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Summary: You never knew Lingere had such an effect on your Eternal husband, which broadens your horizon in how to have control over the mind controller himself.
Tumblr media
WC: 8,700 (So Lengthy, sorry!)
Warnings: SMUT! With a pinch of fluff :D
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A/N: I HAD to had a third installment of the Sub Druig series that seemed to be exploded on this site! I hope you guys like it!
“What about this one?”
“That seems a bit….much,”
You were staring at a scandalous two-piece lingerie set that Sersi was holding up for you, in which you looked with wide eyes and almost felt a bit clammy. It was nearly sheer, you giving Sersi a scandalous look.
“I’ll be practically naked in this!” You huffed at her and grabbed the lingerie from her grasp to hide it from sight. Sersi just giggled and shrugged while she moved on to look at another set of lingerie that was hanging on the wall. It was not your idea to go to a lingerie and adult store with Sersi, not to mention her wanting to find some things for herself and Dane. You liked the pair of them together, they were compatible and complimented each other really well. But as you were wandering around the store, Seri’s motives of finding something for her gravitated to finding something for me. It was not why you came in the first place, only to accompany Sersi. Sersi didn’t have to say it, but she merely wanted to see if you were going to be tempted by anything scandalous or revealing for Druig.
But that already made you blush madly.
Your relationship with Druig stood the test of time, lasting centuries and beyond the boundaries, you never thought you had. Ever since you two got together so long ago, within the earlier years of the planet itself, you two were inseparable and were crazy for one another. There was never a dull or angry moment with him, and the fact that he was head over heels for you was enough for you to feel almost invincible. You two were a packaged deal, Druig made sure of that whenever there was a decision to be made or a choice that needed to be concrete.
The one side of Druig that was still private, something scared and you never dared to expose to the light, was the intimate side of your relationship. You two were rather private in the sensual and physical aspect of your relationship together, not going farther than holding hands when you two were out and about or around the others. It was a mutual agreement, neither one of you having the true urge to flaunt what you had with one another. But it was when you two were alone, your atmosphere was private beyond intimate when you saw the sensual and organic sides to one another. There were no barriers, no walls that were guarding either one of your hearts were seen or felt, all that was present was the pair of you. Because of that, you saw a clear new side of Druig that you never thought you’d see.
The vulnerable and submissive side of him.
Druig felt so safe and was willing to be exposed and open to you, which was such a contrast to how he carried himself out in the open. He was almost cool and calm, wise with his words and knowing what to say to calm a situation down in the heat of the moment. Throughout the years of being together and living with the Eternals amongst the humans, you could see some of the pressure and intense stress that would be on his shoulders. As time went by and the human race evolved, it was harder to see and watch Druig go throughout the day without feeling pain or regret for not helping the Humans. He craved to protect them from one another, to bring harmony to them in times of war or anger. All you could do was hold his hand, to remind him gently and with soothing words that it was not his fault. It worked most of the time, yet there were a few circumstances that hand-holding, and words weren’t going to be enough to take him out of his head.
So the next step was him, literally at your mercy.
The first time it happened was in Babylonia, a moment of being vulnerable with Druig in your arms turned out to be one of the best nights of your life. Druig wanted you to show him how to love you, properly and completely love you on a level you never thought you knew you needed. Everything about that night set your mind ablaze, overriding your senses and making your love for Druig blossom. The way he held you, the way he kissed your skin and moaned against your jaw, and the way he made love to you as if you were the sole source of life that he needed. It wasn’t fucking, that word seemed too harsh and too brutal in what you two shared that night.
You made love, the pure definition of love.
To see Druig under your spell, hanging on your word and following every command that you gave him, both surprised you and brought out a new side of you that you never thought existed. Something deep inside of you, almost primal in a way, craved and wanted to be dominant and commanding to Druig. There was no need to over overboard with it either, you never wanted to push that envelope that far. Plus, Druig was more of a pushover for you anyways. If he could, Druig would crawl on his belly if you told him to, after coaxing him into his vulnerable side. It took you centuries later to figure out what kind of trance Druig would get into, and it surprised you when you did the research.
You two were inseparable, even after you all separated at Technotilian when Druig and enough of seeing humans destroy one another. You pained your heart too, following Druig with no sign of being hesitant in your choice. He was your husband after all, you two getting married in the late 1100s during the Crusades. You both worked as one, so where he went you would follow. It was vice versa with the choices you would make, Druig following you as well. So the pair of your built a life in the Amazon with those Druig took under his mind control, making a small community that was shut away from the rest of the world and its sins. You both breathed life in the village, seeing the growth and bounty of those soldiers and families forming together as years bled into decades, decades in centuries.
But 500 years seemed like a blink of an eye.
You were summoned back to your family to stop the Emergence of a new Celestial, who was dead asleep within the compounds of the Earth. Arishem showed Sersi was true nature of Eternals, which infuriated yourself and Druig all the more when she broke the news at the village, with the others in tow. Not only that but to hear of the death of Ajak, which was a hard pill to swallow. You were needing to talk to Druig privately and converse with him about what he wanted to do. You saw the anger, felt it too in his voice, but deep down you knew that you had to help. So it didn’t take that long to convince Druig to not just help your family, but help save the world.
And you both did, barely though.
Now that things were somewhat back to normal and the planet was saved, you and Druig were trying to find your rhythm again. Druig knew that the village would be fine without the pair of your running it, leaving it to the people to diced if they would rather stay or go out on their own, That choice was laid there for them, Druig never holding them there against their will. So you both chose to go on the Domo with Makkari and Thena, to go off and find other Eternals that could be out there in the universe or even farther out from there. But before you two would do on the Domo, you wanted to take a few things with you for the trip.
So that’s where you were, in a lingerie shop, with Sersi and blushing like a madwoman.
“Come on, try this one. At least try it on for me!” Sersi tried one last one with you. It seemed alright on the hanger, a deep red color that was almost crimson in the light of the store and against your pale hand when you held it up. The material was stretchy, lace and simple designs were etched in, and it seemed more tasteful than the first one. Only to stop Sersi from pestering you into trying on these scandalous pieces, you gave in and went to the dressing room. In your mind you thought you were already going to hate it, going into a negative mind space instantly because of how your view about your body image. It wasn’t that you hated how you looked: you were perfectly fine in your mind. But this was new: putting on clothing like this that seemed to show more skin than you were used to, it felt like you were jumping head first into cold waters.
But once you emerged, wearing the piece feeling entirely exposed, something inside of you shifted. Seeing and feeling the fabric against your skin, analyzing how it brought out the dip in your hips along your waist and the curves near your breasts no longer felt embarrassed. You were floored by how you looked in the mirror, not being able to say a word as your eyes went up and down along your body. It has been some time since you had amazing self-confidence in your body, and there was never any real need for you to simplify it yourself since Druig almost showered you with affection and love. He would tell you constantly that he loved your body, all of the curves and dips you had was perfect for him. Druig never slowed in his physical affection for you, and there was no doubt that he loved you with everything.
“Wow,” You whispered, seeing that garment on your body and feeling a rush under your skin. You’ve felt that rush before, the sudden sense of empowerment in your veins and your soul. Like you were on top of a cliff, seeing all that was in front of you, right before you would take the leap and plunge into the water. You’ve felt this with Druig, having him under your trance and spell so willingly. That feeling and taste of power were rare but amazing to feel. This was just the same.
You walked over to the cashier, keeping the garment in the bag as you handed it over to pay. Sersi watched a grin on her face, you giving her a friendly glare.
“Not a single word, Sersi,” You said to her as the cashier was ringing you up. Seris just giggled.
The Domo
You were looking at yourself again in the mirror, seeing the lingerie you bought a mere month ago on Earth on your body again as you were in your bathroom. This time, you felt the jitters against your lower stomach and a small wave of clamminess in your palms. You were seeing this in a new light, maybe a second or third time guessing yourself when it came to what you wanted to do, and what you wanted to show Druig.
You hid your purchase all this time, thinking that you needed the perfect moment to show this to Druig. After you bought it, things were making your body and keeping you occupied, placing that garment on the back burner. Once you were settled on the Domo, back in your old joined room with Druig, other errands made you all busy. The pair of you with Thena and Makkari was busy trying to navigate the galaxy that it was hard to find some real alone time.
But you finally found the time, and you were going to take it for all its worth.
The soft sound of the door into your bedroom opening and closing was heard, you took a shaky breath as you looked over your image one more time in the mirror of the bathroom. You wore make-up one more small suggestion from Sersi. Sersi surprised you in more ways than one. After you left that lingerie shop with Sersi, your purchase in its bag, and Sersi having a few items of her own, you gave her a questionable look.
“I like doing some adventurous stuff with Dane,” She replied with a shrug, though you saw the faintest blush on her cheeks. You grinned, liking this new side of Sersi.
“My heart?” Druig asked, using your pet name from the bedroom, “You okay? You ran off after dinner,”
“Yeah,” You called back out, taking in a sharp inhale as you looked at your image one more time,” I’ll be right there,”
With one more glance over how you looked, you felt a bit satisfied with how you appeared. Your hair was long and in waves, around your shoulders and feeling lighter than ever. The red lipstick you wore popped against your skin and freckles, making your bright eyes pop and almost look illuminated. But it was the deep red of the fabric that once again made you lose your breath. It was a teddy bodysuit, floral lace with a scalloped trim, and a collar that held up the top of the piece with nothing along your backside. There was a small opening right between the valley of your breasts, closed right above your belly bottom. One part of you felt exposed, almost like you were on display, in how it was showing skin in certain areas but hiding the other parts that would be too scandalous. However, the other part of you felt free in this outfit. The way it fits against your body seemed very right, almost like it was meant for you to wear.
You had to have faith that Druig would love it, that he would love anything you were in for certain, but especially this. You’ve been married for nearly a thousand years, and yet it still felt so fresh and almost intimidating to you to do something like this with Druig. But this was Druig, this was your husband that you knew so well and loved beyond reason and logic. The same Druig that you were friends with before you fell in love, and the very Druig who knew you entirely.
You threw on a black robe that came to your mid-thigh and walked out of the bathroom a bit timidly, seeing Druig already in the bedroom and rummaging through the dresser against the wall. He changed into his loose pants and a thin shirt, his hair already askew and ruffled. You had no idea how you were going to do this, you’ve only made it so far as to throw up a hint of makeup and the lingerie without freaking out and almost having a meltdown. But you calmed yourself, slipping out and closing the bathroom door with a soft click.
“Hello you,” You said to him in a breath, seeing him stand fully back up and grin from hearing your voice.
“Hello to you—“ He replied, turning to face you. He froze, seeing you in a black robe with makeup on and a small look of anticipation on your face. You could tell he was surprised to see you like this, wearing something that was not your typical fashion. He grinned, you seeing that dimple on his cheek as he smiled at you and walked over with pep to his step.
“What’s this about?” he asked in genuine curiosity. You just cocked your head at him, trying to remain calm. Even the way he stared at you made you feel that sense of wonder like you already had the hook in him and there was no way you were going to release it.
“I wanted to show you something that I got,” You explained, your voice a bit breathy as he stood in front of you, still giving you enough space but he felt close enough, “And now that I’m standing here in front of you, I’m getting a bit nervous,”
Druig grinned widely at you and seeing you look a bit flustered. One of your hands kept the robe shut in front of you, not wanting to show him just yet as Druig took the other hand in his. You felt him rub his thumb along the top of your hand to give you some ease.
“I feel rather honored that I make you nervous,” He said in a warm tone, seeing the small blush upon your cheeks, “Even after nearly 900 years of marriage, I love makin’ you nervous,”
“You make me feel a lot of things,” You reminded him, squeezing your hand in his as you took in a long breath, “Just…..don’t judge me,”
Druig stared into your eyes deeply, seeing the hesitance that was there and almost the uneasiness too. He took another step, being toe to toe with you and reaching up to frame your face every so gently within his strong yet soothing hands.
“I would never judge you,” He reminded you calmly, his voice soothing yet serious at the same time as he stared into your eyes. You saw the truth, knowing deep down that Druig would never see you in a different light. You were an open book to him, and it was the same for him. There was nothing either of you hid from the other, and that was the main component and reason your relationship lasted this long and stayed this strong.
So you took your breath, keeping your eyes directly on Druig’s as the hand that was keeping your robe shut started to loosen its hold on the fabric. It felt like you were going in slow motion, so tempting to just drop your hand and let the fabric be seen. But you had another plan in mind.
“Then go sit on the bed,” You said in a low tone, not in a menacing way but a hum. Druig searched your eyes, seeing the small amount of braver that sunk in as he finally grinned at you. He kissed you sweetly one last time, leaning into you slightly and making you feel the love on his lips. Within a moment before you could react or kiss him back, he moved away from you and over to the edge of the bed, sitting on the surface and watching you. You could see he was amused with what you had planned, not at all impatient. He kept his stare on you, almost looking a bit excited himself. Once again, you had a split moment of worry and uneasiness in your gut.
Yet it went away as you saw him smile at you, taking you back to those rare smiles that were only meant for you. It was only a handful of times you saw that kind of grin on his face, the dimple showing on his cheek and his eyes twinkling from pure happiness. You saw it when you were married when you kissed for the first time, and the first time you two were beyond intimate together in Babylonia. Now it was there again, perhaps it was because he was seeing you about to be vulnerable and open to him.
The robe opened without you thinking twice, showing the very front of the lingerie.
Within a second, the mood in the room instantly shifted and morphed into something deeper. Your eyes were trained on Druig, solely on him alone as he saw what you were wearing. The robe was still hanging off your shoulders, not falling to the ground just yet but simply being on your shoulders and your arms. The blue in his eyes was shining as he finally saw the lingerie against your skin, you waiting with bated breath to see or hear his reaction. For a moment he was frozen like a statue, maybe frozen in time as he was on the bed and watching you
But then the shift happened in his eyes, you saw it and almost felt it. His eyes widened and you heard his breath quicken as he looked at you up and down. Something seemed to break down in him, the rational side of him almost left the room as his mouth nearly dropped open in either shock or amazement. You were still standing so still, not knowing what to say or what to do. Finally, you heard one word that slipped from his lips. It sounded hoarse, almost like a whimper on his lips as he let it float in the room.
The way he stared at you made you instantly think that he viewed you as the center of the universe, beyond the universe. You’ve seen this stare before, and it was the kind of stare that he only shared with you behind closed doors. The feeling of him gazing at you like a prize only heightened your senses and your heartbeat at the same time. The very first time you saw him look at you in such a manner was so long ago in Babylonia, having him under your as you rode him and your orgasm took flight with him proclaiming you a Goddess. You remembered that sentence fully:
“You look a Goddess, you look like a gorgeous Goddess above me, and I get to worship you….only you…”
You could see it, in his eyes, that he was once again worshipping you.
The way his eyes moved so slow, starting at your hips and moving up to your exposed stomach, at such a tedious rate. You could see he was staring at the fabric against your skin, keeping you snug enough to highlight your curves and the dips along your thighs. It was one thing to see it on you when you were alone in that lingerie store, thinking that you were rather confident in yourself. Yet now, seeing the reaction on Druig’s face was enough to magnify and heightened that confidence inside of you.
“Do you like it?” you asked, almost sheepishly. Although it was just the pair of you, you already felt plenty exposed in that room and with Druig observing you. Maybe you thought was a foolish thing to ask, merely because you were seeing his reaction play out. He gulped, literally gulped, as if he wasn’t able to breathe for the last moment. He finally blinked a few times, never losing your gaze and finally saying something else after that pregnant pause.
“You look amazin,” he said in a gasp, his voice sounding so raw in that split second. He then was clutching the edge of the bed in a death grip, his fingers were digging into the fabric of the bedding and it looked like he was about to rip it into a thousand pieces. You were wondering why he wasn’t moving, or why he wasn’t doing anything in general. Yet it took you several seconds to register what was going on and see that singular pondering look in his eyes. The way he was clutching the bed like it was keeping him on the ground, or keeping him in one place.
Was he….was he waiting for you to tell him what to do?
“Is it amazing enough that you wish to take it off of me?” You asked, feeling that secretive but dominant side of you come into play. There was a flirtatious way you say it, nothing brash or bold about it. Anytime you two were going to interact like this, you made sure he was fully into it and not halfway. That line was never crossed with you, nor was it crossed with him. So you had to make sure, fully make sure, that Druig was in the right headspace.
“No,” he replied, you then looking at him with a hint of confusion and almost in remorse. Maybe this was not the best idea, you almost felt foolish while you were about to cover yourself back up. But Druig saw you, a bit of regret on your face and he immediately got up. Within seconds, he was in front of you, moving so fast from the bed that he looked like a blur and he placed his hands on yours to stop you from covering yourself.
“Wait…no! Not like that,” he said in a rush, seeing the look of fear on your face from the possible rejection he just went through. He gulped, scanning your eyes and keeping your hands in his own, “Not like that I all, I swear! I just….I want to watch you for a little bit longer and just….I…”
He groaned, leaning in a bit and closing his eyes almost in frustration and maybe defeat. You let him, almost pulling him into your hold as well as his hands slowly slipped from your hands to touch the fabric against your waist. Once his fingers brushed the fabric and your skin, he full-on shuttered and almost caved in. That wall he would usually have up around him crumbled within seconds from just touching you. His fingers still touched your waist slightly, and once he inhaled so harshly within a moment that his arm went around you and he finally leaned into you hard to kiss you.
This kiss felt like liquid fire, and you couldn’t help but whimper when your lips touched.
It felt hot and heavy, but not desperate. Not just yet. Druig was almost trying to contain himself by kissing you and not going further than that. You let him consume you, feeling those kisses against your lips was enough for you to push those doubts away that were haunting you for the briefest of moments and seconds. It was a rare thing to have Druig be at a loss for words, he always knew what to say and how to say it at the right moment. But with him needing to kiss you, solely because he had no proper words to shower on you and to give you.
One of his hands framed the back of your neck, keeping you in one spot as he pushed plenty of more kisses against your lips with such assurance and dedication that it took your breath away. His other hand was still splayed on your waist, almost like it was glued there with no sign of letting you go.
He pulled away, staying so close to you as he released his lips from yours as he gazed hotly into your eyes. His eyes started to go back and glazed over, his entire face seeming flushed, and there was a certain spell that he seemed to be under your touch. Just like before, it thrilled you and heightened your senses at the same time.
“You’re the most beautiful person I have ever seen in my life,” he said in a breath against your lips, gazing hard at you and having you see how truthful he was, making your heart skip a beat as he inhaled sharply and held you a bit closer, “I have never seen anyone as gorgeous as you,”
“Don’t just say that because I’m wearing this,” You said sheepishly, yet Druig shook his head so quickly it could have fallen off his head. The hand behind your neck slid down your neck onto your collarbone, near the fabric against your collarbone, and rested it there almost possessively.
“You’re always been beautiful to me,” he said, almost like a vow to you, “I love everythin’ about you. Whether it’s the shine in your hair, or the brightness in your eyes when you laugh. I love looking at you every day and considering myself lucky to call you my wife, my love, my siren, my everything.”
You stayed quiet, letting those words stick against your skin and heart as Druig said it to you like a prayer. He’s said it so many times, plenty of times in both good times and bad. He had no hesitation in telling you how much he cared for you, how much he adored you, and the love he had for you exceeded anything else on the planet.
“Seeing you here…wearing this just for me….God, I feel so fuckin’ lucky and beyond loved,” He said to you, his voice almost wavering as he kept his hard stare at you, “You have such a hold of me that I can’t control it…but I don’t want to control it. I want you to have control,”
There it was: Druig giving you control in this situation.
You had to be honest, you were feeling a new wave coming into your veins from hearing him say that to you. It always made you feel so good, so powerful, when Druig was willing to be at your command in those moments alone. You never knew you had it in you, not even after the first time you did this. Even with the boundaries being there and you both worked so hard to establish and use them in these moments, that sense of power was both exhilarating and scary at the same time. But if he was willing to make this jump with you, you were going to jump with him.
“You want me to have control?” You asked, dropping your voice almost an octave and staring at Druig with gentle yet dominant eyes. Druig heard it in your tone, saw it in your gaze, and felt it as you placed your hands on the one hand that was on your collarbone and that was somewhat playing with the edge of the fabric against your skin. Druig gulped, nodding his head a bit rapidly now as he was long gone. You laced your fingers with his on your collarbone, leaving the past in the past and taking the jump. You leaned into his hold, your lips touching his own barely.
“Then I want you to help me feel amazing in this, only for you,” You hummed against his lips.
Druig moved swiftly, locking his lips with yours as he lifted you suddenly in his arms. You almost squeaked, feeling his hands under your thighs and making you wrap your legs around his thick waist while your hands and fingers sank into his hair. You two were locked in a heated kiss, showing no sign of slowing down as he walked the pair of you over to the bed again while he was tracing your lower lips with the tip of his tongue. Although you had control in this situation, it felt like Druig was pushing your buttons making you weak in the knees.
He placed you on the bed, right on the edge gently and with a hint of urgency, letting himself fall to his knees and was perched between your legs. It reminded you of that same time he was beneath you on the loveseat in Babylonia, pliant under your touch but still worshipping you with everything he had. His arms pushed over your shoulders, getting the robe off of your body finally and making you feel the hint of chill from the room. His fingers brushed against your bare shoulders and forearms, having you sigh against his lips as his tongue touched yours and he leaned into you some more. Maybe Druig was distracting you, his hands descending to the front of your outfit and right over your breasts. He groaned touching the fabric that was covering you with a hint of modesty but still showing enough skin to make him shake. The opening in the middle of your breasts and near your belly button made him slightly quiver when his hands are touching your bare stomach.
Finally, he stopped kissing your lips and was descending his kisses along your jawline to your neck, then down your body nice and easily as if it was second nature to you. You were watching in a dazed stare, your puffy lips and dilated eyes were trained on Druig as his hands went to your hips to hold you close to him while his lips were mapping out your body nice and slow. You felt every kiss like it was a bolt of lightning, and seeing him on his knees between your thighs was enough to make your head swim and almost so light-headed.
You were watching in stunned silence, seeing that he was getting closer and closer to where you were aching the most. Once he got to your chest, he leaned into kissing each bare breast that was exposed in the garment, having you nearly moan out loud from feeling his lips on your skin. Your fingers latched into his brown hair, holding you gently but almost with some control as he was going lower, and lower, and lower. He kissed through the dark red fabric, leaving wet and dark marks on the red material as he moved on with no sign of slowing down. His hands on your hips tightened as he was now near your lower stomach.
You were gazing in amazement and wonder as he was pushing his love onto you. It showed the massive devotion he had for you as he finally made it to your crotch Druig paused, taking in a long moment before he looked up at you with the pure look of lust in your orbs. It made you pause and freeze, locking eyes with him as he reached to take off the smaller piece of underwear that you were wearing beneath the lingerie. He kept his gaze at you as the material slipped down your thighs and legs, him moving the underwear off in a huff and without breaking eye contact. With his hands on your thighs to gently keep you on the edge of the bed, Druig finally exhaled and gave you a sweet yet seductive grin.
His lips finally made it where you needed them, you sighing in ecstasy
You felt his lips and tongue against your cunt, moving with such precision that it made you almost keel over him and gasp into his hair. No matter how many times he’s done this to you, it always felt like the very first time and it felt like electricity in your veins. Druig knew where to touch with his fingers and where to lick with the flat of his tongue, your folds moving with ease under his spell and the pleasure deep in your lower stomach was growing by the second. HIs gripped your hips, mostly the fabric on your hips as he held it between his fingers like a lifeline. You tried to stay upright and watch him devour you between your legs, but with every lick he gave and every push of his tongue against your walls, it was making it harder for you to stay upright. Finally, with one fatal swipe of his tongue right at your entrance and over your clit, you moaned loudly and fell back onto the bed in a heap.
Druig pulled you closer by your lingerie on your lips, still eating you out in such an intimate yet filthy way that it was making your head spin. All you could do was hold the bedsheet neat to your head, groaning and moaning into your arm as he was making your pleasure build up higher and higher. It was such a turn on how he held onto your lingerie for an anchor, showing so sign of letting you go as he was still licking you out with no sign of slowing down. You were feeling the peak coming through as the minutes was going by, Druig knew how to push your buttons and how to make your thighs shake. He was making everything heightened on your skin, in your mind, and between your legs. Although he kept his hands on his hips. You knew full well how he would do this to you when he was worked up the right way.
He would eat you out with his tongue alone.
“Oh…oh f-fuck Druig…” You moaned out loud with a shawm of pleasure hitting down your spine. You felt his groan against your folds, hearing you call out his name was a trigger for him, Reaching down, you laced your fingers in his brown locks and yanked slightly to have him groan again as you gulped for air, “Your tongue….you’re w-wrecking me. Don’t s-s-stop….don’t you d-dare.”
it was harder to talk to him and stay in control of the way he was devouring you with his mouth and lips. But you felt him lick you deeper and harder as if he wanted to be consumed fully by you. He showed no sign of slowing down and stopping, which was already a clear indicator that you were going to orgasm sooner than later. But you couldn't help but go along for the ride, feeling how his hands were keeping you in one spot and still giving you tedious licks and suckling along your folds so smoothly and delicately. One of his hands left your hip to reach up, along your stomach, and to the opening of the lingerie that was between your breast. Once his hands touched your skin there, his entire hand almost disappearing within the red lace and his fingers tracing the swells of your breasts, you gasped loudly and moaned hoarsely. You could feel your thighs shaking and the pulse under your skin going faster.
You were close. So close.
“I’m about to cum,” You gasped out loud, thinking that he could hear you as you felt that spring in your lower stomach about to snap into a thousand pieces, “P-please….please make me cum. I need to c-cum…Make me—“
He silence you with one suck on your clit, his lips around it and he sucked. Hard.
You screamed out as the orgasm hit you sideways and made you feel like you were made of stars. It was like this every time, the feeling of being out of your body and soaring through the stars. How your sense amplified and everything felt beyond good and right. There was no other feeling like it, you’ve never had another feeling that was just as close. You forgot, for a moment, if it lasted for seconds or minutes, but that high that was scorching through you was enough to make you not care.
Finally, you were coming down from your high, the tempo was slowing down within you and you tried to find your breath again. For a moment you forgot where you were, a tired smile on your lips as your limbs were feeling so loose and languid. But your hand touching the hair between your legs, you pulled slightly within the locks. The body that was still there, never once leaving you and releasing you, was slowly maneuvering from the ground against the bed to almost slithering over you. You felt the dip of the bed, not being able to move at the moment as you were finally seeing a blissed-out face hovering over you.
He looked out of state himself: his eyes were still glazed over and shining as they locked with your eyes, his cheeks beyond flushed and looking sensitive that you wanted to touch them with your fingers. But it was the lips that got you: a deep crimson color that was glistening with your release.
You leaned up to kiss him smoothly, feeling and tasting your release on his lips transferring to your lips and making you sigh against his hold. His fingers that were on your chest moved up to cradle your head, leaning into you fully and his body pushing down into you slightly for you to feel him from head to toe. That was when you felt how insanely hard he was between your legs, almost trying to ease some of it himself as he kissed you hotly. Your mind was reeling, finally coming to your senses, pushing your own body up to press against him. He nearly growled against your lips, almost faltering as you pulled away from him and stared at him hard in the eyes.
“I need you to fuck me,” You said to him, seeing him watch you with utter amazement and lust in his eyes as you gulped and spoke again with your head festering to the lingerie, “While I’m wearing this,”
“God..” he groaned, leaning down to rest his forehead against your shoulder. You could tell he was trying to control himself, in that heat of the moment righter after he made you climax with just his mouth. You waited, pressing soothing kisses against his head as he was breathing in through his nose and out through his mouth. You felt so much love for him, not just because he gave you a mind-blowing orgasm, but merely because he was willing to do anything for you and worship you like the Goddess he thought you were.
“I love that you love me in this,” You whispered into his hair as he was still holding you close and breathing hotly against your bare shoulder, “I feel so good in this only because you love this. And to be able to let go, to feel so good while I wear this, that’s all I want right now. You make me feel so fucking good, Druig. You fuck me so good, love me so good….do it again for me,”
Druig wrapped both arms around you for the briefest of moments, almost letting what you were telling him to sink into your bones. This felt more intimate than the other times you two did something like this with you at the helm. It felt more sacred, organic in a way, and once Druig held you for that solid second or two, he moved swiftly and with no sign of slowing down.
He stood up, still between your parted thighs as you watched on the bated breath while he threw off his shirt smoothly and unbuckled his jeans. While he was undressing, his eyes never left yours, almost like he was in trance with you. With every piece of clothing being removed and thrown to the side, you felt your pulse quickening again and your body shivering in the mere anticipation. The thrill of seeing his pale skin with a hint of seat and blush along his chest and neck, the ruffled brown hair that you had your hand in mere moments before, and the gaze of pure lust in his eyes were enough for you to feel aroused again.
And he was all for you.
Once he was fully naked and exposed to you, you couldn’t help but lick your lips as you were seeing him in all his glory. The strong thighs, the toned stomach, and the pure muscles in his arms reminded you of the massive tree trunks in the Amazon. And lastly, how hard he was between his legs.
You finally sat up, staring up at him with a hint of fondness there but with a sinful smile on your face. Seeing him standing in front of you, baring his body and his soul, never got old for you. Not after centuries of being together. It was still so fresh in your gut and bones, and you merely smiled at him.
“Go sit against the pillows,” you said calmly to him, feeling him still for a moment as you gulped, “I wanna ride you while I’m wearing this,”
With swiftness and smooth movements, Druig maneuvered himself near the headboard, not hesitating. You stood up and watched him, drinking in him and how beautiful and blissed-out he seemed in your shared bed. You wanted to take a picture or paint one for that matter, of how he was fully naked and waiting for you. Willingly waiting, and that made your heart soar all the more.
You moved one leg onto the bed and then the other to kneel on the edge. Without breaking eye contact with him, you crawled on the bed, going smoothly and slowly over to him. You could see he was nearly panting, making your skin almost buzz against the lingerie that seemed like a second skin at this point. It felt like a game you two were playing, not even caring who was going to win or lose. You both were winning at this point.
Once you were perched over him, seeing him look up at you and looking lost in a gaze again, you brackets his hips with your thighs and sat up to hover over him. You grabbed his cock, feeling how hard and stiff it was and it made you gasp out. Druig whimpered very slightly, but stayed still and kept his eyes on yours. You took in one long breath, smiling blissfully at Druig below you.
“I fucking love you,” you said to him, sinking down on him and feeling him fill you up within a second.
You both moaned, you almost falling on top of him as you were trying to compose yourself. Druig grasped your hips instantly, keeping you upright as you took a few moments to both adjust with him feeling you to the brim, but to simply watch him. You loved him more than words, way more than words as you were watching him below you. Nothing else compared to this: not the first rays of the sun in the morning or the first rainfall of the season. Having the very man who loved you, who adored you, who called you his world and more, was worth every single action you did on this planet alone. You didn’t need anything else, not the vas’s amount of money or jewels, of power to reign over humans. All you needed was him, all you needed and ever wanted was Druig.
And Druig had you.
You rolled your hips, feeling that sensation of being full and the right spots being nudged once again. You loved this feeling, letting your body do what it needed to do to reach that peak of pleasure and euphoria. It was such a new thing to discover earlier on in the prime early times on the planet. Something about your body feeling so light like it was on fire and sparked with desire, it made you wonder all the more how humans can cope with it all. But you realized why, merely because they shared this with someone they loved. For you, it was Druig, and there was no one else you’d do this with.
Your eyes were fluttering, trying to keep them open but it was so hard with how good you were feeling. You could feel your skin feeling so sensitive then, all over like a prickling sensation. Placing your hands on Druig’s shoulders, you were moving your hips nice and steady, not needing to rush it since you had all the time in the world and you wanted to ride it out as much as you could. Druig had no issue with it, at least you didn’t think so while he was moving his hips to match your movements. His hands were running all over your waist and stomach, touching and tracing the lingerie and making you feel his calloused fingers through the fabric. You didn’t realize how much of a turn-on it was when he did this, and you were moaning lowly and in a sultry way.
“I….I can feel everything, “ you moaned as Druig wrapped his arms around you, pulling in close as you two still moved almost in sync. You pressed your face into his hair, whimpering when he got a particular spot that made you see stars, “You know how to fuck me so good, Druig. I love it, I crave it, I absolutely love it when you fuck me,”
You knew that Druig thrived on praise, whether it was gentle or dirty talk. It was a good trigger for him, a turn-on if you will, so he was melting in your hold as you were praising him while he was rolling his hips into you slow and deep. Some of the tell signs that he was close was showing and you could feel it in your embrace as his fingers are tracing your lingerie again. Your hips move a punch faster, knowing that you didn’t need to thrust so hard to get off. You had this perfect pace, and once you felt that ascending sensation in your core and lower stomach, you knew you were on the right path.
“Are you close,” you gasped in his locks as you felt him almost stammering a bit in his movements. He nodded his head, pressing his head into the opening of the lingerie, right between your breasts as you grinned and pushed down a bit harder. He groaned, pushing up to you a bit harder while you too felt your orgasm coming. It would be a dream to climax with Druig at the same time, and you then knew that was going to be your motive.
“I wanna cum together,” You pleaded, feeling him moan against your chest as you moved a pinch faster then and that peak was fast approaching, “P-please, I wanna cum with y-you,”
“Fuck yes,” He said in a rumble, pulling you in a pinch tighter and pressing a kiss right in the valley of your breast,” I want that t-too. P-Please let me—“
You both stopped and moaned loudly, your combined climaxes were enough to stop everything in its tracks.
Once again, you felt like you left your body and were flaying somewhere amongst the stars and galaxies above you. But this time, you felt Druig was with you in the ride, shaking in your hold as he was still reposed up tight in you and all that warmth was flooding inside of you like a beacon of happiness and love. You sighed leaning into him hard with no strength left to stay up on your own. Druig leaned back, moaning as he did, keeping you in his arms and showing no sign of letting you go.
You both were engulfed in one another, your orgasms were coming down smoothly and calmly while you two were caressing each other’s skin and arms. It felt so natural to do so since this was no fast or rushed fucking session. This felt deeper, more intimate, more connected than anything. So when Druig finally pulled out of you, you grimaced a bit and almost shivered as he moved to get out of bed. You wanted to protest, but your body was too tired to do so.
You sunk into the bed, grabbing a pillow to wrap around your arms as you were splaying out belly down on the sheets. You heard the running water of the sink in the bathroom, and a few seconds later felt soothing hands along your waist and legs.
“I got you,” He said in a whisper, moving a wet towel to clean you up. You hummed, tiredness and fatigue were hitting you hard. As it should since you climaxed twice that night. Once Druig was done cleaning you and himself up, you felt his soothing fingers on the back of your neck where the clasp of the collar was to your lingerie.
“How…how do I…” He started, you grunting.
“A button’s there to unclasp it,” You replied in a groggy tone. Sure enough, after a few seconds, he unclasped the collar piece and you felt him maneuver and push the lingerie down and off your body. You sighed in relief, the feeling of being naked and free from the one-piece was beyond heavenly. Druig grabbed the top blanket to drape over the top of the pair of you, then pulled you in close to nestle against you. You hummed, pushing your face into his sweaty neck and smiling.
“If we ever get to earth again,” Druig said in a sleepy tone, his fingers dancing along your bareback, “I’m buyin’ you more lingere to wear,”
“How much more?” You asked groggily.
“The entire fucking shop,” He answered. You grinned, falling asleep with that promise in your brain.
The End.
A/N: GAH, I'm going to go into hiding again! I hope you did like it :D
TAGLIST: @awkwardfangirl2014 @a-lumos-in-the-nox @heartofwritiing @ftrmrs-barry-keoghan @vinvantae @hottpinkpenguin @basicrese @spideyswebshooters @virtueassassin
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heartofwritiing · 2 days ago
I’ll look after you
Paring: druig x fem!eternal!reader
Summary: During a deviant attack you get hurt protecting druig.
A/n: here’s s another quick fic! Im writing a bunch of little fics to post in between chapters to amtaf just for myself and the people who don’t wanna read that seris :) when the idea came to me I knew I had to write it!! hope you guys like it! :) italics means flashback!
Warning(s): short af only like 1,000 words, angst, violence, fighting, descriptions of blood and wound’s, druig having doubts/insecurities, a little fluff at the end! unedited!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Bared teeth snarled at you as a Deviant was closing in on you. Everything was calm and peaceful for once, not a Deaveint in sight for a least two weeks and then as you were all siting around they attacked. You, Thena, Druig, Gilgamesh, Kingo and Ikaris were fighting off a group of them, Thena and Ikaris already had taken two out. There were three left and one was cornoring you. Its long tail whipping out at you but you stabbed it before it could make contact with your torso.
You kept dodging it’s advances, you slide with your weapon in hand slicing its side open. It’s Blood poured out as it screeched in pain. It snarled at you when you stood up from behind it you hoped it would keep focusing on you long enough for Gilgamesh to come up behind it. He punches it so hard it flies through the air and hits a tree knocking it to the ground. You make your move and stab the Deviant through its heart. It dies with one last final cry and flops.
“Nice move back there, with the sliding.” Gil says proudly, motioning with his hands.
“Thanks, Thena taught me that move, maybe she could teach it to you.” You wink, causing him to laugh in his belly.
“I think ill leave it to you and Thena. Don’t think my back could handle it.”
“Fair enough.” You shrugged.
You both go on a search for the others to see if they need help. When you find them Thena and Ikaris are fighting side by side
It’s it nice sight to see. Gilgamesh runs of to aid them. You hear grunting from not so far away as your eyes scan the woods you see Druig. Who was being tossed aside like a rag doll and your heart dropped as you watched him slide across the dirt and heard him groan in pain. The Deviant began stalking Druig like its prey. Without even a second thought, you ran towards the Deviant at full force and jabbing it with your sword. Its attention now on turned to you. Druig watched on his side as you taunted the Deviant and moved backwards away from him.
“Come on!” You waved your sword at its razor sharp jaws and it lunged for you. You dodged just in time sending a blow right at its head and it didn’t seem to like it very much. Your fighting went on as you maneuvered around the deviant getting as many hits on it as you could. But it wasn't enough to put it down. It’s tail swooped you under your legs causing you to fall on your back, knocking your sword out of your hands. You hit the ground and winced out in pain but that wasn’t the worse. The Devaint was pining you down to the earth and digging its claws into your chest. Its mouth coming down to clamp down on your shoulder. You cried out in agony due to the searing pain flowing through your body as tears slipped down your cheeks. You tried punching, kicking anything to pry it off you but nothing. It wasn’t until a beam of light hit the Deviant in the side as Ikaris few towards it knocking it off you.
You laid there in the dirt as nothing but pain surges through your body. The wounds growing in your shoulder and abdomen. Your ears were ringing when Gilgamesh came to your side and Thena on the other you could barely make out what they were saying.
“Y/n, stay still, Ikaris killed the Devaint and went to get Ajak just hold on.” Gilgamesh's words were a little jumbled together as you looked up at their worried faces gazing down at you. You heard the leaves crunching as someone walked towards you.
“How could you be so reckless?!” Druig’s rough accent echoed in your ears as he leaned over you. When he saw you however his whole face shifted into guilt.
“Druig!” Thenas voice warned. The venomous look she sent him was enough to make him back up a little. Not wanting to face the wrath of the goddess of war. Before you could even reply your vision was going black and the last thing you heard was your name being called before you passed out.
Ajak had healed you and laid you to rest in your room on The Domo. Druig couldn’t stop thinking about you, what you had done for him. Could he have really been that oblivious to your true feelings for him? He was angry at himself for the way he acted towards you. Angry that you took on that Deviant alone to save him. He didn’t understand why you would do that for him.
Druig was at your door contemplating whether or not to go in. He just wanted to check in on you, the concern filling in his chest overwhelming him. Ajak had assured everyone that you were going to be alright but he didn’t want to believe it. He wouldn’t be calm until he saw you, he knew it was his fault you nearly bled to death. If only he would’ve gotten up and helped you or if you didn’t get knocked over. No matter what the reason was, he was putting the weight on himself and it wasn’t good.
Druig inhaled deeply and took a step closer to the door. He pressed his hand to the plate on the wall and the door slide open with a soft hiss. Your room was dimly lit in a warm glow coming from your bedside lamp. He saw you laying on your back in bed as you slept peacefully. He walked closer till he was on the side of your bed and looking down at you.
He admired your features up close. He regretted the way he spoke to you before you passed out.
Druig was torn in his mind between why you would jump in front of a deavint like that for him. it wasn't until he bumped into sersi an hour earlier and he asked about you that she told him.
“how is she?” Druig asks as he and Sersi meet walking in opposite directions.
The hallway of the bedrooms was vacant except for the two raven haired eternals their voices bouncing off the stone walls even though the spoke at a normal level.
“resting. Ajak says she needs to sleep to let her body heal.” Sersi explains. Druig just nods not meeting her eyes.
There was something hanging in the air between them and Sersi almost hesitated with her words, opening and closing her mouth. Not wanting to reveal your feelings. She didn't want to betray your trust. You were one of her closest friends, Of course she knew how you felt. The amount of conversations you both have had late at night when you both couldn’t sleep so you would sit in the room where you all woke up was enough to build a close friendship between you two.
Sersi inhaled as she finally decided that you would never act on your feelings but she would give a little push. There was no harm in that right?
“ She cares about you, you know.'' It was a statement. Druig’s eyes met Sersi’s and she could almost see them say I know. And that's what he was afraid of. You caring or even loving him was a scary thought. He’s never had someone care for him like you have. Always trying to include him in things and always being kind towards him.
All he did was nod and Sersi watched as he turned and walked down the hallway. For the next hour Druig was in his room pacing, thinking. Which led him to finally end up in your room standing over your bed.
He finally decided that it was his turn to look after you. He would be by your side like you were for him from now on. He would be there when you awoke even if he had to wake you with a kiss, like in those stories he knows you love so much. Even if he had to wait years, he would do it for you.
He brushed a pice of hair gently off your cheek and you were stirring in your sleep, frowning your eyebrows and then relaxing your face almost like his touch soothed you. Druig swore he saw you smile for a moment and he couldn’t help the swell in his chest at the thought. He didn’t know how long he was there for, hours maybe but he didn’t care. As long he was by your side it didn’t matter. Maybe when you woke up he would finally tell you something that was on his tongue for the past couple hours.
a/n: i kinda like writing druig with insecure thoughts because i would love to know what’s actually going through his head and i just feel like hes a person with so much turmoil and emotions that he doesn’t get to express.
🏷: @magnificentzombiebasement @redheadspark @drspencerreid921 @a-lumos-in-the-nox
if anyone would like to be added to my druig tag list please let me know!
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Dig my grave
Tumblr media
A little bit of fluff with my boy-druig. perusal male reader.
Shadows hide secrets especially when it comes to questioning one's sexuality "I'm so stupid" you lean your head on a nearby wall. A hotel corridor in England "I need to stop, I like girls and he isn't a girl". For the past decades, you've been twisting and turning with your label as a man and what a man should be.
Druig your friend and fellow Eternal "He doesn't...I'm so dumb" the entire hotel had been rented to hold an intense party. So many people attended and one of those people was Druig and now here you are scolding yourself in an empty corridor. The party couldn't be any louder as it is "Maybe I can sneak out" you personally invited him but the moment you saw Druig you dashed.
With a smack to the face, you took a deep breath and flash off to find the closet exit. "C'mon where are you?" you panicked when you didn't find a nearby exit "Looking for me" a shiver met your body. His voice makes it even worse "Hey Druig...I thought you didn't like these kinds of things" Druig shrugs "You invited me so I had to come".
You watch him lean up against the wall "I just thought you were being nice when you said you'll show". Druig seemed offended "You think so poorly of me" you wanted to say more but a mortal friend interrupted. "Looks whose here, Becky. This is your second chance mate now go" you were shoved into the girl's direction.
Druig felt like a fool for believing you weren't straight "Hey...what's up Becky?" she smiles. "Oh hey Y/N' I thought I saw you" you hum but all you wanted was to leave but that plan blew up in your face "Yeah". "Wanna dance," she asks while twirling showing off her dress "I can't dance" she just rolls her eyes. "And, ain't like your performing for anyone now C'mon" is it better than mentally dying in the company of Druig?...yeah it is.
You were right you can't dance "I feel a little awkward," you say over the music "No, need to feel misplaced C'mon just get into it". You felt like an idiot even though everyone in the ballroom was nowhere near watching you. Flashing lights, a disco ball spinning along with the DJ everything didn't feel that great. "I really like you Y/N". "Huh.." Becky just looks up at you "You don't have to say anything right now. I can wait yeah" with a nod you look around to see Druig on his own.
"I'm sorry if you excuse me I just..." you depart from Becky who celebrates at the fact she confessed, "Hey Druig". The other male looks at you "How are you enjoying the party?" he shrugs "Could've been better" you frown a little "What, do you mean?". Druig just stares at you "It's a bit loud in here, isn't it. C'mon follow me".
You walk alongside Druig "Why did you invite me?" you fall silent "I wanted an excuse to leave but I guess that isn't gonna work". Druig chuckles "We can still ditch" there it is his mischief grin "What...that'd rude" the other male sighs. "Goodie goodie" honestly you hate and love that stupid nickname "Shut up...fine let's bounce only if you wear your helmet this time".
You don't know why you agreed but you kinda felt happy that you did "Milkshakes are better" you declared. "Whatever you say...but chocolate milk" Druig chiefs kiss at the end "Whatever" both of you sat outside on a curb outside a Milkshake cafe.
"So Becky how long have you known her?" you cringe a little "For a few months" he hums whilst slurping his chocolate milk. You groan along with a little kick "I don't know if I like her or...do you feel as if you should like this one person but in the end you...yeah" wow not confusing at all. Druig doesn't say anything "I question why I'm like this and I don't want to believe I'm 'unnatural'...you know?" you furrow and unfurrow "Druig please say something".
Druig doesn't say anything "Okay I know it sounds weird but...you know me and I know you" Druig finally meets your gaze. "No, it's not weird and it's natural to feel this way" you make a weird face "Are you sure?" he nods. "I think I'm bisexual and...No I know I'm bisexual" Druig watches you fiddle with your fingers "And right now I'm in the midst of a...gay? no bisexual panic".
Druig reaches over and places a hand on your knee "I know a thing or two about figuring out sexuality" you frown in confusion. "What?...what about Makkari?" he chuckles "We both know who I truly desire" once again confusion washes over you. "Who?" Druig has to admit you've your blonde moments and sometimes it's cute to watch you fade out.
"You!" your face shows nothing but shock and relief "I...What?" he grins and without a second thought he leans in. "It has always been you" soft, gentle, and afraid that he might cause you to run for the hills but no you moved forward.
"You are my desire"
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writerzunite · 6 months ago
Beautiful, Beautiful ❦
Tumblr media
You were the Sun, and he was the Moon. He was fire, and you were ice. You were Persephone and he was Hades. Destined to be, eternally.
He vowed to never leave you. You were his whole heart, his reason for existing, and he loved you for 6,500 years.
And he never broke his promise.
Druig x Eternal F!Reader
Summary: how you and Druig fell in love.
Part Two
It took Druig approximately 300 years to finally realize that you were more than just an ally. And then it took about 200 years for him to realize you were more than just a friend. He loved you. He couldn’t describe how he felt, it was so intricate yet delicate, as if with one touch he’d ruin it. It was similar to a breath of fresh air after swimming in the river. The colors of sunsets. Gentle, yet powerful all the same.
He dreamt of you in Mesopotamia, when he fell asleep to the Milky Way. The early days where the purpose was fighting Deviants and emotions couldn’t get in the way of the mission. But in the night, Druig couldn’t help but let his mind wander to the possibilities, especially when they could go home to Olympia.
Decades turned into centuries. Humans died but more were born. The Eternals moved to Babylon. Trees grew taller, streams became rivers, but Druig’s love for you remained unchanged. He felt cursed but in the best way. The mission didn’t matter anymore to him, only you.
The nights become unbearable. He drifts off and wakes up alone, thinking of your mouth, your skin, your bright eyes, everything. All of it. He’s intoxicated but he doesn’t give a damn. He wanted you to himself, just you and him. Only you, forever.
He watched Sersi and Ikaris have what he didn’t. But instead of feeling discouraged, he only felt a spark. But Ajak made sure that spark became a forest fire.
“You love her. We do not know how much time we have here. Tell her how you feel.” Ajak could only smile at how truly lovesick the once brooding Druig had become. She had a keen eye and saw how he looked at you. His gaze would linger, his facial features softening, his frown becoming a relaxed smile.
She also noticed the small glances you made at Druig as well. You fidgeted with your fingers when flustered, which is what you did constantly around Druig. You protected him the most with your telekinesis powers during battles against the Deviants. Lingering touches.
The love between you and Druig was a beautiful love forged from longing during the centuries.
You thought of him at night when you couldn’t sleep. The way he would look at you, so soft and gentle. He hated everyone but you, only you. His eyes on you constantly. You clutched your chest where your heart slammed against your rib cage.
It all came crashing together when Druig got knocked aside violently by a Deviant’s serpent-like tail. You could hear Druig’s sudden gasp of surprise as the tail crushed his ribs and sent him flying across the sand. You let out a cry of fright and sorrow, and without thinking, you run to his collapsed body.
“Druig! Druig!” You outstretch your hands and his body moves on his own towards you, and you fall to your knees to catch him in your arms. You cradle his head in your arms, ignoring the resuming battle around you.
Ajak appears before you call out for her, kneeling down next to you. She opens her mouth to tell you to rejoin the battle, she can heal Druig, and that everything would be alright.
“No, Ajak, I cannot leave him,” you brush his raven hair from his blood-soaked forehead.
She said nothing, only healing him with a wave of her hand. The blood disappears from Druig’s forehead and his eyes snap open like a wild animals.
“Druig,” you whisper, crushing him in a hug and falling on top of him. “Druig, you’re all right. Oh, I was so worried…”
Druig almost passed out again from what was happening. He shakily lifted his hand and cradled the back of your head, letting himself close his eyes in relief.
“You’re all right,” he murmured. “Good.”
“No, you’re all right! I thought…,” you leaned back and he saw your eyes filled with unshed tears. “Don’t leave me like that again.” You close your eyes and the tears began to fall from your lashes.
Ajak only watched in bewilderment when Druig softly wiped them away from your cheeks. “Beautiful, beautiful Y/N, I could never.”
It was new love, precious and gentle like a summer breeze. Druig spent every waking moment with you while you worked on building structures, buildings, and homes for humans across Babylon with a wave of your hands. You both would explore hidden natural treasures Babylon had to offer. Sneaking small, delicate kisses. Hands intertwined. Then he would walk you to your bedchamber, leaving you with the feeling of his lips on your own.
“My beautiful, beautiful girl…,” he’d murmur into your hair, lips ghosting the shell of your ear, making you shiver. Hands on your hips, waist, everywhere. “You have stolen my heart.” Lips on your neck, collarbone, throat. You would think he’d put those thoughts in your head on purpose, but no. You were falling in true love with him, and so was he.
He’d make his true feelings known in the dark of night, whispering his love for you in your ear, just like how you had imagined it during previous nights alone. He’d have you against a wall in your bedchamber, breath hot and heavy from the jog from the roof to here. It was innocent, but when he saw you in that dress and a flower in your hair, he had to tell you his true feelings.
“I love you, Y/N, my beautiful girl.”
A kiss on the shell of your ear.
“You are a dream…you’ve stolen my whole heart.”
A small bite to your earlobe.
“Druig-“ your whisper was cut off by a chaste kiss, his large hands cupping your face, tilting your head up to meet his lips.
“My Y/N, I love you.”
“Druig…I love you.”
“Don’t leave me,” he’s dragging his lips slowly down your neck, and you bite your lip.
“Never,” you hold the back of his neck, nails slightly scratching him, and he pulls back so his eyes could meet your own.
“And I’ll never leave you, my darling. Nothing in the universe could tear us apart.”
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eternallytoph · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
he can hit me with a rock any day
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achaoticeternal · 5 months ago
this whole scene is the reason i exist
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sapphireplums · 5 months ago
𝐛𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐤 𝐭𝐢𝐦𝐞.
Tumblr media
description || druig walks in on you changing, but he doesn’t seem to mind his view
pairing || druig x eternal!reader
warnings || fluff, a little steamy (nothing explicit)
word count || 1,103
a/n || FIRST OF ALL THIS MF GIF WHAT- also, i got this idea from a tiktok haha.
Tumblr media
WITH THE FAMILY staying at the wonderful new house you and Druig bought together, everything was hectic. Sprite would be running around the house, Kingo chasing after her, while Sersi and Ikaris would bring food over at unannounced times.
You loved your family, but there were instances where you wish you had alone time with your husband, Druig. There were multiple occurances where you almost had it, but it would be interrupted by one of your family members.
Today, Druig invited you out for a picnic date, something he never did, nor would think of doing, but when it came to you, he would do anything for that smile on your face to become evident.
Your room was torn to shreds as you tried to find your favorite top you desperately wanted to wear for this occasion. Even though you wouldn't mind going on this date in sweats and a sweater, you really wanted to find the top, your mind not focused on anything else.
Unfortunately, since your mind was so preoccupied with finding your clothes, you didn't hear your door open. As you turned around, your head lifted up to see Thena at the door. She didn't know you were in the room either, hearing the small gasp that escaped her mouth when she saw you partly undressed in the room.
"Oh, Y/n, I'm so sorry, I didn't know you were in here. I was just looking for something ." Letting out a stifled laugh, your shoulders eased, not caring if Thena saw your body.
You trust everyone in your family, yes, but Thena was the one person you would always talk to whether it was for advice or just in general, so the two of you were closer than sisters.
"It's okay, T. Just startled me a bit." Thena walked into the room further and sat down on the velvet couch next to the door.
"So why is this room look like Kingo's bedroom?" You laughed at Thena's question, knowing this is exactly what Kingo's room would look like.
"I'm trying to find this one top for me and Druig's date. I usually wouldn't care this much, but now that I'm determined to find it." Thena let out a smile, something she loved to see. You noticed she was lost in thought, making you tilt your head slightly.
"I remember the days when you and Druig wouldn't even look at each other. I told Gil that we should make a bet to see if you two would fall in love, and I see I was indeed correct." Your mouth gaped open slightly, not aware of this bet.
"Wait, did you really do that?" Thena nodded her head and the room was filled with laughter soon after.
"The two of you are a beautiful couple. I hope you have fun on your date, darling." Thena kissed the top of your forehead before walking out of the door. As you were about to lock the door to your room, you got distracted once again as you heard your phone chime.
It was Phastos, asking to see if you could babysit Jack, but once you sent the text, your mind wandered off, completely forgetting about the door, again.
You took off your pants now, leaving you only in your bra and underwear, finally accepting the fact that your shirt probably is gone forever, so you decided to wear a floral dress instead.
Hearing the door open again, you attempted to cover a majority of your body, but when you saw it was Druig, your heart eased slightly, knowing he has seen a lot more than just you in your bra and underwear.
"Oh, it's just you." Druig walked into your room, locking it afterward as he traced your body up and down, biting his lips lightly.
"Well is that how you treat your husband now?" His voice was filled with tease. Turning around, you bumped chests with Druig, his body radiating his warmth off on you with his hands now wrapping around your waist.
"You're not the first one who walked in on me changing." Druig furrowed his eyebrows in confusion, concern laced in them as well. You saw his eagerness for explanations and you answered them before he could ask.
"Thena walked in on me changing right before you walked in so you're not the only lucky one who got to see this," you said, getting to your body with a smile.
Your face was subconsciously leaning in closer to Druig's, his sapphire eyes staring into yours. Druig's impatience took over his body as he smashed his lips on yours, the feeling of butterflies flying in your stomach. With his heart rate beating faster, Druig started to take off his shirt, you help him in the process.
As the kiss started to get more heated, Druig picked you up, not breaking apart with your lips. He threw you on the bed, your lips still in sync, his hands pinning your wrists slightly. Druig started to place small kisses on your neck, a soft moan escaping your mouth, knowing where your favorite places were.
Stopping his sweet kisses reluctantly, he stared into your eyes, and his adorable smile was plastered on his face.
"You're absolutely beautiful, my love." With that, Druig kissed you rougher this time, attempting to pin you down for dominance. But that didn't work as your body was now on top of his, you sitting on his private.
"That's not going to work, honey," you said in a mischievous voice. Druig's eyes widened in interest and lust, you kissing him once again.
At this point, the two of you would've completely forgotten about your date if it wasn't for someone knocking at your door, Druig groaning from annoyance.
"Stop making out and go get ready for your date, lovebirds. Don't worry, we'll definitely take care of the house," Kingo's voice was heard from the other side of the door.
You laid your head on Druig's bare chest, laughing slightly at your family.
"Come on love, let's spend more time together...without any distractions," Druig intentionally raised his voice at the last part of his sentence so Kingo could hear.
Once you heard footsteps receding on the other side of the door, you finally put on your dress as Druig put on his shirt then his leather jacket. He walked up to you and placed a gentle kiss on your lips.
"My beautiful, beautiful, Y/n. Words can't explain how in love I am with you." Stroking his cheek with your hand, you leaned in and kissed him once more, a smile on his face as if he was a kid on Christmas day.
"I love you more, my sweet Dru."
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buckysimp02 · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Trueeee 🤧
Tumblr media
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tokkiotears · 6 months ago
A fic where the eternals don't know you're a thing with Druig until they see years of photos of you and him all over your house.❤
Tumblr media
note: am i crying?? maybe.... i took some creative liberty with this one, but kept the main request there <3 i hope you all enjoy as much as i did. idc that its november,,, christmas now..
pairing: druig x (f)reader
summary: the holidays bring your large family of eternals over to celebrate. when they walk into your home and see photo after photo of you and druig, they realize something that has been under their noses for millenia
warnings: sweet sweet puppy love n lovey dovey druig
wc: 1k
Christmas wasn’t a holiday that Eternals celebrated, in fact, you weren’t sure if there were any that they did. Nevertheless, for the sake of old times and catching up on how eternal life was, you were all going to celebrate this year. It had been decided that you would be throwing the event, as it was known that you were the best event planner there ever had been.
The stone cottage you owned in the French countryside was the perfect venue. The interior was cozy, the walls plastered in photos and paintings, the floor with mismatched carpets and rugs. There was a small kitchen that led into the living room, warmed by a brick fireplace. The tree was decorated with an assortment of tinsel and ornaments that glittered from the flames.
“Druig!” You call, hoping to reach your husband on the modest second floor. The mug you held in your hands was filled with your favorite: hot chocolate. You double and triple check the food in the oven and that the cookies had been set out. The fireplace was cracking loudly, the ambiance just right. Eventually, you hear the rhythm of footsteps down the staircase, indicating that your husband was about to come rob you of your sweet drink.
“Yes, my darling?” He approaches you from behind, sneaking a kiss onto your temple, “Ooh, is that hot chocolate?”
You roll your eyes playfully, but you don’t resist when his arm reaches around yours and removes the mug from your hand. “You’d better plan on making me more, you thief.”
Druig slips his arm around your waist as he sips on the drink. He pulls your body against his and moves gently with the old Sinatra record playing from the living room. The man gives you a puppy-eyed look, “Oh but of course, my darling wife.”
You lean your head back and rest it on his with closed eyes, “I made your favorites.”
Your voice is nearly a whisper, but an excited hum escapes him. Gently, he takes your hand and twirls you much like he had in the countless dances you’d shared before. “Oh, how I love you, Y/N.”
He traps you between the counter and his body, peppering your face with kisses remnant of the hot chocolate that was once yours. Your hand finds its way to his low back, fingertips grazing over the knit sweater.
The harsh knock on the door startles you both. This is followed by a troubled Kingo shouting, “Let us in! It’s freezing!”
“Oops!” You giggle. Druig sneaks in one more kiss before letting you shuffle towards the door. You swing the door open, greeting everyone. A swift blur lets you know that Makkari has shot right past you and straight towards the fireplace. Snowflakes flurry in the air after her.
“Come on in guys! Welcome!” You squeak, “Please leave your shoes right by the door”
“I hope you heard that Makkari!” Kingo can hardly finish his sentence before there is another brief flash and a pair of boots wobble to a stop on the wooded floor. They file in one by one after the movie star, some shivering more than others.
“There are blankets on the couches and next to the tree,” You tell them in between greetings, “And there is cocoa on the stove.”
You shut the door securely after they all enter, adjusting so that all their shoes are against the wall with your foot.
“Oh, you’re already here?” You hear from the other room. It was Kingo asking the question.
Knowing Druig, he’s probably responded by momentarily raising his brows or with a curt nod.
“Dude, look at these,” Sprite drags Kingo and Ikaris to the wall where all your pictures are hung.
“What the…” Kingo mutters in disbelief, then shrieking, “I missed the wedding?!”
“Wedding?” Ajak looks a tad intrigued, joining the other Eternals at the wall. There are a plethora of photos. Not just the wedding, but the many vacations and triumphs you held. Plenty of candid photos that caught Druig in a softer light that the others didn’t often see.
“That is so much good content for my documentary wasted!” Kingo huffs. Sprite has a look of disbelief on her face.
“Like, when did this all even happen? It hasn’t even been like a thousand years since we last saw each other?”
Phastos grins, placing a gift under the tree. “If you guys paid more attention you would’ve seen it coming.”
You glance to Druig, who is smugly sipping his cocoa and sitting on one of the recliners closest to the fireplace. He throws you a wink. “You’ve lost your chance boys, I beat you to it.”
Sersi grins at you, wiggling her fingers as if to say “show me the ring!”. You girls all gather around, forming a little huddle as you reveal your sparkling ring. Phastos had helped make it. A gorgeous golden band, intricate and delicate, holding a gorgeous pear stone that matched the hue of your husband's eyes. His ring had threads of magic that matched your own. Thena smiles proudly, pulling Gilgamesh closer to look. Ajak turns to you, her fingers pushing a strand of hair from your face.
“I’m so very happy for you.”
“Thank you, Ajak.” You hum, leaning into her touch.
“Alright. Enough of the gossip. I want to try some of this food.” Gilgamesh grumbles, moving towards the kitchen. The room erupts in laughter and everyone but you and Druig crowds into the kitchen to serve themselves dinner.
You offer him a hand which he takes, joining you in standing. Even you can see that the infatuation in his eyes is just as strong as it was the day he first laid eyes on you. “Mine forever?”
“Forever.” He presses a kiss to your forehead, where you can just peek at the message Makkari was signing to you:
“You even have him in the matching Christmas socks? You’ve impressed me!”
You grin at her, leaning into your husband, so very happy that your family surrounds you.
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starsvck · 6 months ago
somewhere only we know
Tumblr media
you and druig have been married for decades, soon turning into a century, the only thing is, none of the eternals know until now
warnings: MILD eternals spoilers, reader is referred to as persephone but she is an eternal.
With the air soft and gentle, humid but warm, forging for berries near the boundaries of the Amazon commune had always been a favourite past time for both you and Druig.
By your side, he’d help you part the bushes, the leaves, and partially, the thorns to aid you in picking the ripe berries. He didn’t do much as he knew that this was the very chore you adored doing. The mind controller knew his place and kept it.
As Druig kneels by your side, eyes focused on your features, his lips quirk into a grin when he finds the way you bite your lip in focus. He can’t help but smile at the action, ever so innocent and tangible, you’ve always been his source of passion.
“The berries are so ripe this season.” Your gentle tone brings him back from his reverie, your eyes settled on the handful of blueberries in your dirtied palm while his settle on the way the sun casts a glow on your sun kissed skin.
“Druig?” He turns to you and finds your gaze settled on him with a pinch to your brows. Your look of confusion makes his pale cheeks erupt with a blushing shade of pink. “Are you alright, dear?”
Druig nods softly and parts his mouth to speak, but the surge of presence takes him back. He’s controlled every part of the commune, he knows it inside and out and with that sinking feeling in his bones, he knows something is up. Yet, he can’t take himself to ruin your moment of serenity.
“You continue your forging, love,” he stands up tall and you watch him with a curious eye, unaware and almost innocent, “I’ll be back.”
You purse your lip in tow, watching him disappear deep into the woods and back into the village. You try to return to your activities, picking at every ripe blueberry and strawberry that your eyes could see.
Within fifteen minutes of a full basket, you grew rather bored and wondered of your husband’s presence. After all, unlike him, you couldn’t read his mind nor his whereabouts.
As you start your trek back into the commune, the people greet you in their native tongue, their expressions filled with glee to see you as you then handed your berry-filled-baskets to one of the elderly. They inevitably reuse them into many things, fabric dye, for food, or for wine.
Your lovely Druig adored the commune’s wine. Granted, he’s never tasted anything from the outside, it was merely up there on your list.
“¿Sabes adónde fue mi marido?” Do you know where my husband went? You had asked with concern and genuine interest as his presence didn’t waver around the area.
The grey haired woman smiled and pointed her finger to one of the bigger community lodges. You thanked her as she walked away, your focus now on the large building that had its doors closed for privacy.
You wondered as the twigs cracked under your bare feet what sort of secret your husband was keeping. He was not the type to keep one in the first place but as you neared the lodging, you couldn’t help but wonder if he had other sinister streaks beneath his facade.
After all, while he was foremost your husband, he was also an Eternal. One that could control minds and manipulate them into his serving.
While you could challenge his bidding with your own celestial power, you were made to provide nature for humanity, not control it.
Covered in dirt, your hands press against the wooden door in hope to push it open. To your luck, it hasn’t been locked, and as it creaked open, your greeted with eyes targeted on you.
Illuminated by soft artificial light, your eyes flutter in hopes to adjust. Only when they do, you’re met with your husband’s staring gaze. Unreadable expression, but his pink lips are sodden and wet from the act of his tongue.
“Sersi?” Your eyes continue to travel. “Ikaris? Thena?” You were appalled by the sight of your family, the majority of them sitting in one of the lodging you had built.
“I see you’ve kept our dear Perse under your finger.” Ikaris voices his displeasure and its ever so evident in his tone. “We’ve been looking all over for you.”
You frown. “I haven’t been anywhere expect with Druig.” You shift your attention from Ikaris to the man you just spoke about. His arms crossed while his gaze dark but focused on you.
“You forget that they weren’t at the wedding, my flower.” He cocks his head, settling his sole attention on you while he stands from where he leans against the table. “They wouldn’t know.”
“There was a wedding?!” Kingo rises with a shriek, the man behind him following him short with a camera present on his hand. When the Bollywood actor reaches you and raises your hand, he gawks at the gemstone that sits on your finger.
“This...” You watch as Kingo’s face contorts from excitement to confusion. “Is not a diamond.” He looks up and points an accusing finger at your husband. “I expected better from you, Druig.”
The raven haired boy tilts his head unbothered, watching as the interaction continues with you being the centre of attention. “She chose it. Not me. I just proposed.”
Sersi stands from her chair and follows Kingo from where you stand. There’s a grin present on her face as she approaches you and you’re wholeheartedly content with the fact that she’s more than happy to see you after decades.
“Blue sapphire,” Sersi stares at awe while Sprite joins in beside her, both the girls and Kingo analyzes your beautiful, beautiful ring that Druig had made for you.
You nod at her comment, grinning with glee when you look above them and find Druig staring at you with his own smirk. “Matches his eyes.”
Kingo shivers at your words and pulls away playfully, turning his attention to the man with the camera whom he addresses as Karun. “Classic. The beautiful Persephone and brooding Druig are married. Sorry to break it to you guys, but I’ve seen this coming since Babylon.” He gives the camera a wink and then motions for Karun to focus the camera somewhere else.
He moves over to you and you smile rather awkwardly, waving your free hand at the camera before he zooms on in at Druig, who raises an annoyed brow.
“How many cameras do you have in that bag?”
“This is so pretty,” Sprite makes the comment and you thank her for it. “I’m kind of mad you didn’t even invite me. I thought I was your favourite.”
Druig shrugged. “It was a spontaneous gesture.”
Sprite rolled her eyes. “Oh, yeah. I’m sure it was.”
You giggle at their reaction, shaking your head as you shared a smile with your lover. Soon, Thena joined in and you couldn’t help but fawn at her validation of your marriage. She had never been one to be approving of such human behaviour, let alone marriage and love, but with the gentle smile she gifted you along with the nod, you didn’t need her to vocalize that she was content.
“I’m so happy for the both of you,” Sersi beams with a smile, her eyes hopeful and soft that love between the group was a thing again and that the failure in her relationship didn’t define others future. “Wedding or not. I’m glad you and Druig are happy.”
When you pull away from your friends and family, your lover stands beside your side with no hesitation. His lips is quirked into a soft smile, gentle and barely there, but if you stare long enough to find his features prominent, it’s all there.
His love for you. His promise. His oath.
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inklore · 6 months ago
spectral tease.
Tumblr media
premise: druig loves to see how many times he can make you come by only using his mind.
pairing: druig x (f)reader
warnings: sexual content (unprotected sex), creampie, multiple orgasms, overstimulation, teasing, mentions of safe word, druig using his powers on reader (consensually), pet names (my girl, pretty girl), no spoilers! you are in control of your reading consumption so if you don’t vibe with any of the above please do not go on. 18+ only minors dni, you will be blocked.
word count: 1.70k+
etc: look i’m not saying i’m obsessed with druig but i’m also not saying i’m NOT obsessed. will i let this man consume me and be all i talk about for months? absolutely. and this little idea wouldn’t leave my head hours after seeing the movie so it’s probably not the best, but i just need more of this man in my life ok!
“I can’t–” your voice is hoarse from moaning, pleading, whining. You try to form a coherent sentence but only fragments are able to process in your mind and slip out from your wet swollen lips. Your body burns from sensitivity and pleasure that only seems to build more and more with each time you cum. Each time he fucks up into you. Each time you feel that beautiful haze in your mind.
And you’ve lost count as to how many times you’ve been thrown over the precipice. How many times you’ve begged and pleaded that you couldn’t cum anymore, even when the pleasure never seems to end, never seems to stop building. And Druig loves it. Loves to fill your mind with nothing but him, nothing but pleasure and a demand for you to keep cumming until you’re begging him to let up, or for more. The only sounds in the room coming for your aching throat, the squelch of your soaked cunt and the slap from his hips as he fucks you harder.
His hands are on either side of your head, his fingers digging into your hair as he holds you there, bending you so your foreheads are pressed together. His hips thrusting up into you sharp, harsh, fast. “Oh, I know you can take more.” He grins pounds into you harder, swallows down your moan when he kisses you devouring your mouth and moans as he doesn’t let up. Makes your already fucked out canal take more, he wants you to feel it tomorrow, the next day, after that. He wants you so sensitive that when you move all you can think about is him. 
“Cant,” you breathe, whimper. “Too much, please, Druig.” His soft chuckle sends a flutter through you, pools in your belly at his cruelty that you love so much. You know all you’d have to do is whisper those two words and this would all be over. He would stop, wrap you up, help you come down, there would be no hesitation. But the two of you get some sick satisfaction at seeing how many times Druig can make you cum untouched by his everything but his mind. And even with your body shaking and the wetness coating your thighs, your throat raw and burning with each moan. Part of you still wants more. Wants to feel even more pleasure. Your core burning so deliciously from his relentlessness, from how many times you’ve tightened and fluttered around his thick cock.
“You can do one more, I know you can.” Druig’s breath is hot against your lips, as he stares up at you, “you’ve been so good, you can do one more for me right?” He’s slowed his thrusts just slightly, if only to allow you to focus on his words, to give you the slightest of breaks before he goes back to pounding into you leaving you a whimpering mess again. One of his hands runs down your neck, thumb skating across your jaw and lifting your chin separating your foreheads so the two of you can properly look at each other. And you’re so beautiful like this he thinks; cheeks warm and tinted with heat and lust, eyes heavy from exhaustion. Your mouth swollen and coated from the two of you. He’s done this to you, made you a fucked out mess all because of his cock and mind, and fuck he loves it. “Do you want to stop, hmm?” He runs his thumb along your bottom lip, “we can stop, pretty girl.”
The over sensitive part of your body and mind is screaming yes, but the slow drag of his cock thrusting up into you, the languid gentle motion rebuilding that mountain of pleasure inside that’s begging for more. To reach, to jump off of, to let Druig make you cum again and again until you really can’t take anymore. Fuck you until neither of you know anything but this feeling, but this heat and pleasure shared together.
So you shake your head, whimper a soft ‘no’ that makes Druig smirk, pull your lips to his in a passionate kiss full of tongue, and teeth and moans. “Good girl.” The praise alone makes you whimper, but as you feel his thrusts pick back up, his hand going to your hip to push you down as he thrusts up. Your over sensitive core burning and begging for more. Your moans loud and incoherent. Your nails digging into his chest, your back arching slightly when you feel the palm of his hand make contact with your ass cheek in a hard slap. The deep groan Druig let’s out against your lips makes your stomach flutter. “My pretty girl, look at me.” You do, your body bracing to go over that precipice, to feel that deep bone shattering pleasure. To see his eyes glow that beautiful gold before all you can see is him, Druig, all you can feel is him in every fiber of your nerve endings. Your mind body and soul being flooded and taken over by him, his pleasures, his desires. Sending you through an euphoric bliss that even when it’s too much it’s not enough.
And when he does it your body freezes, trembles, shakes, your mind filled with that beautiful haze, every fiber of you letting him take over, letting him control you so willingly. Until your vision clears and you’re meeting Druig’s gaze, moaning and shaking as your orgasm rolls through you and he fucks into you while you clench and grip onto his cock. “That’s my girl, good, so good.” He groans, the warmth of his palm on your cheek grounds you. Druig watches your mouth hang open, eyes go from his golden hold to your beautiful ones. Watches your body tremble and wither above him, your cunt flutter and clench against his cock making him thrust faster, harder, until he’s finishing seconds after you. Praises on his lips, kisses and teeth pressed to your lips, shoulder, any flesh he can reach. Any part of you he can touch and consume.
Your body slumps over to rest on his chest, exhaustion completely taking you out. The after effects from another orgasm burning hot and white through your body and core. The two of you catching your breath, Druig running his fingers along your back, pressing soft kisses to your temple. “Think you broke your record.” He teases.
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tadpole-san · 6 months ago
part two ; centuries we don’t have
pairing(s): druig x asgardian!reader
warnings: maybe some mild spoilers for the eternals (i really don’t think i actually have any spoilers, but i just want to be safe), a timeline that’s all over the place because i’m mixing the comics and mcu dates
a/n: so… ya girl watched the eternals last night… and yes, druig and makkari did basically grab me by the throat. They’ve probably become the sole reason im reviving my actual writing on this tumblr, so any of yall who want makkari and/or druig fics, feel free to send them in <3
Tumblr media
685 A.D.
The first time you meet Druig, you would hardly call yourself beautiful.
That isn’t to say you don’t deem yourself attractive, of course - it’s just that there’s a dismembered Deviant lying at your feet, and you suspect that maybe some of the blood and gore extended beyond the lower half of your armor. So one can imagine your surprise when the train of your thoughts in the aftermath of the battle are interjected by a low, “Hello, beautiful one.”
You turn around.
If you were a poet, perhaps this would be the moment to inspire your works for the centuries to come. The moment you lock eyes with the man in red and black standing across the field, the way his lips tilt upwards when he knows you’ve seen him, the startled laugh that escapes you when the words beautiful one register.
But you are not a poet. You are simply an Asgardian - and he is Druig, the Eternal.
You hadn’t seen him during the battle, but from you know of the Eternals (admittedly, not too much), you understand that it doesn’t diminish his strengths towards the group. Five fighters, five thinkers is a mantra often heard amongst them.
“You are Druig,” you say, stepping over what you think used to be a Deviant arm.
“You know me.” By now, his smile has settled into more of a… smirk. Mischievous. Teasing. Amused? Either way, it holds until you are within a breadth of him and your weapon is sheathed at your side. “But I don’t know you,” he continues, and then there it is again. “Beautiful one. You came with the Asgardian king?”
By now, you understand that your king is already making himself known to the matriarch of the Eternals herself. In a way, the woman reminded you of your queen, raised and borne of witches, warm as the sun but cunning as a snake.
“I did,” you confirm. When you tell him your name, you find yourself revelling in the way it feels in the air between the two of you as he says it - the way the syllables roll off his tongue.
Beautiful, beautiful one.
800 A.D.
The second time you encounter Druig, he presents you with one of Idunn’s golden apples. To this day, you still have no idea how he acquired such a thing, although you suspect it may have something to do with the friendship he’d been able to maintain with Loki over the centuries.
“Hello, beautiful one.” This time, you don’t startle at the sound of his voice - although it is much closer than the first time, spoken at a low murmur right by your ear that you can still hear clear as day, even with all the revelries taking place in the tavern you’re both in. You turn your head just slightly and there he is.
“Hello, Druig.” This time, you’re out of your armor, and he dons local-wear in shades of black and grey fitting him in a way that does make your mouth run dry for a moment. You still indulge him in the best smile that you can, even as you take a sip from the mug of ale beside you. “How kind it is for an Eternal to grace a mere warrior with his presence.” It’s all in good jest. It always is.
He tuts anyway, reaching into his robes for… something, even as his eyes never leave your face. “I think we’ll have none of that now. Besides, I hear you’re moving up in the world, babysitting that prince of yours.” When you dig an elbow into his side for that comment, he only laughs again. “Guarding,” he corrects.
“That’s more like it,” you affirm, stopping to raise your mug as Thor makes another rambunctious announcement for cheers. Teenagers. By the time you’re back to focusing on Druig, the hand that had been withdrawn into his robes is back out, presenting you with a perfectly round, perfectly golden, apple. The startled laugh that you let out isn’t unlike the one you’d given him during your first meeting, and you accept the offer with a slightly reserved glee. “And how did you acquire this?” you ask him, admiring the apple in your eye and pressing your lips to it before taking a bite.
“Does it make me the apple of your eye?” The one-liner is enough to get you to choke on the apple for a moment, and Druig graciously allows you the dignity of a recovery before he continues. “It is said that those apples are the source of the Asgardians’ immortal youth and beauty. Is that true?”
You quirk an eyebrow at him as you take another bite, humming contemplatively. “Is this your way of saying you’d like me to be more beautiful?”
“Oh, beautiful one, never.” He even puts a hand over where his heart would be. “I don’t think I could handle that.”
“Mmm. That wasn’t a bad save on your end, Druig.” You catch the way his gaze flickers from the apple, then to your lips. You hold the apple out to him. “Would you like to try a bite, then?”
When he doesn’t say anything, you shake it lightly in front of his face. “This isn’t an offer made lightly.” it’s enough to break him out of his trance, because he smirks again and settles into his seat more comfortably, giving you a slight nod but grasping your wrist when you try to hold the apple out to him.
That’s not how I want to taste it.
It’s the first time you hear him in your head - and really, you shouldn’t be so startled. It’s not as if you don’t know the things he can do, haven’t seen him bring human conflicts to a standstill with a mere thought. And you can feel him in your head, too, sometimes, never prodding, never prying, just… there.
You like it, you think.
So does he.
Before he can close the distance between the two of you - before you can invite him to bridge the gap, you hear Thor call your name with a raucous laugh, mug raised to the heavens, inviting with a “Come drink with us!”
To Druig, you offer a shrug and an impish grin of your own, rising from your seat and offering him a bow as you make to leave. “Duty calls, then.” Rather than look upset, he just plucks the apple from your hands, eyes never leaving yours while he takes a generous bite.
Then one of the Warriors Three has you by the arm, the same time that you see one of the other Eternals bids Druig to rise - Kingo, you recognize, and he says something to Druig that has him scowling and shrugging his grip off as his cheeks redden slightly.
You feel his gaze on you for the rest of the night.
By now, this isn’t even the third encounter you’ve had with Druig - not even the fourth, the fifth, even the hundredth. You lose track by now, centuries blurring together. Centuries of Heimdall keeping a watchful eye out, telling you where Druig has landed himself, where to go when he opens the Bifrost for you. Centuries of meetings (hardly clandestine) as Thor distracts his father from the fact that his loyal bodyguard is almost nowhere in sight, of Loki conjuring mirages of you that get better by the decade, of Lady Sif and her Warriors Three making false alibis for you, of your queen giving you a knowing look whenever she passes you by.
You know how you must look, trekking through the Amazon rainforest and into the now-familiar encampment. You pay no heed to the stares that some of the men and women pin you with as you pass, don’t think twice about the golden glow in their eyes that flashes and passes.
When you reach the building at the opposite end of the encampment, you don;t even enter. Part of you isn’t even sure you have the energy to open the doors, so you just settle at the foot of the wooden doors and lean against one.
The door to your left opens not a minute later, and in your peripheral vision, you see Druig standing there, clad in dark pants and a sleeveless grey top. He crouches next to you, bumping his shoulder against yours affectionately, and you pretend like that will be enough to make you keel over, swaying to the side in a dramatic motion.
“Oh, stop that.” When he steadies you, there’s no real bite to it. “And not even a hello for me, beautiful one?” You sigh, as though burdened greatly.
“Hello.” He presses his forehead against yours and you smile a smile that feels more real than anything you’ve mustered over the past few days. You feel him squeeze your arm, and you don’t tense, but when his hand goes over a fresh injury over your ribs that has not healed, it earns him a loud “ow” and a slap to the shoulder. “You’re a fiend,” you start.
“You’ve been in battle,” he says, and truly, your lover is brilliant. Astounding. “Are you hurt anywhere else?”
“Only in my heart,” you jest, and it partially works because you see his lips quirk up before he settles back in a more serious expression. He waits for you to continue, and he doesn’t even need to use his abilities to know that there is more on your mind that you want to say. “We lost,” you begin to say, and his eyebrows shoot up, because he knows you and you never lose a battle. There have been so many fights to be fought, and none to lose.
“The Dark Elves,” you manage to continue, and the two words sit heavy in your throat, like they’re trying to choke you before you can finish what you want to say. “Queen Frigga was killed. So was Prince Loki.” And despite what your king says, despite the terrible things Loki did, he was still a prince of Asgard. From children to adolescence and to adulthood, you’d watched them both grow, sometimes alongside Druig, sometimes not.
Druig, who doesn’t say anything. Doesn’t offer words of empty comfort, who can feel what you feel in this moment, who looks at you now the way he looks at his humans sometimes - worried for them, wanting to interfere, wanting to keep them safe. So you press a hand to his cheek, opening your mind and heart to him, smiling as he leans into your touch.
I’ll be okay.
You will mourn. You will move forward. He, too, knows this.
You feel Druig before you see him. You know his touch in your mind - have known it for eons, could feel and recognize it across the span of time and space.
My beautiful, beautiful lover.
The words are whispered into the embrace of your mind, softly becoming you to turn and look. You do so, only after you’ve set the crate of harvested and fished goods on the trunk of Valkyrie’s truck. The sight of Druig standing at the end of the pier, the ocean wind and spray whipping strands of his hair out of his face, has you holding your arms out for him.
You laugh when he reaches you and he pulls you into an embrace, one that literally sweeps you off your feet. “Beautiful one,” he says, and you can hear the laughter in his voice as he presses a kiss to the side of your head. “Did you miss me?”
“Did you miss me?” you counter, pulling back just enough that you’re able to get a look at his face. Eight years apart should be inconsequential to the two of you, who are fated to live for millennia, but it feels like an eternity of a lifetime. “I didn’t know you could venture out of that forest of yours, beautiful Druig.”
“Only for you,” he says, always quick with a retort. Witty or otherwise. “I even had to pack a jacket.”
“Yes, you did,” you agree, finally taking note of the studded black leather that he dons. Running a hand over one of the studs has you shooting him a very amused look, and he retaliates with a tug to the knitted sleeve of your new sweater.
“I see that you’ve taken up the fisherman chic. Is that the fashion of New Asgard? I’ll be sure to dress more appropriately for the occasion next time.”
“Cheeky.” You’re only partially aware to the knowing look that Valkyrie gives the two of you before she is driving back to town, the two of you left to privacy. “Come on, you,” you add, linking your arm with his as you begin to lead him away from the water and up to one of the hills overlooking the town.
“How is Thor?” he asks you, and though it’s been many years since you were called to the duty of watching over the prince - no, now the king - of Asgard, your heart aches for the boy you watched grow into the man of loss you know today.
“Not the same,” you tell Druig, your footsteps coming to a stop as he moves himself in front of you, facing you. He keeps your hand clasped in his as he moves it over his chest, and you can feel the beat of his heart even through the jacket he wears. “He lost - we lost - nothing is the same.”
It’s hard to put into words, you think. You think of the person you were when you first met Druig, think of the naivety of that youth. You wonder what it is like for him now, to see the edges of that person chipped and worn away, eroded by the winds of love and loss.
When he brushes a strand of your hair out of your eyes, when he presses his forehead against yours, you feel some of those broken edges start to knit together again.
I’m sorry.
I should have been there.
I’m sorry I’m rooted to Earth.
“You’re here now,” your murmur, your eyes still closed. “You’re always here when I need you.” For that, he presses a kiss to your forehead before stepping back. He makes sure not to let go of your hand.
“I have something for you, you know.” His other hand is already reaching into his pocket.
“Should I be worried?” you ask, only in slight jest. “Your gifts are wonderful, really, but you do like to play things on the mischievous side-” Your words die in your throat when you see the golden apple he produces for you, glittering in the sun that’s starting to break through the clouds. “Oh. Oh, Druig.”
“You won’t demand the ways I acquired it for you?”
“You’d just evade the question - oh, Druig.” As he presses it into your palm, you have to breathe in sharply and blink back the stinging in your eyes. He shrugs a little, trying to play it nonchalant, even as you have to press your face into his shoulder so you can compose yourself without looking at him.
“People on Earth like to do this with a ring,” he says, suddenly, voice slightly louder to be heard above the wind. “A gold on. I thought-” you feel him shift his weight, and you squeeze his arm to steady him. “I thought this would be better.”
“Do you have a question you must ask of me?” Finally, you lift your head to look at him. “Beautiful Druig.”
“You’re the beautiful one,” is his automatic response, and the word, the endearment, has always been so natural. On the battleground. In a tavern. The past, and the present. This gift that he’s given you.
He is Druig, the Eternal. And he calls you beautiful, because he loves you.
Tumblr media
Druig Taglist
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peterbarnes · 6 months ago
See You Again
Summary: Thousands of years after going your separate ways, Druig shows up at your apartment with his signature smirk and some bad news. You find yourself falling in love with him all over again…or maybe you never fell out of love.
Word Count: 1.4k
Tumblr media
“Druig! Druig wait!”
You felt your face get hotter as you rushed down the steps of the Aztec pyramid, closer to the raging fire plaguing the town, and closer to Druig. Smoke from burning buildings and burning bodies filled your lungs, and you had to fight for every breath you took. When you reached the last stair, you tripped over your feet, stumbling forward and into Druig’s back.
He whipped around, eyes glazed over and clouded as his powers worked their inexplicable magic.
“You’re just gonna leave like that?” You snapped, adjusting your dark red suit. Your eyes bored into his own, fiercely glaring at him. But it was helpless- when he used his powers, his eyes, the tether to all his compassion and empathy, vanished. You knew it came from a place of love, of wanting to protect the humans from themselves. But he was losing himself along the way.
“You heard what happened, they don’t want me there,” he asserted, tilting his head sardonically. “How dare I question the authority of our great leader Arishem?”
“That’s not true,” you told him. “Ikaris is stoic, cold even. But everybody else… you’re our family, Druig. They love you, I love you.”
You could see the white in his eyes flicker and his deep brown eyes shine through. He dropped his head down to the ground and clenched his jaw tightly, as if he were conflicted.
“My beautiful, beautiful [Y/N]…” he started.
Why does he sound like he’s about to say goodbye.
He lifted his head, brown eyes completely on display now, and softly smiled at you. It was infectious, and soon you felt your own lips quirking upwards to mirror his. He cupped your face in his palms and ran his calloused thumb over your cheek before pressing a delicate kiss to your forehead.
“You always see the good in me,” he continued, sighing. “But you belong here, with Ajak, my darling. I know where your heart lies-“
“It lies with you-“
“It lies with your duties, your morals. That’s something I’ve always admired about you,” he told you firmly.
“I feel the same about you,” you said, voice cracking as a lump grew in your throat.
“Then you know now our paths go in two different directions.”
His expression was unreadable. You swore you could see tears in his eyes, but knew he would never let them fall. He considered himself too strong for that. Instead, he pressed his forehead against yours and took the sight of you in one more time.
“This isn’t goodbye, not permanently,” you told him, locking eyes. “I’ll see you again, I will.”
He shot you his signature smirk that never failed to melt your heart, his sad eyes now filling with mischief.
“Then I look forward to that day, my darling.”
The Brooklyn chill ran up your spine as you rushed down the block to your apartment. You quickly greeted your doorman before racing up the stairs onto your floor, stumbling with the keys in your hand. A sight of relief left your lips as you opened your front door and basked in the warmth of your heated apartment.
“Finally,” you mumbled, dropping your bag onto the floor, slipping your jacket off onto your dining table chair and letting out a tired sigh. You flicked the light switch on and turned to head towards the couch when you noticed a dark figure sitting there. Your squeal echoed around the studio as you clutched your heart at the unexpected scare.
“What the fuck, Druig!”
The man broke into maniacal cackles at your reaction, falling over on the cushion and holding his stomach.
“That was not funny!” You scolded, crossing your arms over your chest and huffing. “I haven’t seen you in centuries and this is what I get?”
He rolled his eyes at your theatrics before pulling himself off the couch and towards you. You noticed he had something in his hands, but that he was hiding it behind his back so you couldn’t see it.
“What is that?” You asked him, furrowing your eyebrows.
“Well, my darling, I was looking around your place and couldn’t help but notice this emerald tablet,” he told you, smirking and pulling it out from behind him. “And here I thought you never got it.”
You tried to snatch it out of his hand, but he was too quick, maneuvering it out of your reach. He took your movement as an excuse to inch closer to you, until you were nearly nose to nose. You could practically smell the worn leather of his jacket.
“My beautiful, beautiful [Y/N], did you miss me?” He whispered seductively. You could feel his breath on your face.
“You wish,” you teased, smiling at him. “But… and not that I’m not happy to see you, but why are you here?”
His flirtatious smile dropped immediately, as if his heart had just split open for everyone to see.
“Druig?” You questioned softly, concern lacing your tone.
“Ajak is dead,” he spoke clearly. “The deviants are back.”
His voice may have been firm, but the look in his eyes betrayed him, displaying a deep grief and sadness you’d never seen him have before.
Your eyes widened, surely filled with the same pain, but the shock was too great for them to fill up with years just yet.
“No. That’s not possible,” you said, breaths quickening at an alarming pace. “I just talked to her a week ago. I mean it wasn’t really a full conversation, she texts like a grandma, but she can’t…she can’t be dead.”
“I’m so sorry, my love,” he whispered, his voice raspy and hoarse as he held you close. “But you have to come with us. The team is outside…they thought it would be best if I broke the news. After you, we’re headed to the Domo to find Makkari.”
It wasn’t until you felt salt on your lips that you realized you were crying. And it wasn’t until you felt the roughness of Druig’s fingertips that you realized he was wiping them away for you. You pressed your forehead into his, almost cuddling him, and sniffled.
“Sorry,” you whispered, voice breaking.
“No need to be. Take your time, those assholes can wait.”
You chuckled and leaned further into him, wrapping your arms around his waist and snuggling into his chest. You felt him nuzzle his head into the crook of your neck, pressing soft kisses to your skin.
“I love you too,” you heard.
“W-What?” You stuttered, pulling away from his embrace slightly. He was no longer smirking, his mouth now stretched out in the most beautiful and genuine smile you’d ever seen him wear.
“You said it to me, back in Tenochtitlan. I never said it back,” he explained. “I’ve been thinking about that moment for 2,000 years, my darling [Y/N]. But I do. I love you so much.”
“I love you,” you whispered, pressing a kiss to his cheek. “I love you, I love you, I love you.”
With each profession of your love, you left a kiss on any area of his face you could reach- his cheek, nose, forehead, chin. Finally, you stopped right in front of his lips, eyes flickering to his to see if it was okay. Before you could react, he surged forward, capturing your lips with his own. He was a passionate man, and his kisses were no different. He wrapped his arms around your waist tightly, not allowing for any space between your bodies. All you could think about is how you wanted to feel his warm body pressed up against you for the rest of your eternal life.
Your arms snaked around his shoulders, fingers entangling with his soft, dark hair and pulling on it gently. He groaned into the kiss, lips sliding possessively over yours. It was like a secret language only the two of you knew. Your native tongues.
You both pulled away from each other once all the air had escaped your lungs, causing heavy panting between your smiles.
“What do you say, beautiful? Want to go kill Deviants together?” He asked, lifting his eyebrows playfully.
“I thought you’d never ask, my love.”
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tomhollandsstan · 6 months ago
Bad Night
Tumblr media
Pairing: Druig x Reader
Word count: 1.6k
amazing gif by @luke-skywalker
Summary: You come to Druig with a question. He’s curious. You guys find some answers. Not the ones you intended though.
NSFW!! smut okayyy
‘Oh fuck, Druig’
He hears your voice calling out to him breathily in his dream, and then clearer in reality.
He groans, lifting only his upper body from the bed in a stretch; and he has to hide his smile when he catches your eyes lingering on his shirtless form.
Even if he had caught you ogling a bit, you still had the upper hand. He was the one half hard just from fucking dreaming about your voice.
“Y/N, what could of possibly made it necessary for you to wake me up this early?” He drawls, glancing out his bedroom window and noticing the sky was still dark. “Or is it late?” He questions, eyes studying your face.
It was dim in his room, a candle lit on his nightstand. You must have lit it before you woke him. He felt drunk on the sight of you. You looked stunning in the candlelight. Your hair was a bit messy, and you were clad in nothing but a short silk night gown. Which surprised him, because you didn’t afford yourself many luxuries. Though you deserved them.
Now, despite how tired he was; he was intrigued.
What had brought you to his room, clearly straight from your own slumber.
“I needed to ask you something” your quiet voice answers, eyes meeting his. The two of you hold eye contact as he sits up against the pillows, your eyes drifting downwards for a moment when the sheet falls to gather around his waist.
When you break eye contact he takes the chance to study your frame as well, and fuck, he could do it all day. If perfection took form, it’d be you he thinks.
The way your pretty fingers reached to grab the strap of your night gown when it slipped down your smooth arm.
The air catches in his throat as his gaze travels down the nape of your neck. And his semi hard cock twitches against the sheets when he sees the swell of your breasts, rising and falling with each breathe you took. Nipples hard, pressed tightly against the thin fabric.
He closes his eyes and clears his throat before opening them again. This time to look at your face.
Your arms were now crossed over your body and fear ran through Druig, certain that you’d caught him.
Instead you give him a small smile, brushing your hands over your forearms.
“Why do you keep it so cold in here, Druig?” You ask with a fake pout and he can’t help but to sigh in relief.
“Do you want to get under the covers?” He offers, and you jump at the invitation.
Obviously after 7,000 years of companionship the two of you, and all of you, were extremely close. But why had you come to see him tonight? Why were you so eager to join him, literally in bed?
“I had a bad night, I was waiting for you to invite me for a cuddle” you giggle, making yourself comfortable beside him.
Druig grins as he looks at you, both of you now propped on your sides to face each other. He feels a twinge of guilt for his filthy thoughts, you just wanted to spend quality time with a good friend.
“So, tell me about your night? What was so bad love?” He asks and the nickname catches you off-guard. You body heats up, and not just from being under the blanket now.
“I don’t know, I just couldn’t sleep. I felt restless. And you…you always make me feel calm; at peace” you shrug and Druig is stunned into momentary silence at your sweet confession.
You are my peace. He wants to say back.
“I’m glad you came…” he trails off, hand reaching to push a few stray strands of hair out of your face. He lets his fingers graze over your cheeks, and the skin there feels like he lit a fire under his touch.
“Druig...” his name falls from your lips in a whisper, just like his dream.
“My beautiful, beautiful y/n. Will you let me have you?” He asks in a voice so heavy with want it sends a red hot pleasure straight to your core.
“Take me, I’m yours” you hum. And then he’s kissing you.
His lips press against yours gently at first, the first taste of him is intoxicating.
You wrap your arms around his neck and pull him to you. His hands gripping your waist as he does the same.
Druig feels his blood boil when you moan against his mouth as your bodies meet. The feeling of you clinging to him, and the soft, sweet touch of your lips on his…it was almost overwhelming.
But in the same instant he wants more.
He pushes you down, so you’re flat on on his bed. His blue eyes raking down your squirming form. You looked flawless splayed out on his mattress. And a feeling of unease washes over him.
“Are you sure this is what you want? That I’m what you want?” He asks. His voice steady, but expression saying everything.
“Druig, you’re all I’ve ever wanted…” you admit, He’s back on you in seconds, leaving wet kisses down the column of your throat.
You let your hands tangle in his dark hair as he nips at the peaks of your breasts. He takes one in his hand, kneading. Mouth still leaving playful bites across your skin. He pulls down the top of your night gown, and you shimmy the rest of the way out of it.
“You’re perfect…” he pulls away to admire you for moment and before you can thank him, his mouth is wrapped around your nipple. You gasp as his tongue swirls around the sensitive bud. His fingers coming up to tweak the other one.
“I love your tits” he growls, switching and giving the other breast the same attention with his tongue.
If Druig’s cock wasn’t fully hard before, it was now.
His fingers dance down your front, tracing over your hips.
Then lower;
Your eyes flutter shut when his knuckle brushes over your sensitive clit. A soft sigh leaving your lips.
He rubs up and and down your thighs. Tongue leaving a wet trail down down your abdomen until he’s face to face with your dripping pussy.
“All this for me, Y/N?” He asks with a smirk, but inside he felt incredulous.
He runs a finger down your folds till he finds your entrance. He looks up you through his lashes for permission.
“Yes, Druig” you beg, sitting up on your elbows. You were panting already and he had barely touched you.
You can feel his slender fingers begin to push into you tentatively and your mouth parts into a small ‘o’ as you watch him.
“So wet, I wanna taste it” he whispers against your mound before he’s lapping at your clit like it’s his job. You fall back into the bed, back arching as he works your pussy.
He’s messy and attentive, paying attention to the things that made you moan the loudest. His fingers speed up inside you, and his mouth focuses on your clit.
Your legs tighten around his head as your orgasm approaches, but he wasn’t stopping until his face was soaked with your juices. He grabs your legs, placing them over his shoulders before he starts licking you again.
Your whimpers echoed through his otherwise quiet room as he devoured you. His fingers return to your pussy, curling them upwards each time they pushed into you.
“Dru… I’m gonna cum!” You warm and he hums against you before sucking on your clit.
Your toes curl as the pleasure crests in your belly, body shaking in ecstasy.
And he licks you clean as you come down, savoring the taste of you.
“Please, Druig; I want to feel all of you” you tell him when he comes up to kiss you. He presses his forehead to yours with a nod.
“I’d do anything you ask Y/N” he says, kicking off his sleep shorts.
He lines up with your entrance, and you both hold you both hold your breath.
He pushes in, just the tip and the moans are already spilling out of you. Druig feels his dick get impossibly harder at the sound of you. He pulls back out, slapping his cock against your clit and then slipping just the head back inside of you.
Your body shudders in pleasure at his actions.
Enough teasing he thinks, he feels like he could explode just looking at you.
He eases in, pressing himself fully into you and your legs wrap around his waist.
“So fucking deep…” you murmur, eyes rolling back at the feel of his thick cock inside of you. Druig’s brow is damp with sweat as he concentrates on fucking you.
He watches you below him, face contorted in pure rapture. Because of him. He thrusts even harder at the thought. You wanted him.
Druig sets an unsparing pace, fucking you like it was the last thing he’d ever do. Fuck, he’d be fine if it was.
Your moans turn to screams as he rams into you over and over. You feel your second climax creeping up and your pussy clenches around him.
His hips stutter, fist slamming into the mattress at the sensation.
“Fuck, I’m not gonna last if you keep that up” he warns and you pull his head down to your mouth so can whisper in his ear.
“So don’t, cum inside me Druig…”
And fuck he wishes it wasn’t over so soon, but as soon as he hears your filthy suggestion his orgasm is ripping through him. His load paints your walls; triggering your own release.
“Wait! I never asked you my question!”
ahhhh my first Eternals imagine, clearly unedited lol but I’m just so excited! I loved The Eternals so much, I feel so inspired lmao. Send requests and lmk what you guys thought of the movie! Sending love ❤️
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writerzunite · 6 months ago
For Eternity ❦
Tumblr media
Can be considered a part two to Beautiful, Beautiful. She is my whole heart, my fic child, thank you for giving her all the love.
Summary: when the Eternals separate, Druig sees his fantasy come true.
Pairing: Druig X Eternal F!Reader
Warning: implied sexy times but nothing explicit.
Druig has dreams, and they are painful glimpses into…something.
He can’t put his finger on it. The past? Future? The dreams seem like memories but he can’t recall them ever occurring. Perhaps they are visions of what’s to come. Either way, he wakes up with a start, his dreams always concluding with eruptions, screams, and explosions that make him shake with adrenaline and fear.
He sees the same explosions and fire below him where the humans wage war. Where they invade. Where they kill. His heart is shattering, and you can feel it just by looking at him. Everyone is tense, secluded at the top of a pyramid, watching, and waiting. Waiting for the night to turn into day, waiting for Thena to wake up…waiting for the humans to stop killing each other.
You remember how quickly the days pass, how decades are like minutes. But tonight feels like a century. The sky remains dark, with flame and smoke staining the sky like a poison.
Druig watches you hold Thena’s hand as you wait for her to wake. He can feel your sadness and confusion, and especially your pain. You both loved humans and watching them tear each other apart in war makes you both physically sick.
When Thena wakes, the Eternals are done. The last Deviant was killed, and with no purpose left, you were all able to leave and lead your own lives. And this day was supposed to be a celebratory day…and yet, you all stand silent. The centuries with each other have moved too fast to catch and to remember clearly.
But how Druig longed for that; to disappear from the others with you and to be hidden from the world. For once, he wants to be selfish and have you for only himself, and you not being used for the mission. He always wanted this, craved for it, to have a life of his own.
But seeing the humans slaughter each other below and him not doing a damn thing is tearing him apart with guilt. He has glorious powers and he could use them for good, for a bigger purpose than killing Deviants.
He raises his hand without thinking, and the commotion below everyone falters as humans drop their weapons and stand still, their eyes white and cloudy. You stride towards him, your hands grabbing his outstretched hand, and bringing it to your lips.
“Druig, you can’t,” you whisper against his fingers. “We can’t interfere.”
He stares at the humans below, knowing with a wave of his hand, he could end this. He could-
Ikaris barges through, interrupting his thoughts, and slams Druig against the stone of the pyramid. His hand is torn from yours as he struggles against Ikaris, his breath leaving his lungs.
“Don’t touch him!” You cry out, regaining your balance. “Don’t you dare touch him.”
“Y/N, stay out of this,” Ikaris doesn’t even look at you, he only glares at Druig.
“Let them go.” His voice is deep and frightening, but of course, Druig doesn’t stand down.
“You’re gonna have to make me.” He stares right back at Ikaris, unblinking.
“Druig, please,” you appear from over Ikaris’ shoulder. “We can’t interfere. And Ikaris, let him go before I make you.”
Ikaris does eventually let Druig go from his iron grip, and you shove him out of the way to get to Druig. You embrace him, your face in his chest, surrounded by his warmth. He hugs you back, his hand behind your head.
“Please let them go,” you’re shaking from adrenaline and being overwhelmed. “Please. Let’s just go, you and me…remember what we talked about?”
How could he forget? How could he forget how you wished you could live next to the beach, the salty air embracing you, the waves enveloping you both. How you wished for him to stay by your side forever, in a small cottage by the sea, where you could spend the rest of your days before you all left for Olympia.
He lets the humans go without another thought. And you knew, in that moment, he’d do anything for you.
“Let’s just go,” he repeats after you, his calloused hands holding your cheeks. His eyes are soft, as always when looking at you, and he gives you a small smile.
“Yes, let’s go, just you and me.”
He places his forehead against yours, his smile growing bigger.
“I’m yours forever, my love. Let’s go.”
So you do. You depart from South America and just go. The rest of the Eternals were happy and overjoyed that you both could find a life of your own together. And so we’re you. You were excited, because for once, Druig is only yours.
Centuries pass, and you and Druig spend lifetimes together in a small cottage by the sea. It’s made out of wood, built by you with a wave of your hand. No humans ventured this far to find you or Druig here, and you preferred it that way. You both spend your days by the ocean, letting the water go up to your knees. You both fish, you both find shells, you use your powers to move the water to collect them.
Life becomes a treasure together, a gift, because for once, the mission doesn’t exist. You could do whatever you wanted with the love of your life, so you do.
You both explore each other. There were centuries where you couldn’t even touch each other because of the mission. Now it’s different. He can touch you now, wherever, whenever, and however. You the same to him. For once, you both are unashamed to physically show each other how much you love one another. You spend hours just exploring his face, his eyes…just looking closely and commenting how beautiful he is. Eventually, this leads to exploring his mouth with your own. Then his neck, his collarbone, his bare shoulder, all of it. His bare skin is yours, he says so himself. All of him belongs to you, and only you. You regain the centuries back that were stolen from you both.
You both fall asleep in each other’s arms to the sound of waves, and wake up to the sun.
The sun hits Druig’s eyes first, and he blinks them open to see you still sleeping soundly on his chest, skin to skin. Your breaths are heavy, yet not as loud as the waves outside. He knows you probably want to be woken up, but he can’t. You’re so peaceful there, so delicate, his beautiful, beautiful Y/N.
“Why haven’t you woke me up yet, my Druig?
Your eyes are still closed, but you could sense him watching you. His beautiful eyes that watch you all the time, unable to look at anything else. Nothing else is as beautiful as you, his beautiful Y/N.
“I just couldn’t. You looked so at peace.”
He trades your cheekbone with his fingers, and you smile at his touch.
“Do I, now?”
“Yes. Do I?”
You’re eyes are fully open now, staring into his own.
“Yes, and it’s what you deserve.” His smile becomes bigger at your words, and he bends down to kiss your forehead. You sigh in content, snuggling into the crook of his neck, kissing his pulse there.
“It’s what we deserve, my beautiful, beautiful girl.”
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balenciagabucky · 6 months ago
𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐬𝐞 𝐢𝐧𝐧𝐨𝐜𝐞𝐧𝐭 𝐞𝐲𝐞𝐬; 𝐝𝐫𝐮𝐢𝐠
Tumblr media
pairing ☽˚⁀➷。druig x fem!reader
summary ☽˚⁀➷。 pleasure is all he cares for giving
word count ☽˚⁀➷。 5184
warnings ☽˚⁀➷。 foreplay, female oral, imagery, squirting, sleeping
Looking up through his window the first beams of light coming from the moon are beginning to shine down through the clouds. The cool rain has slowed to a very light sprinkle with a just faint pitter patter falling across his window now. The crickets seem louder but it's a welcome sound to his ears after the thunderous roar of the downpour earlier. He might get to wake up to the sun shining in across his face tomorrow morning and feel the warmth on his skin again. The only warmth he feels right now comes from his blanket, wrapped across and around him. Bringing him deeper into his most intimate and relaxing places - his own bed. He still can't shake the cool daggers of ice grabbing at his feet no matter how hard he tries. It's been like that for as long as he can remember.
And he does know of one way to keep them warm without fail - being wrapped up next to you. Holding your body tight against his skin. Arm draped down your side and across your stomach, feeling your silky smooth skin against his brings true warmth and comfort. The way your legs feel pushed against his and your feet pressed into his. They'll keep him warm for sure, the cozy embrace we share to chase away the vicious cold, filling the air with warmth and inner tranquility.
Bringing his face closer in towards your neck, he soaks in your intoxicating smell. A combination of that new body wash you've tried along with a faint hint of something more - a smell that has always told him you're feeling aroused. It's an almost primal urge when he can pick up that faint smell coming from deep within you. He yearns for it, craves it and needs it as he needs you here next to him.
He relishes in the way your hair brushes against his nose as he moves in closer and gently kisses the back of your neck. As a faint moan escapes your lips, he can feel your body loosen up and relax even more - almost as if you're melting into his arms. He loves the feeling of control, knowing that his actions can decide your mood and have the power to bring you to higher levels of pleasure than you will allow anyone else to. Bringing his hand up, letting his fingers gently ripple up your stomach finding their way to your forearm and snake up towards your neck he gently parts your hair away from your face to expose his favorite part of you - that beautiful spot where your neck and shoulders meet in a smooth embrace.
Planting a kiss onto that amazing patch of skin instantly brings his mind to a new place - one where you and Druig exist freely, away from the problems and issues of the waking world. He feels happy and loved when he’s with you knowing that you feel the same. Your body begins to turn towards him. Your legs still entwined together, you turn your back so you can look into each other's eyes. Those beautiful eyes - the ones he could just drown in forever are his truest weakness. He could never help but fall in love with them each time they locked into his.
"You're looking amazingly beautiful tonight, sweetheart. Shame it's still raining outside." He says before planting a kiss on your collarbone and caressing your chest with his hand as Druig moves it slowly back towards your stomach.
"I guess we'll have to find some other way to entertain ourselves then" you say with a slight shiver in your voice as he kisses back up your shoulder. his lips tracing the way up your neck towards the spot where your jaw meets the neck.
"Mmm, I'm not sure that will be a problem tonight," Druig whispers into your ear before giving you a kiss on the cheek, teasing his way towards your lips. Soft gentle kisses are his favorite. Placing one here and another there as he works his way around your lips. Druig can see the want in your eyes as he slowly moves to give you that kiss you want and then almost pull back at the last moment. He wants to make you yearn for his lips pressed against yours - to heighten your senses and make his touch that much more powerful when he gives in to your body. Slowly kissing your chin and making his way back towards your lips, he begins to place them just on the edge of your lips. He’s not sure he can hold himself back much longer. The velvety skin on your lips is near too much for him - their softness is unsurpassed by any other he’s known before. He needs to taste them. In the ultimate tease, He swiftly and softly runs his tongue across your lips - feeling them gently part ways as he moistens them for you. He can feel the excitement and anticipation reach a tipping point in you and he gives in to it.
Planting his lips against yours, feeling that soft kiss and filling his mouth with your taste, he knows tonight will be one worth remembering for a long time to come.
It's just the way you feel in his arms. The way you touch each other in all the right places without the other needing to tell you what to do. The way you smell and taste. Everything about you is perfect together and perfect for both of you. He makes you his so that you can make him yours.
He can feel you melting into his arms as you kiss and slip into that deep sense of bliss. his lips pressing against yours and your tongues meeting in the middle as your lips part sends chills down his spine and he can feel the goosebumps start to rise up on your arms as he runs his fingers across them. The taste of your sweet lips entering his mouth as his tongue presses in and runs across your teeth - then pushing back and feeling your warm soft tongue pressed against his as he reaches up and licks the roof of your mouth stopping at the back of your teeth. It's such a wonderful sensation for him. So warm and slick, firm yet vulnerable at the same time. The dance of your tongues is more erotic than any dance of the body we've ever had.
Your bodies grow hot with arousal and his hands take on minds of their own. Caressing and exploring your stomach. Gently grabbing and massaging all those perfectly shaped spots along your side. Reaching up and feeling the soft mounds of your breasts, feeling the soft red lace stretched up against your skin. His hands find that sweet spot right in the middle of your chest as he runs his fingers up towards your shoulder giving a gentle squeeze on it. You let out a soft moan as his hands firm up around you and begin their slow descent back towards your breasts. He can see your breathing deepen and your nipples gently poking through with ever more force through the lace that he loves so much on your body. Slowly circles are made surrounding them, moving ever closer to the center of your gorgeous breast and he can see your nipples firm up in an attempt to break free of their restraint and be touched, pulled and squeezed.
His hands moving in closer, gently massaging and squeezing your breasts he can see your chest rise up - pushing them wholly into his hand he gives a firm squeeze. Releasing after a few seconds he traced the outline of your beautifully shaped nipple - now quite firm and longing for his mouth pressed up around it.
Lifting his head up out of the wonderful corner of your neck with one last passionate kiss he bent around so your breasts filled his vision. Your hand rises up and runs through his hair lovingly as he cups your breast and lower his head in towards them. As he let out a slow, deep breath less than an inch away from your skin you can feel the hot air sneaking through your red lace and gracing your skin with a feeling you've earned for all day.
He loves everything about pleasing you. Especially teasing your nipples, and more so pleasing them. The way they perk up as he gently places his lips against your top right over your rock hard nipples and lets loose another slow breath - giving them a little squeeze at the same time. He looks up towards those perfect eyes and sees the sweetest look of pleasure and desire fill them. He also can't help but notice the goosebumps across your chest and want to caress every one of them with his tongue.
Giving your nipple a gentle bite a sharp moan slips through your lips and he knows he’s playing his part well. Moving himself up back towards your face, I cover your chest in soft kisses. Sometimes stopping to pay a bit more attention to one spot and letting his tongue escape from his mouth to give a gentle lick onto that spot - particularly that line where your breasts become your chest again. He has to taste your lips again. Working his way back up, he creeps up your neck towards your ear - giving a gentle nibble or two before he works down your jawline and presses his lips against yours. He can taste the desire on your breath now. That primal urge fills the air and he knows how badly you need him right now - but he’s a man who loves his foreplay. It's incredibly empowering and fun building you up so much to what's getting ready to go down tonight.
And so begins the loss of your clothing. He loves the sight of you in lingerie, but he’s got to get under your skin sometimes and there's only one way to do that. He plants one final kiss on your lips and begins making a line of kisses down your chin to your neck and further down your chest as his hands reach up and gently pull back the straps on your top. The way your top has loosened up now allows him to grab a hold of it in his teeth and little by little pull it down - placing a tender kiss behind each inch of freshly exposed skin.
"God I love when you take your time, you know just how to get me going in all the right ways, no one else has even had me so aroused," you whisper to him with a few soft moans in between words.
His mouth is full but he manages to let out an "Mmm" of acknowledgement as his tongue begins to circle your nipple like a shark following its next meal. Gently running his tongue along that beautiful line where your breast becomes the nipple as he watches it pucker up and reach out for his warm mouth around it. He needs to fill his mouth with you now and with one slight of tongue you are surrounded by him. his lips provide a seal for him to give you a gentle suck as his tongue runs circles around your beautiful nipple. He can feel it growing even firmer and he pulls back - taking it gently in his teeth for a couple seconds before letting it go. He could stay like this for hours. The thrill of bringing you to new heights of arousal would never let him grow tired of this.
Yet his hands can't help but wonder as he brings some much needed attention to your perfect breasts. They've been massaging your chest and arms but have begun to slowly wander down. Running down your sides and across your stomach just a little bit lower each time - but never too low. He’s not giving himself away that easily tonight.
They work their way out towards your sides, reaching your hips and feeling the strong, womanly bones within. He gives a firm squeeze, feeling the way they expand outward and grow away from your waist. Your beautiful ass is pushed slightly out from the position you are laying in and the extra skin feels wonderful in his hands as he hooks his thumb into the side of your lace thong and peels it out from your sides - watching the way it slightly tightens around your velvety mound.
His mouth is beginning to catch up with his hands now - kissing a soft path down from your chest and across your stomach. He loves attention to detail and takes his time exploring your stomach with his tongue. Some kisses right in the middle, others moving out towards the sides, others finding their place in all the areas in between and of course a couple right on your belly button. His hands massaging your hips and moving slowly through and into your thighs - feeling them fill his hands and working all the tension right on out of them.
With a gentle hand running through your inner thighs now and again your moans are beginning to grow from deeper within - filling his head with all sorts of amazing feelings and that feeling of power begins to take over again as your legs gently spread as if guided by an unseen hand begging for his touch between them.
His lips are right on the hem of your thong, feeling that soft red lace on his lips and the smell of you filling his nose. It's like being on a high no drug could ever give, pure & natural - yet addicting. He thinks about how addicted he is to you and revels in the thought of you feeling the same for him.
The drug that is you begins to take over and he finds your legs spreading to accommodate him moving down ever more. Finding the soft, smooth skin of your inner thighs leaves his mouth in a state of bliss - kissing and licking them up and down. Starting by your knees just working his way in, two steps forward and one back. Enjoying every inch of your legs thoroughly, massaging them with his hands as he moves along.
It is only then that he notices what he’s done to you. Looking forward towards you, Druig noticed the glistening spot in between your legs showing through your beautiful folds of love. That's one of his favorite things about your lace lingerie - the way he can almost see right through it yet still has much left to his imagination. Yet there was no mistaking this - your sweet nectar has begun to seep out through your smooth lips and right through the thong. The stirring deep within his crotch has reached an all-time high. He can feel his own juices beginning to seep out and soak into his boxers.
The sight of you is overpowering him and he leans in to smell you up close. His hands glide in across your thighs and stop to rest in that spot where your inner thigh ends and transitions into the lips of your graceful womanhood. His thumbs begin to gently work that spot with gradual intensity as he breathes in deeply. Intoxicated by your scent he feels lightheaded and dizzy for a moment as he catches his breath.
Looking up into your eyes he can feel you begging for his tongue against you without a word coming from your lips. "Those beautiful eyes of yours, I'd do anything to please them," he says, leaving you nothing to do except smile- even though your skin is flushed, he can see your lips spread. He lets out another breath towards the center of your love; the only thing separating it from his mouth now is that beautifully soaked lace you wear. Almost instantly your face is flushed again as all the blood in your head rushes back into your crotch and a deep, satisfying moan leaves your mouth - chest rising and back arching slightly.
As they work on your thighs, slowly inward his hands can feel just how much you've loosened up. Your body is like molten wax, ready to be molded into his own creation. His hand reaches up onto your beautiful mound, feeling it's warm and the heat emanating from deep within your body. He gives you a gentle squeeze loving the way the lace tightens up against your skin. He can almost see your wetness soak through even more as he does this and is enthralled by just how hot he’s gotten you.
Kissing your mound all up and down through the lace is a wonderful sensation that he can't get enough of. Each breath he lets out warms you even more and he can hear your breathing quicken as he moves down again. Kissing your lips and getting a taste of your sweet nectar on his is amazing. Such a sweet taste resting on his lips, he gives them a lick and is amazed by the way a string of it connects him to you when he pulls away.
He needs to taste you, unobstructed. his hand gently pulls back on your thong, exposing your smooth lips in all their glory. Marveling at the sight, your lips filled with a rosy hue, glistening with all the tension he’s filled out with. He moves in and pursues his lips blowing a cool jet of air across them - watching you shiver and tremble before him.
Taking one last look at what he’s done to you he moves forward into you. Gently kissing the outermost folds of your lips, licking and caressing your most intimate parts. The sweet taste of you is all over and he can feel your juices dripping out and onto his chin - He’s holding back as long as he can before he goes for the real prize.
Your moans are now almost constant, each kiss and lick sends another out from deep within you as his hands continue massaging your hips - slowly working up towards your stomach where they can feel your quickened breathing as your body trembles all under the work of his tongue.
He pulls back and notices the way your lips have spread themselves for him, exposing your swollen clit begging for the embrace of his mouth against it. He’s found it hard to hold back anymore when exposed to such an erotic sight and he moves right back in. Just a little closer this time, using his tongue to spread your juices across your lips. Ensuring they're as completely soaked as his chin has become from you.
Your clit brushes up against his cheek and he can feel a burning warmth within it as he slowly licks just along the shroud of skin which protects and covers it.
"Oh his god, please don't make me wait any longer, I don't think I can take anymore," are the words which fill his ears. He can hear the desperation in your voice which instantly turns to pleasure as his tongue makes a quick look around your clit and he gives it a series of soft kisses. These kisses continued to deepen as he slowly engulfed the tip of your loving core in his mouth. With lips locked around it, he gives a good suck and feels your clit swelling even more as it's pulled deep into his mouth. his tongue running across it, then around in circles and back across it as a deep moan is freed from you and your entire body shudders with delight.
Such a sensitive clit can only take so much at one time now so he change his focus back to your labia. Gently pulling on them and nibbling them gently with his lips pulled back over his teeth. A single hand making its way back from your stomach and towards the inside of your thighs - gently massaging and rubbing on them - working closer towards their end. Finding your clit like it was a part of his own body and gently rubbing it in circles as his tongue reaches inside, parting your folds and exposing that beautiful hole in between. It fills with your wetness in such a way that it looks like it was meant only for him.
He gently push his tongue in towards the epicenter of this sweet torture. He can feel your muscles grabbing at his tongue as he dances around the outskirts of your love tunnel - trying to pull at him, bring him in deeper. The thick feel to your wetness on his tongue is like no other he’s ever experienced, even with you. He’s not sure he’s ever seen you this aroused. If he were to pull his head back, He’s sure he'd see you dripping out and onto your bed.
As his tongue continues reaching further inside you, he can feel the tender folds of your insides around him. Quivering and spasming as he continues to rhythmically circle your clit with soaking wet fingers.
Switching off now, he knows you can take his tongue right against your clit again. In one smooth, slow motion he pulls his tongue from within you up and across your lips and onto your clit - taking as much of your sweet nectar with him as he can. His fingers are now feeling and exploring your sweet insides.
Paying the utmost attention to your breathing and moaning, he times the strokes of his tongue to match up with your body - bringing you more in sync than before - and bringing you up to that special edge where he tries to keep you for as long as possible.
As another sharp moan lets loose - this one from even deeper within than before - he can feel a slow rhythmic contraction begin to fill your insides. Your hands reach down and pull his head in closer, running through his hair and filling him with a desire to satisfy you in every way he can. He looks up and your eyes lock for a moment as you beg him, "Please let me cum for you"
My fingers instinctively reach deeper, curving slightly around and feeling you stretch with his entry. Keeping the same motions against your clit with his tongue, he slows down a little - just enough to keep you riding that wave of pleasure and ecstasy. He sends a free hand up towards those beautiful breasts of yours again, running his fingers up your stomach along the way. Another spasm erupts through your body just as he brushes past your nipple before slowly moving back on to them - grabbing one and giving it a nice tight pinch as he moves onto the other.
The spasms running through your body are becoming more powerful and frequent now. He’s not going to be able to hold you back much longer without flat out denying you of this orgasm. Under other circumstances he might do just that, but he feels like you've earned this one. You've played nice together and you could use some release after a night like this one.
Your body arches forward again as you prop yourself up on your elbows. The sight is an amazing one to see. Your body fully exposed to him - all for his own taking. The way your breasts perk out from your chest is enough to almost send him over the edge by themselves.
He pulls his finger out of you and is greeted by a steady gush of fluid from within you. All the dripping from you, held back by his finger is free to flow now. He moves his head down in an attempt to lap it all up, but with so much of it flowing out there's no chance he'll get it all. He pulls his head back to watch a stream of it slowly running out of you and down through your ass. The thickness of it, it's color and most of all its taste just keep turning him on more than he would have thought possible. And to think, his cock hasn't even been brought out yet.
His hand is soaked and he wants you to taste just how sweet you really are. Burying his face back inside of you again he reaches his hand up towards your lips. He gently runs them across your lips before you spread them open and begin to suck your juices right off of him. Your moans tell him you are surely enjoying your own taste - you wonder how many times you've tasted yourself before when he’s not around. When you're missing his touch and try to imagine him there with you - fingering and rubbing yourself into a hot, wet frenzy just to keep your mind straight when he’s not around.
His tongue continues to explore your folds of velvety soft lips as he feels your body slowly tensing up again. You've fallen into an almost constant moan with his fingers still in your mouth. Feeling what you can do to his fingers is leaving an almost un-ignorable heat in between his legs. He can feel the precum leaking out of him and down his rock hard member. He can feel his ball tightening up in his boxers, pulling themselves tight against his shift. Bringing you this far is one of his biggest turn ons, Druig seems to get off more on bringing someone he cares for pleasure than receiving it.
As your legs wrap themselves around his neck - he feels trapped in the best possible way. He could stay there the rest of his life and never have another care in the world if he had his way. He brings his hands down and wraps them around your back. Pulling you in closer. Pulling your rocking hips closer. The two of you stuck together in the hot, sexy embrace that only true lovers will know.
A sharp yelp bursts out from you and he knows your time is near. He runs his hands across your back, holding you as close as he can for this moment of true release for you. Your hands are running through his hair, tugging and pulling on it. Needing something, anything to grab on to. He can feel the muscles all through your body slowly growing more and more tense.
"I'm going to come, don't stop!" you roll off your lips with a whimper as you tighten up hard and seem to freeze up.
He can feel it through him. Through his arms holding you close, through your legs pulling him in, through his tongue driven deep in between your folds of love and sensuality. Every muscle in your body begins a deep rhythmic spasm as the tension gushes out of your body with a slow deep and most of all, loud moan. It's that perfect kind of orgasm - just slowly and intensely coming forward. You know it's coming but it still always takes you by surprise, always takes your breath away and always leaves you satisfied in the most complete way.
He can feel your hot nectar from deep within you gushing out, draining into his mouth, across his cheeks, down your legs and into the already growing wet spot beneath you. his tongue can feel your beautiful cave spasming around it. Your muscles are incredibly strong and they grabbed his tongue so hard he thought he might never get it back! Each spasm pushing more of your juices into his mouth from deep within you - everything he’s worked up in you is all coming out for him now and he’s mesmerized by the taste, look and most of all the smell of it. That deep primal urge coming out in you - pouring out into his mouth from deep within you. He can never get enough of it.
For a while, it seemed like each spasm and contraction just grew stronger and longer - building upon themselves like a temple to their God. If he had tried to count them he surely would have lost his count - it was way too beautiful of a moment of a moment to even consider the thought. The only thing left to do was to ride out your wave of an orgasm and help you down from it as you come back to reality.
The pulsations continued for a while. Slowly making their way down in intensity - the first ones were hard, fast and tight. Gradually loosening up until it was almost a steady stream of pulsations coming from inside of your hot, wet folds and travelling to the furthest reaches of your body.
Every touch he made sent more of them shooting through you, the look on your face was one of pure pleasure and sensory overload. He could make you come again and again - but he feels you might need a breather first.
Still gently lapping up all of your sweet nectar into his mouth he followed the suit of your spasms - gradually lessening to match the rhythm of your body. For the first time in, he’s not sure how long your grip began to loosen and your body began to feel like it had gone limp. His arms around your back seemed like all that was holding you up anymore.
As he looked up from his perch within your legs he noticed the fine bead of sweat covering your entire body, goosebumps across every inch of your skin and the most satisfied look he’s ever seen on your face. Barely able to open your eyes, you opened your mouth but no words could come out. With one arm firmly holding you up he reached up with the other hand and placed a finger over your lips letting you know he understands everything you feel right now.
Helping you lay back down and standing up to admire his beautiful woman and what he’s done to her one last time he felt an immense sense of accomplishment and pride rush through him.
"We'll have to continue this tomorrow, you're all tired out for now," he whispered into your ear as he watched the most beautiful smile he’s seen in a long time grace your face and you simply nod in agreement.
He takes his place in bed and lays down next to you, scooting up close next to you and wrapping his arms back around you. He can still feel a slight shiver run through your body as he brushes your hair back and gives you a kiss on the cheek followed by another several more across the back of your neck. Settled back in together you feel more together than ever, connected on much more than a physical level. Nothing could compare to this moment. You'll both be getting a wonderful night of sleep. Thoughts of what tomorrow may bring run through his mind - and as if you could read his thoughts a slight giggle escapes you as he watches a little smirk appear on your lips.
One last kiss goodnight as he whispers softly in your ear, "Sleep tight and have nothing but the sweetest dreams - Goodnight beautiful."
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writing-wh0re · 6 months ago
Hey um I’m literally craving some Druig smut Rn and was wondering if you could write something with Druig x a shy fem reader. Like Idek she is just all nervous and he’s all confident and cocky and just loves to tease her just to watch her face go all red-
Thank you so much ☺️☺️
All writing will be #writing-wh0re-requests.
Druig x Eternals Reader (Shy around Druig)
Words: 1,872
Warnings: Smut18+, Unprotected Vaginal Sex, Male Performing Oral, Praise Kink (both), Begging Kink (?), Slight Cocky Druig, Cum kink (?)
A/n: Not heaps of plot, mainly smut. I hope you enjoy this! I really like writing for Druig..
Please note, there are no spoilers in this! Use of characters only, no link to movie.
Druig Headcanon
Something Special - Smut18+
I love you - Smut18+
Druig always had a suave about him.
For thousands of years he found it funny to tease me, his little lingering touches, side smirks and fast winks, they always had my head cloudy and stomach erupt with butterflies.
“Bet you wish you could use your power on me huh.” I roll my eyes at Ikaris, training beside him was never a favourite task of mine.
“Who says she hasn’t?”
I feel my heartbeat pick up at Druig’s comment, his arms crossed over his chest, leaning against a nearby wall.
Ikaris chuckles, his eyes wandering over me, studying me almost.
“Doesn’t power absorption drain the recipient?” I flick my eyes over to Druig, a sly smirk on his lips. “If anything, Y/n makes me feel more empowered.”
“You can be a real dick Ikaris.” I spit, the taller man chuckling.
“You have a point Ikaris, but who said she’s using your power?”
Ikaris scoffs, shaking his head. What a cocky motherfuck.
I feel Druig’s body behind me, his warm breath fanning my neck, instantly causing goosebumps to liter my skin.
“Take my hand.”
My eyes flick down to his hand, his pinky softly brushing against my wrist. I look over my shoulder, the closeness of Druig causing both butterflies and arousal to pool between my thighs. Fuck, he smells so good.
Druig nods softly, encouraging me as I take his hand in mine, a small spark of purple light flicking between our palms.
“Get him to leave us alone, let everyone know you finally beat him in training.”
Druig’s free hand holds my hip, pulling my body against his more, the warmth of his chest radiating over my back, his cheek pressed to the side of my head, his whispered words causing shocks of electricity to flow up my spine.
“You’ve got this.”
His encouragement is all I need as Ikaris looks over at us.
“Am I interrupting something?”
“Actually Ikaris, you are.” I lace my fingers with Druig, a shudder racking my body as I absorb part of Druig’s power.
“Leave us Ikaris, don’t forget who you lost to today.” Ikaris's eyes glow a warm yellow before returning back to normal. Ikaris nods his head at the both of us before walking out of the room.
“Oh Ikaris.” Druig spins out of our embrace, his hand leaving mine. “Lock the door behind you.”
Ikaris turns, locking the door and pulling it closed as I feel heat filling my cheeks. The gym suddenly feels smaller than normal, my eyes fixated on Druig, a proud smirk on his face.
“Controlling the powerful Ikaris.” Druig chuckles closing the small gap between us, his hand brushing against my cheek. I feel my breathing become ragged, my heart hammering in my chest. “Only you can do that.”
My breath hitches slightly, his words causing a soft smile to dance across my lips. My eyes darted away from him.
“Why do I make you nervous darling?”
I open and close my mouth, no words forming as I try and think of something to say, anything. C’mon Y/n. You’re an eternal for fuck sake.
Druig chuckles, his lips brushing against my cheek before whispering.
“You make me nervous as well.”
He pulls back slightly, our eyes locking together, his roaming my face before flicking from my lips to my eyes.
I stand on my tippy toes, Druig’s hands instantly falling to my hips, pulling me against his chest, our foreheads pressing against each other. I wrap my arms around his neck pulling him down to me as the gap closes between us, our lips falling together in perfect sync.
His grip on my hips tighten as my tongue slips past his lips, swirling against his, my fingers raking through his hair.
Druig pulls away from our kiss, both of our chests raising and falling, his cheeks flushed and my filled with blush.
“Three thousand years.”
My eyebrows knit together in confusion as our eyes meet.
“I’ve waited three thousand years to kiss you.”
A burst of happiness panges my heart.
“Let’s not waste another second.” I smirk, pulling him closer to me by his leather jacket, our lips falling together once again, a soft moan leaving his lips.
His hands move down to my thighs, picking me up as I wrap my legs around his torso.
Our tongues fight against each other, his fingertips caressing the globes of my ass through my shorts.
Druig places me down on the gym’s bathroom sink. The cold bench caused a hiss to escape me.
He pulls away from me again, his eyes roaming over my body. A confidence surges through me as I pull my shirt from my skin, quickly unclasping my bra. Druig licks his lips, smirking as he slowly drags his fingers up my body, my eyes staying locked with his.
His hand gently cups my boobs, his lips parting before his face is buried in my cleavage, his mouth trailing kisses across each one, his tongue flicking over my nipples.
“Shit.” I gasp, his eyes flicking up to mine, his teeth pulling on my hard nipple.
Druig sucks hickies into my skin, swirling his tongue around each spot to soothe the pain.
“You’re so beautiful.”
I smile at his words, my mind still trying to figure out if this is really happening, after all this time.
His fingers loop in the waistband of my shorts, pulling them down my legs in one swift motion, his fingertips tracing my clothed core. A deep chuckle rumbles through his chest, his free hand tilting my head up to look into his eyes.
“Darling, who made you this wet?”
I whimper, wiggling my hips into his touch.
“Tell me darling.”
“Druig, you did.”
His eyes darken as his name passes my lips in a breathless moan.
“Mmm, say that again.”
His fingers press against my clit, the roughness of the lace brushing against my damp core.
His proud smile sends arousal straight to my pussy, my clit throbbing against his finger before he slips past my panties, circling his finger around.
“Please” My plea causes a soft chuckle to leave his lips, his fingers sliding into me with ease as I gasp.
“Let me take my time darling, we’ve waited too long for me to rush.”
I nod in response, not trusting my voice or brain to form any words. Druig smiles, looking down at his fingers disappearing into my slick pussy, a low moan passing his lips.
“Good girl.”
My walls clench around him at the praise, his tongue clicking in response.
“Does my girl have a praise kink?”
My cheeks fill with blush again, a sly smirk on his face.
“You’re my good girl, aren't you baby?”
My walls flutter, a gush of wetness flowing through me.
Druig hums in response, his lips locking with mine, his other hand falling behind my neck as his fingers pump in and out of me. My chorus of moans becoming muffled by his lips, his thumb rubbing circles on my clit.
“Oh fuck.” I tilt my head back, his lips trailing down my neck, kissing his way down my body.
He keeps his fingers inside of me, his kisses trailing up and down my thighs, inches away from my dripping pussy each time.
“Say it love, tell me what you need.”
He scoffs, shaking his head, his fingers pressing against my g-spot.
“More than that darling.”
“Fuck me, eat me, do something.”
“Needy little thing aren’t you.”
I groan in frustration, thrusting my hips up wanting his fingers to continue their pace. His tongue slips past my folds, my fingers instantly lacing in his hair, tugging on the strands as he laps my clit. His moan sends soft vibrations around my skin, his fingers slowly pulling out of me before sliding back in, his tongue swirling in different directions on my clit.
“Druig, yes.”
I feel his smile against my pussy, his pace picking up as electricity sparks though my legs. His free hand holds my hips down against the bench, completely devouring me as I feel my release build with every flick of his tongue and stroke of his fingers.
“I’m cumming.” Druig sucks my clit completely throwing me over the edge, my fingers pulling his hair as he groans loud. He sits back, looking over my body while sucking his fingers clean, butterflies completely taking over my stomach, my legs shaking with aftershocks from my orgasm.
“Look at you, all mine.”
“Only yours.”
Druig licks his lips, a smile dancing across his face.
“Yes love?”
“Fuck me.”
Druig chuckles, slowly undoing his belt and slipping out of his clothes.
“Anything for you.”
His cock springs free, my lips parting as I take in the man before me, the man who’s taken over all of my dreams, the man who I have waited years for.
Druig looks at me raising his eyebrow, silently asking for permission as I nod.
His lips brush against mine, his cock running up and down my slit, collecting my wetness. Both of us moan loud as he slides inside of me, my walls fluttering around him, his cock twitching inside of me.
“Made for me.”
I wrap my arms around his neck, kissing down his neck as I mark his skin. My nails dig into his shoulder blades when his hips start moving, his cock sliding in and out of me.
Druig hisses, his face buried in crock of my neck, “Fuck, so tight.”
“So big.” My praise causes his cock to twitch inside of me again, a small smirk on my lips I pick up on his praise kink.
His cock slips in and out of me with perfect rhythm, our lips finding each other again, his hands roaming my body.
“You feel so good.”
My eyes roll back slightly, his cock massaging my walls perfectly, hitting every spot exactly where I need him.
“God Druig.”
I place my hand on his cheek, our eyes locking together.
“Druig, fuck.” I moan, biting my lip as he holds my leg up, hooking his arm under to get a deeper angle.
“Y/n, baby, fuck.”
My walls flutter around him, his pace picking up.
“Just like that, fill my pussy Druig, please.”
Druig moans loud, his head tilting back, lips parted and eyes squeezed shut. His fingertips dig into my skin as my eyes roll back, the feeling of both of us reaching our peaks washing over me, the warmth of his release filling me.
Druig stays buried inside of me for a few seconds, both of us savouring the feeling as he quickly pecks my lips.
“I hope to do that again sometime.”
I roll my eyes at him, playful shoving him before grabbing my clothes and getting changed.
“Let me know when and where.” I wink as he shakes his head smiling, his hands falling to my waist as he kisses me softly, lingering on my lips. I go in for another kiss before Ajak’s voice booms through the Domo.
“Y/n! Druig! What have I said about using each other’s powers on Ikaris!”
Druig grabs my hand, pulling me behind him as we run away from a furious Ikaris and disappointed Ajak.
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my latest bout of eternals brain rot is the fact that some people in the MCU had to have an inkling that these all-powerful immortal beings were just chilling across the world like I’m picturing a SHIELD file labeled “Mind-Control Cult in Amazon” right next to “Immortal Bollywood Star” and Fury’s just like don’t have the energy for that today and goes back to Carol
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thatonebrazilian · 3 months ago
Kingo: Hey girl, how's motherhood treating you?
Y/N: Great! I didn't expect this much crying though.
Druig: But isn't it perfectly normal for most babies? I mean, it's what they do most, is it not?
Y/N: What? No, the baby's fine, she's a sweetheart, I was talking about Thena.
Thena *sobbing from your child's nursery*: MAMA LOVES YOU SO MUCH!
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themology · 6 months ago
for those who didn't get it, he was referring to getting people to watch it on the cinemas itself (big screen) so in that way, the screen is big enough to see him and he can mind control us😭💖
credits to @_ropert_ on tiktok.
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