if you want to then he will. He would make sure that the two of you are on solid ground so you don’t slip and fall and die. You make it adamant to him that you don't want to get your hair wet so he keeps you out of the stream of water, letting it beat onto his back.
X: XXX (What kind of porn does the person watch? How often?)
He doesn’t often watch porn. He likes watching girls getting head because I am a firm believer that that is one of his favorite things about sex (call itself indulgent) or he'll watch something with a girl that matches your description.
Y for Yummy How would they involve food/drinks?
He is not one to bring food into the bedroom. You had suggested trying honey and the situation just got messy so you guys stay away from it.
Z: Zipper (How do they prefer to undress? Both themselves and their partner.)
He likes having you undress him. It makes him feel wanted. He enjoys taking your clothes off, don’t get him wrong but he likes watching you undress yourself soooo much that he often times will let you do it.
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mothdruid · 2 days ago
Ok so, picture this: Druig holding readers legs open as he slowly eats her and she's squirming and can't do anything about it while small moans leave her lips and tears run down her cheeks and no matter how much reader begs he just keeps in slow pace as he watches reader fall apart, and this smirk he would have on (😩😩 I want this)
do i hear a drabble???
druig smirked as he felt your legs quiver under his palms. he loved seeing you like this, legs spread and wrecked. tears soaked your cheeks, making your make up run. druig was keeping count, that was orgasm four. the fourth orgasm to wrack your helpless body.
"dru, i can't.. i can't anymore." you looked through your tear soaked lashes down at him. his devilish smirk was painful, masking no emotions. your legs shifted, slightly closing.
"you will." fingertips dug into your thigh, pressing hard enough to leave bruises. after forcing your legs open again, he licked at your swollen clit. an arch in your back formed immediately as you cried out at the feeling. his hands stayed on your thighs, keeping them open.
his tongue slipped down your folds, pushing into your entrance. his nose was settled against your clit, providing a perfect pressure. his head started to slightly shake from side to side as he kept your legs open. "ah! druig!"
he watched on as your body shook with pleasure. the tightening in your abdomen was summoned once more. with each orgasm your pleasure became more and more laced with pain. the tightness snapped as you came one last time with a sob, more tears falling down your cheeks.
"there you go baby, there you go."
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poemsforparker · 2 days ago
Under The Moon Light - Druig × fem!Reader | College!au
Summary: you are Sersi's roommate and you have a thing for the new Irish boy.
A/N: I did think about putting a smut at the ending but I'm still not confident enough on my writing to do so 😩. Maybe on the future it comes on a part 2.
*y/f/s = your favourite subject
Content: pure fluff and dorkiness
Word count: 1.2k
(not my gif)
Tumblr media
"God! You guys are disgusting" you let out on a playful bitter tone. You were having lunch on campus with your friends, sitting beside Sersi, – who were to busy texting Ikaris – while Kingo sat on the opposite corner of the table, beside the couple, Thena and Gilgamesh, who were stuck on their own world when they were, in fact, right in front of you.
"Can you guys at least take a second to talk to us?" Now Sersi's attention was drawn to you, she looked into your eyes while laying her phone on the lunch table. "Leave them be, y/n. You're just bitter because you can't be like them with the new boy." She smirks at you. Bitch. Druig, was the boy in question, the Irish that transferred to your school. As much as you wanted to deny it, you did feel attracted to him. A lot, for a matter of fact.
"Yet" you let out to Sersi.
"What?" She answers.
"I can't be like that with him, yet." You say confidently.
"C'mon, you weren't able to exchange two words with him before seeming like you would pass out."
"He intimidates me." You whisper coyly.
"You were literally just trying to ask him if you could borrow a pen."
"Yes. And that was the scariest moment I've ever been through."
"Scarier than when we had to watch Kingo's movies?"
"Well, maybe the second scariest." both of you giggle before hearing a "Hey!" that came from a very offended Kingo who threw the first thing he could get on his plate on you. "Don't talk about my movies like that. They're art."
"Whatever, movie star" you mock. "Are you coming to the library with us?" You ask your friend as you and Sersi get up of the table, taking a piece of pasta out of your hair that Kingo shot at you previously.
"To do what?" He asks.
"What do you think we're doing in the library, dork?" You say
"I don't know, sleep?"
"We're studying, dingus" Sersi says the obvious
"No thanks." He replies with a disgust expression.
"You know you're on college right?"
"I do, in fact, but in a short time I won't need it anymore"
"If you say so" you cut the conversation short, now turning and waving goodbye at him, Thena and Gilgamesh, although you were almost sure the last two didn't even notice you were there in the first place.
You walk down the hall with your arms crossed to Sersi's talking about the new show you two are watching together on your way to the library. Right on the opposite side of the hall you see him. Sersi nudges you provokingly while you loose your words just at the sight of him. For fuck sakes he is so handsome.
He was wearing a leather jacket and a full black outfit looking stunning as always. Before you could tell your friend to walk the other way he was already walking towards the both of you. Don't panick. "Hello m'ladies" you hear his accent speak heavenly. "Hi" Sersi answers with a polite smile as all you could do was thinking how pretty he was. Is that even legal? Look at his eyes.
"Are you heading to the library?" He asks. All you do is nod in response. Not being exactly on the condition to form a full sentence at the sight of him on the leather jacket.
"Can I come with?" Whaaa- "If it's not a bother, of course" he completes after realising your shock expression.
"No, no, no, it won't be a bother at all, we're glad someone else is joining, actually" Sersi says "Right, y/n?"
"Sure, yeah" was all you could verbalise. That fucking jacket is going to be the death of me.
Now with the three of you walking side by side. You freeze in place by the sudden feeling of his hands on your hair locks. Again reading your expressions with ease he's quick on explaining "There was a little pasta on it" he smiles. Fuck you, Kingo. You think.
"Oh, thank you." you give him a genuine smile while silently reminding yourself to kill your friend when you see him. "That was Kingo, one of our friends. He didn't want to come with us. Says he's to busy being a movie star to have time for college." you laugh and continue " We were mocking him about it and the bastard threw his food at us" you say on a playful tone and giggle thinking about your friend. He was an absolute idiot but you loved him with all your heart. Druig laughs along.
"At least it was his food." He says, still smiling.
"Yeah, well, I guess there's a good part in it after all." You follow him, smiling too.
"Have you been friends for long?" He points at Sersi, who was now walking a little ahead the both of you. You knew she did that on purpose and made a head reminder to thank her later for it.
"Yep." you answer with emphasis on the p "We've been roommates for 4 years now, I guess, but we know eachother since our childhood."
"Wow. That's a lot" he laughs again. What a cute laugh.
"It is" you smile. "How about you? Did you come here before or are you getting to know the place 'cause of college?" you were genuinely surprise on how you were, somehow being able to keep up the conversation with him"
"Oh, no, I have family in the country. They actually..."
Before he could continue. You bumped on your friend's back when she suddenly stopped and you were to busy looking at Druig's pretty face to see her.
"Shit." you mumble
"We're here" she can't hold a laugh knowing exactly who was the reason of your distraction.
You three spent the afternoon studying y/f/s* together. Every time you could feel Druig's gaze on you it made you shiver. As you were getting to tired of studying, the three of you left your books opened at the table but your attention at the reading was long gone, keeping up a fun and light conversation. You talked about everything. And you loved the way Druig was looking at you when you spoke, it was magical.
As the night fell, the blue eyed boy offered to walk the two of you to your dorm. What a gentleman. Sersi made a terrible excuse involving Ikaris to go the other way and leave you two alone. It worked, obviously, so now you two were walking together under the moon light. At some point of the walk your hands intertwined and he looked at you coyly smiling. You could've swear you melted.
He told you about his family in Ireland. About how he missed them. You watched as his eyes shone brightly and you fell for him even more. When you stopped in your dorm room's door. You looked up at him smiling. Felt butterflies on your stomach when he cupped your face with his soft hands.
And kissed you.
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