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The four horsemen of phase 4!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Make You Scream
Pairing: Druig x (female) Eternal!Reader
Summary: you’re at a family dinner with the Eternals when Druig starts to get handsy. However, he’s left seething after you manage to stay completely silent, and so he makes it his mission to take you home and make you scream...
Warnings: swearing, smut, fingering, semi-public sexual acts, Dom!Druig, oral (f receiving), overstimulation/ multiple orgasms, penetrative sex (m+f), tiniest bit of mind control, minors DNI
A/N: happy Eternals on Disney+ day my loves, here’s some more Druig smut bc I feel like it’s been a lil while since I did a full oneshot for him, hope you like this my babies!!🖤✨🥰
Tumblr media
This is for people 18+ only. Minors do not read on. If you click ‘keep reading’ you are hereby agreeing that you are 18 or older.
These were the moments you loved. Moments spent with your family. It was so rare that all of you would be together at one time, so you relished these small moments together.
You were all currently on the Domo, you and all ten of your fellow Eternals. Ajak and Gilgamesh had prepared the most delicious of meals. You’d all finished eating now, you were all just sat around talking and laughing, enjoying each other’s company.
You had all just come down from laughing at something Kingo had said when you suddenly felt Druig’s hand come to rest on your thigh. You were only in a short sundress so his hand was brushing against your bare skin. You pay no mind to the small gesture, continuing to chat away with the rest of the Eternals.
But then Druig starts to move his hand even high up your thigh, his fingers leaving goosebumps on your flesh as he travels towards your core. The slightest of sighs leaves your lips, quiet enough for only Druig to hear, and only because he was specifically listening out for you.
You can practically feel the smirk that stretches Druig’s lips when his fingers finally reach the apex of your thighs, brushing along your clothed core. He pushes his finger in slightly, just about making contact with your clit through the thin material of your panties.
You can then feel his brows furrow as you don’t even flinch at his contact. Your breathing remains steady, your face unreadable. Clearly frustrated by your lack of reaction Druig pushes his fingers harder against your clit, starting a circling motion. The only sign of you acknowledging this was your body tensing slightly, but still, nothing that anyone else would even notice.
You hear Druig huff lightly as he ramps up his motions, pushing your panties to the side and finally connecting his fingers directly with your clit. You smirk, cocking your head to pay better attention to what Ikaris was currently saying from across the table. Druig’s finger start to build a steady pace, circling your clit just the way he knows you like it.
You could practically feel the frustration rolling off Druig as you continued to show no reaction to him having his hand between your thighs whilst in the middle of a family dinner.
His frustration radiates into his movements as he again decides to take things even further, desperate to pull some kind of response from you. His fingers delve lower through your folds until he reaches your entrance. He circles your hole twice before he pushes two of his fingers inside you. You squirm the slightest bit as his fingers find home inside you, sinking down to the knuckles. But again, your squirm was no more than you would shift just to get comfortable in your seat, it was nothing to warrant any kind of acknowledgment from anyone else.
Druig starts to pump his fingers in and out of you, curling them expertly to hit that sweet spot inside you. He then latches his thumb onto you clit, circling in time with his fingers working inside of you. You keep your attention on the conversation at hand, even joining in the laughing when Sprite cracks a witty comment.
If anything, Druig is the one getting more worked up than you. You can just about hear his breathing start to get heavier next to you, the tiniest of grunts passing his lips as he works his hand furiously between your legs. You laugh lightly, enjoying how desperate he was to make you crack. But you knew you wouldn’t. You were good at this game.
Druig feels your walls start to close in around his fingers, your orgasm approaching.You feel the smugness start to rise in his body again, thinking surely you’d have to break when he actually made you cum. But you didn’t. Your orgasm washes over you, your pussy clenching and convulsing around Druig’s fingers.
But on the outside you merely sighed softly, your breathing ever so slightly heavier than normal. Once Druig has pumped you through your orgasm he pulls his fingers from you harshly, a tiny squeak leaving your lips.
You hear him grunt in frustration next to you, his jaw taught, his nostrils flared. You look over at him and smirk, winking at him quickly.
You’d barely closed the door to yours and Druig’s room on the Domo when he’s suddenly roughly shoving you against it. His forearm is just below your neck, pinning you up against the door. His other hands grabs the hair at the back of your neck, forcing your head to tilt upwards to where his face is hovering above you, his lips curved in anger.
“What the hell was that?” He seethes, his lips forming a snarl where they were just an inch away from yours.
“You tell me” you bite back, raising an eyebrow defiantly. “You’re the one who decided to finger me under the dinner table."
“And you didn’t even squirm. Didn’t make a single noise” his nostrils flare with anger again.
“Well what can I say, I’m just very good at staying quiet” you shrug teasingly, lifting your chin in defiance.
“Oh yeah?” He taunts.
“Yeah” you tease back.
He looks you up and down, raking his gaze over you. He then shifts, moving his hips forward, trapping your own hips between his and door behind you. A small gasp leaves your lips as you feel his hardened cock pushing against you, straining in the fabric of his jeans.
“Oh we’ll see about that.” His breath is hot against your lips, his mouth so close and yet so far away. “I’m gonna make you scream sweetheart, I’m gonna make you fucking beg for my cock” he growls, leaning into your mouth only to pull back again at the last second, leaving you hanging with want. A soft whine sounds from you as he pulls himself away from you, leaving you limp against the door.
“Strip. Then get on the bed” he commands, his tone leaving no room for argument.
And so you follow his instructions swiftly, shimmying out of your little dress before tugging your panties down your legs, leaving you completely naked under his watchful gaze. An approving smirk paints his lips as he takes in your naked form, a sight he’d seen a thousand times before and yet one he would never grow tired of.
You gulp lightly, his eyes on you sending a flutter to your core. You walk over to the bed, laying down on your back, sitting up on your elbows.
“Open your legs” his voice is somehow simultaneously sharp and smooth.
Your mouth hangs open as your breathing already starts to get heavy, just the anticipation of what’s to come setting your entire body alight. You obey his instruction again, spreading your legs open on the bed, revealing your already soaked centre to him. He lets out a cocky scoff as he takes in the view. He’s then sauntering over to you, pulling his shirt over his head and throwing it aside just before he reaches the edge of the bed.
His eyes lock with yours as he sinks to his knees in front of you. His smirk grows at the sound of your moan. That’s what he wanted, to hear all manner of sinful sounds fall from your lips. He licks those cocky lips of his before he dives into your pussy. His eyes stay on yours as his mouth latches onto your clit, sucking it into his mouth and flicking his tongue over it fervently.
You let out a small cry, tossing your head back as you revel in the feeling of his tongue gliding over your clit. He feels so good, your mind is already spinning. Going down on you was one of Druig’s favourite past times, so it’s suffice to say that he knows exactly what he’s doing, knows exactly how to work you. Your hips are starting to move of their own accord, bucking and grinding against his face. Another moan escapes you before you have time to swallow it. You resort to biting down on your bottom lip, attempting to keep your sounds contained.
“Let go of your lip, I want to hear you” Druig hums into your folds.
A whimper trembles through you as you dig your teeth harder into your lip. Druig sighs into your cunt, the vibrations surging through you. But you’re left wanting when his mouth moves off you suddenly. You look up just in time to lock eyes with him again, watching them start to glow gold.
“I said let go of your lip” he speaks slowly and deliberately.
You feel your entire body relax, your jaw going slack where your mouth suddenly hangs open.
“That’s better” Druig taunts, his eyes dimming as he reattaches his mouth to your throbbing clit.
You can hear yourself slowly start to get louder and louder as Druig coaxes you closer and closer to your climax. The fire burns deep in your core, Druig’s tongue working pure magic on your clit.
“Ah fuck, Druig” you cry, your head twisting to the side, your eyes screwed shut, one fist balled in the sheets beneath you, the other tightly wound in Druig’s hair. He hums in approval of your moans, the vibrations finally tipping you over the edge. A strangled cry flies from your throat as your climax races through you, pleasure coursing through your entire body. You gasp loudly with each breath as you convulse, Druig’s tongue continuing to work your clit as you flinch and jerk under his touch.
He finally pulls his mouth off you with a pop, looking down at you with pride plastered on his face as you fall back weakly onto the bed. Your chest is rising and falling deeply with your ragged breathing. You let out a hum of satisfaction.
But Druig just smirks again.
“Oh we’re not done yet sweetheart” he drawls, grabbing one of your legs and throwing it over his shoulder, pulling you close to him again. Another moan already escapes you before he even touches you again.
He bites at your inner thigh, nipping across your skin before he reaches the apex of your thigh. He attaches his mouth to you again, but this time he situates himself lower, his tongue swirling around your hole. He pushes his nose against your clit, rubbing in an up and down motion as he starts to flick his tongue in and out of your entrance.
“Shit” you whisper. He’d barely even started up again and already your core was tightening like a coil, pleasure burning in the pit of your stomach.
As your moans get louder Druig works his tongue against you with more fervour, as if he was rewarding you for being more vocal. Your hand finds its way back into his hair, helping hold him in place as your hips rock against his face. He has one hand holding your thigh in place where it’s hooked over his shoulder. His other hand finds your free one, his fingers interlacing with yours, giving you a small squeeze as more sounds fall from your lips.
“Druig... fuck” you cry. “That feels amazing” you whine, your voice cracking with pleasure. He hums again.
“Ah, Druig... I’m gonna cum. Fuck...” you gasp as your second climax crashes over you. Your back arches, your toes curling, digging into Druig’s back, your hand twisting painfully tight in his hair. You swear you can feel him laugh cockily against you as you ride out your orgasm on his face.
You collapse against the mattress again, expecting Druig to stop. But he doesn’t. He just keeps going, his tongue fervently darting in and out of you. Your body starts to spasm, something like a sob leaving your throat as yet another little death rocks through your body.
“Shit, Druig” you pant, a tear springing in your eye as your body becomes overwhelmed by the sensations. Your thighs clench around his head, locking him in a vice-like grip as pleasure rolls through your body. He finally relents are you cry out a pathetic mewl, your body flinching away from his mouth.
He kisses the skin of your inner thigh where it rests just next to his head. He gently pushes your leg off him, leaving you sprawled, a fucked out mess, on the bed.
Another chuckle rumbles through his chest as he kisses his way up your body until his mouth finds yours. He opens your lips with his own, sliding his tongue against yours, giving you a taste of yourself. You both groan into the kiss as your hands rapidly paw at each other. His hands snake around your neck, fingers twining in your hair. Your hands roam all over his bare chest, nails raking across his skin.
Your hands travel down his body until you reach the waistband of his jeans. But he just presses his hips tighter against yours, grinding the rough fabric against your sensitive slit, leaving your hands no room to unbuckle his trousers. You mewl into his mouth, a sudden desperation to have him inside you.
“What do you want little one?” He taunts, pulling back slightly, his eyes dark and lust-blown as they look down at you. You whine again, bucking your hips against his, silently asking for what you seek.
“Come on sweetheart, use your words. Let me hear you” he teases, his lips finding their way to your neck, kissing and sucking at your skin.
He continues his grinding movement, giving you just enough pressure to feel it, but not enough to really get you going. He was deliberately teasing you, waiting for your pleas to fall from your lips. You huff, finally feeling the same frustration that Druig must’ve felt earlier; the frustration of not getting what you want. If you wanted him to fuck you, you really were gonna have to beg for it.
You turn your head so your lips are against his ear. “Please Druig” you purr against the shell of his ear. He pushes himself up on his arms to look at you again.
“Please what?” He cocks his head to the side, his eyes dropping to your lips briefly. “What do you want baby?” He grinds particularly hard on that last sentence, finally causing you snap with need.
“You. I want you Druig. I want you to fuck me, please. I need you. I need to feel you inside me, please Druig please” you cry, kissing all over his neck and throat between each word, your nails digging harshly into his back as you desperately pull him against you.
“Please Druig please” you continue to murmur against his skin as your hands travel back down towards his navel again. He groans loudly in your ear.
“Good girl” he praises before he finally reaches down between your two bodies, helping you to undo his belt and jeans. You roughly shove them down his legs, freeing his already leaking cock. You moan as you capture his mouth with your own again, your hand grabbing his dick. You start to move your wrist, pumping him lightly. But he’s quick to stop you, grabbing your wrist in his hand. He grunts with the restraint, fighting the want to just let you keep working him with your hand.
But he’s then swift to line himself up with your entrance, gathering your slick by stroking his head through your folds a few times. He then, at last, sinks his cock inside you. You both moan as you envelope him with your warmth, a further cry escaping your throat as he bottoms out inside you. You see a smirk on his lips again as he suddenly starts a fast and brutal pace.
He doesn’t waste time warming you up or letting your adjust to his size or his rhythm, he simply begins to pound into you, his hips slapping harshly against yours. You’re now powerless to stop the sounds that fly from your mouth, moans and whimpers, gasps and sighs as he hits that spot inside you over and over again.
“Oh fuck Druig, you feel so good” you cry into his neck.
“Yeah?” He breathes into the crook of your neck. You nod frantically as his hips jar into yours.
“Then let me hear you baby, let everyone hear you” he demands, biting down hard into your shoulder.
You cry out loudly at the pain and you feel him laugh darkly. You completely let go, all inhibitions and anxieties put aside, you simply let every sound that your body wanted to make loose from your mouth.
“That’s it baby” he encourages as you start to feel your walls tightening around him, another climax inbound. You can feel how sensitive you are from your previous orgasms, but right now you don’t care because fuck he felt so good inside you.
“Ahh, Druig” you pant loudly, your voice cracking again. “Shit, I’m gonna cum” you squeak.
“Yeah?” He kisses up your throat again. “Cum for me baby."
And so you do. And so he fulfils his promise, his name a scream on your lips as your orgasm tears through your body.
“Shit baby, you sound so fucking beautiful screaming my name” he grunts as his pace stutters and falters, his hips jaggedly rutting into yours as he approaches his own climax. Your name is a curse on his lips as he finally stills, his hot load spilling inside you, his hot breath mixing with yours as both your mouths hang open in euphoria. He kisses you sloppily again as you both revel in your highs, your sweaty bodies clinging to each other. He pulls back the slightest bit to look at you again, a complete wreck beneath him. That gods-forsaken smirk back on his face.
“Told you I’d make you scream."
You and Druig walk hand-in-hand into the common area the next morning, finding most of your fellow Eternals already there and waiting. All conversation stops when you two enter, all eyes snapping towards you. You and Druig look around in confusion before Sprite finally pipes up.
“You do realise that all our rooms are adjoined here on the Domo?” She cringes.
“Yeah what we heard last night was just down right disturbing” Kingo chimes in, pulling a mock disgusted face.
You blush and bury your head in Druig’s chest, but you just know he’s just the most shit-eating grin plastered on his face, full of pride that everyone else got to hear the way you scream for him.
A/N: this may or may not have been inspired by my personal ability to stay incredibly quiet in bed👀 lmao, hope you enjoyed this!!✨🖤💫
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𝐛𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐤 𝐭𝐢𝐦𝐞.
Tumblr media
description || druig walks in on you changing, but he doesn’t seem to mind his view
pairing || druig x eternal!reader
warnings || fluff, a little steamy (nothing explicit)
word count || 1,103
a/n || FIRST OF ALL THIS MF GIF WHAT- also, i got this idea from a tiktok haha.
Tumblr media
WITH THE FAMILY staying at the wonderful new house you and Druig bought together, everything was hectic. Sprite would be running around the house, Kingo chasing after her, while Sersi and Ikaris would bring food over at unannounced times.
You loved your family, but there were instances where you wish you had alone time with your husband, Druig. There were multiple occurances where you almost had it, but it would be interrupted by one of your family members.
Today, Druig invited you out for a picnic date, something he never did, nor would think of doing, but when it came to you, he would do anything for that smile on your face to become evident.
Your room was torn to shreds as you tried to find your favorite top you desperately wanted to wear for this occasion. Even though you wouldn't mind going on this date in sweats and a sweater, you really wanted to find the top, your mind not focused on anything else.
Unfortunately, since your mind was so preoccupied with finding your clothes, you didn't hear your door open. As you turned around, your head lifted up to see Thena at the door. She didn't know you were in the room either, hearing the small gasp that escaped her mouth when she saw you partly undressed in the room.
"Oh, Y/n, I'm so sorry, I didn't know you were in here. I was just looking for something ." Letting out a stifled laugh, your shoulders eased, not caring if Thena saw your body.
You trust everyone in your family, yes, but Thena was the one person you would always talk to whether it was for advice or just in general, so the two of you were closer than sisters.
"It's okay, T. Just startled me a bit." Thena walked into the room further and sat down on the velvet couch next to the door.
"So why is this room look like Kingo's bedroom?" You laughed at Thena's question, knowing this is exactly what Kingo's room would look like.
"I'm trying to find this one top for me and Druig's date. I usually wouldn't care this much, but now that I'm determined to find it." Thena let out a smile, something she loved to see. You noticed she was lost in thought, making you tilt your head slightly.
"I remember the days when you and Druig wouldn't even look at each other. I told Gil that we should make a bet to see if you two would fall in love, and I see I was indeed correct." Your mouth gaped open slightly, not aware of this bet.
"Wait, did you really do that?" Thena nodded her head and the room was filled with laughter soon after.
"The two of you are a beautiful couple. I hope you have fun on your date, darling." Thena kissed the top of your forehead before walking out of the door. As you were about to lock the door to your room, you got distracted once again as you heard your phone chime.
It was Phastos, asking to see if you could babysit Jack, but once you sent the text, your mind wandered off, completely forgetting about the door, again.
You took off your pants now, leaving you only in your bra and underwear, finally accepting the fact that your shirt probably is gone forever, so you decided to wear a floral dress instead.
Hearing the door open again, you attempted to cover a majority of your body, but when you saw it was Druig, your heart eased slightly, knowing he has seen a lot more than just you in your bra and underwear.
"Oh, it's just you." Druig walked into your room, locking it afterward as he traced your body up and down, biting his lips lightly.
"Well is that how you treat your husband now?" His voice was filled with tease. Turning around, you bumped chests with Druig, his body radiating his warmth off on you with his hands now wrapping around your waist.
"You're not the first one who walked in on me changing." Druig furrowed his eyebrows in confusion, concern laced in them as well. You saw his eagerness for explanations and you answered them before he could ask.
"Thena walked in on me changing right before you walked in so you're not the only lucky one who got to see this," you said, getting to your body with a smile.
Your face was subconsciously leaning in closer to Druig's, his sapphire eyes staring into yours. Druig's impatience took over his body as he smashed his lips on yours, the feeling of butterflies flying in your stomach. With his heart rate beating faster, Druig started to take off his shirt, you help him in the process.
As the kiss started to get more heated, Druig picked you up, not breaking apart with your lips. He threw you on the bed, your lips still in sync, his hands pinning your wrists slightly. Druig started to place small kisses on your neck, a soft moan escaping your mouth, knowing where your favorite places were.
Stopping his sweet kisses reluctantly, he stared into your eyes, and his adorable smile was plastered on his face.
"You're absolutely beautiful, my love." With that, Druig kissed you rougher this time, attempting to pin you down for dominance. But that didn't work as your body was now on top of his, you sitting on his private.
"That's not going to work, honey," you said in a mischievous voice. Druig's eyes widened in interest and lust, you kissing him once again.
At this point, the two of you would've completely forgotten about your date if it wasn't for someone knocking at your door, Druig groaning from annoyance.
"Stop making out and go get ready for your date, lovebirds. Don't worry, we'll definitely take care of the house," Kingo's voice was heard from the other side of the door.
You laid your head on Druig's bare chest, laughing slightly at your family.
"Come on love, let's spend more time together...without any distractions," Druig intentionally raised his voice at the last part of his sentence so Kingo could hear.
Once you heard footsteps receding on the other side of the door, you finally put on your dress as Druig put on his shirt then his leather jacket. He walked up to you and placed a gentle kiss on your lips.
"My beautiful, beautiful, Y/n. Words can't explain how in love I am with you." Stroking his cheek with your hand, you leaned in and kissed him once more, a smile on his face as if he was a kid on Christmas day.
"I love you more, my sweet Dru."
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For You? I Do || Druig
Tumblr media
pairing: druig x eternal!reader
summary: when you and druig are caught alone together in 1814 england, you two come up with a plan to fake your engagement and marriage to protect your new identities. as time goes on, you both realize that your feelings are far more than platonic and that calling each other your spouse may be what you both have always wanted
a/n: this one shot was originally based on a fake dating request that somehow became this! reblogs and replies are super appreciated!
word count: 4.6k
warnings: mentions of fire, marriage, angst and fluff
masterlist || taglist
Druig watched as yet another man asked you to share a dance with him before whisking you off of your feet and onto the dance floor. There wasn't a single song that had played that night that you hadn’t had a partner for and as the night grew old, Druig prayed there wouldn’t be much more. He understood the significance of it- the dancing, the society, the making yourself seem eligible- but he could barely stomach it regardless.
“Druig, if you don’t ask a girl to dance soon, they’ll begin to get suspicious.”
Sitting up straighter at the sound of your voice in his head, Druig glanced over his shoulder to where you danced with the man, your eyes straying to Druig’s before falling back on your dance partner and nodding along with whatever he had said.
“And if you don’t stop dancing, you’ll have a proposal by the end of the night.”
The smile on your face faltered just long enough for Druig to catch it.
“Please, Druig,” You thought. “It’s all in good fun.”
Taking a sip from his glass, he rolled his eyes.
“And they say I’m the selfish one.”
Despite the fact that the group of eternals as a whole had separated years ago, you and Druig had never strayed too far from one another. Even when you tried to escape each other- wherever one eternal had gone- the other wouldn’t be too far behind. If he was the mind, you were the heart and together you made one fully functioning person that neither of you could survive without.
He came to these balls for you but as he checked his watch and saw the clock strike ten, he was nearly convinced he wouldn’t be able to survive another ten minutes.
“You know,” The older woman seated at the same table said. “It truly is a shame for a man to sit out when there are so many eligible young ladies waiting patiently to be asked to dance.”
And just then- Druig was thoroughly convinced he couldn’t spend another second in that sweltering room.
Without another word, Druig pushed himself up from the table and sought the nearest exit. On the other side of the room you watched as your best friend practically fled the ball, and without even apologizing, you separated from your dance partner and rushed as inconspicuously as you could out of the room.
“Dru?” You called into the foyer outside the ballroom. “Druig!”
Taking a second to breathe, you listened closely and heard a bit of rustling from a nearby coat closet. Stepping carefully towards the door, you swung it open and almost laughed at the sight of Druig sitting on the floor of the closet amidst a pile of outerwear.
“I’m sorry…” You said, crossing your arms and trying your hardest not to break into a fit of laughter. “Are you hiding right now? How very human of you, Dru.”
Druig only rolled his eyes and pushed himself off of the floor, towering over you once more.
“Very funny, Y/n.” Druig said, checking his watch. “Does your little detective game mean you’re ready to leave?”
“Why didn’t you just head back without me?” You asked.
For a moment Druig paused, staring at you in silence before shrugging.
“Didn’t want to leave you behind without the carriage.”
Just as you were about to open your mouth and remind him that you had the power to create almost anything for your mind in a second of thought, the door to the closet swung open- the host of the ball, Mrs. Taylor, on the other side.
Watching her eyes grow wide and her jaw drop before your eyes, you shoved at Druig.
“Do something!” You thought.
Druig only looked at you in confusion.
“Why?” He asked. “Who cares if some woman-”
At your frantic call of his name he froze the woman where she stood before turning back to you.
“What’s the matter?”
“Druig,” You sighed. “Don’t you pay attention to anything? She just caught us in a closet alone together.”
“And,” You said, your patience running thin. “That’s social suicide. I might as well flee the country. Nobody will want to be associated with either of us… unless…”
“Unless what?”
“We have a few options.” You explained, glancing back to the frozen woman beside the two of you. “You can either erase her memory of ever seeing us… or… or... never mind. You’ll hate it.”
“Just say it-”
Druig wasn’t sure what he was expecting you to say, but it wasn’t at all the words that fell out of your mouth next.
“Or we could get married.”
In the centuries upon centuries that he had been alive and roamed the earth beneath the two of you’s feet, he had never thought of himself as a marrying man and he certainly never thought that you would be the one to propose the idea of it to him.
But... he also never thought he would love the way you said “we” and “married” in the same sentence so much. So much so that he almost hated himself for it.
“Excuse me?” Druig whisper shouted.
You threw your head back before grabbing Druig by both of the arms, forcing his eyes to stay focused on yours.
“Hear me out,” You said. “If we get married, or even engaged, I don’t have to worry about some random man proposing to me thinking that he’s doing me a favor, and you won’t have to deal with any of these socialite social expectations anymore. You won't have elderly women telling you to dance or people whispering about you behind your back when you have a built in partner for life- me.”
Druig paused for a second.
“People whisper about me?” He asked.
Joking aside, Druig had to admit... he wasn’t all that opposed to the idea.
As much as the society centered lifestyle in 1814 England didn’t necessarily agree with him, he knew it meant a lot for you to be able to stay there for at least a few years before moving on to your next adventure. He remembered the day you had first arrived and the energy that had been drained from your body as you once again created a new life for the two of you in someplace new.
Although you had the power to create from nothing- a manor, a carriage, a library for Druig- every piece you crafted took a bit away from you and he still remembered the way you didn’t leave your bed for a week after creating your expertly painted ceilings that rivaled the Sistine Chapel’s. It was hard work for you that you poured every ounce of your heart into and he didn’t want to take that away from you.
Although Druig never cared much about the house he lived in, he was grateful to live in such a home with you.
And sure, he knew he could try to erase the woman’s memory, but the way you promised him that he would never have to appeal to some random lady or watch men fawn over you ever again was almost an offer he couldn’t refuse.
“Are you sure you want to marry me?” Druig asked, genuinely shocked you would want to be associated with him such a way- even if it was just a ruse.
You paused for a moment, taking in the question your best friend had just asked you.
Although you and Druig had never crossed the line from friendship to lovers, you two were undeniably partners in life. You couldn’t recall a time since you had stepped foot on the planet that you didn't have each other’s best interests at heart and would stop at nothing to be by the others’ side. The two of you had been through thick and thin and although the word “marriage” had different connotations for different people... to you.. you weren’t scared of having that devotion written into stone with Druig.
Smiling softly at Druig, you slipped your hand into his and squeezed gently.
“I’m sure.”
When Druig only stared at you, you placed out your left hand and allowed him to watch as a gorgeous, shining ring appeared on your finger, a box coming together in his free hand. The ring was so detailed and ultimately you, that he wondered how much thought you had put into it before this moment.
“You can stop freezing her now.” You thought.
And without another thought, he did.
“No, he really is the sweetest, Eliza.” You told your friend as you walked down your street, towards your home. “We really must have you lunch one day this week. I was thinking-”
You would recognize that voice anywhere.
Just as you stepped in front of the gate of your property, you stopped short when you saw Ajak and Sprite of all people standing on your doorstep.
Although you loved the both of them with all your heart, seeing them in town when everyone was out and about gossiping about your latest engagement to Druig was the last thing you wanted or needed at the moment.
Laughing nervously, you excused yourself from your friend and wringing your hands, made your way towards your two fellow eternals.
“Ajak,” You smiled. “Sprite. To what do I owe the pleasure?”
A pang of guilt hit you as you watched a bright and kind smile grace Ajak’s face, her hands reaching out to meet yours and squeeze them gently. You had always felt at peace in Ajak’s presence, knowing that there was nothing but kind sincerity in all of her actions, and you couldn’t help but feel awful knowing that you had not only been away from her for so long, but that you were hiding your truth from her as well.
“You look as beautiful as always,” She cooed. “I’ve missed you.”
Squeezing her hands, you returned her smile.
“I’ve missed you too, Ajak.” You said, before asking the question that was on your mind. “But what brings you here-”
Sprite was more than happy to answer.
“Well,” Sprite said, crossing her arms. “Two days ago when I was playing baccarat, this man at the table started complaining about how the woman he was courting wouldn’t stop gushing over this wedding that was happening in a few weeks. I, obviously, didn’t care until the names slipped out of his mouth- a Ms. Y/n Y/l/n and a Mr. Druig Valkin.”
There were few times in your life that you found yourself at a complete loss for words, but here, in this moment, all you were able to do was stand glued to your spot like a fool, without a single idea of what to say next.
You should’ve known better than to utilize the same surname you did every time, and you should’ve told Druig to use something besides his father’s name, but when you have to leave your life every couple of years, sometimes you couldn’t find it in yourself to break away from the few consistencies you afforded yourself.
“What a coincidence!” You said, laughing nervously.
“Y/n, you’ve been using the same name for centuries.” Sprite said. “We’re not stupid-”
“Are you ashamed of us?” Ajak asked, her face falling. “Why wouldn’t you tell us? This is great news!”
Unbeknownst to you as you were being barraged with questions, Druig was also on his way to your home after being told by some man at the pub that “that woman” was lucky to have him for providing her with such a nice home and comfortable lifestyle. Of course, Druig couldn’t help himself for providing that same man with the ability to pour his drink over his head for sharing so many unwelcome opinions in succession that couldn’t be farther from the truth.
The joy Druig found himself in knowing he would be seeing you soon quickly dissipated as he stepped in front of your home to see you talking to Sprite and Ajak on your doorstep.
Just as Druig was about to step away wordlessly, however, Ajak glanced over your shoulder and waved out her hand to him.
Of course.
Not opening his mouth, Druig only folded his hands behind his back and walked down the path to meet with the three of you.
“What’s going on?” He asked you.
Feeling Druig’s arm brush against yours as he took his place beside you, you communicated to him wordlessly through your mind.
“I came home and they were standing here.” You thought. “Sprite found out about the engagement from someone in town.”
Of course she did.
“Can you stop doing that?” Sprite asked, pulling the two of you out of your own world.
“Doing what?” You asked.
“The thing you two do?” Sprite explained. “Where you talk to each other in your heads? It’s annoying. We’re standing right here.”
Not even having to look at Druig to know that there would be a slight blush coating his cheeks at being called out for his intimacy with you, the both of you stood there in embarrassed silence.
“You know,” Ajak said, the corner of her mouth quirking up. “I always knew you two would end up together.”
If you thought you had been embarrassed before, you could hardly even bare standing beside Druig now.
“What?” Druig asked.
Ajak clicked her tongue against the roof of her mouth and laughed.
“Please, Druig,” She said. “I’ve always seen the way you look at her. You look at her as though she created the sun and the stars herself. You may not have been as open with me as Ikaris, but I’m not oblivious, Druig.”
Druig wished more than anything that he had the ability to shut Ajak up in that moment, but he knew it wasn’t even worth the effort.
He also knew that she was right- at least partly.
Druig had never completely admitted to himself that he was in love with you, but he knew he admired you more than anyone else alive and that if it ever came down to it, he would sacrifice his own life for yours. You were everything to him. You were the only consistency in Druig’s life and even though he could explore the vastness of nearly anybody’s mind, you were the only person who had ever made sense to him.
He had never admitted to himself that what he felt for you was more than platonic before, but in the past few months since he had first been called your fiancé, the pieces began to fall into place and Ajak’s own account was even further proof of the truth he was too scared to admit to even himself.
“And you, Y/n,” Ajak continued, raising her hand to your face and brushing your cheek with her thumb. “I could always tell by the way you talked about him. You have so much love in your heart, I don’t think you even realized how much you would talk about him... or defend him. It came naturally to you. Both of you.”
“You can go,” Druig finally said as he watched the fires burn in the city below the of you. “You don’t have to force yourself stay with me anymore. You’re free to go.”
Turning your head to the side, you noticed how Druig’s eyes stayed trained on the destruction in the city below as he sat by your side. You watched as the burning flames cast a warm glow against his skin and highlighted the stern features on his face. It almost felt like a poetic end to a centuries long tale, but you were too stubborn and sentimental to let something like that sway your judgement. Being eternal meant you never saw an end, and you weren't about to search for one now.
“I’m not leaving Druig.”
“What don't you understand?” He asked as his eyes fogged over. “You’re free to leave... to live your own life. I don’t need you to stay here.”
You had to admit, it hurt to hear the words that he didn’t need you come from his mouth, but you also understood that it was not from a place of hatred, but one of love.
“Druig, what don’t you understand?” You asked. “I don’t want to leave. I don’t stay with you because of some sense of duty, I stay because I love you and care for you and... and don’t want to imagine a life without you there. You make it worth it, Dru. You make staying on this planet worth it. I’m not staying because I feel like I have to, I’m staying because I want to... if you’ll have me.”
Although he knew others cared for him, Druig had never felt kindness quite like yours. As hard as he attempted to hide it, the thought of you leaving him to navigate the rest of his days on this planet alone terrified him. He tried to push you away for your own sake but as he finally tore his eyes away from the destruction below and set his gaze upon you at his side, he realized that he couldn’t let you go. Even if it was selfish of him, Druig wanted you and that was a fact he couldn’t deny.
Even without peaking inside your head, he could tell just by the sincerity in your eyes that you meant every word. Rather than saying words that he felt didn’t need to be said and pouring his heart out to you over a burning city, Druig only looked at you and nodded.
And just like that, wordlessly, as you set your own head upon his shoulder, your hidden feelings and unspoken promise was written into stone.
Neither you nor Druig could find it in yourself to tell Ajak the truth- that your planned nuptials were born of a mutually beneficial plan to survive the time period- so instead you spent the next week listening to Ajak gush about your “destined” relationship over dress shopping and choosing flowers. Every time she told stories about the two of you from centuries ago that she felt sealed your fate, you couldn’t help but feel guilty for lying to her... and eventually... for agreeing to rush into a marriage with someone who didn’t feel the same.
Sure, you had been the one to propose the idea- not thinking much about why the idea appealed to you so much- but as time went on, you felt as though everything finally clicked in your head.
You loved Druig as more than a friend, more than a partner in life- you loved him. You were in love with him. Ajak had thought that Druig treated you as though you created the sun and the stars, but if it came down to it, you would create your own personal universe just for the two of you to thrive.
But, despite all of that, you didn’t believe that Druig felt anything more for you than platonic intimacy.
You couldn’t be more wrong.
Druig had heard plenty of times throughout his long life that some people just seemed destined to meet and it was fate that they would end up together. Druig was never sure how much he believed that, but realizing the love he had for you made him a firm believer.
Everything you did made him melt. People had said that they held a special place for a certain someone in their heart, but he was sure his heart was completely and utterly devoted to you.
When it finally came time for the day of your wedding and he stood in front of the floor length mirror you had created in his quarters, he wasn’t sure what to feel. Druig had realized that he wanted to be called your husband- more deserving of a title like that, he thought, than Ikaris ever was- but he couldn’t escape the feeling that for the rest of the time you spent together there playing husband and wife that you would cringe whenever anyone referred to him as such- as your husband. The thought nearly killed him.
He had never thought himself to be the marrying type, but he was thoroughly convinced he would kill to have you call him your husband with nothing but the genuine kindness you had possessed and presented to him millions of times before.
When he had finally convinced himself to make his way to the altar, he whipped his head towards the door every time it opened, waiting for you to make your appearance on the other side. He hated how anxious he was. Druig was supposed to be calm, collected, unbothered and he couldn’t stand how nervous waiting for you to walk down the aisle made him.
But when you finally did, it was worth it.
He had had his breath taken away by you plenty of times before, but none had quite the same affect as watching you walk down the aisle in a delicate white dress, your eyes meeting his through the snowy mesh of your veil as a violinist played from the other end of the room.
You walked down slowly, Ajak’s arm looped through yours and, unbeknownst to the other, you both wanted so badly for what was happening to be true. To be real. To be a real wedding with the people you cared about most at your side.
When Ajak handed you off to Druig at the altar before taking her own seat, you couldn’t help the nagging feeling at the back of your head that this wasn’t right. You couldn’t allow Druig to marry you for some ruse when you wanted him wholly, completely and honestly to yourself.
When you turned to face him and your hands slipped into his, your heart began to race against your chest so loud you were sure everyone in the room could hear it. When you looked up to meet Druig’s eyes, you saw a kind of sadness in them that you couldn’t fully interpret, but you understood then that no matter how badly you wanted it... you couldn’t go through with marrying Druig. Not like this.
“I’m sorry.” You whispered, squeezing his hands as you felt tears prickling in the corners of your eyes.
Druig felt his heart drop to his stomach.
“What is it?” He asked without opening his mouth, too afraid his emotions would get the best of him if he allowed himself to speak, knowing where this was headed.
Glancing at your fellow eternals sat in the aisles behind you with confusion written all over their faces, you turned back to Druig and shook your head, your eyes focused on his.
“I can’t marry you, Dru.” You said, your voice catching in your throat. “Not like this. Not in this way.”
The words that he had been dreading hearing all day finally fell from your lips and he was sure that if he was capable of it, he would’ve passed out then and there.
Still standing in shock, Druig watched as your hand squeezed his and you turned to look at the crowd of eternals behind you before facing him once more.
“I lied.” You said staring up at the ceiling, willing yourself not to cry. “Druig and I had gotten caught alone together and we came up with this plan to fake our engagement so we could stay here in peace. I... I never thought it would get this far, or at least, that I would feel the way I do now when I got up here. But...”
Your gaze fell back on Druig and you could tell he was utterly confused on where you were going with this.
As you admired the way the sunlight peaking in through the mosaic windows cast colorful light against his skin, you tried your hardest to will yourself to say the words you had been preparing ever since you discovered your true feelings for the man in front of you.
“It’s okay.” You heard his shaky voice in your head saying. “You can do it.”
Slipping your hands out of his, you moved them to rest over his clothed chest.
“I love you, Dru.” You confessed, finally finding the courage. “I know I’ve said those words a million times, but this time it’s different. I love you. I love you more than the way the sun loves the moon or Sersi loves Ikarus. I love you more than I’ve loved this planet since the day I've arrived and I love you more than I can even possibly fathom. I want to marry you, Dru. I do. But I want you to want to marry me first.”
In all the time that Druig had been alive, he had never felt the way he had in that moment, and had certainly never been the subject of such an emotional profession of affection like that before.
It had always been said that you were the heart and he was the mind, but as Druig stood there, everything he had ever learned seemed to fall apart as he watched the most amazing woman he had ever met confess her undying love for him. Although he was at a loss for words, he had gained so much more in knowing your love.
He thought of the first moment he had ever laid eyes on you on the Domo and felt his heart surge with joy knowing how much the two of you had grown from then to now. He smiled to himself thinking of how innocent and naive he was then and that he never could’ve imagined he would find himself here, in this moment, but he wouldn’t change it for a single thing.
“I love you too.”
When you heard those words fall from his lips, you stared up at him in shock only to find his loving, smiling face staring down at you.
You watched as Druig took the edges of your veil delicately in between his fingertips and pulled it away from your face and behind your head. Moving his hands from the veil to your cheeks, he cupped your face and pressed his forehead against yours, the smile never leaving his face for even a second.
“I love you.” Druig said, meeting your eyes as your hands reached up to hold his. “And I want to marry you if you’ll still have me.”
“You do?” You laughed, so lost in complete bliss.
“For you?” He asked, pressing a kiss against your forehead. “I do.”
The ceremony passed by in such a complete blur with both you and your now husband so lost in each other that even the officiant could barely hold your attention at your own wedding. Although your relationship began in the most unexpected of circumstances, you wouldn’t change a thing because as long as you had Druig by your side, you were happy and that was all that mattered.
For your husband, however, he found that he loved the sound of calling you his wife coming from his mouth so much that he would remind you every time your lips met his of your commitment to one another. Druig’s favorite moments were when you laughed into his kiss as he told you that if he could go back in time, he would tell himself to pull it together and confess his love for you earlier because there was no greater feeling to him than being your husband, your partner, and even though your life was endless, he was sure he would never be able to get enough of it.
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balenciagabucky · 6 months ago
𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐬𝐞 𝐢𝐧𝐧𝐨𝐜𝐞𝐧𝐭 𝐞𝐲𝐞𝐬; 𝐝𝐫𝐮𝐢𝐠
Tumblr media
pairing ☽˚⁀➷。druig x fem!reader
summary ☽˚⁀➷。 pleasure is all he cares for giving
word count ☽˚⁀➷。 5184
warnings ☽˚⁀➷。 foreplay, female oral, imagery, squirting, sleeping
Looking up through his window the first beams of light coming from the moon are beginning to shine down through the clouds. The cool rain has slowed to a very light sprinkle with a just faint pitter patter falling across his window now. The crickets seem louder but it's a welcome sound to his ears after the thunderous roar of the downpour earlier. He might get to wake up to the sun shining in across his face tomorrow morning and feel the warmth on his skin again. The only warmth he feels right now comes from his blanket, wrapped across and around him. Bringing him deeper into his most intimate and relaxing places - his own bed. He still can't shake the cool daggers of ice grabbing at his feet no matter how hard he tries. It's been like that for as long as he can remember.
And he does know of one way to keep them warm without fail - being wrapped up next to you. Holding your body tight against his skin. Arm draped down your side and across your stomach, feeling your silky smooth skin against his brings true warmth and comfort. The way your legs feel pushed against his and your feet pressed into his. They'll keep him warm for sure, the cozy embrace we share to chase away the vicious cold, filling the air with warmth and inner tranquility.
Bringing his face closer in towards your neck, he soaks in your intoxicating smell. A combination of that new body wash you've tried along with a faint hint of something more - a smell that has always told him you're feeling aroused. It's an almost primal urge when he can pick up that faint smell coming from deep within you. He yearns for it, craves it and needs it as he needs you here next to him.
He relishes in the way your hair brushes against his nose as he moves in closer and gently kisses the back of your neck. As a faint moan escapes your lips, he can feel your body loosen up and relax even more - almost as if you're melting into his arms. He loves the feeling of control, knowing that his actions can decide your mood and have the power to bring you to higher levels of pleasure than you will allow anyone else to. Bringing his hand up, letting his fingers gently ripple up your stomach finding their way to your forearm and snake up towards your neck he gently parts your hair away from your face to expose his favorite part of you - that beautiful spot where your neck and shoulders meet in a smooth embrace.
Planting a kiss onto that amazing patch of skin instantly brings his mind to a new place - one where you and Druig exist freely, away from the problems and issues of the waking world. He feels happy and loved when he’s with you knowing that you feel the same. Your body begins to turn towards him. Your legs still entwined together, you turn your back so you can look into each other's eyes. Those beautiful eyes - the ones he could just drown in forever are his truest weakness. He could never help but fall in love with them each time they locked into his.
"You're looking amazingly beautiful tonight, sweetheart. Shame it's still raining outside." He says before planting a kiss on your collarbone and caressing your chest with his hand as Druig moves it slowly back towards your stomach.
"I guess we'll have to find some other way to entertain ourselves then" you say with a slight shiver in your voice as he kisses back up your shoulder. his lips tracing the way up your neck towards the spot where your jaw meets the neck.
"Mmm, I'm not sure that will be a problem tonight," Druig whispers into your ear before giving you a kiss on the cheek, teasing his way towards your lips. Soft gentle kisses are his favorite. Placing one here and another there as he works his way around your lips. Druig can see the want in your eyes as he slowly moves to give you that kiss you want and then almost pull back at the last moment. He wants to make you yearn for his lips pressed against yours - to heighten your senses and make his touch that much more powerful when he gives in to your body. Slowly kissing your chin and making his way back towards your lips, he begins to place them just on the edge of your lips. He’s not sure he can hold himself back much longer. The velvety skin on your lips is near too much for him - their softness is unsurpassed by any other he’s known before. He needs to taste them. In the ultimate tease, He swiftly and softly runs his tongue across your lips - feeling them gently part ways as he moistens them for you. He can feel the excitement and anticipation reach a tipping point in you and he gives in to it.
Planting his lips against yours, feeling that soft kiss and filling his mouth with your taste, he knows tonight will be one worth remembering for a long time to come.
It's just the way you feel in his arms. The way you touch each other in all the right places without the other needing to tell you what to do. The way you smell and taste. Everything about you is perfect together and perfect for both of you. He makes you his so that you can make him yours.
He can feel you melting into his arms as you kiss and slip into that deep sense of bliss. his lips pressing against yours and your tongues meeting in the middle as your lips part sends chills down his spine and he can feel the goosebumps start to rise up on your arms as he runs his fingers across them. The taste of your sweet lips entering his mouth as his tongue presses in and runs across your teeth - then pushing back and feeling your warm soft tongue pressed against his as he reaches up and licks the roof of your mouth stopping at the back of your teeth. It's such a wonderful sensation for him. So warm and slick, firm yet vulnerable at the same time. The dance of your tongues is more erotic than any dance of the body we've ever had.
Your bodies grow hot with arousal and his hands take on minds of their own. Caressing and exploring your stomach. Gently grabbing and massaging all those perfectly shaped spots along your side. Reaching up and feeling the soft mounds of your breasts, feeling the soft red lace stretched up against your skin. His hands find that sweet spot right in the middle of your chest as he runs his fingers up towards your shoulder giving a gentle squeeze on it. You let out a soft moan as his hands firm up around you and begin their slow descent back towards your breasts. He can see your breathing deepen and your nipples gently poking through with ever more force through the lace that he loves so much on your body. Slowly circles are made surrounding them, moving ever closer to the center of your gorgeous breast and he can see your nipples firm up in an attempt to break free of their restraint and be touched, pulled and squeezed.
His hands moving in closer, gently massaging and squeezing your breasts he can see your chest rise up - pushing them wholly into his hand he gives a firm squeeze. Releasing after a few seconds he traced the outline of your beautifully shaped nipple - now quite firm and longing for his mouth pressed up around it.
Lifting his head up out of the wonderful corner of your neck with one last passionate kiss he bent around so your breasts filled his vision. Your hand rises up and runs through his hair lovingly as he cups your breast and lower his head in towards them. As he let out a slow, deep breath less than an inch away from your skin you can feel the hot air sneaking through your red lace and gracing your skin with a feeling you've earned for all day.
He loves everything about pleasing you. Especially teasing your nipples, and more so pleasing them. The way they perk up as he gently places his lips against your top right over your rock hard nipples and lets loose another slow breath - giving them a little squeeze at the same time. He looks up towards those perfect eyes and sees the sweetest look of pleasure and desire fill them. He also can't help but notice the goosebumps across your chest and want to caress every one of them with his tongue.
Giving your nipple a gentle bite a sharp moan slips through your lips and he knows he’s playing his part well. Moving himself up back towards your face, I cover your chest in soft kisses. Sometimes stopping to pay a bit more attention to one spot and letting his tongue escape from his mouth to give a gentle lick onto that spot - particularly that line where your breasts become your chest again. He has to taste your lips again. Working his way back up, he creeps up your neck towards your ear - giving a gentle nibble or two before he works down your jawline and presses his lips against yours. He can taste the desire on your breath now. That primal urge fills the air and he knows how badly you need him right now - but he’s a man who loves his foreplay. It's incredibly empowering and fun building you up so much to what's getting ready to go down tonight.
And so begins the loss of your clothing. He loves the sight of you in lingerie, but he’s got to get under your skin sometimes and there's only one way to do that. He plants one final kiss on your lips and begins making a line of kisses down your chin to your neck and further down your chest as his hands reach up and gently pull back the straps on your top. The way your top has loosened up now allows him to grab a hold of it in his teeth and little by little pull it down - placing a tender kiss behind each inch of freshly exposed skin.
"God I love when you take your time, you know just how to get me going in all the right ways, no one else has even had me so aroused," you whisper to him with a few soft moans in between words.
His mouth is full but he manages to let out an "Mmm" of acknowledgement as his tongue begins to circle your nipple like a shark following its next meal. Gently running his tongue along that beautiful line where your breast becomes the nipple as he watches it pucker up and reach out for his warm mouth around it. He needs to fill his mouth with you now and with one slight of tongue you are surrounded by him. his lips provide a seal for him to give you a gentle suck as his tongue runs circles around your beautiful nipple. He can feel it growing even firmer and he pulls back - taking it gently in his teeth for a couple seconds before letting it go. He could stay like this for hours. The thrill of bringing you to new heights of arousal would never let him grow tired of this.
Yet his hands can't help but wonder as he brings some much needed attention to your perfect breasts. They've been massaging your chest and arms but have begun to slowly wander down. Running down your sides and across your stomach just a little bit lower each time - but never too low. He’s not giving himself away that easily tonight.
They work their way out towards your sides, reaching your hips and feeling the strong, womanly bones within. He gives a firm squeeze, feeling the way they expand outward and grow away from your waist. Your beautiful ass is pushed slightly out from the position you are laying in and the extra skin feels wonderful in his hands as he hooks his thumb into the side of your lace thong and peels it out from your sides - watching the way it slightly tightens around your velvety mound.
His mouth is beginning to catch up with his hands now - kissing a soft path down from your chest and across your stomach. He loves attention to detail and takes his time exploring your stomach with his tongue. Some kisses right in the middle, others moving out towards the sides, others finding their place in all the areas in between and of course a couple right on your belly button. His hands massaging your hips and moving slowly through and into your thighs - feeling them fill his hands and working all the tension right on out of them.
With a gentle hand running through your inner thighs now and again your moans are beginning to grow from deeper within - filling his head with all sorts of amazing feelings and that feeling of power begins to take over again as your legs gently spread as if guided by an unseen hand begging for his touch between them.
His lips are right on the hem of your thong, feeling that soft red lace on his lips and the smell of you filling his nose. It's like being on a high no drug could ever give, pure & natural - yet addicting. He thinks about how addicted he is to you and revels in the thought of you feeling the same for him.
The drug that is you begins to take over and he finds your legs spreading to accommodate him moving down ever more. Finding the soft, smooth skin of your inner thighs leaves his mouth in a state of bliss - kissing and licking them up and down. Starting by your knees just working his way in, two steps forward and one back. Enjoying every inch of your legs thoroughly, massaging them with his hands as he moves along.
It is only then that he notices what he’s done to you. Looking forward towards you, Druig noticed the glistening spot in between your legs showing through your beautiful folds of love. That's one of his favorite things about your lace lingerie - the way he can almost see right through it yet still has much left to his imagination. Yet there was no mistaking this - your sweet nectar has begun to seep out through your smooth lips and right through the thong. The stirring deep within his crotch has reached an all-time high. He can feel his own juices beginning to seep out and soak into his boxers.
The sight of you is overpowering him and he leans in to smell you up close. His hands glide in across your thighs and stop to rest in that spot where your inner thigh ends and transitions into the lips of your graceful womanhood. His thumbs begin to gently work that spot with gradual intensity as he breathes in deeply. Intoxicated by your scent he feels lightheaded and dizzy for a moment as he catches his breath.
Looking up into your eyes he can feel you begging for his tongue against you without a word coming from your lips. "Those beautiful eyes of yours, I'd do anything to please them," he says, leaving you nothing to do except smile- even though your skin is flushed, he can see your lips spread. He lets out another breath towards the center of your love; the only thing separating it from his mouth now is that beautifully soaked lace you wear. Almost instantly your face is flushed again as all the blood in your head rushes back into your crotch and a deep, satisfying moan leaves your mouth - chest rising and back arching slightly.
As they work on your thighs, slowly inward his hands can feel just how much you've loosened up. Your body is like molten wax, ready to be molded into his own creation. His hand reaches up onto your beautiful mound, feeling it's warm and the heat emanating from deep within your body. He gives you a gentle squeeze loving the way the lace tightens up against your skin. He can almost see your wetness soak through even more as he does this and is enthralled by just how hot he’s gotten you.
Kissing your mound all up and down through the lace is a wonderful sensation that he can't get enough of. Each breath he lets out warms you even more and he can hear your breathing quicken as he moves down again. Kissing your lips and getting a taste of your sweet nectar on his is amazing. Such a sweet taste resting on his lips, he gives them a lick and is amazed by the way a string of it connects him to you when he pulls away.
He needs to taste you, unobstructed. his hand gently pulls back on your thong, exposing your smooth lips in all their glory. Marveling at the sight, your lips filled with a rosy hue, glistening with all the tension he’s filled out with. He moves in and pursues his lips blowing a cool jet of air across them - watching you shiver and tremble before him.
Taking one last look at what he’s done to you he moves forward into you. Gently kissing the outermost folds of your lips, licking and caressing your most intimate parts. The sweet taste of you is all over and he can feel your juices dripping out and onto his chin - He’s holding back as long as he can before he goes for the real prize.
Your moans are now almost constant, each kiss and lick sends another out from deep within you as his hands continue massaging your hips - slowly working up towards your stomach where they can feel your quickened breathing as your body trembles all under the work of his tongue.
He pulls back and notices the way your lips have spread themselves for him, exposing your swollen clit begging for the embrace of his mouth against it. He’s found it hard to hold back anymore when exposed to such an erotic sight and he moves right back in. Just a little closer this time, using his tongue to spread your juices across your lips. Ensuring they're as completely soaked as his chin has become from you.
Your clit brushes up against his cheek and he can feel a burning warmth within it as he slowly licks just along the shroud of skin which protects and covers it.
"Oh his god, please don't make me wait any longer, I don't think I can take anymore," are the words which fill his ears. He can hear the desperation in your voice which instantly turns to pleasure as his tongue makes a quick look around your clit and he gives it a series of soft kisses. These kisses continued to deepen as he slowly engulfed the tip of your loving core in his mouth. With lips locked around it, he gives a good suck and feels your clit swelling even more as it's pulled deep into his mouth. his tongue running across it, then around in circles and back across it as a deep moan is freed from you and your entire body shudders with delight.
Such a sensitive clit can only take so much at one time now so he change his focus back to your labia. Gently pulling on them and nibbling them gently with his lips pulled back over his teeth. A single hand making its way back from your stomach and towards the inside of your thighs - gently massaging and rubbing on them - working closer towards their end. Finding your clit like it was a part of his own body and gently rubbing it in circles as his tongue reaches inside, parting your folds and exposing that beautiful hole in between. It fills with your wetness in such a way that it looks like it was meant only for him.
He gently push his tongue in towards the epicenter of this sweet torture. He can feel your muscles grabbing at his tongue as he dances around the outskirts of your love tunnel - trying to pull at him, bring him in deeper. The thick feel to your wetness on his tongue is like no other he’s ever experienced, even with you. He’s not sure he’s ever seen you this aroused. If he were to pull his head back, He’s sure he'd see you dripping out and onto your bed.
As his tongue continues reaching further inside you, he can feel the tender folds of your insides around him. Quivering and spasming as he continues to rhythmically circle your clit with soaking wet fingers.
Switching off now, he knows you can take his tongue right against your clit again. In one smooth, slow motion he pulls his tongue from within you up and across your lips and onto your clit - taking as much of your sweet nectar with him as he can. His fingers are now feeling and exploring your sweet insides.
Paying the utmost attention to your breathing and moaning, he times the strokes of his tongue to match up with your body - bringing you more in sync than before - and bringing you up to that special edge where he tries to keep you for as long as possible.
As another sharp moan lets loose - this one from even deeper within than before - he can feel a slow rhythmic contraction begin to fill your insides. Your hands reach down and pull his head in closer, running through his hair and filling him with a desire to satisfy you in every way he can. He looks up and your eyes lock for a moment as you beg him, "Please let me cum for you"
My fingers instinctively reach deeper, curving slightly around and feeling you stretch with his entry. Keeping the same motions against your clit with his tongue, he slows down a little - just enough to keep you riding that wave of pleasure and ecstasy. He sends a free hand up towards those beautiful breasts of yours again, running his fingers up your stomach along the way. Another spasm erupts through your body just as he brushes past your nipple before slowly moving back on to them - grabbing one and giving it a nice tight pinch as he moves onto the other.
The spasms running through your body are becoming more powerful and frequent now. He’s not going to be able to hold you back much longer without flat out denying you of this orgasm. Under other circumstances he might do just that, but he feels like you've earned this one. You've played nice together and you could use some release after a night like this one.
Your body arches forward again as you prop yourself up on your elbows. The sight is an amazing one to see. Your body fully exposed to him - all for his own taking. The way your breasts perk out from your chest is enough to almost send him over the edge by themselves.
He pulls his finger out of you and is greeted by a steady gush of fluid from within you. All the dripping from you, held back by his finger is free to flow now. He moves his head down in an attempt to lap it all up, but with so much of it flowing out there's no chance he'll get it all. He pulls his head back to watch a stream of it slowly running out of you and down through your ass. The thickness of it, it's color and most of all its taste just keep turning him on more than he would have thought possible. And to think, his cock hasn't even been brought out yet.
His hand is soaked and he wants you to taste just how sweet you really are. Burying his face back inside of you again he reaches his hand up towards your lips. He gently runs them across your lips before you spread them open and begin to suck your juices right off of him. Your moans tell him you are surely enjoying your own taste - you wonder how many times you've tasted yourself before when he’s not around. When you're missing his touch and try to imagine him there with you - fingering and rubbing yourself into a hot, wet frenzy just to keep your mind straight when he’s not around.
His tongue continues to explore your folds of velvety soft lips as he feels your body slowly tensing up again. You've fallen into an almost constant moan with his fingers still in your mouth. Feeling what you can do to his fingers is leaving an almost un-ignorable heat in between his legs. He can feel the precum leaking out of him and down his rock hard member. He can feel his ball tightening up in his boxers, pulling themselves tight against his shift. Bringing you this far is one of his biggest turn ons, Druig seems to get off more on bringing someone he cares for pleasure than receiving it.
As your legs wrap themselves around his neck - he feels trapped in the best possible way. He could stay there the rest of his life and never have another care in the world if he had his way. He brings his hands down and wraps them around your back. Pulling you in closer. Pulling your rocking hips closer. The two of you stuck together in the hot, sexy embrace that only true lovers will know.
A sharp yelp bursts out from you and he knows your time is near. He runs his hands across your back, holding you as close as he can for this moment of true release for you. Your hands are running through his hair, tugging and pulling on it. Needing something, anything to grab on to. He can feel the muscles all through your body slowly growing more and more tense.
"I'm going to come, don't stop!" you roll off your lips with a whimper as you tighten up hard and seem to freeze up.
He can feel it through him. Through his arms holding you close, through your legs pulling him in, through his tongue driven deep in between your folds of love and sensuality. Every muscle in your body begins a deep rhythmic spasm as the tension gushes out of your body with a slow deep and most of all, loud moan. It's that perfect kind of orgasm - just slowly and intensely coming forward. You know it's coming but it still always takes you by surprise, always takes your breath away and always leaves you satisfied in the most complete way.
He can feel your hot nectar from deep within you gushing out, draining into his mouth, across his cheeks, down your legs and into the already growing wet spot beneath you. his tongue can feel your beautiful cave spasming around it. Your muscles are incredibly strong and they grabbed his tongue so hard he thought he might never get it back! Each spasm pushing more of your juices into his mouth from deep within you - everything he’s worked up in you is all coming out for him now and he’s mesmerized by the taste, look and most of all the smell of it. That deep primal urge coming out in you - pouring out into his mouth from deep within you. He can never get enough of it.
For a while, it seemed like each spasm and contraction just grew stronger and longer - building upon themselves like a temple to their God. If he had tried to count them he surely would have lost his count - it was way too beautiful of a moment of a moment to even consider the thought. The only thing left to do was to ride out your wave of an orgasm and help you down from it as you come back to reality.
The pulsations continued for a while. Slowly making their way down in intensity - the first ones were hard, fast and tight. Gradually loosening up until it was almost a steady stream of pulsations coming from inside of your hot, wet folds and travelling to the furthest reaches of your body.
Every touch he made sent more of them shooting through you, the look on your face was one of pure pleasure and sensory overload. He could make you come again and again - but he feels you might need a breather first.
Still gently lapping up all of your sweet nectar into his mouth he followed the suit of your spasms - gradually lessening to match the rhythm of your body. For the first time in, he’s not sure how long your grip began to loosen and your body began to feel like it had gone limp. His arms around your back seemed like all that was holding you up anymore.
As he looked up from his perch within your legs he noticed the fine bead of sweat covering your entire body, goosebumps across every inch of your skin and the most satisfied look he’s ever seen on your face. Barely able to open your eyes, you opened your mouth but no words could come out. With one arm firmly holding you up he reached up with the other hand and placed a finger over your lips letting you know he understands everything you feel right now.
Helping you lay back down and standing up to admire his beautiful woman and what he’s done to her one last time he felt an immense sense of accomplishment and pride rush through him.
"We'll have to continue this tomorrow, you're all tired out for now," he whispered into your ear as he watched the most beautiful smile he’s seen in a long time grace your face and you simply nod in agreement.
He takes his place in bed and lays down next to you, scooting up close next to you and wrapping his arms back around you. He can still feel a slight shiver run through your body as he brushes your hair back and gives you a kiss on the cheek followed by another several more across the back of your neck. Settled back in together you feel more together than ever, connected on much more than a physical level. Nothing could compare to this moment. You'll both be getting a wonderful night of sleep. Thoughts of what tomorrow may bring run through his mind - and as if you could read his thoughts a slight giggle escapes you as he watches a little smirk appear on your lips.
One last kiss goodnight as he whispers softly in your ear, "Sleep tight and have nothing but the sweetest dreams - Goodnight beautiful."
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writing-wh0re · 6 months ago
Hey um I’m literally craving some Druig smut Rn and was wondering if you could write something with Druig x a shy fem reader. Like Idek she is just all nervous and he’s all confident and cocky and just loves to tease her just to watch her face go all red-
Thank you so much ☺️☺️
All writing will be #writing-wh0re-requests.
Druig x Eternals Reader (Shy around Druig)
Words: 1,872
Warnings: Smut18+, Unprotected Vaginal Sex, Male Performing Oral, Praise Kink (both), Begging Kink (?), Slight Cocky Druig, Cum kink (?)
A/n: Not heaps of plot, mainly smut. I hope you enjoy this! I really like writing for Druig..
Please note, there are no spoilers in this! Use of characters only, no link to movie.
Druig Headcanon
Something Special - Smut18+
I love you - Smut18+
Druig always had a suave about him.
For thousands of years he found it funny to tease me, his little lingering touches, side smirks and fast winks, they always had my head cloudy and stomach erupt with butterflies.
“Bet you wish you could use your power on me huh.” I roll my eyes at Ikaris, training beside him was never a favourite task of mine.
“Who says she hasn’t?”
I feel my heartbeat pick up at Druig’s comment, his arms crossed over his chest, leaning against a nearby wall.
Ikaris chuckles, his eyes wandering over me, studying me almost.
“Doesn’t power absorption drain the recipient?” I flick my eyes over to Druig, a sly smirk on his lips. “If anything, Y/n makes me feel more empowered.”
“You can be a real dick Ikaris.” I spit, the taller man chuckling.
“You have a point Ikaris, but who said she’s using your power?”
Ikaris scoffs, shaking his head. What a cocky motherfuck.
I feel Druig’s body behind me, his warm breath fanning my neck, instantly causing goosebumps to liter my skin.
“Take my hand.”
My eyes flick down to his hand, his pinky softly brushing against my wrist. I look over my shoulder, the closeness of Druig causing both butterflies and arousal to pool between my thighs. Fuck, he smells so good.
Druig nods softly, encouraging me as I take his hand in mine, a small spark of purple light flicking between our palms.
“Get him to leave us alone, let everyone know you finally beat him in training.”
Druig’s free hand holds my hip, pulling my body against his more, the warmth of his chest radiating over my back, his cheek pressed to the side of my head, his whispered words causing shocks of electricity to flow up my spine.
“You’ve got this.”
His encouragement is all I need as Ikaris looks over at us.
“Am I interrupting something?”
“Actually Ikaris, you are.” I lace my fingers with Druig, a shudder racking my body as I absorb part of Druig’s power.
“Leave us Ikaris, don’t forget who you lost to today.” Ikaris's eyes glow a warm yellow before returning back to normal. Ikaris nods his head at the both of us before walking out of the room.
“Oh Ikaris.” Druig spins out of our embrace, his hand leaving mine. “Lock the door behind you.”
Ikaris turns, locking the door and pulling it closed as I feel heat filling my cheeks. The gym suddenly feels smaller than normal, my eyes fixated on Druig, a proud smirk on his face.
“Controlling the powerful Ikaris.” Druig chuckles closing the small gap between us, his hand brushing against my cheek. I feel my breathing become ragged, my heart hammering in my chest. “Only you can do that.”
My breath hitches slightly, his words causing a soft smile to dance across my lips. My eyes darted away from him.
“Why do I make you nervous darling?”
I open and close my mouth, no words forming as I try and think of something to say, anything. C’mon Y/n. You’re an eternal for fuck sake.
Druig chuckles, his lips brushing against my cheek before whispering.
“You make me nervous as well.”
He pulls back slightly, our eyes locking together, his roaming my face before flicking from my lips to my eyes.
I stand on my tippy toes, Druig’s hands instantly falling to my hips, pulling me against his chest, our foreheads pressing against each other. I wrap my arms around his neck pulling him down to me as the gap closes between us, our lips falling together in perfect sync.
His grip on my hips tighten as my tongue slips past his lips, swirling against his, my fingers raking through his hair.
Druig pulls away from our kiss, both of our chests raising and falling, his cheeks flushed and my filled with blush.
“Three thousand years.”
My eyebrows knit together in confusion as our eyes meet.
“I’ve waited three thousand years to kiss you.”
A burst of happiness panges my heart.
“Let’s not waste another second.” I smirk, pulling him closer to me by his leather jacket, our lips falling together once again, a soft moan leaving his lips.
His hands move down to my thighs, picking me up as I wrap my legs around his torso.
Our tongues fight against each other, his fingertips caressing the globes of my ass through my shorts.
Druig places me down on the gym’s bathroom sink. The cold bench caused a hiss to escape me.
He pulls away from me again, his eyes roaming over my body. A confidence surges through me as I pull my shirt from my skin, quickly unclasping my bra. Druig licks his lips, smirking as he slowly drags his fingers up my body, my eyes staying locked with his.
His hand gently cups my boobs, his lips parting before his face is buried in my cleavage, his mouth trailing kisses across each one, his tongue flicking over my nipples.
“Shit.” I gasp, his eyes flicking up to mine, his teeth pulling on my hard nipple.
Druig sucks hickies into my skin, swirling his tongue around each spot to soothe the pain.
“You’re so beautiful.”
I smile at his words, my mind still trying to figure out if this is really happening, after all this time.
His fingers loop in the waistband of my shorts, pulling them down my legs in one swift motion, his fingertips tracing my clothed core. A deep chuckle rumbles through his chest, his free hand tilting my head up to look into his eyes.
“Darling, who made you this wet?”
I whimper, wiggling my hips into his touch.
“Tell me darling.”
“Druig, you did.”
His eyes darken as his name passes my lips in a breathless moan.
“Mmm, say that again.”
His fingers press against my clit, the roughness of the lace brushing against my damp core.
His proud smile sends arousal straight to my pussy, my clit throbbing against his finger before he slips past my panties, circling his finger around.
“Please” My plea causes a soft chuckle to leave his lips, his fingers sliding into me with ease as I gasp.
“Let me take my time darling, we’ve waited too long for me to rush.”
I nod in response, not trusting my voice or brain to form any words. Druig smiles, looking down at his fingers disappearing into my slick pussy, a low moan passing his lips.
“Good girl.”
My walls clench around him at the praise, his tongue clicking in response.
“Does my girl have a praise kink?”
My cheeks fill with blush again, a sly smirk on his face.
“You’re my good girl, aren't you baby?”
My walls flutter, a gush of wetness flowing through me.
Druig hums in response, his lips locking with mine, his other hand falling behind my neck as his fingers pump in and out of me. My chorus of moans becoming muffled by his lips, his thumb rubbing circles on my clit.
“Oh fuck.” I tilt my head back, his lips trailing down my neck, kissing his way down my body.
He keeps his fingers inside of me, his kisses trailing up and down my thighs, inches away from my dripping pussy each time.
“Say it love, tell me what you need.”
He scoffs, shaking his head, his fingers pressing against my g-spot.
“More than that darling.”
“Fuck me, eat me, do something.”
“Needy little thing aren’t you.”
I groan in frustration, thrusting my hips up wanting his fingers to continue their pace. His tongue slips past my folds, my fingers instantly lacing in his hair, tugging on the strands as he laps my clit. His moan sends soft vibrations around my skin, his fingers slowly pulling out of me before sliding back in, his tongue swirling in different directions on my clit.
“Druig, yes.”
I feel his smile against my pussy, his pace picking up as electricity sparks though my legs. His free hand holds my hips down against the bench, completely devouring me as I feel my release build with every flick of his tongue and stroke of his fingers.
“I’m cumming.” Druig sucks my clit completely throwing me over the edge, my fingers pulling his hair as he groans loud. He sits back, looking over my body while sucking his fingers clean, butterflies completely taking over my stomach, my legs shaking with aftershocks from my orgasm.
“Look at you, all mine.”
“Only yours.”
Druig licks his lips, a smile dancing across his face.
“Yes love?”
“Fuck me.”
Druig chuckles, slowly undoing his belt and slipping out of his clothes.
“Anything for you.”
His cock springs free, my lips parting as I take in the man before me, the man who’s taken over all of my dreams, the man who I have waited years for.
Druig looks at me raising his eyebrow, silently asking for permission as I nod.
His lips brush against mine, his cock running up and down my slit, collecting my wetness. Both of us moan loud as he slides inside of me, my walls fluttering around him, his cock twitching inside of me.
“Made for me.”
I wrap my arms around his neck, kissing down his neck as I mark his skin. My nails dig into his shoulder blades when his hips start moving, his cock sliding in and out of me.
Druig hisses, his face buried in crock of my neck, “Fuck, so tight.”
“So big.” My praise causes his cock to twitch inside of me again, a small smirk on my lips I pick up on his praise kink.
His cock slips in and out of me with perfect rhythm, our lips finding each other again, his hands roaming my body.
“You feel so good.”
My eyes roll back slightly, his cock massaging my walls perfectly, hitting every spot exactly where I need him.
“God Druig.”
I place my hand on his cheek, our eyes locking together.
“Druig, fuck.” I moan, biting my lip as he holds my leg up, hooking his arm under to get a deeper angle.
“Y/n, baby, fuck.”
My walls flutter around him, his pace picking up.
“Just like that, fill my pussy Druig, please.”
Druig moans loud, his head tilting back, lips parted and eyes squeezed shut. His fingertips dig into my skin as my eyes roll back, the feeling of both of us reaching our peaks washing over me, the warmth of his release filling me.
Druig stays buried inside of me for a few seconds, both of us savouring the feeling as he quickly pecks my lips.
“I hope to do that again sometime.”
I roll my eyes at him, playful shoving him before grabbing my clothes and getting changed.
“Let me know when and where.” I wink as he shakes his head smiling, his hands falling to my waist as he kisses me softly, lingering on my lips. I go in for another kiss before Ajak’s voice booms through the Domo.
“Y/n! Druig! What have I said about using each other’s powers on Ikaris!”
Druig grabs my hand, pulling me behind him as we run away from a furious Ikaris and disappointed Ajak.
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buckyhoney · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞: lmao, im a whore inspired by this ask
𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠: druig x reader
𝐫𝐞𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐠𝐬/𝐟𝐞𝐞𝐝𝐛𝐚𝐜𝐤/𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞𝐬 𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐠𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐥𝐲 𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐜𝐢𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐝 & 𝐡𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐥𝐲 𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐫𝐚𝐠𝐞𝐝! 𝐡𝐨𝐰𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫, 𝐃𝐎 𝐍𝐎𝐓 𝐫𝐞𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐭/𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐚𝐥 𝐀𝐍𝐘 𝐨𝐟 𝐦𝐲 𝐟𝐢𝐜𝐬!
𝟏𝟖+ 𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: 18+, language, thigh riding, exhibitionism?, degrading kink, this is uneditied
It seems like the waves of sexual frustration came at the worst times. Laying in bed, your thighs squeezed shut- desperately trying to relieve some frustration but failing miserably.
Druig sits in the other room on a call with the other Eternals, catching up and talking about the latest adventures they'd been on. It was a rather boring call, but he sat with the phone on speaker leaning back in the desk chair.
His thighs are covered by the thin pajama pants and t-shirt covering his chest. Druig's appearance made the wetness between your thighs grow.
Standing in the doorway, you watched and waited for him to give you the okay that you could come in.
A smile tugs on the corner of his mouth and you slowly walk toward him. Sitting on the small chair in front of the dark wooded desk, you watched his light blue eyes squint together in confusion. Scooting back, not making a sound, letting Kingo continue the story about his latest film.
Druig pats his thigh. Butterflies swarm your stomach as you got up and went around the desk and sat on his lap- straddled his lap. Druig's eyes fell to your lower half. Only a sheer layer of panties covered your wet heat. He felt the arousal seep through the material of his pants.
Innocently, you smile wide- littering kisses around his neck. The sexual frustration only grew and the longer your lips lingered, the more aroused and needy you became.
The cellphone moved away from his ear and to the top of the desk. Druig pressed mute and speaker buttons.
"Tsk, tsk, tsk. Already made a mess on my thigh?" The heat rose to your cheeks, embarrassed at the small patch of arousal on his leg.
"I'm sor-" Druig cuts you off,
"You need to cum don't you? Want to hump my leg like an impatient whore?" He begins, sliding his palms underneath the fabric of your shirt- feeling that there is no bra.
"So needy, so pathetic." Druig coos, grazing his thumb over your nipple.
It pebbles and a shiver is sent down your spine and your pussy begins to throb.
"Can't even wait till I'm off the phone." You're beyond embarrassed.
Embarrassed at how needy you are, embarrassed by how frustrated you are- embarrassed that you were getting turned on by the thought of getting off on his thigh while you're while on the phone.
"Go on." Druig leans back, gesturing to his leg.
Hesitantly, you watch the phone- triple checking that your end is muted. Druig chuckles at your caution, before bouncing his leg. A small whimper slips past your lips as your clit aches.
You begin to grind against his leg. Your arms wrap about his neck and you pull him as close as you could. Without warning, small whimpers and whines dripped from your lips. Eyes fluttering shut, soon you forgot you were still on the phone.
"What would they think if they heard your pathetic little whimpers?" Druig taunted.
"So fucking desperate. I can feel how wet your cunt is- you're making such a mess." Druig grunts, feeling himself harden underneath you.
The pleasure only grew with the desperation to cum. Your eyes squeezed shut and the voices from the phone drowned out as your hips humped against him faster.
"You're gonna cum, aren't you? I can feel that cunt aching, you need that needy hole to be filled huh?" You couldn't form words.
Too lost in the pleasure all you could do was a grunt.
"You gotta use your words or I'll send you to the room right now." He threatened you knew it was a real- because he had done it before.
"I- fuck! I-I need to-" The words get jumbled in your mind and the pleasure builds in rapidly your stomach.
"Full sentences, princess." Interrupted by a moan, you mustered all the concentration you could and mumbled something resembling a sentence.
"M'need to cum!" Druig chuckled, covering your mouth as Kingo asked him a question.
Your eyes widened then rolled back as you moaned into his mouth. Your orgasm rolled through you, your hips bucked and your legs went numb.
"I'm in, just let me know where." Druig agreed to some plans to hang out soon, but when he finished he didn't mute the phone.
"Alright, bye guys." Druig smirked, hanging up his end of the call.
Removing his hand from your mouth with a devilish grin. You sat in front of him, exhausted and sweaty- your chest panting.
"That's my fucking girl, " Druig moans, pressing his lips to your neck.
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rae-gar-targaryen · 4 months ago
amor fati [druig x fem!eternals reader]
A/N: Ya girl is back and officially posting writing again. I know it's been a while, but thank you for sticking with me. I didn't think I'd write for Marvel again, but, well, like all of you, I was just taken by Barry's performance as Druig, who (along with Makkari) quickly stole the whole movie for me. Keep an eye out for an upcoming TASM!Spidey and/or Matt Murdock fic, as well. Might as well go full-tilt Marvel now… 
This piece is probably a cliché, but oh well. I hope you like! Please tell me what you liked, what you didn't, and what, if anything, I should do for Druig in the future. There is a playlist for this, as well. 
Reblogs are always appreciated! 
Pairing: Druig x fem eternal!reader (Reader’s legend is that of Artemis, the hunter goddess. No Y/N); some Drukkari x reader, if you're looking. 
Word Count: 16.1k of eternal love, the stuff that poems are made of, and my usual abuse of simile and metaphor. Cotton candy sweetness -- but careful, lest it dissolve between your fingertips. Who said romance wasn’t a little tragic? All’s well that ends well.
Warnings: my writing is its own warning, angst, eternals-style heartbreak (y'all have either seen the movie or read enough fic to know that our boy leaves), canon-typical violence, misuse of power. Also? Smut, so 18+ ONLY -- touching, biting, outdoor naughtiness, mutual masturbation, and other things that occur more than once in here, okay? 
Summary: A love for the ages, yours and Druig's feelings for one another have persisted throughout time and distance. Stoic as Druig is, winter snow melts in the light of spring, and a little hunter has held his heart in her hands for millennia. Gently traipses through the plot of the movie.
Tumblr media
By starlight, everything was serene. A luminous, crescent crown.
Your awakening was like the warp and the weft, weaving the threads that comprised your personhood through a grandiose loom. It was simultaneously soft and scraping – A yarn-like itch behind your eyelids compelled you to open them, only to be met with a room full of strangers. 
You saw him then -- eyes of twinkling, galactic starlight. Serene. 
You tilted the corner of your lips in a soft smile, hoping to convey similar softness. Welcoming. And his face? His face remained stoic. Passive.
As you would come to learn, as history unfolded, it all was positively Austenian. Dickensian. Shakespearean, maybe?
Here he was: The crystalline-eyed boy with raven hair and blooming-lily skin, so superior in his indifference. Who carried himself with a power that transcended time. A cool, quiet tempest. Burning insight and demand into the deepest corners of a mind, like the golden, fiery sun.   
There you were: The doe-eyed girl. Quick in wit (and to anger), the sharpness of your tongue second only to that of your arrows. Fearsome, to be sure, but soft for him. (As he would be for you). Graceful and generous. A flower known to bloom by the silvery light of the pale moon. 
There was no way to know it when you awoke. But the two of you would be wrapped in one another throughout eternity, as threads pulled tightly around a finger, woven through a loom. But perhaps you had been before then, if man could comprehend a “prior-to” eternity. If you could remember a time before now.
But forever is made of little nows...
Perhaps this is where Austen, Dickens, Shakespeare, and the like would come to draw their inspiration. From the legends of godlike warriors who would cross the universe, if it meant even a moment together. Who guarded and tended the fragile sapling that was the human race. Who stole clandestine moments to bask in one another, exchanging endearments and creating traditions that would become symbols of love throughout time. Everything starts somewhere. 
For the very moment you opened your eyes in the cool, eerie light of the Domo, you were invigorated with purpose. You had awoken with Arishem’s booming voice in your ears, permeating your mind. Dictating to you. To protect the human race of Earth. To defeat the Deviants. 
You padded softly across the chamber, smiling and nodding at your fellow Eternals, introducing yourself as you went, until you stood before him. Rugged, roguish, and still somehow boyish, he stood with his arms clasped behind his back, appraising you. His black armor replete with details of curving, curling red, his eyebrows quirked as he looked down at you, awaiting your word.
You gave him your name, holding out your hand for him to take.
“Druig,” he responded, the lilt of his accent strange and soothing to your ears as he clasped your hand gently in greeting.
You nodded, a warm smile gracing your features as you looped his hand through your arm and made to cross to the nearest window together. 
“Are you excited?” You asked him; the feel of his arm was warm against yours as you took in the marble-like appearance of the planet you were assigned to. Comforting. “This is my first assignment since leaving Olympia … ‘Earth,’ you sighed. “I wonder what it will be like.”
Druig chuckled softly at your eagerness, taking you in as you observed the blue-green planet of Earth through the glass of the Domo. 
Your armor was rosy, copper-like in appearance with striking details of silvery-blue twining its way across your body, as the red did with his. 
Fitting, he thought. That your very warmth should be reflected in the very nature of your kit. Not just anyone would immediately approach Druig and hold his hand. He wasn’t exactly known for his sunny disposition on Olympia. 
Was he? 
Yet, here you stood fearlessly by his side as though you belonged, your eyes shining by the light of space, ethereal. By starlight, everything was serene. 
Not for the first time since he had met you did Druig find himself quirking his brow in assessment of you. Intrigued. For what could someone so seemingly gracious, gentle, do in battle against Deviants, of all things?
“Ta. Well, we’ll know soon enough, won’t we?” Druig answered both your question and his own musings before another voice snapped the moment. 
“It is time,” your leader – Ajak, your mind supplied – spoke. Summoning you all to prepare yourself for the journey to Earth. 
As you took your place alongside the others, you couldn’t help but feel the elation coursing through you. The determination. You would protect this planet with everything you had. Whatever time you had to learn the beings of Earth, and your fellow Eternals, was like a book waiting to be pored over.  Your lives stitched together, piecemeal, made by some unseen, Celestial force. Woven. Throughout eternity, woven. 
How could you have known just how much, little hunter?
In some ways, fighting was as easy as breathing, as weaving. It’s what you were made for, wasn’t it? 
As you and your fellow Eternals progressively cleared each corner of the globe from the Deviant infestation, you learned to operate together. To move as one to defeat the beings that threatened the development of this planet. 
Somewhere along the way, between the immeasurable conjuring of your golden arrows to fire through the bow you could weave at will, it became, well, fun. Centuries spent side by side with the universe's finest warriors had taught you a thing or two. And as humanity had developed, thanks in part to Sersi's gentle patience and Phastos's ingenuity, so had you.
As Thena and Gilgamesh cut through their enemies like tissue paper, you and Kingo would offer coordinated support through the benefit of distance attacks and hawkish aim. Determined and quick, you never missed. Kingo made for an excellent partner, releasing the beaming power of the sun from his fingertips as though it was nothing. Shooting down Deviants, the two of you covering the backs of your fellow Eternals, and working seamlessly in tandem. 
Kingo would offer you a smirk when he connected with his mark, and hollered a “nice shot,” when you aimed true. Whether the two of you had a running competition as to who could strike the most targets from the greatest distance was for the two of you to know, and for no one else to find out. The tally marks surreptitiously etched into the corner of the Domo were for the two of you alone. 
And Ajak -- a mother in some ways and the commander of a battalion in others -- saw fit that when you weren't fighting the deviants, you spent ample time training to fight deviants. 
It was this training time where you would partner with those Eternals whose skills were the most unlike your own – trying to prod the blur that you knew to be Makkari with a plinking, blunted arrow. Or seeking to best the taciturn Druig in hand-to-hand before he could bewitch you with eyes of molten gold. 
Truth be told, Druig was no slouch at close-quarters combat. But against an opponent with the coordination and entrenched anticipation of an archer? Besting you was no small feat. If he could best you, that is.
The two of you traded blows as easily as you traded quips. Druig, so usually reserved, flourished. He was agile as he jumped and spun to avoid your strikes, twirling around you to make his move.  You dodged his attempted strike to your face, using the momentum to lean back and swing your leg to knock Druig’s from under him. As Druig’s shoulders met the floor, you rolled, fluidly conjuring a small dagger, which you brought to his bare throat. Meeting him with the weight of your forearms against his shoulders to keep him fixed to the floor. 
You beamed down at your quarry, batting your lashes. An innocent smile – for no being with a smile so bright could have done what you just did, right? You? Topple someone so fearsome? Never. 
“Don’t toy with your food,” Kingo called to you teasingly, unable to contain his chuckle at your position over Druig. “Leave the poor boy with some pride, archer.” 
“Pride?” You quirked a brow down at the man below you, shifting your weight to stand above him and offering a hand. “Do you feel proud?” You teased. 
Druig clasped his warm hand into yours, panting lightly with the exertion of sparring, and allowed you to hoist him to his feet. Using the momentum of your pull, he leveraged himself into crowding your personal space, swarming your senses with nothing but Druig as he smirked back at you. 
“Of you? Immensely, hunter,” Druig breathed so that Kingo couldn't hear, the cadence of his accent a pleasant hum against your ears. 
He released your hands, circling you as though preparing to spar once more. As a panther would, replete with inky hair and coiling muscle. 
“You’ve felled your prey bravely. What deviant could stand against you?” 
You snorted, pleased with Druig’s teasing demeanor, a warm little thrum coursing through you. He could be quite charming when he wanted to be. Time and gentle patience had taught you that he wasn’t always as dour as he could be with the others – given the right circumstances. 
Or perhaps the right company?  He was never quite so cross with you or Makkari. 
“Perhaps you think too highly of the threat you pose, dear Druig. For what are men compared to deviants?” you asked, your eyes tracking his progress around you. 
Druig’s pacing ceased at your words, his eyes a brewing storm as he swept a glance up and down your form. Stepping to close the gap between the two of you once more and deliberately brushing his shoulder into yours, he paused to look down at your profile before he passed you by. 
“Be on your guard. I am no mere man, little hunter,” he murmured, leaving your side with a parting wink. 
Your gaze never left Druig as he departed, making his way down the verdant-lit halls of the Domo. Leaving your body buzzing pleasantly with something as you recalled the way his lips had ever-so-slightly grazed the shell of your ear as he taunted you. 
Just one of many threads serving to weave you both together, twining colors of dawn, of star-crested trees, and a crown of holy branches. Of breaking tides and moonlit swaths. You couldn’t choose the threads within the loom, obsequious at the facile hands of fate – or something else. 
Clearing corners of the globe did allow you to take in the many splendors of this planet, as you had so hoped all those years ago on the Domo before coming to Earth. To allow you to get to know the people of Earth, your fascination with them and their development as endless as their apparent fascination with the Eternals. 
But it wasn’t just the people of Earth that held your attention. 
Nature had offered an escape, a reprieve from the endless conflict with the Deviants. You did not seek the next battle, as Thena did. Nor were you as entrenched in development as Phastos.
No, you preferred to spend your days exploring the countryside, climbing rocks, swimming in the ocean. Tending to the deer in the forest.
One such day found you enjoying the lake near where you had settled. It was an atypically quiet day, and cool babbling was soothing to you as you observed the clear water, taking in the colorful rocks like a rainbow embedded beneath its surface. The fish paid you no mind as you waded in, unable to help yourself. 
“Not t’ cold, is it?” You turned at the smooth, accented voice of Druig as he made his way through the treeline, coming to stop along the shore near where you had waded in, hands folded as he observed you in the sunlight. 
“I don’t mind a bit of cold, demeanor or otherwise,” you acknowledged. “Besides, the humans bathe and wash their linens here. If they don’t mind it, I don’t see any reason why I should.” 
Druig snorted at that, wading his way into the water not far from where you stood, the current gently rippling around your bodies.
“I've heard them talking about you, you know. Sprite's been spinning her web of tales in every city we dock,” Druig said offhandedly as he tossed a stone atop the clear lake, rippling the water’s previously-unblemished surface with the skips of the smooth rock. 
“Oh?” You plucked a unique-looking grey-blue rock from the shallows, your dress bunching in the water and flowing about your knees. “And what do they say?”
You turned over the rock you had chosen in your hands, noting, pleased, how its shade was so similar to the eyes of the man who stood beside you, plucking and skipping stones of his own.
“They call you Artemis. Some call you Diana. Others Selene. Different names for the same, stunning entity. Goddess of the forest, the hunter, the protector of young women throughout their land." 
You laughed. 
“That’s a kind and gentle way to describe conjuring arrows to destroy Deviants in bloody battle. Are you sure they aren’t referring to Sersi instead?” you chirped, leaning down to trail your fingers through the cool, clear water, admiring the way the blue of the rock looked so striking when held beneath the surface. 
“And what of your legends?” You queried. “So powerful that Sprite has invented an entire mystical order to explain away the one man who can grasp a million minds. The druids. Does that not tickle your pride somewhat?”
“An attempt to make me sound useful and utilitarian, perhaps?” Druig tossed another stone, ignoring its skipping progress across the water’s surface in favor of wading gently closer to where you stood. 
“Even so. Solitary folk they are, eh? The druids. So Sprite says. Any truth to that, then?” Your eyes tracked his progress as he disrupted the cool river’s surface to stand by your side.
Druig shrugged, coolly, but still affable. Willing to banter with you a bit more. The stretch of patience he would extend to you, to your conversations, after centuries still never ceased to amaze you. You often wondered what it is that had separated you from the others. Why he would extend these courtesies to you, to Makkari, and offer you glimpses of himself. 
“You know I prefer solitude if I am gifted it. Too many minds around and it gets a bit … crowded … up here.” Druig made a motion with his hands, circling around his head. “Like the buzzing of so many busy little bees,” he sighed. “But you know my power. You know me.”
You shuddered a bit at the heat that had laced Druig’s voice. “Do I?” You looked across the water, teasingly refusing to meet Druig’s gaze. “And what do you suppose my estimation is?” 
“Other than finding me roguishly handsome, you mean?” Druig teased. 
Your eyes widened at Druig’s jest. Although, in every joke, a kernel of truth. Had he been reading your thoughts? 
“Bah!” You huffed, “Don’t be a scoundrel. Especially not with someone who can best you in a fight.” 
“You still think you can best me, then?” Druig challenged, his voice light and bantering. 
“Oh, I know I can,” you bent your knees ever-so-slightly below the water, ready to spring should Druig challenged you. “You think I would expel all of my energy when we spar? Please.”  
“I could always just compel you to lose,” Druig said, tapping his chin as though deep in thought. 
“You would have to be faster than Artemis to do that,” and with that, you pounced, lurching forward and giving Druig’s shoulder a purposeful shove, causing him to slip on the stones beneath his feet topple into the water with a resounding splash, the sound cracking against the trees. 
You laughed as you backed away toward the shore, out of Druig’s reach as he broke the surface of the water, spluttering.
If you had thought he resembled a large cat before when you were training, the comparison was certainly apt now. He fixed you with a glare as he shook the water from his hands, and then his hair, now wet and matted to his head, his clothes stuck to his form, dripping. 
“Cheeky, hunter,” Druig breezed, his voice taking on a low timbre, but with no hint of malice, as he waded toward the shoreline, giving way to the chase you were leading him on as you darted from his grasp. 
He bent at the shoreline, dragging his hand through the water and attempting to splash you as you ran down the shore. 
Druig certainly could be fast when he wanted to be, you thought, too little too late as he closed the gap between you, catching you with an arm around your waist and causing you both to topple onto the pebbled shore. 
 You laughed together, Druig taking the moment to stroke a stray hair at your crown back into place.
“How could we have never met on Olympia?” you asked him, softly, “I feel as though I should have known you my entire life. And yet … we have only met now. It hardly feels fair. Years without the discovery of one another.” 
“We know one another now,” he shrugged, knocking an affable shoulder into yours as you sat beside one another, taking in the lake once more. 
Druig’s company was easy. Summer rain, the soft tapping on glass, warm, sweet and refreshing. 
You reached for the canvas bag you had brought with you that rested near where you had stopped together on the shore, pulling a fiery-hued orange from the depths of your bag. 
“Is this where Makkari keeps getting these then,” Druig asked as he watched you peel the orange. “She’s always snacking on them.” 
You nodded, offering Druig a wedge, its skin visibly thin and membranous by the light of the sun, ready to burst with zinging, crisp flavor on your tongue when you bite into it. 
Druig held up his hand to you, making to refuse. But you gently took his wrist, opening his palm to you and placing the wedge in his hand. You had opened the rind as you were slowly opening yourself to him, splitting the orange down its center and offering to share. To share its brightness, its sweetness, as you would endeavor to share yours. 
"You need to enjoy yourself more. The world is full of small treasures waiting to be discovered. Take a page from Makkari’s book,” you bit your own wedge, Druig taking in the little slip of juice that made its way from the corner of your mouth. 
He shrugged, following suit and biting into his own wedge. 
"Do you like them?" You asked through a mouthful of sweet, zipping orange. 
He nodded softly, savoring the sweet, syrupy flavor. “And Makkari?”
"She likes sharing with me," you shrugged.
Druig’s brows quirked at that. He knew you knew that he was also close with Makkari. How he would anchor the quicksilver woman in tender moments. And she, him. He had hoped it wouldn’t be a point of contention as you and he developed into … whatever you were that felt dangerously like affection. 
It seems he was mistaken; for you and Makkari were clearly also … affectionate.
To you, Makkari was milk and honey. Sweetness, nourishment, home.  Druig was oil. Rich and incendiary. He was the sagebrush you smelled in the desert before a storm – A cautionary comfort you could never quite quantify. 
And as the traipsing trail of time slipped past, thick like honey, you were eager for this to unfold. The path before you now lay, heavy and unblemished, like freshly packed and fallen snow. Tread lightly, little one, lest you sink too far. Or mar the surface of yours and Druig's tenuous friendship. 
And the  humans, it seemed, had grown to adore their protectors. 
And your friendship -- no, that seemed too soft a word … partnership?? -- had blossomed. Sharing your observations on humanity, sparring, your cheeky little intrigues with Makkari, helping her "obtain" treasures she sought. Your sniper's eye was good for more than just combat, after all...
And, at the celebration the humans had held for you within the stronghold of Babylon’s walls, you basked in the warmth of the evening from your chosen perch. 
Watching Sersi dance with the humans. Watched as Sprite weaved her tales with the accompaniment of shimmering, golden illusions. Watched as Makkari haggled with the townsfolk. You had turned down Kingo and Gilgamesh's offer of a drinking contest in favor of observation. Perhaps you were waiting for the offer to dance, instead?
“You know,” Druig pushed himself off of the wall at the periphery of your vision, his lilting voice breaking your thoughts, “I asked Makkari where she got some of those artifacts to trade. She started to mention something about them being won in a ‘shooting contest,’ before becoming suspiciously forgetful. You wouldn’t know anything about that would you, dear hunter of mine?” 
Druig ambled his way over to where you held court, your gaze fixed solely on him now. 
“Now, Dru, you know I respect Ajak’s rules far too much to aid in any kind of scheme where thievery is involved. Besides, were they really thieved if I won them fair and square?” You smiled at him then, a quick flash of tilted lips and teeth, like a fox might bare its teeth at its prey. 
The flicker of ferocity behind your grin was a direct juxtaposition to your usually-calm demeanor, and the softness of the dress that adorned your body. So different from your usual stiff, copperish armor. 
A heady combination, Druig thought, your contradictions continuing to surprise him. 
“And what did Makkari promise you in return for your assistance?” Druig stood before you, arms clasped behind his back in apparent repose. But you knew better. Lightning roiled beneath his skin, in the contrasting gold-and-blue of his stormy eyes. He merely awaited his moment. 
“Alleged assistance, my love,” you teased. “And Makkari’s and my arrangements are our own. No business of yours …  not unless you ask nicely for it to be your business.” 
At the heated lilt of your teasing voice, Druig’s mind was awash with the possibility and entendre of what you had said. 
“You’ve compelled me to ask, but for my own self–preservation, perhaps I’ll save that for later,” Druig replied, circling you slowly. “That’s a lovely dress, by the way.”
You smiled at his compliment, your desire to tease gone as you felt flush at his compliment. Almost shy. You shifted on your feet. 
“I almost feel more comfortable in my armor, but Kingo insisted. He’s got more of a flair for this sort of thing than I do, anyway,” you offered, glancing at your Apollo from across the room as he laughed with Gilgamesh at Sprite’s illusions. "And some of the women in the village made it for me." 
The upswing of a new song caught your attention, and you turned to the man beside you, who was likewise observing the others. Ever-watchful, your Druig. 
The two of you had shared tender moments. Conversations far too personal to be purely platonic. Hell, the two of you had even shared a few kisses over the years. Embraced. Held one another in private moments just for the two of you. Or three of you. But the urgency to progress something wasn't really a factor when you lived forever. 
Nevertheless, yours and Druig's… whatever you might call it… had not really progressed past a certain point. Call it respect for the being you knew to be reserved in his affection, but you didn't feel the need to be overly-physical it it wasn't something he had instituted.
That doesn't mean the desire wasn't there. At least on your part. The burning thrum of something just shy of need. The hope to hold onto Druig as more than just your friend. To press the planes of your skin along his in quiet moments. To feel his hands caress parts of yourself that no one else would. His hands were quite maddeningly beautiful, weren't that? Craving the resplendent mutualism of shared ardor.
Had centuries not been long enough? So, while you didn’t know what came over you, you felt compelled to ask nonetheless – 
“Would you care to dance?” You piped up suddenly, your own voice (or perhaps the suddenness of your own courage) causing you to jump a bit, like a startled fawn. 
Had you really just done that? No sense in playing coy now.
You gestured at the circling crowd. 
Ah. So, perhaps it was a foolish request.
Druig quirked a brow at you, tilting the corner of his mouth into a barely-there half smile. For his part, he seemed to hesitate a tad before taking in the magnitude of the crowd and responding,
“I’m not much of a dancer, I’m afraid, love,” he replied. “Besides, can’t have anyone knowing I have two left feet.” 
You tried to quell the rush of icy disappointment and proverbial cold water his response had shot through you.
“I’ve seen you fight, Dru, your feet are precisely as they should be,” you teased gently, masking the mild sting of rejection you felt with a joke. “Ah, well.” 
With that, you pressed a soft kiss to his cheek, and patted his arm softly before making your way from the room, and outside of the city walls. 
A blurring rush came to a stop beside Druig as he watched you go. He turned to find Makkari at his side, a stern look fixed to her usually-gentle features, prominent chin jutted in Druig’s direction and eyes awash in a frown. 
“Why would you do that?” She prodded at Druig, her hands flying. 
“I’m not much of a joiner,” he responded, signing back his dissent to your invitation. 
“She just wanted to spend time with you. Even you aren't that dense. Go on, go find her. You can thank me later,” Makkari was insistent, shoving him in the direction of the door you had left from. 
“Nosy,” Druig chuckled, rolling his eyes over-dramatically to ensure Makkari would see, before smiling at her in thanks and following your path.
Your invitation to dance had taken him a bit by surprise. It's not as though the two of you weren't … affectionate with one another, by any stretch. And it's not as though he didn't want to be. 
The thought of the two of you sharing everything together had crossed his mind. Of course it had. The idea that you would feel even an ounce of the ardorous devotion he felt for you was a heady one.
And there it was -- devotion. 
Druig was no fool, far from it. He simply wouldn't allow himself to be flung into anything without first understanding the parameters involved. It's not as though his reserved demeanor was a secret amongst his fellow Eternals.
Moments spent with you… by the lake, in his chambers on the Domo, gentle teasing and the tug-and-pull of something more in the heartstrings between you. While the long life Druig had been gifted was full of many moments, those with you, those with Makkari, these were his favorites. 
That he could have all of you was a thought he only desired to entertain if it could come to fruition. And now, the possibility was so very tangible, he could feel it beneath his fingertips. It felt like the brush of your lips, the gentle promise of something more.
Druig made his way to find you, determined. 
You had sat yourself outside of the city walls, staring at the moon as it hung over the city. It was luminous, as though it, too, wanted to join in, to celebrate the Eternals’ victory. 
The cool, quiet air was necessary after being exposed to the heat of the party. And … something potentially more embarrassing. But for the second time that night, a familiar brogue interrupted your thoughts.
“And what are you doing out here?” Druig called, coming to sit beside you, legs propped up to allow an arm to sling over his knees, reaching for your hand. “Were you not enjoying the festivities?” 
The gentle nature of Druig's rolling accent put your mind at ease. His tone implying repentance, an olive branch.
"Oh, I was. But someone wouldn't dance with me," you pouted, rising to your feet and brushing off your dress to twirl away from Druig's grasp playfully. And perhaps to mask the small bit of hurt that you had felt. 
But, now that the two of you were a respectable distance from the crowd, not to mention the prying eyes of your fellow Eternals, you felt perhaps Druig might be willing to engage. That the two of you could have a moment just for you, as you had so many times over the years. Something to cherish. You loved the others, but they could be so nosy.
Druig chuckled in spite of himself, a low, clear sound, like breaking thunder in the middle-distance of a cloudy day, his eyes never leaving your form.
"I've never been much of a joiner. You know very well I prefer to watch you," he said with a shrug, his voice taking on a heat that you would follow, directly into the burning sun if you must. 
You wouldn't back down now. He had sought you out, after all, hadn't he? 
No more tenuous dancing of an anxious doe. You were a fearsome hunter, after all. And if he could toy with you … well, turnabout was fair play.
"You would rather watch me than move with me?" 
You were coy, your lips pouting in a teasing smirk. You reached for Druig, lacing your fine-boned fingers through his firm, warm ones, pulling him up to sway with you and guiding his hands toward your hips. 
Your grin faltered slightly as you looked up at Druig through your lashes, his icy eyes melting with the warmth of his gaze upon you. His fingers were still laced with yours, which you used to your advantage as you continued to guide his touch over your hips, a gentle graze over soft curves, with only the stars in the heavens to watch over you, twinkling and winking their approval of your loving flirtation, your steady adoration. 
Druig dropped his forehead to touch yours, his eyes never leaving yours as his towering frame leaned into your swaying figure. 
Breaking one hand free to trail up your side, Druig grazed your chin with molten, idolatrous fingertips, letting them come to rest on the side of your jaw, as though it were the most natural resting point for him. And perhaps it was.
"You know I would move however you asked, goddess of mine," he rumbled. "You need only to ask."
"You would?" You murmured, bringing your free hand to read on Druig's chest, where you could feel the low, steady beat of his heart. "And that's enough for you, is it?"
"I would. The eternity we've been given is not enough," Druig's thumb that was resting along your jaw is now pressed into the plush of your lower lip, which he drags lightly down, his eyes following the movement. "For I could never have enough time with you."
You had lived for thousands of years; knew you would live for thousands more yet. But this was what you had been waiting for. This must be your purpose, Arishem be damned, to be loved by the man before you. 
For In all of that time, nothing compared to the feeling of Druig's lips on yours, nor the feeling of his touch to your skin. Nothing compared to what rushed through you, heated lightning and a rush of euphoria, of honey, as he held you outside of the city’s formidable walls. 
In Druig’s arms, you had found your own stronghold. 
You had once thought this type of love was for humans. For stories. Or just for Ikaris and Sersi. You did not think you would feel its keen sting, its quavering devotion, its promises and it's aches. 
But he had pressed his lips to yours. And As Druig’s mouth moved, slightly fumbling before becoming insistent when met with the soft petals of your lips, your resolve crumbled. 
“And I’m sorry about earlier,” Druig murmured his apology into your lips. “I would dance with you from here to eternity, and I lo–” his voice broke, “I love you.” 
You smiled at him then, beaming and radiant as one of your golden arrows. As the sunlight peeking through the forest trees. As only the goddess Artemis could. 
“Well then,” you murmured, your lips brushing along Druig’s… brushing, but never pressing, “I suppose you’ll just have to show me?” 
He had smirked then; his face, so normally smooth and impassive, quirked into a manner so self-assured. 
The moon and the whispering wind were the only witnesses to your moment alone. To the way Druig’s hands had slid beneath your skirt to brush along your thighs and through your folds as he held you tighter, tighter, impossibly tighter. To the honey-dipped slip of his tongue into your mouth, the warmth of his firm arms around yours, guiding you to the earth in the shadows of the great wall behind the both of you.
To the way he cradled your head as though you were the most precious gift. 
And would you be the goddess of the hunt if you did not seek out your quarry in kind? 
You had caught Druig’s wrist as he strummed and stroked his way to and through your glistening folds. You were nothing if not disciplined, the urge to seek out your prey its own kind of gratification to you. 
You flipped the two of you then, resting atop Druig’s hips, and caging him into the orbit that was your sheer power, leaning over him to tease, to stroke, to lick your way into his mouth. To press your own marks into the beautiful pallor of his throat. To roll your hips over his and feel all of him beneath you. 
As you divested him of each layer of cloth, you had left no part of him untouched, unwanted, your warmth surrounding him as you sank onto him. 
Truly, only nature would witness to what you and Druig had shared. To your gasps and moans into the others’ mouths. To the way you had dug your nails, crescents mirroring the moon above into his shoulders, his back. As you surged your hips into the rhythm between the two of you, poetry for yourselves alone, with a crest and a declaration shared only in this moment. To the way he had shattered alongside you, sharing this moment with only you. 
Weaving your way. Its own kind of dance. And you would twirl about one another until you couldn’t any longer.
And you had told him you loved him too. The genuine smile you were rewarded with would be something you would savor in your dreams for years to come. 
But time has a way of twisting your ambitions. And the breaking point comes in Tenochtitlan. Amidst the fires, chaos, the fall of another Empire.
As the smoke and the popping of flames and guns alike rose around the Eternals, Druig’s mind was similarly aflame – burning with churning thoughts of war, the feeling of sticky blood beneath human hands as the people in the city below fought on. He tried to push it from his mind – tried to render himself immune to their conflict as Ajak had so frequently bid. But how could he? When he could hear their thoughts of unrest. Feel their blistering, itchy hatred for their so-called enemy?
When Thena broke beneath her Mahd Wy’ry, Druig felt himself splintering, too. Not in the same exact manner, but … beneath the crushing weight of waves of blood, historical conflict magnified throughout the millennia. One could only take so many human lives lost – the lives his Selene held so dearly – before it all became too much. 
“Do you have any idea what that does to someone after centuries?” Druig bellowed, refusing to meet his beloved’s eyes. Compelling the mortal men below to drop their weapons, Druig turned his rage on the others. On whomever would challenge him. On Ajak. On Ikaris. 
But, oh, you did. You had some idea. For to feel the heart of your beloved in so much pain was splintering you, too. If the weight that broke you did not come at the cruel, gnarled hands of Mahd Wy’ry, it would surely come with the fracturing of your family. If Druig were to leave now … well, even Eternals felt pain. 
The tears stung at your eyes as you watched Ajak plead with Druig to embrace Arishem’s purpose. A fool’s errand, you knew. Once Druig had set his mind to something, he would be loath to change it. Each word hurled between the two split your heart a fraction more. You could bear it no longer.
You stepped forward, opening your mouth to speak – but not before Kingo could sweep his arm before you, gently catching your waist. Turning to him, the pleading question in your eyes was met with morose understanding, with a bidding invocation from his heart to yours to please, don’t make this worse. 
You shook your head softly, gently removing his arm from you as you made toward Druig, but not before your beloved could strike the final nail into this coffin – 
“If you wanna stop me, you’re gonna have to kill me,” Druig hissed, turning on his heel and sparing an unreadable glance at you as he descended the stone steps of the temple, the men he had compelled making to follow him into the woods. 
You were so beautiful in that dress he earlier said he had admired. So soft and beautiful, a stark contrast to the smoke and violence that was drowning his senses. To the foggy commands he had implanted in the men’s minds, bidding them to stop fighting.  
Druig knew you would follow him – had dared to hope that perhaps you would come with him. Surely, he thought, you would see things his way. As the others had not. 
You padded down the steps behind him, Ajak’s sorrowful glance following your form as you trailed after your beloved. Knowing she would either lose two children this day, or that you would return with less of your heart than you had left with. An untenable situation, the outcome outweighed by the cost to the both of you.
“Druig,” you cried, “Druig! Wait, please!” 
The way your voice had broken over the word “please” caused Druig to stop, turning on his heel to watch you make your way toward him. The smoky, red fury smothering his heart dissipating slightly as he took in the desperation in your expression. 
“I won’t go back, hunter, please don’t ask,” Druig spoke before you could meet him. “She’s wrong, and you know it!” 
You faltered in your steps, approaching your beloved cautiously, as you would a skittish, newborn fawn in the golden wood. 
“My love, you know Ajak means well,” you spoke softly, tenuously, so as not to stoke the flames you could see licking their way behind Druig’s eyes, feeding his fury. “You know she loves you. We all do.” 
“Whether they do or not, I won’t be a pawn in Arishem’s game,” Druig clipped. “Not while people suffer needlessly. Look at them, my love. You love them. How can you let them … do this?” Druig gestured at the destruction around you.
“Because I have to trust that this … thirst for war, like all thirst, will eventually be quenched,” You knotted your hands into your skirt, the anxiety wheedling it’s way through your bones. “I don’t know if the humans will ever achieve harmony, but isn’t it up to them to try? Isn’t it an expression of our love to let them try? To trust, to hope?”
Druig scoffed, a harsh noise to your ears in its derision. 
“Up to them? Beneath the weight of their greed? Their jealousy? Their violence? They are buried,” Druig pleaded, eyes wild. “I can unburden them. You know I can.” 
"By controlling them! You think you know more than them?" you pressed, unable to believe just what you were hearing from the person you thought you knew so well.
"Please, love,” Druig scoffed, “I know I do. I can see into their minds. I know their limits. I know their weaknesses.” 
You could not believe what you were hearing -- as the remnants of the battle raged in the distance beyond you, you felt the rising bile of scourge and the heat of conflict rising within yourself. The man before you prided himself on being collected. A little derisive at times, sure, but never cruel. Never so casual in disinterested supremacy.
"We're meant to protect them, Dru,” you urged softly, firmly. “To help them. Not to rule them. It is not our place."
"But it can be mine,” he stepped toward you, fingers outstretched as if to take your hand. 
You stepped back, shaking your head and withdrawing from him, pulling your hand away so that his fingers could not meet your own. You tried not to notice the subtle flinch, nor the flash of pain behind your beloved’s eyes as he saw you retreat from him. Drawing away as you would draw your shortsword from a defeated Deviant, detached in your victory.
But you felt no pride in this. This was not victory. 
You tried again. 
"Your place was to be beside me, and mine beside you. Is that not what you want?" The wind blew the smoke from the warring fires around the both of you, swirling your skirts and stinging your eyes. Yes, that was what the prickling behind your eyes was. It had to be. Druig would never make you cry. 
"That can still be, my Selene, my Diana,” Druig implored, the usually cool lilt of his brogueish accent was now tinged with what you might mistake for panic. If you did not know him any better. Druig did not panic. “Come with me. We'll watch over them together." He reached for you again. 
You shook your head, trying to shake the smoke from your scratching throat and the tears from your eyes. 
Couldn’t he see this was tearing you in two? Splitting you to the bone? 
"That -- that's not our purpose, Dru. It's -- it's perversion. Our duty is sacrosanct, our gifts from Arishem himself, and you mean to use yours to corrupt that duty. To corrupt your purpose. Corrupt them. Corrupt us."
Druig's eyes flashed, a licking, complex damasque of anger, heat and betrayal.
"Is that what you would think of me, my love?" He spat the last word, carefully avoiding meeting your eyeline where he could see the glimmer of tears forming along your lashes. Better to look above you, to look down upon you. Through haughty eyes and the slope of angular cheekbones. “So powerful as to destroy even us? Can you not see that the purpose you speak so highly of is flawed? That perhaps we can do more?”  
"I don't know what to think, Dru," you whispered, stepping forward and reaching for him this time, for his palm, yours outstretched. “I -- I’m so confused.” 
As your fingers grazed his hand, he yanked it away, perhaps more violently than you had done moments before. As though your touch were as cutting as one of your arrows, laden with weighted, creeping poison.
"But,” you implored again, ignoring the rush of hurt his actions had wrought, “I know you're not right all of the time. None of us are. We're not perfect -- how can you say you're fit to do this? That you know what's best?”
"We know more than they do. They’re feeble, flawed – but I can keep them safe! We can keep them safe,” he pressed, noting the way your hand was still seeking his.  
You gazed upon Druig’s features, twisted now with the heated passion of his speech, awash in the darkness of the night sky and the shadows war rumbling around him; his eyes flashing a blue-grey, a troubled sea roiling in a storm. A painfully unfamiliar mask comprised of features you once recognized. Intimately. 
How unlike the usually cool, impassive face of the man you had come to love. 
“We can’t,” you murmured, your eyes meeting Druig’s once more. “I can’t. We should stick with the others – we cannot walk this world alone.”
Druig scoffed, but before he could berate the others whom you would choose to stay with over him – Ikaris, with his bullheaded, proud devotion to Arishem; Ajak with her secrets, her unyielding sense of purpose; Kingo, the Apollo to your Artemis, whose sunny disposition you would never wish to be parted from -- and how he would follow Ajak and Iakris both to the end; Sersi, too delicate to stand up to anyone  – you broke him with your words, again.
“With or without the others, with or without you, I will guard these people, love them. But I won’t control them. We are not gods.”
“You’ve been talking to Kingo –” 
“No, Dru. They deserve their freedom -- freedom to choose, freedom to love ...” you trailed, finally capturing Druig’s fingers in your own, stepping into his space and bringing your hand to delicately graze the peak of his cheekbone. His hand atop yours, destined to follow yours in its journey, mapping the familiar landscape of his own face through the beauty of your hands.  
Druig tilted his head down toward yours, his lips mere centimeters from meeting yours, foreheads not-quite brushing -- a gesture still so tender, even in absence of actual touch. Your affection had always had an atmosphere, an orbit. 
“Even the freedom to hurt? When I could prevent it?” He murmured to you, eyes downcast to your lips, your gaze upon the fan of his lashes. 
“Yes, love, even that," you sighed, shaking your head softly. 
“And what of your freedom? Do you not choose to love me?” Druig lifted his hand away from its place atop yours, a cool breeze caressing the backs of your fingers in the absence of his touch. 
He trailed his fingers to you now, mirroring the path your touch had taken, this time upon your own face. Cupping your jaw gently. The two of you now locked in a crescent moon’s embrace, arced and amorous, but not quite complete. Not quite whole. 
“I have no choice but to love you,” you whispered into his lips, “for I fear I wouldn’t recognize myself without the pieces that belong to you. You are everything to me. Of the gifts this eternal life has given me, I could thank Arishem for you each day, and still not have enough time to express my gratitude. For you, for Makkari, for the pearls of love this life has bestowed,” you paused to catch your breath. Were you really about to deny him once more? “But, Dru, this is wrong. We cannot leave the others, cannot abandon our purpose to protect, as we have been asked. You cannot leave us.” 
You tore your gaze from your beloved’s, the tears you had fought so hard to cage now slipping freely down your cheeks, gliding coolly over the corners of your downturned mouth. 
Out of the corner of your eye, you saw Druig’s face fall, as his shoulders set. A pillar of resolute sadness. You could feel his tension; the climbing heat within him at your stubbornness. 
Your mind was moving a mile a minute. The world fell into a wash of white-noised nothingness, the army of those men Druig had bewitched stood, unnaturally silently around you. 
Everything around you was fading, as your thoughts flitted from scenario to scenario, through doubt and distrust, before finally – a previously-unfelt rosy calm washed its way into your mind, settling and easing, soothing you --
Was this plan really so bad? Could it really be so bad? When had Druig ever steered you wrong? It was reasonable, wasn’t it? There was so much you didn’t know, and Druig would be there to guide you, as he had promised he would be. Together in all things, with Druig, Druig, Druig … 
The pleasant haze of your thoughts was rudely interrupted by a sharp, puncturing arrow of doubt within yourself, an uncomfortable prodding and wriggling sensation through your brain, deflating the rosy cloud as you met Druig’s eyes -- 
– Only to discover they were unfocused, far-seeing, golden. 
Suddenly, you were awash in white heat, blue flames tearing their way through your body as you realized what he was doing. Rage.
“How dare you?” You bellowed, stepping forward and shoving Druig by the shoulders. “You think you can control me, as you control them? You really think so little of me, that you can alter my ‘feeble’ mind? I won't be what you say because you say it!” 
You gripped his wrist, squeezing, so that he might feel the weight of your words. You had never truly raised a hand against him before; even when the two of you were training together, you had always pulled your punches. But this? You were livid with him now. And you knew that Druig would be defensive, in turn.
His mind was racing, full of memory, of that night outside of the city – your keystone moment of passion. A core memory.
Remember this love, for surely you would never feel anything like it again.
Of the night when perpetually-young lovers wrapped themselves in one another, awash in the heat of one another and the haze of summer. Druig’s lily skin burned alongside yours, bright and entirely incandescent, awash with the glow your attentions had wrought upon him. 
You had pulled Druig ever-closer, closer, closer to you, breathing his name into his ear as you moved together beneath gleaming heavens. A reverent whisper of your voice that made him feel entirely godlike. The rest of the world may as well have been made of tissue paper – transparent and prone to crumbling beneath the strength your love had imbued. 
To look at you, Druig knew the starshine clarity of your honest eyes would be the last thing he desired to see on this planet should he be forced to leave it.
But, but, but … he could not bring himself to meet them now, for the fear that yours would reflect only derision, revulsion at what he was about to do. He truly had savored that night. And other nights like it. And every moment of affection between then and now. Of shared orange slices and stolen moments in quiet corners. Spoiling, curdling in his mind through this disquiet. Through his cruel words. The quickest way to kill you was to poison your heart – the heart that loved him so. 
"So much for your love, then," Druig spat, his touch abandoning your face to peel your fingers from his, flinging your hand away from its rightful place along his skin. 
He would be finished with it all. Even if it meant being finished with you.
Druig turned on his heel, retreating into the forest with the people he had compelled at his back, their unnaturally-uniform steps marching in unison, in time with the heavy thudding of your heart. 
You watched him go, his form fading into the darkness, stealing your heart away and carrying it with him, ripping it from your chest and into the depths of the forest, forever with him --  though he didn't know it. Or if he did, it was not enough to make him turn around. To come back to you. You would forgive him already if he would just turn around. 
With every step Druig took away from you, you could feel your heart cracking. You opened your mouth to wail, release some of this pain that had suddenly washed over you at the reality that the other half of your soul was marching out of your life. But no sound escaped your lips. 
Instead, you fell to your knees, your intricately-woven dress that Druig had complimented mere hours before now dirtied, as you looked to the heavens, more tears soundlessly escaping down your cheeks.
Praying for Arishem to guide you. For no Eternal had died before, but this pain? Worse than pain of battle. This must be what death is, you thought. It wasn't a quick, clean end after which your soul would know peace. No. It was a serrated knife that sawed slowly, uncaringly through you with the cadence of departing footsteps, leaving you to bleed alone until nothing was left.  This was not something even Ajak could heal.
Makkari had found you then, stock-still on your knees, staring at the spot where Druig had vanished into the treeline. She had rested her head against your cheek, silent through your sobs.
Remember this pain; its burn unique. For surely, you would never burn so wholly from within again.
Promises, promises.
Now, your family had found you at your homestead in Guadalajara. On the outskirts of the city. 
Sersi, ever the gentle diplomat. Ikaris, the man intent on becoming king. And Kingo, the sunshine through the trees of your forest. And … Kingo’s delightfully human friend. 
Never they mind that you had built a life for yourself. That after Makkari had found you five hundred years ago and told you of Ajak’s parting words – “When we meet again, tell me what you’ve found…” that you had found a corner of the world with sunshine. With greenery. With bursting flavor and color. With the life you had always imagined you could have had if you had been born mortal on this planet. 
But without a partner.
Sersi and Ikaris had broken the news to you. Kingo there to soften the blow. Of Ajak. Of Gilgamesh. Of the Emergence. Of the true purpose of the Eternals on Earth. 
“So,” you mused, as they sat around your table, steaming mugs of freshly-brewed Mexican coffee before them. “Druig was right, after all. The design was flawed.” 
You looked up to meet Kingo’s eyes – his chocolate orbs melting into yours with soft, serene understanding. That you would mourn Ajak. That you would mourn the lives you had led, tainted by deceit. 
“No wonder we never remembered one another from Olympia,” you intoned, taking a sip. 
Your family urged you to pick up your bow. Whether the plan was to delay the Emergence, or to merely stave off the Deviants, you were needed, they had said. 
So, here you were, trudging behind your family, to where the others stood. Phastos, with hands ringed in gold, ready to create something to once more save humanity. Sprite, with her sharp wit and illusions. Thena, ever the stoic warrior, though never the same since she and Gilgamesh had left as she crumbled beneath the weight of her Mahd Wy’ry. And … him. 
"My beautiful, beautiful hunter," Druig purred when he met you, trailing a finger from one of your shoulders, over your collarbone, to the other, walking in a semi-circle around you to rest his chin on your shoulder, tilting his chin slightly so as to whisper to you, lips brushing the shell of your ear. "Did you miss me?" The low, even hum reverberated from his mouth, straight through you.
The easy breeze of Druig’s lilting accent surrounded you, tickling your ears and pricking them with familiarity and warmth. 
And here, you hadn’t decided whether you had forgiven him, yet. 
You closed your eyes, letting the feelings the familiarity of his voice brought forth wash over you. 
"You are … you are -- insolent" you spluttered, “¡Atrevido!” 
“So that’s a yes, then,” Druig smirked. “I missed you, mo shíorghrá.” 
You conjured an arrow that slipped between your index and middle finger, flipping him a rather rude gesture with the weapon of your own making as you stalked off, Kingo chuckling at your back. 
They had mentioned unearthing the Domo, of finding Makkari. And the sooner you had all started, the sooner it could end. 
One way or the other. 
Still, you couldn’t deny what it had made you feel – to see Druig again. And you’d had a feeling he had known it, too. If the flickering grin of his full lips had been any indication. The sunglasses were of no obstacle to you. For your hunter’s eyes knew his too well. That they danced behind the dark glass, ever teasing you.  
The return to the Domo had brought memories long-buried. Of days spent with the object of your affection (and current object of your avarice).
Of one memory in particular: 
You had smiled bashfully, wanly, eyes diverted downward as you lightly shove Druig's shoulder.
"Don't tease me, Dru," you chuckle. "It's unbecoming of a man of your particular ability."
Druig was silent as he brought his hand up to cup your chin, trailing his fingers along your jaw, light as the tickling of leaves that dance upon the wind as he traces his way down your neck and along the peaks of your collarbones, feeling the evenness of your breath beneath his fingertips.
"I do not tease, darling." His eyes locked with yours.
"What a shame," you countered, "sometimes unbecoming can be fun."
Druig pressed his fingers into their resting place along your collar, pressing his ardor firmly. How sobering his gaze could be -- as clear, cool and shocking as the river, wild in wintertime. 
"You can tell me what you feel, can't you, little one?" Druig broke his gaze from yours  to whisper in your ear, nuzzling the curve of his nose along the shell of your ear as he did so, feeling of warmth. 
"I…," you trailed, "you know what I feel for you. I won't stroke your ego."
"Perhaps I just like to hear you say it."
You sighed, relishing in the feel of Druig's lips near your ear, over your cheek, and pressing a soft kiss to your lips.
"Who invented this as an expression of devotion, I wonder," you murmured, drawing back from Druig, your lips separating, noses still brushing.
"The kiss? Who knows. Maybe we did?"
"You cannot think us so important as to take ownership of every human development. That's … generous."
"Maybe it's innate, then," Druig pondered, his eyes gazing upon you as he propped his head in his hand. He did not need to render his eyes gold in order to determine that the gears in your mind were turning. He'd rather wait until you chose to share a fully-formed thought. How wondrous the conclusions of your mind could be.
"Is it innate to us because it is innate to humans? Or is it the other way around?" You wondered aloud. "Are we awakened knowing how we choose to express our love? Do we all recognize love once we've felt it, and are all drawn toward the same compulsion to express it?"
Druig barked a laugh.
"If you were human, perhaps you would have been a philosopher," he mused, reaching across to his night table to pour himself water from the pitcher that rested there.
You wrinkled your nose at the thought.
"I don't think so," you said. "I'm not suggesting you can't think properly out of doors, but I quite think I would prefer to contribute through the use of my hands."
"You don't give your mind nearly enough credit," he said, taking a drink, his eyes never leaving you over the rim of his cup. 
Sensing your protest, he continued, "I think I could be considered an expert on the subject." 
He had wrapped his arms around you then. 
Now, now that you had been reunited, and the plan unfolded (though you were still wary of Ikaris), Druig had stopped you on your way out of Phastos’ lab. Pleading you for a word. 
Ever unable to resist him, you acquiesced. Standing next to him beneath the cool light that emanated from the halls of the Domo. As it had all started. You hadn’t traded words with him in over five hundred years. And now you stood before him, the man you had given yourself to, bidding him to speak. To say anything that would ease the lashing pain that you had felt amidst the fires of war as he had marched his army of compelled men into the forest of the Amazon, and beyond your keen archer’s sight. 
“You know why I chose the forest, don’t you?” Druig asked.
You shrugged, cool and indifferent. 
“The convenience of proximity? Where they found you … Those were the same woods where we were all those years ago?” You queried, voice level. The “when you left” remained unspoken, removed from the end of your sentence; though, Druig didn’t need to be a mind reader to know it was there, hanging between the two of you. 
“Because, love, in all of Sprite’s stories, you were the goddess of the wood. The hunter. I know it’s where you would feel most at home,” Druig turned his head from you. “If you had ever decided to find me, to choose me, I wanted you to find a home. Someplace you would love, as you once loved me.”
You remained silent, mulling over Druig’s words. It was austere. Foreign, this silence between the two of you. And Druig’s revelation was an olive branch, of sorts, as well as a surprise to you. You had thought Druig would not want  to see you again after you had stayed behind. 
“Would you have let me?” You asked, “After everything? Choose you, I mean. Would you have welcomed me with open arms after we left one another alone in the fires of war?” 
Old habits die hard, and resentment is left to fester, filling your gut with rot. Corrosive. And the storms within his Druig’s beget flashing lightning when he looked at you, splitting you to your core and burning you from the inside out. 
Druig shuffled his feet, weighing his words before answering. 
“I think of that day by the lake often,” Druig admitted. “When our friendship was young. How much time has passed since. And now, here we are, at the end of all things on this planet. Before it was too late to say anything, I would tell you how I regretted leaving you that day. How I longed to reach for you. To tell you I was wrong. But only if you would hear it?” 
“I would hear it,” you murmured. “But, Dru, you weren’t wrong. You were right. I was wrong. About Arishem. About our purpose. I shouldn’t have said what I did.” Tears welled in your eyes, your voice breaking over the admission you had weighed in your mind for centuries. 
“Thena would have a field day,” you sniffled. “Look at me, crying before a man.” 
Druig shushed you, turning to touch you at last, to cup your face in his warm palms, thumbs skating over the apex of your cheeks to wipe away the silent tears as they fell. You thought the world would end and you would waste away after millenia before feeling the tenderness of his trailing touch smoothing over your skin one last time. It was a revelation. A gift from whatever Celestial force was listening. 
“Sweetheart, I wouldn’t have you cry over this. I shouldn’t have asked you to choose. Between me and them, our family, the humans,” Druig softly brushed his lips to yours for a fleeting moment, as if to brush the surface anew. To wipe away the tears and leave the surface of your mouth with something pure. “You were right – we never were better than them. Look at us now. Can’t we both have been a tad right, and somewhat wrong?” 
You chuckled weakly through the breaking remnants of your emotion. 
“That would make us so remarkably normal wouldn’t it?”
They say lightning never strikes twice. Never to meet the same corner of earth, leaving it with an eruption of destruction and then bereft of feeling. But you knew that to be untrue, for the same feeling bloomed and burned within you every time Druig turned his gaze to you, flashing quickly through the gale. His eyes stormy, his affections quick and ferocious. Not for the first time, nor the last, would you say your beloved was so like lightning. 
And you found yourself awash in the amorous wave of feelings you had always felt with him. No matter how much time had passed. 
“I missed you, my hunter,” you folded your way into Druig’s arms, burying your head into his chest and allowing his arms to wrap around you. To hold you for a moment before the end of all things. “Now what do you say we save the world?” 
You pressed your hands to Druig’s chest, palms flat, pushing yourself from his embrace and tilting your chin up to look into his eyes, the wave of relief you had felt at Druig’s forgiveness replaced with mirth and the promise of a challenge, to do battle together again once more. 
“Think you can keep up with me, then?” You trailed a finger along his jaw to tweak his chin, spinning a conjured arrow at your side in the other hand. “We’ll see, amor.” 
Druig watched you walk away from him, ready to do battle. It was a welcome of some comfort, knowing that as he watched you walk away it was nothing like the way he had walked away from you 500 years ago. That you would be by his side as they combatted the Emergence.
You donned your armor once more, prepared to become the hunter once again.
Thread can be used to patch. Even your prior hurts. To right wrongs and make your picture whole again. If only you nudge them along a little, with willing fingers and strength of mind. 
Ikaris’s betrayal was nothing less than heartbreak of the cruelest kind. As you prepared to merge to lend your power to Druig, the pain of Ikaris and Sprite’s defection were additional wounds on top of your already heavy heart. You had lost so much in such a short amount of time. 
And while you understood Kingo’s decision to leave rather than fight, you wouldn’t like and say it didn’t make you question which side of this debate that you were on. 
“You know you’re my favorite, dear Selene,” Kingo had smirked, bending down from his considerable height to press a gentle kiss to the crown of your head. “And I’m glad you’re okay, after all this time. And that we’ve found each other again. But I can’t do this. Please don’t hate me.” 
And when Ikaris had shown up to disrupt the uni-mind and to stop Druig and Sersi? When he had flown down from on-high and tossed Druig away like he was nothing, you saw red. 
You had never conjured your arrows to fire at another Eternal before. Not with the intent to harm. But you refused to pull your punches now, as you took aim at Ikaris in the sky. Covering Makkari as she struck her blows. 
Ikaris flew over you, attempting to shoot your bow from your hands with the beams from his eyes. 
You worked quickly, wishing for Makkari’s power as you dodged, rolled and leapt away from the surges he fired at you. 
"Stop this Ikaris,” you shouted at him as you shot an arrow in the direction he was flying, grazing his shoulder as he zipped past. “This won't work!. A true leader is unselfish. You can’t do this," you pleaded.
"And what would you know of it?” Ikaris called back to you, “What would you know of how to lead?” He landed before you, squaring his shoulders. “You choose to spend all of your time with a man whose ability is telling others what to do and think. Hardly an unselfish leader."
Heated rage flooded your body at his mention, his insult, of Druig. Quickly, you drew, taking aim for Ikaris’ heart. 
“Hardly the same thing, and you know it. Stop this or I’ll stop you.” You anchored the string of your bow to your chin, ready to fire. “You may be able to fly, but I’ve always been faster.” 
Your distraction had worked, long enough for Makkari flit by you and to knock Ikaris from his feet, the two of you continuing to hold him at bay. 
As the battle waged on between Ikaris, the Deviant, the Eternals, Phastos’ uni-mind had worked once more to allow Sersi to freeze Tiamut. It was a victory that didn’t feel like a victory, for now you had lost Ikaris, as well. The weight of battle, of the endless conflict that you learned was responsible for advancing the universe, felt heavy on your shoulders, abridging your feelings of relief at having stopped Tiamut. Was this what Ajak felt during the entire millenia of her burdened leadership? 
The appearance of Druig making his way across the sand, had eased this bleak weight somewhat. As he embraced Makkari, embraced you, you felt the faint glimmer of what you might call hope. For if you were together, maybe you could use what you had learned to help other planets.  
To do something actually good. Together. 
Time heals all wounds. Who knew that better than beings who had been alive for millennia? Losing Ajak, Gilgamesh … even Ikaris … and now the others who had gone when you had only just met again. 
Perhaps this was your curse, to feel everything too deeply. Perhaps it was penance for having a power capable of taking lives. Ever trapped in your own head.
The ache that had taken residence in your chest since learning of Ajak's death rattled dully behind your heart. Not even the success of abating the Emergence, of once more helping humanity, could ease it. You had, after all, only recently come to terms with five hundred years of loneliness. 
But sitting wedged on a couch with the two who had become other parts of your soul would certainly help.
You munched on your pizza, seated on one end of the Ajak's couch with your thigh pressed into Makkari’s, Druig on her other side. Phastos's son, Jack, had presented you with a half of the orange he had absconded from the kitchen with, with Thena’s aid, as Phastos scolded Thena for conjuring her weapons near his child. 
“But dad!” Jack whined, “Artemis was showing me her bow-n-arrows earlier, and she and A-thena are so cool.” 
You shrugged from your place on the couch at Phastos’ swift, accusatory look, arching a brow. 
“Makkari made a good point, you know. He’s ten, P. I’ve been shooting arrows since the dawn of time. He could pick up a bow at ten," you called to him, not eager to leave your perch on the couch with your beloveds. Not when you had only just  been reunited.
At Jack’s eager look, Phastos sighed, weary, rubbing his temples. You all seemed determined to drive him to an early grave. 
“Oooh-kay. No babysitting with Auntie Thena or Auntie Artemis.” 
You rolled your eyes, a smile nevertheless making its way across your lips as you split the orange half Jack had given you into its preordained wedges and passing them to your partners. Your fingertips first brushing Makkari’s, as the sticky orange sweetness passed from your hand into hers, and then to Druig. You pressed the remaining wedge to your lips, winking at them and settling back into your seat, keen to relax before you all were to depart. 
And when that time had arrived, you and Druig traipsed through the tall grass to the Domo, his hand in yours, Makkari on your other side, pressing her warmth into your waist. 
Before your group had departed, you had pressed a kiss to Phastos’ cheek, bidding Ben and Jack goodbye. Giving Jack a hug, you surreptitiously passed him one of your golden arrows with a wink – the arrow was blunted of course. By the time Phastos noticed it and had his subsequent heart attack, you would be long gone. Far from Phastos’ delicate, spinning rings and anxious-parent wrath. 
You settled once more into the space of the Domo, Makkari breaking off from the two of you to make her way to Phastos’ lab and her collection of treasures – some of which you had definitely, legally, helped her obtain. Never anyone mind. 
As you made your way down the hall, you brushed your fingertips over the corner with the tallied etchings of yours and Kingo's not-competition, a mild pang of sadness accompanying the ache in your chest.
You had wished Kingo was there to tell you goodbye. The Apollo to your Artemis, bidding you on your way with a sunshine smile and a wish for luck.
You and Druig made your way to his chamber, the room where you had spent so much time together, debating and discussing humanity, spirituality. Where you had discovered more about yourselves and one another. Where Druig had expressed his love for you time and again. 
You made to cross the room and settle yourself amongst Druig’s collection of pillows, as you had done countless times over the course of your years together. Never missing a beat at making yourself at home, no matter how much time had passed. 
“Wait,” Druig caught your wrist. “I have something for you.” 
“Oh?” You turned into his arms. “Was it this?” Fluidly shifting to the tips of your toes, you pressed a kiss to Druig’s lips, capturing his lower lip between your full ones and sucking lightly. Druig sighed softly into the kiss, his grip on your wrist tightening. 
Druig broke from you, looking down his prominent cheekbones at your countenance, his eyes flitting between yours and your sinful mouth. 
“Temptress,” he purred. The washing waves of his cerulean eyes reflecting his internal debate – to give you your gift, or to kiss you again? Five hundred years was so long a time to make up for.
The latter won out as he struck like a snake, decisive and agile, fastening his lips to the base of your jaw and trailing them down the elegant plane of your neck, tilting your head back as you groaned at his attention. The vibration from your throat a pleasant hum against his full lips. 
"Druig,” you sighed, “We've been alive for thousands of years … Helped nearly every conceivable language develop, and yet …” 
At the feeling of Druig's warm lips pressing firmly into the column of your throat, trailing down to kiss along your collarbones peeking through the soft collar of your shirt. The feeling of your voice reverberating beneath his attention as you graced him with your affectations, drowning one another in your mutual ardor, you found the will to speak.
"... Yet I'm not sure words still yet exist that would adequately convey the depth of my emotion, my feeling for you. But I can show you." You wound your fingers through Druig's soft hair, tugging lightly to break him away from your neck and bringing his eyeline back to yours. 
You are the knife I turn inside myself; that is love.
Druig's crystalline eyes sparkled, a dizzying oceanic effect that made you feel as though the world had turned upside down -- for, surely, stars did not shine during the blue-skyed daytime. Or perhaps they did, as evidenced by the mischievous, adoring, cerulean gaze of the man before you.
"Show me?” At your nod, Druig understood. “So you would surrender control to me, my little hunter?" Druig murmured, his voice suggestive, a warm and pleasing bolt of silk against your skin.
The idea was a heady one, leaving you feeling drunker with power as the moments passed. Ironic, really. Everything was a bantering game between you and Druig, a display of companionable, bursting power met in equity. You, a marksman of singular focus; he, a man with a mind that was able to bend others to his will. 
The thought that you, the most powerful being he knew, would surrender yourself, the most secret corners of your mind, to him was enough to make him weak in the knees. And he was supposed to be the one with unsurpassed will. 
A promise to give him the thing he had tried to take before your separation all those years ago – the thing that tore you apart, to willingly allow him to use his power on you. The magnitude of your assent was not lost on him. 
Druig’s fingers skated along your arms, down your sides, to rest at your waist, his eyes never leaving your form as your eyes fluttered closed at his touch. 
You disentangled your fingers from Druig’s hair to bring a hand to grip his chin between your thumb and forefinger, nuzzling his nose with your own before trailing down to brush his lips with yours once more. The petal-like trace of your lips along Druig’s jaw whispered the long-held truth of your devotions into his skin. 
“You don't need your tricks for me to bend to your will,” you murmured, your lips brushing the skin of Druig’s cheek, “I'll bend however you like.”
A rumble emanated from your love at your proclamation. A subtle purring from Druig’s chest at your promise. 
“You don’t trust me, little hunter?” Druig murmured. “Trust that I know your mind … your body? Hm?” Druig’s hands slid from your waist, down your curves.
Druig guided you down to lie back on the pillows you had been heading for before, shedding his leather jacket as he went and allowing it to drop to the floor with an unceremonious, soft thump. 
Druig turned his attention to you. The stylishly torn jeans and simple, soft tee you had tucked into them were nothing but a nuisance to Druig now. Though you were delightfully beautiful in your modern garb, it was an obstacle to be absconded with as he became a man of singular focus. At the promise of what was to come; of what you would allow.
You reached for your beloved, allowing him to fold his body over yours as your lips met once more. Druig trailed his hands to your waist, where you swore you could feel his fingertips burning through the soft material of your shirt. 
You thanked whatever deity was listening for allowing you to feel this way again. 
Memories of your night together outside of the walls of Babylon flashed in your mind as Druig tugged your shirt from your waist and up, over your head, cradling the back of your neck as he did so. Always tender, courteous. 
The winking promise of mischief danced behind your hooded eyes as you looked up at your beloved from his place above you, a soft smile gracing your lips. His cheeky little hunter. Fox-like in disposition, quick and intuitive. True to your nature, you struck, shedding Druig’s shirt with quick, lithe fingers, and baring the pale canvas of his skin to you. 
As you made for the button of his jeans next, Druig caught your wrists. His grip firm, but not punishing, he leveled you with a glare you could only describe as warning. Guiding you back once more, Druig hovered over you, like waves returning at the turn of the tide, rushing and momentous. 
Druig squeezed your wrists before releasing them, allowing his hands to map the skin of your arms, your torso, reveling in the feel of you beneath his fingertips, every plane and prickling goosebump that awoke at his touch. 
The rasp of his skin along yours was something both you and he had thought you may never hear again, never feel again; and now that you had, you wouldn’t relinquish them so easily. And nor, it seemed, would he. 
He leaned forward, kissing his way down your neck, your chest, unclasping your bra and trailing his lips and hands down your torso before you knew what had happened. Your eyes fluttered closed at Druig’s affections, his touch ever-present and bordering on overwhelming as the honey-heat burning between your two bodies climbed, washing through the rest of the room. Druig’s attentions trailed golden lines of heat along your skin, sending sparks of starry champagne bubbling their way through you. 
You pulled Druig closer to you, winding your arms around him and bringing your legs up around either side of his waist, lacing your fingers along the back of his neck and threading your way through his hair, tugging lightly to bring him back to your eye-level.
You captured his lips with yours once more, nipping a teasing bite into his plush lower lip, delighting in the flush of the blood beneath the skin of his lips as a result of your attention. That his body still reacted to yours. You tugged again at his hair, causing him to groan into your mouth before breaking yours away. 
“I trust you, my love,” you hummed. Druig’s fingers teasing their way ever-closer to your center as you tugged his hair, the two of you panting into one another’s mouths. “You have my body. You can have my mind.”
At your declaration, Druig pressed his lips once more to yours, grinning wolfishly into his kiss. With no more preamble, the sky blue of his eyes bled gold, your beloved now nestling himself in the warmth of your mind, not unlike how he had in your body time and again throughout your centuries together. 
This was nothing like the time before in Tenochtitlan when he had tried to encourage you to leave with him. Then, your mind had been battered with conflict. Tormented with your inability to mend the fractures in your family, to soothe the ache wrought by their warring beliefs. A stormy sea frothing and roiling. Trying to appease him.
Now, your mind was balm. It was smooth, drifting snow. Crisp and even, as you gave yourself over to your beloved. It was the shining sky during a winter’s night – clear and bright, despite the surrounding dark. Every star alive, and all was shimmering lavender.
Another night in the sway of the flower moon.
Druig was awash in the warmth, the romance of your mind. The gold of his eyes was reflective of the rosy gold of your amorous thoughts, of your suit, of you. He could die happy amidst the loving, blushed hue that surrounded you every time you looked at him, thought of him, of your past, of your reunion, of your future. 
Every bit of the impulsive, pure love of Romeo and Juliet, none of the tragedy. Not anymore. You were besotted with him, amorous in the deepest sense, sure as the moon hangs in the night sky. 
Druig’s kisses were pure, like lake water. Blue-green and brisk, drowning you in its depths. A stark contrast to the heat of the room, yet, ironically, the cause and the symptom of said heat. His aura -- strength and subtle amusement, so like derision -- a tinge of cockiness… you supposed these things came from the ability to know the depths of a mind, to control it if he so saw fit. 
He would do anything you asked, because you asked it. And so, it seemed, would you … but only for him.
"Lie still, my love," Druig bid, your legs dropping from their place around his waist as he pulled back to kick off his boots and the remaining articles of his clothing.
You watched your beloved bare himself to you from behind the honey haze of Druig's influence that clouded your eyes. He leaned over you again, hooking his fingers in the belt loops of your jeans to tug you down the mass of blankets and pillows to meet his body, slotting yourselves gently together.
Reverent was the only way to describe the way he was looking at you now, trailing his fingers along your torso to pop the buttons of your jeans.
"Will you undress for me, Selene?" Druig's voice was everywhere. Inside your mind, in your ears, echoing in your mouth like the taste of copper.
You did as Druig bid, your hands following the familiar lines of your body through the strange filter of your love's mind. Rendering your own touch foreign to you, get familiar all at once. 
What a strange dichotomy, your mind whispered to you from somewhere far away. 
"Isn't it nice like this?" Druig breathed, "So … compliant."
Your head was buzzing, full of warm pleasant thoughts that hadn't been there before, thoughts of touching yourself, of trailing your fingertips along your breasts, across the plains and valleys of your body. Of sliding them through your now-damp folds. 
You could distantly hear yourself, sighing in pleased gasps at the touch that was yours, but also not-yours.
Druig felt himself harden as he knelt before you, over you. He had dreamt of you nearly every night for centuries. He wouldn't let slip the opportunity to touch you, to make his dreams a reality. 
That he could make yourself touch you in all the ways he had dreamt … that you wanted him to. He could feel, hear your assent, pleasant in your thoughts.
He watched and dictated as you slid a finger inside of yourself, swearing he could feel the warmth of your core as it registered in your own mind at your touch, as you teased your own body. First one finger, then another, slick building. Swearing that he could register the heat climbing through you, as though it was his own, as you fucked yourself on your own fingers, hips rolling to meet your touch.
“Feel your way,” Druig coaxed, his hands sliding along your thighs. 
A keening moan tore it's way through you at his words. When had your other hand cupped your breast? The rolling of your nipple by your teasing, plucking fingertips was like kindling to the fire building within you.
Was it your own idea, or was it Druig's, that had you withdrawing your fingers from your center, sliding the wetness gathered there along Druig's length, and pumping him slowly as he leaned over you. Overwhelming your senses. 
Your touch on his body. The taste of his kisses in your mouth. The sound of his groans in your ears. His thoughts melding with yours in a pleasant, burgundy haze that tasted vaguely warm and metallic.
Druig's touch replaced yours along your own body as he allowed you to continue toying with his. Willing you to touch him as he liked best, while he made to kiss you again, his fingers slipping down to glide through your soaked, heated folds before swirling over your clit. 
The heat in the room continued to climb as Druig played and plucked at your body. His grip on your mind began to slip as your collective pleasure climbed. You were coming back into your own mind, your own body as you were simultaneously inching closer to unraveling.
Even in his lovemaking, Druig couldn't resist cleverness and irony, it seemed.
You used your newfound faculties to release Druig from your grip, to pull him over you, his body dwarfing yours. To tug him closer, closed, closer to where you wanted him. Druig's fingers continued to toy with you, fingers curling inside of you as his thumb delicately traced and pressed against your clit. You wiggled your hips, desperate for more, wrapping your legs once more around Druig's tapered waist. 
"Please," you gasped, eyes locked with his molten ones, swirling like melting ice in the heat of your passion.
You gripped Druig's arms, scratching at his shoulders, his biceps, his back, everything you could reach as you felt yourself inching ever-closer to your peak.
Druig could feel that you were getting closer at his hands. Could feel the way you clenched. The way you throbbed around his fingers. Could feel the ache in your body as he toyed with it, and with your mind. The way you bucked your hips into his hands.
"Will you tell me what you want, my little hunter?" Druig teased from his position stop you, leaning into your space to whisper hotly into your ear. "I'll do what you ask," he parroted your words from earlier.
"Please, Dru, w-want this -- w-want you," you whimpered, a broken moan cracking it's way through the end of your plea at a particularly, deliciously cruel curl of Druig's fingers inside of you.
"Of course, love," his tone would have been cruel, would have been mocking, if you hadn't known that was all part of his little game. You rolled your hips again at his tone, willing him to do something now.
Even if he wasn't capable of reading your thoughts, the intention would have been enough.
Druig slid his fingers from your core, causing you to emit another broken whine, this time at the loss.
Quick as a flash, he lightly swatted your thigh.
You yelped, meeting his haughty eyes with a glare of your own. 
"Don't be insolent, hunter," Druig rumbled, inclining to press his front to yours more fully, bringing a hand to your throat and pressing lightly along it's column as he hissed into your ear, "Little girls who whine don't get what they want. I won’t help the ache you feel if you aren’t nice."
"Please, my love," you urged again, sweetly, sweetly. 
Druig chuckled darkly, nodding as he lined himself up with your center, hand still wrapped loosely around your throat as he surged into you. 
And oh. The throbbing emptiness you had felt without him was almost worth it if it meant you could feel so full, so whole, now.
You gasped into Druig's mouth, pleased with the groan he emitted in turn at being once more inside of you. Ever-haughty.
He met your lips with a nipping bite as he began to thrust into you, your hips rocking to meet him in kind. At this rate you were certain your lips and throat would feel the sting of his teeth, of his grip, for days. A blooming feeling rushed through you at the thought, the flickers blending into your pleasure.
Everything was swirling. White, fogged glass like looking out at a winter snowstorm.  Blinding, stark pleasure building within you both.
"Missed you, Selene," Druig whimpered, his moans becoming slurred as he rocked harder, rougher into you. His needs outweighing the control he prided himself on.
Druig relinquished his grip on your throat to rub once more at your clit. 
You knew Druig wouldn't last much longer if the cadence of his thrusts, his gasps, was any indication. You had wanted to take more time to mark him, to make him yours. A swath of purpling blooms growing along the expanse of Druig’s pale skin beneath your lips, blossoming beneath your attentions in equal parts pleasure and pain as you toyed with him in perpetuity.
The thought was enough to spur you forward, ever-closer to your peak. You settled for gripping, scratching at Druig's back, causing him to groan. Your touch on his body, your hands -- so very wanted.
Your orgasm washed over you at a particularly clever thrum of Druig's fingers, rolling your hips against him to ride out your high, clenching and releasing as Druig followed after you with a drawn-out groan.
You took in the sight of your beloved, delightfully open and so removed from his usually stoic demeanor in moments like this. Just as you remembered. He was panting lightly, skin flushed and lightly glistening with the sweat from your encounter, eyes starry and far-seeing.
He was beautiful. Like this, yes. But ever-so. And he was yours.
You pressed a lingering kiss to the corner of Druig's mouth as he withdrew from you, the two of you in no hurry to disentangle, but gently righting yourselves.
"I missed you too, my love," you said softly, trailing your fingers over the peak of his cheekbone. "I don't wish to be parted from you."
You don't know how long the two of you lay together, enjoying the feeling of the other's body pressed into them, of even and serene breathing. Perhaps the two of you had even drifted off, dreaming of the promise of a true eternity together.
When you were ready to emerge, the two of you had dressed, orienting yourselves before going to find the others. Druig had arranged his jacket once more over his shoulders. He crossed the room to you, standing over you and pressing his forehead to yours, closing his eyes and once more allowing himself to feel your presence alongside his. 
You leaned into his touch. Allowing yourself to greedily bask in this moment. No matter how many moments your long life had graced you with, few had carried this magnitude. Few had made you feel as safe, as wanted, as you did with the man before you know. 
"I love you, Druig," you speak plainly, firmly. No quaver of doubt in your voice.
At that, Druig broke from you softly. Digging into the pocket of his leather jacket for the gift from before, shoulders flexing beneath the fabric as he withdrew his hand from the pocket.
His palm upturned, revealing the gift he had been keeping for you for centuries. In the hopes that he might see you again to give it to you. 
“You mean more to me than their silver and gold. But if this is how I can show my love on this planet, I'll do it." 
With that, Druig slid a delicate rose gold band onto your finger, causing you to smile warmly at him, at the symbol of his eternal bond to you. 
“I wonder who invented this as a gesture of devotion,” you had mused. 
The memory, which had taken place in this very room, clearly prominent between the two of you. The symbol, reminiscent. 
“It is beautiful, Dru. But you know I don’t need objects to reflect or accept your love,” you affirmed. “It is enough to be with you. By your side. To receive your warmth.”
With that, you slid your arms across Druig’s shoulders, divesting him of the leather jacket so quickly he would have thought he had imagined it had it not been for the cool air biting the now-bare skin of his arms. 
“So much for not needing an object,” Druig chuckled, bumping his shoulder into yours. 
You slipped Druig’s jacket over your shoulders, Druig’s body heat soaking into your skin like the radiance of the sun through the silky lining of the jacket, the zippers at the cuffs clinking as you adjusted the garment to your form. 
“What?” You shrugged at Druig’s look of mild surprise. “I said I’d like your warmth. What are you going to do? Fight me for it?” You challenged, arching your brow at him as a golden arrow weaved its way between your fingers, tapping it against Druig’s thigh in playful, mock-warning.
“Wouldn’t dream of it, mo shíorghrá,” Druig chuckled. “Keep it. ‘T looks better on you anyway.” He slid a companionable arm over your shoulders as the two of you made to leave the room and find the others. 
“We can agree to disagree on that, but I’ll hang onto the jacket until a quorum is reached,” you teased, bumping your hip against Druig’s as you walked in tandem down the hall of the Domo toward Phastos’ lab where you could hear Makkari sorting through a pile of what sounded like books.
“Benevolent of you, really,” Druig pressed a kiss into your cheek, brushing his nose across the prominent bone there. “Suppose we have time to decide.”
As you made your way into the cool light of the lab, Makkari greeted you, placing her warm hands in yours. You wrapped your arms around her, delighted in your reunion now that you all could breathe and enjoy one another’s company again, departing on another adventure. Together.
The next thread warping its way through the loom of your lives. To and fro, to and fro. Together you remain, body and soul. 
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druigswhores · 5 months ago
gold rush | masterlist
Tumblr media
summary: in which druig found himself falling for the gentle soul who was known as the goddess of human love and flowers.
pairing: druig x fem!eternal reader
a/n: based on the eternals movie so will include major spoilers, the love interest is roughly based on the greek goddess antheia, will include angst, fluff and perhaps smut! add yourself to the taglist if you want to be notified whenever i update the series!
· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·
“They’ve began to call you Antheia, you know.” He chuckled softly, ocean blue eyes staring out of the window, admiring the view below the domo whilst gently twirling the stem in between his calloused fingers.
“What?” She questioned “But that’s not even close to my true name?” Gazing at him in confusion, eyebrows furrowed as she watched his fingers brush against the individual petals.
“It means flower, my love. Personally I think it’s quite fitting.” He paused, handing the flower to her, fingers grazing against her own, an unreadable expression on his face.
“Wouldn’t you agree?”
· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·
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the hands of fate.
frustrating, intoxicating, complicated.
loved you in secret.
clandestine meetings and stolen stares
grieving for the living
heroes die all alone.
for you, i would ruin myself
wounded the good, trusted the wicked.
the one who burned us.
flying ‘til the bones crush
my petal
as the world caves in
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wickeddruig · 4 months ago
love watching druig knock sprite’s annoying ass over the head with a rock in 4k again
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keoghanslover · 4 months ago
I was wondering if you could do a Druig x reader snippet? Both the reader and Druig love each other but haven’t told each other, both are too shy and afraid of being rejected by the other. But when the Emergence happens and the reader is severely wounded, Druig finally confesses his feelings to the reader since he feels he’ll loose his chance!
pairing: druig x fem!eternal!reader
warnings: super angsty, yearning, battle scenes, reader nearly dies
word count: 1.8k
summary: since you and your fellow eternals arrived on earth, both you and druig have kept a secret from each other. what happens when druig thinks he's going to lose you?
author's note: i love writing angst lol i am so sorry. but also, this was such a fun request, thank you so much for requesting. i gave the reader plant powers so i hope that's okay with you.
reblogs are super duper appreciated! <333 enjoy! (gif is not mine)
requests are open!
Tumblr media
i like it here, you signed to makkari. you and your fellow eternals had landed on earth a year ago. so much was still fresh. you loved it. there was so much yet to explore and you knew that for eternity – or however long it took to kill the deviants – on, you were going to find this planet wonderful.
“evenin’ ladies,” druig hummed, carrying three cups of beer and placing it down before settling on the floor with you two.
makkari signed a greeting and you nodded towards him. he smiled. gods, that smile. those eyes. just everything about him. you knew of the concept of love, but you refused to think that that could happen to you.
so you took a deep breath and took a sip of the beer druig set down, engaging in conversation with the two as you tried to wipe those thoughts from your head. it was a love that just couldn’t be. and that was okay.
“i have something to show you,” druig announced from the doorway of your hut.
you smiled and tried to brush off the butterflies that grew in your stomach as you let him lead you out of your hut and through the dense forest.
“taadaa!” he smiled, he had taken you to one of the most beautiful places you have ever seen. a peaceful meadow, filled with colorful flowers and a lake just a few paces away to top it off, “i know you like these kind of places, you know, with your powers.”
you were taken aback with that statement. was he really that observant? but that aside, he was right. you did love places like this. you smiled as you used your powers to materialize a tree for you two to sit under.
"druig, this place is beautiful," you said, awestruck.
as you two settled under the tree, you felt a sense of unease. druig needed to tell you something, you knew it.
“i have something to tell you,” druig sighed, right on time. he sounded anxious, unusualnfor the usually confident man.
“do tell,” you eased, placing a hand on his. half to comfort him and another half because you craved so dearly to hold him. it was weird seeing him like this, whatever was going on, this was big.
he looked at you, those beautiful blues you had fallen in love with centuries ago almost putting the beautiful scenery around you to shame, “i really- uh- i really like… the people of this planet.”
you quelled the disappointed feeling in your stomach, you so badly wanted to know what he was going to say but you nodded along to his statement, “i do too. they’re so compassionate, so hopeful.”
you knew that that wasn’t what he had taken you all the way to the meadow to announce but this wasn’t a lie either. you noticed the love druig had for humanity. the way that he kept them from fighting. the other eternals thought it was wrong, druig interfering with human conflict and all, but you knew he loved them just as much as sersi did. just as much as ajak did, for that matter… his ways just 'went against arishem' so they were “wrong”. “yeah,” he mumbled and the conversation died at that.
little did you know that he had been dying for this moment for centuries, a moment he just messed up by chickening out. but there was no way, you were too dear to him and if you didn’t feel the same, he would be devastated. how would he be able to live this painfully long life without you by his side?
“you know,” you heard druig’s voice drawl, confidence in his voice, “i think it’s time i told you.”
your head snapped to the man, “yeah, dru?”
“i’ve always had feelings for you,” druig confessed. but something felt off. you knew druig, and if he was to confess something as grand as that...
no. you picked up the nearest pebble and chucked it at him, the rock passing straight through. oh my god, you were going to kill her.
“sprite, cut it out,” you groaned. the eternals had all picked up on your crush for druig, constantly teasing the two of you about it.
her illusion faded away, revealing a very defeated sprite, “ugh, why do you never fall for it?”
you just rolled your eyes and shook your head, the girl taking that as her cue to leave before you really got upset.
“upset?” druig yelled, “we’ve trusted you for 7,000 years and look where you’ve gotten us. i’ve watched humans destroy each other when i could stop it all in a heartbeat. do you know what that does to someone after centuries?”
there were tears running down his face. you knew this was coming. with all the deviants dead and everyone just waiting on arishem to call you guys back to olympia, druig had nothing to distract him from the obvious human tensions that were rising. so many nights you comforted him, his crying, his anger as he watched his dear humans perish, knowing he could end it all. but he didn’t. he couldn't.
part of you wished he did. it was hard to see humanity in this state. war. famine. murder. but no one else was on your side, once again because it went against arishem.
you watched as he went on with his speech, the others unable to speak. you made the move to comfort him but makkari put her arm out, blocking you from moving forward.
what? you signed to her, you know he’s right.
she shook her head, i know. but not now. let him be.
“if you wanna stop me,” druig threatened, “you’re gonna have to kill me.”
you watched as all the chaos down below ended, soldiers dropping their weapons, a sea of yellow light shining at druig.
and with that, he left. with him, he took pieces of your heart he didn’t even know he had. little did you know, he left a piece of his heart with you too. for the first time in centuries years, you knew you were unable to reach him. and there was nothing you could do.
you didn’t expect to see the other eternals again until the day you were all called back to olympia, but there they were. or what was left of them, anyway. makkari, ikarus, phastos, thena, sprite, sersi, kingo, and druig, the man you had tried to get over for centuries. druig, the man that only visited you in your dreams. druig, the man who took your heart all those years ago. all of them in your small home in the small town of port clyde, maine.
you had just received the news and your stomach flipped, you almost dropped the mug of tea you were holding, “so. let me get this straight. ajak and gil are dead. and arishem is evil. and this was one huge scheme to eat the entire planet. oh yeah, and i’m a robot?” “exactly!” kingo chuckled, clapping his hands together obnoxiously.
“okay. i don’t know what you need from me to stop this whole ‘let’s eat the earth!’ thing… but i’m in.”
in a turn of events, it was only thena, makkari, sersi, phastos, druig, and you on the beach. kingo having walked out and ikarus and sprite having turned against you.
there you were, attempting to hold ikarus down with vines so that phastos would have enough time to properly restrain him. that was until the man delivered one harsh punch straight to your chest, knocking the air out of you, before wrapping a hand around your throat, shoving you into a rocky cliff.
you gasped and screamed, trying to claw his hands off, using your powers to try and get the man off of you but it was no use.
ikarus threw you into a cave, leaving you in the cold dark… what was he playing at?
right before you peeled yourself off of the ground, you felt a piercing pain in your shoulders, dragging you back.
you had never felt so weak in your life, the energy somehow being drained from you. with the little power you had left, you tried to blindly stab at your attacker, sharp spear-like vines growing wherever they could. but that feeling, like you were going to die didn’t leave.
you could faintly hear the sound of someone running into cave. through your blurred vision, you saw the glow of a spear, thena.
at this point, you couldn’t even find it in yourself to fight, beginning to give into the idea of death. your eyes closed for what you thought was your last, all bruised and bloody, the power being drained out of you.
your ears were still ringing but you could faintly hear… gilgamesh? what?
but the pain didn’t stop, as much as you tried to hold on to the little bit of energy you had left in your body, it all faded to black.
thena heaved, having successfully defeated kro, but to her, it was more about avenging gilgamesh. she felt a sense of pride, knowing that if nothing else she did was good, at least she did this.
“y/n,” she called.
no response.
she became more frantic, memories of what happened to gilgamesh playing vividly in her head. she hovered over your limp body, horror painted on her beautiful face.
she started to cry, “no. not you too. please.”
she picked you up in her arms, making her way out of the cave.
as she reached sersi and phastos, she laid your body onto the sand, tears welling up in her eyes once again. all three of them stood over your body, sersi kneeling down to check your pulse -- barely there but barely is better than none.
a panicked, heartbreaking cry sounded loudly through the air, followed by pounding footsteps through the sand. the three of them turned to see druig, the most distressed they have ever seen him. he was beaten and bloody, but they could tell that was the least of his concerns.
he fell to his knees next to your body, “no no no.”
he placed a hand on your cheek, a little bit of warmth still remaining. he held your forehead to his, tears falling down onto your own cheeks, “hey. hey. come back to me. come back, y/n, my beautiful, beautiful y/n, please.”
a pained cry left your lips as you regained consciousness, gasping for air that had long escaped your lungs.
“hi,” you croaked, your voice hoarse as you softly opened your eyes. you were in so much pain but on top of that, you could feel the warmth of druig hovering over you. and that almost made you forget about the fact you were nearly dead minutes ago.
“hi,” he laughed, tears still running, “we… we thought we lost you out there.”
“well you didn’t, i’m right here. alive and very much unwell.” you quipped back, trying to soothe him. you attempted to lift a hand to cup his cheek like he was cupping yours but you winced, still in too much pain to do such. your head was still spinning but you were able to focus on the man on top of you, cradling your broken body like you were about to dissappear.
druig took a deep breath and you remembered the meadow. whatever it was, this was something he had been keeping for thousands of years and it was about to come out.
“i’m in love with you,” he confessed, his voice rushed out like your time was slipping away, “please, god, i just…”
“druig,” you mumbled, your eyes met and there was an understanding deeper than words could ever go. you two were made for each other.
his lips crashed into yours, and it was almost like every single pain you had ever felt was payment for this, the sweetest thing, the most beautifu; thing. the way you two kissed each other, promising that everything was going to be okay.
and from now and eternity forth, there were no more secrets between you two. no more keeping feelings hidden. no more brushing off butterflies.
lovers, for eternity on.
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spideyheart · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
pairing : druig x immortal!fem!reader
summary : druig tried to break things off, unable to continue under the weight of knowing that one day you’d die. little does he know you’re cursed with immortality.
warning : mildly suggestive, slight angst to fluff!
note : guess who’s fallen in love with yet another edgy, dark-haired, secretly soft-hearted guy who’s thousands of years older than themself… me, me, me 🥰 💌 ❤️‍🔥 !!!
marvel masterlist | druig masterlist
Tumblr media
the gardens decorated with manicured bushes and sweet-smelling flowers at the heart of athens were your unspoken meeting place.
it was there that you would both stare at the stars, plant tender kisses on each other’s knuckles, and share moments of pure uninterrupted bliss.
it was also there that the two of you found yourself wound up in each other’s limbs, lips locked tight, bare flesh exposed as light curses and sounds of pleasure fell from your lips.
just like the gardens, many things were unspoken in your relationship. things like druig’s eternal status and your supposed mortal life.
to his knowledge, you were achingly temporary.
this love, this pursuit of happiness, this never before experienced sense of belonging – all of it, every single bit of it – was temporary.
and the weight of it all was crushing. unbearable in a way that he felt not even you could understand.
so, under the stars with the scent of roses and the warm feeling of you tight in his arms, he let it out. he uttered the very soul-crushing words that you hoped would never fall from his lips.
“my love,”
and there was a pause.
crickets chirped and you hummed at his cut-off sentence. you turned away from the cosmos and met his eyes, long lashes blinking tentatively as he just stared into your opulent irises.
druig sucked in a breath and dropped the bomb.
“i think it’s time we ended things.”
it was at that moment that your world shattered, leaving you sputtering and lost within it’s broken twists and turns.
“what? i– druig, what on earth are you speaking of?”
his hand left your hip, and your heart hollowed at the loss of touch. “it’s over, y/n,” druig’s eyes pinched as the words left his mouth, and the sight of tears welling up in your beautiful eyes felt like a stab in the chest. “i’m sorry.”
the words hung heavy in the air before they came tumbling down, crashing into you and forcing a choked up sob to burst out of your throat.
“no. druig, no. don’t do this. please, i… i can’t.”
druig’s insides convulsed as he turned away, unable to handle seeing you collapse into the ground, your hands digging into the grass as you tried to grasp onto the what and the why.
twinges of guilt pricked at his heart, but this was for the best. better to let the pain happen now instead of when you would inevitably die, leaving him alone and heartbroken at your permanent absence.
your sobs quieted, but your heart continued to hammer inside your ribcage. druig was turned away from you, and as soon as he heard your shaking cries quiet down to sniffles, he walked away.
swiftly and gracefully, he hoped his unfaltering steps masked his hurt.
but if there was one thing druig loved most about you, it was your stubborn air, your gentle but strong-willed stature that could have a man both groveling and swooning.
you wiped your cheeks harshly and called his name, your voice came out croaky but your steps didn’t halt. you neared your lover and grabbed onto his hand, intertwining his lithe fingers with yours in a way that screamed of desperation.
“i don’t understand,” you whispered. “where did we go wrong?”
no answer came, but you still continued, hoping that you would eventually get him to crack. your thumb brushed over his hand as you gave it a light squeeze.
“i don’t want us to end, tell me what i can do to make things right, darling, please.”
your voice cracked at the end of your sentence and druig caved, murmuring your name softly into your hair as he wrapped his arms around you so tight it felt almost suffocating. hot tears streamed down his cheeks as his body shook with the uneven tempo of his weeping.
“i.. i just.. you... i don’t…”
tears of your own came pouring down as you both sank to your knees, the blades of grass were kind and soft as you ran your fingers through his hair and shushed his cries with kisses. “it’s okay, my druig, it’s okay. i’m here.”
it was rare to see him at a loss for words. he was a sweet talker and a man masterful in the art of sarcasm and wit, so tears were a rarity too.
something was wrong, and all you could do was wait patiently for him to tell you the cause of his fierce despair and his sudden announcement of your relationship's end.
“you won’t be for long.” druig managed, and the air in your lungs was knocked right out.
“you heard me, you won't be for long. you’re going to die one day and all i can do is wait for it to happen. all i can do is cling onto these precious moments and push away the truth.”
he sniffled and your gaze never left his. your eyes that he loved so much studied him with such intensity that it felt as though holes were being burned into his flesh.
“it’s better off this way,” he mumbled. “for both of us.”
but still, he did not let go. his mind’s logic and reason could not compete with his heart’s longing to stay where he was – safe in your loving (but agonizingly evanescent) embrace.
druig waited for you to push him away and exclaim that he was right, but that moment never came. instead, a hesitant but consoling hand traced over his jaw and wiped his tear-ridden cheeks. your lips brushed over his temple as you let out a shaky breath.
“oh, dru. i thought you knew.”
your lover's brows quirked up quizzically at that. “wh..what are you talking about?”
you sighed before pressing a long kiss to his lips, the action brought golden solace to the eternal’s heart.
“i’m immortal.”
a dense swathe of silence filled the air before druig cut it off.
“you’re what.”
his mouth hung open and his eyes glistened with both tears and jubilation. you couldn’t help a laugh at his expression as you buried yourself into his chest, arms wrapping tighter around his torso. “i can’t die either, dumbass.”
“i– but how?!”
“druig,” you began, lips pursing as you pulled back to jab a light finger into his shoulder accusingly. “i thought you were paying attention to me when i told you about eskil!”
“you mean your ex-lover, the asgardian? sweetest, what on earth does he have anything to do with us.” druig seethed, and his face contorted with the disgust that spread over his face.
you were both still locked in a solid embrace, and it was near impossible to miss the way he stiffened at the mention of your ex. the pads of his fingers dug deeper into your waist and you felt a smug grin twist itself over your features.
“wait a minute… were you jealous?”
the eternal’s face flushed into a delicate pink.
“i.. no. no, of course not. don’t be ridiculous.” he sputtered out, trying to keep his composure.
you raised a brow and felt your smirk deepen. “dru…”
his shoulders slumped and he brought his forehead to rest defeatedly into the crook of your neck. pressing a tender kiss to your throat before groaning in frustration as just barely comprehensible mumbles fell from his tongue.
“yes, okay, fine, so what if i was slightly jealous. i hate the idea of another having you.”
you hummed and let out a bubbly laugh, your eyes narrowing in a way that could only be described as wicked.
“hm, and it was because of that fact that you completely missed the story of how i ended things and he, pathetically, chose to curse me with a forever life in a heartbroken rage, isn’t that right now, love?”
druig huffed, pulling back to hold his chin up high. “well, i didn’t hear you complaining. as a matter of fact, you seemed quite pleased with the way you screamed my na-”
“okay, okay! enough!” it was now your turn to flush. embarrassing heat ran up from your neck to the very tip of your ears.
a smile broke out across your face, and druig couldn’t help mirroring it. you both stood tall, feet planted firmly into the ground.
your faces were warm with blush, your cheeks were salty from dried tears, and your arms enveloped each other in a way that brought you both a divine sense of ease and relief.
pressing his forehead to yours, druig's eyes melded into yours. he was searching your soul, looking carefully for confirmation.
“so it’s true then? you won’t die? it.. this.. we aren’t just temporary?”
your hand closed over his as you brought it to your lips. “it’s true, dru, it is.”
your eyes never left his when you moved his hand cup your jaw as you brushed a kiss over his palm.
the action was firm and benevolent. druig’s heart swelled up with uncontainable fervor and fondness as you whispered, “i’m yours and you’re mine, now and forevermore.”
in a spur of rhapsodic bliss, druig pressed his lips to yours. his hands wound up in your hair while yours circled his around his neck, pulling him in impossibly closer.
the flowers of the garden sighed and the stars twinkled with glee as your words echoed into the abyss of night.
i’m yours and you’re mine,
now and forevermore.
Tumblr media
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waspswidows · 5 months ago
I’m honestly fucking freezing atm and I can’t stop thinking about Druig warming me up lol (in a totally PG way!)
Maybe a comfort fic where the reader gets trapped under ice and the eternals save her but she is freezing and Druig takes it upon himself to strip her down and use body heat to warm her up?
I’m thinking the eternals are outraged like “Druig no! Let one of the girls do it!” And he’s like “Relax! I’ve seen everything before!” And they’re all like “oh … I see 👀”
Pairing: Druig x (female) Eternal!Reader
Summary: you’re fighting the deviants on an iced over lake when it cracks underneath you. Your fellow Eternals rescue you but you’re need of warming up and Druig is the first to offer. P.S. I’ve made reader’s powers that of being able to absorb / mimic the powers from whomever is in her proximity, so in this case she borrows Thena’s ability to make weapons from cosmic energy.
Warnings: one case of swearing, a lil bit of fluff, a whole lotta angst, nakedness but it’s not in a sexual way
A/N: ooh I really love this idea, thank you so much for your request!! I also love when I get to feature some of the other Eternals, I hope you like this! Also I hope you are warm and snuggly now anon😅🥰🖤✨
Tumblr media
Another day, another deviant. This time you and a few of your Eternals had been called to a frozen lake in Alaska where the deviant was closing in on a small village of people that lived adjacent to the lake. Your current team consisted of you, Sersi, Sprite, Kingo, Thena, and Druig.
You, Thena and Kingo had managed to push the deviant back onto the ice, away from the villagers. Sersi, Sprite and Druig remained at the edge of the lake, keeping the people calm as you, Thena and Kingo dished out punishment to the creature. You had decided to mimic Thena’s powers on this occasion, moulding yourself a spear out of celestial energy. Thena had gone for her classic sword and shield whilst Kingo continued to pelt the beast with his energy blasts.
You spin and slide on the ice, ducking under the deviant as it lunges for you. As you slide under it’s belly you lash out with your spear, cutting its front leg out from underneath it. It's head hits the ice with a deafening thunk just in front you, an otherworldly screech leaving its mouth. Underneath your body you can feel the ice crack before you see it. Cracks spring out in every direction from where the creature’s head had hit the ground.
A small panic settles in you as you scramble to crawl backwards, the deviant still lunging forward haphazardly, completely unaware of the imminent danger beneath it. The deviant is about to reach you when you hear a battle cry from above.
You look up just in time to see Thena leap gracefully through the sky, her sword in hand. It feels like everything is suddenly in slow-motion as you see Thena land on the deviants back, her sword going straight through its neck, hitting the ice below.
“Thena NOOO!!” You hear a deep voice bellow from afar. But it’s too late. Your eyes widen in fear as you see Thena backflip off the creature, soaring to safety, her lift-off pushing the deviant further into the already sinking ice.
The ice cracks around you. You hear a deep yell boom from across the lake. The last thing you see before you slip under the ice is Druig’s panic stricken face as he sprints towards you. But he’s just too far.
The ice water swallows you, the cold causing your chest to seize up almost immediately. You kick and paddle at the water around you but the current is strong, the darkness of the water confusing your senses. You’re no longer even sure of which way was up to the surface. You feel panic settle in your chest as your lungs scream for oxygen.
Ice invades your lungs suddenly. Blackness takes over your vision. You think you can hear someone calling your name but ultimately a numbing silence takes over your senses.
The next thing you’re aware of is a pressure on your chest, something was repeatedly pushing up and down on you. The next thing you’re aware of is lips on yours. You can feel warm air being forced down your throat. The warm air pushes the freezing water out your lungs and you gag as your body spasms. You choke and cough as you spit up the ice water from your lungs.
You blink wearily, your vision still somewhat blurry. You see a fear-stricken face come into focus in front of you. Druig. You inhale deeply, letting air back into your body, coughing again as your throat still feels tight.
“Hey hey hey, it’s okay” Druig coos, his hands cupping your face. “It’s okay, you’ll be okay” he whispers, his forehead against yours. You’re not sure if trying comfort you or himself.
You feel a gentle hand on your shoulder. You look up and see Sersi’s reassuring face above you. “Are you alright?” she asks gently.
“Of course she’s not alright” Druig snaps harshly, his head whipping around to face the other Eternals. “She’s fucking freezing. She could get hypothermia. We need to warm her up” he shouts frantically.
“Y/n, I’m so sorry. I didn’t realise you were still so close to it, I- I just didn’t see you” you hear Thena’s voice come from somewhere just behind you. You see Druig flare his nostrils in anger but apparently he decides it's better to stay quiet than lash out at Thena.
You want to reassure him, to tell him you’ll be okay. You want to reassure Thena, to tell her it was okay, you didn’t blame her. But truth be told you were too cold to even speak, your teeth chattering, your breathing ragged as your body fought to warm pump the blood around. You couldn’t feel most of your body and what little you could feel was painfully numb.
Druig’s face looks pained as he sees you struggling. He sighs in frustration and scoops you up in his arms, jogging over to the small settlement of people that lived beside the lake. You see over his shoulder that Sersi and Thena are right behind him.
As you approach the village you see Sprite and Kingo exit from one of the closest huts.
“In here” Sprite calls over to Druig. “They’ve got a fire going in the bedroom, take her in there."
Druig carries you inside, the other Eternals close behind him. Once in the room Druig places you gently on your feet, holding you against him as you were unable to bear your own weight. You’re shuddering against him as he tries to rub some heat into you with his hands.
“You know actually the best way to warm someone up is through body heat. Like actually being naked” Kingo tries a joke to lighten the mood, his hands mushing together to emphasise his point.
“I know” Druig says in all seriousness. “So that’s what I’m gonna do” he says determinedly, already stripping away your jacket and outer shirt.
“What?” Sprite says, clearly taken aback.
“Druig, let her have some dignity” Thena speaks cooly and calmly.
“Druig” you hear Sersi speak softly. “Just let one of us girls do it. Let me do it” she murmurs gently, placing a hand on Druig’s shoulder.
“No. I’m doing it.” He quickly shrugs his own jacket off, hunching over you and keeping you against him.
Druig releases a cocky chuckle in response to the shocked faces of your fellow Eternals. He looks up at them, a poisonous smile on his lips.
“Don’t worry ladies, I’ve seen everything before” he says as he pulls you even tighter against him. You wrap your numb arms around his neck, clinging to him desperately. You no longer care about the fact that your relationship was supposed to be secret. Clearly Druig didn’t either. You bury your face in the crook of his neck, breathing in his warmth as you tremble against him.
“What?!” Sprite exclaims. You can feel Druig smirk in response. Cat's out the bag now.
“Hmm, I knew it” Thena muses smugly. You simply bury your head into Druig’s chest, your cheeks flushing red from more than just the cold.
“Oh my god I have so many questions” Kingo gushes.
“Perhaps now isn’t the time, Kingo” Sersi chimes in.
“Come on, let’s leave them to it” Thena speaks cooly, gathering up the others and ushering them out of the hut. You release a shuddering sigh into Druig’s chest as they go. Druig rubs your back roughly, trying to warm you with the friction.
“Let us know if you need anything” Kingo sings as he heads out the door, closing it behind him. You can hear Sprite’s fading giggle in response.
“Don’t worry, my love, I’ve got you. I’ve got you” he murmurs into your hair, a serious edge returning to his voice. You nod your shaking head in response.
“Take off your wet clothes. Quickly” he tells you as he rubs your arms before letting you go.
You simply nod again, your teeth chattering too much for you to speak. You strip quickly, sucking your teeth when you feel the air hit your naked body. You turn around to see that Druig has also stripped nude. He quickly tosses the blankets and pillows from the bed onto the floor in front of the fire. He then grabs the massive fur duvet and wraps it around his shoulders before striding over to you. He envelopes you in his arms, a small gasp escaping him as your freezing skin touches him.
He pulls the blanket tightly over your body until you’re locked against his chest. He lowers the two of you gently onto the bundle of pillows and blankets, ensuring you were laying closest to the fire. He tucks himself behind you, curving his body around yours, trying to touch as much of your body as he could with his own. Any part of you that wasn’t touching him he made sure to tuck the fur blanket around tightly.
You’re facing him, your back to the fire. You tuck your face down into his chest, feeling his chin rest atop your head. Your hands are pressed flush against his chest, encouraging any kind of feeling to return to them. Your legs are intertwined, your bodies impossibly close. You know this must be uncomfortable for him, your freezing hands causing his stomach to tense beneath your touch. But he doesn’t relent, he simply keeps you pressed tightly against him, his hands rubbing up and down your back.
You start to feel your shuddering calm down as warmth slowly but surely renters your body. You sigh deeply, revelling in the heat emanating from Druig. He peppers kisses to your head, his breath warming your face. After a long while you finally lift your head to look up at him. You see relief wash over his face as he gazes at you.
“How you feeling?” He whispers.
“Better” you sigh, your voice hoarse from where you’d choked on the freezing water. He leans his forehead against yours, closing his eyes.
“I thought I’d lost you” he breathes, pain straining his voice, a tear slipping down his cheek. You move your hands to cup the back of his neck. All you can do is shake your head softly in response, your voice threatening to break if you attempted to speak. In your silence Druig continues to ramble.
“I was so scared, y/n. Seeing you just disappear under the ice like that. And there was nothing I could do about it” he sounds anguished, angry at himself. You shake your head again but he carries on.
“There was nothing I could do, I was just stood there helpless whilst you were dying. I- I don’t know what I would do if I lost you. I can’t lose you...” he trails off as a sob cracks his voice. You feel tears slip from your own eyes. He opens his mouth again to ramble some more but you cut him off by placing your freezing lips on his. He jolts slightly at the sudden cold on his lips but he quickly responds, moulding his mouth against yours. You revel in the warmth of his lips on yours.
It’s okay, Druig. I’m okay. You push your thoughts into his mind. I’m right here. You reassure him. You feel him smile into the kiss and know he’s heard you. I love you. You tell him through your thoughts. His lips break from yours momentarily.
“I love you too” he whispers out loud.
Tumblr media
A/N: lmao I really turned this into a like a whole-ass story. Sorry it’s quite long, I really liked the idea and was inspired by it so I just ran with it, I hope you liked it though!🖤🥰✨
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Tumblr media
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sapphireplums · 6 months ago
𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫 𝐭𝐡𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐭.
Tumblr media
description || druig never thought he was even capable of jealousy, but when it comes to you, nothing was impossible.
pairing || druig x fem!reader
word count || 1,088
warnings || fluffy fluff! SPOILERS FOR THE END CREDIT SCENE
a/n || i really want to watch dunkirk again after writing this haha. feedback is appreciated!
Tumblr media
AFTER BIDDING GOODBYE to your family, you decided it was best to leave earth for now and join Makkari, Druig, and Thena to find other Eternals in the universe.
You were a little reluctant to leave Earth at first, knowing that you've lived a majority of your life there, but when Druig asked you to come along, you couldn't dare to refuse him.
It was nice to be back on the Domo, with some fond memories reminiscing back in your mind. You looked out the clear glass window as you left Earth, the beautiful blue planet getting smaller as you flew higher into the universe.
You heard a pair of footsteps increasing behind you and turning around, you saw Druig with his soft smile appearing on his face. He grabbed your waist gently and pulled you towards his body, the leather on his jacket touching your bare skin.
"What are you doing here all alone, my love?" His tone was filled with tease yet genuine curiosity.
You turned your body around, facing the clear window, Druig not letting go of your body. His body was now pressed against your back, his arms still embracing your waist.
"Just looking at the beautiful world we saved. It's really beautiful." Druig saw the bright smile on your face, making his mood even better. He always loved to see you happy, your smile being the light of his day.
"Yes, it is, but it's certainly not as beautiful as you, Y/n." You turned your head and looked at Druig in the eyes. As you stared into his sapphire eyes, Druig couldn't help but place a gentle kiss on your lips. His kisses always started as gentle, but there were times where his eagerness go the best of him which led to interesting events.
The two of you walked back to the main room, hand in hand where Thena and Makkari were at. Makkari gave you a smile while Thena gave you a gentle nod. You sat on top of one of the tables skimming through books, while Druig went to get a bag of chips.
When he got back, his mouth was already stuffed with them, making his cheeks look like a chipmunk. You couldn't help but capture this moment so you took out your phone and took a quick picture.
"I still don't understand why you're so obsessed with that cellular device while you should be obsessed with me." His snarky remark made you slap him gently across the chest while snatching the bag of chips out of his hands in the process.
He gave you a playful glare before placing a small kiss on top of your nose. "You're lucky I love you very much."
You continued to eat the bag of chips until the sudden sound of something down the halls of the Domo caught your attention. Everyone stood up, on guard for any possible threats that were to come. Druig instinctively put his body in front of you as a shield, not daring to let any threat come your way.
But when a troll appeared out of a portal, your head tilted in confusion. He didn't seem to be a threat, more like a character from a fairytale story.
"Um, you see that too, right?" You asked Druig while the troll continued to talk.
"Yeah, I see it too," Druig whispered softly to you, his body still in front of yours.
Still not sure what was happening, your mind wandered in confusion, but when another person came out of the portal, your inner thoughts dissipated.
"Hello, fellow celestials. My name is Eros, I am the brother of Thanos." When Eros mentioned Thanos, your eyes widened slightly, not seeing the resemblance at all.
You stood aside from Druig's protective demeanor and cautiously looked at the other celestial, curiosity laced in your eyes, not seeing how he was related to Thanos.
"Love, stay behind me," Druig's voice appears in your head. You gave him a look then looked back at Eros.
"It's okay, Dru. I don't think he's a threat," you thought back. Druig was about to pull your body behind him until you walked up to Eros, his eyes gleaming towards your presence.
"Well, well, well, hello beautiful. What's your name, darling?" Eros asked you, his voice clearly flirtatious. You let out a nervous laugh before answering him.
"I'm Y/n, that's Makkari, Thena, and Druig." Eros gave a warm smile to everyone in the room, but when his vision went towards Druig, all the Eternal did was glare at him, not liking the way he was looking at his girlfriend.
"Nice to meet you all." Eros paused and looked back at you, flirt laced in his eyes once again. "Especially you, doll."
That's when Druig lost it. He didn't like the way this man was looking at you and the nicknames he was giving you pissed him off even more. He was the only one that could call you those named and the sudden urge of possessiveness overwhelmed him.
"Sorry, mate, she has a boyfriend and her boyfriend doesn't like when other people flirt with her," Druig said, his arm possessively wrapped around your waist. You couldn't help but smirk at Druig's claim on you. It made your heart skip a beat.
"Oh, well my apologizes, you have a very beautiful girlfriend though." Eros attempted to walk by you and Druig, your boyfriend's glare still digging into Eros' skull.
But as Eros walked by you, he sneakily winked at you hoping Druig didn't see, but oh boy, was he wrong.
When Druig saw his flirts didn't stop, Druig nearly pounced on him, but you held him back, preventing him from doing so.
"Can I kill him?" Druig asked you nonchalantly. Your eyes widened and you stood in front of Druig, not letting him get closer to Eros.
"No! Don't even think about it."
"But I didn't like the way he was staring at you, love," Druig admitted, finally looking into your eyes.
"Dru, I love you and only you." You pressed a soft kiss on his lips, him returning it swiftly.
"I know you love me and I love you so much, sweetheart. It's just that I don't trust him." Knowing Druig wouldn't stop worrying about you, you negotiated with him.
"Look how about this, if he tries anything again, you can just mind control him, okay?" Druig let out a genuine smile, yet it was filled with mischief and temptation.
"Deal." Druig kissed you on the cheek before walking back into the room with the other Eternals, his eyes still on Eros just in case he dared to do anything.
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clints-lucky-arrow · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Mob!Druig x F!Reader. [PART ONE.]
Being a bartender at The Domo means regularly encountering members of the Eternals - the most illusive crime gang running the city that you live in. 
The most mysterious of them is known as the Abhartach. 
A man. A myth. A telepath.
Yet, despite his dangerous reputation, you can't help but be curious about him.
Mafia!AU. Violence, Blood, and Murder.
WARNINGS: Violence, Injury, Blood, and Murder.Alcohol Consumption. Mind Control. Sexual Harassment. Slight Soft!Dark!Druig. Mob!AU. Not Beta-Read and Minorly Edited.
Word Count: 2.7k
Likes, comments, and reblogs are much appreciated!
A/N: Right. So I've been reading 'Watch Your Step' by @charnelhouse recently. It's a Triple Frontier Boys x Reader Mafia!AU - and it's fucking incredible. I would highly recommend you all to go and check it out after this. It has very much gotten me on the Mob!AU train, and Druig sort of gives me that vibe? So, here's a quick little piece.
(I know that Druig can control minds, but in the instance of this story - he can read them too.)
Abhartach = "Ab-harr-tock."
*Based on an ancient Celtic Chieftain. Amongst other myths and stories, the Abhartach was said to be a corrupted druid used dark magic to control his village.
Tumblr media
Working in The Domo teaches you a lot of things.
When to look. Where not to look. The way to greet certain patrons - some with a nod and a smile, and not even to make eye contact with others. It teaches you to be calm under pressure, and conciliatory when needed. That successfully reading others is the most valuable thing that one can ever learn to do.
And, most importantly, working at The Domo teaches you how the many illusive patrons like their drinks. That's the biggest thing here.
Get it wrong - even just once - and you risk a knife in the stomach. Luckily for you, you've yet to fuck up yet. You're on fairly decent terms with everyone. Just a result of working there for over three years. It's a dangerous line of work, but you don't mind a little risk - especially when the tips can be pretty good too.
He's in again tonight.
The Abhartach. Or so they call him.
Rumours say that he’s a warlock. A vampire. Some dark god of death. They say that he can read minds. That with nary a look, he can work you like a puppet - and that you won't remember it at all afterwards. You've yet to see that particular show yourself, despite the almost burning curiosity to bear witness. But for now, you'll settle for looking at him.
You shouldn't. Everyone knows that he doesn't like to be watched. But still - it's hard not to. Those bright blue eyes are like a snare. Such a clear azure that draws you in, before they darken with a sudden surge of emotion. It's a mesmerizing show. One that you try not to enjoy currently - while simultaneously wiping down the most recent cocktail spill atop the bar - but it's hard not to when he sits just across the way.
Black leather gloves cover his fingers. The drink that you silently passed him previous is whiskey. Irish, of course. That's how he likes it. 'The Devil's Keep' is the brand. You can't help but think that it seems accurate for a man of his reputation. He's part of that family, after all. The one that everyone whispers about. It's run by a beautiful woman - as sweet-voiced as an angel, but who commands the group with an iron fist.
They've all been here before. Would make sense, given the rumours that they own this place. Both the Planners, and the Enforcers. He's part of the former. Not one to regularly indulge bloody violence, but more often a proprietor of it. He makes things work - uses humans as if they were chess pieces - all to get what they need. In some ways, you can't help but think that he's the most dangerous of his family.
As if sensing that your eyes are on him, his own flicker up. They meet yours. Clear, and cerulean blue. His expression gives nothing away. He only stares, eyes narrowing, until you remember your place and avert your gaze with a snap that leaves your neck aching. Only moments later, the loud snap of beckoning fingers cracks the air.
Rude, but you've well learned to deal with that. When you consider who these people are, anything less than a gun to your head and rough demands is considered polite. Folk in here operate differently. It's important to remember that and keep a level head.
That's why you don't look bothered when approaching the calling patron. Not until you get closer - able to see around the frame of his friend - and catch a look at his face. Fuck. It's him. The Layman. He's back again. One of your least favourite patrons. This bastard is known for wandering hands - a taboo thing to happen in The Domo. It’s part of the upside about being a staff member here. They don’t allow that type of harassment to commence. 
Your jaw sets in disdain. Noting the expression, the Layman snickers loudly. That smirk stays pronounced on his face as he orders - making sure to murmur low enough that you have to lean in closer to hear it. Attempting to restrain your annoyance is difficult. You mostly take it out on the shaker when preparing his drink. 
The traipse back to his table seems long and short all at once. His companion leans back. Waving a seedy hand, the Layman urges you in between them - gesturing for you to come and slip in between them in order to place the glass down. Your nostrils flare. A frustrated, and slightly upset, breath puffs harshly - but there's no choice. Discomfort flares as you lean in.
Almost instantly, his hand brushes across your rear. It's as expected. You recoil in wordless horror - mouth twisting into an expression of disgust. His mouth twists into a leering laugh upon catching sight of your expression. Sour breath washes across your face. His rancid chuckle wrents the air, just for a moment - until something else catches your eye.
There's a strange, golden glow in his friend's eye.
You only see it for a moment before the other man lunges forward. His hand closes around the glass. The sound of crystalline shattering explodes from right beside you only moments later. Caught off guard, a shrill shriek of horror leaves your lips, and you stumble backward. It's nothing compared to the howl of pain from the Layman. He screams - face covered in blood. His friend looms forward, teeth bared and yellow gaze burning, and claws deep into his eyes.
There's a sickening squirt of something. Your stomach twists painfully as you spin away, clamping a hand over your mouth. And then, the sound of a body thudding to the ground rings through remaining silence. It's followed by a low gasp, further hitched by the sound of panicked breathing. When your eyes open, the other man is standing there - eyes a normal blue - and staring in mute terror at his blood-covered hands.
For a moment, you don't understand. It dawns slowly - washing across like the tide. Watching it, you turn, gawking gaze seeking out the solitary figure at the table behind.
The Abhartach lowers his gloved hand back to the table. Catching your shocked stare, he just gestures towards his empty drink. "Another, if you'd be so kind."
Swallowing your fear, you only nod. His gloved hand lowers back to the table. It had been lifted, half-curved in the air. Already, you know what happened. That he stepped in. He helped you. It's proven when his pale face upturns again - fixed on the shaking and blood-soaked man - and his eyes turn molten once more.
"Drag him out of here. Hide him. And then forget that this ever happened."
As mindless as a zombie, the human does. You avert your eyes from the struggle as he pulls the corpse fumbling through the kitchen doors. It leaves a large, smeared stain of red along the concrete ground of the bar. Desperate to distract yourself, you return to the bar to fetch his next drink. Another whiskey. This time, you pour him double.
Striding back across the room, your shaking fingers place it down on the table before him. Instead of leaving - you remain. Lingering. Strangely unwilling to go too far from his side. As if he's already become an odd safe space. Noticing, the Abhartach gestures for you to sit. Knowing better than to risk inciting his anger by delaying, you hastily pull out the chair and sit down.
That seems to surprise him. His brows arch upward - almost shooting into his hairline. Bright blue eyes bore into your face, and you find yourself nervous under the intensity of his gaze. It seeps over your features. Sinking into your veins. You can almost feel a brush against the back of your skull, as if hidden fingers reach inside to read your braille-etched thoughts. A strange sensation, but not entirely unwelcome.
"You're not scared," he comments, sounding mildly surprised. "Shouldn't you be?"
After pondering this for a few moments, your head shakes. "If you were going to hurt me, you probably would have done so by now."
A small smirk curves his lips at that. From the light in his eyes, it's easy to tell that you are right on this assumption. Rapt, you watch as the glass raises to his lips - neatly tipping back. Underneath the light above, his brunette hair is outlined in a light copper sheen. Combined with those sky blue eyes, it's a very attractive combination.
But, what completes it is the expression that he always wears. One of sly knowledge, and a smooth confidence that ripples in waves.
He's dressed in all black, apart from the red veins of a pattern that ruin through his suit. They bleed into patterns that you don't understand - convoluted and rich. A code, or an insignia. You don't realise that you've lost yourself, gaze roving freely over his body. Not until he clears his throat. Embarrassed and feeling your face heat with shame, your eyes snap away.
Wrong idea.
The sickening smears of concealing bloodstains on the ground threaten to make you sick. Catching the tightening of your expression, the Abhartach slides his glass neatly towards you - still with a significant portion left.
"A drink will help settle your stomach," he says emotionlessly.
You're not one for drinking on the job - but today isn't a normal day. The whiskey stings as it hits the back of your throat. Still, you gulp down the rest of it in one full swig. As it lowers back to the table, a tension trickles across your shoulders. Had taking all of it been a step too far? The Abhartach gives nothing away. Just watches - stony and impassive - until you don't think that you can take it any longer.
He moves then. Just when you're mentally approaching that breaking point. The cushion of his armchair squeaks slightly, and then those blue eyes loom closer to your face as he shifts forward. There's a gentle touch - just off the side of your lips. A smooth press of leather against the corner of your mouth as the Abhartach uses his thumb to brush away the glistening patch of bronze whiskey that had escaped your mouth.
If you weren't so wound-up, you might have leaned into his touch. But as much as you might wish to - you physically can't.
He must note that. Feel it somehow. Those eyes glow gold once more, and his velvet words wash across your mind - lilted in a melodic Irish accent.
"Relax. You were correct earlier. I'm not going to hurt you."
It's the briefest of pressures, before fading. The absence leaves you feeling somewhat dizzy - mind slightly addled. Slumping back into your chair, your arm raises to wipe at your brow. While you gather yourself, the Abhartach rises. The dull thud of his boots ring out as he casually strides over to round the bar. Upon there, those bright eyes seek you again.
"What do you usually drink?"
It takes you a second to remember the answer. "Vodka martini."
As you watch - strangely feeling much more at ease than before - the mobster sets about making you the drink. You use the opportunity to take him in. It's a better chance than all of the times before, because in this instance, he is the one distracted. Or so you think. When a smirk begins to curve upon his pink lips, a memory jolts through you. He's a telepath. The bastard can literally hear what you're thinking right now. Recalling your sudden bout of calm, something irritated jackknifes through your chest.
"Don't use your powers on me." The words are snapped - leaving your mouth in a rush, and surprising both of you.
A brow arches smoothly as he pauses. "I don't intend to. That was an exception - just to get you to relax. It's interesting to see that you can fight it. Most succumb with ease."
A scoff bursts from you. "Well, my mom always said that I was stubborn."
"There seems to be truth to that," he replies, with the barest hint of a chuckle.
As you continue to silently observe, the Abhartach returns to the table - a drink clasped in each hand. Settling again, a hand gloved in black leather pushes the martini glass atop the smooth tabletop. There's even a garnish in the glass. A lemon twist, cut so neatly that one could nearly swear to be a bright yellow ribbon. His own holds a skewered cherry balanced atop the rim. Catching your eye, he lifts it free. White teeth flash as he neatly catches it between them - pulling it free before chewing loftily.
When he's finished, that dry timbre comes again - slightly mocking and holding an air of impatience. "What do you say?"
"Thank you," you fumble hastily, snatching up the glass. "Thank you for the drink. And for - well. Earlier."
"I was beginning to doubt that those words would ever come," he murmurs, slightly disapproving.
Your fingers tap uneasily against the stem of your glass. "Sorry. I don't mean to seem ungrateful." Internally, you can't help but feel like you've failed a test of sorts.
He regards you for a few moments, until a light slowly grows in his eyes. It's not his ability - not that familiar gold. This is excitement. The piquing of a pleasing idea. A desire that floods through him, and has his lips curl upward into a wider, more mischievous smirk.
"What?" you ask, already uncomfortable under a look that holds so much wordless meaning.
"I know how you can show me that you mean it," he says lightly, settling back in his chair to take a pointed sip of his drink. "That you're not completely ungrateful." As if catching the sudden influx of stiff fear to ripple through you, another small chuckle rumbles free as his head shakes in amusement. "It's not what you're thinking, darling. I've already said that I'm not going to hurt you."
Swallowing, you try to force your hands to relax - to not clench so hard that your fingernails are digging into the tender flesh of your palm. "What is it, then?"
He shrugs - casual - but the almost devilish gleam in his eyes whispers that it's anything but. "Dinner. The two of us. Just once. No expectations, no unbecoming demands. Just one evening in a restaurant of my choosing."
"Because - surprisingly - I've always been curious about your company."
Your eyes fix on the thin veins of red running through his black suit. Alone in the bar - the scent of copper rising above the tang of alcohol to fill your nostrils - you can't help but wonder if this is how the devil appears. If he arises from hell with side-swept dark brown hair, gleaming blue eyes, and an agenda. But it doesn't matter, because you can't help but think that you don't really have a choice.
"One dinner," you tell him, holding up a warning finger. "Nothing more."
His free arm drapes across the back of his armchair. The other hand raises the glass to his lips again. As you watch, those white teeth balance on the rim - just as he gives another quick smile. It's followed by another neat swig, and all the whiskey is drained. The empty crystal glass taps confidently back onto the table, and the Abhartach rises - neatly buttoning his suit jacket as he does.
"Nothing more," he repeats, pausing to drop his eye into a smooth wink. "Not unless you use that pretty mouth to beg."
"Won't happen," you respond - but even now, you're not so sure. "I'm not like that."
His eyes roll. "All girls can be 'like that.' Most just haven't found the right man." When you don't respond, he laughs again - victorious - and continues with smug satisfaction. "I'll send a car on Thursday. How does eight sound?"
Stiffly, you nod, trying to clamp down on the accelerated beat of your heart within your chest.
His head tilts to the side. "Remember, dear. I like to hear words. And you can start with my name. My actual name - not that 'Abhartach' nonsense."
"And what is your name, sir?" you ask, fighting not to sound irritated or annoyed.
It's hard when he's such a egoistic bastard.
Those blue eyes flash upon catching your thoughts. When he speaks again, the words are edged in a warning growl. 
"My name is Druig."
Tumblr media
A/N: I might do their dinner if I have the motivation and if it seems like there's interest, but I also might not 😅 my motivation is all over the place recently so WE'LL SEE ❤️
Likes, comments, and reblogs are much appreciated!
*I do not take requests.*
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buckywls · 5 months ago
The reader hurts herself and Druig rushes to her aid to the surprise of their fellow eternals
Never leave my hand // Druig
Tumblr media
warnings : injury, blood, but nothing too graphic
a/n : sorry for how long it took, anon :/ also, combined with this similar request
masterlist - characters list
Two tears on each side of Druig's cheeks were falling down, one faster than the other. He didn't care, didn't mind about his cheeks getting wet as he looked down at you. It looked like you were asleep. Which you were, he hoped. You looked so peaceful, so calm, as everytime your eyes closed during the night and Druig would watch you sleep as he was falling asleep as well.
"She will be okay," Ajak said as she entered the room behind him.
Druig snapped out his thoughts and wiped the tears away, not wanting her to see emotions of any kind coming from him. Ajak walked toward him and rested a hand on his shoulder. She watched as his hand was closed on yours, as he looked down at your face, waiting for any movements.
"Do you know when she will awake?" Druig asked, his voice slightly cracking at the start.
"I don't, but I do know she will. Your lover is a fighter," Ajak said and Druig turned to her with a frown on his face "We all know."
None of them has seen it coming. When it did, you were laying on the ground in mere seconds. What Druig saw first was the blood. There wasn't supposed to be blood. You only fell from a deviant's hit, after all, yet there you were, laying on your side as blood fell and slipped through your delicate fingers.
It was as if the time stopped, for Druig. And also a little bit for you as you neither saw it coming. When you looked up at him, you saw an expression of deep fear you have never seen on his face. Only it was cut by Sirsi as she crouched down next to you.
Druig's eyes started to glow as he turned his head to the deviant who was fighting against Ikaris. Anger was all he felt. Not even sadness. Not yet. The deviant stopped moving, as if an invisible force was preventing him to do so.
Ikaris turned around and Druig nodded at him. The eternal used all his powers and, with trays coming from his eyes, killed the deviant. It didn't make a sound as it fell on the floor, while Druig's took a few steps forward.
"You mind-controlled a deviant," Gilgamesh said as his eyes looked down at it.
A cry of pain erupted from you and Druig's eyes became normal again. He turned away from the creature to look at you as Ajak put pressure on your wound.
To everyone's surprise, Druig rushed to you.
"Druig," you sighed as he took your hand in his and put the other on your forehead "Took you long enough."
You saw he was focusing on your wound Ajak was desperately trying to heal.
"It doesn't work," she said and you closed your eyes, taking a deep breath.
"I'm fine."
"No, you're not." Druig interrupted. You locked eyes and, little did he know, it would be the last time in days he would see them open.
"We got it for a very long time, Druig," Ajak spoke and walked around to stand in front of him "Kingo did first and then told everyone."
He chuckled and looked down at your intertwined hands "She doesn't wear her ring in front of you," he said almost too low "I asked her in Babylon but we took the decision not to tell you."
Ajak couldn't contain her smile at the thought of another of her friends getting married "Maybe try to put it back on, it'll might wake her up."
Druig nodded and she got up, rubbing his shoulder before leaving and slowly closing the door. He looked back down at you. The light on the nightstand revealed only a part of your face as the other was in the dark. He wished you could be awake so he could just tell you how pretty you look, so he could hug you and tell you you're alright, that nothing will happen to you. He already knew you'd panic when you wake up, that's why he stayed there by your bed. He took a deep breath in and got up before laying next to you on his side.
"I don't know if you can hear me but, just so you still know, I love you, Y/n. I really love you."
His hand never left yours and he slowly fell asleep in the deep dark of the night.
As expected, when you woke up the next morning, you slightly panicked. Slowly, you started recognizing the place and your breathing calmed down. But then, all the events came back to you. Instinctively, your hand went to your wound on your stomach. There was nothing anymore, no scars.
Downstairs, the others were having breakfast when you came down. You smiled as you heard laughs interrupting from who you recognized as Thena and maybe Gilgamesh. They didn't hear your footsteps but Sprite's smile widened up when she saw you.
"Y/n!" she exclaimed and everyone turned around.
"Hey," you said and weakly waved your hand "Look like I missed some stuff."
Druig eventually got up from his seat and rushed toward you, hugging - trapping - you between his arms. You hugged back and buried your head in his neck, understanding you might have been gone a little time.
"I'm so happy you're okay," he said so only you could hear before hugging you tighter.
"I'm not going anywhere," you answered.
"You better not," he chuckled.
You pulled back and rested your hands on his cheeks. That's when you saw the ring on your left hand. You withdrew your hand and looked down and back up at Druig.
"Ajak told me that they all understood, about us. So I figured it would be a great thing to show each other now." he smiled
"Good for me," you nodded.
"I knew it!" Kingo exclaimed "I told you, Ikaris, and you didn't believe me."
"You owe us the twenty bucks." Makkari signed
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mendesbadrepuation · 5 months ago
PLEASEE write an angst where reader is in love with druig- it’s one sided/unrequited love (or so she thinks) and Druig hurts her feelings by being an asshole!! Makes her leave while crying and Druig tries to get her back or something like that? Oh and please just write tons of angst druig imagines I beg you
Don’t // Druig x Eternalfem reader
Tumblr media
Based off this request I got! Hope you enjoy this anonymous!
Pairing: Druig x Eternalfem reader
Prompt: You told me that I was the job, the chore you had to do. To me, you were everything.
TW: ANGST! Annnngggssstttttt! Mild cursing and mentions of blood, reader gets a minor injury, not grammar checked, written fast (it was during my break) 
a/n: just have to peep in and say that all the love and comments I have received on Stay has been AMAZING!! each of y'all deserve some head and I hope you get some for being spectacular! thank you guys so very very much!!! 
There was a silence in the Domo today that you couldn’t quite grasp. Maybe it was from the fact that laying in the bed, injured, in front of you, was the love of your life. Or perhaps it was the fact that you knew when he awoke things would go back to normal. The normal being, him ignoring you. You weren’t even sure how you two reached that point. At one time, he would spend hours just talking to you about everything on this earth you two discovered. Lately, it was coming to a stop. A heartbreaking stop.
You were utterly in love with him. There was a day where you thought he may feel just the same. Just when you were going to confess it all he shut you out. It was all in your head that he may actually have felt the same.
“Hey, how is he?” Sersi stood at the door and her voice was soft. You could hear the concern in her voice.
Your eyes glance to her and then back at Druig. He was unconscious and had been for several hours. There was a deviant outbreak in a nearby area. Just as we were set here to do you went out to fight against them.
“Still unconscious.” You shortly reply. In a comforting manner you hold his hand carefully. There were bandages across his toned chest and a deep gash near his temple. The other Eternals did their best to get you to eat or even sleep. You couldn’t leave him. Not after you caused this and you blamed yourself far too much.
Sersi walks into the room quietly to stand behind you. Her hand reaches out and puts it on your shoulder. She was always the one to comfort you in any situation. Now was no different. She knew how you blamed yourself for this. And she did her very best to make you understand it wasn’t your fault. He made the choices he did.
“You need to rest. Someone needs to patch up that gash on your arm anyways.” Sersi suggests. It was true. In the midst of the chaos and helping take care of Druig you hadn’t noticed your own injuries.
“Just let me change his bandages. Then I’ll fix this.” You gesture to your arm and she nods her head in approval. You watch her walk out of the room to leave you to your duties.
You find the bandages and ointment needed to help with the cleaning. Carefully, you began to change his larger bandage on his chest. He slightly stirs as you do and that makes you nervous. There was sweat forming on his body. It let you know that at least his body was trying to heal. Just as you are fixing his temple bandage you felt his hand wrap around your arm.
“What happened?” He barely mumbled enough that you could understand it.
“Hey Druig, a deviant got a hold of you.” You kept it simple for him. Maybe he didn’t remember the words he spoke to you before he passed out. You surely did. “I’m just cleaning your bandages.”
His eyes open fully and he looks at you. For a second all you could focus on was the color of his iris’s. They were the softest shade of blue and for a moment it was like all was right in the world.
“I don’t want you here.” His words stung. They hurt so much that you felt the pain in your chest. It caught you off guard and you do everything in your power to not cry.
“Just let me fix your bandage on your head and I’ll be gone.” You fight the crack in your voice but it falters just at the end of the sentence.
“I’m serious. Just leave. It’s not like you actually care. You’re here because you caused this.” Your lips part in shock from the words.
“You don’t mean that.” You thought just maybe it was the medicine you gave him. Or the fever that was breaking out through his body. Druig had been cold but not ever this cold before.
“I do.” He says through gritted teeth and doesn’t dare to look at you. His hand pushes yours away that was trying to replace the bandage. It caused your body to turn away in an awkward motion to avoid hitting his gash. His other hand clashes across your open wound on your arm and you suck in a sharp breath at the pain it induced.
You lean back and step away from his bed. One hand covers the gash to stop the bleeding that started again from it being reopened. The tears that you fought so hard to contain began to fall down your cheeks. Your eyes peered into him with the most hurt expression.
“I don’t know what I ever did to make you hate me like this.” He keeps his head turned towards the wall. “I’m sorry that this happened. I blame myself for it all. But you didn’t have to jump in front of that deviant for me. I had it under control.” Instead of leaving right away you at least had to share your side.
“Obviously you didn’t! Or we wouldn’t be here.” He replies and you could tell he was getting frustrated. There was some other demons he was battling. Being with Druig for so long you had grown to know him. Almost like the back of your hand.
“Screw you Druig. Forget that I ever cared about you.” Tears were freely falling down your face now. “I’ll leave you alone. That way you don’t have to worry about me being a job for you. A chore!” You bring back the words he muttered to you before he passed out.
As you wipe away the tears and turn to leave the room he doesn’t say another word. Sersi was beside the door along with Sprite and Kingo. They look at you with such pity in there eyes. It was no deny that they had heard everything from that conversation.
You went to the common area of the Domo to grab the rest of the first aid kit. Your brain was fuzzy with so many thoughts circling it was hard to focus. The tears just kept freely falling making your cheeks raw. You didn’t want the pity from your family. So you chose to take yourself outside to a favorite place of yours. Somewhere for you to be alone and so you can cry all you want.
When you find your spot you neatly sat your kit down to prepare it. The pain was getting to be unbearable in your arm. You knew Druig didn’t mean to hit it. That pain didn’t compare to the pain of your emotions.
For so many years you slowly fell in love with that boy. How could you not? There were nights that you spent together that were the best of your existence. He showed you what a best friend is and never once let you down. Not until now. Why now?
With shaky hands you tied a band above the gash on your arm. Just to get the bleeding to slow down so you could clean it up. Your hands were shaking so much that it was hard to really do anything. And with the tears invading your vision it was even worse.
You start to clean the gash and even more tears flowed out of your eyes. “Fuck!” You shouted in pain.
“Stop!” You we’re so blinded by the pain your arm and your chest you didn’t fully register the voice. Your hands shook so bad and you felt the world caving in on you. “Stop!” They say again and you look up.
Druig was stumbling his way over to you. There was a blanket wrapped around his shoulders and he was still shirtless. His pants hung loosely on his hips and he didn’t even have shoes on. He was struggling to stand straight.
“Don’t get any closer!” You felt the heat of your powers began to stir. There was no doubt that you had a strong control over your powers. But when things like this happened it would cause you to lose control.
You lost all control and began to break out into a sob. All the doubts, the pain, and insecurities surfaced to the top. The words he spoke played repeatedly in your head. There was a chaos of energy forming around you. Leaving you breathless and in pain.
It broke Druig to see you like this. To know that he was the reason behind it. In his mind he thought it would be best to push you away. He never thought he was worthy of love. The times he spent with you showed him what it could be like. It scared him and the thought of losing you scared him even more.
“Stop.” He reaches out to you, his knees hit the ground to properly be eye level with you. His hands go to your back to slowly start to rub circles and soothe the pain away. “Stop. Please.” He begs you. His touch automatically causes your powers to subside.
“It hurts.” You cry out in pain and that’s when his very own heart broke in half. It was already cracking from saying the words he said to you. For being so cold to you. He was an idiot to ever think that hurting you like that would keep his fears away.
“I’m sorry.” His eyes began to tear up. “I’m so sorry my beautiful girl. I hurt you in ways I can’t even begin to imagine.” Druig moves closer to you and tucks his body underneath yours. You were practically in his lap as he held you close to him.
His heart sank to his stomach the moment you looked up into his eyes. There was a pain in your eyes that he couldn’t express. Pain that he caused. Those eyes hold the stars to him. Never had he seen them so dull like that before. He cups your cheeks and uses the pads of his thumbs to wipe away the tears.
“Why did you say those things to me Druig?” The way you said his name and not one of your nicknames made him want to burn.
“I was stupid. An idiot that let my fears get the best of me. The thought of losing you was the worst possible thing to cross my mind. If I didn’t let you in then I would never have to worry about having you then one day you’d realize that you don’t want me. You would leave and I would lose you.” This time a few tears fall down his cheeks as he looks at you. You both we’re completely broken but you were in it together.
You slowly wrap you arms around his neck so you could hide your face into his neck. He tightly wraps his arms around your back and presses your body as close to his as he could. He wasn’t sure what was going to happen after this but he knew that he had to hold you. Even if it was his last time doing so. There was a lot of forgiveness that had to be earned. Druig was willing to work for every last bit of it.
“I’m so sorry.” He whispers into your hair and cries a little harder.
“Don’t let me go.” You say into his neck and he grabs on to you tighter. His eyes shut to rid of the tears that wouldn’t stop. You were another piece to him and he broke that.
From that point on Druig vowed to never hurt you ever again. He vowed to stay true to you. He vowed to make up for all the things he said and done. There was nothing that he wanted more in this life than to be yours. To have you for the rest of his immortal life.
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buckyhoney · 5 months ago
𝐥𝐢𝐭𝐭𝐥𝐞 𝐠𝐚𝐦𝐞𝐬
Tumblr media
𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞: im a whore end of story.
𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠: dom!druig x sub!reader
𝐫𝐞𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐠𝐬/𝐟𝐞𝐞𝐝𝐛𝐚𝐜𝐤/𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞𝐬 𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐠𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐥𝐲 𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐜𝐢𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐝 & 𝐡𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐥𝐲 𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐫𝐚𝐠𝐞𝐝! 𝐡𝐨𝐰𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫, 𝐃𝐎 𝐍𝐎𝐓 𝐫𝐞𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐭/𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐚𝐥 𝐀𝐍𝐘 𝐨𝐟 𝐦𝐲 𝐟𝐢𝐜𝐬!
𝟏𝟖+ 𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: 18+, language, thigh riding, light spanking, daddy kink, unprotected sex, unedited, sorry for any missed typos!
It sounded better in your mind- teasing him relentlessly. Wiggling against his forming bulge in bed, bending over in front of him, getting out of the shower, and walking into the bedroom naked- he caught on to your little game as soon as you started to play, but he let you do your little song and dance.
Druig was powering through the many acts trying to get him to cave in, but he pulled through. Your little game carried on until you couldn't handle it anymore- your pussy throbbed and arched at the thought of his cock filling you up, his fingers playing with your clit.
"Couldn't handle your own game?" Druig laughs, watching you timidly walk into the living room.
Your head is hung in shame.
"Come here," Motioning to his lap, your straddled him.
His palms slid u the sides of your body, underneath your shirt. Druig felt no bra, giving you a head tilt- your last attempt at driving him wild.
Smiling softly, you lean down to kiss him. His hands slid down your body to your thighs, slipping them past the hems of your shorts- no panties either.
Impatiently, you begin to grind against him, slow and steady. Druig chuckles and helps guide your hips. His lips attached to your neck and collarbone- nipping and sucking on the sensitive skin. Druig was determined to work you up even more than before.
Heat shot through your body and your mind was clouded with pleasure.
"Feels good, huh? Riding Daddy's leg?" Druig smiles against your skin, rocking your hips faster.
The fabric from your pajama shorts rubs against your clit, making you whimper.
"Say it, princess. Tell me how good your cunt feels on my thigh. Use your words," Druig coos, looking in your eyes.
Druig sees how far gone you already are, and he hasn't even touched you yet. You can't form words; the pleasure is overwhelming your body. All you can manage to do is whine and let your forehead fall into his neck.
"Come on, I need to hear you say it... Tell me how good riding my thigh feels on that pretty pussy... You wanna act like a big girl- big girls use their words." He bounces his leg, adding extra pressure toward your clit.
Your breathing falls inconsistent, and you can't think about anything other than cumming all over his thigh. Arousal has soaked through the fabric of your shorts and onto his thigh.
You mumble an incoherent:
"Feels s'good, daddy!"
Druig's hand removes from your hips and smacks your ass, making you yelp and moan into his neck- pushing you further toward your orgasm.
Another smack.
"M'feels so good!" You whimper, grinding against his thigh faster.
Druig chuckles, kissing your forehead, bouncing his leg occasionally. The pleasure overtook your body,
"My pretty baby going to cum?" Your legs began to shake, and your body felt weak; Druig felt the change in pace and continued for you.
"Wanna cum on my thigh, or do you want my cock?" Druig coos, lips attaching to your neck once more.
"Your cock.." The pleasure stops only for a moment while Druig lets his cock free from his briefs.
He helps you onto his cock. The ache is finally satisfied as your cunt is filled by his cock. Druig moans as you clench around him.
"There you go... That's my girl," Druig hums, thrusting upwards into you.
Each thrust pulls you closer and closer till you're clinging to his body and whining in his ear.
"Holy shit! That's it, cum on all over my cock." With his permission, your hips jerk, and your legs go numb.
Druig holds your hips steady as you ride your orgasm. He doesn't pull out of you- Druig just kisses your face and jaw.
"Are we going to tease Daddy again?" Druig's voice was soft and barely audible.
"No." You come back down, focusing on regaining your breath.
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maudeeloise · 6 months ago
One Way - Druig
Pairing : Druig x immortal!reader, Ikaris x platonic!reader
Warning : angst, slight fluff, mind control, spoiler, ikaris being an asshole
A/N : First of all, we can all agree that Druig is hot😩. Second of all, I don’t hate any of the characters, it’s just an idea I’ve had in mind which I wrote and became this.
Tumblr media
part 1 // part 2 // part 3
Druig and Ikaris never got along, especially when there was you around. It wasn’t like the two had feelings for you. Ikaris and you had known each other longer, but there had never been any romantic feelings involved. Both of you were just close friends who loved spending most of the times together.
Everything changed when Ikaris introduced you to the Eternals. He never had any intention to do it, it was an accident. You both were in London and Deviant happened. You met Sersi and Sprite and he was forced to get yourself involve into his world.
At first it was all great, you got along with them fast, especially Sersi since you had interest in nature. The journey led you to meet a specific ‘friend’ of his. Druig.
Since the very beginning, Druig had his attention stuck on you. He always stole some glanced towards you every now and then. It slowly led to Ikaris being protective of you. However, it didn’t stop Druig from flirting with you. You, on the other hand, couldn’t help yourself but felt flustered every time he was around.
You didn’t take that seriously, especially when Ikaris kept reminding you that Druig was just being Druig. Even though he knew he wasn’t. Druig wouldn’t flirt with anyone unless there was feelings involved, but you didn’t know Druig, so you just trusted your friend.
As time went by, Druig’s attempt to get you close to him increased. He started to get physical in a romantic way. He would wrapped his arms around you or play with your hair. Sometimes he even kissed the back of your hand or cheek or forehead, anywhere but your lips.
Ikaris watched the two with full of range. He wasn’t jealous, he was just protective. Maybe a little jealous. You used to give your full attention on him, now it was shared with someone he didn’t get along with. Ikaris didn’t stop telling you to distance yourself from Druig for the sake of yourself.
“I mean it, Y/N. He would just leave you one day like he did once with all of us. Thanks to his pride.” You rolled your eyes at him.
“We’re just friends, Ikaris.” Your hand flew to his arms to get his full attention. “Stop worrying so much.”
Did that stop Ikaris from keeping you away from Druig? No. In fact, he had more ideas in his mind. Some were pretty brutal. However, he never thought the risk, the risk of betraying you.
It was one random day. You and the Eternals were hanging in the domo. To be more specific, you were ‘flirting’ with Druig and Ikaris was watching the two of you at the other side of the room. He hadn’t left his eyes from you since he entered the room.
You were laughing and smiling over God knows what Druig were saying. Druig’s fingers slyly moved to bring a strain of your hair behind your ear. You stared at him as a blush covered your cheeks.
Ikaris’ jaw clenched tightly. His eyes drew holes through Druig’s head, mentally. Slowly your laughs died down and you both stared at each other deeply. It was almost like you and Druig against the world.
Druig slowly leaned in and you followed his action. Right when your lips were inches away, Ikaris shot up and walked towards you. He pulled you by your upper arms, forcing you to stand up.
Just like that, the three of you were the center of the attention. No one dared to comment on anything as they watched the scene. The tension in the room were thick, it made you anxious.
“Ikaris.” You started, but the man just clenched his jaw tighter. His eyes never leaving Druig who glared at him the same way he did.
“Ikaris, let’s just go.” You tried to pull him away, but he tighten his grip, making you wince.
Druig stood up right away. He took your arm that was held by Ikaris and tried to seperate it, but Ikaris was quick to push him back with full force. Druig stumbled back, his back hitting the wall which cause a loud thud.
Druig walked towards Ikaris the second he got his balance back. Ikaris finally let you go and pulled you behind him. Their pride got the best of them and you knew you couldn’t stop them, especially the fact that you didn’t have any ability other than being immortal.
Ikaris’ eyes glowed as Druig ready himself to threw a punch towards his opponent. Right before they got in contact, the others were quick to pull them both from each other. Seperating them far enough from each other.
“Don’t go near her ever again.” Ikaris pointed at Druig, his voice stern.
Druig scoffed. “And why is that? Are you jealous?”
“I mean it.” Ikaris growled. You stepped back in surprise. He had never raised his voice whenever you were around.
“Aww, you are. Aren’t you?” Druig scolded from across the room. “It’s not really my fault that she chose me. Maybe you were just some boring old man who doesn’t have a sense of humor.”
“And how do you know she chose you? What if she just felt bad for you.” That hit you and Druig hard.
You stared at Ikaris in disbelief. Ikaris knew you had feelings for Druig, even though you never told him. He was friends with you long enough to know you like the back of his hand. It was quite obvious for him though.
“I guess there’s only one way to find out.” Druig smirked and turned to you. His eyes glowed as your eyes turned the same shade.
Suddenly you felt your whole body went numb. It was like you didn’t have any control of your body. Your mind went blank and out of nowhere words came past your lips. “I love you, Druig.”
Your eyes went back to normal once the words left your mouth. Druig turned to Ikaris as a smirk played on his lips. Ikaris didn’t seem surprised at all, he was too focus on fighting the urge to kill Druig.
“Why would you do that?” Your soft voice caused the two to turn to you slightly. The smirk that was once on Druig’s lips fell into a frown once he saw your expression.
“Y/N-“ Druig called softly.
“Don’t.” You stopped him from going any further. You looked back and forth between him and Ikaris. “Please, leave me alone. Both of you.”
With that you turned on your heels and left the room. You didn’t even thought to take a glimpse of them one more time. You just walked further and further away, soon out of the domo.
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starsvck · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
requested: the delusion of druig and makkari’s friendship drives you into a misunderstanding with your relationship with druig
warnings: no eternal spoilers i believe, slight angst, slight makkari <3, and soft druig awh.
Druig cocked his head at the speedster, his mind attempting to comprehend the signs she was throwing up to communicate. While he’s been well versed in sign language, considering Makkari was family and deaf, he could never communicate just as well as you had with the Eternal.
He feels a hand push at his shoulder that pulls him out of his thoughts. The mind controller pinched his brows and signs his confusion.
“You’re thinking of her again, aren’t you?” Makkari rose her brow up with a shake of her head, features ever so expressive that he couldn’t really lie to her. Druig’s silence is what answers her and she sighs in frustration. “If you have so many thoughts about her, then why don’t you talk to her?”
Druig rolled his eyes, shook his head and then signed his response to the speedster. “You know why, Makkari. She is different from me.”
The girl tilted her head, confusion written on her features by what her fellow Eternal just said.
“And I, to you.” She signed, frowning. “But what difference does that make, Druig? Your difference makes you special. Special is good.”
The mind controller sighed. Frustration evident in his posture, his features, and everything else. While conflict was battling in the depths of his mind, so were you.
In the privacy of the Domo, while travelling thousands of kilometres per hour, you sat crisscrossed on the floor of what you used to call home. Eyes delved in your phone until it wasn’t and instead, they sought out for Druig’s presence.
You were mistake when you saw him coddled up next to Makkari. Beautiful, beautiful Makkari, they conversed in sign language with Makkari signing the words: “Your difference makes you special. Special is good.” As she pointed at him, a gentle smile on her lips.
If only you could ever compete with the stunning speedster, then perhaps you’d be talking to Druig. Instead, your chest aches as you watch the scene unfold, just as a smile does the latter on Druig’s face.
You suppose they’re happy. That’s all you’ve ever truly wanted for Druig, and while it does further break the crack in your heart knowing that wherever you sat, you’ll always be a bystander for their love.
While you gift him all the wishes, heartbreak does no good for the body. Celestial being or not, you couldn’t stand to put yourself in that situation. Not after being in it for a couple of thousands of years. Not after Arishem and the lies you were told.
You needed to breathe, even if you were in the Domo, perhaps you could find solace in the gallery. Through space and time, even thousands of miles, light years away from Earth, some hope in you found serenity in the silence of it all.
Plus, your frown was more evident with every passing second as you found Thena staring at you with a cynical look in her eyes. Her beautiful and ravishingly gaze creating a hole in your stature.
You step out for a moment, standing up as you walked out of the main room and down the hallway. All eyes were on you and Druig watched with a curious but concerned gaze.
He didn’t budge but mind did, speaking through the only way he could without interrupting your voyage down the corridors of the ship.
“What’s on your mind?”
You frowned at the words in your head. He had always been aloof, finding ways to bother you back in Babylon and Ancient Greece, ways to tease the security of your confidence.
And now, you hear him in your head as if he were in the room with you. Yet, the fact is, he’s still very much with Makkari, reeling in her presence rather than yours.
“Nothing of importance to you.”
“It is if it’s from you, my love.”
You huff at his words. While pet names come and go, his for you never faltered. Instead, they grew rather peculiarity despite his actions towards you.
Frustrated, your brows pinch and you snap back at the mind controller. Your tone ever so evident even in your own little head.
“Why even call me that when you knows it’s not true, Druig.” You almost want to roll your eyes, instead, you huff and turn away from the gallery. The sudden interest of space dissipating within moments.
“What does that mean?” His voice settles you out of your own reverie of anger. The odd but genuine concern evident in his voice makes you turn around on the bare heels of your foot.
“You know what I mean.” You cross your arm. “This isn’t funny.”
“But I’m not laughing.”
You scoff, shaking your head as you turned back around. His gaze, while inviting, was churning the pain deeper into your stomach. If anymore seconds pass, he’d see the sight of your eyes swollen with tears and heartbreak.
Druig didn’t need that. Not when he had Makkari to cherish and hold him. You simply have his adoration and trust. While it is enough to you, the mere thought of watching the two coddle each other was just pure self harm.
“I hope I haven’t done anything to hurt you, dear.”
Your hands reached to sweep the tears that fell from your eyes, inevitably staining your cheeks, you couldn’t help but internally laugh at yourself.
“Why do you even call me that when you know none of it is true? I don’t think Makkari would appreciate the nicknames.”
The boy gave you an odd look despite you being turned around. His features contorting from confusion to realization when it settles into his brain.
“Oh darling,” Druig inched towards you until you were merely centimetres away from his front. The man took initiative and with Makkari’s nagging words in his mind, he reached a hand to intertwine itself in your own. You let him. “Makkari is merely a friend.”
Silence ensures and your heart drops. You’re sure that Druig can read every racing thought in your mind but you couldn’t care less. Was this the truth or was he pulling the strings?
“Always been and always will.” He says, gone serious and evident in the way he squeezes your hand reassuringly. “No jokes.”
You turn around perplexed, features contorted which made your admirer smile with genuine intent. It was the look of pure happiness and to some, lovesick admiration.
“You promise?” You ask him softly, your throat unable to voice your surprise. The man in front of you nodded and his eyes twinkle with glee.
His free hand reaches over to you and cups your warm cheek in his palm. With gentle fingers, he traces the apples of your cheeks as if it were the maps of his world.
“I would never lie to you, my love.”
You can’t help but break out into a grin, falling into his trap of charisma and charm. His perfect little trait. The things that make him, Druig.
“There you go saying that name again.”
You watch as he nears you, closing in the gap ever so small between your two bodies. In the serenity of the gallery, you focus only on him and the idea that this is happening.
He isn’t joking with you anymore. He isn’t bantering and making jokes that edge you over. Instead, his lips hover your own and his body caresses your front.
“My love,” it taste wonderfully on his tongue and it makes you grin, makes your supple cheeks rush with embarrassment as Druig’s hot breath teases your lips, “I’m all yours.”
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